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Archives: April 25, 2005

DFA: 24-Hour Fillibuster Protests outside courthouses nation-wide

DFA: 24-Hour Fillibuster Protests outside courthouses nation-wide

one last Jim/Jeff question before bed....if the White House did nothing

Vatican tells Spanish Catholics to lose jobs in defiance of Gay Marriage

when does AAR leave sirius?


Something weird in a constitutional amendment.

Happy Confederate Memorial Day

Real Time. Scarborough pissing Bill off. Jane Fonda spanks bill.

Right now. The Fascist News Channel is making the case....

Gannon FR post from the past: "BREAKING FROM HANNITY: CBS Producer...."

Post 5000. Lincoln Returns, Dubya Cringes (long)

Bank statement - proof of address?

This is wierd

Today's Yahoo! Horoscopes for George W. Bush (a Cancer)

My 3-year-old daughter kicks ass... literally!

New Family Guy, on Sun. There's a funny bit about the Dem 04 Primary

Anyone know anything about digital phone service?

I have good news.

Ok, this is funny!

Az really is not evil

I need your opinion on something, maybe you can help me out:

Of course, this message will be lost on many.

Any Muse fans out there?

my cats are staring at me

Midnight Poetry Thread.

I cleaned out the refrigerator today

This just in: Lucy Liu is the only Asian female actor in Hollywood,

Time to giv'r!

Google your DU handle and hit "I'm Feeling Lucky"

What excuse should I use for missing dinner with my parents tomorrow?

A thread for DUers to provide good wishes to Ladyhawk

Hey Will Pitt You Punk-Ass Chump

GOPisEvil really is evil

Now introducing Debbie Downer to a Happy thread!

8% of Pensylvanians think Santorum is too Liberal???

Al Gore To Speak Out Against Frist and the Filibuster Change

I found this website about Deism, and I found a lot infrormation-

review of "Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room"

Raped by statute (Homophobia enshrined in law)

Imagine That (Art and Global Warming)

An ugly new chapter in the religious wars

Internet, Polarized Politics Create an Opening for a Third Party -LAT

A Global Pact Against Depleted Uranium

Nuclear Option Proliferation

Holy war Sunday

An army of the unwilling

Girl soldiers: the forgotten victims of war

Globalization and its Discounts

The Frauds of the Clergy, by Thom Hartmann


The New American Militarism - New boys in town

Injustice Sunday (an unholy mixture of theocracy and plutocracy)

Salon: The Right to Impose Christianity

Bush Family Machinations, 1918-2000

Twin survives abortion in UK - mother sues

Columbia Unbecoming (Washburn / Nation)

Good Article on Scams by For-Profit Colleges

They Were Once Young and Fit (Hi-Ho,Hi-Ho It's Off To War We Go)

The Bush Family's Favorite Terrorist

Promises ($60 for instance) Fail to Rouse Iran's Voters

Stirling Newberry: Rove's Revolution - Bash, Break and Borrow

The Myth of U.S. Cultural, Religious, Political and Social Superiority

Neoliberalism on the March Again

FLATHEAD: The Peculiar Genius of Thomas L. Friedman

Conspiracy Theorists, Gather Round- Gates/DeLay

NSA intercepts for Bolton masked as 'training missions'

Hijacking Christianity, by Colbert King

Ariana Huffington starting new blog site

The Twilight Zone (Peak Oil & 6 Reasons Why We Need to Act Now)

The Right smearing Christian judges that don't follow their agenda

Call In To Protect The Courts Today!

The Current applauds Wash U protest efforts (MO)

Union, university reach salary deal (UCSD) These are transgender, transsexuals, who

Jamie Court - Eastie Editors Are Colonizing L.A.

The Right's ability to control the media is absolute.

It's National TV-Turnoff Week!

Airbus Using Northrop Grumman To "Americanize" Air Force Tanker Bid

I've been watching C-Span for the last half hour and Orin Hatch..

Workers at Rolls-Royce energy plant to return to work (OH)

Teachers, State Hammer Out Agreement (HI)

IBM Workers In Europe May Strike Over Offshoring

My LTTE: rebuttal to a national sales tax proponent

America's interest rates puzzle world economy

Nantucket Residents Seek To Limit Number Of Cars & Trucks

Alaska Interior Ripe For Rapid Breakup, Flooding - NWS

Ontaro Premier Arrives For Earth Day In (That's Right!) A GMC Yukon

20% Of World's Coral Reefs Damaged Beyond Rapair: Potential Global Impact

10 Year Research Program To Probe Lake Erie's Falling Oxygen Levels

Hybrid Car Sales Rise 81% In US During 2004, 960% Since 2000 - AP

Tire inflating

"IEA wants brakes on fuel consumption"

New Fuel Cell Design Uses Biomass to Generate Hydrogen

Honda To Offer Natural-Gas Civic With Fueling Machine In California

The Climate Of Man, Part 1 - New Yorker (Excellent Article)

Any mainstream, credible sources for Peak Oil info?

Hundreds protest Beijing influence in HK's affairs

Factories contain 1.7 million toxic time bombs

BBC (April 25): Putin deplores collapse of USSR

Machimura blasts China's textbooks as 'extreme'

Guardian Utd (April 25): Mystery of Iraq's alleged oasis of death

Should the U.S. Recognize Somaliland?

New York Times Distortion: Up Close and Personal

The forgotten Rachels

One-Time GOP Insider Claims He Has Sept. 11 ‘Smoking Gun’ (

For non-skeptics of 9/11--- should the burden of proof be on the US gov't

Don't Forget to Vote By April 30th...

I just emailed Delay via his handy-dandy HTML form

Need Stock Ownership Traced

Question I have

WP: Vote Fraud Theorists Battle Over Plausibility

Pics from the Kucinich event and his emailed response to me on e-fraud

SAIC is this the right one?

KOEB Monday 4/25

Weighting Exit Polls: Sense and Nonsense ...

'Psychological resistance to facing election fraud'

Ohio training "Patriot Pastors"--who among us will lead the resistance?

What is our best evidence/indicators of HOW it was stolen?

New USCV criticism

Free Press: Carter Gets It – But Will His Electoral Commission?

Free Press: Voter Perceptions and Political Deceptions: Federal, Ohio and

Why Did Georgia SoS Cathy Cox Support DREs and Diebold?

Best event to attend this week in Orange County

Folsom Town Hall Meeting with Congressman Dan Lungren - Anyone going?

Warren Beatty coments on the "action hero"

West Coast Meetup this Summer in Berkeley!

Work Comp Donations to Arnold Paying Off

McClintock running for Lt. Gov

I need arguments against the redistricting initiative.

California Considers Industrial Hemp Bill; April 27 at 1:30

Details on Dick Murphy resignation

He's a Lot Weaker Than He Looks (biz page on Arnold)

Yeeeeeeeehawwwwwwww !!! Mayor Murphy Resigns ......

APR-26: Wellstone Action - Rally to to Protect Social Security

AAR in the Quad Cities

Teachers File Lawsuit After Being Arrested (Iowa Bush Visit)

Grassley needs to retire

Attn. Boston DUers (and any visitors still here), tonight:

MassEquality and others need volunteers on Earth Day

Groton School pleads guilty to not reporting sexual abuse

Romney's Approval Rating Slips In Two Polls

Probes reveal a 'culture of corruption'

Mass. Equality Action-Items for "Equal Marriage Month" of May Click here

The Boston Phoenix - The incredible vanishing death penalty

Ok-who here is ready for a grandiose DU get-together?

Coleman: If you don't agree to RW judges you are an "obstructionist"

Grams tells GOP group he's out of Senate race

can i get firefox bookmark folders to be more stable?

recommendations? need to access work computer from home

Can anyone reccomend a good site counter?

I think my hard drive is dying. Need some advice.

javascript HELP please!

Campaign finance bill has GOP in a stew

Info on Bush's visit to Galveston

Who do you like for Dallas County Party Chair?

Just In: Richard Morrison withdrawing from District 22 race

To all DFW DU'ers, GinBarn and Derby went to The church on Sunday,

Go Away Party for slutticus

Channel 10 Auction

am i the only milwaukee area, college aged DUer?

I just got polled.

campgn blog: #Post2Scott!

I'm not one who would normally speak ill of the dead, but ...

U.S. starts to recruit children for future combat duty (HOAX article)

my email to pro-delay

Anyone not afraid of the Christian right, oughta be.

What's Up With The Memory Hole (

Well its been nine hours since rawstory broke the Gannon story

Tax cuts for peace?

Hey George! How goes the war?

Gannon / DeLay ---- hehehe in one strip

CNN Poll - Judicial Nominees

gimme the juice on the telecast.....

Worried about food in the future?

Chaos and looting may be the aims of our gangsters in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Sen. Frist I and a few milllion others deserve JOBS too, could you


Idea - The Free Information Administration

For those who don't think the christian right can tear the courts up.

Who did the President Blow?

An Iron Curtain has descended on the U.S. as of Jan.20,2001.

Pope Benedict talks to Muslim church leaders.

Restaurant fined for throwing out kissing lesbians - Sweden

question regarding Gannon Secret Service logs.

Do you agree or disagree with B. Clinton's endorsement of Tony Blair?

The next time you're told the media is too liberal, ask them this:

Robert Byrd on CSpan 2 now!

Thousands of girls are war slaves

Secret Service *letter* to Conyers and Slaughter on RawStory

Bush Becoming Environmental Odd Man Out

Not a Dollar for Bill Frist, Traitor to his Oath

On Iraq... It's Broken, You Own It

If you doubt who president Cheney works for

"Republican Family Values" A new one today makes my list!

Sen Byrd on Cspan now

Loyalty, honesty, Scripture, yourself

Pic of me at Freedom and Faith today (prebuttal to Injustice Sunday)

Sunday's religious/ political telecast -what was it like?

dick cheney on Cspan 2 now

CNN: Pope Benedict XVI 'prayed not to be elected'

Suitcase suspect dragged off by SWAT team - Gannon walks right in...

Will Bush's approval rating rise if gas prices go down?

Help This Jew Out-Bible The Bible Thumpers

UK Guardian: UK low in social mobility [US, UK lowest surveyed]

"Justice Sunday" --PIX-->>>

Mysteries of Siberia's "Valley of Death"

faith, a gentle story

Warren Beatty talks about Arnold the actor

"We support the Troops" is a worn out slogan, & a worn out cause

Eh,... excuse me (hand up).... I have a question re: bolton

Time Mag, the Pope, and Ann Coulter.

Does anyone here have a problem with Pope having served in Hitler Youth?

Is America Immune to a Religious War?

bu$h's Most Radical Plan Yet

Justice Sunday: Where are the op-ed pieces?

I believe we have enough evidence to expose the RW'ers

Human Rights Watch: Investigate Rumsfeld, Tenet for Torture.

A Day in the Life of an Iraqi. Photos from Iraq. Warning: *Graphic*

Former S.C. (R) ag boss sentenced to two years in cockfighting ring

Keith to do story on Filibuster and Frist

YESS! CONNECTED doing story on Justic Sunday and Evangs

Has Bush debased the entire office of the Presidency?

A Bumper Sticker I Didn't Understand...

Would Ward Churchill's university have tolerated a neo-nazi prof? Yes.

Rummy goes to the Opry & the Blue Collar Comic Week on TV

Is Rich Gannon actually Cal Ripken?

FUCK Hugh Hewitt!!!

Now that MSM is picking up Frist/Filibuster story.....

Liger on Public Display in Siberian Zoo

Living Will: Now this I can live (and die) with....

Hmmmm...My file has been noted? Wtf?

Nothing yet on Drudge regarding Gannon check in/out logs.

RWer targets my car

What evidence do we need to get tax-exempt status revoked fr/ megachurches

Bush and Cheney together, in public?

Is there no wealthy person on the Left that truly cares about America?

Where is Jim Wallis?

George Bush to meet with Saudi Prince today. Will they hold hands again? >

I need pieces dissing just us sunday....

Don't Forget to Vote By April 30th...

ExxonMobil Spends Millions Funding Global Warming Skeptics

The WH wants to talk about MORALS and then gives free passes to whores?

On Keith O tonite

Jeff Gannon = Heidi Fleiss

Which government body/agency would be responsible for investigating

Pulpit politics - Can it be beat?

Serious question...can ethics charges be brought from 1982?

Email I received from my uncle that I thought was pretty funny...

Findings .........

McCafferty "We're losing a company of soldiers and a platoon of Marines"

Drug money, links to 911 attacks and presidential election campaign

tinfoil: the national sweeping raids with fellow agencies

One in every 138...

Salon: US Citizens Forced from Public Meeting on Social Security

Hugh Hewiit (MSNBC) Blogger Buzz - who is this idiot?

Here is what I wrote to frist

Religion and the Democratic Party

Iraq: it's worse than you think

bush isn't the president, there's no such thing as a president anymore

Gannon: is the gay prostitute piece, just a Rovian distraction?

UN investigator who exposed US army abuse forced out of his job

A Triple Alliance must be formed to combat the Dominionists

SEIU Does themselves proud!

Will Hannity,Coulter ,Byrne and Limbaugh

Alexander "I'm in control" Haig coached by Bolton

The Excesses of Crapitalism...

How does one tackle "Francophobia"?

I need your links: People denied entry to Bush* events.

NO means NO on REJECTED JUDGES: Our Democrats Need Our Help

What Exactly Is The Saudi, Bush, Great Gazoo Connection?

Why they want Priscilla Owen

Happy ANZAC Day to all the Aussies and Kiwis

Iraqi insurgency far from 'fizzling' - CSM

Base Closings Carry Political Risks

Christian Militia...courtesy of NMA

Anyone have Mann Coulter's email address?

TV AD that will be broadcast all day today thanks to generosity of people

The Dictatorship is here!

William Gerry Myers III - One of Bush's Filibustered Judicial Nominees

There used to be a great forum on the Durango Herald Website.

Remembering a Hunter S. Thompson Classic: Richard Nixon's Obituary

Just wondering; What the heck do the rw screamers mean by "Liberal Elite"?

The Walmart Story is airing on Frontlilne (PBS) tomorrow night!

Bareback Sullivan on AAR: Joey Rats is a great Pope

Hey hey the number of Guckert visits just got mentioned on CNN

What Sen. Frist did yesterday would be considered profane in

Singing the U.S. anthem proves a perilous fight for one Canadian

GM industry puts human gene into rice

Washington Note: White House pressure on Lugar re: Bolton is "Abusive"

Thomas B. Griffith - One of Bush's Filibustered Judicial Nominees

RW Radio infighting... get the popcorn!

Anyone willing to provide hosting for Gannon Spreadsheet File?

Triad is asking for a war! Check out this email they sent me.

Pictures from today's Man - Date in Crawford

Bush Losing the Spotlight - WaPo

Bumpersticker: Pharisees + Fascists = Republican Party

Rights Watchdog Demands Rumsfeld Abuse Inquiry

Secret Service records raise new questions about discredited conservative

A Catholic Liberation Theologist On Cardinal Ratzinger

Why are some able to withstand the political pressure while others do not?

Freeper needs help *waaaaaa*

NPR resurrects Edward R. Murrow's "This I Believe" project

'Reaching Out' to the bornagains is a total waste of time

A Senate Democratic Agenda? Be still my beating heart!

Richard Morrison withdraws from 2006 race for Delay's seat

Kerry's on c-span2 right now talking about gas prices n/t

Just got out of a meeting with Rep. Lois Capps...

Well you can tell by the way I use my walk I'm a Wahhabi's man....

Haliburton has officially broken the law.

Is yesterday's Justice rally cause to revoke the tax free status of

We Are The Logicians, Not Them sounds like a consumer group? Of course they're not.

This just in from PDA - "Hello there. This is William Rivers Pitt..

Anyone else get a recorded call from the Far Right today?

What are Social Justice Programs?

TSA to Introduce New Technology for Access Control Enhancements;

CNN reports that Bush ''succeeds'' in Lebanon

Why does the Gannon thing make DU homophobic?

Novak has very likely lied to shield his sources

Robert Byrd sets it straight on judges

Idea for a bumpersticker if someone wants it

Homeland Security ? ... well if you are afraid of sandwiches, maybe.

"Love Mom, Not Wal-Mart" campaign- Congress, AFL/CIO

FACTCHECK.ORG Insurance Industry Ad Makes Fishy Claim About Lawyers

Does anyone it common for men to hold hands in the Middle East?

Going To See The Boss Tonight

Family Research Council's "Justice Sunday": HYPOCRISY REVEALED!

Sex offenders rampant, children being killed or cuffed by police,

Why I chose to be a Democrat

WTF?? The Western White House????

Recap of Bolton story with emoticons - Brillliant@

Caption this photo!

"Move America Forward" has stopped the anti-Voinovich campaign

A (young) republican's report card......

There is North America, and there is a South America

Red State Conundrum. Please help me understand

Tonight on Nightline

Bush holding hands with Saudi prince?

Mail Server

Do You Feel Overwhelmed by Our Current Political State of Affairs?

Why is tweety talking about the Iran hostage thing from way back when

OK, I'll ask...

Media Hall of Shame, you can Vote on it

" History lost in dust of war-torn Iraq"

Anybody hear Blair getting quizzed on Majority report?

Is it real or is it Memorex?

What do you call someone who believes in God but not organized religion?

Byrd kicking ass on CSPAN - is this a replay?

Any Kerry Supporters On The Line? (Bush Purging Commission)

Last night ( 4/24/2005), "60 Minutes" had a segment on people going

Are their pictures of ANY past president holding hands with a foreign head

Bush reviews plan by Saudi Arabia to produce more oil

Another movie for fundies to freak out over.

Take the Tom DeLay poll!

I saw a video of Shrub today on CNN

cpsan 2 live Kerry kicking ass in senate session

Did I miss something on Gannon? I have not been on DU for several days.

Interesting (but old) Poll On TV Networks/Viewers/Facts

I just filled my 98 Volvo for $35!! Why aren't Americans upset?

Fox has Iran war plans, anime-style.

Cspan: Judicial Confirmation Process

British Labour MP defects to Liberal Democrats

Bush bars U.S. delegates to IATC meeting based on Kerry support

OMF'nG!! Condi depicted as a '50s TV-esque wife??

So how many judge nominations have Democrats actually fillibustered

I need helping finding sources of information about socialized medicine.

B'fast Popcorn: Mike WIENER & Cath.League Blast O'LOOFAH

Iraq Front News available

Fill 'Er Up for Less - find cheap gas wherever you live

Majority Report on AAR discussing RawStory that we were given last night

I strongly prefer the term "Naturalist" to the term "Atheist".

How Gannon knew about "Shock and Awe" in advance:

PHOTO: The love that dared not speak its name

Handcuffs, metal detectors, K-9 inspections, warrantless searches...

Will Gannon be the new Lewinsky?

Anybody hear about the story about Salzar (sp?)?

How many bankruptcies will be filed by October?

Girl Soldiers: The Forgotten Victims of War

April 25th: The Cost of the War in Iraq- $165,475,872,180

An irony occurred to me which scares me to death

has there ever been a case of a born again being converted to atheism?

What if the Secret Service is telling the truth about Gannon?

Ever see "Mr Smith Goes to Washington?"

Bredesen Announces Green Power Purchase for State Parks

Why don't oil companies compete with each other on price?

California's Supplement to the Statement of the Vote is now up

Mr. Smith goes to Washington DVD at Amazon for $20

Caption this

"We are not calling for people to be moral, we want them to be believers

Nero Bush is playing the guitar while Rome is burning.

Kurtz gives Drudge a big birthday kiss

Attn. Boston DUers (and any visitors still here), tonight . . . .

Ok bush voting assholes: Army recruitment figures still WAY down!

New pro-Bolton website

So I don't work for truthout anymore.

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Hoe Down!

Ras Survey: 47% Of Americans Pray Daily

Was anyone else offended and outraged to see Jeb Bush

Delay "Scandal" Hits International Press...

Is there a "Depression on DU?"

WOW, mainstream media covers ELECTION FRAUD analysis!

Was Gannon also a 'guest' at Camp David and Crawford?

Gannon said he entertained Blair and now the SS logs may back him up

Do you find yourself saying I told you so more and more these days?

Asphalt Sucks and the Asphalt Nation Needs a Facelift

Did anyone else hear this - "An impeachable offense"

Jon Meacham got it RIGHT

Bolton's Last Gasp??

Bush's Most Radical Plan Yet

Solar Panels - Do you have them?

wtf? They Are Holding Hands Again!

Aaron Brown showed Bush & The Prince holding hands

Reid compromising with Frist?

Please, please, please tell me the Senate Dems are NOT caving in? Please?

Nightline is doing the Bolton story.

I heard on the George Norry Show, Coast to Coast last week...

"American Prometheus" If you don't believe your gov't is capable of evil

Is Lieberman jealous of B*** holding hands

Dem Club in Freeperville needs a Logo - so we're having a contest

(Iran) They've Gone Crazy And WP Publishes It.

My opinion on the churches who are on the fine line

My experience with Just Us Sunday

The Fundies/Religious Wrong are gonna have a HEMMORAGE on May 1st...

I just had this email forwarded to me re: Justice Sunday from

OMG You guys!

Rev. taking Hannity to the woodshed

here's a list of my bookmarked site that are carrying the Gannon story

Hey Venezuela- this is what Agent Orange is still doing to the Vietnamese-

Question for Bible People

For those who are tired of reacting to Pugshite: Biodiesel.

Vice President Al Gore To Give Major Policy Speech Against Repubs

Listening to Jerry Springer on AAR. He seems pretty good to me. Is his

This frist & bush "We just want to let the congress have an up/down vote"

Will press ever take the Gannon Man Ho story as seriously as Lewinsky?

Laura Bush Wears White to Billionaire's Wedding --PIX-->>>

Secret Service Defends Giving Gannon/Guckert Access to White House

Kicked out of Bush's SS talk because it was "private," Denver lefties told

hahaha ... LOL .... Faux news logo........hahaha

So, thanks to DU and Google, I think I'm winning!

Hey Gary Bauer of the Family Research Cncl. how bout that Jeff Gannon?

During the 2004 Election, what GOP tactic angered you the most?

AP has very short article on JimmyJeff

I feel sorry for "Jeff Gannon."

Let's talk do we get the parents?

The Dems come out WAY ahead in this latest WaPo poll

Please Put This Photo on the Front Page of Every Newspaper Tomorrow >>>

DOCUMENTARY - "Orwell Rolls In His Grave" AMAZING look at the media!

This is the week that was: Saigon and our thirty year cycle of war.

The Protesters Arrested In Westfield NJ Still Need You Help! Please Kick!

I really hate that Air America chose to go to XM

What's up with Randi Rhodes today?

Why Did A Homosexual Pimp And Prostitute Visit Bush WH 202 Times?

Randi Rhodes nailed it. Our problem isn't Christianity. It's FRISTIANITY

penguins and metaldetectors

Gannon White House logs in TEXT/DATA format HERE

Bush Strolls with Saudi Prince --PIX-->>>

Anybody else experiencing this Gasoline problem?

What do you all think of the woman breastfeeding the tiger cubs?

I just can't give to charity anymore. Is this bad?

The Moon Primer

The Nashua Advocate: The Western White House Scandal (Long Overdue)

White Catholics MORE tolerant of gays and stem cell research than average!

Remember the handcuffed girl?

Soba Noodles

Kogori-dofu Teriyaki (Frozen tofu teriyaki) Picture heavy

Remember the PDA BC DUers?

Another reason to abolish MP/MPP/MLA pensions:

Why corporate tax cuts?

Heads up if you get Doc Channel (Canada):

The Vancouver games logo - your thoughts?

The Libs should just call a damned election

Tony Blair's Lie-O-Matic Statement Generator

Clinton backs Blair's Labour Party in British election

Britain the land of least opportunity

I'm tossing this out there, if anyone would like to add their two pence

Hi from the States.

Turkey Twizzlers on the school menu for the next 25 years

White House May Go to U.N. Over North Korean Shipments

Bomb explosion in Thai south leaves two dead

Skydiver Dies After Legs Severed in Midair

Hunt a rhino, save an ecosystem?

Capitol Hill Democrats stand

UN investigator who exposed US army abuse forced out of his job

AP: Bush Seeks Relief From Record Oil Prices In Meeting W/ Saudi Leader

At Least 50 Killed in Japan Train Derailment

50 Reported Dead in Japan Train Crash

U.S., North on collision course as top envoy visits

Frist speaks to Christian anti-filibuster rally

AP - Venezuela detaining Americans, warns of U.S. invasion

NSA intercepts for Bolton masked as training missions(To spy on Americans)

Afghan Police: Six Killed in Taliban Rebel Raid

Berlusconi under fire as Italy recalls liberation

Clinton endorses Blair for re-election

Bush Pick Bolton Is Under Fire From Brits

Insurgents attack Iraqi oil pumps after day of deadly attacks (Kirkuk)

'PM could drag us into new war'

Malaysians concerned over new pope, reform

Kiwi anger at Gallipoli 'ban on lewd haka'

Social Security debate at stalemate

Foster kids used as 'guinea pigs'(aids drugs)


American Catholics Approve of Pope Benedict XVI

Saudi-US leaders to meet at ranch : BBC

UN investigator who exposed US army abuse forced out of his job

N Korea will treat UN sanctions on nuclear program in "do-or-die" spirit

Police on weapon company payrolls

NSA intercepts for Bolton masked as 'training missions'

Japanese commuter train hits apartment building (37 killed)

Iraqis Try Again to Form New Government

Long Road to Justice for the Diamond Dispossessed

Syria pulls out all but token force

Pope Benedict XVI Reaches Out to Muslims

More delays on Iraq government

Iraqi Insurgents Launch Co-ordinated Attacks, Killing at Least 21

Group Says U.S. Sent Up To 150 to Possible Torture Sites

AP: Politicians Discuss Cabinet, New Insurgent Attacks (US Sailor Killed)

US. Marine Capt. relieved of duty complaining of lack of armor

Russia Church Urges Resolve With Catholics

Bayh likes sound of 'president'

CentCom: DETAINEE DIES OF WOUNDS (another one)

Putin "deplores" breakup of USSR

Gannon-Guckert/Secret Service Docs Reveal Odd White House Comings and Goin

India's 'lost tribe of Israel' awaits a second exodus

Hundreds more heroin addicts to be given a fix on

Existing Homes Sales Climb by 1 Percent (Median Price Soars!)

Bulgaria, Romania Sign EU Entry Treaty

Bloody Sunday soldier found shot dead

Jordanian kills sister over mobile phone photo (Honour killing)

At Least 56 Killed in Japan Train Derailment

Reports: Italy, U.S. Differ on Agent Death

San Diego Mayor Resigns!

Russia's Putin: Soviet Collapse a Tragedy

Italy and U.S. 'Disagree over Agent Death Findings'

Woman earns £100,000 helping students cheat

Valero to Buy Premcor to Become No. 1 U.S. Refiner

NO means NO on REJECTED JUDGES: Our Democrats Need Our Help

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal by 1991 POWs in Iraq

Putin deplores collapse of USSR

Iraqi insurgency far from 'fizzling'

Coalition hopes to sway Republican senators on Social Security

UN investigator who exposed US army abuse forced out of his job

Rebels improve bomb schemes in Iraq

Trouble keeps coming-Venuezaela pops up again to keep us busy

Bush Gets Personal on Social Security

More retirees pay the bills with reverse mortgages

Bush Gets Personal on Social Security -LAT

Sunnis Drop Demand for Iraq's New Cabinet

Democrats in the House are split over direction, leadership

Democrats See Rift in House


Little Havana Remembers Elian (Update on cast of characters)

Social Security debate at stalemate

(Phoenix) Maricopa County shows foreclosure rise

In Show of Support, Bush to Give DeLay AF1 Flight

GM to recall more than two million vehicles for safety issues

New allegations hit Bush pick for U.N. ambassador

Insurgents launch more deadly attacks in Iraq (US Soldier Dead #1573)

WaPo: Bush and Nuke Option Approvals in Free-Fall

One-Time GOP Insider Claims He Has Sept. 11 ‘Smoking Gun’ (

Iraqis losing confidence in political process

Freebies, Fat Cats, and a Very Busy Back Room

Enron Fraud Suspect Implicates Defendants

US troops cleared over shooting (Giuliana Sgrena)

UN Investigator Who Exposed US Army Abuse Forced Out of His Job

Many college graduates staying at home

Dems Want to Focus on Other Savings Plans

U.S. hybrid sales rose 81 percent last year

Meteor shower sparks flurry of calls to police

U.S. Forest Service Sued Over Logging in Oregon

missing Georgia children found in pond

School Fined for Not Reporting Sex Abuse

Vote counting gets under way in Togo

Mississippi Officials Taking No Security Chances in Preparation for Killen

Nicaragua students clash with police over oil costs

Gutierrez Optimistic About Trade Deal (CAFTA)

Death business booms in Baghdad

Rice Prods U.S. Senate on Bolton Nomination

Another DeLay aide leaves Hill for K street -The Hill

United States Pursues More Free Trade Agreements in the Middle East

MT-Gov: Brian Schweitzer's First Pardon... This guy rocks, period.

Bush Administration Wants to Continue its Exactions Without Witnesses

Feds' weather information could go dark (No NOAA website!)

Human rights organization reports Haiti situation deteriorating

Democratic Challenger to DeLay Bows Out

Kennedy urges voters to punish Blair over invasion

WP: Most Oppose Filibuster Changes, Poll Finds

GOP finger-pointing begins -The Hill

US says Iraqi insurgent threat grows again

Credit freezes could stop identity theft

Kennedy seeks Iraq war "justice" (BBC News)

Money flows more slowly to DeLay defense

House GOP Doesn't Plan Probe of Judges

WP: A Scathing Chairman Dean Finds Republicans 'Evil,' 'Corrupt' and ...

Official: Saudi Arabia Close to Deal on WTO Entry

Foes attack event as intolerant ("Justice Sunday" protests)

Democrats Move Some Bills to Senate Floor

Napolitano vetoes bill to allow guns in bars

President's tax panel: Too many tax breaks

Train jumps track, crashes into apartment building (Japan)

Focus on the Family says it didn't organize protest of Dairy Quee

Reports: Italy, U.S. Differ on Agent Death

Pakistan Approaches Boiling Point

Guardsmen denied Ground Zero retirement credit

House GOP aides admit they will likely modify ethics rules...

Bush Presses Saudis To Produce More Oil

U.S. retail gas prices fall 0.1 cent to $2.279

Benedict prayed 'not to be Pope'

Venezuela to Oil Firms: Accept Sovereignty or Leave

Labour PM defects to LibDems over Iraq

US prepares for nuclear stand-off with Pyongyang

Feds Indict 14 Reputed Mob Figures

(Texas) House approves amendment to ban gay marriage under constitution

Rice to Discuss Democracy in Latin America

Pol demands actress apologize for 9/11 remarks

Ex-Diplomat: Bolton Lacks Needed Qualities (Former colleague)

Bad News in Iraq Pushing U.S. to More Active Political Role

Conservative Southern Dems Disappearing

SD Mayor Murphy Resigns!

WP: Americans Oppose Senate Rule Changes, Poll Shows

Military deaths in Iraq-At least 1,569 members of the US military have died

Official Alleges Improper Pesticide Use (in SW United States)

Former Haitian Prime Minister Beaten in Prison

Base Closings Carry Political Risks

A Protected Friend of Terrorism

UK: Protesters Picket Refinery

Former Vice President Gore to Deliver Major Policy Speech Against Repubs

WP:DeLay Woes Prompt Rush to Refile Forms (likely to reverse ethics rule)

U.S. Weapons Inspector Finishes Iraq Work

Body may have been in freezer for 2 years in town near La Crosse WI

WP: Report Finds No Evidence Syria Hid Iraqi Arms

(Reuters) Arthur Andersen Settles Fraud Suit: Judge

Clark: Iraq won't be Vietnam

Britain the land of least opportunity

Democrats won't stop drivers license verification bill, Reid says

University bars student from class over poem

Justices to Rule on Seizure of Social Security Income

Experts Hear Oil Depletion Fear ( Reserves Running Out Much Faster)

Official: Zarqawi Eludes Capture; Computer Discovered

AP: Frist, Reid Work on Judge-Approval Deal

RNC finds Bush-Reid tit-for-tat

Remains of four Americans returned from Vietnam

what is the cheapest XM unit available?

Five Little Kittens

"Why do we lean to the left?"--funny political moment at Passover

Other questions about Bolton.

Anyone studying psychology - answer me this

I almost posted this, on our forces fighting the G.L.A. in Kazakhstan.

I fixed a toilet earlier today. Ask me anything.

What's in the air vent?

"Devotion+Doubt" by Richard Bucker...


I wish I could sleep

Cat question

Why the fuck am I still up?

Attn. MI DU'ers

Unlikely People to Be in the Same Movie

I am going to bed

Guess what?? Good news!!! I FINALLY FINISHED MY MODEL!!!!!!

Every time I think my heart is dead...

If I can give a few words of advice: Get pet health insurance

A rather clever and amusing little blog

All those who share the following birthdays post: 11/22, 12/7, 9/11

Bird consolidation

How did you find DU?

Time for the find DUers sharing your first flame thread!

Say Bush Stole a 2nd Election... How would MCGYVER stop him?

Okay, super-dumb question about Word.

what is/are your favorite look/s

Should this sign be posted at the entrance to GD?

If you have one, rate your layer

Songs that you don't hear on the radio that are good

Minnesota Students In Trouble For Wearing Vagina Buttons

Britons arrested over plans to jet-ski drugs across Channel

Golfer's Ball Lands On Alligator's Tail

Skydiver Dies After Legs Are Severed in Midair Collision WIth Plane

Wellll, my petunias and day lillies are begining to take

Bush the pimp?

The Revolution will not be Televised!

Restaurant fined for throwing out kissing lesbians

Will Ferrell to star in movie version of "Land of the Lost"

Good morning, DU

Brace yourself: DU did NOT make the list of "Alan Colmes' Favorite Links."

How long did you "LURK" before joining the forum?

I'm bummed. I missed meeting so many people Saturday :(

If you could make one of these vanish: Federline or Bush

I'm making breakfast - whatcha hungry for?

What's the record on the number of posts in a single thread in ATA?

Near record lows in Central Florida


There is no coup in the lounge, there is no ruling class

Shop Owner Spreads "Gospel of Beer" (Over 200 Beers)

I didn't go to Boston-ask me anything

Anti-Nuke/War protest this Saturday in New York City

What's the story on this William Pitt character?

Does anyone here spend time in a chat room?

If you have one, berate your mayor.

Does anyone know? (Cat question)

BIGMcLARGEHUGE - PAGING BIGMcLARGEHUGE - Please answer the Batphone!

Dog and cat diaries

Where have all the Admins gone!

What Pointing Device Do You Use To Move Your Computer's Cursor?

My bloody IT dept has cut off internet radio!!!

MY ATA Post - Cue: 'desert, lonely wind blowing loudly, tumbleweeds tumb..

The Pros and Cons Of Hitch Hiking

Breaking news: New leadership in ATA

you guys won't believe this--or maybe you'll tell me "I told you so!"

Two Girls Left Dangling 900 feet in the air in Las Vegas

We're not far from "Soylent Green" with this human gene rice product.

Headlines We'd Like to Read, April 23, 2005

Just shook Tony Blair and Gordon Brown's hands!

The Star Spangled Banner (on a pipe organ)

Green Day f'in rocks!

Exploding toads baffle experts: Papa Ratzi's first miracle?

Tomm im going to the hospital

TV overnights: 'Desperate Housewives' clobbers anti-filibuster special

Showdown in Viagra Falls!

New earworm for everyone.

Where in the hell is Revolutionary_Acts04?

911 operators thought kidnapping victim's call was a prank

Is it time for a sundog revival?

How do you make wood expand?

Bartlet For America

What's the fastest/easiest free mail account service?

We Are The Logicians, Not Them: A Musing

UK woman jailed in UAE for prescription medicine found in her urine

Question about kittens

What exactly is a bully Pulpit?

People In India Make Different Uses For Condoms

foreign exchange student experiences

Evil. an interesting read.

NYC meetup May 14th

How Much Do You Pay for Jeans?

Showdown in Niagara Falls!

Damnit! It's snowing again in Denver

I'm sick, at work, infecting everyone who talks to me.

Turn on the NEWS....

Official Boston Party Confessional Is Now Open For Business!!!

Hey Will Pitt and Boston DU'ers...

Who wants to start a Jeff Gannon profile at

testing, 3,4,5 - my new sig

Two things I forgot to do while in Boston.

I don't know if you remember me. But I used to follow you back in '63.

My 2 cents on moderated forums

CONFESS!!! Last time you shopped at a Wal-Mart

What's the Athearn equivalent for N gauge trains?

Any gals here do Yoda?

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

That's it no more mister mice guy.

Am I being unreasonable?

Okay Loungies....what did you do with Skinner?

I'm in the 700 Club!

If you have one, rate your mayor

Here's to cheering up your Monday - fun smilies with no purpose

I think this woman is INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Elton John's Publicist Says Singer to Wed

WillPitt/matcom: I got TONGUE from hedges. I see no tongue in yr pix.

How Should I Respond?

I just found out that John Mills died on Saturday.

Does This Saudi Spokesman Look Like The Great Gazoo To You Too?

Time for the find DUers sharing your social security number thread!

Headlines We'd Like to See, April 25, 2005

Time for the find DUers sharing your credit card number thread!

"Young love, first love..." (Bush and Abdullah gambol through the flowers)

Any guys here do Yoga?

Hey DUers: WHy not dine out on April 28th & raise money for a great cause

Etiquette question

What would you call a service that'll come and clean all the junk,

Where the hell is ChavezSpeakstheTruth?

New job. Insane workload looming. Sparse posting ahead.

Who wears glasses? Where did you get the pair you're wearing now?

Gil Scott-Heron- Work for Peace

I absolutely adore Led Zeppelin but positively hurl when I hear Stairway

Man Asks Cop For Ride, Gets Busted For Marijuana Possession

Why don't I ever get paged to pick up the white


My niece's fiancee made a remark I didn't like

Buildings and Bridges

Why must I feel like that? (Bow-wow-wow-yippie-yo-yippie-yeah)

OK, who here is a smart-ass (and willing to admit it)?

Lawn ornament advice?

My neighbor's cat keeps coming in my yard.

Can't we all just get along? You are making me cry! Boston, Chicago...

26th annual Drake Most Beautiful Bulldog Contest

What can you guys tell me about network marketing pyramid schemes?

My neighbor's cat is fixed, and it never comes in my yard.

I've been having a problem w/ my computer, PLEASE HELP!!

Check out this picture of MrsGrumpy in her mini-skirt/gogo boots days!!

Am I a racist just because...

OK, who here is the smartest (and willing to admit it)?

Gen. Clark Urges Golf Ban for DeLay

'Sextravanganza' Spurs Controversy At Virginia College

Our borders are safe from the evils of bologna.

My neighbor is fixed and stays out of my yard.

Worst joke ever...

I love being a reporter!

Why do dogs taste better than cats?

Has anybody seen Michael Penn live? (I swear not a copycat thread)

I'm dancing the Macarena in a bikini and high-heeled boots. Pic inside.

Can't you hear me knocking?

I wanna put on my my my my my boogie shoes

Elizabeth Dole starting to look like Joan Rivers

Do DUers mistake irony for sarcasm?

Hypercolor Shirts--do you feel nostalgic about these?

Why are dogs better than cats?

Is Frist acting like a lunatic to make Bush look good in comparison?

I heart Maggie Gyllenhaal.

probably the weirdest vanity post you'll ever see

Thge show may not be that good, but the flash game is like crack!

OK, who here is a dumb-ass (and willing to admit it)?

A sundog... a sundog is also known as a parhelion.


Anyone seen Alana Davis perform?

I feel a change coming

Miss France 2004 could lose title over Playboy pics

I feel a chafe coming.

What Percent Of Your Email Is SPAM?

What are you listening to?

What is a cool DU group that not enough people visit?

So I've yet to be carded when ordering or buying alcohol

Lovely day.

I'm gonna convert to "Uber-Mormon"

What Percent Of Your Email Is BOSTON?

Tornado sirens! Fun for all!

This is the springtime of my BOSTON

My dad hopes my brother's girlfriend dies in childbirth! WTF???

Mrs. Grumpy! What would you do, under the circumstances?

Which is More Useful: James Dobson or Raw Sewage???

I think I live in the reddest of the red counties in the country.

Focus on the Family just called me

I refuse to put Sundog in my sig line. Does that make me a bad person

Friday May 6 Is No Pants Day

Did YOU KNOW???????

OK, the fun's over.

Classic Kiss shot sold ...(damn, I thought they meant the Matcom/Pitt pic

Over, the fun's okay

Progmom, Some cuts I'd think you'd like

Goofy Spam Subject Lines

This is the springtime of my loving

If I'm holding your hand, I'm expecting a lil something something....

Moron hacks his own computer

All you DUers Trying to be as COOL as Boston....

The museum of Bart.

He thinks he's paranoid (song lyrics with pictures!)

DAILY SHOW Guest Suggestions?

Where, oh where did Rev's dupe thread go?

What's up with all the crickets chirping and tumbleweed blowing?

Hi, I am 11 weeks old today

Well, Here I Am In Cloudy, Cool Boston

Does anyone else think Pope Benedict XVI looks scarily like Chucky?

I just downloaded QuickTime 6.5... which includes iTunes

I got the job!


Yo Zuni. If you're going to have a Chick tract panel in your sig...

Springsteen on VH1 doing acoustic concert

So, its bratwurst and sauerkraut time...

E-Pro by Beck


Most pathetic Fundie hompage

That's it no more mister nice guy.

A joke that killed at the Republican Trial Lawyers gathering last week

Ahhhh....the interview from hell is finally over.

Mushroom hunter stumbles on 2 bodies in roadside ditch

A 50 Year Old's favorite music video

Greatest Star Trek Secret Revealed

The museum of bad art


What's Up Do You All Love Adult Swim As Much As I Do?

Hey did I sound southern if you talked to me in Boston?

what is/are your favorite book/s

Telecom questions answered! Free of charge!


Well, I just scared my kid.


One thing I like about Dick


Has anybody been watching "The Staircase" on sundance?


I am the smart! S-M-R-T!

Jet Li or Jackie Chan?

Brother Sky Blue just called in to the Majority Report

Missy is home after a whole week away...

Cyber technology is too advanced for earthlings.

This quote from Sin City says it all concerning *



One thing I like about Virginia

anyone want to have a chicago meetup?

Pretty in pink: Pug Spring Fling contest

Going to................

Did I Miss Something On The Global Warming News Front?

You (names within) helped me a lot today.

I wanna rock right now...

Pierced eyeglasses (body pierced eyewear)

Was there some kind of Boston meetup this past weekend?




I think it's about time we had a big DU bash in Florida.

Trying out my new digital camera.

Legal Question...

Help Is On The Way!!!! (spoiler? for 24)

As A Public Service, I Am Providing This LURKER ONLY Thread!!!

Who yells at the TV?

OMG, this is too terrible!

Luanne's "Manger Babies" show is the definitive religious experience....

Hey Boston--Thanks for all the pics

If you're in IT support, this fark's for you!

Hey DC area people, why dont we ever do anything?

I just fell asleep at my desk and snored.

Will they have an OJ murderthon 10th anniversay TV reunion special?

Here's my contribution of photos from Boston:

One thing I like about North Dakota

i had no idea so many Boston DUers were teh ghey.

An Action-packed movie! Tom Hanks in Demolition Squid!!!!

is it too early to ask, did anybody get knocked-up in Boston?

It's two months to the day until the DU Maryland Cookout! Show of Hands!

Today's timewaster, the Oops list

Think Senator Frist would address this "Justice Sabbath Sunday"?

What music have you listened to lately?

How long before Boston stops incessantly talking about itself?

Is it common for bird owners to let their birds have the run of the house?

DU meet-up in Tirane, Albania has been cancelled.

As If "Fear Factor" Wasn't Gross Enough


U2 is in town tonight. I don't have tickets.

"I'm under the loading dock. How much is that?" The customer of the day

"Ned Flanders, I mock your value system...

Reason #567 why GD is not the place for me.

Why doesn't everythingsxen post anymore?

Wonderful guy..... :)

I managed to get 43 bucks.

Born on this Day:

DU Evening AOL Chat

Tell me about your favorite amphibian

hetero here.

Anyone wanna see the new Dalek in action?

I just lost 10 pounds in 60 seconds. Wanna know how I did it???

If you weren't born in Boston... you're not from Boston.


Ee-Mehr-Jen-See, Ee-Mehr-Jen-See

I saw an awful car accident tonight.

Find cheapest gas prices in your area here!!

Sexiest love song in the last 20 years?

A few more pictures from Boston

Month #3 - No Job

Is this cute or is this cute?

Ten Favorite Musical Covers

Talk about something good!

Oh no! We were having so much fun!

To all movie fans and Fundy watchers

Favorite Rock Song - I think there is some agreement

Question for you Loungers:

I did a cats against frist

Funny Thing I Heard At The Pub Today !!!

I'm starting to hate hispanic art.

Thank you for your help!

Do I qualify as an oldbie?

Where, oh where, is dear li'l yvr girl?

64 posts to 3k...Wanna help? Post something!

Adult Swim Fans: Sealab 2021 is no more

My neighbor keeps buying dogs and taking them back

I have DU withdrawals

I hate narcissists

Woo Hoo!!! I have a job interview!

This has been the most requested photo from my collection - no offense to

Name this old tune #4

What's your favorite Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

I saw this and I thought of JimmyJazz.

Jon Stewart is ON FIRE TONIGHT

More Boston photos - general debauchery and much more!

Harvey Birdman is now on at 12 AM!

How many library books do you have checked out?

I'm climbing the fucking walls

Were these songs actually hits? (David Byrne, Steve Wynn)

Don't you wish you had made the investment of a lifetime back in the 80's?

A sports picture from New Zealand guaranteed to make you cringe

.....whats up with * holding hands with the prince?

Life, late night poem, if you wanna read it

Those communist rabble rousers!!!!!!!!


12 posts from 9,000; argue with me furiously

Let's Write The Final Star Wars Trilogy Right Here on DU

Boston is also the CAPITAL of Massachusetts.

Anybody familiar with light therapy for SAD? I'm absolutely positive

Jesus was born Before Christ.

*** Paging MRS GRUMPY... Phone Call For Mrs. Grumpy. ***

15 MORE BOSTON photos

where the HELL is BlondieK????????

Which Of The World's Trees Do You Find The Most Huggable?

Where is StopTheMorans?

WTF is up with all the latent homosexuality "coming out" in Boston?

Attn: May/June babies!!

DU'ers close up, with a wide angle lens! wearing hats!

Post picts of your grandkids.... The Big Brag!

Question about trees

boston wrap-up...and more pictures!!

Summer Meetup-Minneapolis (because it's sooo much better than boston)

Ask me anything about Amsterdam!


Anyone live near Claremont, CA?

The South has its own version of the National Anthem

Need Advice,my kid is SO angry with me...

Rocket Robin hood is on!

Outer banks, NC - worth visiting?

Farrah Fawcett is on Letterman right now

Who's up for FunDay after seeing the Boston photos?

How Do I Change My IP Number (FAST AND FREE) ?

A serious question for anyone who ever experienced liver problems

My president shows same sex affection in public, but I can't

For those of you who think Chicago isn't cool

How Boston before Boston bostons incessantly bostoning about Boston?

Computer savvy music lovers, help me. Please?

ATTENTION BOSTON PARTIERS: Get Your Unofficial Boston 2005 Sign-In Shirt!

Favorite every-day Hot Sauce?

How About an Espresso Truck? Like the ice cream truck but for adults.

So Dig These Cool Old Things I Got From My Gramma When I Was A Kid!!!

Man says he found skin on sandwich

Have You MET My DOG???

Advice needed for 6 year old's first plane ride...

24 (Possible Spoilers)

I'm a Newbie Oldbie. Hello DU!

Wish me Luck!!! I'm going to give the school board Hell tonight!!!!

Does this Non Sequitur strip grab you? Just something about it...

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Photoshop help for a newbie:

Please pray for my dad GreenLantern. He's headed to the hospital again

Here it is, i need a compliation of all the shrubbie pictures, please post

I asked my man to take me somewhere expensive.......

Wendy's Chili Still "Finger Licking Good"

It's official - Squamous Cell Carcinoma (throat cancer)

DUers Who Traveled To Boston This Weekend: DID YOU MAKE IT HOME SAFE??

When/ how do you know you're watching a bad movie?

I'm home!

Tom Petty's "You Don't Know How it Feels"

(IF there were a )National DU Meet-Up - Summer 2006 ?

PLEASE WELCOME TO DU - Inspire1!!!!!!!!! (Our Boston Bartender)!!!!

I just had to drink Magnesium Citrate. Ask me anything!

"Historical" film that screws most with real history?

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins are you most guilty of?

NYC meetup take 2: June 11

To all you who posted to Paul Delacroix's web site

Post a Photo of Your Local Attraction

Name some films that Right Wingers would HATE!

Are you from Michigan?

Westcoasters: Who's up for a West Coast meetup?

The Milwaukee Meetup is April 30th

Great Lakes DU meetup THIS WEEKEND!

Good Editorial in Today's Globe:


Reasons for Hope

The Christian Right's attempts to steal Christianity

Long-lasting gel blocks herpes

Mess with the body clock at your peril

Mysteries of Siberia's "Valley of Death" : Nexus magazine

Marburg virus fatality rates decreasing in Angola, says WHO

North Korea Contains Bird Flu Outbreak, U.N. Says

I'm not gay, but I'm against discrimination and censorship

Memo to Steve Balmer, Microsoft. Re: Gay Rights

Headsup: strong NYT op/ed on "Justice Sunday" having an anti-gay agenda

Cal. Marriage Moves To Legislature

Protests Mark Connecticut Civil Unions Law

Vatican attack on Spain's gay marriage law --call to respond

Gay Dems Denounce Frist Judges Rally

Mass. Equality Action-Items for "Equal Marriage Month" of May

While Microsoft screws gays...

Phelps Klan Greeted With Gay Kiss In Albuquerque

Mass. Supreme Court To Hear Case Against Gay Marriage

What, Nobody Wants To Talk NBA Playoffs Anymore?

Orioles improve to a happy, go lucky 13-7

Who else bathes your cat?

Kitty ... and Landlord

Pad Thai's Blog

Missing Georgia toddlers -- any impressions here?

"I just let Jesus handle it"


Military Atheist Responds to "Soldier finds protection in prayer "


Interesting story in WaPo today

Speaking of being pissy, anyone else just want to turn of the GD news and

congrats to Pirate Smile: two posts on the homepage today! N/T

I'm too pissy lately. How about a fun survey?

Anyone wanna be silly tonight? it seems to been a tough day

Hey, Hi everyone!

RollCall story on House Dems, not good

And now for something completely different: Madonna

We're pretty tough, you know that

Thomas Frank criticizes Kerry campaign

Kerry on C-Span 2 n/t

I am sorry guys, to those I offend. I CAN"t support Dean on this.

Topic: RUST

April 25 (Monday) newsletter: "Filibuster's Friend"

Question about Bolton

Folsom Town Hall Meeting w/ Congressman Dan Lungren: Anyone going?

"Is Pope Benedict XVI the GOP's newest weapon against the Dem. Party?"

What is WITH poor Condi?

Rep. Ed Markey (MA): "It is wrong that the leader of the United States...

CNN: Attendees of the Frist "God Rally" were "urged to call Joe Lieberman"

“I don’t think they’re pumping flat out,” Bush said.

The next American Civil War: RW Christian conserv-funndie vs the real

Take Latin lessons and learn to live with a fundamentalist: John Cornwell

O'Lielly and Father Murphy discuss the Pope and American Catholics

Take away the tax exemptions for the Fundies

Does Frist have the votes or not? Anybody know?

Senator Byrd on C-SPAn II

Thatcher link to DeLay scandal: Guardian


Blair asks for BIGDOGS support ...not *

The right wing has big plans for Ohio.

Family Research Council's "Justice Sunday": HYPOCRISY REVEALED!

EASY click here to **send TomDeLay an e mail message** >>>

Dr. Dean....Please issue a Theocon Terror Alert

Fund-Raising: Take It to the (West) Bank (Abramoff's charity scam)

Dems failing to connect huge Chimp deficits with high gas prices.

How Would We Start a Midwestern Blog

Monday, April 25 2005 marks the 50th Africa Malaria Day


The Democratic party is the official party of the "CULTURE OF LIFE"

Iraq's Oil and the Full Retreat of Bush/Neocon's on Privatization......

Please Sign The ONE Campaign Declaration to help end Poverty and AIDS

Did bu$h Sleep With Jeff Ganon?

"the exploitation of God"

The Big Dog stomps chimpy in head-to-head matchup!

U.S. Central Command-- Ready to Guard the Oil Tankers

SS Rallies in 30 states--Wellstone fights back !!!!!!!!

JOE BIDEN... I May Have Been Out Of The Loop, Or I May Have

Bush Kisses Man In Dress, Holds His Hand, They Walk Down Flowery Path

White House Sleep Overs

TV AD that will be broadcast all day today thanks to generosity of people

Cross-post: Mass. Democratic candidate running against Romney for Governor

Beware False Prophets - PROGRESSIVE TALKING POINTS on filibuster/faith

Findings....some scary

Did anyone else find that their TV news was pro-Bush on nuclear option?

What should we demand from Rumsfeld for foreign policy change in Iraq? letters to Frist (Cat Killer)

"and they’re going to wear them around their necks from now till Doomsday"

Don't forget to remind the MSM about the new "Gannon" WH revelations

Dear Dr. Frist: Nominees also deserve an "up or down vote" in committee.

Don't bother taxing churches, televangelist have the cash

Keep Church & State Separate - stamped on Dollar Bill

See who the Repubs are REALLY loyal to: Nuke option will hurt Business

Where will our next shooting war be?

self delete - dupe

self delete - dupe

The Religious Right as Loan Sharks

Saw Frist's Vid - He Sounded Moderate, Smooth, and Reasonable.

Supreme Court Declines to Hear POWs' Case

Ahhh... The REAL meeting topic: Saudi Arabia Close to Deal on WTO Entry

Help Al Gore In This Poll!

Durbin calling fundie ant-judicials "Religious McCarthyism"

The Frauds of the Clergy

Anyone else sick of hearing about Gannon?

Rally this Weds. Apr 27th to save our courts, find one near you!

Frist is backed into a corner...

Question: Why do religious voters perceive Republicans as providing answers

Kerry's on c-span2 right now talking about gas prices n/t

Rule of Law!..... Rule of Law!...... Rule of Law!

FYI if you have Direct TV Satellite, on Channel 372 (TBN) . . .

Republican Party : The Frist and DeLay cross too much for the GOP?

Anyone else sick of people posting about topics they are sick about?

NY Times: Arianna Huffington announces her new celebrity-filled BLOG

Support actress Maggie Gyllenhaal - 9/11 truth movement

What's going on in the Senate today?

Are all the prior confirmed judges under this admin. pagans then?

Tonight on Olbermann......

Elizabeth Dole looks like another addict of plastic surgery, not a Senator

Has Minority Leader Reid surprised you?

Anthrax vaccine treatment funding remains uncertain

Arizona Border Patrol chief cites need for more resources, personnel

WaPo / ABCNEWS Poll : Sixty Percent Side With Dems on Judicial Nominations

Where does the John Bolton confirmation stand?

Neil Bush, Cardinal Ratzinger and secret group....WTF?

Justice Department attorneys want compensatory travel time

Which of these former Democratic nominees would you like see run in '08?

Sen Specter: Committee decisions should have no efffect on Senate votes

Slick new web sites promoting THE DRAFT

Today is a day to make phone calls and send FAXes, e-mails,

Bush would rather beg Saudis for more oil than ask us for conservation.

LA Times editorial: RED western states are becoming more BLUE

Reid Nails BitchBoy Fristy On the "Nuclear Option"

Just called McCain's office

For those of you calling Senators today, a few questions:

Turning-Your-Back-tivism is...

If the nuclear option is used

I just saw Frist preaching to the converted on the NYT frontpage

If chimp boy is the reason for "democracy" spreading in the M.E.

Stand by -- Lou Dobbs about to cough up another Bush hairball

Gee prison population is increasing at an amazing rate

Could Dems filibuster the nuclear option motion?

Got an automated phone call from Repugs today about filibuster...

Senate Rule XIV: Here's what it's all about

Freepers Frighten Voinovich Back into Bolton Camp

our "manly" president grovelling and holding hands with Saudi?????

Who else was in the WH when Gannon was there?

Sen. Isakson (R-GA) Pimped Filibuster on Senate Floor....Check this out!

Will Pitt joins PDA as Editorial Director!

A strange world : Jihadists in Iraq attack US troops Armor made in Israel

Caller on C-SPAN says Frist is the "most dangerous man in America."

I need an email address for someone at RawStory re: GANNON

My letter to the editor published today re: Arctic Refuge/fuel efficiency.

Reid told bloggers today that GOP doesn't have votes to block filibuster

Can you think of a good excuse for voting for Ronald Reagan twice?

Battle Over Benches Spills Across Pews,000,000 articles not found on any other search engine

Individualism vs. Republican Social Conservativism

No recess, no appointments on Bolton, judges

Nuclear Option: What happens? (Democratic Agenda for America)

Yep, Howard Dean Takes the Subway

I say no more "Senator", no more "Representative, from now on they . . .

I think I may have gotten KB Toys (Republican) in trouble

Any updates on Bush's plans to invade Iran....

Bill Moyers: Take Back America

Chimp taking TX university bids for his library

"This is the spring of Bush's discontent."

Iraq: "Shortage of men and planning destroyed morale, ruined careers"

Senate Soc Sec hearings start tomorrow

Henry Wallace documentary on PBS

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Webstream-"God's Politics" panel w/Jim Wallis & Cornel West, Tues at 8PM

Urgent, help 1-sentence on why we oppose each of the 10 judicial nominees

conspiracy nuts: "Bush Admin had a secret plan to control Iraq's oil".....

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I am gonna repost this here, because it's just that important...

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What happened to C-SPAN 2 on Direct TV it's gone?

C-Span has been changed not deleted

Gore to give major speech against GOP's "nuclear option" Apr 27 (MoveOn)

Melody Townsel revelation at DailyKos.....must read:

This picture describes Bush, Inc. on so many levels

You're all too %%##@@ NICE!!!!

LOL....the Edwards team is laying back

VIDEO - Orwell Rolls In His Grave! an AMAZING documentary on the media...

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White House REFUSES to Provide Details - but here are some photos:

Princeton University will Filibuster 24 hours at Frist (Hall)

THE BETRAYAL IN WASHINGTON (By Republican Atty David C. Grossack)

ACTION ALERT--FILIBLOG from the Democracy Cell Project

Did I uncover a real scandal or not? Mitt Romney, Blaine Capital, KB Toys

No flamewars - just who do you want in 2008 for your Dem. Pres nominee