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Archives: April 26, 2005

When we watch a decade of television, it's time for direct action

Seattle P-I: "Huddled gay masses, Canada wants you"

Taiwan dispersal theory backed

Chinese protests were manipulated

Oh That Crazy Pawlenty

Foster ban prompts fierce reaction


Theses for Fristianity: To be Nailed to the Door at

cats against frist &bigger

Ex-Officials Say Bolton Inflated Syrian Danger

PLay the anti-Bush game!

UK Paper Gannon at White House 196 Times

MSN and Faux Sports Again with an Inflammatory Headline

Report Finds No Evidence Syria Hid Iraqi Arms

Whatever happened to Ashleigh Banfield on MSNBC?

Are there any health hazards from cell phone towers....

Google now has Gannon stories


When evil meets evil the result is laughable

DU this poll

Credit Card Limits & Bankruptcy Reform: Coincidence?

It's pretty obvious that Rove's been getting it hard & fast from Gannon

Fuck Bush and his brother Jeb and

Photo - The buck stops here

Great passage from the book "Nickel and Dimed."

For the DU public school teachers out there, is it harder to maintain

Does everyone check Buzzflash daily for progressive news?

Iraq "Uptick," Superpower Downtick?

Records: Writer at White House 200 Times...that's what the headline

National Protest against takedown of filibuster on Wed. check with

My buddy in Leyton's Inner Circle: "To hell with SI...."

Security forces used excessive force: reports - TH

Turkey agrees US base expansion

U.S. Denies Reports of Venezuela Arrest

Labour MP defects to Lib Dems over Iraq (Blair ally defects)

DeLay: She'll Be Missed; Majority Leader's Policy Director Joins K-Street

4 Vietnam War Missing in Action Servicemen Identified

Clueless Youth: Half of Young Germans Can't Define Holocaust

I hate solipsists...

who's up for starting a sex thread...

I hate nihilists

VW Jetta stands out in crash tests of 15 midsize cars

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum

Saw, THE INTERPRETER, tonight. Don't ask me anything.....

Hey did something happen to Skinner? Skinner are you still here? n/t

dr;oiknen posltingh is harddt o imitate

Jergen's Natural Glow

Last thread from Boston

RW movie you love!

Hey, Yanks...think YOUR electoral system has problems?!

wow - that is SOME hair on Erykah Badu!

I mowed the lawn - and I shall NEVER water it again

Spanglish was very uneven - but Cloris Leachman was great

Today's pop music sucks: Part Deux.

I love the tiny seeds in Fig Newtons...

So who wants to see what the guy who stole my heart away looks like?

My sister's waaay too erudite assessment of William Shatner

Name some films that RWers would LOVE

So tell me about Eric Clapton

A funny thing happened last week ~

Taiwan dispersal theory backed

Gay Religious Group Campaigns On Falwell's Turf

8th Canadian Province Hears Gay Marriage Challenge

Jerusalem Gay Bar Torched

AIDS Ed Funds In Jeopardy Because Of Gay Sex Talk

So, what was up w/ the anti-gay posts in GD tonight, by a long-time poster

Kerry Events Thread: April 25, 2005

2 more Keith caps from gogomag - 4-25-05

Lots of goodness here

CSPAN Schedule Tuesday April 26

Everything about "W" screams FRAWD as in George W Frawd

In Show of Support, * to Give DeLay AF1 Flight

Jack Straw, Britain, complained about Bolton to Colin Powell

Interesting story at crooks and liars

The Thank You Arnie rally fell flat and they're blaming Tom Arnold

Will Nevada's Senatorial delegation be blue by 07?

LETTER TO SCOTT McCLELLAN: (from Conyers et. al)

Alright, who thinks Reid is actually going to compromise?

Seattle Weekly: The Preston Gates Mates (Abramoff & Delay)

"Hothead nominee is wrong choice for UN post" -- Det Free Press

Jesus Was No GOP Lobbyist

The Climate of Man--1

The Myth of the Three Northeast Republican Moderates: They're Republicans,


The Silence of the Vote Scams

Molly Ivins: Christian right goes nuclear

Rove's Revolution: Bash, Break and Borrow

EU Agency Warns About Antidepressant Use in Children

1991 Veterans: Iraq Torture Victims, Screwed by Bush Admin.

The Disappearing Wall op/ed nytimes

Evil's Willing Followers by Richard Cohen in today's WP

The Cheney link

The Disappearing Wall - NYT

MALCOLM X: speech (Audio)

N. Korea, 6, and Bush, 0 - NYT Kristof

World Terror Attacks Tripled in 2004 by U.S. Count

The Proof's in the Pension--Op Ed piece shows Chile's privatized SS far

Check this Frist-fighting strategy out

Three Boys Die in Fire Caused by Stove Left on for Passover - NYT

Fiddling While Crucial Programs Starve

Bush Meets Longtime Saudi Ally in Crawford

Military Channel Reports for Duty

The Nuclear Option: Advise and consent is a two-way street

Sun Still Rising -- Rediscovering Asia's real powerhouse

Nuclear Power is the Problem, Not a Solution

A Blue Tinge in the West

The prime minister is a war criminal

Urban Farmers Produce Nearly All Their Food With Backyard Garden

The Power of the Individual

"Becoming Jeff Gannon".. good piece at Smirking Chimp

Protest Warrior harmful to campus right

This (Falluja) is our Guernica -- Jonathan Steele and Dahr Jamail

Inform the IRS: Churches used to influence legislation

DUers need help publicizing web site about election fraud...

Houston***Bash Halliburton***May18***

How about this - "The economy was running so well that

14 Square Mile Mine Proposed In Heart Of Key Alaska Salmon Habitat - NYT

Jason Leopold: Off The Record -- From the Will-It-Ever-End Department

$6 Million In Tax Money Gone On Failed Oregon Forest Land-Swap Scheme

$125M Unspent In IA Clean Water Funding - 1/3 Of Rivers Severely Polluted

Developers Lead Push Against Zoning Next To Everglades NP

Matthew Simmons Projects $100 bbl Oil By 2010 At Depletion Conference

China Not To Blame For Energy Prices, Says Gvt. Official - Reuters

Burma's Tiger Population Collapsing

Japan Struggles To Meet Kyoto Targets - Globe & Mail

Energy Bill Would Add $260 To Annual Long Island Water Bill (MTBE)

Restaurant Assn. Calls Obesity Health Problems Hype In Full-Page Ads

Security chiefs shun Abbas

New Palestinian security chief known as 'collaborator hunter'

New York Times Distortion Up Close and Personal


Sibel Edmonds, 911, Drugs & Campaign Finance

Lady from South Carolina

TIA and other statisticians - Need HELP!

"My Election 2004 bad dream" - By JOSH MITTELDORF

20,000-vote Switch From Bush to Kerry = Electoral College Dead Heat

Land Shark on at 10:30 a.m. PST Tuesday

San Diego's Mayor, whose win in Nov was questioned, resigns!

The Silence of the Vote Scams

Let's encourage the Chicago Tribune to run Bob Koehler's columns


Is anybody working on COunty referendums on VOting machine selection?

Lots of Fraud in Clermont County, Ohio?

Dean's Statement on Resignation of Chairman of Voting Reform Panel

New Florida Precinct Database - Any comments?

KOEB Tuesday 4-26

A Monty Python view of the 2004 election theft

This person voted for president at least 6,042 times

Crisis Papers: What Can We the People Do About Election Fraud?


Dean speech to California convention

MoveOn Rally against Right-Wing Judicial Takeover, Los Angeles, April 27

Human waste, an unsavory import, raises concern in Central Valley

Ventura County DUers-"The Oil Factor" Screening at CLU, 5/28

Republican wants workers in Congress - He's a CEO

Mark Zieman (R-naturally) calls state employees "Bottom Feeders"

Patty Wetterling Running For Senate

Problem with Windows Media Player

How do you delete temporary internet files from Firefox?

Oh man I screwed up big

Can you guys help me locate the worlds worst IT tech URL?

I think my XP taskmgr has changed.

EqualityOhio - coming soon to a county near you...

GO TO MEETUP.COM RSVP for Central Ohio DU meetup

Ethics panel members are always on the hot seat(Gene Green/Lamar Smith)

San Marcos: Rally in support of Social Security

Open Records Requests versus Open Meetings

Anti gay Marriage Amendment passes Texas House

Texas legislature to act on the 'Taxpayer Extortion Act' (HB2833/SB1647)

Front Page of dallas morning news today

Houston***Bash Halliburton***May 18***

Halliburton Counter-recruitment!

Conroe: Animal Control Director Demoted for Religious Talk

Further evidence that Bush is gay

Air America DFW Meetup Discussion group

Dallas County GOP Chair Takes Hutchinson to Task

Introducing... Keep Austin Blue

Kinky may be about to flex some serious political muscle

Ask Quan to run in the 7th................

Dallas/Ft. Worth/Irving and surrounding areas meet-up?

Any Wisconsin feedback on Just Us Sunday?

I read of a politician from Australia or New Zeland who said they were

Republican hypocrisy on the 'nuclear option'

Do these philosophy's combined represent liberalism?

bolton, frist, nuclear option - simple diversions from failures

What's this about South Park conservatives?

FACTS republicans lie about & don't want you to know; MILITARY DEFENSE

I was Bored so I went to Faux web page: Hannity

crybaby toon

Okay, everyone, I went and did a google on my name and my name here.


Rove speaks out

Ostrich Summary of handcuffing of 5 year old......

Hoo HAH...Doonesbury gets a double play!

Mother Fires Lawyer in Handcuffing Case; Has Deal With "A Current Affair"

Shocking! US Military Clears Itself Of Wrongdoing AGAIN!

Inspectors Find No Proof Iraq Hid Weapons in Syria

Recent photo of Dumbya

Ya know that LIE the repubs spew that ONLY DEMS do filibusters??? OOPS.

I work for a municipality

One legged man eludes capture-jumps out of moving car (~30MPH)

Bush has nominated Jesus for a judicial position?

At least the polls are slowly going our way...

Gannon's formal education? wasn't it a brief workshop

No Kerry supporters allowed at Inter-American Telephone Commission Meeting

Find out the cancer trends in your state

So, who* is* getting rich?

I just viewed the new Moveon PAC Wild Elephant commercial...

Anybody see shrub on Democracy Now this morning?

Struggling with the News of Compromise

Since Saddam's Fall, Baghdad Coffin-maker's Business is "Booming"....

What are these Bush FBI files about?

Who, on radio (or web stream), speaks for the rural folks and farmers?

United States Senate Hall of Fame

"Left Behind"--This may sound silly but...

Frist angers conservatives by distancing from DeLay

Absolutely the weirdest animal pic so far this year...and a Thous

Trying Times for Special Ed

Tom Delay Bumper Sticker collection

Must See Comics... They Will Make You Laugh AND Cry

Anyone seen the "Enron: The Smartest Guys In the Room" movie?

ROTC for elementary school kids?

The minority has to be represented too

Don't call them Conservative Christians, hell don't call them Christians..

Bush and the Saudi Prince Slideshow (very romantic)

2006, not 2008

Chile Judge Frees Some Pinochet Assets for Taxes

Question about Bush's Yacht

Just heard on Scarborough

Are the glory days of the U.S. over?

cnn: hunt for WMD's over, NO evidence of WMD's going to Syria

Republicans Need to Learn The Meaning of "Advice and Consent"

Why are the Admins mad @ us? Can someone explain it to me?

Zell Miller illuminates his feud with Chris Matthews

"You can't have safe homosexual sex."

the g.o.p. keeps pushing us to the brink, how far will we let them push?

It would be hard to top the amazing success of 9-11

Jerry Is On FIRE! Choking Back Tears! WOW!

E-mail I received from my 76 year old Father

Jerry Springer speaking of his parents on AA, getting pretty emotional

Outstanding Student Loans? Prepare to starve in your old age.

CNN now referring to Zarqawi as "Almost captured terrorist"

Christian Loans?

Jason Leopold: Off The Record -- From the Will It Ever End Department

Terrorists caught using Tom DeLay's SUV

I hear we almost caught Zarqawi again

No, kids aren't dangerous, not at all

Analysis: Blood for Oil ? (A Long Informative Article Concerning Oil)

My advise to the CEO & Board of General Motors: re: downsizing

Sex Abuse Suit Accuses Priest Charged in Nun's Killing

Byrd says filibuster ban will have negative effects

PHOTO: "Shut up! They were HOLDING HANDS? Get me over there NOW!"

Feds probe Real Estate Agents

help!...HELP!...Drowning in Religion...!...

Death business booms in Baghdad

Huffington to create super blog with 250 most creative minds!

Nuke Option Compromise???? SAY WHAT??? Relax, It's A TRAP!!!!

Very Cool... the future for Hybrids... PHEV

US Military Moving to Change Anti-Sodomy Rule

daryn kagan of the "librul" press, on cnn spinning s.s. private accounts

Dupe. Please pull.

fighting back has worked in Broward County

RW Gov's wife calls for "punishing" unruly reporters

Why Republicans may actually be praying for a Dem Prez in '08.

Did Read have it planned ALL ALONG?

on Cspan 3 now: protest rally against SS private accounts

I've got a Q -- please be gentle with the ignorant

I Just Joined AARP!

How come Viagara and Enzyte have multimillion dollar ad campaigns...

Bush judges... lemme see now...

Have any of you noticed that threads are just disappearing?

Doonesbury cites the close relationship between Buxh and DeLay:

Almost 18 months until the next election.

Pre-emptive Executions?

What do you think of Alex Jones?

RR Privatization in Action - Japanese Train Crash

PDA Calls for Action on Iraq Withdrawal

LOL! bush** Lover Hates This Novel! Now I know I want to buy it!

I just got a solicitation on my cell phone from the friends

Ralph Reed & Microsoft: It can't get no worse.

I want a transcript of that press conference, for comedy material.

"Christian Debt Consolidation"

RNC finds Bush-Reid tit-for-tat

Brainwashing Gizmo available now - does that explain the sheeple?

"That paper will protect them."

Fox Legal threat over ABC American Idol Expose..

I've got the popcorn and the entertainment. You provide the beer.

Market watch: "The New Left: Corporate America"

look at who has been spying on us


Some terms just work.

For those in despair, a story of hope for the future

What are the do-s and don'ts in the sanctuary of your church?

Imus hits ratings skids

Who is going to pray the loudest?

MSN Q / day: Should troops ever be charged with murder during combat?

Oh great historians of DU

St. Thomas President Denounces Coulter's Visit

Gannon speaks of Monica - a little fore shadowing?

C-SPAN3 re-running Gannon @ The National Press Club

Is Bush afraid of horses???

Bill Moyers' Take Back America on Link TV now


Quote of the Day

San Diego Mayor, Murphy Resigns. Should Donna Frye get the nod?

If Gallup says it's 50%, what do you think is the ACTUAL number?

Quote of the Day

Theories of criminal justice cannot function without releasing prisoners

I've got a bad feeling.

Republican drive to end social programs UNCONSTITUTIONAL

TX lottery: Computer/debit card=gamble in your PJ's

Man tells police dead mother kept in freezer for years

My 800th Post

There's a teacher's union in Iraq?

Will the exclusive Air America-XM deal help or hurt Air America?

I'm Jeff Gannon...ask me anything

*: Bill Clinton should be held accountable for a failed energy policy

Iraq Inspectors stop looking

another gem from our 3rd grade english challenged president...

Just fired off this email to the Family Research Council

It looks like FEMA inspectors are as crooked as their bosses.

"It's time someone paid the price for lying to the American people"

Reason number 8998 to hate WalMart

How to Talk to Your Kids about Gay Prostitute Fake Reporters in Govt.

Whos using or plans to use E85 fuel ?

Let's fight establishment propaganda!

Keep OIL at $60/barrell even if it drops

Saw this bumper sticker today: "Prevent Unwanted Presidencies"

* caption please...

How does * explain massive deficits to his fiscal-conservative supporters?

Anyone know where i can view this fim online?

The Bronze Rat.....

People of faith should be outraged - Male prostitute in the WH 196 times

Michael Desch on cspan on the web

Check out this song: Jesusland by Ben Folds

How bout Clark/Dean ticket in 08'?

If this is not a slap on LIFE, i don't know what is!

caption PHOTOS: Saudi Prince makes big hit at Crawford coffee shop !

PHOTO: Did Smirk stay up too late with his Prince?

Help President Al Gore In This Poll! Please!

All this hatin' goin' on

Bush's (Jeb & Dub) knowingly allow Cuban terrorist into U.S. with a wink.

just how many times have zarquawi & bin laden just barely escaped?

Galveston Texas protest against Bush and deLay.

I hate hate.

CREW Sues the National Indian Gaming Commission-Failure FOIA

Zell Miller illuminates his feud with Chris Matthews

The ebola virus may some day be eradicated. Let's pray for it.

Look whos picture I found....

If that had been Clinton holding hands with Prince Abdullah, we would

Email the Family Research Council to Research the Jeff Gannon Story

Unbelievable Tom Delay quote.

list the repug woes: I'll start: social security bamboozlepalooza tour

Truth? The Pentagon Can't Handle The Truth!

I hate hating hating people who hate hating hate.

Nat'l Security Whistleblowers Coalition (Sibel Edmonds & others!!)

Bush is the worst thing for this country since the 1918 Flu Pandemic

Keith Olbermann will be discussing the White House visits

Support Gay Marriage for Cheaper Oil

Bush adds DeLay to Social Security Tour

Scathing Report On Human Rights In Afghanistan Released

Just got off the phone with my Dad

Turning Up the Plame

Social Security "problem" is easy to "fix".

A reason for Bolton in the UN?

Vote in this poll for equal rights in all states!

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Penn and Teller's next Bullshit! show about Family Values

Gore Is Winning In Poll VS. Boxer

Revealed: How Bush Got His Mandate

Randi Rhodes just told a story about Limbaugh

Chimpy's REPORT CARD on the WAR ON TERROR! (He's Failing, Duh!)

It's time to write your congressman to tax the churches

Severe thunderstorm outside

TN getting drugs from Canada

la times on air america

Must-read quote by BARRY GOLDWATER

Homeland defense and airport security.... what a friggin' joke...

Because We Are Not the Mainstream Media! /Juan Cole defends Blogs

Revised version of the Declaration of Independence...


Has any other Prez had a male hooker in the WH 196 times?

New polls show Bush not doing well

I hate hypocrites!

From my local cartoonist today

Europe Invites the United States to Observe the Law

I would like someone to ask people like Santorum, Frist, DeLay,

I'm glad they put a big picture of Ann Coulter on the front of Time.

Left-Leaning Media Exposed! Faux 9pm Est

can we pressure OUR leaders to start talking publicly about PEAL OIL?

Inform the IRS: Churches trying to influence legislation

DC Statehood - a possible compromise?

Home sales set records in march.

Has Michael Moore been browbeaten by the DLC Dons into keeping

Gore Speech scheduale

For my 1000th Post

And he just looks so normal. Too damn normal if you ask me

Bush Threatens Veto on Highway Bill

CNN discussing the "KISS" and the hand holding.

Terra Alert - How many times a day is it repeated on FAUX?

We've lost elections on our stance over gay rights

Dick & Chimp prance through bluebonnets >>>

Oil Industry Worried It Has Too Much Cash

The meaning of neocon vs. neoliberal.

My post was stolen, and used by some right-wing rag :

Get your torches and pitchforks out people...

Suze Orman Show

Jeff Gannon brags that he showed up for work!

Prince Abdullah Almost Brought a Potential Terrorist into the US

Looking for New Ways to Scare America

Chimp bastard laughs at father's "awesome" re-deployment to Iraq

Why can't we nominate Jon Stewart as the Democratic Candidate for

Did any other president behave this way with the Saudis?

Delay okayed sweatshops and he & his wife got a luxury vacation

Things must be going really bad for * - rumors of Bin Laden message coming

caption this photo from Iraq

Just got a letter from Harris county clerk RE: Electronic voting better

Handy-dandy set of links for News Show Transcripts

It's going to snow in Texas tonight!!

One former Nazi gets screwed....another gets to be Pope....

Anyone else sick of hearing about Tom Delay?

DeLay's revision of ethics code (sarcasm)

Is their a way to see who's schedule correlates to Gannon's at Whitehouse?

John F. Kennedy: What is a liberal?

Propagandist goes "Splash!"

Do-it-yourself checkout could make grocery baggers a thing of the past

First Lady Laura Bush visits Native American youth in AZ

Henry Hyde: Clinton Impeachment Was Nixon Retaliation

Did you hear that freeper on Randi Rhodes call her a traitor?

Gas prices---going up, steady but slow. So you get USED TO IT.

Whack-A-Whackjob TOONs

For those of you interested......

BBC Weblog is a sham

Who abuses children? -and- Pediatrics, Child Sexual Abuse

Help! Clinton and the spread of democracy in the Middle East.

I was marooned in Houston for 10 long fucking years.

What excuses are the repugs making on gasoline, war, etc...?

Hello, Texas? You wonder why you didn't get the Olympics in Houston?

Police chief handcuffs 7-year-old boy (WV)

Does DU have an RSS feed?

Whats the take on Cal Trillin (Humorist)?

UC Santa Cruz Protesters Tell of Riot Police

Don't know about you but I'm in the mood for a good protest! Filibuster

us forces are now close to capturing Zarqawi

My post # 1,000

Female DUers, does this look as bad to you as it does to me?

Fight erupts at protest in front of John Kyl's Camelback office...

The GOP: Marketing Jesus for Political Gain

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Group Therapy!

The Plan to retake America

I think Will Pitt and Howard Dean agree a lot about getting out of Iraq.

Oh, lover boy!

stewart is great tonight


Seaon for Reason: Banning Delusion out of our Lifestyle: There should be

Will someone who has entered the White house please explain

Gay Marriage/Civil Unions Are REALLY Badly Framed By Democrats

Was Pope Benedict XVI against the Iraq War?

Patty Wetterling needs a boost

Pell grant? 81,000 fewer will get them thanks to Bush. Hilary was right

What is it about women's sexuality that makes men go bonkers?

Harry Reid and his attempted deal making with Frist

If this link had made the rounds then disregard ( Filibuster petition )

Hot Damn: Want a Hybrid Car but love driving Luxury Cars....

Mother's Day is May 8. Please Don't Forget To Buy Blue.

C-SPAN 2 Harry Reid speaking on the floor about the Nuclear Option!

Ouch! Gas just shot up $0.30 tonight

Phoney But Funny Zaraqawi Get Away Video On Countdown

Who are the Pimps, Johns &drug-dealers that surround "this Gannon fella?"

Please note: The procedure for contacting DU Admin has changed

Bush & Delay Joined at the Hip - PIX >>>

Next up CBS news: Ban books by gay authors in public high schools?

I’m sick of paying to pump my own gas!

Bush and Splash Day -

Finally read Freep thoughts on Gannongate. A total of 20 messages.

Monty Python or GOP Congress

Bush and "Splash Day"

At what point does one stop being a Catholic/Buddhist/Muslim/Jew?

BONO and Bill Gates hanging out as pals?

If bush was a Democrat, at what point would the g.o.p. have impeached him?

St. Thomas president denounces Ann Coulter's speech as hateful

Who does Bush plan on invading next?

Ancient tombs found near obelisk

Local Elementary Student Put In Handcuffs (WV)

I hate people who hate liberals.

High School Senior told to tone down Anti-Bush report

Laura Ingraham has breast cancer

'Hostile Information' - My report on Dahr Jamail's presentation in Boston

Moveon's "Elephants Rampaging Ad"....Seen it yet? Check it out....

Social Security "problem" is easy to "fix".

Is There A Protest Near You Wednesday ??? (MoveOn\Fillibuster)

Am I Wrong To Argue Against Peak Oil Hysteria?

Look at the NY Post cover! >>>

Rumsfeld wouldn't answer the question "are we winning" the war in Iraq

War correspondents, Iraq war. Are there any?

New Pope Hits Out at Harry Potter Books

Absolutely hysterical review of Friedman's book "The World Is Flat"

Can we start a bail fund? With protest arrests occurring daily

The Problem with Liberals

stressed about the handcuffed kid? worried about the state of education?

Great pics from the Social Security rally today.

New Bin Laden Video a Fake Story

I Hate Liberals

Lots of information on the right wing and the Christian fundamentalists

Dare I Ask It? Was Gannon Visitng Bush Rather Than Scott McClellan?

Just saw 'Left of the Dial' on HBO, and

Republicans = party of Bible, Democrats = party of Constitution.

The abortion debate I understand, the gay rights issue escapes me.

I left liberal heaven for.....this?

Oh come on, really, what are the chances of the US attacking Iran?

pro-jobs, pro- environment, saves taxpayer dollars, the future is here.

"Mom moving girl in video out of Florida"


Please sign the petition for release of Sibel Edmond's testimony on 9/11

It's official - Minutemen gonna patrol Canadian border

First they took your manufacturing jobs

"Regulated Resistance" - Is the Anti-War Movement Compromised?

Daily polls - great new feature on Edwards blog

Sex trafficking of children growing in S.E.Asia. In America too. Real nice

Can I Please Speak For Alabama For a Quick Second?

What's up with the attempt to distance liberal Xians from fundie Xians?

Okay,... So I teach "at risk" kids, here's my take on the handcuffed kid.

Homophobia among "progressives"

I need feedback

Recommend a slicer!

I miss you guys

The Government's Pyramid Scheme

The Eat Feed -- anyone listen to this podcast?

Town Duped into donating to BC Liberals?

Provincial Election making BC volatile

Holy crud Klein actually RAISED minimum wage

Steve Bell cartoon; "The Fighting Toneraire".. or..

I agree with The Sun's front page: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Brian Sedgemore, MP: I urge everyone to give Blair a bloody nose

"I will not shake the hand of a killer."

Fear used to sell nuclear power as an electoral weapon

The Independent: Labour MP defects to Lib Dems over Iraq

Weapons Inspector Ends WMD Search in Iraq

Roof protest at Prescott's home (UK Deputy PM gets solar panels!)

Storm Over Weather Services Legislation (Santorum/privitization)

Taliban deny link with accused Afghan drug kingpin

French 'yes' and "no' camp square off on debate on EU constitution.

State (California) getting dubious CD donations (antitrust settlement)

Orders fly in for Boeing 787

Is Your Town Down?

Consumer Confidence Drops for 3rd Month

Former soldier tells military judge she was raped by Army officer

Weapons of Mass Deception

File These Rules Under O For Odor

Czech Prime Minister forced out by luxury flat scandal

FBI holds Chicago mobsters over 20 murders

Interior Dept. Halts Delivery of Mustangs

Defecting MP says give Blair a 'bloody nose'

US seeks to put N Korea 'in quarantine'

Sex trafficking growing in S.E.Asia

Analyst Fears Global Oil Crisis in Three Years (Guardian)

Mysterious Viruses as Bad as They Get (Marburg-NYT Health Section)

US Top Court: Fraud Law Covers Smuggling Scheme

Final Curtain Falls on wmd myth...

Frist Says He's NOT Interested in Deals

Toughest commute in Iraq? The six miles to the airport.

US considers toughening stance toward Venezuela

Blair faces fresh impeachment threat over Iraq

Abu Ghraib prisoner seeks justice one year after scandal

Probation inquiry over Martha Stewart gala appearance

(Md. first lady) Kendel Ehrlich joins husband in fight against newspapers

Italy Prosecutors Want Berlusconi Charged

No extra oil as Saudis cite full capacity

IRAQ: Contaminated flour taken out of bread basket

Herd of Buffalo Disrupts Traffic in Md.

Lewd e-mail inquiry leads to 4 firings

Fox Legal threat over ABC American Idol Expose..

Nigeria at risk of £17bn default

Saddam most deadly WMD

Struggles at General Motors: GM may close more factories

Italian Opposition Slams Iraq Killing Findings

Court Rules on Convict Gun Ownership

New report critical of Bush's BPA proposal

Arthur Andersen settlement deal OKd

Do-it-yourself checkout could make grocery baggers a thing of the past

U.S. Army again raises enlistment bonuses

LAT: Faith 'War' Rages in U.S., Judge Says

Iraqi forces desert posts as insurgent attacks are stepped up

Travel by Congress often paid privately (USA Today whitewash)

Frist Says He's Not Interested in Deals

Frist angers conservatives by distancing from DeLay

Syrian troops leave Lebanese soil

Bush and "Splash Day"

CIBC World Markets sees oil averaging $61 US a barrel in 2006

Toyota Exec Urges Japan Cos. to Up Prices

Bush defends embattled Republican leader

US urged to end Guantanamo torture

Social Security tour loses steam (Voters don't buy the fix)

Interior Dept. Halts Delivery of Mustangs

World terror attacks tripled in 2004

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 26 April

Remains of U.S. troops returned from Vietnam

Gannon Whitehouse Access Revealed! - Exclusive by Rawstory - April 26

Republican Blasts Dems on Social Security

Italy Prosecutors Want Berlusconi Charged

Syria notifies UN of complete pullout

Hubble celebrates 15 years of stellar images

US considers toughening stance toward Venezuela(more $$ to anti-Chavistas)

U.S Marshals Short Staff Exposes Judges to Violence

Violence altering U.S. role in (Iraqi) politics

Across Nation, Students Getting Paid To Be Informants

Protesters speak out against Bush plan for Social Security

Italian Hostage Blasts Pentagon Report

Democrats Stage Rally for Social Security

Retired priest from Plymouth charged with rape of boy, 8

Muslim Man Convicted of Urging Holy War

Top general says US winning in Iraq, but insurgent capacity undiminished

Mountain lion shot and killed in San Jose

Syria Ends Military Presence in Lebanon

(Cdn PM) Martin, (NDP leader) Layton Extend Talks Deadline

Controversy burns over smokers (debating finding of depression)

U.S. likely to clear GIs in Iraq shooting

Ex Oil Min: Iraq South Oil Exports Seen Falling - Report

Rove: Bolton will be confirmed; judges

Italian PM Insists Hostage Shooting Probe Not Completed

Status of US military bases becomes election issue

U.S. and Iraqi Troops Report More Than 130 Militants Detained in Raids

Venezuelan Official Says Efforts by United States to Isolate Chavez

Denmark troops to extend Iraq stay

Chinese Bank to Finance US$1.2 Billion Natural Gas Pipeline

Bush Adds DeLay to Social Security Tour (LOL!!)

Dems Rebuff GOP Pleas on Social Security [AP]

ACLU Urges Conferees to Remove "Real ID" From (Iraq) Funding Measure

China bans gay film festival

Ex-Officials Say Bolton Inflated Syrian Danger (NYT)

More evidence of Saudi doubletalk?

"Mom moving girl in video out of Florida"

Records show DeLay, lobbyist daily contact(Delay, sweatshop ascloseasthis)

Groups call for whistleblowers to come forward

Students getting cash, prizes for tattling on classmates

 Laura Ingraham Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Committee Prepares Questions for Bolton

WP: GOP May Be Splintering on Social Security

G.O.P. Chiefs in House Weigh Vote On Ethics (D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-I-O-N)

U.S. troops may have killed Canadian in Iraq: report

College prep funds face cuts (program works, faces elimination)

Iraq: Security Problems Slow Reconstruction

WP: Republicans Reject Offer On Judges

Gay Microsoft staffers ready letter to firm's leaders asking for clarif...

The (Social Security) fix is broken

Marines Testify About Slain Iraqis at Hearing for Officer Accused of Murder

Inspectors Find No Proof Iraq Hid Weapons in Syria

FBI releases some files on President Bush to blogger after Freedom of Info

WP: GOP May Be Splintering on Social Security

Organic Materials Spotted in Titan's Atmosphere

WP: Senate Opens Volatile Social Security Hearings

WP: Bush, Saudi Fail to Reach Deal to Lower Gas Prices

Brigadier Shocks and Awes: 'There is no War on Terror'

India Successfully Tests Multi-Target Missile

Bush, Saudi Fail to Reach Deal to Lower Gas Prices (but good for the

GAO: Government's Climate Data Inadequate

U.S. bases vex Afghans

Italian Prosecutors Request Indictments Against Berlusconi on Fraud Charges

Ban on obcsene phone calls ruled unconstitutional (GA)

Social Security Administration opened files after 9/11

Money Under More Scrutiny

Blair forced on to defensive over Iraq

Anticipating Report on Baghdad Shooting, U.S.-Italy Tension Rises

Italy opposition slams U.S. report on Iraq killing

Three Sunni MPs quit Iraqi alliance

Clashes Growing Between Bush and GOP Moderates

US consumer confidence dives

Italian journalist decries US military report clearing soldiers in shootin

Some fear law would create national ID card

MISSION TO SEEK AND EMPLOY: Enlistment plan falters on front line: Schools

David Rivera's Cuban Family Values

Arizona Border Patrol Looks to Canada

Bush Threatens Veto on Highway Bill

Dems Rebuff Bush's Social Security plans

‘Civil War’ Is No Longer a Taboo Phrase in Iraq

Another monstrous ecological disaster possible at Chernobyl

Number of Uninsured May Be Overstated, Studies Suggest -LAT

Ethics Chief Says GOP Must Change Rules

Frist Says He's Not Interested in Deals

U.S. Soldier Killed as Roadside Bomb Explodes Near Convoy Outside Baghdad

Charges against Questerra dismissed in election investigation (Delay case)

Time Mag: Gifts in High Places - Did DeLay staffers violate ethics rules?

No Extra Oil as Saudis Cite Full Capacity

The oil supply tsunami alert

Rep. Benjamin Cardin Announces Senate Run

US arrests 'Afghan heroin baron'

(Australian) Brigadier shocks and awes: there is no war on terrorism

Amber Alert issued for missing 12-year-old girl (Florida)

United States inching towards regime change in Syria

Bush's bouncer gets around (thugs who fake Secret Service look)

Climate Change Poses Threat to Food Supply, Scientists Say

FSC Examines 'Porn Addiction' in Public Forum

Ill. Student Charged With Racist Threats (Trinity International)

U.S.: Abu Ghraib Only the "Tip of the Iceberg"

(FL) Gov. Bush signs 'force with force' bill

NYT: An Epic Battle Is Shaping Up to Save Bolton, and Bush, Too

House members call on WH press secretary for more answers on 'Gannon'

Records: Writer at White House 196 Times(Gannongate)

US says Iraq insurgency undiminished in past year

Where's Osama? (CNN Int'l)

Missouri Democrat Clay will switch vote, back abortion bill in House

Preliminary Hearing Set for Marine Charged in Iraqi Deaths; He Claims Self

Mayor Seeks to Make City A Sex Offender-Free Zone

World Terror Attacks Tripled in 2004 by U.S. Count- Reuters

Bush Extends Social Security Tour as Support in Polls Dwindles

NYT: Panel in Senate Widening Review on U.N. Nominee

Gallup: 50% of Americans Now Say Bush Deliberately Misled Them on WMDs

Records Show DeLay, Lobbyist Daily Contact

Olbermann uncovers Family Research Council filibuster flip-flop

Schoolchildren jeer Tony Blair

Microsoft paying Ralph Reed $20,000 per month retainer!

California proposes requiring bullet ID numbers

Who else is laughing as hard as I am? If you aren't....

Beware the Beastman - I know you are already married - but is there room

Beware the Beast Man KICKS ASS!!!

I am thinking about building a water garden

K.D. Lang's "Constant Craving"

You know, watching Queer As Folk and The L Word, I don't think I've ever

Left of the Dial on HBOSG at 2:45am EST

Hey, nicknames for areas of your city?

Calling all DULL members.

I rented "Silver City" last night and everybody in the cast and crew is

George W. Bush is the next best thing for terrorists since SEMTEX

Listening to Pink Floyd's "Animals". Ask me anything.

Beautiful fractals (MUST SEE PICS!!!)

I'm feeling sentimental tonight, ask me anything!

How about a "DU Groups" Group

I'm feeling ornamental tonight, ask me anything!

We Are Not Helpless

A funny thing happened next week ~

Ecstasy uses in medicine...

"Are you severely injured? You SHOULD be! After all, it's YOUR money...

Ever feel scammed by a credit card company?

The West is the Best

This thread doesn't exist

I am a weight-losing fool!

YAWN...! I knew I should have finished that report last night.

crybaby toon

OK, who here is the coldest (and willing to admit it)?

Classic photograph sold for 200,000 USD

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time to play Spot the Wanker.

I'm going to bed. Will anyone miss me?

Trap-building ants torture their prey

arwalden!!!!! Check your PM!!! And today, know that MrsGrumpy appreciates

Kitten Selfesteem

Kitty Salad


Today (April 26) is NATIONAL PRETZEL DAY!

I'm baaaaack!! (Thank you Boston!!!)

Elton John Is Getting Married!

Proof of rampant drug use in America's Past?

What is the deal with April???? Does everyone lose their mind this month?

What is the deal with April?!!

"Land of the Lost" movie to star Will Ferrell

9th Graders Suspended For Having Sex In School Hallway

Fundie Humor

A report from a freshman Town Meeting Member

any live journal users?

Boston vs. Chicago

Man confesses to keeping mother in freezer for 4 years

MICHELLE Wie gets (Men's)British Open chance

See my first Photoshop!! I want to make it my avatar, but . . .

Unnecessary book deaths

Kiddie camouflage -- not just for war anymore....

Whatcha doin', LLs? Got my coffee, got my work goin' on, got my . . .

Bush, Crown Prince exchange vows at private ceremony



Tiptoe through The Tuplip

What is the ultimate left wing movie?

Wow, ATA is now just gone.

I have either solved the infighting problems in GD...

Blockbuster Employee Steals Customers Identities - Spends $117k

File These Rules Under O For Odor

I have taken the ATA forum sausage

I have the secret for everlasting world peace: Fresh ChocolateChip Cookies

Find the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate and Win $100,000!

How do I search profiles for a screen name I'm looking for?

Help, I need a hug!

Please DU this freeped Yahoo poll on WMD search

This still makes me laugh.

Men Dig Up Tree - Find $100,000.00 In Burried Treasure

I need help with Vansterdam questions-pot smokers.vancouverians-enter!

Quick semi-important computer question...



No one ever did "Take on me" in the A-HA forum

Revealed: How Bush Got His Mandate

DU Road Warriors Check in...

Chunks Of Flesh Found In Iowa Water Lines

I have taken the ATA forum hostage

There's a NEW Debby Boone album. Yes, folks, she's STILL makin' magic.

Anybody else bothered by that Sprint commercial...

I think I need to get me one of these booze hookahs before they ban them


Is it worth getting identity theft protection?


In support of Sniffa, I can't get used to ATA being gone either

In support of supporters.

I've Known Girls/Women Named April, May, and June

In support of support

Mmmmm..... food...... My favorite!

unintentionally hilarious them here...

Dear Admins! I'm sorry...

In support of supporting supporters who support what I support.

I really want a Magnolia cupcake

I had Pad Thai for lunch!

I'm outa' here!


DU Guys... do you like the smell of your B.O.?

MATCOM-the freepers are going to get you!

Anyone have a smiley with huge BALLS? I need one to post in GD

What I will miss most about ATA

LBN......Delay shoots self in foot....

"I heard Tom DeLay's blood was in the water and the sharks were circling..

I looking at Pat Buchannon compare GW Bush to Lincoln and Wilson


"Ain't no woman like the one I've got..."


Aw, HELL. I just took lunch out of the microwave and I'm all out of SPORKS

BREAKING LBN-Buffalos on Baltimore tennis court

MatcomNews Update: Man Behind Burger King French Fry Rage Sentenced

Why are MLB teams starting to not put names on the back of Jerseys?

Body .. in freezer for 2 years in .. WI! How is Tom DeLay connected to it?

Twin Beaks....

I added RSS feed to "Move Left" blog.

STORY HERE: My student wore a DU shirt!

When the Hypnotoad Speaks

Herd of Buffalo Disrupts Traffic in Md.

"Squeeze my lemon 'til the juice runs down my leg"

I get off on '57 Chevys.

Whats up with this guy?

Star Trek Calendar

What do you smell like today?

I've seen some things I thought I never saw,


My new slaying (warning! graphic famous art!)

George & Abdullah cartoon

Pickles is in L.A. today.

Does anyone here use

OK. Will a thread by derbstyron during the DAY PLEASE not die?

I don't even know how to kabuki dance !


I wonder how long it will take me to recover from Boston?

The ATA is Dead

In support of crybabies. Congratulations!

Anyone know anything about family law?

Speaking of commercials - is anyone annoyed by the new Onstar ones

Soylent Green Is People!!!!!

Windows 2000


Here it is...the one, the only...Rimme's Reasons!!!

I wonder how long it will take the Yankees to recover from Boston?

Should the mods crack down on big sig pics?

I don't even know how to kabuki dance !

How much do toupees cost?

this afternoons kitty picture

Nancy Grace draws VILLAGE VOICE fire.

Using Just ONE Word... Describe This Photo. (WARNING: This Is Gross!)

It's OFFICIAL! The Man who's gonna defeat Debra Pryce is Coming!

Headlines We'd Like to Read, April 26, 2005

I just ate rescued kittens, ask me anything!

In his time of crisis, words of comfort for Tom DeLay from Charlie Chaplin

No offense, but I never noticed the ATA forum until recently.....

So I drank Magnesium Citrate last night for a test this morning


Any tips on getting through to call-in type shows?

Pigs (Three Different Ones)

I just installed Microsoft "Bob" on an XP machine.

I just rescued 8 kittens - ask me anything

What do you mean ATA is no longer here, I just went to the site

It's time to bitch about the MBA students again

how will nothingshocksmeanymore ever find her keys?

I'm going into mourning over the fact that ATA has died.

So - MTD Products is the mega-monopoly of ALL lawn and garden machines.

Number of children conceived in Boston

What Is: Young, Fuzzy And Can Prick YOU??

Savage Love's reader's advice for 15 year old girls

Ah, the days when children knew how to pour a good, stiff drink.

Driver talking on cell phone gets speeding ticket

Woohoo! Second interview tomorrow!

Should Bolton run for president?

Yikes. Open heart surgery. And yikes again.

Mischief is quite the little secretary kitty.....

My 800th Post

On average, how many hours of sleep do you get at night?

ATA is gone

The Last Supper (image)

I've been so sad. I just found out about Robin, aka "Playahata"

i can't get used to ATA being gone

This Sunday = 6 months since I quit smoking cigarettes

"This is the best rock music that has ever been played on this island."

Dream interpreters...

NEW MAIL! You have 1 new message.

Thank you DUers

So I'm in the market for some new music. Any recommendations?

The Ecstasy of St. Teresa

The Lounge is really a good hiding place

Dates from hell - Post a story

The NFL Justice Guys Feat. Tom Brady and Payton Manning, et. al

Guess What -- It's Tom DeLay's Frisbee Now

Me and My Puppy: Magazine Photo (Post your puppy pics)

Movies that killed careers

What is WRONG with my family? Here's yet another odd email from my dad

How well traveled are you?

I have mandatory Automatic External Defibrillator training today

Are you a good Fristian?

It's my 1,000th post, and I want to say something very important!

That's it, I'm calling out Sundog NOW!!

Any advice on "MUST SEE" sites in China? I want SO to see the Great Wall

I just had my first slice of Banana Creme Pie and it is GOOD!

Do you like the smell of your S.O.'s B.O.?

I must have been sleepwalking last night

If this photo of John Snow doesn't give you cold friggin' CHILLS...

What rejected crayon are you?

First Look At the NEW Superman Costume!

Senator Reid (D-NV) is MORMON?!

Wanna put a lil "bling" on your cell phone?

Movies that made careers

What Is Up With The IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) Message Boards?

WHOA! What did I just do to DU??

How normal are you?

Who's your inner European?

DU Group Proposal: ATA Anonymous

Pope - Prophecy Link ??


i want to pirate some DVDs,but i have a couple of questions.

Be honest. Exactly how annoying is the Evita gif

DU Group Proposal: DU Elite

I just got a notice for Federal Court Jury Duty. Has anyone ever served?

at times like this, I'm glad that kilts never caught on in the USA!

Ya know - since I'm sitting at this computer and listening to 'Court TV'

DU Group Proposal: I Like Cheese

Rock music can literally kill

I just got offered a super easy $200 job

Du Group Proposal: DU anonymous.

I propose a Meet-Up for the Dallas/Ft. Worth/Irving DU'ers........

Another Stupid Game...Your Score?

Hey it's my 20th birthday! For my present read this freep thread about me

How much do tepees cost?

Anybody have a different version of this?

In lieu of ATA, the Ask Beast Man Forum is open!

SPECIAL Beat-Him-Like-A-Red-Headed-Stepchild POLL!

Name this old tune #6


group proposal: Ask the Admins Group

Quando Quango

10 great fuckin' songs you've probably never heard:

Looking for a Link, Please

NO WAY! Matcom Man KICKS ASS!!!

Poor babies! Poor parents! I can't even begin to imagine.

Al Green's cover of LIGHT MY FIRE - Just heard for the first time

Time shifting DVDs... is it illegal? is it wrong?

The phone number on a "disney" pop-up...

Name this old tune #7

Ok this is funny.

Anyone know the literal translation of "As-salam alaykum"

Buffalo roaming in suburban Baltimore

Rhapsody Music service

I'm turning my kids on to Led Zeppelin

Hi everyone!!


Are you Asparagus?

All I'm sayin' is...

Next DVD(s) You're Planning To Buy?

Gerald Allen (REPUBLICAN) of Alabama doing all he can to

My Letter to the LA Time was printed.

What?!? Waffle Irons aren't cool anymore?

I spent $1,000 at the gas station today.

My new saying.

Favorite Song In Pictures Today

Why do people laugh...

This just had me in hysterics!

Are You Digging My Sig Line Or Not? I Could Change It You Know!

Johnny Depp looks like a woman in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Sometimes I think its a sin when I feel like I winning when I'm losing....

Oh noes!

I wanna break something…

Another Fun Game!

Is this a joke?

Okay, RW freaks, just try and tell me the left doesn't have faith...

Anyone heard the new Ben Folds record?

And now. My backup Band. On the skins, Mr. Milton Bananna.


Awesome animation vid:

Subdivision names- why are they so lame- why do they need?

If you're recovering from surgery, as I am,

Anyone got any good "Stay at Home" jobs...

Severe thunderstorm outside

Has anyone heard from Ladyhawk? She had surgery yesterday.

Guess what? It's Tom DeLay's frisbee now. (Read this.)

5:38am and my neighbor is mowing his lawn

I'm never scared OR Jennifer Anniston

Help - Searching for domain owner

Is it just me or...

Yo, Professor Puff 'n Snuff, hit me with some beat box!

In Dubious Battle

Hitchcock's The Birds to be remade.....why? why? WHY?????

If/when Frist becomes pResident, Hail to the Chief will be replaced by:

Is it rude to lick plates, bowls, whatever?

I've never been scared of Jennifer Aniston..

I hate Kinkos....

Looking for webcam sugestions...

Paula Abdoul almost brought a suspected terrorist to the US.

In Honor of the Rick Astley Shrine in Chicago--Your Fav Song of His

Name this old tune #8

Happy Birthday Carol Burnett!

Once AGAIN!!! Manny Ramirez Will KICK YOUR F*CKING ASS!!

You might be a freeptard if....

ATA has been Tombstoned.

Semibies, post here and introduce yourselves!

I spent 9 hours with a woman yesterday.

LMAO that guy was definitely thinking about

Ok has anyone looked at ATA recently?

Dennis Miller = Asshat Moran

How many freudians does it take to screw in a penis?

Completely original thread.

There should be a copycat smiley!

How many Zen Buddhists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

I see A PENIS on FOX!!!!

In case you wonder what ever happened to Poison's Bret Michaels.

David Bowie Space Showdown

Another, does anyone want to just talk thread, if so what's up?

Bruce Springsteen all evening on VH1 Classic

I kind of miss all of the oasis threads

Lots of information on the right wing and the Christian fundamentalists

I've seen a Penis on a Hobo!!

What we have a failure to communicate....

Please explain to me the pictures of Bush kissing the guy from Saudi Arabi

It Is Time For The Hairline Cha Cha Cha Animation! What Can You Do???

1964 Sonny Liston/Cassius Clay fight on NOW on espn classic

Has anyone ever heard of a photographer named Joseph Schuett?

Ladies, I just did something I hate to do: Shop for bras

South Park: "It Hits The Fan" on now (the sh*t episode)

It's Another Miracle!! Image of Rick Astley Appears on Basement Wall

just found this in a buzzflash


Did you guys watch Harvey Birdman last night

Are you Asperger's?

Im going to tell ya'll about the most evil thing redsoxliberal ever did

We built this city on rock and ROLL

Miracle in Greenville, SC. (SIRIUS)

starting a pool: on which day will GOPISEVIL reach 1,000,000 posts?

What's your favorite Steinbeck novel?

Southern DU'ers?

Predict the future - will I get an interview?

I've never cared for Aniston's Jennifer

I'm going to have a Bette Davis marathon this weekend.

Shouldn't we have...


How many kids with ADD does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

I'm telling you, LASER DISCS Are the Wave of the Future!

Would somebody please give me some Swedish Fish?

Heaven's Metal band

The Los Angelos Angels of Anahiem?

I was just logged out


Go Bo!


Introducing the DU Poetry Group

Why Isn't there any interest in a Central Ohio Meetup?

Baby Talk: The Chick Tract of the Day

Orioles take the lead 9-8 on a two run home run

Anyone have any thoughts on Guenther Grass?

Hand or Foot?

So I was in Christie's Toy Box today buying a penis folder . . .

The Choice: Who Will Be Eaten First?

The OTHER Choice: Who Will Be Eaten First?

My pop was real big. He did like he pleased.

By hook or by crook?

Anybody ever hear of a cat ghost?

DU Group Proposal: DU Book Club

"Holiday" by Green Day

The next Nashville Star will be named tonight


Oh LADIES!!!!!!

Ewwwwwww! *Gross*

Burn Your Bridges or Stay & Grovel????

Another shameless "wish me luck" thread...

I miss Boston

Matcom! What the hell happened to the Sox tonight?

How much does everythingsxen love AlienGirl?

Here's what I've picked up since beginning to read lounge threads

So I'm sitting in a beanbag chair, naked, eating Cheetos...

Now that ATA is gone, how do we get candy from Skinner?

Judges v. Jesus '05: It's PRAYBACK TIME!!!

Microsoft to introduce 'black box' into Windows, claiming understanding

President in 2008: Bill Frist or lovable Mayberry town drunk Otis Campbell

Anybody else bitter tonight?

I don't want a pickle

Behold the Evil Clown Generator

One more picture from Boston

Every time I watch the Reds

I miss Bolton

DU-I need help, advice, support about anger management and cutting!

Junior #2 has arrived! (a couple photos inside)

DU Elite Check in here!


Cats are starting to creep me out.

Constantine sucks. Scott sucks.

Need Jazz Suggestions

So, anyone hear the new Springsteen album?


Serious question for single do you deal with it?

Name this old tune #5

Penn Gillette- great funnyman/magician or obnoxious twit?

An update on the wild kittens I found

KISS - A Song in Pictures

Since ATA is gone, should we all start smoking crack?

sniffa, the foot kisser.

So what kind of souvenirs did you bring home from Boston?

I've never cared for Jennifer Anniston

I see A PENIS on HBO!!!!

How did you find out about DU?

Digital SLR or Film camera?

I Just Got Off The Phone With Paul Delacroix

This year's "must have" lawn accessory...

Foo Fighters new CD "In Your Honor" dedicated to John Kerry

Big $$ Drug Lords are putting mom and pop meth labs out of business

The Daily Show is a MUST see tonight. Seriously. Jon gets pissed.

What's Your Draq Queen Name?

CAN’T HELP FALLING IN LOVE - A song in Pictures

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal Stands Firm On Controversial 9/11 Comments

I hate hating hating people who hate hating hate.

despite high ratings, 'ATA' gets puLLed from the air

OK, the fun's over.

Cartoon Characters You Think May Be Gay

DUers Who Came To Boston: You DO Know That Was Just A 'Test Party' !!

Who here will admit to watching "Growing Up Gotti" and "The Dog"?

Hey Catwoman! You around?


Favorite Comedian?

Ode to bettyellen - to the tune of Milkshake

Is anyone familiar with dyscalculia (inability to do math)?

I just bought a super 8 film camera on eBay!

How about this for a new bumper sticker??

What Cell Phone Service does everyone use?

A pair of earphones that are comfy and don't fall out?

just had my caricature drawn and damn: I found out I have brown eyes!

Look whos picture I found....

wherever the thread went for "post a photo of yourself in a bunch of other

Burglar Accidentally Locks Himself In Trunk Of Car He Was Stealing

Will you meet your pets in Heaven?

My official Boston picture thread.

Are you ambivalent?

Less than Zero is on

My mother thinks I'm dumb since I can't breathe when she smokes around me

I need to give my secretary a gift - any thoughts? HELP!

How Old are You ?

Jazz fans, Jimmy Woode has left us.

Okay DU, it's Competition Time!!!!!!1111

Do you know this?

DU Non-Elite Check in Here

The Mother of them all, the SUPER-BOSTON thread

My best friend told me today he might be gay.

Hey everyone, show us your desktop!

Name this old tune #9

Things that changed forever/moments to remember from Boston

Can we trust things certified organic by the US Dept of Ag anymore?

St. Thomas president denounces Ann Coulter's speech as hateful

UC Forum Highlights Diversity in Islam

Improved Scanning Technique Uses Brain as Portal to Thought

Cassini Finds Organic Material on Titan

Why is Microsoft paying Ralph Reed $20,000 a month?

New Zealand Civil Unions Law Goes Into Effect

Colorado Gay Civil Rights Bill Moves Forward

Indianapolis Rejects Gay Rights Law

please vote in this poll!

Anyone find this offensive or am I over-reacting?

Baseball season is officially underway now: we've had our first brawl!

The NFL Justice Guys Feat. Tom Brady, George Bush and Peyton Manning...

MLB Players and Health Care

Canseco brothers lose bar-brawl assault case

Golfers: Big Break III, Danielle or Pam?

Pro Bowler Ahman Green Arrested on Suspicion of Domestic Violence

A-Rod ... 3 at bats ... 3 Home Runs ... 9 RBI's ...

David Wells is on the DL

Wie gets British Open Chance

What grade would you give your team's NFL draft? everyone happy with their 1st Rd draft picks?

Awesome video of pit bull terriers

Abilene (foster greyhound) arrived last night

Thanks for holistic food brands help for my kitty...

Dotty got a haircut

Town Meeting report supplemental

Who watches the Watchers


Don't mind me, I'm invisible.

John Kerry Honors Small Business in the Senate

Bush official has admitted that he leaked Valerie Plame's identity

Cspan announces a Dem leadership rally outside capitol, 1:30 Eastern

The Guardian reports on today's Dem anti-privatization efforts

I got my program today for the MA Dem Convention

Social Security Fight Starts Today

Hi to everyone -- all you people who believe that Kerry-Edwards won --

So, what went right in 2004 anyway?

Somebody just hit my car

Sorry to all my sox friends here but

Didn't the RW machine try to say that Kerry had an affair?

NDN Conversation with Gen. Clark - Chris Heinz's home

Foo Fighters name new album "In Your Honor" for Kerry.

Topic: Time

Calling DS1.... when will April's photo contest be posted?

Can someone recommend a good Digital SLR?

Enter the DU contest here:

Yum! - the latest KO caps from gogomag 4-26-05

FOG (Friends of George) -- Newsletter: 4/26/05

Keeping track of 2006, the nuts and bolts of victory

MT-Sen: Conrad Burns and Jack Abramoff Staff Scandal

Bolton Has Qualities to Harm the Image and Objectives in the U.N.

Addendum to "Final" Duelfer report highlights "an important concern"

Bush Adds COCKROACH to Social Security Tour

Max Caucus MT doing great on Wash Jour. talking of Soc Security.

Needs lots of votes - Gannongate

Democrats sense opportunity in Congress, announce agenda

C-Span-Sen. Baucus just said SS privatization based on ideology not

John Kerry Honors Small Business in the Senate

Microsoft pays RW Religious Extremist Reed $20k/ month retainer

Novak falsely claimed that Bush and other Republicans "never said" Social

The Hunt for Integrity in the republican party has been exhausted

Paper ballots NOW!!!! Hand counts Now!!!!! n/t

Reid: Bush monopolizes White House briefings

Bush's bouncer gets around

The "mandate" has evaporated...left the building...vamoosed.

"Disgusting aliens in No 10 Downing Street": BBC's revenge?

Who will be the fallguy for the latest Gannon episode?

Rummy to have news conf. at 1:30 today (12:30ET). msnbc said this but

Richard Morrison withdraws

Why is it that people assume that the Dems will always cave?

Administration Misleads on Alaska Drilling Claims

Zell Miller has written another book - $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Democrats rally to protect power of the filibuster

Right-Wing Backtrack [aka--recent 'flip-flops'] (nice summary)-

Bush uses Saudi as stooge in photo-op about oil...

The Religious Right in Ohio Politics

May 1 NYC - No Nukes No War Rally

CIA’s final report: No WMD found in Iraq

Kerry on c-span talking at SS Senate meeting --good

Before everyone flips out re: Reid seeking "compromise on judges"

GALLUP: Bush Approval, Soc. Sec., Economy, DeLay, Filibusters, Pope, etc.

No. Look over here. It's the terrorists!

Need Help on New Bankruptcy Bill!

Sen. Grassley is also shying away from private accounts

Let me be the first to call for Frist to resign -

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

So what if Frist has the votes ? So what!

CNN Poll Do you favor President Bush's plan for personal retirement accoun

CNN: U.S. confirms Zarqawi near-capture. Hey, "almost" counts...right?

Senator Byrd Urges Senate to Get Back to People’s Business- excerpts

Moveon Wave of Protest


A Good IDEA sells on its own merits.... The fact Bushies SS thingy needs

msnbc now--Dems be controlled by extreem Left!!

Rummy's begging for money on CSPAN2

Excellent Editorial about Tony Perkins in the Times-Picayune today

Bush budget cuts Youth (and laura's anti-gang) programs

What if the Dems went along with SS private accts IF...

I'm watching the Paxman interviews with Kennedy, Blair and Howard

Taking Charge of Your Retirement---Him?

Help! Strong Left-wing opinion needed Right now on NPR Call-in show

Vermont's Bernie Sanders up next on Franken

Gore Vidal: The United States has elections but has no politics...

Council of Europe condemns US for torture, illegal detentions

2006: Who's Running?

why no talk on the private SS acct. 'payback' to govt. at retirement?

Republican lemmings are protected by Diebold and ES&S.

DeLay to face challenge in 2006

Haa Haa. No pics of Bushie and Tommie together. Hmm - Was that planned?

Sen. Gordon Smith - OR - voicemail box is full and hangs up - Moveon

Salon: "Rove spins, falsely, on nuclear compromise"

remarkable speech: 3:30 pm edt on Link TV today

The response from my Senator re filibuster.....suggestions for reply?

The various reports and investigations from Abu Ghraib to 9/11


Salon: "John Edwards 2.0: Can he hold the limelight until 2008?"

John Stanton???? supporting Gannon on C-Span now

Are LIVE people allowed in W's "round table"s (town meetings) any more?

I got to hear Springsteen last night

Taxation without Representation

Supreme Ct: Foreign Crimes Now Punishable Under US Law

Question for Bush....Where`s the call for sacrifice?

P.O.W. Appeal Rejected

Rummy to hold press conf. in 15 minutes MSNBC-10:30 CT

Frist: NO deals or compromises

Gov. Arnold in the hands of Insurance Co. money interests

Yahoo message board relating to GANNON scandal

Blair ask Clinton not boy wonder for his endorsment

"the strength of the insurgency has not changed in the last year"

Help Al Gore In This Poll Please!

DeLay has no one to run against him in 06...Morrison OUT

Rush Limbaugh celebrates Abu Ghraib day - supports naked twister


Bush's SocialSec plan is a disaster. Why do you think that's happening?

Man admits having 100+ LTTEs published under fake names.

Mommy, what's a back door pass?

Eeeeh what's all this I hear about CAPTIONING



Test of letter by Melody Townsel about John Bolton's threats

Freepers think that "Maybe Frist finally found his testicles..."

Abe Fortas Filibuster "buster", 1968

Repeat: Great idea for GannonGate Contact international news

The should be very angry at Bush cozing up to the immoral and unethical

British complaint could be last straw for Bush's man

Got a GREAT idea for the Gannon scandal

So has anyone ever seen

Albert Mohler thinks any faith different from his is "repugnant"

For whom is this description most fitting?

Consumer Confidence drops


It's almost 18 months until the next election.

Bush adds DeLay to Soc Sec tour. YES!

Is the United States a democracy or a republic?

Is it just me? Justice Sunday.

Don't Blame Me - I Voted for Kerry bumpersticker seen today on a

Takin' it to the streets!

Remarks by Gov. Dean to the 2005 California State Democratic Convention

Halliburton Counter-recruitment!

Is anyone watching Schumer on C-Span2?

ACLU seeks results of passport 'tag' test

Tell Harry Reid to say NO to DEATH CAMPS or to RESIGN

My fundie bro. I thought you guys might find this amusing

Does anyone know where to find...

Centers for Disease Control launches reorganization

Help needed, please - what's the general reaction to "Justice" Sunday?

Frist and His Allies Use Piety for Profit by Joe Conason

Liberal-Conservative scorecards for every Senator and Rep.

More Arrogance, Hubris from The Bushies

Ronald Reagan - List What You Disliked about him

Handy-dandy set of links for News Show Transcripts

Make an Air America bumper sticker

Family Research Council was FOR filibusters before they were AGAINST them

Sam Seder just said that WLIB is the #1 Talk Radio station in NYC.

Army IG report clearing senior officers of wrongdoing undermines the legal

Move-On targets Stenny Hoyar (D-MD) in televised ads. FINALLY!

Hilary taking a "beating" in

What exactly is Hot Tub Tommy doing with the Chimp in this photo?

SHALLOW MAN Bush.....Where are his strengths and talents???

Found This bu$h Joke Site - Some Good Ones Here

Keith Olbermann will cover "Gannon's" White House visits tonight on MSNBC

Okay I'm ready to admit it, Harry Reid is doing AWESOME

How about this for an E-mail...

Frist: Bolton allegations "successfully debunked one by one"

Fox "BWAHAHAA" Headline: "DeLay Gets Mixed Welcome at Home"

Ask them publicly: if you don't believe in god, do you deserve to exist?

NYT op/ed blames Bush for dangerous N Korean nuke situation and more

Olbermann/Gannon story coming up on Countdown.....

You ROCK, Harry Reid!!!

Who is this jerk on Scarborough attacking Howard Dean?

LIVE : Reid on Senate floor now talking about his proposed "compromise".

Anyone know where I can get this car sticker???

Pentagon report clears US soldiers in Sgrena shooting - ITALIANS OUTRAGED

Mystery of the Democrats' New Spine

Want to have some fun in a few minutes? Join in on

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday April 27

Are any Top DEMs publically echoing Conyer's questions about Gannon?

I'm Almost Positive That Elizabeth Edwards Just Replied To A Post

Sibel Edmonds & Whistleblower Coalition - 4/28/05

End the filibuster UNLESS you suppose we will forever be in the minority.

Reid Outmanuevers Frist(Dkos)

How Florida made political bribery legal, and how we will stop it

Why do Democratic leaders want to piss away every advantage they have?

FLASHBACK: John Edwards on Judges, November 2003

James Dobson: War on America?

If Bush and Co. repealed the 22nd amendment would you vote for BIGDOG?

Vigilantes unite! "The Castle Doctrine" signed by Jeb

Who would you rather run against in 2008?

MSNBC: Olbermann analyzes Gannon's access to power - (VIDEO)

Rep Gerald Allen wants all books banned that contain a hint, a whisper

My letter to CNN re: Nancy Grace

Who In The White House Was Most Likely To Have Had Sex W/ Jeff Gannon?

"Storm over Weather Service Initiatives" (Santorum strikes again!)

Justice Sunday Racists-We Must Find A Way to Get This Info to MSM

CNN has business analyst on to condemn BP. Says oil companies not gouging

Just fired off this email to the Family Research Council