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Archives: April 29, 2005

U.S. Walks China Trade Tightrope

HK media and opposition slam China's interference

President Bill Clinton in Austin May 5th for book signing

Text of Bush Press Conference

I would love to see a poll, are you sorry you voted for moron*?

The Shrub - 2nd time around.

Chuck Schumer's Hair

On the highway outside of Nanaimo, BC today I saw an SUV from Texas...

Bush Couldnt Play Football

What is it with Christian conservatives?

Congress Passes 2.6 trillion dollar Budget with medicare cuts

Do you think now more people will open to voting fraud?

How in the world can upper-middle class people in this economy be sure that

This clown Bush said, "If it's good enough for Congress, it's

I just got home - how was the press conference?

Help re: Feingold and the filibuster

Aaaaaaaand....out come the true colors.

Iraq: Doctors warn on increasing deformities in newborn babies

Which Senators Have Fake Hair?

How Will It be Spun tomorrow

This should have been one of tonight's questions......

Um...was there a Democratic response tonight?

Is it okay for professors to date (quote-unquote) their students?

When did "Competitiveness" become "God?"

Jeb insults FL Senate: says they play "little games" in their building.

Caption these * and Scotty pics....

My rabidly Republican father sent back his republican card - unbelievable

Infuriating, ignorant Chi Trib Editorial tries to Floridize Ohio theft

People will disagree, but Kerry can win in '08 with just eight words...

WH Correspondents Dinner: Bush hand-holding photo ridiculed

How Far will Army go for recruits...

White Farmer Found Guilty of Throwing Black Worker to Lions in S. Africa

US says Beijing ought to talk to Chen

Quake hits seas off West Sumatra

WP: Bush Gambles in Bid to Achieve Agenda

WP: Bush Social Security Plan Would Cut Future Benefits

Vietnam's lost lessons (Not taught in American Schools)

California Logging Protesters Win Lawsuit

Bush Experiencing Unfortunate Pattern Of Second-Term Presidents

WTF??? Just got a telemarketing call at 9:00!

Good night to all of you.

This is excruciating.

HELP: I have a citation question for all of you writing experts!!!

ever wonder who coined stupid phrases? why?

New New Order CD: Any opinions?

My 500th post.

Any Vancouver DUers go to the U2 video casting-call thing last night?

I need a new TV

D&D Paves the way to occult power!!!

Can I have a show of hands: Who hasn't done illegal biz with Tom Delay?

BWAHAHAHA A bush Gnome...might as well caption it!

I was told that my hissing is deplorable

Whatever happened to Kenny Rogers Roasters?

I live near a late night karaoke bar..

I got my mom the 1st season of the Golden Girls on DVD.

Things I'll miss (and won't miss) about Pittsburgh

it's morning in tikrit, iraq, ask me (almost) anything!! :)

I was told that my kissing is adorable.

I'm Katie Holmes. Ask me anything.

Florida is INSANE

Candace Bushnell ("Sex and the City" originator) is a 'lifelong repuke'?

It's springtime at International Male!

I FINALLY beat Knights Of The Old Republic II

Why am I stuck here?

We've done this before, but what TV series would you like to see on DVD?

How do you feel about scrubbies social security idea

MSNBC replaying the blivet** press conference

scrub-miser said he can't control the price of oil

So Bush is saying change from Social Security for all to Welfare for poor

Replaying now on MSNBC...

Did anyone hear the word DEFICIT tonight???

Blair under pressure

CNN Poll: Did President Bush's News Conference...

Why is Bush still going on SS?

Renegade Bolton

Let Them Eat Onions - Joe Bageant

Bush's energy talk follows Luntz' playbook - "Bush Blowing Smoke on Energy

Appeals Court Nominee Janice Rogers Brown Merits the Filibuster

The Great Fear Stagnation and the War on Social Security

this a article from the HoustonPress about Bush's plan to improve Welfare

Robin Cook: We all now know the war would not stand up in court

Editorial: Unmasking Bush's plan - Madison WI Capitol Times

the Bush choir is no longer singing in tune (we do see cracks but I am not

Bush's Political Capital (Newsweek) President seems to have lost his touch

Attack on Academic Freedom What It Represents and What Needs to Be Done

WP: Doing Right on Ethics

FTAA: RIP or stuck in the mud?

A Private Obsession - by Paul Krugman

I was wondering....

Gang rape victim will 'burn self alive' if rapists go free

Our New Pluto-Theocracy

Scariest Music Video Ever (Morford on AmericaWweStandAsOne)

Tony Blair Embroiled in New Iraq WMD Fiasco

Great Quote!

Haiti: National Police must be held accountable for killings of civilians

James Wolcott: Kristol Meth Fails to Kick In

Why Does CIA Send Prisoners To Other Nations? (H Thomas)

Venezuela Launches Hemispheric "Anti-Hegemonic" Media

Energy Bill Alternatives

Back to the Ancient Future by Joe Bageant

State of the Unions: Nurses make stand on the front lines of .. economy

Ivory Coast: Colonial Adventure

Thoughtcrime Leads to Propaganda Rally Ejection.

Iraq: A Colonial Dictatorship

GannonGate: Bushes Monica Moment

Referrals from God "Looking for a Real Estate Agent that answers to a High


Horror of Depleted Uranium Not Limited to Iraq

Don't Forget May Day

US releases images of soldiers' coffins

Extinction signals End Times

A Private Obsession (Krugman on lack of health care in US)

The Passion of the Frist (rw plays victim, Ratzinger hypocracy)

Washington Beating War Drums

'Los Amigos de Bush' - Drug Cartels & All Kinds of Bad Stuff.

The atheist

When Workers Are Enslaved (ILCA)

Bush's gambling debts mounting

Ventura on Peak Oil, the end of American empire, and railroads

Stalker Law Used on Anti-War Protesters (UK)

Cops keep an eye out for May Day mayhem (OR)

BRAZIL: May Day Will Kick Off Two-Week March by Landless Protesters

Antiwar & Labor Activists Win Permit to March on May Day (NY)

Supervisor rips library chief over Felton closing (Santa Cruz)

Nonviolent protesters occupy Univ. of Hawaii administration building

CNN's bizarre obsession with missing white girls / women

My saga with SIRIUS and Air America

Realized something about the SS debate & "your money"

School Vouchers: Should people who hire private security get police tax

Medical plan change included in teacher pact (PA)

Health care union sends out strike notices (CT)

Teachers OK raise but say it is only part of problem (HI)

Hawaiian Airlines pilots reach last-minute deal (HI)

Joplin Globe: Heavy metals poisoning birds

Illegal Florida Drivers' Licenses Include Commercial, Hazmat Licenses

Native Alaska Town Backpeddling On Support For Drilling

Mexican Environmental Activist Arrested For "Defaming" Businessman

IEA - Prepare Now For Oil Shocks - Reuters

5 Oil Corps. Funding StudyTo Show That Benzene Not Linked To Cancer

I got my first (ever) Grosbeaks, at my feeder today! Global warming?

Breeder reactors Bush's Plan is unsafe

Shan government seeks recognition from UN, Thailand

`Happy slapping' attacks leave UK officials stung

Police hold off buying stun guns from Taser (Lexington KY)

FDLE: No Wrongdoing By Sheriff In Using Records To Find Critic

Putin pledges to donate military equipment and training to Palestinians

Opposition to AUT snowballs and boycott may be overturned

Haaretz - Israel rejects U.S. request to arm Palestinian police

Boycott Israel?

My published LTTE in The Day: Series On Israel Offered A Dose Of The Truth

Sibel Edmonds Pushing for the Right to Speak Out

I am still puzzled by two things about the 9/11 disaster.

Attas driverslicense

Ind. Governor Signs Law for ID at Polls

Wolfe for Congress 2006

Response to the Report Evaluation of Edison/Mitofsky Election System 2004

List of election reform groups as of 4/29 - am I missing anyone?

IDEA: Get Soaries on Barter Commission!

So I got this letter today from Pastor:

The REAL story as to why America turned so totally stupid in 2000 & 2004

rBr logic question

(TX) Wharton County to buy 26 AutoMark ballot markers to comply with HAVA

Name the movement:

Civil Rights Commission closes Two Main Offices

Arcata Eye: A Program To Restore Election Legitimacy

The Protect The Vote Two-Step: Tennessee's Myth Breakers campaign

KOEB (Friday)

After seeing the latest approval ratings, it's occurred to me...

I feel it in my gut

We Have Found the Media. It's being distributed on Seattle Streets

Here we go! FBI Raid Bush fund-raiser's condo -- Tom Noe

CNN exit polls - now all back AS THEY WERE on Election Night !

Anyone have info on Diebold/ES & S software being the same? Or on criminal

What about write-ins? (An idea...)

In precincts that have both e-voting and machines that offer paper

Exit poll analysis by 'Febble' on Dailykos

Is this the opportunity we can all get behind?


We've got VVPAT, Count/Recount, Voting Systems Legislation

Alleged Visa Violator Bashes Immigrants (Arnold)

Schwarzenegger picks San Diego superintendent as education secretary

Tom Hayden for Sec. of State

Dem DeDe Alpert appointed San Diego Mayor?...

Schwarzenegger Praises Racist Militia Group: Talking Point

DU West Coast Meetup - July 16th, Triple Rock Brewery, Berkeley, CA

You've got VVPAT, Count/Recount, Voting Systems Legislation

5th Steve King-- Love Delay Hate Unions

Anyone else planning to go see Howard Dean in June?

You've got VVPAT, Count/Recount, Voting Systems Legislation

UNQUALIFIED: William Myers, Janice Rodgers Brown, and Priscilla Owen

Can anybody tell me about the Plymouth, Mass area?

I am moving to Boston in the Fall

Arrested father had point to make: Disputed school's lesson on diversity

Whats F*&ker Carlson doing on PBS?

Bachman introduces Shiavo bill

Rant on Air America Minnesota - not what I wanted my 1000th post to be!

Nick Coleman on the licensing of beggars "debate"

You've got VVPAT, Count/Recount, Voting Systems Legislation

Can someone please answer a computer question while mine is still working?

Outlook 2002 on XP - a question for Microsoft geeks

You've got VVPAT, Count/Recount, Voting Systems Legislation

Ohio Bill 288

Reich-wind fundies SEIZE Air America outlet in Warren-Youngstown!!!

You've got VVPAT, Count/Recount, Voting Systems Legislation

KXEB is accepting ads!

ENRON movie to be shown at the Modern Art Museum/Fort Worth


What liberal media?

Visibility event at Tom Delay Billboards

7th CD convention tomorrow in Ashland

Anyone have any dirt on Tom Petri?

Sheboygan Press (Gannett rag) shills for Chimp, liked press conference

Bush*t press conference wmd's question?

News networks doing polls

WH Press Conference: What Should I write

Is there no end to the fundamentalist mad dogs we must battle?

Bernie Is Talking Logic

What do you Americans know about the situation in Canada now?

Mike Webb Just ASKED!!!!!

Frist Will NEVER be pResident! We've got the pictures!

Another American soldier Killed In Iraq

Spam much?

I sent this email a few weeks ago to the Medical Society of New York

Did anyone notice, congress tonight pass the medicaid bill while

It's sweeps time ... beer, bikinis, butts and boobs ... What's on your


no likey Jerry

seven Car bombs in Iraq today- 17 Iraqis dead 67 injured

Some fresh poop on Bush........and boy does it stink!!

Change the Rules - Friday 4/29 toon

Another Lost Opportunity

I support affirmative action in the admission of minority students to

the highlight for me was when bush CONDONED Torture again

Spiderman and Captain America -one way to get kids to join up

The sudden Press Conference happens just as everything comes up

They want free enterprise for everyone except themselves. You and I

Do Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy regret

Loved the headline on today's Washington Post!

You know bush is an insane lying lunatic of a moran when...

Boy's last words: 'What's going on?'


I am wondering what the DJ on my local radio station thinks of

Get yer "Lock & Load Jesus" mousepad here! Or a "Jesus is my homeboy"

Henry Kissinger and war crimes

Reading Andrew Sullivan is like watching bad Karaoke...

How much of fuckface's press conference did you watch tonight?

From the business world - Halliburton, Clear Channel

Schrub was doing his grotesque

Gregory....David Gregory.....

BBC "Question Time" participants hammer Tony Blair

SLUDGE DRUDGE is on Washington Journal LYING his ass off and

NEA chief confident on ‘No Child' lawsuit

What question would you ask if you were at Bush's Press Conference?

These children are our future - and they make me proud (Great Pic)

Cspan kool aid drinkers load up the phone lines this morning

Should our party try to recruit an actor for our Presidential nomination?

Didn't W talk about the need for addressing the health care crisis

The pentagon's story about "Almost catching Zarqawi"

360 pictures to make you wonder why we're at war (break out the tissues)

Time Warner Cable Pimping for the White House

Will the wealthy be paying IN to social security ?


Henry Kissinger and war crimes

Pretty Amazing AOL (usually pro-conservative) Poll

conservative aol survey

A preview of what the world will look like once Bush & Co are finished

The press should have brought duck calls to the press conference is Liberal Radio doing?

I just sent this to softball

The Madness of Our King George.

Handcuffed 5 year old? THAT'S NOTHING. Read THIS:

Iraq is a non-issue

Bush starts to look more like a lame duck

Chief says police should not have been called to school to handcuff kid

Create an oil company windfall profit tax to fund Social Security?

I heard Bush say one true thing last night!

Bush starts to look more like a lame duck - SMH

Why Has No One Pinned High Oil Prices on Bush???

Confessions of a Liberal Hater

Wow. Nary a peep that I can find on the main FR page...

News Conference CNN Poll Numbers -

Any non-net, "scientific" polls re. last night's press conference?

there is no worse human being than an ugly Neocon called Debbie

Everything about our gov't, media, culture screams FraWd. as in gwfraWd

Social Security's "Sleeper Issue" Exposed By Kucinich

OK Mr. Big Oil Man...I'm Grabbing my Ankles.

So I guess makin' out with that saudi prince....

"He's a strong leader!"

"A fight is not won with technique, but with the most furious mind."

Old Fool IMUS. Uninvited GUCKERT. & DIETL's Friends.

the few assholes who make all Christians look bad should be EXPOSED

Here is the promised picture of the newest liberal!!

Cracks in decaying shell of Chernobyl reactor threaten second disaster

* called $330 Billion of unpaid taxes "astounding"

James Di Peso On MSNBC... Republicans For Environmental Efficiency Says

Seems We Have a New, More Modern White Hate Group

OMG. The "Walmart Game". Totally Inappropriate & Hysterically funny.

Since Bu$hitler is now a "lame duck" when will the next "terrah" attack..

WSJ: Why Washington Stays In Neutral as GM, Ford Stall

I am still puzzled by two things about the 9/11 disaster.

Did Bush show his true colors on Social Security reform?

Isn't "means testing" something associated with collecting welfare benefits

Is Bubba the son that poppa bush wished he had had? In so many

Laura Ingraham Advertises DU On Her Show: Let's Send Her A Fruit Basket!

Are there really 55 different blends of gasoline required in the US?

Hey Freepers, you're all first on "The List".

Link-TV 9:00 AM PDT..Howard Zinn...(Friday 4-29)

Joel Pett on the right wing takeover of PBS

Fox News: "Blame liberals for high oil and gas prices!"

"Progressive" Price Indexing Could Unravel Social Security

Is there any information about Karl Rove?

[Portland] Ore. Police to Withdraw From FBI-Led Team

The New Assault On Women's Abortion Rights: Why Are Democrats Silent?

What do the Republican beliefs teach our children?

What happened to the Carter/Baker election group?

Once again, I make this proposal.

Meet the new U.S. ambassador to Canada -- hasn't been there in 30 years


FYI--Caution: New car jacking technique in Texas:

Mr. President!

If bu$h privatizes SS, then we should have a "cash-out" option.

I think Springer nailed it. Before Reagan everyone believed in looking

Bush wonders why??

Mainstream Hip Hop Promotes Pro-Establishment Behavior

Superheroes capture the evil Rums-feld

It ain't easy being an agnostic.

Has the right (Republicans) ever acknowledged being wrong about anything

AOL Poll on last night's Bush speech... Up to date poll.

Raw Story: Congressman rebukes Bush, dubs Cheney 'ass kisser'

Tony Blair's Election Rap Song

Holy Crap!! LOOK OUT!

I was wondering....

Delay Political Deathwatch: Day 12

CDC Adopts New Repellent Guidance for Upcoming Mosquito Season

Local conservative talk show host said that the fringe Right is worse

'Smoking gun' on humans and global warming claimed (NASA)

How much was medicare cut on the budget that was signed and hour ago?

Lets Call It Whait Really Is

Some facts about gasoline

Mark Morford-Dennis Madalone

Hostage's home is up for sale

Pentagon releases 350 photos of soldier's coffins....why?

I started this thread, I ought to finish it

There is nothing wrong with an un-stress badge. RE:The Daily Show guest

Schwarzenegger praises Arizona's "TERRIFIC" border volunteers

Bush's "Price Indexing" Proposal To Cut Social Security Benefits

A prayer for our 'great' leader(?)....

Jimmy Carter's televised Energy Policy speech on April 18, 1977

Rumsfeld gets help from Spiderman

"We have more oil in the world than we will ever be able to use, but

Has anyone considered the word 'liberals'

A REAL "activist" judge -- silencing FBI-skeptic juror in Philly

Tune in to The Tony Show at 3:06

Secret Service wants to know the races of Correspondents Dinner guests

Democrats from obstructionists to born again fighters? - American Prospect

AGAIN!!!! WTF is WRONG with Florida?????

"Was she covered in blood"?

ACLU Media Alert

U.S. Out of Iraq: Forum Features Conyers, Woolsey, Lee, Ellsberg

Why the US now has to invade Iran

Nonviolent protesters occupy Univ. of Hawaii administration building

Limbaugh - is he EVER right about ANYTHING? (Letourneau/Jacko comparison)

Was Gannon a 'boy toy' for visiting world leaders?

disabled chain their wheelchairs to Gov. Blunts door - to no avail

What is with fundie Christian mothers killing their kids?

Limbaugh....did anyone hear

This is what happens when a bunch of sleezy ,Republican,

Sat.: The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About Bush & 9/11

Friedman of NY Times proposes POPPY for U. N. Job

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room - The movie

John Bolton is the logical emissary to the UN.

Let's have a Flat Tax

Bush manages to MOCK Arbor Day with brief "ceremony"

Need Bolton to reform UN? gimme a break

Is there more to Bush's Social Security "plan"???

So, Billy Graham will replace 60 Minutes again this weekend?

Shocking Headlines for Gary Bauer, who trolls here for material

Explain this to me: Why the hell do we do business with a country that...

It's Really Jimmy Stewart Simple

C-Span2 - Levin is questioning Gonzales about Patriot Act.

Who are the Walruses who cry as they eat the powerless with a little

Point/Counterpoint is not news.

We need to unite and focus....

Posada has something on Bush, says expert on Kennedy case

Terrorist Computer.... hmmmm

Need help!: Quotes by GOPers calling political opponents "evil"

We CAN'T afford $10 billion for Americans' healthcare, but we CAN afford

Ed Schultz - Why aren't Dem's out attacking Bush's Press Conference?

Meth vs. Crack

MSNBC Q of Day: Do you agree with the * that some benefits have to be cut

Lack Of Democracy In The United States by Ralph Nader

"They deserve an up or down vote!"

CAFE Standards- High Gas $? Blame Bill- everything changed 9/11/01

Iraq War Aftermath Lesson: Containment Works

I used to find it hard to grasp the mindset of George W. Bush.

Bye Democratic Underground

I may be getting a visit from Homeland Security please help

Signs of intelligence in Tucson..

Congress to impose 5 years in prison for passing a joint

I think it's time for us to round up pitition for Dean...

Howard Zinn on M$NBC right now

Great Quote!

Only to reject him 90 days later?

Bush created the deficits and cutting education, medicare, farmer aid

Calif. Attorney General (Lockyear) Won't Run for Gov.

Men charged with theft after claiming buried cash

Now would be a great time to show Fahrenheit 9/11 to pissed off Repubs

My husband got a letter from the RNC yesterday

"The immorality of morality": Bill Frist and HCA holdings.

Breaking News: Mother charged with stabbing son and daughter to death

Holocaust Friday on the History Channel.

My friend's sister just found out she has TB!

Theme: Yet another fundie mom kills her kids. (not a dupe of janx's post!)

Hannity just blamed Clinton for the energy crisis & nuclear proliferation

Bush's America: Polaroid execs get millions, retirees $47. in settlement

Cpsan 2 has The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions

Would Nixon have told us what Hank thinks?

Has anyone heard, or did I miss it?

Series of Attacks In Iraq

Another RW "Christian" Mom kills her kids.

Some of the Sickest Fuckers in the World Attend Church Regularly

Looking For A Link To Streaming Video of Press Conference?

Train wreck alert-on Cspan tomorrow

Only an IOU?

Blair forced to release memo that points up the illegality of Iraq War

The Colors of Memory

Fight at the Gas Pump

"Entertainment Tonight" is the most vile show on Mary Kay LaTourneu

Is my definition of 'progressive' right or wrong?

I nominate Bill Bennet to Head Bush's Social Scurity Gaming Commission

Bill Hicks:Best liberal entertainer ever

FBI raids Noe's condo, seizes 'some property' - campaign-fund activity

Majority report talking about RW fake anger

A Photo/Muscial Tribute to GW and his Sweetie Friend.

Right now on NOW! - Guantanamo and Torture.

OMG! They actually believe it

May 1st March in New York

trying to get Richard Belzer on streaming, no Sirius

Hey check out tonights Nightline-"Hoops Dreams" follow up

The final explanation of what the war is all about (large pic)

AOL poll - *'s 'press conference' not so hot with prime time viewers....

Bolton: "Confirmed or not, he will never make it through security".

Bush Low polls= rumours of Bin Laden

Executive perks

hi. I'm a progressive and I'm fine with compromise.

John "Ass-Rocket" Hinderaker: Worst Blogger of the Year

I'm Outraged at our Democratic Leader's general Lack of Outrage

Your tax dollars at work: School Mistakes Huge Burrito for a Weapon

Infighting Is Exactly What Makes Us Strong And Good

It's pretty obvious why Prince Abdullah visited the Chimperor now

Exactly how many painkillers

Mexican Government Pulls Official Recognition for Death-Worshipping Church

If you want to Puke read: Faux talking about Liberal media

Jeb Bush Asks for Review of '64 Killing

Did anyone see any polls on Social Security?

Clear Channel Profit Sinks; Plans Spin-Off

Could we start a group for :Recovering Republicans

A Conspiracy to Destroy the United States

'Gay' Bar Torched & The Freeps LOVE IT!

How will Maher approach the Gannon/Guckert interview tonight?

Cspan 2 sched says "9/11 Omissions and Distortions." Instead

AWESOME Olberman story that JUST happened

Wow. Just wow.

I saw over at Americablog that JG is a guest on Bill Maher

Yo Michelle Malkin! Golden Oldies: Freepers On Clinton's Heart Surgery - Princeton filibustering Frist

Has the Maher Gannon interview been on yet?

attention apple computer users: where can I find what programs will

Bush's media Puppet's on Social Security

Is anyone else having a problem with Google news searches tonight?


The new booegyman, playing his role how Bush's wants him too

Am I noticing a trend?

This guy should get a job at Faux

Parent Arrested After Fight Over Gay Content In Book

coming of (political) age in the Presidency of George W. Bush

Florida passes a "If you fee threatened, shoot" law.

Bush is not a Christian. Proof? The pics with that Saudi human waste


Detainee Questioning Was Faked, Book Says

Saudi Arabia's king clinically dead: SHOULD WE NOT SPUNGE HIS MOUTH?

What time is David Griffin on C-SPAN tomorrow?

Could somebody explain what exactly Bush's SS plan will do to me?

India's IT prodigals return home

Follow-up: What is your definition of "progressive" and of "liberal"?

CBS News: TSA fines: $250 to $10,000.

Texas GOP nixes Willie Nelson honor: He smokes & likes Democrats

How odd.. Air America's home page has a Sirius Ad on it..

Liberal Line-up on Sirius

Interesting site, hear it from the soldiers on the ground.

Geez Gannon - look at the fricking camera

April 29, 2007

More children murdered by their mother --yet ANOTHER incident

Added some vid clips

Bush polls poorly on press conference

Talk to me about Military recruiters on Middle School campuses

So the House rethugs are going to draft legislation on SS

Take a look at Fox's new poll on Bush, what is Fuhgeddabowdit

This is not my America anymore.

So How Do Y'all Think I'm Doing In This Debate?

Two Charts

So, we only have to put up with Judy Woodruff for 1 more month!

Katha Pollitt: "Practice What You Preach"

Would you pay more taxes for a better society?

National Press Club VP explaines why Gannon-Guckert was invited

HOLY SHEEPLE SHIT! Even Andy the Sully has woken up (a bit)!

MANDATORY MALLOY: Friday Truthseeker Round Table

What Will Happen To Our Culture After "The Rapture"?

BBC's Dr. Who plot mirrors 9.11 conspiracy theory.

I'm not impressed with the number of posts. What would impress me .......

Christians, would you be offended if I ripped up a Bible in front of you?

Huge Corporations have more access to Democracy than we do!

Clinton Criticizes Bush's Energy Bill

How can 59,000,000 people be so dumb?

Lovely people, the Bridal grab 'n run

ACLU Press Release: US Invokes Geneva

Funny/horrifying video on local news tonight

Zarqawi can't call Our President a DOG and get away with it!!!

Bush has failed to mentioned annivesary of Veitnam War

Is it ok to comment in a church service?

NY Catholic College not "Catholic" anymore after Hillary speech

Exploding Toads Baffle Scientists (this is a real story)

Why I admire V.S. Naipaul.

I still think we ought to march on Washington DC on July 4th

while passing by CNN yesterday before the dog an pony show

CSPAN2 w/show D.Griffin 9/11 talk Sat 4/30 @10:30am Eastern - SEE IT

According To Rush Limbaugh God Is A Reptile-

Ugh...Amazon "recommended" this for me...

April 29th: The Cost of the War in Iraq- $166,342,175,623

Clinton being Blamed for Energy , he has to do a Speech

Here we are 4 years after 9-11 and Clinton STILL hasn't caught Bin Laden

Bush: People who make $20,000 a year are "better off"

MLK, Jr: "to a generation drunk with military power"


Rumsfeld sending custom Spiderman comic books to the troops

I am so sick of the arguement "He's already been confirmed by the Senate

Our common core.

Check out this veteran's "statement"

Here is why I don't believe in the death penalty under any circumstances

PHOTO: Bizarre photo booth, six poses of a chimp for a quarter

ANOTHER fundamentalist mother kills her kids (last weekend)

Chavez says we need to "liberate" our own nation

April 28: Statement of Sibel Edmonds

Why are Progressives always being told they must compromise

"God is on my side. God told me to invade that country before they

Goddammed Cyber Freepers Have Hacked Indy Media...

Greenpeace the true cost of coal

Nominate your favorite part of last night's deceive-a-thon

HEADS UP re: Andy's surgery

FAIR Alert: Did MSNBC Know Liddy's History?

Farewell, Wolfie!

More Evidence That Hillary Cannot Win: Michigan & Ohio

Real Time with Bill Maher thread

hatred of * ???

Bush Voters - believe Iraq had WMDs, Saddam did 9/11, and more . . .

Need Info / Links - Gay Marriage

ROUGH 'Help Andy' letter from PDA

Great opinion piece on Gas prices from the Austin Chronicle...

We liberals sure are omnipotent. Did you know we cause high gas prices?

Another Fundie Goes Off the Deep End - (Religion of Love Alert)

Why doesn't Bill Gates just move to Asia, and quit being a parasite?

Anyone else ready for the next Scott Peterson story?

Any Podcasters on DU?

on Iraqi civilians killed by US forces

Methodists reinstate Gay Minister's Credentials

Example of how ''liberal'' the media really is.

Sad today: Job eliminated and landlord served eviction papers

1260 AM in Washington, DC

Why did you orginally think there were no WMDs in Iraq?

Came to me in my sleep: The actual reason Bush "won" in 2000 & 2004

For Andy

FINAL 'Help Andy' letter

Gates insulted us in an interview today.

Tom Hayden Urges Howard Dean To "End Collaboration With Bush Government"

Teen who posted own photo charged with child porn

Tell me everything you know about hybrid automobiles.

Know your BFEE: James R Bath - Bush - bin Laden Link

Heartening exchange at the gas station today

A whole grain alternative to rice, pasta and oats.

I am officially in love with Alton Brown.

Ok, why didn't you folks really tell me about Tamales

Anyone else noticed

Poll puts Liberals in Front

? for Canuks

Thousands of faulty postal ballots sent out

Dyke to Join Kennedy on Campaign Trail

Iraq Victim's Mother 'Will Take Blair to Court

Stalker Law Used on Anti-War Protesters

Peoples referendum on the war

Wandering in the wilderness - how Tories stole Ukip's political clothes

BBC Question Time Last Night

Why Blair invaded Iraq: because he was able to

Australia denies strong-arming East Timor over oil deal

Government to Pay Refugee Denied Asylum

U.S. soldier sentenced to death

Car bombs target police, national guardsmen in Baghdad; casualties feared

Three Wounded in Baghdad Bomb Blasts

Kansas Anti-Abortion Bill Veto Sticks

U.S. Panel: Open Door to Radiation Claims

Airbus protests Air India deal

Doomsayers Say Benedict Fits World End Prophecy

California governor praises Minuteman volunteers watching Arizona border

Two bills to curtail lawsuits pass in House (Florida)

Thatcher gene is awoken

Charred village sends message of terror to displaced Darfurians

Bush polls poorly on press conference

Afghanistan Parades Army on Victory Anniversary

Abbas Threatens Force Against Militants

Saddam Hussein Marks 68th Birthday in Jail

Strip search after Bush rally leads to suit

Boy's last words: 'What's going on?'

US 'hate' soldier to be executed

Putin pledges to donate military equipment and training to Palestinians

At least 23 killed, 90 hurt in Iraq car bombings

Court denies Limbaugh's appeal

U. of Texas Renews Interest in Los Alamos

House passes elections bill increasing campaign spending limits (Florida)

Rich, middle class benefit could drop

Zell Miller taken to hospital

Priest denies spying on Pope John Paul

Bomb kills US soldier in Iraq, wounds four others

Judge upset at DCF over pregnant girl's care

California Gov. Praises Minuteman Volunteers for Watching Arizona Border

James Di Peso On MSNBC... Republicans For Environmental Efficiency Says

IRA still active as it debates its future, says police chief

Spitzer investigates HSBC over lending to the poor

Ban on child camel jockeys sends a brutal trade underground

Detainee Questioning Was Faked, Book Says (WPost)

U.S., Insurgents Compete to Win Informants

Chavez has US running scared over rise of Left

Purported al-Zarqawi tape vows more attacks

Police: Manager Shot At Local Car Dealership (gunman has CCW)

Oil industry funding study to contradict cancer claims

In Two Roles, Spitzer Runs and Enforces

US economic fear may push gold to a 22-year high

Bloody Friday Across Iraq

US Airways loses $191 million in first quarter

Pope Benedict XVI will make his first pilgrimage in Italy in May

EPA in a hot spot over mercury pollution (Hidden Report)

Pentagon Shows Flag-Draped Coffin Photos

Bush sees progress in Iraq, sets no withdrawal time

Court denies Limbaugh's appeal

Rawstory/ Democrat says Bush Social Security plan won't help

Bush suggests cutback in benefits for wealthy

I will burn myself alive if gang rapists go free, says victim

Incomes Rose in March at Fastest Pace in 3 Months

Liberals and Conservatives tied in latest poll (Canada)

Barney Frank says Microsoft explanation "implausible"

Saudis arrest 40 Christians in raid on secret church

FLASH: Concern as Georgia GOP rep downplays terror planes:

Police Seize Computers from Missing GA Woman's House

Western officials secretly met with Arab opposition

Joy in galley (sic) as Portland quits FBI task force

Army aiming to enlist minorities

GannonGate: Bushes Monica Moment

Rape accusation by US athlete sparks Croatian sex crime debate

Osama Bin Laden 'Not Dead'

Limbaugh - is he EVER right about ANYTHING? (Letourneau/Jacko comparison)

3 networks cut off President Bush before end of his news conference

Senator fires back at attack ads(Dobson's war on GOP holdouts)

MediaLife: Strong Turnout for Bush's TV Address(smart Thurs-night WH move)

Posada has something on Bush, says expert on Kennedy case

2 Illinois Police Officials Ordered to Pay $600,000 Over Quashed Re-Examin

AP: EPA Releases Mercury Pollution Report

Venezuelan justice starts extradition proceedings for Luis Posada Carriles

'Justice, that's all I want,' says man wrongfully imprisoned

Retiree benefits targeted

Insurgent Attacks in Baghdad Kill 20 (Friday)

Japanese Crowd Trains Despite Deadly Crash

Study: Child Obesity Rate Triples in England

MediaChannel: Media Excluded from Tsunami Warning and They Don't Care

Priest denies spying on Pope John Paul (Admits taking money)

Russia plans nuke fuel shipments to Iran mid-2005

Racial Data Sought for Bush Event

Bush Backs Abortion Measure--needs to keep his Right base happy

Hospital to end life support-Houston woman faces second fight in 2 months

Congress Pressed to Renew Library-Search Powers

Bush on offensive as ratings hit floor

(WP) House Republicans Ready to Move on Social Security

Billboard Questioning Santa's Existence Is Scrapped

Venezuela Plans to Turn Over Old Military Rifles to Reserve, General Says

Men Who Claimed to Find Treasure Arrested (Lawrence Mass.)

School Mistakes Huge Burrito for a Weapon

Guantanamo interrogations 'faked' ("Just like War on terrorism is fake')

Ex-Georgia Sen. Zell Miller Hospitalized

Poll says Americans want Bush to end war in Iraq


Methodist Appeals Panel Reinstates Defrocked Lesbian Minister

Oil industry to get boost from Bush plan to close military bases

Kerry Supporters Arrested at Bush Rally Sue Law Enforcement

Methodists to Reinstate Defrocked Minister

Haiti's jailed former PM resumes hunger strike

'Miracle' needed to win back senate.

The "REAL ID" Act: A Real Nightmare For Department Of Defense

Insurgents Unleash 17 Bombs in Iraq, Killing at Least 50 in Attempt to Sha

Bush signs bill naming Sacramento courthouse after late congressman-Matsui

Foreign Workers Coming to a Cruise Ship Near You  -new form of outsourcing

Soldier Denied As Conscientious-Objector

Court denies Limbaugh's appeal

Negroponte Takes Over Daily Bush Briefings

'Miracle' needed to win back Senate

Pacific Air Forces pilot training trimmed in effort to offset costs of war

Putin plans to provide Palestinians with arms

Two 9/11 Hijackers Used College Computers

Tape shows 5 Taser shocks in 1 minute (Williams / GA)

Portman secures US trade post


Ex-Georgia Sen. Zell Miller Hospitalized

Mayor of Mexico City told he can run for president

9/11 pair used state college to buy airfare

U.S., Italy disagree over death of Italian agent

Cuban, Venezuelan Leaders Woo Latin American Nations to Trade Pact Minus US

Protest prompts change at CU

Police officer is convicted of fabricating drug charges

Paul Wolfowitz Gets Formal Sendoff

Protesters Charged at Cornell Univ. Sit-In

Group Alleges Religious Harassment Is Widespread at Air Force Academy


Ohio Republican Fund Raiser raided by FBI ( worked with Rove)

Iraq Victim's Mother 'Will Take Blair to Court'

(US Supported Candidate) Mexico Backs Out of OAS Race

Two Detail Bolton's Efforts to Punish Dissent (WaPo)

Prosecutors to challenge 110 voters

WANR off the air briefly on two days (AA Affiliate)

US Appeals Court to Consider Agent Orange Appeal in June

WP: Racial Data Sought for Bush Event

(US)Gov't threatens workers for travel to Cuba (for anti FTAA meeting)

Gunmen kidnap Haitian political leader - witnesses

Insurgents Strike Across Iraq, Killing 50

American veterans congratulate Viet Nam on liberation anniversary

Arrested father had point to make (disputed diversity lesson in school)

Judge tosses bulk of Christian teacher's suit

Cuban official demands action on Posada

Homeland Security to Limit Liability Suits (for vaccines)

Official Says Bolton Flouted Travel Rules

Clear Channel Sets Spinoff, IPO of Two Units (Reuters)

Spain to help resolve Iran's nuclear dossier: Spanish MP

Lawyer Who Told of U.S. Abuses at Afghan Bases Loses U.N. Post

* Pleased With Progress in Iraq, Explains N. Korea Steps

Israel rebuffs US proposal to arm Palestinian police

Proud Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez of Being "Axis of Badly" Latinoamerica

Europe rights body accuses US of torture

'Jeff Gannon,' Uninvited to WHCA Dinner, Heads to Bill Maher's HBO Show

United flight attendants threaten action (re: pensions)

Confidence Erodes, Wage Growth Sluggish

Anti-gang initiative highlights first lady's more active, visible role

Bush's Social Security Proposal Widens Partisan Divide

England to Plead Guilty to Prisoner Abuse

Agent's Ex-Wife to Get Frozen Cuban Funds

Civil Rights Commission Closes 2 Offices

Boy's last words: 'What's going on?'

Ore. Police to Withdraw From FBI-Led Team

DeLay Faces Lengthy Inquiry

No Agreement on Italian Agents Death

Study Links Middle Age Obesity to Dementia

Secrecy seen hurting Patriot Act push

House GOP Plans Social Security Draft

Iran-India gas pipeline on its way

Lawmakers shift tone on accountability for prison abuse scandal

Kids, We're Goin' to the Foreign Debt Museum!

WANR off the air briefly on two days

Experts utter nasty word, 'stagflation'

Man Who Set Son on Fire in 1980s Sentenced on Weapons Charge

Air Force Academy evangelical bias ’systemic,’ group says

GM Cuts Cash Payout to CEO After Weak 2004 (Reuters)

Clear Channel to Spin off Concert Unit, Reports First-Quarter Profit Drop

Oil Prices Drop, Close Below $50 Level

Finkelstein's Anti-Clinton Effort Begins

Spiraling Housing Costs Hurting Americans

Iraq Attacks Kill at Least 41; 3 GIs Die

Governor (Schwarzenegger) endorses Minutemen on border

After Freeway Shootings, L.A. Wonders if It's Back to the Bad Old Days

Texas Won't Name Road After Willie Nelson

North Korea may carry out nuclear test by June: Kyodo

Protesters hold sit-in at University of Hawaii to oppose Navy center

Girl Sticks Schoolmates With Used Needle

Supporters come to DeLay's defense with $1.1 million

Official Says Bolton Flouted Travel Rules

Interfaith Alliance: Limbaugh's Religious Hate Talk Blasphemes Religion

US satellite recorded checkpoint shooting, shows speed of Italian car: CBS

Venezulean leader: U.S. citizens oppressed

60 Years Later, China Enemies End Their War

Blair in appeal to protest voters

Look Who's Talking - Jack Abramoff

Bush Marks Arbor Day by Planting Tree

Lynndie England to Plead Guilty in Abu Ghraib Case

FBI raids Noe's condo, seizes 'some property'

Miniature bulldogs. I kid you not. The cutest dogs on earth.

I was told that my issing is in wasing

So what was Bush's Press conference about?

"(ahem) My geode must be acknowleged".

I have a date tomorrow. Kind of weird though.

They fuck up, we call them on it, they bitch and we back down

Late night snack choice?

Without a Paddle- brilliant film

What happened on the Apprentice?

Any fans of "Up the Down Staircase"?

Boy meets beer. Boy drinks beer. Boy gets another beer.

I was told that my dissing is incorrigible

I Can't Stand It I Know You Planned It

Boom shaka-laka-laka Boom shaka-laka-laka, Higher!

Once a woman has forgiven her man, she must not...

I'm really sorry I missed that press conference

Ah, how appropriate for my post-Family Law exam haze!

In Florida, The Hits Never Quit

Daylight at 11PM in my back yard...

We keep you alive to serve this ship.

We keep you alive to serve this shit

Okay, I finally gave in and watched Love Actually

Any EastEnders fans out there??

FDR smoked 20 cigarettes a day.

I was robbed of right this evening

so i'm watching "Mr.Smith goes to Washington"

A New PayPal Story

So Bizzy Bone from Bone Thug 'n' Harmony is completely insane

Spam much?

Late night snack choice?

Aderol...a students favorite drug

Who has me on ignore?

TOON - 4/29 Friday -- change the rules

I would do anything for you....

This is for Internet Explorer users...

A big plate of nachos and a nice cerveza!

How do you get out of a home equity loan that is a problem?

DUPE! DELETE! hit the button twice

Is anyone else addicted to World of Warcraft?

Truck Repossessed With Sleeping Child Inside

Woman, 80, Carries Neighbor Out Of Apartment On Fire (Two Floors)

I am starting my weekend .... NOW

Weekend is approaching

Baby Born In Taxi Stuck In NYC Traffic

Company Wants To Bury People Standing Up In Body Bags

Only 6,306 posts to 20,000. Ask me anything!

State Trooper Arrested For DUI While Directing Traffic At Crash Site


What was the #1 song the day you were born?

Whats 12 inches long and hangs between * knees. not hannity's tie

Caption this parking.

So I'm driving to work and there's a duck walking down the street

Remember that episode of Rat Patrol?

check out:

Family's Dog Eaten By Alligator After Chasing Ducks To Pond

Remember That Episode Of M*A*S*H ???

Sorry officer...

Remember that episode of Happy Days when Fonzie said

Remember That Episode Of Gilligan's Island?

Dear Akbar...


Do you remember that episode of Sanford and Son when Fred ...

Remember that one episode of... Ummmm... Uhhhhhhh......

Remember that episode of Mister Roger's Neighborhood

Happy Birthday Tommy James

Remember that episode of the CBS Evening News

Remember that time on Archie Bunker he called the son in law Meathead?

Remember that episode of "On the Road with Charles Kurralt" when...

Remember that Mr. Clean ad where he took off his shirt revealing his swast

Remember that episode of Democratic Underground

Best brains: Keeping a knee immobilizer from slipping

why is DU so wired on Friday morning?

Remember that episode of the shipping forecast

Ever seen that episode of COPS...

I don't remember any of these sitcoms that you guys are reminiscing

Remember that movie on Lifetime?

Remember that episode of post a pic of yourself?

why is DU so fried on Friday morning?

Please tell me this picture has been photoshopped!

Remember that Kitty pic post?

Remember me?

Remeber that episode of Batman??

Do you remember that time when we remembered all those times?

Remember that episode of Lou Dobbs Tonight...

Remember that episode of Growing Pains where Boner ...

Weather Report (yes, the jazz fusion group): doodleybeebwaawaabeebdoodley.

Remember that episode of CHiPs...

Remember that episode of the "New People"

MC Hammer's Can't Touch This OR tonight's Bush train wreck

Remember that episode of "The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite"...

Do you remember that episode of the Lounge when the DUer ...

Remember that episode of "Threes Company"

Weather Report (not the jazz fusion group): Houston may get to 90 today

heLLo my feLLow saddam Lovers

You people need professional help for your state of denial....

Check out my 'Press Conference' post.

Did you throw anything at the TV last night???

The Psychic Website - it will read your MIND!!!

Funeral firm wins stand for vertical burials

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Remember That Episode Of ATA?

for those of you who know what i mean when i say, Hoff with Sharpeis....

why is DU so weird on friday morning?

Anybody want a free lobotomy?

What about that episode of the Jeffersons when the doorbell rings ...

yea! 100!

Just to increase the level of insanity today behold: TIMECUBE!

anybuddy use verizon DSL?

The hotel at Hitler's hideaway

the right kind of touch

Mystic Rhythms.

My dog is just the cutest EVER!

Should I buy jewlery online?

Remember that episode of "Three's Company"

Coca-Cola Testing New Flavor (Coffee Flavored Coke)

Sunday School Teacher Stabbed Her Two Kids More Than 500 Times

Is it me or what? But I really miss ATA.

My (almost) 1000th Post - what I originally wanted to post

Miracle of a woodpecker that read its own obit

Any track stars out there?

Incoming cloud forces Bush into safe bunker

Remember that one test pattern,

New Rule:

Check in if you're a Happy Lil Fan of Bob Ross

Student, 8, Sticks Schoolmates With Needle; One Tests Positive For HIV

This song is called Alice's Restaurant

Spam Radio. This is too much.

Remember that episode of Mr. Ed


Help me shame my new puppy..


Post here if you love Kink!

Star sacked worker 'not close to God'

Jesus Freaks trolling my neighborhood right now. I'm not answering

Post here if you love Stink!

School, Neighborhood Locked Down Over Suspicious Burrito

More Fark Pshop goodness!

Post here if you love Klink!

Do a little dance, make a little love...

Post here if you love brocade!

Quite possibly the dumbest thing ever said by a Repug...

C-mon you know you loved Buck Rodgers!

Parody of Jack T. Chick - "Who will be eaten first?"

Who here started out on BBSs?

Theories on how Tiger Wood's shot on the 16th hole went in.

What would you have as your final meal before execution?

Boston DUers: Where do you buy

This has got to be a bad feeling for a parent (humor)

Post here if you love Pink.

After Tom Cruise dumps Katie Holmes, or she wises up, who's next?

Do not post here.

Freakonomics and Steven Levitt

Vehicle problem - heating- need advice

is whoisalhedges a giant pease?

I love ME


Let's Send A Fruit Basket To Laura Ingraham, She's Helping Us!



do you enjoy a good paraLLeL parking job?

Economics exam: finished. :-0

Thinking about a new / older car ...

step into my mind.....would you care for some o' my poetry?

What are the perils of altruism?

I'm listening to Roxy Music's "For Your Pleasure," and you're not.

Ok I am home, now why did some of you want me so bad?

Looking for good thoughts

Two American Idol finalists' arrest records(Bo and Scott)

German Police baffled by Bush poo flags

Want to go to a party? A pants party?

The lounge is brought to you today by the letter "S" and the number "3"

Jerry Seinfeld is *51* Today !!! Let's celebrate, what's your

What will archaeologist of the future think of us?


What are you having for lunch?

Phil Lesh is coming up on Franken !!!

All I have to do is my take-home final before Wed at 2pm...

I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100

Next time, please remind me

If your pet was a High School Senior, what clique would he/she be in?

All "man" are ___________________?

Do you have a small house? We're looking. Can't afford much.

Do not post there; you'll get crabs.

I'm eating grilled southwest chicken caesar salad, and you're not

Little Green Spotted Puffers: Cutest fish around

Anti-Bush John Prine Lyrics


Writer is busting out!

I have the Habanera from Carmen stuck in my head...

What in the hell is this MORAN doing???

Who is your favorite TV "Wacky Neighbor"?

Have you ever....

Here's a blast from the 90's: Dancing Baby

State and Randolph, April 29, 2005, 7:20am

American Dreams :(

Any German speakers out there? Got a question...

Nobody beats me because I'm the whiz. I'm the whiz. I'm the whiz.

Have you heard of this "happy slapping" thing in the UK?

Tasteless yet funny - Miss Georgia Sex Offender Pageant

I love Skippy.

Underpants needs to be drummed out of DU>

I Love You.

Matcom keeps spanking me and ...

Parties (with no one who is underage) and Hosts Who Hold Car Keys Hostage

I like you

Should Fetuses in Florida be Able to Carry Guns Under Jeb's New Law?

Bay Area radio show canceled after initiating student walkout in San Jose

RabrrrrrrGate - what would it be?

Green Party: Tony Blair's "credibility melting," ice sculputure unveiled

is whoisalhedges a giant tease?

Anyone want to come and housesit my cats and two teenage boys

DARWIN AWARD: Men Who Claimed to Find Treasure Arrested

All "woman" are ____________________?

You light up my life.

You darken my death (Now w/ half-ass lyrics by request)

Death Wish 3 on AMC AGAIN?????

Little Bits of Mostly Useless Knowledge

Favorite chanteuse

Nothing to see here.

i have almost reached suburban white trash status!!

I love Jara sang - the poster formerly known as Goathead!

Kleeb has never had Miracle Whip which makes me wonder...


Do you think if I'm good, Santa will bring me sniffa for Christmas

Professor, what's another word for pirate treasure?

The next person at work that tells me to "Chill out" or says..

I'm leaving DU

I HAVE reached suburban white trash status

Last Friday at this time I was having lunch with a bunch of hot chicks.

If you had a faucet in your house that dispensed something other than H2O.

I'm just not going to ask.....

Goooood Friday Morning DU!

Roller coasters: Who's up for a roller coaster meet-up?

Deadheads I really hate to say this but.....

I just treated myself to a fountain pen

Am I a DU regular?

I love zippy.

Now, if these men do not die well, it will be a black matter for the king.

Oooh, funny---Conservatives blasting FreeRepublic and RimJob

My work is moving my office...

Which of these Presidents had the most interesting accent?


When birds attack themselves on glass doors & windows...

No need to "learn to ride a bike" anymore(Must see)

Have you seen America We Stand As One video?

Please, if you are considering going to the Westcoast meet sign in

Which Lounger's ass should I kick?

Does anyone remember the website where you can look up...

I *worship* progmom!

Caption this photo! If you dare...

Less than 2 hours to go before I pick up my wife and we go to our favorite

ZombyDad: Vietnam, 1968

Wow...this is trippy...

I want to have your baby.

The daily "Is this man drinking again" thread, LIVE from Falls Church VA

Freaking Cyber Freepers Have Shut Down Indy Media. Fuck Them AND Their

Oh, man...I'm sitting in my Assembler Language class right now

We still at war!

Look at what I found on Free Republic! Hate group Propaganda

Bible Lesson of the day #1 - Turn your other cheek

hahahahah - the hillarity keeps on coming!

could somebody post that Bush: Omen III pic for me please?

WHOOPS! Trio who "found" money in Lawrence Mass.---Arrested

Can anybody tell me about the Plymouth, Mass area?

MatcomNews Update: Men Who "Found Burried Treasure" ARRESTED

Why, or why did I eat such a heavy lunch?????

My Ipod is so empty

Vote for Zaphod Beeblebrox!

Watch weddings on your computer.

What were the names of all the NASA shuttles ever?

Holy mother of pearl!

What is the deal with Women thinking they should NEVER call a guy?

Twenty-Five Years of Post-it Notes

Headlines We'd Like to Read, April 29, 2005

Post here if you love Kinkade!

What do you think about the moon consperiacy?


It's locked!

I'm skipping out of work early to go get the new Mountain Goats album.

Where were you when you found out Laura Ingraham had breast cancer?

Well, dupe had a good run.

Toby Keith's new CD is great

Which would you rather kiss?

Good bye Dupe

Thanks for the Memories

Weird Cousin of Dupe

Proposal for a new DU Group

Anyone thinkin of drinkin tonight?

Our production of "Bat Boy" opens tonight! (PHILADELPHIA area)

Question about these Kittens

Where is the love for getting to 12,000 posts, huh? pout.

I Scored A 96% On Prez Clinton's Book!!!

What do you think about college teams using Native American mascots?

Is it still a fork if it has peanut butter on it?

Raising Boys

I'm about to bend the 80/20 rule...

What age do you FEEL?

Is there a way to screen cute girls for liberal tendencies

Favorite Whole Number From 1 to 10

School Mistakes Huge Burrito for a Weapon

I miss having longer hair

Happy Lee Elia Day!!!!!!

Who mentioned Nine Inch Nails remake of Queen's "Get Down Make Love"?

Billboard Questioning Santa's Existence Is Scrapped


hey when is there another T-Shirt contest?

Bush's MBNA card..(so he can spend his "capital" he earned)

Is DU Hot or Not?

What do you love most about Randi Rhodes?

Star Jones vs. Kirstie Alley

Report to Shareholders

Anyone See "Mayor of Sunset Strip"

Alright, that's it for me......have a great weekend, DU.

New Batman Trailer Online


I wonder if I should EVER buy a car...

Bible stories a la Squeech

It's just one of those days!

George W. Bush. Genius, Misunderestimated, or the Short Bus Prez

What if a human mind somehow got trapped in a sheep's head?

Who has the most Rabid Fans, Malloy or Randi?

Favorite Whole Number From 1 to 100

Anyone ever have your credit card stolen and used?


What method of execution does your state use?

A reminder to Minnesota DUers!

Is Newsmax falling for a scam?

Anthony Braxton King of the Triaxium

Okay, I really need some advice

Earthquake in Santa Monica

Why do some smokers see the world as their ashtray?


What is a Quaker?

I have a question about "Tommy" by the Who.

Where were you when you found out Laura Palmer had died?

Did Howard Hughes really crash two planes and survive?

Real World Music vs Luaka Bop

Why, or why did I drink such a heavy lunch?????

I think this is #1000.....

Sell me something I don't want by renaming it ala Bush -Style

Another pornographic poll for DUers and lounge lizards...

My right cheek just started hurting like someone socked me.

It is time to ignore matcom

WHOA! Trio who "found" money in Lawrence ass.---Arrested

is a woman more appealing if she drives a stick shift?

Which dorky/embarrassing/uncool song/album/performer do you just LOVE?

Weather outlook for Cleveland meetup

Where would you go for a week if you could go (practically) anywhere?

My ditto-head co-worker is now anti-bush, and anti-republican.

iPod Mini problem. All you Gurus....Help!

It's been many months: FAVORITE JAZZ MUSICIAN

Your laptop: touchpad, external mouse, or eraser-stick thingy?

Can someone please answer a computer question while mine is still working?

Dissing Episode II doesn't make any points with me.

Useless Info For You...

Favorite Whale Number From 1 to 10

Birds May Be Behind Exploding German Toads


What's your favorite vietnamese fish?

My kid just challenged me to a water baloon war.

Favorite color

Anyone in NYC going to see Amfibian tonight?

Hmmmmm.. my html thingie quit working

So someone at NASA still has a sense of humor!!

Pfft while RevActs may have JJ's chapstick, I have Curse10's

Because UdoKier wanted it: Battle of the fat guys

Two Nathan's hot dogs and a Diet RC..

Production of ‘Bat Boy' musical creates flap at Calif. school

Favorite imaginary number?

Just how much money is this guy making?

Lake effect snow (large satellite pic)

I have JimmyJazz's chapstick, should I sell it on Ebay?

A question to those of you in Memphis.

Does anyone else, when they see Ted Nugent's name think of

What is The Free Enterprise Institute, and why would it call me ?

What's the name of that Jewish song they ALWAYS play at weddings?

I'm so ashamed.....

Down Home Town.

Is "The Simple Life" going off the air at the end of this season?

Favorite Hole Number

May/December romances...would you date someone way older/younger?

One guy's 2003 in 2 minutes - (VIDEO)

Who do you most wish had never existed, period?

Has anybody seen the documentary "Hoop Dreams?

Anyone else annoyed by threads that lose count and have # displayed alone


I'd Like To Introduce Myself: Hello. I Am Matcom

Was Stalin a "necessary evil"?

Scariest Outer Limits episode

I don't want to have shit for dinner...


"In stencil we can broccoli. . ."

Listening to Van Halen's "Fair Warning". Ask me anything.

If I use this image as my new avatar, what will happen to me?


Shit. I don't know what to have for dinner.

Are you sure you want to RECOMMEND this thread?

All is well in my world again, he's coming home now

Is tonights "Real Time" the season finale?

Best instrumental theme song from a sitcom involving the military?

Who wants to give me their AIM screenname?


I got my first Hilights today...

I took a drive after work, and learned several things


Annabelle the Sheep

Is bit torrent software bad for your computer?

Nine months of Jesus; ask me anything

i'm takin this girl out sunday

bought my first Highlights today

Is there any one else.........

I put my manager's balls in a sieve, and I dont' give a shit


(Homophobic) arrested father had a point to make

Wil Farrell is starting to look like Wayne Rogers...

Is Today (4/29) the Nerd Perfect Storm

nini is in trouble again!

This is a sign of the apocalypse.

out of the park baseball... great fantasyish (but more fun) game!

Did anyone ever have Wometco Home Theater?

Yup. Oddest thing I've seen on the web yet.

This probably doesn't qualify as a Janet Jackson moment

A Dog or a Hen?............

Can someone answer this question?

Texas Ranger Fans!!! Could You AT LEAST Fill The Seats BEHIND HOME PLATE??

You're Satan. You have been informed GWB is on his way.

Paging Will Rangers are gonne kick Red Sox butt...

So, who else reads mostly non-fiction books here?

How many cookies should I eat tonight?

4 posts away from 13,000 posts! Ask me something!

Chat us up about your fave DU Group!

Yes Yes YES!!! Rangers win, Baybee!

WHY do some people analyze the SHIT out of everything???

Congratulations bigwillq on 13,000 posts!

I love progmom!

I've said it before and I'll say it again about Enterprise

Riddle me this....

OK, Who here thinks they have the best taste in music?

Shoot I just realized that I have over 3000 posts. Darn it!!!!!!

What are the most ridiculous exercise machines you've ever seen?

That AAR ad for the "body wash" for the voice George Takei?

The braless wonder is on "Seinfeld"

Is it just me...

Which topic in GD annoys you the most?

I filed for my patent yesterday.

Putting Tiger through its paces

My Pearls Before Swine "One Nation Underground" CD

I Will Forgive George Lucas for Episodes I & II if...

Our future, in this man's hands? (large file, sorry dial-up users)...

The Sixers are gonna get spanked

What are you doing for someone else tonight ?

Shit. My building's going co-op.

Mayo or Miracle Whip?

Dammit!!! I'm starting to like "Bounce your Boobies"!!!!

Be afraid.

Screw "Hitchhikers Guide" I'm watching Viva Las Vegas

I'm still the threadkiller

Tucker Carlson talking about the hand holding Pres and Prince

Vintage pictures my husband and I had taken last month

Is it true that pressure to conform is ultimately all in one's own head?

I'm feeling snarky tonight.

Rev Acts seems to have missed my copycat.

So I'm thinking about going to Culinary Arts school.

I am "a versatile singer who goes from soft melodies to ripping screams...

Rev Acts seems to have missed picking up my laundry

The Revenge of the Lady With Three Jobs!!!

I'm feeling snacky tonight.

Quick!! Which one is the REAL dummy???

I'm feeling snorky tonight.

Gannon's got this big neon sign screaming "Bullshit" over is bald head

Too sexy for my shirt or too stupid to be your President?

Don't like rap? Think it's shallow? Look at these lyrics

What's your favorite vietnamese dish?

Just what we knew all along! Matcom is a BAR SLUT!

Should I start up a collection, so I can travel around to various meetups?

industrial safety training video

bought my first Playboy today

A (stupid) question for the atheists here...

I just watched Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy! Ask Me Anything!

Can't touch this

This and The Daily Show, are my news sources. Period.

I just choked on some popcorn and my cat went nuts!


Good-bye Lounge!

Any DUers do pottery?

I don't know jack shit about progmom.

So, now I am listening to the theme from "Lonesome Dove"

Can someone combine these pics?

Well, I chased my first ambulance today.

What do you think about when performing boring tasks?

What do the mods know about us that we don't know they know?

Okay, I missed Survivor last night. Who was voted out?

Boy I'd better hope my mailman is a Dem...

Progmom, JimmyJazz, Bettyellen and Rev

Important! Help save the life of a DUer -- Andy Stephenson

Annabelle's asleep..

My fiance is trapped in Atlanta... somebody console me

Other than DU, how many posts have you ranked on other message boards?

Anyone watching PBS about Abu Ghraib?

I'm feeling warm and mellow and affectionate

What "classic" pop/rock song do you just HATE?

Clark won't get my vote 'cuz he's Catholic, Southern, & has a girl's name!

"The Interpreter" is a good film

I love Gerge Antheil's "Ballet Mechanique."

how important is making you laugh when seeking a mate?

Who will win the Apprentice?

What's your favorite Indian dish?

Another demographic poll for DUers and lounge lizards...

What do you want for a prize if you make the 15,000,000th post?

What does your mouse pad look like?

Did Star Jones have weight loss surgery?

SNOW In Southern Colorado - AGAIN!!!!!

on Ebay: Cardinal Ratzinger's VW Golf

The Bar is finally open - C'mon in!

Speaking of Playboy, does anyone else remember this fine Repub?


The Caption, my friend, is blowin' in the wind..................

Now THIS is funny......

This is a serious question: What can I do with single socks?

"Save Our Looney Tunes"

Post count padder: Free association thread

So what are you going to do at the West Coast Meetup?

So I saw Hitchhiker's Guide tonight

Lil' Zomby: Hixson, TN - 1971!

"Yadda, Yadda, Yadda" and other TV show phrases used in everyday life

Freeper troll found!

Where were you when you found out Laura Branigan had died?

Favorite Cowboy Lefty

I'm a man of Feith. Ask me anything.

American Idol was FREEPED!

Sorry, but after re-watching it, "Pulp Fiction" isn NOT all that.

The History of Rock N Roll




hey how do you guys feel about. . .

Anyone got a specific song that they like associate with love or whatever

Any other American Dreams fans write to NBC yet??

Has anyone here ever been TRAPPED?

Post a picture of our next president

World Cup 2006: Who's your team?

my little girl just left for the Prom

Who would you like to see win "Amazing Race"?

T-Shirt Slogan Contest Results!!!

An amazing child artist. Totally blew me away!

Please tell me how we can stop

Dairy foods

2 horses killed in the filming of "Flicka."

My Shrub voting animal rights activist friend

Doomsayers Say Benedict Fits World End Prophecy

Why Should The Total Number Of People Praying For A Certain Outcome...

NASA Chief: Discovery Launch Delayed Until Mid-July

FDA approves Lizard-Spit Derived drug for Diabetes

Cymatics - connection between sound, vibrations & physical reality?

New & very disturbing Satellite photo of what's left of the Aral Sea

Scientists Say Everyone Can Read Minds

Colorado Gay Rights Bill Moves Toward House Vote

Continental Airlines Extends Travel Perks To Gay Retirees

Gay Health Group Denounces Reinstatement Of 'Ex-Gay' Advocate

GOOD news for a change: Methodists reinstate Gay Minister's Credentials

Request for info re: Gay Marriage

Court Told Anti-Gay Harassment Training Doesn't Violate Students' Freedom

Virginia is for lovers (some exceptions apply)

Kansas Gay Marriage Ban Takes Effect

How do you ask someone if they're gay?

Suspensions and Fines for Sox-Rays brawl...

Ouch! The Yanquis are shut out by Toronto as they lose...

Let's name teams after famous right-wingers!

Miniature bulldogs. I kid you not. The cutest dogs on earth.

Help!!! My JRT hates my other JRT.

Cat Insurance....

Scientists Say Everyone Can Read Minds

A little 'Scripture Hoodoo' to bring down the reign of an oppressive ruler

Is there any alternative to the Boy Scouts?

I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.

Whoa! Sandstorm at Al Asad Air Base, Iraq!

Depleted Uranium{DU} is a world danger and a crime against humanity..

Humor piece in Globe today: 4/29/05 (Humor, what a concept!)

Another meaningless poll, but fun

The Republican Budget Cuts Small Business Funds

The atheist

Where is my Sen now? (May edition)

Good Kerry thread - bad original post with great informative responses


Kerry News in The Hill eNews

We failed Kerry by not being organized and believing the lies of the media

Kerry-Edwards signs Reappearing in my town


spring stuff

Digital photographers only . . . what do you use to set white balance?

"Social Insecurity": Newsletter 4/29/05

Email from MoveOnPAC about Gore's speech & other events yesterday (4/27)

Democrats Seek Repeat of 1994 in Debate Over Social Security - Bloomberg

Fundamentalist vs Catholics courtesy of Jack Chick

No-fly list affected Saudi trip: Member of prince's entourage was banned

Well today I met one of them moral voters

Reuters' striking "Bush's Sagging Poll Numbers" graphic...

My Letter from Pastor on Carter/Baker election reform comittee

Baiting Cut

Bush Lies:: So means testing COLA NEXT year would save $600 BILLION?

Calling all DUers - CSPAN Alert!!!!

Lame Duck Bush press conference disaster

"NON-news Conference"--Wash Jour on cspan reading from a

Do you approve of the job Bush is doing?

Matt Drudge is offended by his site being called a "Blog" From

All time stupid phrase to come out of *'s pie hole. 4/28/05

Bush the Egghead - Practicality Never Stops a Nice Theory - WaPo

Please, give us a hand. Anne Wolfe for Congress, 2006.

Doctors warn of increasing deformities in newborn babies

Help DU this Bush/2-tiered SS system viability poll!!!

The good soldier's revenge (and Condi and Powell dynamics)

When a government is corrupt and there is no legal recourse for the people

Y2K Bomber

Damning Abramoff emails courtesy of Senate Indian Affairs Committee

Internet spoof casts PM as Mr Uncredible

Code Names:

Did I hear shrub correct last night?

Fixing S.S. is pretty easy

At LEAST Bush was smart enough to distance himself from Frist last night

Tenet regrets WH "slam-drunk"WMD quip/eats humble pie: Guardian

Bush starts to look more like a lame duck

Reasons for the Press Conference

You Have to be Stupid

The KC Star hardly covered the Press Conference

Bush remarks about NCLB lawsuits

Imagine if Shithead didn't have any memorized blanket responses

When will we "lberate" the Venezuelans?

Anyone else have a sore throat this morning from screaming at the tv?

Some questions I would have asked the President

This site has 300 war coffin photos released by govt.

Isn't this blackmail?

Many here desparage Nancy Grace on CNN ....

AP Wire has Press Conference Article - It was wierd

Was there a press conference of some sort last night?


Was there an Official Live Thread to the Press Conf?

this POS prez should be forced to do a 2hr press conference...

I wish that every time a Democrat, any Democrat opens their mouth

[Ky] GOP treasurer has Capitol office

Does anyone else think that the "airspace" incident

I'm Stunned--Bush Has Turned Into a Bleeding Heart Liberal.....

Lawmakers consider using military to seal U.S. borders


Democrat - Bush Social Security plan won't help; Dubs Cheney 'ass kisser'

Breeder reactors Bush's Plan is unsafe

I Have A Feeling That If One Repug Would really Rip bu$h.

IRAQ: Doctors warn of increasing deformities in newborn babies.

WHITE HOUSE NOT COLOR BLIND-why is WH asking for racial

2006: Information on GOP Senate Candidates

Inflation question

Last night, Bush rambled for a while about N.Korea.

Another example of Bush's fearful America

Al Gore's speech to moveon

BREAKING: EPA, Bush busted in mercury cover up

yesterday I met one of them "moral" voters

If FOIA has no exemptions for photos of remains-what about torture photos?

Horror Of Depleted Uranium Not Limited To Iraq

Fox: War in Iraq "first catered war in history" (Halliburton Infomercial)

Sen Rethugs want SSI bill by June - Boston Globe

Question about MSNBC coverage last night...

Does this House SS bill have a chance

Tim Russert doesn't like to answer tough questions about Bush...does he?

Is Bush EVER going to learn how to pronounce nuclear?!?

This may seem like an obvious question...

Housing Costs Outpace Wage Growth

Full text: US-Italy statement on Calipari

Cracks in Decaying Shell of Chernobyl reactor threaten disaster

MSNBC "Live" Poll: Do You Agree W/ President Bush...

This is your chance to stop PATRIOT III. Are you up to the challenge?

Ideally, how often should a President hold press conferences?

Street 'theatre' idea: Guillotines set up outside of Capital Hill for SS

Caution: The polls say it is time for another "terror" attack.

S. 778 (Boxer/Lautenberg) Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act of 2005

Partisan Federal employees charged with violating Hatch act

Meet The Press Sunday (5-2-05): 2 out of 3 Repugs- Typical

A reply from the lying bastard himself!

Nora O'Donnell On The Imus Show....

Anniversary of Fall of Saigon. Strange case of Amb. Graham Martin

Question about JimmyJeff

How do you feel about the degree of difficulty of the questions last night

GAO critical of foreign aid process

New head of CPB calling for "fairness and balance" in PBS, NPR

Congressman's (R-Ga) quip regarding airplanes raises some concern

Terra terra terra !!!!!

Randi Rhodes: Bill Clinton's "bad" idea is NOT George Bush's "good" idea

President Bush meets Chavez with 'a Coke in his hand'

Schwartzennegger on Immigrants and Immigration

The New American Militarism: How Americans are Seduced by War

Some good news: Logging Protesters win lawsuit in California

What can we do to STOP psychopath Bill Frist's "ambitions" NOW?

W actually said something positive last night

Is "Illegal Immigration" being used to destroy our civil liberties?

Documented Rove-Owen connection shows real reason for pushing * nominees

Watching Scotty dance...

Barbara Boxer's Bolton Update and action alert

Could A Freeper Please Show This To The Furher:

My Press Conference Experience (FUNNY!)

Dean: Bush played a shell game last night. Cut benefits for middle class.

Colmes thinks Coulter's McVeigh remarks were "some of her greatest stuff"

What did W say about nuclear power and refineries?

Homeland Security to Limit Liability Suits

Hospitals that won't permit abortions on their premises should be closed.

My right-wing sister is bringing my 85-y/o parents to the mountains.

Wolfie just got some Distinguished Medal for his service as Deputy

Bush is pushing Privatized Social Security personal accounts...

Barbara Boxer: John Bolton update

Anti-War Song #1 on MTV's TRL! System of a Down - BYOB

The Republican Budget Cuts Small Business Funds

We are the moral compass, reframe image

UK election 2005: your choice

I think every DUer needs to read this so I am posting it here.

Stop Adjudicating from the Legislature!

Strip Searched Teachers Sue Over Arrest at Bush Campaign Rally

Budget: ALL DEMOCRATS + Chafee, Voinivich, and Dewine voted NAY.

Reid, Clinton, Boxer Campaign to Change Filibuster Rules on Judges

Dick Morris says to Dems: "Bring on a real filibuster"

*'s rapidly sinking approval rating means what?

Israeli AF May Attack Iran Without 3rd Country Overflight Problems

DNC Responds to President Bush's Press Conference

My former radio station (AA affiliate) ATTACKED by Reich Fundies!!

Bush: Build Oil Refineries at Ex-Military Bases

Framing Error. Substitute "Kidnap" for "Render"

When were most states re-districted for the 1990s US House?

The Big Brawl: George W Bush vs Tom DeLay

Vietnam 30 years later - Any lessons learned ?

Did anyone see the NBC piece on Charles Taylor?

Bush’s Disastrous First 100 Days (Tim Kaine)

How about Jerry Nadler for VP

Compassionate tax dollars from Bush to the churches ...

NYT Book Review: Thomas Friedman on globalization, “The World is Flat”

CSPAN, Saturday 4/30: 9/11 Conspiracy; WH Correspondents Dinner

Party Disloyalty - It's not the DLC & I can prove it! It's the Blue Dogs

Judy Woodruff to leave CNN..... (Don't let the door hit ya Judy)

Bush is not my President

But do we leave Iraq to rot?

Zell Miller praises Hillary as a "warrior" in his book

Is this true? Kerry was co-sponser of pharmacist bill?

the "pottery barn" argument is total bullshit ... here's why ...

Pioneering stem-cell surgery restores sight

Was he wired? @23:30

Bush says there is no SS lock box that as SS money comes in it

US bases in Iraq: an enduring military presence?

Let's get it all out at once.

Kucinich calls on media and public to hold President accountable

"Kerry-Edwards" signs and bumper-stickers making a comeback?

Frist Filibuster at Princeton University

Headsup: White House says if they THINK you MIGHT disrupt, they can eject

Bev Harris in Seattle