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Archives: March 8, 2005

An Interrogator Speaks Out

US MAR-06-2005 Authorities debunk serial killer myths

US FEB-28-2005 Serial Killer Profiles Often Inaccurate

From Salon: The Invisible Wounded

Molly Ivins: Giving Bush's renominees the Byrd

Krugman: The Debt-Peonage Society

Teresa Heinz Kerry hasn't lost her outspoken way

Bay Area technicians on alert for avian flu

Extreme prejudice

By Raising Its Voice, AARP Raises Questions ( GOP smear on the way)

Financial security of middle class families at stake. BANKRUPTCY BILL!

What Iraq's checkpoints are like -by CSM correspondent in Iraq

Great Article - Brian Cloughley: 'More war crimes'

Welcome to BushWorld

Oil Stocks: Only Patient Investors Need Apply (72% increase profits)

The Fight For Gender Equality (International Women's Day)

Flat-tax movement stirs (Eastern) Europe

Some leftist history

Torture: No such thing, right?

Clear the air at Guantánamo Bay. Our Opinion: Congress Should ...

Torture by Proxy (NYT)

Firsthand account of anti-Muslim hate (Cincin Enquirer on Yee)

Ian Williams (The Nation): Bush's Perverse UN Pick

US wants to set Israel Loose to attack Iran

Transcript: Giuliana Sgrena interview......BBC

U.S. General Refutes Iraq Shooting Info

The Rude Pundit-Cruelest Legislation Ever

US MAR-04-2005 For BTK and other serial killers, a macabre memory of...

Eradication of the (HIV) SuperBug, by Martin Delaney, Project Inform

Confessions of a Former Dittohead: The Right-Wing Reasoning Chip

I think we better make a stink over Wolfowitz if appointed to World Bank..

Nightline tonite: bloggers (Gannon, Easton, Rather, etc) n/t

When talking about drugs gets illegal

Wasserman: Senator Byrd is Correct to Equate Bush With Hitler

DKos-Profanity, Propriety, Censorship and Semantics

You want a rabbit?

Why 600,000 US Citizens are Moving their $$$ to Local Banks & Credit Union

Who killed Dan Rather? (Bloggers claim first scalp)

(barf alert) David Brooks praises Paul Wolfowitz

The EU: Even scarier than Kilroy

Culture Jammers: Communique 12-Reclaiming Public Space

Yr thoughts on training topics re: internet for precinct chairs/activists?

Fox vs. CNBC? Now That Would Be a Grudge Match

Legal status of bloggers debated:

April Vanity Fair

MBNA ad with Gladys Knight

"Radio Ratings Here! Get yer red hot ratings here!"

U.S. 10-Year Treasury Note Falls on Inflation View: World's Biggest Mover

Goldman lifts growth forecasts for Taiwan, S Korea

AP Video - "CBO Says Bush Budget Adds Trillions to Debt"

The Stock Market is the Ponzi scheme Bush is trying to save.

The Environmental Politics Of The Rapture - Bill Moyers, NYRB

North Slope Oil Lease Prices Fall To 10% Of Average In 1960s-80s

Tobacco Company CEO Resigns From Cancer Institute Board - Boston Globe

GAO - EPA Distorted Mercury Data In Order To Pimp "Clear Skies"

High Gas Prices Not Going Away - SF Chronicle

MO River Basin May Face Worst This Summer As 7-Year Drought Continues

Scientists Explore Potential Of Amazon Forest As Net Carbon Source

Australia, S. Pacific May Be Facing Another El Nino, More Drought

Armed Environmentalists Take On Siberian Tiger Poachers - BBC

Don't forget the USSR's evil legacy

319 shooter found, police say - TW

Tussle over Timor Sea oil and gas resumes

Chechen leader killed, Russia says (Aslan Maskhadov)

My husband shot the president, dead suspect's wife says

Negative inflation in Chile.

Thousands pay tribute to Chilean communist leader (Pinochet foe)

God I have to laugh....China

Terrorists love lax gun laws in USA

When was search reactivated for non-donors?

All these "I'm leaving DU posts"

Locking the Gannongate Wrinkles.

Re:CAN tourist flight from Cuba loses tail rudder, land in FL not allowed

So one guy, one guy gets my thread locked.

strange glitch for Elad

Why was the non-Gosch Gannongate post deleted?

Thank you for the Countdown/Keith Olbermann group!

Wow...epic glitch

not sure if this is a glitch or my ratty computer

I've looked everywhere I can think of, but can't find the Chronic Disease

I'm a bit disturbed by the pre-emptive locking of a thread on the Lounge.

Do you have an amazon account?

2 cents on "Fat Actress"

I agree with Trumad too

Kerry award thread

How about a two complainer requirement for locking threads?

Michael Jackson witnessed lied on the stand....

Can you please lock and possibly archive a post in the Lounge

Another question about the DU Groups...

What the F@ck! We can't discuss the show Fat Actress?

In the Kerry forum, what happened to the Sherman H. Skolnick thread

Is there any reason this thread was locked?

Is the alert system down?

I agree with bluebear.

Question about number of members

I agree with trumad...

What happened to this message? Why deleted?

are the links ever going to be long again?

CSPAN group status?

Study: Israel Gov't Promoting *ILLEGAL* Settlements

PM to adopt call for leveling illegal outposts

IDF chief: Palestinian leaders reject terror

‘Sharon inspires Al Qaeda’

Threshold Fears and Unanswered Questions About 9/11

Defense Wants Bush to Testify at German 9/11 Trial

Guns and Butter interview with Jim Hoffman

I've been reading "102 Minutes" ..

Why Sibel Edmonds Shouldn't Be Trusted-- She Perpetuates "The Big LIe"

Quincy Hearald-Whig: Kuse: "We're not turning back'

Aurora Beacon News: Criticism flies in post-primary forum

The Macomb Journal: Libraries across the state recieve grant money

Commercial News: City's people among its best assets

Pantagraph: 62 families losing housing subsidies

Chicago Sun-Times: Parents' access to Hale cut off

Pitch in and help the state fair!

Chicago Tribune: Governor vows to rock system

Belleville N-D City gives veterans right to buy lost pension time

Alton Telegraph: Illinois Power to cut pollution at five plants

Daily Chronicle: Sycamore hopes to draw people downtown with French Market

Christine Cegelis posts at Daily Kos: "You Have to Run Twice"

Illinois Forum passes up Wisconsin

Favorite Illinois MLB teams?

Sacramento's5th Congressional District, Tuesday March 8th Special Election

Later today

Heads up to diagram posted in another thread - is this valuable?

HEADS UP: Scranton PA -- Voting Machine Information Forum 3/9


New Bob Fitrakis Article

Franken asking us to call Senators to keep the debate on Bankruptcy Bill

Newsweek's George Will needs smackdown for editorial on Count Every Vote l


RESIDUAL VOTES: What are they? How well do various voting systems perform?

Privacy Issue: Stop google from divulging your private info

Jesse Jackson: Republicans maneuvering to get Voting Rights Act killed

Tuesday 3/8 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

I'm an activist newbie -- Is Common Cause a forceful group to put

KOEB Tuesday

VVPBs, what are our options?

Vote paper trail gains support

Votescam says GHW Bush stole the 1988 election by computer fraud


Press Release - Emerging Scandal on MD Voting Machine Performance

One graph. Many stories.

The Bev Harris story for newbies and those who have forgotten

Was Kerry the best person the Democrats could offer in the election?

Citizens to Save California farms a little menial work out to India

Confirmation battle brewing as Shelley vacates office under cloud

AIUSA and Taser International to Go Head to Head @ Claremont College, 3/9

L.A. mayor's job in jeopardy as lackluster turnout expected today

Sacramento area DU'ers....

Dean fighting Ahhhnuld's special election

Schwarzenegger Selling Access to Policy Meeting After D.C. Fundraiser

$22,3000 For A Seat At The Policy Table - Arnold

53 percent would re-elect Feinstein

Go vote today

Farm Animal Forum in Boston, March 13-14

U of M lawyer may run for senate

Pawlenty backs Kennedy; Grams sounds off

Anti-gay marrage ammendment to be reintroduced

Hard Drive crashed! Please help!!!

Question re: Windows and Passwords

Zanesville Dems dinner at VFW on March 10th.

Drivers to pay $5 to enjoy state park

Oxley Delivers Social Security Speech

Jon Stewart coming to Palace Theatre May 6th

Pittsburgh CITY PAPER reports on Santorum Homestead Tax Petition Drive

Scranton PA -- Voting Machine Information Forum 3/9

Houtonians: Find someone for HD133!

Blogs driving latest Capitol flap

Lupe needs to get out in front on this issue, NOW!....


Norquist trashes Craddick's tax plan

Any other DUers going to the Dazed and Confused showing at the new Alamo

WTF?!?! A tax on nachos???

KTRH Houston to carry Ed Schultz weekdays at 7PM starting April 4...!

Uh, wrong move, Gov. Doyle....

Dumbass fireman from LaCrosse needs a dog

Eliminating "the abuse of the bankruptcy law"???

Didn't the US govt abandon the color-coded terra alerts system?

Apparently Martha Stewart made $5 million/day while she was in

1 Billion Dollars could buy every person on earth a bar of soap

Black Eyed Peas Where is the Love? Best song of 2003

Gore/Boxer 2008, the CMC will hate it but we don't listen to them anyway

Was Jon Stewart a rerun tonight?

BushCo new Member wants to destroy UN

Any Bernie Ward listeners?

Knight Ritter: VA serves neither taxpayers nor veterans well

PDA: No more Funds for Iraq War!

Now here's some mind blowing food for thought!

anybody else has noticed

Heads up! everyone check out Boxer on Face the Nation, below

CIA guest on the Daily Show, she was kinda creepy...

Cyberspace world all abuzz over Axworthy's Rice rebuke (Canada)

UK Guardian interviews Mikhail Gorbachev

Tobacco CEO quits Dana-Farber Cancer Institute board

Does this ever happen to anyone else?

Nicaraguan bows out of teaching post

The US Arrested a Female University Professor in Baghdad. Why?

Prince Charles Meets "Bare-Breast Protest" In New Zealand! Take That Chuck


Roll call for votes for Santorum amendment 3/7: McCain : yea

The World will Respect us...or they'll PAY

Trudeau acknowledges the passing of "Uncle Duke"

Is it really so unbelievable that the U.S. Military would target Innocents

I read DU instead of the New York Times now -

Shout out to Al Gore, he is often a lone voice screaming through the quiet

A British helicopter shot down?

Questionable Zogby questions

Gotta read these quotes from Fox's "Liberal" side (www)

Tree planting and other liberal/Democratic projects that can be

Gay Hookers are O.K., Gay Marriage is Not

Once the rightwingers have total control

Our new DUer, RITPTV, would like to know, what blogs do we read?

I use MSNBC's front page as a measure of Chimpy's desperation. High today!

John Stewart helps to hurt America?

Are T-bonds still really good investments?

Im pretty sure I am a Democrat, Am I?

SuperNanny goes to the Whitehouse

DU This Social Security Poll

Group Tied to John McCain Got Cable Donation - Guardian UK

Civilian Iraqi deaths at checkpoints occur daily - NYT blows it off

Reporter Paints Totally Different Picture of Iraq than We've Been Fed

Anyone see Cronkite bitch-slap Wolf last night?

Kathryn B. Gannon

Isn't Bush Putting Us All Out on a Limb----and sawing it off???

None Us Are Free - If One Of Us Is Chained. {FLASH}

Democrats Must Make Social Security Part of a Broader Ideological Debate

CAN tourist flight from Cuba loses tail rudder, land in FL not allowed

Armstrong Williams RETURNS, Dan Rather steps down, tarnished

Please tell me that "Harry C. Stonecipher" is not the real name...

John Bolton, with horns >>>

my worst day in chicago

Monkey President to make more threats in MAJOR foreign policy speech

If you could change one thing about American society, what would it be?

Massive Pro Syrian Demonstration In Beirut/A Huge Fly In The Bush Ointment

Coulter makes front page of Detroit Free Press with "racist" comment.

VIDEO -Face the Nation - Barbara Boxer-> Bush will destroy Social Security

Learn about Hezbollah and their history in Lebanon - BBC articles here

How much of budget is spent on veterans retirement ?

On the trail of crooked hedge funds

New black eye for Bush in Middle East

Bush and Wife Off to the Rescue of our Nation's Youth

Where's Dick Cheney????

Calling all financial consultants on DU:

Who is CNN's "Arab affairs expert" Octavia Nasser?

Do you support the US's occupation of Iraq?/Syria's occupation of Lebanon?




School warns: hit your son or he's out

Just how liberal is the Liberal party?

Vatican official seeks mediator in Polish parish dispute

The most common side effect is a brain sensation.....

Bill Clinton back in Hospital

Bush just proclaimed that UN resolution 1559 must be enforced

Back Street Boy Gets DUI

Israeli bank investigation widens

Does the author of Voice of the White House read DU?

Iraqi Women's Rights Conference In Baghdad March 9th!

Teresea Heinz's cure for Arthritis

Governor Dean to attend summit on terrorism in Spain...interesting.

Anyone else leaving today?

Curious: Anyone notice a DROP in the amount of Credit Card solicitations?

Abortion foes rally at Capitol-WV

"Dean's money machine to fight Schwarzenegger"

I don't Know where aWol** is today, Buy I KNow It is Not Hawaii!

BBC report on Bush speech and current protests in Lebanon

McCain on Imus Explaining That Troops "Did The Right Thing"

Social Security and the "Greatest Generation"

Necrophilia among ducks ruffles research feathers

Chimp is looking rough today >>>

Anybody out there that can tell me about

General Casey is a lousy liar - CNN now

Isn't this hypocritical?

Bob Bevelacqua is sorry Sgrena wasn't killed

Don't you think it's funny that...

Financial security of middle class families is at stake. BANKRUPTCY BILL!

Terri Gross interview w/ Ari F. -- bits on "Gannon"

Truck driver in combat zone got $15 an hour.

Does Newsweek consider this to be "People Power?"

Chimp & Mrs. Chimp Learn to "High 5" at Anti-Gang Photo Op:

do you think matthews is right? will gore not run?

10 Arrested at Oregon Timber Protest

Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq Rejects New "Parliament"

AFL-CIO Union Leader Says Workers Don't Have A Party That Fights For Them

Prison: For rehabilitation or a deterrent and punishment?

Hunter Thompson and the Bohemian Grove?????

NYU's Jay Rosen takes on Howie Kurtz, and Kurtz responds

Interesting thing about Ann Coulter's name...

Where did the Axis of Evil come from?

Americans think they're superior? This article...........

Last week's toon link?

"National Socialism" was not Socialism.

New Op-ED on bush social security rip off..........

Wal-Mart opponents seek a vote

Cronkite Praises Rather's Replacement

The FBI Warned Russell Crowe about Al Queda Threat in JANUARY 2001 ???

Clinton in hospital with partial lung collapse

"Lebanon isn't ur playground"

smack John Gibson's mouth until it bleeds

Terror Suspects Buying Firearms, U.S. Report Finds

Lashkar-e-Toiba planned attacks on Indian software firms

I support Israel

Current Franken guest - "Peter" is a BIG WEENIE.

Ex-President Bush Confesses About Coat

pull the wool over your own eyes

Things on the News

You can't change leadership in the middle of a war.

The FBI is watching, they see your every move

THK post...

"Neo-cons" means in French.....

Harry Reid is on C-Span now talking about the bankruptcy law

Stupid RW'ers

How come it is so hard to raise minimum wage?

The REAL Axis of Evil

Any help with this LTEE

66,000 members! YAY DU!!!

RAWSTORY: Secret Service responds on Gannon inquiry, says ‘no deviation’..

MSM outlet slams Ann Coulter

Shout out to Al Gore, he is often a lone voice screaming through the quiet

Pastor uses soldier's funeral as forum for Iraq invasion

Social Security and the "Greatest Generation"

Bush to say in speech that Syria's plans for withdrawl "fall short."

Laura Bush's new designer: Maureen Robinson of Jupiter Two Salon

Judge Allows Taos Banner Saying 'Fire Rumsfeld'

FYI Dubya, the "I" in FICA stands for "Insurance" not "Investment".

Anyone who understands Lebanon care to explain it to fellow DUers?

Is an invasion of Syria MORE likely if its troops leave Lebanon?

Bush's speech today: "In the words of one Lebanese observer..."

Gas up 15 cents overnight in KS

Bush "Clear Skies" Bill Showdown Tomorrow

Young Blacks, Females Saying No to Army

RW C-Span caller says war violence OK because Jesus used a whip

If you read this, you would wonder why the RW is not discredited yet

SCOTUS - First Amendment cases on Religion

What would Dan 'Rather' say? 3/9/1954=Murrow's takeDOWN of McCarthy

North Korea on John Bolton: "HUMAN SCUM"

When will Gore's news network begin? I want my INdTV


Have you ever been on any form of welfare in the U.S.?

Want to be a TV news reporter? Gore's INdTV hiring.

Guess who is coming to Memphis

Roll call Kennedy amendment/min wage: 3 dems not voting

Send a get well message to President Clinton

Is there such a thing as a "president savant"?

To the 13 turncoat Dems: DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus said "the poor will be with us always..." so hell with 'em!

Freeway Blogger: Show the World Your Anger

Who's the punk in the middle? >>>

Bush is like one unnatural crisis after the other. These are the

Gosh, I miss all those frantic Terror alerts, just when was the last one?

Gay Marriage WA state Supreme Court---televised now on NWCN

Information regarding the Sgrena incident I have not seen in MSM.

Democracy in the Middle East is a Bad Idea for Right Wing America

Only TOOLS Believe in a Bias Liberal Media

Is Gosch Gannon?

feeding the habit

VIDEO - Rep. Slaughter's appearance on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 - Guckert

The REAL story about Lebanon - also rate this story a "5" in yahoo.

Family rift

A question about sig lines

Gannongate Wrinkles 13

Does the documentary "Supersize Me" show animal abuse?

Nightline tonight...Maura in VA...DFA activist to discuss Cosgrove bill.

Present day Middle East is the Europe of the 1950's...


did anyone see the hilarious Porter Goss footage?

Oh My .... Democratic Senators Say Social Security Needs To Be "Fixed"!!

Sign the petition, help protect free speech in our universities

Just got home from work. Has the Sgrena car turned up? Last

Texas police officers: "BURN BABY, BURN"

Black enlistment in the U.S. Army plummeting

children's author's statement against Alabama censorship


coin collectors divided over new bush half-penny

Please REC this Yahoo Story on Min. Wage vote.

Seriously, what (as civilians)are we going to do to stop all this madness?

"Your" interview with Gov. Dean

What we have here is a

Complete this: Clinton built the "Bridge to the 21st Century," then Bush..

Creditors ALREADY have the right to challenge a personal Chapter 7.

Study suggests 'type 3 diabetes' (possible new form)

11 days to Global Protest - 2nd Anniversary of Iraq War

OMG! A SMART Freeper on Bankruptcy:


What if Giuliana Sgrena was not the target

How is firing liberal professors different then firing Jewish professors


Chertoff means "of the devil" -- and...

Smells Like Bush Spirit: A denial...a denial...a denial...a denial...


tin foil hats on rethug heads???

Bob Schieffer's brother is Tom Schieffer ambassador to Australlia.

Remember all the "It's YOUR MONEY" soundbytes about taxes?

MSNBC interviews first legitimate blogger in WH press room

Take a guess how the investigation into shooting of the Italians will end

Gannon was a Porn Webmaster!

It's sad the way some here in the U.S. view conflicts in other countries

why can't they call "faith-based initiative"

Did Bush really say "arabocracy" today?

Condom Toss Gets Student Tossed Out Of School

Front page of Milwaukee Journal Skilled worker shortage feared.

If Syria withdraws,the power vacuum will reignite a civil war.

Anyone wanna make it inthe Bigtime Reporter-wise? Got a story...

Wastewater approved for AZ mountain-SACRED to Indian Tribes

Send President Clinton a get well message

I'll tell you who CBS reminds me of now: Winston Smith from 1984.

If they try and make 2008 about Hillary and Condoleeza Rice...

What are laws regarding the mentally ill purchasing guns?

Political observations of Bobby D.

Detriot Free Press article on Ann Coulter?

Yikes this something to think about...

"Liberal Values, American Values" video online

Madsen wants to know how tall Gannon is.....

Anti-Bush Slogans

BuzzFlash Blasts the NY Times

So has Gannon/Guckert given any interviews to liberal bloggers?

Soldier who denounced abuses in Iraq given psychiatric exam

International Women's Day Poll-that-isn't-a-poll: Fave Dem Congresswoman?

Ticket Agent Recalls 9/11 Hijackers

Email from co-worker

The Good Book sez to Judge by their fruits.....

selfishness is a virtue


Frontiers of Free Enterprise.

Limbaugh Overrated

How would you answer this quote?

sports board trashing Mrs. Heinz-Kerry...laughing about putting out

Finally seen the video of Bush's finger salute

Did ABC news just show the Sgrena car?

Why are so many turning to the DU Lounge?

James Baker Calls out Repubs on Global Warming

Next week is the Ides of March!

Cartoon-"Dinosaur Blog"

"Gannon/Guckert Fact Sheet"

just checking in

Whats the stupidest thing you've ever heard from a wingnut?

Why I think moron* will attack Syria...

Lots of posts of RW talking point tonight

Anybody want to help me respond to a LTTE on taxes?

Update on - looks like there might have been some foul play

some rethugs are just delusional. all dem women hate men?????

It's pretty amazing what happens when one cuts against DU orthodoxy

Rep. Barbara Kennelly to Deliver 2MM SS Petitions to Sen. Harry Reid

When you listen to Mike Malloy

Senator Clinton Discusses Election Reform!

I cannot believe that I am dating a Southern Conservative Gal!

Who else misses "Newsman Matt Drudge"?

Mount St.Helens Unexpectedly Explodes - more info

America's Crumbling Infrastructure Eroding Quality of Life

Iran: New oil, gas fields discovered

Brian I-exposed-a-marked-man Wms. is on TDS....n/t

Can someone please help me fine the sanity?

We ask ourselves; "Why do Rs vote against their own best interests".

Not a good day here, we had to shoot another doggy.

What Is It About You That Makes You Uniquely American?

Thoughts about credit card rates & the bankruptcy bill

U.S. Citizen Jose Padilla: Imprisoned Without Trial for 2 Years 275 Days

Sometimes I wonder

Q: Must a President be "crazy" to be effective?

Tell me what you think please

So the bankruptcy bill passed? -nt-

Nightline tonight, 10:30ish CT. Bloggers! Anyone

Social Security hoopla is really a distraction for the war in Iraq and

Latest zogby poll questions

Why the Double Standard for Corporate vs. Personal Bankruptcy?

Was Eason Jordon paid to keep silent?

The Daily Show Guest (3/08/05) Brian Williams, Corrects Jon S....

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Rendezvous

Anyone here a fan of Ian Masters and his radio show Background Briefing?

FLASHBACK - The lies they gave us for the first Gulf War

I Just Don't Get it at all. (Rant)..short rant.

We're pulling for you, President Clinton.

Gannongate Wrinkles 14

Is Laughter really the best medicine?

How to answer "Was Bush Right?"

Bumpersticker: "I'm a Democrat. Stop lying about me."

Newspaper Humor: A Classic Recycled

In honor of International Women's Day: Favorite female Dem Governor?

VOTE: Bush bombs_______ by __________

"Iraq is not Iran!"

anyone know how to reach bev harris?

Pelosi and Slaughter Release Report on Republican Rules Abuses

Latest Radio ratings here

why can't the freepers admit their leader is WRONG?

I'm sick of the conservatives playing "victim"!

Wal-Mart wants you dead

CBS News tonight (March 8) Dan Rather

Do liberals and conservatives have anything in common?

International Women's Day Poll #2: Favorite female Dem Senator?

Do you think the pukes are hurting themselves


So 13 dinos voted AYE. How many repubs voted NAY?

Condom-Pushers ... Want it All

The treatment of foreign women in rich Arab/Muslim countries.

Does America Need a SOCIALIZED Medical System?

You have got to hear this!

Working and poor: GOP once again says SCREW YOU!!!

Nightline...blogger coverage.

CBS offers misleading Pro-privitization predictions

10 questions for Jeff Gannon -- please help

If the South woulda won, we'd had it made

Theresa Heinz Kerry says the voting was rigged with the Diebold Machines..

Are you a 'left wing fundie'?

Have any of you heard of the Codex Alimentarius?

Sorry I just HAVE to RANT

"Campuses now major front in culture war"

"I Killed Innocent People For Our Government"-Jimmy Massey

Five Mainline Protestant Leaders Call President's FY06 Budget 'Unjust'

Things are really starting to get out of hand aren't they?

Nazi Comments

Which possible 2008 candidate is most likely to unite and appeal...

NYTIMES: The Debt-Peonage Society (very scary, and sad)

Hospitals can end life support based onpatient's ability to pay, prognosis

What if 10 million families file bankruptcy this year? Or this Quarter???

I need some photography advice

Conyers, Slaughter, Thompson, Rangel & Waxman's Resolution of Inquiry

On the morning of 9/11, how many of you wished Clinton was still Pres.?

If There Ever Was A List of DINOS To Expell From The Party

Was Giuliana Sgrena targeted for assassination?

Why is Clinton hanging out with the BFEE?

The 2004 Presidential Election - was it rigged?

Photographic proof Freepers are FOOLS

we need to start serious discussion in the mainstream

Political Compass: Test How Liberal You Are

Immagini l'auto colpita dai soldati USA - the car Giuliana was in

Are you familiar with the Peace Alliance? - Dept of Peace group

Frankly I think we should stop holding Bill Clinton as some savior

So what ever became of the money Bev Harris collected on DU?

Reminder about Andy Stephenson

"Jittery airline executives look ahead to $60-a-barrel oil"

Nicola Calipari and the Soldier who Shot Him

Lies and Death Surrounding Spin (Jessica Lynch/Nicola Calipari)

How many Americans were killed by gun violence in 2004?

Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Ma5) Speech in Support of US Dept of Peace (HR1673)

damn gas prices

If there was ONE trustworthy group to represent me, I would donate

Believe the White House voice or not...(me not really sure...) got to read

Congress Protests Coulter's 'Old Arab'/Helen Thomas Comment

Are business schools to blame for some of this shit?

I'm tired of Alan Colmes' brand of liberalism...and I have an alternative!

If the US Constitution was based on God and Jesus's laws

500,000 Lebanese rally in support of Syria<

PHOTOS: a tribute to OUR dead soldiers.....please kick if you care...

Should cats be required to be kept on its owner's property or on a leash?


House New Democratic Coalition supports bankruptcy bill.

What's Up with Bush and Lieberman?

Gannongate: I can link Iraq false intel, gay escorts, Nazis, Gannon, crack

ever had a cactus enchilada?

Hey bearfan (and/or any other Fort Worth, TX Du'ers)

La nostra Cucina (Our Kitchen) (Picture Heavy Post)

Does anyone make their own breadcrumbs?

I just finished a big, steaming bowl of...

Missile defence targets Martin

End of Suburbia airing on Vision TV Wed Mar 9, at 10:00pm

An interesting Anagram of Tony Blair

Reputable London flat sublet sites?

A respected left-of-centre commentator suggests the Tories could win

RW newspapers and race-baiting

China questions U.S. intelligence on North Korea

Counter-terrorism revisited

9th Circuit Court of appeals Grants Asylum Review to Gay Lebanese Man

Guard's PR man reported video (Bravo Co)

Chief of Riggs Bank Resigns, Citing Its Pending Merger With PNC

Insurgent Attacks in Iraq Leave 33 Dead

US car dealer tipped for London post

CAN tourist flight from Cuba loses tail rudder, land in FL not allowed

Google Officially Drills Down to the Desktop

Thousands Answer Hezbollah Call in Beirut

China Authorizes Taiwan Attack (Bad headline - fear mongering)

Hundreds of thousands join pro-Syria rally

RAF Hercules that crashed killing 10 'was hit by missile'

Video Shows More U.S. Iraq Abuse

Bush just proclaimed that UN resolution 1559 must be enforced

IRAQ: Food Supplies Affected by Security Checks at Syrian Border

(Jeb) Bush: Fund needy, cut tax

China passes anti-secession law re: Taiwan

School warns: hit your son or he's out

Log Cabin group backs Bush reform

‘Sharon inspires Al Qaeda’

Dozens of countries contaminated by explosives

China's bloated army of 46m bureaucrats worries ruling elite

In The Northwest: Teresa Heinz Kerry hasn't lost her outspoken way

Breaking: Clinton to undergo further heart surgery.

Transcript: Giuliana Sgrena interview......BBC

U.S. Military May Abandon Abu Ghraib

U.S. 'Friendly Fire' Cases a Mess for Rice

Minimum wage proposal denied

Sicilian police arrest 84 Mafiosi in raids on capital

Academic speech bill kindles left-vs.-right debate (FL)

Bankruptcy Bill Is Arena for Abortion Fight -NYT

Cronkite Praises Rather's Repalcement....

Court OKs AmeriCorps Religious Ruling

Conservatives Draft a 'Bioethics Agenda' for President

DNA in Judge's Home Doesn't Match Profiles

U.S. Expert Testifies at 9/11 Trial

Minimum-Wage Hike Defeated

Further tests reveal more human bird flu cases in Vietnam

Hollinger Shareholders to Vote on Black Buyout Offer

WP: U.S. Asked to Probe Music-Download Sites

For Guard recruiters, a tough sell

Gannon was a Porn Webmaster!

Bush Says Authoritarian Rule in Mideast Should End

Uncertainty, volatility plague global oil markets

DFA and Driving Votes Become One

Sgrena's abductors: No ransom paid

Minimum Wage bill denied!

Italy disputes U.S. shooting account

WP,pg1: End to Days of High Cotton? GOP Constituents in Subsidy Battle

Army: Recruiting Young Blacks Tougher Now

Army: Recruiting Young Blacks Tougher Now


Senior Iraqi official slain, 15 headless corpses found

Pentagon: We are still at war in Iraq

Breaking: Clinton Surgery

U.S. Probe of Iraq Shooting May Take Weeks

Iraqi voters frustrated as parties wrangle (Feel Betrayed)

Immagini l'auto colpita dai soldati USA - the car Giuliana was in

*: Mideast Will be Free

Blacks, Females Cite Iraq Conflict as Reason Not to Join Army

Oil Nears $55 a Barrel on Weak Dollar

White House Seeks Review of Death-Row Case

U.S. Bankruptcy Overhaul Clears Two Hurdles-abortion-related proposal

Italy Foreign Minister Disputes U.S. Claim

U.S. Senate Refuses to Add Abortion Feature to Bankruptcy Bill

Dean's money machine to fight Schwarzenegger

Star-Ledger/Eagleton-Rutgers Poll: Bush Lowest Approval in NJ since 2001

Court Nominee Explains Lack of Law License


Commodity Prices Rise to 24-Year High ($55 $440 oz)

'Counter-recruiters' shadowing the military

Live grenade found on counter of cafeteria (in Miami)

Disabled veterans' battle for benefits

Pakistan: Two U.S. Citizens ‘Disappeared’: FBI Involved in Case

Chechen leader Maskhadov killed

Pakistan: Two U.S. Citizens 'Disappeared'

15 beheaded corpses found in Iraq

BREAKING: Chechen Rebel Leader Aslan Maskhadov killed by Russian troops.

Summit on Terrorism Opens in Spain

Oracle of Omaha's bet against the dollar

Jackson accuser's brother admits lying under oath

China OK's trading of foreign currencies (U.S. dollars for euros)

US: Two-ton cocaine load shipped under Saudi prince's protection

US 9/11 expert - lead suicide pilot may have been involved in plot earlier

Former US ambassador warned about plot to kill Chavez

Merrill Lynch Fined for Fund Violations (13.5 Million)

Citizens to Save California farms a little menial work out to India

Minnesota bill would ban drinking at midnight on 21st birthdays

Senate Will Likely Fight Over Bush UN Pick

Clinton to have new Heart Surgery

Witness describes years of sexual abuse in Wesson household

IRA offer to shoot man's killers

US minder cuts off General at press conference about shot Italian reporter

NYT/CNET: Instant Messenger Worms on the Prowl

Bush's uncle loses arbitration case

Broward voters authorize Vegas-style slot machines

Pentagon's Global View, ...Looks Abroad For Competitive Defense Contracts

Nevada Assembly votes to abolish death penalty for juveniles

Global caution issued for U.S. travelers

Gas mileage stickers deceive, says AAA

E&P: Secret Service Defends Giving Gannon/Guckert Access to White House

U.S. Eroding Inmates' Trust at Cuba Base, Lawyers Say

Manager demoted in letter hoax

FBI warns of 'special interest' aliens

U.S. Says Afghanistan 'Wise' to Co-Opt Strongman

Dean to attend conference that seeks terrorism solutions

Dollar Falls in Asian Trading Ahead of Trade Data

Congressmen probe contracts with Alaska native firms

Honda hybrid ranks as top family sedan

Detroit Free Press: (Coulter) Insult of Thomas Sparks Congress Protests

Bush and allies trying to undercut AARP on Social Security

Bush warns 'rogue states'

Hsieh backs constitutional retaliation - TW/China Bastards

Police deployed to block planned Kathmandu rally

Hispanic teen sex study puzzling (Speaking English Linked to Sex Activity)

Personal Accounts Tank in Polls, GOP Says

US: Two-ton cocaine load shipped under Saudi prince's protection

Terror war 'may breed more terror'

ChoicePoint files found riddled with errors (And * paying for Lat Am Info)

High Oil Prices Haven’t Impacted World Growth’-- Saudi news site

F.B.I. Ends a Faltering Effort to Overhaul Computer Software

Dean's money machine to fight Schwarzenegger

Military intelligence warns that avian flu could be used as weapon....

The Triumph of Socialized Medicine Right here in the USA. (and "flakts")

LAT: (Boeing CEO) Dismissal May Spur New Exec Romance Rules

Soldier who denounced abuses in Iraq given psychiatric exam

Pakistan facing civilian dictatorship like situation: Benazir

Bush senior no agent of charity

Russia confronted Rumsfeld with threat to quit key nuclear treaty

War crimes charge for Kosovo PM

Vatican asks Rice for help in sex abuse lawsuit

Russia mooted withdrawal from nuclear arms pact

Commodity Prices Rise to 24-Year High on Rallies in Copper, Oil

Large explosion rocks central Baghdad

Without warning Mount St. Helens emits cloud of ash

Report: Women 70% of World's Poor

Unions, U.S. Fight Over Union Audits

Is Bush Right? (European newspapers-change of heart?)

(Nearly Half Million Protesters) Answer Hezbollah Call in Beirut

E&P: Coulter and Syndicate Reach Agreement After 'Old Arab' Comment

No ransom paid' for Sgrena

Report Says Medicaid Overpays for Drugs (Waxman says Fed. not

A New Kind of Crowd for Gov. (protests follow Arnold to NY)

Bush: Tsunami Response Improves U.S. Image

Secret Service says Gannon approved appropriately...

Defense Wants Bush to Testify at German 9/11 Trial

Texas Police Officers Suspended For Rejoicing About Fire

Democracy & Latin America: Burton Schedules Hearing to Examine Issue

Some neurons can transmit three signals at once - ... surprise discovery

Uranium threat to Iraq unit (DU/Aussies)

'Counter-recruiters' shadowing the military

Hizbollah rally underlines Lebanese tensions

Note to Press: Gallup finds Americans Troubled by Moral Climate

U.S. sees record gas price soon

UN backs US plea for total ban on human cloning

EPA Distorted Mercury Analysis, GAO Says

Harsh words for US anti-terror strategy at Madrid conference

O.A.S. to Reopen Inquiry Into Massacre in El Salvador in 1981

Italy demands justice from U.S. over Iraq death

Moderates unhappy as Senate budget writer plans $70 billion in tax cuts

Gay Group Hosts Fred Phelps

Feminists creating their own party (Sweden)

Actions by Delay Cited in Lawsuit -NYT

Airline industry fears oil will go to $60 a barrel

Bush has mandate for Social Security plan, Cheney says

Elite Nevada Security Company Loses Two Employees In Iraq

Mainline Christian Leaders Urge Congress to Reject Bush Budget

Thousands pay tribute to Chilean communist leader (Pinochet foe)

Eruption At Mount St. Helens

Chemical-laden towels a threat

WP: Anti-Cholesterol Drugs Can Protect the Heart("strongest evidence yet")

Schwarzenegger Wants School Junk Food Ban

Clinton going back in for Heart Surgery

Poll: Sen. Clinton Gaining Support

14 Dems break rank (vote with Rs) to end debate on bankruptcy bill

Data Is Lacking on Iran's Arms, U.S. Panel Says -NYT

Blair Broke Code to Keep War Advice from Cabinet..UK

Power Tool Drag Races....

Marylin Star

Oops, my ignorance is showing (once again)....

I'd like to dedicate this song to Dubya, the fascist messiah....

i need a translation

I just wanted to say...

Boss Swap and then SuperNanny!

"The man likes to play chess, let's get him some rocks."

Jus_the_facts...How's your kitty?

How do you add text after your signature pic?

If you have a wireless router, but not through the broadband company

Democratic Desktops!

It's International Women's Day.

DU group proposal: The only madison2000 may post forum

Lili Taylor fans check in!

Name the best album to come out between March 1 and March 4

The woman symbol at google - March 8

What IS it about golfers?? I know they're friendly...but sheeez

Domestic Cats Want Open Season On Free Roaming Wisconsin Hunters

Help me get rid of these people

My nightly epiphany: I think I love "Bjork, bjork, bjork!"

Does anyone here have a trust fund?

talk to me

Who would you rather fight:

I should have stayed in bed

Anyone else love Fig Newtons?

It's 3:40 a.m. in Connecticut. Do you give a damn where Brad and Jen are?

OK! I'm going to bed (if ya care)

My car is 14,500 km overdue for an oil change

Problems with Paxil?

!&@#!*&%@ MORE Snow???!!???

Happy Birthday Micky Dolenz!!!

An interesting Anagram of Tony Blair

If I had a Boat

I had a bizzaro world moment tonight

Which cell phone provider do you use?

I fried my motherboard. Can anyone reccomend a good replacement?

Necrophilia among ducks ruffles research feathers


10 away from 3000 posts. Please, ask me SOMETHING!

Good morning DU'ers!

My nightly epiphany: I think I love Bjork.

Someone Help! I'm addicted to play money Poker!

the Orlando version of, Good morning DU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are your experiences with eBay?

Good morning fellow LIEbrul traitors! Heil Shrub!


Tammy Faye Starlite

Pet Peeve

Will "Chinese Democracy" ever be released?

Where were you, and what were you thinking, one year ago today?

Muskogee Oklahoma checking in GOOD MORNING DU!!

I just posted a real rant at my LiveJournal

Anyone else play Age of Empires II?

Positive vibes please!!!!

Jesusland (Little Rock, AR) Good morning, DU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No practice today...

five times stronger than a human

my pet peeve



Billy Joe Shaver....

HA!!! Captian America is Anti American!!!!

I'm hungry. What should I do?

Ok, who of you guys spread the germs???

I don't care if I'm a 5'9", 190 lb. male. I find these bunnies cute.

FEAR `Frankenkitty'

Get to know a newb! Ask me anything!

THESAURUS TIME! conservative vs. liberal


Worst Movie Sequel Ever?

I don't have a "Lifestyle", even though I do like to shop at Pottery Barn

14 Percent Of City's Traffic Police Fail Traffic Law Test

My feature film premieres Friday night!

I don't care if I am a 2-ft long bunny, I find you people cute

dr. goodshit

BREAKING NEWS...King Tut not murdered!

At what age did you get your AARP card, and for what reason?

Senator Wants To Change State's "Porn-Friendly" Image (Missouri)

Oh No! Backstreet Boy Nick Carter arrested on suspicion of drunk driving

Ace Personal Trainer Exam?

My 3000 post, and I feel great.

New Jersey Wants To Make The Tomato State's Official VEGETABLE

I don't care if I am a 6'2" 195 lb male, I am also a cute bunny

CT Lawmaker Wants To Fine You $250 For Talking While Pumping Gas

Circus Peanuts

Wolfowitz Poll!

hahaha! matt drudge...what a great guy.....

I'm gonna make a broad-brush generalization....

HOLY HELL, Sofia Coppolla is AWFUL in Godfather 3

your body...your body, its a portapotty....


Who has heard of Slate?

1,159 Words Judged Too Naughty by the NFL


Somebody please explain this strange behavior

Hey, Chicago DUers. Can you help find a home for my rabbit?

Hilarious Picture From SALON...

I'm more than a lounge lizard. I contribute to DU. See:

John Bolton is an embarassment to our country.

Brothers, you know what I mean.

At what age did you get your Social Security card, and for what job?

Caption this!


Michael Bolton is an embarassment to our country

I don't care if I am a 6'2" 195 lb male, and you shouldn't either

Is there no lazier waste of drunken human flesh than a Lounge Lizard?

Back Street Boy Gets DUI


Oh the humanity!!!!!

i ain't gonna call hank williams jr. junior anymore

just pour me a double shot of whiskey

i'm throwing down the gauntlet



Let's put together our All-Star Heaven Rock & Roll band

Question for people in the Armed Forces or Veterans?

Oregon Resort Specifies NO BUSH VOTERS!

My unofficially adopted son

Can someone explain/indentify "Eye of Fatima" for me?

Cats being...Cats

Who would you rather have as US Ambassador to the UN?

Listening to "Tiny Dancer" right now

Bleu Cheese: a gift of the Gods

Buying Clothes for the 50 foot woman is HELL

Kosher Phones for Orthodox Jews

Freepers, Witches both mentioned in UK article

Hey buddy watch it with the power hose!!!(OUCH)

anybody else into anti-civilization theory?

For the PS2, XBox and Gamecube owners

who Likes white rice!?

Bobo Brooks...Alternative History

Waitress Flips Car, Lands In Canal, Still Gets To Work On Time

Name the best record to come out between 1835 and 1999.

Tests Show King Tut Was Not Murdered

Good thing DU wasn't around when Roots aired on TV

No Nudes Is Good Nudes, Some Believe

Teacher Caught Nude With 17 Year Old Student In SUV

The "Look Who STILL Looks More Presidential" CAPTION


I was drunk the night my ma got out of prison

What is up with this shit?!?


Fun link:

If a film was made of your life, which director, living or dead...

'Days Of Our Lives' Star Busted For Marijuana Pipe At Airport

There's a raging lunatic in Miami

There is a raging lizard in NYC

Here comes the water.

I'm taking a "mental health afternoon" off work

I'm going to work

damn freaks!!!

Its frigging cold outside

sir, i chaLLenge you to a dueL

I'm hungry.

What would you do?

Self-Portrait of the Dictator as a Young Man

If you're Hungary, eat some Turkey

A gay man stole my clothes!!!!

Forecast for Friday for Washington, District of Columbia

As if I needed more on my plate... hubby's CC numbers stolen, used

The snow is me

I'm hungary

i think i need sensitivity training

Necrophilia among ducks ruffles research feathers

If it is racism to say that people should lose weight...

guess who got an autographed, cindy aLexander cd

can i still be a good liberal

I have some questions I need answers to (post yours too)

Serious Question: Fat Acceptance vs. Shape Acceptance

The FBI is watching, they see your every move

Yikes! My furnace just caught fire! Ask me anything.

Drinking Liberally - Pittsburgh, PA

The gods of irony made me sprain my ankle last night.

Pictures of Bush Arrested and In Prison

Anybody see Fat Albert on Showtime?

Is it sexism if you don't find me racist?

Whoohoo! i win!

Are you familiar with Peak Oil?

Any Kings of Leon fans out there....

anybody here from minneapolis?

Now voting on Cloture

Baby... would you eat that there snack cracker

The nicest people I know are

Japanese Siblings Live With Dead Parent

vanity plate ideas?

Go vote for my Red State/ Blue State thread and email it to everyone!

I you want to LAUGH at SHEER STUPIDITY, PM me. But do it fast.

Are We Squirelly in the Lounge today or what???

Hey, lookie there! 66K DUers!

How do you pass the time when you're waiting

I Hate EVERYONE Because I'm An ASSHOLE And Everyone Is STUPID Except Me!

OMG that puppet episode of ANGEL ROCKED!!!

Just got my U2 tickets

Father & Daughter Ticketed For Selling Girl Scout Cookies Without License

the nicest meth deaLers were rednecks

is it racism if you don't find me sexy?

The nicest people I ever met were Southern and probably redneck

Computer problems

If you had the cash, where would YOU hang your hat?

REDNECK RIVIERA: Pass the gator tail, beer & get ready for the mullet toss

who were the popular kids when you were in high school and where are they

Hey, I live in the South, and it ain't no picnic

I'm dateless but not desparate. Ask me anything.

Matcom Caught Nude With 17 Year Old Box Turtle In SUV

I'm Asian. Is it racism if you don't agree with what I think?

Does the Weather Channel have a RW bias?

How do you reward yourself?

Ahem. Can someone seriously explain to me how ANARCHY works in the real

Who wants some COOTER?

Guess it doesn't take much to make myself happy

Need advice from any "Southern food" experts

aLL this taLk about rednecks is getting me excited

Who wants some COODER?

Hey Jude is mighty fine sounding song...

Another classic Diane Arbus photo of some cementheaded freeper-type

If the south woulda won, we'd had it made

OASIS requests that you sign this petition...

and i'm back.

What we need is a DU ROAD TRIP

For MisUnderestimator - Enjoy


U don't have 2 be beautiful....

Anybody out there work for a Credit Card Company?

I'm 18 posts away from 900. Ask me anything!

Midnight at the Oasis

I Just cut up *FIVE* credit cards.

YES! Jon Stewart coming to Columbus, OH

Matcom News: Necrophilia among Ducks Ruffles Research Feathers

I'm apparently now a bogger

LDR soon to be obsolete...

George W. Bush Awards Scott Peterson With Presidential Medal Of Freedom!

This email is classic. (The end is near)

I'm sorry, but this look ain't cool

Deutschmarks Or Dollars...


How many DU'ers are gays living in extremely conservative areas?

Student Eats Cow Tongue In Contest - Wins $60 Wal-Mart Gift Card

FTR: two girlfriends from upstate NY, one wife from CO,

Direct TV ... snow ... poof ... current signal strength: 42 ...

Bush gives nicknames to people. So will I!

There's a raging blizzard in NYC.

There is too much Michael Jackson on TV and not enough Jude Law

Humor can set back a movement? Did Richard Pryor set back the Civil Rights

Dime minted in 1894 auctioned for $1.3 million

He pronounces it buhrOOt

Female Canadian DU'ers-did any of you ever meet an American at camp?

What is this creepy eye thingy?

my gay friends tell me Dennis Quaid is mighty fine


the worst part about living a year with no car:

the REAL Peter Pan! serious you guys! look!

This world is so damn small

Question for the Women of DU about the groups


Bumpernuts: a must-have truck accessory

Yesterday 60 21 and has been snowing all day....

I posted all of the "small world" experiences I can remember

Did you ever call up an estranged former friend...

Summer Food ...


Off the top of your head......

Ancient manmade spheres buried in rock...

Off the top of your head, the best The Tubes song

off top of head, best reason to nap

Let's DU the Beatles

16 foot long man eating crocodile

CONFESS!!!! Where were you when the clock struck midnight on you 21 bday?

I have nothing off the top of my head to ask you.

Off the top of your head, best Debby Boone song

Please tell me about your favorite blog.

Buying Clothes for women over 50 is HELL

Choose now! These are America's ONLY options!

Caption this!

Off-the-wall query: If you got an email from a Russian address, would you

Oh Captain, My Captain!

BREAKING- matcom vacation picture released

And then there's this post

Off the top of your head, best Madonna song...

"I pledge allegiance to reason...

OHMAHGAWD this is funny!

a quick question, anybody have a problem with oprah's favorite

So, check this out...

Off the top of your head, favorite Stones song.

Blasted @#$%@#$ mail-in rebates!!!

Off the top of your head, best Kinks song.

Off the bottom of your feet, best Barbra Streisand song.

Off the top of your head, best Beatles song.

I had a weird dream that I was Donnie Most and I had chronic fatigue.

Breaking! Photo from matcom's NYC vacation ....

off the top o' me effin ead! ma francais c'est horrible, mais....

Need help with Internet Explorer and Cached Links

State teacher commission probes wound-licking practice by coach

What I found Googling "teacher" and "sex"

Off the top of your head, is this a woman or a man in drag?

the over-under on how long it takes my cat to eject this current hairball

Are we ready for an Elton John Biopic staring......

Of the top of your head, the best off the top of your head post

MrScorpio 1, Goddessless Forces Of Evil... Big Fat GOOSE EGG!

Off the top of your head, best Plastic Bertrand song.

Let us come to an understanding...

Off the top of your head, the best Sinatra song.

Off the top of your head, name a good Jayne Mansfield film.

Off the top of your head, the best Oasis tune

Off the top of your head, best Pretenders tune.

Coach Accused of Licking Players' Cuts

Off the top of your head, best royal beheading

Off the top of your head, the best Queen tune

A black helicopter just flew over my house!

Did anyone see Kirstie in "Fat Actress?" I was wondering...

If they took off the top of your head

off the top of your head, what's your favorite NES game?

Off the top of your head, Who's your Daddy?


Off the top of your head, what was your best copycat post?

Off the top of your head, the best William Shatner song...

Jude Law is a mighty fine looking man.

Venting--people who make it hard for the truly needy.

_______________ is the answer!


Off the top of your head, the best Clint Eastwood song...

Is it all plain and simple now?

Do you get a rush near the end of an eBay auction?

I'm ticked

Coolest 1960's TV show theme song

Is it necessary to check AtA before posting?

So let me get this straight. We can't ask DUers if they've seen a TV show?

How's this for a name for a TV Show: "Is my butt too big?"

Kirstie Alley is the finest actress working in TV today, but...

I'm gonna cut off the tops of all your friggin' heads....

Tell you what...It's really fucking windy out!

I just received "The Rutles 2: Can't Buy Me Lunch". Ask me anything!

The Wah-a-Watusi - Mankind's Gift to the Universe?

Coolest 1960's TV show theme song, part Deux

Off the top of your head, what's on the top of your head

A Mummy, a Dummy, and a Living Legend, all in the same photo

I just noticed my facial hair has lots of white, unlike my "head" hair

Flamewars getting to be too much? Would you like to file a complaint?

So tired, so sore.

If you had a stoat, what would you name it?

Dysfunctional Family Circus

Got kittens?

Do like kids? Do you like Ozzie? Watch this!

The Chi-Lites

On another forum I'm on someone posted a poll asking:

Off the top of your head, best Can song.

Cox telephone information sucks

Coolest 1960's TV show theme song, part Quatre

Anybody need a little extra $$ ?

I was just asked "What's that?" by a very young co-worker.

I may have to have my dog put down.

Off the top of your head, least favorite song.

I'm off to a very important interview.


I don't like Josh Grobin...

Coolest 1960's TV show theme song, part Trois

Off the top of your head, what's your favorite 60's TV series?

The Bradford Pear trees are in bloom!

Jammin' some Pete Yorn

Dinner tonight

Did anyone see Kirstie Allen's before and after pics?

I have a confession to make. Post your confessions here.

Top ten vote getters will go head to head

Off the top of your head Who gives a fuck.

The word "Beatles"

Off the top of your head, best toupee?

Two questions

Everybody got this broken feeling like their father or dog just died

Thanks to Susang, here's the link for the pilot show of Fat Actress.

Hey! A shout out to my favorite forum

Chronic Disease group naming dilemma...

Punxatawny Phil's days are numbered

I just got two big red burn marks on my left hand, dammit.

I'm addicted to Starburst fruit chews.

Funny exchange with my Republican professor today...

Humans of DU. I must share a tip with you that may alter your life.

I love people no matter how big or small they are! Or what color, creed,

Mel, get over it - your snuff film really wasn't that good!!!

It could be worse. Wait. Oh shit. It can't. Never mind...

Off the top of your head, best game show?

What is with all this the top of your head stuff?

I'm going to watch The Two Towers. If you don't like it, too bad.

You Don't Know Jack.....

What is it that Andy Summers used? That Pete Townsend used?

Jackson accuser's brother admits lying under oath

Do You Wish You Had a Tail?

Thanks, PeteinNYC!

Tommorow Wendy by Concrete Blonde

Tax question--about student loans....

Thanks, PeteinMA!

Coolest 1960's TV show theme song, part Cinq

Josh Groban rocks my lobster.

Wait! The Bankruptcy Bill!! It's a cookbook!!

The Wah-Wah Pedal-Mankind's gift to the universe?


Has anyone over seen

I love voting! I just voted!

Coolest 1960's TV show theme song, WINNAH TAKES ALL!

I was wondering where I had left that damn grenade

On Being an Un-Consumer

It is 64 degrees here and on its way to 73.


Holy crap I'm glad I don't have to drive anywhere tonight.

Shouldn't Kirstie Alley lose some weight before doing the Jenny Craig ads?

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Did you know that its International Womens Day?

free song from iTunes...what to get

Best Leonard Cohen song.

Happy Birthday, Mickey Dolenz

Emily tries, but misunderstands...

Why do you like "Strangers with Candy" so much?

My tummy hurts, my back is sore.

Oasis Auto Service in Skokie

Handypersons: Can you advise me about fencing my driveway?


Ode To A Hot House Tomato

anyone find it funny that you can't spell "demonstrators" w/o demons?

The one TV theme I've been searching for years and years for

Mt. St. Helens erupts again.... link with pics.

What did the Northeast do to deserve this winter?

The DU Sigline Dance

I have a bench warrant out for my arrest. Quick - someone hide me!

Poor Skinner must get a million PM's per day

My Mom got bitten by a bug in Peru, don't know what -help!

CONGRATULATIONS DU!! - "66000 user registrations since January 2001"

Someone here has given me a star.

For all those Internet Dating Site mavens


Bayern Munchen vs. Arsenal tommorrow, need a time translation

South Park: it's the Chicken Lover ep

Suspect with knife hit by Police car

"Super Size Me" sounds like a really stupid movie

Anyone ever get into real estate investment?

Off the top of your head, best breakfast cereal:

I didn't start this thread. I never started no threads.

'Polite' drivers who back up traffic

do you foresee a civil war between the Lounge and the GD?

Anyone seen DrWeird?

Watching/listening to "Red Rocks Live, Neil Young" >

Did anyone else see the Zogby poll about actor to play Bush?

Holy Batshit....that wind is really howling out now............

Oasis announce new album and single details

I want to start a thread so people won't talk to me...

The Mamas and The Papas

Anyone a secret shopper?

I'm moving in with my boyfriend this friday- Ask away!


"I'm so glad we had this time together"

American Idol Sucks!

Help me get rid of these people

If Mel Gibson released an uncut version of The Passion...

I have these things that look like baby flies

Ok I admit it, I lied. We did not get to 73 degrees today only 71.

It's my 1,000th post. Am I in the club now?

What is your favorite work out shoe?

Ayatollah ya not to step in that Shi'ite

Anyone else love "pot stickers"?

Get to know question of the night: How tall are you?

I shall Beat this Beet!

Baron Munchhausen versus Arsenio Hall tomorrow

Reminder to "American Dreams" watchers like me on DU:

this shit has GOT to STOP! (tree branch down)

grrrrrrr I hate it when people use my version of iTunes

What percentage is "the benefit of the doubt"?

Would They Really Let a Republican Win the "West Wing" Election?

progmom is missing. Call the Lounge police.

The rock and pool is nice and cool, so juicy sweet.

Help! How do I locate someone

Photoshoppers: Kleeb and I have a request.

just checking in

I think I can help the military reach its recruiting goals

Anyone else love "pot"?

Have you ever been dropped on your head?

I have TWO tests on Thursday, Ask me anything.

Do you know the Dude Who Knew?(tm)

May have to stop posting for a little bit.

Anyone seen Forkboy? I miss that Wisenheimer!

I want to seize my neighbor's property

Talking about the Dean Scream on Nashville Star

Flamewar fallout shelter at Rabrrrrrr's place! Come, relax, get naked

Asthma-has anyone ever developed it

get out the popcorn! i sense a fight!!

I am watching "Paper Moon" dubbed in French.


my sweets just wrote me an email, yippee

Flesh Gordon vs. Barbarella

I told you, my name is DURAN. Duran!....What's so funny? Tell me, no?

Holy Shite-the Wind is SHAKING my HOUSE!

I really want to watch Futurama at 10:30 but I have to get up early

So it was either get three hours of sleep and risk missing class

I have returned from the Texas Panhandle. Tell me what I missed!

Insane in the Membrane!

The weather in Connecticut is fit for neither man nor beast!

Jos Stewart sucks tonight. A whole show about Martha Stewart?

Reassure me please

Anyone watching History channel's Modern Marvels? All about sex toys!

Men of DU. I must share a text with you that may/ may not alter your life! an internet weekly television program for

One of the worst weekends of my life...

Ahem. ATTENTION: Next step for Super Secret Society can be found here.

DU mechanics... A question....

Does anyone know something about the web site Grammatika?

My friends used me and I let them

Would you support a DUer if they ran for president?

Newspapers.....good punchline!!

I enjoy cooking, but........

Who is your nemesis?

MUSICIANS AND MUSIC LOVERS: Check out this Usenet posting!

AIEEEEE my post count has been reduced to 27!

My dead Guniea Pig will have to spend extra months in the freezer

DU Car Experts: Is my starter going out?

A fellow comes up to me today and asks


Which Operating System are you?

going to bed now nice ladies and gents

Should I give up on 100 people signing my petition?

This is a winter night that you only see in commercials.

Regional you know what they mean?

Anyone see the Family Circus today?

Hmmm...wonder what will happen when I mix....


What is your favorite snack food?

I received a photo of George and Laura - What should I do with it?

Laugh 15 minutes every day.

Off the top of your head, bad haircuts

news from Modem Butterfly?She posted earlier about going to


What Do You See In This Ink Blot?

I just painted my whole fucking room (ceiling too).. ask me anything,

I found my cell phone!!!!!

What type of shoe do you wear daily?

Odd Things To Hear When You Put A Seashell To Your Ear

What are you having/did you have for dinner?

The Illinois legal system is my bitch!

What TV series are you hooked on right now? Also..

A memory of Los Angeles in 1990

This is the first cat picture I've ever posted on DU:

Future Bush President whose election would REALLY make you move to Canada

In the attics of my life

Where is the oddest place you have ever been hit on?

What does a Scotsman wear underneath his kilt?

Chronic Disease forum mission statement; feel free to citique

Are there any seniors here?

JimmyJazz killed a man. Just to watch him die.

Anyone else drop acid?

Update on my cat Nightmare

I got my new piano!!!

If you wre going to make a '70s funk compilation CD, what would be on it.

Am I not paranoid enough in regards to retinal scans?

off the top of your head - favorite pink floyd song

Not a good day here, we had to shoot another doggy.

People who drive mini-vans are so lame

Which Nigerian Scammer are you! Take the Quiz

Gimme some work related jargon...

Harlequin Romance Titles You'll Never See

just made an appointment for cleaning my teeth

Why can't I drag purchased music to my ipod?

66,000 members! YAY DU!!!

"Catch22Dem is a ______ing _______!"

President Clinton has scar tissue around his heart

Jim Morrison film 1964

Redneck doesn't necessarily equal intolerant or republican.


I don't care if she's a bunny-boiler, I find her cute!

How old are you?

the big flakes are a-flyin'

God damn my roomie just pissed me off "Professionally speaking"

Just watched a very sad movie, but a good movie.

I have a personal add here. Anyone interested?

Post a picture of yourself holding a common household item:

Man Dies After Winning Tequilla Drinking Contest (Drank Over 50 Shots!)

Museum of Bad Album covers with some great new stuff!

Let's see your room or your record collection

the burning stories of EXODUS! GENESIS! AND MORE! IN LEGO LAND!


If YOU were going to make a 60s Motown compilation CD....

I need help! All four car doors are frozen shut-----------------

All pledges of SOOTL - Your initiation starts NOW

JEOPARDY! categories you'll never see.

The first 100 posters to this thread get to be in the first 100 posts!

Anyone else love "pot smokers"?

I cannot believe that I am dating a Southern Conservative Gal!

Q & A Time for Northerners about "The South": I promise to be respectful

Hardy Boys Mysteries you will never see

What's your favorite live album?

My 1000th post and I just want to say.....

Which, In the Pledge, is more in danger of being obsolete

Jury selection to begin in trial of pretzel that tried to kill Bush.

I just shaved my .... uhhh.... .... CAT!

What is the meaning behind your screen name?

Don't you love it when troublemakers can't respond to you on the board...

Anyone Want To Read About My Hillary Dream?

Starbucks is good

I was in a good mood tonight until....

I want to start a thread so people will talk to me...

My bum hurts and I'm lonely, say hi to me!

DVD's soon to be obsolete ....

I want to start a thread so simple no one will talk to me

Do you still think Michael Jackson is guilty?

Baby kitty photos

I am considering adding Showtime, and was looking for DUers' opinions...

Eowyn - hotter than Arwen, not as hot as Galadriel.

State Mottoes That Just Didn't Make It

Least Qualified Authors Ever

Fucking fuck. Bad news from the Doctor....

What is the meanest thing someone has ever said to you?

picked up "New Seeds of Contemplation" last night

Five Mainline Protestant Leaders Call President's FY06 Budget 'Unjust'

Physical, Verbal Aggression Linked to Gene

Help me.

Mild depression may raise heart failure death risk

The dairy debate: Does milk build stronger bones?

Hans Bethe, "father of nuclear astrophysics", 1906-2005

Tutankhamun death: the verdict


PFLAG: Defamatory Statements by Pinellas County Juvenile Board member

Washington Supreme Court Hears Gay Marriage Case

Gay group begins training candidates to run for office

Renewed Anti-Gay Attacks At California School

Gay Group Hosts Fred Phelps

Canadian Politician Equates Gay Marriage With Mad Cow Disease

Student Editor Fired Over Story On Gay Students

Are you in a monogamous relationship or an open one?

Who wants to play football at Penn State?

Geez. Doesn't ANYONE want Plaxico "No Catchico" Burress?

Kasparov widens Linares lead to 1½ after 12 rounds

Romanowski nearly cries on witness stand

Oral Roberts Lost!!!!

Did anybody watch Chelsea v. Barcelona earlier today?

I Am Remembering Ray Nitschke Today

National Hockey League Says: “Bring On The Scabs”

Miami Hurricanes continue to dominate the Wonderlic intelligence test

Steelers sign WR Cedric Wilson. G-Bye Plaxico.

Feed a stray animal with one click (animal rescue site)

Wisconsin hunter wants open season on domestic cats

Cairn-owned and new to this group

My poor Vinny

Baby kitty photos

Astrology: " Just My Bill's" Surgery

I need help with interpreting my dream last night.

We should be tolerant, but we should have limits

Flame on!!!

GO, Teddy, Go!

How about a Kerry/Gore ticket?

Kerry Speaks at IOP Luncheon

Committee Hearings this week

I am tired of people posting this mess

Too bad Kennedy's mininum wage bill failed

Kerry press conference tomorrow

Mike Malloy is spouting Lefty Freeper Junk, Again.

Stupid Dem bashers

Fun for everyone!!

Kerry doesn't join the sixteen "crossover" Dems in

Kerry is kicking ass

I've missed you all!

Yo! Intelligent folk! Info please regarding Clinton and NAFTA and Unions

My response to an anti Kerry person, who thinks Kerry's campaign

It's HARD WERK being a Kerry Warrior

Surf at Waimea Bay, HI.

ok, little help please, need a new camera

Can someone recommend a great quality photo printer for under 350?

Thanks for the new forum idea Patsy!!!

Woo hoo, we are a group!

He's back tonight! Newsletter for Tues. 3/8

From the Snarkitini/Snarkatini Test Kitchen

Breaking: Bill Clinton, Mo' Surgery ?

Archive thread - not for long discussions - KOEB links starting 3-7-05

What time (and network) is "Last Call w/ Carson Daly" on???

Keith's Mug on a Mug

Anyone watching Adel Al-Jebeir (Saudi) on C-Span?

Frist one of many courting N.H. for '08 bid

The evil ACLU and Amnesty Int'l are "Defending America's Enemies"

It's Republicans who don't care about our soldiers fighting in Iraq.

California DFA to fight Schwarzenegger's ballot initiative drive.

Pelosi & Reid: Do Not Shift Medicaid Costs to States

Internet Gains as Source of Political News

"Howard Dean and his fringe followers" (Natl Ledger)

Iraqi voters frustrated as parties wrangle

Making Iraq out of Lebanon

Republican Minimum Wage Bill

Caller To Washington Journal Just Ripped Them Royally

Countdown to DemsTV

Zarqawi in contact with Bin Laden

Firefighters force Arnolld to take backdoor to "21" for his fundraiser.

Great "Harpers" type stat regarding minimum wage

Gas Up 11 Cents in last two days

Washington Post's Tom Toles cartoon on Dubya's Social Security "plan"

"Bush--Lebanon is NOT your playground--protest sign in crowd in

Media Matters: Media Repeat Unsubstantiated Horowitz Tale of Campus Bias

"I hope everyone will pay attention to this debate"

Thousands Answer Hezbollah Call in Beirut - AP article

Bye Bye Joe! Bush thanks/welcomes Lieberman FIRST!

Middle East gets first superheroes

This is much more of a political issue than an economic issue...

MP attacks Catholic ban on monarch

republicans in Congress are the BIGGEST assholes in the world.

Sen. George Allen lied on his own state of Va.

37 minutes of more bullshit....

Whatever happened to the will of the People?

The Curtain's Rising--Where the Hell are the Democrats???

smirk's de-certification move against the Washington press

Check out the Lebanon protests! MASSIVE!

Scalia Is Positively Medieval

Strategy to graft some spine into the elected Dems

"...Clinton left the party without consensus on vision and principles..."

Tinfoil Hats Please : Bush and Cheney Knew of Peak Oil Before 911

OMG! Bush "Look no further than Lebanon" for proof!

So where's the McCain lynch mob?

Our Minority Leader Harry Reid rising in support of the Schumer amendment!

* chooses Principi (from Pfizer) for Base Closure commission (Hmmm...)

Who are HEZBOLLAH -- great BBC INFO articles here:

SECRET SERVICE RESPONDS ON GANNON: Proper procedures followed

Something for the "quote-aholics" among us ...

A good Op-ED on the bush ss rip off.---->

Fedlog: Hollywood and the Homeland

Patent Office unveils plans to improve its operations

What Democrats voted against the Schumer amendment?

Sept. 11 commissioners seek revised aviation security report

Schumer amendment just failed

MEDICAID on life support in Mississippi

Call your senator and ask them to FILIBUSTER the bankruptcy bill

The bankruptcy bill would choke off the entrepreneurial spirit

Military weapons vs. benefits issue heats up at hearing

Now voting for cloture...

NPR Ombudsman on "Talk of the Nation" Now! CALL Now to ...

Whatever you do, DON'T THINK OF GANNON/GUCKERT! (pic)

Bankruptcy Bill Cloture Vote: Flood the switchboard of the Senate NOW!

Dick Cheney, Peak Oil and the Final Count Down

MSNBC: It was probably Sgrena's fault -- they didn't stop at checkpoint...

Feinstein voted against cloture which means she will probably vote against

Terror Suspects Buying Guns in U.S.

Tuesday on the (Ed Schultz) show!

Distinction between "greed" and "selfishness"?

Durbin's amendment holding Rethugs to account re median income test

Video Shows U.S. Soldiers in 'Ramadi Madness' Abuse (waving arm of corpse)

NYT gets it right "hundreds of thousands" pro-Syrian protesters in Lebanon

Blog site I found you may want to read...

Sgrena kidnapping (and kidnapping of other journalists)

Feingold on C-SPAN 2 now arguing for small businesses

Corporations are NOT persons-- DUH!

Excellent Beirut press information on what's happening in Lebanon -

"in an Iraq minute"

More Reid vs. Kerry gossip from Wonkette!

"Blair still took us to war on a lie"


There should be hundreds of thousands of demonstrators camping

What’s Wrong with H.R. 975, Let Us Count the Ways ...

CNN/Wolfie Blitzer Doing their best to Discredit Pro-Syrian 1/2 Million

What does it mean when a senator asks to set aside an amendment?

Has anyone seen yet?

Congress Doesn't Have ANY Problem Giving THEMSELVES A PAY RAISE!

Senate Min Wage Bill vote 49-46 shows us we need to retake Congress

Oxley Delivers Social Security Speech

Interesting thing about Ann Coulter's name...

Senator Clinton is trashed on both DU and FR

U.N. Haters are in Heaven over Bolton's Nomination

Alternet: How Progressives Can Win

R.I. Democrats, how are the efforts to unseat Chafee going?

Interview on Friday with Howard Dean at the blog....questions now.

Impeachment..Nixon versus bush

Senate Democrats represent MORE PEOPLE than Sen. Repubs

Something you can DO: Join the Rapid Response Network

Who is the "dumbest" Democrat in the House or Senate ??

Is it ever OK to vote in a Republican primary?

DU researchers: Shadowy anti-gay entity needs exposing

Could Hillary Clinton Have What It Takes To Defeat The Democrats In 2008?

AAR news: Clinton to play golf with Dimson and Poppy tomorrow

Fox just said the the demonstrations today were much small than the

When Olberman talks about Rather tonight, will he talk about TANG too?

A new DU game---Who am I?

Doyle proposes sales tax on Internet downloads

Theresa Heniz Kerry says election may have been rigged

Help On This - New License Plate Saw Today - MO

My letter from Focus on the Family

Why Bash Democrats When NeoCONS Are KILLING US?


TNR: "Moderates" abondon Dem principles by caving on bankruptcy bill

Another reporter covering Fallujah events kidnapped ...

"Why Liberalism Has A Bad Name" GOPUSA article Puke alert

the poor just keep getting to raise in min wage du this

Repuke Petition In My E-Mail

Democrats--The party of lemmings.

Was NPR whoring for Bush tonight or what?

War with Syria in May? Another Bush countdown started.

Cegelis is running again in 44% against Hyde last time.

Bogus question on latest Zogby poll.

J. Woodruff for once reading an "international" paper Was Bush Right?

the DISGUSTING bankruptcy issue in congress

Four months later, Bush would STILL beat Kerry

From now on anytime that the media wants to make it about...

It makes sense now: GOP lets dems win SS-while sucking the life...

Terry Gross on NPR's "Fresh Air" giving Ari Fleisher a grilling NOW!

VIDEO -Face the Nation - Barbara Boxer-> Bush will destroy Social Security

Future of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - Petition

Here's an apt testament to Michael Moore:

If you still want Gore in 2008, come join us!

Bolton -- My theory

Is American democracy dead?

Great, China just passed an anti succession bill

31 voted to filibuster the bankrupcy bill while 42 voted for the choice

So, when does the rioting and open class warfare start?

For ya'll who think Kerry isn't doing anything

Why don't progressives use Cable Access?

Mainline Church Leaders Denounce Bush Budget Punishing Success in Colorado

An Aussie description of the chimp's "coronation"

Anyone remember the "Kristol Memo" re: the health care debate? (2001): New Democrats Support Bankruptcy Reform

Yet more proof that W is an idiot...

Teresa Kerry speaks up!

check out these guys trashing Mrs. Heinz=Kerry...:(

Krugman: "Any Senator who votes for this bill should be ashamed."

Why is Wesley Clark so revered on DU, and Senator Clinton not?

David Brooks stoops to new lows (NYT editorial)

Which Dem as the nominee would have the best chance against McCain in 08?

GOP TRICK: min wage bill increases sub-min wage sweatshops

James Carville is trying to splinter the democratic party

how close are YOU to BANKRUPTCY?

Here are the 13 Democrats who voted for cloture on the Bankruptcy Bill.

Wes Clark on C-Span today from 6:45-8:00PM EST