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Archives: April 24, 2005

A High-Tech Lynching in Prime Time (Frank Rich - NYT)

Place no faith in Frist as a responsible leader

Savants of the sea engulfed by politics - Thai Moken sea gypsies

It's terror when we say so

Gave Kucinich a PILE of proof on election fraud today

Republican trying to increase HIV/AIDS in Minnesota

An interesting theory on NCLB

good site: "Mothers Against the Draft" (LINK) out, stop the DRAFT!

I need some suggestions

Anybody seen the movie: "The War Party"?

Please tell me something hopeful. Please?

If you get a chance to see the FDR special on the History Channel

Jeb lauds new Pope

Woman dies 14 hours after husband died

'Justice Sunday' May Weigh on GOP -LAT

Booooooooooooooooooston is the best

Important question for the folks at Pitt's house...

another post-a-pic: post what you believe is the strangest photo of you.

Good night, DU.

Sure sure sure..Boston is great

Red Sox fans are morons

By the way, there is a picture of me making out with matcom

Just watched War Room and Hearts and Minds. both are great

Fuck you Hedges!

I'm drinking coffee and getting punchy. Do you get punchy if you stay up

Is this week's Real Time with Bill Maher worth watching?

An "innocuous" right wing chain email ? - what's your take ?

Anybody here interested in aquariums?

Ok...I'm hammered...who wants to step outside and throw down?

A bunch of internet freaks should know where to get an affordable laptop!

How come when someone wants you get you into multi-level marketing...

Any IT types lounging about? I need home networking help

Should people be able to download free music?

For the LAST TIME: Is it 'buck naked" or "butt nekkid'?


Funny story

Great Article on Trouble for Bush in Germany:

Zeppelin freaks.. I need your help ID'ing a song

How do you say yvr girl

Ok. Who's keeping up with the new Dr Who?

What's up people?

Is Skinner trapped in a well?

Longgrain...posting drunk from Will Pitt's ask me nothing!

Wes Clark to speak at "Bill of Rights" Dinner

My Prediction: the handcuffed 5-yr old is the next Terri Schiavo

Republican joins Bolton hearing monkey biz

. . . Smearing Christian Judges

David Broder - Uber whore

Latin America in revolt: Continent defies USA

Injustice Sunday

Why We Need DeLay to Stay

TruthOut: High Tech Lynching in Prime Time (Justice Sunday)

"Turbulence on Campus in 60's Hardened Views of Future Pope" NYTimes

ET police eye developments in tasers' use

Group Says U.S. Sent Up to 150 to Possible Torture Sites

Inside Tom DeLay's pep rally for Senate Republicans (Jim Shea)

Christian right goes to war with Ridley’s crusaders

Either quit humping the rabid dog, or marry the rabid dog. (--Driftglass)

"Half Magic" (more Driftglass)

Polly Sigh...(My first post, I don't know where this goes.)

Boot DeLay, replace him with Hefley (Schoettler in Denver Post)

NYT- In Iraq, a Tug of War Over the Truth

What Frist will tell Dobson and leaders of Justice sunday tonight

A Taste for Empire

Welcome to Fairfax: If You Vote Red

Geopolitical Catch 22: Uncle Sam's Paper Dollar Tiger

TSA thwarts terrorist armed with a pink plastic purse and teddy bear

Bush Lies, America Cries( The San Francisco Chronicle)

Nuclear Option Creates Rift in GOP Base (Money vs. God)

Constitution, not religion, under attack - Kit Kincade

The Oblivious Right (Paul Krugman, NYT, 04/25/2005)

"Repuplican Moderates, you done gone and joined the Klan!" (--Driftglass)

Terrified US soldiers are still killing civilians with impunity

"These Statistics Demonstrate US Military Can Track Civilian Casualities"

Hot Stuff: Plame Update

Porn writer bids to save US from hardcore invasion

Anyone else planning a rally on Wed re: RW Judges? (MoveOn)

A-bomb survivors call for elimination of nuclear weapons

What's up with Headline News?


Bush's War on the Press (Alterman / The Nation)

FYI new outsourcing book

Bond/Dollar Relationship Question

Scotland's Autism Diagnoses Triple In Seven Years To 3,000+

Besse troubles bring big fine

Florida - Massive Pesticide Overkill, 40 Inspectors For 43,000 Farms

Study Indicates Accelerating Glacial Melt In Himalayas

Owners charged up over electrics, but manufacturers have pulled the plug

Diesel Shortages, Blackouts Spread As China Awaits Higher Energy Prices

$125M More For Mothballed "Clean Coal" Plant Near Denali NP

Army librarians hone 'virtual library' skills (I dunno, kind of cool)

Army Earth Day Message - We are a nation at war

Army to begin 'mock billing' for privatized housing

Multi-National force - Iraq investigates Altercation

Human Rights Watch (4/24): Investigate Rumsfeld, Tenet for Torture

Arar documents link former foreign minister to attempt to delay inquiry

Puerto Rican Lawmakers Introduce New Status Bill

Former Israeli President Ezer Weizman Dies

Stage bombing suspects 'escape' PA jail

Lecturers vote to boycott Israeli universities

Israeli army 'lied' about Miller death

Why did around 40% of families of passengers not accept compensation?

Michael Dietrick, "A Professional Pilot's View of the Events of 911."

Strong doubts that alleged hijacker Abdulaziz Al Omari (Hollywood) existed

Poll accuracy and "effects" (bandwagon, etc.) are hidden by pollsters..

Never forget.

Is there a reliable link somewhere...

Who's Shaun Southworth & what's his role in vote counting software?

statistics on the mean difference

Does ACS (computer division) have ties to electronic voting? Some interest

I have a problem with this BBV article

John Conyers is on a roll and needs some help.

Check this out - all the Real News in one place!

Just an Update on Filings in Ohio Federal Court case.

Los Angeles' InkaVote system ties to Malaysian gambling outfit




First Gray Davis recalled. Now it's time to recall "Murphy's Law" in SD!

Middleboro School Teacher Caught on Tape Stealing Sexy Panties

Twins Get Stadium

Please connect all Women's groups about Bolton/infant formula issue

Vigil to protest "Just Us" Sunday in Dallas?

Question for Houstonians

Why doesn't WI have auto proof of insurance?

Ed Garvey 's open letter to the nominees for chair of WI Dems

is faith-based funding unconstitutional? . . .

Harold Ford and Howard Dean's talks on values.

National Infant Immunization Week Urges Parents to Vaccinate

Renovations on Fallujah School Completed

Saint Malachy Prophecy & Pope Benedict XVI... WHY this name?

African immigrant left well-to-do lifestyle for service in US military

The Religious Police. Think it can't happen here?

Enrollment down in army ROTC

Help me find some links about voting machine fraud...

Man fined 10k for hoax call to Coast Guard

"I wish I could wave a magic wand." ....Bush, avoiding conflict.

Terrorist Penguins

Oh my gosh! "Justice Sunday" will be on tv & radio in many area!

Predictions: The next event that will elicit flamewar and division on DU?

Anybody ever notice...

That emaciated Jesus statue at the Papal inauguration

International Internet Drug Ring Shattered

Marla Ruzicka 1976 - 2005, Civic Worldwide Website


"Daddy Warbucks" Cheney heads the spoils of war team.

Pope over-covered by media: not news: evictions here are news

Six Degrees of Separation.

Rupert Murdoch: "We challenge anyone to show Fox News has any bias in it"

Can we all agree to call Tom DeLay the bugger and be done with it?


( Iraq) Militia group threatens to kill Aussies

The Late Lenny Bruce used to say that he wanted to talk about how things

Whatever happened to Peter Arnett? He was the one newscaster

I think we just lost 2 more Soldiers. 1570?

Food pyramids and exercise vs. a good nap

Trojan statue ‘forged in 1506’

Report points to risk in widely used plastic (bottles and food packaging)

I don't see how Tom DeLay can overcome WP headline story.

I hope all these hunters and farmers get what's coming to them

Fabulous Jane Fonda on CNBC, west coast time, now, smart and brave


"We're not seeing the usual smarts we see in this group,"

Do you believe there is anyone in America that believes Bush*'s foreign

Indicted Qatari art collector & Diana ex-lover art dealer probe

What would Jesus wear?

Microsoft: No Pressure on Gay Rights Bill

Can someone explain this whole filibuster issue to me?

Maybe we should treat Conservatives the same way they treat GLBT people

Armenians remember 1.5 million killed

Neocons and the 3 Fs.

Obviously the feds are bored, investigating Martha Stewart for partying

Nothing to me in recent times has truly captured the fix we are in the

President Doofus --PIX-->>> (this is a classic!)

Suicide and religion

LIMBOsevic Not Man Enough to Commit to KAGAN

I haven't watched TV for 3 days.

Bush* says put aside politics--It's the republicans, stupid!

Dear Middle America,

Obesity loses place as second biggest killer of Americans

Question on republicans & filibuster

'Mandatory' DNA testing soon to be for the masses?

What is the political status of DirectTV today? Is Soros still buying in?

OOOOMMMG! Justice Sunday makes AOL FRONT PAGE!!

Scarborough takes a page from Delay's playbook

Colorado Christian Cult Uses Human Remains for Grisly Rituals

Smoking Gun: DeLay Airfare Was Charged To Lobbyist's Credit Card

Hooey story of the week: The kid getting handcuffed.

What's The Translation Of The Words Written On The Iraqi Flag?

Inventor Creates Soundless Sound System

A smaller, purer Catholic Church will go bankrupt

Knife clue could solve mystery of the Ripper

Cindy Sheehan...Gold Star Mother speaks out (4/04/05):

You would think the war with Iraq was over

If you could say one thing to Ann Coulter

PHOTOS: DC Poets stand up for Social Justice, Freedom, Peace

Woman Says Horn Honking Part Of Free Speech

Ohio police steal woman's ID...Give it to undercover stripper:

Jobs created by small businesses may save small-town main streets

Incompetent Condoleezza

If SS and (hopefully) the bolton dealy are dead, will this make moron*...

PHOTOS: Uncle Fester and Papa Ratzi......

"Another exhibit will lay responsibility for AIDS on homosexuals."

Tanks, bombs and bicycles: how America was humbled - Guardian

On the Radical Right Radio front...

PHOTOS: "World Bank Blood-Suckers"

Okay, another bizarro gas station encounter with a right-wing(?) LOON.

It's all about the grassroots, baby

Dangerous Deception on PBS: Mini-Med School

Why I won't let up on America. (Note...bitter sarcasm involved)

DOD military recruiting poster.....with new "D.R.A.F.T" video....

DP the party of YES, Progressive SS reform

Blair's lies are fast catching up on himself

Does anyone know

Naomi Klein with Bob McChesney -- full hour -- Sun 2pm EDT -- stream link

Democrats want to filibuster judges. Republicans want to assassinate them.

Dependencies, dependencies, dependencies.... I am trying to

Re: Institute of Policy Innovation

The new Pope's email address :

I fixed my electric range today... ask me anything.....

I smell 2008 victory--Giuliani in DRAG

Opus Dei prelates long for a smaller,"purer" Catholic Church.

There was a picture of the chimp* in the morning paper

Television Makes you Smarter (great NY Time Magazine piece)

My trip to Dachau (April 24, 2005)

Convert this Atheist : Show me a R E A L God ...

"The Filibuster Against People of Faith - Justice Sunday"

Bill Maher takes down fundie pharmacists (very funny!)

Is the push to kill the filibuster DOA?

Haig: 'it's gonna take a lot more sacrifice' on the Iraq disaster

God's Rottwiller: Pope Ratzinger

...before the censorship police arrive. Genetics and Homosexuality.

Aren't lower prices for consumers worth a little slavery in Brazil?

On "Meet the Press" this morning Scheiffer said buried on the

Gas Prices Down Slightly on Lower Demand

Amherst teen charged with theft of Oxycontin

Anyone see "The Interpreter?" (Spoilers)

Framing the debate... what Dems need to be saying about *...

Would Bill Frist EVER stand a chance of winning the Presidency?

Well, What happened with Justice Sunday?

Fisk -How Arabic text of WMD was massaged by Downing St

An interesting post on Yahoo Msg Board re: Bolton

Telemedicine good, reimported medication bad

GMA to talk to Frist and discuss Justice Sunday

The Devil's own moron trap.

Probation officer offers military service to clear criminal record

6+ minutes vs. 38 seconds

New Website-

Please DU this poll! Handcuffing small children

The rules that are in place now about filibuster ( and other rules also)

The Latest on the Bolton nomination

I heard a good argument for the estate tax

Any pics of JUSTICE Protests?

Exploding toads baffle experts

What were Clinton's approval ratings during the impeachment?

All right, that's it. Tasers are deadly, equal to a gun.

They're trying to turn Condi into a human. (Link)

Why doesn't the "yellow-ribbon" magnet group...

Las Vegas waitress discovers a great "new" book, and shares it with me

"Justice Scalia, do you sodomize your wife?"

New bumper sticker I would like to see......

The One-Sided Class War Against Workers

This Catholic and Protestant coming together bothers me

so, this Boy Guckert story could be the reason that Poppy Bush & Clinton

Bush's Judicial Nominees

Anyone CALLING Dem Senators

What does your state have for tourism?

Injustice Sunday

About contacting senators... (?)

If the patterns hold true next month will be a very bad one in Iraq

Can anyone provide a DivX copy of "Jihad Sunday"?

Frist the Scumbag Freak sealed the GOP's fate today if they go nuclear

I have just finished watching the Manchurian Candidate

An appropriate message to the Liberals in Congress:

Frist tries to get on both sides of threats to judiciary debate

Highway To Heaven Looks Interesting Tonight (TVland)

Will the Dems REALLY,100% shut down the SENATE?

Is Blair actually in danger of losing?

Electric vehicles; they work well, don't pollute, pennies to run, How come

Korea, Russia Agree to Develop Arms...and more

Real Breaking news :Four Car Bombings in Iraq Leave 21 Dead

Local blackwater agent bummed to be going to Bosnia, not Baghdad

Frist & Repubs pressuring media to distort language re: "nuclear option"

Until Werbe comes on the air...

MSM Should Hold Frist to the "Whoopi Standard"

Republicans Say Have Votes to Ban Filibusters

Medicare hearings will be more difficult policy from Bushco.

I walked out of a store playing religious broadcasts

Hey ya'll, "Do ya sodomize your ruca or vato?"

It's time to get HARDCORE!

Who remembers the controversy about the Catholic Church and JFK ??

I think C-SPAN should rebroadcast "Justice Sunday".

Q-C talk radio making left turn starting Monday

Sometimes, ok, most times, DU exhibits the "Droopy" snydrome

Do tell--Pat Buchanan says he worked with Brian Lamb in the Nixon WH...

I rewatched the movie Primal Fear with Ed Norton

US News: "...Howard Dean is no Terry McAuliffe"

What happened to political film?

More religion....

Iraqi police detain Reuters cameraman

Ratzinger on Galileo

Delay Watch

Would now be a good time for the studios to rerelease BRAZIL?

Experiment regarding the handcuffing of 5-year old

Our family is making a major change in our auto driving habits.

Just Us Sunday: A Review

Freepers are out like mad trying to discredit the latest from Gannongate

POLL: Turkey EU membership and the Armenian Genocide

I don't understand the significants of Jim/Jeff story breaking on Sunday

Support Barney Frank's medical marijuana bill!

freeper thread on "Jihad Sunday"

This new Gannon info won't go anywhere

Why is is that so many people who post at DU will

Bush has begun testing for mental illness

To leave Iraq now

Oil Wars

"Justice Sunday" High-Tech Lynching in Prime Time

I like the New Nickel, but I miss the Indian dude

Anyone ever been to the Riverside Church in NYC?

HAHAHAHA......bush MAN-DATE: jeff gannon 'the cannon' (PHOTOS)

States Rein In Health Costs - 1st stage of empire meltdown

Religion is not IMMUNE to Criticism.

Sir John Mills has passed at age 97

I was verbally hit and run attacked by a freeper this afternoon!

Republicans feel comfortable ending the filibuster because.....

Moussaoui says he had NOTHING to do with 911, his plot was for a different

Is there a gay gene?

Justice Sunday LIVE Stream

After seeing "JFK" tonight I'm surprised they didn't assassinate Clinton.

Film "Gunner Palace" "uncensored look at America’s young soldiers in Iraq

I've become convinced that Manufacturers feel they can charge any price

Totally pointless 1000th post

The Cost of the Iraq War April 24- $165,260,248,812

Secret Service Logs are up at RawStory

The Prez's Big Texas College Tour

Anyone else have a "problem" with the "going nuclear" language?

For filibuster calls tomorrow: Handy list of contact info for all Senators

Latest News Obfuscation Script ...... Martha Stewart - Arch Criminal

Skydiver Dies After Legs Severed in Midair

The flip side of the sex offender argument

Freepers Undermine Country's Knowledge (f.u.c.k.)

I think outsourcing medical care is wrong. (60 Minutes Story)

Question dealing with Gannon

Important: Breaking story this evening...

Did the corporate media deliberately not cover "Justice Sunday" to

Psychological Warfare

Allow democracy in Mexico and the "illegal immigrant" problem here ends

CBC Newsworld reminder: "The Power of Nightmares" begins tonight

Gannon SUNDAY visits to White House???

I am Catholic, but sadly, this article in the Advocate changed me forever

Is anyone watching Meet the Press? Re: Pope

Isn't that a Cuban Cigar Tom Delay's smoking in this week's Time?

Raw Story: Secret Service Records Raise ?'s About Gannon's Access

Hillary in 2008? Polls show her beating almost everyone

Is George W. Bush really an alpha male?

Compare Plame timeline with Guckert checkins/checkouts

"HE will judge between the nations..." (in response to Holy War Sunday)

August 20, 2003..."We can not afford to fail" Howard Dean

Ann Coulter causes a stink at the Harrisburg International Airport

Jeb Crow Shrub Kneeling to Pope

Much-Studied Wolf Killed in Alaska

How do we get out of Iraq?

'Persecution complex' Christians act like it's near impossible to worship

Rawstory news breakers, please start a brand new thread for dialup DUers!!

Good News!!! 4/24

The C-word: Conscription

first long term project liberals should undertake? war cuts

Living Will--Print and Sign

My kid was mistreated at school and I want publicity

What is it that makes human beings resort to hate and violence when love

Chairman Howard Dean Backs Bush's Occupation Of Iraq

"No place like home" now on MSNBC

The Constitutional Restoration Act lets * off the hook for war crimes

A Manual for Beating Infants: Freeper Family Values

Show us your GANNON Digital Pics! (some graphic)

Maggie Gyllenhaal dares say America in some way brought 9/11 on ittself

" skeptic propaganda" on global warming

There is not enough music…

My dieting blog....

Any book suggestions for Preserving and Canning?

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!!

Anyone else notice the "stealth" price increase for ice cream?

what do you do with Liquid Smoke?

Bono hits out at Paul Martin

CANADA ON APR-22-2005 Remains may be linked to missing man

How can Americans support the NDP?

So, did the Liberals find a secret Med School garden?

Can you BELIEVE Rolley Keith?

Power of Nightmares on CBC tonight

Anyone here from New Brunswick?

Sunderland is Promoted!

Rights Groups Reject Prison Abuse Findings

DeLay Airfare Was Charged To Lobbyist's Credit Card (Wash. Post)

MoveOn takes no chance that Rep. Harris won't run

BBC: Iraq police die in suicide blasts

Republican joins Bolton hearing monkey biz

Proof Blair was told war could be ruled illegal

Banks: "Protection" Racket? (hidden fees)

Questions remain about safety at NASA

AP: US Captures Suspects in Helicopter Shooting; 16 Die In Fresh Violence

Goldsmith told Blair 'war could be illegal'

Pope 'obstructed' sex abuse inquiry: The Observer

Pope laments spiritual 'desert'

Saudi palaver over pop idol fever

Germany turns a blind eye as Russian spy slips quietly away

Baghdad crisis as prime minister struggles to form cabinet (Chalabi in?)

Porn writer bids to save US from hardcore invasion

Ecuador ex-head flies into exile

CentCom: Task Force Baghdad Soldier Killed in IED Attack (Baghdad) #1570

Loosening Religious Grip at Air Academy

Group bankrolls democracy -WaTimes

Iran determined to resume uranium enrichment

US admits 2,600 weapons sent to Haiti

Four Car Bombings in Iraq Leave 21 Dead

Courts brace for bankruptcy deluge

Obesity loses place as second biggest killer of Americans

Fresno elected officials spend public money on restaurant meals ...

Iraqi Qaeda Vows to Kill Sunnis Joining Govt

States Rein In Health Costs (as Federal aid drops) -LAT

Political backfire burns Fox

Fuming over MTBE provision in energy bill

Former President Ezer Weizman dies

AP Photographer Freed From U.S. Custody

Bolton Urged to Withdraw As U.N. Nominee

Allawi Party Not Part of New Iraq Cabinet

MPs say deal reached on Iraqi govt, Allawi excluded

Bush family friend to be ambassador to Canada

Letter writer fools (SF) Bay papers with various noms de plume

Former government informant fights deportation to Nigeria

Chavez Ends Venezuela Military Cooperation with US

IED kills Sailor in Fallujah (1569)

Care facilities get less review (protection for children, elderly is cut)

N. Korea Should Not Test Nuclear Weapons, U.N. Says

Frist Hardens Effort to Stop Filibusters

Rumsfeld Cheered At Grand Ole Opry

Vietnam prepares to celebrate 30th anniversary of war's end

British resident details torture in Guantanamo

Hospital Services Performed Overseas -- (an example of Friedman's

Benedict XVI installed as pope

Self delete

Hatred in Jerusalem

15 killed in dual blasts near Baghdad mosque

Pope 'obstructed' sex abuse inquiry

Iraqi Police Arrest Reuters Cameraman

New allegations against Bolton (Dodd says he should withdraw)

Cheney Meets With Saudi Prince in Texas

WP: Frist Urges End to Nominee Filibusters

Much-Studied Wolf Killed in Alaska

Papacy towers over corridors of power

Iraqi police detain Reuters cameraman

Question of trust with Blair under fire over Iraq

Republicans Say Have Votes to Ban Filibusters

Rumsfeld Appearance a Hit With Opry Fans

Clever design gives AMD edge over Intel

Rice and Cheney Are Said to Push Iraqi Politicians on Stalemate -NYT

US Christian conservatives take aim at filibusters (American Taliban)

MARLA RUZICKA 1977-2005: Lakeport activist touched the world

China Rejects US Pressure for Currency Controls,Criticizes US Trade Deficit

State [Minnesota] is No. 1 in prison growth

Reports: Langone, Others Seek to Buy NYSE (MUST READ!)

Ex-employee alleges mistreatment by Bolton/infant formula

Frist Defends Effort to End Filibusters (comments to fundie freakfest)

Family keeps vigil at brain-dead boy's side

Bush more certain than ever on Iraq war

Judge (Pickering) blocked by filibuster calls it unconstituional tactic

Islamist militias patrolling Basra ("a republic of fear")

Iraq's Next Fault Line (Shia activate the real nuclear option)

Priest Ordered to Stop Protests in Mass.

Marines From Iraq Sound Off About Want of Armor and Men -NYT

U.S. Prison Population Soars in 2003, '04

Chavez Says Americans Detained for Taking Pictures of Venezuelan Military

Poppy, Bubba best buds Old rivals make odd couple

Dodd Says Nomination Fight Would Make Bolton Ineffective at UN

Spain challenges authority of pope

Time: It's Worse Than You Think (Inflation)

Bush to push Saudis for oil price cut

Afghanistan woman stoned to death

WP: Unexpectedly, Capitol Hill Democrats Stand Firm

Time Article on Bush Administration punishing Kerry supporters

Huge crowds march to support Mexico City mayor (Hundreds of thousands)

Newsweek: The Right's Fight (DeLay's defense strategy)

Bolton's British Problem - Fresh complaints of bullying dog....

Jeff Gannon Exposed: In 'Doonesbury' and in New Documents

DNC Is Told Where to Move Into Bush Bloc

Iraqi forces desert posts as insurgent attacks are stepped up

Weld Said to Talk Likely Run for N.Y. Gov.

Convicted sex offender commits suicide over neighborhood signs

GM industry puts human gene into rice

Clinton Backs Blair's Labour Party in British Election--

Secret Service records raise new questions about discredited conservative

Dead after cop scuffle (NY / taser)

Terrified US soldiers are still killing civilians with impunity, while the

UN investigator who exposed US army abuse forced out of his job


ok, which one of you mofo's drank all my wine

"Most condoms in India used to make saris"

Damn the shuffle!!!

I just saw a movie about the last days of the Bush White House.

Warning... Alert... Caution... VelmaD is going to hurl

Do you check your work email from a home computer? Ever get confused?

10 seconds to decide. Which movie would you really like to watch


OK...I'm screwed. Who wants to step outside and throw hardware?

I just tried to call GOPisEvil----no answer.

things ~I~ learned tonight:

I have been here for one year!

"Tales From The Hood" on HBO

April 30th: Warm Springs with Kenneth Branagh and Cynthia Nixon on HBO.

Kurt Cobain or Eddie Vedder

do your dead loved ones join you?

Be thankful for what you've got

Spill Your Intestines!!!! It's DU Lounge Disembowelment Time..

Any fans of photographer Joseph Schuett? Links to his works?

I knew he was different, in his sexuality.

Oh My Gawd! Click on SomethingAwful.Com's link below.

WOAH now this one made me dizzy.

Three hot chicks are in WillPitt's bed.

Rumsfeld seats director for new "Star Wars" defence system

Monty Python meets the Iraq War:

Help, need cartoon!

72% of all suicides are white males. why?

Its 4:25 AM on the night audit. Help me stay awake!

My blood's so mad, feels like coagulating

Johnny's in the basement

'Star Wars' master Lucas talks with fans at city event

Good Morning Boston Party Crowd!!! I Have Something For You!!!

Snow! I've got snow on the ground!

Happy Birthday, Barbra Streisand!

*snort* I'm gone be a truck driving man

EXPLODING TOADS!!!--Exploding toads baffle German (toad)experts

Your favorite quote from Bush's first days as our new Pope

Jurassic Bark: Good or bad episode of Futurama?

Filibuster, DustBuster or a good SPUNGING?

Trojan statue ‘forged in 1506’


OMG! Eddie Albert was 97 on Friday! Happy Belated Birthday

Happy Birthday Barbra.

Are dinosaurs mentioned in any religious texts?

Saudi palaver over pop idol fever

Reminder: PLEASE take good care of your health.


Jesus "would bang at my door and shout"

Plug For Our Boston Bartender: ANTI-Patriot Act Rally TONIGHT (Boston)


Feline Devotion

I just finished moving 10 yards of mulch by hand....

I've been reading ATA.

This is a long post ,Please read it.

The 'miracle pill' that makes your body tan itself

Coal miners daughter

Any diabetics out there? I need your advice!

Any diabetics out there? I need your advice!

Drag 'n' Drop "Mr. President"

KG's weekly computer question:

I told my g/f I cheated, but it wasn't really cheating

Bonnie Raitt or Susan Tedeschi?

BOSTON DUers: The Sunday Gathering

Either I Drank WAY To Much Scotch Last Night Or I Am Hallucinating Because

I'm a wuss

Rock and roll will stage a successful coup of the DU Lounge.

Ned Beatty in "Deliverance" and Karl "Architect" Rove. Separated At Birth?

JohnKleeb has left the building

could y'all quit dying?

Mobile phone prank catches man's head in bin

Kobe spends 50G to rite his wrongs

Fraudster sells Indian PM's house on website

WHOOO-HOOOO Karma paid off

How come Condoleeza Rice

Exploding toads baffle experts

Paging Shortbus (or other NC DUer, 'speshly if they know 'bout trains)

¡Ya Basta! - A little inspiration for Sunday...

I need a good recipe for steak fajitas

Anyone need any empty beer cans?

Any new pics from the Boston Meetup?

So I went to the Biker party last night - nice people

Geeze, the taliborniagins now have their own cheerleading camps...

Lounge Anarchists: Counter-coup!

Mitch Albom and the 5 people you meet when you write a fake-ass review

Would it kill you to pick up the phone and call your mother??

Official thread for outcasts who like "We built this city on rock and roll

Perhaps we ought to strive for the "kinder, gentler" DU

What do you think will be put on John Bolton's headstone?

so, we've had a minor bidding war over Rancho Uly this weekend.

proud swagger out of the schoolyard waiting for the world's applause

I just forced my obnoxious neighbors into hibernation.

The most AMAZING glass art I've ever seen!!!!!

Resurrection of Evil

"Matcom's Magical Mystery Grave-Pissing Tour"

With the 165th pick in the 5th round, the Indianapolis Colts select...

Okay... I'm Just Going To Have To Come Right Out And Say It...

Steisand, Pavarotti or AC/DC. You were offered free tix to one.

Here's a link to "Dark Skies"-remember that show about alien invasion

I met the "That thing gotta HEMI in it?" guy last night (photo)>>>

Have you ever lived on Main Street?

My kid is listeing to Mars Volta. They sound just like Queen.

I fixed my electric range today... ask me anything.....

You All Watching The Boxing Match Between Boston & Tampa??

I'm going to a memorial service for my ex-MIL. All republicans!

Can God create a rock He cannot lift?

Tsk tsk tsk... he's outdone himself this time...

Who's the composer of the music in the A.G. Edwards 'nest egg' commercial?

Are you stoned, or reading too much e-mail?

My Dog Has OCD... She's An Obsessive Compulsive About Paper Napkins!!

My whole week has been awful

Headlines We'd Like to Read, April 24, 2005

History Channel Talking About The Rapture! Happy Sunday Everyone!

Can God create a kidney stone he cannot pass?

Pool: When will the adminstrators return to "Ask The Administrators"?

Have you been to Demopedia lately?

I am looking for a free, super basic MP3 player

Afternoon tea with Laura Bush or Starbucks with the Kerry Daughters

suppose there really is a gay genie....

Pope on a Rope - Clean that hole in your soul

I'm a wimp, I can't stand watching that episode of South Park featuring IT

Every cat I've owned will yours?

Only 2 OPs in GD, but I already feel the Lounge is safer, ask me anything

I'm Watching "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back"

This Is For BigMcLargehuge

Anybody need any empty beer brains?

Is There A Gay Person Named Gene In Here?

know of any good vacation spots in the eastern half of the u.s?


Does anyone have the sign-in list from the Boston DU gathering?

This is gonna hurt...

The Eric Clapton & Jerry Garcia captured by cannibals joke. Your thoughts.


So Homer Simpson


"Creeping Meatballism"

This will answer all your questions about life,

Have any good cheesy/starchy recipes?

I'm a wimp, I can't watch 'IT'

I admit it. I am the last DUer to see...


If The Admins Are "Away" Is The Fun REALLY Over?

Piggy-backing on Mrs. G's thread

I wish I could've gone to Boston.

Pornographic code words in pop music. Let's get a grip here.

Anyone up for some Russian Fundie/Neocon Heavy Metal?

Are you familiar with Wes Clark's electric bicycle company?

I went to a Roller Derby match last night. Ask me anything.

So, I'm scared to death about surgery tomorrow.

It pays to complain: Movie theater sending free passes to me & my friend

a bumper sticker i wana see

My brother is in Iraq.

Monster and The Hot Chick

My last night in Boston. Who's up for hanging out??

Words of Wisdom from Mr. Natural

In the context of RAWSTORY's scoop, Bush's blue cloth will be...

I'm watching Sideways - I like it, but

I'm 20 posts from 2,000. Ask ME anything!

This is just wrong.

DU family - Advice needed about moving from Illinois to North Carolina.

"Cast not your pearls before swine. Keep religion out of politics."

Why do you live?

Douchebag Du Jour: John Piccolo

So I'm a 100 pages into "Being and Nothingness": Ask me Nothing!

this is bridgit, reporting from the high temple, in osaka...

it's almost 7 pm

COOL FLASH GAME: "Guess the Google"

Boston is a bad, bad place

Browser Question: please, please, please help

Creationist Park. Good or Bad Idea?

Anyone see "The Interpreter?" (Spoilers)

The BEST anti-Frist graphic yet. THE BEST. Really. SERIOUSLY.

Which is the most uncool?

Lots of personal question threads tonight. Now post:

all of you chimp lovers will love this!

keeping in mind the oldbie DUers who are gone

Who here WASN'T at the Boston gethering yesterday???

Interview with Rob Thomas on CNN HN

With help from a friend, I finally got my DVD player hooked up to my TV.

Can someone help me with a DBMS prob? I am ready to explode into tiny bits

Bouncyball, please check in

I went to lunch at an expensive restaurant .....

Public Service Announcement to anyone who eats meals with Onions!!!

My Filly at One Week Old

Jurassic Park. Good or bad movie?

Jurassic Park. Good or Bad Idea?

Help me make my college decision! (serious poll)

Two Great Sherlock Holmes films on TCM tonight


Who is Sundog and why is his picture in so many sig lines?

Who is Cthulhu and why is his picture in so many sig lines?

Gratuitous Kitten Thread!

I'm halfway through with my homework tonight!!!

I don't know about this LIEberal forum, Day-y-y-y-vey!

Brasco or Darko?

Does anyone have a fix for the Sundog virus?!!

Help...I need help with my Developmental Psychology crap!

I saw bits of American Top 40 w/Ryan Seacrest tonight and I realized...

To the Lord let praises be, it's time for dinner now let's go eat

Ok Lounge, how creative are you?

Name this old tune #2!

What is your favorite Barbra Streisand movie?

C.A.F.E. 2008 (Cats Against a Frist Election)'s the first poster.

It's April 24 and it's EFFING SNOWING here!!!!

How old do you want to be when you finally shuffle off this mortal coil?

Popularity contest

Memory Lane (resized pics but still dial-uppers be warned)

If you ever contemplated suicide, what kept you from going through w/ it?

Ever been so sleep-deprived you get depressed?

Exploding toads baffle German experts

Hey Redstone....

Fenris, two questions:

The Fabulous Mr. John Kleeb

I am furrbaby sitting

Um, so has anyone experienced intubation while awake?

I'm now 10 posts away from 2,000! Ask me anything.

Matcom the kissing bandit


The two best acting jobs as sociopaths, hands down!

As a Chicago DUer who has conducted a firsthand investigation


Does anyone here watch Iron Chef America? Did you watch tonight?

WTF is with the forum-nazis in GD?!?!?!?!?!

Hey, has anyone checked to see if the Freepers

Auto Repair Day!

Does anyone have a fix for the Bloodhound virus?!!

I'm still in Boston, ask me anything?

Back from Boston, ask me things

ok-- how about a DU gathering here in BLUE LAKE, CA?

YO BOSTON DUers: Looks like the Sunday thing isn't happening

Who here WAS at the Boston gathering yesterday???

I Heard There Was A LAME Attempt At A Lounge Coup Last Night

A Question For All You Lurkers Out There???

Post a picture of the better half

True or False: The answer to this question is false.

MrG and MrsG Wedding Picture!

Looks like the Waldorf Cat Haven has a new addition -- a new cat photo

Am I even here anymore?

Time for DUers to share their Social Security numbers, bank account info,

is there anything better than RUGBY and BEER?

Movie 'Velvet Goldmine' coming up on IFC...worth watching?

hedges and beastman ain't got nuffin' on matcom and pitt - Proof inside:

Any resolution in sight for the ATA strike?

That does it! I'm officially a big fatty!

Progmom's trying to say something about yvr girl. What could it be?

Recommend a London hotel?

Demon kitty's gonna get you!!

I'm having Freeper withdrawl - Lurker Freeps, Help me out

I need help with GOOD Soul music 70's

How the hell do you get rid of MOTHS?!?!?!?!

Fuck it. I'm getting a 6-pack and watch 'Lawrence of Arabia'

Am I weird, or is this normal?

Can anybody recommend a good 35 mm camera (not digital)

progmom is evil - proof inside!

How old (young) are you?

Lounge Hardliners rally round me for the coup's survival!

I hate judges who think they are better than anyone else

Will Pitt is evil - proof inside!

Name this old tune #3!

Some people have pets instead of children.

okay, I'll ask it.....

What is the goofiest thing you've ever said/heard in a medical emergency?

JimmyJazz is dead meat!

Damn, no babes making out at the get together

So when, if EVER will there be another Mass Boston Gathering?

Time for the find DUers sharing your first name thread!

One of our DU friends has died.

DUers who met at Boston Gathering for the first time: Were you surprised

When did you join DU?

Exclusive hungover pics from Boston.

Unnecessary Movie Deaths.

three of the hottest babes in DU land inside

OK, who here is the oldest (and willing to admit it)?

Post a pic of yourself where there are lots of other people in the pic.

Hey. Okay, so I've never done any research on them

Why Do Popes Choose Names That Are Different From Their Own?

What exactly did he say?

Consider this for the cause of FDR's death

Medicare Change Will Limit Access to Claim Hearing - NY Times - DSunday Ap

Today marks the 12th anniversary of the '93 March on Washington

Microsoft Rushes To Heal Gay Rift

Gays remembered at Auschwitz Holocaust memorial.

"Redneck chic" in the GLBT community? WTF?

Prison For Pair In Seattle Gay Pride Beating

Is this the proper forum to start a thread about "The L Word"?

Tom Danielson leads Armstrong (& others) into last day of Tour de Georgia

For Those Who Doubt My Powers Of Prognostication...

Anyone see that Canada vrs Czech Rep. game?

WTF? CBS showing the F1 race delayed!

Danielson wins Tour de Georgia; Alex Vinokourov takes Liège-Bastogne-Liège

England up to #6 in world... Czech Rep up to #2!

Congrats Teams USA

Mike Shanahan, you are certifiably NUTS!!

RIP Leon 1997-2005

I am just so glad that I have a bird feeder outside my kitchen window

Well.....guess who rules the roost in my house..

this is awesome

The Eclipse, the Pope, and Symbolic meanings

Any A/A Du'ers in the Seattle area?


25 Signs You Are Going to Hell!

Social Security Hearings this week

Bush Administration punishes some Kerry backers

About that Mark Dayton story...

Working New Hampshire


Look, ma! We made a BLOG! Everybody check it out!!!!

Dean criticized from the left

Shooting a DSLR in full manual-- Or the lenses that time forgot.


Pelican at sunset

A site with some unusual images

Relaxing in the shade

Anybody seen "Unauthorized bio of Dick Cheney"?

Senate OKs $81 billion supplemental spending bill

HHS Secretary Appoints Advisory Committee on Minority Health

FY 2003 Performance Goal Results for coast Guard (2 targets missed)

Park Service could get homeland security dollars

Bush could easily eliminate the EPA,, FDA, or SEC

"and get this" says Cnn--about 3/4 of US Catholics try to figure out

Get out there today and inform people...

The Outsider's View

Washingon Post provides details on Delay's lobbyist paid golfing trips

Is It Just Me, Or Has Anyone Else Noticed....

Bolton 'would bang on my door and shout'

Boycotts: We need to keep a running count of which...

Bush to push Saudis for oil price cut

Who are the other Justice Sunday congressional "Hoes"?

What is not traitorous about an administration

Investigators resigned over oil-for-food inquiry 'cover-up'

Pope in talks with rebel Anglicans

Do you think

Christian right goes to war with Ridley’s crusaders

Dodd is on Face the Nation talking against Bolton

smirk's man, pope ratty, protected his pedophile priests

TIME: The Bush Admin punishes some Democrat backers

MSNBC playing selective reporter again?

I would like a brief overview of Vatican II and Opus Dei

Moon has been putting money in Ralph Reed's pocket

Human rights group calls for criminal investigations of Rumsfeld, Tenet

Why are there so many threads on the pope in this forum??

Bush I, Bush II The Economy, Stupid

Jim McGovern posts on Raed in the Middle blog - REQUIRED READING

A Quote I ran accross

Party Yawn: A look at the Naples Dem dinner and 06 governor's race

BRAD SHOW on RAW RADIO Rebroadcasting Now!

39% Clinton appellate nominees did not get up or down vote in committee!

Repubs Considering Hannity To Run Against Hillary In 2006

Global terrorism rates are higher...

Justice Sunday broadcast is available on the BIG dish

Newsweek article on Bolton (ii.e., the British on Bolton - another story.)

Frist: "When WE think decisions are outside mainstream American values...

Did Mr. Frist and his fellow hypocrites go to church today?

Rove = F'UP?

Texas Legistlation to ban gay foster parents (Add on to bill)

Was Bolton behind death of State Department official?

You know what, never mind...

Trib op-ed has strategy to defeat repug filibuster moves--it's sad.

Shrub isn't giving the fundies much.

The Military Member's Enlistment Oath

The Great Swindle: Oh You Must See This 1948 ((Video))

No one is protesting the war anymore -- Fox news

Fascist Takeover 98% Complete - Dems Banned from Global Telecom Commission

Play the RW Game: List Gaffes and Jokes of Chimpy's to Pretend are Serious

John Bolton -Profile / Bio

White House quietly backing away from DeLay?

Who is winning the PR battle on the issue of judges, judicial confirmation

Army vets, help me out. Reg 601-210's overt violations. Thoughts?

does dictating to the legislature and courts make Bu$h a Dictator .??

The Rapture: A Special Report

If you haven't already - check out deaths at INR by Wayne

They will take whatever you give them...

Alert: Tonight 7 PM "A High-Tech Lynching in Prime Time"

Lexington-Herald (KY) "Neocons are not true conservatives..."

Coming out of the dark....

When Cheney's Battery Runs Out----Who Will They Pick to Replace Him?

Criminal Condi Rice, Bolton and 18 U.S.C Sec 1505 (obstruction of inquiry)

South Park Guide to the Bush Administration

Dubya's views on Social Security

Election stealing in Mexico, denying ballot access to the most popular guy

Bush's paper the "Columbus Dispatch," cut out part of "Doonsebury."

ABC News just did short story on Justice Sunday

Florida Commissioner proposes GENOCIDE

Senate Dems could learn something from the West Wing ep "Shutdown"

Anyone going to Colorado Springs

Today's Doonesbury mentions Jeff Gannon

You can trust me.

If Dems fight Nuclear Option, maybe some good can come from it

Crime Down but Prison Population Exploding - Related to Privatization?

Laura Ingraham urges you to "light up Senate switchboard for Bolton"

What's the worst that could happen if Repubs do away with filibuster?

Exemption Requirements - 501(c)(3) - Highview Baptist Church in violation?

It's time for progressives to get hardcore!

CSPAN Schedule Monday April 25

Biden ready to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory (again)

People Award Democrats for Aggression -- Polls Prove It!

Should there be a musical based on the movie "Outfoxed"?

I think Delay's about had it. WAPO revelations SHOULD rock the casbah!

CNN Poll - Should Bolton Be Ambassador to UN

Rally rebuts GOP stance on filibusters

Newsmax Pretends Clark's joke about Delay (on Maher) was serious!!!

An idea on taking back the House and Senate...

What story is Rove going to pimp so as to take the heat off Gannon?

Another look at Hunter Thompson's death

Are the Democrats giving in?

Poking a stick in Fascist eyes

Troubles Mount in White House, Bush Agenda Bogged Down

Why We Need DeLay to Stay - Newsweek's Jonathan Alter

The Party has sold out this country for corporate loot

Would you vote for a pro-Second Amendment Democrat in 2008?

Is George W Bush hiding some deep dark secrets ?

The religious right will be making phone calls tomorrow, So Should We...

Which one is more just plain old disgusting?

Do you think the "Greatest" page is useful?

NYT Op/Ed: “Justice Sunday” is a dangerous fraud with an ANTI-GAY agenda

Bill Clinton has gone insane

Would you vote for an otherwise liberal pro-life Democrat in 2008?

"What's the Matter with Liberals?"

DU Approval Ratings: Barbara Boxer