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Archives: April 3, 2005

Terri Schiavo and Pope John Paul II Die, and So Does the News

Maureen Dowd (NYT): "Curveball the Goofball"

Memo Shows U.S. Inmate Interrogation Plans in Iraq

Billmon (Whiskey Bar): Bring it On (says the Bugman)

No fence tall enough to stop the desperate

Crush Corporate Crime

The Bush steamroller chugs unmerrily along

Does federalism still matter?

NYT: Justice Ginsburg Backs Value of Foreign Law

Minuteman Project: A grotesque caricature of patriotism

Infinite Injustice - Chris Floyd, Moscow Times

World's largest iceberg on the move again

Lurching Toward Theocracy - Berkowiyz, Dissident Voice

It's not your father's America any more

Opponents excluded from Social Security debate (E.J. Dionne, Jr.)

How about a heart for others?

'Passionate intensity' In Our Time (Wayne Brown / Jamaica Observer)

Fault lines: The Schiavo case isn't a typical wedge issue (St Pete Times)

Shame on Tom DeLay (Ft Worth)

GLOBE EDITORIAL - Grading schools

Let's examine Patriot Act closely before renewing it (Oakland)

Misreading The Vital Signs

Has Ghawar Truly Peaked?-(Worlds Largest Oil Field)

"I give off sparks" (The Guardian interview w/Jane Fonda)

Students need to be more radical in campus affairs (News-Rec U Cincinnati)

New Pope and influence of politics in America (Already after John Kerry)

Global Lens Focused on U.S. Torture and Detention Policies (ACLU)

All Canadians could face Arar's plight

The economy is based on borrowing

Conservative politicians who wield 'culture of life' like a deadly weapon

Robotic Death from Above

John Danforth Talks About The Wrongs Of The Republican Party

The real hero in reconciling Christians and Jews

Those Dang College Liberals! (Nazi Prof Fired)

The US is Becoming a Failed State [Bush&Co destroying gov't, middle class

Great Great Article By John Danforth - In the Name of Politics

Iraq Reconstruction Fund Invested on Wall Street

'Pro-Death Politics' by William Greider

A Failure of Policy, Not Spying

Dowd: Curveball the Goofball

Intel: Did Bolton Try to Intimidate Spies?

Media monopoly.. Amy Goodman

Corporate Assassin

The Great Phase Transition: The Post-Oil Era

DU {Depleted Uranium} Killing the troops and Iraqis..

Wake Up! Washington’s alarming foreign policy

Introducing The Constitution Restoration Act (GOP activist judges bill)

Help, DUers! What do we make of Marty Peretz

Coalition waging fight to increase pay at A&M

Remove Rumsfeld

Chomsky: NYT refuses to print Thomas Walker op-ed's

Reporting from Baghdad......Viva La Revolution

Helen Thomas: Screened Audiences, Fake News Promote Bush Agenda

Any doubt that Dems are much better at economics than neonuts?

Thomas Friedman grandiose horse's ass

Energy Insanity (Molly Ivins)

WH Weakens EPA Cancer Safeguards To Protect Chem Ind. Instead of Children

Dear War Supporter: Since You Asked . . .

From "WW4" to "Global War on Terror" to "Regime Change" to "Democracy"

PM Sharon pays tribute to pope as 'friend' of the Jews

A Campaign to Challenge Israeli Apartheid Palestinian Campaign

9/11 skeptics-- what issue about 9/11 do you think is the best to pursue?

Collective Bellaciao, France: Science proves that vote fraud is real!

Progress in changing our election system from the ground up?

Another National Exit Poll Mystery: The Gender Vote. Can you solve it?

Popular polling site: kitchen table, desk

Thank you Mellisa B for all your hard work. We're paying attention! n/t


Dinner Confrontation with a GOP Media Figure over Election 2004

Sunday 4/3 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread


Public school failures raise questions of political leadership

Edwards Predicts Iowa, N.H. Will Keep Leadoff Spots

Open letter to Chair Johnson re access by fundraiser

Anyone heard Romney's "cloning" ads on the radio?

Breaking: Boston loses Revolutionary War

Kerry asks Minnesotans to tell Sen Coleman to vote NO on Frist's attempt

Minnesota bill to prevent death-with-dignity?

Does anybody know about etomi...

Help ! Windows 98 SE "Fatal exception at 0D"

Ok, here's a head-scratcher for ya

Supporters of HB 1348 from Clean Up Texas Politics

If election were held today, would you vote for Tom DeLay? (Poll Results)

Dallas Democrats meeting, 4/2 - so what happened?

Delay losing support.....Houston Chronicle 4/3/05

Henry Cuellar is a big crybaby

Texas Considers Putting RFID Tags in All Cars

Did anybody hear

Johnny River..

Sign this petition for Kerry against new filibuster rules


I just remembered two incidents before 9/11 that have taken on a more

non-Catholics KNOW NOTHING about the Pope, the Catholic Church

What do you think of Zbignew Brezinski?

Stripes' retraction of last Sunday's headline on "booming" reups in Europe

Michelle Malkin champions internment camps. Repulsive to late Pope.

Mitch Hedberg, a Sly, Shy Comic Presence, Dead at age 37

I am grieving for the LGBT victims of gay bashers who will die tonight.

wow, with all this excitement about terri schaivo, and now the pope

Call me morbidly curious but I wonder if there is a website that showed CT

Cambodia - 30 years since Khmer Rouge on April 17

Nate Clay discussing the Pope and his legacy -- live streaming

Did you really think i'd go without at least one mention of.....

Don't forget to set your clocks forward, everyone n/t

Every knows the good guys just lost.

So what happens next...............

Only God says jump

Pope Conspiracy Theory...

Dem=Charles Winchester III, Rep=Gomer Pyle

What drugs do you think the Chimp has done?

Dodging Military Recruiters, what's your strategy?

Joe Farah, WorldNutDaily, and the Culture of 'life'

Mir, the Boy Who Plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan

Here's a nice site showing some good work by the UN.

Other News

George W. Bush and Pope John Paul II

I want to write a book

What will the next Pope be like?

US relied on 'drunken liar' to justify war (besides * that is)

Commencement Address by John F. Kennedy . . .

My daughter went back to work with Tsunami victims in India and Sri Lanka

Homophobia will be a major problem as long as religions considers it a sin

People won't let it alone because JP2 is being *worshiped*....

Access by fundraiser - Dems are out of touch with the poor/working class.

(Thankfully) Taliban Online back up and running

anyone else sick of the Pope-bashing and Catholic-bashing going on here?

*ahem* Isn't there was whacked out fundie theory about the Pope

Do Bush's judicial nominees support the "culture of life"? HELL NO!

Where will the newpope be from?

American fundamentalists just a got a stick

I would like to see a female Pope

Tom Delay ratchets up the heat a little more, keeps crazy train rollin'.

Malkin Angred Over CBS' Continuation of Final Four

Catholic DUers, a few questions on faith, the Pope, and the church's futur

Does anyone know if the anti-Christ and Pickles

Tsunami! Pope! Schiavo! Millions Cry! Who grieves for Samuel Lee?

First Reagen, then Terri Schiavo, now the Pope

why does the Pope have the U.S. flag lowered at half staff

Help America's Uth!

Mrs. Betty ("I'm a Better Christian Than You") Bowers' Gift Shop . . .

Election question

"...heterogeneity and diversity of our party"

The pictures of Bush attending the Pop'e funeral will show his

What if the new Pope supports the Republican Party?

Patrick Kennedy not running for Senate – suspected "trap"

Moscow slams Al-Jazeera"s reports on Chechnya

There's no logic in this Pope election stuff

Russert just announced on "Today" that Bush will go to funeral

It's ok to speak out.

JFK to Manhattan for only $7? Yes, if you take the train

Neil Young recovering after brain surgery

War President to use Prince of Peace's death for political pandering

"OUR SOUL IS SHOCKED" - help me understand that headline

Anybody want an update on our "progress" in Afghanistan?

AtomFilms: D.R.A.F.T.

Please help

Why do they say the extreme right are violent?

The Real Terrorists Are Holed Up In Washington

war IS good, if good, correct, right and true all meant the same thing.

A Suggestion: a Blogger Tip Alert Forum.

Pope Lies In State(Photo)

My secret Pope fantasy

Introducing The Constitution Restoration Act (GOP activist judges bill)

I could not bring myself to watch any of the news shows this AM...

Encore Clean Energy, Inc. to Demonstrate Breakthrough Power Source Encore

When do they hit our democracy with a silver hammer?

A Heartfelt Lib Ltr-to-the-Local-Editor

PBS FRONTLINE: "Israel's Next War?"

Will the Necon's disdain for the UN haunt them when WWIII breaks out?

Why Didn't They Compare Reagan/Junior To Pope While He Was Alive?

If the Pope's Mom was alive and contested his refusal of the machines

I feel we are heading into an abyss.

Does the public really want to hear about Pope/Schaivo?

Don't you think the Pope kind of ties in with *'s Social Security

After the 'oil crash', which will be more valuable?

Men holding cross in middle of Final Four

Is America So Devoid of Any Technological or Social Advancements?

VFW Magazine February question to members (Surprising)

Papal Tradition

Tax rollback closes Bedford library (Texas)

US relied on 'drunken liar' to justify war - Guardian UK

Teaching Critical Thinking

Anyone else detecting a pattern here?

(see non-poll version) which Nazi propaganda method ISN'T Bush using?

Was the Pope embalmed?

It's a bad day for Italians...

The Scolding: R.I.P. John Paul

Do a Google news search for "drunken liar"

Were the "soldier" causaulites at Abu Ghraib actually "Airmen"

I've been wondering if the Fundies are trying to seduce the Catholics

Is there someone here tonight qualified enough to make it all stop?

U.S. govt. aiming propaganda comic book at Arab youth

You guys had Schiavo's feeding tube, Europe has the Pope's death

Could the Pope's life have really been prolonged significantly?

The Big Dog is going to Rome!

As long as power is centralized around the state...

U.S. using exiled Iranian groups for nuclear intelligence

If You Build It, They Will Kill You (US purpetual war)

Are there "moral absolutes" ... or is morality relative?

Pope John Paul and the Pedophiel Scandal...

"Vultures flying over a dying animal"

Question: Working Class Union?

Is gambling considered a sin by Religious right?

People get ready, there's a train a coming

Just so ashamed of people! Just got finished watching a movie

Are Democrats tougher than Republicans?

The pope a good thing...if you were male and straight and catholic

FReep hippocrites

more on the betting for the new Pope ...

Question regarding the pope's medical treatment

How to fix Somalia

Anyone notice that the "culture of life" has become obsessed with death?

I just saw a dead guy.

"Body of Soldier's Widow is Found" (Right here in my home state :^( )

I want these neoCon Facists, criminals out of my government, NOW!

Bill O'Reilly Bingo

Pope John Paul II and President Reagan were actually Super Hero partners?

Could you do this guy a favor?

Franklin Graham: "I don't know anyone who would advocate going to war"

Would it still be 'murder' if Terri's parents wanted to remove the tube?

OK stupid question ahead ..



Did anyone notice Terri's Schiavo's sister's self-serving statement?

Time to re-read Harper's Jesus Plus Nothing...note the congress involved.

Bill press ripping apart Roy Moore

Arianna Huffington's Forum

Scariest movie?

Code Pink, ANSWER, Randall Terry, and the Schiavo protesters

Chris Matthews & Tucker Carlson on MSNBC @ 7PM EST

Bush bypasses Senate to close bases

Honor the Pope by paying his back taxes on his U.S. properties

Wanna See America's Greatest Hypocrite on TV?

Please point me to an epoch in which having achieved ascendancy,

FOX has finally admitted they are a poor excuse for news!

The Revolution Is Now

So, how was the latest Bill Maher?

Any speculation on what the next pope will be named?

How many civilians have died around the world...?

Even the Weather Channel is into the act - but a funny one

Pak nuke scientist A Q Khan met Osama: Report

When do we make an end of the Emotional Catharsis and roll up our sleeves?

Randall Terry, adulterer, estranged father, jailed for sending an aborted

Do you know what happened to "Media Whores Online" website? nt

Tina Brown-Topic A on CNBC now, 7CT. And it won't

Raise the flag: our soldiers did not die for Popes, Billy Graham, Falwell

Should the Dems have gotten involved in the Schiavo case?

Prince Charles says fuck you to catholics

This is a touching photo. The care they took with him (note the pillows)

We're being hung by the same shit that they fed Plato...

102 Minutes

Need to wretch? See Mehlman on C-Span

If you haven't yet listened to Friday's Malloy show

Halliburton's KBR has a "Redneck Mafia" to BEAT whistleblowers

Seperation of Church and State was a great idea.... Now that end runs

CNN:Catholics Didn't Vote For Social Justice - They Voted Their Pocketbook

The Republicans Are Some Lucky Dogs….

Republican recruiting stations

Anyone else getting this Mass Email?

Pope John Paul II, Beacon of World Peace, world...

I cut 40+ people's hair this week and not one word of Shriavo or the Pope.

Local Communities Take Security into Their Own Hands--Lebanon

Isn't it ironic that the Cardinal from the Phillipenes is named


I suspect Father Guido Sarducci and CNN's Alessio Vinci are the same guy?

The Bill of Rights, the Constitution is over-hyped.

Who is your favorite Liberal Read?

Steven King (yes, the writer) guest of Steve Earle on AAR now

Do you think the religious right wing nuts

Your opinion of "SCABs"...?

Oh, PUDGE Is "Positive" - How Many Times Did He Declare the Pope DEAD?

Neil Young Treated For Brain Aneurysm

Just wanted to let you know hell has frozen over.

Howard Dean is coming on c-span right now! n/t

Which State Is The Most "American?"

Who's calling their GOP Sen. tomorrow about the "nuclear option"???

Cokie Roberts just compared John Paul II to Raygun

CNN/Anderson Cooper just fucked up.

FReeptard signing me up for RW web sites?

How many miracles does it take to become a saint?

"I voted BUSH for my pocketbook": Wall Street jitters over inflation

"True Catholics" & "Traditionalist Catholicism"

Bush endorsed Bob Jones' anti-catholicism, wants to go to pope's funeral

Israeli nuclear whisteblower thinks Israel had JFK killed. Thats a new one

Did anyone see Tavis Smiley

Dean on CSPAN now

Minutemen turn out to be a couple of hundred pot-bellied retirees

Aviation expert: "If you're rooting for the terrorists, you're in luck"

Are the Tolerant Religious Sects Enablers of the More Virulent Sects?

356 years ago today:

Bill O'Reilly, Regis Philbin, and Donald Trump are all sitting together...

Caption this ... Pope news pic of public viewing

What is with all of the DEATH symbols? Isn't the US was in Iraq to help?

What was the major news story that fell under the rug because of the pope

Get your graven image here! JESUS DOLL!

I found something interesting.

Self delete

Thank god the Terri Schiavo media frenzy is over...

A man with a mission

Who's leading the fight for ANWR? Where can I get up to date info.?

An opinion regarding opinions

Just got done Reading Clinton's book My Life

Anti-Catholic Whoppers: W supporter Bob Jones weighs in (from 1978)

Jose Padilla: US Citizen Imprisoned No Trial or Charges-2 Yrs & 300 Days

Christiane Amanpour is the best

Confessions of an Econ. Hit Man -John Perkins on CSPAN2 now

if bush could appoint the pope, who would it be?

Left of the Dial

Rush Limbaugh's new commercial endorsement: phony dog testicles

Okay. It's time to call it "Bush's War"

Here we go: "Some See Link in Deaths of Pope, Schiavo"

Question to all the GOP'ers in America: Is this really the party that was

"Hate The Sin But Love The Sinner" Is Bigoted And Dishonest

This Pope visited at least 130 countries

C-SPAN - Howard Dean & Ken Mehlman - 12:30 am EST

U.S. says Israel must give up nukes...

There is at least one flame war a day on here. Are we turning into FReeps?

If You Build It, They Will Kill: U.S. Military Weaponry of the Near Future

Death sentence for pot.

Bush Draft Rap. tee he he

PHOTO: Embarrassed First Lady forgets to change from P.J.'s for church

Freepers in DC for March "for justice" this Thursday April 7

What do Bill O'Reilly, Donald Trump and Regis Philbin have in common?

The Religion of Liberalism

Pathetic Randall Terry sends out PR package to "testify" about Pope, Terri

I can not share your worship, but I can share your grief

Why does Armed Forces Network have such a liberal bias?

Higher Federal Taxes courtesy of BushCo

What do you miss most about the Clinton years?

So it's Sunday night. What do you want to talk about?

Why is everyone so excited about the possibility of a black Pope?

Last month my electric bill

Could someone please explain to me why

Iraq Reconstruction Fund Invested on Wall Street-No Comment from Pentagon

So You Want Gun Control?

My neighbor put an American flag up the day after Boosh invaded Iraq

Popus Interuptus - FILIBUSTER

If the Repugs go nuclear, should we hit the streets?

The Pope was open to the science of evolution

55 years for selling pot

Has the dali lama weighed in on the pope's passing?

Fox gives the update you've been waiting for: "Falwell 'Doing Very Well'"

George W. Bush Is "America's" Fault! We Freaking Deserve Him!

What is going to be the next BIG distraction story for Boosh and his MSM?

A question of turned tables & protesters: how to get oneself flamed!

The all or nothing attitude

I'm watching Ken Mehlman on CSPAN right now....


Talk about Christian hypocrisy!

Why do we need a pope? Is it only tradition?

Creationists at it again

Question: Why should a non-Catholic be upset over the death of

Can you be both a "defender of human rights" and "opposed to gay rights"?

San Francisco may regulate blogging.

I've had enough. rant.

If Karol Wojtyla had been an American, would he be...

Can Religion coexist with the Bill of Rights?

If Every Jot and Tiddle is Infallible…

Let's discuss NASCAR

One Thing The Vatican Could Do To Impress ME- Elect A Black Pope!

People don't get it

Illegal Immigrants?

AP, Reuters bury Abu Ghraib attack in other story

Damn! Why Are So Many People Getting Divorced?

Serious about gas shortages? Strictly enforce freeway speed limits

"It's fun to shoot people."

So, now contraception is controversial?

S H A R K , anyone?

Myths & Facts about Organ and Tissue Donation

John Paul II question. Anyone know of this?

"The first feature of Ur-Fascism is the cult of tradition" Umberto Eco

I know this is going to rankle afew feathers do duers lack commitment?

This Just In....

My in-laws are in a Catholic cult. Help please!

Please tell me why they are clubbing 975,000 seals in Canada.

For Freeper Lurkers, which Nazi propaganda method ISN'T Bush using?

My 1.000th Post:Come Look Inside-Images of Iraq, Words of MLK

Need advice on election food!!! including CHOCOLATE

How can I make a good pot of rice?

Any cheeseaholics here?

Canada's Corruption Scandal Breaks Wide Open

Blair drops crime bills as election race hots up

Official: Camilla to be Princess of Wales

LAT/Reuters: Yeast Study Confirms the Advantages of Sex

Iraq's Abu Ghraib Prison Attacked; 56 Hurt

Sunni Arab Elected New Parliament Speaker

LAT: DeLay Fires Up GOP Troops for Counterattack

Moderate Earthquake Injures 24 People in Southeastern Iran

Saudi Executes Three Convicted Terrorists , 1st since 1996

ABC News: Indonesian Chopper crash victims named

ABC News: Quakes shake north-east Japan

Strong winds fuel Victoria park fire

ITAR-TASS: Kyrgyz delegation arrives in Moscow for talks with Akayev

ITAR-TASS: CSTO’s Rubezh-2005 exercise begins in Tajikistan

Philly Inquirer: Afghan attacks on the rise

China arrests 10,000 in gambling crackdown

Sir Mark Thatcher refused US visa

Army reopens morale center

LAT: Mugabe Plans to Rule Until Age of 100

LAT: Pro-Moscow Chechen Leaders Try to Portray a Return to Normality

LAT: A Hard Sell in Bush's Neighborhood

Pope's funeral won't delay Charles

Immigrant Spotters Rally on U.S.-Mexico Border

Russert just announced on "Today" that Bush will go to funeral

Mark Thatcher refused US visa

WP/AP: Endangered North Atlantic Whale Gets a Boost

(NY) Ads hit Reynolds(R) on ethics issue (his support of Tom Delay)

FBI monitored British activists

U.K. Blair Delays Election Announcement to Honor Pope John Paul

Low bids win in job 'slave market'

Charles to Wed on Friday Despite Pope's Funeral

Biomass energy market red hot

Cheney opposes Delay's judge threats: New York Post: 4/2

Deadlock Risks Disillusion, U.S Warns Iraqis -LAT

Chilean likely to win vote for top OAS post

Grief overshadows Italy elections

NEWSWEEK: Al Qaeda Envoy Met With Iraq Insurgency Head Zarqawi in 2003

U.S. forces may have beaten Iraqi general

Michael Schiavo in hiding after death threats

Defense spending in Nevada up 35 percent in three years

DEA team to fight Afgani opium trade

Activists Push to Get Lynchings Prosecuted (GA)

Iraqi legislators withdraw and resign

. . . Barbour in top 4 mockup for White House

Thousands rally for clean environment

Gee. I feel safe with vigalente gun-toting nuts on the boarders

Pope leaves behind struggling U.S. church

Southern Thailand bombs kill two

Textile Industry Seeking Job Protection

U.S. Warns EU on China Arms Embargo (Reuters)

Bickering and Jockeying for Posts Paralyse Kirkurk Administration....

NYT:Environmental Groups Are Praising the E.P.A. for Updating Cancer-Risk

Egypt surprised by Israel decision to honor 1950s militant group

from Theocracy watch, re Filibuster

Moves abound to change environmental law to build more housing (CA)

Woman killed in (German) church sword attack (The Guardian)

"I give off sparks" (The Guardian interview w/Jane Fonda)

Angola Marburg death toll climbs

Intel: Did Bolton Try to Intimidate Spies?

Syria to withdraw from Lebanon by April 30

Antioxidant Levels May be Linked to Autism

New Ad Campaign Begins Against Bush Social Security Plans

Congress generous with pensions -- their own

Ecuador ex-president promises revolution of the poor

WP: POW Claims Bump Into Foreign Policy

NYT/Reuters: Oil Strikes New Record ($57.59/barrel, 9:33 p.m. EDT Sun.)

New plan aims to 'streamline' development in protected areas

Coming soon: a PC combat game that shoots back

From Video War Games to Signing Up for Military?

Man with ties to N.M. injured in Iraq beating (former dem candidate's son)

Venezuelan readies military reserve defend the to country

Report: China Protest at Japan U.N. Bid Turns Violent

Pope John Paul II's Resistance To The "Unjust War" On Iraq

Border Group Report Results in Arrests (repost)

Cuba's Castro sends condolences to Vatican

NYT: Doctors Lobbying to Halt Cuts to Medicare Payments

NYTs: Your Car: Politics on Wheels

Japan's virgin wives turn to sex volunteers (The Guardian)

Archaeologist finds "oldest porn statue"

Saudi Policeman Killed, 20 Wounded in Clash-Sources

WP: Historic Voyager Mission May Lose Its Funding

Bush likely to attend Pope's funeral

Haaretz:U.S. Says Israel Must Give Up Nukes

LAT:At what cost?("unimaginable" income share to keep healthcare coverage)

Pakistani nuke scientist A Q Khan met Osama: Report

U.S. Soldier, Marine Killed in Iraq (#1537)

'Amen.' A Moment Later, the Pope Was Dead

NYT,pg1: A Fierce Debate on Cold War Atom Bombs (replace W-76?)

LAT: Study Links Free Radicals to the Spectrum of Autism

WP: Former U.S. Officials Show Support for U.N. Nominee

66 Former Officials Line Up Behind Bolton

NYT: Lucrative Brand of (fed-funded) Tutoring Grows Unchecked (NCLB)

Blair to abandon controversial plans

Central New York participates in bird flu vaccine study

DeLay is losing support, poll finds

Al Qaeda Says 7 Suicide Bombers Struck Iraqi Prison

New Bush? Aides say he's just feeling good

NYT: Opponents of Wal-Mart to Coordinate Efforts

Ukrainian president coming to U.S. to thank supporters

Some economists see need for automatic 401(k) plans

Carnage at German church service

Posada's presence would rally exiles, perplex U.S.

Britain to pull out 5,500 troops from Iraq: Report

Growing number of Iowans work hard and stay poor

(Maria) Shriver amassing political clout

WP: Homeowners in Harm's Way

Alaska's Studied Wolf Pack Threatened (Wash. Post)

WP: In North Dakota, Farmers Wary of Cuts to Subsidies

Newsweek: A Wicked Curveball (Missing email on PTB rush to war)

Hundreds turn out for read-in to save Salinas libraries (CA)

Check out C-Span right now

My nephew is moving away to Calgary.

CSPAN interviewing soldiers wounded in Iraq. In hospital. Rehab

To my Roman Catholic friends

Neighborhood garage sale.. We couldn't GIVE stuff away..LITERALLY

Has anyone Seen Ladder 49?

Turn on SNL

My SO just set all the clocks BACK one hour!

I went back to the doctor To get another shrink.

ma died and I found large credit card balances,no statements showing

I Think Im Messed Up-Overdosed My self On Codeine Cough Syrup

Would it be against the law to answer your own door nekkid?

Why aren't you going to the NE Ohio meet up?

Shih, rrunning with the devil

Should I cut my hair?

*sigh* my apartment will never be finished.

I can't come up with anything witty to post

O K L A H O M A -- on right now on Turner Classic Movies!

Everquest players.. question...

Don't Get Excited

Warning: This Post Contains Adult Content, Not Suitable For Children

UGH! What is this flippin' Daylight-saving time? GOSH!

Should I take the folks at the Vatican a Tuna Noodle Casserole?

Cats alert man to fire in his house

Holy shit!

Megadeth anyone?

Jerry's gonna be a cable boy. A cable boy a cable boy.

Crossfade's acoustic version of "Cold" almost brings tears to my eyes.

I like this picture....

Media Saturation = Feeding Tube for Americans. (a cartoon)

What movie persona that you've seen recently did you say "Hey, That's Me!"

Watching TNT's bad film festival after ODing on the news.

LOL oops!!!!

Awright, dammit. Someone just stole an entire hour from me

A loud lover's quarrell is going on outside my window...

EEEKKK!!!! Just heard a commercial with some broad singing "You Light Up

Did you really think i'd go without at least one mention of.....

Old hard times are coming...........

What in the Hell is going on with Time?

OK I want to watch my the Sinead and "Cops" people I'm done

My name it means nothing,my fortune is less.

"Every man has a woman who loves him

I'm over it.............

Screw the time change. I say, just keep drinking!

You see these fools amonst us playing

All my clocks just flipped to 3 am instead of 2am WTF who took my

Under blue moon I saw you, up in your arms too late to make you

Does anyone elses clock show 2:40 am right now?

I dunno 'bout down there - but up here - it's SPRING AHEAD

Wait...what time is it?

Red Stockings vs. Gentlemen in Pinstripes today!

And Now, an awwwww, pic

When I was very young I was very nervous

I just lost an hour

I'll learn to work the saxophone

I just time slipped to Dresden in the 40's

Is DU being reallllllly slow for anyone else?

Let me get this straight.


Must... sleep.

Watching Canival of souls..

In Spite of Ourselves

I dreamed I saw the silver spaceships flying...

Well? Have you realized, yet, that you are losing ONE HOUR of sleep?

Is anyone besides me actually awake during this time-warped night?

Post funny/wierd pics that would make good wallpaper for desktops

Time Time Time

Reply to my thread. I have Swedish fish......

Do the one thing you've always wanted to do in life!

Breaking: Mexican Army turns vigilantes on border into hamburger.

Which time zone is the best time zone??

Don't Bogart that Pope, my friend, pass him over to me

Armored Russian SUV competes with Hummer

Thirsty? Is this really a good idea?

How do you find "profiles" on this site?

Yikes! How long was my power off?

Man, this is going to be a LONG day

Hannity believes the Pope isn't dead!!!

I was working part time in a five-and-dime

Quorn Sausage

I hate when I dream I have some really juicy PMs...

Greetings from Misunderestimator and NSMA'S excellent adventure!

The Black Knight's Diary

What's the deal with his left hand? (warning: Pope's body picture)

Wakes (viewings of the dead) are creepy, IMO...

Sources: Bush pushes Lieberman for Pope

The Power Of Equality.

Even Ozzy is against this f*cking war!

Is this DemoCATic Underground?

This is my first DU original post

I LOVE The Time Change!! I Can Start Drinking An Hour EARLIER!!

Beautiful Picture

Get your name in the USA TODAY

I love you all!

The weirdness of yvr girl

Anyone here with a Windows Mobile Smartphone? Where do

Once there was a way to get back homeward

Do you have a few spare pennies? Use them to build things:

Oh! Darling, please believe me

I've Stopped Smoking

People, you thought the Freepers were bad?

RFK Jr. sets world record?

It's snowing!

"American Dreams" fans

Soledad O'Brien is an IDIOT.

I dreamt that the Wright Bros. were found to be liberals...

What do you think when you see this pic? ..... I mean 'REALLY?!?!'

I just kissed the Admin.

Who should be the next pope?

Here come old flat top He come groovin' up slowly

Reality is what happens in the world

Ugly kid in a restaurant...what would you have done?

If I could reach the stars, I'd pull one down for you,

Ahh yes, Death wish 3 on AMC...

I have joined the sharpie revolution... come, join me too

Pope question

Good show on National Geographic channel

David Blane is a fine foxy poppa-

Idiot who can't comprehend jokes ... what would you do?

It's a bad day for Italians...

My cool idea: waitstaff at coffee shops.

How do you and your partner organize your bank accounts?

Just saw "Pirates of the Caribbean". Johnny Depp is THE MOST versatile

Michelle Malkin - separated at birth with....

Oh-oh. Surprise visit from son's "girlfriend"

I have crabs

Today is opening day, but my son is going to watch wrestling instead

10.5 on Sci Fi

Poll question: Favorite Daniel Boone Song

Pope's funeral won't delay Charles


Professional help

BREAKING: The next Pope is not dead


With all respect, if you were the new Pope, how would you change the world

Whats up with the pants with writing on the butt???

what song are you listening to right now?

My favorite Pope pic

We're alive. Let's celebrate!

Did Michael Schiavo kill the Pope with a Juju spell?

The first camping trip of the season....

"Brian Song's" is on CMT right now!

Pope Pic of the Day

Blast from the Past: Dateline October 1984

Pointless factiod of the day

Culture of Life

I declare myself Pope.


Garbage disposal replacement -- can we do this ourselves?

It looks like the batman series is about to get a lot darker.

What is the average height for US women? My sister and I have an

Good night D.U.

Equal time: Which state has the worst Senators?

Where do you think the next pope will come from?

We Just Finished Watching "Saw"

Which kind of bread should I bake today?

Jimmy Buffett

Google "borg"

Ethical Question

Discuss your favorite crazy concert experience.....

I have found favor in a Bush. Ask me anything.

Red Sox Begin Championship Defense Tonight @8pm EST

help, winamp will not playlist files .pls and m3u

RULY kids in restaurants

I just had humans!

It is just as you prophesized.

When would you have been a Republican?

that stupid AO-hell commercial

Sexiest trilobite

Can I change a .bmp pic to a .jpg?

Anybody seen "Wonder Showzen?"

Johnny River..

Ving Rhames as the new Kojak

We don't time change where I live.

what's with the DUer obsession with tasers?

how long will the Pope-apalooza last?

I learned what a Portmanteau is yesterday.

Sometimes it's appropriate to swear...

Do girls stop growing after they begin their periods. I honestly can't re

Next time around, I want to be Cary Grant.

Who wants lasagna and focaccia? *pulling it out of the oven* :^D Dessert

Talk amongst yourselves.

Thank you TNT!

Favorite Debbie Boone Song

Firefox 1.0.2: anyone else having repetitive crashes ?

Sexiest Cinobite?

I'm bored... if you are too, come join me in my boredom.

I just had a cow!


Baby Showers. I just had to attend one.

Greatest singer-songwriter whose real name is Declan

Favorite Pat Boone Song

Anyone know if Jimmy Kimmel might move to 11:30 when Ted Koppel leaves?

Barbara Bush: Once, twice, three times a lady?

Mary ate a French fried lady? Is that possible?..n/t

The Oasis phenomenon is out of control!

Ladies, would you marry a French fry?


Are there any good Republican musicians?

AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! My Baby Sis just turned 18!!!!!!

Openin day, fellas

YAHOO ! I just roller-bladed 3 miles

Ladies, would you marry a copy cat?

My MP3 player just broke

Confess. Who has a Dog or Cat book? (like a baby book)

Wanna play "If ____ married_____ she'd be____"?

Need advice on Election Food - including CHOCOLATE

Can you name or identify my avitar?

Ladies, would you marry a gay guy?

My Boss took our group out for drinks today.

Who wants homemade jambalaya?

I Just Got A Date With The Little Sister Of Lady Freedom !!!!!

Chris Scruggs

How to tell if the Lounge Lizards are getting out of hand?

Got my DU bumpersticker in the mail on Saturday!

I'm planning a wedding. Ask me anything!

Can you name the actress and actor in this pic?

Anyone watching Arrested Development?

Can you name the actress?

Question to East Indian duers

Well, Seattle was a cool town


If The Girl From Ipanema passed by pirates, would each one she passes...

Hi! I'm A Red Sox Fan and I Need Constant Attention and Adulation

I just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore...

Answer me this. Avoirdupois.

What state has the best pair of senators?

Is it really sarcasm if you have to ...

Have you been hiding in the lounge because of flame wars in GD?

Thanks to the drunk driver who demolished my store..

What left handed difficulties are there for you?

Do you know a "story stealer"?

My new word for the day revolves around Schiavo fanatics. For they are:

So I wrote this anti-Bush poem for my creative writing class

Leeches and Herb

Is 60 Minutes gonna be 1 hour of the pope?

What shall I say for my 14,000th post????

Got any complaints? Post them here

moving a whole lot of books...

Do you think it's lame when someone quotes themself in their signature?

Johnny was a schoolboy When he heard his first Beatles song

To all you kitty lovers out there:

Wow, I've got a new quote for my sigline

Flight Attendant Announcements. LOL

Let's talk about gasses.

JimmyJazz irks me.

Check in here if all you see in Arkana's sig line is a red "x"

Left Is Write made me want pie.

Help with reading material

RevActs and LeftisWrite made me want pie

Why are people so fucking rude

I Just Hit Post Number 500!

What is the American equivalent of the South of France?

Cardinals April 2005 Schedule

Next Internet movie catch-phrase...

What are you gonna do with your saved daylight?

"Waiting For Godot" closes with a sold-out audience

Hey, anyone read a book?

Gary Busey: "My Farts Smell Like Butterscotch."

I want to rant for a moment

Man, I hate it when people try and keep me from watching my TV shows!

Patton is on TCM.....

who else lives close to a great lake?

Have you ever met anyone convinced by a Chick tract?

St. Malachy's prophecy: only two popes remain.

As of now I am debt free

Do you read on the shitter?

Hideously Unpopular Game Shows

I put tabasco on my popcorn


"Take me to your secular world!"

Prince Albert personal ad

Ok I have a picture and I want to post it...somebody help me.

Chairman Dean is on C-SPAN 1

BlueGrass! Sirius 37 right now!

New reality show coming up very soon....

And now for something completely different.....

How long can chicken breasts stay in a fridge

"The Simpsons" really sucks now..

You need a new song I'll set the words up so they tear right at your soul

Let us , Yankee and Cardinal Fan unite!!!

I'm so depressed about the Red Sox

These are.... UH... HMMMM...... Cute???

My son's Bull Terrier just won best of Match in the Boston dog show.

"Bouldered E. Memorializing" - how do I get rid of this spam?

Names the next pope is not likely to use?

Ode to a rainy day

Protected wma files....from napster

I saw the most WHIPPED cream EVER today

My sister's new house burned down last night.

THX 1138 references in other Lucas flicks


Please God Do Not Let Them Send Dick Cheney! I'm Begging!

You need a new song I'll set the words up so they tear right at your soul

Oh, what fun!

How drunk are matcom and WillPitt right now?

Sadly for this game tonight, the wheels have fallen off the bus for Boston

I want pie.

What do you think of Bummers?

Inappropriate Things To Say To A Friend After A Breakup

Can Meercats be kept as pets, cause they are just too cute and I want one!

Grundig Short Wave Radios..

Someone stole my trash this morning

I'm having a problem with my malibu yard lights

Opening day poll: who wins the World Series?

Last saw the Yankees and Sox weren't the only teams in the AL East

I need help with a letter format

What IS it with cats and paper bags?

Serious post: Should CanuckAmok jon the Navy?

I just saw "I Love Huckabees". So, a poll . . .

I saw the most WHIPPED team tonight, matcom!!!!!

Another Ed Sullivan Post: "That Wonderful Little Mouse, Topo Gigio!"

How do I get AAR to work in my iTunes?

Go Lady Spartans!

What's that smell?

A couple screen grabs from the new Doctor Who

Re-edited...let's talk about glasses

Which avatar should I return to?

Ahhhhhhhh Baseball!!!!

What the hell? I thought this was a joke.

What does "chopper" mean? Custom bike, or specifically a long low-slung

The Taggers rule!

Post your nominations for a new Lizard King here

I'm gonna tells youse all somethings right now: I LOVE BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first ever picture on DU

BREAKING NEWS: Youngred loses season opener bet to LPFF

Well Rielly. The jerk store called. They're running out of you.

need flash mx 2004 help, please pm me if you can help

Dominatrix Wanted

WTF? ketchup company:W Ketchup. It's not good( IS partisan to GOP)!!!

Stephen King: The Gloom is Gone in Mudville

Is it good to be the King?

So now that everyone has sprung forward.

Who was the better general?

Now watching the director's cut of Das Boot

Scariest movie?

If You Could Change Genders For a Day, Would You?

My computer keyboard is broken (dammitall!)

OK Geezers/Geezettes, who remembers Senor Wences?

Which song will trigger the interstellar invasion when it reaches the

Pwease oh pwease let me get this job!

I LOVE this new camera :)

Ladies, would you marry a French guy?

Of what are you the Pope?

I've Got Little Girl Hands!

Animal lovers and good problem solvers help my friend

Any Techies up? I got a question about hardware

Do they bury the Pope in that funny hat?

Tea or Coffee?

One year ago today, Mrs. Robb walked out after coffee.

How many of the Ten Commandments have you Broken ?

The future..a weird poll

Bill O'Reilly is a Yankees fan

Get your graven image here! JESUS DOLL!

Internet Testimonials

Do you think the movie /The Doors/ hurt Jim Morrison's image?

Sunday rant - why don't kids play anymore?

Congratulate Me! I Made it to 50!

Roll Call: Gas prices in your area. South Mississippi = $2.20

Was this guy just doing his job, or being an a**hole?

I saw the most WHIPPED man EVER today

Hank Hill's Political Affiliation..

I love texas1928

Can you buy Buckley's mixture in the US?


How could I love iTunes anymore?

Another FINE ribbon

I'm going to take issue with some gay males on DU

I just spent four hours in the car with my parents and two small children!

Any speculation on what the next pope will be named?

Cat Smilies!

new from the "yes, but is it art" department...?

Anyone wanna see a bird and a Christmas Cactus that's 4 months late?

Should I go inline skating tomorrow ?

Begin rant: My sister is a disgusting selfish pig.

I just had kittens!!!

Help! I would like to know the title of a CD that I've been hearing

Chicago CUBS April schedule....

Lord of the Rings movie/book question

Please God Do Not Let Them Send Cheney! I'm Begging Here!

How can you drink beer?

Pick a new Popemobile.

Arizona has one virtue

This will be my last time on DU until next weekend. New Job.

New Air France uniforms

Vanilla Sky/ Mullholland Drive

Ok so how did you find DU?

A Culture of ________

Top five places in the world that have impressed you...

DU- Dog Underground, Post your pics!

the absolute FUNNIEST 911 call EVER!!

I Don't Care If You Flame Me - Your Fucking Cats Are A Nuisance

The official "Yankees Suck" thread

In honor of ButterflyBlood's funny pic thread (pic-heavy)

What's the best way to get earwax out of my own ear? Cheap.

Is it possible to split "Gen-Y" (Children of the Boomers) into 2 groups??

How many have seen SIN CITY?

Post here and I'll ask you anything.

The umpteenth "Post a pic of Yourself" thread!

I was asked to take on a new job, but it would mean

Dawnwatch: Chicago Tribune Editorial: Against Foie Gras

Dawnwatch: Miami Herald article on Puppy Mills

Deer Birth Control Threatens Bowhunting Opportunities?

I thought I saw: The Virgin Mary in my Bologna Sandwich today ..NT

I did it

Pope John Paul II

Pagans come out of the broom closet

The progressive Pope John Paul II

My skepticism of religion.

I am spiritually exhausted - I can barely pray anymore

Antidepressant side effects - Brain activity flags patient vulnerability.

Psychological interventions can reduce child abuse and neglect

Bonding and Violence

Quality of mother's time most important in early infant development

"Lower levels of glutathione linked to autism"

Blind More Accurate at Judging Size Than Sighted

World's largest iceberg on the move again

Answer me this. Oviparous

Karel took a lot of heat last night on KGO

It Begins...

When Students Set Couches On Fire In Morgantown, WV...

Players on the same team fighting (Dyer & Bowyer)

Call it out DUers. North Carolina or Illinois.

A Red Sox fan reaches out to the Yankees to wish a successful season

What I HATE about the NCAA "Big Dance" tournament

Any whelping advice?

Delicate question about neutered tom cats

Any hints on dog training?

meet sophie

Can you please light a candle or send well wishes for my Dad?

Pope John Paul ll chart:

Ahem. I just want to say

This is post 666 and I want it to be here

Kentucky Atheists Re: Dead Pope

Ok I stayed off DU

Commentary: The Pope has blood on his hands


Conversations with U.S. Wounded Soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital; C-Span

DU {Depleted uranium} killing the troops and Iraqis..

WEL, Fire & Vektor all here -- Wow!

TruthisAll has a new collection of graphs

Oh Kerrycrats, help me pweeeze!!

Looky here, Kerrycrats!

are Bolton hearings still going to be this week ?


Just want to thank you guys

New lense: Nikon 60mm micro

The 'Something Funky" thread confuses me ( A Photo Essay)

How about some spring photos from WILD AREAS instead of gardens?

The Voice

KEITH RECEIVES PRAISE for his fine work over the weekend . . .

KO's tribute to the pope is

More food for the spirit - our own pictures of the dawning spring!


Feet to the Street - Save the Filibuster

current events trivia: You only have 30 seconds to answer...

Was that one crazy week or what?

Insight: Top Tory in African contract inquiry

Shilo-they "would make her die" vs the Pope who "was dying"-that is

Schiavo case exposes split in Republicans

Dancing with the Wolf

BOOKMARK IT -- Every candidate and how they stand on the issues

Andrew Sullivan: An age-old moral lifeline out of the Terri Schiavo tormen

As the Cardinals elect a new Pope ..... send 'em Blackwell.

The Continuing Saga of Sgt. Benderman.

Iraq, Inc. A Profitable Occupation, book, link

Colorado emergency contraception bill -- thank you! members...

18 Dead In Iraq (at Abu Ghraib) yesterday?

A "Culture of Life" and Darfur

Army reservist witnesses war crimes

Gen. Sanchez signed OK for torture

Who is Brain-Dead?

New nominee for Rethug jerk of the month-- Bob Burns, AZ state senator

Asia 'will retaliate' over Wolfowitz

Is Jeb Bush finished?

All this talk about who to run in '06 and '08, but

Educate me: WHY Russ Feingold?

'Culture of Life' is a Culture of Fear

President Outmaneuvers Senator on Base Closings

Gird your loins for the brawl, folks. It's going to be NASTY.

Plan to Ban Filbusters, "Unprecedented, Unfair and Unwise"

We must embrace COURAGE and TRUTH!

Backward to Jesusland: A Modest Proposal

President Bush Job Approval....51%

Get your Tom DeLay scandal scorecard! Can't tell the scandals without a

FYI for DUers: 2 great sites for following election irregularities/reform

If Bush goes to the Pope's funeral, are they going to shut down Rome?

Who the hell is "Curveball "???


Our leadership is not all-powerful, folks.

Democrats Serve Republican Economic Values Better Than Republicans

Chomsky: On Globalization, Iraq, and Middle East Studies

Next Tuesday, Bush to visit Parkersburg, WV ?

Bush's demise

Bill Bradley opinion - The Democrats: a party inverted

To all of those who say that a Senator can't win the presidency

Deep In Dumpster Hell

Poll shows low approval for Dems in Congress

Third World Pope

Worst case scenario 2008 Presidential Primary Poll

How do you feel about political rumors?

CBS news had on ....

DeLay Fires Up GOP Troops for Counterattack

Southern revolt on the ascent of Hillary

Ken Melhman (sp) RNC chair

Heads up - author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man on C-span2

Dems getting asses kicked on TV re: Pope was a Republican

Have a Republican Senator? Please call him or her tomorrow...

The wisdom of Bill O'Reilly

Curveball's drinking problem known before Powell's UN speech.

US army to produce Mid-East comic

Preemptive strike in East Lansing needs looking at

A solicitation from "Friends of Hillary" was received today

What's the 'Hatian man boobs' thing about General Clark?

from Theocracy watch, re Filibuster

Letter from my congressperson (Richard Pombo, CA) re: Delay.

Say Hello to the New PC

National Security Democrats: "terror, terror, terror, terror, terror"

We should all pray that Tom DeLay does NOT resign

While doing research

GAG! I absolutely loathe Paula Zahn.

DU on Google pg.2 on most Important News Developement of RightNow

Gen Sanchez Accused of PERJURY before CONGRESS About IRAQ TORTURE

Poll Finds DeLay's Support Has Slipped (RATE IT UP!)

Dean and DNC have hired new pollsters...discusses new poll on C-Span.

You want to hear a Democrat speaking out firmly? Here you go.

CBS just reported real possibility of a black Pope,

Bredesen says, "Don't anoint Hillary..."

"Red DuckTape" anti-Choice nuts were Professional Activists!

Clinton/Obama '08

CSPAN schedule & analysis, 4/4/05

Appearances of Mehlman and Dean tonight on C-Span. See blog about Mehlman

You know this business of letting the South be the focus of the party?

Resolved: there is only ONE political party in the Unted States...

12 NOON C-Span: Frist will attempt 'NUCLEAR OPTION' re: Filibuster

I Don't Know About You -- But I'm Totally Poped...

I've yet to find a better observation of the GOP agenda: brilliant!

Why are we STILL Democrats when by all evidence our leadership has

Bush Commission coverup - What is the Democratic Response?

Presidential 08 Forced Choice Poll

Torture; In America's Brutal Prisons (Shocking documentary)

Would proving that Kerry actually won the election change '06Dem strategy

The twisted logic of some DUers launches anti-Bush TV ads