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Archives: April 21, 2005

MediaMatters: Even After Time, You Still Don't Know 'Real Ann Coulter'

How Texas Reps Voted Fuel Economy Amendment

New form of offshoring....literally

Meet the nuclear triggers

Oil-For-Food Investigators Resign.

Holy moly this just occurred to me

What Al Gore sees in ZeD--Globe and Mail, Canada (TV)

Barbara Boxer rocks and is the future of the Democratic party...

Jon Stewart finds the source of DeLay's recent trouble - (VIDEO)

England Fumes over Selection of "Papa Ratzi"| Nasty Anglo meanness

Maybe this is what the kids are afraid of . . .

Police Beat Woman Having Diabetic Reaction (watch the video)

Questions About Dell Computers

So, the minutemen say they are gonna start patrolling Canada's border

Sometimes DU reminds me of the Freepers on Clinton

Boxer finds Rice's directive unconstitutional

Raw Story: Former Abramoff client hosts DeLay fundraiser tonight

NYT: Ecuador's Leader Flees and Vice President Replaces Him

NYT: Pentagon Considers Changing the Legal Definition of Sodomy

Gorbachev criticizes U.S. on nuclear arsenal, hypocrisy -- Reuters

Just ordered Rush's "Power Windows" off Amazon. Ask me anything.

I had sex with the year 2002!

Look, I'm too friggin' BUSY to respond to your STUPID poll

Help me not procreate...really

And the men who hold high places must be the ones who start...

There is unrest in the forest There is trouble with the trees

Is it just me? Do those Dell commercials get on your nerves?

Sometimes good websites links are written on napkins.

I haven't had sax since 2002!

Was it just me, or did Paula Abdul look totally sloshed on American Idol?

What would you do if somebody spit on you at a book signing?

OK OK I'm OLD! Who is the singing group the U2

How far do you have to drive for beer

OK, I want to know which one of you sent me the virus ! ! !

What is your pillow filled with?

I feel ashamed that I have stock in Exxon Mobil

Breaking! Suspicious Powder Salem, OR Post Office, FBI

I haven't had sex since 1982!!!

Time for an Alternative Rock Star Age Check!!

To DUers who have lost a parent or parents . . .

Radiohead OK Computer Named "Greatest Album Ever"

How long until a kitten's ears unfold?

Cat Food....

Connecticut Approves Civil Unions For Gays

I love windows.

PR Watch

Definition of Foreign Aid (very clever)

Does the Law of Karma apply to the Pope ? Just asking......

70% of oi lwe use caused by our cars. But congress wont pass new MPG laws.

Coulter on Malloy's Show?

As if we needed more proof that Bush is an idiot

Gen. Wesley Clark is named Cornell's Convocation speaker

A Nation Is Not a Father or Mother, But Our Child

I turned off the Daily show for the first time tonight.

Jon Stewart finds the source of DeLay's recent trouble - (VIDEO)

Correct me if I am wrong. If Sunnis arm to fight Shia and Shia arm to


Wes Clark on Bill Maher's show rocks and David Frum

NEW MELODY TOWNSEL LETTER rebutting attacks on her credibility re Bolton

Why Numbers Matter/ Marla Ruzicka

How will new Pope handle ties with Muslims?

Peak oil next year? ... Kiss your lifestyle goodbye (John Vidal)

BBC: Bolton vote delay a blow to Bush

Economic Worries Aren't Resonating on Hill

Molly Ivins about why DeLay should go

Amy Goodman, Naomi Klein, Eric Gustafson: Should U.S. Troops Withdraw Now?

The Normalization of War by Andrew J. Bacevich

Down Market Casts a Pall on Social Security Plan

New bankruptcy law: winners and losers

Bob Koehler: "Democracy's Abu Ghraib"

The New American Militarism - The normalization of war

"The Great Inquisitor" and His Critics

Opening ANWR to Development Could Lead to 'Exxon Valdez' Type of Disaster

The Lesson of Sativex (Canada's new Rx drug, liquid marijuana)

Sibel Edmonds Hearing Closed to Public . . . why?

Molly Ivins: The abysmal ambassador (Bolton of course)

The Iraq Invasion is Reality TV for the culture of death

Risky Situation? Call the SWAT Monkey

Monster Mystery 100-foot Wave Continues to Terrorize World's Sea Lanes

Alaskan Wolf Pack Loses a Member...Death Raises Ethical Issue

U.S. Guns in Haiti Despite Embargo

Civilian Casualty Numbers Matter- Marla Ruzicka

Cindy Sheehan: Pulling No Punches

The terrorist is knocking on the door

The shadow Iraqi government (excellent essay by Pepe Escobar/Asia Times)

Fear as Togo prepares for polls

The Nation: What I Didn't See in Iraq (by Rep. Jim McGovern - Mass.)

DeLay's Grab for NASA (Corn / Nation)

Roe's Birth, and Death

Democrats must change everything (Carville & Begala in USAT)

Gut Check, by Chris Floyd

Rescuing the USA

Checks and balances worth protecting (Patty Murray)

Eric Alterman (The Nation): Bush's War on the Press

Militarism Threatens to Bankrupt U.S. Economically and Morally

Blair's Forgotten Victims- John Pilger

The Rapture: I'll gladly stay behind

FLATHEAD The peculiar genius of Thomas L. Friedman.

National Call-In Day to Stop Sale of Lindane (pesticide)

G8 protesters on the spot with video cameras to watch police (UK)

Protesters hit streets to decry education budget cuts (UCSC)

Students end hunger strike; sit-in continues (Washington U / MO)

Military recruiters met by protesters at career fair (CA)

Students join together at Westboro Baptist protest (LA)


CNN featured Bob Barr defending DeLay without disclosing ...

What did KO just apologize for on Countdown? I missed it,

Fox's Wilson presented DeLay talking points without rebuttal

The coming crisis for emerging markets and a strengthening of the dollar?

Outsourcing experience a big let-down

Polluter-Friendly Energy (

BLM closes all public land access at polluted Yerington mine

Coalition rallies against northern Nevada coal-fired power plant

Nevada lawmakers claim tide shifting on Yucca Mountain

cheap Mylar for sunny windows

Columbia River Chinook Salmon Returns 1% Of Prediction - Fishery Closed

Earth Day For Sale - Where Would You Like Your Logos?

Over 200 Coastal Antarctic Glaciers In Accelerating Retreat

Energy, The Environment and Humanity's Future (slide show)

What's an environmentally friendly, small flash mp3 player?

Guardian Utd (April 21): The end of oil is closer than you think

Free-range Filipino Hens' Eggs Bust EU Limits On PCBs, Dioxins

Iraqi Oil Ministry Fires 450 Suspected Of Corruption, Black Market Sales

Popeapalooza, The Environmental Version

Nepal's Endangered Rhino Numbers Fall Sharply

Bush Pimps Energy "Plan", Admits No Effect On Gasoline Prices - NYT

Last Automobile Built In New Jersey An SUV - Newsday

Feds Pronounce $ 4B Dam "Unrealistic" - Rugged Individualist Farmers Upset

"Environmentalism" What is this "Environmentalism" you speak of?

Luxembourg-Sized Antarctic Berg Smacks Into Ice Shelf - BBC

Toyota Doubles Prius Sales, Will Hold 70% Of 2005 Hybrid Market

Fight China's autocrats with the truth

PM: I can withstand pressure for another disengagement plan

BBC - Israel lobby in US 'fires staff'

Bomb Blast Wounds Israeli Soldier Despite Truce

"Sophy Miller is taking on the might of an entire army"

Report: French police probe transfer of $7m from PA to Suha Arafat

Israel Fears Regional War In 2006

Can We Talk?

David Ray Griffin -- 911 and the American Empire (mp3 from 4/18/05 talk)

New Muslim - Jewish - Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth!

In case you missed it: Conyers Comments on the "Barter" Commission!


Representative Conyers meets with Dr Pastor !

Why Not Take Back Our Democracy "One Voter at a Time"

Does anyone remember this Article in the WP by Carter? It was

If you have to fill out a complicated tax form every year, is it too much

Are exit poll interviewers supposed to select only NEP-precinct voters?

Florida: Holmes County SOE; “We don’t have 2004…

Oh-oh... UniLect RE-Certification Hearing FRIDAY APRIL 22!

John Conyers Meets With Pastor, Contacts BRAD BLOG!

KOEB -- 4/21 Thursday

Diebold lies again, this time to the tune of $2 million. Are we surprised?

Hart InterCivic Documents Online- Including Poll Workers Manual

ES&S booth at the California Democratic State Convention?

When will "The Revolution start" & when will Bush be thrown out?

Transcript of PRESS STATEMENT AND Q&A from Election Reform Commission hear

First Brad Show is now archived

Ohio bill would change recount process

Center for Democracy and Election Management has responded. Suggestions?

"You Democrats always want to make it so more people can vote."

Kerry still working on stolen election. If this is true, it's good news.

Los Angeles Times (4/21): Governor, Nuñez Retreat From Daring Statements

Springer over Morning Sedition?

Arnold's Green Building

Arnie loses his hero status with voters after string of gaffes

Can I just say I miss Minnesota?

Listen to Howard Dean speak in Mpls last night via MPR - - -

FYI Microsoft MN Settlement Info

Air America/Twin Cities is airing a psa from LDS Family Services...

A question for MAC users

Message board recommendation needed for web site

query regarding keywords and images

Message from MoveOn

Louisville, KY Vigil Planned this Sunday in Response to Justice Sunday

See ya all next weekend

Holy cow! The "Make DeLay My Bitch" Sign was just on Daily Show

Yet another TX DINO moment: gay foster parent ban voting

Conservatives on the attack in Garland

Call your Senator about SB6-Gay/Bisexual Foster Parents

Texas may have put innocent man to death, panel told

House affirms your right to spank

Joe Barton Defending Keeping MTBE in the energy bill on Cspan right now

Rant about the Process

Roll Call Energy Bill -

Invitation to those in the Houston Area. HADD Meeting

Bush coming to Galveston this month?

Has anybody seen slutticus...

Spanky in Tom DeLay's district

Lamar Smith Town Hall Meeting Saturday 4/23

Oh, boy. Is the next Texas gov going to be Kinky?

Editorial: Voter ID the wrong course

Packer Fans, do your duty!

DPW Chair Candidate

Do any of you follow any of the CBS soaps?

Editorial: GOP deserves rebuke for restricting science

It's official - Gard's in congressional race for Green's seat

Well, they did the statewide Tornado drill.

Florida starting to question accountability of charter schools. Good.

WI newspaper covers David Ray Griffin - 9/11 Truth Movement Author

Anybody know any Republicans who are rethinking their affiliation?

OK, now that the bankruptcy laws have been "fixed",

Is anyone REALLY shocked that the new Pope

Newsflash; morals are relative. Just my $0.02 on this here:

Commentary: "Christian Europe, RIP"

A day late and a dollar short comes to mind

Taliaferro goin' after Arnold this morning.

same song - different words

Things must be getting better, I talked to a die hard repub who previously

Wingnuts on Voinovich, Bolton and Frist

Fears of Rising Inflation Send Shares to New Lows for '05

The executive branch,Congress and the Press are disconnected

The schemes of our tyrants are unraveling.

Orlando Mayor cleared of all charges!!!!

a short conversation that caught my ear

With all the talk lately about religion and values

Anyone else still wearing a black bracelet/ribbon?

Coulter falsely blamed Arizona Co Atty for dropping charges in pie case


How many "Mr.Potter" types do you see in this picture?

DU this poll

Tom Tomorrow: The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Gay fungus: don't tell Dobson and Falwell

Another theory on Bolton

Contact Reid!! Let him know that we want them to fight the "bomb"

C-Span2 Hearings on Judicial Nominees.

MSNBC: IRS security flaws put taxpayers at risk, study finds


Clue to earliest American may lie in Suffolk grave

could we start posting our letters to Time's editor re: Coulter?

Senate Judiciary Committee meeting Thurs 9:30 - judicial nominations!!!!!!

Nazi occupiers’ HQ may have been in Shropshire

Do every day ordinary Catholics have any say what-so-ever in who the Pope

Papal e-mail address goes on sale

Footage Shot in Manitoba shows BigFoot, viewers say

Head made of blood sold by Saatchi for profit of £1,487,000

Only little people pay taxes. So said Leona Helmsley, the self styled

'Virgin Mary' on US motorway wall

RW Anti-Filibuster Conference. Very Important - All should read

America is safe... for now

Technical question

Is that Frist now on C-Span2? Nuclear Option AWAY.......

Educational Malpractice???

Does anyone have an update on Andy's surgery? Or did I just

Ugh i am SOOO MAAAD!!!

The good news: We finally found WMDs!!

Get your tickets now! Creation Mega-Conference 2005 at Liberty U..!

Hey! e-mail the Pope!!!

Poppy Bush visits Prince Albert

Input sought - USAF Academy discrimination against non-Christians

Kerry: Don't tell me what God wants

Let the Eagle Shoar! -PIX-->>>

Thought some here...

Why do we care if John Bolten is the ambasador to the UN?

The left needs a "church"...(metaphorically)

Scratching an itch . . .

more on the Iraqi Parliament man our military harshly harassed

MalkinWatch eviscerates am intellectually dishonest MM

Question About Bolton

So what IS the Energy Bill about?

got a reply from the FCC- re:limabugh and blow jobs

Let's also add Bolton to the Chickenhawk roster

Pope thinks molestation problem is due to "media vendetta"

Drudge-Dean mimmicks "drug-snorting Limbaugh" at event

Bush calls Bolton "good man," confirming he's an arrogant piece of slime

What is Relativism?

GoodBoy from DU is on Springer!

Limbaugh critical of Republicans going squishy on filibuster bill...

It's NOT just us.. My friend teaches in a Catholic School

Why I believe in the death penalty

can democrats win the religious goat?

can republicans win religious vote

Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist subpoened!

A Progressive American Catholic Response To Rise Of Ratzinger

The New Pope Looks Scarry

Dr. Meyers' Prescription for 'Justice Sunday'

I don't usually watch MSM news anymore, so is this new?

Al Franken is doing a good job of teaching this morning.

The difference between the House and the Senate re: filibuster

Carlyle Group just bought the Hawaiian Phone Co.

You want to drive a Hummer? You go to Iraq!

Moral 'Absoloutism'....just my $0.02....

Luntz: Manipulation is "Education and Explanation"

Hi Gary Bauer, how's it goin' dude?

Wow..Did any body just see that bit on CNN about Gay adoption in Texas?

Anyone ever here of the FLDS cult.

L'sTTE respond to a column that attacked DU

I need a new office chair

NOT a pope thread, but a questions for DU Catholics

Jr. Ranger Pickles

Can we win back people of faith by mocking them publicly?

Question: Who are the major environmental Confusionists?

Minutemen...RW Talk Radio and Mexican Oil......

New Pope....Why Germany????

Please write write write Voinovich, Hagel and Chaffee

Neil Bush has ties to a pope who used his power to influence our election

Is it at all possible that maybe, just possibly,... John Bolten

What Kommersant Russian Newspaper said about Rice visit

Book alert! "Devastating Society: The Neo-Conservative Assault..."

Link: Wingnut Attack Ad Against Voinovich

Any one hear that priest on Franken?

Bob Koehler: "Democracy's Abu Ghraib

The Repubs eat their own whenever they show weakness...

Dennis Miller is an idiot.

What will it take to take back control in 2006?

Why should the largest US embassy be in Baghdad?

Why is Bush nominating Bolton?

The Lesson of Sativex (Canada's new & LEGAL liquid marijuana)

Are freeptards going to move from Utah?

Ewww! Coulter has Nicorette breath!

Justice Sunday: What I received from Family Research Council

Harborside Healthcare uses racist tactics to fight union

Iraq war: April 21, 2005

Where is Jeff Gannon?

Pissing off Hate Radio Assholes!

No housing bubble? Riiiggghhhhtttt

Poll about political leanings and Republican power

The cartoon that sums up my feeling about the new Pope

Treasury Sect;'y snowing the Bond Mkt Assoc re Soc Sec lowering deficitis

How many pro-occupation DU'ers have family stationed in Iraq?

Chancellor U C Santa Cruz Lies about Student Arrests

On the news at 5:00 Eastern, the tobacco spitter.

W of the Day-January 7, 2003

DeLay is toast, look who's defending him!

Hey Look! DU has a Religion Forum!

When Dems are accused of being disunified...

Cheerleaders - what to do about them

Anybody know about Smoking Cessation injection?

Have the democrats ever maneuvered for a one party system?

Arianna Huffington latest in Salon on Tom DeLay and the NRA

Journalist Beheaded: Never mind, he was Iraqi

Does the President have the right to appoint anyone he wants ??

Do you know who Sibel Edmonds us?

Bush will walk away from all the disasters unscathed in 2008.

Sink to their Level...or make them Rise to OURS?

We are not alone. Some comfort from like thinkers.

Right wing rag DMN subpoenaed

I see the Virgin Mary image in the underpass and I am not "mentally ill".

Great article on * Administration's Proposal to Ease Ban on "Downed"

Senate Confirms Negroponte as Intelligence Director

The Moment of Revulsion has arrived for Tom DeLay.

Viet war veterans die in crash

Greenspan Renews Warning on Budget Deficits

Awesome Video E-Mail from John F. Kerry

A plaintive plea from the Right

Ever get the feeling that not only has mankind

The power of google

Is anyone listening to John Kerry on C-Span2

Mods Ð how about a "Hide All Pope Threads" option?

Has anyone contacted Delay yet to get a really good definition of

More info on our new Pope (LONG)

Fuck you Bush if you can't stand a little politics getting in the way

Automobiles, temporal law, teenage pregnancies, morality.

One more "troop supporter" squelched.

The Iraq Invasion is Reality TV for the culture of death

Sick and tired of

Bolton -- Liberals faling for the same trick yet again

Does anyone know if it's really true that Negroponte is Skull & Bones?

Oxybaugh..."I'm not afraid of Hillary. She

Chimp and Cheney hosting TX oilfest ho-down w/ Saudi prince

Are We FINALLY Seeing The Beginning Of The End For Repug Control?

They're going to privatize Amtrak with govt subsidies

Texas Candidate Admits Using Twin as Stand-In (at Civic Events)

A call for civility and understanding...

Is this a housing bubble?


Somewhere in a strong house in Afghanistan or midtown Manhattan,

House Resources Chair (Pombo) Says Hydrogen provision is BS...

A documentary will air about Hitler Youth at 8 eastern

How many pro-occupation DU'ers have lost a family member in Iraq?

Dave Matthews Band - American Baby music video

Show this poll some DU lov'n...

Geez, just learned something new today you all probably know

I just ran into another great person who has lost his job

Eichmann's diary reveals Catholic Church's assistance to Jews

Grieving mother, activist seek Canadian haven for U.S. army deserters

Limbaugh on Hillary: "She puts her pants on one leg at a time like every

Smoking gun found at sponsorship inquiry

I Want My MTBE

PETA thinks new pope may be an ally

Someday the deeply religious will apologize to me and ask my forgiveness

Question: HRC as "Goldwater Republican"

May 2nd LTTE questions

Freeper attack on Voinovich - certainly this will Backfire

Vote for Blair and You Walk Over the Corpses of 100,000 People-John Pilger

Pope Ratz Joins With Herpes Sufferer

Could We Have a Democratic Party Treaty with the American People?

Can I get an Amen!

"Dennis Miller needs a new suit" (A SHORT PHOTO-PROSE)

Interview with Marla Ruzicka (RIP), Freeper comments

Santorum tries to ban free weather from NWS in favor of competitors

Lessons From Mexico on the Nuclear Option

Will the bankruptcy bill kill Christmas?

This new very political Pope was brought in to fight Zapatero, etc

I am so sick of these ppl. Are they stupid or what?

AWWA: House Retains MTBE Provision That Would Soak Water Consumers

New and improved Greenspan- now with deficit concerns.

National Environmental Trust Statement on President Bush's Call for Energy

Is this new fascination and news stories regarding prescription drug abuse

Mayors Decry Multi-Billion Dollar MTBE Unfunded Mandate Approved by the Ho

Taxpayers for Common Sense on Energy Bill Passage

NARAL Pro-Chioice America: Americans Will Reject Senate Republicans' Push

House approves energy bill -Allows Arctic drilling, protects MTBE makers

Killer Joe at it again...

I gave up on Nightline but tonight i'll watch

Question for DU Catholics re: the Papal Tiara won't be a porn site

Transcript of Rep. Bartlett's Speech on Peak Oil to House of Rep.-April 20

School district where 7 people were shot was denied grant for mental health

Massive Political Contributions Corrupt Energy Policy

For people in TN: Did you hear about the Smart Card bill?

Gas prices may increase

Is there a website or sites that....

So, if the Cons get in after the election - how long till Quebec leaves?

Trying to change address for subscriptions.

Invited to the Dinner Party and Insulting the Chef-Condi in Moscow

Are these cars for real? 113 mpg lead sled from the '70's?

So, didn't this happen before?

I have a really (humiliatingly) dumb question *LOL*.

Support for NUCLEAR Waning!?? WHAT THE F IS GOING ON!????

Illness killing US Marines

Church Ladies Revenge

Do you remember how optimistic you felt after Kerry-Bush debate 1?

Me, Me, Me. Help me with some examples of Republican hypocrisy.

Bush wishes for magic wand to lower gas prices

'My lesbian marriage was snatched away'

Baby bushitler (kneal)and RATZiNGER have ties on board of Swiss

Whenever anybody mentions Randi Rhodes...

Not My Pope

Just got my copy of "The Long Emergency"

Clinton impeachment was retaliation for Nixon, says retiring congressman

Just found the outline of my pre-Iraq war speech. Let's see if I was right

Deregulation is another term for lawlessness

Who's Starting To Like Harry Reid?

Let me be the first Democrat to greet Condi Rice as the Repub nominee...

Damn - I'm victim of LexisNexis Identity Theft - Advice?

Mr. Rove. I cannot wait. Tell me about Hillary and the 'gay' aspersions

Plame news:Attorney General refuses to comply with congressional request.

Details Emerge of How Benedict Became Pope

Desperate Bangladeshi mother puts eye on sale

Gay Boycott of Microsoft

Are there any updates to predictions for c April 23 happenings? n/t

Inflation -- is your PAYCHECK getting bigger?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Rendezvous!

Powell Plays Behind the Scenes Role in Bolton Debate

Phony piety is the first refuge of a scoundrel.

Redistribution of Power!!

non-religious people of DU- is ANYONE going to heaven and/or hell?

Iraqis say they shot guy in helicopter as revenge for the mosque killings

Help me and others understand...I see the Pope as a political figure

Why did Moussaoui plead guilty?

Orlando Mayor cleared of all charges!!!!

shouLd we bother humoring the cuLtists

What does it mean that a Stock Share price on the London Stock...

Who Else Is Sick Of Politicians Referring To Themselves As Public Servants

If the Republicans "nuke", they are nuking democracy, imposing tyranny.

Papa Ratzi: the Last Pope?

Great site for my gay bros and sis's!

Bob KERREY, "worse than a flake," "misses the political action" New School

Barbara Boxer needs our help.

Peak Oilers...With this new Tech "Fuel cost would be inconsequential"

Fuck!!! A friend just emailed that Cheney's energy bill has passed.

Forget Ratzinger, PiusXII WAS a Nazi enabler!


Horrible! - Blackwater Inc. helicopter shot down outside Bagdhad!!

Did the final autopsy report come out yet on Terri Schiavo?

Regarding the "Fundies": Whateverhappened to JUST PLAIN CRAZY?

Cancelling Time Magazine

Cameron Diaz put it succinctly

Are We Seeing The Death Throes Of The Patriarchy?

As a Option to Gay Rights, Could I propose

Ltte to my congress critter regarding our new Pope

Looking for a Bush-Ratzinger money connection? Here's your jackpot

Action Alerts! Don't Let Congress Silence Our Progressive Votes!

Anyone have any good libertarian books or writers to recommend

Dick MOrris says there is a new scandel that will take down hillary

Poppy Bush warned Kennedy not to come to Houston: "death threat"

Sharon's claim of ME War in 2006 a big wedge to fix New York.

My Five-Cents a "Fuck" Fundraiser (not what you think)

Did anyone see Dennis Miller last nite? On TDS?

won't someone please spit on Ann Coulter?

Can the Democrats Become a Political Force?

Was Pius XII Hitler's Pope? -- Serious Poll

Do you FEEL like an adult???

America Is Doomed

We need to become the party of "perfect".

Religious Ldrs Teleconf Fri to Urge Frist Not to legitimize Justice Sunday

Clinton impeachment was retaliation for Nixon, says retiring congessman

"Bush Son Had Dinner Plans With Hinckley Brother Before Shooting "

Our response to the high gasoline prices should be NO summer vacations

The Worst Air America Station Award goes to......AM1260 DC area.

The shadow Iraqi government

ATTN RI DU'ers: Meet Sen. Lincoln Chafee, Wed. May 4 7PM, Wakefield, RI

Who said this?

Any Body Else Feel Like The Shit Is About To Hit The Fan?

Governments building "global registration & surveillance infrastructure"

SS flying to Denver to investigate fake SS at town hall meetings


Fascism is born out of too much religion in Gov, Communism is born out of

Barbara Boxer voted to CONFIRM Negroponte

Can we discuss castration?

$81 Billion makes the grand total $300 Billion

Meet Maurice Strong

Paying for (and apparently Happily so) for what used to be FREE

In Defense of the Flakhelfer Generation

Religious people of DU - are non-believers going to hell?

Seeing saints in grease stains: Holy visions, or Mental Illness?

TOONs! Popes and Dopes Edition (4/21/05)

I just had a great Chili Dog--

Tories seek legal standing in U.S. mad-cow case

The NHS is being dismantled

Maggie Thatcher is Dead!

UK political celebrity endorsements

Breaking! Suspicious Powder Salem, OR Post Office, FBI

Ohio bill would change recount process

Senator presses NRC member on repository

Muslims sue US homeland security over border detentions

Bolton confirmation prospects sinking

Connecticut Approves Same-Sex Civil Unions

Suit rips No Child Left Behind funding

Ecuadorean president seeks asylum after ousting

Rumsfeld backs Marine Corps Gen. Robert Pace to head Joint Chiefs of Staff

Suit rips No Child Left Behind funding

Iranian hardliners register as suicide bombers

Ancient necropolis found in Egypt

Papal e-mail address goes on sale

US accused of trying to block abortion pills

UN man steps aside during inquiry

Warning on spread of state surveillance

FBI closes net on top officials in Oil-for-Food controversy

Bush Urges Action 'Now' On Energy: Bush Urges Action 'Now' On Energy:

Economic Worries Not Resonating on Hill (A Darkening View)

Yahoo Allows Email Access to Family (of dead US Marine)

Kremlin disputes Rice's claim on US nuclear inspections

Iraq Govt Seen Delayed; Violence Hits Baghdad

Six Americans Die in Iraq Chopper

Lobbyists urge Cda. to back U.S. army deserters

Iraq Bomb Kills Two on Airport Road

Alleged kingpin in Guinea coup plot feared killed

Activist seeks Canadian haven for U.S. deserters

Death turned elder Daley against war

Senate Panel OKs Bush Judicial Nominee

Judge's warning to media on terror (Aus.)

Labor aims at school projects (Sacramento)

Scientists Add Clout in NIH Fight

WTC Coverage Archivists Conduct Survey About 9/11 Attacks

Santorum got Outback campaign funds, backed bill

Bush Urges Action 'Now' On Energy: House Approves Drilling

The New American Militarism - The normalization of war

U.N. Rejects Bid to Probe Gitmo Treatment

Helicopter 'downed' near Baghdad (BBC News)

Tribal dispute raises new questions of Abramoff; Donations to senator ...

China sets terms to build Vatican ties

Senators Seek CIA Information on Bolton

North Korea Asks U.S. to Change Policy

Judiciary Comm. passes cockfighting bill, tables domestic violence bill SC

Lula says FTAA ‘off agenda’

A troubled triangle: Iran, India and Pakistan

Group says Santorum gets improper tax break

Military Moving to Change Anti-Sodomy Rule

A Gay Rights Milestone

Republicans send Owen nomination to Senate :(

Chile and Venezuela sign oil deals

Senate Urged to Confirm Bolton Nomination ( Bush brings the hammer down

Rumsfeld Seals The Deal On Military Bases To Launch Attack On Iran

New push to win approval for Bush judicial nominees (Owen, Brown first out

Warrant issued for mayor of Mexico City’s arrest

CNN: Judicial conforontation set in Senate

Senate blocks plans to mothball aircraft carrier, cancel cargo plane

Health care: The stealth revolution (US 37th below Cuba, Slovenia and

La. congressional delegation split over Central American trade pact

Pope reappoints Vatican old guard

Moscow rebuffs U.S. sermon on democracy

Experts solve mystery of unpopped popcorn

Microsoft Caves On Gay Rights (WA Civil Rights Law)

Vietnam veteran spits on Jane Fonda at book signing

AIPAC dumps officials suspected of passing classified U.S. data to Israel

5 Muslim-Americans Sue Homeland Security

Senator aiming to nix U.S. weather forecasts enjoyed AccuWeather money

U.S. Demands Passenger Lists for Overflights

Putin: Sale of missiles to Syria will block Israeli flyovers


Diplomat Disputes Bolton Testimony

Allawi Escapes Assassination Attempt

House OKs Energy Bill

Largest fine ever sought against nuke plant

Chavez: 'Mr. Danger' focused on Venezuela

May 1st anti-Minutemen protest planned

Support for NUCLEAR Waning!?? WHAT THE F IS GOING ON!????

Israel Fears Regional War In 2006

Border-Watch Group to Stop Patrols

BBC: Antarctic glaciers show retreat

China and France sign Airbus, other deals totalling US$4 billion

Iraqis claim scores more hostages still missing

CIA said to have wrongly held German suspect

Down Market Casts a Pall on Social Security Plan (Not looking good for *)

Japan PM to Apologize for Past, Eyes Hu Summit

Rice Shows Teeth in Chilly Russia Trip

Social Security, War Are Top Issues In US (Harris Interactive)

Air Marshal Sues Homeland Security Chief

Reed, Norquist subpoenaed in Indian gambling probe

Fox Breaking News: Akbar Convicted of Murder in Grenade Attack

Man attacks Bank of China in Tokyo

Murder, suicide rates up in parts of US -study

McCain, Kennedy to Propose Fining Illegals

British Court Rules to Allow Baby to Die

Utah sits on huge oil reserve

Military Targets Illegal Gas Sales in Iraq- (Wash. Times)

Dems reject offer to investigate DeLay

Senate Backs Funds to Build Huge Baghdad Embassy ($592 M)

O'Connor Dismisses Ado Over Int'l Law

Pentagon: No Plan to End Military Anti-Sodomy Law

House Approves Broad Energy Bill

WP: Senate GOP Sets Up Filibuster Showdown

Carnegie Mellon reports computer breach (CERT is at CMU-5000 ID Theft)

(Michael) Moore sets up scholarship for rebels

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 21 April

Warning on Spread of State Surveillance (The Guardian)

U.S. Says Annan Isn't Exonerated

$3-trillion fake federal bank notes seized from 2 Britons

Spain Approves Gay Marriage Despite Church Anger

Ailing (Sen. Arlen) Specter Now Pushes Stem Cell Research

Long Island Family Sues Police For Brutality

Newsweek: 'He Was Very Angry’ - (more on Bolton)

Helicopter downed in Iraq, nine dead - US sources

1000 Iraqis dying each month: expert (Brookings' O'Hanlon)

Analysis: NSA Intel System Over Budget (SAIC)

Florida Judge Jails Prospective Juror

FBI Protects Osama Bin Laden's “Right To Privacy"

Report: AIPAC sacks two senior employees over spy scandal

Senate OKs $81B for Iraq, Afghanistan

Bush Urges Senate to 'Put Aside Politics' and Confirm Bolton

Senate approves Negroponte as first National Intelligence Chief

Kerry: Don't tell me what God wants

Antarctic glaciers show retreat (BBC News)

House Resources Chairman calls alternative fuel a bad word

Howard Dean warns of danger in Iraq pullout

Desperate Bangladeshi mother puts eye on sale

Burma 'using chemical weapons'

Court Closes FBI Case Arguments to Public (Sibel Edmonds)

The end of oil is closer than you think

Neil Bush, Ratzinger co-founded Geneva religious board (Newsday)

Online Hunting Firm Is Now the Quarry

Greenspan Warns Rising Deficits Endanger Economy

Texas Candidate Admits Using Twin as Stand-In

BREAKING Colin Powell Raising Concerns about Bolton (WP)

Clinton impeachment was retaliation for Nixon, says retiring congressman

Criswell's speech called 'inappropriate' (media="tools of Satan")

O’Reilly Accuser Buys U.W.S. Condo for $809,500 - (bwaahahaha!)

House Approves Broad Energy Bill

Fidel Castro More Than Doubles Minimum Wage for Cuban Workers

Utah May Be One of Fastest-Growing States


Santorum reads nuke polls, applies the brakes -The Hill

Feds' weather information could go dark

I'm so proud of my teenager. There is hope for the future.

I'm kinda tipsy, ask me anything

It's WAY past time for a kitten pic thread... so I'll start one now.

The dancer slows her frantic pace In pain and desperation

"Ginger Snaps, The Beginning". You gotta love Canadian Werewolf movies.

West Coasters: Daily Show coming up at 11:00

Was the Monroe Doctrine ever cool?

I'm so mad right now I can't sleep

"Upside of Anger"

Was Marcus Aurelius ever cool ?

When you say DUers...

Arf Arf. *pant* *pant* *pant*

What do you hate about subdivisions?

Listening to Rush "Signals".

I'm NOT leaving the lounge even if killer-ants attack...Ask me anything

Do you ever feel sorry for people born during the Reagan administration?

It's Robert Tilton, the Farting Preacher!!!

Question on West Wing

Anyone looking for an internship?

One of the niftiest things

Was the Monroe Transfer ever cool??

If you were tormented by a werewolf or vampire and only a Protestant ...

Was the Manhattan Project ever Cool?

HR experts--Question on Reference Checks


Post catch phrase here:

Raise Your Hand

Meet the REAL Fockers!

I haven't had a mosquito bite since 1991!

Got my 1st mosquito bite

I Haven't Had A Sex Thread Since Wed Jan-12-05 04:31 PM

Watching Demolition Man right now

I wrote a new blog post...

If you ever see me inside this BAR, please kill me: (Graphic Image Alert)

I'm back! Did you miss me?

How about a really big DU bash on the West Coast this year?

Goooooooood Mornin', lounge folks!

My semi-regular overnight radio show request thread..

Cherry 7-Up

Sport ist Mord

Is it "It's only funny until somebody gets hurt!"?

I just got my first NEW nickel in my change yesterday...

All You Need Is Love (Flashback to 196x)

I haven't had xen in 2004, never in 2003, 0 in 2002, zilch in 2001...

A whiner from the right

I'm just going to make some green tea

"i'm a democrat, dammit!"

Canada Approves Cannabis Spray - LATimes

Official insect of the Lounge?

in case you missed it. . .

Good morning to all DUers, but especially celebrating the phrenologists!

Good morning to all DUers, but especially celebrating the phlebotomists!

Rush Limbaugh and his Chauffeur . . .

testing, 1, 2, 3

If dogs were our teachers.....

'Bennifer 2'-- Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner engaged: People magazine

I'm still having a lot of fun...

Schwarzenegger burns clothes of disobedient children


when you really gotta cut the cheese

The problem with Religious and political leaders these days.

Do any of you follow any of the CBS soaps?

I think I have lockjaw.

Babe Ruth Cookie on Ebay $4550

I think I have Locklear

I think I have Loch Ness

Quick update from Boston.

Don't ask and he won't tell. Seriously DON'T ASK

I think I have a pain in the ass

Check out this photoshop contest...


corrente readers: have they moved their website?

Attorney Moonlights As Porn Star

White Flag

Man Guilty Of Murder Over $75 Auto Repair Bill

Regarding Email...

More virgin on the underpass

I think I am a pain in the ass

After a LOT of soul-searching, I've finally reached a conclusion...

Are Aloha shirts in style on the mainland?

It's time for a shitty thread

I saw Joe Jackson & Todd Rundgren in concert tonight!

Scientists Discover Why Some Popcorn Kernels Don't Pop

FINALLY!!--Ryan Seacrest gets his Hollywood star!!!

"The nature of Garciaparra's injury was not immediately clear"

Artists put cow on 10 storey building

The Light!! I'VE SEEN THE LIGHT!!!!!

Any early buzz on "Kingdom of Heaven"?

Schools cancel tickets for 'Cootie Shots' play amid gay concerns

Geek News Flash: AMD ships dual core 64 bit processors today

Kid with no arms wins swimming race

Just for a laugh! A friend emailed this to me & I had to share.

Cops Gun Falls From His Pants, Shoots Man In Other Bathroom Stall

Happy Birthday to Robert Smith of The Cure!!!

Here's one for the cat people

It's time for a kitty thread

"You simply must try my pork. It's...the WORLD." (puerco pibil recipe)

Do any of you have any experience with deep vein trombosis?

Super Heavy Goat Ass!


This is the strangest link I have ever seen.

Air America - HELL YEAH!! (Sing along!)

Best cordless phone for the home? GE? Motorola? etc.?

Australian undertaker to offer beer-as-you-bury service

what was the name of that 80's song?

I am wondering what to look for re blood clots in the legs.

Hasidic Reggae Star NOT Just a Novelty

Feels like you made a mistake...

don't cry don't cry!

Chick tract of the Day: (warning anti-catholic)

Please Share Your Most Recent Memory With Us...

"In support of..." posts in ATA

good lord, you know you work at a law firm when . . .

I can not believe I've been giving my child this crap....

Sweet! Scarface, The Video Game

Flying Sausage Breaks Man's Hos

Thai Chicken Pizza Cup?

How many hours of sleep do you get a day?

You don't need to be religious to see images in stains.

Grrrrr! The Quake (SF) is dumping Morning Sedition for Springer!

Pay me or the rabbit gets it..

Why I believe in the death penalty

Flying Sausage Breaks Man's Nose

Man and His Sister Charged With Felony Insect!

Man and His Sister Charged With Baloney Insert.

Does the Frog peach diet work?

Retirement plan that make sense

Does the Blog-bitch diet work?

Does the South beach diet work??

Today's Foxtrot cartoon

Oh, my God...I now officially love Mike Malloy

With all the "miraculous sightings" on underpasses, potatoes, etc....

Are there any other "DUer Draftniks" (NFL) in the House?

I just got pulled my Bike!

So we're into our 4th month of not having any fun here...

My 700th post

It's a beautiful morning in Chicagoland.

Drunk woman attacks news anchor.

If you remember this commerical, VOTE!

"Sunny" The Snake Survives Fire, Water and Construction Crane

Does the bog leech diet work?(700th post!)

Was the Manhattan Transfer ever cool?

How can I share an audio file?

What music is playing on the elevator in your own personal hell?

Seers of visions,seekers of reality

UPDATE!-Garciapara out 2-3 months with SERIOUS groin pull

Do you see Virgin Mary in Bush's bruise?

Einstein, Picasso and Bush

Any other garage sale addicts here?

Atrios and Firefox????

Triple Bird Treat!

Headlines We'd Like to Read, April 21, 2005

ATA is not very helpful to me

Any UC Irvine students here?

Southern CA DU'ers I'm BEGGING you!

I'm listening to the greatest soundtrack of a movie ever made.

Question re: prescription reaction.

RationalRose. You deserve a spanking.

Hilarious audio file - radio show joke call gone bad.

Arg! I have the song MacArthur Park stuck in my head.

I'm a Protestant but, damn it, I want a Pope!!!

A new source of reproductive freedom for women who are faced with

Best way to get Omega3: Fish oil capsules or flaxseed oil?

HEY! Where can I create those custom SouthPark kids?

Caption the Kinder, Gentler John Bolton...

Another reason Santorum's an ass....

Bag Of Rotting Animal Parts Found In School Lunchroom

Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie cat fight. It'll take your mind off the POPE.

an afternoon feel good message from Jack T Chick

Guys, if you have CBS2 (New York CBS) on your Directv or local cable...

Pictures of my new cat Cubby!!

I started a thread on Mad Cow Disease, and no-one's looking!

Lawn Mower Suggestions

iPod Genii, HELP!

What's Wrong With Me? (or: Tease the Hypochondriac!)


T-Shirt Ban Causes Stir At Rural Florida Public School

Favorite casual acquaintance letter closing salutation?

In honor of Tom Delay Today I'm

Great article on * Administration's Proposal to Ease Ban on "Downed"

Go easy. Go ATA.


Is Hotmail down, or is it just down for me?

What would you rather be seen in public with me wearing?

A modern-day warrior Mean mean stride, Today’s __________ Mean mean pride.

I just made a blueberry smoothie and now my lips are blue.

skin tags - I can find a lot of info on them

Hey. *wave* Still kicking. A bit blue, but hanging in there. Happy to

Julia Roberts Movie "Closer"

A poem in three parts. Maybe

Will DUers Be Keeping an Eye on the NFL Draft whilst at KING'S??

Holy crap! I just saw John Bolton's benevolent twin* here at work!!

Who is or was the greatest human being you have ever known ?

Is anyone else here in love with Il Divo?

Do any of you have any experience with deep vein trombonists?

One good thing comes out of being married to a somewhat conservative Xian

Is anyone else here in love with Bluto?

There's an atheist belt - why not an atheist suspenders? Or cincture?

Is anyone else here in love with their heave-ho?

Flash audio expertise needed for parody version of Beck's Loser...

Today's bumper sticker...

Happy Cows come From California.. or do they.....

Cat question!

I saw Snoop Dog yesterday

What does this bumper sticker mean?

You really know how low you rate in the grand scheme of things...

Is anyone else here in love with Devo?

Any other DU'ers going to the Green Day show tomorrow night in Norfolk?

Oh, Bunny! Just for you from

What I did last Summer: Found one of the Rarest Baseball Cards Ever Made

DU women, in your opinion, is this statement true or false?

In The Shadow of Two Gunmen

Would you give promotions to people in a division you wanted to nix?

Boston DU Gathering people: Will anyone be around Sunday?

oh dear...

Perhaps, to soothe some of DU's recent religious strife,

Satan of the Underwear.

I Just Changed My Name To Devo - Ask Me Anything!!

What do you most want from Saturday's weather?

There's a Bible Belt... Why not an Atheist Belt?

Obligatory whine before I leave to go kill slugs in the sun

It was so nice of my relatives to send my mother REAL money

Dammit. I wanted my breffus to be "meatnormous."

Enzyte parent company raided by feds

What's the best way to cook a 2.5 lb beef brisket?

Doom 3 for $17.95?

The chicken is on the can, in the que

Yay . . . Mandatory Colonics for everyone in Boston Saturday!!

I had the mother of all Freudian slips at work last night.

Do not look at this post! It will seriously damage you!

I'm POPE, Beeyatch!

Officer on Toilet Accidentally Fires Gun

Pet Peeve: People who sent junk out as attachments....

Help with Ipod Mini

Neat new candy product: tabacoo-free snuff in exciting flavors

WooHoo, it's tornado season!

Any Ozzie and Harriet fans in the house??

Leatherface, Michael Myers, Freddie, Jason, Ratzinger

The continuing Saga of my life with pets,

So They Sprinkled Moondust In Your Hair Of Gold And Starlight In Your Eyes

I think I'm going to faint.

How many is too many?

Experts solve mystery of unpopped popcorn

Dog Dancing!

Hey, when's Mother's Day, anyway?

What is the normal life span of a dog?

Monster Mystery 100-foot Wave Continues to Terrorize World's Sea Lanes

I plead the mutha' fuckin' fifth, bitch!

Name the television commercial that you absolutely HATE!!!


The great Musicians with Disabilities thread.


DU men, in your opinion, is this statement true or false?

Erin is back home.

I need to get hammered...


Hey Boston DUers...the first batch of cookies...


Pimp Slap OR Bitch Slap?

So whats the weather forecast for Boston for the weekend?


Why has no one photoshopped the Time cover?

Poetry time

I'm having a struggle giving a flying fuck about Paula Abdul's "affair."

24 Fans -- question.... (sorry if its old news)

DUers who have been thorugh a divorce or a break-up of a long...

My plan to take over the Lounge is afoot.

It's not what you think it is.

Survivor (Spoiler)

Crystal Method

I'm sooo damned tired - and it ain't over yet

Who is your favorite character in the book/movie "To Kill a Mockingbird"?

any good movies playing at the theater this weekend?

Crystal Method

8000 posts? WTF am I doing here?

Reagan In His Prime Or Bonzo The Monkey?

How do you keep your voice down during an argument?

Who's watching bowling on ESPN2?

Great news for the "I Hate Jennifer Lopez" Club

20 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity

Who's NOT going to Boston?

Folks, I was seriously over-served last night.

Paula Abdul or Apple Strudel

Thanks to an inspirational PM, it's back! The DU Worst Song Ever Tourney!

Signing a Lease

Young Man!


Crystal Meth

Parents! Educators! ANYONE! I need your assitance ---pls read

I'm invisable.

Dinner for tonight

The garbage dump a mile away is burning crap again....

I am going to boston for the weekend, and to be soon, ask me anything

Raging Fred!!! It's funny as hell!!!

I saw JimmyJazz NAKED In Her Minivan Today - ASK ME ANYTHING!!

Better get your tickets now, before they're all sold out!!

I met a coroner today that couldn't have been older than 26

I'm inadvisable!

Battle of Sweden

Red Sox vs. Orioles Thread - did you hear me?

My name is Shikha , however you can call me Kate

Hey GOPisEVIL!! Got A LARGE Bottle Of Bombay Saphire In The Freezer For Ya

If you have an American Standard Champion toilet, please read

The best news in MONTHS

Group portait of the occupants of WillPitt's head

Hilarious Photoshop of Mann Coulter's Time Mag cover.

Great site.

If you found out I was a freeper, how would that make you feel?

Windows ads may have been made using Macs

wooo-hooo Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan concert in CT!

Quote of today.

anybody rememebr the purported revival/remake of V, Lost in Space?

Permanent eyebrows - what do you think?

My flight for Boston leaves at 6:10am CDT. Should I...

My brother and an upcoming family event


Bizarre children...nature or nurture?



DU is hilarious tonight

Who would you nominate as Lounge Court Jester? n/t

My latest CD purchase...

So, I'm stopped at a redlight and I glance over at this guy staring at me.

George ponders the Pope's election--carrtoon

Self Delete

What alignment are you? (both personal and societal Q's are asked)

Vaginal Stain or Virgin Mary Stain?

I have found a miracle chocolate junk food!

I am off to bed soon, so if anyone gives a rat's ass

Danny Glover will be ER's "newest face".

Help, oh ye Firefox experts

After finishing off my Jesus Juice.......

Remember "Jesus on a trailer hitch?" Now presenting.....

SATAN of the underpass!

I Don't Give a Damn

WILL PITT - PAGING WILL PITT! LynneSin gave me an empty bottle

Duran Duran is neither a Duran nor a Duran!


my Hannity post sunk like a stone

My poodle went to the groomer today

To make up for the psychedelic post here is cuteness for every taste.

Check this voice mail out

Mariah Carey is set to become a Bond girl

Kleeb are you there - I need you / Rev even better,

Bill Paxton vs. Bill Pullman

Got me a new (well old) desk chair today...........How did I do?

When do 'Revenge of the Sith' tickets go on sale?

I want a cupcake

Three hours late getting home tonight.

Nothing says Earth Day....

Take this job and shove it.--I need some advice.

OK, You've got identical twins... Would you give them ID tattoos?

Okay, I admit it, I'm in love with all the DU ladies

Best way to paper-fasten 72 sheets of paper/?

Firefox help needed!

Any Knights of the Dinner Table fans here?

Paging Will Pitt, would Will Pitt please pick up the white courtesy phone!

If the new L&O series rips this one from the headlines, I'm gonna....

Hypothetical: DU Meetups, same day, east coast vs west coast:

First picture of Erin home from the Vet

I just reached page 210 in my story that I'm writing

Should these Kurdish allies add an "E" to their acronym?

Yet another cat picture thread

Who Will Replace Nick and Jessica on Newlyweds?

4/21/05 Weird Word of the Day

Advice please, please, please.........

Battleships confide in me and tell me where you are

Paris Hilton confirms rift with Nicole Richie

AWWWW, Crappity!!!

BC Duers, I just got back from a Liberal Campaign rally...

Any word on Andy?

Ballerinas are always pretty. Their feet? (warning: Graphic)

It's the crotch, Stupid!

I made it to Boston which is no small miracle

Dennis Miller is really a jerk

Arrgh ... colonoscopy in Boston Saturday!!!!!!

Arrgh ... colonoscopy tomorrow!!!!!!

Cookie Monster becomes a vegetarian?! (lotsa funny pics!)

Baby Gorilla pics!! Baby Ape pics!!

Footage Shot in Manitoba shows BigFoot, viewers say

I wonder how often people in the "Bible Belt" actually READ THE BIBLE?

Has anyone ever seen a telemarketer?

question about Sirius cancellation fees?

Is Tom Delay Nuts From The Bug Spray?

American Idol fans: What did you think?

Self Delete-A-Thon! Temporary Posts Only!

My 8000th post: a Beast Man photo retrospective.

If Paula is replaced on American Idol, who should take her place?

I Don't Know What To Believe Anymore! What Do YOU Believe?

Post Your Favorite Mugshot! Here's Mine!

I know, this is so early 1800s, but I want to grow a ponytail...


I find the music of Mozart to be very boring!

Who will get booted from the Apprentice tonight?

What's the #1 election issue for the average Pakuni family?

my vanity post sank like a stone.-NEVER MIND.

Do not look at the Edge! He will seriously cut you!

Mattress On The Floor, Mattress On A Frame, Or No Mattress At All?

3 questions, just for fun.





Being underage SUCKS! Especially in Boston.

Reminder, The Great Lakes DU meetup is April 30th

Anyone have experience with herbal smoking alternatives?

"AARRG!" Friends' property vandalized. Windows shot out. Cop says...

Amerie or Krispy Kreme

Please don't kill me

Jennifer Lopez or Pie

squeeksqueeksqueek (pulls giant Goathead replica offering into the Lounge)

Do you believe in "The One"

For the Kiddies - The DU Coloring Contest, Page 1

Did you know I have cellulite on my knees?

Are you a hypochondriac? (with a nod to Bertha)

If Maggott hadn't gone looney tunes, would the Dirty Dozen have completed

what should i watch

Wanna see my crabs?

Pick my sig line

Is anyone else here in love with their TiVo?

hey DU, life got you down?

Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie Had A Fight!! Paris & Nicole Had A Fight!!

Triumph the Comic Insult Dog

Can you believe that THIS MAN will be staying in MY HOUSE as of TOMORROW??

This post will sink like a stone. Edit: Now with picture!


So who is most conservative in your family?

I give up. I'll no longer get my hair professionally colored ever again.


What should I wear to Boston Saturday?

If you go to Boston on Saturday and get really drunk,

i just got pulled over...on my BIKE

Anyone here post links to

Never thought I'd say this...

You Don't Need To Be Religious To See The Crucifix In The Potato

The original Reefer Madness is playing on Showtime West right now

Post here and I will swear at you...

MrScorpio OR Pot Brownies?

Man And His Sister Charged With Felony Incest

You get one wish: bring back one person from the past. Who would it be?

Look what I just found

Freely Associate...

Nostalgia Time....anyone remember the FOSTER FREEZE ice cream cone???

***DU WORST SONG EVER: GAME 2, EAST REGION*** of this point there's no one to take care of me, post-surgery.

"Separated At Birth" returns to DU!

Post the last "wow" experience you had with music

Hot Dogs increase risk of pancreatic cancer

Is Coulter wearing fur in that TIME article?

Excellent LA Times editorial by a theologian "disciplined" by Ratzinger

God Is Not Moral. People Are.

Do you have a "fishie"??

Stickers for Bibles

The Dragon in My Garage - Carl Sagan

God is not omnipotent, here's the proof....?

The Apocrypha. Why don't protestants use it, and how authentic is it?

Poetry a potent healer of mental problems

Health Canada 1st to approve a Cannabis derived Rx Drug for MS

There's Nothing Deep About Depression

String of deaths sparks talk of mummy's curse

Scientists successfully put mice in suspended animation

Same-Sex Marriage Passes First Big Hurdle In Spain

Colorado Gay Rights Bill Moves Forward

Pentagon Denies Support For Repeal Of Sodomy Law

Democrats Vow To Halt Minnesota Gay Marriage Amendment

Suit Challenges Tennessee Anti-Gay Amendment

Leftist Web Site Writer Blasts Traditional Values Coalition

Great new website.

Unless America becomes more gay-friendy, best and brightest will leave.

Pentagon Supports Repeal Of Sodomy Law

MLB players unhappy about ticket tax

The almighty Dodgers own baseball

Cubs fans-Nomar out 2-3 MONTHS with serious groin pull

Red Sox batting coach suspended

Yankees To Pay $30 Million Luuxury Tax

Damn Matt Clement knows how to get out of a jam


Raiders fans: Yay or Nay on Al Davis?

Mr. Mia Hamm to be out 2-3 months with groin injury...

Boxing: 4-23 ESPN "PPV" Card

Alex Smith QB-Utah will be the number one pick of the NFL Draft

Proposal: Two Weeks of Yankee-Red Sox Smack, Then a Truce

On a lighter side....recurring dreams.

The Age of Aquarius

Looking for progressive bloggers of faith

Fresh ammo!

I wonder when someone will court the atheists vote?

Iraq war veterans talk of struggle at home

New Video from JK website

John Kerry on the Senate Floor – Washington's Broken: The Nuclear Option

Kerry's floor speech on 4/20/05

The Forward ties Abramoff to attacks on Kerry

Boston Herald story on Kerry 4/21/05

how random is this?

How to change email for John Kerry alerts?

FYI - DU Approval rating on Kerry - vote is going on


Bye, you guys, I'll be back sunday night

Would like to ask you for advise on term-paper about Vietnam war

Uncle Teddy is So Pissed!

A shot I took yesterday that I'm rather pleased with

New Newsletter -- Thursday 4/21/05: "Bolting"

Cute cap from gogomag - KO doing what he enjoys most: givin' it to...

Eerie similarities: Keith and Steve Allen

Hello, group!

What's your favorite "Countdown" catchphrase?

Owen, Brown approved by Comm. and sent to FULL SENATE for approval

Feingold's statment on Bolton

Is the Senate Judiciary Committee voting on nominations today (Thurs, 9:30

Deep Thoughts from Tom DeLay

Nuclear Option imminent

Sybel Edmonds case being discussed on AAR

Banks buy Senate votes on bankruptcy

The Pope-abortion-and ready to pounce Brooks today in NYTimes

Oregon Bill Requires Drivers License Applicants To Register For Draft

PNAC leader helps to market war machines!!!

Should the Democrats only refer to Delay as the corrupt Tom Delay?

"The problem is we're dependent of foregin oil"

What's with the UN support of Bolton we seem to hear bits

Delay Quote Of The Day

Without "Activist Judges"

Exactly how long has it been a desire of the Radical Right to

Meme: The right wants to shrink the Bill of Rights down to a size...

I'm compiling a list and need some help; besides chimpy the fraWd who else

Pope Benedict: His role in the Nazi years: The Independent

Scott McClellan, on Karen Hughes' nomination (Undersecretary of State)

Ellen Goodman: Is Hillary right for polarized times?

Neocon mouthpiece David Brooks demands overturn of Roe v. Wade >

Who was our "good boy from DU" on Springer right now

DU State and Country Forum *Delegates* Check-in Here !

This poll looks freeped to me -- please DU it.


Blair flunks his 20 questions

Frist's Justice Sunday-- Any church that participates in this event

Domino theory

TX Dems who voted YES on banning gay foster parents

CALL your Senators.....THEIR VOTING TODAY/TOMORROW (on (sham )energy bill)

Dems recognized for bipartisan votes on bankruptcy, tort reform, etc

The freakeshly bizarre statements of condi rice

Why is Tom DeLay so nuts?

60 minutes last night

How did Wes Clark loose the huge lead the media gave him in 2004?

Conser. Evangelicals Say New Pope Speaks Their Moral Language

bush's War and the bloody march to "freedom."

Next up on Franken--Outside Magazine's editor

Oregonians needed!!!

Next Target; Dennis "House Banking Scandal" Hastert

Al Gore and Roger Ailes talk about news in general (and Fox in particular)

On TV Greenspan claims he didn't back the tax cuts, cowardly.

conflicting headlines on Iran-EU talks...take a look at these. sad.

When will Frist push the button on the nuclear option?

Are you listening to Kerry taking on the repubs? c-span2

The Voinovich Attack Ads Have Begun...

Grrr....All Senate 2008 Hopefuls just voted for Mr. Death Squad

Should the Defense Dept go back to it's original name?

Zogby: Rhode Islanders Oppose John Bolton; Chafee Should Do The Same

Here come the news stories on congressional travels -

How would you vote on the $81 Billion Supplemental appropriation for Iraq?

Energy Bill (H.R. 6) Passes in House

FCC's New Complaint Procedure: One Form Fits All

Hillary Nominated in 2008

"Red" States might just end up, over time, being overwhelmingly

Bolton and the Stealth Policy

Senators Kennedy & Bayh seek $213 million more for humvee armor

This post is a bit premature, however,

Boxer: poisonous rt wing infection has gotten hold of Senate republicans

Senate Nuclear Option - who's on the fence?

What is Clark's position on the $81 billion of additional funds for Iraq?

Filibuster to end the filibuster vote!

"Bolton was running his own counterintelligence operation."

Economic Worries Aren't Resonating on Hill

DeLay: "Research on the Internet? That is just incredibly outrageous"

Remember when Kerry was criticized for estimating the cost of 200 billion

That darned Tweety...

Energy bill passed by Repub. House=windfall for industry already gouging

National Guard Attempts To Confiscate Banned Weapons

You mean to tell me we are paying private companies to protect our

God bless

Join the first ever Earth Day Virtual March.

Sen Mark Pryor, Arkansas, blasts Focus on the Family /nuclear option

Bush? Act of God, or, Shit Happens? WTF, They could be the SAME?

Bolton nomination

Vote for Delay, or else....

Texas Legislature: And, so it begins...

Letter from David Brock to Rupert Murdoch

So, both New York senators just voted to appoint Negroponte....

Bush HAD to be a prick and re-nom these fools-if not for that then NONE of

Santorum on getting rid of minority "veto" power.....What a POS!

The Chasm Between "Us" and "Them"

NOTICE: Automated calls by Focus on the Family blanketing Louisiana!

Do Unto Republicans As They've Done Unto Us

Who voted for the new Energy bill?

Slow-motion blow-ups of Delay's and Bolton's careers...

Found this over at Brad's Blog

Hubbard to CBS news: Bolton lied to the Foreign Relations Committee

House Resources Chair (Pombo) Says Hydrogen provision is BS...

Iraq - The Real Situation

Jon Stewart, Daily Show closing in on Hannity/Combs in cable ratings

Senator Salazar (D- CO) strikes back at Focus on the Family

I really really hate conservatives:

Shouldn't California's Senators Votes be counted for more than just two?

DIck Morris thinks nuclear option will be disaster for GOP

"Liberal media trying to shape public opinion on new pope"

Arnie loses his hero status with voters after string of gaffes

Jeffords won't run -- Dem pickup?

Conyers Meets with Election Reform Group!

Russert with the Supremes on CSpan 2

Has anybody seen any nekid pics of Biden floating around on the Internets?

The Forward ties Abramoff to attacks on Kerry

A message from John Kerry:Pay Attention to What is Happening in Washington

Police Brutality at UC Santa Cruz 4/20/05

CT-Sen: Delauro's staff floats Lieberman challenge

Salon: Ratzinger wrote letter (6/04) that handed Catholic vote to Bush

Must See HYJACKING CATASTROPHE tonight Link TV @ 9:00Pac.

John Bolton renounces politics for Buddhism, becomes Boltonsattava ;-)

Bob Koehler: "Democracy's Abu Ghraib"

MSNBC's Mike Barnicle: Selfish Catholics have a new Pope, rules are rules

Join the first ever EARTH DAY Virtual March

BRAD BLOG BREAKING!: John Conyers Meets With Pastor, Contacts BRAD BLOG!

Tax exempt Hatefest

Fuck em all-I vote principle and integrity-now if only my vote counted

Allow a Veteran A Rant

John Kerry's Floor Statement - Washington's Broken: The Nuclear Option

Bolton nomination began as an embarrassment and is ending as a disgrace

Possible flame bait: Is Howard Dean a loose cannon?

Meet Sen. Lincoln Chafee - Wednesday, May 4, 7PM - Wakefield, RI

Louisville, KY Vigil Planned this Sunday in Response to Justice Sunday

I'm serious about this

Ratzinger's Kerry letter--the newest Republican wedge issue

How will you celebrate May Day?

A couple of thoughts from Dean on Tavis Smiley tonight.

Gen. Clark Chosen to Speak At Cornell University Convocation '05

Know your House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct

Who said this?

Ok. Explain why I should vote for Wes Clark

38 Republican senators vote against armor for Humvees

Boycott credit card companies

DeLay Criticizes Himself! Oh, Sweet Irony!!

Follow Up: Should Kerry GET the 2008 nomination

Anyone else believe in the Great Pendulum?

DU Approval Ratings: John Kerry

DU as target of gross misuse by the right