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Archives: March 6, 2005

Bush administration keeps silent on terrorist killings in US

Italian ex-hostage suggests she may have been US target

Q&A: The great Social Security debate

Militants Scour Europe for Iraq Fighters

Martyrs' Revenge

Digby: *The Big Argument* Why aren't we Dems using Liberal Philosophy?

Nuclear Survivors Speak Out

Discharged and dishonored: Shortchanging America's veterans

The torture business lands in Portland

The price of peace (Northern Bank / Peace Talks)

Europe Council Urged To Act For Trafficked People

Inside the Committee that Runs the World

Eerie ruins at site where Stalin tested atomic bombs

Extreme prejudice

Should we be as afraid as Mr Blair would like us to be? (Independent / UK)

Religion kept US married to Vietman conflict

New Leftists Emerge in Latin America

What civilised society tolerates the terrible truth about torture?

Wingnut Editorial

Chuck Hagel to propose raising retirement age

Peter Beinart: A Democratic Call to Arms

Sex, Lies and Spies: This Isn't News? - John Aravosis, LAT, Gannon/Guckert

A Letter of Non-Complaint to the FCC -

Austin Lounge Lizards song/animation/petition

Why We Should Support the Upcoming Clint Curtis BlogCall (and future ones)

VIDEO Just Released! : "When They Came for Ward Churchill"

60 Minutes - Tom Delay ... Video

Dollar Declines as U.S. Jobless Rate Rises, January Job Growth Is Reduced

Buffett "sorry" for his $1.8bn winning bet against the dollar

Carly's Way

More U.S. Companies Drop Out, Clam Up

China to Stick With Yuan Peg, Won't Allow Big Change

MIgratory Birds Return To Klamath Refuges One Month Early

Parched Pacific Northwest Warily Eyes Approaching Fire Season

Tensions Builds As CDC Stares Down Barrel Of Major Budget Cuts - WP

Climate Breakdown Denial Lobby In Full Cry In UK - Guardian

Peace Treaty of 1866 Could Stop Yucca Mountain Project

Cleanup lag at waste site criticized

EPA agrees tailings pile near Moab shouldn't stay

Spy Plane Will Investigate Potential Ozone Hole Over Europe - Independent

Toxic waste causing diseases in Somalia

Critics leery of Bush's wide use of secrecy powers (SL Trib)

Chimp attack thwarted by handgun

In the "It'd Be Nice" file ....

I disagree with your deletion of the Italian Journalist story from LBN

Are gossip columns considered reliable enough sources for the

I'm posting this for a new person at DU, Zap

Please explain what rule I broke in this posting

How does a radio program get billing at the top of the page?

I'm a bit confused about the "Greatest Page" feature. Please help.

Is there a list of tombstoned people?

Giuliana Sgrena and Rachel Corrie

Footage said to show Gaza girl could have posed threat

Report: France, Spain trying to remove Hamas from terror list

Illegal outposts: The rot starts at the top

The mysterious passport of Satam al Suqami

State Journal Register: Living Literature (Alex Kotlotwitz in Springfield)

Well, if they were gonna lose one......

Tweed and Thompson: Smart Liberal Talk Radio - on now till 2pm!

Chicago Tribune: School orders mom to spank son--or else

Touch screen switching from Dem to Repub reported in 6 Georgia Counties

Voting glitches haunt statistician who can't "just get over it."

Freepers are against Election Fraud too.


"CBS 60 Minutes" had that "old story about Spy Plane/Renditions" just now

Psychics predict election fraud scandal

Sunday 3/6 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

It takes 15 minutes to find Hitchen's Ohio Voting Fraud Article.....

Accusations of targeted American Press, now gaining truth...

Attention Journalists & Bloggers- Clint Curtis LIVE Blog Call- Tuesday!

From WaPo editorial: Between 2000 and 2004, George W. Bush increased his

Why We Should Support the Upcoming Clint Curtis BlogCall (and future ones)

"Nash-ional" election reform conference, Nashville 4/8-10/05: Y'all come!

ChoicePoint saga continues...

Check. Mate.

Great Dem flyers for college campus and elsewhere!

Rob Reiner for Governor

Golden parachute targeted - Bill limits pensions of elected officials conv

Hey!! Watch "60 Minutes" tonight-- Stahl takes on DeLay!!!

Democrat tries again to raise taxes on wealthiest Californians

Should we stop corrupt politicians in the primaries?

Ayer Scout leader faces child porn charges

Iraq resolution

Young Democrats of Mass - ANNUAL LEADERSHIP CONVENTION 4/15 - Harvard.

Lieberman and Miller: an excellent couple.

I'm sure most of you already know this . . .

Dem flyers - positive message - for college campus and elsewhere!

Harrisburg - Banks to run As Republican In Bid For Re-election

Great Dem flyers for college campus and elsewhere!


Texas #1 in home insurance rates! State Farm posts $5.3 B profit!

TRMPAC trial ends with focus on DeLay and Craddick, hmmmm

The D.A. and Tom DeLay - CBS Sunday 3/6 6:00 p.m.

CHIP District Lobby Day (March 9)

Austin March 19: War! Not worth the loss! Not worth the cost!

Greer heads to greener pastures

Why does Warren Buffett hate Ameria?

Fog of War on TRUE

Which Wingnut Would Satisfy Matt PUDGE Most---Center/Extreme?

Corn: Is the Potential AIPAC/Neocon Scandal About to "Blow Up"?

"Tony's Law' Would Require Marijuana Users to Inform Interested Neighbors"

Drudge slamming Warren Buffet on his radio show

Interesting stats on CNN/MSNBC/FOX

Sen. George McGovern is keynote speaker at Princeton University conference

Mike Malloy just put me on the floor laughing

What is the most liberal Red State?

Something I'm wondering about Bush

The Bush economic record.


South Florida teacher wields knife to shush students

If Ben Cherfoff is the cousin of OUR Chernoff, who just took over HS

Bush & Social Security

U.S. pressures Netherland's on pot!

Friendly fire

Let's get DeLay indicted!!

Several Indian bands look at opening Rx outlets

Russians take to the streets to protest privatization

Companion of Sgrena: "Shooting was deliberate"

The Delphi debacle is a forerunner of our domestic auto industry's demise.

Remember that for the German people in the 30's and early 40's

We don't need to change our values

School choir program

Have we forgotten?

Bush talks Social Security at Notre Dame, my alma mater

THE IDES ARE COMING....the Ides are for your lives

My letter to Newsweek about Martha...

I wanna be a Congressperson.

Italian Journalist Giuliana Sgrena: Attempted Assassination?

*'s I Q pushing 70

In The Mouth Of Madness

Amerika's War on Terror (Warning: Graphic Photos)

For anyone who doesn't believe that we used Napalm in Fallujah

Check Out Who Gets Pardoned by Shrub

Who has the alliance with the terrorists?

Biblical Justification for Trickle Down Economics?


US Using Cluster Bombs In Iraq

A letter from Laurie Garrett

Remembering the Social Democrats.....

Please consider this Protest on March 15 if you despise NCLB.

Yes, Suzanne. I remember when we were a free country.

Shouldn't the Iraq Coalition Authority have had a press conference by now?

Her captors knew enough to warn her...

SS Dept. has 400+ billion in a fund where SSN's don't match names.

Scout leader faces child porn charges

A Question for people with Pensions regarding Social Security

30 seconds of MSM.... how much can you stomach?

anyone else think Brian Lamb did a cop out last Friday?

The monster of suburbia: Observer BTK profile

A little wild speculation on the Italian "operation"...

Charlotte Observer is running big story on the V.A.

Are dividends still taxed?

Dr. Helen Caldicott on c-span starting now - live

Riddle of banker shot in latex catsuit

where can I get information on how the DNC came up with these #'s?

Lots of gay posts right now. I think I'll sit the rest of them out...

Democrats are religious enough....

Just watched "Control Room"

Just saw 60 Mins (West Coast)...Delay looked bad.

Anyone here remember the 1964 election?

HBO Carnivale - is it joining the BFEE propaganda?

Peter Werbe Time!

Dem leaders to speak at CWA conference in DC Mon. thru Wed.

Bush Government Target: Al Jazeera TV

Smirk: "We want Iraq to be a secular government!!!"

Schwarzenegger Hiding Behind His Goons From Nurses

In praise of real journalists...

OMG .... Big Dog Did you have to?

Interesting...thought this was ALREADY possible...

Bolivian President Carlos to offer resignation

Stephanopoulus just got Kennedy to agree Bush deserves praise

Lieberman is busy selling out on CNN....

Dr. Helen Caldecott just ROCKS!!! on c-span now, 90 more minutes

Let's stop using the words "terrorist" and "terrorism"

School orders mom to spank 6 yr old son, or they'll suspend him

Housing Bubble 140% of GDP

'Activists' (Pro-U.S.) vs. 'Terrorists' (Anti-U.S.)

Storm clouds gathering for '08 election

Frank RICH: "from the Age of Gonzo to the Age of Gannon"

Go Bucks!

Anderson Cooper is gay, but.......

Gotta love those Yahoo message boards

Listen now to Media Matters!!!

Sigh. Maybe I'm just too impatient.

NY POST: Ann Coulter to be on the cover of TIME this week. . .

US Miltary to develop Pain weapon for riots

Fellow DUer posts "JesusLand" AND "Where'dat Money Go"

Sure fucking ass fire way to win back Congress

"As usual, the Americans, with their love of weapons, shoot w/o checking"

Which should the Founding Fathers have given us?

Looking at this guy Wayne Perryman on C-Span

Is Bush "The Man that Killed America?"

The * Economy Forced Me To Go To Church Today

Sweet Home, Alabama D*ld*s

GOP: Raise that retirement age!

SJ Mercury: "5 years after dot-com bust, Silicon Valley still mourning"

Mazen Dana - Journalist killed by US Troops / Rare Video Footage

Video Testimonies from Falluja

Anyone else find it interesting that Bush's biggest propaganda tool...

Some of the Bible's characters were GAY

Reflections on What Economic Indicators Does and Does Not Measure……

I thought of something yesterday - next time an anti kyoto fundie

Two thousand victims in Fallluja - SGRENA (why she was shot part 2)

Schwarzenegger cracking down on Steroid use is like

Napalm Raid on Falluja? by GIULIANA SGRENA (why she was shot part 1)

What does it cost to run ANWAR 1 around the country?

Editorial Seattle PI re. medical malpractice

Haven't any Congresspersons or their Companies Filed Bankruptcy?

Video Of Police Arresting and Intimidating Protesters-Westfield NJ 3/4/05!

What I will do to express my anguish on the 2nd annivisary of this war.

"Prairie Home Companion " repeat this AM was, at best, a 'faux pas.'

Is “more” better……

Three sentences that reveal Bush's character.

Bush polarizes people/DU:ers, look at who we're rooting for.

Copyshop and "schwag" people: thought of this one yet?

Car salesman

No-spank "Christian School" mom should have done this......

Giuliana Sgrena and Rachel Corrie

Set your Tivo's! Link TV Presents: Zimbabwe's secret terrorist camps

Is Mt. Rushmore American or unAmerican?

Two thousand victims in Fallluja - SGRENA (why she was shot part 2)

ABC News on TV just talked of the Syria/Lebanon situation...

Is it just me or are there more Anti-Bush/Anti-War articles in the last

Sunday Monitor at 6 pm CST: (1) Voting + (2) The Yes Men

Is lobster the Achille's heel of the religious right?

MSN columnist compares AARP to Muslim terrorist!

Are we really deadening ourselves to the facts that..

Video Testimonies from Falluja

Why doesn't the MSM report Guckert? My letter to TIME Magazine

Directed Energy Weapons: June 28 - 29, 2005 · Venue to be confirmed

Scalia strikes again!

1965 voting rights and Bush

Deja vu. All over again.

BUSHCO is in the corner now. With Italian reports coming out more and

John Gibson and Faux news

The withdrawal of Syria from lebanon is being claimed as a great



Transcript: Giuliana Sgrena interview (BBC)

Bono a Possible World Bank President?

We are the most gullible and naive bunch of people on the planet

Texas continues in the spirit of compassionate conservatism

Child support in jeopardy with Bankruptcy Bill : vote is tomorrow!

Weird SCLM graphic I tivo'd on the Sgrena attack:

The Benefit of the Dumb

Credit Unions ALSO pushing Bankruptcy "Reform" Bill

60 Minutes - Dealing with torture of POW's

The Pedophocracy by David McGowan

Forget MJ. When is the Benny Hinn trial going to start?

Who did the President blow? And when did he blow him?

If you became President for a day, what would you do?

The True Face of the Republican Party Revealed.

German unemployment highest since 1933

Did anyone else catch Dr. Helen Caldicott on CSpan 2 today?

Lawyers...what law exactly makes government propaganda illegal?

Does the American public feel collectively suicidal?

Shi'ah and Kurds Unite to Screw Sunni; Guarantee Lasting War.

Where is your favorite place to post on DU and why?

Is Gannon dropping hints?

Is the U.S. going to invade Syria?

Save the Plaza Hotel in NYC! Sign the petition to

Home Depot supports La Raza?

Is the VRWC linked to the CIA?

South Dakota Paper Probes Senator's (THUNE) Link to Jeff Gannon

Hollow Words from a Hollow Man

Schwarzenegger's vision for California & time to fight back.........


Where can I find a House and Senate vote on the Bankruptcy bill.

Crazy Horse Monument

Most idiotic "story" I've seen lately on MSM (CBS) (fun before plane crash

MSNBC: Is "Bush Doctrine" in Mideast leading to more democratic sentiment

I'm getting involved with an anti-war group

Napalm Raid on Falluja? SGRENA (why she was shot part 1)

Which Is More Of A Threat To American Society?

I tried to be reasonable about why i don't believe our "media" and said th

Other than Brit Hume, do you know of another adult male named Brit?

White supremacists don't commit acts of terror; foreigners do.

NASA didn't even do a formal risk analysis

I'm sick of the MSM identifying Lieberman as a prominent Democrat!

Once again, the graf shown on MSM re the "checkpoint" & "high speed"

Sign of the Apocolypse... Baker concerned with global warming.

"Being called vindictive and partisian by Tom Delay is like...

Check out these numbers...

Big brother arrives June 30th.

Dr. Helen Caldicott, BookTV, 12pm

So why did U.S. Soldiers fire on that Italian Hostage?

AP: Clinton gave up plane's bed to Bush on tsunami tour

Sorry, But "Outing" Is Morally Correct

How are Mrs. Bush's gang mettings going?

Ton Delay. Crook extraordinaire

Bird flu in feather pillows, beds and duvets? Yikes!

When did Dennis Kuccinich change his Pro-Life stance?

Poppy says he is "convinced" Jeb won't run in 2008

Gannon Wrinkles, part 10 check this out

Zarqawi arrested?

Rule Change Lets C.I.A. Freely Send Suspects Abroad to Jails

Urgent Call 2/7: Santorum to kill 40hr work wk / bankruptcy bill

'My Name Is Giuliana Sgrena: I Write for a Newspaper Which Opposed...'

I have a problem with the whole social security issue....

Is Vegemite Hallucinogenic?

Neocon talking point (question) on did she get to airport

13 days to Global Protest - 2nd Anniversary of the Iraq War

My gift to the President: His Monday afternoon speech all done for him

How similar is the war in Iraq to Vietnam?

Let's let the LA TIMES have it; CRAPPY COVERAGE of "Gannon"

Helen Thomas recalls 45 years - calls * the worst president in History

Another Journalist Deliberately Targeted? (data compendium on Sgrena)

What's the story with Amway?

Italian govt. now warning freed hostage to "be cautious in her accounts"

Where is the CAR? Where is the car our soldiers' shot up carrying

Lesly Stahl just REAMED DeLay and friends..

The Nashua Advocate: Did Gannon Issue a Thinly-Veiled Threat to Joe Biden?

Bush's Hubris = Merit less Society

Something Rove and Bush haven't figured out yet..

Sgrena's driver survived, right????

The benefit of the dumb (thoughts on the Sgrena shooting)

Why We Should Support the Upcoming Clint Curtis BlogCall (and future ones)

Please DU, go to war on the bankruptcy bill - THIS IS WORTH THE FIGHT ....

Homophobia Used To Hijack The Black Vote

What is the most conservative Blue state?

Overview of the * puppeteers...the cabal that overthrew the government

Oh oh. . .Anderson Cooper outed?

Bush wants destroying Social Security as his legacy!

2 Baptist ladies deported from UAE for distributing Bible tracts.

I am interested in seeing some photos of General Discussion Posters

Did you know Dennis was the only candidate to agree to use

I'm rooting for the Lebanese

LA-Times prints AmericaBlog's op-ed on GannonGuckert coverage

Dr. David A. Yeagley - the right's counter to Ward Churchill

Turkey wishes you a Happy World Women's Day!

Anology on Creation/Evolution

School orders mom to spank son--or else

60 Minutes story on violent video games....

Why I seriously doubt the "Iraq mass graves" rhetoric:

After Marijuana then what?

Pentagon gun will inflict pain from mile away

Creamed Chicken Recipes

How to cook a steak?

Does anyone boil the bones of their chicken or turkey?

croissants from scratch?

Curling! On the CBC!

Can anyone fill me in?

Ozone layer could develop hole over Britain, scientists warn

Germany-based units case colors for one-year Afghanistan tour (2nd tour)

Moldova goes to the polls (CNN)

Connecticut Legislature to Put Same-Sex Unions to a Vote (LATimes)

Social Security fight is on : Dems vow push vs. Bush plans - AZ Republic

NYT: Education Law Finds Few Fans in Utah (NCLB)

Italy Rejects U.S. Version of Iraq Shooting

Her captors warned her...

Have polygamists found their Eldorado?

The big man on campus reform, Lobbyist a go-to guy...some question motives

LAT: Social Security Overhaul Splinters GOP

Italian journalist fears troops targeted her

Kremlin acts to stem tide of porn, beer and thong ads

WP: Seeking Closure on 'Greensboro (N.C.) Massacre'

China warns US, Japan to keep Taiwan out of military pact

LAT: Race to the Border (NASCAR courts Latino demographic)

Jordan's Foreign Minister holds talks in Israel...

Syria to start troop pullback Monday

Govt, Donen blamed over 1999 N-accident (Japan)

Ahhnuld Urges Steroid Crackdown

Report: Bush Gave CIA Expansive Interrogation Power

US Miltary to develop Pain weapon for riots

Black ‘corruption gene’ claim stokes race row among South African judges

No One Safe on Baghdad's Roads, Iraqis Say

Police blamed in Central American gang murders

US MAR-05-2005-1829e Number of U.S. Serial Killers Unknown

Kurdish Towns Benefit From Iraq Insurgency

'Up to 200' al-Qa'eda terrorists loose in Britain

Adams promises action over McCartney murder

Bush Administration Used Fake Torture Story to Influence Public

Soldier Who Reported Abuse Was Sent to Psychiatrist

Are we really deadening ourselves to the facts that..

Rather Defends Reputation on His Way Out

Iraqi Interior Ministry official assassinated by gunmen in Al-Dura

Rather climbing down from the pinnacle

Iraqi Assembly to Meet, Hopes for New Government

Bush Gave CIA Expansive Interrogation Power

Hundreds Gather for Vigil After Gay Attack 

BBC (Sunday): Syria pullback 'starts on Monday'

Thousands mourn Communist leader (Marin / Chile)

Internet poker bill: Feds say it's illegal

Two thousand victims in Fallluja - SGRENA (why she was shot part 2)

Video Testimonies from Falluja

Napalm Raid on Falluja? SGRENA (why she was shot part 1)

Taiwanese Protest China Anti-Secession Law

Bush gave CIA expansive interrogation power-paper

Turkish police detain women's rights protesters

Schwarzenegger Urges Steroid Crackdown

White House Makes Social Security Appeal

Syria's Assad snubs Bush on pullback timetable

Group nominates Shiite cleric for Nobel

NYT: Sony to Name Non-Japanese Exec to Top Position (Sir Howard Stringer)

WP: Numbers Crunch ("tax relief" complicates filing returns)

Mother of teen hit with Taser 16 times plans to sue

Selig: No changes to the record book (steroids)

Maine still maintains a bunker

Lebanese groups reject Syria pullout

Survey Finds Surge for Web as Source of Political News, As Newspapers Sink

White House Approves Pass for Blogger

NYT: Pfizer Stirs Concern With Plans to Sell Heart Drugs Only as Pair

States Race to Cut Taxes to Attract Intel

Iran hints it may play same nuclear card as Korea

Bolivian President to Offer Resignation

Death by starvation of 'girl who did not exist' stuns Germany

Maine’s monolithic defense radar headed for scrapheap

Republican Senator Wants to Raise Retirement Age (Pickler on Hagel)

Detectives Press Hunt for Brutal Killer (New Gay Murder)

China's oil diplomacy offers aid in Latin America

Shia bloc battles to maintain unity

E&P: South Dakota Paper Probes Senator's Link to Jeff Gannon

Over 700 soldiers, agents patrolling Nuevo Laredo

Cellucci says Canada reneged on missile plan

Bird flu menace brewing....

NYT: White House Approves Pass for Blogger

Italy Rejects U.S. Version of Iraq Shooting

(FL) Schools still rank near the bottom

Iraqi sources: Al Zarqawi arrested

24 arrested in massive money-laundering probe at Hapoalim

Internet Passes Radio for Political News -Survey

Shootings by U.S. at Iraq Checkpoints Questioned -WP

U.S. Uneasy About Bush’s Social Security Push (NYT poll)

Bono May Make Short List for World Bank

Berlusconi told to face up to US over shooting

Thousands re-enact voting rights march on 40th anniversary

Bush-basher Chavez assures India oil

Utah chemical spill forces evacuations

Spain's troop withdrawal affects U.S. study abroad programs

Former soldiers back in uniform for Iraq (IRR)

W H Press Office approves first blog press pass for Monday’s gaggl2

'Reckless' nuclear plant dumps waste on beaches

Many Actions Tied to Delay in Armor for Troops in Iraq

In Haggling Over Social Security, Even the Middle Is Perilous -NYT

Colo. Dems Eye Second Senate Seat

U.S. military delegation arrives in Taiwan

Tax Cuts Lose Spot On GOP Agenda -WP

Bush accused of 'fiddling while world burns' by ignoring climate change

Senate to vote on minimum wage proposals

White House Defends Interrogations

Hezbollah Mobilizes Supporters for Syria

NYT: Donors' Influence on Schwarzenegger Is an Issue

Update: Shooting fallout consumes Italian press (Sunday, 6 March, 2005)

China slaps at U.S. on North Korea (They don't trust American intelligence)

Giuliana Sgrena Speaks- My Truth (La mia verita)

Adjacent Wal-Marts May Dodge Size Curbs

Guard video shows harsh war scenes

Clinton sleeps on floor so elder Bush can have bed

Let a Thousand Reactors Bloom

Anti-Abortion Democrats May Seek Senate Seats

anybody here like duck sausage?

i'm up to my hump in the funk

I have no sense of Tumor

The first NE Patriots Super Bowl team had Sam Adams and Ted "Brewski"

a tail

Any Chess players out there in DU land?

I'm exhausted

I have no sense of humor.

The CBS Radio Mystery Theater

I have 3 exams next week and I don't feel like studying for anything

I'm playing Russell Gunn...

Anyone else love Foamy the squirrel?

Do You Think I'm sexy

it ain't what you know

I'm listening to Lenny Kravitz

I saw vandalism/mischief from 1845, ask me anything!

One good thing about having the flu

Oh! darling, please believe me, I'll never do you no harm

I'm bored. It's still too early to go to bed.

My wife began remodelling the kitchen. Hold Me...

I just took a 5-hour nap.

Cookie anyone?


Ask me anything and I will respond with nonsensical rubbish.

Anyone watch the opening to MAD TV?

What do you do when you feel like your life's purpose is complete?

Today's home improvement tip from GOPisEvil.

well, I survived the evening without a date. Ask me anything.

South Florida teacher wields knife to shush students

self delete

'Fatal Attraction' is on, and a lesson to all you straight MARRIED men!

Who here is a fan of Robot Chicken??

Been beat up and battered around

I'm the Pied Piper of the nineteen-eighties.

Any Michael Franti fans in the Lounge?

I met a man from Mars...

Jesus is watching you...

ALERT: If you're taking Biaxin and you have to fart, go to the bathroom.

One more (hopefully final) New Wave poll: Wang Chung vs. Re-Flex

I recently got a new shirt that makes me look THIN. Ask me anything.

Who wants yvr girl to make an audio file of her temporary sexy voice?

Cat Question....

Anybody know anything about The Dove Foundation?

Queen of Light took her bow, And then she turned to go

My friend Ann Arbor Dem is broadcasting some mind-bending jazz.

i like the way i mutilate the english language

I cannot read, write or speak English.

Any POKER players/fans out there?

I like the way I use the English language.

Chimp joke

Who wants Rabrrrrrr to buck up and take one for the Gipper?

My new shirt makes me look like Saul Bellow on Thorazine. Ask me eggplant.

How about: Joy Division vs New Order?

Which Beatle are you?

Hangman, hangman, hold it a little while,

Help Needed In Regard to Indie Film Budgets

Who wants Rabrrrrrr to fuck up and bake one for the Zipper?

Who likes listening to psytrance (goa)?

Oh No! Here Comes Godzilla!

Truest freeper post ever

NBC is running an old SNL featuring Belushi's Joe Cocker imitation.

I'm converting to SAE/Imperial - ask me anything!

I dipped a cat tonight

My living room is tangled in yarn!

I'm 24 posts away from 800, ask me anything!

Phew....I just cleaned my entire apartment...

a question

I just finished watching all 10 hours of Band of Brothers movie.

It's 3:40 a.m. in Connecticut and I haven't gone to bed yet.

Ex-Korn guitarist, after river baptism: "now I feel like hugging people"

frivolous/ Phew . . . I just shoveled my entire driveway

Talk to me now - before I lose my voice! ( which I predict will be gone

This is one of the funnist posts I've ever read at DU (Sporadicus)

Maxim presents "Laura Ingraham/Maureen Dowd mud wrestling

The Mystery of the "Black-Eyed Kids"

what's up today, it seems like nobody's online

School choir program

Sunday Morning "WTF??!!??"

Imagine if all of DU was tombstoned except for a few of us.

Some asshat tried to make "you must be a blueneck if..." jokes...

THE IDES ARE COMING....the Ides are for your lives

How to keep an idiot busy:

How to deal with the Flu, vaccine or no.

We must periodically re-ascertain: Who Is The MAN?

All the Fox reporters look alike..........

Poll: Who was the best looking Beatle?

This is the screwiest Star Wars game I've seen so far.

You can't always get what you want...

Chick a Boom Boom Boom by Mocean Worker

Word of the day: avuncular

Anyone Ever Bought a House "on Assignment"?

Bernie Ward excellent as usual this morning

Funny comments

Why does the pharmacy sell Kentucky Jelly but not Smuckers?

Stump, Stump, Stump. I love Stump.

A tough one this time: Gang of Four vs Wire

So my night sucked ass, how about yours? (WARNING: rant involving women)

If I go to bed now, I can get a good 1hour 45 minutes of sleep

Didn't you just know...

Are you up early or late?

I'm converting to Christian fundamentalism! Ask me anything!

Bananarama just kicks major ass for an '80's girl band

Good morning DU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just woke up...can anyone tell me if we've caught bin Laden yet?

i'm listening to parliament

I'm watching "The Grudge" and I'm bored; is it worth finishing? (Spoilers)

What Was Your Favorite "KANSAS" Album?

Just watched Osama on Showtime...

I'm happy this morning because.....

I'm Thinking Of A Number Between Zero And Ten-Thousand... Try To Guess It! = ultra-secure email, 2048 bit security

My alarm clock is getting hard to set. I think it was manufactured in '77

talk about chutzpah...

Which animals do you like better as pets?

define the difference

How come my salsa threads get no love!

How come my threads about getting no love on salsa threads


Will this salsa recipe work

Just discovered an awesome site for public radio fans

How Pathetic Is That Darius Rucker BK Commercial?

I'm thinking of a number between one and 79 quadtrillion.

Would you work on the top floor of this building?

Because I'm a man.

What does it mean to slam dunk someone.

i am thinking of starting a non christian private school

i'm thinking of a number between 665 and 667

Anyone else addicted to Fuze White Tea?


Is anyone else over the whole athlete worship cult in the USA ?

Do you have a cat on your lap right now?

progmom! I have a question.

I love old school disco and funk

Kremlin acts to stem tide of porn, beer and thong ads

DON'T Post a Photo of yourself

If you got out of surgery 5 weeks ago, would you now start

I have no love for salsa threads.

Near scalding, hot shower.....PRICELESS

I just nicked my pose

Evil Thoughts with apology in advance

I have no love for Sousaphones


Yogurt on Toast

All your bacon are belong to me.

I just picked my nose

Top ten dog names in NYC

Check out this Washington Dispatch thread on Gannon

Which old movie is your favorite in terms of good-economy nostalgia?

"They're heeeeeere"

I have no love for Sammy Sosa threads

Illinois - Ohio State. 2 point game, less than 2 minutes to go.

Searchable article database(s):

the penitent

"People take pictures of Zarqawi"

Who's your favorite classical composer?

I'm a southerner living in a southern suburb of NYC. Ask away !

Tweed & Thompson (Liberal Radio for a Conservative World) 12pm-2pm (CST)

I've now seen both the Aviator & Million Dollar Baby - Oscars were correct

Caulk sucks!!!

You know, I really understand the "Fun's Over" thread tacked to the top

new nickels

Let's be happy ( not)

I just watched "Ray"

Bond fans. Please. Truly please explain this to me:

Post a photo of someone, but claim that it's ChavezSpeaksTheTruth.

Computa-holic 12-Step Program

Boston anti-war rally & DU meet-up 3/20

I have no love for Sousa threads

Who said this?

I will never buy another Bell

can you all tell me everything that could possibly offend any of you

I woke up sick : -( My new plan is to spread my germs around here so

Post a photo of someone, but claim that it's you.

Ugh...I hate not being able to figure out what a song is...

Any graphic artists out there?

Internet 301 - "Mole catching for fun and profit!"

When a freeper gets lobotomized...


why do people have an unreasoning hatred toward the french?


My tooth hurts.

I don't think it's phat to make fun of funny people.

If the world becomes overpopulated, where will you immigrate?

what is the bare minimum, in your area, for one to be happy ?

Amateur analysis time: Why do I go to GD?

I've got that Tropicana commercial song stuck in my head...

The double standard of employment.

Where I wish I could be today (picture)

WORST commercial ever

How the Dems can turn the Fear boat around in their favor

A rant about society's expectations of men

Ari Fleischer has his book out.

I don't think it's funny to make fun of fat people

Changing this thread to be useful - thoughts on pants?

My roomie plays Ben Folds Five ALL THE TIME

Being sensitive versus "oversensitive" - where's the line ?

I Went Back to My College Today (St. Joseph's in Philly)

Are you a delicate flower?

I dispise the Tungus of Central Siberia

My thumb keeps twitching


Cheep fun things to do around New England...

Asbence makes the fond grow harder.

We need to talk about your TPS reports


I'm dying.... so says name not needed.

Update on my employment situation.

Life ain’t nothin’ but a funny funny riddle - Thank God I’m a country boy!

How about a nice game of trivial pursuit?

Farewell Mr. Smith. You were a good man.

Albert Einstein Quotes

Republican Dictionary

I know! Let's have a waterside supper with riparian entertainment!

There's a Winter Weather Advisory in effect for my area...

Whatsamatta you, hey! Got-a no respect.

How to cook a steak?

Computer geek thread: post your equipment's specs

Oklahoma Sooners Are Big 12 Champions!

Whats your favorite vegetable?

I watched Monster for the first time last night.

Conservatives should be thrown in prison

wow this is the coolest song

Me = psychic.

Matcom #1 on DU again!!!!!!

Saw was a freaky movie

Until my college is elligible for the tourney, I'm cheering for Minnesota.

What does universal orlando have to gain by showing us the truth?

BRB! No one do anything while I'm gone!

How do you cook spaghetti squash?

Why is * pushing so hard on Social Security?

Me = psychotic.

Boston/MA DUers: what are some cheap/free things to do in Boston?

Anybody else dig The Boys of Summer by DJ Sammy ?

Post the lyrics to the song you're listening to right now

D'OH!!!!! It was the belt!!!!!!!

#2 UNC v. #6 Duke basketball game on right now on CBS.

Is it me, or...

Rove is Dr. Evil and Bu$h is Mini-me

Jennifer Aniston basically has only one acting performance in her, right?

Garbage Returns w/ politically themed album

That Nike Commercial is Homoerotic to the MAX

Have any of you seen "Richard III" with Ian McKellen

New JibJab animation!!!!!

Top five items on my "To Do" list

would you ever consider giving your child a weird/absurd/unusual name?

How many do YOU have???

Who the hell are the Gastineau Girls?

Rabbit Season vs. Duck Season


How can they do a sequel to Passion of the Christ????

I'm Visiting April In Germany, And I'd Like to Brush Up On That German....

The ultimate Hooter's replacement !!!!

Anyone else think Snoop Dogg is awesome?

Tiger Woods is the Jack White of Golf

Just a test of new sig line....

Official DU Lounge Lizard sig file pic

Hey look dysfunction

Who's drunker than me???

I lost either 14 or 19lbs in 5-1/2 months, ask me anything!

In My Day, Ballplayers Were for Shit

Ok- What is so special about "Hooters"?

Proverbs 13:24

I just made an amazing chocolate cake-ask me anything!

Spider Man's greatest Bible Stories!

"Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" takes on a whole new meaning as a G W Bush song

Why the sig line.....

Look a golden winged ship is flying your way!

The new Target near me (even nearer to the Walmart) just opened

Name a celebrity that would NEVER be in a reality show.

Soccer in the snow

That Quiznos kid is creeping me out

Beverly Hills Cop

This Machine Kills Fascists!

Spongebob-The Movie. Bought it for my son....

What's the best literary series which features a villain

Red Dragon or Manhunter

Ohio State beats #1 Illinois

I saw Be Cool today. Laughed my ass off! The Rock is funny? Who'd

Beverly Hills Cop II

Talk about mixed feelings!

Aww crap!

Women of DU. I must share a fact with you that may or may not alter ur lif

For my friend Fenris, because I scared him so.

Whooo hooo........ going to see Buddy Guy next Sat.

I want a flamewar for a slow sunday afternoon....

At my university, a member of the embattled administration threatened

Project; List of people personally ordered murdered by George Bush.

Simpson's Intro

Why do most TV commercials depict men as complete fucking idiots?

Why do I have to be so right all the time?

"Control Room" is on Sundance right now (6:30 PM EST)

Jesus: Button-fly or zipper?

Jeans: Button-fly or zipper?

Jazz fans- let's talk (modern day) big bands

I'm declaring myself conductor of this meeting as I have the bribe sheet.

What do you want God to say to you when you first arrive in heaven?

PC Load Letter

Hey, DU single ladies... I can't stand watching professional sports...

If you had the opportunity to have a private meeting with shrub

Anyone watching the Simpsons? Homer working at Sprawl-mart ripoff.

Are You Experienced?



So, I finally saw Napoleon Dynamite

I am having a problem with my cursor

how do you want to be remembered?

whatever happened to consciousness raising?

VERB PREPOSITION comma PROPER NOUN exclamation point


"After all, you're my WONDERWAAAAAAAAAAALL!"

15 minutes away from the new season of HBO DEADWOOD

Computer help: How do I get a game to run on Windows XP?

Most annoying commercial

So I guess this could be the last Arrested Development...

Any "Deadwood" fans here?

Tonight's Simpsons: Funny or not funny?

John Tesh Live At Red Rocks or a dog licking your face.

Any gay DU'ers ever been to Cologne or Brussels? If so, where should I go?

An old, but interesting site- interesting if you like Doctor Who that is:

Most pointless movie of all time

great website for computer help of all kinds

So who is primed for the star wars revenge of the sith?

The Guilty Pleasures Thread

My daughter has 21 Barbies and ONE Ken.

Henry and Otis!

Well I did my good deed for the month

Best album released between 1980 and 1989.

Elisha Otis!

A question about the movie "Sideways" (spoiler).

Henry and June!

Memo to Dog and Cat

Montgomery and Ward!

Montgomery and Waylon!

Dion McGregor: Genius

Ward and McGrath

Ward and June!

The Benefit of Thumbs

Post a picture of yourself II

McGrath and Freeman!

I hate being sick!

Keanu Reeves as John Constantine?

"Swaggering Spirit of Oasis Inhabits Kasabian"

Battle of the Bands

So who wants to know what kind of music kids listen to in the Netherlands?

Best software for editing videos?

All Y'all are meanypants! And you *know* what I'm talking about!

Is there a 12 step program for swearing AT Jimmy Jazz?

So who wants to know what kind of music Neanderthal kids listen to?

Oh my God!!! My stomache's gonna explode!!! I'm gonna die!!!!

Is there a 12 step program for swearing off JimmyJazz

Fear and Loathing in the 700 club. Ask me anything.....

Today my puppy became a man....

A compliment

Tiger Woods #1 In The WORLD Again!

Is anyone else suffering from Mid-Semester Burnout?

Ok I stopped reading round about the third Gannon wrinkle

Anyone up on e-learning authoring software?

Women haters suck

Mixed feelings, Part Deux

Question. How do you put a photo on your post?

I always wanted to sail with a Buccaneer Crew out of Tortuga.

Loose seal! Loose seal!

Thoughts on boundaries

What would you do with $1 million?

Wow! The lounge is really like going to school high.

Mr. and Mr. Kleeb

Whoohoo! Spring's a-coming! I smell jasmine....

New diet? I'm a beer drinker but

after hearing about Bill Hicks for so long here...

I'd like to invite some of the MORE ASTUTE DUers to inform...

Last week a dog came into my house. This week a cat.

Who is this Jimmyjazz fellow?

This is your left, that's your left, this is your left, that's your LEFT!!

I discovered today I really dig Latin Jazz

I discovered today I really dig JimmyJazz

The Shield is on later.

Oy vey! I need a life.

Any doctors in the house?

name not needed has a crush on Maggie!

My favorite show - - Scare Tactics - - Is coming on!

Would someone please help me with Microsoft Word?

what kind of music gets you in the mood?

Anyone have any filmstrip/movie related clip art that I could use

ROWR!!! Cat Fight!!! Boy George: Madonna a hypocritical homophobe

The new HBO series about Rome coming this fall looks great

Remember The Young Rebels?

Can't we all get back to feeling Kleeb-tastic?

Festive Red Colored Glad Cling Wrap Is Easier To Handle

Has anyone else's Mozilla (Firefox) decided recently

I'm Visiting Germany In April And I'd Like To Brush Up On My German...

Logan's Run

No Alarms and No Surprises

I stole a piece of summer. It was BLISS. Let me share...

Now that Dookus' puppy is a man, how soon will Dookus become a grandpa?

DU, I have an important bedding question

My deleted post got copycatted.

I am a clique of one.

No more drama! Or I'm sending BABCANO in!

Your barn door is open - and looks like a CHUNKY flap!

DU Groups on "Your Forums" List


A music question

Who is John Kleeb..and can he get me out of the 700 club?

I got yer clique, but you are not worthy, so piss off....

A Swiss hygiene inspector calls

Self delete

My copycat post got deleted

Family, friends salute Hunter S. Thompson

Sleep is for wussies. Guess I am a Wuss.

What would you do?

Is there a support group for pathetic voyeurs...

I'm looking for two DUers. I lost them and they were really neat.

New Sealab 2021 tonight!

I killed a thread that CatWoman started.

Hey Bouncy Ball, Still Around?

Progmom is a credit to the female gender

I've been here all day and....

Post **just the punchline** to a joke!

I just shook my rump to the funk. ASK ME ANYTHING!

Does Our Cat Have a Drinking Problem???

When this kind of fire starts, it is very hard to put out.

Does anyone else watch Carnivale?


I'm starting a clique.

Like chicken? Check out this video of a chicken harvestor.

**********Congratulations to JimmyJazz - 10,000 posts!!!!!**************

Would everyone please just take your seats? This one is mine:

God not more Kleeb threads

I believe in the Kingdom Come, where all the colors will bleed into one.

Whats the craziest thing your parents ever convinced you as fact

Clique roll call!

Is chat room flirting (etc.) cheating?

Whats the best rock album to come out since the turn of the century?

A treasure-trove of astronomy pics from NASA (link).

Anyone watching "Their Eyes Were Watching God" on ABC tonight?

Austin Lounge Lizards song/animation/petition

It's official: THE FUNK BROTHERS are musical gods!

OH by the way It is my birthday today.

What do you think God will say to you when you first arrive in Heaven?

What's your favorite kind of chewing gum?

What bothers you most about other drivers' dangerous habits.

R.I.P. Martin Denny, King of Exotica

Another New Wave poll: OMD vs. PiL

OMG, Springfield is on the Mississippi River!!!

The first "semi-regular" ask a lawyer thread

Hey Look, a Picture of Xultar!!!!

I will never buy another Dell

The Simpsons just revealed something really big. (spoiler hidden)

Milo and Otis!

Sleep is for wussies. I'm never sleeping again.

Regarding cliques...

Has anyone ever posted to any of the "Google groups"? Why are they

The trailer to April's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Movie is out...

I have a cooking question

Napoleon Dynamite is the WORST.MOVIE.EVER.

Anyone watch the Dateline story on televangelist Benny Hinn?

Debbie Rowe, aka Mrs Michael Jackson, selling her wedding ring on Ebay

What's the Best Album recorded between 1970 and 1979?

Europeans are just cooler than us.

Anyone else had Lasik surgery?

i got bit by a dog today. ask me anything.

Alien vs. Predator movie...worth watching?

What is your favorite Hershey's Miniatures? My fate hinges on your answer.

what should i watch first

Does it drive you insane when nobody replies to your threads?

"The Swaggering spirit of John Tesh Inhabits Oasis"

DU Theme Song

Regarding clicks

What are the best plays HIGH SCHOOL plays you have ever seen?

iPod users: Heads up

Gmail invites

What a day for a bike ride!

Lovelorn DUers Unite!

Men of DU. I must share a fact with you that may or may not alter ur life

I'm really sick of penis-related spam. Ask me anything.

Post pic of actor/actress/famous person/public personality, like you

Somebody explain all the veg hate out there

Vegan cakes?

Should I take a B-12 supplement?

It's official: Gabrielle is out of the woods

Some of the Bible's characters were GAY

Newfound Star Smaller than Some Planets

Recent bird flu is reminiscent of the 1918 worldwide epidemic.....

A question for you all.......

19 yo gay teen dismembered in NYC and no press

*whew* Close game, Miami (OH)


MLB on XM is Great

Linares R11: Anand wins with Black, cuts Kasparov's lead in half

Women's Basketball

So will Illinois STILL be unanimously voted #1????

Giambi going to Ft. Myers Monday.

How will Pedro Martinez fare this year?

Crazy things happening in the Big 12

Who's gonna win the Women's Big East Hoops Tourney!

Pad Thai is driving me crazy

Two Tuxedo Maine Coons-up for adoption!

Mercury retrograde coming March 20 to May 1

Feng Shui For You -- Thread #2

Anybody see this thread on Bush? And the election/

God's Abstinence Only Initiative failed. Now what?

I came to the conclusion

Argh! Will not post...will not post...

Ok so who is going to DC March 19th

Whats up tonight guys?

Kennedy offers a tidbit on "This Week"

Kerrygoddess Is In The House!!!

"Lying Liars" - Silver Star

Musical festival photos

A moment of Zen...

The following have done irreparable damage to our nation.

Is this a battle for 2006 or 2008 or is this a battle for tomorrow...?

Let's send Spellings a message and all Tivo PBS's "Buster"

Do you tell Repugs that you are a Liberal or a Progressive?

Bankruptcy bill: If you could play God, what would you do?

brenda starr takes on the "pundits"

Bushies screwing the veterans in new budget

Novakula finally gets the Dean comments right about Social Security

Help with a ? on Social Security

Sunday AM talk-show watchers: How many of these are you hearing/have

Have polygamists found their Eldorado?

Doonesbury takes on the Senate.

Arnolds' special interest prostitutes hit the streets this weekend......

Bush gave CIA secret powers

Poor churches! (crazy letter in my local paper)

Bush gave CIA secret powers

March 19th Events around the USA linked here

move Arkansas up in the Primary schedule

Do NOT underestimate Shrub on SS!

10 modest proposals for solving SS crisis

Why the U.S. Must Get Out of Iraq, Pronto

The Bankruptcy Bill From Hell.

Social Security Trap! Can you believe the audacity of repukes to

The Party of Moral Values

Dan Bartlett on Late Edition re: *s strategy for SS

Do you believe Bush will get his way on Social Security?

Is being too far "Left" just as bad as being too far "Right"?

Donna Brazile makes me so mad. Why does she keep

Congressman only "kind of joking" about bombing Syria

Who really supports the troops? The anti war crowd who seem to want the

Is Hilary using the Bush strategy?

EXPLOSIVE new story on Guckert/Gannon -- he has another alias!!!

Social security is the Dem's "Finest Hour".....upon this rock rests 4 more

since bill moyers left pbs, i have not found a suitable news program

Well, we must be winning if the troops eat so well....

Succinct summary of 2004 election. (Dark humor)

2002 HST interview ...revealing ...

Real People Affected by Social Security Policy

Conrad: Bush passing on crippling debt to children and grandchildren

U2's Bono may be the next head honcho of the World Bank?

What is the penalty for draft dodging? Anybody know?

Kennedy"We will not discuss a social security plan unless PVT accT

Hypocrisy Alert: Sex Manual by LaHaye's and an Alabama law

"Tom DeLay is a walking scandal"

Anyone know how to translate Italian? Guiliana interview here

Once again, the Sunday comic strips come through with message

Thank you CNN, for posting this social security fact check

Move On House parties to Be this Thursday

Do many in here believe/expect an Honest election in 2008?

Robert Novak...Obstruction of Justice or Operation Mockingbird Operative ?

Guess Who Wants to Be Governor of Texas....Kinky Friedman.

People Fired Due to Blogs: New Policies Needed

The Clinton Ad

CONTROL ROOM: Starting right now on Sundance Channel

Today's MTP: A textbook example of what is wrong with our press

There is no Social Security crisis that could not be solved by rescinding

21st c. Horror ! most SHocking & AwFull DUthread in Quite a While!!

60 Minutes starting EST now. Transporting people to be tortured,

Memphis Flyer: Search for a Southern Strategy, Beyond Bubba.

Are we citizens or subjects?

Hartmann: When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History

I need some quick help:

You never know what will happen when you speak your mind.

"State Dems oust leader"...Colorado..small margin.

Study reveals gold markets were rigged by Western banks. Surprise!

Remember the "good ol' days"...way back in 2000 ??

Bush/Cheney and international governments question

F.E.C. to Consider Internet Politicking ("People should not be alarmed.")

They have seen the light....

Santorum's Sweatshop Expansion Bill

It Sounds Crazy, but.....

Boxer: Repubs trying to destroy Social Security/Video

Schwarzenneger's plan for California - typical republican....

Do you know Clark was never a Republican, but Nixon was a Democrat?

NY state Republicans NOT on board the GOP's "topple Hillary" campaign

If a tree falls in a forest and only bloggers notice..

My kid asked me why I wasn't a registered Democrat

Right vs. Left

Why is Hillary Running again?

Democratic Senators leave Reid out to dry on Greenspan comment.

Reuters reporter twists Dean comments in her lead off sentence.

P-R-I-V-A-T-I-Z-A-T-I-O-N! Fuck-face McConnell's whiny coniptions...

I've stated my belief that there was a coup of sorts that brought this

Depleted Uranium - The Smoking Gun

Are the Democrats learning how to be an "'opposition" Party ??

"[T]he nation may have to consider some form of conscription..."

60 Days??

Bill Clinton in Los Angeles

spectacular website:

Bush/Clinton/Bush/Maybe Clinton fatigue a factor in 2008 ?

Did you guys see 60 Minutes story on DeLay?

Maybe I just don't understand the Democratic Party or I

Lieberman on Bush SS Plan

"HRC is qualified for whatever she wants to do, but my man is John Kerry."

MSNBC Poll On "Bush Doctrine"

Christian Porn site : What do you think?

Is anyone else enjoying the mess that * is making of the SS proposals?

Protestors thank God for 9/11.

The Rise of the Bush Brownshirts (Dressed in Blue)

U.S.-Italy Relations Chilled by Killing of Agent

Reid and Kerry face off behind closed doors.

Please DU, go to war on the bankruptcy bill - THIS IS WORTH THE FIGHT ....

OK, Listen up and listen good! Social Security is not, and never was...

Howard F Ahmanson Jr: Religious nut zillionaire and scary fundie

What is the best argument to go after Republican voters ?

London Guardian/Choicepoint possibly cost Al Gore the 2000 Election!!

How ready and willing are we to be just, slaves?

It's time for the Dems to push for a balanced budget amendment

A reason to kill GIULIANA SGRENA: Napalm Raid on Falluja?

Why We Should Support the Upcoming Clint Curtis BlogCall (and future ones)

Where is this support for HIllary coming from?

CSPAN 2 - Now - Christie Todd Whitmen - she's rockin

What do you think of PNAC and do you believe this is Bush's true agenda

What happened to Ashleigh Banfield?

Is America really Number 1 anymore??

Is Free Republic a Hate Groupp?

Brave siblings stand up to IRA

Maybe DeLay is finally going down after all?

I'm sick of George Stephanopolous

Is there any evidence that Clark is even running in 2008?


Are we going to "Support the Troops" when the US invades Venezuela?

Get rid of Pelosi?

My Father's "Failure," and Other Reasons for Hope

Can anyone truly believe that abortion is murder and yet be pro-choice?

Outlawing sex toys just might push the right wing past the point of no

Does Clark have any weak spots?