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Archives: April 15, 2005

SL County Settles Dispute With Protesters (UT / animal rights)

Southeast residents stage anti-road rally (AK)

(Ohio) Counties Will Be Allowed to Buy Touch-Screen Voting Machines

My response from Cornyn


The President of the US has let me down.

5 years for passing a joint? Oppose mandatory minimums!

Charlie Rose & Kissinger? Fascinating!

Delay wants no Democracy...

Did the 'big story' about Guckert/Gannon ever appear in major paper

Democrats will vote for privatizing Social Security

Oh, by the way, Congress blew another $290 billion hole in the budget

Considering filing bankruptcy? Wanna screw a credit card company?

The Map, Part of ACVR/Baker Election Story

Ormet Contract Proposal (OH)

Talks Resume on Bus Strike in Westchester (Beeline)

Threatened SEPTA strike averted (PA)

Johnson Truck Bodies workers strike (WI)

Strike Affects UC Santa Cruz Classes, Operations

Round one of grocery workers union voting favors strike (NY)

Union boycotts Daleville (AL)

Yale, Columbia Grad Students Vote To Strike

Chavez rejects sectarianism and warns that CIA plans to stop him

Entertainment Industry Sues Downloaders Using Internet2

Infighting threatens Berlusconi coalition

New Look at N.F.L. Star's War Death (Tillman)

Bush Backs Pay (Cable) Indecency Regs (kinda)

Tense moments at UW protest

Nurses picket outside North County hospital (CA)

Boy Charged With Murder in Baseball Death

Student's Arrest at GOP Convention Puts His Life in Limbo

Cuba seeks UN probe into Guantanamo Bay

University plan offers prompt, substantial response to SWA (St Louis)

"Risk-playing men 'not attractive'"

Everyone on the O.C. is doing Ecstasy

I want to thank the Lounge denizens for all the support

Listening to Eurythmics' "Here Comes The Rain Again"

I probably couldn't find a more inappropriate place to ask this, but

King Kong, in Cannes, on a date with Spiderman.

Etiquette when organizing parent/child fighting

Goodnight you guys...Post something happy!

Why should I care, why should I care?

Crossfire, a photo montage

All DUers who feel adored - check in

I'm a spy in the house of love...

Hey! I'm leaving, on a jet plane. Be a week B4 I'm back again.

All DU'ers who LIKE being ignored check in.

WoooHooo! I'm outta the 700 club...

How about Pope John Kerry?

I know how I will end the 7/11 war.

Anybody read "Rifles for Watie"?

I need a signature gimmick. Please offer suggestions

How much are YOU worth? (cash value that is)

All DUers who feel abhorred - check in

Just ordered "Quadrophenia" for $11.98 off of BMG music service.

All DUers who feel ignored - check in

Etiquette when witnessing parent/child fighting

Words you'd only read that you mispronounced in a humiliating way

post a google maps satellite picture of the neighborhood where you grew up

Wow- I'm seriously considering becoming a Devil Rays fan now.


WTF is wrong with my Cat?

What's your home page?

I just watched the most amazing Almodovar flick

The Loneliest DU'er

4/15/05 Weird Word of the Day

Today's AMAZING purchase!

The best DVD set ever arrived today

DU's Mets Win Fourth Straight


Massive "End the Occupation" Protest in Baghdad Dwarfs the "Saddam Toppled

WSJ's Wessel: Populist Scythe Aids 'Death Tax' Foes

We Hate Freedom Protest! June 11, 2005

*'s quote about "free press" on c-span

My letter to the US Treasury

Protest the coverup of the shooting of Giuliana Sgrena

Frist Panders to Relligious Right on Nuclear Option

Excuse me, Justice Scalia, Do you sodomize your wife?

Arms firm in court to deter Iraq protesters (UK)

Worst instincts of the enforcers - Marie Cocco

Schwarzenegger meets his match

Sidney Blumenthal: A test of cognitive dissonance

A Terror Suspect With Connections

Stephen Evans (BBC): America's rich rise against tax

Abortion Rights - Taking away "a critical safety valve for teens"

Goodbye Uncle Sam, Hello Team Europe

Party Crashing by Marcus Epstein

Destroying Heroes

Bush's iPod reveals music tastes - with suggestions!

Frist Set to Use Religious Stage on Judicial Issue

Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!): Congress Approves Bush's Bankruptcy Bill

China bartering with souls

Arizona Minutemen Driven Largely By Sense of Insecurity, Victimization

Religious rightists using scary tactics to pad courts (read and forward)

Appropriate for tax day

Have the Minutemen broken any laws?


Chris Floyd (Moscow Times): Tomorrow's News Stories Today (Bush & Science)

Bolton - "I'm with the Bush-Cheney team, and I'm here to stop the count."

Your Tax Dollars at Work

A Terror Suspect With Connections

Naomi Klein (The Nation): The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

Will California go Red?

Welcome to Doomsday (Bill Moyers)

Tom Delay: King of Crooks

A stick to beat Cuba:US bullying of the UN human rights group must stop

Lessons for US Radicals: Students Rise Again in Québec

The CIA's Kidnapping Ring (Hentoff in VV)

Wolcott: On Some Sad Laps, No Heads Bob (why Rush is upset over teen BJs)

Moral Absurdity

Earth To Humankind

NEW NEWTOPIA - New Articles, New Design, New Software

The medieval empire

Falluja: Dresden in Iraq

From Atrios: Report Rush Limbaugh to the FCC

Contact Frist about Dems being "against people of faith"!!!

Stephen Evans (BBC): America's rich rise against tax

McDonald's marks 50th

Why is the flat tax a bad idea again?

What is the moral case for the estate tax? Is their one?

Trees are for photosynthesis

Social groups call for turning off the television - TW

Rainmaking efforts ease drought - TH

Two Taiwanese busted in duck tongue smuggling

McDonald's marks 50th

Germany: Fischer sacks ambassador over critical letter [ Nazi obituaries ]

Human Rights Watch (4/15): 'Diplomatic Assurances' Allowing Torture

Lebanon captures canine infiltrators from Israel

why israel/palestine and not Zimbabwa/India....

Tall tasks

Behind The Smoke Screen Of The Gaza Pullout

Israel plane in Lebanon space for 6 hours

9-11 was Designed to be Unsolvable

Proof that official UA 93 story is a hoax

PA decertified DREs, but goes with ES&S scanners instead.. :(

BradBlog: Email President Carter

Dear Democratic Party (a communications strategy)

AP: Blackwell Aide Says Low Figure Was Negotiating Ploy (He's so Wiley)

Save San Diego and Humboldt from Diebold!

BradBlog: Radio Emergency!

KOEB: April 15, 2005 HAPPY TAX DAY! OR NOT.

Photos of the chimp explain all.

Jonathan Simon's letter to President Carter

Bush below 50% popularity for 11 days

Important great new tool for contacting Election offices - LET'S USE IT!

Another dynamite election fraud article: today's Washington Spectator

USCountVotes: Evidence of Election Irregularities in Snohomish County, WA

URGENT! Say NO to Baker & his Anti-Election Reform Cronies NOW!

Velvet Revolution: Plans Presence at April 18TH "Public Hearing"

Weekend of April 15-17 Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread

I think we should support Avante's Optical Scan VoteTrakker

Mission Not Accomplished Day - May 2


Silence of the Scams: Psychological Resistance to Facing Election Fraud

lawsuit; County served April 14, changes policy on copies April 15

The MoE Formula: Mitofsky agrees its under 1.0% for over 8000 respondents

The National Exit Poll: A Tragedy in Three Acts

AP carries story on CA lawsuit against energy scammers--will LA Times?

Partisan politics in the Capitol may have sunk to a new low. Huh?

All DUers headed 4 the convention...

Democratic blogger from Orange County

Has Star 93.7 Changed It's Format?

4 tickets to 4/18 Paul Revere/North Church ceremony

Family Pride Week in Provincetown July 30-Aug. 5

If you're in Western MA next Thursday and want to cause trouble...

latest articles on my blog

A Recap of the "No New Tax" Rally today at the Capitol

The "Penny for Michele" campaign

Washington County voters, vote for my brother!

What? Me Work?


Come Meet Barbara Ann Radnofsky!

Lawmaker says his vote was coerced (Tommy Merritt-Longview)

Just got my Barbri schedule - classes at Eddie Deen's Ranch???

Is everyone feeling the squeeze yet?

What's the likelihood if Tom Delay is forced to resign

Boo -- state Dem convention hotel sold out!

What is with the Vikings personal vendetta

Hello, Wisconsinners!


Wendy's Chili Finger Update - $50,000 Still OnThe Table If YOU Know...

George W FraWd George W FraWD George W FraWD George W FraWD

Concerning all the recent flu virus news, I wondered what everyone planned

I wondered again if the US was in as good hands as they say under Clinton

Iraq & the Stock Market

Rush Limbaugh blowing his cork over Gore TV

Why Bush's lousy economy is good news for our borders & homeland security

Hey software experts... what the heck does this mean?

While you were out protesting the Ohio election fraud

Neat credit card project

Guiliani dead man walking 4 Prez in 08, if Monica moved into the WH...

Be Here Now - Ram Dass needs our help

Tillman findings won't be revealed

Bankruptcy law will boomerang

Tom? Tom who? -- new toon (friday 4/15)

New Bankruptcy bill - paying MBNA more important than child support

GM 2 year low, Ford 12 year warnings....interest rates down

Other than drilling wells in your backyard and nu-cu-lar heat pumps

Anyone else having trouble accessing AAR website?

Slime-mold Beetles Named for Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld

Study: Better to Be Poor in Any Other Rich Country than America

How long before Bush uses "pandemic flu virus" as next terrorist threat?

Did they release the Terri Schiavo autopsy results yet?

Tomgram: George's Amazing Alphabet Book

"We are very sympathetic with American workers who have

Video - "Falluja Slow To Rebuild" - No Shit! Iraq Slow To Rebuild!

Just when you thought Tom DeLay could not get any more evil

Wonder when we get to here about the results of Terri Schiavo's

If the feeding tube had been ordered put back in Terri Schiavo

Dear Bill Frist

Right wing radio, do you listen??

Is anyone else having trouble streaming AAR? n/t

info about protest in Iraq yesterday???

Barbara Boxer up next on CSPAN2

How "quaint". Red gets an HOUR on c-span..

Has anyone received an email from AAR saying..

Is Mary Mapes (former CBS producer) book out yet, and if so has

Esquire poll gives Bush low marks for sex appeal

I hereby name the Beluga Whale in the Deleware River: George Washington

Stupid, Ignorant, and PROUD of it: the born again bush lovers creed


Democrats will vote for privatizing schools and medicare.

Anyone else having trouble with AAR website?

Springer talking about Limbaugh using "Exhale Employment" euphemisms

It isn't God Bless America anymore, but God Save Her...

Molly Ivins: Happy tax day, YOU'RE GETTING SCREWED!

I'm a Sirius Subscriber Trying To Wean Myself From AAR...

11,000 women polled >>> Bush 'not sexy'

Mike Krempasky founder of

RFK Stadium May be Changed

Harry Reid is simply "Pinky," the hard-rock miner's son

Feds at Loss on How Flu Strain Got to Labs

We are doing all we can do to help the Democratic Party ....

Anyone know if Bush was Booed at the Baseball game?

"Friends of John Kerry" -- scam, or not a scam??

"Justice Sunday" - Bending judges to the will of theocrats

Media of kings and presidents

lets post the revolution/humanitarian music that inspires

Prayers snub for Camilla

Why are these dumbasses publishing the Swift Boat against Hillary book now

Does the New Bankruptcy Bill pass a dead parents debt to their KIDS ?!!

On Jerry Springer's radio show

15April TAX DAY

Wow, Pat Sajak is an insane conservative!

Ha, A Gift From the Gods...

Is THIS the best 'I'm Sorry' face Tom Delay could come up with?

Connecting the Dots (DeLay)

Has the FCC Fined Rush Yet for Using the Term "Blow-job"?

4/15: Can you imagine

All of the King's men and mice......

Ram Dass SOS from Wayne Dyer

Harris Poll: President’s Job Ratings Fall to Lowest Point.....

9-11 was Designed to be Unsolvable

Massive Student Strike/Demonstrations In Canada!

New website supplies "instant" background checks on anyone

Eggs found inside dinosaur fossil

Man Climbs Snowdon with Washing Machine Strapped to Back

Tax Day : How much extra taxes will you pay this year ?

Two-thirds of virus shipments destroyed, two still missing, WHO says

Indians Charged for Burying Children Alive

How could I find quotations of Republicans denying Global Warming

US lethal injection 'is not humane'

need the image of DeLay's face photoshopped onto a pic ocockroach........

Happy Sausage Eating Day

From my local cartoonist today

Iraq hostage wrote books promoting Americans doing business abroad

Reminder- Maher Tonight...Barbara Boxer, Wesley Clark

US Has Long-Term Plans To Stay In Iraq

Rounding up the bad guys at $2.50 each


US Military recruiting 14 year olds. Watch your kids closer. We are

a slime beetle naming update

Jane Fonda on Hardball tonight FYI. I know

60 Minutes Ital. jour. show preempted in Orlando by Billy Grahm

Opus Dei has stake in new pope

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.

Franken just played a clip from O'Reilly

David Corn on CSPAN this a.m.

$287 billion spent in Iraq on supplemental bills since Sept 2003 .

Not One Dime Day - More Action

Are They REALLY Going To Drop The Bomb? Latest On "The Nuclear Option"!

Ephedra & Silicone Implants are BAAAACK, now that we have lawsuit reform!

What's so great about about saving gas?

We may have lost the bankruptcy votes

RW Think Tank has a Fellow in 'Anglo-American Security Policy'

This bankruptcy bill is going to brew up a perfect storm

Agitating the Theocrats

Looking for the article of the Marine & Coulter

Do you know the lone Repub that voted against the estate tax bill?

Is Cheap Broadband Un-American?

Today's Doonesbury explains it all

Torture - The American Way

Nike admits to abuses in its factories

Corporate types, Small business Owners, HR people -- QUESTION:

My email to Newsmax and their response

If everyone abstained from buying gas for 2 days, would the prices plummet

ask your born again friends to quote just 3 things that Jesus said

Slime-mold beetle named for Bush

Esquire Poll Gives Bush Low Marks for Sex Appeal

Analyses pinpoint origin of asteroid’s fatal fireball

FDR Biopic: Making a case for Secrecy?

"Day of Truth" events in SoCal. Anti-gay fundies shown on TV.

"Since 'they' took prayer out out school..."

Wonder who the LTTE writer is talking about in this first paragraph?

I just got a credit card from Macy's yesterday. What's the problem?

Now the religious nuts are boycotting Pepsi

Everyone here needs to read Riverbend's blog and her last three posts.

If Frist is their best contender, I say BRING IT ON!

US Police Catch 10,000 Fugatives - in six days

The halo photographer is back.

Ward Off Dementia with Sex, Crosswords

Anyone have problems with the Air America sound?

Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales: A Legend Passed Away On April 12

W of the Day-July 14, 2003

"Also try: bill frist, frist cats, frist nuclear More..." (Yahoo)

Army Officer Trainee Prince Harry "lacks same skills as other recruits"

Why are the fundies' rules so arbitrary??

Info on "Trailer Park Boys" please?....

Just found a cool site:

A revelation on the bankuptcy bill

War Tax Resistance: Refusing to Fund War on Tax Day

Don't you miss the good old days?

use the fundies to defeat "oxycontin" Rush "pigboy" Limbaugh

John Aravosis of Americablog re: nuclear option...

PIX: Bush throws a HIGH pitch - plus, Jenna with boyfriend >>>

Computer question

April 15th and You're Getting Screwed!!

You HAVE to read James Wolcott's latest post. It's hysterical!

Eric Rudolph-American Terrorist

So how much has the stocket market lost this week?

Does Christianity promote victimhood?

Can Someone Tell Me What One "Positive" Thing Shrub Has Succeeded At

What Ever Happened To The Chinese National Arrested Outside The Capital???

Massive Student Strike/Demonstrations In Canada!

Uncle Sam to 'Reprimand' Tom Delay for Abusing Power;(Ben and Jerry)


Adbusters: Menstruated on by a Whore?


Spreadin' Some DU Love

Ten Former House Republicans Express 'Grave Concern' about GOP Leadership'

Is Keith Olbermann on vacay?

Investment Poll (NO candidate names here)

Who here has a Big Green Egg smoker, cooker

GOP fails to get it: Americans don't want wingers on the courts!

dems need to spell out dominionist and christian reconstruction

We haven't ruled anything in, we haven't ruled anything out

"What you need to know about the new FairPay Overtime rules"

Call ALL Republican Reps about DeLay

Will we see another Black Monday?

Shields and Brooks on Newhour?

Clearly, we don't need a Religion and Theology forum anymore

If contact was made with an intelligent extra-terrestrial species-

Universal heathcare's circular phenominon problem

Fox News host: Repeat after me

ADL to Senator Frist: Playing Religious Card Is 'Unacceptable'

Much of SF Bay Area's ballooning housing costs propped up by risky loans

Bushonomics at work

Military recruiting 14 year olds...

The 2004 election was stolen — will someone please tell the media?

Christian terrorist

Holy shit, what's going on with the Dow???

Bolton's a good choice for the UN

The Ideology That Minutemen Stand On: Racism

Making laziness work for me in the world of stocks.

Propaganda 101 from the Social Security System

Rep. John Conyers -- Coach Hannity

Explosions rock Iraq

The Christian Science Monitor has it wrong

David Letterman again last night

Reid Calls Frist's GOP Politics 'Radical' - AP/Guardian UK

bu$h.."streroids put clouds over baseball".

David Brin on progressives...

I need some good rousing songs for a clean elections party this weekend.

was W booed at pope's funeral??? this is claim in this DU post

Sen. Dick Durbin's statement on the nomination of John Bolton

Another thread in support of Lou Dobbs' words

Cool DeLay site

Texas oilman among 4 indicted in UN scandal

Wow. Does Sean Hannity throw a hissy fit at EVERYBODY he doesn't like?

submit your (anti) Tom DeLay slogan for Texans here.....for TX billboards

I had no idea Harry Shearer "Principal Skinner" had a liberal talk show

The truth comes to Wisconsin...

Ignore this

My Grandfather is a smart man

CNN covering the blogs could not be more lame

Neo-con Shrubistas: Judicial process = terrorism

Everybody write Bill Frist!

wow, they sure have waged a full assault against the American people

Anthrax for Export ( same firm shipped flu tests !!!!)

Only 2 copies of sleazebag Frist's freak book left at Amazon.

HUGE gay rights rally today at Boston College- FANTASTIC

Republicans Hate Earth Day

Don't Blame OPEC; Higher Gas Prices Are Almost Entirely Bush's Fault

Why do they describe OIL as SWEET, LIGHT, CRUDE?

Campaign financing question - Cash donations.

Reid: "This is a democracy, not a theocracy. "

Now THAT's White Power!!!

So was bush Booed at the Nationals Game?

How do we reclaim our country?

Mr. Bush*, What Happened to our 'Robust' Economy?

Sci-Fi Channel appropriately picks up Revelations

He needs to be neutralized

I LOVE JOHN KERRY. Who's with me?

I hate... well... HATE!! Who is with ME??

I hate flamebait threads. Who is with ME?

I'm just apathetic. Who is with me?

Should indebted progressives declare bankruptcy now?

radical is a good start but insane is closer to what's happening

Dobbs reading immigration letters

Chávez militias prepare to fight off U.S.

I don't understand. We've taken care of all the important people and...

Complete this: If Diebold ran the election of the next Pope, ...

$137 billion in new tax breaks for corporate America

why do the democrats hate Jesus so much? Dr. Frist wants to know

That's it for me this evening, I'm making a big bowl of popcorn....

"House of Scandal" Site (DELAY) - Shattering Glass

Economic collapse

Bush never "Owned" the Texas Rangers! I'm so sick of hearing this

What do you do with traumatic anger and/or disappointment?

Washington defence analyst Harlen Ullman on Iraq/ Bolton/ DeLay

Dow Down 191 plus points today.

Another coalition partner paying the political price?


WES CLARK on Bill Maher Tonight

Mary MAPES's "Eye-popping" CBS Book Due in November

Root Boy Slim Speaks out on George Bush

Here ya go! Cartoon: Bolton spoofed by SFChronicle's "Bad Reporter"

Bush is speaking at my local community college now about SS "reform!"

DU THis Poll

The DOW dropped 191 points today....

Some prayers and kind thoughts needed please

typical o'reilly: attacks FL state attorney, fails to note he's a Repug

Happy Tax Day- Where Did Your Taxes Go?

Samples of deadly flu virus go missing.

Dick Cheney Made $1,300,000 Last Year - Did You?

Reform Jewish Movement Calls on Sen. Frist to Repudiate Claim

Lawmaker: White House Impeding Armstrong Williams Payola Probe

Malloy is rockin' the house!

Mike Malloy is doing a right wing freepers only night..

"Preacher Bush" preached to reporters for 47 mins.

MANDATORY MALLOY: Friday Truthseeker Meet N Greet

Asshat hannity caught on tape

Bush is no Hitler

Attack on Iran

NRA convention gets off to rowdy start (Ted Nugent does National Anthem)

Is it wrong to post Senators' responses

John Stossel interviewing gay soldiers on ABC.

do not let them rewrite history (pic)

Find out here how the government is spending your tax money

Ghost in the House

Hotel Rwanda: My review

Exploding the myth of the Bushes as an all-American family

I did it.

The 73 Democrats Who Sold Out Consumers

OUR Flag with starry blue W where the field of stars should be!

Road Rage - Iraqi style

Bush coming to NC for Earth Day event

Ok, I gave Bill Maher another chance tonight. Turned it off already.

Have the Minutemen broken any laws?

IS IT ME?! - Or does Bolton have a Delaware relative? .......

Wes Clark AND Barbara Boxer on Bill Maher Real Time Tonight!

Where Have Bush's Scandals Gone?

Carter: rich states "don't give a damn" about poor

EPA Nominee Blocked By Only One Democrat. We should do better than that.

Is the world overloaded with males??

Is bushy lying about his taxes??????????????

HAHAHHA some Freeper threads on Bush's lack of sex appeal

The Stock Market is still a High Risk Investment??

I want to call the Fundamentalist preachers by their proper name.

Brooklyn gang member now murdering people in Iraq

Can Wal-Mart's PR campaign save its stock?

Is anyone else being driven further to the left?

Firefox Still Drawing Internet Masses

"Ahm gwinna letcha keep more yer own RAILROAD!"

Reeps are going to miss the filibuster one day if they abolish it:

Plame - Gonzales: CIA leak probe moving forward

Family Research Council: "Justice Sunday" against Filibuster

Anyone else taking anti-depressants

Barbara Boxer responds on border security!

How many judges nominated by Bush have been confirmed? NT

Hate is what fuels the "new" Republican Party.

Ladies And Gentlemen, A Message From Your President!!!

What would happen if everyone paid off their credid cards

Would Someone Please Bury The Damn Corpse! Its Starting To Stink!!!

Please post links to decent threads about the the Pope.

Federal Judge repeals ban on Ephedra...

You make $12k a year, rent a crappy apartment, drive a clunker,

China doesn't like us much anymore!

How likely is a 1930s-scale Great Depression(or worse) in the near future?

When someone labels another person's ideas as a Conspiracy Theory,

Here's an email I got from a co-worker. I don't know what to say about it.

Website to submit ideas for the democratic party

Real Time w/ Bill Maher: Gen Clark is on tonight

Who, Other Than Me, Thinks Larry Kudlow is a Piece of Shit?

Please Read This And Help me at

I used to work retail... let me tell you about credit

Rapture Security Advisory ALERT - For The Week Beginning 4/17/05!

Do you like Jerry Springer's show in AAR?

I think maybe it is time to look again at what Rep. James Traficante had

Obituaries for Nazis?

I don't like it when people blame the poor for Bush.

The main sponsor of a TN "marriage protection act" is getting divorced!

Any religious lefties listening to Randi?

Life In Prison For Sharing A Joint?

Should U.S. Troops be Pulled out of Iraq Now?

Firm that made flu samples - American Type Cultures - Saddam/Bush link

I have to get something off my chest (Bankruptcy bill)

Hannity caught coaching Shiavo's nurses--I'm SHOCKED

Balsamic Vinegar

Hey Hubs2....terror alert!

Beyond the Grave Chicken Salad

Okay, I'm not a gourmet cook, but . . .

Anyone seen bearfan?

Blackberry Cobbler ...

Conservatives Overtake Liberals in New Poll

Hey, B.C.DUers! Have you decided on which voting system

Get your Party Election Broadcasts here

Never Drink With Iraqi Trade Unionists

To those arguing for tactical votes....

New Statesman editorial: For middle-class welfare, vote Lib Dem.

Don't mention the war!

Brazilian landless group ends ministry occupation

US, Italy disagree over agent shooting

Panel: Miami police thwarting inquiry into FTAA abuses

China to change HK Constitution to better suit its plans

US nuclear power sector launches new venture

Concern over rise in postal votes-bbc

Turkey kills 21 Kurdish fighters

'Diplomatic Assurances' Allowing Torture

Fake NY sports reporter arrested

Frist Set To Use Religious Stage As Judicial Issue

Annan blames US, UK for oil scandal

US arrests businessmen over oil-for-food bribes

Monaco bids farewell to Rainier

Closer look at Falluja finds rebuilding is slow

Dean: Dems must lure back voters

Liechtenstein royalty hired death camp inmates for slave labour

Judge strikes down ban on stimulant ephedra

Bombings Kill Four in Iraq

Bombings Kill Four in Iraq

13 pounds but still too small

Democrat ready to battle Rep. Bradley

America's Finest Rivers Awash With Raw Sewage

NYT: For Women in Sciences, Slow Progress in Academia

13 Milwaukee officers face possible discipline in beating

US Takes Lead in Trashing Planet

MG Rover, last British car maker, collapses in Enron-sized mismanagement.

Bush clueless about law he just passed

20 killed in Paris Hotel Fire

McDermott ethics probe blocked, GOP aide says -WaTimes/DeLay's "defense"

Audit slams (Ca. private for profit) school firm

Bush 'excited' over India-US ties

NYT: Accord Is Set to Save Rooms at NYC's Plaza Hotel (union win)

Crude Futures Fall, Bush Blames China for Surge in Oil Prices

Hannity Makes Sure Guests Stay On Message

Lobbyist is target of calls for inquiry into millions in fees - Abramoff

31 Killed in Iraq Car Bombings, Attacks

Ex-Guantanamo prisoner didn't know of 9/11

Pharmacist penalty adds up to $20,000

Thousands arrested in Pakistan

Iraq hit by riot and bomb attacks

Record £12m payout for woman betrayed by bank to Nazis

Berlusconi in a Corner as Ally Quits Italy Government

Bill allows divorce for pregnant women- Go Gregoire

13 die in Paris hotel fire

NYT: Amtrak Halts Acela Trains Over Brake Problems

U.S. sets deadline for EU-Iran nuclear talks - STAGE ONE TO INVASION

Puerto Rico honors war casualties

American Indian delegation to Washington urges clean energy

US give EU-Iran nuclear talks until the summer

Adviser suggests president could compromise on accounts

Judge grants media access to records on Schiavo's care

NYT: Standing Up After Fearing Standing Out( lesbian h.s. coach fired)

Republicans to Go on Offensive Over Judges

AstraZeneca boss considers switch to Asia - report

LAT: In Latin America, a Religious Turf War (from Catholic to evangelical)

Golf balls and trinkets fuel sales after pope's death

Bush Fakes Sore Shoulder From First Pitch

Najib Mikati Named Lebanon Prime Minister

White House Talks Flexibility on Accounts

Seoul vetoes US military plan

Democratic Senator Blocks Vote on Bush Nominee to Head EPA

WP: Congress Moving to Tackle Spyware Problem

Chávez militias prepare to fight off U.S.

Dow Down 191 on Inflation Worries, IBM

Latest Iraq Bombs Kill One; Bodies in Street


Deadly influenza virus shipments missing: WHO

Some in U.S. want a pope who will consider female and married clerics

Inmate's murder triggers second Iraq jail riot

TX lawmaker (Craddick - R) errs in school lesson

Survey: Salary offers up for class of 2005

Youth pleads innocent to head theft

Seoul Rebuffs US Contingency Plan on NKorea

Cleland speaks on war at School of Law

Religious rightists using scary tactics to pad courts (read and forward)

Insurgents Seize 60 Hostages in Iraqi Town

WaPo: Vatican Is Rethinking Relations With Islam

Oil prices may fall in coming years, Chinese experts

HHS chief to review anonymous FDA charges (commissioner nominee)

Venezuela: Citizen Reserves to Defend Against 'External Aggression'

NY Law Enforcement Caught Doctoring Video of RNC Arrests

Reid calls Frist's GOP politics 'radical'

Bombs Kill Six in Northern Iraq

NYC Agrees to Pay About $16,000 to RNC Demonstrators Kept in Detention Aft

Senate Votes to Ban Video News Releases

Ukraine says Russia cut its oil supplies

Anthrax for Export ( same firm shipped flu tests !!!!)

Unions protest Wal-Mart (MI)

Test vial flap reveals shipping hazards ( flu test )

Italian Government in Danger of Collapse

Judge Upholds Federal Case Against Killer of N.Y. Abortion Doctor

Hollinger boots Black out of Toronto HQ

Senate Leader Urged to Withdraw from Telecast

Bush backs off passports for border travel

IRS employee accused of destroying tax forms arrested on Tax Day

Wall St. Suffers Worst Day in Two Years

UN nuclear agency calls for on-site review in Iraq

Pressure on Berlusconi as party quits cabinet

Massive landslides to sweep away spent nuclear fuel depositories in Kyrgyz

WP: Stocks Hit New Low for 2005

Protesters call for trade justice (UK)

Ohio House Approves Governor’s Library Budget Cuts

Reports: Airport Screeners Still Do Poorly (Dow sinks! Terra! Terra!)

NYT: Inquiry Finds White House Knew of Pact With (Armstrong Williams)

Reports: Airport Screeners Still Do Poorly

Former employee shot inside entrance of Detroit television station

Top U.S. General Defends Military's Policy on Gays

U.S. Curbs Israeli Role in F-35 Plane Development

Clouds gather on Wall Street (weaker growth, lower profits ahead?)

Bush 'not sexy'

Dollar Declines as Foreigners Slow Purchases of U.S. Assets

Republicans Protest Bush Cut to Anti-Drug Program

Afghan boy dies after return from U.S (post-heart surgery)

Two U.S. Marines killed in Iraq (One soldier as well 1551)

Cuba rejects UN rights resolution

Unused food: What a waste

Row deepens over UN oil scandal: BBC News

Tancredo: DeLay exit not bad idea

Bin Laden can still be found, Rice says

New terrorism response plan takes effect

Writer fabricated Boston Globe story on seal hunt

Deadly influenza virus shipments missing: WHO

Shattered corpse puts face to Iraq suicide bombers

Bush Embrace of Pope Skirted Death Penalty

People leaving (LA) county in droves

Reid Calls Frist's GOP Politics 'Radical'

Lawsuit challenges state law on recounts

The ethical revolution sweeping through the world's sweatshops

Indonesia's Java Rocked by Three Earthquakes, One Magnitude 6.5

Democrats Query Gonzales on Plame Investigation

Iraq Rebels Threaten to Kill 60 Shi'ite Hostages

Thirteen SFO cargo handlers charged with stealing military mail

Experts say whale is happy; crowds are, too

U.S. Army won't release report on Tillman's death

Bushes Report Taxable Income of $672,788

ABC/AP: Arrest Made in Death of Cape Cod Writer (Christa Worthington)

Democrats must stop 'speaking down to voters,' Dean says

RAWSTORY: to run ads targeting Democratic leader Steny Hoyer

Tom Delay and Ted Nugent to Appear at NRA Convention

Cardinal Ratzinger divides Germans

Rising hatred of occupation

Stocks Fall on Disappointing Economic Data

Wall St. Suffers Worst Day in Two Years

Climate change wreaking havoc with seasons (The Independent, UK)

Bolton's Pressure on C.I.A. Analyst Angered Colleagues-New

Private bill collectors will handle IRS tax accounts

NYT: Iraqis Find Graves Thought to Hold Hussein's Victims


WP: Hiring of Commentator Is Called Poor Judgment (not worth the $$$$)

House Speaker Hastert involved in fundraiser probe

Chill Over Pain Management Deepens as Leading Specialist is Sent

DCF records show no evidence of Schiavo abuse

I finally figured out why I seem to keep running around in circles...

Anyone ever make a movie?

it's like a jungle sometimes, makes me wonder how i keep from going under

Well, I'm out

Some people never grow up

Athena, I had no idea how much I'd need her

Which DUers do you think I have a crush on?

Have you ever been crushed underneath a DUer?

Welcome to the Boom Town...

What is up with rich sports figures...

I'm trying to think of a way to make some bucks off this cat love thing...

Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world...

Any fans?

About tonight's Red Sox/Yankee game

"If I think about cheatin"

When am I going to be able to sleep normally again?

Which DUers WANT me to have a crush on them?

I just had a molar extracted

What is your favorite ethnic joke?

Tell me about your first time!

Let's see ... what topic should this thread have?

Boneless SIRLOIN, on sale for 2.99..(regularly 6.99)

tom? tom who? Friday toon (4/15)

Which DUer's want a CRUSH?

Which DUers want to have a crush on me?


It's 5:00 and I'm going to bed. Post replies I'll never see!

My GF bought a YO-YO

Hypochondriacs check in...

Who here is in a wacky mood?

SHHHHHHHHHHHHH, do not tell anyone

Ok DUers, what did you think of the movie RAY?

a rant about "service" people

Urgent! Anyone know any folks in the radio biz in St. Louis?

MatcomNews Update: NO Link Between Leopard Attack, Finger In Chili

Store clerk moves gun in pants, shoots himself

Student Charged With Biting Off Classmate's Ear

I just came across a late-night croquet game...

Dammit, if all you post is a subject line, put (nt) or something in there

Anyone know how to go about getting a new DU bumper sticker?

No Air America Today?

should I tell you that I am getting off an hour early today?

Baby Wholphin Born!!! (Half Whale, Half Dolphin)

Cool, Fox News posts it's own obituary

81 YO Woman Test Drives Car - Hits Husband, Salesman, Car, Tree, Wall....

I will be gone for about an hour an hour and half

My favorite restuarant (Izcapuzalco) is moving...

I'm having breakfast right now.

Who here is in a tacky mood?

Finally, after 6 months of fighting with the insureance company

I was a blonde for 5 hours.

Who else thinks Matcom is bored


Dropkick Murphy's

How far can you launch your kitty?

After 18 years my "better" half FINALLY remembered!


Now I'm depressed!

I have never started a subject line with the following letters

I'm listening to a Devo concert from 1980. Ask me anything!

Safeway Soul Suckers

Prime Minister's Question Time Flame War

Every Day Donald Trump shows what a fuckwit he is

Name the Dead Unidentified Rock Star #1

I just took my Vet to the cats. What a trauma.

What's your pick for the single worst line in the Star Wars films?

Wouldn't you like to have a beer with this regular guy, this "man's man?"

Does anyone have the picture of Bush Sr. throwing a pitch and looking....

I Enjoy Seeing Google's Themes...

have you done your taxes?

13 pounds but still too small

The Zogby Consumer Survey Showed What a Freak I Am

Teen Learning To Drive Accidentally Kills Mother

WORT (Weird Off-Road Truck) for sale . . .

Jenna Bush at RFK Opening - The Anna Nicole of her Generation

Favorite taste

I hate tonsilitis....

My Dumb Dog

Well it's official, the oldest coffee house in town is becoming a starbuck

postcard from Manitoba

My kitties are very happy tonight!

I'm doing my taxes. Would you mind keeping it down in here?

Fun time: Name all Mexican states NOW!! DO IT NOW!!

Spent some time feelin' inferior....

Just saw the movie "Saved!" last night.

Hey everybody, It's Apple Chill Time!!

The Dandy Warhols. Love 'em or hate 'em?

Bubble Shows

Its the return of the Green Orion slave girls!!!!!!!!

What kind of Freeper pisses you off most? UPDATED LIST!

I want a digital camera

this is funny

"DANG! Why didn't I remember to stick my tongue out?"

Photos: chimp at RFK opening day


My wife's new book -- gotta brag

Which DUers are the most CRUSHable

Beer Drinking in New Orleans

Who is this, and what's her story?

I slept on my neck wrong...make it stop hurting....

In Honor of the Wholphin: Create a new animal from 2 others and tell me...

I am going to be doing some fiddling today

Ways the pope is really chosen

Pat Sajak has given up arguing with liberals...what a shame

The Matcom's dog is in a commercial

rollin down the street, smokin endo

My liberal mom died two years ago today--

Who'd win the cage match? Red Sox Fans or Yankees Fans?

ummm what was that fundie website

Texas Steel Cage Death Match: AC-DC vs. Aerosmith.

Despite the Bush tax cuts why do I have to owe?

Which Du'ers dislike my guts to the extent of hatred?

Tax Day Poll: Status of your income taxes

I've said it before and I'll say it again

Overdrawing Checking Accounts

Time for the "keyboard grossout" thread

my dog unplugged my modem

Can a grammar nazi answer a question for me?

I've been in GD Politics a great deal lately with no major mental trauma.

I'm going to see "Spamalot" tomorrow! Ask me anything!

Can a grammar nazi answer a question for I?

Fortune Cookie: Fortunes You'd Like To See

The Homeliest DU'er

I Complied A List Of Fast Food Nutritional Information

Reposted rant:; "no response to my argument = I win!"

A joke I just got

my cube neighbor is singing along loudly to his headphones

I just took my cats to the Vet. What a trauma.

One thing I like about my work place

If you use a glue trap for moose,'re stupid!

Method to run up your post count fast: Get in a flame war.

Me and Mrs Jones

Oh My Stars! It's Elizabeth Mongtomery's 72nd Birthday! (Witch's Honor!)

Headlines We'd Like to Read, April 15, 2005

what does an ear taste like?

Well, at least they are praying...

Downstate IL DUers- Meetup in Champaign-Urbana tomorrow!

Lounge men: now that we know yvr girl is fine as a mf

Check out this sly gubmint propaganda (?)...

Does anyone play online poker?

Sea monster sighted in 18th Century may have been an aroused whale

Car shopper, 81, hits husband, salesman, car, tree, wall

Zoo Wants Chimpanzee to Stop Smoking

Happy bengali new year to you guys.

Post Your Euro-Pop Here!

I just noticed I'm closing in on 6000 posts and I have to ask...

I suppose the next thing the Wisconsin kitty hunters will want is a bow

stealth proselytization?

What did you think of the way they did "CSI" last night?

Teacher Resigns After Appearing In Blackface At Basketball Game

I think DU needs a luxury submarine.

For Supper, I'm gonna suck head and pinch tail!

If you use a glue trap for mice, you're sick and I hate you.

So why is THAT guy the lead singer of Widespread Panic?

Knock knock. Who's there? Owen. Owen who?

What the fuck happened?

Cats and dairy...

I am going to the White Sox game tonite v. Seattle

Be Here Now - Ram Dass needs our help

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Tupac Shakur die in 1996??

There's a thread here I won't post in, the OP has ulterior motives.

I am listening to Radiohead's "Hail to the Theif".

Historical trivia?

It's Friday, ya bastids!

Cyborg Name Generator

My answers

FreeRepublic has made me so mad today....

Who remembers "dittoheads" from school with the smelly breath??

Heaven Less Opulent Than Vatican, Reports Disappointed Pope

How do you pronounce "either" - EE-ther or I-ther?

"Since they took animal sacrifice out of the schools..."

9,000 POSTS BABY!!!!! WHO'S THE MAN? ME!!!!

Another sick kitty: Rudy the psycho cat is getting bald patches

9,000 POSTS BABY!!!!! WHO'S THE MAN? ME!!!!

We were supposed to get our new windows at the store today

Chillicothe. has some excellent leftist programming streaming

Kekaimalu & Mikioi have some 'splainin' to do...

I know I'm gonna get flamed but...I really love this season's Survivor!!!

Oh My God - live alien captured !!

We're dangerous dudes, we got bad attitudes

I'm about to start filling out my tax forms. ask me anything!

Help me decode some fine print

OK Cindy Alexander fans .....

So I'd like to know where you got the notion...

Anybody here belong to SCA?

Where do you download your music from?

Good Wishes/Prayers/Karma for Mrs_Beastman!!!!!

We can be together

Drunken stumbling simulator

We're young, dumb and Ugly

Anne Coulter

The homepage new layout...

Drunken stumbling stimulator

Who's the bigger hack: Bono or the Edge?

I'm not as liberal/progressive as you are. Ask me anything.

I'm not as literal/regressive as you are. Don't ask me anything.

Is Progmom more progressive than JimmyJazz is jazzy?


I had over 1,600 emails when I came back from vacation

What do you use this smiley for:

Fun time: Name all Canadian provinces NOW!! DO IT NOW!!

Car CD Player Advice needed, for upcoming purchase

This Elephant stuff is fun.

Seriously is sniffing cat butt the univerisal "Hello" in the cat world?

can someone explain why whoisalhedges has it in for me?

MrScorpio's Super Bomb Group Of The Day: THE OHIO PLAYERS!

Montage to Ann Coulter, dedicated to Radical Activist

I'm starting my VERY OWN CONCLAVE!!

Let's play Pick a Random Subject Line from Memory

"I'm a-pickin'!" "And I'm a-grinnin'!"

I just love Texas in the spring...

I just used the sarcasm smiley for the very first time...

Per il Cassandra Uprising che si presenta, Dario

Bitching Post

Whatever happened to bearfartinthewoods?

Excuse me for getting a bit mushy here but..

68,000 user registrations on DU!

So, I'm kinda sick of bald teachers.

Did you ever hang out some with the hoody ones in your high school

How many of you have modded a forum? Is it more work than fun?

I would like to be known from now on as: "Matcom, Lord Of Hellfire"

Candy Crowley: I'm sorry. I thought I'd changed.

DUELING car alarms/horns outside.

RUNTS mystery

Fallout From Mispronouncing Schiavo For Weeks=Name Now Mispelled 90%

Things You'll Never Hear a DUer Say....

How do I embed links into words.

I'm more liberal/progressive than you are. Ask me anything.

I hate this song. Don't love me.

time for the good ol' ovaries to be ripped out

Emma's a couple of more birthdays today:

Travelling to Europe This Summer? Jump on This!

I choose to be happy!!

Stamps are the most tedious, irritating, pointless, and inefficient form

I've come to a decision,

Bitchin' Post

The Republican Matrix

This is Abd al-Aziz al-Rawi al-Salih Ammash.

Endnotes or Footnotes?

Thanks to all you gays & lesbians, I'm now going to marry a goat!!

Trivia Time: What happened this day in history 20 questions

Why must hippos bathe in patchuli and/or rose oil?

The Christian Science Monitor has it wrong

50 years ago today, America was changed how?

Let's've lost your W-2s and it's April 15...6:05pm

This is the Miss Kitty Thread

The problem and the solution

I have work to do, but I don't feel like doing it. What should I do

Help w/ Firefox!

This is a great thread.

How bad is this?

out of the park baseball... great fantasyish (but more fun) game!

"What a day this has been" April 15 in History

Can ya dance?

ba da dee da dee dee da deeee dee da... ba da da dee dee da dee dee da

Enjoy yourself,

I was nice to my sister-in-law today.

Looking for something to do ? See what others are up to......

Who remembers the song "Georgie don't be a zero"

Anyone wanna go to the movies with me?

Forget DS1, who's glad they're not meeting ME next weekend?

Are we not men?

Who here remembers the song, "Billy, Don't Be a Hero."

Congrats DU!

Lineups for Dinner for Five, Real Time With Bill Maher tonight

Ladies - Now I ask you honestly...Isn't "Slice" da bomb?


Did you guys know Sniffa was a world-famous musician?

what should I buy to tape a 5 hour radio show every day?

Great Pshop spotted on Fark....

I used to be such a sweet, sweet thing'Til they(Fascists) got a hold of me

Who would win in a fist fight, a reanimated Ronald Reagan...

Why must hippies bathe in patchuli and/or rose oil?

Yay! My hometown is on A&E!

I'm eating cold prunes.

The internets are naughty, they only feed my obsessions.



What's on tap this friday evening?

A Designing Women Moment

You know, if every suggestion you make gets shot down out of hand, you

Would you go to a bar wearing Candy Crowley or some form of neck warts?

They're No Longer Called "Prunes". They're "Dried Plums".

Here's to DU: 68,000 users and 14.7 million messages!

What Ever Happened to Witchie-Poo?

What the HELL has Dolly Parton done to her lips?

computers suck!

Today I told my Freeper butt buddy "I will have to kill you"

Subject: Noah & the Ark 2005

Take a break with some gametime fun... (warning: May be addictive)

Time for a Friday afternoon cat thread!

Wendy's Doubles Chili Finger Reward to $100,000

Woman beats off burglar with gnome

Southwest Airlines CEO bought "hundreds of cases of Wild Turkey"

Mets Just Won...their fifth straight

Since people are discussing relationships...

Okay, so when your life is in upheaval...

Never Mind

I'm Lucky!

was gonna post something good but cna't d lit

I just realized that I sent i my tax forms without the W-2

Bruce Chen has an ERA of under 2 against the Yankees

Do you have a crush on Janeane Garofalo?

Virginia woman stuck in bathtub for FIVE DAYS (didn't sleep)

Desktop wallpaper for the obviously superior Linux folk (pic)

Yeah, I bet you'll vote next time, HIPPIE.

Would you go to a bar wearing crutches or wearing some form of

I am bored. Entertain me.

Egg drop soup is entirely too easy to make.

Ever just want to sleep for at least a week?

Kleeb's brother punched him in the nose...

Google images of DU'ers usernames

Typical freeper (Windows Media web link)

In honor of the upcoming "Revenge Of The Sith" movie...

The simple life.

Battle of the Bands: Stone Temple Pilots vs. Soundgarden

JJ says I'm a mystery

Favorite Commercial

My cat Hepburn is in the hospital

Which is your favorite

I talked to my surgical anesthesiologist today

Can anyone tell me what an "rar" extension in an email means?

Bear fight (Windows Media web link)


Nostalgia playlist tonight..


Book recommendition

Electronic Hand-held Yahtzee

Every time an emergency vehicle goes by

I just found out we're going to Yosemite on Sunday!

Who remembers "dittos" from school with the smelly ink??

I'll call your America and raise you a Stampeders

What movies are you waiting for? Want to be filmed? Wish could

I'm suing JimmyJazz for mental cruelty & abuse of power!!!

I just won the coolest thing on Ebay! (pics)

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

A blue lamp?

Does anybody else check the "alert" threads

Dylan is touring with Willie Nelson again

Please rate these pictures of President Clinton a 5!

Please help me get through this time

"C'mon people, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love

Longgrain and MrScorpio here is a photograph of elshiva:

Ok, who else has a toilet with little boots on the bottom?

hmm 2 replies?

Firefox users

Funniest "Batman" toy I've seen in years.

What's The FIRST Song That Comes To Your Mind When I Say...

I've still got my Kerry sign up in the front yard

Is my dog dreaming or snoring?

Today I delivered a foal!

I'm going to see Newt next week, what kind of pie should I buy?

JimmyJazz and yvr girl are being callous and cruel to me.


I'm Paying 43 F*ing Percent Interest!!!!

I love this song. Don't hate me.

my show closes this weekend

I have kind of a stupid question on Christianity:

Author of "Prickly City" (RW comic strip) gets what's coming to him...

What is your favourite ethnic food?

Have you ever posted on the, ugh, freeper forum?

One helluva pretty puddy tat! The Margay.

Which DUers DON'T have a crush on me?

Which DUers do have a crush on me?

Damn.. Candy Crowley is beset with neck-warts..

Forget the rest of them, who's looking forward to meeting ME next weekend?

Anyone want to meet me in Boston next Thursday?

I just washed my cell phone

Espionage thriller authors.

I wanna see some babies: kids, dogs, cats.. anything cute n cuddly!

Speaking of songs that go "la la la" that we're supposed to hate

Calling All DU Photoshoppers!! Attention: Your Project For The Weekend IS:

Should we have another coloring contest?

Anyone like Fractal Pictures?

Aye-aye! Have you ever seen something so ugly

Need advice from dog owners

The new Amityville. Anyone seeing/seen it?

Hey, you wanna see something really funny??

How many times does your last name appear in the NYC directory?

Forget the rest of them, who's looking forward to meeting ME next weekend?

Worst aspect of the British Invasion?

My daughter was suspended from school for a day

Seattle man catches fire during surgery

Look who finaLLy got his fiLm deveLoped

What decade would you most like to have lived in?

Some say the world will end in fire/ Some say in ice

Where Were You When You Saw Your Significant Other For The First Time?

The year I graduated ...1967...(what happened when YOU graduated)

Suppose you are about 15 pounds overweight...


an existential dilemma: Progmom or Jimmy Jazz?

So I'm kinda sick of bad teachers.

Thanks everyone! Finished my first week of work

Join a yacht club, it's only twenty bucks.

So, who's still working on their taxes?

Pope's condition stable; has no comment on sainthood or successor.

Lyrics from songs that are meaningless in real life

What was your life like in April of 1985 (20 years ago)??

Paranoiacs check in...

Deadwood - Any good?

Cooking with Ellen Forradalom: Spanakopita (Pix-heavy)

I found an interesting website but don't know the language

Who wants to flirt with me?

The DU Sunset Photo so far

Day 4 off Labrador: Mother Nature is still in charge.

My big chance to convert my family- red beans and rice

Any good recipes?

Ram Dass needs our help

If I Don't Believe In God and I Don't Believe In Love


How do you define "Evangelical Christian?"

Question about Catholic funeral service

Remember Clinton's health care plan?

Eggs discovered inside dinosaur

Rare Dolphin-Whale Hybrid born in captivity- a Wolphin (kid you not!)

Rare tortoise (thought extinct) discovered in India

Whale-dolphin hybrid has baby wholphin

Paralysed dogs regain movement

Zoo Wants Chimpanzee to Stop Smoking

Liverpool Scientist Discovers New Layer of the Earth

Seismic readings

.Temple Mount relics saved from garbage

LED Evolution Could Replace Light Bulbs

MIT students pull prank on conference

Pace University Profs Call On University To Drop Ties With Med School

GA School Board Drops Plan To Require Parental Permission for GLBT Clubs

Michigan Court Dismisses Gay Benefits Case

Gen. Myers Backs Military's Gay Policy

LGBTI Anti Tobacco Summit Update


Exodus invades Orlando

Gay NYU Grad Students asks Justice Scalia if he sodomizes his wife

Sacked lesbian coach wins payout

Australia Lodges Protest Over Gay Tourist's Arrest In Fiji

Anti-Gay Student Day Fizzles

The irony of chimp opening play at RFK

World Cup 2006: Ticket draw starts amidst manipulation attempts

OMG! A Boston Fan just killed Terri Schiavo!

Vick's alias 'Ron Mexico' not funny to NFL or to the real guy

DU Iggles fans: How are you feeling about TO?

Did A-Rod save 12 orphans from a burning building?

I was indifferent about specific MLB teams

omg! a boston fan stabbed sheffieLd

omg! a Red Sox Fan Has Made Another Asinine Post

Sports Guy's take on Sheffield/Fan incident....

A Red Sox Fan Just Bombed An Iranian Nuclear Reactor

so it was a yankees fan that was saved?


Did A-Rod save a kid's life in Boston? (Heard on radio)

You know what the ultimate irony would be

Can We Stop The Hypocrisy About Highly Paid Athletes?

Wow just wow

Mike Tyson vs Kevin McBride on June 11

any fellow scousers on here?

out of the park baseball... great fantasyish (but more fun) game!

We're About To Get A Border Collie Pup, Any Helpful Hints?

And the seasons come and go....

Anyone see the site?

A close call - Coyotes!

What good are CATS?

Anyone have experience with bengal cats?

Ram Das

Council for Secular Humanists World Congress Oct. 27-30th Amherst, NY

A Call to Reason, May 14, 2005 New York City

The Cardinal Newman's Society's Issue One

OK... 354 in alpha order,

Dems Continue to Block Ethics Committee

Need something to lift your spirits? New Tom DeLay video - awesome!

Countdown on outing CIA agents and Kerry

RePost: Kerry Appearance in Austin, TX 4/16/05

Bolton vote in Committee on Tuesday

Well, Duh We knew this. World considers Bush ugly

Durbin is speaking on the floor now on fillibusters N/T

HELP! I started throwing bombs in this post, but I gotta go to work now!!!

Bankruptcy bill votes

Do NOT go to GD or your blood pressure will rise

I feeeeeeeeeeel gooooooooooooood

I normally dont have a problem with but

Local Kerry news

WHEW.... That was quite the adventure

Is anyone else having trouble getting the photo contest thread to open

Funny photographs from around the world

For the Unitarians

Bring KOEB Home?

Re "ESPN: The Uncensored History," in which KO figures prominantly--

WSJ: Edwards Strives to Stay In the Public Eye

Expose con-man Chris Shays of Connecticut for what he is

There is a Florida ballot measure that is more important than 08 President

The embarrassment and

Wes Clark should have run against Huckabee in 2002 , why not in 2006?.

Does anyone know which congressmen/women

Iraq gets invaded over "democracy", Saudi oil people get a Texas party!!

what is accordig to LOU DOBBS the seriously contagious disease illegal

Frist Set to Use Religious Stage on Judicial Issue

Alberto Gonzales on "Ask The White House." The Patriot Act protects us!

The Bankruptcy Bill

CLG Lori Price on Bioterror - "only a .. twit.. would not suspect the US "

Frist getting in the Pulpit to get zealots confirmed

Operation Falcon

Sic Em--Delay is the new whipping boy

Why These Four?...a letter from the and Dean.....action

Friday TOON Dump - The Infestation

Tom Delay: King of Crooks

Dean: "Democrats Must Stop Speaking Down to Voters"

I have nor seen or heard anything by Alan Greenspan for....

The Credit Counseling Scam


Chimp says HIS "Privacy Must be Protected"

SOOOO ..anybody else thinking about 2006.ANYBODY?!

Repubs are entitled to their own opinions but....

bill frist, a slave to religious zealots

Can the Delay Violations be Pursued Through the Courts?

DeLay Update (More Bad News for Him) from LUTD

did anyone notice bush*s gaffe about the President of India at the

Condi tells Hannity "the policies are working" in Iraq

Pelosi Speaks Against Bankruptcy Bill

White House open to online chat

War Tax Resistance

The media should surrender now on the Delay matter.

USING FAITH AS A WEDGE: (Frist & Rel.Right to do Telecast)

Widows Give Bush an Earful (closed door session but this widow talks)

Dear Dr. Dean: Dems missed a major chance to stand up for working folks

CNN online poll question RE: bankruptcy is GROSSLY slanted

Toppling of Saddam Statue: A Government/Media Hoax

Homeland Security 'moving rapidly' to fill high-level vacancies

When you own the propaganda system, you can get away with anything

White House adamantly opposed to Senate postal bill

Fox News host: Repeat after me

So what happened with Bolton?

troops in midst of destroying another Iraqi city - Qaim

Federal Government Eases No Child Left Behind Law

What was that snarky little stunt Sessions just pulled on

Intelligence & Research: only spook analysts w/ a spine

Crooks and Liars site suspended

Dems Continue to Block Ethics Committee

Oil-for-food defendants led quiet lives

DU War Pool: When will we fire the first shot at Iran?

smirk wipes out Vocational & Gifted education

I dedicate my 5,000th post to

2006/2008: What issues could guarantee a Dem win?

Has anyone called John Warner re "nuclear option"

DeLay: "ever is a very strong word"

Do you really know Howard Dean?

Proposed new strategy for dealing with Religious Right: Re-Direction

Jane Fonda on Hardball tonight, (friday) 7pm (et)

condi on cspan giving speech (freedom and democracy)

John Edwards speech at New School University -4-14-05

Attacks on Reid starting, the DeLay backlash

Was Kofi Annan influenced by someone to say the US and UK to blame?

John Edwards: Fighting For Fairness In Our Tax Code

The Centrist Revolution?

Do I look like I'm "against people of faith" to you?!

bush on cnn clip saying that if gov does not act, payroll taxes will go up

White House signals flexibility on Social Security accounts

U.S.A and Canada are not democracies in this respect........

"Frist stood on the spot where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount..."

Just got Mark Crispin Miller's "Cruel and Unusual"

I delivered our letter to my neocon congressman today

"Religious McCarthyism"; now THAT'S a term with legs

PFAW: Help air "Save the Fillibuster" TV Ads

White House Praises Concerned Women for America

Lori Price: CLG: only a twit would not suspect US gov. " bioterror"

How credible is Military Dissenter at

E-mail site for Frist.

goldmine of news media info

I wish the dems could find some liberal theolgians to run for office

Cruella De Vil for governor? (Orlando Sentinel)

Democrats are "against people of faith".

Hastert Scandle

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