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Archives: April 4, 2005

New Pope and influence of politics in America (Already after John Kerry)

Left of the Dial

C-SPAN - Howard Dean & Ken Mehlman - 12:30 am EST

If You Build It, They Will Kill: U.S. Military Weaponry of the Near Future

Death sentence for pot.

If the Repugs go nuclear, should we hit the streets?

Fox gives the update you've been waiting for: "Falwell 'Doing Very Well'"

I'm watching Ken Mehlman on CSPAN right now....

Talk about Christian hypocrisy!

Please tell me why they are clubbing 975,000 seals in Canada.

Canada's Corruption Scandal Breaks Wide Open

Antioxidant Levels May be Linked to Autism

New plan aims to 'streamline' development in protected areas

Coming soon: a PC combat game that shoots back

Pope John Paul II's Resistance To The "Unjust War" On Iraq

Japan's virgin wives turn to sex volunteers (The Guardian)

Haaretz:U.S. Says Israel Must Give Up Nukes

'Amen.' A Moment Later, the Pope Was Dead

Central New York participates in bird flu vaccine study

Newsweek: A Wicked Curveball (Missing email on PTB rush to war)

A couple screen grabs from the new Doctor Who

Which avatar should I return to?

Ahhhhhhhh Baseball!!!!

The Taggers rule!

Post your nominations for a new Lizard King here

BREAKING NEWS: Youngred loses season opener bet to LPFF

Well Rielly. The jerk store called. They're running out of you.

Dominatrix Wanted

Is it good to be the King?

My computer keyboard is broken (dammitall!)

Bill O'Reilly is a Yankees fan

Roll Call: Gas prices in your area. South Mississippi = $2.20

Was this guy just doing his job, or being an a**hole?

Can you buy Buckley's mixture in the US?

I'm going to take issue with some gay males on DU

Is it possible to split "Gen-Y" (Children of the Boomers) into 2 groups??

I did it

are Bolton hearings still going to be this week ?

US army to produce Mid-East comic

Preemptive strike in East Lansing needs looking at

A solicitation from "Friends of Hillary" was received today

12 NOON C-Span: Frist will attempt 'NUCLEAR OPTION' re: Filibuster launches anti-Bush TV ads

SEND THIS to your favorite dems! - Senate Democrats: Missing In Action -

Marriage Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts--Wash Post

Curveball the Goofball By MAUREEN DOWD

ACLU Plans to Bring Torture Issue to the UN

In life, the war party attacked the Pope, now they pretend to mourn him

Don't Take Your Eye Off The Curveball --must read>

The Real Terrorists Are Holed Up In Washington

Sleepwalking to disaster in Iran by Scott Ritter

Father Daniel Maguire - A Papacy's 25 Years of Unfulfilled Potenti

America is usurping the democratic will in Iraq

GOP loyalist in firestorm over DeLay

Above All Else, Life By HELEN PREJEAN OPED NYTimes

Report: No yearning for freedom in Mideast

Great take on Delay: a cult leader holding the GOP hostage

Oil-For-Food Scandal: Justice or a Political Vendetta? (Howard U Hilltop)

Past trailing intelligence nominee

DeLay vs. the Constitution

Green light for Iraqi prison abuse came right from the top

The Long Emergency - Global Oil Production will peak this year

LEAKED: Dems' scathing rebuke on Gannon inaction

Appreciation of Pope John Paul II--by a very liberal Manila columnist

More Overcharges

Destroy Abu Ghraib!

NYT: Guns for Terrorists

Bush: U.S. to Bear Burden of Iraq Costs

An article entitled "Some Reflections on the Recent Papacy of JPII"

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): I'm with Wolfowitz

Pope John Paul II: The first world leader

Parents Behaving Badly

The Culture of Life Top Ten

Dump Delay (True Majority Action)

9/11 Truth and Anti-War Thought in the Vatican

Operation I Can - Iraqi Children Assistance Network

See an inane Pope story in the media? Send it to CJR

How much longer will WTAM-1100 (Cleveland Ohio) play Glen Beck

Scoobie Davis: Googlebomb Michelle "Malkin" Maglalang

Liberals should remember some history as they raise their newborn media.

Interesting WSJ letters about cost of Mass Transit

We Are All the Prolitariat (Dupe from GD)

I wonder how much oil we waste by using plastic bags

South Africans Content With Post-Apartheid Life

Americans Support Worldwide Nuclear Ban

Palestinians Decry Israeli Trash Dump Plan

Vandals desecrate Rabin's grave

Just got this late tonight from Rapid Response.

Stephanie Miller

Just came across this map again by accident and it made me feel . . .

Judge upholds Vote-rigging Claims

Kerry's latest petition, in case you haven't seen or signed it

BradBlog: Election Software Developer Group Endorses VR's ....

Judge upholds vote-rigging claims

''There is always room for human error.'' ???????!!!!!!!!!!!

KOEB Monday 4-4-2005

Monday 4/4 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Firm buys Napa's touchscreen machine maker


Boy, the media really has run with the US Vote Counts study, HUH?!

Is there a report on the Nashville conference?

I dream of a smoking you?

Hey TIA, is THIS what you're trying to prove?:

Stop the Nuk-u-LAR option! (Forgive me for posting this here)

McPherson Watch


PHOTO: Who is Arnold under the skin?

George Skelton (LA Times): Political strengths of Gov's ballot initiatives

Riordan backs Villaraigosa

Best place to visit in Cally

Two PDA Fundraisers (Celebs and all!) LA & OC / Pre-State Convention

(Arnie, again) Chevron-Texaco's LNG-Gate

Proposed Law Would Take Away Driver's License Permanently

Iowa First District Congressional Candidate Starts Off Strong

Can I get a count of who's coming to the April 23rd Gathering?

Call Norm Coleman's office to ask that he vote NO on ending filibusters.

Letter in the WSJ about our light-rail

Has anyone else seen the new commercial for Timmy?

FTP/HTTP download program with resume?

Is Norton Anti-virus worth it?

A Sims2 problem

Air America comes to Warren, OH

Dallas County Residents: Read and forward!


John Cornyn: it's "understandable" that judges are being attacked

This forum seems really slow lately.

Michael Shermer in Dallas this past Sunday

About the Cornyn story on the front page of DU

SUPPORT Aggie Democrats!!!

Any DU members in Bowie county ? N/T

Hidalgo county judge found dead.

Is there a good strictly wisconsin forum?

Hey, don't forget to vote tomorrow.

Please God Do Not Let Them Send Dick Cheney! I'm Begging!

I'm going to take issue with some gay males on DU

Little help here Judiciary question

hardware recycling

Halliburton's 'red neck mafia' brutally beats employee

PHOTO: Arnold under the skin

I judge tomorrow will likely be cloudy with some rain.

Dennis for Pope!!

Bush as a flying monkey in the Wizard of Oz



The US forces are prisoners in their own fortresses

US Forces Shot and Killed Bulgarian Soldier.....

Norm Coleman: Still The Consummate Asshole

HIPAA is actually a good idea, I didn't understand what it was before but

How's this for being Obstructive?

Which of these fights would you like to see in the ring?

On the surface, this sounds good and will help the trade deficit:

Doonesbury 4/4/05 - Yvan Eht Nioj

I can`t believe this has gotten to go on for so long.

Local Housing Authority Member Spewing Racist Crap on another Board?

who's up for a July 4th March on Washington...?

making an example of M. Schiavo...

This Terror Drill in NJ & CT Today Makes Me Nervous >

Nationalized healthcare would cure a lot of immigration woes

WP: Murder, Inc.

"Recruiting is an ugly, deceitful, evil empire"

How Disposable is your Income these days?

Caption this Photo of a U.S. Army soldier

Bill Mahr mentioned a study on abstinence on his last show

Wall Street Journal: The Era of Big Government is Back

And now, we return to the normal "programming"...

I don't understand the anti-homeschooling attitudes around here.

Bush Campaign Flakes on 19K in Hotel Bills...

San Francisco May Regulate Blogging

Pope's funeral this Friday; given only 1 choice Charles wedding or funeral

D.C. actually gets a vote

The 50 Dumbest Things President Bush Said in His First Term.

Culture of Care

Has LW talk radio moved from infancy to adolescence?

I feel insulted when you say Falwell and Robertson are Protestant leaders

"The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer"

I need your HEEEEELLLLLLLLP planning a party!!!!

Talking chimpanzee: apes use screams to send out social signals

Why do so many Americans love George W Bush ?

How they broke it to Georgie...

Selective Service registration and college programs - question

2 minutes in to this show and I can tell that SPRINGER SUCKS!

Anyone else noticed an increase in payday loan places?

The beginning of a good day

What will happen when His Holiness the Dali Lama....

need help teaching this class

I guess I'm getting religious: I'm praying the Vatican does not invite *

We need someone to hold up a 3-legged stool like Gov. Chiles did in 1991.

When Bush talks about spreading democracy in front of Yushencheko I think

gosh, remember how 9-11 brought us all together as a nation?

First Medal of Honor awarded today

GIs against torture

Vote to get that jerk Mark Luther off the Al Franken Show

The art of war

American Thermidor - absolutely amazing article in Truthout

Steve Forbes just spoke to my class on social security

Jerry Springer on AAR

Senate Dems: Missing In Action - What Are They Afraid Of?

"Lower levels of glutathione linked to autism" - related to mercury

The color red has become symbolic of negativity, even at schools.

umm, whats with all this praying for the pope?

Neal Boortz (conservative) believes there are no Catholics in US

Liberals And Neocons For A Military Draft

I don't like to complain, but could we PLEASE stop this insane

Prepare to be FURIOUS (MLK bashing site)

"In about two hours there will be scene which we will then watch "

As a Catholic, FOX News is unwatchable right now.

Global Oil Production will peak this year - The Long Emergency

UK to take 5,500 troops out of Iraq & put more troops in Afghanistan

Minutemen/immigration brouhaha

Here is a post from one of our soldiers in Iraq - please take note

I wouldn't want to be a CNN reporter today

George W Bush as Gilligan in Dubya's Island

New name for chimpy: Chimperor Squat-tard

Pickles to Wear BigAss Hat or Mantilla to Pope's Funeral?

We need some common ground on illegal immigration

Common characteristics of the North American Republican:

Welcome to George W. Bush's version of Freedom and Democracy

The Fundamentalist Approach To Book Reviewing

I pissed off a Republican today

Yushchenko Looks Better than the Chimp, Anyway >>>

I have begun to write my book

how much does a Pope get paid ?

Hellooo? AAR where did you goooo???? Anybody else have it drop?

Doctors, Hospitals Crack Down On Videotaping In Delivery Room

Michelle Malkin: Let's drop the Googlebomb on this Ann Coulter wannabe!

new corps of DEA agents to tackle Afghan. poppies LOL

W of the Day-January 9, 2004

Bush is a Jezebel, he should be confronted

Marriage ammendments support weak parenting.

Jerry Springer hits one of my hot buttons!

Which right wing news sources do you read, watch, etc?

Stripes letters: ‘Sandbagging’ young recruits?

Shame on Schwab (SS Petition/Protest!)

Randi Rhodes' great opening line today

disappearing middle/Whitman in the corner

Google vs. News Inc.

Will high gasoline prices finally "burn" the Bush?

What the New Pope Will Look Like


Neocons vs. the pope

AP Shocker: Pope's death generates 10x the stories as Bush's "reelection"

I have been reading END OF FAITH by Sam Harris during the past week.

Save our friend the filibuster!! Here are 3 petitions to choose from!!

More thoughts on my Republican boss: Last night I watched a silent film

It's like the media WANTS me to hate the Pope.

Coming European papers headline "Bush We Don't Want You Here"

Who was President when 9/11 happened?

Can you believe Henry Cisneros is still being investigated?

Coins in the fountain: sign of the times.

Question for Protestants re the Pope- just curiosity

Stan Goff exposes for what it is

What are they thinking? >>> PIX

Riverbend's blog - GREAT suggestion for a new reality TV show!

Is a CAT-Scan an MRI? nt

So Vigilanteism is Back in Vogue >>>

Soviet Communism Imploded. No One Person Brought It Down

From a person who has to remain abstinent until marriage...

April Is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Does anyone know where I can get a 'Today Show' transcript?

Here's the Presidential Proclamation, flags at half-staff

A great quote from the Baghdad Burning Blog for Bush lovers

Can anyone help me out with a computer question??

"The first big tear in the right-wing matrix"

Oh Great - MSRNC Is Giving a Show to Effing A-hole Bo DIETL

I don't understand why they don't take bush down now.

Indian tribes honor Jessica Lynch and Lori Pewistewa

If there's another terrorist attack, how will people respond?

Is it just me or are there more train wrecks lately?

CNN has amazingly discovered the similarities between the Pope and Reagan

Never go to a bar in Arizona.

Iraq prison abuse approved all the way to the top

Mexican migrants undeterred by "Minutemen"

When is "Schrub" going to tell them to open the spigots?

Support Grows for Beefing up US Forces

The Minuteman Project: Paramilitaries On The Border

What are your favorite blogs? What do you read daily?

Randi Rhodes Ripping on the Pope and Schiavo

The * mis-administration couldn't be happier about oil prices

Another Chavez in Mexico?

Is there such thing as a conservative Christian?

Chimpy stiffs hotel; accountant reams his sorry ass

Pay your Bills George

I just found out the difference between "Red" and "Blue"

george bush

Do You Believe in Ghosts, Mr. President?

James Earl Ray's brother wanting to sell autopsy video

This makes me mad.

Ha! Drudge bitching about 'Sin City'.

I need to say this really badly....

Have you read George Soros' ...

Catholics "disciplined" by John Paul II

I just dropped Rush an e-mail

Who is funding Right Wing Smear Groups in Business

Whoa! Dick Durbin on the local news re: soldiers in Iraq

Bankruptcy Reform Hits Women Hard

Biased news article (Schiavo fallout) from an unlikely source

does this scare anyone?

"Eenie meenie, chili beanie, the spirits are about to SPEAK!"

OK -- the election WASN'T stolen

From the scumbag liars who brought you "Unfit For Command"..

Arming the Left: Photos from the Zapatista Rebellion..

Buy Iraqi dinars now--- trust me, would I lie to you?

I know there is a website to find a list of where a person donated

From the all Pope news today .......

MIKE MALLOY will be on Majority Report-AAR at 9PM EDT!! In Studio

o'reilly: Pope was "Saddam Enabler"

Hi. My name is Modem Butterfly. I'm a victim of the Bush economy

Why the Pope's passing is no cause for grief...

Is there a non-religous, pro-rational-thought symbol to wear?

dupe, slow computer, sorry!

dupe, computer messing up

another damned dupe

How high would gas have to go before we would slow to 65 MPH?

anyone know if Wegman's Supermarkets based in Rochester are red or blue?

You know the poll Franken is talking about? About Mark Luther?

Mike Malloy on Majority Report!

I need CEO contact info

When will someone get the balls to call Col Jessup to testify??

MIKE MALLOY on AAR - NOW Majority Report

NASA awards $20 million eTravel contract (To EDS)

Evergreen to Pay Largest-Ever Penalty for Concealing Vessel Pollution


"Passing for white" in old movies. Does anyone think

Connecticut religious leaders to speak out against gay civil unions 4/5

Question on Malloy's show (tonight)

Kos on election fraud and the 'stolen election'

Developing: Clinton blamed for Pope's Death....NT

Quiz -- What Political Persuasion Are You?

Teen pleads guilty to attacking girlfriend for her Kerry support

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Hoe Down

"Bowling for Columbine" on Sundance now. I forgot how good it was.

Is Sen. John Cornyn saying that it would be understandable if there was

RW blog talks about Gannongate

Are the neoCONs contracting services that are otherwise grossly criminal?

Oh, that bad Saddam

Charlie Rose 4/4: David Boies (Will Imus' ranch come up?)

Getting old is not for wusses

Best countries to live in (2004). The Economist Magazine

Was John the XXIII ahead of his time? Please read

The American version of totalitarianism, post 9/11, comes closer to

pope anti-condom stance contributed to AIDS epidemic in Africa

Why do women hate Bill O'Reilly and men hate Sean Hannity?

I Have Been Watching The Pope's Mass And I Can't Find A Single Woman.

Bush's Sex-ed test...can you pass it?

Is there such a thing as a Liberal Christian Church?

Brian Williams of NBC is impossible: "People are wondering if

Critique my anti-Bush SS piratization poster.

SCAM ALERT - Probably going after bleeding heart liberals

Masters of War

Help me write a story on "celebrity justice" ASAP!

Man Convicted Of Tricking Men To Strip (up to 16yrs prison)

Bush will attend funeral; it’s not about the Pope

Molly Malloy's picture in AAR studio - RIGHT NOW w/ Janeane

Man Sells Device That Blocks Fox News

DeLay may have missed the Rapture.

Lurking freepers! I'm not feeling very subtle tonight. Or family-friendly.

Kerry's USAToday ad.

Let us change the way Liberalism is presented.

Are you watching CSPAN right now? (Cons on Judicial Filibuster)

does your neighborhood have lots of croats, serbs, bosnians, and russians?

Sign John Kerry's petition by tonight!!!!!!

Will Clinton attend the Pope's Funeral?

I Got Some More Jeff Gannon Plagiarism For Ya

Feelings about home schooling?

I Submitted a "Not Guilty" Verdict Today

I joined DU one year ago today!

In Memory Of Dr. King

Faux John Gibson using the Pope

Gas went up $.20/gal over the weekend here.

It soon could be CRIMINAL to purchase health supplements

Free Lunch at School

GORE T.V. Network, Named "Current", Launches on August 1

Are most American Catholics consistently pro-life?

Take30 seconds and help out Wes Clark

Should children born in the US of illegal immigrants be given citizenship?

Ok this a good/bad time to buy a house?

When the MSM(cable) persists in proclaiming that 82% means the country

Cheney: DeLay's threats inappropriate.

Bush believes he is communicating with the Almighty! Again!


Migrant stumbles into U.S. militia "hornet's nest"

what's with all the religion on TV

Early morning, April 4

What exactly do our taxes PAY FOR?

Did You Know That Liberalism Is a Sin?

Zogby: Americans Not in Favor of Starving Terri Schiavo

I have converted my husband.

Slavery in the north.

what if the Constitution Restoration Act passes?

British Election = Banana Republic

Bill O'Reilly Flip Flops on the Pope

Jon Stewart: show never leaving Comedy Central

"Cult" or "Religion"? How Many Followers Does A Particular Faith Need?

The Nashua Advocate: Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) Must Resign Immediately

This is why this non-catholic Christian really did like the pope.....

confidential Vatican document calls for absolute secrecy on sexual abuse

Proposed legislation will restrict judges to "God's divine word" !

Gore Tries To Lure Younger People Back To TV

Poll shows most want new pope to allow married priests & lady priests

2.25, 2.25 for gas. no way, was 2.09. 2.25

Credit Card companies.... grrrr

Another attack on Abu Ghraib prison - 2nd in 48 hours.

Honest questions about the Pope

How much of an ASS will Chimpy make of himself at the POPE'S FUNERAL?

It's time yet again to demand freepers and other repukes JOIN UP!

my type of Christian - interview with Rev. William Coffin

I have a hard time believing this TWERP is occupying the White House >

Vote Today! Ice Cream & Politics

Is CNN now the Church News Network?

BREAKING: GOP Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) says violence against judges is

Why does the Right claim to embrace George Orwell?

"Conservative Idiots: Woman Marries Dog"? Not quite.

10 MORE reasons not to like John Cornyn

Filibuster Activism - Use YOUR Backbone

There's nothing we can do to stop bush: True or False?

WOW-freepers were the driving force behind clinton's impeachment!

Flags At Half Staff??????????

BREAKING: GOP Sen John Cornyn (TX) violence against judges understandable

Permanent Oil Crisis: Whose Using All The Oil?

Whats a good book on learning basic tactics in debating?

I have a hard time buying the 'stolen election' line

Please Talk Me Off Of The Ledge! I've Come To HATE The Outside World.

Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated 37 Years Ago Today. Why?

Who was actually responsible for the fall of the Soviet Union?

Don't wait for someone else, just DO IT!

Where do they get all the money from?

Don't shop at WalMart, Home Depot & Circuit City!

Will our species EVER lose it's love of war?

Attention! The first ever DU book is now on sale!

A POLL: Will You Be Joining The "Minutemen" To Defend The Fatherland?

We Are All The Prolitariat

LEAKED: Dems' scathing rebuke on Gannon inaction

Baboon behavior provides hope for human behavior.

I'm not bothered at all by Mexican immigrants, legal or otherwise.

WTF...Penn and Teller Advocating Genetically Modified Food?

dehydrated mexicans looking for work will undo the u.s.

Bush, Hitler, Stalin, and the GOP...Is history repeating itself?

Any tips for making tangier pizza dough?

Late Night Culinary Lunacy

Pizza Dough

Election campaigning kept on hold

Postal votes 'wide-open to fraud'

Persisting Bird Flu Poses Huge Challenge for Vietnam's Bureaucracy

Newsweek: The Military: Punk-Rock Resistance

Britain to pull 5,500 troops out of Iraq

Lawmakers complain military, Halliburton subsidiary not cooperating

NYT: Next Pope Faces Concerns Over Poverty, Islam and Technology

NYT: Kenyan Village Serves as Test Case in Fight on Poverty

Pak nuke scientist A Q Khan met Osama

Funeral Date announced For Pope

NYT: New Pope Could Influence Political Life in America

French opposition to EU treaty intensifies

Fort Campbell-based soldier returns home, disappears

LAT: Pontiff's Choice Was to Die Simply (no life-prolonging technology)

West's submarine nuclear warheads flawed, say scientists

No change in schedule of Charles-Camilla wedding

Suspects die in Saudi shoot-out

Prince Charles' Wedding to Be Delayed

CNN-Angola virus death toll climbs

How Run-Down Is the Briefing Room? Let's Start With the Mice

Cheney Would Meet With Chalabi, Though He's Not Choosing Sides

Missing soldier's family refuses to give up

Terrorism Drills Set In New London, New Jersey Monday

Murder reviews with end of 'double jeopardy'

Former Marine recruiter laments career, blasts military

Hamas armed wing accuses FBI of closing website

Don't Take Your Eye Off The Curveball --must read>

D.C. (the US) May Lose Out in Vote for OAS Chief

Prosecutor wants defendant to wear sign advertising his crime

U.S. Supreme Court Bolsters Bankruptcy Shield for Funds in IRA

Bush: U.S. to Bear Burden of Iraq Costs

Marchers seek justice for 4 blacks murdered by Georgia mob in 1946

Radio chips in passports face protest

ChevronTexaco to Buy Unocal for $16.4 Bln (Reuters)

IRS will risk using private collectors

Cheney Opposes Retribution Against Schiavo Judges.

High Court to Decide State Immunity Bankruptcy Case

West's submarine nuclear warheads flawed, say scientists

Bush to attend Pope's funeral

Passengers let off 'unsafe jet' (BBC News)

Possible Patriot Act renewal draws protesters (Ohio State U.)

Coalition For A Fair & Ind. Judiciary Outline Campaign:Preserve Filibuste

A Lucrative Brand of Tutoring Grows Unchecked (NCLB)

U.S. Soldier Shot Dead in Northern Iraq (1538)

Marrying cousins still face obstacles

Poll: Next Pope Should(advocate married and female priests, address abuse)

Pope changed world without armies

Rep. Capito could be in a tough spot

TV confession show prompts Iraq probe

Analyst Group Criticizes US Anti-Terrorism Training Program in Africa

Sharon Counting on Bush Assurances on Retaining Jewish Towns Near Jerusalem

UN Torture Envoy Confident of Visit to Guantanamo

Abu Ghraib prison targeted again

Iraqi Sunni meeting ends in curses

Haider founds new Austrian party

Judicial board recommends censure for New York judge

Miami Physician's Assistant Receives Probation in Six-Count Fraud Convicti

Washington Senators Propose Multiyear, 15-Cent Gas Tax Hike

Coalition members warned not to pull out of Iraq too hastily

Border Patrol complains that volunteers are tripping sensors used to detec

Bush: U.S. to Bear Burden of Iraq Costs

Oral Sex Safe and Not Really Sex, Say U.S. Teens (oh my!!)

Wolfowitz says World Bank will work with China

UPS to increase flights to China

US Deaths in Iraq - At least 1,535 members of the US military have died

Serial Killer's Father Selling DVD of Son's Videotaped Police Statement

U.S. to Fix Savings Bonds' Interest Rates

Palestinians Decry Israeli Trash Dump Plan


Latin American Soybean Producers to Charge Sale Royalty on GM Seeds

Bush Warns Against Delaying Lebanese Elections

General Cable settles strike in Rhode Island

Senate to hold mock Social Security debate

Judge finds 'widespread poll fraud' (UK Council Elections)

Board examine strike policy (Newark CA)

Kyrgyz president resigns, opening way for election

ICRC confirms prison riot at US-run camp in southern Iraq

Laundry Workers Set Strike Date (Angelica)

French flag tribute to Pope sparks left-wing anger

Pope trivia: Who was the guy and for what reason did the pope

UC service employees set strike date (Santa Cruz)

Bush to Lead U.S. Delegation to Pope's Funeral

LAT: Democrats Are Lost in the Shuffle While GOP Holds All the Cards

South Australia Speaker resigns over sex row

Gasoline at Record High for 3rd Week($2.22/gallon)

Deal for Michigan and Its Grad Students

It will be a hard night for Blair on May 5 (Frank Luntz Poll Group)

Oil baron seeks gusher from God in Israel

MSNBC: Arab World Hails Pope

Customs agent took bribes to let illegals in

Children Who Watch TV More Likely to Bully - Study

St. Helens Rumbles A Little More

U.S. threatens Bolivia in effort to secure criminal court immunity

What's the real cost of Wal-Mart? Study: New store may cost taxpayers $10M

UN Torture Envoy Confident of Visit to Guantanamo

BREAKING: GOP Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) says violence against judges is

LEAKED: Dems' scathing rebuke on Gannon inaction

Gore TV Network To Launch In August

Family Says Son Was Murdered By Police (CA / taser)

Groups Call For Taser Ban (GA)

High court declines to review Texas drug dog case

Abu Ghraib Probe Suggests CIA Role in Iraqi Deaths

ChevronTexaco Buying Rival Unocal for $17B

Historic Voyager Mission May Lose Its Funding

Captured Soldier Gets Another Promotion

GOP's Lazio may seek return to politics

US envoy says pope considered Iraq war 'defeat for humanity'

Gore TV Network to Launch In August, Google Tie-In

Soldiers returning from Iraq dealing with combat trauma

Midland man dies after being zapped with Taser (Ft Worth TX)

Jafza to Participate in Rebuild Iraq 2005 Exhibition in Jordan

Video of James Earl Ray autopsy for sale

Pentagon Found Too Slow on Anthrax Alarm

WP: Post-Schiavo Questions Await Congress's GOP Leaders

As Fuel Costs Skyrocket, Many Businesses Are Struggling

Feds: State Dept. worker plotted visa sale

Romney labor director order to pay $20,000 for lax work habits

Ex-aide says faith-based giving ignored

NYT: Pulitzer Prizes Announced

Chevron Texaco to Purchase Unocal for $16.4 Billion

Unicef cites rising rate of child-trafficking ($10 Billion industry)

Senate to Hold Mock Social Security Debate

AP Poll: New Pope Should Push for Change

Iraqi Sunni meeting ends in curses

U.S. In Race To Unlock New Energy Source

Post-Schiavo Questions Await Congress's GOP Leaders

World’s biggest iceberg begins moving after blocking food supplies for Ant

WP: Nonprofits Abused as Dodges, IRS Chief Says

LAT: They're Talking Up Arms (military recruiters/low-income high schools)

(MA) Restaurants, bars gain business under smoke ban

Fiery Priest May Seek Haiti's Presidency

Poles Want Pope's Heart Buried in Country

Berlusconi Seen Crushed in Regional Vote -Exit Poll

Six Somalis beheaded in Saudi Arabia for armed robbery

Medford hotel owners say Bush Admin. left them with unpaid bills

Royal wedding postponed for Pope

Africa Asks if Time Right for African Pope

Nazi Loses Teaching Job

Supreme Court shields IRAs from creditors

Oil Reaches Record $58; OPEC Supply Is Inadequate for Gasoline

Bush to Present Medal of Honor for Valor

TX: Body of state judge found in home

Lawmaker Wants Criminal Penalties for Indecency

California Gay Partner Law Upheld

Red Falls Out of Favor As Teacher's Choice(red ink "stressful")

Fee could prevent strike at care homes (CT nursing homes)

Labour lead drops by five points

Parents pass hat to avoid teacher layoffs

ChevronTexaco Buying Unocal in $16.4B Deal

CNN/Gallup Poll: Gas prices a 'hardship' for majority in U.S.

Seattle police told to use extra caution with Tasers

Oil cost stokes push for policy (Congress starts OIL Conservation Bill)

Row in France over lowering of flags for Pope.

Support grows for beefing up U.S. forces - Volunteers may not be enough

Tougher law urged on HIV infection

(Senator) Byrd would win, say analysts

Fla. Marine: Deputies Had No Reason To Use Stun Gun

U.S. issues $5M award for WTC fugitive (released from Iraqi prison in '03)

Mail Drivers Continue Strike (KS)

NYT: As Satellite Radio Takes Off, It Is Altering the Airwaves


Attorney general to defend renewal of Patriot Act to Congress

Death Penalty: 3,797 executed in 2004

Fannie Mae Stock Tumbles on Report

Librarian loses 'pretty girl' lawsuit against Harvard

Former Vice President Al Gore announces new TV network

Wal-Mart: Struggling In Germany

Billy Graham: Pope Was 'Evangelist'

Gasoline may hit $2.50 by Memorial Day, $3.00 in California

Home-schooled students want part in public school activities

Russian Plant Launches Production of New Sukhoi Tactical Bomber

WaPo: Senator Links Violence To 'Political' Decisions

Border Patrol Says Volunteers Are Tripping Sensors Used to Detect Illegals

NYT: Illegal Immigrants Are Bolstering Social Security With Billions

Deputy Shows Up At Wrong Address, Uses Taser Gun On Marine

I'm back from the darkness.

movies playing at the whitehouse plex

Any DUers in Flathead County, Montana?

I've had the rotating speaker from a Hammond organ inserted into my neck.

I know one team that WON'T be going to World Series...


Ladies and Gentlemen, a jacked-up Yugo.

Wanna be one of the cool kids?

I'm going to take issue with some lesbians on DU

If you could be a puppy or kitty what kind would you be?


A dumb question: can chiropractics make one taller?

we are all doing what we can

KitchenWitch's Stupid Question O' the day #58

Fuck it, I'm building an ark....

I'm sick of everything. Cheer me up, fuckers.

Well, perhaps I should work on my graphic novel

I'm not a gamer, but I am fond of them now...

Some of my favorite peace quotes Feel free to add to my collection

Comic books

I'm going to take issue with some gray whales on DU

Error Puts Strippers On Public Access TV

Most unfair killing off of a black guy in a movie (Spoilers)

My tongue is bleeding

Help finding a bumper sticker

Badgers? We don't need no stinking badgers!

Favorite Baldwin

I need to start looking for a job again.

I need at least at least 2 showings to get though the dialog of Deadwood

I Just Found The Perfect Smiley For Revolutionary_Acts04

Who here just doesn't care about it?

Why do stick shifts get better mileage than automatic transmission?

What kind of pill?

Am I the only one here...

Are there any hornets nests I can stir up?

MWF seeking Badger for possible LTR!

My husband made a funny joke.

ALL my hard drives blew up!

The first step is a doozy

Some nights at DU are better than the Ab Roller

I am punchy, ask me anything

Tell me the truth, am I evil?

cops are all OVER my neighborhood 2:00am


who loves maddox, or at least loves to hate him?

I must go to bed.

Badger, badger, badger, badger.

If dancing was a crime, these people would get the death penalty

Heino Loves his mother

So what are YOU doing up at 4:45 am Central Daylight Time??

Welcome to the new and improved Lounge... With 23% More Heino!

I have come to a conclusion

Gotta love beautiful days!

Just finished my senior essay...ask me anything

Poop snatcher- you can't make things like this up!

Pamela Anderson Sticks Up For Britney Spears

Help - I'm being slowly tortured to death!

A humorous song for you this morning

Best damn clock on the internets

Video Games linked directly to violence (in China)

Milli Vanilli vs. Scritti Politti

I am StopTheMorans. What do I want to do today?

So Comedy channel can show unedited movies as long as it's after midnight?

XTC vs. Dukes of the Stratosphear

Good morning sunshine

About 3/4 of my Monday newspaper is recycled, unread.

Hey, did you know I'm Fred?

Marie Bush!

Don't You Hate it When...

PIMP my Pope...the Creepiness of Displayed Corpses

aLL your bases are beLong to us

I don't want to be at work today

How do I post a pic of me?

Packers Fans Vote On 110 Year Old Booze Ban

Our rescued cat escaped Saturday night.

whoisalhedges actually thinks we read his posts!

Is your cat stinky?

Jet panic as fuel pours from wing

Hack, cough...snort - I don't feel sexy today

A Really Long Rant

Health Alert: Reading in the Bathroom

The "Sincere Condolences" CAPTION

Drink Samuel Jackson Beer

Alright - Give it to me straight about The Hitchhiker's Guide Movie

I need your HEEEEELLLLLLLLP planning a party!!!!

Where's a true patriot like Vir Cotto

Have you seen that "" commercial?

Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice - Good stuff

Why isn't "The Price is Right" on?

my fistfight with the neighbour: update

i love mondays!

The 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra GT 500...

Doctor Who fans - especially in Canada and/or if you hate Sci-fi channel:

Baddest Harvey Keitel

One more "Praise the Lord" and I may just turn completely

I finally saw "Finding Neverland"

Any fans of the group "Tahiti 80"?

Job interview in 1 hour

Adobe announces "Creative Suite 2" (new Photoshop, etc) for late May 2005

Anyone drive a Ford Focus? You left your headlights on.

Name your deity, you can get it in chocolate!

Father Guido Sarducci is going to be on Al Franken today!!!!

Swiss Guard Show Support for Fighting Illini

Technical question about sig lines

I just got an email from my bf

Providian has to be the WORST Credit Card company esp. Customer Service

Man I love it when these owners of BIG SUVs bitch about the gas price!!

Camilla and Charles. Talk about your bad karma.

Three Stooges

HELP! Need link to audio of "Detroit vote suppression" & "beautiful mind"

This is my 999th post. Piss off.

Cat health insurance...

Kimchi for bird flu?

I'm listening to a live version of "Dazed and Confused" I defy you....

So how soon and from who will we see books about Terri Schiavo?


which is cheapest?

I've become everything I hate.

I've become everything I ate

If I e-mailed my pic to someone would you post it for me?

I'll meet you halfway on the choice of new pope.

Hello... if you give me Chocolate I become a monster.

Hamster Help Needed

CD to mp3?


Freeper---AARP will fight to keep you in poverty!

Will Air America Radio have a Chicago affiliate anytime soon?

The DU Porn: Who's you date, and what will you be wearing?

How long does it take to get the first response to your posts?

So, I'm in Vancouver and not going to work

Help me, my blues collection is sadly lacking.

aL gore endorses ratzinger for pope

An Actor Who Is A Democrat Who Could Win The Presidency With Ease

Mo Paul wants to be YOUR President, what can I promise you?

I stumbled upon the contents of ChavezSpeakstheTruth's photo archive:

Got my DU sticker today!

Coffee, Tea, or Me?

Early Betting Line on Next Pope...with Assistance from Mel Kiper!

Here are the betting odds on who will succeed John Paul II:

Does Anyone want to take me to the prom?

Drew Barrymore: "I still don't know who I am"...bad actress, maybe?

!@#$%! Cats Are Shedding! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!

Society's Child

Click here to see Modem Butterfly's Big, Bare Boobies

Coffee or Tea?

your Monday moment of zen

Uh oh. The Amish Are Revolting Over Daylight Savings Time!

Anyone see the Japanese movie "Battle Royale"?

aLL your earworm are beLong to us

Oh, we could have some fun with this website....

Does Air America on the net give one spyware?

Why not "Fast for Bush"

Horrible people

I have to spec out a computer for friends tonight ...What would you buy?

Who else is skipping the prom?

Name of the next Pope?

Bush joins in a rousing version of that famous hymn by L. Ron Butterfly

Father Guido Sarducci on AirAmerica in a few minutes!

On This Day in Rock History.

Hands up if you DO NOT have anxiety/depression/panic disorders in life.

Does anyone have any news about the Pope?

You wanna know what I did this weekend?

Is this ad sexist? I think it is.'s word of the day.

When are we posting the photos from the S. FL Meetup?

What's the Registered User/Lurker Ratio?

I type &c. instead of etc.--is that dumb?

OMG my thighs are on fire!

What is this, "Ignore RandomKoolzip Day" or something?

Oh, Freeeeeee-pers....

I don't care if you blame me--your bucking bats are a nuisance!

"Define Irony..."

Headline: Bush Going To Funeral, Asks Laura to Make Casserole

So what is this homosexual agenda?

I'm A Card Carrying Pope! Really!

OK, it's time to reveal your sockpuppets!

Anyone else having internet trouble today?

Humpty Dumpty - The King James Version

anyone eLse go to muLtipLe proms?

Post the last Photoshop file you created in this "Open Mic" thread.

i'm having dinner with a Clinton advisor tonight, ask me anything!

The "I'm going to be sick!" of all CAPTIONS

Springtime in Colorado - what a pain in my ass!

Ok react to this little scenario

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away . . .

Help with lyrics to a song -- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania pawnshop (old tune)

Co-Housing: Any of you live or have lived in a co-housing community?

What's your favorite Civil War era "Ironclad"?

Name the emoticons.

Begin rant; My sister thinks I'm a disgusting selfish pig

I'm gonna bag it

what is the website with lots of video and audio links?

Opinions Wanted...What Is The Appropriate Amount Of Cologne/Perfume?

Dr Batsen D Belfry's Word of the Day

I am the keeper of the 3-pack Bonanza

What was the theme of your prom?

I'm watching "Troy" for the first time. What a piece of shit.

WOW! CNN has some really cool chanting!

If Matcom were a bird, what kind of bird would he be?

Vidoe game character that gave me a laugh.

I'm watching "Troy" for the first time. The piece is the shit.

tell me something interesting

Hey, did you know, I'm bread?!

Does anyone know where I can get a 'Today Show' transcript?

POPE-A-PALUZA! whew...hew....I'm so excited...I just can't hide it

Remember when "Lifetime" was a quasi-feminist channel?

I received my DU bumper sticker in the mail today!

Oh, I'm impressed. NOT.


My aunt has started forwarding right-wing e-mails.

Which annoyance would you rather have?

Damn you sinus gremlins...Gimmie back my voice!!!


You've become everything I hate.

When I was in second grade, a friend of mine wrote a song.

Rumor: iPods will soon run WMA files. True or false?

Who Should We Elect The DU Dairy Queen?

lots of immigrant hatin going on today

I Love The Smell Of A Flame-War In The Morning

Bush's address after the Pope's death. How many times did he say 'peace'?

Anybody that says cats can't be trained is lying

Grab Bag

My 1000th Post!

Next year, the Easter Bunny is going to bring my kid fruit and nuts.

I got the new Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks CD last week...

what would have happened if when they were carrying the Pope.....

Who was the first person to use "Woo hoo!" on DU?

Do we have a Diabetics forum? If not, I'd like to recommend one.

Teaching a cat to walk on a leash...

Hello Philadelphia

The official U. of I. victory prediction thread.

Who Should We Elect DU Prom Queen?

For anyone who thinks Ashlee Simpson has a brain... read this

Ok, so what's up with this?

Damn you foul temptress ebay !

Headlines We'd Like to See, 4 April 2005



I've had about enough of everything.

What do you think about weasels?

God I'm bored...

Demmit! I have NO willpower!

wine tasting- I'm drunk

Top five places in the world that have depressed you......

Selena's Legacy Grows 10 Years After Death

fun fact: birdseed growers deliberately KILL songbirds!

Drunk tasting - I'm wine

What do you think of a girl who owns a Hummer?

Help me figure out how to organize my freezer. Please!

Gas Station Sticker Shock

YA Stupid Question Poll: Whom do you prefer?

My sleep cycle has gotten so screwed up, I'm now officially nocturnal.

executive free lunch

Ask me anything, except math questions. Or science ones. Or

Randi Rhodes is a goddess!

Has anyone tried on their spring and summer clothes yet???

I'm watching a "Father Ted" marathon on DVD.

In General Discussion, do you hit alert more than you post?

I don't care if you **** me, your flaming cats are a nuisance.

Vote for your Prom Song

i went to madison, wisconsin this weekend

Salma Hayek, Katie Holmes, Eliza Dushku or Barbara Bush

Anyone familiar with eurethra?

what is your weirdest photoshop fantasy picture?

I, too, must turn in for the night/morning

Anyone familiar with Eleuthera?

Riddle: A woman goes to her dad's funeral & meets a man.


Favourite Duran Duran band member!

American Idol. The Scott guy.

I picked up all three new Vancouver Commuter papers today

I don't need to be no stinkin Prom Queen

Ozzy - on Iraq war

What is a good laptop for a college-bound kid?

NC vs Illinois

"24" on 8pmCT. Supposed to be a real

Something funky just happened with my knee.

It's the Monday night earworm!

I just adopted my brother's 18 year old daughter.

9/11 Truth and Anti-War Thinking in the Vatican!

UNC vs. Illinois

Mrs. Grumpy's username lies!

Pope trivia: Who was the guy and for what reason did the pope

How did I ever miss RATM's "Renegades" CD?

It is amazing how the world can eat you alive, isn't it?

Wow! Larry David has given $82K to dems and $0 to pukes. HAHAHAHA

"I thought it was a nickname, like Dr. Dre."

It's official: I look like my father!

Holy crap...Sting singing Frank Zappa (no, not the "Broadway..." track)!

Let's talk MP3 Players

I can't believe I'm pimping US government policies!

Why Oh Why, do they have to let Billy Packer announce championship games?

What's up with turkey legs at Disneyworld?

Wait, forget Larry David...Rob Reiner gave $423K to Dems!

*smacks forehead* I must stop being such a masochist

Jason "Jay & Silent Bob" Mewes and Paris Hilton star in "romantic comedy"

Anyone ever been to La Paz, Mexico?

True Confessions. I watch 'Charmed'

Now for Animals acting like College Students!!

The Pope's condition is stable.

Which science fiction alien do you find unusually sexy?

I want this T-shirt...

Any grammar gurus here?

I do hope the cardinals who are electing a Pope

So, If you were going to fall into a book like Alice, which one and why?

Anyone else watching Nanny 911?

I Can't Believe the Tarheels are 2-Point Favorites

Computer Peeps - HELP!

Progmom will be on my show tonight, helping me fundraise....

My Seattle Mariners are beating up on the Twins!

I'm off to Little Rock and the Clinton Library!

Went and saw "Downfall" last night. Still slightly numb . . . .

self delete

How should I time my entrance and exit from the 700 club?

Anyone else watching The Mork & Mindy story on NBC?

Baby Boomers: You Were Manipulated And Exploited

It's official, I've become my mother.

I want some credit for doing something. Give me some credit!

Catholics make me sick

North Carolina is choking in the second half.

I just realized it's the 13th anniversary of my father's death.

Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Mork & Mindy

I guess they're not done exploiting the poor woman:

Pope lies in state

Complicated yes/no question re:cats

I need help planning my midlife crisis

What'd I say?

Three solid days in GD and LBN, and not a scratch on me.

What would you do if you came into possession of a SUV?

All hopped up on goofballs

parents taking kids to r-rated movies?

As if my day couldn't possibly get worse...

How do you post photos?

Thanks to Illinois for a great game!

For those of you who remember Pope John XXIII

I'm twitching with rage right now. Ask me anything!

I need a job that lets me be a night owl....

Anyone want a free 2 GIG Google Email account?

Illini is very sad:(

That's it, I'm outting fellow DUer Ramsey!!!!

I saw two beautiful tigers today

the new, official, Mr and Mrs. McLargehuge "our song"

Should a 5 year old boy walk around a neighborhood by himself?


The best cheese comes from California's happy cows?

I did it!!!! I got a photo up!

Well Illinois just choked

Go Tarheels!

Are you staying home more and watching more TV these days?

It's official, I've become my mother's second cousin's brother-in-law.


anyone watching 24? (potential SPOILERS)

How to deal with Hummer drivers?

I just had a fried Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich ask me anything

Wish Me Luck (Operation Tomorrow)

Does a Turkey Vulture taste different than a Black Vulture?

V - GOD = 0 Translation please?

Deviled Ham & Triscuits (don't act like you don't love it!!!)

Indexing a book is the most exasperating, boring, and time consuming

I got attacked by a blind person

Democratic Country Music stars

Woman breastfeeds newborn tiger cubs

Roy Williams had better stay

posting from tikrit, iraq, thanks for your kind thoughts!!

It's "Murder, She Wrote." Who did it?

What car have you absolutely want in the future?

Someone needs to invent a car that runs on corn syrup..

Listening to Cream's "BBC Sessions".

Christ! The Pope Coverage Is REALLY Starting To Piss Me Off

Anybody watched "24" this ev?

An open letter to RandomKoolzip - Re: MAking music with you

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is my pleasure to introduce Rainy!

My god, does JimmyJazz have no decency - she's flashing her breasts!!!

A walk today .....

Oh puke - One Shining Moment

Fugliest Gallagher

The DU Prom: Who's your date and what will you be wearing?

WHOA!!! Did anyone see the DU home page! Plaid Adder published a book

Job interview today at 4pm...HELP!

The Official "Yanks Are Great" Thread

Post a pet peeve you don't often rant about

What are your opinions of the Baby boomers, Gen X and Gen Y? Why?

worst album covers ever...

Anyone else here seen "The Motorcycle Diaries"?

I can win $290 if UNC wins tonight

Today my cat died...(long and rambling)

feline fanatics. . .please help this cat I do not know. . .

My wife and I rescued a puppy this weekend!

So what's fun to do in London for a few days?

Vote for your Progmom

Two pics of the car that crashed into my store last week

HABEMUS PAPAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zeros Nostalgia: What about the 2000s will people feel Nostalgia for?

Sweet mother of GOD! WING has 9 - count 'em NINE - CDs out!!

Greatest film ever made?

My DUI Solution: Please pick apart.

Typical Bertha.

Lurkers, come forth!

Name the "talent" in which you would most like to excel - but don't.

Alright, where do you live and how much is GAS?

Is everything getting SMALLER?

Tell me about the best fried chicken you have ever had

I have Canada Lust again. It's a bad case this time.

Favorite Buffy Character???????

See the home of the fighting Illini at the Champaign DU Meetup!

Word association game: rules within

Anybody drive a Ford Focus?

So, where is WIlliam Pitt?

I need some Credit Card help


Hey, did you know, I'm dead?!

"American Idol" vs. being strangled

People who post long posts about leaving DU and then don't go

Simple yes/no question re: cats.

Isn't it Romaaaannnntic?...

Time for the nightly Badger hunt!

How fast have you ever driven a car?

West Wing Fans: Funniest Moment

Can I get a count of who's coming to Boston for the April 23rd Gathering?

Which cartoon character do you find unusually sexy?

Ever tickled a rat?

Three days, meat free for me!

For Catholics: Has anyone else had the Litany of The Saints going around

So, how's your resurrection going?

eternal hellfire is a lie, the devil is the liar

Where will the "New" Pope come from? U.S.A.? Africa? S.America?

Any Gnostics here?

The Christian god is a warring desert god.

Gospel of Judas back in spotlight after 20 centuries

Albany Kills Transgender Bias Bill

Influence of gays in Washington

Teen Planned Columbine Attack, Hated Gays

Anybody see this HRW report on high school discrimination?

Gay Health Activists Mobilize To Make Meth 'Uncool'

School District May Cut All Noncurricular Clubs To Thwart Start Of Gay Gro

This is how the GLBT community will win....

Advocate: pope hated gays so much he violated U.S. election laws

Colorado Lawmaker Says Gay Marriage Promotes Bestiality

Gay Republicans sell out the gay community, AGAIN!

On the eve of the Marriage Amendment vote, some thoughts.

Gays More Discerning Than Straights On What TV We Watch

"G.L.B.T." doesn't roll of the toungue, from henceforth....

Pat Buchanan on gay priests:

Have you guys checked out the Contender

Shawn Kemp arrested for possible drug possession.

I have to ask: what, exactly, is a "tarheel"?

What was Theo thinking with the Wells' signing?

home run derby @ coors canaveral..

Dmitri Young on pace for 324 HR, 810 RBI, & 1.000 BA this season!

Women's Basketball

Way to go Phil Michelson....

Pedro Martinez Will Be Arrested

Power struggle

Teddy the cattle dog was adopted.

The Art of Prosperity - April 2005

I'm getting the strongest vibes that

The Book of Life Discussion group

Pope's Funeral - 4/8

What is it about this time that is bringing on such health emergencies?

You know what your problem is? You athiests all have...

A wake up call for all of us. The CRA Bill

Scientists discover 'Christian' Gene

Can I ask a teensy favor?

Glad I got my star and found this place.

Buying Blue, an update

New Kerry email

I wonder if JK will go to Rome for the funeral?

Is John Kerry too sexy to be president?

What the Pope Really said about women!

John cornyn is a total nutjob. He should resign immediately

"Sunset in DU Land" - Target Dates and coordination

Countdown Newsletter 4/4/05 (funny intro)

I hope KO is feeling his snark tonight!

Anyone glancing at the clock? LOL! ... Where's the meeting tonight, btw? has put up 2 NEW Keith screencaps!

Rev - new Minn. quarters

Rerun of KO's appearance on the Carson Daily show tonight.

EARTH to Dean...end the 18.3 cent a gallon gas tax

"The Republicans are falling apart!" "The Dems are falling apart!" rant

Direct Action Against Halliburton Shareholders May 18th Houston, TX

Oh. my. God. A RW bumpersticker I actually kinda like

They're baaaaaaaack - House schedule for the week

Sean Hannity's potty mouth

"Evidence of Harm" David Kirby (Imus, MSNBC, Pharmceuticals,


Pontiff's Choice Was to Die Simply (edit with Link now)

Only one thing can save our nation....

Anyone else catch * insinuating that he and the Pope are 2 of a kind?

NPR bringing back "This I Believe", 1950's radio essays

Has anyone got links to John Paul II's statements re: Iraq?

When Bush need extra Secret Service when his term is over?

Culture of Care

Does the Vatican use Diebold machines to count votes for pope?

Canada Ad Scam inquiry and

Beautiful ceremony on MSnbc. I am watching the procession. I find

Have the Swift Boat lying Bastards checked

In order for Pope John Paul 11 to become a saint he must produce a miracle

Don't take your eye off the "curveball" must read >

HELP! Need link to audio of "Detroit vote suppression" & "beautiful mind"

Scary Shit: WSJ floats trial balloon on scrapping confirmation of judges

Chalmers Johnson: Wake Up!

WSJ: Big Government's Changing Face

Brits to pull out of Iraq .......

Chris Matthews will be the last newsman out of Rome....

If we could 'convert' all the active Republicans, we'd still be a minority

Will Congress pass the Constitution Restoration Act of 2004?

Alex, Mike Doonesbury's 18 year old daughter, is looking to join the Army

Grassroots training at DemFest 2005: Register NOW!

4 Parents Is 4 Ignorance (questionable website funding also)

Plantetary Health speaker on Wash Journ. NOW -c-span

We like big government

Chimpy Should Stay Home

Rail lines need funds

Russ Feingold 2008

C-Span: Judicial Filibuster meeting: conservatives throw down the gauntlet

Question - media - second bombing - Abu Ghraib - Al Jazeera.....

You know that PSA where Colin Powell says he doesn't believe in giving up?

Americans must embrace COURAGE and TRUTH!

Sen James Inhoffe (R-Oklahoma) speaking on China

falwell and robertson must really hate the Pope

Venezuela's Media Minister Spanks WA Post Columnist

The problem of Republican apathy and cynicism

DLC issues a manifesto: What We Stand For

DKos:Holy Roman Photo-op: Bush to Attend Pope's Funeral

Bush to Show Gratitude at Pope's Funeral

Repubs think there's no tomorrow

Urgent! Call Congress to Demand an "Open Rule" for the Bankruptcy Bill!

FOX Article: "How was the President suppossed to know?"

Helen Thomas reviews Ari Fleischer's book (and she should know)

BRAD BLOG: E-Vote Software Developer Group Endorses VR's "DV4D" Campaign!

The Pope, piety and George W. Bush...

news conf. on fillibuster NOW--c-span

The Mother of All Contradictions...chimp praises Pope, puts foot in mouth

Time for liberals to take the bags off their heads.

My letter to Barbara Mikulski

A Clark Poll

An early foray into '08 Presidential politics

What American politicians have met with the dali lama?

EARTH to Dean...bring world peace

gov. Arnold, Chevron Texaco, $222,200 and his Chief of staff , and Enron.

Honey, There's a Senate Candidate in our Shower...

Cornyn (R-TX) says violence against judges is understandable

Why isn't Lyndon Johnson revered as the Greatest Democrat Ever?

World Corruption Index by country. From Least to Most.

Country by Spending on health care as a % of GDP

Need your help with complaints on Gov Arnold and Chevron Texaco

Poll Question: Who Do You Link For Prez In 2008? Or...

Long after lies exposed, WH web site still lists b.s. reasons for Iraq war

A great OP on Bush, Charles and the Pope by Skitty Macfearson

This legislation will put judges under God - did you even know it's there?

DHS issues plan for national preparedness

Industry team forms to provide private screening at airports (Lockheed)

EPA Empowering Communities to Reduce Risks from Toxic Exposure

Culture of LIES. Culture of LIES. Culture of LIES. Culture of LIES.

Johanns Lauds Voluntary Conservation on Private lands

big protest in San Fran tomorrow,join police,nurses firefighters&teachers

What the Pope's position on women REALLY was!

Karl Marx (I, UK) Says Violence Against Corporations Understandable

Who bets that when the monkey king goes to the vatican...

Bush does end run around Congress, installs base closure panel

FBI Responds to WMD commission's report

Boycott Walmart Meetup... Join now.

So who do you think Bush will nominate for Pope?

A good sign

Senator John Cornyn should be recalled by the voters

Has the United States Delegation to the Papal Funeral

Did you see Gray's Anatomy? This is TOO Good

Is this what DeLay was referring to about getting judges?


Centrist Democrats Warn Liberals

"Culture of Life"

Sane Republicans, do you like your party now? Can you take it back?

Words you won't hear much anymore: Wisdom & Virtue

Don't Let Them Silence Your Voice - John Kerry Ad!

FL Duers Must Read: "It's Florida Voters Against the True Constituency"

An Actor Who is An Active Democrat Who Could Win The Presidency With Ease

will the mourners at the Pope's funeral welcome Bush the

world free press index....we ain't number 1!!!

Right wing rag Dallas Whoring News turns on Delay!

Tucker Carlson and the Pope/Video

CSPAN schedule / analysis April 4 !!!!PATRIOT ACT REAUTHORIZATION!!!!

T or F: We live in a one-party state.

A Complete list of PNAC Signatories...

Poll: Who Many More Years Will America Continue To Exist As A Nation?

If The Nuclear Option Is Used, What Will Happen?

Graham suggests DeLay's probs may create "cocktail for disaster."

can Dem centrists win the country back from the GOP all by themselves?

Dept of Homeland Security to inform about Gannon - DailyKos says

Senate to Hold Mock Social Security Debate

to:"bush won" people - WHY DO YOU BELIEVE BUSH WON, what facts do you use?

Bush Team Angry about "West Wing" — say they "feel like suckers"

"700-pg report lists numerous outrageous blunders" (The Asahi Shimbun)

We need to get off our computerized asses & out into the streets

Denzel Washington's "John Q" - who was the cardiac surgeon?

Clark to testify. Take his Iraq survey before Wednesday!

Dump Delay (True Majority Action Alert)

Centrist Democrats Warn Liberals

So what happened with the draft?

15-minute Kucinich interview from Cleveland PBS station on Friday,

Howard Dean in Arkansas April 8, and Seattle April 13.

Alternet: "The Culture of Life" Top Ten