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Archives: March 7, 2005

Credit Card Penalties, Fees Bury Debtors

BREAKING NEWS: US Forces kill Bulgarian soldier ("friendly fire")

Immigrants in a squeeze

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): Extreme prejudice

America by the numbers

Fiscal follies in America and beyond

Climate change is caused by the rich but mostly felt by the poor

Jon Leyne (BBC): Lebanon's rocky road from Damascus

Who needs the wall of separation between church and state? Not this White

Toles on Social Security (must see!)

James Baker finally conserned with Bush enviromental record!!

"Military policy on gays is costly and dangerous" article

Novak: Roadblocks ahead for Giuliani

Tom Watson: Why we don't mourn (reaction to Italians mourning Calipari)

MYDD - Chris Bowers - Of scalps, citizen bloggers, and competing online

DKos History of GOP attempts to kill SS Best Artical I've read on SS

Why not Extraordinary Transparency?

A Killing in Belfast Is Turning Backers Against a Defiant I.R.A.

They're back from Iraq, but are they OK?

SWEET---to see the infighting among Repugs (Delay haunts some)

David Corn (The Nation): Bush Gives the UN the Finger

What they said about Giuliana Sgrena in the world press

What Bush Got Right - Fareed Zakaria, Newsweek

A destabilizing bit of research

Welcome to Doomsday by Bill Moyers

White House Cuts Entire Chapter from Economic Report

Bankruptcy bill is Congress' shame

Christian Rebuttals to Iraqi war...

Dems vow no negotiation on plan to alter retirement program

Is US losing moral authority on human rights?

Roosevelt vs. Bush [John Nichols]

The Prophecy of Oil

Bush Sets Up Social Security 'War Room'

Have Conservatives Bought Bioethics? (Terri Schiavo: Following the money)

Week starting March 13 is Sunshine Sunday-Sunshine Week

US scientists battle over anti-Darwin "Intelligent design" theory

My truth - Giuliana Sgrena

National Day of Civil Disobedience on March 20th- Shut-down the Recruiters

ADDED: Express Curtis BlogCall Blaster: 2 CLICKS/4 SECONDS YOUR DONE!

I don't think this "Unfit for Command" Google Bomb campaign is working.

Sadako Kurihara, A-bomb poet, dies

Several Iraqi Union Leaders Kidnapped; Oil Activist Murdered

Slanted Italian shooting coverage?

How come Dan Rather has to go, but Brit Hume gets to stay?

Apple goes to the source

Bloggers at the White House--and in court:Apple judgement undercut blgrs?

Meta Issue with Apple- second class citizenship for bloggers?

Has the Blog Backlash begun? (Michael Wolff)

Hannity: SENATOR BYRD....

A Very Bad Day for the New York Times (ILCA)

Immigrants in a squeeze

U.S. Investment Income Trend Ominous for Dollar

MeetChinaBiz coming to steal your propriatory designs.

"The Battle Of Blair Mountain"

Is America going broke?

Philip Morris Cooked Study To Delink 2nd-Hand Smoke, SIDS - In 2001

EPA Will Monitor Exactly 30 Factory Farms Nationwide For Air Pollution

Texas Plan Will Fight Congestion With 1/4-Mile Wide Highways - McPaper

For Iraq's Great Marshes, a Hesitant Comeback

US Emissions Growth Will Cancel Out All Kyoto Cuts - BBC

I need help with a couple of things

Nuclear Giant Hans Bethe dies at 98.

Royal Society President - Bush = Nero - The Independent

Asian Drought Continuing, Growing Worse - No Relief Until May

Religion kept US married to Vietman conflict

Napalm, Chemical Weapons Used at Fallujah – Iraqi Official

Bolivian President Resigns as Protests Spread

We need a Gungeon joke thread. Here it is. I'll start, you finish.

Can we get a 'Gannongate wrinkles Parts I - XXXVVVXVIXVIII' forum?

"dead" groups

I will have a new email account and am a Mod right now!!


Could you put a "hide post" feature in "My Posts"?

Was that a wise choice to disable lounge threads from showing up

Thank you for the rules update.

What about a ranking option for polls?

So what's the deal with locking the outing thread discussion

I'm all embarrassed.

I'm not sure this was the intended consequence.

I/P rules

Extremely high compliment to the Lounge Mod at around 3:45 today!!!

Thanks, mods!

Is there any way to mark individual threads as read?

A question, please.

I'd like to add

I am sorry

Hypothetical (but important) question

Is there any way we could have a Politics 2008 Forum?

Why are images hosted by blocked?

New group idea: The Extreme and Incoherent Group

Question about the "keeper threads" at the tops of forums

Rule clarification please?

Israel-Palestine Conflict Is Called A ‘Human Rights Challenge To Us All'

If Syria gives up occupation so should Israel.

10,000 kites Project for Peace April 27, 2005

A good read -- Reisman and Antoniou - "The Laws of War"

Sibel Edmonds Interview Today

video: plane or missle? what hit the pentagon on 9/11

Rockford Register Star:Human 'slave trade' and the attempts to stop it

Daily Southtown: Pro-life bill proceeding with unprecedented compromise

Daily Southtown: When the house divided is an athletic conference

Chicago Sun-Times: Governor's donor gets chance at contract

Russ Stewart: Alliance Party Benefits from "Lincolnwood Lull"

District 211 Referendum

Fire with fire: Congressional districts could be redrawn in Illinois

Did everyone have as great of weather as Chicago had on Sunday?

Can anyone direct me to a website re:

Southern Illinoisan Poll: Do you think it's alright for the 10 Comandments

So where should I eat in Chicago?

I need this quickly if someone can help me out

Can someone on DU help me? I need Noreen Gosh's story

Voting glitches haunt statistician

Quick Question regarding asking for Exit Poll Information

Dupe. Self delete.

Mercer Co. ,Pa.- candidate for most fraud/suppression in 2004


Repugs have fundraiser for Hillary...

KOEB: Alison Stewart in for KO today.

Please secure your tinfoil hat tightly - ever hear of John Titor?

Interesting Poll in Red State Newspaper (MS)

Please check my links page and offer suggestions, catch typos etc.

Of VOTE, unemployment, election reform and the future

Monday 3/7 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

What states have recently been gerrymandered besides Texas? nt

Rev. Jackson: Selma 40 Years Later

Teresa Heinz Kerry "openly skeptical about results from November election"

ADDED: Express Curtis BlogCall Blaster: 2 CLICKS/4 SECONDS YOUR DONE!

Kerry won Nat. Exit Poll (11027 respondents) posted on CNN @ 7:58PM

Donna Brazile to head Ohio Election Task Force. List of Team Members:

The Nat Exit Poll Crime Line: 7:58pm(K) to 12:22am (K) to 2:04pm (B)

Wall Street's Jockey - Arnold

So tell me about Santa Cruz

Given that 76% here are planning to vote for Jerry for attorney general

Questions: platform testimony

masspirg - your thoughts?

Where Does Mitt Sit on the issue of privatizing social security?

Civil Disobedience training and Actions Boston/Cambridge, Mass. and NYC

Betty McCollum is NOT running for Senate

I am TSTL & probably no one can help, but

Pagerankstatus N/A problems. PRS loves everyone but me. :(

Can anyone recommend a good hosting service?

Broadband over powerline

pros and cons of SLOT money

Specter preferred Kennedy over Santorum: C-Span2

Houston Rodeo

Dallas Young Dems meeting with Charles Soechting.

Gunner Palace - Texas Openings March 11 in Houston, Dallas & Plano

DU Outing? North Texas Traditional Dance Society- Contra dances!

Sam Johnson SS Town Hall Tonight!

WTF!! KTRH in Houston is playing Ed Schultz on Sundays!!

Dem activist events in Houston this week (last-minute)

Good article on the Texas tax discussion (HB2 and HB3)

End Of Suburbia Screening - Hosted By The Dallas Sierra Club

Julian Castro - thoughts?

Lawmakers push for conscience clauses

So, what's the deal with the beer chaser for the bloody mary?

I just heard Herb Kohl will be voting for the bankruptcy bill

Predict the next time Abu Musab Al Zarqawi will be "arrested".

Iraqis Set Opening for New Parliament (March 16th)

Outing - Part 2

Hey General Clark fans

Amy Goodman on Peter Werbe right now

I have a goal: 4 petitions, 10,000 signatures, can I do it?

Did anyone catch the Gannon/Guckert interview

Is chat room flirting (etc.) cheating?

Special Artistic Favor, Anyone Care To Help?

the Americans don't want you to return."

what would you duers do if...

Jeff Gannon and Argus Leader - Editor Talks

Just heard a quote on The Ray Taliaferro show. Looking for a link

“We don’t do body counts” -- General Tommy Franks

Finally,A growth industry for the U.S. with no competition.

Is there anything more vile than this repugnant little mug?

The Internet David vs. the Propaganda Machine Goliath. We CAN win.

Mercury in vaccines

Chimp fails to recognise irony

Visual Protest March 15 Against NCLB and High Stakes Tests -- Media

Doonesbury is praised in Stripes letters, Gens. Dempsy & Mattis criticized

Anyone, someone, please explain to me why Rummy isn't fired YET?

Is It Just Me

This is comical - Clinton gave bu$h 1 his bed on Indonesia trip

Santorum's Sweatshop bill...slave nation here we come

Radio host Bill Cunningham: "[W]e need more teachers beating people"

Call House Judiciary Members! DEMS have resolution re: Gannon

Nuclear Calendar -- Friends Committee On National Legislation --3/7

Is the series "24" part of government psy-ops?

What a Gentleman! I'm impressed.

Botched Sgrena Hit Does Not Bode Well for Bush and Berlusconi

Primitive savages call for MSM crackdown and Rome nuking

Whole lot of shaking going on, hold on Cascadia

Nostalgia? Bush Sr. on CSPAN now, RE: tsunami,.

Will we now have FREEDOM Dressing & FREEDOM Restaurants?

video: plane or missle? what hit the pentagon on 9/11

What's wrong with Righties?

A Question About Private SS Accounts and the Bankruptcy Bill

Dating Rush Limpballs is killing Daryn's looks?

why so many bush conspiracies

My director of schools has ordered that the We Are Family video...

Imus: "Linguini sucking liar"

Bruised science: Researchers in U.S. increasingly feel embattled,

Aid to Senator Dewine to visit our company tomorrow and you wouldn't

Gannon/Guckert 100% Gosch (says Tim White)

Supposedly we are spreading Freedom..just like Americans enjoy...

12 days to Global Protest - 2nd Anniversary Iraq War

TBogg analyzes a Hannidate. Be sure not to be drinking while reading this.

Isn't it remarkable that all the madness and illegal activities of our

Outrage for 1 innocent Italian dead == what about the 10,000 Iraqis?

Rhetorical Question of the Day

Who will read the PDB to bushit** now? Ray McGovern is scaring me again!

Jeez these Italians sure are Touchy aren't they?

I have a question about the Bush SS plan

Need exact quote from Dick Cheney

Victims Sue Thailand, U.S., Accor Over Tsunami

2005 Senate: 1st 3 bills are for the Corporation, against the people

No posts re Grassley on CSPAN this AM???

CNN now (1:00 Eastern) Condi announcing Bolton nom. as UN ambassador --

Skin deep RNC Beauty (Anyone else seen this site?)

I'm quitting smoking RIGHT NOW!!!!

Bulgaria demands explanation; soldier killed by US troops


another "friendly fire"death....

Will mom & dad make the grade?-report cards for parents

Don Imus just finished betraying the Autistic children of America.

Dems should challenge rethugs to debates

Great letter from a Canadian to Condi Rice on missle defense

Is the USA Technically a Kleptocracy?

The only way to stop the strong hatred toward the United States

KO Countdown 3/7

* nominates Michael Jackson deputy director homeland insecurity

NJ Turnpike coming soon (over next 50 yrs) to Texas

On the subject of NAFTA,

Clinton sleeps on floor so elder Bush can have bed

Gas in my area just set a record high.

Bush SS plan, a bush promise to find new ways of "harming our country"

And now they LOST (?) the car????????

devilgrrl wants open season against free roaming media whores

Heads Up -- Robert Byrd upcoming on Ed Schultz.

Gannongate Wrinkles, Part 11

PepperSpray Productions has 33 min. video of Falluja

UCSF report says Philip Morris influenced scientific article (re:SIDS)

So how come I never hear any news from "Basra"?

In Memory of Nicola Calipari - killed by US forces 03/04/05


Sibel Edmonds Interview Today - soon on 60min, NYT and WashPo

This day in Republican Civil Rights History

Need some help please....

Bush's nominee to the UN on the UN

We are headed for a major economic collapse as the auto industry winds

SelectSmart poll on social security

Coulter Being Stupid:

Duh - Deborah Norville To Anchor From Home w/ Ankle Bracelet On

Malloy Rules!

ADDED: Express Curtis BlogCall Blaster: 2 CLICKS/4 SECONDS YOUR DONE!

!!! "Clear Skies Initiative" is DOA! | just a tiny tiny bit of good news..

The Vietnam War: pro or con?

Bush will get the credit for Lebanon

Molly Ivins on the Bankruptcy bill being debated now: "GROSS!"

Thanks to G.O.P. gay hookers & fake reporters are now acceptable



It needs to be TOLD, We Americans need a President who can read

Vermont Public Radio Plus Stream for a John Dean/Star debate!

Bush* to promote PNACer to US Ambassador to the UN

Photos of the Italian journalist's car? Anyone seen them/have a link?

Here is the BEST case scenario in the Italian Hostage case

Help Please - Did the Pope make some sort of statement

Hope in a Red State

"Kansas Christians Mobilizing on Moral Issues"

Gas Prices went up a Dime in last week. Nashville, TN. You?

Meet your new UN Ambassador

Christian group fasts for "holiness" of George W Bush

Anyone know the name

* is considering putting state workers and many teachers into SS.

Pro-Choice and Pro-life Democrats can agree with Sen. Reid on this

Mystery - Terrorism and Oppression not included on Bush's 'War on Terror'

CBS leads with Italy's shooting by US

Hey polygamists! Go ahead, marry 15 people! I'm not paying for your kids!

the mighty PENGUIN of TRUTH | "oh, nevermind..."

Smirk tries to look interested at "Anti-gang" photo-op today

Seems all the top administrative officials

They pelted us with rocks and garbage...

Rapture, genocide and the Washington Times

We should attack Venezuala and kill Hugo Chavez. US is #1 Venizuela is 0

I love the media

Don't confuse Ho Chi Minh with Pol Pot

Any more leads today on the Fallujah Napalm?

Caption bushie helping America's youth.

Anyone hear about the...

Downloading Music: Where do you find yours? Is P2P wrong?

720pm EST - Tweety Matthews is reporting that GORE IS OUT FOR 2008

HIV, new info TODAY

If ya ever get to doubting the total stupidity of freeping rightwingnuts..

So when are restaurants going to start serving...

Army application online

Kennedy, Boxer, Obama, etc.

I think something that may be called tinfoil in the near future is...

Teachers=Terrorists per ex-DOE Head. Nurses = Terrorists per Arnold

Reinstallation, Coffee, and Cigarettes

Message from Iraq

I've got an interesting question about a top conservative blog...

OMG! The media is complaining about being manipulated by Martha AS IF

CEO sex scandal (Stonecipher - sp?- Boeing). I saw similar, Coburn

New USA ambassador to UN: "GOT MILK?"

Has There Ever Been A Time When All Three Branches Were Under One Party?

Teresa H-Kerry points to GOP owners of voting machines. "I fear for '06."

Conservative vs. liberal versions of Christianity...

Anyone see the expose on Benny Hinn last night

Repub Senators do not represent a majority.

If Italy pulls its troops out of Iraq...

So what's the latest on the Sgrena car, lost, found, on its way to


Are journalist being targeted in Iraq remember this attack..

No Bankruptcy protection,No SS, My kids are going to be pissed in 20 years

U.S. Colonel was waiting for Sgrena car at Baghdad airport??


I Cannot Get the BBC news today!

Wonder what the fundies will do when the end comes, but no rapture?

*'s SS stump gatherings rehearsed and 1/3 of audience bussed in.

So it's National Womens' Month

Question on Malloy

Funny email about various newspapers

Words of Inspiration for these troubled times

DNC: Death of a Sales Pitch: Three Strikes and You're Out.

Newshounds: Ari says "yes", Gannon had inside contacts to WH.

...and i'm proud to be an American

Polish freedom fighter who fought for Americas Independence-Casimir Pulaski

What to believe or not to believe--


Another "Friendly Fire" Incident Involving Our Troops In Iraq???

Help with Ten Commandments argument...

How come we can hear of Jackson's sordid exploits but not Gannon's on MSM?

If pot is a gateway drug,then so is booze.

Obscurantism: Word of the day

Rise of Opus Dei under Pope has liberals concerned over succession

I'm sick and tired...

Who benefits when there is a shortage?

Freeper Beatdown At Work...Priceless!

Republicans & Censorship. What did I forget to add to my list?

rename the PNAC here!

The lynch mob mentality of the Repuglican Dominion

Union Leader Says Democratic Party Can't Cut Its Corporate Ties

If private accounts are just so wonderful, how does the GOP explain

Whoo boy! Won two big battles today! Whooo-hooo!

How about this idiot Tom Aspell on Hardball?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Rendezvous

So this is how Rove pays Gannon for his .... time.... Still using him?

What A Difference A Year Or Two Make... Or Not !!! - Attack On Journalists

Slavery in Niger- Disturbing Report on RCI tonight

Iraq Death Toll Hits New Mark; Did You Notice? - Chi-Trib OpEd

Monday afternoon Malloy truthseekers check in

Raw Story: Kerry hammers new UN pick as "baggage we cannot afford"

U.S. Natural Gas Reserves Slashed

Woo whee! Schwarzenegger Told To "Get Out Of Our City"

Nightline: Oil Prices - Richardson blasting * for not lobbying OPEC

This issue could KICK SOME ASS for us!

Great LTTE on social security propaganda

Probably my last DU post: Is there any room left for me?

Justice Antonin Scalia . . . leaned forward and said . . .

Who is the best President that the United States never had?

Freakish-fundie Sens object to relaxing standards for abstinence education

Chuck Hagel wants to cut our Social Security benefits.

Why hasn't the Iraqi government ask us to leave?

What happens if China invades Taiwan?

Zogby: Popularity of Iraq War at All Time Low

Novak uses "Nazi" term to describe liberals

How the heck does one go about changing info in his profile??? n/t

Did Bush really say this about democracy?

You'll be pleased to know that Sgrena's claims are "ABSURD"

Right-wing site calls DUers "inmates" re: Italian journalist story

Flashback: Unlike rightwingers, Iraqis can walk AND chew gum at same time.

Independent Press Was a Target in Iraq

What is Howell Raines, NYT Executive Editor? And DAMN YOU, HRW!!!

Great Story on Coming Collapse of Housing Bubble - from MSN no less!

AAR poll has been freeped...says Greenspan is a genius!

Has anyone see the Carl's Jr. "talking fetus" TV ad?

"E pluribus unum"

Boston Legal to cover Outfoxed, but can't say Fox News or Bill O'Reilly.

Wal-Mart booted out of NYC- aaawwwwwww

Gannon Wrinkles 12


Oil demand outweighs supply ("we've got a problem" - AG Edwards)

Was Ho Chi Minh a hero?

My 2 Euros on the Sgrena story (Italian journalist)

Ermächtigungsgesetz (get a strong drink first)

The DU Rules have been updated.

Hitler had an atomic bomb

Student in my class wearing a "Darwin Lied" t-shirt

Rep Dingell and 20 other Dems Slam Ann Coulter for her racism

Can anyone tell Bill Maher that Gannon said his show's a "crapfest"?

should polygamy be decriminalized?

This came to my mind..

Here is an issue Democrats would score some points with!!!!

Pictures of dead Iraqi children: print 'em out, pass 'em out

ConWebWatch's Freep Quote of the Week is ridiculous

John Bolten, next Ambassador to the UN?

Wisconsin hunter wants open season on free-roaming domestic cats

Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System (V-MADS)


Dear friends,

Right-Wing Bloggers' Fake Sgrena Car Photo -with help from AP

Channeling Dr. Strangelove or How America learned to stop worrying and...


Is the domestic auto industry on its death bed?

Yahoo Article On Italian Reporter Incident - Vote It Up!!

Suggested Tactics For Dealing With Police Harassment Of Protesters

Isnt it amazing that Italy can draw 20,000 to protest for it citizens

They're frying Ann Coulter at!

PETA chief seeks kinder, gentler world

Our New Bill of Rights

JEFFGANNON.ORG: asking for submissions and comments

You can feed a stray animal with one click at animal rescue site

James R Bath Links Bush and BFEE to House of Bin Laden (PROOF)

what's for dinner?

question for a newbie with no star (kamqute )

Our Parliament Hill (Ottawa) Cam

A sane Labour MP? Something must be up

I have to ask. Is the Daily Telegraph a RW rag?

Yahoo Article On Italian Reporter Incident - Vote It Up!!

Clinton sleeps on floor so elder Bush can have bed

NYT: Bush Gave CIA Expansive Interrogation Power

Bush gave CIA expansive interrogation power-paper

Reuters: Insurgents Kill 10 Iraqis in Baquba

Moldova Communists stay in power

Vietnamese nurse confirmed to contract bird flu.....

Local Chapter of Democracy for America wants no privatization

U.S. targets spy services abroad

Israeli bank in money laundering probe

Black boys separate classes plan

Elder Bush hails 'polite' Clinton

Disability benefits tangle Social Security debate

Six times more Americans get political news from Internet

Bush Administration Used Fake Torture Story to Influence Public

Catholic schools ban Comic Relief events

BAE lands £2.2bn US takeover

Parents hit obstacles in planning GI funeral

Bulgaria says soldier killed by US troops in Iraq

U.S. troops "likely" killed Bulgarian soldier (Reuters)

Al-Qaeda plot to snatch Crowe (the actor )

NYT: A Killing in Belfast Is Turning Backers Against a Defiant I.R.A.

Black boys separate classes plan (BBC)

NYT,pg1: U.S. Checkpoints Raise Ire as Iraqis Are Killed or Wounded

NYT: Many Missteps in Armoring Troops

World Bank boss: Bono?

Botched Sgrena Hit Does Not Bode Well for Bush and Berlusconi

NYT: Radio Tags Can Find Stray Bags, but Can Airlines Afford Them?

WP/AP: 40th Anniversary of Selma March Celebrated

WP: Labor's Divisions Widen As Membership Declines

Botched Sgrena Hit Does Not Bode Well for Bush and Berlusconi

Richardson praises Bush's Mideast policy

Buffett attacks American spending junkies

WP: Drug-Coated Stent Devices Making Strides in Heart Care(bypass avoided)

Whole lot of shaking going on, hold on Cascadia

NYT: Clash on Judicial Nominees Could Spill Into Lawmaking

NYT: Home of Punk-Rock Battles for Its Home

Supreme Court Won't Decide Damages from S&L Crisis

NPR - Funeral Held for Italian Security Agent ...

BBC (Monday): Syrian pullback 'by end of March'

High Court to Review Miner Lawsuit Appeal

Justice Unit Puts Its Focus on Faith

Bush 'to name hardliner for UN'

Death-penalty decision alarms Texas

LAT: Industry at Odds Over ID Theft Liability (retailers, not banks, lose)

Justice Unit Puts Its Focus on Faith

Mental health program helps some, denies others

Nurse Contracts Bird Flu in Vietnam

Treasury secretary says oil too costly

Personal Stories Used to Thwart Buget Cuts

EPA Cracks Down on Lead in Drinking Water

Communication or manipulation? [Boston Globe]

Abstinence funds debate heats up on Senate panel

Summit May Favor Tackling Causes of Terrorism Over Military Response


NYT: On EBay, E-Mail Phishers Find a Well-Stocked Pond

US faces crossroads in ties with Islamic world: Asian scholar

(74 Year old) Man charged after friend’s suicide

"Pakistan-Iran Joint Naval Exercises"-- Pakistan Daily Times

State(MA) sees burden in Bush funding idea (Tax Public Employees SocSec)

Chavez proclaims era of cheap oil over

Aspirin for women

WP: Unveiling Islam: Author Challenges Orthodox Precepts

Retailer (LL Bean) giving employee bonuses after 9 percent sales increase

Russia To Beef Up Air Fleet at Kant Base in Kyrgyzstan

WP: Kennedy Reversal Swings Court Against Juvenile Death Penalty

Bush Nominates UN Critic Bolton as UN Envoy

UCSF report says Philip Morris influenced scientific article

Aruba Joins Caribbean in Support of Venezuelan Sovereignty

S.Africa to exhume anti-apartheid fighters graves

Michigan State Police drop out of anti-terrorism network

Outgoing Iraq PM declines offer to join Shiite-led government

Senate to vote on minimum wage proposals (Its really on the bk law)

Pro-Syrian Protest Set to Underline Lebanese Rift

720pm EST - Tweety Matthews is reporting that GORE IS OUT FOR 2008

Condom Toss Gets Student Tossed Out Of School

Lawyer arrested for posting an article online (Tunisia)

Boeing boss flies into sex storm

Venezuelan President Ends Official Visit to India

China warns US, Japan on Taiwan

How a Contractor Cashed In on Iraq

Ohio Officer Accidentally Stuns Partner With Taser

Women at war: Sexual combat

Firms taking action against worker blogs

Lobbying Under The Cloak Of Invisibility

Victims Sue Thailand, U.S., Accor Over Tsunami

Back off or suffer oil shock: Tehran

(Ambassador) Bruton abusing position says Sinn Féin

U.S. government confirms duties on Canadian swine

White House admits first blogger to news briefing

Bosnia to open war crimes court for Hague suspects

WP,pg1: New SAT a Boon for Test-Prep Business: Expensive Coaching Debated

U.S. farmers feel pressure with subsidies under siege

Investment forum, economic deals to mark Chavez visit to Qatar

Attorney Asks for 9138-Year Sentence for Argentinean Torturer

GOP Senator Ignites Outcry over Comments on Lincoln

Lawyers' panel indicts Bush, Blair

CNN breaking: John Bolton to be nominated UN ambassador


Citing Aristide ties, Haiti bars U.S. attorney from entering country

Video Shows U.S. Soldiers in 'Ramadi Madness' Abuse (Reuters)

Consumer Borrowing Jumps in January

20,000 in farewell to Italian 'martyr'

Burglary suspect dies after DeLand police use stun gun (FL)

Iran's president set to visit Venezuela

Huge jump expected in price of gas(analysts foresee 24-cent increase)

Gonzales May File Criminal Charges Against 'Enemy Combatant'

Hans Bethe, Father of Nuclear Astrophysics, Dies at 98

Expect aftershocks, officials warn - TW

CNN/AP: Small cars fare poorly in crash tests

Iran leader's Venezuela visit may irk US

Vandals target Notre Dame with anti-war slogans (ahead of Bush visit)

20,000 in farewell to Italian 'martyr'

Iraq's top general says 10,000 insurgents in detention

SI/AP: Colorado U. President Hoffman Resigns (football, Prof. Churchill)

NBC: Halliburton, others evade Iran embargo

First Lady's Initiative Aimed At Providing Stability for Youths

U.S. Opposes DC Ban on Toxic Chemical Train Shipments

WP: Gonzales Defends Transfer of Detainees

Creating an ally for students (School for Bullied & Harassed to open)

War equipment to remain in Iraq once troops leave

Robert Allbritton to Step Down as Riggs Chairman and CEO - Wash. Post

E&P: "Pot, Meet Kettle: Gannon Comments on First Blogger at WH Briefing "

Iranian, Russian Officials Discuss Completion of Bushehr Plant

Buffett deepens dollar worries (US heading for Sharecropper Society)

Saudis look to Russia for arms

China Eyes 'Non-Peaceful Means' Against Taiwan as Last Resort

Car dealer emerges as front-runner for ambassador to UK

Brazil "Extremely Worried" over Situation in Bolivia

Video Shows More U.S. Iraq Abuse

Venezuela Opens A "New Dimension" in its Relationship with India

'N.Y. Press' Editor Quits in Wake of Pope Cover

Richardson Praises Bush's Mideast Policy (New Mex. Gov)

IRAQ: Food supplies affected by security checks at Syrian border

U.S. Rejects Italy Journalist's Claims (Scott McClellan)

Bush's budget leaves college students behind

The CIA Chief Steps Into It ... Yet Again

Roadblock death: Italy didn't alert U.S. troops

China tells Australia to review its defence treaty with the US: report

Kansas City:Board of Education to hold six days of hearings over evolution

New Russian Nuclear Missiles Unstoppable — Defense Minister

Shooting exposes gulf of loathing (Sgrena story)

Shell Final Audit Shows 2002 Reserves Overstated 41% (Bloomberg/ peak oil)

Democrats ask White House for (classified) documents on Gannon/Guckert

Lawyers' Panel Indicts Bush, Blair

Peers inflict defeat on anti-terror bill

McCain Group Got Big Cable Donation While Senator Promoted Company Policy

Senate Defeats Minimum Wage Increase

Gore won't run in 2008 (on Drudge but from Chris Matthews)

US judge refuses to dismiss Abu Ghraib guard charges

Friendly Fire in Iraq Takes Toll on U.S.-Led Coalition - and Iraqis

Investors look to farmland to balance portfolios

Leading GOP senator ignites outcry over comments about “getting over” Linc

Floridian wants to become Haiti president

Third Bush in White House?

Congressional delegation visits North Slope

(147 page) Report by House Democrats Alleges GOP Abuse of Power

Social Security Stance Risky, Democrats Told

Kerry hammers new UN pick as “baggage we cannot afford”

U.S. Army Report: Military Lost Dominance In Iraq After Invasion

133 Dead in Dominican Republic Prison Fire

NYDAILYNEWS: "Teddy's for Kerry in '08"

NYT: On Social Security, Lieberman the Centrist Ruffles Democratic Feather

Last 3 French Detainees at Gitmo Let Go

Dean: Democrats raise $3.4M in three weeks

NYT: Terror Suspects Buying Firearms, U.S. Report Finds(Legally US)

Now you listen to me. While I will admit to a certain cynicism, the fact i


One day my log will have something to say about this. My log saw something

JohnKleeb's appendix

Seinfeld fans: a question.

There isn't a Movies/Film Group?

Sunday Night Zomby-Lovin'

Anyone have any experience with bit torrent (the software)?

Just got back from my first time in NYC.

Bouncy Ball is on a roll today.

D'ya think that if you were falling in space... that you'd slow down after

It's not revenge, he's after...

WHEW! Just completed updating my website. It took hours.

Dissin' Micro$oft bigtime (picture)

We've met before, haven't we.

Listening to a Live bootleg of a Van Halen 1984 concert.

I like ice cream

Anyone ever did an interview for a fellowship?

The evidence speaks for itself, I am craving a nice mexican dinner

The evidence speaks for itself...I've had a little too much

Zip it!

Best version of HURT (written by Trent Reznor)?

God, not Kleeb (will decide): More threads!

Harry, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Every day, once a day,

The evidence speaks for itself...I never had it

The evidence speaks for itself... I've lost my car keys.

Should I have a medium-dry vodka martini right now?

I'm watching the movie Party Monster.

The evidence speaks for itself...the Cuban funded, CIA armed LBJ shot JFK

The evidence speaks for itself...I inspire copycats

Did she hurt you, Jack?

Kevin and Kell take on "Mediagate"

It's beginning to storm here in northern Illinois...

Favourite Animals cover tune?

The evidence speaks for itself...I've lost it

just watched a guy

Let's all help yvr girl find "it" again!

[singing] Oh, Kitten.... I know what will bring it back.... [/singing]

Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream

Close the door, Put out the light.


so with the apparent atempt at...

Now, I've noticed a tendency for this forum to get rather silly.

Who actually believes Rev when she says shes never been kissed?

I have a fever and there is only one prescription.

I gotta go to bed!

What bothers you most about other divers' dangerous habits.

I just had a weekend full of drunken debauchery...ask me anything!

The evidence speaks for itself: Senor Wences was a ventriloquist

Someone in ATA likes trainwrecks

Wisconsin man wants hunting season for Will Farrell's cats.

Whats your favorite Big Lebowski quote?

Let us now discuss-BRUSSEL SPROUTS

Bambi grew up to become a Marine, working in counterintelligence

hello you night owls

I thought Lounge posts never ended up on the greatest page???

Wisconsin cat wants hunting season for feral humans.

KitchenWitch's Stupid Question O' the day #56

Man oh man, Otis Redding's ballads sure do hit the spot at 4:00 a.m.

if there are any crumb fans awake

I was born and raised and now live. ASK ME ANYTHING!

To anyone who has it, does the Fox Blocker really work?

I want to start a thread but am currently out of ideas.

Grrr I want a hoagie and it is 2:30 in the morning

Stop Humping the Laser

The forbidden lounge "smilie"

If anyone else irked by the abbreviation UR?

My spouse watches "Cheaters", should I worry?


wow, it is almost noon

I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless...

Anyone else love "Easy Mac"? Yummy

I'm back from work. What did I miss?

is this a girl thing ?

Anyone like Muenster?

Colorado Town To Hold "Frozen Dead Guy Days" Festival

A Computer question

Canada Bows to US Demands to Beef up Coastal Defenses . . . .

Monkeys named after Bush boys!

Home of Punk-Rock Battles for Its Home - NYTimes

Once I had a love and it was a gas

Let's go surfing now...everybody's learning how...

Good morning DU Loungers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hunter Wants Small Game License - To Hunt Domestic Cats!

Roberts Struggling with Large Bust: "this is no joke"

I need help from any dog people out there.

I know tight jeans are out of date

Don't you know that its worth all the ?? on earth to be young at heart?

When the most offensive part of a text is a pair of single quote chars

I had a sudden urge to scratch a graffitto into my desk at work

Favorite Ear?

Best Classified Ad EVER:

I'm feeling nostalgic for a JimmyJazz thread

Anyone here use a satellite Internet connection?

Ohio Officer Accidentally Stuns Partner With Taser .... oooops

Anyone like the "Munsters" ?

anyone wear baggy jeans?

Democratic TV online starting tomorrow!

Coming back to work on a monday...bad

Thousands turn out for HUGE freeper rally!!!....


Would you like to live to be 100 years old?

City Hall Wants To Ban All Nudity - From Art

DOONESBURY-"You seem out of sorts today, Boss"

Favorite Covered Song - Lay, Lady, Lay

Anyone could see The road that they walk on is paved in gold

Happy Early St. Patrick's!

"Million Dollar Baby," question, DON'T read if you haven't seen the movie!

in case you missed it - hip hop

Men, the threat is real.

Dating Rush Limpballs is killing Daryn's looks?

Cilantro, Yes or No


Kleeb threads vs JimmyJazz threads

Love is a Battlefield


I’ll stand by you

Wisconsin man wants hunting season for feral cats.

Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays!

anyone ever been to a real town hall meeting?

West of her there's a place I know

Happy Birthday you CLOWN!-Willard Scott and Tammy Faye

I don't have any questions that you can not answer

Is there a website where you can get free clip art?

Let's play - "If I were Michael Jackson"...........

Dammit, Martha, say "Because I'm a Democrat"!!!!

The Sure Fit ugly Couch Contest!

What is the least amount of sleep one can get

cnn breaking: michaeL boLton stiLL sucks

if i were a carpenter

Who here is sick of MissMillie posts?

Peer to Peer File Sharing

I'm still waiting for the whiskey to whisk me away.

Six years ago today on March 7 1999, the great Stanley Kubrick died...

i LOVE advertising

Hahaha Richmond Mayor Wilder-report cards for parents

Question about driver's licenses

the internet wasn't created to make fun of people

Name the best album to come out between 2000 and today

I don't think this "Unfit for Command" Google Bomb campaign is working.

Do you suppose there is something in crack

Skinner says we can't make fun of JimmyJazz anymore

anybody here ever get pistol whipped?

i'm gonna pour a little out

Hey!... YOU! You left a light on

my Lunch order was messed up - but


Why do you build me up (build me up) Buttercup, baby

The final showdown: Peaches and Herb vs. Peaches:

it's beer thirty



Christo and Jean Claude turn down $50 Million for their Gates...

Chicago mayor Richard J. Daley


Oh, SURE...Girl Scouts are selling cookies on every corner NOW...BUT...




Better Off Dead by La Peste

Have you ever been in a home that really cried foul?

Excuse me - I'm looking for detention...........

******* *******

***********TESTICULAR CANCER***********


What Hollywood Star or Starlet Would you Pay for View to See Nude?

Have you ever been in a home that smelled really foul?

*****PART ONES********

*******CANKER SORES*******

I cannot stand people that preach.

What's with these homies dissin' my girl?

Favorite Sushi!!

I don't need attention.


I'm not okay (I promise)

What a piece of work is man!

MI-5 on BBC, anyone?

if jesus had a machine gun

Ever been in a restaurant that smelled really fowl?

Excuse me - I'm looking for distention...

How easy is it to find a clean public restroom in your city?

Yo VIP, Let's kick it!

What is the best album betwee 2000 and 2005?


ACK! Make this song get out of my head! I'm begging you!

OK U lounge lizards, I ran 3 miles this morning. What did U do?

consumerism sucks

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, my love, my darling,

Makin' your way in the world today

Do you suppose there is something in Taco Bell

caption this picture

I was cornered by fundies this morning!!!

Who do you know that shares their name with someone famous?


Battle of the Instrumental TV Show Theme Song EARWORMS!

Please post these photos of this sci-fi weapon on my thread about it.

What percentage of Freepers are Meth Addicts?

I bet we've been together for a million years

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood,

All the conservative Republicans I know are drunkards and druggies!


Has anyone here ever had a PayPal account?

"Nation Split on Bush as Uniter or Divider"


I Don't Want to Work

What shows were you forced to watch as a kid?

We all live in a captial I

Well, I went home with the waitress...The way I always do

Birdie Num Num

Do not post messages about bottles of unctions.

1-2-3-4!-5, 6-7-8-9!-10

Steely Dan's "Deacon Blues" is an amazing song: discuss


Do not post messages about bodily functions.

Odd pairings of thread titles

I feel like dancing!

i heard it at a bar

I am breathing! OOPS!

I feel like having a Caesar salad!


I'm quitting smoking RIGHT NOW!!!!

Does the use of the phrase "both sides" trigger your spider sense?


DU would be a lot more civilized if posting was banned

Self delete

How would you describe yourself?

Okay then -Who is THIS?

is this what the lounge has come to?

The "He Looks Like He Got Beat Up in School, Everyday" CAPTION

requiem for the lounge

I feel like having a sandwich.

Own a Dodge Neon? Well you're as good as DEAD!!!

A sad state of affairs...

I feel like having a seizure!

What's a good workout DVD?

I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together

Anyone know where to get a good sports bar?

Has anyone ever been under "house arrest"?

Dammit, people, stop being so damned entertaining! I'm supposed to...

So, that's how they got "Mission Accomplished"

Dumbest advertising claim ever?

Army - Military Rank question


Martini Lunch

Mike is on Randi's show today! He's going to talk about the Italian


Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down

Describe your biggest gross-out moments here:

Hey,'s the Mr Bill show!!!

Anyone know where to get a good sports bra?

Let me describe to you what happened to me today.

PetSmart is a kitty store!

devilgrrl wants open season against free roaming media whores

Who is this?

I'm Masticating right now! Ask me anything!

Are you logged in right now?

Definition of Socialist.

I finally made my New Year's Resolution - NO MORE FARTING

Teacher Had Sex With 11 Y.O. AND His Father - Yes, CLINTON Mentioned

Will the real Easter Bunny please step forward!

POLL! Are you secretly posting from PRISON?

New toon!

Have you ever been in a greyhound bathroom that smelled really foul?

Report: Woman 'tastes' musical notes

Does a cat EVER get tired of being petted and scratched?

Has anyone ever been under the House?

i think my nose is broken

I feel like having a seashore villa.

Does this make any sense?

WOW!!! The tombstoning is fast and furious today

Cool.... MPs are arresting someone outside my place.

Excuse me - I'm looking for attention...........

Matcom's Kiddie Joke O' The Day

How do you tell a well-endowed freeper?

What the hell is a Gannon Wrinkle?

oLd (for me anyway) arcade games


I'm calling you out!

Police raid over home alone hamster

WOO-HOO! Wifie has been nominated to be secretary of county Democrats

*****************MA & PA*********************

Fuzzy Wuzzy the hairless bear, has a deliciously ironic name, does he not?

anyone know what arcade game this animated character is from?

if anyone else tells me zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

My drugs are red, white, and blue...


whoisalhedges called me STOUT!!

How many Freepers does it take change a lightbulb?


I am female and multitasking is not naturual to me

Good night everybody

I'm looking for a book

Screw the posting rules. Here's my thread dedicated to Sax and Violins!!

Celebrity Jeopardy -SNL

Has anyone here ever heard of (watched) Brini Maxwell?

Which Beatles album cover looks the most like it could be an Oasis cover?

-0.122 Glorious Inches

When PONG ruled computer games

10 Glorious Inches!

4 Glorious Winches!

8 Glorious bitches

8 Glorious inches

6 singing wenches!

4 Glorious Wrenches

I finally made my New Year's Resolution - NO MORE FLIRTING

5 glorious Wenches


Rose darling come to me, Snake Mary's gone to bed...

19 singing witches!

16,789 Glorious Inches

2 glorious benches

Two turtledoves and a partridge in a pear tree

Home Depot is a shitty store!

A bunch of Glorious Witches

3 French hens.

Seven Glorious Itches

23 glorious lunches

so what NBA team will win the championship?

2 Glorious inches

Did Neil Armstrong really say this stuff on the moon?

Hypothetical situation involving me and a cute cashier - advice needed

U2 announce more tour dates

Chinese Adviser Urges Lip Synching Ban

Big wave surfing: Mavericks photos!

I just read the rules update, as well as the long form of the rules.

Those with a spring break, tell me about them, make me green with envy!

Ok, I'm gonna mix up some snake oil, and sell it.

shhhhhh There's a Goldthwaite in my backyard

S-h-h-h-h there's a heart pumping blood in my back yard

What pisses you off most about the Internet?

The heart pumps blood throughout the body.

Scotland on Sunday interview w/ Shirley Manson-Re:New Garbage Album

*****************MA & PA*********************

LTTE local paper, RE: Playmate of the Month (March)

Help me decide what to dooooooooo!

Early to rise, early to bed

How to improve radio reception (in the mountains)

"Said to the bartender..."

Glass of milk...

S-h-h-h-h. This is the bobcat that should be in trof back yard.

Join me in a toast!

Uh Oh.. If you live in Liberty Texas, PAY YOUR FINES

Stop dihydrogen monoxide

Why is so much TV and movie Sci-Fi invariably the armed forces in space?

I'm in an internet cafe in No. VA. Ask me anything?

I loved The Aviator and I thought Leo did a great job

CBGB, Punk-Rock Mecca Of The World, On The Verge Of Extinction

You know what I've always wanted to do but never dared?

Join me in some toast:

Does anyone know a product to record radio onto a tape?

I just started periomenopause.

At night I walk this stinkin' street past the crazies on my block

Let's post funny song lyrics. I'll start:

S-h-h-h-h. There's a bobcat in my back yard.

Would you report potentially hostile treatment by coworkers?

Caption THIS photo!

I have to admit it Chris (Peter Brady) Knight has aged well

Gooooooood evening Loungers !

So two other dudes and I were whaling on this one guy...don't ask anything

Anyone else here with LimeWire pro?

Does a financial advisor exist who is neutral, unbiased?

Happy Birthday to Tammy Faye Bakker!!

KC and the Sunshine Band

Favorite Seinfeld episode, "The Contest" on TBS at 6:30 pm EST

OK penny pinchers .......

Anyone remember Super Pickle?

In Amsterdam, the snowmen really have some class...and some beer!

If there's anyone around who's good at interpreting dreams.

Anyone play slide guitar? I need a guitarist for a really good, fun cause

Revolutionary Acts

Coming to Orlando, great restaurants?

Stupid Question

Don't you hate it when Right Wing Retards review books at

And now a discussion of the most evil of vegetables: Rutabagas

Art that Messes with your Head...



An idea for the next freep rally

Debra Hill -- co-writer of the slasher hit Halloween -- has died.

My love for you is immeasurable

Gmail users: a question.

Anyone live in Ft Wayne?

i'm listening to black oak arkansas

Should there be a restraining order re: Bush, children, and photo ops?

Sad about Going back to work!!!

Latest Addition to the NHDem & DU families ... an actual baby, not a cat!

What is the origin of this European melodic concert chant?

Things you definitely should NOT do while in D.C if you have common sense

So where should I eat in Chicago?

L.A. DUers: Who are you voting for for Mayor tomorrow and why?

Damn you, MATCOM!!!!

Taco Bell: Yummy or Yucky?

Rural Living and Farming Group--anyone interested?

I just started my period. I'm bloated and grumpy...

Girl Scout cookie Ice Cream is going to kill me

WHOA! Look @ this photo!

Blog is the dumbest, most disgusting new mainstream word in years.

I am now corresponding with a girl from Russia.

The ultimate dumb thing I have ever heard anyone say.

Condom Toss Gets Student Tossed Out Of School

Looking Out For Number One

Motley Crue, Judas Priest, and Billy Idol

I'm in love with a Ninny

The inevitable question: American Idol.

Tylenol-munching Sheltie LIVES!

Ever had one of those "Well, it can't get any worse" moments ...

Loneliness vs. Relationship vs. Marriage (maybe one day)

Where is mitchum?

Do you have too many email subscriptions?

Do rainy days and Mondays always get you down?

Why some landlords are simply losers who own property.

WTF- at least 6 police cars just raced past my house, sirens blaring

Memo to the trolls

I'm such a bastard!

New Doctor Who episode leaked onto the internet. Bit torrent to get it.

Anyone out there own a toy poodle?

Bloody hell.

"Classic rock" performers who really aren't very good

I think it's time for RAT PICTURES!!!


I think it's time for CAT PICTURES!!!

Did your school have a PTA or a PTO?

19 Glorious Inches

Today in history.

Man does the DU Illinois State Forum rock!

In San Francisco, what should I do or eat?

Have you ever had a day upon which you could reflect with no regret?

Who knows what userfaultcheck and kernelfaultcheck are?

Just for you ladies


My kid's a big nerd.

Zomby Wrinkles 23

I think the Lounge should be demolished and replaced by a Starbucks.

How many jobs have you had in your lifetime?

Memo to the lurkers from the lower intestinal tract:

How do you give your dog a bath?

************ACUTE SEASONAL RHINITIS*******************

Broccoli anyone?...anyone?

I watched Man on Fire..

A comic book poll of great importance

Gmail Invites, Parte Dos

I'm so-o-o excited! iTunes is nearly done converting my audio files...

I still want a pallas cat!

Who are your heroes?

Rabrrrrrrism is not a family value

I am apparently now a Blogger...

Where do you stand on retirement?

Lightening up a little......

BREAKING-Martha Stewart Back at Work, Thanks Staff


Speed reading: had luck with any programs and which one has ads on AAR?

******************MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION, PLEASE!!*********************

Catbert836 is dead, but I am his reincarnation!



Did any one else eat a donut called a "cream stick"?

Spiderman's Greatest Bible Stories

What if the Roomba organizes an appliance revolt?

Ridiculously, is our country headed for fascism?

Question about towing junk cars...

The idiot customer of the week

I like donuts

I love Toronto!

Why aren't there Dunkin Donuts in Wisconsin?

It's kinda funny how life works out some times.

Fellow astronomers, (or anyone else) spot Mercury while you can!

Give out a reasonable answer to why you think W is a Bad president

How do you get a signature line?

Do ya'll remember Gary Hart's "Monkey Business?"

Robin Williams censored Oscar lyrics on Leno

Hello DU!!!

Are you details-oriented or more of a big picture type?

A real live flame war

Hilarious Town Names (and they're REAL too)

Code Vermillion! The Groundhog is Estivating!

Goooooooooood Moooooooooooooooooorning Vietnam !

What is the most "low brow" you ever felt ?

My Wednesday-afternoon '80s fill-in was just extended from 2 hours to 4!

Does my new avatar look weird?

Anyone see any of the Trois Couleurs trilogy?

PBS item on Clam Box in Ipswich

Does my old avatar look weird?

I am feeling depressed about this war

When did Hockey goalies stop wearing old school masks like these?

I am so important

Watched Million Dollar Baby tonight

McDonald's: Yummy or Yucky?

Here's some sicko "humor" for you.

I am so impatient.

Does my avatar make me look fat?

Ken Dryden or Patrick Roy?

Does my avatar make me look bucolic ? or rustic ?

How do you speak about yourself?

Best Album of 1971

I am in love with Nini

Anderson Cooper is just so BEAUTIFUL

White Castle: Yummy or Yucky?

Time for Boss Swap, on TV now

I'm gonna show ignorance here, but I'm smoking a little, and I have a ?

Redneck and Single - online dating

Would MissMillie and MrsGrumpy please report for attention? And anyone


Free Colon Cancer screening at local drug store.

oh it was so beautiful, springlike and sunny! Now the clouds..

Discarded Tide Ad Campaigns

My 6 year old told me he dreamed about Ellis Island

Anyone else like Diana Krall's music?

DU Women: Did You Wear Shoulder Pads in the 80s?

new record! amazing even for me!

What's Your Favorite Key On Your Computer Keyboard?

Excuse me - I'm looking for an argument...........

Hey there are no posts with JimmyJazz in the title on the front page.

Am I taking my life in my hands flying Aeroflot?

Is Michael Jackson a child molester or a victim?

I think the DU Lounge should have only my posts on it!

My foster cat just gave birth to 4 babies

Forgive me DU for I have sinned.

David Caruso

What's for supper?

When gasoline is over $3 a gallon will you still drive?

When BONG spoiled computer games

In Love Shack by the B-52's, there is a mysterious lyric

anybody here seen the movie "run lola run"?

If you had a boat, what would you name it?

The evidence speaks for itself: New Coke was never as good as old Coke!

The oddity of cyber-space.

A new, beer inspired game: how does DU spell check correct your username?

Who's been in the most bad movies?

Anyone else watching Super Size Me on Showtime West ?

How bad is it that I live on campus?

Musician Martin Denny dies at age 93

I think it's time for BRAT PICTURES!!!


Married thirty years ago today...

I just saw three guys whaling on this one dude. Ask me anything!


Which web browser should I use?

Everybody!! "I....wanna eat bamboo all night....and party ev-er-ry day..."

I don't care if I am a 6' 2" 210 lb Male, I find these Bunnies Cute!

By the way, just so everyone knows, I HATE forwarded emails.

I may be 6-2" and 180 but look who's at the door....

Complications With My Mom's Surgery

OOooooh, it's COLD GIN time again!

Let's post stupid song lyrics. I'll start:

HAHAHHAAHAHA! yvr girl thinks she can out drink ME!!

DUer name-o-gram-type-thingies-and-such

Does It Make One Feel Superior To Put Down Others' Music?

How many of you know who or what my Avatar is?

Update: I know tight jeans are out of date

Name the best album to come out between 1990 and 1999.

I'm filling in on my college station for a D.J. who plays '80s music.

'Aqua Teen' Looks to Conquer Big Screen

Anybody see Fat Actress on Showtime?

Some fundie fashion fun..... "The Gender of Pants"

Any Ex-Fundies here at DU?

Advertising pitchman on whose grave you'd most delightedly dance

Classic Diane Arbus photo of a future freeper...

Would you date someone who is in the military?

I'm apparently now a flogger

LYRICS LYRICS LYRICS! No popups, no scumware!

So the neighbor's dog just pooped in my yard.

Seriously, is our country headed for fascism?

ODU going to NCAA!!


What's the funniest movie you have seen?

So who here will be bringing a towel to their local theater on May 6th?

Burger King turned "Big Rock Candy Mountain" into an Old Navy commercial

How much are you paying for gas in your area? Let's here from every state.

The evidence speaks for itself ... OJ Simpson was guilty

I have gone 10 posts without a single reply...

As of 6:30 pm, I will have 48 hours left to get this done.

I Just Bought A Fish Tank --- Need Suggestions On Type Of Fish To Get

What fast food place did you used to work at?

HELP SAVE THE LOUNGE from yvr girl's radical resolution!

now, I would never SAY anything BAD about ANN COULTER....

(fake) Sausage gravy recipe for Biscuits and Gravy...

Christians, what is with the fish?

Episcopal Gay Rift Widens

has anyone read God's Politics

Positive thread: what you LIKE about opposing religious thought.

Danica McKellar

Same-sex marriage a year later: For better or worse?

Conservatives Tossed From Gay Marriage Suit

Complaint filed against allegedly antigay Bush appointee

Maryland Anti-Gay Marriage Bills Die In Committee

Trio Alleges HIV Bias By American Airlines

Canada's Liberals Give Resounding Support To Party's Gay Marriage Bill

Is there such a thing as heterophobia?

Juvenile Welfare Board Member: PFLAG Promotes Pedophilia

Arkansas to debate gay civil rights in Legislature

Family Pride will Stream the banned episode of "Postcards from Buster"

Kansas Gays Hope To Use Phelps Rebuke To Stave Off Marriage Amendment

Buster To Be Aired On Net

Univ of NC fraternity sues for "right" to ban Jews, homosexuals and WINS

Middle school students stand up for gay classmate

Cheers or Jeers to those 22 AP sportswriters who voted UNC #1?

in Light of aLL the upsets this weekend

We should do a DU March Madness fantasy league

DUer 'prozacnation' is currently bottle feeding 2 kittens,

Pray for me, we're fostering a Cattle Dog pup

My foster kitty just gave birth to four kittens

Please read!!! This is awful!!! This guy is a sicko!!!

Today is my bird Grace's birthday.

Today is my 53rd birthday, and I'm hurting

FREE Online Tarot / I-Ching Readings (using R.L. Wing's interpretations!)

Atheist and Christian families to be on "Wife Swap" TV program

Is religious tolerance co-enabling the psychosis of others?

A personal relationship

Raaar! Roar! Roaaooar! So said Jesus when he came to visit the dinosaur


Anybody watching the Senate right now?

Nancy Pelosi is the Boss of Me!!!

Kerry the foul-weather sailor

Just a thought. What if the Ohio investigation proves

More '08 Speculation

any JK emails lately?

Kerry hammers new UN pick

Do I smell a challenge

Last week someone said Kerry should have gone to black churches

Teresa Heinz Kerry hasn't lost her outspoken way

"Lying Liars" - The Purple Heart Hunter

"Lying Liars" - The Sampan Incident

I didn't take this picture - it's of me taking pictures.

Fantastic Olbermann Resource Site

Counting Down With Keith Olbermann '79 ( The Cornell Sun)

From KOEB Monday 3/7 -- Ohio Fraud Update.

Oh, Goodie!

Let's make a bet.


Newsletter for Monday 3/7

LOL! We made!

Hot DAMN! We're a group!!

Ok, let's organize: Write in campaign for Countdown gear!

Get well soon, KO!

So here you all are!

Republicans may propose tax increase

From Free Iraq blog: Was Giuliana Sgrena deliberately targeted?

is it me or does the Top Ten Conservative Idiots keep getting better?

Has this ever been done?

1,262 Days after 9-11 bin Laden still unaccounted for......

Talent Search/Upward Bound (wrote letter today)

Russert onboard the Bush Propaganda Wagon

Where can I get an english translation of Giuliana Sgrena's articles?

Chuck "Lawnmowerman"Grassley-WJ C-SPAN now on SS

Sign up to help send Rick Sanitarium packing

Reid: Democrats won't talk Social Security reform until privatization is o

Kennedy Reversal Swings Court

Western Shoshones file Yucca lawsuit

CNN(!) Fact Checks Snake Oil George's SS Claims.

MEET THE PRESS Transcripts 3-6-05 The president tries again to sell his SS

A Photo That Says It All

Feeling about Casey

"With you people, it's like screwing up is a CAREER MOVE!"

Star War agenda apparently more important than troops in Iraq

Bayh Working To Raise Political Profile.

60 in 60 wk#2 anyone know the schedule?

On the article about Clinton giving up the bed on the Jet to Poppy

Josh Marshall: Talking Points Memo Bankruptcy Blog link

Embargoed Poll Data Shows Public Would Significantly Alter Budget

Why do Congressmen and Senators like their jobs so much ?

Is It Time to Ask What Foreign Interests the Repubs are Working For?

Retirement scheme losing steam

It's time to make Santorums life miserable.

Bush, SS, Creation Science, and Intelligent Design

Where Are The CNN.Con Blogs?



Lieberman ruffling some feathers in CT....including TPM and DFA

liberal journalist, Confessore, defends wishy-washy he said/she said style

IMUS really stuck it to Santorum this morning

Media Matters: Fox's Napolitano falsely claims no Limbaugh search warrant

Iraq $80 Billion Appropriations Vote THIS WEEK! Take Action!


LOL: Conservative idiot, fake reporter Gannon, asking fake questions now.

"God Loves . . . Republicans Hate"

Jackson Reintroduces Eight Constitutional Amendments

Did you just hear Byrd on Ed Schultz?

If Syria gives up occupation so should Israel.

US 'could end world poverty by 2025'

Senator Byrd coming up soon on the Ed Schultz show (3:30 est)

We Dems Need a Leader Now-----like yesterday............

Can you force your mother or father to attach themselves to you for 9

What is the difference between the murders of a US President and say......

Chimpy coming to Kentucky, I swallowed my sarcasm and asked

Santorium is on Senate floor talking of minimum wage (c-span-2)

Anybody interested in a John Edwards '08 Group?

How much more is the high cost of gasoline costing average working family?

Clark on C-Span March 8 for Library of Congress: 6:45-8:00PM EST

What are the dems doing in response to 60 cities in 60 days?

Your Taxes Fund Hazardous Gas Guzzler Ad Campaign

Byrd was Democratic leader of the Senate from 1977-1988

Just something to chew on regarding Hillary Clinton's unannounced bid...

Who thought Kerry should go to black churches more in the campaign

Sen. George Allen: "I Don't Give a S__t" About My State

Is Lebanon walking into another nightmare?

Gore out in 2008 -- Hardball Now....

Greenspan's Warning on Deficit Ignore His Role in Its Growth

delete please

Al Gore won't run for president in 2008 (Chris Matthews)

Raise the minimum wage to shore up Social Security

Anyone heard about the democracy we have created in Afghanistan?

Any word on Hersh uncovering B** fraWd in Iraq?

Senate roll call vote on Kennedy's minimum wage amendment on now...5:48PM

Republican wants to run as Democrat

sometimes ya just gotta laugh

Anyone watching C-SPAN?

Bush Envoy choice "divisive"...not exactly "new" or "surprising" behavior

Tweety: Gore won't run in 08

One of the men resposible for RW double talk didn't do it this time

Dean: Democrats Raise $3.4M in Three Weeks

Who else is going to be in NYC for the peace protest weekend? Mar 19-20

I've seen several "Al Gore won't run" threads attributed to Tweety

Yet another Repuke caught in a sex scandal..Boeing CEO

Gore out? Watch how they spin this for Hillary.

'Open(closed?) Burning' in your area - what are your thoughts??

Hardball In Reality/ Al Gore DONT RUN!!!!

Report by House Democrats Alleges GOP Abuse of Power

Do Not Believe Chris Matthews About Gore and 2008

Oh, C'mon! Playgirl editor and chief out herself as a republican!

Hillary as VP - who'd be at the top of the ticket?

Yikes, gas prices jump! New article by Kunstler

Lou Dobbs said earlier that Giuliana Sgrena 's contention that the car she

'Your search - "unelected filth" - did not match any documents'

Issues for Dems to run on in 08

why is it the repuke agenda to destroy the Murkan economy?

Bush to U.N.: Drop Dead

what do you think of Lincoln Chafee ?

I had a bad experience during a Harlem tour today.

Last 20 years - Top 1% salaries up 157%, middle class

An Audience with Seymour Hersh - My Notes from His Speech Last Week

POLL: Is JimmyJeff Johnny?

Teresa Remains In the News--And Remains Outspoken

Dean meeting with house members and senators this week.

Dear Senator Hillary Clinton,

Lindsey Graham say SC "not over Lincoln," so doesn't celebrate him...

Kerry or Gore in 08

No more Funds for Iraq War! TAKE ACTION!

ADDED: Express Curtis BlogCall Blaster: 2 CLICKS/4 SECONDS YOUR DONE!

New MSNBC poll!!

Ceci N'est Pas Un Ambassador

Which statement best describes your view on chemical castration?

Which Democratic Party candidate has the best chance of winning in 2008?

Richardson '08 just went down a peg

I was wrong. Women's right will be very divisive in 06.

Tweety claims Inside Source says Gore won't run in 2008

I told the DNC to dump Lieberman or never to expect another cent from me.

Abortion to Protect the life of the Fetus. No, I am serious here.

Is the focus on Candidates for 2008 a diversion?

Wow! Democrats really DID kill the Gannon story.

Why do we allow Senators and Congressmen to run for president?

If Edwards was the nominee in 2004 could he have won the general election?

Edwards might be a strong contender in '08

Would you vote for John Edwards to be the Demo candidate in 2008?


Putting the "netroots" in perspective -- NewDonkey nails it again

Sibel Edmonds Interview Today and soon on 60 Minutes, NYT and WPost-

Kennedy Backs Kerry for 2008

Is what Rendell (PA) is doing to pro-choice candidates