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Archives: April 12, 2005

On the other side of the world, Schiavo thru the looking glass!

researchers at Nashville conference-strong case Kerry won Ohio

Would you consider the rights hatred of Europeans,self-hatred.


Air America in Phoenix

Scientists Create Remote-Controlled Flies

Why Bushbots will _hate_ new Star Wars movie

Phyliss Schlafley made my head explode.....

The Northern region of the Democratic Nomination Bracket has begun

Moro Islamic Liberation Front: US can turn Mindanao into Afghanistan

Falling Fortunes of the Wage Earner -NYT

Sign of the end times or another ugly auto thread

I can't find any digipics of my dear departed Tinkie

I realize that the mellotron shaped the person I am.Now that it's too late

Misfits or Cramps?

I just flew in from Toronto

HEE HEE! Help me pick a custom bumpersticker for Asshole Neighbour!!

Which DVD should I watch? "The Sandlot" or "Dumb and Dumber"?

You wana know why Jah Paul Jo was the greatest member of Dread Zeppelin?

I am NOT eeeeeeeeevil...

I am eeeeeeeeeeeevil

My cat has made herself uber-comfy, sitting on my Sarah Vowell book.

Why do the translators on the Iron Chef laugh like idiots?

Any other unfortunate acronyms out there?

Can anyone think of a band that got LESS commercially accessible?

I just learned in LBN that there is a terrorist organization named MILF

Caption this - creatively

How do you feel about perfume and cologne?

Just Watched "Risky Business " Again - Thank You Rebecca DeMornay

Upper class twit of 2008

What to do with old non-collectible LPs

Who is coming to see me at the Downstate Illinois DU Meetup April 16?

How am I supposed to feel about the Alan Parsons Project?

Oh, hey, by the way and not for nothin'

Toshiba's 'NanoBattery' Recharges In Only One Minute

Woolly Mammoth Resurrection, "Jurassic Park" Planned

Keith in orchid for spring! - The latest cap from gogomag

It's sad that the media willingly joins in probing UN but not US...

How about an Edwards-Spitzer ticket?

Some of the evidence in the TRMPAC civil trial/ Delay money trail

My country, right or wrong...

A democratic consultant who be unemployed for life

Fighting spirits, Richard Morrison and Chuck Pennachio.

A small story about the enormous impact of the Bush Administration

Maybe Arabs and Jews need to change their perspectives to make peace

Means, Motive, Opportunity

Honesty and Stop Loss

Beijing's claims tied to war myth

Disinfotainment - JON CARROLL

Juan Cole - Sharon Defies Bush

I just visited FactCheck.Org-written by a Repub-no doubt

Scheer: The Pope Pleaded. We Didn't Listen.

Workplace Religion has been around a long time---

Terry Jones: Let Them Eat Bombs

DeLay under fire: What's at stake

Molly Ivins: Bush's political pickle

Daddy, what is a Sado-Con?

A Slap in the Face

Gay soldiers--End demeaning policy

Anti Bush Rant in Germany: US tried to undermine Pope in his last years.

Just an FYI - Most excellent lineup of articles on today's DU Homepage.

Salon: "Texas may see GOP clash over governorship"

Wolcott: Signs of the Cross (Wonderful rant!)

A New Attack on Women's Sports-NYT (reg. or bugmenot req'd)

India joins the scramble for oil

Kerry & Santorum Co-Sponsor "Workplace Religious Freedom Act"

Drudge vs. Huffington

Lying and Hate Are'nt Traditional Values--except for the evangelical..

Revoltin' Bolton (Steve Horowitz, -- offensive!

PRO/EDR> Staph. aureus (MRSA), community acq. - USA (MI)

The extinction crisis is over: We lost.

DeLay tells backers to blame it on the Democrats

The Gilded Age is Back (should be Front Page story!)

Means, Motive and Opportunity

Turbo Growth, Turbo Pride, Turbo Hubris

Capitalism is Savagery

Financial Times: "U.S. Appears To Have Fought War For Oil... & Lost It"

Fleischer's Book Bomb

Nukes protesters target Mildenhall (UK)

CAFTA - Call In Day (Thursday April 13th)

Protesters gear up for bank meetings

Mainstream media backing online journalists vs. Apple

Public Broadcasting Group Will Replace Top Executive


Whom do you find more annoying as a radio talk host?

Monster trade deficit, Feb $61B, from Jan $54B

Who else finds it comical that RWers are now forwarding the email about

Major work stoppages rose slightly in 2004

Big switch to ARM's; the red flares are lit in real estate

AFL-CIO Targets 'Excessive' CEO Pay

Bank says Saudi's top (oil) field in decline

Falling Fortunes of Wage Earners (no jobs, no wage increase econ growth)

US universities dropping in programming, dramatic fall

Glacier Park Diesels Run on Biodiesel

BP GHG Emissions Increase In 2004 - Up 1.6 Million Tons

Scientists, Loggers Talk: Forests In "Uncharted" Waters W. Climate Shifts

Houston, Texas, to Convert a Large Portion of its Fleet to Hybrids

Russian Nuke Plant Officials Accused of Dumping

Thousands Of Chinese Farmers Riot Over Factories Polluting Their Crops

Efficiency of Ceiling Fans Under Debate

China's Next Cultural Revolution (Wired Magazine)

DeLay Challenged on MTBE Liability Bill

Toshiba's 'NanoBattery' Recharges In Only One Minute

Chen rated among most influential

Su skilled at turning adversity into advantage

BBC (April 12): Iraqis 'suffer a lack of rights'

Trust is built on realities (Ehud Barak)

A Palestinian prison-state?

Bush Warns Sharon on Settlement Growth

Settlers preparing Gush Katif protest camp for supporters

The Bush Plan for Israel: two ghettos, many pogroms

Woman walking with fiance murdered

‘Sharon tried to discuss Iran military options with Bush’

Fragile Peace - The Misrepresentation Of The Israeli-palestinian Conflict

Boy carrying 5 bombs detained

The new anti-Semitism?

Housing Ministry to grant recognition to same-sex couples - Haaretz

Mariah Carey Invokes 9/11 to Promote Own Movie

many people STILL DON'T think Osama attacked us on 9-11

Please give your opinions on the flight 175 oddities in this article

many people STILL think Osama attacked us on 9-11

Dennis Kucinich on Crossfire now

Election Reform Briefing: The Business of Elections

News from BradBlog with Miami

I've done major update/expansion of New Mexico documentation

If y’all think the election was stolen, put your $ where your mouths are!

Miami Herald: "Dade studies switch to paper ballots"

KOEB (Tuesday, April 12)

Do you know anyone who was a recount witness in Cuyahoga County?

VIDEO From Nashville (C.McKinney, Cliff Arnebeck & Brad Friedman Speaking)

A MUST READ DU ARTICLE: Means, Motive, Opportunity - BBV EXPOSED!

The invisible hand in the ballot box.

State Law: Recount Rules

My friend, disgusted w/2004 election, is moving to China

John Conyers blogs today. Topic: The New Election Reform Commission

We need to make some noise guys! This must be changed!

Info Needed on Diebold: Save San Diego and Humbolt!

PBS Frontline's Karl Rove Show Tonight

Looking for witnesses in Ohio fraud investigation

BradBlog: Conyers to Carter: James Baker 'Inappropriate' for...Commision

Fight Arnold's expensive special elction

Is there a plan for DU convention delegates

SF, Emeryville Finalists For Stem Cell Research Center

Antisignature activist

Gingrich Coming to Iowa in May - Exploring Presidential Bid

From Rome to Lowell, Sen. Kerry attends Meehan fund-raiser

United Church of Christ (inclusive) opening in Abington, Mass.

Bev Harris training workshop 5/21

Will Durst in Minneapolis tonight - hosted by Air America Minnesota

Should Bachmann steer clear of public bathrooms? Depends!

My Northbridge fan stopped spinning.

LAN-based (not internet) chat software ??

Firewall question

A "dead computer" plea.

Phil King wants to ban human cloning

Republican takes out full page ad to promote protest of DeLay.

Democratic Leadership to target four Texas Reps in 2006

Help David Van Os needs a campaign logo

Billionaires For Bush Action: April 15

RadFest/Midwest Social Forum

Feral cat resoultion Results....

Will Feingold's divorce end any presidental ambitions in 2008?

By the way, I am in Missouri and I support Russ for 08!

I am working on getting a DU Russ group check it out:

Rush Holt in Madison Sat. Apr. 16

For our dear Minnesota friends:

Nice editorial on the UW 2-year/4-year merger proposal


Writer's #100! I'm throwing a party!


James Gilchrist and Glen Spencer Connection Only Slightly Reported

Liberal Talk Radio in Dallas?

"Bush is my sheperd" -- twenty fourth psalm

Oh, hey, by the way and not for nothin'

Sirius subscribers.. what if XM offered a smoking 'trade in deal' ...

Blue Collar TV, is it only ok for stupid rednecks...

Will the high cost of housing in California turn it into a red state?

If there is not a Bernie Ward thread


Iraq Pipeline Watch ... chronology of pipeline attacks

If Jesus returns, Karl Rove will kill him


Can anyone explain "Chemtrails" ?

A progressive nation

many people STILL think Osama attacked us on 9-11

Creating New Facts on the Ground.

"We don't really have an exit strategy,"

No distinction between Iraqi War and War on Terror

Bush Administration Using NEPA to Benefit Industry, But Hamper Native Amer

Why do our leaders always make "surprise" visits to Iraq?

The artist with the big-people subject matter has some new work.

C-Span caller might have previously uncirculated videos of Bolton in 2000.

Am I leaving anyone out?

Doonesbury yesterday - poses a legal question

Brainwashing was everywhere

When was the last public Cheney sighting?

Secret Service Visit Columbia Art Show - WANT NAMES TURNED IN

2 democrats and repugs obstructing passage of civil rights bill

Moving To The Lounge. Meant To Post It There. Sorry.

With all this focus on Bolton, remember the NEGROPONTE hearing at 10am

Chinese banks own a lot of our debt?

More violence in Afghainstain

The Council for National Policy has 2 websites

Communion Wafer from Papal mass sold on eBay

DU this "Buster" poll. It's been FReeped, but not by much.

f*in cross burning. 10 last nite

Why so many Bolton posts?

So, who watched "Daily Show" last night?

Wouldn't it be funny

Republicans' disdain for technology -- backward progress

Nearly everyone arrested at GOP convention found not guilty

Springer: he has a good approach. Single issue programs. Repeat, repeat

Why has America unraveled so fast under Bush?

I'm kicking your head! Kick! Kick! I'm kicking your head, Negroponte!

Papers Illustrate Negroponte's Contra Role

Tornado Warnings and Heavy Rain last night and

Mass Hypnosis

Shame on the Bolton Panel for calling the wrong witness

quotes from founding father. may need some time

Why Did Bolton Call Armstrong "Mr. Smith" During Testimony?

Pentagon Channel Reaches 1MM Military Viewers in U.S., starring Jeb Bush!

What's with the Kerry bashing? Following in the footsteps of GOP Nazi Hate

Revolting Disgusting Shameful

many people STILL DON'T think Osama attacked us on 9-11

Jews, Mormons agree to review proxy baptisms

Kristof is shocked by public's bad attitude toward the media.

Prediction: Bush will make a "surprise" trip to Iraq soon

Bush live, speaking to Fort Hood soldiers, CNN, 11:20 Eastern

What's with the CAT hunt in Wisconsin?

Efficiency of Ceiling Fans Under Debate - We Got Em Now!!!!

FDR died 60 years ago today (the real historical significance of April 12)

Flashback: John Bolton's Big Lies On Cuba

After Sleeping On It, I Forgive AAR/XM/SIRIUS (except for Colmes)

Im always so amazed at people who have nothing to do--

The Capitol and Kansas Bomb Threats & Police Handling......

Ball dog day in pictures at SFGate

Will you talk politics with everyone?

Feingold getting a divorce. Will it hurt him?

who the hell is Rob Nelson ??

New Word to help frame the Debate

I preserved a legacy today,

Is Bolton another chicken hawk?

so my military friend sent me this in an email... it's bs isn't it??

If Air America Radio does something to get off Sirius, they suck ass.

IRS to close 105 walk in centers - to save money

Ari's Book Bombs. KLEIN's Attempts to Swiftbot Hillary for '06

Write your Senator: Climate of alarm described at NIH

"Laptop-Triggered Mines Heading to Iraq"

why can't american drivers merge properly?

From the do as I say file

Whats wrong with these damn republicans anyway

A sad happening on Henry Street

One ad that you will never see on TV

Will Bush's rating ever drop below his solid 43-45% support?

How much would a gallon of gas cost today?

Have you ever dealt with a bomb threat at work?

OH MY GAWD!!! MSM printed 3 FACTS!!! In ONE article!!! *thud*

WSJ: repubs don't have the votes to kill the filibuster rule

Do we have a list of pharmacy's refusing to fill birth control scripts?

O'Reilly is at it again.

Whats it tell you when a former NG recruiter tells his kid not to join up?

Add to the list of names for Rush Limbaugh-"tax cheat"

American TV's information gap creates a new world of danger

Today's Best Bumper Sticker:

Telltale Signs Your Leaders are in a Persistent Vegetative State

HR482/541 - US forest land swap with Lubbock Christian University (Tx/NM)?

w dressing up like a soldier again, & lying about the war again

Secret Service visits art show at Columbia

So what's with all the atheist bashing here in GD?

Hair-raising TV spot (on LANDMINES) shunned by Broadcasters: MSNBC

3 years 7 months and 1 day since 9/11 and bin Laden still not accounted ..

Does Air America Radio suck ass more than XM for the radio deal?

Wackiness in the immigration dept.

When all is said in done, what will happen to Delay?

Stewart from these boards and O'Reilly sucks needs some help

US scatters bases to control Eurasia (Encircling Iran)

George Bush's Latest FACIAL INJURY - New pix, better angle >>>

I have found the PERFECT job for John Bolton

The Vast left-wing conspiracy.

"Iraqis get an earful from Rumsfeld"

The Smartest Guys In The Room - Enron Documentary - Opens 4/22

Are you PROUD to be an American?

DNC Posts Fake DeLay Mugshot--warning RW site

Want to see something my mother was directly involved in?

Pope John Paul II: "I want to die!"

National Guard purchases name rights to JFK stadium in D.C.- 6 million

Canadians in the midst of annual BABY SEAL hunt -

History ad on AAR knocking out my Real Player

"You can forget Poland" - - - hide your kielbasas!

New NASA chief to scrap Hubble despite ranking it with Einstein.

Wingnuts...Meet The Wingnuts

Public Television was full of commercials last night. WTF?

Anyone following the Stanley Park six?

I just watched COMING HOME for the first time yesterday on dvd.

Have you seen the yellow magnetic ribbons with a cross on it??


Look who came spewing into town last night . . .

One of my friend saved me

Military Bill Carries Extra Spending, From Oil Drilling To Baseball Stadium

Dems in NY Assembly kill death penalty legislation drive!!

wow watch cspan now carl ford former asst secretary of state

NorQuislings: Avg family pays more in taxes than for food, shelter, etc.

Is there anywhere 2C "Left of the Dial", HBO's Air America special online?

Limbaugh uses term "blow job" on-air today(4/12) Where's the FCC?

Casualties of war: Abandoned pets (& link to netpets if you can help!)

North praises Christian teachings in Billings talk

Could you sleep with yourself

US Pets Pay Price To For Iraq War

LTTE to the NYT after Krystoff's hysterically funny Op Ed

Cspan reairing Ford testimoney from this morning. NOW!

Day of Truth designed to counter gay-supportive observance

What were Hunter Thompson's last words?

Iraqi children paying harshly for "liberation"

Does anyone remember when Republicans cared about the environment?

Rumsfeld's Victory Strategy

Contest for DeLay slogan - this could be fun - DUers start your engines...

"Concerned women" turn on O'Connor, tell judges to "chill" over threats

Large SUV Sales Down Nearly 20% For Big Three In 2005 - Detroit News

One more thing I love about DU

"Former" lesbians & gays:"EX-gays are facing hostile acts, discrimination"

Is it true that "Freedom isn't Free"?

FAIR: CNN's New Boss: Progressives "Don't Get Too Worked up About Anything

There is a lot more at the Randi Rhodes message board about XM

Faux calls Anti Faux website's liers

Who is Mae Magouirk

Marburg, Ebola, AIDS, War, Famine, Exploitation... Poor Africa

LOL. Jeff Gannon thinks we want to get rid of him.

Woolly Mammoth Resurrection, "Jurassic Park" Planned

"Dining prices have increased due to escalating transportation costs"

Does your religious philosophy make you HAPPY?

How do you deal with FOXNews?

This week's lesson: Be careful what you say to yourself in parking lots

National Guard Buys Rights To Name Washington, D.C. Baseball Stadium!

Bolton part of Bush's crew in Florida during 2K rumble.

BRAD BLOG: Of Polygraphs, Pulitzers, Patriots and Prevaricators...

Ha! AAR stream has 15 second History Channel commercial

Yet another reason fundies scare the hell out of me.

Let's play: fascist or not?

An answer to chummer: no, Carl Sagan did NOT die believing in God

Do You Feel Like a Lone Voice in the Wilderness?

Parents Are Organizing Against The Military Draft Now!

How Low Can They Go? Republican Limbo

Why billionaires live longer

Football Games and Politics

Boxer calls Bolton a "BULLY"........."He needs anger management"..LOL!

Is it acceptable that "unelected corporate leaders" make public policy?

Homosexuality and Sports Survey

Cons lose bid to stop Same-sex marriage (Canada news)

Karl Rove, PBS's Frontline traces it's political history tonight

John Kerry Outs CIA Agent. and so it starts...

Does anyone know what happened to the doofus who's luggage got

What we know about the XM/AAR deal...

John R. Bolton is Jesse Helms' political heir.

Another reason to bust the EMPLOYERS of illegals - danger on the highways

Is it just me, or is this entirely offensive and racist?

Vote Fraud is Real- Wake Up America.

Britney Spears is pregnant!

Donald The Rat Rumsfeld Sneaks Back Into Iraq! Receives Flowers!

Price controls...long lines at the pumps?

Iconoclastic thinking about families and marriage.

Will the Senate Dems walk out if Frist brings the "Nuclear Option"

CSPAN 8pm will re-air today's Senate hearing on Bolton. Good one!

LETTER to LA Times: Why aren't you covering Iraq War oil motive?

Tweety Describes Who His Audience Is and What "Lib" Means to Him

Oh and one more thing....

LMFAO. Rumsfeld warns Iraq about corruption.

More quakes,and a volcano erupts in Sumatra.

HELP ?! need emails addresses for MEDIA many as possible...

Latest Alexa website traffic rankings.

Bob Dole on Fresh Air

Leading Rep Group calls on Adm, Congress to stop pandering to Rel Right

Radical PETA faq - PETA defines itself, and beliefs

Finally. an alternative view out of Crawford makes the Mainstream MSM.

"White Man’s Burden"

Synopsis of the Rove story

Colombian Artist Depicts Abu Ghraib Abuse

Do you get satellite radio?

House of Saud Re-Embraces Totaliatariansim (& a Crawford visit coming)

Tell me This is a joke and not true

60 years ago today -- Rest In Peace, FDR

Air Force Colonel Abuses American Citizens Over Uranium Weapons Coverup

So.. there really are InterNETS? Here I thought there was just 1.

Pop Quiz! Topic: Religion. Question: Who said this?

FOX news asks: "Should Hillary Clinton run for Presidents?"

If a thermonuclear bomb exploded close to your home

Are you "in the market"?

From the keyboards of loons: Pharmacists for Life Founder's own posts

Let's play RED STATE vs BLUE STATE news...

Slashin' jobs is slashin' wrists, an open letter to our 'community'.

Election Fraud: UK the poodle taking tips from his master?

Hundreds Trapped in Bangladesh Sweatshop Collapse

COMCAST DNS: I think it is happening again ...NT

Have Freepers turned into radical environmentalists?

Please Read: Waiting for the Galactic Bus is AGAINST the nuclear option.

Latest for the Bush Body Count?

So, Negroponte & Bolton WILL Be Confirmed

got your newsweek yet? Look at page 27 Can they be any more

Just saw UNCOVERED: The War in Iraq (MoveOn/Robert Greenwald Iraq film)

Bush's iPod

How did George get those raspberries?

bush is too chickenshit to appear before a random crowd


Kelly Ellard found guilty! Reena Virk finally vindicated!

George Bush's iPod: Here's a weird little story I found

A Grand Old Party of Megalomaniacs

Bill Maher on the Majority Report

Wow! Thanks for the Food Stamps!

Bush support lowest ever; Terror suspects caught while supposedly

Rabid right wing site that I came from posted this jewel today.

Why didn't the Feds raise interest rates, Is Greenspan still cloaking

I need your help again with research. Your suggestions were lost.

Pacers Center: NBA Age Limit Racist

An American hero....Thank you and RIP, Maurice Hilleman

Bolton was part of the Florida "mob"...picture)..("Stop the count")

Fifty years ago today the polio vaccine was introduced.

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Meet Up

Got this e-mail about gas prices..pretty interesting.. could work

So I turn on CNN (small rant)

From the Selective Service website

Superiority of private schools - DEBUNKED yet again...

A better idea for bringing gas prices down.

Would you switch to XM to get Air America Radio?

NPR+Iraq = The most pathetic F***ing reporting known to man

Maria Shriver is yakking on TV about "programs for the poor"

What do you think of Springer on Air America?

"KKKarl Rove -- The Architect" - PBS Frontline, tonight

Sorry Fundies, Gays Suffer Discrimination, Not You

Americans are getting angry...about many things

Gay man from Atwood, Kansas speaks up and fights back!

My take on the XM AAR Sellout deal...Don't Dump Sirius...

Why is it NOW ok for Dole to talk about HIS military accomplishments?

Read and remember the next time you "dine"? at McDonalds

To be a republican, first you must be an Asshole.

Republicans voted down more Veterans benefits

An 86%-14% split is apparently "Mixed Views" on gays in sports.

FBI 10 Most Wanted: UBL - No specific mention of 9/11


Thoughts on AAR/XM/Sirius.... Don't cut your nose off to spite yourself..

VERY Funny story about: Right Wing Wrestler "the Ultimate Warrior"

What if they took your Cigarettes away, or made them Illegal?

The "Ricin" Frame Up Collapses

How have your politics changed since joining DU?

The Backlash Cometh?

AAR just verified via phone that they will no longer be on Sirius.

From DFA - Help "oust Delay" - Submit your idea for a Billboard here:

"Marriage" is a dinosaur... that's why right wingers are pissed off

Are You Watching Less TV Than In 2000?

Are you mad about AAR on XM? Please contact the following

The needle in the haystack… A media perspective

I Refuse to Warehouse Their Damn Gas For Them.....

Religion POLL

John Conyer's blog topic today: The New Election Reform Commission

w compares saddam's statue's fall to the fall of the berlin wall

I'm sorry, but Dole talking about his war wounds on TDS is pissing me off.

Indicator of how good the economy is - the EAA Air Show.

60 years ago today a great man died.

George Bush: Why Do You Repeatedly Injure Your FACE?

A Johnson/Kennedy ticket in 1968?

Organize to Protect Your Kids from the Draft- Here's How

Another positive for ABC news

scary bumper sticker I saw

Should sex/child offenders be monitered for life after prison?

So are oil supplies really our number one worry?

Is it time to come out of the closet?

Bush’s first term has been among the most successful in modern times.

My 1000th Post Has Been Picked Up On The Web

My Mock Trial For School Tommorow- Insight Needed

Anyone in the Atlanta/Georgia Area having trouble with the Internet?

'Big News' from Chairman Dean

A somewhat good question from Gannon

Military months away from serious dysfunction, may be permanently damaged

PETA announces Petco victory; redoubles KFC boycott

Franken is EATING on the air.

PythonTerry Jones:The doubling of child malnutrition in Iraq is baffling

Stewart from these boards and O'Reilly sucks needs some help

Anyone else lose AAR?

The Library of Congress has asked to archive one of our Pope threads.

This post is just plain and simple, I miss Nostamj. Period.

The Wisconsin pussy cats kill millions of songbirds yearly.

DU blurb on Mark Crispin Miller's

Should there be a draft - - do females register

If there was a draft, would you break the law to save your child?

Bush's iPod reveals music tastes - with suggestions!

I have created a monster....

pantry moths?

What's for dinner?

Best On-Line Food Sites.

25th Anniversary of Mile 0 in the Marathon of Hope

Labour Party Press Conference - Am I being smug?

Are Tories thinking what kids' TV show is thinking?

Liberal Democrats Leader Kennedy becomes a father

BBC: Greens reveal 'radical' manifesto

Cook says Brown could soon be PM

I envy Britain just for the BBC

Nothing says "integrity" like photoshopping your candidate at a protest!

House of Lords reform

Oona King

Three killed, over 20 injured in car bomb in Iraq's Samarra

Quantum Delivers Parallel and Series Diesel Hybrids to US Army

Former Chief of A.I.G. to Refuse to Answer Questions

Rumsfeld Warns on Corruption During Iraq Visit

Bolton Denies Pressuring Officials

Senators May Have Blown Cover of CIA Agent

Angolans not sending infected relatives to hospital because of fear....

Spot the difference (UK Conservatives change protest photos)

Poland to Pull Troops from Iraq at End of Year

Russian Nuke Plant Officials Accused of Dumping

Car Bomb (U.S. convoy ) Kills Five Iraqis in Mosul -Police

Wary Neighbors India and China Eye New Era ("India, China are brothers")

Angry Afghan villagers clash with anti-drug force

Trade Deficit Hits All-Time High in Feb. (more Oil and it costs more)

Shootouts leave 10 dead in Haiti

Oil Rises; OPEC at Odds Over Output

'Trick' election website blasted (UK)

Healthy Qudrat leaves for home

Philippines protests U.S. "Afghanistan" comment

DeLay under fire: What's at stake

C-Span caller might have previously uncirculated videos of Bolton in 2000.

Elderly vet(eran)s face uncertain future

Democrats' Bid to Stop Bolton as UN Envoy Hinges on Credibility

U.S., Colombia Will Continue Pressure on Narcoterrorists

Poland confirms Iraq withdrawal

Washington one of 14 states accused of excessive Medicaid claims

NYT: Yale Ending Affiliation With a Church (once led by Wm. Sloane Coffin)

Germany: The cant of anti-American rant

Saddam May Escape Noose in Deal to Halt Insurgency

Sources: Eric Rudolph Stashed Dynamite

Fund-raisers for DeLay PAC linked solicitations to issues

Marburg Toll in Angola Increases to 221....

Senators May Have Blown Cover of CIA Agent

Japan Wants Response (From China), China Tells Japan Face History

Dominatrix gives Treasury painful lesson

Drug prices outstrip inflation

Parole overhaul scrapped (Gov Grope gum-up)

Israel's Vanunu tried for breaking restrictions

Hillary faces obstacle to White House run

Former Intelligence Chief Blasts Bolton at Senate Hearing

Garfield (Highschool) PTSA can't bar military recruiters (Seattle Times)

WP,pg1: Md. General Assembly Dems Approve (liberal) Agenda in Final Push

Washington gives $3m to 'boost democracy in Iran'

Security scare at U.S. Capitol

WP: Clique and Dagger (Negroponte as new principal of "Spy High")

Senators May Have Blown Cover of CIA Agent (Lugar & Kerry)

Peacekeepers launch raid in eastern Congo

Militants Kill One, Injure 3 in Baghdad

LexisNexis Uncovers More Consumer Data Breaches (Reuters)

BP told Russian back taxes are £500m

NYT - LexisNexis Data on 310, 000 People Feared Stolen

Donation is protest of layoffs by banks

Knifeman seizes German children

Returned Soldier Fights For Custody Of Children

Polish Troops will Leave Iraq at the end 2005

Chafee Calls for DeLay to Answer Critics (CQ)

Next pope likely won't see eye to eye with U.S. Catholics

Japan in plan to expand whaling

NYT: Dem Leaders Worry Over NYC Mayoral Race (Moveon, Kos mentioned)

China Builds a Smaller, Stronger Military

Iraq insurgents try and fail to brew chemical weapons

Trade Deficit at All-Time High of $61.04B

Kilpatrick calls for 754 layoffs, pay cuts in (Detroit) city budget

Arnold Donors Could Cost Cal Retirees $400 Million

AARP: Drug Costs Make Largest 5-Year Jump

(AARP) Study: Brand Drug Prices Outpace Inflation

Trade Deficit Hits All-Time High in Feb. ($61.04 billion for month)

Longaberger sets job cuts (360 jobs)

Military Bill Carries Extra Spending, From Oil Drilling To Baseball Stadium

Military Bill Carries Range of Extra Spending

Air Force: Tests for Lost Nuke Found No 'significant' Radiation

WP: Plan to Abandon Hubble Challenged (by NASA engineers)

BREAKING 1pm PST Convicted Author (Stanko) Captured in GA

Higher prices, stagnant wages produce pay cuts (First time in 14 years)

Democrats need to strengthen message on security, Sen. Clinton says

Bolton Appears Headed for Confirmation

Groups Hold Dueling Pro- and Anti-Gay Days

WP: Nuclear Plants Not Keeping Track of Waste (radioactive rods missing?)

Public Transit Ridership Rises as Gas Prices Soar

A Daunting Search: Tracking a Deadly Virus in Angola

PRESS ADVISORY - Debt Slavery Press Conference

Hair-Raising (Land Mine) TV Spot Shunned by Broadcasters

Bush's NASA nominee likens Hubble Telescope to Einstein, will scrap anyway

West Virginia lawmakers learn they adopted English as official language

NYT:Filling (dental) Need in Am.'s Poorest Pockets(silent epidemic + meth)

Generation Y embraces choice, redefines religion

Police Seize Pictures Of Seattle Bus Tunnel

House Panel Plans Action on Bill to Bar Judges From Considering Gun Cases

Wolfensohn 'at odds' with White House

American Cardinals Deny Snubbing Law at Memorial Mass for Pope

High Court Justices Seek Security Boost (at hearing/R questions rulings)

Bush to Give Pep Talk to U.S. Soldiers

The Hill - There's no chafing over support for this Rhode Island renegade

Breaking: 7 Students Arrested In School Fight - School Placed on Lockdown

(Salman) Rushdie Says Bush Policies Help Islamic Terrorism (Reuters)

Mormons Abusing Memory of Deceased Russians — Religious Council

DeLay Urges GOP to Blame Dems Over Ethics

Bush Thanks Soldiers for Serving in Iraq

BBC unions call for strike ballot

Iranian parliament gives green light to abortion

ShopRite employees in Mid-Hudson to take strike vote (NY)

LAT: Cardinal Law Is Snubbed (six U.S. Catholic leaders skip Vatican Mass)

Senate Won't Boost VA Hospital Spending

Cooper employees head to work

Wisconsin considers hunting free-roaming cats

U.S. Says Medicaid Money Was Obtained Improperly

Union workers hoping to get their old jobs back (Hoeganaes / Philly)

Influencing the IRS - Nearly 500 companies lobby the tax agency

Bush's iPod reveals music tastes-different take with suggestions

Libya to put trade embargo on Bulgaria over nurses

Angola Struggles to Contain Viral Outbreak....

SEPTA Workers Threaten To Strike On Friday (Philly)

Egyptian torture claims backed

DeLay under fire from local Republican (a Texas voter)

20 Iraqis Killed by US Air Attack in Western Iraq

UN: Establish New Human Rights Body

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 12 April

CBS: Italian Journalist: U.S. Lied (On 60 Minutes Wed)

Iraqi students burn U.S. flag in protest

UC Service Workers to Strike Thursday, April 14, for One Day

Union Files Charges With the NLRB Against Wal-Mart

Secret Service Probes Chicago College Art Exhibit Featuring Stamp of Bush

(Eugene OR City) Council takes stand against torture

DeLay Challenged on MTBE Liability Bill

Dems move to exploit schisms in GOP ranks

DeLay out to make nice with senators

Global Poll Shows Preference for Europe Over US in World Affairs


FBI Ethics Agent in N.C., Charged With Lying About Free Trips to Las Vegas

Air Force Colonel Abuses American Citizens Over Uranium Weapons Coverup

Art Exhibit Featuring Bush Stamp Probed

WP: Erosion of Estate Tax Is a Lesson in Politics

MSNBC: Britney Spears, PREGNANT!!!!!

Lech Walesa resigns from Solidarity

2 Groups at Odds With GOP on Filibusters

NYT: In Jeans or Veils, Iraqi Women Are Split on New Political Power

Big rise in deserters 'fuelled by Iraq war'

Man Seized At U.S. Capitol To Be Deported

Bulgaria, Greece and Russia Sign Agreement on Trans-Balkan pipeline

Turkmens, Afghans, Pakistanis in Gas Pipeline Talks

Despite Bush rebuke, work goes on at West Bank settlement

Iran to Promote Tourist Potential on CNN--Daily Star

Mobile phones "safe for brains" (BBC News)

3 accused in Fort Lauderdale of 'leasing' illegal workers

Band member jailed for part in satanic murders

Marburg Outbreak Not Likely a Global Threat

Taser Death Ruled a Homicide (OH)

AFL-CIO Unveils 'Jaw-Dropping' Case Studies of CEO Pay

WP/AP: Apple to Release 'Tiger' System in April

Father Challenges Blair to Debate Iraq War

LAT: Villaraigosa Leads (L.A. incumbent Mayor Hahn) by 18 Points

More US troops questioning Iraq duty

NYT: Republicans May Hasten Showdown on Judicial-Nomination Filibusters

WP: Music Industry Targets Internet2 Network(sues students at 18 colleges)

FCC Among 2005 Muzzle Award Winners

UK/Big rise in deserters 'fuelled by Iraq war'

Sen. Bachmann the controversial

Poland to Pull Troops from Iraq at End of Year - Reuters

Gov't Backs Off Cutting Aid to Farmers

Bank says Saudi's top (oil) field in decline

Calls Increase for U.S. to Leave Iraq

Feds Indict 15 Wall Street Traders To 'Instill Fear and Confidence'

US mercenaries spill blood over Afghan opium

Kennedys fight over family home

Florida Woman Sells Daughters for Car, Prostitution, Police Charge

Ultra-conservative Opus Dei group ponders role with new pope

U.S. Will Maintain Its Position As World’s Largest Beef Importer In 2005

Former CIA Op. Would Call Gonzales, Tenet as Witnesses in Federal Trial

U.S. Has No Exit Strategy for Iraq, Rumsfeld Says

Arlington GM plant to close 3 more weeks ( high gas prices fallout)

Ex-Intel Chief Blasts Bolton at Hearing

Greenberg Puts $2.2 Billion AIG Stake in Wife's Name

GOP Renews Bid to Abolish Estate Tax (permanently)

Senate WILL NOT Add Veterans’ Health Funds To Supplemental

Israel presents aerial photos of Iran nuclear sites to Bush

U.S. accused of covering up mad cow cases

3 Indicted in Terror Plot

Al Sharpton Denies Campaign Money Allegations(FBI Investigating)

United CEO Wants Airline To Eliminate Pension Plans

NYT: Bin Laden Bribed Afghan Militias, German Officials Says

Pelosi/Clark "GI Bill for the 21st Century" hits Military Times

Calif. Court Blocks Internet Release of Information on Accused Priests

Refusal to let KLM plane to fly over U.S. questioned

Officials Say Man in Capitol Scare (Australian, not Chinese) Violated Visa

FDA Panel Rejects Silicone Breast Implants (Reuters)

A simple form puts children in home-schooling

Senate Won't Boost VA Hospital Spending

Wal-Mart To Fund Wildlife Habitat

DeLay Urges GOP to Blame Dems Over Ethics

Microsoft Warns of 5 New Software Security Flaws

Teachers Say Parents Get More Aggressive

PBS Will Replace Top Executive (Right Wing Coup Complete)

Appeals Court Rules Tennessee Can Drop 323,000 From Expanded Medicaid

Labs Urged to Destroy Pandemic Flu Strain

Secret Service visits art show at Columbia

Students allegedly watched assault ..( Raped in school!!)

CNN's New Boss: Progressives "Don't Get Too Worked up About Anything"

Press Freedom Groups Report Killings of Journalists in Haiti, Mexico

The new Heart lineup? Ann, Nancy and ......

Ex Red Sox Derek Lowe and Dave Roberts wear Sox uniform for ceremony.

It's 10:30 you know where your Bush is?

Let's Talk Knitting Needle In The Eye: Sexy, Or Just Rebellious?

The song is over It's all behind me

Writer's #100! I'm throwing a party!

Goats. Love 'em or hate'em?

How many hours do you sleep

Holy shit- whoever recommended "Death Cab for Cutie" to me...

Penn & Teller's "Bullshit". Anyone else like this show.

Do deaths really come in threes?

Can you say this real fast without any mistakes?

"There'll be someone else."

And now, in a stunning display of patriotism, my 1776th post.

Toshiro Mifune...

Fluffy bunnies

Do you ever recite dirty limericks?

Hey Canadians,

How do I start a thread?

Given recent events in my personal life

Do threads really come in threes?

Do threads really come in threes?

Do threads really come in threes?

5:30 AM

Sweetness and Light, Sweetness and Light

Ok, I did it. I took the plunge

Riddle me this: If they had to complete the Great Pyramid during Khufu's

I just had the worst dream...and it was totally nonsensical.

Who is the greatest underrated (or unrated) rock cowbellist?

Oh, Lordy: Return of the (LOUD) old fashion big ben style alarm clock!

It's already afternoon - golly

CPL 593H

Prayer for our dear President

Teen Accused Of Stealing Head From Tomb

I Have Front Row Seats To The Heat-Magic Final Game Of The Season

How do I pill this cat?

She's my little deuce coupe, you don't know what I got

fLying the fLag at haLf-mast

Thank you all for the positive thoughts yesterday!

Prince Charles

Hey that Yoga stuff WORKS!!!

Ho-hum...just another SoCal 4.0 earthquake...

Too funny...

Practical Jokes in the workplace?

Oh I, I just died in your arms tonight....

I saw "Garden State" this past weekend.

I MADE IT - #D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lying in bed with the radio on...

Miss USA Test

"Pete, the personal rancor reflected in that remark...

Is there a directions/map website that lets me pick the route?

Hey that yogurt stuff works!

There she is...Miss....USAaaaa (North Carolina)

Thatcher spotted at strip club

This could be fun.

I'm suffering a severe case of the hungry horrors

what's long and green and smells like pig?

It's 10:47 am.... can I eat lunch yet?

What does Shrub listen to on his iPod? (BBC)

Jesus Christ Superstore

Local Fox Affiliate Debuts Terror-Alert Van

Happy Birthday.....DAVE!!!!!!!!

I'm chillin to some Gregorian chants tonite

I'm going to see Rod Stewart tomorrow

Have you guys seen this?

Woman Launches Her Car Into Mayor's Office

Woman Arrested For Assaulting Neighbor With Loud Dance Music

Snooze-Button Abusers Could Be In for a Race Against Time With the 'Clocky

Good News! There's a chance I might get on the Dean's List this semester!!

W VA Lawmakers Voted To Make English Official Language - Without Knowing

Nobody likes me.

Rumsfeld Gets Grilled at Truth & Reconciliation Hearing

Public Service Announcement: Smithsonian Global Sound

Hey that Yogi stuff WORKS!!!!!

I hate using the lights during the day

Man Handcuffed In Back Of Police Car 'Manages' To Shoot Himself In Face

Pet peeve: People who can't spell - ON TELEVISION

OK I am UH...

I found another Napoleon Dynamite soundboard.

Lord Byron's "She Walks In Beauty," dedicated to Barbara Bush

Do you have earthquakes waking your ass up early in the morning?

What is the colour of the programmes at the sport centre?

George & Ari tour the pig farm--cartoon

Is it rude to ask to speak with someone with an accent?

i don't get dirty PM's, will someone please step up and help??

Please help! Do I have a defective DVD?

Arrghhhh, cat gas!

What? Your post counts?

Please help! Do I have a defective BVD?

Hitler's paper clip on Ebay!

MAGIC LOVE by Bent is the bomb

Never order lunch at a restaurant when the owner argues w/ health

Two boys being fitted for tuxes (tuxi) tonight

If you ever go on a mission with Jack Bauer

Number of times I was awakened last night: SEVEN.

Is it rude to ask to speak with someone without an accent?

Names that should not be hyphenated!

Betty Bowers on Pope John Paul George & Ringo

Calling all Savants: DU I.Q. test...

Just saw the "War of the Worlds" trailer at IMdB. WOW!!!

Confess: Name one unhealthy thing you have purchased from a 7/11.

Is anyone else having problems downloading file attachments on yahoo mail?

Show of hands: Who's lining up for a Talking Jesus Doll?

Threads that get an instant "hide" click

This is serious. Should cats be haunted?

Only 14 posts to go 'til 10k WoooHooo, ask me anything reasonable

24 discussion anyone?.......

So who's seen the trailer for Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy?

Pork Rinds and Scrapple - I just don't get the appeal of these foods

One of the Greatest Albums of ALL TIME: DUSTY IN MEMPHIS

OK, the fun's over

What does this quote mean?

"Lord, please don't let them find out what a piece of dog doo I am."

WTF is it with Freepers and "slippery slopes"?

Tiger Woods vs. Manboobs (Tiger wins)

how to start Gerber daisies from seed? (posted in gardening group but

"All brands of lighter fluid taste the same." True or false?

Cookies Wrack me up. n/t

50 Days From Today My Sun Will Be FIVE BILLION! ARRRGGHH!!!

paris hilton to remake Seven Year Itch?

I'm not saying anything more than look at this link

OK, whoa

you sunk my scrabbLeship!

Dammit popped a tooth out of my upper plate, need some glue advise

HCR 29 -- Some pretty sweet legislation.

six years from now, my 24 year old son will be 30...

Big crack in my windshield today, what should I do?

I don't have a son! I don't have a son!

" "Army Town Struggles to Save Abandoned Pets"

Arrrrgghhhhh! 24 years from now my Son will be 30!

GOPBasher explains his support for Michael Bolton.

Yo! GOPisEvil! You now owe me a Martini at the Boston Gathering....

I have to say this about THE LATE LATE SHOW on CBS...

For the break of your life!

Cousins? Not related?

This is serious. Should cats be hunted?

It's cold and rainy, and I don't want to go out!!

Who else finds it hard to bother hating entertainers?

Fine and funky - Amerie

I preserved a legacy today,

There are more people on the planet

What does imenja wear to teach her class?

Need advice on my artist S.O.

I'm so freaked out... credit card fraud

What book should I propose that my book group read next?

"And so then, I pinched her nipples just like this!"

I think the conclave should elect a bear pope....

am i hot or not? (version 2.0)

i am back in india....ask me anything...or tell me something clever

"Hi, Ahhhm... Hello?"

Why do some people think they can treat people any way they

am i hot or not?

Wish Simon a happy B-day, He's 2 today!!!!!!!!!

Okay, DUers, check into my soap opera...

Wish me luck.

tasteless joke of the day...

from Baghdad Burning: Proposal for an Iraqi Reality Show

OKAY, I can't do this alone I need support.....

What's sitting on or stuck to your computer monitor?

Tuesday Sheep Check: Which Flavor Of Kool-Aid Do You Prefer?

My computer is dead. I have lost everything.

I just saw something really interesting.

what if you gfet picked to be pope and you don't want the job?

So, I broke my ass, and all I got was this lousy NSAID!

To what do you attribute the success of your current relationship?

Hands All Over

Lincoln Chaffee explains his support for John Bolton.

So Mrs. Matcom: Which picture best represents your husband?

Which is the better Who rock opera?


How many students were/are in your high school graduating class??

I love Randi!

Update on my lovelife,

Anyone want GMAIL? I have 50 invites.

say something nice about a fellow DU'er-ME!

who can drink me under the table?

25 year ago today .....

On the night Max wore his wolf suit

HEY Moms and Dads!!!! It's Soccer Season again!!!! Wooo freakin hooo!!!

I had to break down and put my sign back in the window

If the next Pope picks the name Peter......were in deep trouble.

Best Scifi movie of all time?

Would it offend you if you turned someone on?

shhhhhhh. When picking your nose,

Honk if you remember "National Gorilla Suit Day"

My Favorite Movie

Anyone seen "Elektra"? Is that General Zod

Catholic School Doesn't Care For Book Titled: "Whores On The Hill"

do you kiss your hand going under a yellow traffic light?

Wookies crack me up

I have one thing to say about the jokes being made re Matcom's anatomy

OK, the nun's over...

Great, I have a serial killer loose in my neighborhood

Ok, the sun's over

Man accused of lewd conduct with goat arrested

Admit it!! is the funniest website out there

Are you an event planner? Step up and take a bow!

Now that's a scary bird

Aha! The truth about Bolton comes out at last!

There is no such thing as a tamale.

Are you gonna eat those tots?

Why all the Paris Hilton hating?

Piggies: A Precognitious Fantasy of 21st Century America

Well, since the move of AAR to XM appears to be a done deal now


Parents, do you have a favorite child?

I just e-mailed a file from my Powerbook to my

Do you have open directories?


50 Days From Today My Son Will Be THIRTY! ARRRGGHH!!!

The whole purpose of fashion magazines is to make YOU feel inadequate


Abra, abra-cadabra.

IT"S 420

Need grilling advice. Seriously.

Happy David Letterman's Birthday, everyone!

Lets Play: Can you guess what I did today?

How about another WHO AM I?

Great, I have a cereal killer loose in my neighborhood.

Mass_Liberal's Joke of the Day Part II

Look, ladies. If we were co-workers, I would never sexually harass you


Okay call me a newbie but...

What are you listenning to at the moment

I sure do like Judy Swallow on the BBC NewsHour.

Just who are these clowns?

Fox News Alert!

Any other fans of The Amazing Rhythm Aces?


Ladies, the Vulva Purses! (???) not a sex thread!

what do your hands do when you walk?

Hilarious kitty video!

Who Said, "A Flute With No Holes, Is Not A Flute, and A Doughnut

I blame "West Side Story."

Battle of the Renaissance Masters!

Have you ever written to Dear Abby?

what song are you listening to right now?

Love is Not a Sentiment Worthy of Respect

Vote for the Best Darrin on "Bewitched"

Easy way to Google Bomb with Mozilla Firefox...

Anybody finding mushrooms?

am I the only person who doesn't enjoy 2001: A Space Oddity?

Oh, It's Easy To Grin When Your Ship Comes In And You've Got

It's hailing here in North Georgia.

Licensed To Kill Gophers by the government of the United Nations.

Is anybody else in the DC area having unusual power outs?

Cable TV ala carte -- What would your dial look like?

i want YOU to want ME

my camera.. :(

You're a guy. You're turning 37. What do you want for your birthday?

I seriously considered signing up for the military yesterday morning.

OMG it's snowing!

I seriously considered signing up for the millinery yesterday morning.

Student activism is alive and well in St Louis

I went back to the doctor To get another shrink.

Where do you put your hands

Worst. Superhero. EVAH.

YAY! It works again.

business in the front, party in the back-mullet thread!

Give me some N names...

Name the best PC-based games out right now.

Let's do a WHO AM I - Come on and play


Any Fans of old-time radio here? if so, what are some of your favorites?

The media could make a movie out of Britney's quest to get preggers:

my real self

Who saw that Bonner v. Griffin UFC fight a few nights ago?

Tucker Carlson speaks out against seal hunt

Everyone post a painting of yourself.

Goddammit! She told me she was on the pill!

Need help on Ohio SD-100X Amended SD Tax Form.

Anyone know about this religion?

Who here "Knows about" stereos?

Books you reread.

Delay Bribes Britney to Reveal Pregnancy to Distract From Ethics Woes

Ohmigod--I thought I'd never say this

Britney preggers with DeLay's love child?

Godammit she told me she was the pill!

In case you haven't heard: Britney is preggers

Britney Spears is pregnant!

MPRE Exam Scores just came out.....

How about Britney's father-2-be? Is he keggers? Or was he before the act?

Novell is releasing SUSE Linux 9.3 on the 18th!


My neighbor had a run-in w. 2 feral cats (he got hurt)

Everything I know I learned from the Coyote!!!

"Robin Hood: Men In Tights" about to start!

Holy Shit! I think I'm pregnant!


No Brain Activity found in Spears Baby. Suspect Pervasive Vegetative State

OH MWUH GAWD Britney is pregnint!

What's the furthest you've traveled for a concert?

Come on Los Angeles DUers! We need a get together

Who has listened to Van Halen with the volume up?

Britney IS, in fact, pregnant. Wonder when ol' Kev will pack his bags?

Paul Hardcastle: 19

Will Rove plan something during Brittney's delivery?

In non-Britney news, Foxy Brown disputes $20 manicure bill in court

Garden Gnome Goes Wild on Spring Break

why can't american drivers merge properly?

I just bought a Three Stooges DVD. All Curly too!

The Lounge is boring without Terri Schiavo threads

Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) is coming out on the 29th

Listening to Who's Next, while looking at this and a job search page.

Just saw a Hitchhiker's porno

If Everyone Swept The Street In Front Of Their Own Houses

Best Taiwanese Parliament Fights of All Time

today's my 28th birthday

Tom DeLay: Should we not spunge his mouth?

Woohoo! This is my 1000th Post!

Parrot that's SOOOO much smarter than Bush

Alfre Woodard joining the cast of Desperate Housewives

I'm back on the job market

Oh lordy! Someone let M.A.T.C.O.M. near the spandex again!

John Bolton.

Massive Head Wound Harry Vs. George W. Bush

Dammit my shirt is chaffing my right nipple

Damnit, explain the reason for your DU Sig line please

Things to do with Coca-Cola

Warning. In Hell, THIS is the only wallpaper you are offered for your PC.

Bernie Sanders coming up on Majority Report

Good evening.

Challenge: Name one healthy thing you can purchase from a 7/11.

be carefull

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for April

Take two movie titles and merge them into something people WOULD watch:

I would appreciate your thoughts on this post/thread (personal issue)

Please, could someone tell me...

Frontline on Rove anyone watching this fiction ?

My posts don't have as many replies as they should

You gotta admit that "Toxic" is the cut.

CNN Confirms - Britney Is PREGGERS

Take a mallet and kill me....I'm bored out of my freaking mind.

I never knew that about skyscrapers.

Some people STILL think Japan attacked us at Pearl Harbor!

what is your favorite store-bought cookie?

Alert ZombyWoof and Fenris! Road House is on!!!! Right now!

Endangered Species Chocolate Company.

Just saw a Hitchhiker's promo

I'm glad to be HOME......

black people do this, and white people do that

Find your dead celebrity soulmate....

Yuck, just saw that new Toyota Camry commercial...

Goshdammit, I'm leaving.

I need wardrobe advice (Edwards)

Is Britney's child Pope John Paul II reincarnated?

O.k., I've been run over!

I don't want to let my controlling family back into my life...

What draws you to another person?

Add a line to this poem about a cat's dream

Needed: A hearty laugh

Anybody high or Drunk?

I just finished a HUGE project for a class. Ask me anything.

Post Pics of Your Pets

A rental/landlord question re: pets

Only love Can make it rain

Need grilling advice. Facetiously.

I HATE when I'm woken up at 4am by an earthquake.

What song would best describe your personality?

Is DU lagging for anyone else? Or is it just me?

Dog saves Tampa woman from alligator... think a CAT woulda' done that?

Breaking: Britney Spears pregnant; huge meteor will destroy Earth Friday


Don't you just hate it when you go to all the trouble of figuring out what

My sister in law's father just died

Happy Birthday, Dave!

Something very weird is happening - both Progmom and sundog got banned.

that's it!

Fuck Britney Spears.

PREGGERS or PREGGO, you decide.

Did you go to your HS prom?

I would rather read 1,000 more Terri Schiavo threads...

I see so many people on DU estranged from their families, and it breaks...

This thread title is left justified and mentions JimmyJazz and SOteric

Yet another reason to like Baseball: Baseball Pays its Minor Leaguers

A representative from In-Home Help Services tomorrow...what should I say?

All Right - Which one of you broke the internets?

60 years ago today, a great man went to his reward. An FDR tribute.

Is DU under a DoS attack?

DU Chefs... I Need Help...

Sunset earlier tonight from a fire tower in the Adirondacks

We just got Mr GoG's wallet back


If you don't reply to your PMs, why not?

So what is it like being in DU limbo?

Name TWO Movies Which Have The Same TWO Actors

Anyone else having trouble with their cable internet connection?

Are you funny?

Something if you are really bored.

DUers who were culturally aware in 1982, I need your help!

Need some laughs -- quick? Go to this web site -- uproarious!!!

Some funniness


Britney is pregnant!

What's the most irresponsible thing you've done?

Who else thinks Matcom got Britney Preggers?

Back by popular demand: the little golf guy (my avatar)

Congratulate me

Had A Tooth Pulled, Dentist Refused To Allow Me To Keep Tooth,

anyone see Melinda and Melinda yet?

I heard that Britney Spears is pregnant.

Free Republic vs. Democratic Underground: in a royal rumble, who wins?

Who/what will GD be bashing next week?

Quit (smoking) Day One: COMPLETE!

Two weeks from today my son will be FOURTEEN! ARRRGGHH!!!

Most sympathetic character in "Closer"

DUers: Soldiers' pets need your help.

Honestly, I think we should just trust Britney Spears

Why all the Michael Bolton hating?

Shameless self-promotion: Check out my band's song

Chinese character actor throwdown: James Hong vs Victor Wong

Name Britney Spears's baby!

Oh God 05.05.05 Beware.

Ladies, now your man can be INSTYLE! with INTERNATIONAL MALE!

What's the perfect pop song?

Rock over London. Rock on Chicago. Sprint - be there. Now.

Favorite 'Karen Walker' quote?

I'm a Republican candidate for President. Ask me anything.

The pain wraps itself around me like some malignant cloak,

Help-opened a can of sweetened condensed milk-suggestions?

I'm not voting for Wesley Clark because Wesley is a GIRL'S NAME!


Name the Spawn of Britney

am I the only person who doesn't enjoy 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Bearing In Mind That I Have A Wicked Cold, How Would You Rate ME?

My little old lady cat threw up blood today.

If a republican asked you out on a date would you say no?

What's your post count?

OK, the pun's over.

Scientists say, "Brittany's butt could grow to the size of Rhode Island,"

Newfoundland Seal Hunt Postponed..

Thousands attend feral cat hunt meeting...

Tucker Carlson speaks out against the seal hunt

Oh. My. God...

The Unitarian Jihad

Anglicans talk of unity with Rome

The Bashing threads

So what's with all the atheist bashing here in GD?

Does your religious philosophy make you HAPPY?

U.S. Says Medicaid Money Was Obtained Improperly

Carbon dioxide role in past climate revealed

How Einstein may have got the theory of relativity wrong

Hints of cosmic crash at Serpent Mound

Gay Prof With HIV Sues California College For Discrimination

Texas Anti-Gay Amendment Goes To House Vote

Australia Gay Marriage Ban may have Loophole

Let's create a collection of important GLBT quotes.

6 Episcopal priests warned of ouster

The Shadow Boxer (gay boxer)

Kolbe out to end ban on openly gay GIs

Lutherans Divided On Gay Clergy

Celebrate Human Pride Day

Fiji Grants Bail To Gay Sex Pair

Maine PBS Station OKs Gay Family Toon

Gay man from Atwood, Kansas speaks up and fights back!

Mass. Lawmakers Consider Repeal Of Out Of State Gay Marriage Ban

Jeff Gordon the greatest NASCAR driver of them all!!

"Taxation Without Representation Field" (the Nationals field naming rights

Wow, There Are No NBA Threads Here

Lily's blog

Now introducing my pride and joy: Cotton the filly

peta and petco agreement

My cat the escape artist

kook-koo for katnip

My dad passed away today, with my stepmother at his side

Prediction: Tarot decks, readings soon will become mainstream

Raymond Moody was on speaking of NDE's

How many here are descended from ministers' families

"The ancient Poets animated all sensible objects with Gods..."

Have you seen (Biblical America Resistance Front)?

The Rise of the Non-Christian Coalition

Comic Book "The Atheist" in Stores tomorrow

LTTE: NYTimes April 12, 2005

Joan of Arc Democrats

My response to someone calling Kerry a "spineless wimp"

Bolton hearing, day 2

Oh, Kerrycrats! Looky, looky, looky...

From Rome to Lowell, Sen. Kerry attends Meehan fund-raiser

Carpetbagging in NH

NEW Kerry email for today

More hearings next week

Did anyone post the SBA letter? This is pure awfulness

Have you seen this yet: NYT: Bin Laden Bribed Afghan Militias, German Off

Kerry on C-span2 from today - replay of discussed camera angle.

I have a question.

"Why won't Kerry and his supporters just shut up and go way already?"

Kerry Proposes Two Key Amendments Today for Military Family Bill of Rights

Should I start a blog? I want your input!

So I like Kerry, why must people have problems with that?

Faith & Politics, Need Input

Countdown Newsletter 4/12

Blue Doggie Says...

2 new Keith STAND-UPS from gogomag ............ (4-12-05)

Why couldn't Keith take over Nightline?

A Shout Out for Hope.....

Queer Eye for the Fascist Guy

Anybody have any video of the Kerry grilling of Bolton today?

Anyone else think this is odd? (NYT's Bumiller series of events)...

Is video of Bush mocking Karla Faye Tucker available / 'culture of life'

Why is AAR News sounding like CNN?

Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration-Activist Judges

Clinton to spend $10 million for kids with AIDS

Byron Dork On "Daily Show": "Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy"

The recently report intelligence failures over Iraq were already

Bolton to face potentially damaging testimony today

Got lots of bumperstickers on your car? send me a photo...

Texas May See GOP Clash Over Governorship

Death of President Roosevelt: 60th Anniversary tribute, the Guardian

Accentuate the Positive or Not So Positive

It's never too late to become a Billionaire for Bush!

It was sixty years ago today....

2 democrats and repugs obstructing passage of civil rights bill

Is Bolton today's Schiavo? Do not lose sight of Negroponte.

Should Democrats be punished for straying from the party line?

If America dares to attack Venezuela, every supertanker approaching the Am

Senate Select Committee on Intelligence - Negroponte hearing

John D. Negroponte, Director of National Intelligence nominee, CSPAN 10AM

Rummy: "We don't really have an exit strategy," we know that asshat!!!

Social Security Administration Politicized?

C-Span1 Negroponte C-Span3 Bolton

Kettle calls pot black: "Rumsfeld Warns Iraq Against Purges, Corruption"

Chaffee's vote will put Bolton in....

(Bolton) is a "kiss-up, kick-down sort of guy"

CommonCause.Org - I donated $30 to help bring down DeLay

John Paul II on the fast track to sainthood


Paper ballots NOW!!!! Hand counts Now!!!!! n/t

morning after pill debate on Msnbc now

Pharmaceutical Industry vs. the Religious Right on Stem Cell Research

lying traitor Novak lies again

With John Negroponte as intelligence czar Heinrich Himmler's spirit

Call or Email Sen Lincoln Chafee

Let them eat bombs - The doubling of child malnutrition in Iraq

Roger Ebert and Mohammed Atta, partners in crime

US appears to have fought war for oil and lost it

A Call for Family Friendly Tax Reform

David "Cream Pie" Horowitz: "I treat people the way they treat me."

Heads Up C-span is replaying the Bolton Hearing from this morn. at 3:00 pm

Arnold Donors Could Cost Cal Retirees $400 Million

New Republicans - They Don't Vote With Their Hearts or Their Heads - Only


Stop the Creation of a National Database of Personal Information

Fort Hood Troops Unhappy. Bush says he can't pull them from Iraq yet.

Remember that Jack-ass who dumped all the french wine? Check this out...

Is anybody watching CSPAN-1 Ford testimony on Bolton.......

American Family Radio - All Hate all the time

Armor plate presentation to Rummy was repulsive

NYPD Caught Editing RNC Arrest Video Evidence

Why I think confirming Bolton was a good idea

Influencing the IRS

Oliver North

Move over Rover and let Jimi Take over

Curious. What's the lowest approval % for any prez in history?

What is the greatest threat to America today ?

Q. What is your name? A. I am John Negroponte.

Would you support Antonin Scalia being elected Pope....

Nick Kristof's Nuke's Are Green column, Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactors

Feingold's Divorce

April 15th National Sick-out: IMPEACH Bush** CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE ACTION!

George's Amazing Alphabet Book for Kids

Tonight's Nightline features 3 soldiers home with devastating injuries

Negroponte, another ambassadorship?

Trade Deficit Hits All Time High

MSNBC Live Vote: Should John Bolton Be Confirmed...

Holy Day

Bolton witnesses live on C-Span 3, beginning 10AM.

Would you vote for someone who is divorced?

A computer geek's history of the internet - props to Al Gore!!

Frontline looks interesting tonite - The Rise of Rove

Howard Dean e-mail: Election 2008 staffing & resources in place NOW

Updated appearances by Howard Dean as chair.

Joe Lieberman: I bet you vote for Bolton....NT

Killing the filibuster may kill our endangered animals

Rick Santorum used WalMart Private jet for Florida SS/Shiavo Campaign

Call to Action: Alert Local Media

A favor to ask of fellow red staters

Rove on Frontline tonight

Bush Taps Fund-Raiser As French Ambassador(COUSIN)

I watched the Senate hearing on John Bolton this afternoon....

To the brilliant DUer who penned "Bush Butterfly Effect"


Bayh Opposes Portman Nomination to Protest Trade Issues

FRONLINE: Karl Rove documentary, Are you watching?

'A World Ends' short story by Wolfgang Hildesheimer

Back at ya, Bush

Clark/Pelosi G.I. Bill of Rights announcement. Any info?

Santorum's Florida Cash Grab Spells Hypocrisy

WTF are they asking Negroponte?

Bush claims his legacy: "one of the great moments in history of liberty"

Suit Filed in Federal Court for Illinois Absentee Ballot

"KKKarl Rove -- The Architect" - PBS Frontline, tonight

"Senators Kerry and Lugar May Have Blown Cover of CIA Agent"

NPR: Bob Dole warns Senate about changing filibuster

VA amendment voted out and Negroponte?

2 Groups at Odds With GOP on Filibusters

Kerry and Santorum Propose Compromise on Religion and Pharmacies

Hey, Rhode Island DU'ers, got anybody to challenge Linc Chafee?

Earth calling liberals..the filibuster is OUR worst enemy.


CSPAN Schedule Wednesday April 13

The sun may be setting on the (Alabama) Christian Coalition

GOP national chair avoids question about his sexuality

Anyone watching Frontline: Karl Rove...?

Swoon! Bush asserts his heterosexuality.....during a FUNERAL

Kerry Proposes Two Key Amendments Today for Military Family Bill of Rights

Lives In The Balance... PLEASE READ

Hey DU, I need help with a stats class! Lets Talk About Hillary Clinton

Gaddam, disgusting, pissant, syncophantic motherfuckers!

John Kerry Asks Military Families to “Give Voice to our Values”

Wes and Perle, together again

Explain this to me: Some tell us we need to change to the right...

What did "Druggy Limbaugh" say that has Big Ed in a snit?

DU's Primary, if it were held today.....

Bill Clinton on the Today Show

GOP thug wants to "impale" judges

8 Kerry threads on the "Greatest" page.

Barbara Boxer's call to action

Rolling Stone: The Crusaders - reason to be afraid!

Anyone else think it odd that not once since 9-11...