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Archives: April 19, 2005

I dare the Carter-Baker Commission to call the principles of all the

U.S. General Election Poll-7:37pm,11/02/04: "Estimates NOT for on-air use"

Freedom From Religion Foundation to be on NC WI talk radio

Clinton Curtis

Brillant anti bush site

How the HELL do we win against Nuclear Option!???

They have been punished enough and I'm not sure I know why.

Does anyone have a link that works to "America's tragedy as seen by the

Odds improve for Parisian, Cardinal Lustiger....

Note: Voting machines arent 'faulty' ...

Damn it! I missed Jon Stewart on Oprah today!

Kerry at Boston race

Is it just me or are Nazi's popping out more?

An Open Question for DU

Texas Set for Two Executions Wednesday Night

Iran stalls in probe of nuke smuggling - diplomats

Power pact meets quietly (WaTimes)

18-Year-Old Soldier Killed In Iraq (Female)

Soldiers' 'Wish Lists' Of Detainee Tactics Cited -WaPost

NASA Chief: Shuttle Might Go Without Some Upgrades

New oil field discovered in Saudi

China seeks UN status for Japan germ warfare unit site

Job hunting....

Lookin' for a cheap date? Try Wal-Mart

Thanks to Nevernose for pointing this out to me:

Cool kitty pic

If I were to change my user name, it'd be "Coin-Operated Boy."

I just had a wisdom tooth removed and want to cry like a baby

Is Sundog's sig line keeping track of something?

Good night DU'ers

Whatever that band is on Letterman reminds me that there has never

Under the knife in 10 days...

Ashton Kutcher: Hit it or not?

I think I found a more recent picture of sundog!

CSI:Miami, toothing, and jumping the shark.

Cheeses that go well with cottages.

Saw Sin City this weekend....

I have something in common with Jon Stewart...

Oh my, this is funny. Click on number 11

Hey ladies, let's have a conclave.

All of this end of the world shit has me seriously freaked.

Padres hire Sandy Alderson as CEO

Here it is! Kerry events thread: April 18, 2005

Dean rips Republicans in Naples....article, long video. Proud of him.

The Iraqi public speaks up on what it wants

Iran bans al-Jazeera after riots

GOP Gays and the 'Finkelstein Phenomenon' ( Robert Scheer)

Chris Mooney (Mother Jones): Some Like It Hot

Faith-Based Pandering

Reports blast 'double-dipping' by Wal-Mart (Florida Medicaid)

We don't fight our own battles anymore

O'Connor says religious right hate-speech could spur violence against

Keep religion out of judge nominations

What I Didn't See in Iraq (honest observation from Mass.'s McGovern)

Clarion Call On Peak Oil By Matthew Simmons

Article from yesterday: Author says, "German shouldn't be chosen"

Angry Chinese Blogger

Station Manager of KTLK in LA Rebuts LAT AAR Article

How economic superpowers rise

Is John Bolton Going Down? By Fred Kaplan

Return to Greatness: An Interview with Alan Wolfe

Housing Starts Plunge, Producer Prices Shoot Up

Karl Rove, Media Critic (Froomkin / WP)

Survey: Only 20 Representatives Publicly Stand with Tom DeLay; ...

George W Bush: far from Mount Rushmore (Hodgson / openDemocracry)

Small town America begins to see... albeit in Oregon

The Danger of the Christian Fascists and the Challenges This Poses

Psst ... Justice Scalia ... You Know, You're an Activist Judge, Too

WP/Shales: Pope Benedict XVI, Seen From Every Possible Angle

OMB Watch - Administration Stifles Dialog on Social Security

WSJ: Ambassador Marla

Confronting America's Addiction to Oil

Interesting Madsen article

As Merit-Aid Race Escalates, Wealthy Often Win - WP

Molly Ivins: Manners, by Tom DeLay

Beware the Liberal War on Terror

In St. Peter's Square, Optimism and Concern

House Insanity - HR 1528:5 Years For Passing A Joint!

Means, Motive, Opportunity-Scenario: 2006 Mid-Term Election

LTE in my local hillbilly rag (and one they DIDN'T publish)

Will "Justice Sunday" be broadcast to church near u?Find out here:

Base protesters mark one-year anniversary of Henoko sit-in (Japan)

District suspends student protesters (high school / MI)

How Companies Pay TV Experts

Whoopee!!!!!! Sirius dumps AAR, but picks up Martha Stewart!

Clarion Call On Peak Oil By Matthew Simmons

GM drowning in health insurance cost ...Bush lectures on "competitiveness"

Market down, Housing about to pop, where to put $?

OMB Watch - Billions Lost Annually Due to Tax Evasion

Blackouts coming + price hikes: Energy Bill again in the House

NYTimes: THE MISSING ENERGY STRATEGY (about time it was noticed!)

Need viable info on passive solar heating for a home...

Colombia confirms diplomacy over soldiers nabbed in Venezuela

On Vietnam War Revisionism- must read

Protocols of Zion within the school plans of the palestenians

BBC - How determined are the settlers?

Israel guns for Iran

EU: Hamas will not be removed from list of terror organizations

BBC - Israel extends Vanunu travel ban

BBC - Israel cabinet debates Gaza delay

'Convert settlement into a Club Med'

Report: Moussaoui to plead guilty

The most unbelievable conspiracy theory....

CIA agent alleged to have met Bin Laden in July 2001

"The New Pearl Harbor" lecture on Wisconsin TV Can someone record it?

Hole in West wall

Progressive Movement Continues to Grow Post 11/2

GD Thread: The Carter-Baker Comm [Conflict of Interest, Excellent approach

Robert Pastor on CSPAN now

TIA Odds: One in fifty seven TRILLION, seven BILLION,..................


AP article: VOTE INTEGRITY in the headline, VOTER INTEGRITY in the text.

Has anyone thought to hit the Carter commission with "public knowledge"...

Send a DRE Protest Letter to your Election Officials Now

Wash. Post article Carter-Baker Commission, appears to be a good start

LISTEN: Brad Friedman discuss ACVR/Carter Hearing w/other bloggers 6PM ET

A letter to a freind

Aside from the heavy-handedness that such an action would entail...


Beyond Be the Media... Be the Information Conduit! Educate America!

New Pope elected

What about multiple major protests over election issues?

What do we know about AccuPoll?

Andy! Robert Pastor on CSPAN right now lying his ass off

CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT? Could we band together with

KOEB Tuesday (4-19-05)

Psychological resistance to facing election fraud. Must- read article.

The Half-Baked Baker Carter Commission


Carter uses the "F" word!!

Well.. some media are covering the Election Reform hearing, but...

Truth: 0 to 13,047; Fiction: 13,048 - 13,660

TABULATING - If we had to boil it down to one major item -

Hidden agenda of the Baker/Carter election "commission"? BEWARE!

Mystery Pollster is at it again -- Criticism of USCV

Written testimony of Election Reform Hearing panelists here (PDF):

Online videos on yesterday's Election Reform Commission hearing

What's wrong with VVPAT? Is Holt good enough?

Bush Exit Poll Job Approval: A smoking gun?


The Exit Poll Gender Demographic: Another Smoking Gun?

Questions About AutoMark & David Dill's Testimony

George Skelton (LA Times): Governor, Take Pat Brown's Advice

San Diego Progressives, Come On Down!

Feinstein reports $3.4 million available for re-election

Mass party convention needs volunteers

Reilly says he would not seek tax hike: Patrick calls move 'cheap gimmick'

Mass Dem Party has a new blog

980AM bleeding over Air America Minnesota's signal in South Metro

To anyone who likes my writing:

Before Uninstall/Reinstall of FireFox, What Files to Save?

Guess who managed to totally screw up his 678 today?

Will "Justice Sunday" be broadcast to church near you? Find out here:

Opinions wanted: what is Voinovich up to?

"Justice Sunday" to be simulcast to Northway Baptist Church, Angleton

Libertarian challenger files complaint about Red Tag Betty

Democratic Party faces fiscal woes

Was anyone at the Meyerland Area Democrats meeting last night?

Anyone here at the Tariq Ali, Laura Flanders event at Rice U. tonight?

DeLay's email to his constituents

Houston/Beaumont - guess who's coming to dinner?!

Anti-Gay Foster Care legislation passes.

Bill would require voters to show ID

Question for North Austinites....

WTF? Bumper sticker of the day

Well, so much for the nice weather

TABOR in the press - 4/19/05

Well, it's the 10th anniversary of the white, right-wing terrorist attack.


A letter to humanity

Does anyone have info about Social Justice Sunday demonstrations in DC?

Telling on classmates?

What would be a better way to pick the next pope?

I just got freeped out in the hall

Ted Nugent is a classic example of whats wrong with this country

Question re the OKC bombing incident

Gas question


Interview Congressman Roscoe Bartlett discusses Peak Oil

So this new made for TV movie coming soon on ABC "Locusts"..

Bishops urge protections for the poor in trade agreements

[2RA.ORG] Ralph Reed: Christian Conservative or Political Opportunist?

Kerry "outing" CIA analyst in senate hearing

Just when you thought freepers couldn't get any uglier.....

Is your DeLay billboard slogan here? Vote now.

The Saudi Plastics Empire? Is Such A Thing Possible?

Like F.D.R., I had polio. Ask me anything

Why do McVeigh & Rudolph & Repubs want to EXPLODE everything?

What I learned on my trip to

Springer discussing discontinued terrorism report.

If a well-known "conservative" switched to AAR ?

Iraq veteran on Springer says he disagrees we are less safe

"Bombs of Compassion"- what was the Rummy quote?

Let's make a newsmax deaL

The Lies We Tell Ourselves Are The Most Damaging Ones In The End.

Meanwhile in AZ...Governor gets gun-bar bill

Bush creates uproar in S.C. (not for the easily nauseated)

Poll on Bolton --please DU

Why do most online poll results favor our view?

Rep. Sam "nuke Syria" Johnson (R-Tx) on house floor today

Did Time magazine unearth Ann's lie about when she was born?

Europeans Are "Falling Away" from the Church, NY Times Reports

Have Republians used Fillibuster option in the past?

Second Star to the Right

Hey its my money too

OKC Memorial on C-SPAN

The Conservative Pin-Up Girl

Survey: Would you ever consider moving to Canada?

Why is * still campaigning for Soc Sec reform?

little Ann the man doesn't like her picture on the cover of time

Aid worker's words — just a week before she was killed

How democrats can win the next election

Peak Oil Presentation on CSpan tonight

Anyone having a problem getting the AAR stream?

A moment for me to clarify something.

IT Outsourcing on a Cruise Ship 3 miles off LA to avoid H1B regs

Am I the only one who sees the silver lining with the coulter tIme cover

Republicans Just Love Welfare!

For $7 you can get "Conspiracy of Silence"-Child Abuse in our Government

I think I know why the repukes are angry...

I think the words LIBERAL and CONSERVATIVE are codes for

Anyone else see a financial trend here this morning???

I think my local grocery store is in a death struggle with WalMart

Speaker blasts campus (liberal) bias.

American Satisfaction with the Health Care System

'Wish lists' of harsh tactics against Iraq prisoners

I asked a repuke if he would finally admit the Iraq war was about OIL...

For $7 you can get "Conspiracy of Silence"-Child Abuse in our Government

From my local cartoonist Rex Babin

i KNOW the way we can save Filibuster....

I'm Lost Without A Pope To Tell Me What To Do! Please Find Someone!

We Have A New Pope

Camp/Delay connection?

Holy Santorum's family life. (Another not for the easily nauseated)

FAIRUS and CIS are right wing sites

Let's see how many "white smoke we have a new pope" threads we can start

Pope TV! I cant wait for the coverage of all the other religon's leaders

Bells ringing now

THIS JUST IN!!!!!! Senator Frist viewed video of Bush and has

What the HELL has the "uniter" done for us

BREAKING NEWS: Exclusive Picture of New Pope!!!

Looking for a good Creationism Fair project? Look no more...

Why is Bush pushing the energy bill now?

Chafee Voting for Bolton

don't even think of touching TeenScreen with a 10' pole

Texas Legislature Responds To Polygamist Activities

Just got notice from Washington post that a New Pope has been chosen

A Greater Threat Than Terrorism: Outsourcing The American Economy

don't forget timmy's reason for the O.K.C. bombing, revenge for Koresh

Is being attacked because of Al Gore ??

Don Quixote named the best work of fiction in survey of leading writers

Breaking: "White" smoke was actually "taupe;" bells were ice cream truck.

How important is it to the world who the new Pope is?

It has been announced!! It's Cardinal Sicolla

Tattered, Torn and Dirty. (images--dial-up warning)

Well Is It Sicolla Or Ratzinger?

Dick Cheney is Papa!!!

New Pope Elected. First Official Duty...

Now they have to wait for this pope to die as well for some decent reform.

Pope John Paul II, papal infallibility and population conrol

Here goes! And the next Pope is...

Aww shit! This is a bleak circumstance!

Oklahoma City and 9/11

"Ratzinger in forceful call for conservative path" See below.

There is one positive point about Cardinal Ratzinger

Secession plan moving forward...

With Mother's Day approaching, it delights me to see so many GOOD mothers

So how BAD is Ratiznger?

Negative National Catholic Reporter article on Ratzinger

so what's the deal with ratzinger?

Freepers Make Fun Of Fake Time Coultergeist Article Pic

You can get arrested for a knife in Texas can but its legal to carry a gun?

So what are the chances this new Pope will be AT ALL progressive?

Tennessee's TeamGOP proud to publish Jeff Gannon!

Watch For Words Of PRAISE And ADORATION From Bush*.

Ratzinger profile on BBC

Pope Benedict?

As the world lurches even FURTHER to the right, join us in REVOLUTION!

What are Ratzinger's views on the Iraq War? Anyone know? nt

I can't do this

I fear that this Papal choice will lead to a schism in the Catholic-

Some questions about Ratzinger...if anyone can help me out.

A schism in the Catholic Church is inevitable now!

That makes him Benedict the what VI? IIX?

Can A Person Draw a Disability Check If They Cannot Speak English?

Debating on what to do when I find Time magazine in our mail box

how many american airmen did the pope gun down in wwII?

Am I the only one that has a creepy feeling about the 2008 elections?

Couldn't we (Dems) set up a sort of 'mirror system' for foiling vote fraud

Pope L. Benedict Adolph

The owners of heavy vehicles get a subsidy as the fuel flows

sorry, please explain why progressives shouldn't leave the church

Ratzinger says it's OK for Catholics to vote for pro choice candidates

Chimp Photo crying out for Photoshop/captions!!

If a DUer is a former Republican, should they be tombstoned?

I would have preferred Arinze to Ratzinger

Question about the Pope's objection to liberation theology

I have NEVER been more glad I abandoned the Catholic church than today

Anybody find it weird the new right-wing pope was chosen on a "dark date"?

Wow, the new Pope is an ex-nazi...

Whatever happened to

George W. Bush Elected Pope!

Unlike some Germans, new pope chose not to resist the Nazi party.

Ratzinger on Ratzinger's Nazi past

The government agreed to defer prosecution of AOL for 24 months

Ratzinger says pro death penalty Catholics can't receive communion

Pope "Just Following Orders" Benedict: Portrait of a Passive Nazi

Pope Fatigue

it was a Christian Conservative who blew up the Ok. Federal Bldg.

Whoa!!!!!!!! Pope Benedict follows Malachy's Prophecies !!!!!!!!


It makes no difference who the new Pope is

The New Pope's Birthday and Horoscope

What's the deal w/ American Free Press??

so in the middle of all this hoopla, are we going to get Bolton?

Mother Bernadette Mary

would Christ have conducted services from a Giant Gilded Cathedral?

Damn! St. Malachy got it right!

I found a great way to support businesses owned/run by the GLBT community.

What's the significance of the new Pope choosing the name "Benedict"?

So what is the prophecy surrounding this shiny new pope?

Ratzinger's rise foreshadowed in 1996 NDE.

Reuters: Cardinal Ratzinger elected Pope

Does the choice of Pope reflect racism in the Catholic church?

Who cares is Ratzinger is Pope?

Playing into Prophecy: New Pope

Would someone let the folks over at Air America in on the pope's Nazi past

Media: Ratzinger wasn't a Nazi, he was a devout Catholic!

wearing my new "patriotic donkey" bracelet today.


My sincere condolences to all progressive Catholics.

Offshoring jobs right off the shore? is coming to my university Saturday...

Ratzinger and Bolton? Intolerance is taking over.

Free Republic frequently breaks "Four Paragraph Rule." Hmmm...

Congratulations to the new Pope - Benedict XVI

The Grand Inquisitor, Pope Gorbachev the Last

Currently 26 threads on the Pope on GDF Page 1...


If You Think You've Seen Religious Pandering BEFORE ...

I have been saying since JPII Died

The Killing Off Of Public Transportation

The Nashua Advocate: Choice of Pope Spells Disaster for Catholicism, World

I am bashing Pope Ratzinger I as HEAD of STATE

Amidst the current manifestations of Popemania, news from Iraq....

Fundies are Right - Evolution is Just a Theory >>>

New Pope Elected! New Deathwatch Begins NOW! Your Prediction?

The new pope thinks that all evangelical Amer. fundies will burn in hell

Always remember that the OKC murderer was one of "them"

Papal Prophecies: Is this the last Pontiff?

Witnessing all this brouhaha about the new Pope only makes me glad

I'm curious...

Another Reminder: Clint Van Zant Ponders "Does Torture Really Work?"

Bush could violate the Hatch Act at Lincoln Library today >

Wow, the vatican webmasters sure work quickly.

Calling Benedict a Nazi is like calling Mohammed a pedophile.

What Rush Limbaugh said 10 years ago right after the OKC bombing...

New pope - doesn't something look wrong about him?

Wiccan can't give invocation at county meetings - WTF?

Ee gads, I had the misfortune to stumble across conservative talk radio...

Calling all DU word smiths: Describe that cover.

Something I want to see on DU

I SUSPECT Bolton spied on his boss

An Administration of Losers

Can we talk about the new Pope's theology?

On the plus side, fans of Godwin's Law have been made very happy today

Did you shop at a DSW shoe store? 1.4 million names,numbers stolen

Bolton hearing on cspan 2 right now

Call Steny Hoyer re: whether Delay is ethically fit to be Majority Leader

Wish we could have a 'hot topic of day' grouping..all threads grouped

Anybody got an email from Michael Ramsey (ENRON Money)?

Why I don't care about The Pope.

Some please find: Milestones: Memoirs: 1927 - 1977

Those questioning the past history of the Pope

PROBLEM: public ADD vs. corporate obsession

CSpan2: Allegations of Sexual Harrassment by Bolton

Ratzinger deserted the nazis, so he should be beyond any criticism!

Questions to those judging the Pope when he was 14:

Who CARES what Jesus would think about an individual?

Do we know what the vote breakdown for the pope was?

Here is the address in case you also want to let TIME magazine know that

Your religion means nothing to me

call your repub senators right now #202 224 3121 about the nuclear option!

Want to stop Bolton?

Randi has both feet in Ann Coulter's ass today.

Rhetorical Question: WorldNutDaily and 'sodomy'

Bob Jones would approve of DU this day.

Pope Benedict is clearly just a transitionary figure

Boy, I guess it's going to be fun

Ed Schultz show

For me, Bolton is the last straw.

gods rottwieler elected pope

What's the feeling in Freepland wrt the pope?

Should our soldiers be hated and marginalized for the rest of their lives

Bush's quote at Lincoln Museum

Pemex: Reserves overestimated cut by 1/2

How to make life a Nightmare for the RW

Does anyone know where Pope Benedict XVI stands on ecumenism

Help me out with this international relations question please...

Miss Waverly says the gas pumps should be labeled regular, primium, & RNC

The Real Oil-for-Food Scandal

Atheist to God-Send Idiots Cheering Death of Humanitarian Straight to Hell

Voinovich says he doesn't feel comfortable voting for Bolton.

Benedict XVI vs. John Paul II

What Do You Think Was The Most Annoying Pet Topic Pounced On By DUers?

A pope more right wing than Bush

I am the new Pope!

Will the Catholic Church become like the English Monarchy?

I have no business in the Catholic choice of Pope but.....

Should John Walker Lindh have been executed for treason?

Thread 2: "Are You Watching the Bolton Hearing?!"

Peggy Noonan reads DU?

will hannity hold ratzinger's past against him like he does with byrd?

Anybody listening to cspan and Joe Biden ripping Bolton?

Stand-back! The Credit Card Companies are Reducing Interest Rates!

Did Bush persuade the american cardinals to vote for Ratzi?

Time for some good news: Hyde is Gone in 2006!

US wholesale prices surge 0.7 percent in March ....

Well, yay, Grandpa is in this week's New Yorker

Was the new pope in the Waffen SS "Hitlerjugend"?

Do we hate the Kennedy's now?

American Is Run By Fascists And The Catholic Church Is Run By Hitler Youth

Minuteman project

Pope Benedict XVI has never renounced his nazi involvement.

Should Bush Go To The New Popes Inauguration

Cheney on CSPAN Just Said... Please Don't Tell Me He Did

Wow! Local Iowa TV Station Covers Gosch/Gannon/Guckert Story

Why the Nazi Issue is Important - Ratzinger.

Why are people using Ratzinger's desertion to excuse him?

Many GLBT people were sad to see Jesse Helms go

Rove targeting Blue States

Respect should be earned, not handed out with a title.

The Anti Christ - the coming of God's Kingdom means the defeat of the Pope

Christian Fundamentalists now oppose HPV vacination

Sen Kerry was OUTSTANDING in the Sen For Rel Comm to delay Bolton

Alternative Fuels news

For the same reason I am especially against executing minors

Coca-Cola settles antifraud and periodic reporting charges

Audio Call to Join the Revolution

FDA Issues Public Health Advisory for Antipsychotic Drugs (used in elderly

Let's face it - Catholicism has to liberalize sometime

BREAKING: Jesus Reacts to the New Pope !!! (Editorial Rant !)

"homosexuality is a tendency ordered toward an intrinsic moral evil"

What They Should Fight For

Life Expectancy Hits Record High - Gender Gap Narrows

April 2005 Recalls and Product Safety News

Republicans are preparing to use a Reverse Filibuster

Senate Foreign Relations committe mtg to vote on Bolton - tracking here

So, Iraq invades Kuwait and we did nothing

A lapsed Catholic's view of the new pope

I'm SICK of people defending IKEA shoppers at DU.

I Love Biden When He Goes on a Rant!!!!! Forgive everything, Rock on.

The end of the Catholic Church in America?

Hey people i actually feel energized right now and positive!

PHOTO: "Please pay here!"

So the new pope is holy and infallible. I have a question.

Ever feel like you're in the middle of one of those big barfights in

A Catholic Democrat

Spellings Discusses "New Path for No Child Left Behind" Policy

10 yrs ago today I was wondering why furniture was being moved upstairs

Army Fitness Deployed offers pocket-sized gym

Do you feel Negatively/ Positively about our new Pope - to Catholic DU'ers

Minuteman ending because they are "bored"

I know why we respond so viciously against the new pope

Tom DeLay's dangerous war against the judiciary is evidence of panic.

Can we please quit hoping Ratzinger dies soon?

My grandfather lost his parents & 7 brothers and sisters in the Holocaust

Move America forward-going after Voinivich

Frist suspends all Senate business to ram Bolton through

Al Franken is rebutting the negative AAR story

The Pope is not JUST a religious leader

hmmm, Pope threads outnumber Bolton threads 10 - 1

Just saw a great ad against W's SS plan

CAPTION W openly displaying the sign

Hilarious freeper post regarding fox "news" and Bolton

Is Ratzinger the Yuri Andropov of the Catholic Church?

Ratzinger condemned non-Catholic Christians

Should we refer to the new pope as "Ratzinger" for the rest of his life

Any Military out there? I have a question........

Lugar gets WHOOPED!!! Oprah for Senate in 2008 !!!!

As a Catholic, I want to apologize to the world

Chris Jansing on MSNBC crying tears of joy- literally- over new Pope

Is it any wonder that the Church is booming in the Third World?

If anyone still cares about politics.... Rep. Guiterrez (D-IL)....

Good bye food pyramid

Seattle PI: Keep those war photos out of my paper - for the kids!

New Pope, from Daily Kos

Dear God. You goofed.

ATTN: DU Activists I have found a great advertising bargain

Crooks and liars has the Bolton Committee video posted

I didn't much like the last pope...

Did anyone watch the CBS Evening New?

Even Disney is a Fundies nightmare, hehehe.....

I have never asked for this before

Jeopardy vs. Wheel of Fortune

Morning after pill and framing


I've never met the Pope, but he called me Hellbound, Dangerous, and Evil

It's great to find another Liberal!

CDC admits massively overstating obesity death rate (14x too high)

Bill Maher excellent on Jay Leno last night. He stated outright his

Huge Scandal: Bush Government Protecting Top International Terrorist!

NEW POPE TOUGH DISCIPLIARIAN - Says other Christian churches are deficient

Remember Godwin's Law (yes, Pope related)

George W. Bush Elected Pope!

Chance of picking up votes from worried Catholics lasted about two minutes

Can you tell us about Pope Benedict XVI, his connection to Opus Dei and

Separated at Birth????? Bolton and ....

The Ratzinger/Nazi connection is a non issue. I suggest we drop it

Sign Senator Kennedy's petition.

looks like the criminal bushgang won the pope auction

Why do I feel like Darth Sidious

Pope Ratzi's views on liberation theology are especially disturbing

Roman Catholics, what are you going to do?

Ratzinger warns that liberalism is Dangerous

9/11 took our heart away.

Why I think that the Roman Catholic Church is losing members.

AOL/Disc.Chnl 100 Greatest Americans list includes Obama, Edwards, Clinton

Tom Delay to get Congressional Medal of Honor

Bush steals papal election (just like he did in the US)!

On cspan just now no vote taken on Bolton

"George and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamtie" I LOVE THIS!!

My argument as to why being against prayer in schools is a Christian value

Cardinal Ratzinger was a kid for God's sake!

I SO Don't Give a Flying Leap About a Pope

How have Nazis risen to positions of power after World War II?

And now the lighter side: Iraqi "legislators demand US apology."

The Waxing of the Shi'ite Crescent--A Times Online

Does A New Ultra-conservative Pope

Benedictine XVI - Godwin's Law run amok

Pope Benedict XVI ---- Does Not Believe In Class or Social Justice.

please explain the 'visions of Jesus & Mary in a grease stain' phenomenon

They kicked Fr. John Mc Andrew out of The Orange County Ca

My Grandfather was a Catholic

My 7 year old just ask, "What's a pope?" Anyone? I'm not Catholic

Benedict XVI

Was Eric Rudolph described in the media as a "Christian terrorist"?

The Truth about Pope Benedict 16 and the Nazi's (he wasn't one)

I think saying Ratzinger is a Nazi is stupid. REALLY stupid.

Question about Bin laden

Stuff Fundie Pharmacists Shouldn't Sell Along With Birth Control Pills-

WTF why are people surprised about the Coulter cover? AOL/Time/Warner

Oregon Bill Would Require New Drivers to Register for Selective Service

San Diego recruits learn choking techniques

So, when is somebody going to find a picture of this Pope

Benedict, Benedict? Did they elect Benedict Arnold for Pop?

Will Pope Benedict XVI serve longer than Pope John Paul I ?

Easter Bunny or Pope - you make the call.

From the mouth of Pope L. Ron Benedict

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher wants to know who John Doe 2 is

Raise your hand if you learned something from the Nazi era.

Our Lady of the Underpass >>>

The hell with ratface Benedict Arnold - be your own Pope!

Justice Stevens turns 85 tomorrow

Goooooood Morning Afghanistan and welcome to taleban radio

The smoke and the Pope

For all the Roman Catholics saddened by today's news....

Pope Neocon I helped re-select our fascist dictator.

Relax (a little), already. It has to happen.

Let's look at Pope Benedict as positve

Pope Benedict: Rock music not compatible with Christianity

I thought Americans killed fucking nazis.

Is it possible to impeach a pope?

If you could choose, would you WANT to be American?

New pope intervened against Kerry in US 2004 election campaign

Question about the estate tax repeal that was passed....

The New Republic assaults Juan Cole: JUAN COLE'S BAD BLOG

Is Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) an Opus Dei Catholic?

Andrew Sullivan: Pope wants to 'empty the pews in America and start over'

Chafee must and SHOULD feel like an ass right now....

need a little religion?

Clinton says that Oklahoma City gave us our heart back.

Did bush install this pope as pay back for working against kerry?

Nightline: Death of a Princess. Did anyone see that? What a way to

Conspiracy on History channel: Oklahoma City Bombing

GM plunges into $1bn quarterly loss

The reviews are in... and they are NOT good.

Bolton Hearing is repeating on C-SPAN2 NOW!

Some campaign advice that could be learned from Karl Rove

I hope that you DUers are listening to Malloy right now. re: Ratzinger.

Have you been Baptised?

I just shredded Ann the Man

If anyone had their choice, I wonder what dignitary you would want to

New Food Pyramid

U.S. Minting Gold Coins: amateur economists weigh in here

IMHO, Fuck the new pope.

Pro-life League hails Pope Benedict: "Champion of the Culture of Life"

New Pope Wrote Supportive Letter To Vicious Homophobic Group

The Pope's Opus Dei Connections: Why are they dangerous?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Group Hug

I'm declaring John Kerry the President-In-Exile

pray tell, how will St. Mel Gibson react to the new Pappa?

Pope Benedict XVI: Unilateral Attack on Iraq Not Justified

Ratzinger: Jews will “say yes to Christ.”

I now support Bush's war 100%.

Is any aspect of life better than it was 6 years ago?

Bring On The Fucking "Nuclear Option"! Lets Get It On! Lets Go!

At least Pope Benedict XVI will be an ally within the Iraq war.

Fucking freepers defending Der Papenfuhrer. I'm out. I can't stand this.

Bolton or Ratzinger .....

The Vatican Has No Business In American Politics

Obama Bitch-slaps Bush at Lincoln Museum dedication

"Black Smoke / White Smoke" Signaling Is Stupid!!

Rant: What White Men Have Taught Me or: Why I'm Now a Racial Profiler

a link to some amazing predictions about our new Pope

LOL Freepers beside themselves RE: Bolton Calling Obama Osama. . .

Ha! Frist hypocrisy in Technicolor. Dig it:

Does Bush have anything to do with Ratzinger's election?

Google Search Yields "The Art of John Bolton"! Send THIS Link To Congress!

In Iraq Today, 26 US Dead in 19 Days... 1560 total

What Would Jesus Think about Benedict XVI?

Are you watching the Bolton hearing?????!!!!

"The New Pearl Harbor" lecture on Wisconsin TV Can someone record it?

Is There Any Chance The Bolton Hearings Are The "Tipping Point"?

HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! (Frist/Bolton outrage)


Is Bin Laden dead or alive?

OMG! Samantha Bee interviews Frank Luntz on TDS!

The New Pope Is Ratzinger FUCK!!

Please Act Now...Sen.Kerry REQUESTS OUR HELP for Sen. Kennedy!!

I'm Sorry, But You Can't Defend Ratzinger For Fighting With The Nazis

Pope Benedict XVI Predicted

Hope it is not a dupe but Vote NO in the Time Poll on our Sweet Ann

Why should I concern my "beautiful mind", :-), about Pope Benedict?

And now a moment of open, embracing, and loving faith

Not getting arrested at a Bush speech.

Rasie your hand if you were in Germany in 1941

DU Catholics: What are your feelings about the new Pope?

Why do you stay Catholic?

Did Ratzinger ever kill any Allies in WWII?

Doesn't ANYBODY want to criticise Wes Clark tonight?

If you choose one religion how do you reconcile belief in the many others?

Hey- FUCK Ratzinger.

Any chance that a call for civility re: this new Pope will be heeded?

Reminder: ANDY STEPHENSON's Surgery Date is Tomorrow

Oh, this is too much (Baptists reveal their angst with Catholics)

GWBush: "I am going to tell them they are all going to hell."

This new pope means I renounce my Catholicism.

World News: Ratzinger's Election as Pope Is ''Devastating''

White Smoke!

Pope Benedict warned "feminists" last year: Maternity is Job One!

Does anyone here think Ratzinger was a *good* choice?

1962 document signed by Ratzinger that order sex abuse to be covered up.

I wonder how many Catholics the world over just lost hope.


two and two is not making four on this open border business

Ways to help preserve the filibuster (links)

Bolton hearing Part 2

If you were elected Pope what would be the first thing you would say...

Ratzinger, Wingnuts and Senator Byrd

Put your hand up if this pisses you off

Once again, Bush has news that overshadows his doings.

Who is your all-time favorite First Lady?

Bush & wife offer Pope Benedict congratulations.

Are We Re-Entering the Dark Ages?

Robert s. McNamara's Ten Lessons

We Misunderstand the Label "Liberal"

Question for Catholics: How do you feel about the new Pope?

It only took the Nazis 60 years. Prescott Bush helped finance Hitler and

Her Name was Marla Ruzicka

Today is Equal Pay Day!

Why Benedict XVI Makes John Paul II Look Liberal

The Catholic church takes a giant leap back to the 12th Century

And the DU Religion Bashing Kicks Into HIGH GEAR

If a German Who Resisted Hitler During WWII is Called a Hero....

Why I think Pope Benedict is terrible choice

Et Tu The Press Club?

What do we know about Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI?

Can I just say John Kerry is looking REALLY ... um....

Who is the biggest hag to serve as First Lady?


Coddies - with pictures

Canada Ready to Increase Sanctions Against U.S.

David Frum piling it deeper

Who would make a better prime minister?

Blogger says unification with US is gonna happen,

So, any British Catholics like to share their feelings ....

Israel defies Bush, calls tenders for new West Bank homes

US church's illegal tea faces ban

Suicide Bomb Kills Six in Iraq

US & Afghan forces kill 8 Taliban(US says helo made precautionary landing)

Japanese Lawmakers to Visit War Shrine in Move Likely to Enrage China More

Heinz son won't run for office in 2006

Alleged Daniel Pearl killer says met bin Laden twice: report

Former co-worker of McVeigh wishes he had sounded warning

Source: Moussaoui Plans to Plead Guilty

UN envoy admits contacts with oil-for-food accused: FT

'Dirty war' officer found guilty

Iraqi Lawmaker Says U.S. Soldier Grabbed His Throat

General Motors loses $1.1B

Student gets 8 years for SUV vandalism

ID theft is a threat to taxpayers [IRS lacking security since 2002]

King County Council calls for audit of elections office (Seattle Times)

LexisNexis warns 280,000 of info breach

Mint to Make New Coin With More Gold

Want To Move? Canada's Arms Are Open

Canada pushes to reunite immigrant parents with children...

Insurgents Kill at Least 12 People in Iraq

(WV) Homeland security officer quits (under cloud of investigation)

Deserter Aims To Be First Veteran To Challenge Iraq War's Morality

Sudan says "abundant" oil found in war torn Darfur

Afghan Leader Karzai Seeks Ban on Forced Marriages

China sentences U.S. citizens for piracy

Housing Starts Tumble

New Office to Issue Terrorism Data

Cardinals Again Fail to Elect New Pope

The Grim Reaper, Riding a Firetruck in Iraq, Marines Recount Assault

Santa Rosa deputy resigns after alleged taser misuse

Rice's Moscow Motorcade Diverts After Bomb Threat

Inquiry into Rosemary Nelson murder opens (N.Ireland lawyer)

Witnesses challenge Delray officer's account of teen shooting

CNN: White smoke, bells signal selection of new pope

White Smoke from Vatican: New Pope Selected

Housing Starts Down 17.6 Percent in March

44 Tampa workers punished for lewd e-mail

Iraqi Lawmaker Says U.S. Soldier Grabbed His Throat

WSJ p1: How Companies Pay TV Experts (more payments exposed)

Facing Sanctions, Iran Uses Oil to Seek Allies

Ratzinger is the new Pope

Ratzinger New Pope

DeLay Camp: Democrats 'Hate Conservatives'

Italian Radio reporting that a Pope has been chosen.

Senate to vote on legal status for immigrant farmworkers

Delay Is Sought in Vote on U.N. Nominee (NYT update on Bolton)

Cuban exiles prep post-Castro plan

Where would ANWR oil go?

Rice: Russia's power grip 'worrying'

Iraqi Legislator Allegedly Mistreated by U.S. Forces

Where would ANWR oil go? (Seattle Times)

Not Finest, sez minority cop big

GOP Congressman Jokes: Hillary for Pope?

Canada approves GW Pharma drug in cannabis first

Defects In 2004 Balloting Described

Dean goes to heart of GOP

Hizbollah Chief Vows to Keep Arms

Social issues linked to rise in STDs

Woman 'admits causing Paris fire'

Family skeptical of soldier's death

Wholesale Prices Jump 0.7 Percent in March

Top secret intelligence unit will quit Belfast for new role in Iraq

Powell delivers message to teens

Miami-Dade Settles Strip Search Lawsuit (2003 FTAA Protesters)

Good bye food pyramid

General Motors Reports $1.1 Billion First-Quarter Loss

Moscow court orders more Yukos assets to be frozen

Bolton Nom delayed at least two weeks!

Senate Panel Delays Vote on Bolton for U.N.

Family skeptical of soldier's death

As Cardinal, New Pope Confronted Americans


Republicans Vote Down Bid to Delay Vote on Bolton

5.7 Earthquake Hits Japan

World News: Ratzinger's Election as Pope Is ''Devastating''

North Carolinians celebrate election of new pope

Pemex: Reserves Overestimated

Assassins increasingly target top Iraqi government officials

Concerns over safety of Taser stun guns (eye injury / Australia)

Bob Kerrey: No Plans to Run for NYC Mayor

Raytheon Layoffs (? number - moving to Mexico)

Chafee Says He'll Vote for Bolton as U.S. Envoy to UN

No movement in strike at Rolls (OH)

New round of talks at Eastman Machine (NY)

Brothers Free After 8 Years Without Trial (La... let me guess their color)

Striking bus union sues Liberty Lines, county (NYC area)

4/19 Senate panel postpones vote on U.N. nominee amid new allegations

CDC: Dangers of being overweight, overstated

Protesters Rally Against Worker's Compensation Proposal (LA)

Rove decries media approach to government

Democrats: Homeland Security Dept. Omits Right-Wing Threats

Busloads of physicians seek to revive medmal-reform bill

Australian veterans blast Canberra over treatment of Timor

Pharmacies Balk on After-Sex Pill and Widen Fight in Many States

Air Force Cadets See Religious Harassment (by Evangelicals)

Bill Would End Gag Clauses That Stifle Victims Who Sue

Frist: Filibuster Ban Won't Include Bills

Rice sets chilly atmosphere for Kremlin talks

As board weighs case, strike by nurses enters second year (NJ)

Berlusconi faces no-confidence vote

UK Takes Lead in Offshore Power

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 19 April

Anti-nuclear protestors arrested at NATO sites (Belgium)

Venezuelan Security Forces Capture 5 Colombian Paramilitary Fighters

New pope hailed for strong Jewish ties

Venezuela Proposes Regional Literacy Campaign

Commission hears evidence of U.S. prison brutality (In America)

Pakistan Military Disputes US General's Remarks

Iraqi Union Calls for a "Freedom Congress" and UN Intervention

Ohio Senator Clashes Over Bush Nominee

Second Bartlett Speech on Peak Oil to be Covered Live by C-Span (Tonight)


Rice: Kremlin Power, Russian Media 'Very Worrying'

Radical Muslims storm election meeting

Boxer eyes prescription protection -Bill would secure birth control rights

House passes 'Jessica' bill (FL - Jessica Lunsford Act)

Argentine 'dirty war' suspect convicted

New Mexico governor says Democrats must connect with core values

Rabbi, Man Wearing Swastika Trade Blows At Airport (Kansas City)

CDC: Dangers of being overweight overstated

Inflation Rises to 1.9 Percent in March

Reporters need federal shield law to protect sources, journalists say

Military Deaths in Iraq-At least 1,557 members of the US military have died

Appeals Court Refuses to Rehear CIA Leak Case (Plame)

Ecuador revolts at the corrupt power behind President

New Pope too old, says brother

Many Venezuelans join guerrilla armies, plan to fight

Bush makes pilgrimage to Lincoln museum

GM Plunges Into $1bn Quarterly Loss

Utah Snubs No Child Left Behind Law

Schwarzenegger talks tough on illegal immigration (close the borders)

Violence is 'off the chart' in area on Iraq border

Bush Numbers Drop In The United States (Harris Interactive poll)

Brown would lead Labour to 234 majority, says poll

Democrats: Homeland Security Omits Threats From Right-Wing Terror Groups

Colombian rebels attack village, kill security personnel

Soros says be patient (to funders for pro-Dem think tanks and media)

Woman kills Pearl Harbor veteran with hatchet

WP: Panel Delays Vote on Bolton Nomination to U.N. ("stunning")

Aid worker uncovered America's secret tally of Iraqi civilian deaths

Liberal U.S. Catholics Dismayed at Choice of Pope

Germany's Ratzinger is new pope

Chief to probe injuries on alleged RI cop killer: Gruesome suspect held wi

18 Arrested at UC Santa Cruz Protest

Grass Fires Plague North Country; Large Fire On Drum

Air Force Cadets See Religious Harassment

DeLay Slams Supreme Court Justice (Kennedy)

New pope intervened against Kerry in US 2004 election campaign

ABB Discovers Bribery at (Texas) Software Unit

FL Police Officer Charged With Shocking Handcuffed Suspect

Theologian calls for response to 9/11

The Complete List of People Tortured This Season on "24"

Should I change my sigline?

My sites been upgraded.

How is the Deputy Pope holding up?

Why did the movie 'Chicago' do so well

Elliot Smith

Oh, Captain, my Captain-- which would you follow into battle? (pics)

self delete

Woman stuck in bathtub for 5 days (Wants a Coke & smoke after rescue)

Don Rickles on CBS Late Show,he's the man,

Texas Hummers

I used to go out to parties...

La la la la la!

gave myself a reprieve from television talking heads yesterday.

Arquette's Rosanna, Patricia, David?

I'm gonna get freaky until the end of the world

What a lack of intelligence....*sigh*


Just for the hell of it, has anyone heard of Upsala, MN?

A toast to the end of the world!

Does anyone else get the irrational desire to jump from high places?

Alright, someone please explain

To those who have me on ignore:

People are f-ing LAZY

I really like looking at my thumbs

I have no fear of the end of the world

Just for fun...


Man without pants tells cops he didn't have quite enough to drink

Driver Smacked In The Nose By Flying Sausage (Nose Broken)

Do you rather post a new thread or "only" answer

A Fishy Tale.... Statins beaten by Omega Threes

I'm looking for two MP3s

DUers Coming To Boston!! Extended Weather Outlook II (I'll Keep Updated)

I have no beer at the end of the world.

Police In Arizona Look To Add Monkey To SWAT Team

Why do they call it 'Cat Chow' when it contains 0% CAT? (PICS)

Oh no! The end of the line for Oprah and Stedman?

On the 19th day of April

hey, it's 4/19

with all the smoke signals at the Vatican . . .

Tuesday's Answers

Black smoke means the day ended with the Bush administration still sucking

GM Introduces "Little Hummer" H3

Well, This Is My 10th Anniversary of MS Diagnosis

Shit you can do to get Freepers to shut the fuck up

Boston - Here I come!

Anyone else following Doonesbury right now?

Where are all the anti-war protesters?

Health insurance going up here at work again...damn

Guess what's coming out today?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel suggests makeover of cat's image

Bush pushing to be next Pope!


I was in the ER yesterday. Ask me anything?

Whom would you rather bork?

hello du'ers! how is america?

Vin Deisel is SUPER POPE!

It was my birthday Saturday.

Stone sculptor held on Easter Island, accused of moving stones

Attention NO Saints and Carolina Panther fans! Vote for Sam!

Dammit! Who thought it would be a good idea

The blessed Virgin Mary found living in JimmyJazz's closet

In the Kent, Ohio area? Or anywhere actually....

Suit of armor and several cattle prods/tasers found in JimmyJazz's closet

armenian pizza

Former Saint and Panther Sam Mills dies of cancer.

Dudley Moore would have been 70 today.

Marlon Brando's French Polynesian island to become luxury resort

Motorist's nose broken by sausage

Tom Delay - Pants on Fire

i quit quitting smoking

Why Do The Cardinals Get To Pick The Next Pope?

Mom's been gone 3 years today...

anybody in the mood for a good fight?

Big Dawg is in Downtown OKC today...

I'm almost in the 700 Club, ask me anything!

Bush is down to 44% Congress 35%

After the Cardinals elect the new Pope,

We Saw These Cute Things EVERYWHERE In Germany...

i think i pissed on my girlfriend (not a sex thread dammit!)

It's my phishday! (Caution, I'm birthing) :)

Can I stop someone from logging? (attorney question)

My mom and Tom Delay...

Let`s Play ... SONG TITLES that begin with the letter S

Can I stop someone from blogging? (alternative question)

The BEST party in Boston is going to be on FRIDAY night

Check this out!

Hey ladies, let's have a conclaven.

I've got "Sports Night" and "The West Wing" on DVD. Ask me anything.

I think my girlfriend pissed off my boyfriend

Blessed Virgin Mary living in Kennedy Expressway underpass

Can I stop someone from nogging? (seasonal beverage question)

Let's settle this democratically: What color is the smoke?

An alum of a high school I am subbing at today was just killed in Iraq.

Can I stop someone from flogging? (an inappropriate question)

My coworkers & I have decided that the world would be a much

Finally, a super-special "talk to the hand" photo of Condi (Reuters)

Anyone not in the mood for a fight

Breaking news from the Vatican...Bush named as new Pope...

I had grilled cajun rainbow trout for lunch...what did you have

Every television channel is debating the color of smoke right now.

An Interesting Thing Heard On SPORTS RADIO

Ok - dumb question re: pope smoke and the Sistine Chapel

New pope accidentally catches fire!

Pipe smokers I need advice-Are new pipes SUPPOSED to create white smoke?

Pope Jackie Wilson II?

Explain this to me: How can the Nelson Bros have a greatest hits album?

Wolf Blitzer is such an idiot.

NEW POPE announced

The Pope Smokes Dope

fine fine fine fine

I'm surprised no one's worked the Clenis into the New Pope copycat threads

Did someone order poke berries?

pope ending music: what do you play to encourage people to not talk about

Have you read Don Quixote?

POPE OTIS!!!! Call yourself Pope Otis! PLEASE!!!!!

Afghan Woman Gives Birth Aboard Helicopter - This Is Baby # 13

Time to rent "The Devils"

How the heck does one make white smoke?

Vatican: Pope will be out when they find the pope hat

eggs pope anyone?


Paul Harvey says the 7% increase in cost of living needs some perspective

¿¿¿MONKEY S.W.A.T. teams??? (Mesa Arizona)

why is it a soft X in Quixote, and a hard X in Quixotic?

Remember, that the nuevo Il Papa is 78

The pope is:

Green and Libertarian Cardinals Demand Papal Recount

Pope Benny 16

Sauerkraut and Bratworst ALL AROUND!!

Sorry Dookus


Level one?

Pope Benedict 16th first official announcement-Cardinal Beckenbauer

i wanna ride in the popemobile

OK, we now have a new Pope: Assclown XVI, or whatever he calls hisself

First, Ratzinger is elected pope. And now, we're at Level 1??

Anyone been to (or live in) Iceland?

Just a perfect day

We're on Level I. Those freepazoids need to get a life.

I came out of the closet at work today.

Manuscript clock.

In my effort to Buy Blue, I just bought a Starbucks coffee

My Washing Machine is Making a Funny Noise...

The new Pope is Cliff Claven!

Pope Robert Blake?

Don't think about an elephant!!!!!

The next pope should be American.

Duck Tours in Boston - any opinions?

is it ok to start mocking the new pope?

What's this about Ratzinger being a member of Sonic Youth?

i feel like a shaved cat

Doesn't ANYONE browse a forum before posting a thread ?

Pope Eggs Benedict?

Pope Suck Eggs Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger

Pope Bennie? And the...uh.....jets?

George W. Bush or beloved TV dolphin Flipper

What should my topic be for my 799th post?

Hey, what channel is the new Pope story on?

NO white smoke from the Doublemint Twins conclave, yet.

You know, my parents are in Cuba right now

Ratizinger deserted the German army in 1945

I'd like to extend my congratulations to all Roman Catholics here

White smoke from the Triumph lingerie conclave!!!!

So... Pope Benedict XVI...

I feel a little bit like this right now, quite frankly:

Remarkable cautionary video about safe driving.

Popemania has put DU on Defcon 1 for the first time in months.

The New World Order is complete.

Derby378 needs a pick me up

Here's my thread about the Pope....

Drunk Monkeys Attack Humans!

Is Christian Rock an oxymoron?

Look Ma! I'm infallible!

Ouch. I just came from from GD. Now my eyes are burning....

One thing you have to understand about politics,

What's the deal on this prophecy of the last Pope, end of the world, etc.?

Hey! Did you guys here that there's a new pope?

Transsexuals: Do you like pictures of me kissing myself?

Recommend me a great late 70's/early 80's post-punk band.

You know you want this. You know you need it.

John Ratzenberger, Cliff Clavin of Cheers, is named new Pope!

Damn credit cards ...

There's a new poop in town.

BUSH CLAIMS PAPAL THRONE; Says exit poll (white smoke) flawed...

Funniest animated show!

Afraid to go into GD or GDP? I DARE YOU

I'm drinking beer in my favorite bar. Where's everyone else?

Official portrait of the new pope

Pop. Six. Squish. Ah-ah. Cicero. Lipshitz.

Well, at least Bender was on the Simpsons last Sunday for 10 sec.

I think I pissed off my girlfriend.

Ok, I just raided my 401k. Not much, 77Ks. I'm off to Vegas.

Vlad the Impaler

If the Church was trying to bring me back, well THEY FAILED!!!

Straight ladies and gay men: do you like the pics of me kissing guys?


My, my my it's a beautiful world...

Sorry for yet another Pope thread

Seriously, quit freaking out about Ratzinger.


Welfare Music

Is this guy blowing (white) smoke out his ass?

Does anyone wanna hang out in this thread and not talk about the new pope?

Does this mean we'll get more "Don't offend my religion" threads?

I just blew white smoke out my window.

Wheres Wu-Tang?

I have just declared myself antipope.

Who will be the next Pope?

I declare myself antelope.

I have just declared myself antilope.

I found a cute puppy just for Fenris and flamingyouth.

Hitler was an asshole.

Holy Crap-a-moly!

I hate my job. I feel like kicking my boss' ass every day.

Wir fahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf der Autobahn.

Man Jailed For Shooting His Broken Down Car 5 Times

People, instead of beating your breasts about Christianity

First Picture Post!


Geez...Is it just me, or

I declare myself cantelope.

Too expensive, or just right?

Randi: Coulter on the cover of Time - "Man of the year"?

Lost-Luggage Store Offers Unusual Bargains

New ways to signal the election of a Pope:

I here declare myself anti-dope......

Pontiac: The Chief, The Car, The City?

Freeper valdalizes for God

I put the "RAT" in "Ratzinger." Ask me anything.

Mariah Carey "kind of like bamboozled" during encounter with her ex

For some reason, I'm craving Eggs Benedict.

Despair not... this is just a temporary setback

I declare myself anti-water ! Really not a cc thread.

Has anyone seen the documentary "DIG!"?

I declare myself anti-soap!

Have you ever flown in a helicopter?

I figured out the Malachy prophecy!

Post in this thread...

Holland Standard working on uncloggable footwear!

I just mowed with a DR® Trimmer/Mower. Ask me anything!



Any Grendel fans out there?


So, if the new Pope visits California...

Ooohhhh. New York Cheesecake with cherry sauce on top.

"24" is getting laughable

Rednecks And God

Going through a bit of drug withdrawal

Breaking: new pope's favorite CD..What's the Story, Morning Glory?


Randi on Ann Coulter: "Have sex with a chicken bone. It's the same thing."

Anyone heard that hip-hop ballad where chorus is sung in chipmunk voice?

Anne Coulter mad about her picture in Time

Headlines We'd Like to Read, April 19, 2005

do any of you remember this hot little number?

Breaking News: Alan Thicke to Wed Again.

In Honor of the New German Pope Being Elected....

Is it weird that Ratzinger makes me think of Joe Pesci?

Bush's IPod, what's he listening to?

How can I find an audio or video file of McCartney's "The Frog Song"?

For people over 40

Buffalo Dick, Won't You Come Out Tonight?

Party-ending music: What do you play to encourage your guests to leave?

The Inquisition!

excuse me...miss jimmy jazz??? (and other strummer fans)

What's with all the threads about Michael Bolton and Poppin Fresh?

Johnny the Rat - my new fave Pope nickname

Cocoa Pebbles

What Were You Doing Ten Years Ago Today...

Just gave another $100 to the DNC. Damn that feels good.

If you were bald/balding, what would you do?

photoshoppers have been very busy with the pope-shops

It's time for some levity...

hrm i'd have to agree on this one

Just gave herpes to the RNC. Damn that feels good.

become one of "them"

Sugar Land, TX Parents to sue police for busting underage beer party.

Welp, it's officially summer according to me. The A/C is clicked on,

Bolton hearing Part 13

I can't believe I'm doing a Pope thread...I can't believe it...

If anyone needs a quiet place to talk about the pope -

If you want to get your credit report,

Star Trek fans: The first Borg episode is coming on now (2pm EST)

Hey lounge some good news

Parents: Who is the Hottest Member of The Wiggles?

Litter Rant

The guy who played Cliff on Cheers is the new Pope ?

A poll on how you feel about the direction the US is going.

What if the government shut the internet down??

When you get raptured, what will you most miss about Planet Earth?

I Just Bought A New House Plant

Candidate blames theft on ‘Chappelle’ skit


Post here: Flame-proof thread titles for DU

The Spanish Inquisition!!

Your DU usage - how often and when do you read the most?

Pope Ratzi is the only person who looks more like the star wars Emperor

Gay and Straight Ladies and Guys... Do you like pics of me with men:

Jesus, politics were brought to Burger Heaven in New Westminster

We're all Lucky!

It's 12:24 and I just woke up...

Pope Prophecy proven true...pretty wild stuff.

Dog? Panda?


Who wants to be the Antipasto?

Your DU usage - how often and when do you read the worst?

One thing about the Pope today

What? They made Ratzo Rizzo a Pope????

Cute mistake on the BBC

anyone else can't get onto

Joe Ratzinger, you were just elected Holy Father. Where are you going?

It's really hot out today!!!

Anybody here ever been to Venezuela?

The new pope is trying to steal my spotlight!

A generic rant

My dad asked me to give him a haircut last night.

A good Simpsons on now

Hot new fad in Japan. :)

Parrotheads: Do you forgive Buffett for playing Kozlowski's Tyco Orgy?

If a car does not turn over, what causes can you think of?

Do you drive a Ford F150? And if so..

The good news, the apocalypse is coming . The bad news, not soon enough.

I just found a new favorite website, too....

I need swimsuit advice.

Did Ratzinger Ever Pull The Feeding Tube Of A Stray Cat On Crack?

I was working in the lab late one night


Play-In, East Region: Worst Song Ever Tournament

Is there going to be any man-kissin' in Boston? Or is that just a Chicago

Seacrest gets a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star?!

I just found a new favorite website. Anyone into vintage photographs?

- Did you know that the average fish today contains more mercury

Do you have a Thong Seme?


Sting Tries to Convince Students He is a Musician

Mein Gott! Wir haben einen Uber-popen-fuhrer!

I can't believe it--a flame war on my favorite whitewater forum

Did the Catholic Church just jump the shark

Most ridiculous rock/pop lyrics. Post 'em here.

I thought I would get the STUPIDEST avatar I could find.

Richie Havens: The A&M Years...frigging TRANSCENDENT.

Should I resubscribe to Architectural Digest?

FINALLY!! A Music Poll That MEANS Something!!

For those of you who do not like your boss...

Speaking of the Pope...

Is the internet for porn?

Ratzinger was a Hitler Youth

BTW, not every kid in Germany joined the Hitler Youth.....


Last night I dreamt that my car got totalled.

Wal-Mart to start "singles nights"

The new Pope eyes a tasty treat this morning, inspired to choose new name!

Tah-tah for a while, Papal Underground..( I'm off to Vegas)

Matcom where are you?

What should I do for the talent show?

OK something is wrong here

No one who speaks German could be an evil man.

'The Straight Dope' on Excommunication

Female professional DU'ers... I need some advice and support

Well, at least this Pope will bring us into a new era ...

4/19/05 Weird Word of the Day

New kind of virus spam I got today. Yeah, right. I'll un-zip the file.

"Pumping day and night they are, ka-chunk, ka-chunk, ka-chunk..."

Just before the funeral services, the undertaker came up to the very

You know, considering I'm too lazy to pickup my drycleaning

I just sent my resume to 20 companies.

I Have a Test in 7 Hours. Sleep or Stay Up?

The good news, there's a new pope. The bad news, the apocalypse is coming

How lazy are you?

Man pulled from river as girlfriend dies in fire

Cardinals move the church further to the right, elect Jack Chick pope.

Pope pope po pope banana fanana fo fope Pope!

Well the shit done hit the fan now folks!

Ok, I've fucking had it.

Every Sperm is Sacred

**************Congratulations crispini 9,000 posts!**************

Using the Pope as a flimsy excuse to post...

Anyone wanna do my laundry for me?

This is post # 8000. 7927 of have been useless drivel.

Pope not directly related to Cliff from Cheers (actor, John Ratzenberger)

It's my birthday! (Caution, I'm phishing) :)

Desperate Housewives fans: Who are you rooting for?

Pimp My Popemobile!

Are proxy sex threads allowed?

I finally got my house back!

From Hitler Youth to . . . PAPA RATZI

Is this the best/freakiest DU coincidence EVER?

Elevator Mood website.

Agh, little annoyed

Have you ever nominated and alerted a post?

Pope Orridge?

If I can stop one heart from breaking

LOL! Surprise choice for Pope (CNN site parody):

Jeopardy vs. Wheel of Fortune

SO! I'm driving down the road singing along with Michelle Branch

How naked are YOU?

Pretty creative pencil drawing.

The author profile icon in DU posts -- is that not BUTTHEAD???

I've got a disc in my hand and something in my other.

*'s MSN E-mail

The LA Dodgers are SMOKIN!

Manny Ramirez Just Put A Pitch On The Mass Pike

I'm naked right now

Layne Staley found dead three years ago today.

*cracks knuckles* I'm about to hang a ceiling fan.

Favorite West Wing guest star (or returning character)

Play-In, North Region: Worst Song Ever Tournament

Fun with Dennis Madalone's shitty video

Well, at least he didn't pick Pius, or Boniface, or Urban.

Am I the only Canadian who HATES the Blue Jays?

New pope says "no" to being naked

Okay, who's in the mood for a Benedictine?

Okay, who's in the mood for a Benedikte?

Play-In, South Region: Worst Song Ever Tournament

Post here if you have ZERO response to the Pope stuff.

Play-In, West Region: Worst Song Ever Tournament

Guarding my last little piece of Cool, in a box

The Pope MUST canonize Ronald Reagan!

So I've dived into GD. My first post there, and It went fairly well. Woo!

Where does the expression"Mouth Breather", come from?

I'm going to try to get kicked out of my Junior Prom....

I thought Rock Hudson died...... How could he be pope?

I would like to tell the anti-drug powers that be,

OK, who's in the mood for a Benny Hill?

This is so wrong, But I am laughing anyways.

If you want to save the TV show "American Dreams"

I haven't gotten to call anyone an ignorant fuckwad tonight. Cheer me up!

Way to go Papal conclave!

Sorry, but I found the best restaurant in England.

Congradulations to our new spiritual overlord

How did Vegas know Benedict was the favored

Okay, who's in the mood for a Benedict?

Pope Benedict reveals TRUE self!

Two Popes - Video

Rock Music Says No to New Pope


Salty Dog

The new Asian mail order catalog is here!!!

Is it always so manic in the lounge?

No more P words!

Friggin wiring diagram on ceiling fan installation instructions is...

How can I find out whether a slogan has already been trademarked?

The new pope says "no" to rock music

Say Something Positive About the World

One good thing about Pope Benedict - protestant churches are gonna fill up

Does anyone collect old public domain cartoons?

you got a great car

What if we attached the 'flux capacitor' to a gas pump?

new kitten AND 30 years of marriage!

I Didn't Get The Job!

If I was the Pope, my name would be

Samantha Bee is hotter than Sarah Vowell

I heard a funny ABC radio news story

P2VNEPTUNE.ORG ist mort.

Need help posting pictures

Bunny Suicides (warning, graphic)

Will WWHD bracelets replace the formally 'popular' WWJD bracelets?

Is the Pope Polish?

I have a question about this new pope

Daily Show just busted my gut!

It's do or die time: fix the A/C in my car or get a new one.

Picture of my cats after Frist and Dobson get hold of the internets

I just heard on the news that Ratzinger is against Rock n' Roll music.

Don't start no "S" "H"

Does anyone else caulk their cat on a quiche?

How ironic that the new Pope is against rock music.

How Papal that the new rock music is against irony.

So some of you watched the bolton hearing

Why did Frank Luntz agree to give up all his tricks to The Daily Show?

Suggestions for good, inexpensive cars

The Star Wars pope

An "applying for a job" question....

Pope Bot!

Somebody really doesn't like Burger King.

Are "Eggs Benedict" sac-religious now?

Wow - even the Lounge has become Papal Underground!

Is it pissable to impope a Peach?

People, I'm concerned. No, I'm scared.

So, I finally got a puppy

Why are so many people interested in a NAKED Will Pitt?

Can anyone recall all the different DU'rs who dramatically announced

Let's do a rock lyrics thread to save the Pope's soul!

People actually eat nests made by certian swallows?

Compare and Contrast: Benny Hill and Benny Hinn!

Someone asked me if I wanted some potatoes hog rotten!

New kind of virus spam I got today. Yeah, right. I'll un-zip the file.

The battle for Sundog

I hope Constantine sucks on American Idol tonight.

Chicago Pics.....finally.


Pope Benedict XVI ran over my Puppy!

Who looks more like Simon Bar Sinister, Ratzinger or Perle?

Heading to Zhongshan, PRC tomorrow.

ahh.. have a CND Politics exam tomorrow...

Who wants to be the Antichrist?

New DU Boxer Group

How do you feel about stupidity?

So what's the deal on "bereavement" airfares?

Anybody seen Will Pitt around tonight? n/t

Greatest Anti-War Song? I choose Us & Them...

today i pulled out all my hair!


American Standard working on uncloggable toilet!

How can this green tea smell so good but taste so bad?

What will be the next major breaking news story?

What is your all-time favorite game show?

a question regarding catholics and war.


Best Part about the New Pope

Just felt like sharing a song...

Why do all you lounge people hate America?

habemus poopum

Miss Georgia Sex Offenders 2004 Pageant (funny)

i'm stunned


Time for the denizens of the Lounge to stay out of GD for a few days.

New Pope steps out to greet crowd, immediately devoured by feral cats!!!

Gay ladies and straight men: do you like pics of me kissing guys?

HOLY CRAP! - Rapture Advisory Red! - Rapture Advisory Red!

Easter Bunny or Pope - you make the call.

I just came up with the most heinous idea. And I want to share it.

My son is 9 today!

Thats it! I'm buying a fucking sailboat to live on!

The Latest of All Late Prom Invites- BamaLefty Needs Your Help!

HEY! You were elected pope! What would your name be?

I wasn't going to post a Pope thread but I have to ask

People actually eat nests made by certian swallowers?

Thirty-five posts from 4000...and you know what that means!

So, I finally got a yuppie

I was born in Charleston; do I get to celebrate my 8,888th post?

Sorry, but my gaydar is beeping off the charts here....

All of this end of the world shit has me seriously geeked.

What are you listening to tonight?

Favorite "the Great"

I just got back from seeing Elvis Costello live...

Having a Denny's-type restaurant scene in a movie makes it better.

Anyone care to discuss the "Watchmen" movie?

Who here gets migraines?

Do you think Floyd rocked?

Anyone else noticing a conspicuous abscence of Hummers lately?

Subject-line-only thread!

FINALLY! is finished and ready for prime time

I love Jeremy Hilary Boob, Phd Aka Nowhere Man, but

Favorite West Wing guest star or returning character...

Not to get my habit in knot

Does anyone else walk their cat on a leash?

I recently ate at a union restaurant without even knowing it - YAY me!

DU COOKOUT: Mid-Atlantic DUers -- Charles County, MD, June 25

Exclusive pix of Our Lady of the Underpass!

Newborn Foster Kittens - lots of photos

Texas Business Man Suing The Republicans Over Bush's Campaign Logo! Ha!

Everyone who's planing on being in Boston this weekend, post a pic...

Link to IAFW's Online Petition to stop Seal Hunt

Will Benedict XVI inspire a breakaway Catholic Church?

Why did the Cardinals elect Ratzinger?

Cardinal Kaspar, "Catholics are not the only ones who go to heaven."

Asked before and need a bit more detail.

God is not about fear

Reflection on the Papacy by Matthew Fox (defrocked by Ratzinger)

Anyone else spooked or intrigued by St. Malacy prophecy?

IMAX theaters Reject Science Shows under Religious Pressure

Map hints at polar shift on Mars

Amateur Astronomer makes discovery of supernova with online telescope.

40 Million Year Old Whale Discovered in Egypt's Western Desert

Pile-up as berg hits Antarctica

There's Nothing Deep About Depression

Some calming info about Marburg outbreak and the "90% mortality rate"

New State of Matter Is 'Nearly Perfect' Liquid

I found a great way to support businesses owned/run by the GLBT community.

NGLTF comments on the new Pope (They're not very pleased)

Hoax Shines Light on JTS Policy on Gays

Olympic Gold Medalist Cyclist Tyler Hamilton Suspended

"Red Sox, Tim Wakefield agree to contract extension.."

Depleted Dodgers continue startling start

Which baseball team will benefit most from the election of Benedict XVI?

NFL Draft: Redskins aquire Denvers 1st Round Pick (#25)

ECL (ESPN Classic Sports)

Ron Mexico Name Generator....

Real (Madrid) fans accused of racist chants...

Litter box problem

5K Run for the Animals, benefitting Poplar Spring Sanctuary (Wheaton, MD)

The new pope's

Spatial shifts...or losing my mind?

Ratzinger new pope - Title will be Benedict XVI

Must... get away from.... pope talk!!!!!

Fill in the blank please

I'm glad they chose Ratzinger. The previous pope was a...

ARRRGH! "Hide Thread" is gone!

Soldier finds protection in prayer

Help! I need some Kerry pics!

Moveon Hypocrisy on Hoyer

Why couldn't have Kerry won???

New LTE: John Kerry was badly smeared in election

New Letter from JK in support of Teddy Kennedy!

I do the Snoopy Dance of Joy

I didnt get in the hearing but

Was I in any footage of the hearing today?

The Bolton hearing--still scheduled for today?

New pope intervened against Kerry in US 2004 election campaign

New Kerry bashing on Kos

Kerry love thread in GD

FYI - C-span 2 replay of Bolton Hearing at 8:00 pm EST

Kerry's Statement from Senate Dem's Policy Com. Hearing on Mercury

Bolton: The Wrong Choice

Two-hour Keef tonight.


Two Hour Countdown Tonight: 4/19/15

Time to get your emails geared up! Moving Keith? They'd better not!

OT: Polyphonic Spree news (for Pats, and anyone else interested)

Will "Justice Sunday" be broadcast to church near u?Find out here:

"The ball is the U.S. court," he said.


What's so big that it has to be covered up? Carter/Baker Election Commish

Day 2: Tom DeLay Political Deathwatch (Candy Crowley checks in ) :)

Texas Democratic Party faces fiscal woes

Japan emerges as America's deputy sheriff in the Pacific

Condi "the only cabinet member currently enjoying positive ratings" (54%)

AP is posting 3rd quarter numbers - GM posted 1.1 billion loss

My problem with the Bolton nomination

Clipping the wings of America's hawk flying into the UN

Evidently the bar has been forever lowered for Dubya's administration...

The senseless death of the woman who fought George Bush

Candy Crowley makes today's Doonesbury on Delay's political deathwatch...

Fox scum John Gibson defends loyalty screening at Bush rallies

Gas Prices Skyrocket Under Bush

Judge Upholds Hazmat Rail Ban

Bike shop fights city's bid to seize site for developer

Schiavo case "deep scar on the American psyche" Dean in St. Pete Times.

Senate Asking for Budget Details on War Money

Budget as a "Moral Document"

Unlimited Immigration - Good for the US or bad ? Carrying Capacity ?

For those cancelling their Time Magazine - do yourself one better....

Gingrich's strategy

Right-Wing Terrorist Groups Omitted From DHS Terror List

Heads Up for John Kerry Supporters

Chris Heinz Won't Run for 2006 Office

Housing Starts Drop 17.6 %

Clarion Call On Peak Oil By Matthew Simmons

PIC of Bush while visiting SC saying SC workers work

Byron Miller for Congress: Fundraiser Auction - Web Design & Hosting

Is Dean right to make Terri Schiavo an issue in 2006?

America's riotous real estate

Extreme Christian T-Shirts

Sandra has begun to look over her shoulder

Controversial Opus Dei Has Stake in Papal Vote

U.S. Winning War Against Terrorism Reports

Trying to make sense of what's going on in the Senate today?

support our right to unionize.

In the time of chimpanzees Bush was a monkey, butane in Rove's veins...

Future of the Catholic Church: Which is more likely?

Angry Chinese Blogger

I'm supporting a Pro-life cand., does that mean I'm no longer pro-choice??

Debating bolton on the floor of the Senate and not just in

How bad did Democrats abuse their power when they were in control ?

Fox news ALREADY using "culture of life" with new pope. sheesh!

The Schiavo amendment


Robert Reich Interviewed on The Daily Show Tonight (1am replay now)

National Coalition to Abolish The Death Penalty (Fact Sheet)

Rove Decries Media Approach to Government

Pentagon to participate in international plague vaccine effort

Lawmaker calls for boost in passenger screening technology (Privatize?)

HHS Launches African American Anti-Obesity Initiative

Senate signals unhappiness with war supplementals (blow to *)

Lugar, What A DumbAss!!

Does anyone know the straight scoop on the "Bush Drunk"


The Bolton Vote is Delayed - We have 2 weeks to stop this nomination

Observation and Question

Australia Deploys More Troops to Iraq

FDA Publishes Final Rule on Chlorofluorocarbons in Metered Dose Inhalers

The right wing hate machine inspired timothy mcveigh

Voinovich against Bolton??? WHA???????

If there were an announcement in your state's forum to meet Chomsky

Voinovich-I've heard enough today to not feel comfortable voting forBolton

Oh. My. God!! The Dems actually won a battle!

CSPAN-Biden is reading aloud Melody Townsel's letter on Bolton

Army recrutiter tried to recruit my son from Arbys

CSPANs will re-air Senate Cmte. vs. Bolton nomination tonight - see here

AAR having good segment on the new Pope

Well, this isn't comforting to know:

Freepers are a-hoppin' mad about Voinovich

"Free Speech Zone" Declared at (CT) Democratic Event

McViegh and the media

I saw Thomas Sowell on C-span a few days ago.

Moveon Hypocrisy on Hoyer

New DU Boxer group up and running

anyone want to read my LTTE?

Go Bolton!!!

Close Reading of the Coulter Picture on TIME

What If! We wrote checks to "Howard Dean" instead of DNC? Then he

Vote for your favorite anti-DeLay billboard

If Chafee was threatened with losing Repug Funds, should we help him out?

An embarassment of riches

Family Movie Act

Frontline:"Death of a Princess" coming on now (or later tonight)

Electing the Next Paul Wellstone

Guys, the GOP didn't kick their DLC equivalent out of the party to win

Bolton denied partnership at law firm due to abusive behavior

PDA Activists Spur Historic Call to Exit Iraq / By: WRP

term limits ...please. send them to the cracker barrel.

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday April 20

Ratzinger has Opus Dei links and is the main "enforcer of Church doctrine"

OK call me slow but I just realized why the Freepers want Bolton

Should I watch the Daily Show or the Bolton Hearings?

Which of these most recent GOP prez nominees had the most integrity?

Chaffee RE Bolton : "It's a New Day" .....

Why is FOX not covering the Cuban elections?

I swear to GOD, Tweety compares choice of new Pope to Bush picking Cheney

Voinovich ON NOW ...

Our president, the patriot.

Would you buy a used car from this man?(Tom Delay)

What year will Obama first be elected President?

Kerry looked 10 years younger in the Bolton hearings today

Irrefutable proof my representative is a Rove-drone.

Anybody wanna bet Bolton withdraws?

"ARLINGTON WEST" visits New Orleans *pic*

The Ratzinger delivers Satan's dirty work in 2004 Election against Kerry

CSPAN Wednesday, April 20

Bolton committee vote DELAYED---- until after recess

I owe Biden an apology

Send a DRE Protest Letter to your Election Officials Now

Re-elect me! – I’m 83% effective!

Kerry on Senate Dem's Policy Committee hearing on Mercury Pollution

Voinovich being targeted by anti-Un/pro-Bolton group

Voinovich (R-Oh) has "heard enough today to vote NO on Bolton nomination"

Something I hear more and more in my area.

Democrats Need More Days Like Today

N.M Gov. Richardson: Dems Must Connect with Values

Dean and Abortion - before you form an opinion

Democrats need to learn that not all Liberals are Democrats

I hope what we say here spreads everywhere

Write To Support Voinovich re: Bolton! Un-Freep The Response

NEA and MEA to file suit on April 20 NCLB

DeLay Results Are In - See Where Your Rep Stands

Howard Dean, Guy James and Congressman Davis of Florida

Wouldn't it be nice if the bankruptcy law would cause fewer people

Corporate Sponsorship of US Schools

NYT Editorial: Scalia is an activist judge too! (You'll love this one)

Eliot Spitzer interview in Denver Post

While Bolten creates distraction, US 'Democracy' is being stolen again.

New Pope, Fascist at heart?

Would you ever run as a repuke? If you wanted to run for local

here's my problem with dismissing the hitler youth thing:

Will John Bolton be confirmed as UN Ambassador?

Madsen's latest: Bush "Ministry of Truth"

DU Approval Ratings: Hillary Clinton