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Archives: April 16, 2005

Yes, the U.S. did overthrow Aristide in Haiti (op-ed / Topeka Capital J)

Toshiba unveils flat-screen 3-D display

Long-term risks of battery poisoning probed

RSVP here for the next Meet-Up

A Horrible rethug "argument" against abortion in my local paper

The Southern Bracket of the Dem. Nomination Bracket competition has begun!

okay, maher just went off, i flipped the channel, and sky taxi starring

Is the bottom about to drop out of the stock market?

Why am I not convinced that the garbage man killed Christa Worthington?

PABAAH Leader Jon Alvarez is getting enlisted!!!!

Don't change you mind Mr. Frist-- make that speech! Make that speech!

Which do you hate more?

Bush* fucking the environment Again.

Yes, Virginia...there is an Osama bin Laden.

shostakovich: a lesson for our time

I am so enraged about the credit card companies

Listening to David Frum on Bill Maher

Bill Maher, Neo-con

Was Clinton out of bounds with his comments about Finkelstein?

Checkmate (My Speculation)

Is there obvious classism on DU?

A really neat DU cooking thread ... in the lounge!

Spanakopita (pix heavy)

Annan dismayed by death of peacekeeper in Haiti

NYT: Frist Accused of Exploiting Religion Issue

Ghana-Sudan: Hundreds of refugees from Darfur trek to Ghana

Melody Townsel Discusses Bolton on AAR 9:45pm PDT West Coast

Japan endorses constitutional change

Venezuela to Change Agreements with Transnational Oil Companies

Latest Security Incidents Kill Six People Including Four Americans

Group Urges Return of Accused U.S. Priests

Clean Air Change Is Built Into Bill

LAT: GOP Support for Bolton Might Be Wavering

Catholic Dissidents Call for Openness

Kan. Governor Vetoes Abortion Clinic Rules

Lobby / Latest / Greatest > My Posts - well, the forum navigation

A bat is a mammal. A mammal has hair. Therefore,

Did some scouting...

Express Yourself


Post a clue to a song or movie with just one image

Deadgood--any wood?

I went to Rod Stewart's concert tonight!

Argh. Everytime I open Word or Wordperfect, they close with an error msg!


When Humvee became Hummer

DU this poll:

Are there forums or groups that you used to visit that you no longer do?

Listening to Rush's "Hold Your Fire". Ask me anything.

This reminds me of one of our cats when they were a kitten.

How has Air America Radio changed your life?

How many times does your name and phone number appear in bathroom stalls?

Photo Caption Time.

which of these is the worst problem?

Longgrain won't let me use this as my official coloring contest entry.

i just bought 15 cds online; ask me anything!

Ah Mexican professional wrestling.

I have a big problem with Habitat for Humanity



I hope Delay sticks around and is not booted from his position in

Should the U.S. Pull Out of Iraq Now?

Great meetings with our congresspersons...DFA, True Majority, Pictures.

The Southern Bracket of the Dem. Nomination Bracket competition has begun!

Another good Delay site--House Of Scandal

Iraq's Economic Catastrophe

Frist's intolerance (Boston Globe)

Filibuster fight getting personal (Times Argus)

Questionable record

No case for Bolton

Exposing Incompetent Incumbents (WMD Intelligence/Bolton/Carl Ford)

Edwards slams Bush policies

U.S. Public Attitudes And The U.S. War In Iraq

Nelson wins one for Fla. families

Slowly Sliding into Complete Madness

No need for words here. lol

Abortion reduces crime?

The ethical revolution sweeping through the world's sweatshops

China's fury doesn't wash, but why the froth?

Taser use no alternative to intelligent police work

The Benevolent Empire at Work: The EU, Hubris and the Balkans

Frank Rich (NYT): Get Tom DeLay to the Church on Time

Tom DeLay: Don't Resign

Bill Frist's Religious War -NYT Editorial

David Brooks is held to a lower standard than sportswriter Mitch Albom

Bush's iPod filled with infringing goodness

Best morning radio hosts

CJR on Eric Rudolph: media does not use "T-word"

Frog Kick Scooters

Bankruptcy bill, recap and some links

The deletion of Treepig's posts.

China's Cancer Rates Approaching Those Of Western Countries - Xinhua

Portugal Facing Possibility Of Worst Drought In 300 Years

NY State Issues Warning On Six Fish Species In Catskills, Adirondacks

2005 Greenwashing Top Ten List For US Released

ChimpCo To Relax Downer Cattle Ban - Reuters

Chinese Farmers Expel 1,000 Riot Cops In Fight Over Pollution, Corruption

Oceans getting louder; effects unclear

Which candidate would be the strongest on environ issues?

Anyone here ever work for the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)?

Life on the downslope of the petroleum supply curve

At least eight killed in Grozny gunbattle, bombing rocks Dagestani city

The Anti-Pope

Muslim leaders leave Israel event

Jeffrey J. Ake, CEO and hostage.

Photographer for White House child sex ring arrested after Thompson suicid

Observations pointing to use of mini Hydrogen Bomb

Is the September 11th board the conspiracy board?

Rudolph Giuliani Got Warning WTC Towers Were Going To Collapse

From BRAD BLOG: VR Launches Massive Email Campaign (Baker-Carter Scam)

Rasmussen Reports -- Is Bush's Approval Rating Really This High?

Cardinals Use Electronic Voting Machines to Elect New Pope

I did the email blast earlier and got an unexpected reply

Let's give Brad a big hand for a job well done!

HELP! I really really really need a pic of long voting lines...

Blast from the past: Jan. 2003.

PDA Continues Historic Work with Voting Rights Allies

You Can't Do Nothing About This

New York State: Contact state reps for Optical Scan Ballots.

Just got email from Michael Moore asking for ideas on next move. Tell 'em.

Over 22,000 individual emails sent out so far! GO FOR THE RECORD!

Election Fraud Coming Out in European Media -- Thanks to Paddy Maynooth!!!

The BRAD SHOW On the Air!

Conyers Endorses Voting Recommendations of Election Reform Coalition

CA state Controller Steve Westly announces run for governor

Leonard Boswell voted for the Bankruptcy bill.

Globe higher ed contact?

Don't buy a home from this builder.

Ann Coulter to speak at St. Olaf, Sunday, April 17, at 7 p.m.

Help a database dummy

Update to Spybot S/D

Ohio a model for Social Security reform, Bush says

Vigil planned in response to "Justice Sunday" -Apr. 24

N.E. Ohio Census shows loss,Economic woes seen as reason

OH APR-16-2005-0556 Investigation Begins into Skeletal Remains

Movie - The Cost of War - Tuesday - Free at the MAC (Free-will donations)

Films on drug stings in works (Dallas' fake drug scandal)

Tonight's DeLay protest,

TX/Mexico APR-15-2005-1602 Construction workers find human skull in Juarez

Bush going to Galveston April 26 to push his S.S. plan

My call yesterday to Ron Kind's office - Bankruptcy bill

Feingold seeks our input.

headline haiku

Let's nail them on basic "Free Market" economics!

Right-Wing Terror Movements Omitted from DHS Terrorist List

Greer releases Florida's findings on Michael Schiavo

From AmericaBlog: The Vatican already has the NUCLEAR OPTION

What did Newt Say?

Anyone else doing the Atkins diet? I am doing it again after many years.

I recieved this email today

Are any of "our" candy asses over in Iraq?

Bankruptcy bill fears...I can't predict the future, but nothing surprises

The National Exit Poll: A Tragedy in Three Acts

Fucked Up...4 am..ask me anything.

Local Buffalo paper:Democrats now outnumber Republicans

Living Will Form

wpt2 station is saying Bush built a new office at this ranch-thinks will

Has anyone else seen the pro-Bush 10-year-old?

'Moral Values', the most immoral thing America has ever seen

saturday morning toons....

Chile: Probes of Pinochet-Era Crimes Face Shut Down

American Type Cultures - the folks that shipped the flu tests

Republicans changed the rules when they won the Senate...

N.Y. Village Raises Ruckus Over Cannon

Mike Gallagher sends rude 911 operator to disney world WTF!

The Lay of the Last Minstrel

The economy will NOT CRASH. Not yet.

I don't know if this makes any sense, but I can't help but wonder.

Florida agency rejected Schiavo abuse claims

Religious Man Wants to Rename Mt. Diablo

Bush caving in on social security?

Great movie lines

We need a Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus...

Another Army Res./First Responder Dies in Iraq.....

Bush administration eliminating 19-year-old international terrorism report

Why Comcast is chasing DNS outages

Bush Puzzled By Re-entry Plan

If there had been reports of 1 or 2 children or wives/ wk missing in Iraq

Democrats against religious fanatics not people of faith

WH enlists Racicot to straighten MT out, re: Patriot Act

Brazil's president apologizes for slavery

Limbaugh apologizes....

these vids of Dumbya are kind of funny

A co-worker thinks that as baby boomers retire,

Kerry a bad tipper?

On blowjobs, youth, Rush, Kagen, and Clinton--hilarious Wolcott piece!

As I am viewing our retirement accounts

Anti-Japanese sentiment in China

Look at this faux 'Meet The Press' stage set they built for Bush >>>

Secret Service Investigates Art Showing Gun To Bush's Head

Scientists Seek More Cord Blood Supplies

Has our chimperor, little boots, performed a single act...

Billions spent on improving airport security have been WASTED

creative movement. HI nEIghbor.......

bushgang starving the Natl. Weather Serv. - no shit!

Oppression in Amerika

Every time somebody says--

Minuteman Project still creating tension, hurting Douglas businesses

Bwahaha -- Real Time's "Thanks Delay" on video

Friendly Fire

Anarchy in China

I am looking for the PROFILE ICON but cant find it.

Charley Reese says Bush lied

Do you ever wonder if you'd be able to cope with a handicapped child?

Don't use power to measure morality (a LTTE --great)

What I Didn't See in Iraq


Can we revisit Terry Schiavo for a minute?

Movement to Move the UN from US

Change to the Clean Air Act Is Built Into New Energy Bill

Flash back. Remember when they claimed bu$h's approval

How Democrats Went To Bat For The Credit Industry

Terrorism has increased under Bush

One way to put a stop to stupid conservative chain letters

Bill to Protect Moral Bankruptcy Passes Unanimously!

with John Negroponte in charge of homeland security , how long before

For Pie Lovers...A Trip Down Memory Lane

"Bitches" Liberation? Whatever Happened To "Women's" Liberation?

Barbara Boxer on Bill Maher/Video

What would happen if there was real Democracy in the Middle East?

Oh Great... Another Freep Site... Seen This Yet ???

Just must say,Gallup,kiss 50% of my ass.("Bush Job Approval 50%")eom

I oppose third worlders flooding into the country to take jobs

Who is in charge?

Don't mess with (elected) Texans

The 'Creation Science Assn.' Explains those pesky neanderthals, fossils,

Zaba Search

c-span -5:10pm edt replay of wapo iraqi images

Bush approval rating now lower than before 9/11.

88 posts, and only one post addressed my idea of fining employers

The "news lag" factor ... why?

So the WH knew Wiiliams was on the payroll

What do you think about the ammendment to give families of military killed

Do you remember when religious leaders were derided?

litmus test for all 2006 and 2008 candidates . . .

Just got a nice email from Michael Moore

Wall St. collapse = Dems ads against Bush SS plans????????

Anyone try audio book "clubs" online?


Is Safeway Sucking Your Soul?

Important! Help vote this up. Important article being buried

Has the bugman given the keynote yet at the NRA convention yet?

Bush Covers Up Failures in Fighting Terrorism

Hydrogen News, Forbes, GM,

What does this say about the use of lie detectors?

Oh, come on! What happened to that "Impeachthechimp" flameout?

Focus on the Family out to get Sen. Salazar

Airports Not Safer (From LUTD)

Atomic Iran

Never use a debit card to pay at the pump

Radio Free Nashville (stream it!) is looking for program ideas.

It's freepshow Saturday...

Brad Show on Raw Radio Saturday Happy Thread

The Conscientious Majority

Free education hotline open to parents

Now that the bankruptcy bill has been passed in the house

"Gonzo Nights" (recalling one of Hunter Thompson's last interviews)

Michael Moore is Running for Pope

Twentieth Century Men dealing with twentyfirst century problems.

Surviving the coming economic crunch

Do you think we are more likely to get audited because we post on DU?

Remember the name Wen Jia Bao.

Which drugs are used to euthanize animals?

Special to The Washington Post

Chapter 13 Bankruptcies are NOTORIOUSLY unsuccessful

Fundie Creationist versus Utahraptor - Who would win?

Brad Blog / Raw Story have own radio show, Live Tonight

Did you use Turbo Tax*? What's the dumbest (or RW)Tax change did you find?

The Bushes at the Pope funeral

Ex-fundy / Ex-Republican Night?

C-SPAN 2 - David Shipler, author, "The Working Poor: Invisible in America"

Where can I find Chaney's complete tax return?

Religious Extremists Want to Stop Cancer Vaccine for Children!!!

will XM have the full AAR Line up

ENRONIZED ! : Evidence the oil industry is purposely driving up gas prices

Roger Ailes fighting for credibility on CSPAN, trying to

Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked!

Is the September 11th board the conspiracy board?

Saturday morning and a garden to plant

America's weakness is greed

Has there been any word/coverage of DeLay's speech to the NRA in Houston?

Crypto-Gram Newsletter: Hacking the Papal Election

Our Leaders Are Nuts

Karel's KGO program starting 7 PM Pacific Time

The 2004 election was stolen — will someone please tell the media?

Hell, we need a Boxer group!

What did Zahi Hawass find in the chamber beneath the Sphinx?

Watching "Hotel Rwanda",...

Update: No Schavio abuse

The filibuster decides if the elections are rigged

MG Rover Collapses

Chinese demonstrations are about oil, not history books

Chinese arms for Iraq?

Chimpy kissing Pickles at the Pope's funeral

My lovely Senator Frist wrote me personally

Notice: BradBlog on Raw radio NOW

Series of disputes fray Japan-China ties

Sad sign of the times at the veterinary clinic (financial).

If you want a good cool drink of water...

Wow! The "One" Campaign ad just aired here in Alabama

"Fox news alert" says DeLay about to make a speech

Boxer too pretty to be president ?

Should every soldier be allowed to 'opt out' of the military?

Caption this one of Shrub...

Carl Limbacher (NEWSMAX) thinks Vancouver is in Oregon--

Caption this picture

5 life sentences for vehicular manslaughter.

John Rothman on KGO

About time for John Snow to admit he doesn't know Jack Shit...

Some freepers never know when to give up

(M)Ann Coulter, St. Olaf College (Mn) on Sunday, April 17, at 7 p.m.

Anybody see the opening of SNL? Tom Delay actor

Anyone else get a kick out of the Chinese government?

David Horowitz gets a PenPal

SUV toon from Albuquerque Journal

Frontline/NYT docu: "Secret History of the Credit Card"

Attention Cell Phone Owners

Japans sneak attack on Pearl Harbor: Pre-emptive or Preventive strike?

The Distressed American Chickenhawk Butt Weasel Award! Taking Nominations!

Who would you be more willing support Boxer and Hillary for President?

Virginia doesn't allow it's governors to serve consecutive terms.

How do you handle the abortion issue?

Marijuana Policy Project/MPP strategic plan for this year

"Knowing I live in a dark age"

Who would like to see a movie about Jesus based on the Jefferson Bible?

PHOTOS - NRA convention - DeLay, North, & PROTESTERS!

Get the feeling that Dems are being branded as godless Jesus haters?

Michelle Malkin has a ghost-writer - Jesse Malkin

I Stopped using SCOTT TOILET PAPER>>

Man suspected of honor killing of sister

I just saw "Six Degrees of Separation"

Dean plans to use Schiavo/DeLay/Theocracy against the GOP in the midterms

Nugent: "The whole world sucks but America sucks less,"

An Iraqi boy plays in the hole left by a roadside bomb in Baghdad

Over 22,000 individual emails sent out so far! GO FOR THE RECORD, Kick!

On Bush's Lack of Sexiness.

I know a fundy who thinks he is a moderate.

Bush's economic plan: WEALTHFARE

Millions of poor farmers prevented from earning a living.

GW Finally Kissed Laura in Public (Over the Popes Dead Body)

I never thought I'd see the day Canada and Americans fought on DU

I support pie throwing and this is why.

Live church involved in politics

They are deadly serious about our becoming a theocracy.

Do you support full employment?

Iraqi Hostage Rescue: News Results

Plum Democrats:

Iraq: Women illegally detained, raped and sexually violated by military

"The Credit Card Sinkhole" (or how the CC companies screw us)

My elder brother has been going round and round with his

Insurgents Seize 60 Hostages in Iraqi Town...WTF?!

Arnold Doll for sale at the CA Democratic convention...girlie man.

From Words to Action: What are YOU doing about it?

Is the US really any better with its history than Japan?

Possible flaw in Intelligent Design?

Speaker Dennis Hastert caught in new GOP scandal

My letter to Barbara Boxer


Are the people running bi-polar?

how I left Murdoch's war machine and survived !

Vigil planned in response to "Justice Sunday" -Apr. 24

I am (still) angry at fundies. I don't like them.

Bush Humor & Toons

Improvisation: Saving a dish when things go wrong. Share your stories!

Cheap Knife - nice price

i don't know whether to be steamed or just under pressure over this...

Questions about spices, oils and substitutions

Quite a jolly anti-Tory site.

Republicans launch twin attacks to stop Hillary's return to the WH

Florida Agency Rejected Schiavo Abuse Claims

Conservative Lawmaker: DeLay Should Quit (says only temporarily)

Taliban Deputy Says Not in Talks with Government

Demonstrators destroy Japanese restaurant in Shanghai

Thousands join anti-Japan protest

Annan says US and UK allowed Iraqi oil scam

State will look into patient set on fire at Virginia Mason (Hospital)

Director is jailed over scandal of 'Australian Enron'

Religious right plan Democrat-bashing 'Justice Sunday'

Ecuador President Dissolves Supreme Court

EU Weighs Talking to 'Moderate' Islamists

Report Cites Blunders in Armstrong Williams Deal

Making a science out of applied idiocy

Lawmaker: Temporary resignation may be OK (Tom DeLay)

Voice of America sends jobs abroad

New Anti-Japanese Protests Erupt in China

AP - Chinese Protest: 'Japanese Pigs Get Out'

U.S. eliminates annual terrorism report


Pakistan Opposition Says Many Arrested - Ex PM Bhutto's husband arrested

Jury considers suit from man hit by police Taser (CA)

NYT,pg1:Security v Rebuilding:Kurdish Town Loses Out(clean water betrayal)

US open to a “consensus candidate” for OAS post

Bushes report gross income of $784,219

Ahead of a key court decision, pilots’ union talks of a strike (HI)

Group of Seven (G7) Frets About Oil, China

WP: Playing With Viruses (another possible lab flu threat)

Government agency study finds greenhouse gas limits affordable

W.Va. Governor Calls for Bipartisanship

Report: Lobbyists asked for funds by Perry aide

Argentine Cardinal Accused in 1976 kidnappings (Pope wannabe)

UN: Little progress to Haiti's elections

WP: Across Middle East, (democracy) Rises(fueled by technology,mass media)

Paedophiles "aiming for tsunami-hit areas"

Reports Rock Support for U.N. Nominee (Bolton)

Prisoners 'aware' in executions

Detainees Escape From U.S. Military Detention Camp; Sunnis Take 70 Shiites

Report urges better use of umbilical blood for stem cells

Tillman was urged to pursue early discharge(Could have done what Bush did)

Rights Groups Want Latino Media To End Gay Pranks, On-Air Ridicule

Intelligence reports undercut US claims of Iraq-Qaeda link: top US senator

G7 Seeks Steps to Cut World Imbalances (Reuters)

LAT: African Catholics Seek a Voice to Match Their Growing Strength

Is The Oil Industry Purposely Driving Up Gas Prices?

Bush Points to a Retirement System With Mixed Results (Personal accounts)

Sunni Militants Take 100 Shiites Hostage

At least seven killed in Iraq restaurant blast (BAQUBA)

(Australian) PM to farewell Iraq-bound troops

DeLay to appear at reception to show support for Frederick (Virginia)

GOP's Filibuster Strategy Could Backfire


Newspaper flags comic strip about shooting (Red Lake/shrub "comments" )

Army investigates claims witnesses were harassed

Kobe Bryant misses game to be with ailing wife

USA rejects Russia's chairmanship in G7

Iraq rebels ‘unite’ to fight coalition

150 hostages and 19 deaths leave US claims of Iraqi 'peace' in tatters

Emerging nations moving away from IMF, World Bank (Paul Wolfowitz)

Ecuador political crisis deepens--State of Emergency declared

WP: Pediatric Vaccine Stockpile at Risk

U.S. soldier killed in Iraq by roadside bomb

Dems. Adjust on Social Security Stance

USA to invest in the development of Russian flying saucer

Iraqi hostage rescue 'has begun': TV report

Directors 'at risk of extradition to US'

Intelligence reports undercut US claims of Iraq-Qaeda link: Senator

Former GOP congressman leads effort to oust DeLay (primary challenge)

McCain irks Republicans over anti-filibuster option (Moonie Times)

NYT:In DeLay's Home District, Rumblings of Discontent Surface

Judge allows feeding tube for Cuban on hunger strike

WP: FDA Orders Levitra Ad Off the Air

Jesuit School Blasted for Naming Liberal Former Gov. Commencement Speaker

'It Looks Like The Killing Fields' (a republican and his cows)

Bush: U.S. Needs Smarter Ways to Meet Energy Needs (he uses all

Martinez: (Schiavo) Memo a learning experience

Indian police arrest 16 in $350,000 Citibank call center scam

River jaunt may be an old beluga's swan song

Picture of DeLay protestors front page Houston Chronicle online

U.S. Sent Banned Corn to Europe for Four Years

WP: Think Tank's (Heritage Fndn) Ideas Shifted As Malaysia Ties Grew

Gorbachev Calls for Global Water Treaty

Scalia Criticizes Judges Who Believe Constitution Should Be Reinterpreted

Iraqi security forces look for alleged hostages- (Conflicting reports now)

Cheney earned $194,852 in deferred compensation from Halliburton in 2004

Magnitude-5.1 Earthquake Strikes Calif.

The Ups and Downs of Flat Taxes - BBC

Blair Accuses Tories of Running 'Nasty' Campaign

WP: In Real Estate Fever, More Signs of Sickness

Dems Denounce Schwarzenegger at Convention

DeLay Borrows $100,000 for Re-Election

Panicked China reins in rioters as anti-Japanese protests spread

U.S. warns of "desperate" Taliban

Arms Equipment Plundered in 2003 Is Surfacing in Iraq -NYT

UN must reform or die, says Rice (BBC News)

Space tourism to entail development of near-Earth hotels and space limousi

Labour heading for victory - polls

Eureka! Extraordinary discovery unlocks secrets of the ancients

Cheney says he'd break tie to curtail use of filibusters

Bush administration eliminating 19-year-old international terrorism report

Papal hopeful is a former Hitler Youth

Conyers Supports Coalition’s Recommendations to Baker/Carter Election Comm

What the Oklahoma City Bombing Took 10 Years Ago, and What Remains

Body found near missing Florida girl's home

LAT: Dean Says Democrats Will Make Schiavo Case an Election Issue

I have no idea what you're talking about . . .

Remember Ernie's House Of Whoopass?

Seattle man catches fish during surgery

Seattle man catches tire during surgery

People who need a pie in the face

Dumplings and Bagels

Mom will be 80!!


I Found the joy of pissing Freepers Off

if you are a jagoff, check in here!

Man catches fire during perjury.

What is it with modern day pop stars butchering classic songs?

Anyone else doing the Atkins diet? I am doing it again after many years.

Flirt with me...If you dare

i just ate one pound of cheese

(Accidental dupe. Please delete.)

If I built a better badger, would the world beat a path to my door?

Liberal neighborhood vs. freeper neighborhood...

No one is being callous and cruel to me

toons for a saturday morning

Who here flirts with snarky people?

this will sink before morning and probably no one will read it, but

which DUer is crazy enough to try this?

If you live in Indiana...

I can't sleep !

The only GE/NBC channel not airing 'Revelations' is MSNBC.

Which of these exotic foods have you tried.

I love ELO

Phone F*cks!

I love FLO

LA Times: What's on other politicians' iPods?

Animation Breathes a cloudless mind

Multicultural Superhero appreciation thread

Wendy's Trying to Solve Mystery of Finger

who wants to play me in online poker? play money only

computer help please -

Making a science out of applied idiocy

How well do we use our freedom to choose the illusions we create?

Thanks to those who spoke on my boss rant thread yesterday.

If you were offended by my post on...

MrScorpio's Super Bomb Group Of The Day: HERBALISER!

You've just been elected Pope! What name do you take?

Fig Newtons...

Great movie lines

Who would you nail with a banana cream pie?

Today's Answers

The New Doctor Who

Am I too Hoity Toity for DU?

And the world turns . . .

I have a free download from iTunes. What should I download?

I call shenanigans! Libby's Cherry Juice with 100% juice on the label...

Would you say your childhood/school era was

If you have a burning desire to write Bill Clinton....

*ahem* When is brunch being served?

Bollywood Breaks Vs. Rai Beats

Really, I never realized that people were bothered by that

Anybody know of any good Google tutorial or "how-to" sites?


Boston DU Gathering - looks like i won't be able to make it.

I found a very cool smiley

Death Cab For Cutie or The Postal Sevice?

Engineering rant

My Mom would have been 68 today..

My fasting blood sugar level is now 118. Ask me anything!

Rob Lowe Vs. John Stamos

Get your cross shaped lollipops with popping dip here

Holy Cow. Someone got killed 3 (short) blocks from my place

I'm off to Chapters for coffee and book browsing

Josh Holloway Vs. Matthew McConaughey

Hijinks Vs. Shenanigans Vs. Tomfoolery

Bad Brains Vs. Defunkt

What should I do with my 401K

Four season sun room in northern climates

Kyra Sedgwick Vs. Heather Graham

You know those things in the packages that suck up the meat juices?

George W. Bush Was Planning A Trip To Japan...

The interview went great yesterday

Talk mad trash on your spouse or SO here!

The Dieter Appreciation Thread

Roommates return home to find man wearing their clothes

Man cannot live on beer, peanuts, popcorn and vodka alone

What criteria do you use for putting someone on "Ignore" or deleting a thr

Oh joy! Promising new treatment for ulcerative colitis: Worm eggs!

I'm hungry

Annoying coworkers. I'm working with Family Guy's "Myles Chatterbox".

hey i passed 4000 posts without even realizing it

Hitler's birthday coming up, Columbine and OKC bombing anniversary


Lets play the story game!

Manure Tea? YUMMY!

WTF? What's up with these sick fuckers killing these kids?

Will I get to hear progmom's show today?


Let`s Play ..Name songs,movies or book titles with female names in them .

A land where cats evolved from humans? Let's write "Planet of the Kitties"

Playin' hooky

I just saw the video for "The Decemberists" 16 military wives

To men:

Well, it's officially Summer here in my part of New England.

Eureka!!! I just shot a 34

Hey there cats and kittens - it's time for some jazz. Any requests?

This morning in the garden of GOPisEvil (pictures!)

Hey, has anyone here been watching HUFF?

a kitty game...

Ever wanted to track your music listening online?

What's kicking at MrScorpio's Joint - Les Hommes

Here's a blast from the past!

it's 2:30 and I'm having a beer

I just saw Sin City...and I HATED IT. *spoiler alert*

*note to self*

Name Your Favorite Monkee

What is the most you'll pay for shoes?

Pay the zoo, name the bears

Look Who's Oinking, Look Who's Oinking!

ICQ or AOL???

Anyone try audio book "clubs" online?

Do you go with the flow, or cause a ruckus?

Fuck it all, I am never going to the gym!

At what age did it cease to be socially acceptable...

Where do you piss?


Why is my stereo remote always right by the stereo?

I'm having a veggie type of day

Generic copycat thread mimicing a generic ALL CAPS ANTIBUSH RANT

Fuck it all, I am not Jim!

So with the bankruptcy bill passed by corporate representatives,

Saw "Finding Neverland" last night. What a tearjerker.


GODAMMIT!!!! My dog just ate chicken kiev!

"Upset man cuts off pinky with knife"

How do I put this delicately?

Did anyone watch a show called "Popularity Contest" last night on CMT

French Chateau vs. Italian Villa vs. Swiss Chalet vs. Spanish Villa

Do you have any names on your Murder Tour?

fuck it all. i am going to the gym.

LADIES; Has this ever happened to YOU?

Today's CD purchase: M.I.A. "Arular"

The things one can find on the internets when sober...

"Reuben Club Sandwich" pic from the May Martha Stewart Mag. MMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Satanic Rap or Christian Death Metal?

The Original ROLLERBALL is on Spike

Think I will have Chicken Kiev for supper.

So like... it rained most all of yesterday, and all this morning.

fuck you all. i am going to jim.

PLEASE HELP ME CHOOSE! Which Of These Do YOU Prefer?

UPDATE: on my beau, the commie, who was hit by a car...

at recruitment fair, the contrast was striking between dems and repubs


Grand Illusion on TCM tonight (4/16), 8 pm eastern

i'm off to see Todd Snider tonite, and you're not!

I'd love to know your knobbies

I need help again from the small engine gurus of DU

Two Hennessys are better than one

Here's a cartoon show worth having released!

Google E-mail- do you use it?

Why am I not at Brewtopia right now???

Grumpiest Golden Girl

I hope a kid gets billed

Moms and Dads: Hug your young ones close tonight

I hope a kid gets grilled

Look at all these Morans in Congress

What is the thin line between posting in GD and in The Lounge?

GODDAMNIT! My dog just ate chicken bones

Look out Mr. Bunghole..

Your suggestions here. Subject: yellow ribbons on cars. (no real names)

my old tv crush

New crush: Chessmaster/Chessmistress Susan Polgar is gorgeous.

The Lounge is slow today.

Hello my name is Graham Wellington, I am calling about the apartment for

First BBQ of the Season! Ask me whatever...

I want one of these NOW!

A Most Excellent Poll about Stupid Baby Names:

I'm going to see Carmina Burana later...

I discovered Bocce Ball today!

Sheriff's Office Investigating Spiked S'mores(Mushroom-laden)


I want one of these COW!

I just got in from the Urbana meet-up

I saw hotel Rwanda last night

What is the most you'll spend on your spouse or SO?

What was the name of your little league team?

Who would you want to have a beer with?

It takes an hour to wash and condition my hair.

Dumbest Bumper Sticker Ever

I just saw "Six Degrees of Separation". It made me think.

California prison guards do crossword puzzles for 'training'

Mmmm. Look. Even the Malls in Aruba are pretty....

my new tv crush

Quick Question - If you know anything about Eagle Scouts....

FOUND: One crucifixion nail

Are the Republicans boring anyone else?

Would you trust these people with your money?

My dog has a problem

how much $ do you spend

Airplane! on WGN!

Watching the gradute - picked it up for $9

4 days in the hospital....I'm baaack!

Bring the Telemarketers On ! I just BITCH about BU$H

Discovery Health: removing a 150 lb tumor

Meet the Barkers on MTV. Anyone else watching this?

So, I'm all alone tonight, that means the Lounge is my date.

Reefer Madness on Showtime...anyone else watching this ?

Do you remember adding machines?

Ask me about early modern Swedish constitutional law!!! (I love exam time)

So, might be a dumb question, but how do I post a pic from photobucket?

Rickie Lee Jones "The Evening of My Best Day"--her best?

I might accidentally be connected via someone else's WiFi

Pssstttt. Fenris. Over here.

Check, check, one, this Pic thing on?

I didn't grill my wife!!!

My drink du jour tonight...

I have a gub.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Should I change my name to Peabo?

I didn't kill my wife!!!

Man Upset With Penile Surgery Mails Bomb

MOBY DICK on radio, playing now!!! Just started

Kobe Bryant misses game to be with ailing wife

What can I do with a company that's misplacing my checks?

The Pixies coming on Austin City Limits right NOW!

Which would you choose

Brag up your spouse or SO here

Beluga Watch 05!

For my 6000th post I would like to say........

Should I change my name to Tennille?

David Bowie fans, I need help

I hope no kids get killed

Hey Buddy, you forgot something.

Will degaussing my computer screen fix my problem?

Man Saves Chicken With Mouth-to-Beak

What do you read the most in the bathroom?

Dawn of the Dead (the modern remake) it or not ?

Wear a pair of these

I have to rant a little

wuddup yo?

Would you be able to pinch a loaf in one of these public toilets?

My niece talked to Al Gore tonight.

So, I'm all alone tonight too, does anyone want to just talk?

I'm leaving DU, I've just had it, damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Brady is hosting SNL tonight...

do you start to start threads, then give it up and go back to fuming?

Extra-Special Frankenstein poll on life's essentials, GOOD and BAD

I have been promoted!

UFC on pay-per-view in 10 minutes!!

Rush Limbaugh and date caught on film...SKINNY DIPPING !

Man brings meth into courtroom for hearing on Son's drug bust

I'm going to the convenience store. Want me to get you anything??

Going to see a 'new' grandbaby next weekend.

No need for words here. lol Pope selected

Funny Picture....

"Listen to Jesus, Jimmy...Say NO to the Marijuana!!"

What is your best personality trait?

Poll: 'Why Can't We be Friends?"

I was threatened by a meter maid

Uh, people use the word 'love' waaay too freely.

Oooh, ooh, I wanna rant TOOO !!

Should we have an official SNL thread? on edit.this is the official thread

Would you rather be a werewolf or a vampire?


RetroLounge Made Me Do It: I'm Going To County Line!

4/16/05 Weird Word of the Day

Sick SOB is going to kill a rabbit on his web site

The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get.

Never Say Goodbye...

I hope a kid gets killed

I love propaganda

Muppet Fans- Muppets' Wizard Of Oz.... New Muppet Movie Coming Up.

Looking for some jazz music suggestions...

Tempur-Pedic,The Sleep Number bed or another mattress entirely?


What are those oval-shaped stickers with initials in them, seen on cars?


A face only a mother could love

1970's Video and also anyone know who this band is?

BECK! On SNL tonight!!!

I think I live in Arlen, Texas. Only it's not funny, just sad.

3 months later...i finally got my california pics developed! (pic heavy)

Which Scenes in Movies Make you Cry

The latest, spasmodic, whenever I feel like it, Coloring Contest.

Dang! I love my little bird.....

So what are you?

What Do You Think Of This New Bumper Sticker?

Orem Man Finds $10K in New House w/pics

Sister Rosa Refried reporting from Rome.

"I will never see U2 again--they are too political!"

Foreign Film and Indy Lover.

RIP, Debralee Scott.


DU Psychics, pick the topic for tomorrow's Bush Radio Address

Music! whatcha listening to right now?

What is a secular response when someone sneezes?

For all those dog people who have been posting pics......

Have you ever heard of the Reeperbahn .

Anyone looking forward to FDR - A Presidency Revealed on the history chann

mann coulter is coming to my town

Cat lovers: PLEASE HELP - Sick cat, and what to do...

I'm leaving DU

Does anyone here have synaesthesia?

post a random picture from your photobucket account

My attempt at a Graphic Novel--"Captain Wonderweed"

Anybody here a police scanner listener?

Post Card Secrets

I am watching Iron Chef America

The heart

Republican group seeks to scrap proposed $20 billion Medicaid cut (KRN)

Miniscule microscope testing hope

Proof of Mary Cheney's hypocrisy

Wow! A Red Sox Fan Showed Some Maturity

You know some people have told me that red sox fans engage in satanic

I know the season is young but I am very impressed with the orioles

A complete baseball game in an hour and 39 minutes!

Not to rub it in, but the Yankees are off to their worst start in 14 years


About the Red Sox Fan

WHO rules the NL West?

Will Lance Armstrong announce his retirement on Monday?

The Mets will win the World Series.

what kind of oil do you use on your cat?

My cat keeps sneezing a lot

Astrologers: Can I Talk Any of You Into Speculating

LLL Girls ! Post here quick!

Call me a freak

I was at the Kerry event in Austin today! (pics tomorrow, folks)

You know what I liked and continue to like about Kerry

I Never Realized How Stupid Kerry Bashers Are

I just got polled about something interesting!

a conspiracy theory that is at the very least interesting reading

The Deaniac thread wasn't flamebait


The age of miracles is here

The more I experiment, the more I love this camera

Is there a photo hosting site

KO weighs in on kerfuffle re: Hannity via the blogs

"Star-Crossed" this morning (Sat.), 11-Noon Eastern, on ESPN-Classic

Protest the Cover-Up of the Shooting of Giuliana Sgrena

A look at U.S. military deaths in Iraq (does not include the 4 US

Don't miss George Lakoff's Diary on Frist & "Justice Sunday" at dKos

The National Exit Poll: A Tragedy in Three Acts

Great deadpan sarcasm on C-Span just now

Family-Friendly Tax Reform

The Most Influential

MSNBC employees will get a hefty bonus because GE is doing well

Private Accounts "Bait," Estate Tax "Switch."

Arab News: Vatican’s Ties With Islam

The Unlikely Greek Chorus Singing the Enron Blues

Where is shrub planning to be next Sat. April 23rd?

White House Curbs Probe of Commentator's Hiring

China should let its currency float: President Bush

Senate closing in on their "moment of Zen"

Are there any Democrats willing to challenge Frist?

need pic of manwhore Gannon reaaly bad for Flash movie

American civil rights pioneer settles dispute with rap group

Any DUer willing to hang for democracy? By a thread of course...

Bush panel vows revamp of tax code: Consumption Tax

Conyers on Patriot Act

Video clip- Roosevelt signing Soc Sec. into law...

Senate Stopping Clinton Judicial Picks, How?

Republican monopoly (with DINO assistance) turning USA into third world

Ye Olde Christopher Goodwin Art Shoppe

Sham Energy Bill Up for a Vote in the U.S. House of Representatives

Can I ask an embarrassing question? (re: socks in *'s pants)

Excellent NYT Editorial (Frist)

Bolton nomination - it's time to focus on Lugar, a political coward

Progressive fight at the California State Dem Convention

The Moral Crisis in America

Every Dem must vote against the change on Filibuster or....

Bash * on TV with almost no effort!!!

How do we e-mail John Kerry?

Delay the Exterminator cartoon video!

GOP Support for Bolton Wavering

Need Help on Freeper Argument

Hannity off camera, being a jerk and coaching his guests

John Snow pimps National Sales Tax Proposal on "Ask The White House"

Scarborough knows: "Killing won't make headlines"

FIGHTING TORTURE WITH ART (Boterro, famous Columbian artist)

Mandatory five years for passing a joint! H.R. 1528

On Real Time, that ugly freak frum said...

smirk wants you to eat those "downer" cows (Mad Cow)

RW Shill (Manuel Miranda) resurfaces to aid GOP "nuclear" option

Sarah's body found

would you vote for this man?

limbaugh invited to speak at Yale Law School

What about that federal deficit?

Should Carter resign at opening session?

Professor Noam Chomsky "Illegal but Legitimate" Online video - Awesome!

Which of the following is a more regressive tax?

Divide and Conquer

Introducing the NEW "Raw Radio"

Psychic predictions

media after Dean again?

Do you think Clark would be returning to "Real Time" so much if he wasn't

WH resolves pretense of public access to Town Hall Meetings

Senate passes Boxer amendment end Global Gag Rule on int. family planning

A good resourse to use against the repugs.


will Dems run ads to tie Wall St. collapse and Bush SS plan?

Ann Coulter to speak at St. Olaf College (MN) Sunday, April 17, at 7 p.m.

Poor Tom Delay. The Home Folk are turning on him.

Class Consciousness - The Missing Factor - Existence Denied by the Right

Remember Frists' "political paranoia" bill??? I just got my response

"To replace Income Tax with Nat'l Sales Tax requires a tax rate of 60%"

Democrats in crisis?--HARDtalk interview with Robert Reich

I just got polled about a rather interesting subject!

litmus test for all 2006 and 2008 candidates . . .

"Ecuador President Dissolves Supreme Court"

Email letter to Senator Chafee re Bolton

FUNDIE FREAK TELECAST: are they sure they want to do this?

Tax Burdens by State (Blue vs Red)

Sunday Morning Talk Show Lineup

Candidates for Governor: local issues or all issues ??

My 'right' to burn a flag....where do I stand??

Sunday CSPAN & talk show schedules

Are Chomsky, Parenti, Goodman farther to the left than Rush, Sean, Ann

The National Exit Poll: A Tragedy in Three Acts

Betting on a Kucinich presidency before 2021

Secret Service visits art show at Columbia - restraining free speech

CNN said Dems are softening stance on SS privatization because...

Dean: Schiavo case to be used against GOP in elections

would someone please start a new political activist group: SledgeHammer.

Would a Consumption Tax limit or stop consumption?

Analysis: The Democratic Party's 1994 Congressional Losses

Can we turn Rev Moon into the Right's Soros?

National Retail Federation P.R. on Nat'l Sales Tax Proposal (4/14/05)

From a Kos diary: 'Horrifying, personal John Bolton story"

What Wes Clark said the Bill Maher AFTER the show

As despicable as Frist is, this cat story needs to die.

DU Approval Ratings: Harry Reid

Protest "Justice Sunday" April 24...Make Your Voice Heard!