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Archives: April 27, 2005

Screening in Need of Sense

Founders' intentions may be casualty in fight over judges - USA Today

Anti-Japan riots mask deep anxiety

Know who is working AGAINST same-sex marriage in MA . . .

Jon Stewart: Justice Sunday "It's Prayback Time" - (VIDEO)

I don't hate anyone...hate is so...what's the word...Regressive.

Should racist symbols (ie, Maryland's state song) be changed?

Republican Presidential Nominee You'd Most Like Us To Face In 2008

Attention Central Ohio DUer's

MNA, May 2 2005. A time to stop and reflect on ALL THE LIES, and THEN...

What if everyone just stopped paying their credit card bills?

CNN did a quick bio of the Tom DeLay saga....

Progress and Tradition

Question for those who have used hotjobs/monster

Art Buchwald wrote a good satirical piece on the religious right today:

CWA Supports SBC-AT&T merger (press release)

Cost of the War in Iraq April 26- $165,708,819,263

Tonight's A Good Night For Lionel.

Famous Religious Fundamentalist Artists

WP: GOP to Reverse Ethics Rule Blocking New DeLay Probe (flip flop)

Nicaragua-Protesters Hurl Rocks at President Bolanos


Brazil supports Venezuelan sovereignty

Bush offers sites for new oil refineries/ old military bases

FBI & CIA search for clues in Al-Zarqawi's laptop photos (PIC HEAVY)

This is the first time I've ever seen the Dave Chapelle Show.

Who's the best Democratic President since 1900?

Chappelle Season II comes out later next month, yay

You Know You're From California When...

I'm allergic to South Jersey

Bush connection to big pharma revealed....

Tinfoil Hat stuff

Laura's Operation

Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey!

OK yall surgery is May 10th

Almost a month without any Oasis threads.

Day-old tuna sammich left in the sun or thick steaks with Tom DeLay

Some Humans Ain't Human

Best Major League Manager

I know how to catch Ralph.

Who is Working AGAINST same-sex marriage in Massachusetts?

WHAT IF John Kerry (2004)...

"It Can't Happen Here" - Sinclair Lewis

Jon Stewart: Justice Sunday "It's Prayback Time" - (VIDEO)

Facts on Job loss?

Churchill for dummies

Whose nation under God?

Losing Ground in Iraq

"Guess What - It's Tom DeLay's Frisbee Now".....Satire from The Onion.

The Dialectics Of Global Warming - Independent

One Marine platoon, 25 miles of road, danger lurking around each corner

The Mystery of Hollywood's Dead Republican - NYT

Texas school board adds Bible class

U.N.leash Woolly Bully Bolton

Slate's Fred Kaplan: "The Idealist in the Bluebonnets"

2 want to find GOP mystery man

What's On Jesus' iPod?

Republicans are the new progressives

Frist asked to atone for killing cats

Drugmakers go furthest to sway Congress (CatKiller Frist & others)

Member of Prince Abdullah's group on No Fly List

More At Stake In Bolton Nomination Than Meets the Eye

Perversions of Justice: Indigenous Peoples and Anglo-American Law

Anne Lamont (Salon): God doesn't take sides

interesting quotes from this week's 'the nation' . . .

What's on Jesus' iPod?

Townhall: Voinovich Has 'New Outlook' on Bolton Nomination

In Defense of Marla Ruzicka

Students getting cash, prizes for tattling on classmates

"So the Rich Get Richer?" (re:estate tax repeal"

Why doctors/pharmacists are denying clients birth control pills

NYT (Friedman): The Best Man for the U.N.

Gene Lyons on Coulter & Time Magazine

Spitting on Marla Ruzicka's grave

Latin America in Revolt: Continent Defies USA

From My Lai to Abu Ghraib, some things never change.

Sen. Reid says Dems must accept "'Real ID Act"...

192 rallies to protest the nuc option today. Find one near you here:

Let's make a fake Virgin Mary outside a Walmart

Please sign this petition for service dog's murder

Which consoviet pundit do you find more toxic?

Hannity/Limbaugh/O'Reilly LIsteners: Do these

Wanna' Blog? World News Trust Wants You

Old Media/New Media: Public Attitudes Still Manipulated

Globalization done right: taking a closer look at Japan

UK - Tresspassers Scale Deputy PM's Roof, Install Solar Panels - Reuters

Norway - Carbon Sequestration Too Expensive For Its Oil Wells - Reuters

100 Toxic North Slope Oil Sites, 2,958 Toxic Spills 1996-2002 . . .

As Indonesians Rebuild, Deforestation Threat Intensifies

Summer G8 Meeting Will Devote One Day To Global Warming

Bush Unveils Energy Details - More Refineries At Closed Military Bases

Sustainable Development Summit Ends In Frustration At Global Inaction

"Center For Consumer Freedom" - Defending Tobacco, Defending Fast Food

Zimbabwe's Cities Swimming In Garbage As Economic Woes Continue - Reuters

74% Of Canada's Kyoto Costs Borne By Citizens, Not Energy Sector

2.5M Acres Of Rainforest Contaminated, Destroyed By Texaco In Ecuador

Dozens of Words for Snow, None for Pollution

Arctic Ozone At Lowest Level Ever - Climate Change Believed Responsible

Mongrel calls Berkeley Pit home for 16 years

Bu$h's nuklee'er talk today

Feds to Raise Oil Production Royalties

German Scientists Puzzled By Exploding Toads - ENN

Wind Farm off the South Shore of Long Island

Human Rights Watch (4/27): Abu Ghraib Only the "Tip of the Iceberg"

Simon Tisdall (April 27): Democratic deficit powers street protests

Academics' boycott draws protests in UK

Anti-Semitic Teachers

Britain's professors against peace By ALAN M. DERSHOWITZ

Israeli settlers poisoning our sheep, say West Bank farmers

2 more boy bombers nabbed in W. Bank

Maggie Gyllenhaal's 9/11 remark sparks outcry

Jimmy Walter Starts European Campaign: Re-Open 9/11

Remember the Propaganda?

RICO LAWSUIT: linking it all:Defendants concealed fact of ample warning:

Is it Pointless to Discuss the U.S. Government's Role in 9-11?

Newtopia: From the New Deal to the Dirty Deal: Doubtful Elections

Clinton & Tubbs Jones in Ohio on Saturday for Election Reform Forum




From Bradblog: New Details on Blackwell, the Warren County Lockdown

A whole section of this RICO lawsuit about the election....

Anyone heard anything about George Soros since the election? Does he know

What does this dropping approval rating say about who REALLY won election?

KOEB Wednesday 4/27

Response from Dr. Pastor (Fed. Election Reform) to my letter

Bush Wins Papal Vote

Main Stream Press has editoral on the stolen election

Excellent must read new Fitrakis article posted on

New USCV criticism Revised -- TIA what about the math part of this?

Your top 5 docs are....?

Alert: you can do this:County petition drives to pick voting system

Feb. 2005 SAIC Report on Peak Oil to Department of Energy

VOTING: May 7 Teach-In Columbus, OH

Tax increase proposed for Cali state school funds

Got this email re NAACP support for same sex marriage

Arnold Lambasted over Sexist Joke

Riordan resigns as education secretary

Say it ain't so. Air America.

Anybody ever been to this place (The Fillmore in SF)?

Leach votes against small business bill of rights

Reminder / Cross-post: Anyone want to protest against this on May 10th?

Help me plan my 3 hour Boston vacation :)

GREAT NEWS! Boston Beer Company / Sam Adams- DEMOCRATS!

Woo-hoo!!! I received my convention credentials

An invitation...

Route 128 is EVIL!

Minneapolis MoveOn Rally Recap:

MoveOn Rally for Judicial Moderation Today, 5 p.m. Minneapolis

Need help with yahoo groups and signing up for DU Panic Room

Can't listen to AAR with Real Alternative 1.37............

VOTING: May 7 Teach-In Columbus, OH

is Ohio a red (ink) state ? still waiting for my refund...

Fighting for Election Justice and Integrity; Saturday, May 7th

Wow, Dallas Co. Dem Party webpage has been re-done. Impressive.

Irony: Elton John in Austin performing, announces he will marry partner

Heads up, Houston DUers!!

Dallas: Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson’s Annual Mothers Day Peace Conference

Texas Republicans reluctantly accept retreat on ethics rules

It's official: Lampson will challenge DeLay

Just got back from seeing John Edwards

Hey, derby and ginbarn -- was that you driving by the filibuster rally?

The Galveston SS Show-was it another closed meeting?

Odessa Getting A Bible Class in Public School

Milwaukee Vegetarian Restaurant Recommendation

Paul Ryan

Show us how much you love the Packers


Sensenbrenner racks up over $168,000 in travel expenses

GOPpies' undies in a twist over Voter ID veto - vow constitutional change

7th CD Convention on Saturday

Puke says Voter ID bill will make our votes count

Ignorance is our number one problem- we need to reach out to repubs

Why I Think We're Idiots If We Don't Nominate Mark Warner

Needed Picture of Bush kissing Condi

The Refinery Shortage Lie

Saudi chief justice caught on tape supporting Iraqi insurgents

Bernie Is Beating Up

When you see the acronym "SS" in DU posts and elsewhere...

Airbus Industries Ready to Fly The A380 Today

t-shirt idea . . .

Jon Stewart: covers gay politics in "GayWatch" - (VIDEO)

Facts on Job loss?

In 1999 Iraqi oil production was over 2.5 million barrels per day.

Color of Law ?

The language war!

Ant species trap, 'torture' prey on rack

A practical idea for improving American life.

Florida new shooting law

Iraqi forces desert posts as insurgent attacks are stepped up

Two words, one picture:

what is a "Reagan Democrat"?


Rummy: It does not take a genius to go out and kill... perfectly doable

so many negative polls and not a terra-ist in sight (new toon)

Bush holding hands all over the Hartford Courant today

IMDB responses to Maggie Gyllenhaal's comments


Is there an allotment of one Freeper per thread?

Tony Perkins, Bill Frist, Rev. Dobson, KKK WHITE People of Faith

The "Greatest American" (HA!) nominees on AOL

Can you believe that there are STILL White Supremacists in our Govt?

If the true numbers for this War on Iraq ever get out,the American people

Any thoughts about the UK General election?

Can An Accused "Terrorist" Even Get A Fair Trial In This Country?

Biden is going OFF on IMUS!!!

Will the Senate Foreign Relations Committee interview Powell...

Fallujah: This is our Guernica by J. Steele and Dahr Jamail

Al Gore To Speak Out Today Against Repubs and the "Nuclear Option"

If we can justify the slaughter of 100,000 innocents, what have we become?

"Comrade Red Elephant"-Watch

Bush asks about "Splash Day."

Before DU bashes Arnold over his newest sexist joke

Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government

a question about AIDS and the african american community...

Ugh - World Nut Daily founder is on Coast to Coast

Media Bias Forum on C-Span3 - Eric Alterman & Al Franken

I blame George Bush for the increase in youth violence.

In dealing with right-wing hatred, Elizabeth Edwards is an inspiration

Whose rights would you be willing to give up to get Dems back in power?

Keith Olberman last night

Just Breaking CNN.COM: Female member of Iraq's transitional national

Air America being investigated by the secret service, according to sludge

I got a reply from the creator of Prickly City cartoon, Scott Stantis!!

If a Dem president had invaded Iraq for WMD's and there were none,

POLL: Remember the anthrax attacks on Dashcle and Leahy???

Moving to the lounge. Misposted! Sorry...

Maggie Gyllenhaal's 9/11 remark sparks outcry

Bush asks fake town hall crowd about local gay event - Splash Day

Some people just can't stand the competition that 527s create.

Local LTTE, ARG!!! -- Judicial Nominees Need You

*********Caption this!***************

Senator Hatch needs a kick in the ass!

So what does Ted Nugent think?

Cross post: Video - MSNBC: Olbermann analyzes Gannon's access to power

Tonight's "Must Preach Tee Vee" lineup on NBC

"The opposite of faith is not doubt: It is certainty."...

Last deadly flu virus (H2N2)sample found in Beirut

Fun Activity Time

MoveOn's National Day of Action . . . Rallies in Michigan

Jeff Gannon makes front page of "The Advocate" (GLBT News magazine)

PDA Seeks Action on Iraq Withdrawal

Anti-Bush Protests in Galveston

Say No To Phony Affordable Housing

CNN Shocker - Solidad stands up to arch-Con Cliff May!

Berlusconi warns U.S. friendly fire inquiry 'not over'

I am starting to feel sad for them

"Hot Tub Tom" & Shrub on page 1 of Houston Chronicle today

Ask C-span to cover Sibel Edmonds - 4/28/05

LOL, Oliphants toon on Bush and Prince Abdullah

Re: judges - Has anyone brought up the Repubs' "blue slip" tactics?

I got my first LTTE published!

White House Correspondents Association Annual Dinner - April 30

Black Caucus Intervenes On Behalf Of Handcuffed 7 Year Old Student

You are president John Kerry; it is 2005

Afghanistan field cdr: Never let Holocaust happen again (nice quote)

Famous Quotes of Barry Goldwater - A Real Conservative

Santorm introducing bill that would make getting weather cost us money

what do you all make of this?

The quality of a man (memories)


Is it Pointless to Discuss the U.S. Government's Role in 9-11?

Most Ironic Headline this week: "GOP Pleas for Bipartisanship on SS"

Anyone have the Bankruptcy threads marked?

$62 for bumperstickers and a tshirt

GOP Willing to Repeal Ethics Rule Changes

Wanna' Blog? World News Trust Wants You

Our gas shot up again - was down to $2.03. Now $2.15, I

Exploding Toads Puzzle German Scientists

Why is it?

"Supreme Court Declines to Hear POWs' Case"

"There is nothing inherently 'corrupt' or wrongful about an intent

The world is a little less evil today....Racist JB Stoner is dead

Right-wing vision of America anything but 'conservative'

Laura Bush appears on Tonight Show in attempt to pull up Dubya's ratings?

When did Nightline start soliciting opinions from likes of Liddy & Savage?

Right-Wing Nuts are going nuts. Drudge claims SS investigating AAR.

Jerry Springer has never seen Dubya holding hands with an Arab.

Correct names for "Just Us" Sunday

Dozens of Words for Snow, None for Pollution

Has anyone been watching the fillebuster debate on C-Span2?

You are Lyndon Johnson; it is 1964

After a lifetime of work, Mexico City's elderly prostitutes find shelter

MSNBC & Andrea Mitchell just said on live TV that Chimpy and

Pope Ratzo

Are you listening to Biden on the Senate floor? Nuclear Option speech. NOW

Iqaluit, Nunavu sends a warning to the world

Buckle your seatbelt, Tom! -PIX->>>

Gannon/Gueckert spends more time at the White House than GW

HELP! Need info on the seven judges

Has Chimpy been to Germany recently?

CapitalOne Credit On A Mail Freenzy

A POLL: Should Progressive Catholics Remain Members Of The Church?

Mac advice please

Church/public school question

BREAKING: Hastert retreats on House Ethics Rules....

Can someone help me?

Fascists still fumin' over Maggie. Check out the AOL site.

A ribbon for my new (to me) pickup truck???

why can't we do to bush what they did to Bill?

RE: Feature article "Chief Justice Cheney"....

Daily Kos: Guckert/Gannon in White House with no record of entry or exit

Tell the White House to Come Clean on Jeff Gannon and Stop the Propaganda.

"other options besides 'Remain indefinitely' & 'Withdraw immediately" -PDA

I know Gannon's 15 minutes are up, but we can't drop Gannongate!

What do you think of /Counterpunch/?

A question about religion/public school

Judging Amy was spot on last night

Canada refuses to do 'Star Wars'. USA investigates sites in Newfoundland

For My 1000th Post. Democrats Fair Deal with America

Holding hands....

Erstwhile Clinton-basher NY Observer now raves about Hillary

How is the retail price of gasoline calculated?

Laura on Leno --PIX-->>>

Preponderance of oddly evocative language?

Sen. Wellstone campaign flier shows up at area residences

Looks like Olberman is #1 on MSRNC now

The chimp talking about hybrid cars...

Randi talking about drudge report

Is Howard Zinn a fox at age 82?

PHOTOS: Brazil welcomes DR.Rice: "Fuck off!"

Hire a Bushbot ... its fun!

Anyone hear anymore about the 6 US soldiers missing in Afghanistan?

I wonder if it is possible to send a letter advising our soldiers not to

Every time I hear liberals harp on Fox News' right-wing bias...

The Good News/Bad News Thread

AP: "House Speaker Dennis Hastert, leading a Republican retreat..."

A Tree Powered Truck

"Take that, hippy!" I think not!

looks like a victory to me!

What gives you hope that the left will take back our country?

I have a question for anyone who has young children in public school.

Remember: DeLay is Bush's FRIEND, Bush supports him STRONGLY!

Should we have a "Bipartisan" aka Cage Match argument forum on DU??

tx at it again, when will people speak out

Wow! Rush Cleared it All Up for Me (re Ethics Rules)

Tyco CEO-slash-Orgy Boy Dennis Kozlowski: 'I just was not thinking'

ACK! Help me! I'm drowning in a sea of RED!!

Christian Coalition: Democrats DISCRIMINATING against succesful women!

So you want to be a political strategist.....

Anyone seen "Off to War"?

Modern Products: 1950s ads....

Why does Orrin Hatch act like he has a hot poker stuck up his ass?

Ever lost a friend or relative to religion or politics, or both?

"Truly America is my favorite slave." Saudi King Fahd 1993

Small Business Bill of Rights Bill voted down!

Tony Blair's plane struck by lightning

PHOTOS: Galveston, Texas STANDS UP against bush*...WOW !

If any evidence was needed that we are moving toward one party rule,

False Alarms over no fly zone

Dear Mother Nature:

The Draft - How You Can Get Involved

I think we need to win these battles.

Rape is good; state-sponsored murder is bad

Today's screwed up story

Deal Struck for Timing of Miller, Cooper Supreme Court Appeal

Spanking your pets - yes or no?

Is it alright for a guy to smack his wife around a little bit?

Help! I just rescued a baby jackrabbit in my back yard

Question about the Abramoff/Tiqua Tribe scandals

Roger Hedgecock reporting DeLay will resign leadership post

Do you all remember this fracas in Chile with pResident Bush?

Catholic fundy homoerotic gibberish

Randi Rhodes - Did someone say she advocated violence against

Check out the Moonie Times Front Page

Fight about DU on Hannity

Houston Men Sue Pope Over Letter About Sex Abuse

Unintended results of new bankruptcy law...hurts credit card co.'s

Pope rat says

Is Dr. Rice belong to the looney bin?

Rick Santorum Sucks

Raw Story: Journalists mull new findings on 'Gannon'

DeLay wants to "guillotine" judges. Is this the modern Reign of Terror

If you were asked to describe a good president, how would you do it?

Surprise! Texas leads nation in citizens with no health insurance!

Wankie the elephant

Can you be discriminated against for being divorced?

Ton y Blair on Sky News

A Shower of Boiling Water Interrupts a Long String of Hair Salon Robberies

So, I'm listening to Rush on the way back from lunch and...

Is it a good idea to encourage 12, 13, 15 year-olds to "come out"?

Hubby got an invite to Dinner w/GW! For 25K, he can get a photo,too!

Young Republicans chairman confronted

U.S., Iraqis `Winning' Even as Insurgency Persists, Myers Says

Know who's to blame for the Corp. takeover of the USA? We are.

Are viewers of Lou Dobbs mostly Dems?

Your opinions

1980: Democratic Primary--Who would you have voted for?

Amy Goodman on Hardball, 6:15pm CT, MSNBC nt

Readin The Motorcycle Diaries...

CREW:Hastert Ethics 'Step Back' Fails To Address Serious Concerns

Ahhhnold enrages Turks with genocide comments

Gannon didn't check in for Bush's 03/06/03 Iraq Press Conference

FTC Flexes its Muscles in Ab Energizer Case

Microsoft comes under fire from gay rights activists

This is what we're up against

Will it be women who finally bring this admin down?

News Tonight on CBS: What is the Meaning of Saudi Bush** hand Holding!

Why hitting kids is a bad idea

Anyone here ever set up a Web site, with a "Free Web Hosting" site?

1972: If you were voting in Democratic primary who would you...

Anyone listening to Randi Rhodes?

Laura Bush plans to eliminate gangs with Shakespeare!

Ever Get the Sad Sad Sad Sad Feeling that

How many terrorists are there?

Three New Social Security Truth Truck Tours Destined for Lawmakers' Dist

Check out these incredible CEO salaries! Can you be paid "too much"?

Pressure on ChevronTexaco Over Ecuador

There's a thread in GD Politics saying Delay is to resign

Al Gore on CSPAN 2 right now from earlier today

IS it possible that some professions in the US just charge too much?

Europe Invites the United States to Observe the Law

we could have insured 99,301,157 children for one year (cost of war)

Now that the final WMD report has debunked the "Syria has Iraqs Weapons"

NBC the new 700 club??

Do Children Have An Absolute Right To Privacy?

Countdown-where'd they find that Packers fan?

A Fine Christian Nation Sex Trumps Torture and Murder

AL Gore Speech to Moveon- Cspan 2

Spanking should be safe, legal, and rare

Anyone Notice On Faux, The Liberals Are All Ugly As Hell

Do you pedal your daily commute?

"Declarations of War" A documentary on the encore cable channel

From the mouth of a converted republican

Hotel Rwanda. You Owe It To Yourself to See It.

Nobody Is Liking Anything Poor GW Is Doing Anymore: CNN Poll

Bush's Bouncer Gets Around! Lawful Protesters Being Ejected By Fake Secret

Bush Dodges Stalker in Bunker (Gannon Satire)

Bush's press conference on thursday

Blame Liberals for High gas Prices

TONY BLAIR tells a Bush size whopper

Confirm Bolton Losers have thier comments page back up


Another protest, 260 people showed at Fed. Ct House...

I'm seeing more people bike and walk around here.

My "Bush lied, People Died" bumpersticker got ripped off my car

LOTS of pictures from Bush Social Insecurity privatized townhall mtg


Priest had a funny comment about the Pope this weekend...

Biden on fire on CSPAN........ what a speech.... what

FRIST and looking for any RN's, Ancillary staff who worked with him

Saudi gov. complicity in 9/11 - Al-Qaeda suspect had envoy's passport

Is America the world's freest nation?

Two 16 Year Old Girls Rotting in the Homeland Gulag for an Essay

Didn't the Republicans fillibuster a judical nominee a few years ago?

So now their snapping at their own bunnypants' shadows

So. Is bush's poodle tony blair a liar, incompetent, or evil?

"Where is Osama?" will a reporter have guts to ask * this question

Attending a DOE Energy Seminar Tomorrow-Need Best Peak Oil Websites

Post your MoveOn Protest Pictures.

Notice for tomorrow's TOONs edition (4/28)

The 28 Pages of the 9/11 commision report?

Pretend you are a reporter @ *'s press confrence tomorrow night.

By the way, does anybody know how much extra Gannon charges to

yup. it's coordinated attack on air america

I'm a teacher and I'm not afraid to touch a child

Bolton spied on his boss? Intimations resurface.

Could This Be True??? The Border Vigilantes Have UAV's NOW???

Has anyone interviewed Gannon/Guckert's "colleagues" about him?

? for the really brave: What are cons saying re: Bush/Saudi hand holding?

The oil surplus - where did it come from?

"War president" Bush runs to bunker after radar blip

Just got a call from Focus on the Family

Anybody See Grassley On HardBall Tonight ???

Perhaps this should be sent to every christain who voted for Bush

The Cost of the Iraq War April 27- $165,800,246,386

Know anything about funding for 'start-up' non profits

Marijauna: The Myths Are Killing US (Govt. propaganda)

Greatest generation paradox...

Attention all DU Clairvoyants! What will Shrub say tomorrow night?

Bush ratings @ 43%? Up goes the terror threat levels...

Audit Report Shows Halliburton Overcharges Top $212 Million

Publisher banned from Apple stores

I love liberals

Airing Justice Sunday was mistake, says Channel 19 (violated guidelines)

Spanking kids- yes or no?

Don't all these spanking threads belong in the lounge?

In the Guardian Today- 'Tony Blair is a War Criminal'

Has anyone heard of Defend Democracy?

Sociopathrix Barbie: Debbie Schlussel Spits on Marla Ruzicka's grave

"The Most Important Thing I Learned in School This Year," by Billy Wilson

my child is high-risk (asperger's autism). my take on the handcuffed kid

Who are these people of Faith??

My, the Bushbots in my neck of the woods are getting cranky

Caption Contest

Bush giving an address tomorrow night on TV, press conference after

New Revelations About White House's Gay Hustler

Anybody hear that Laura Ingraham has cancer? I'm sorry if it's true

Would you want to know if your kid was travelling to get an abortion?

Effects of Agent Orange? (Disturbing photo)

Did you go to a MoveOn Filibuster rally today?

Ann Coulter is going to be on Jay Leno in 2 weeks...

Discovered a manual on how to fight the RW

9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions on C-SPAN

A Brief History of the Corporation . . .

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Group Hug!

Bush giving energy speech-"Nuuukuuular"

Okay, confess who's trolling FR and writing this crap.

Corporpal punishment bringing positive results?

Surprise Guest at Social Security Rally: An Opposition Party

Hey! What happened to

Hey guys. If a womans says NO twice what do you do?

Gore's on Cspan2

question - when the kid in my reading class

Summerhill: Childhood Manifesto (please read!)

"I Support More Troops Than You"

"Wanna really be Pro-Life? You gotta drive the lane"


Police describe anti-war protester as 'emotionally disturbed'

Anyone else concerned about "credit reports"?


Bush to hold news conf tomorrow night - somebody hold Gannons seat!

Does Sean Hannity respect Alan Colmes?

Gary Bauer on Prayer in School, Homosexuality, & the 10 Commandments:

Anyone have a moment when you became politically active?

Would YOU pick peaches for $10 an hour? Babysit for $8 an hour?

Low wage workers. Are you one? Do you know a lot of them?

Is the gannon story over?

Is/was making/keeping Gambling illegal a Liberal or Conservative goal

If you want to know why Bush is frenching the Saudi Crown Prince,

Bush manhanding the Prince -- the music video!

Isn't including Delay on the SS Tour 2005...

Seriously, NO Democrat should cooperate with the Republican agenda.

Am I the only person that thought the Florida girl needed a paddling?

Why no hoopla when police handcuffed kids at the Terri Schiavo protest?

Pizza delivery guy gave me hope!


I voted for Reagan ..... twice. You got a problem with that? (sorta long)

Thoughts from a lifelong Catholic

The Right Wing is now trying to shut Air America Radio down

All Christians should memorize this:

DeLay to reporters: "You guys better get out of my way"

Smash-the-State Poets To Rule the World

Images: Anti-War activist, Astor Place/Protestor Crucifies Himself

Don't tell me how to raise my kids!

It HAS Been Telegraphed !!! (Re: DeLay\Ethics)

Bye bye, Sacagawea....hello, Barbara Bush dollar coin?

"It's poor people like you that..."

Sociopaths Have High Self-Esteem

For me, logical proof of MIHOP.

A conservative coup is underway at PBS.

Capitalism and Other Kids' Stuff

Handcuffing a 5-year-old: transcript

More Reasons Not to Spank

Why is the news so bad? What can progressives do to fix it?

"Hello, this is Focus on the Family, with a recorded political message..."

Christian right goes to war with Ridley’s crusaders

Suppose all cars were Hydrogen Powered:

Does capitalism inevitably lead to fascism?

Transcript of McKinney's Exchange with Rumsfeld, Myers and Jonas

IslamicArmy - 2nd Message to the American People

Anti-War Protester Ties Himself to Utility Pole-Check Out the Picture

So, let me get this straight - the VPD are perverts who beat up people

I used to hate Peter Warren - today I love him

Where's The Beef?

Putting minor matters like the election aside

BBC Fact check: Are Lib Dems left of Labour?

Channel 4 has the Attorney General's advice on Iraq

I never lie, says Blair

Chelsea Vs Liverpool

Train, bus collide in Sri Lanka

Wheat ships in limbo amid political row

Testimony by soldiers begins in deaths of two Iraqis

Comics hit gusher: George of Arabia

States tell Congress to repeal federal recreation fee

"Hot Tub Tom" & Shrub on page 1 of Houston Chronicle today

BBC: Seven to die for US centre attack

Iraqi woman MP killed in Baghdad

Florida House passes measure regulating outsourcing (Florida)

Authorities asked to be more discerning after five journalists arrested

Iraqi assembly member assassinated

Panel will widen review of Bolton

Federal Reserve approves acquisition of Riggs Bank parent

Piersol: Attacks on judges to get airing

U.S. March Durables Orders Unexpectedly Fall 2.8%

(Arctic) Ozone Layer Most Fragile On Record - Guardian

Tony Blair's Plane Hit by Lightning: BBC breaking

House Speaker ready to scrap ethics rules

Newest Nixon: Cox Considers Hillary Race (Tricia's husband)

Iraqi MP Killed, No Government Announced

Passport Rule May Hurt Caribbean Tourism (U.S.)

Company Plans To Build Space Elevator

GOP apologizes, to pay Dems (a small local victory)

Russian youth group vows to name fascists in schools


Iranian Oil Minister Sees Supply Surpluses ("Market is oversupplied")

A380 takes off for maiden flight

PM rejects 'unpleasant' Tory attack

Nation's Largest Mental Health provider reappoints anti-gay therapist

US respects Philippines decision to withdraw workers from Iraq

Fourth company agrees to help DeLay PAC probe

Social Security proposal rebuffed

looks like a victory to me!

Italy will not sign off on report

Iraq PM finalises government plan

Social Security proposal rebuffed - Bush plan criticized at meeting

GOP senator dares foes to 'Suggest your own plans'

Al Gore To Speak Out Today Against Repubs and the "Nuclear Option"

Army officer lends ear to Iraqis over radio

Qatar draws up plan to sell off al-Jazeera

Mystery of German exploding toads

Ohio Cable Access Fight Has Preachers, Porn Producers on Same Side

Bush Signs Bill to Let Parents Strip Offensive Scenes From Films

20 million US workers lack health insurance -study

Ex-Tyco fatcat on stand: I just forgot about that $25M (Kozlowski)

Data kept out of terror report shows 'dramatic uptick' in attacks: lawmake

Goldsmith's Iraq Advice 'Warned UK Troops Faced Prosecution'

Bush aide dismisses 'shrill cry' of press (Faith Based Towey-A Dem)

Diplomats: U.S. Alone in Fight to Oust UN's El Baradei

SUV trade-in values, sales are tanking

3rd-Grader Found Hanging From Hook in School Coatroom; Critical Condition

Army Officer Testifies He Had Consensual Sex With Fellow Soldier

British Businessman Convicted in U.S. Weapons Case

Florida Governor (Bush) Signs Deadly Force Law (Reuters)

Berlusconi's New Government Wins Confidence Vote

Senate Panel Is Widening Review on U.N. Nominee

9 years old found hanging from coat hook in school

Battle on Bolton Nomination Could Wound the President, Too (NYT)

Wed. Seattle P-I: Microsoft defends ties to Ralph Reed (new info)

Lightning strikes Blair's plane

U.S. soldier among dead in Afghan attacks

Gore Blasts GOP Bid to Block Filibusters

Exec Perks: An Ugly Picture Emerges

Saudis call for meeting on global oil issues

House GOP yields on ethics rules

GOP Pushes Bolton Floor Vote

Oil Prices Slide Below $53 a Barrel

Kaua'i educator gets year in jail for abuse (may keep job)

Houston Men Sue Pope Over Letter About Sex Abuse

LAT: Army Officers Testify Akbar Was Unfit for Duty

Court: Farmers Can Sue Pesticide Makers

GOP Willing to Repeal Ethics Rule Changes

Putin Finds Egypt Firmly Allied With U.S. ($$$$)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 27 April

Marines forced to use dummies

Breaking: I'm a bad influence on other DUer's.

Congress debates face of $1 coin

MSNBC; U.S. may sell bunker busters to Israel

Contract Quagmire in Iraq

Researchers urge fight against child abuse (national institute proposed)

Cable TV industry highlights content ratings (Indecency)

Rumsfeld defends use of smaller sized force in Iraq

Bush to hold news conf tomorrow night - somebody hold Gannons seat!

Analysis:Rumsfeld: Victory is up to Iraqis

Russia beckons Jews who fled

Democrats furious over GOP efforts to rewrite amendments

Top generals sacked in Colombia

World threatened by increasing damage to coral reefs: experts

White Supremacist J.B. Stoner Dies at 81

GOP Moves to Reverse Ethics Rule Changes

Bush Wants Refineries at Former Bases

Pressure on Blair to make statement on Iraq

Dethroned Ms. Wheelchair given new title: Miss disAbility International

At least five die in gunfire at Haiti demo

Spokane extends domestic partner benefits

U.S. Set to Sell Bunker-Busters to Israel

Brazil Subtly Warns U.S. Not to Stir Up Venezuela

Supremacist and Church Bomber Stoner Dies

Bush administration switches gears, releases terror report

Terror Attacks Increased Sharply in 2004

Air America radio investigated after Bush "gunshots" WARNING Drudge

Army Officer Acquitted of Raping Soldier in Her Barracks Room

IAEA delays ElBaradei reappointment

Police hope photo of possible witness leads to child porn victim (CNN)

U. S. Seeks to Tighten Vise on Chavez

March Factory Orders Take a Steep Dive (Biggest in 3 Years)

First Lady Says No Plans to Seek Office

Vancouver promotes insurance by the km

Young Republicans chair confronted, Woman bounced from Bush event recalls

Otero County Deputy Indicted (shot a man in handcuffs)

Congress: Secrecy Hurts Patriot Act Push

Crucial warnings Blair kept from MPs

Eskimo villagers' pro-drilling stance wavering

Mfume Accused of Favoritism At NAACP

NYT: Some Who Got Checks Via DeLay Gave to His Defense

GOP 30 pick up a knife

Al-Qaeda suspect 'had envoy's passport'

Records Show Man in (Y2K) LAX Plot Gave U.S. Key Terrorist Details

GOP Plans Vote to Overcome Dems' EPA Block (No more "holds" on nominees)

Martin buys NDP support (Canada)

Families prepare Iraq war indictment

Marines testify about slain Iraqis at hearing for officer accused of murde

U.S. Says 1,907 People Died in International Terror (Reuters)

Wal-Mart Targets Parody Site Run by Carnegie Mellon Student

Microsoft May U-Turn On Gay Rights -

Venezuela's Chavez increases minimum wage (26%)

Gigantic Airbus A-380 takes to the sky..

Key Witness Abruptly Taken off the Stand in Murder Case Against Marine

(FL)Senate president accuses governor of 'plagiarism' on growth

Americans uninspired by UK election

Pollutant affects sex chromosome (BBC News)

WH Briefly Goes on SEcurity Alert (Bush has to move)

Hundreds to protest Bush administration's travel restrictions to Cuba

Hutchison is dividing GOP, e-mail says

Rice: Coca Eradication Program Is Effective

Utah Women Sue Church for Fraud For Not Getting Promised Land, Meet Christ

Bush to host news conference on Thursday night

Reagan's diaries to be published

Leak of Iraq war letter 'shows attack was legal'

House approves $1 (presidential) coin

Diplomats:U.S. Alone in Fight to Oust UN's ElBaradei

Rumsfeld: 'The last thing we need is a draft' (but we need more $$$'s)

Homeland Security agency spends big on silk plants

House Votes to Reverse GOP Ethics Rules

Polaroid retirees see little ($47.00) from sale. (PRI's Marketplace)

Iraq death car arrives in Italy

Airing Justice Sunday was mistake, says Channel 19 (violated guidelines)

Lampson files papers to challenge DeLay

LAT: Unhappy Apple Yanks Books Off Store Shelves

Ethics Rule is Changed, Republicans expected to target Dems now

Texas School Board Adds Bible Class

Bush to Host News Conference on Thursday (ending SocSec "tour")

UCLA Researchers Produce Nuclear Fusion

Study: Vast Majority Says News Reporting is Biased

Officials: Homelessness Crosses Into Classroom

Americans growing weary of Iraq war...

Schwarzenegger angers Turks with genocide reference

Polish Priest at the Vatican Was Informer for Communist Secret Police, Off

CNN: Four charged after girl killed in 'excruciating ordeal'

House OKs Bill Toughening Abortion Consent

U.S. buys weapons from indicted company (Smuggled AK-47s in to U.S.)

Venezuela moves to extradite Cuban militant thought in Miami

US wants to sell Israel ‘bunker-buster’ bombs

Fla. agency gets teen's abortion blocked

Bush taken to bunker after airspace scare

I never lie, says Blair as new doubt is cast on war

Microsoft Wants No Limit On Hiring Foreigners

Unemployed and selling my possessions on this page

My Fave San Fran radio show is on right now

DU Group Proposal: Sorrow, Death, Depression & Crying Forum

BC Duers - I have a new election drinking game

Were Gummi cola bottles more popular than Swedish Fish in the 80s?

Flipper sucks. Willy sucks.

Club Med sucks. Authority sucks.

Okay, in the spirit of 'equal time', who's the worst Repub Prez since 1900

Front row tickets for an Ashlee Simpson concert or a nice root canal

So I was on Waikiki Beach Today, watching a Push-Up Brah.......

So I was in Victoria's closet Today, fondling her Push-Up Bra.......

Archery makes me quiver.

What's with Bartcop's obsession with Shirley Manson? n/t

DU grope proposal: mind....

Just watched Bleep! Censoring Hollywood on AMC...

Hey, I can't find nothing on the radio Yo! turn to that station

Do you get un-easy to post a thread if not sure if its a dupe or not?

Blair rap? 0_o

Al Dente Spaghetti

I'm diggin a crucial grave

I'm diggin' a crucial groove

I'm diggin' some crucial gravy

anyone to help with my lawn tractor repair?

DU group proposal: Pestilence, Famine, Death and War Forum

Does anyone else here get high off of conflict?

Just in case you didn't think there was enough crap on the internet

"Citizen Ruth" is on Showtime now. A great film about extremism

I'm covered with blue paint and paraffin wax

Has anyone seen the new episode of Family Guy?

This is my 200th post. Ask me anything and I'll lie to you.

DU Group proposal: Shut the Fuck Up!

so many bad polls -- what's a pResident to do? (new toon)

DU Group proposal: Sad, Lonely, Pathetic Men that dont get any.

the new foster greyhound

Why all the lonely fellows?

WHOOO-HOOOO with this post I have hit

Judge Says ADHD Caused Him To Wrongly Send People To Jail

Would you date this girl if....

Guys...I'm having a panic attack....

Did Al Gore invent the internet?

Anyone heard from or about Ladyhawk?

There's a 400lb bear on the loose in Milwaukee this morning...

Does any political leader have a more unfortunate name than...


Old habits die of the first things I did was try to go to ATA..

Help! I somehow changed my DU font size, and can't figure how to undo

What summer movie are you looking forward the most to?

"dumbest criminal of the day."-Locks SELF in car truck

DU Group proposal: Don't hate me because I'm fabulous.

I dreamt last night that my cats turned into dogs....


Guess What - It's Tom DeLay's Frisbee Now.....mmmm...satire!

In honor of Blair's upcoming Election - a Golden Oldie: Endless Love

Ya been a bad boy, Ben

So, what did JimmyJazz get me while she was in Boston?

Highly critical flaw reported for Netscape

This statement is false. n/t

Hey! Lord of HELLFIRE

Hormones suck some days.

OK, OK. A round of Choco Tacos for everybody here!

"I see you've changed you name. Congratulations on your marriage!"


Detroit DU'ers..a question

so, what do you think of my (relatively new) sig line?

Right WIng " Daffynitions"

Who sent me this Boston meetup "Morning after" photo?

My Blog

In what Film did C.Grant say JUDY>>JUDY>>JUDY ?

Why does a dog-napping story deserve a live news crew?

Runaway buffalo in US suburb is corralled into tennis court

Foreign Policy Hurting American Students' Chances Of Getting Laid Abroad

Tony Blair's Plane Hit by Lightning

What Do People Think of Breast Implants?

Pub chef bitten by deadly spider

Sympathy for the Martyr

Oh give me a court, where the buffalo cavort

Anybody Out There Practice Reiki?

Perception of Wealth

Two men go hunting together, die of heart attacks

Flesh Chunks Found in Iowa Water Lines

I'm cleaning out my bulk mail folder and...



Man allegedly kills co-worker over joke told 7 years ago

Romeo & Juliet

Ever feel burnt-out, like you badly need a vacation?

I just saw a HUGE opossum by the dumpster in my complex.

OMG I hit 5000 posts without even knowing it!

1 hour until second interview: Tips and good thoughts appreciated.

Most condoms in India aren't used for sex

If You Have Me On "Ignore", Don't Read This Message

Is Ted Nugent an asswipe?

Rabrrrrrr: Did you give your secretary a day off for Secretary's Day??

How many people have you put on IGNORE?

How would you personalize your postage stamps?

New Living Will form for DUers:

Finally figured out how to post my Europe pix! Here's one!

Goooood Morning DU!

Sick at heart and lonely, Deep in dark despair.

If you have progmon on ignore you shouldn't and here's why....

Ray Charles singing "Georgia on My Mind".....

So what weirdos are up right now? FESS UP.

OH YEAH!Cassandra Uprising and I are going to see Anthony Braxton tonight!

Exploding Toads Puzzle German Scientists

Cool story - Man bitten by worlds most poisonous spider - in UK pub!!

Lula & Naomi, Lula & Condi

No Animals Were Harmed While Making This Film, OOPS!

Alabama Brother, Sister Arrested for Incest

Be prepared

My photo CAPTION courtesy of DistressedAmerican...

I may have found myself a new job!

Anyone Else Interested in Caroline Myss?

Goddamn underhanded republicans

This made me feel ill

I'll be leaving DU--for a while

Who said "There's no such thing as a free lunch?"

mcp needs help troubleshooting connectivity on 10.3.5

When people refer to the new pope as "ratzo"

Fans of NWA: 2 links to check....

Paula Abdul Did NOT Have Affair With 'American Idol' Contestant

I have only Ignored a person once...and then I felt bad, so I switched

Ask Dr. Frist.

Just a simple Thanks

Two threads I was following deleted now

CAPTION a wonderful women paying tribute to her mother-in-law

a new discussion group?

Three posts to go to 2000. Ask me anything.

Who wants to drink Tequila out of my navel?


Do all of you really cover up now that sun is toxic?

Who's going to Liontamers NYC gathering on June 11th, 2005?

How do you like my new avatar?

OK, the fun shall begin again at 4:45 p.m. EST would you go about apologizing to someone...

Yo, Yo, Yo! Loung Lizards, Pimp My Thread!

The 'Charles Darwin' Rose by David Austin

I'm joining the 700 Club!

My abdominal ultrasound tests came back!

We finally have a locked thread in the Canadian forum

We just had a bomb threat at my office complex.

Do you shop online?

I need to get laid..

Beat on the Brat

I'll do another song in pictures - Your choice

We finally have a locked thread in the Pacifist forum

Oh My Gosh! I DEFENDED ** Twice Today!

Confess-you love chickenscratching

A question for DU nurses?

Confess - you love 'Myth busters'

Company Plans To Build Space Elevator

For my 700th post

Anyone seen "Blade Trinity"?

This guy told me Heavy Metal died the day Led Zeppelin put out Presence

Dave's Insanity Corn. Should I-

We finally have an unlocked thread in the Anarchist forum.

Amazing kid

Driving while Political

Styx is on our muzak at work

Taxpayers Furious Over High School TV's-42 Inch Flat Screens In Lunchroom

For your information, I just took a big leek...

I Want'a Do Something Freaky To You - A Song in Pictures

A sweet video you must see.

Fess up! One of you just bought Judy Garland's Dorothy dress for $285,000!

I'm never doing THAT again...

so what's in reagan's diary?

Anyone else here like Crooked Fingers?

Anyone catch this Ann Coulter story on Wonkette yesterday?

Jail or Packer tickets for theft convict

OK, YOU tell ME what DeLay is grabbing with his right hand.

I'm starting to get the shakes without ATA.

Random Questions:

Who wants to eat dove chocolate and let it stain my blouse and yell "HELL!

New film "Serenity" Looks cool!

Do we need to start an ATAA?

Who wants to apply dove's blood to my nipple and yell "HAIL SATAN" with me

Who the hell chased Sarahbelle out of DU???

Introducing......SLICE (photograph from Matcom)

Who wants to lick peanut butter off my eyelids?

The animated gifs and smileys don't move.

The Look Of Love - A song in pictures

Pet peeve: The increased use of the term 'treasure'

Rev_Acts Dupe thread

Who here did not know that South Park is a real place in Colorado?

Hump Day blues?... HAVE NO FEAR, IT'S SAB TIME!!!!

DeLay running from reporters on news.

Does this picture describe you? Discuss...

Well, it finally happened.

Perhaps a tool shed with the same name as a Nazi camp is not a good thing?

In honor of the passing of ATA...

Do We All Agree that Rev Acts get to put the 1000th post on her thread?

Best Song In Pictures Today

Greetings from the Waldorf Cat Haven (DIALUP WARNING)


First Pictures of the Kittens I found Under my Deck

Headlines We'd Like to Read, April 27, 2005

Bouncy Ball's Big Thread O' Religious Humor

Please help a dumb s#!t with cell phones

Modern Products: 1950s ads....

Mrs. Beast Man bought me a red Swingline stapler!

Joke -Might be an old one, I'm not really up on all this new fangled stuff

I got off work 2 hrs early today!!!

Washington DC questions

What do you think about this for a Graduation Gift for my best friend?

HONK if you give a rat's ass about Maggie Gyllenhaal's opinion of America

What is your personality disorder?

I want to applaud all DUers for their great t-shirt ideas

A GREAT idea for a bumpersticker!

Favorite "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" Comedian

OK, now I'm pissed!

Ok, GD is cruel and unusual right now.

Mr Beastman bought me roses

on hold with Randi

Do you see my sig line? That's being delivered to my house in 1 week.

The Official "Words Used to Describe Ted Nugent" Thread

I worked for Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, ask me anything!

Smiling faces

Got a Question for long-term DU'ers

MrG has a Cold! Can someone please take him for the night??

I'm a bad influence on other DUer's....

GD is rife with snarky copycats

I love yivver gurl!

have you ever started a fire by rubbing 2 sticks together?

Songs that make you smile for no explicable reason

What's in YOUR wallet? My C-1 rant...

I Just Changed My Sig Line

Has anybody experienced sudden hearing loss from one ear?

I don't know what you've got but it plays with my emotions

Psycho Christian Conservatives - selling their telephone services

How much would you be willing to lift for work?

Would The Owners Of The 2 Cats Who Are F*CKING Under My Truck........

Help! I just rescued a baby jackrabbit in my back yard

Awesome flash video for all you loners out there:

Democracy Now is really good today...

Wot be a pirate's favorite Russian monarch?

Is the House's decision to replace Sacagewa with Presidents racist?

Will the mother of the nine kids in the stadium parking lot come get them

Did Randi Rhodes go too far??

Let's me and you go get a new tattoo, we can hop on our Harley and cruise

Wal-mart thinks they're going to sell you "custom CDs" (3 songs, $4.62)

Hey you, get into my car

Interior Decorating - Bathroom

Fan tatoos


Anybody around Oklahoma City see that meteor last night?

How far is Dulles airport

Does General Grievous have 2 or 4 arms?

The Kittens are GONE!

Listening to Ray Stevens' "The Pirate Song"

It's 6:44 Here, in the East! Do you know where your JimmyJazz Is?

Looking for DUers in the Dayton, Ohio area

Hey I just broke 1000

How likely is it that someone else's remote would open my garage door

Update on GreenLantern:

Oh my eyes!!!!

Do you guys treat your lawns to kill the dandy lions?

How can I get a gmail account?

Is it just me or............

Men of DU. Two wishes, the *woman of your dreams or car of your dreams?

What The Hell Is Going On In This Pic? Sometimes Google Scares Me!

Which is tastier?

Give Me The Caption And I'll Make You An Original Graphic! It Is Back!

Breaking: bad influenza on other DUer's is contagious.

Which is tastier?

Comedy Skit I heard on the radio

Where's the confessional?

I'm leaving DU.

DU Group proposals that won't make the cut here at DU

Need an E-Mail account and you're gay? Try Gaymail!

Have a sit down?

so this is what DU Looks Like at 6:30pm

Well I did it. I bought a camera. Canon EOS 20D.

How much would you be willing to lift from work?

Bender says...

..ok the dupe thread froze my computer

For your chimpy as Bigfoot collection...

Kevin Smith reviews Episode III

A little monkey flung poo at me in January, and I just now noticed!

Do you like IT?

What does a 320 pound woman look like?

They're doing something interesting with Lost tonite

Brain and brain, what is brain!!!

I sent a package to Kerry Edwards today.

I just pan fried my leftover twice-baked potatoes

Some Facts On JimmyJazz....

So I'll be seeing House of Wax

The Dupe Thread Ett Mah BayBeee!

Damn Scientists!

...girlfriend says sell the 67 GTA ...any DEWARS got a better car

What do you want to do tonight, Brian?

Post some movie spoilers (WARNING: SPOILERS!)

The Dupe thread and Principal Skinner were in the closet making babies

Blade II in Smilies

JimmyJazz is Matcom's new muse

I feel like popping some popcorn

The prettiest, sweetest, funniest FIVE-year-old in the whole world:

I don't want to play MrScorpio's game.

Some lies about Jimmy Jazz

"Beautiful People" that you never thought were all that Beautiful

Double sided DVDs? You suck.

Sitcom Erotica

Wayne's World, Wayne's World, Wayne's World!

Dear Mother Nature:

So there is no such thing as a fetus?


I'm mad at all of you.

Agh if only I were in college

Brothers! Sisters! Is there not a single thing we can all agree on?

It snowed earlier; it's snowing right now. Ask me anything.

How am I going to punish Will Pitt for unleashing 'Yivver Gurl?'

Grilled cheese sandwich, home fries, and _________________?

Dethroned Ms. Wheelchair given new title: Miss disAbility International

"And Now a Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the Wood Party,,,"

I'm leaving DU.

New game - PM somebody you've got a crush on

Pinky. Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Geez Some folks just take life WAY too seriously

I just want to know I'm pissed at all of you tonight....

I want to build some robots...

How much of a rip off of Swamp Thing, is Man Thing?

Help me make my college decision! (part II)


I really think elshiva posts some of the most interesting stuff!

Possible *spoiler* alert!


Post here if you never had a thread on DU dedicated to you by another DUer

Who is leaving American Idol? Possible spoiler

In Memoriam----My wrens are dead!

i adore joni mitchell

I'm beginning to grasp the general attitude towards General Discussion

No friend to go to the Sarah McLachlan show with now

The Raisin Bran (With Milk), Apples And Sunflower Seed Diet

Director Kevin Smith calls Revenge of the Sith F-ing Awesome

I Adore CatWoman n/t

I have my flame-retardant p.j.'s on. I have a water hose and fireman's hat

Bat Shit Crazy Fundie Snake Handlers on NBC

listening to: primus...

how CUTIE is this lil critter baby?????????

I have never been so excited about a vacation as I am right now.

MuseRider is a Fibber!!! But I like her anyway!!!!

Do you want to have an adorable overload.

my bosses sent me flowers and I have a question

Audioslave on May 6

For Sundog: Compare Shakespeare to modern plots of movies

Name that Tune!

One reason why Scott isn't leaving American

Okay, how stupid is the TV show Revelations?



How do you deal with or handle depression?

My GPA is now a 4.1! Ask me anything.

What can you tell someone you love who feels they have done

I want this shirt!!!

Watching "The Ice Storm" on IFC. Anyone ever been in a REALLY bad ice

He may have left his heart in San Francisco...

David Schwimmer, the lovable Ross from Friends. STILL A TOOL?

How do I become a Nielsen rating household?

Fun with google maps....

Question from a guitarist: who's your favorite drummer?

When Bush announces that all liberals will be "relocated" tomorrow,

What can you tell someone you love who feels they have done

So you all is there any DU thread that is longer than Rev's Dupe

My best friend's husband has inoperable cancer .... just found out

So, I called my sister the other day to ask her...

Take Xanax? Does it make you lose your appetite? Other side effects?

Do you enjoy public displays of affection?

I caught the Earth Day Parade in Victoria, B.C. Ask me anything.

the tjdee dedication thread

I am set for the evening.

Man I miss seeing SOteric every day like I used to.

Post here if you're NOT on the Rev_Acts DUPE thread...

YEEE-HA! Go it, Jon!

New Tourist slogans for Florida. How will they advertise FL with the

Thanks all, I'll be ok, I just get down at times

DWI city ordinance...

Ving Rhames as Kojak - I'm not feelin it are you?

Enough of these lowbrow posts!

I'm listening to Safety Dance. Ask me anything.

Post here if you have had a thread on DU dedicated to you by another DUer

Is it possible that I'm not as clever and funny as I think I am?

someone is giving out my phone # and saying it is theirs HELP!

Don't tell me why you are liberal, tell me why you aren't a bushbot!

What should I do with the James Dobson book I received as a gift?

How many Boston threads have you "hidden"

OKl keebbbbb, let's plahy

Favorite Hugh Grant Film

Exorcism on NBC

Pierce Brosnan to remain 007.....who would you pick to be James Bond?

A question - does it matter how music actually sounds these days?

Did Jon Stewart sound rattled to you?

I'd like to know who got voted off Idol please! I can't watch tonight ,

I think I lefy my reputation in Boston

This thread is about SANDWICHES!

Is the A-380 the BUTT ugliest aircraft or what?

What American Cities Fit You Best

Pix of Keukenhof Gardens and Bulbfields south of Amsterdam!

Ex-Santana aide claims he was fired for "not being closer to God"

Just 3 days left to get the Holy Baked Potato with Cross inside from EBAY

A WTF moment

French jet takes off from French airport

Anyone Looking For A Job In IT?

New Batman Begins trailer

If you were ORDERED to derange your DU name

Kilt-wearing student banned from prom

"What do you want to do tonight, Brain?"

Do you believe that certain bumperstickers cause harm?

I use to adore MrsGrumpy but I have to end our friendship now...

Springtime in Houston - saw the first firefly of the year tonight...

It's An Old Concept: The Green Man

Better yet! What groups would you see in the FR Group Forum (freeper)

Maybe I'm in the minority here

It's poor people like you that make me mad

Mac users: what ISP and/or DSL service do you use?

Kevin Smith posts review of Revenge of the Sith (major spoilers)

Here's a recent letter to all of us from Nostamj's sister re: developments

When did NBC become the Religion Channel?

Do you know why I need drugs and therapy? Cats. (Pictures here.)

The unofficial "Ask the Adminstrator" thread: Ask away

Ugh! Gross! Freakin' idiot!

Here's the Website dedicated to Nostamj: courtesy of his sister Sara:

what do you think was in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction?

If you were ORDERED to change your DU name

BOSTON BOSTON BOSTON! Yes, more Boston pics

What's for supper?

Okay DU ladies, (and men if you wanna weigh in) tell me what you think

What's with all the spanking threads in GD?

Why do so many people still judge intelligence based only on spelling?

Looking for gas grill recommendations/reviews

Rachael Ray is driving through the California Wine country....

Listening to Rush's "Power Windows". Ask me anything.

Post your adages here: (I need them)

Lines from movies your family now uses in everyday speech...

Does anybody here like the BBC show "My Family"?

I love LittleClarkie!

Computer Experts - how do you make Microsoft Word

Aaagggh! The little bugger was sucking my blood!

My Experience With Curt Schilling- All Star Pitcher & Bush Lover

Grammar Question--capitalization

I'm not feeling REVELATIONS

American Idol SHOCKER

Get me to 5,000 posts! Ask me anything!

!!!!!!!!!!I GOT INTO GRAD SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best bumper sticker I've seen this week 4/27

An opinion guaranteed to piss off even liberals.

I am God. Ask me anything.

Best Movie Soundtracks of All Time

What Was The #1 Song The Day You Were Born?

Wankie the elephant

Tales from the Crypt...

Heard that foie gras (sp ?) has been banned in California.

I need help with party food

Any good vegetarian/vegan biographies?


I hope this is acceptable: inviting feedback on my essay

Headsup: WONDERFUL dzika video clip - Jon Stewart "Gaywatch" piece

Anti-Gay Crime a Product of America's Anti-Gay Industry

Reminder / Cross-post: Anyone want to protest against this on May 10th?

Have you heard of this gay-friendly Catholic Priest Group?

Love and care of your Eeee-van-Jellical Cat

Calif. Gay Marriage Bill Passes Key Committee

Right wing e--mails expose connection to anti-gay therapist.

Violence Against Gays On The Rise

Mexico Launches Campaign To Fight Homophobia

Bush Judge Nominee Called 'Most Anti-Gay In Memorable History'

Missouri School To Drop Gay T-Shirt Ban

Anti-gay fundies helpfuly provide us a list of gay-friendly businesses

Need a little advice on a transgender question please.

Woman gets choice: Go to jail or give up Packers tickets


Gymnastics is in trouble. You can help.

Heat Is On -- Magic Rat, Where You At?

Sox-Orioles fans is that game postponed for sure?

Red Sox----"Schilling heading to disabled list"

Anyone know of an OTC cure for a cat's UTI?

Help me make the right decision re: adopting puppy

Greetings from the Waldorf Cat Haven (DIALUP WARNING)

Petition for justice to be done for service dog's murder

more greyhound pics

Who here hasn't read the Norton books?

The President's Speech Tomorrow Night?

Great line in an editorial in today's Globe

Signs you are already in hell:

Let's make a fake Virgin Mary outside a Walmart

Ugh. Not another one.

Kerry: ‘Administration Abandons Small Contractors’

How tight is YOUR tinfoil hat?

Also, please give this a look/see

Yet another fascinating post: Lifetime ADA ratings for Senators

Kerry Challenges Administration’s Big Business Agenda

JK on the floor now talking about Small Business. n/t

Great post about the RW media network

Abandoned Thread

Kerry to Endorse Antonio Villaraigosa in L.A. on Saturday

Raw Story: Democrats furious over GOP efforts to rewrite amendments

I've just asked the mods to lock the entry thread

Topic: Water Plants

April 27 Wednesday Newsletter: "Step Back" on DeLay - no "Gannon" mention

Keith's FRC report featured on Media Matters for America's site, w/ video

"Step Back" on DeLay -- Newsletter 4/27

We're moving, starting Monday 5/2 ?

KO Ratings, Monday!

People's "Most Beautiful" has no Keith.They probably never watch the news

For the boys, to brighten their day ...

WP: GOP To Reverse Ethics Rule Changes

Kerry: ‘Administration Abandons Small Contractors’

Marilyn QUAYLE Urged to Run for Arizona Governor

With friends like Saudi Arabia

Havin' Some Fun With Bruce "Mallard" Tinsley

Al Gore To Speak Out Today Against Repubs and the "Nuclear Option"

WH Communications Director on TODAY show - WTF?!?

Yep, Howard Dean Takes the Subway

Maine DU'ers Contact Sen Collins RE the Filibuster Vote

Elizabeth Edwards posts in GD!

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday April 27

Guiliana Sgrena Italian jounalist interview with amy goodman Democracy

WH bans participants to SS roundtable that don't agree with their plan

WSJ: Support in Senate Is Weak for Bush On Social Security


Patterns of Global Terrorist Statistics Deception?

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) rebutting Hatch's lies on C-Span now.

Waxman: Halliburton Overcharges Top $212 Million

At Social Security Hearing, Bush's Fight Looks Largely Uphill - NYT

Excellent Editorial Kicking Religious Zealot Ass

"A pact that Bush and his supporters made with the devil."

Whatever happened to Cheney's energy task force?

Blair 'prepared to lie' to win power again, claims Howard

Media adopts false claim that "nuclear option" is a Democratic term

Kiss of Death - Bush shows his support for Delay!

Doonesbury nails The Hammer today...and Dubya and the GOP, in the process

AP Guckert piece is being picked up be scores of CON outlets

Repug. Hatch on Senate Floor just said that the nuclear option was a

Orrin Hatch compared Senate Democrats to terrorists today.

Delay and the KKK

New Details on Blackwell, Warren County and the GOP Front-Group 'ACVR'

Guckert draws heat from journos and bloggers as an unlikely panelist...

contact gay-hater Tex. Rep. Talton-making gay foster parents illegal:

WHICH CSPAN is Gore going to speak on?

RE: Social Security - The Patriotic and Christian Thing To Do........

Kerry to Endorse Antonio Villaraigosa in L.A. on Saturday


H.R. 501: Rep. Slaughter (D-NY) has introduced fairness in media act

Just a reminder to Dubya who is speaking to SBA conference.

Never mind DeLay,Democrats take most trips-"nonpartisan watchdog

John Edwards: Let's Work Together to Raise the Minimum Wage

Why does * and the GOP hate women and children?

McClellan: What ethics problem?

I know its wrong- but I secretly want the "nuclear option" to happen:

One more Shrub flip-flop slides by unremarked...

Schiavo Redux: * Signs DVD Sanitization Bill To Help A Single Entity

Can someone tell me when it went to 60 votes to kill the filibuster?

Any Word on The Civillian From Indiana That Is/Was Being Held ....

Is there something wrong with Delay's Left Arm?

Are the new SCOTUS nominees known?

I think I'm going to throw up

Some say Woodruff: We'll have Sen. Thune and Obama discuss why Democrats

RICO LAWSUIT: linking it all:Defendants concealed fact of ample warning:

CNN.Con: "Do You Like "President" Bush's Energy Initiatives?"

Move America Forward attacked Voinovich and says his vote is changed

Buzzflash: Buy "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington"

Got A Letter From "Conservative" Cartoonist Scott Stantis Today

WaPo: Bush takes risks with show of support for DeLay

H. Res 240 - reinstates prior House ethics rules - DELAY IS TOAST!

Kerry Challenges Administration’s Big Business Agenda

Gov. Dean Statement on Resignation of Chairman of Voting Reform Panel

Al Gore Speech

New Revelations About White House's Gay Hustler- 196 Visits to White House

Al Gore's Speech To Be Televised In 15 Minutes

OK, why shouldn't anyone vote Republican?

Biden is Rockin' in Senate Floor Speech, on now (CSpan2)

Young Republican involved in "Denver Three" incident:

When liberal preachers speak - does anyone listen?

So do we know WHEN Frist is gonna pull the nuclear option?

2 on ethics panel back bill to aid DeLay donor (Bacardi)

What Can We the People Do About Election Fraud?

Political history buff help? Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner.

I could swear I saw a more detailed WaPo article on Gannon here

GOP talking points on ethics obtained; Dems targeted in battle

"Cookie-Jar Republicans" Give Dems Edge

False Alert Sends Bush and Cheney to Secure Bunkers

Microsoft defends its ties to Ralph Reed

Randi just said she'll Never Give Up.

Freepers claim radio host has "inside" info on DeLay resignation

IDIOT CA Repuke says they have been doing the work FOR the

Why are they called "makeshift" bombs?

Here's an interesting poll that needs a little help.

Is anybody watching these anti-choice lizard brains on CSPN now?

MSNBC / Fineman: "That Bush Political Capital Thing"

National security employees form whistleblower's coalition

Edwards: Working to increase minimum wage !

U.S., Iraqis `Winning' Even as Insurgency Persists, Myers Says

That traitor bush lovin' Clinton urges businesses not to forgo tsunami aid

Olbermann Live Blog here:

Pentagon spearheads nationwide foreign language push

One vote away from drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Will shrub do a press conference without wearing a wire Thurs?

Sen. Patrick Leahy, (D-VT) On NPR Talk of the Nation LIVE (NOW)!

9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions on C-SPAN

NBC Eve News: Mod Repubs revolting against far right

Welcome to Fairfax--if You Vote Red

Who is the most hypocritical member of Congress?

As questions surface, Rumsfeld defends pre-war planning

Any suggestions for good liberal political blogs?

Nuke any energy company that dares drill in ANWR.

Jon Stewart: covers gay politics in "GayWatch" - (VIDEO)

So what do you think of *'s "Field of Dreams" energy plan....

DeLay to resign?

Utne: Feeling A Draft

LAT op/ed: "The Unholy Alliance Against the Filibuster" - Pope joining?

Help Dubya write tomorrow`s prime time "news conference" speech.

Caustic anti-Delay book coming out before 2006 elections

Who thinks that it's time for OUR Contract With America?

DFA Podcast with Chris Bell from Texas......

What About Declaration Of In Independence II? Oh yeah,

Bush said he wants to make Nuclear Power Plants Safer...

A step at a time...Dean's agenda opening new Democratic offices.

406 to 20 --- taking back THE ETHICS COMMITTEE!!!

biden and hatch - replay of today's HOT speech on judicial nominees

Hey Chimp Boy I got your energy solution right here

Perhaps the guns shots in that AA skit were aimed at people on Soc Sec?

Was Gannon servicing visiting dignitaries?

Roll call of the Ethics Rules vote (reinstating the old rules)

Stop Bolton Help air this ad

Remember Fallujah

US admits Iraq insurgency undiminished - 27/04/2005

HERE WE GO, Santorum has registered a slew of 2008 domain names...

We've Got Trouble, With A Capital "T"....

GOP rates who will defect on nuclear option

Gore's speech on CSPAN2 tonight

In the Senate.Who is the nuttiest US Repug. Senator.

Senator Salazar socks it to Dobson and the wingnut 'Christians'

I almost can't wait - Bush in Prime Time

Lewinsky - 37 visits in 1.5 years/Gannon - 200 visits in 2 years

Is it time for the Dems in congress to just walk out?

"How Dare They!" - Gore, Cspan2 now

MUST-SEE VIDEO: Jon Stewart & Steve Colbert rip apart "Justice Sunday"

Sen. Gordon Smith - OR - has turned on his phone finally. Just called

CSPAN Schedule Thursday April 28

Definition of Fascism (I like it)

Orrin Hatch on CSpan lying through is teeth

CSPAN schedule for Thursday, 4/28

Bob Novak: The idea that ANYONE would listen to Al Gore on anything....

Breaking......Hestert will issue order to rescind House Ethics Rules

Wes Clark wants us on the March for Global Warming....

Link to transcript of Gore's 4/27 speech against "nuclear option"

Democrats are walking contradictions: Their base is their thorn,

All the Reasons Why "We can't leave Iraq" - and why theyre wrong

Virtual March to Stop Global Warming with RFK Jr, Wes Clark, and others

The Daily Show is absolutely, positively...

Call to Action: Horowitz crosses the line on Marla Ruzicka

Anybody still believe that there's no difference between Bush and Gore?

Take a look at this pic of Delay not in "controlled" conditions.

Just WOW!! House Judiciary GOP RE-WRITES Amendments

Domestic Terrorists Seen as Viable U.S. Threat

The truth around Homeland Security

Companies ponder how to defend against Anti-Republican Backlash

Rawstory has Repug. talking points on Ethics Committee rules retreat

What time is Bush's Speech tomorrow and is it on tv?

Latest Gannon "entry log" news (puns welcome)

Any word on Clark's interview today?

Google "Gannon." It's dead. The top Dems wont back up Conyers.

Looks Like the Bankruptcy Bill Backfired on MBNA!

DU Approval Ratings: Al Gore

Attended John Edwards speech in Houston today. He's running.

It has to be Al Gore in 2008!

Sorry, I can't empathize or talk to "the other side"

DeLay's final straw! Caught smokin' a Commie Stogie!!!!

Fighting for Election Justice and Integrity; Saturday, May 7th

Poll: Who should be repeating DEM talking points on Television?

Raw Story: Repugs rewrite Dem's Amendments.

FILIBUSTER issue-What chances do we have in the 20 most conservative state