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Archives: April 18, 2005

Has anyone looked at this Princeton analysis and have an opinion about it?

The Star Tribune published my letter re Jim Ramstad

It's a Beautiful World

The important difference between "pro life" dems and "pro choice" repubs

Iraq attacks increasing

Hyphotetical: CHINA suspends trade with USA. Who gets more screwed?

If Oil runs out (or peak) - a different view on it all w/question

CEO pay up despite shareholder criticism

This bullshit pisses me off. It's our damn fault this baby was mutilated.

Second Round of the Democratic Nomination Bracket competition has begun!!!

What dystopian novel are we living in?

Fears N Korea doubling nuclear capacity

Lugar: Bolton Nomination Likely to Pass Committee

California Dems Denounce Schwarzenegger

Castro Criticizes EU for Failing to Back Demand for Guantanamo Investigati

Iraq Bomb Kills U.S. Soldier, Wounds Another

so how was everyone's weekend?

ok, post your dream car here

The "I'm George Bush Junior I Can Do What I Like." song

When did "Bewitched" Jump the Shark?

Boston DUers- are you pysched for Marathon Monday/Patriot's Day?

Language is a form of communication. eom

Who saw Hotel Rwanda?

Cat Hairs All Over the House

Have there ever been threads you posted you wish you hadn't?

I feel icky.

Who Is The Fairest DU Lounge Lizard?

If one has very little body fat and already drinks a lot of water...

The Year of the Diamond Dogs

I'm listening to The Righteous Brothers, what are you listening to?

Can men and women "just be friends"?

I just saw "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle"

How do you wash a cat?

Once Upon a Time in the West

Look what Bush did to Air Force One

NRA fruitcake.... 'Remember the Alamo'

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

Computer meltdown, I could use some help!

I visited DC and went to the National Archives. Here's what I saw:

4/18/05 Weird Word of the Day


Whats your favorite car company or specific make and model of car?

i quit smoking again today

Anyone up?

When was the last time an incumbent senator was out-primaried?

Second Round of the Democratic Nomination Bracket competition has begun!!!

Remembering a Friend (re: Marla Ruzicka)

A Radical in the White House by Bob Herbert .....FDR

Doctor in anthrax case is left with broken pieces of a life

Washington: Where You Can Win for Losing

GOP sheds federalism favored by forefathers

Germany's war children now counting the cost

Appeals Court Nominee Thomas B. Griffith is a Poor Choice

Those Wacky Mel Gibson Fans

End of the Wild

DeLay sets bad example for all husbands

Decoded: the 'classical holy grail' that may rewrite the history of world

A Whiff of Stagflation by Paul Krugman

Today's students expect to have voice

Secret Agent: Rumsfeld Sneaks Off to Baku

Mercury Rising (brain damage up to 24 IQ points)

The Armaggedon Man

Rubber is Critical and Vulnerable (Peak Oil)

The Killing of Nicola Calipari

McVeigh's father deals with a different loss

It is none of Washington’s business what goes on in Venezuela

Riotous Real Estate

Baghdad Burning April 18th

UN ambassador nominee wrong for job

Accusations against Lobbyist Echo Charges 70's Scandal (Tongsung Park)

Democrats: GOP abusing power for DeLay

You Call This Normal? The New York Times in Falluja

Pie-Faced (In Defense Of Pie Throwing)

The senseless death of the woman who fought George Bush

Does the Iraqi Resistance Target Civilians?


New Book: After the Empire/Review

Tom Delay hurting Republican image

'Koreagate' Figure Tied To Oil-for-Food Scandal (Anyone Remember?)

End Times in Florida...when fundies move in to town

Paul Wolfowitz and John Bolton: Thuggery afoot ...

Brian Anderson: Air America doomed?

Police Perjurers: Throw Lying Cops Off the Force (Rall)

James Wolcott: TIME Shampoos Attack Poodle (Annthrax Coulter)

AP Asserts Dems prefer private retirement accounts as add-on. Do they?

ONE campaign is legitimate. Evaluate and support it here:

Shrub is coming to my home town tomorrow. I would like to protest but...

Gay rights march tomorrow at Sonoma Sate University (California)

Students camp out, protest tuition (MO)

Is Fox News promoting media bias?

Kurtz &posse whine about the heat as bloggers hold feet to fire

Coulter on Cover of Time

At 1200 EST DJIA is down 49.66.

Global Warming Sceptic Bingo

Air Quality Declines At 3 CO National Parks

Mystery Disease Cuts Swath Through Afghan Livestock - Reuters

Wild Pigs On Rampage After Bulgarian Floods - Reuters

Global Discovery Rate Can't Keep Up With Oil Demand - Sunday Herald

Protesters quickly disbanded during Fiddler timber sale (OR)

Chinese Government Pledges Dialogue After Zhejiang Environmental Riots

Michael Crichton, Corpo-Whore: Climate Scientists = Nazi Eugenicists

Canners crushed: Homeless protest supermarkets' limits on can and ...

Congress Asked to Up Ethanol Production

UN never said Taiwan was part of China, vice president says

Opinion poll: 37% of Koreans think Japan is the "most dangerous country"

A Modest Proposal for Pres. Abbas

Guardian Unltd - When the first shot is fired

Israel defies Bush, calls tenders for new West Bank homes

Separation fence construction halted around Ariel area

Israel plans new West Bank homes

The Case Against Alan Dershowitz

What is the point of an exit poll if it incorporates "real" results

Video of Shelley screaming about how high school kids can hack Diebold

HEY! Shouldn't we be recommending this thread? So others can...

Need your stolen election protest pics for Flash movie "Loser"

CSPAN-2 will re-air the Baker/Carter Panels tonight at 9pm

Don't forget! CSPAN to show Fed Election Reform Comm around 10:30am today

Update from New Yorkers for Verified Voting!

Blast from the past: The REAL Election Reform Hearing - Conyers


Do you surf this forum to relax from working on election reform?

Conyers statement on Carter-Baker Commission. Sorry if duplicate

KOEB -- Monday 4/18

Anyone have information regarding the Ink A Vote system?

Diebold Lobbyist Documents Reveal More Problems

County election records of voter party affiliation

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for Monday and Tuesday

Screaming Numbers - Robert Koehler, printed in AM New York

FINALLY!! is finished and ready for prime time...

Open Voting Consortium needs your help for the elections!

FL Optiscans vs. Touchscreens:Prob of 9.03% discrepancy-1 in 12.7 trillion

Orange County family turns Cal Dem Party Progressive.

Gay rights march tomorrow at Sonoma Sate University (California)

Who are people supporting for other state wide offices other than AG

Anti-War Resolution Passes California Democratic Party Convention

Leach a-flippin' and a-floppin'

JAMAIL & PITT - Boston, April 25, 6:30 pm


CHOMSKY - Boston Mobilization’s annual fundraiser, May 3, Cambridge

Veterans for Peace in Concord, MA

Anyone go to either Ann Coulter event? nt

Daschle to speak here on public leadership May 2

Several Good Strib LTTE against Bachman

having some SQL troubles

Is Road Runner good?

Dallas: Early "Shakespeare" DU Outing Friday?


i was in downtown Dallas on of folks in black

Doing a bit of research here Texan DUers!

Missing Democrats doom budget measure

Is there really any point in contacting Hutchison or Crony with

Roll Call: Who's going to Democracy Fest in June??!!!!

I have a question for Dallasites

One way to help defeat Mark Green

WI APR-17-2005 Weirdness comes out of the woodwork in Wisconsin

Do we know yet if Mark Green will be running for governor?

Why did house vote down the waiver for military

Big News !!

Carter warned about Peak Oil

Raw Story: Others believed involved writing Schiavo talking points memo

14 defining characteristics of fascism.

Don't give up on the moderates!


The Voting Rights act of 1965 expires in 2007.

Where there is smoke -- there is a Pope

Important breaking news from The Vatican!

republicans PREFER Lies to Truth

you'd hardly recognize Jesus after the G.O.P. extreme makeover

Ignoring the obvious and not asking questions that will embarrass the

"Pants on Fire" older but insightful essay on Rush L

Buckle your seat belts

US claims of Iraqi 'peace' in tatters (The Independent, UK, 4/17)

The push to abolish the GOP dominated Government is justified

ONE campaign is legitimate. Evaluate and support it here:

"SUPPORT PRESIDENT BUSH OR GET OUT OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

c-span caller: is Lincoln backwards on the penny cause he turned his back


Now on DVD: The Sanitizer's Cut

Is Air America in Philly?

Do we have a chance in '06?

My "don't forget" list, who's on yours?

100,000 new soldiers?

Political Living Will

Finally They Admit It! No Oil Is Getting Out Of Iraq.....

9/11 videos.

A Funny Cartoon

Students paid for tattling on peers

Google Satellite Map Games

Iraq Kidnap Reports May Be Exaggerated

an" angel of mercy" is dead

I'm restoring a "manual" cutting device this morning.....

I feel so guilty,

Tom DeLay's weekend NRA speech on C-SPAN at 11:30am EDT

2RA To Secede From The Union! If Only For An Hour. Submit Your Grievances

The timeline for the modern day repuke party

CSPAN to broadcast 9/11 Truth lecture April 18th!?

HELP! Need link to news that GOP 2004 win not huge! Responding to neocon.

"Ted Nugent to Fellow NRAers: Get Hardcore"

Carradine and Sands Lead as Bush and Blair in Iraq War Drama Stuff Happens

Lawsuits target financiers of 9/11 attacks

Bit of a long read...

Would Eisenhower be considered a Liberal in today's world?

Robert Reich on The Daily Show tonight

Is the price of gas = Bush votes minus Kerry votes, divided by 1 million?

I quit smoking

April 19, 1995-the day white supremacist terrorists attacked

With Bush's approval rating plunging, a provocative poll question

Freeper asshole tries to convince the public that Air America doesn't work

Fun I am having with a delirious repuke

C-SPAN Election Reform Comission Meets 10:30AMET

Anyone else watching the riots in Beijing?

[2RA.ORG] Second GOP Lawmaker Calls Delay to Step Down

DeLay Writes Memo to Bush

A Life well lived.Marla Ruzicka,RIP.

Will the dow dip below 10K today? I say maybe even within the next

more then 31,000 on no-fly list

I hope this doesn't turn into a case of 'Where one leads others will follo

Does Clark talk about anything BUT Iraq??

Watching the market for signs of coming recession....

Dow Chemical Buys Silence in Michigan

CNN: Bankruptcy bill leaves little for family - (VIDEO)


Houston Reep Talk Radio Guy Busted as Tax Cheat

Did Jesse Jackson (Sr.) ever speak out against the genocide in Rwanda?

Could this be why DeLay is still there?

Blogging and the future of free speech- a question for DUers

Black smoke? White smoke ?

Who here has ever used the Family Medical Leave Act?

Hidden at the bottom of the "Top Ten Conservative Idiots"

re: Wash. Jour. Lincoln Mus. show -- Russert is in the mix - GOP Superlobbyist Jack Abramoff and His Closest ....

gold star for Jermaine O'Neal

Canada - next election may be good news for the Left...

Delay Billboard.. Vote for slogan now!!!

MSNBC: Radical Right Still A Threat

Euthanasia kits available at 250 Belgian pharmacies

CSpan2: Leahy giving good speech re: Repub. behavior

Anybody seen Truthout's "Red State Road Trip"?

Bolton Often Blocked Information (from Rice and Powell)

Most importantly, I want to be a cool and clever religious believer.

What percentage of U.S. citizens are Catholic?

Democrats, Resist Compromise on Social Security

Our House in Havanna

Is this legal? Bush uses S.C. State House for SS campaign event >>>

Text, webcast, and intro by Art Torres of Howard Dean's CA speech.

This Activist was NOT killed by an IRAQI CAR BOMB. She was murdered

Did *your* slogan make the final Delay billboard cut?

Should some enterprising Italian Web geek put a "Vaticam" on the web?

(M)Ann Coulter's new Time cover released ...

Remember when Clinton was President every day for the MSM was filled


Only 72 Hours Left to Vote...

"Things Are Almost Back To Normal" In Fallujah Says New York Times

Bolton updatates & the most important senators to call today

"People of Faith", just what the hell does that mean to the republicans?

Generational Equity and the Vatican Conclave

County election records of voter party affiliation

Twin Cities healing/prayer ceremony for Red Lake Nation

Coulter doesn't like her pic on the cover of TIME (according to sludge)

Why are "religious" DUer's such a bunch of whiney crybabies?

Please Fedex This IDIOT Some Enlistment Forms, Pronto!

why is there so much indiscriminate hate for religion on DU

Local, Live Thom Hartman on KPOJ in Portland!

What part of his job is Bush doing better than Clinton ?

attn Germans and/or Europeans: what is the deal with the German

Here's a challenge: Think of something you have in common with Bush

Repug moron files frivolous lawsuit against the RNC! LOL

Does anybody know this about the Texas Republican party?

Israeli envoy to visit Jonathan Pollard soon

Hopes of debt/poverty relief crumble as US and Europe disagree

It is 12:03PM right now but the DOW Index report seems to be...

Jon Stewart is on Oprah....

Just to keep my hand in

I'm still a patriot and I'm still proud of my country!

Breaking: Black smoke seen coming from Sistine Chapel

Should Pope's and Priests be married?

Workplace warm and fuzzies -- note irony in subject line....

The Iraqi official who said the hostage story was BS was murdered today

W of the Day-January 3, 2003

Why the Confusion? Scientific Theory vs. Belief

Enron's "Smartest Guys" in court and at the movies this week

Why don't people get it...

George Bush violates the Hatch Act (using fed building for campaign event)

Is Ann Coulter a man?

Did you hear Bush in a news clip today say he is not disappointed

Carter /Baker Election Reform hearinging on C-Span now

Those violent Repubs

Separated at birth? Eric Rudolph and David Duke...

If you can stomach it

Is there anyone in their right mind, who really wants to submit blogs to

Fellow Peakoiler's: Could someone give me the type of Oil that is in ANWR?

John McCain has announced he will NOT support the Nuclear Option?

C. Ratzinger is wrong about Moral Relativism; I wonder why . . ?


So my broker called me this morning ........

An Unjust War - by Charley Reese

Crimes that the Persecutors of Clinton had committed while attacking him

MoveOn PAC is raising funds to run radio ads on the Bankruptcy

Legalities surrounding disrupting a live television broadcast.

The Liberal Response

Girl accuses AOL chatroom monitor

I sandbagged a army recruiter today.

We can help ourselves by spreading the right-wing message

Just got a call from a recruiter

BS "from George Carlin" ? + His apology.

Dobbs is over the top tonight - "Hearings not in english"

*CAPTION THIS* John Bolton

The right-wing owns the moral high ground

there are any number of things that could wipe out the human race

FAIR Alert: Washington Post Sweeps Away Lott's Racist Record

Time to Write to Time

Corps don't pay taxes, they only pass them on...

Henry "Family Man" Hyde retiring

Veterans for Peace in Concord, MA

The Judicial Confirmation Network

Righties getting mad at me

Wellllllllllll, could this be what Sirius will replace AAR with??

Bolton & Delay - the REAL battles

If this were a novel......

My favorite quote of the day via Molly Ivins

nzl media thinks Joseph Ratzinger will be Pope

What time does FDR Part II come on?

Bad News for Bush on No Child Left Behind

The Crusaders: Plotting to remake America in their own image

The media must be truly ticked....

More computer help please

Whats bush poll ratings ??

I have a question about the unemployment figures

MediaMatters weighs in on Time's "Coulter Edition"!

Veterans for Peace march in Concord, MA Patriots' Day parade

Want to see the reason Bush got elected?

One more time (still preparing to reformat)

Who cares about the smoke. What will the smoke reveal?

The stock market prefers Democratic presidents to Republicans Is Shutting Down! Visit Before It Is Too Late!!!

New Articles at Yurica Report - MSM reports Dominionist/Theocratic Coup

Bill O' Reilly

This is what I think about the election (or whatever) of the next Pope...

Bernie Kerik's former mistress is in the news

Juan Williams causes Britt Hume to lose it re: Bolton

Freepers celebrate death of Marla Ruzicka

I know why BUSH'S face is always messed up.....

G W Bush A Presidential Portrait

If you were the shrub

Absences make the firms grow tougher

Paid almost $50 for a fill-up today... god it felt good.....

Serious Effort Coming to Reinstate Draft in "Lame Duck" Session 2006

What would this collection of bumper stickers and magnets say to you?

( Australian ) Government accused of exporting death penalty

There was NO "Regular" grade gas at the station this afternoon

Someone has hacked Minstrel Boy's thread

Does anyone know about the new bill that being proposed about the

I always mixed my dating with abuse of third world labor.

Saw some very in-shape soldiers at the Boston marathon

Why couldn't bush just be happy with his inevitable inheritance?

Ratzinger said Catholics voting pro choice IS PERMITTED

Bush and his debates

The neocons

Rove: White House 'strongly' behind DeLay

Another Great White House Correspondent

Paper ballots NOW!!!! Hand counts Now!!!!! n/t

Two things I've learned from the FDR documentary

Do we REALLY only need THREE?

Papal Voting Patterns

Here is how to find cheaper gas in your area.....

Robert Reich is my HERO!

MSM racism? Why isn't the story about the abduction of an Hispanic

"No State Funeral for FDR" - Just Love (Listen Up Wingnut Lurkers)

How is this different from Coulter?

Here's how our Florida reps voted on the bankruptcy bill

Oprah all but admits she's against the rethugs

I'm really sick of Democrats who draw the line at where

Ed Schultz is really a Putz today

The Dems who voted for bankruptcy bill may now be supporting a energy bil

A Letter To Time: Casting Couch Ann

Presidente Quixote

I might take a job in St. Cloud MN

Breaking on CNN website! Lance Armstrong retires...

Are you noticing longer gas lines?

When is Jon Stewart going to be on Oprah

HR Experts: Are employrs allowed access to an employee's health Ins info?

Did anybody see "FDR" on History Channel?

Even after Time's cover story, you still don't know "the real Ann Coulter"

Enter your zipcode and search YOUR neighborhood..mine is scary

People are still buying gas guzzlers?

there's just too diddley darn much religion in this here new century here!

why do heterosexuals act like gay people are going to rape them?

Mexican Leftist Prez.candidate not allowed to Run.

Who will be the next pope?

Is capital punishment unconstitutional?

How would we react if it was discovered that 9-11 was an inside job?

Time Magazine Coulter Poll... take it!

Intelligent design: no designer?!?

HEY! I just received my "Think Blue 11/4/2008 bands!!!!

Einstein died 50 years ago today

Time corrects Coulter pic (

Must Read! A funny and true story

One of the NRA Protesters on Randi now

Separated at birth? Delay and Saddam!

"Big" Ed Schultz Poll: 57% say wrong to go after Dems!

Is it constitutional to ban ammo?

I'm I the only one who thinks this "black smoke" Pope thing is childish?

Why hasn't the Coulter Time Cover been photoshopped yet?

Eleanor Roosevelt. Wife. Mother. First Lady. Humanitarian.

A sex offender has moved into our neighborhood. What to do?

Watch your back, your personal info might be out there, FREE!

Ann Coulter Chat poster selling his post

The new SAT includes an Essay Question?

Kansas the 2nd Theocratic State

Anyone seen the History Channel's Kennedy docs?


What is the longest you have gone without a good supply of decent food?

The Culture of Hope

Has there been any word from Sirius about AAR at all?

Majority of Iraqi "insurgents" never target civilians

Editorial & updates on the "accidental" pandemic flu virus distribution

What would a stereotypical American be like from a foreigner's viewpoint

Am I Wrong to Think the Rich Should Pay a Higher Percentage in Taxes?

"Because you never know when you have to leave..."

Anyone receive an email from Barbara Boxer

My letter to TIME magazine...

The Rise of the Theocrats

Sex Offender Registry...

There will be a new Pope within 24 hours;do you honestly think

What form of governement does America appear to have now?

PIX - The Hand of God? >>>

RIP Marla Ruzicka, a bright, shining compassionate light killed in Iraq

I am not hungry, and I am grateful.

The Carter-Baker Commission On Elections Has Compromised Itself

Should all churches in all denominations pay taxes?

Air America Ratings ...

The US constitution protects everyone, even undocumented aliens

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Meet N Greet

'Amnesty Global'

Dean tells state Democrats abortion rhetoric needs to change

What liberals can learn from the new Dodge Charger

Time Mag Runs Pic of Reep Plants/Fake Protesters ("Communists for Kerry")

How to talk to a W believer

The End Timers thrive in Lake City

A necessary rant on the Drug War and liberal denial...

Life under a Christian Empire

I made fried cornbread with my beans last night.....

Sour dough starter

Coddies (Poor Man's Crab Cakes?) An almost forgotten Baltimore favorite

BC DUers...what's that sound? DId someone just drop a writ?

Plaid pledges 50% top-rate tax (The Guardian)

Conservatives will take the axe to cash for environmental protection

Liberal Democrat Watch

Policital Survey 2005

Howard is building the Labour vote

Who is really running Britain ?

Not just the one election on May 5th

G-7 finance meeting issues warning on economy, splits on aid...

WashPost: Bolton Often Blocked Information, Officials Say

German Ex-Minister Kanther Sentenced Over Illegal Party Funding

NYT: Sent to Rescue Shiite Hostages, Iraqi Troops Find None

An American Aid Worker Is Killed in Her Line of Duty


Bush administration 'broke its own embargo to sell arms to Haiti police'

Ecuador's Congress sacks judges

China-Japan flames scald business

Doctor in anthrax case is left with broken pieces of a life

Iran's Khatami says army ready to repel strikes

A Blog for Baseball Fans Builds a League of Sites (Kos)

Seoul: N.Korea Halts Nuclear Reactor, Reason Unclear

SFChronicle: Activist for war victims killed in car bomb attack

Belgrade steps towards joining E.U. (BBC News)

Venezuela celebrates Quixote book

UK extradition case provokes protest

Students paid for tattling on peers

Bush Social Security Plan Proves Tough Sell Among Working Poor

Mandela charities 'robbed'

Taliban launches pirate radio station in Afghanistan

Taliban Return to Afghanistan's Air Waves

Conservatives will take the axe to cash for environmental protection

Singapore defends its decision to bar Amnesty speaker

UN launches new attempt to mop up Congo militia groups

Russia Wants to Dismantle Foreign Nuclear Submarines

Taliban radio back on air

Mexican farmer named among winners of Goldman Environmental Prize

Iraqis Bitter They Can't Emigrate (to US)

Labor's lightning rod for unity (culleeforneeya)

DNA test to decide whether Columbus was buried in Spain or the Caribbean

Australian stocks hit but no time for panic

Italian PM to form new government - Berlusconi to resign

Iraqis cry foul over 'hostage' mystery

(SF) Bay oil refiners seek big tax cuts

Dean opens the attack!

200 Arrested in Iran Ethnic Unrest, Jazeera Closed

Democrats: GOP abusing power for DeLay

American, Britian arrested in Oil For Food scam!

Iraq Bomb Kills U.S. Soldier, Wounds Another

Democrats search for errors in GOP land (WA State)

Italy Indicts Four over Calvi Killing (“God’s banker” with Vatican bank)

1 Child Killed, 14 injured in Arlington School Bus Crash

Roadside Bomb Kills U.S. Aid Worker (CIVIC) in Iraq


Maoist rebels storm village, execute 10 for refusing to join

Troops find car bomb factory

European Stocks Fall, Paced by Philips, Alcatel, SAP Shares

150 hostages and 19 deaths leave US claims of Iraqi 'peace' in tatters

Iraqi hostage crisis 'grossly exaggerated'

RNC Raises $32 Million in Three Months

Rice Erases Terror Scoreboard

New Book Claims Lincoln Was Gay

State Department Decides Not to Publish Terror Statistics

Plane Crash ( F-16, Charleston, SC )

The Associated Press to impose online licensing fees


Malibu mogul ordered to open beach

Pentagon: Guantanamo Inmates Yield 'Valuable' Data

World terror risk "on the rise" (BBC News)

Bank Officer Gets Prison Time for Pilfering $1 Million From Customers

Berlusconi Defies Ally; Refuses to Resign, Form New Government

Militia chief wants Australian troops out of Iraq

Henry "Family Man" Hyde retiring

Black Smoke Signals No New Pope Elected (today's voting over)

Iraq official killed after hostage comments

Bush Pitches Social Security in S.C. (check out the criticism!)

AP to Impose Online Licensing Fees

Iraq official connected with hostage crisis killed

Iraq officials identify wrong assassination victim


Florida’s Bush Stable, But Few Back White House Bid (Quinnipiac)

Kline's clinic probe linked to abortion foe (Crusader sent AG recordings

Fuel prices have everyone over a barrel

Report: Venezuelan Government Plans to Sell Two Citgo Oil Refineries in US

No probe of Schiavo memo

PetroChina to Import Canadian Crude in 2009

White House Fears GOP Senator Will Kill Bolton Nomination

"Extremism threatens foundations of Pakistani state"

Adobe to Buy Macromedia in $3.4B Deal

High court declines challenge to abortion clinic buffer zones

Monday Night Football moves to ESPN from ABC (WSJ)

Republicans sued over W bumper stickers

Terrorism informant sentenced to five years probation

The Axum Obelisk Coming Home to Ethiopia

Native Americans Bring Ritual Dances to the Ivy League

AP: Historians Defend Book Theorizing Lincoln Was Gay...

Indonesia to build nuclear reactor

US attacks key UN anti-poverty goal as 'aid trap'

Absences make the firms grow tougher

Boca Islamic group under scrutiny for neo-Nazi ties

GE Lobbies China to Get Into Fastest-Growing Nuclear Market

Bush Social Security Plan Proves Tough Sell Among Working Poor

WP: DeLay Issues Broad Denial Of Ethics Violations

Iran bans Al-Jaazera

WP: Markets Await Inflation Data

Chorus for Change in IMF and World Bank

Our Lady of the Underpass?

No bail for suspect in detective's shooting (CNN)

Martin hints at new role for Canada in foreign policy

Facing Global Sanctions, Iran Uses Oil Fields to Seek Alliances--NYT

AP: Showdown Vote for U.N. Nominee Bolton

10 years after terror, radical right still a threat

Senate Asks Bush for Iraq War-Cost Estimates (by resolution, 61-31)

Germany, Russia Silent on 'Spying Consul' Report

Minister: Italy's Berlusconi to Resign

Officials Want to Wire Earth, Check Signs

Court reinstates Holocaust case against Vatican Bank

US Censoring Letters Written By Children (to Guantanamo detainee)

'Garden of Eden' Dying of Poison

Energy bill campaign set to roll out today

Yale, Columbia graduate students strike: Want to be recognized as union

Venezuelan troops nab Colombian paramilitaries

Bush: Retirement might have to wait (yours, not his)

Secret FBI Report Highlights Domestic Terror

Advance: Moussaoui set to plead guilty in 9/11 role...

Bookmakers lay odds on new pope

Hyde says he will retire in 2006

Anti-War Resolution Passes California Democratic Party Convention

Gingrich calls on DeLay to work with ethics investigators

Watchdog requests info regarding relationship between senator, scandal

Santa Rosa deputy resigns after alleged taser misuse (FL)

Supreme Court to Hear Appeal on Hallucinogenic Tea

Al-Jazeera Reporters Banned from Iran

Rove: White House 'strongly' behind DeLay

Shiite alliance: Saddam should be executed if convicted

DeLay mailing says he never broke law

Earth’s gravity may lure deadly asteroid

US Sup. Crt. declines to take up (Ca) state's lawsuit over power billing

RNC raises $32 million in three months

U.S. Military's Elite Hacker Crew

Poll: 78% of Argentines want return to Government-run utilities

India, Pakistan to defy US on Iran pipeline

Sheriff: 9-year-old kills mother, self (CNN)

The senseless death of the woman who fought George Bush

Chris Heinz not running for Office.

U.S. Appeals Court Reinstates Vatican Holocaust Suit

GOP may be trying to spook Byrd from 2006 race

US oil tankers explode in Afghanistan

(National) Guard recruiters shunned

Millions turn out for local elections (in Cuba)

Rockefeller brings intel case to the Senate floor -The Hill

Poor marks for Bush, Congress (CBS poll)

Universe May Have Begun as Liquid, Not Gas

Cancers from US nuclear testing set to double: study

British restaurant declared best in world

Book warns of new threat from China

Minuteman founder leaving Mexico border

Magazine Pins Murphy Among Worst Mayors In Nation (San Diego)

Raw Story: Liberal radio host expected to rip MoveOn over ad targeting Dem

California Student Gets 8 Years for SUV Vandalism (Reuters)

Four Indicted over Roberto Calvi Murder

I have a crazy crush.

Is it just my computer?

I'm back from a birthday party - for a 93 year old...

What kind of sacrifices have you made for your career?

I'm taking names

What is Patriot's Day

I want to be a New Orleans cop during Mardi Gras...

I crush on people way too easy

"Joo know what capitaleesim ees? Get fucked!"

Need Assistance from fellow DUers.

It's Hayley Mills' Birthday

Good Night...but let me leave you with this song!

Please don't look at my signature line.

You have all kept me up past my bed time.

For your snarking enjoyment....

God bless this country! Caffeinated beer:

I'm upset. I don't have quality enemies. Sigh.

I feel like shit.

What movies make you weepy?

Do you like them hard or soft?

What's the weirdest/most exotic thing in your refrigerator right now?

I am five post away from 4,000

Yoda 2008!!!

It's been five weeks and I am still on my work out program!


I'd like to say a nice thing about a fellow DUer:

Woman Gets Stuck In Her Bathtub For 5 Days

I just bought my tickets today for Star Wars Ep. III

Earth Day Page

Important breaking news from The Vatican!

I planted my garden this weekend. Here's what I planted. What about you?

Outlook Express 6 Question:

Everything at work is screwed up this morning

Caption MATCOM!!!!!

oww my back

"Little Oscar" Is Dead. Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Parked Near His Grave

Microsoft Excel help, please!

Anti Hummer / SUV Bumper-stickers

How insightful of Drudge

Yes Kids! Now YOU Can Shop At "Extreme Christian Clothing Stores"!!!!!!

Good Morning, Fellow DUers!

Self Delete=moving to sports forum

Candidate and convention location for 2032 election

I have a question about the DU Store

Ever notice how a victim is always "INNOCENT" and never GUILTY?

Obscure? Lyrics

Post something nice.

Fraternity Hazing - Student Shot More Than 30 Times With BB Gun

So Nuge wants to exclude non-NRA from his BBQ, who would you exclude?

chocolate covered espresso beans....

Man Unhappy WIth Penile-Enlargement Surgery Mails Bomb To Doctor

Today's my birthday

San Francisco Earthquake took place April 18, 1906

DUers Coming To Boston!! Extended Weather Outlook (I'll Keep Updated)

Chocolate covered aunts.

Ant-Covered Chocolate

Man Saves Chicken's Life By Performing Mouth-To-Beak Resuscitation

Wendy's Workers Facing Layoffs In Wake Of Finger Chili Scandal

Forget the ''s the 25th anniversary of Rosie Ruiz!

I'm back...

Rosalie 'Hotsy' Totsy has passed away

Every post leads to greatness

Do Americans "do" too much?

Happy birfday to meee...

Carradine and Sands Lead as Bush and Blair in Iraq War Drama Stuff Happens

It's going to be sunny here all week

Chocolate covered ants.

Dust mites: Neo-con tool or left leaning allies?

11 AM redsox game on right now. Patriots Day starting off good

Good morning! A few Monday morning questions...

If you could change your screenname again, what would it be?

OK, folks, the B_E_B Cafe will now take your breakfast orders.

Finding Neverland rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What kind of job would let me post on DU all day?

I've got chicken marinating in the fridge

Who else couldn't care less about the Boston Marathon?

How should WindRavenX solve her roommate problem?

Human body as micro-environment

This image link contains an illegal code

My favorite pic from the Houston protest against Tom DeLay this weekend

Excuse #82 on "Why to Buy a Hummer"

MrScorpio's Super Bomb Group of the Day: THE THIEVERY CORPORATION


Where, oh where is Osama bin Laden? Let's ask Google Maps

Man Catches Fire During Surgery

My Hare Had a Mole This Weekend!

Sister Helen Reddy?

I SWEAR I'm The ONLY One Working In Massachusetts today

Who wants to play?????? Yippee!

I got an idea

Aye-Aye lovers post pics here

Nominated for funniest damn thread I've ever read on DU:

So... remember when I told you about the RAT in my glove box?

I just found that Who's the fairest thread

I saw "The Upside of Anger" yesterday - that movie was awesome!!

Dupe -- My server is being slow!

If you were a modern day unfrozen caveman or cavewoman

ssssssshhhhhhhhhh Red Sox Nation..........

Tarsiers, anybody?

I am the leg man!

DU lurkers and those with nothing in particular to say post HERE

Improv Everywhere - good stuff!

Morrell Mushrooms

Any Partylite Consultants here?

Gotta post something or there won't be anything in My Posts.

Hey DS1 and other Web Developers: Did You See THIS????

Is there anything nicer

LynneSin's Yearly Rant: Bring your kids to work day

who is gonna win the Boston Marathon today?

Blue jean baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band

Any Adobe Illustrator experts/pros/users with more experience available?

My contention: Focusing on a chimney is not good television.

I'm gonna be the best man at the whoisalhedges/dolo amber wedding!

A Wolphin?

Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez hits monster HR out of Fenway -kills Kenyan winning marathon

Happy Flunk Day

I'm getting my hair cut on Wednesday

BREAKING-white mob chasing black man through Boston Streets

It's .... MARTHA STEWART RADIO! on Sirius!

Man Touched Women With Sperm Filled Condoms - Facing Charges

My cousin lost his teeth due to his drug addiction

My sister just met Jeff Goldblume.

Passive-aggressive Flash animation

Caption ME!!!

No POPE for YOU...come back...One Day

Maybe I should take up surfing to mellow out.

Where do you usually eat dinner?

A Miracle?

Time for Another BRUSH WITH GUINNESS Thread!!!!

Who's you favorite WHO??

So, I guess an honorable mention is a good thing

A sweat stain on one of my undershirts looks like John the Baptist.

If you are a busybody check in! Do you think this is weird?

Stop looking at my signature line.

Boy, that was dumb

DU Marathon Runners: A Question........

Happy Tree Friends Must DIE! Warning: Sick Game Ahead

Lounge thread title trifecta:

Take this test please - 30 seconds

White Stripes' new single "Blue Orchid" just released on iTMS!

Automatic Toilets & Sinks frighten me!!

Woohoo!! Finished doing my tax return......

Did you say something?

Lance Armstrong just announced his retirement from cycling

"The World According to Garp" (the movie) -- Huh?

What cha gonna do when you get out of jail?

Fight with me.

Three women...

I got mistaken for a "baby's daddy" today

Okay...Here's the thing...

Headlines We'd Like to Read, April 18, 2005

Ronnie "Woo-Woo" Wickers hit by car

Hollywood In Bondage



Peptic ulcer or hernia

I've dropped the Q-Bomb at my job. Ask me anything.

"Are those balls? Cause the last time we were here, they were balls."

Let's say I wanted to replace Barry with someone else...

Fluffy is a beginner.

Any airport security people on DU?

What a difference 4 months and lawyers make: Savage's book then and now

.... .. / -.. ..-

I never answer Name Unknown, Private Caller or No Name


Tonight on Animal Planet- Squirrels Gone Wild Uncensored!

Forget Coulter.....

OK, time to vote. Who are we going to elect Pope of the Lounge?

What the hell is Spotted Dick?

Is there an infliction that prevents people from using turn-signals?

For those with a really strong stomach...

Monday's answers

The military sez to Buckle Up!

I have found the secret to Democratic success in 2006 & 2008.

"I'll Go Tally The Votes"

"Daytime heating showers"

My (plump and painfully shy) niece will soon need interviewing clothes.

PLACE YOUR BETS!! EVERYONE Can Be Holy!! Spin The Wheel - Be SAVED!!

Why Should Prostration Be Illegal?


Bush Supporter Sues RNC Over 'W' Logo

How do you consume your caffeine?

If You Were A Breakfast Cereal... Which One Would You Be?

does anyone remember that pre-2001 photo of Bush and the fish ...

25% of all posts in the Feingold group are mine. Ask me anything.

25% of all posters in the Feingold group are mimes. Ask me anything.

Good news everyone, I've decided to change my major!!

I want to thank the person that bought me a star.

Anyone ever see the Mentos commercial with all the birds?

I just got a new PRIUS!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!

Newsweek's doing that "halo" thing with FRIST photos now...

I got mistaken for a father today

My secret confession.....

My Mare Had a Foal This Weekend!

Celebrity Poker on Bravo Re: the singer for Creed.

Take the Trailer Park Boys trivia challenge!

knock on wood

Guess what Blue-Jay got me for my birthday?

I've just had an absolutely exhausting last 10 days.

Another Cat story.... or "Engineering Disasters" on a kitty scale....

Checking in from my "iPod" honeymoon!!

I need Japanese steel.

I'm in pain and I "need" sympathy, had my surgery


Rev is JimmyJazz's & my illegitimate test tube child

It's official: I've lost it.

25% of the posters in the Feingold group are my children, ask me anything

Fox invites you to "Check out these blogs that Hannity fans might like"

Rev has no proof thats my baby, proof inside

I'm having dinner with JimmyJazz tomorrow night - what advice should I...

U.S. Winning the War Against Terrorism Reports

DS1 claims the following are acceptable forms of addressing him:

Cops say S'mores were spiked with hallucinogenic mushrooms

I'm In A BAND!! And we have a hit single!!!

I'm listening to Cream's Disraeli Gears right now, what are u listening to

Will you see 'Batman Begins'?

Cardinals gather to elect Pope

I shot off my mouth and now I need to kiss either Matcom or his dog

My crazy three year old is yelling "916! Emergency! 916!!"

Deadwood Prediction

Anyone else like portabella burgers?

I need a photoshop job done on sundog. Any takers?

How many here take stomach medication?

Kleeb is my baby's daddy.

FINE! Kleeb isn't my baby's daddy.

Federation Ship Enterprise. Surrender and prepare to be Borded.

I've come to hate my own creation. Now I know how God feels.

Matcom wants us to call him, "Lord of HELLFIRE"

Help me name these two new additions

Has anybody read The Bad Breath Bible yet?

Why do people think flouride is bad for you? That it's some kind of plot?

Online polls, weblinks and Spyware

Dinosaur colors.

Anybody got a Bootcamp story to share?

Any idea when new Insomniac episodes are coming...


Which kind of person do you prefer and why?

I really believe that if you play this game

These are *THE* funniest toys I've seen in a while.

Prepare to laugh your ass off

I'm A Big Boy Now! (part 1)


Why Should Prostitution Be Illegal?

mmmm homemade pizza

Gay Black Jewish Klansmen for Tolerance and Understanding

"I really shouldn't have done that"

Ishka is having kittens RIGHT NOW!!!!

What whack-job church is spreading this?

From where I sat it appeared that Boston Fan was attacked

I can't wait.

Things Bush has said that are actually true? Help me out, everyone!

I am a metrosexual retread.

You ever hear of someone's mouth being to small to eat a hot dog???

If I were elected Pope...

Is there a website that shows detailed street maps, including addresses?

LOL....check out the new sign on the California governor's mansion:

Tasteless, or just tacky, which?

He doesn't like Steely Dan...I've never eaten beef jerky

Sundog isn't actually a canine, he's a primate!

The "America Stands As One" Spoof Video Revealed!

I want a new, super cool sigline.


Duracell and the Troops

Unwise Microwave Oven Experiments

My husband got his Red Sox Nation card today

Is this too ribald for a general audience?

This is post #500 - intended for mature audiences.

I don't have photoshop. But there's something I want to do.

Here Comes the Sun

A thread that I'm starting just cuz I feel like starting a thread

Why Should frustration Be Illegal?

Throw stuff at Bush*

Fuck it, I'm gonna watch "John Carpenter's 'The Thing'"

Boom boom, acka-lacka-lacka boom...

What mp3 player do you use on your computer?

Doctors cure woman of diabetes

Extinct animals you wish were still living--

The "Bobby Goldsboro's 'Honey'" appreciation thread....

"24" Didn't Just Jump The Shark

Why is Braveheart not the greatest movie of all time?

Favorite logical fallacy?

Why must I have the attention span of a two-year-old?

I am a mathmatical retard.

Pigs in Zen

Testin' my avatar.

Paging Mr. Scorpio....

Um, I think I jumped the gun a little earlier this afternoon.

Henry Rollins or Arnold Horshack?

only DUers with sundog pics in their sigs should post here

The smoke...

Chicago hedges/amber engagement Party Photo #1

Strange tales from strange times.

Couple taking care of cat allegedly eat it

Boston DUers

Ok, I need a relationship rules clarification

I saw a Thylacine

Hi, Poochie. You look like you've got something to say. Do you?


Why is * nominating Mark Twain as UN Ambassador?

School video allegedly ridicules special-ed child

HELP! I've been on FR the past couple hours

What if they are doing rock, paper, scissors to figure out the new Pope.

What's your favorite cable/ satellite/ broadcast TV channel?

Mo' kitties (Suggestions for captions?) RESIZED 4 DIALUP

I'm not as "nice" as other people in our peace group.

Grammar experts: "There are a lot of..." or "There is a lot of..."?

eeewwww, Don't touch it!!!!

Feral Cats: Wisconsin's Final Solution

Don't fuck with a maternally enraged Canada Goose.

I oiled my Remington nose hair clippers with cherry Vaseline Lip Therapy

People flocking to Chicago's "Underpass Virgin Mary"

What do U do when an alert comes up saying "running low on virtual memory"

I have a new family member

Scariest Movie Ever

On "24" - why do they all say nuceelar?

Any Earthlink DSL customers having problems?

I just found a really cool search engine!

Now that there is no limit to what we can do with our signatures ...

Damn lazy cat . . .


Well, I finally know that I am on at least one ignore list.

I may be in on the ground floor of a sweet deal

GD is bad for children, adults, and other living things...

Nominated for DU Pun of the Day

May I rant? I take the bus

Crystal meth

my roommates are screwing right over my head

DU Psychics: PREDICT the hard-hitting follow-up to the Bush iPod Expose.

Tom Snyder diagnosed with leukemia.

Things that go well with cottage cheese.

who has me on their ignore list?

Look what I found when I google-pic'ed "ginger ale"

Our Lady of the Underpass?

Recombinant pop culture I: Combine sitcom titles, eg Seinfeld & Son

An afternoon in Salem MA area -- what to do first?

Anyone have that picture of Barbara Bush (the younger one, not the old hag

I beg you to stop looking at my signature picture.

Question for DUers with arthritic knees

Get your "Male Prostitute W.H. Press Pass" merchandise here!

Inspired by progmom's kid: tell us what weird thing your kid is doing.

Kalifornia is on the Movie Channel

What if.... in the Vatican... somewhere in an undisclosed

I need some advice/comments from you to this story

So I go away for awhile and Sundog cheats on me?

What movies make you want your money back?

If you ruled Wisconsin, how would you deal with the kitty problem?

What should I not forget to pack?

Cheddar Cheese Triscuits - nauseating, or simply disgusting?

New Device for men that automatically puts Condoms on for them

Kerry hasn't e-mailed me back yet.

SQUIRRELS...Threat or Menace!

Your passport, please?

I want my old TechTV!

Another "Classic" Video for you! Apache!

A sweet story!

Recombinant pop culture II: Improbable musical genres, eg Rapgrass

This isn't too creepy....?

How innocuous advertisements get perverted.

Our Lady of the UnderPass?

I am having a Chicken Ceasar Salad Sandwich for lunch....

The worst song you've ever heard--what is it?

What is your reaction when you see this picture?

My mother is crazy and MY sanity is waining...

Countdown to Boston


Second Round of the Democratic Nomination Bracket competition has begun!!!

Blackadder to return

Things NOT To Say During The Papal Conclave

I had the worst dream: Ann Coulter refused to leave my house

Holy shit I'm really hurting, even on Oxycodone

"Mad Max" Fans Surround Tanker Truck On Way To Movie Marathon - Arrested

my dad is a closet neo-con

Has anyone ever been on a game show?

Who here has eaten Jell-O with Salad Dressing?

Is this romantic? Am I being high-maintenance?

Question for Brits: Does England really swing like a pendulum do?

th e-mail exchange between the the Ultimate Warrior and the web guy

Weird eBay auction of the day

MASS Produce Your Holy Grilled Cheese with the Original Holy Pan!!

Are republicans mentally challenged?

"If it's not Scottish, It's CRAP!"

Which meet-up will you be attending?

Only 8 Grand

Rove is EMPHATIC: "the idea that Bush is not an intellectual is incorrect"

I cannot believe it, but I'm watching Benny Hill

Okay this is my 1,000 post, ask me anything! n/t

I am not hungry, and I am grateful.

The ONE Scene From A Movie That You JUST Cannot Watch!

I quit smoking

Preliminaries: The DU Worst Song Ever Tournament

Good morning to all you night lizards

Update on Seal Hunt since April 11th

Ladies and Gentlemen: Net Rippers

Christian T-Shirts Carry Extreme Messages

The Essence of Jesus In A Candle?

Bishop Gene Robinson on Cspan 2 now

Is the line "You're either with us or against us" which

Anyone know what happened to that secret Cardinal?

Wow! Nuns protesting in Chicago!!!

C. Ratzinger is wrong about Moral Relativism; I wonder why . . ?

The rabbi who wrestles with crocodiles

Headsup: Update on "accidental" PANDEMIC FLU VIRUS release in GD thread

Part whale, part dolphin, baby wholphin born in captivity

Former Australia Premier's Partner Claims Pension

Canada To Conduct Gay Marriage Census

Homosexual Activists Planning To Converge On Focus On The Family

Any Other Cornhusker Fans Here?

NOT sportscaster hall of fame "..and boom goes the dynamite"

Boss blows up after 4th straight loss . . .

Pssst...the Red Sox look pretty goddam good so far

Mike Schmidt - the Greatest Third Baseman Ever

Monday Night Football moving to ESPN

18 Years ago today, the Greatest Third Baseman ever to

A Blog for Baseball Fans Builds a League of Sites (Kos)

Sox fan who interfered with Sheffield has his season tickets removed

Casualty Ishii's line - 4/18/05

Sam Mills dies (Panthers linebackers coach, former pro bowler). Only 45.

Yankees to battle Tampa Bay for sole possession of last place...

Even when basketball's next great player lands in their lap . . .

Monday Night Football moves to ESPN from ABC (WSJ)

Libby is home!

Our new tenants!

Are we at TIME's End?

Divine Inspiration? (Spiked editorial cartoons)

Interesting number:

A fantastic article about the nature of belief:

Hollywood In Bondage

Born again b and b

Status of all bills filed by Sen. Kerry in 2005 session

Kerry says new plan helps kids

I agree with Ed Schultz about

KLEEB: Please read

Shifting the SSI fight to Senate Finance Committee

I did a little researching on Steny Hoyer if anyone is curious

News on Vanessa Kerry and Chris Heinz


some incredible Kerry pics thanks to LittleClarkie

Goin' to California

April 18 Newsletter -a live Vatican Smoke Cam and attempted vengeance

Please remind me: Where are we MEETING 2-NITE?

Our cup runneth over! - THREE new KO caps from gogomag!!!

I just sent this to Oddball via the staff...

New Countdown commercial !


Clinton won 6 terms of Arkansas Governor before running for President

Join us now for Day One of the Tom DeLay Political Deathwatch :)

Robert Reich on Air America Radio right now!

Australian pharmacist denies entire town condoms

Eric Rudolph - Caring, Compassionate Human Being

The Interesting Thing About Scandal

submit a comment to EPA regarding Water Quality EPA proposed

Here are the Republican Filibusters during the Clinton Years

Pitcairn sex case appeal begins

Poor Ralph Reed - Can't keep the truth from everybody

A Big Week for Religious Zealots

Catholics Steer Delicate Course in Africa

What can we do to help the people of the Darfur Region in the Sudan?

So if Repugs need the fillibuster do they just change the rules

David Horowitz Writes About Pie in Email request for money

Right Now, an Eric Rudolph wanna be is waiting

Carradine does Bush in stuff

What's missing from this timeline on the modern day repuke party ?

Suggestion: Let's be REALLY careful about paraphrasing, okay?

A request of those with Republican Senators

Hey a mainstream article that is negative about FRIST

DeLay to NRA: "you want your friends around, preferably armed."

Bolton Often Blocked Information, Officials Say (from Powell, Rice)

The House that Jack Built. (Great website on Abramhoff & his connections)

These People are Idiots

Read Josh Marshall, on the Democrats' problem...

I'm trying to build a top ten list.... help!

CNN: Bankruptcy bill leaves little for family - (VIDEO)

Harris Poll: President's Job Ratings Fall to Lowest Point of Presidency

Border passports?

Chaffee's re-election may hinge on his vote on Bolton ?

Another sweet kid gets tossed into Bush's Iraqi Meat Grinder

LIVE NOW 12:30PM on C-Span Carter/Baker Commission hearing on HAVA!

Gas advice from Bush: "must change the types of automobiles we drive"

Cybersecurity officials turn tables on congressional graders

Lawmakers to team up on hiring legislation - unions wary

Lott slams shrub, Dole: "long knives out" for bugman

Bolton is a "kiss up, kick down type of guy", says one testimony.

Santorum: Father First, Senator Second

Anyone Have A Link To Write To Chuck Hagel About Bolton????

VA: Poll Shows Kilgore-Rep Leading Kaine-Dem

Dean event sold out in Naples, FL, tomorrow. Very heavy GOP area.

Texas Oil For Food Scandal - All Hat No Cattle

Trent Lott to Bush: DeLay "deserves your support, aggressive support"

Frame: Rich Constructionalist

How bad does it have to get before Repubs accept any responsibility?

L. Fletcher Prouty and, uh, "Non Peak" Oil....

HouseofScandal's "Delay, Inc" video

some people just can't resist Barbara Boxer

Cornyn denies ties to lobbyists (Abramoff, Reed)

Many teens carrying credit, debit cards -- and carrying balances

G/G's GOPUSAEAGLE:"Is "Ethics" Just Another Word For Politics?"

Carter /Baker Election reform meeting now on Cspan n/t

Hubby's billboard submission one of top 30 chosen

Oh, how I miss FDR...

MSNBC Question of the Day

GOP changes Phase-Out rhetoric again...

JOHN ENSIGN responds to my letter opposing Bolton


The voice of Labour's heartlands has shifted power irrevocably to Brown

Bolton Updates & the most important senators to call today

Ratzinger and his changing muslims in EU to xians

Will the religiously insane hate fest scheduled for this Sunday


The L word: Harris poll results

Never buy into the lies that Catholics = Republicans.

On April 29, 2005 park to dedicate new urinal in honor of G.W. *.

Should Dems shut down the Senate in the post-nuclear aftermath?

Bolton - keep up the pressure on Chafee - new poll

a couple thoughts

Negroponte no longer a sure thing - thanks to two kids.

Hagel Hints at Opposition to U.N. Nominee

James Dobson is running radio ads against Sen. John Warner (R)

MSNBC Live Poll: Should Rep. Tom DeLay Resign...

Dissect this argument for me (re: Scalia's reticence to answer)

Fundie online rag : Justice O'Connor is just one of the "un-American" six

Culture of Life, er Strife flyer available if you want it

Houston Chronicle: Nugent, Daniels, Kay Bailey H.= "extremist hostility"

How long from today do you think it will take DeLay to resign?

Wow! This Borgman cartoon on oil prices was in Florida Times-Union!

Could MSNBC's Chip Reid be any more biased re: DeLay?

Howard Dean to Der Gropinator: "Do not go down the same road as Tom DeLay"

Fox: WH Spokesman Trent Duffy DENIES "loyalty screening" for Bush "events"

Randi Rhodes: "When did Osama go from a CIA guy, working for US...

Freeper Presidential Poll for 2008

Go here and vote for anti-DeLay billboard slogan:

Ted Nugent

Could someone explain the judicial nominee thing to me one more time?

Liberals should be happy gas prices are going up...

New "historic" site in Florida, not real far from Disney and Busch

Moon brought the Heritage Foundation into his sphere of influence long ago

Rice Erases Terror Scoreboard - Nixes 20 yr old report on terror!

U.S. forces abuse and torture female detainees in Iraq

For a repuke, Rep. Gil Gutknecht, R-Minn., sure spanked shrub.

Bush Says Private Accounts Offer Young Workers a `Better Deal'

Wish it was my idea--but it ROCKS!

all this talk about Democrats and being pro-choice....

Interview with Melody Townsel

The TIME mag cover we all WANT to see...

Liberal Media and Liberal Judges

American Progress - The House's Dirty Little Bill

Expansive Foreign Policy/Defense Survey - Good news for Dems

What's the difference between having a green card and a work visa?

DU photo archive thread: Bush head wounds has arranged an LTE form on the nuclear option...

Fire Bombs in Iraq: Napalm By Any Other Name

CSPAN Schedule Tuesday April 19th

Dem leader pledges to back contractor wage requirements

Robert Reich on the Daily Show

A decade after Oklahoma City, FBI wrestles with demons

Blaming widespread "faulty" voting machines is bad for Democrats

Horrifying, personal John Bolton story

Anyone hear Ed Schultz talking to Tom Hanson from

Where is a good site to get info on Inheritance Tax?

Dean's speech to the California Democratic party

They have GOT to be kidding: Conservative martyr complex alert

I was amazed by what I learned about FDR last night

Major Blunder in Time's Ann Coulter Cover Story

I think Dean fucked up.

What are the odds of a Liberal Pope?

CSPAN schedule, 4/19: Election reform, Bubba and Cheney.


Cokie Roberts, Patton, Hale, Boggs/Dems tie-in to Oil for Food/KoreaGate!

COULTER is the Time Cover Story!

I think a draft is the only thing that will wake up many Americans

Howard Dean talks of "dribble"

federal court rejected BUSH administration's that would have destroyed...

Polls show the most people think that rich pay too little in taxes.

Brian Anderson: Air America doomed?

Is Hillary a good politician?

Huey Long: They shot him down.

Don't forget to DU this Coulter/Time poll! 80%+ already say no!!

The NRA AGM was preaching the same thing as the God

Who do we support next: Email from Barbara Boxer

Okay...disappointed Ed Schultz listeners have you e-mailed him?

Here is what Republicans said in 2000 about Clinton's gas prices (LMAO!)


Can anybody candidate beat McCain (Electoral College discussion)?

Ann Coulter wants Jews profiled at airports

RW Hack Hit Piece on AAR in LA Times.

"Well, Dr. Dean, you don't know me."

Need help in freeper debate.

"Sin" Taxes

"We Watch Fox So You Don't Have to"

DU Approval Ratings: Howard Dean

Tom Delay's House of Scandal Website (COOL!)