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Archives: April 20, 2005

Israel guns for Iran

Violent memories still haunt former sex slaves

Is the enemy of the KMT's enemy really its friend?

Ho Chi Minh City's time has come

Let's do it again.......

Two new election related BlogCalls: Brad Friedman & Andy Stephenson

DU meetup group 95 up for grabs

How do I reset my screen?

Wouldn't it be funny

New Pope Inspired me to Make a Graphic Design in his honor

The genius of Pope John Paul ll

We Need a Paul Krugman PAC

How Are DU Catholics Dealing With This Man Being Named Pope?

Wonder if I could say this re Osama Bin Laden or Fuck him and the abbayah

I think people are too concerned about Ratzinger

Did anyone especially if they were CANADIAN get the impression that the

Ameritrade loses 200,000 Client Files

Ratz's selection was calculated to create a liberalization backlash?

German ecumenical group: Pope election a "catastrophe"

The Bolton train derailment was an amazing piece of work, wasn't it?

So I was a bit surprised to see my site listed on Conservative Think

Hannity should be questioned

You are Talking to 20,000,000 Blue Collar Families..

Daily Show: "How to fake a town hall meeting" - (VIDEO)

Chavez Reiterates Opposition to FTAA

Catholics mobilize against `dictatorship' in East Timor

Waste, possible fraud reported at TSA

New pope shelved sex abuse claim, accuser says

Transplanted cells from living donors offer diabetics hope

Australia backs arrest of nine citizens in Bali

Bush: "I'm Worried About Gas Prices."

Taiwan joins global light relay in Einstein's honor

What's with the christmas ads on Adult Swim?

I'm leaving DU!


Ok, so I passed up a 20 buck "Sky Captain" dvd for a

The pope and his first official meeting....

Where the heck is Rev Acts???

If you give a pig a pancake, she'll want some syrup to go with it.

Anyone watched "House" this evening? surgery date is coming up.

the infinitecat

The Face of God contest...

I Just Realized That Between The Pope and the OKC Bombing Anniversary...

Al Green on Letterman now (12:27 am EST)


Bummer. I have to go into the hospital tomorrow.

Bwuahaha!! Asshole Chimpy McWarCriminal quoted Lincoln from Cooper Union

Happy 4:20 DU lounge!

Fallout Expands Over Michigan Gay Marriage Ban

I am just now getting around to watching the Bolton hearings...

Two Dean events tomorrow in DC and MN. Union and ACLU

Freeps go batshit crazy over Chuck Hagel and the Bolton nomination

The Dems: Bums--the "New Security Democrats", Biden, Clinton, et al

CA: Progressive democrats win antiwar resolution

Catholic Electorial College

So...are most Catholics today, Republicans?

Daily Show: "How to fake a town hall meeting" - (VIDEO)

Supporters for the protection of the wild horses/burros

Round 2 of the West and South brackets of the Dem. Nomination Bracket Comp

enough is enough!

Faux New's Gibson on the anniversary of the OKC bombing (IRAQ!!!)

Scarborough/Klausutis case

New pope intervened against Kerry in US 2004 election campaign

No Free Lunches for Pensioners

Gene Lyons-It's a man thing

Poll gives Casey 14-point lead over Santorum

Counting the Dead in Iraq

The crescent and the conclave - the Islamicization of Europe

Iraq responsible for the Oklahoma City Bombing (Warning: FOXNEWS)

Unmasking secret agents in the classroom

Los Angeles Times Reporter Dismissed Over Flawed Article

9/11 - All the Proof You Need!

The relevance of the new papacy

Capitalism and America's Obsessions...

The Silencer

Two in Five U.S. Adults Believe that Torture of Prisoners by Americans ..

$400 Billion Defense Budget Unnecessary to Fight War on Terrorism

A Tyranny of Misperceptions

His Own Private Abu Ghraib (interesting)

Mike's Papal Column with a small town southeastern PA newspaper

License to spy: A national driver’s license — in reality, a national ID ..

The Rules of the Senate: What they are, why they matter, and how ...

White Supremecists high up in D.C.

Jeremy Hinzman Leads Way For U.S. War Resisters in Canada

The case of the missing crisis

Dr. Meyers' Prescription for 'Justice Sunday'.

Study describes how HIV beats body's defenses

GIs Indicted For Gun Imports From Iraq

Interest in Russia High Over Arrival of Condoleeza Rice

Some Extra Heft May Be Helpful, New Study Says - NYT

‘Wish Lists’ Drafted by U.S. Interrogators Urged Torture of Iraqis

Almost Laughable: Dearth of Female Cartoonists

'The Girl Blogger From Iraq'. Riverbend Talks About Her Life

How to avoid obsolete (data) storage hell (ZDNet/UK)

Trading With The Enemy -- The Nazi American Money Plot (1933-1949)

England Fumes over Selection of "Papa Ratzi"

The Normalization of War

Rabbi Lerner: The New Pope is a Disaster for the World and for the Jews

Blumenthal: Holy warriors (Ratzinger & Bush*)

Urgent Protest Help Needed

Petition: Tell Bush to nominate a new UN Ambassador!

KKKarl Rove @ Ashland University 4/21 - Tickets: (877) 289-5411.

Corporate media, White House access, and more...

Charlie Sykes, the "Intellectual Nazi," talker on WTMJ

New Documentary About Veterans & the 'Cost of War'

So where's the reporting?

Sirius and AAR

It's not the yuan, silly

Paycheck to paycheck (MO)

The Housing Disaster has global implications

Why tax the rich at all?

Is the market being propped up artificially?

Forests Grow, Owls Decline Under Plan

Dire fish numbers prompt major closure of Columbia

Taiwan Nationalist to Meet Chinese Leader

Guardian Unltd - Blunt boycott

Haaretz - Settlers hurl insults at Mofaz during his Gush Katif visit

Chief Rabbi Amar warns calls to resist evacuation may lead to bloodshed

The United Nations: Leading Global Purveyor of Anti-Semitism

Hamas wants power, Hezbollah has already won

Abbas accuses Israel of incitement

Iraq responsible for the Oklahoma City Bombing (Warning: FOXNEWS)

The crash of "UA 93" and the fireball over Indian Lake

9/11 - All the Proof You Need!

How many believe the US planted explosives in the World Trade Center ?

If you haven't seen the 4/19 Bolton confirmation hearing,

Who can organize a demonstration at American U?

that website that gives you an ID and psswrd for any subscription site?

How's Andy doing after the op. Does anyone know? n/t

Common Cause Video

Buddy Dyers -- All Charges Dropped. (Orlando Mayor who was indicted

Sequoia lawsuit, April 20: Auditor's office explains delay: technology!

Maybe we are making some progress; maybe the people are waking up.

Solar Bus Newsletter 4/20/05

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for Wed. and Thurs.

I have a question about Diebold, sequioa, and other vote machine companies

Florida: Charlotte County Early Voting Results (Touchscreen)

KOEB Wednesday

Remember Nov 3, and look at the progress we're making. What about you?

Nat'l Election Ref Comm Exec Dir Goes Ballistic at BRAD BLOG!!!

Dean talked about election reform in Mpls. tonight.

Media, voting systems corporate ownership; who's in bed with whom?

60 Mins. Interviewed Dr. Pastor. Chk it out.

Write West Wing producers & ask for episode on electronic voting

Bob Koehler: "Democracy's Abu Ghraib"

14 house, senate races won by computer fraud in 2002, and more...

Fighting for Election Justice and Integrity Teach-in w S. Tubbs Jones

Some online activism links!

'Close the borders,' Schwarzenegger says

We need to put those Hull-Richter kids on TV to fight the Republicans

$22 million wind turbine plant planned for Cedar Rapids

Jesse Jackson, Jr - National Voting Rights - Cambridge - 4/25

Romney on the road again - puffpiece from Salt Lake newspaper

Stephanie Miller Coming to Boston 4/28 - 29

Article 8 has a blog: MassResistance

Jehlen throws her hat in the ring, will run for (State) Senate

Anti-gay fundies meeting in Boston Tuesday, May 10th

More bad news about MA Gubernatorial Candidate Deval Patrick

Rally to Save the U's General College

adding links

Air America comes to Akron/Cleveland

Ex-Congressional candidate charged with plotting to kill husband

KKKarl Rove @ Ashland University 4/21

Goodhair's aide trolls for lobbyist $$$ for ads

New Anti-War Documentary Touring Texas.

The Right to Live, The Right to Die - A Town Hall Dinner 4/26 N Dallas

Anyone in Austin vote early yet?

Lamar "Kiss Ass" Smith not at Press Conference

How Texas Reps voted on the ANWR Drilling Amendment

I need some good ideas for questions for the school board candidates

"Bootleg" KXEB/AAR stickers - update

John Coby, you made the Daily Show!

Anybody Going To The Packer Draft Party This Saturday? (4-23-05)

Editorial: Assembly GOP lets gimmick replace agenda of progress

Wes Clark In A Favre Jersey, Cool!

Bush is a FIP! (for tax purposes)

Looks like Walker (R-candidate for governor) stepped in it.

Tom Delay is one ugly fuck

Its "consent of the governed" not "consent of the Pope" or "evangilist"

They made Cliffy from Cheers the new Pope?

Firefighters / Police as a way to make people "get it" about Health Care

Law Students, Law Professors, Legal Luminaries Rally to protect Filibuster

Program to bring biotech studies to high schools

You Have the Teenage Brother and Sister of White Rose

ADL Welcomes Election of Cardinal Ratzinger as New Pope

The media has created a monster...

Activists Challenge Coca-Cola Over Water Abuses

Oversight Hearing on Competition in Telecom Marketplace (Act of 1996)

moved by author

PA: Bar Assoc.: Planned Federal `ID' Law Threatens Rights

So, Did Ratdick XVI Deliver The Catholic Vote To Bush?

The Church got a little purer and smaller today.

My Anti-Nazi Post Got Removed

Survey: Only 20 Representatives Publicly Stand with Tom DeLay


Critic this response to a RWer--am I totally full of Sh**

John Gibson Iraq and the Oklahoma bombing

A "Turn Your Butt On Bush" / "Bare Your Bum At Bush" campaign

Armed Services for Laser Vision Correction

'Why do Saudis kill innocents?'

no communion for anyone supporting a candidate who is for choice

Samantha Bee's "fake" townhall meeting was great !

It's Morning In America...

Question: Regarding the Bolton selection committee

Feminists Portray Women as Victims?

Wolcott Take on Limbaugh's "Teen BJ's" Comments

Hitler's Birthday today, imagine if this Pope was choosen today ...*nm

Audio message from the 2nd Revolutionary Army


[2RA.ORG] Details on the Free America Secession Plan

America strikes back!

Repost for Catholics in GD about New Pope on Gays

During the 21st century wars of religion,

I am coming up on cspan!

Scarborough/Klausutis case

China's fury doesn't wash, but why the froth?

Benedict XVI's thoughts about the Nazis.

Saudis In Talks With UN To Curtail Probe Of Their Nuclear Plans/Activities

Washington Post glorifies US military “ruthlessness” in Iraq

bankruptcy reform will 'give (poor) people greater access to credit'?!

"Dangerous democracy": Imperial America won't like the Arabia it spawned

Ebay already has Pope Benedict XVI domain name for $100,000

Push Up the Ratings on this Yahoo Homeland Security Story

Perspective: Ratzinger is NOT a true Pope!!!!

Dumbya the Giggling Murderer's fans say he's a "Christian" and "Strong"

Go to - it's political mods!

What's on the pope's iPod?

What's on Buxh's I-Pod?........Illegal music

Just a reminder on Malloy tonight. In "celebration" of ......

The Church's P.R. dudes must be working overtime with this new mess on

DeLay Plots Against Federal Judges In Attempt to "Educate Americans"

i like ratzinger the man. i think his theology is antiquated and goes, not

"my head is the size of an ant" say Ann Coulter (about time pic) I am

A simple, humble man.

Update On Progressive Talk/AAR In Chicago

The Bolton committee hearings have proven a simple axiom

Moderates = 'Mavericks'

Self Delete

Ratzinger Vs. Kerry

just like fundies.,

i was perusing this List

"I'm worried about gasoline prices" Morning Rant.

Vietnam's Lesson: Don't Abandon Those In Need

Damn- what soldiers are not given when deployed

Do americans not care about freedom because they never lost it?

New Documentary Gives Veterans a Voice.

The XM Deal

Corporate-Conservative Alliance Plots Attack on Safeguards

Berlusconi resigns

The only positive poll for * has to do with the "war on terra"....

C-Span2 Senate discussion on Judicial Nominees.

Could it be that Bush made sense? I'm sure there's a catch.

Should War on Terror be re-named the War in Lie-raq ?

My Jewish friend's opinion on the "Hitler Youth" Pope

Welcome Home

Does anyone have a internet video of yesterday's Daily Show....

Moussaoui's Flight Instructor Explains Why He Wasn't Pilot Material

Who do you blame for high gas prices? - MSNBC Poll just up

Question - what's the significance of the Papal Name?

Anybody remember that wacky Pope Gregory V

Judge fines yawning juror

Can The Democratic Party Offer a Political Alternative for the Blue Collar

Fox News has gone MIA from my local gym, maybe a trend forming?

And how about that fun loving Pope Stephen VI

Citizenship if immigrants join the military? Yea. If they die in battle

Support GROWS for FMA.

Now that Right is attacking Voinovich, what's the chances he'll speak out

AAR commercial: "Ever wish your child would come with instructions?"

Emotion a weapon in Army ads - Kind of puts a lump in your throat

Should all monies borrowed from Social Security be paid back ?

Rude Pundit's take on Bush at Lincoln Museum

Idea - The No-Theocracy Amendment

Is America on the verge of creating it's own "Iron Curtain"?

Judith Miller is Going to Jail >

Where in the Constitution...

The Danger of Legislative Activism

Ever been to the Ultimate Warrior's site?

Does the Catholic Church have ANY checks and balances?

Move America Forward's hilarious anti-Voinovich ad

Are there no American terrorists?

James Jeffords will announce his retirement today

[what if a much of a which of a wind]

Whats with Catholics and Condoms?

Left of the dial..

Question about religious non-diversity on CNN AM: 100% Catholic???

Benedict isn't a real Nazi. He's just a worm without any moral strength.

Who gives a damn about who is the Pope?

Murderous Thugs

Halliburton: Poster Child of the War Profiteers

Pope Benedict XVI on Iraq from a couple years ago

Is there a major Religion that didn't Oppress Women historically?

Mike Malloy - A must-hear tonight. He is spending at least one

What was YOUR raise in 2004?

488 years later-take THAT Martin Luther!!!

Great caller on Springer

Elizabeth Smart upset by uncle's book

GOP analysis gives Rossi 100-vote win

can you see the look on Putin's face when Rice told him not to run

Pope Benedict: "Non-Christian religions 'gravely deficient', improper

in honor of the bankruptcy bill being signed

Pope Benedict Arnold Schwarzennager

Vatican asks Condoleezza Rice to help stop a sex abuse lawsuit

Don't Call Voinovich too much!

Why Bolton for the UN post? This insight might make you ill

LOL three-fourths of US CATHOLICS say they will ignore this pope

"Oh blessed gods of the sublime and ridiculous."

Blitzer and some idiotic guest poo-pooing hybrid cars.......

How are there any gay or atheist Republicans today??

Letter I received today

DU this poll about Tom DeLay and the Supreme Court

Why is Pedophilia the Churchs Business?

This is the 21st Century is it not?

How many people listen to "Air America" over the internet?

Jews are cool with new Pope

Does Bush have brown eyes ??

Bush the Yalie elitist: "I can relate to the rail-splitter from out West"

Why are so many non Catholics getting so worked

Ratzinger's belief "absolute truths." vs "consent of the governed"

GREAT SS ? from WaPo online chat

Are the pope threads a distraction?

Now That The Subject of Religion Has Come Up, Let's Be Honest

Cardinals are poised to take the Catholic Church leftward.

Enron widow challenges husband's portrayal in documentary

So- the new pope feels that there are no absolute truths in Liberalism-

[2RA.ORG] Religious Bias at the Air Force Academy

Delay To Define What Good Behavior Is For Us Citizens

I think Al Franken is "TOO HARD" on Mark Luther (resident dittohead)

What ever happened to the Cheney energy commission lawsuit?

Bush signing banruptcy bill into law right now, ranting about debtors

our troops act nasty even in the green zone

Bush Hails Newly Elected Pope Benedict

With Ratzi the Nazi in the Vatican, all eyes are momentarily off Bush

"The nomination is very troubled, very troubled,"

Interesting point. Kerry's action in Vietnam versus Ratzinger's in Germany

Is Pope Benedict XVI a member of the Benedictine Order?

Sen. Boxer is on Schultz now!

How many FDR fans do we have here?

C-Span: Dems are speaking out against the energy bill

WH on Bolton: ''We need to get him there sooner rather than later.''

Frist to play the religious persecution card in a closed circuit speech

Texas' new, gerrymandered congressional district map

What was the worst period in GD/GD Politics?

Sorry about the new Pope post. CNN reports in 1991 ......

When do the Bolton confirmation hearings reconvene?

Caption this Delay pic:

GOP caves, investigating DeLay!

Down goes the Dow, headed below 10,000 and you can thank Bush's

April 21: D.C. Circuit to Hear Case Case of Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds

CNN/Money 4/20/05: Merger-related job cuts skyrocket

So that's where Bush** was yesterday!

Tom DeLay for President!

the sinking dow and soc sec privatization

John Bolton: Prince Charming, he's not. One woman's story.

Border 'Minutemen' get cold shoulder in N.J.

Is it me or does John Bolton really sound like a nasal whiny bitch?

Malloy's show will celebtate Hitler's birthday with RWer "open mike" night

Am I seeing the beginning of the end of the bush cartel

Attn. OHIO DU'ers: KKKarl Rove @ Ashland University 4/21

Holy GOP! TheoCon Merchandise Now Available (link)

Opus Dei’s View Of Contraceptives? "the intrinsic evil" No Kidding!

Ecuador's Gutiérrez Forced Out of Office in Popular Uprising

Pope Rat the 1rst in his own words.

American Aid Worker Uncoveres Secret Death Talley in Iraq

The Prior Pope Benedict-- strong peace advocate

Ed Schultz is on the fence over the

Anyone else think Blog Girl Abbi Tatton is hot?

I heard today that ranchers get a fuel subsidy from the government

Were the Cardinals just tossing Ratzinger a bone when they made him pope

Its "consent of the governed" not consent of the pope or evangilist

What's this mark on Bush's face? >>>

NY Times report on new Pope and "Ecclesiastical Totalitarianism"

Connecticut passes Civil Unions Bill

Chimpy considering job as MLB Commish after presidency

Bush and matzoh ball soup

Is Rice trying to get rid of Bolton by kicking him upstairs?

Barf Alert-Dennis Miller on The Daily Show tonight

Hugs for Skinner

DeLay Spins the Ethics Probe

...and it's 1-2-3 What are we fighting for?

Oskar Schindler should have told the nazis to go to hell

Gannon should be held to same penalties as faux sports journalist


I call for the creation of a Totally Secular America.

New Bush Bankruptcy Law: Info on some of the changes

Any quotes of GOPers threatening Dems re:Schiavo?

What did I just Hear on AAR ????

Bush: America has no right to impose its form of government on others.

Wal-Mart Critics Launch Ad Campaign

Catholic DUers: How can we cheer ourselves up...

PHOTOS: Six elephants rampage through Seoul, South Korea!!!

Even freepers know it's a spoof why not TIME magazine ?

David Brock to Rupert Murdock: You're a lying POS

So TX is going to take peoples children away: Cameras need to be in place

Note To The MSM: American Idol, Survivor, Etc. ARE NOT FREAKING NEWS!

I wish there were an Anti-Religion about 'Dogmagone'?

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder: Savage Solutions

a question for people against the death penalty-

Equal Pay Day and a popular fiction about the wage gap

What does the Catholic Church have to do with AIDS?

Stock market drops over a hundred points again


Did MSNBC just say that the Democrats said no deal on rules/DeLay?

CREW's statement about Hasting's Ethical "Compromise"

DHS releases list of domestic terror groups . . .

Was Joe Klein once a liberal?

Back, and to the left

Ratzinger on market economy

How much will Iraq cost next year? Another 87 Billion?

The new pope covered up the child molestations

MoveOns Filibuster Ad

Demographics of Scion Owners?

Bernie Sanders Will Run For U.S. Senate In Vermont!

What would you do if the state was taking your children?

George Bush Wants You to Pay Your Debts (Though He Never Paid His)

I have airport security questions for frequent travellers

I am a Bigoted, Mental, Whore, so they say

Taxpayers for Common Sense Statement on the Energy Bill

Culture of Life! Texas may have put innocent man to death

Terry Nichols Sends Letter To Fox News

All Heil the new Fuehrer, err, Pope.....

Saw my first "Rice 08" bumper sticker today

How do you feel about the choice of Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI?

OMFG. (Columbia Journalism Review Interviews John Cloud Re: Coulter)

Ann Coulter lies about a DA

ADL Welcomes Election of Cardinal Ratzinger as New Pope

Just heard on Radio many other faith leaders are luke warm to new Pope

So the thing about Frist and the Cat Killing story....

I'm watching Paula Zahn,...and I am acquiring greater hope.

Gary (The Lizard) Bauer: Douchebag for Theocracy

pope on judaism

pope on islam

New Pope on NASCAR and Dale Earnhardt:

Is there a coming split in US denominations?

sounds like the catholics have chosen a real doozy of a new pope

Does this background look like Halliburton's "H" inside the Seal of the US

US Military lying about not taking civilian body counts?

Ann Coulter says women should NOT be allowed to vote

pope on women's ordination

pope on faith

pope on homosexuality

Calling all Ex-Republicans!!

Wingnut thought police run ad bashing Voinovich

Do you consider Pope Benedict XVI a fundamentalist?

Under fire, Time's Cloud now compares Coulter to Stalin, Hitler

If Falwell sent out the memo that Ratzinger did would anyone defend him?

$592 Million for US Embassy in Iraq

PHOTO needs Caption: laura bush* brings her puppy into the LIBRARY !!

Kudos to CBS evening news-they lead with Mess-o-potamia and not the Pope

Yeah Baby !!! - Caption THIS !!!

I wrote a letter to Time...

politcal witch hunt in FL over -

So now the "family values" Republicans are destroying thousands of familys

Oh hell! I'm supposed to be bitter and frustrated

Texas bans gay parents

"God Hates Fags" Group Coming to Albuquerque and Santa Fe

Damn Liberal Judges

REMINDER: Freeper night on Mike Malloy's show tonite (1st hour) 10pm est

Newspaper Reports "Developing Nations and Liberals" disappointed with Pope

Petition DU: Justice Scalia Must Recuse Himself From Church-State Cases

Amazing "Push Back" from Progressives in My State/Bankruptcy Bill

Help With Anti-Gay Argument

Should a murderer be able to *choose* the death penalty...

pope on sex abuse scandals

Is this a real help group or just more RW BS????

WTH is going on?!?!?! The first I've turned on CNN in a month and,...

Congress Declares War on File Leakers

I just heard something that made up my mind about the new pope

What has GWB EVER done to prove himself "heroic"?

Coming on NOW! Strange Days on Planet Earth...PBS (east coast)

Now that Jeffords is retiring, Dean can gracefully leave as chairman

Binary Fonda-Buchanan-Coulter-Kristol Poll

Too good to be true? Casey widens lead over Santorum!

News Media coverage of bankruptcy bill show images of credit card swipes

O'Reilly: The ACLU is "behind all abortion on demand, euthanasia, and...

Several states NEA sues over No Child Left Behind Program

Was Benny XVI A "Social Promotion?"

george w. is possibly the greatest FREAK of all time

If killing us would help bring the 2nd coming of Jesus

howard dean for senator from Vermont??? hmmmmm.....


Some online activism links!

I just watched "Left of the Dial"


Doesn't this pic make you feel

Election Fraud

Bye Bye Beautiful Alaska you are no more

Bush has no magic wand

DNC and DFA statements on Jeffords today.

Howard Dean on Tavis Smiley tonight.

360 Advantage

Time for some wishful thinkin', people

Considering how we were coming up on the anniversary of Operation Eagle's

Nuking checks and balances is unamerican. The line muist be drawn here.

Did a caller just call Nancy Grace a "Trailer Wh*re" on Larry King?

ACLU : Edmonds v. Department of Justice. Emergency Motion

State sues federal government

Abortion question ahoy - please don't flame me!

Wanted: Complete Asshole for U.N. Ambassador

Breaking News President Gutierrez-Bush's Puppet in Ecuador flees to Panama

deLay Misérable

Who Would Jesus Bomb?


Who thinks Bolten is going to have to "take one for the team"?

Bolton's just garnish - the real nemesis is Negroponte

Hey Stephanie, looks like W

Tonight on my local news (Tampa Bay)

**Please Thank These Dems**

We're Filing Suit for Our Kids


"Will She Be a Racial Minority by the Time She Turns 40?" (adv.)

How does your faith choose it's spiritual leaders? (Respectfully, please)

Everybody keep Andy in their prayers today

I put this bumper sticker on last week, and now I'm flipped off constantly

Domestic terrorists are primarily a member of which party?

Gotta Love Those Republicans

if your faith can't withstand a little bashing, what good is it?

Listen to Ann Coulter whine about her Time photo

Artivist Film Festival: Art and Activism Come Together in Hollywood

Laura Bush thinks books cure asthma: An exercise in wingnut logic

Man spits on Jane Fonda at book-signing....

Poll: Catholics Who Think Ratzinger is a Good Pick

DU Lou Dobbs online bankruptcy poll please

Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Hilarious: Soviet expert Condi flubs speaking Russian!

Whether or not Coulter is a "Man" is not the point.

As to the New Pope ... DU got mentioned again!

Michael Moore Freedom of Speech scholarship

A Day in the Life of George Bush -PIX - >>>

The Pope supports renewal of a Church law that punishes pedos.

Why are women always identified by what comes out of their wombs?

VOTE: Should KS ban gay adoption now that it banned gay marriage?

I'm coming up on the springer show...listen for my shout out to DU!

This GOP offer to "investigate" DeLay is a feint, not a blink

If Ann Coulter was a Dem, and ripping Freepers, would we

"A Time for Disobedience"

I am wondering how many people besides myself cannot stand to

Round 2 of the West and South brackets of the Dem. Nomination Bracket Comp

Did Your Senator Vote for the Iraq War Supplement? 54-45 it Passed

Ratzinger & the persecution of Seattle Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen

It Will Be Funny When The Right Wing Turns On This Very Anti-War Pope

Let me ask you all something. Who gives a rats ass about Jane Fonda?

The walls are closing in on U.S. automakers.

NOBODY is worth $1million+ per year; or do you disagree?

Why would an 18 year old man who deserted from the army save his uniform?

Senate approves $$$$592 Million Baghdad embassy

Gropenfuhrer "misspoke","faulty English"'s always a "mistake" with GOP


Check out the shirt that got me flipped off by a freeper!

Edmonds barred from DC hearing, will lead protest instead, Join her !

Stop Moral Relativism!!!!!

Idiot Freep thinks Amber Alert in Kentucky means Terror Level Raised:

So, is Paul Martin offside in his TV address tomorrow?

Vietnam Vet Spits on Jane Fonda

Got a Blog? Link to Air America Radio with this picture.

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Freeper Smackdown!

Some thoughts on obesity

Air America leaving Sirius in July - NO NO NO!

New Pope: If you don't like the guy...

is bush really a born again christian or just an asshole pretending to be?

Just think, if we only had fair and balanced news

Michael "The Spitter" Smith is a goddamned liar. **video**

Here is what Bush is doing for Earth Day

Microsoft abandons gays

We must get past "Partisan Politics" in order to resolve problems and

German youth resistance in WWII

Jerry Springer and more

PHOTOS: "I did not have relations with that Bulldog, Jeff Gannon"

Did Ratzinger desert in 1944 or 1945?

Steve Gilliard: Why We Are Losing in Iraq (it's really good)

"What Barry Says" AWESOME animation about US World domination

TRIVIA: Which of these places was illegally attacked/invaded by the U.S.?

War Has Become the Norm in American Society

Viagra/insurance discrimination because im a Female

"Got Guns?" Exercised My "Right to Bear Arms"

dennis miller is kicking ass on jon stewart. just a riot

Immediate Action Required on Depleted Uranium

There is no link or connection between "democracy" and "capitalism"

Could someone help with a lost bread recipe?


Regional Delights = Regional Pride

Liberal MP: Inquiry could be PM's downfall

Hey the BC Liberals made a jab at ensuring Harry Lali isn't elected

Our pensions are financing their war (BC)

Martin to address nation Thursday night

Northern Ireland General Election poll

The Sun to back Blair

Porn Star Who Ran For Governor Arrested

Reuters: Car Bombs Kill Two Iraqi Civilians

Martinez Won't Face Sanctions Over (Schiavo) Memo

Report Cites Waste and Abuse at TSA

Russia's Putin Has Too Much Power, Says Rice ( & Criticizes Russian Media)

U.S. March CPI increases 0.6%

Tulsa Businessman Reportedly Named As The Next US Ambassador To Vatican

Democrats: HSD Omits Right-Wing Threats

Some See Virgin Mary in Underpass Stain

'God's Rottweiler' hasn't been a unifier

Bush to Raise Question of Oil Production with Saudi Arabia

DeLay Criticizes Supreme Court Justice

U.S. March CPI increases 0.6%

Argentinian Jailed for Throwing Prisoners from Plane

Los Angeles Times Fires Reporter

Bodies of 50 Hostages Found in Iraq

Iraqi Govt Should Be Announced Thursday - President

DeLay Slams Supreme Court Justice Kennedy

Man Arrested For Spitting [ tobacco juice] On [the face of] Jane Fonda

No reporters allowed at Lejeune hearing for Marine (murdered Iraqis)

GOP Congressional Leaders Eyeing Dissent (AP)

One cardinal deciding on the next pope has had some embarrassing legal tro

Bodies of 50 Hostages Found in Iraq

Father of slain U.S. Marine cautions Mexican students against migrating, e

War of the black magic cults brings death to Nigeria's universities

America's riotous real estate (and the full extent of the damage to come)

Ameritrade loses customer account info (200,000 on missing tape)

New Pope's Nazi link worries Israeli Jews

Rice: Bush needs Bolton at U.N.

All influenza virus samples accounted for: WHO

Austrian politician in Nazi row

Plame reporters going to jail

Election campaign gets under way (BC)

Sentor Jeffords Won't Seek Re-Election, Sanders Said He Will Run

Why a black market for gasoline vexes Iraq

NEA, School Districts Fight No Child Law

Man arrested for alleged threats against Brooklyn judge

BBC: Massacre at Iraq football stadium

Oil Holds at $52 as U.S. Supplies Drop

Insurgents Kill 19 Iraq National Guards

Texas Bans Gays From Being Foster Parents .43,000

Diebold Profit Dips on Restructuring Charge

Man Spits in Jane Fonda's Face at Book Signing

AP: Ethics Panel to Open DeLay Investigation

Searches of priest's homes called off

Witnesses leery of testifying while Roberts stays on leak investigation

High Court Keeps Securities Fraud Standard(Enron,Worldcom victims screwed)

GOP nets bulk of donations from firms investing workers' compensation mone

Car Bomb Kills Two U.S. Soldiers in Iraq (#1561 & #1562)

Aid Worker Uncovered America's Secret Tally of Iraqi Civilian Deaths

Poll: Casey Leads Santorum by 14 Points

Iraq Prime Minister Escapes Assassination Attempt (Allawi)

Poll gives Casey 14-point lead over Santorum

More than 50 bodies found in Iraq...

The world has not ended! Humankind is still alive! We aren't striken!!!

Big Board to Merge With a Leading Electronic Trading System

Car bomb explodes near Allawi party headquarters

Critics see religious bias at Air Force Academy

Merger-related job cuts skyrocket (77,000 in first quarter)

Texas May Have Executed Innocent Man

Fed's Beige Book lifts lid on inflation

Rebellion Escalating Again Across Iraq

Orlando mayor, 3 others cleared of absentee ballot charges

JDS Uniphase to close some U.S. facilities (850 jobs)

Democrats Trumping Up Charges on Bolton - W.House

Stage set for June 27 election (Canada)

All charges dropped against Buddy Dyer (Orlando Mayor - D)

Giving Fatherhood Some Pop, ...Laura Bush Touts Role of Dads

No sequel for "MATRIX" data-mining project

Westchester drivers ratify contract, buses to roll Saturday

UC and service workers reach contract deal (Tentative)

Death row prisoners claim injections cause excruciating pain

Rallies Accuse Governor of Breaking Promise (CA)

(NJ) Emotional day for GM workers as last vehicle rolls off line

Chavez: Trade With Cuba Could Reach $1B

New Pope has health problems

MSNBC BREAKING: Judge to accept guilty plea from Moussaoui in terrorist co

IMF Urges Oil Data Transparency

Energy Firms' Tax Break Bid is Adding Up-Costly Subsidies Adding Up

Texas Bill Would Ban Gay Foster Parents

I wrote a letter to Time...

Rice: Putin has Too Much Power..

Interest in Russia High Over Arrival of Condoleeza Rice

British troops will not escape, says Zarqawi

North Dakota newspaper editorial calls for Manitoba boycott

Congress Declares War on File Leakers

Former Abramoff client hosts DeLay fundraiser tonight

Plane catches fire at Tehran airport, scores killed, injured

Change the world, not the church: Canadian cardinals

The Shadow Iraqi Government (on a highway to hell)

Reaction to Proposal to Investigate (Dem's - "charade", "nonstarter")

Sanders all but declares candidacy for Senate

Santa Clara Nurses Reach Tentative Contract Agreement (CA)

El Nino Will Probably Develop by July, Weather Model Indicates

Connecticut Legalizes Civil Unions for Gay Couples

Over 140 still detained after unrest in Iran

Japanese Told China to Get Pipeline First

18 Released From Guantanamo (told talking may prevent release of others)

Woman suspected in bomb, anthrax threats

U.S. Sen. James Jeffords will not seek re-election

Iraq Chief Says a Mass Killing, Under Dispute, Did Take Place

Breaking News President Gutierrez-Bush's Puppet in Ecuador flees to Panama

WP: GOP Frets Over Public's Economic Worries

Sierra Club cancels bookings at Hilton (San Francisco)

Bishop Tutu Disappointed at Pope choice

New pope suffered 1991 brain hemorrhage

Nikkei Falls 2.8 Pct on U.S. Economy Worry

AP Sues Gov't; Says Documents from Guantanamo Hearings of 'Urgent Concern'

Fifty Bodies Found Near Baghdad - Iraqi President

BBC: Ecuador Congress sacks president

Iraq War Continues To Divide American Views (CBS poll)

Bush Likely to Tap Marine to Head Military

Rice Announces Presidential Run by Mistake

Lobbyist Gave DeLay a Skybox for Donors

ACLU Files Emergency Motion to Open Hearing in Case of FBI Whistleblower

House votes for oil drilling in an Alaska wildlife refuge

U.S. Marines practice amphibious landings on Nitzanim beach (Israel)

Many gay Catholics disappointed with cardinals' choice for pope

WP: Passenger Lists Sought For Flights Over U.S.

Warning on spread of state surveillance

Court awards hand of girl aged two to 40-year-old

Four People Awarded More Than $5 Million in California Church Abuse Case

Berlusconi to Stand Down as Italian PM

Reports reveal Zarqawi nuclear threat

WP: GOP Senator Wavers on Bolton (Chafee)

GOP analysis gives Rossi 100-vote win (Seattle PI, Gov. court case)

Officials Say Girl Raped, Buried Alive

Rice: Belarus is 'dictatorship'

New pope's ex-students express skepticism

Students Tell Of Tension On Gay Tolerance Day

Bush signs bankruptcy overhaul into law

Hybrids could pay more gas tax

Pope Predicted a Short Reign to Cardinals

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 20 April

WP: GOP Frets Over Public's Economic Worries

US accused of trying to block abortion pills

War of the black magic cults

Hundreds protest police brutality (NYC)

Schwarzenegger Sorry for Border Comment

Truckers bristle at anti-terror rules

Woman claims Panhandle officers abused her with Taser (FL)

Britons Assess When Blair Should Step Down (MORI /Financial Times)

CT passes Civil Union Law - THE GOVERNOR HAS SIGNED IT! IT'S LAW!!!!!!

Plano(TX) families reject schools' censorship deal-religious pens

AP: Oil-For-Food Investigators Resign

Benedict 'promised to modify hard line'

Campus battlegrounds-Desperate military recruiters and a growing opposition

Morning-after pill approved as non-prescription (Canada)

Navajo council outlaws uranium mining

Bushes claim Illinois P.O. box as home

Putin: Sale of missiles to Syria will block Israeli flyovers

The Sun backs Blair

House Panel Prepare to Investigate Delay Republicans agree to ethics probe

Texas may have put innocent man to death, panel told

I am now a 100% fan of Oasis

well folks, for the first time in my life

Any fans of Beeb Birtles?

Any "Flicker" fans out there?

wow: a classic SNL tronight!!!!

People, this Freeper-type has lost it, totally, again.

From now on, instead of saying "Alla Kazzam" "Abra Cadabra" or "Eureaka"

Disco Stu doesn't advertise.

Online broker recommendations....

I got randomly drug-tested at work today...

begin insomnia

This comic seems to sum the Benny question up quite nicely

It's 2:30 in the west. Time for "Jabberwocky"

Hey, I thought Dookus was supposed to be the next Pope!!

Is "Smirking Chimp" still active?

I just almost threw up

I'm not Catholic, but my wife is

I don't know my age.

Okay, seriously- Would it be wrong for me to sell prayers to fundies

JimmyJazz, you run Linux?

I got a new toy for the dog.

Could someone help me with a tax question?

Alright--pronounce "bong"

11 Year Old Girl Drives SUV Into House

Did someone call my bar tonight?

I have 703 posts..

Okay amature DU sleep scientists: answer me this....

I watched the movie "Kinsey" yesterday

John Bolton & BTK, separated at birth?

Damn-I just saw what our soldiers are not provided in Iraq!!!!

I'm using n/t way too much. n/t

It's my fault.

Caption Tom Delay

14 Year Old Arrested For Poisoning Music Teacher

No answers for today

Pick your fave - The Electro Lounge Edition

How Come I Never Get To See Something in a Brick Wall?!?

95 Year Old Facing Eviction For Not Paying Rent In 30 Years

Insomnia and night sweats....

Why can't they come up with a cure for the common cold?

Hey MrsGrumpy - how did you like the movie

DU Trivia: This Day in History

YAY!! Now Your New SUV Will Come With Satellite TV!!!

World Beard and Moustache Championships

Another "This day in history"

Canadian DU''ll be having another federal election soon?

We're having an election next month

I'm tired.

I hope the "P" word doesn't come up as much today

My one thread about the P word, in all seriousness


Slap GWB

Bo Bice is totally my new tv crush.

how big a deal is it if your

I am three posts away from 1000

Porn Star Arrested For Touching Herself In Strip Club (Mary Carey)

Most Accurate Depiction of a Particular Place:

I just saw the long-range forecast for Boston

A few of the lesser known Popes in Catholic history

Behold: The one TRUE Pope (and he lives in Kansas)

Qatar to Use Robots As Camel Riders

If you haven't seen this movie

37 days on a tightrope

Politics in BC - We have a Sex Party

No Pope Cake in your town? Try a Ho Cake instead

I think I caused the confusion over the election of the Pope yesterday

Mmmm Pope cake and Pope beer

Has anyone here ever used a Pol Pot?

If I had to vote for a Cardinal for Pope

Papal Election Brings End to Worldwide Sin Binge

Happy Birthday-- Jessica Lange, Ryan O'Neal , and CARMEN ELECTRA!!!

Anyone here have dental veneers?

Canada approves Pot based medication

Funny email I got: "Bush Elected Pope! Cardinals Stunned!"

Has anyone here ever used a Chamber Pot?

Woman Claims To Have Found Dead Mouse In Her Restaurant Salad - Uh oh

My newly acquired social life is going to ruin my exercise regimine

Has anyone ever used pot?

To the Catholics here...

Grandmother stuck in tub for five days

Man Arrested For Spitting [ tobacco juice] On [the face of] Jane Fonda

Did anyone else watch House last night?

I'm listening to someone envicerate a customer service agent

Have an enhanced 4/20- We are ruled by treason.

Why do you think Creative Mediasource isn't the best mp3 player?

Favorite Alice Cooper tune

"Hey, Drew, this Lincoln dude was almost as cool a presnint as I am."

kung fu hustle

For lunch, I want one of everything

sign teddy k's petition

There is only one Cardinal Sin

You know what burns my ass?

Has anyone here ever used a Neti Pot?

What do you call marijuana?

I have to share RE: My band's new CD

I don't think my buddy realizes how much this email upsets me

How do you cook Beef Round Rump Roast Boneless?

OK, news from my trip to Vegas, so far...

Man Who Mooned Jurors Deemed Competent For Retrial

Well, ladies ... It's just about that time again.

Why did Elvis say he was leaving Norfolk, Virginia?

In honor of the sushi I had last night with JimmyJazz: favorite Sushi!!

"I've Been Flushed From the Bathroom Of Your Heart" by Johnny Cash

The Achiever

Fairly Odd Parents sucks

Computer question from dear old mom


Do you keep a journal or diary?

Open Container Law Not Only Bans Booze In Cars But FOOD As Well

matcom to miss Boston meet up?

Man Arrested For Spitting In The Face Of Jane Fonda

Do I need to update the software on my cars computer?

John Birch ad in newspaper concludes: "This is an example of the rational boneless chicken breast came pre-vacuum wrapped...

I just ate a graham cracker covered in dark chocolate

Secret Side

$2.99.9 for gas yesterday! (Chevron supreme)

One thing that always bothered me about making a deal with the devil.

A History of Techno - America's Electronic Music

Do big feet really mean................

Who knows how to get rid of bees that are in the boards of ones house?

Habemus patatam!

The news out of Newport News:

Engineer jokes

"Let me say that I swear, on the souls of my grandchildren...

Go ahead and lie through your teeth

*snicker* - Apparently my bf wasn't a big follower of 70's funk.

Fuck it, I'm not going to my 1:45 class

420 legend-what ridiculous story were YOU told?

If The "End of Days" Is Indeed Near, Then Why Is Pat Robertson...

Need a template for a real estate flyer to go in one of those...

It's about time that we did a WHO AM I - Play along

Ever noticed how Bush pronounces "rather"?

So has anyone else here ever taken Cipro and turned yellow?

Journalist Joke

SOteric nominates matcom to be Cardinal Sin

where's newyawker99? - some guys want their birthday wishes

Six years ago today.. Columbine in remembrance

Name a movie where the machine kills fascists.

Boards of Canada


Anyone remember where to D/L the Crossfire episode with Jon Stewart?

Would you challenge a poster who you suspected was lying?

Where should I get my tattoo?

Law and Order fans

And so you're favorite beer is???

Thank the gods for the Lounge...

Best LBN Thread EVER:

A little good news: Tell us about something good that's happened lately

one saturday i took a waLk to zipperhead

It's 86 Degrees at Boston's Logan Airport

Looking for semi-transparent Mylar...

I sponsored a kitten today? I wonder what it looks like

Last Night, I Cut Open My Baked Potato...And Found a HOLY CROSS Inside!!

Andy Griffith was a Kerry supporter, you know.

What kind of atheist are you? Take this quiz and find out!

On the Clark/Skinner controversy: why donchy'all just chill the fuck out??

Show us your diphthong

You gotta love those guys at

Has anyone here ever used a pot calling the kettle black defense?

Some See Virgin Mary in Underpass Stain

Wow! GD is harsh today! Bullets are flyin!

Name a movie where the Senate majority leader kills kittens.

I'm going to have a baby (well...kinda)

Matcom wants a Lounge fight - who should it be between?

GW Bush elected Pope

About all of Bush's facial injuries

Anyone who has ever heard of the band Caustic

PREDICTION: the Earth will end in nuclear FIRE!

Guess what time I have to pick my girlfriend up from work?

Who the hell is "Game Removed"?

ok, next try: who can i bribe to drive 21 hours to pick me up for boston?

bLondiek is sLeeping on my futon

BREAKING-Rob and Amber Tie the Knot

All these Skinner threads... Who's Skinner?

Descartes applied

Anyone use P2P software or networks for work or education stuff?

Barbara Boxer coming up on Randi

Is it Art?

Who knows the number to good Deprogrammer?

So I'm most likely going to be taking care of my mom's cats this summer...

My friends in Japan have kooky Kim Jung Il breathing down their necks...

official RUGS FOR SKINNER thread

official MUGS FOR SKINNER thread


official SHRUGS FOR SKINNER thread

Anyone else into the latest Feeder album?

What? No "JUGS FOR SKINNER" thread?

The official BUGS FOR SKINNER thread

My automatic thread-hider just nuked 256 threads on the Pope


Gay Tolerance Day At School Described as "Tense" - Hateful TShirts

Official DEBUGS for SKINNER thread

Official CHUGS for Skinner thread!!!

Let's pick an Antelope


Official C.H.U.D.s For SKINNER Thread.

They Really Just Didn't Like This In GD. Where Is The Sense Of Humor?

Parents: a question about spending $$ on kids

The best Simpsons quote...actually never came from an episode.

This is my last day in Vancouver

Official BUGS FOR SKINNER Thread

Anybody else frightened by Dark_Leftist's sigline guy???

Headlines We'd Like to Read, April 20, 2005

DeLay to NRA: "Let's go get us some JUDGES!"

Who would win in a no-holds-barred fight

Describe your favorite mixed drink, beer, or wine...

Am I the only geek that loves the new Battlestar Galactica?

Kathy in Cambridge you rock

A Stupid Car Question

What would be the political affiliation of the Star Trek: TNG crew?

officiaL DRUGS FOR SKINNER thread


If you had an "I'd rather be..." bumper sticker, what would it say?

Capsule review: "The Sunlandic Twins" by Of Montreal

if you were auditioning for a fake Bush "town hall meeting" ....

Who's Dow Jones and why do we listen to him?

Happy Birthday Adolf! Whats the mood at FR?

Who's your pimp?

Who the hell is "Name Removed"?

will somebody please pay my way to boston?

Anyone have experience with trying to get someone a Green Card?

Oh no! I'm not POPULAR!!! Whatever shall I do?!?

Vote In This Cool NCAA Bracket Style Democratic Nomination Primary

I'm gonna do it

Memo to self: Do not dash out your front door without being fully dressed

Who wants a job?

I'm so tired of nothing going right for me.

I've said it once and I'll say it again: LIBERALS ARE CUTER!!!!

Help me! I'm trying hard to study...

Let's pick an Antelope

RIP Name Removed..

What the .......?

RW wack job goes batshit crazy.

Post here

Awww...Jessica Simpson is doing commercials for Pizza Hut.

I found a wallet, guy wanted to reward me, I said donate to ACLU instead

anyone know much about codependency / martyr syndrome?


I think the time has come for me to leave organized religion.

I think the time has come for me to lead organized religion.

Let's pick an Antelope!

It's 4:20 on 4/20

Just how American are you?

Do you look at the poster's screenname before replying to a thread?

Anyone want free ringtones for their phone?

What is 4:20 anyway? And why has Google nothing on it?

Food that goes bad before its best by date

I didn't expect a kind of Spanish Inquisition

New Corporate Buzzword Bingo word: "granularity"

Former First Lady Barbara Bush or Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Is this place gonna be boring when everyone's in Boston???

Boston meet up-ers--Avoid wearing what matcom is wearing

A cat tried to break into my bedroom last night.

self delete!

If any of you guys are feeling too "macho" to hug Skinner or another male

Favorite Hannibal

Pope it. I'm the Fuck.

A poll only an IDIOT would create. Barbara Boxer or Briefs.

Serenity NOW!

The poll you have been WAITING for. Duran Duran, legends or wankers.

Anyone on here seen Passolini's movie "Salo"...

Don't get your panties in a bunch..........

Tomorrow I leave for Boston, any last minute advice?

Would someone manly explain what a manly handshake is?

No more Boston meet-up threads, dammit!

My pulse is 100. Ask me anything.

Campaign contributions by K. Hepburn, C. Grant, J. Stewart, ect

Who is this pope Benedict guy anyway?

The next person I hear popping or chewing their gum

What type of rocker are you?

Anyone out there digitizing their old photos?

OK folks, it's that time again.

An Ann Coulter Joke

End Morality Now

How To Get A RW Idiot To Badmouth A Fellow RW Nut

Thunderstorms bearing down on CT right now! Dang, Gawd moves quick!

Greatest Anti-War Film? King of Hearts! DON'T argue with me!

Snuggles the Fabric Softener Bear Held in Robbery Case!

Is it me or this a really cheesy way to "witness for Christ"?

Do you smoke and if so how much?

The smiley face I've been waiting years to see...

It's totally puke-a-tronic.

Do you choke when you smoke and if so how much?

Star Wars Question (POSSIBLE SPOILER)

I can't come to the DU Gathering this Saturday

My fatal character flaw.

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's GOODBOY>>>>photo

The squeaky wheel may get the grease...

Holy Shit! My Landlord Wants to Completely Renovate my New Place- Free!!

Who is your favroite family member?

Poignant photo of a patriotic rocker

Goodie-related question for those headed to Boston this weekend

LOVE ACTUALLY is on HBO tonite at Midnite Eastern time

I'm Pope Benedict Arnold. Ask me anything.

Why would you leave...

Faithfull see Virgin Mary in underpants stain.

Name a movie where automated machines kill humans.

BlondieK143 is now safely at my abode in Lowell ask us anything

Taking the kids to see the Cirque du Soleil this weekend

New wave of cosmetic surgery: Vaginal rejuvenation

I just got two pairs of quality shoes for $60.00

Taking the kids to see a Cir cum cision this weekend

The Department Of Orthodoxy Requests YOUR Help In Spotting The Rapture!


OK FINE! I'll Admit It, I'm Jealous Of Jane Fonda Damnit!!!

I just have one thing to say...

searching skills needed

Worst Pet Mess

Can we all shut up about Boston ?

Anyone else noticing a conspicuous abscence of Hummus lately?

i'm feelin' WHISKEY!!

Reality versus our dreams.

Anyone use RoundUp® to kill weeds?

Who's Their Fan Base?: Terry Nichols Sends Letter To Fox News

Looks like a hacker hit Wikipedia...

I've just been walked by Abbott

Woman Exposes Herself To Protest Circus

Judge holds troubled teen's PlayStation 'hostage'

I just bought the 1st season of Murder She Wrote--ask me anything!

Are you a mod or a rocker?

Should I denounce all my possessions?

Dick Cheney, then and now.

Presidential Trivia Thread. Here's the first question.

Do you smoke pot and if so how much?

Extreme anti-Muslim post from Free Republic

Pope on toast.

Dennis Miller will be on The Daily Show tonight!

What new movie are you looking forward to this year?


I admit it all. I am old. I am stupid. I am out of touch.

Can I send the down-stairs potsmokers upstairs to....

Sox winning 5-0 so far, over Orioles. Sorry Kleeb!

Is it time for a left-handed DU Group?

Dookus. Gone.

Faking It - People talking on Cell Phones

I'm hooking for the artist with a bong. Can anyone help me??


Would a cartoonist please draw this for me

Tonights Dinner: Roast Piglet w/Frito Stuffing, and Twinkies Flambe

I'm looking for the artist of a song. Can anyone help me??

Coolest video game ever?

I'm almost 23 and I still can't grow a full beard. What is wrong with me??

I am listening to Rush's "Grace Under Pressure". Ask me anything.

I'm going to bed; ask me anything!

Don't get your panties in a bunch...

I'm drunk. What the hell is YOUR excuse?

For the love of all that is good, do not open this thread

Things you'll never say to yourself while listening to Techno

"The Longest Yard" starring ADAM SANDLER???????????

i live in the first state to pass a civil unions bill, ask me anything

Boston pics!

For All Red Sox Fans: a little humor:

4/20/05 Weird Word of the Day...

Why Do We Have To Care So Much?

What does it mean when someone replies to a post with an ellipsis...

No water until tomorrow night ! ARGH

I know I have gained some weight


God I wish I was going to Boston.

OK, the fun's over

how many of you are attending the big Lounge meetup?

Okay, the fun's under.

Congratulations, Faye... 5,000 posts!!!

You may not believe this, but some things annoy me.

Been a week now, sci-fi channel hasn't responded to me yet.

i'm feelin' FRISKY!!

Speaking of Boston, does this mean no progmom on Saturday morning?


Great just GREAT I put my socks on the wrong feet this morning

I'm seeing Boston this weekend.

Help me get to 5000 posts real quick

New South Park is on

Went to a magical city...would I ruin my memories if I went back?

Is that "Revelations" show sackerlidjus?

Boston DUers: Where exactly is the Combat Zone?

Hunter S. Thompson played by...Christopher Lloyd?

How's this for Canadian rice

Anyone else think dvds/dvd players are a pain?

pneumono ultramicroscopic silicovolcaniconiosis

This is why you reserve train tickets

Shudda the hell up.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Bread's song "If," dedicated to Barbara Bush

Idol is pissing me off...and I don't even like the damn show


Should I, or shouldn't I? (kitty pics)

Wow, I went over 4000 posts and didn't even notice.

Damn. I never thought I'd be sad watching the Crocodile Hunter.

Some "remember this?" humor

Iggy & The Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog," dedicated to Barbara Bush

The new mouse.

If your not listening to Malloy tonight, you might want to.

Guess what I'm looking at

"War Of The Worlds" starring TOM CRUISE??????????

It is 3:00AM - How should I deal with my Insomnia?

How's this for Canada Dry

Cats never lie

It's farkin' time!

All you folks headed to Boston, .. listen up

Could everyone please leave the lounge? Skinner wants to spray for ENTs.

What's wrong with me?

Awesome "Family Guy" ep on right now

Blood test before marriage

Okay, "Dagon" just came via Netflix. How bad is it?

Is it the MOON or what.....

Singer Toby Keith Surprised To Be Tracked Down By FBI

Fucking Yahoo News & fucking time zones & fucking American Idol "live"...

Does anyone here miss Grovelbot?

Well, it's bed time for people who don't have enough sense to go to bed

Let's pick an Antipope

My God, the show "Friends" was a piece of shit

I should be studying for a statistics exam - HELP ME PROCRASTINATE

Asian cuisine cooks: Sesame oil vs. toasted sesame oil?

"Nigerian email scam" version to scam the religious/churches

I love calcium- it's making me lose weight like mad

I am burning all the Pope threads of the past couple of days in effigy

I went with 10 inches - I'm moderately traumatized

Who wants to hurt with me?

Does anyone else's cat walk them on a leash?

After Cherry Garcia, what's left to do?

Root Beer.. Love it or hate it?

Ok what do you think?

Bad Band Pics - I am traumatized after seeing these

I'm watching some Jesus Crispies go anti-catholic on public access TV

Tonight's dinner: Homemade wheat bread & a big pot of veggie soup

Do you smell that?

I should be studying for a statistics exam - HELP ME PROCREATE

How's this for Canadian nice

Which of these cult leaders was the craziest mofo?

How are you doing tonight ? 0 to 100 scale (bad to great) ?

Take the religion test

Remember this face:


What kind of ingorant morans drink soda when they are thirsty?

Ok DU'ers... Post your favorite Will Pitt pic here!


I just made a RW telemarketer hang up on me!

Could everyone please leave the lounge? Skinner wants to spray for ants.

'Monday Night Football' goes cable

What STP song has the "get back get back on track"

I haven't had sex since 2002!

I'm adopting a new cat tomorrow

Didn't anyone vote for bush???

LOVE ACTUALLY is the greatest love story of all time

The Questions Everyone Wants An Answer To:

Official HUGS FOR SKINNER Thread

Really nasty hail coming down here in Denver! What's your weather like?

Let's face it. You really don't know me, right?

OK, I just got my DU star- Ask me anything

Any fans of the Rutles?

Have you seen this? Fan club wants to bring back Surge soda.

Fuck you, adult swim.

Round 2 of the West and South brackets of the Dem. Nomination Bracket Comp

Would you like to hear some perhaps useful birth control experience?

Fuck it. I'm the Pope.

Ferret Love.

Fun with cars. Lots of Pics.

"Stay gold, Ponyboy..." - the genius of S.E. Hinton

Sirius P & P Owners: How is it installed?

I got a *&$#ing parking ticket tonight!


I won $212 playing Bingo. Ask me anything

20 credits next semester? Me so crazy...

Man Spits in Jane Fonda's Face at Book Signing

Has anyone here every been a telemarketer?

When I win the $205 MILLION Mega Millions jackpot Friday

Are name tags a good idea for the Boston Gathering, or just stupid?

Official Thread For The Consolidation and Promotion Of Skinner Threads

Car fanatics, can you help me identify a vehicle?

Google Finds New Ways to Search the Internet All The Time!

Sonofabitch, I finally have a couple days off in a row

Due to popular demand, here are more Chi-Town pics....

pope on dope

My dad's going for a colonoscopy on Friday.



Insert "SPIT TOBACCO JUICE IN ANN COULTER'S FACE" into a Famous Quotation

Boycott Iams for animal cruelty

Mixed Reaction To Joseph Ratzinger As Pope Benedict XVI

Do you believe in exorcism? Pope John Paul II performed three.

"Non-Roman" Catholics who answer to the Pope?

So, what do you think Benedict16 intends with these "small communities"

Moral Voices Against Iraq War Need Your Support

Virgin Mary "appears" on highway underpass wall

Liberal Catholics - what now?

atheists and antitheists: ahhh! now I get it...

Does this theory about the sex abuse scandal make any sense?

Geothermal eruption leaves 50m crater

Exceptional Whale Fossil Found in Egyptian Desert:

Married DC Gay Couples Can File Taxes Jointly

Sunday 4/3 Pro-equality rally in CT to counter-protest anti-gay rally


Gay Iranian Kills Himself After UK Asylum Appeal Denied

oh FUCK! Support GROWS for Amendment.

Gay Couples Sue Wisconsin For Benefits

Fundies pissed: Gay newspaper may return to supermarkets

Article 8 has a blog: MassResistance

ACTION ALERT: Microsoft Abandons Gays, caves-in to bigots

Anti-gay teacher under suspension (Canadian)

ACTION ALERT: Texas House votes to ban gay foster parents 81-58

Anti-gay fundies meeting in Boston Tuesday, May 10th

I'm sure glad I'm not an ex-NFL player in his 40's

Big Break III-Who's you pick?

Dear Yankees and Red Sox Fans

Get the Funk out my face, Fred!

I just cancelled my Sports Illustrated subscription

David Wells--after getting off to a slow start this season,...

Any tennis fans want to make any French Open predictions?

Trying to save some kittens in the DC /MD area.

I am a hetero male not known for sensitivity (I drink hard, fight etc.)

Refridgerator Panther

Lots of newborn foster kitten photos

"What? Is it morning already? YAAAWWWWN."

I have a rather gross question...

Roast cat, anyone? (cross-posted in the Lounge as "should I...")

non astrology - searching skills needed

My son had a dream that seems prophetic

Pope's Chart....

A "trend" I've noticed. Some help here, please.

Energy and prayers please

Strange Days on Planet Earth...PBS (east coast) coming on now.

Why are so many people getting worked up about atheism?

John Kerry Fights to Halt Transit Cuts to Massachusetts and Nationwide

Haha! Kerry called Carl Ford "Karl Rove" during the Bolton hearing!

Small Business Hearing up now with JK

Kerry on c-span 2 now about energy

Look around in here...

Who was the lady in the white jacket that Kerry was talking to...

Call Kerry and Thank Him for Toughness re Foreign Relations/Bolton

sign John Kerry , Ted Keneddy petition to stop "nuculur" option!

What's a chimp to do: it's Cheney v. Rice over the Bolton nom.

Fluor To Hold Fundraiser For Delay

Yet Another Dean-Kerry Picture

Great live-blog comment thread

I just heard from my sig-other, he met Kerry today

Foreign Relations Hearing pics!

Political Personality Test

"The owlish young fellow" - a flashback

Big storm moving in here -- may be late for the meeting 2-nite :-(

Mac users - a gift from q, pursuant to a request ...

Behold! a new blog. (4-20-05)

When should we move the nightly blog to the clubhouse?

Mike Ruppert ('Crossing the Rubicon') on Clark: SCATHING...agrees with me.

The Freeps are pestering Hagel to vote Bolton in. We should call him...

Kerry Fights to Halt Transit Cuts to MA and National Projects

Senator Kennedy delivers -Program to bring biotech studies to high schools

More BS from the Rossi circus sideshow

Norm Coleman makes one of the most idiotic statements.....,

More "proof" Bush/republicans are TOAST

There are only two ways to guarantee the long-term solvency of Social Secu

This day in history &This day in history-from the Repub.Freedom calendar

Bush's "Personal Accounts" Road Show

Underpants Gnomes

John Kerry speaking on the Senate floor at 9:45AM on Dubya's energy bill!

GOP does not spell GOD...

Rednecks, White Socks, and King James Bibles.

This is an awesome comic...

We give the oil companies $8 billion dollars, will they lower price of gas

Washington Post's Tom Toles cartoon: "We have a new energy bill"

Sign this petition! Sen. Kennedy needs us! -- from J. Kerry

Don't forget to sign the "Stop Frist" petition, it's not too late!

If you had a well-educated, articulate, handsome, gay, atheist friend...

Businessman sues Bush party for W

Massacres, Hostages and Bombings - News from the front


Religious Right Soundbite "International Law"

Religious Zealots run amok at Air Force Academy

In Re: Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, KY and Frist's Folly

New bills in SC will make cockfighting a felony but not domestic violence

Fundies nix vaccine, want their daughters to die of cervical cancer

Now will we finally address health care?!

Bush is going to sign the bankruptcy bill today

Schwarzenegger - Today's biggest GOP Hypocrite

"Well, it certainly has gotten me closer to God," DeLay said...

Who said this ??

Does anyone on this board understand the role of the Democratoic Whip

* Talking right now

The New Pope and American Politics

17 Afghans, Turk home from Guantanamo Bay

Electing the next Paul Wellstone

And the winner is.................

Bolton charges trumped up by Dems. Please rate Yahoo article.

The Republican Health Savings Account Scam

Progress we've made so far...

Defense contractors want in on manufacturing tax break

My letter to Sen. Voinovich

Did anyone else hear that Jim Jeffords

MSNBC Poll: Who do you blame for high gas prices? Bush, Congress, Oil Co

I don't understand the posts here

Ratzinger sees media vendetta against Church

Democratic Party faces fiscal woes in TX

Who would you prefer as a sentator?

HA! Rep. Pete Stark with a "DeLay" Rant on the energy bill

Sanders Will Be Candidate For United States Senate

Vote In This Cool NCAA Bracket Style Democratic Nomination Primary

Did I just hear Woodruff say McCain at WH is urging vote on Bolton?

So much outrage!

Action Alert! Contact Senator Barbara Boxer

I need a link to bios on the extremist judges that GW is sending

Sen. Jeffords to retire. E-mail Rep. Bernied Sanders... TELL him to run!

What will be the result of "Justice Sunday" this weekend?

"Republicans on an Ethics Committee"

My email to White House: "Bolton is a madman. Send him to therapy, not the

Randi Rhodes now.. Rice puts obstruction of justice in writing

Former Abramoff client hosts DeLay fundraiser tonight while energy bill de

Peak Oil defined (pun warning)

One of Delays Sugarland constituents put it exactly right ...

Ammo needed: Delay and ethics

And Your Winning Billboard Is...

Boy, Paul Harvey really is on a suckup roll

I guess Bolton is a PNACer, is this the same guy?

Ldotters celebrate man spitting tobacco juice in Fonda's face!

The vast Daniel Sheehan/Dennis Kucinich conspiracy

The Economic Costs of Suppression of Science by the Religious Right

Conason: "Frist and His Allies Use Piety for Profit"

Jeanine Garofolo is tearing Bolton a new one....

Ldotters ponder Bush's signing of Bankruptcy Bill

Coulter did not show up for her own trial-then blamed AZ attorney

We are we attempting to take out DeLay?

Mitt hits the road again, puffpiece from Salt Lake City Tribune

How many believe the US planted explosives in the World Trade Center ?

Good News for Progressives: Bernie Sanders is running for US Senate

How do DU members want Catholics to vote?

CSPAN tonight - (CSPAN3 - Wolfowitz on Nitze - w/link to Slate article)

OK repuke rep. will not support shrub's student grant cuts

Let's talk about Senator CHUCK HAGEL:

HELP stop the Repugs from using the Nuclear Option

UAE stocking up on nukes and other WMD

**Thank These Democrats**

Bush uses a Chicago post office box as an address on his tax

Coulter on Time cover on Anderson

No Child Left Behind: Neil Bush cashes in too

Hmm... Chafee Seems To Be Turning !!!

Lugar unaware of Rice document requiring obstruction of Bolton

You just know Jebbie hated writing this

It's hard to focus on "Election 2008" after bitterness of "2000 & '04?"

The Boogeyman, on the run?


How did Frist kill the cats he "adopted" from the humane society

OMG...All 2008 Candidates "take a leak...go to bathroom" at Same TIME!

What is it with the Republicans?

KKKarl Rove @ Ashland University (Ohio) 4/21. Tickets - (877) 289-5411.

Presidential photos.

1:00am Replay! of The Daily Show v. GOP Whore Frank Luntz and *'s Fake...

Need help coming up with question for panel on religion and politics.

Senator Boxer's letter to the Condi on Bolton

Dean will keynote at Maine's JJ Dinner in October

"Make DeLay My Bitch!" YES!!!

What AOL users think of Newt in 2008.

The 30 Democrats who sold out ANWR

NeoCons Say: "There is no deficit"

BRAD BLOG: Nat'l Election Ref Comm Exec Dir Goes Ballistic at BRAD BLOG!!!

Move America Forward & Freedom Alliance turn on Voinovich

Eating their own! (list an example!)

Who should I vote for?

Mo. Man Spits Tobacco Juice on Jane Fonda

Rejected Coulter TIME Mag Cover

From Hitler Youth to Papa Ratzi: The Sun

Carl Bernstein's remarks on the media losing the public trust.

Sad note about Sen. Jeffords

Was Rupert Murdoch behind the OKC bombings?

UNOFFICIAL Transcript of Wes Clark speaking in L.A.

CSPAN 4/21: stem cell research, education funding, Amtrak funding

DeLay. Did anyone post this yet? His days are numbered.

Report: No Link Between Doctors' Insurance Rates & Malpractice Suits

Barbara Boxer to * : Nominate a new UN Ambassador!

Will the New Pope Support War with Iran

SHOULD John Kerry run for the 2008 nomination?

Poll: Casey Leads Santorum by 14 Points

Sen. Boxer issues "thank-you" to Voinovich

Who orginally posted this? Its CLASSIC!

Another wonderful Tom Tomorrow CARTOON: "The vast left-wing conspiracy"

Is there any interest in a "letters to the editor" writers' forum?

Dean goes after DeLay and Ethics committee behavior in speech to union.

the utter f***ing GALL of that ASSHOLE BUSH

It's time to start LOUDLY blaming BUSH for high gas prices!

Boxer staff supportive of Dept. of Peace - Asks for support

9/11 Attack-Project For A New American Century Links For Dummies

Dennis Miller, latest sellout to deny his Republican-ism

George W. Bush ... Red, White, and BOO! (graphic heavy)