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Archives: March 3, 2005

'Loving' farewell to writer - Hunter S. Thompson

Nuclear North Korea Is 'Crisis From Hell'

Iraq War Offers Painful Lesson for Warsaw

"Fear and Loathing in the Blogosphere"

Frozen Mermaids, Scary Sirens

Ground Zero as Profit Center - Greg Palast

DOLE CALL (How "Clear Skies" will be stopped today!)

The year of living legally married (gay marriages in Multnomah County)

The shoe on the other foot...

Rummy TV

"Try a better chant: `No oil money for terrorists'" - Victor Davis Hanson

Assassinating Al-Hariri Fits Washington’s Plan

U.S. gives Israel “go-ahead” to strike Syria

Ann Coulter's latest

Bush Administration AIDS Policies Continue to Fall Short (

What I Heard About Iraq

Molly Ivins: Bad to worse

New Tug of War Over Excess Pension Cash - NYTimes March 3

All members of primitive tribe survived tsunami

Market mullahs. "The goal is to change the human soul."

Neocon Amorality

Haitian soldiers, police accused of mass rape

America looks the other way

U.S. Threatens Bolivia in Effort to Secure Criminal Court Immunity

Duh Roundup (Issue No. 4)

Global Eye By Chris Floyd - Published: March 4, 2005

Why good doctors do bad things (Harvard U Gazette)

Negroponte has bad track record (Collegiate Times)

Why The West Lost The Ideological War Vs Muslims

Chicken Shit Dubya.... excellent article

Disability Insurance Side of Social Security Raises Questions

Krugman: Deficits and Deceit (Rips Greenspan and Repukes)


Stockbroker disses Santorum SocSec Town Hall (Letter to Editor)

Even Desperate Housewives is a victim of the culture wars (UK)

The death of a muslim woman

Ari Berman (The Nation): Going Nowhere -- The DLC Sputters to a Halt

The coming crackdown on blogging (ugly blatant censorship)

DOLE CALL (How we can STOP "Clear Skies" today)

Activist protests RIAA/DCMA by stealing 60 seconds of silence from iTunes

CALL TO ACTION: Toklat wolf pack (Sierra Club)

Urgent Request to help save Community Radio (Brookline, Mass.)

Scary Mussolini quote: 'Fascism should ... be called corporatism'

BLAST 391 National Media Contacts to Participate: Curtis virtual conferenc

Seantor Harry Reid just sent me this message

Bush - Were You Born An Asshole

Hearing Friday Could Determine the Future of Online Journalists' Rights

Starving Donkey

Be The Media-Big Flash Contest to Stop the Republican Social Security Scam

Ripe for the picking?

CBS Evening News - Watergate Revisited

Too good to miss: Frank Rich spanks Gannon, Brian Williams, Jeff Zucker... is back, shilling for privitization

A question about the 1992 election


so what is the more likely scenario...

20 children killed in China by Coal Mine explosives.

Chinese chemists consider the effect of coal on their atmosphere.

DOLE CALL (How we can STOP "Clear Skies" today!)

USSR's Old Nuclear Site A Toxic Wasteland Looted Of Radioactive Scrap

EU Will Miss 2% Biofuels Target In 2005 - 1.5% More Likely - Reuters

From Fox-Henhouse Inc: Jeb Appoints US Sugar VP To S Florida Water Board

Most Fish Sold In New Jersey Exceeds Federal Mercury Limits

Blair Reneges On Pledge Of Solar Energy Support - Independent

Bay Becomes Culinary Cause

Are we really safer.....

Martin wins enthusiastic backing for decision to stay out of ...

Haiti; One Year On...

Looking for a suggestion for a rifle

Maryland Shall Issue Bill to be heard March 9th

RCMP members killed in grow-op raid

JimmyJazz just grabbed my hiney in the lounge.

In regards to NSMA and TahitiNut's threads

I want to thank you guys

You may have noticed I'm spending way less time here than I used to.

What's Your Favorite Forum?

Trouble in the GENERAL - POLITICS forum

Du Group Proposal: Hip Hop

"View All"--just curious.

I alerted the mods

Skinner, you locked a thread this a.m.

Flamefest -- Nevermind, somebody killed it.

Just out of curiousity

Please combine the these two identical posts...

I like to personally thank the admins and the mods for the good work.

Why did the Lounge Need to be Censured..Mod's locked as I asked..

Confused.. Why Lock?


Rook for the queen

When Academic Freedom Is Kicked Out of Class

Discard the Outmoded Taboo Against 'Evenhandedness'

Palestinian Youth Arrested in Nonviolent Demonstration

in reality this means that there is no peace A Tyrant Cornered

Daily Herald: House panel rejects library Web filters

Peoria Journal Star: High on the hogs

State Journal Register: Rutherford: All should pay to enter fair

Pantagraph: (Illinois) Senate to debate smoking

I'm going to guess that Obama and Durbin are aganist this

Chicago Sun-Times: Loop club in financial hardship

Nat. Research Comm. On Elections & Voting Calls for Significant Reform

Election Task Force Recommends Reforms

Checkpoint targeted before

Libertarians To Testify in Ohio House: Modernize Ohio's Election Laws

KNX radio L.A. interviews with evote fraud activisit...................

Harry Reid warns reporter not to fall into Frank Luntz's trap

For TV: What do you know about Sequoia, DFM, and Optical Scan?

Where are the books about 2004 campaigns-GOP or Dem?

HEADS UP: You're gonna want to keep an eye on Conyers today

Pls read our proposal for voter verified paper ballots for California...

Whoopi Goldberg's Swipe at Hollywood billboards

Thursday 3/3 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

KOEB (Thursday)

Support Soars For New Voting Rights Amendment

Rosenfeld: The New Voting Rights Movement Begins Here Today


Ohio School Levy vote compared to Florida (not Ohio) -- and get this

BLAST 391 National Media Contacts to Participate: Curtis virtual conference

My Letter to Congressman Holt re H.R. 550

If you had to guess how the tabulation fraud was pulled off on Nov. 2..

Have you nominated the Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread?

new hemp bill introduced

Arnold protest 3pm today in San Diego (at KOGO)!

Help needed to save Joshua Tree desert area

San Jose residents--we need your help Friday to save free speech!

Pls read our proposal for paper ballots of record in California......

Where does this group stand on DLC candidates.

Los Angeles Times (3/3): Governor's Agenda Losing Traction

Any Iowa DUers interested in the Gannon/Guckert/Gosch mystery?

Doug Feith at Kennedy School, Harvard University, Tonight

Urgent Request to help save Community Radio (Brookline, Mass.)

Mass. Democratic Party ACTIVIST DAYS, March 5 (Amherst) & 12 (Roxbury)

Rep. McGovern, U.S. Department of Peace, Saturday, Concord.

Mass DUers....Where are you ORIGINALLY from?

Collin Peterson Voted Aye on the faith based job training bill UGH

Gutknecht being talked out of running for Senate

Sure do miss Paul Wellstone now.......this bill would kill him.

Please write Star Tribune re Bill against professor Free Speech

Checking one's e-mail address to see if it's considered spam.

It's a miracle that I can sign on. windows xp tells me it Saturday

DSL phone service - Vonnage any good?

Does anyone have a good, informative link to the Muni Power bankruptcy?

Anyone have contact info for DeWine and Voinovich?

Read Roldo

Ney investigation not over

Petition to save Y100 Radio in Philly (last alternative station gone)

Game On! Allegheny County Dem Chair Commits to Hafer

Hafer in, Casey Holds Back on Run for US Senate

Bush to visit North Side center on Monday-Pittsburgh Anti-Gang Effort

&@)!#@ing Allegheny County! I am MOVING OUT

John Coby: You've got allies in Frisco!

Chris Bell speaks at Austin DFT

Who's against abortion becoming rarer?

Please help Texas teachers!!!!

Dallas: Five House Districts to pick up in 2006?

Protesters confront UT conservative group

Voter registration in DeLay's district: let's start EARLY - like tomorrow

Anybody here from Gard's District?

Wisconsin residents, please sign this petition

What the Hell is going on with Kohl.

aarp has excellent resources on the truth about SS

South Park's WAL-MART episode

Idea: Screen Saver honoring our dead soldiers

08' President should be a Governor, or somebody from Washington that hasn't'

I got this viru warning in my e-mail earlier today, so I replied...

Tom DeLay refuses to hold town hall for social security

Re: Yellow ribbon magnets

76 US troops KILLED since elections in Iraq.


Back from a lecture

Where can I find the breakdown of the vote on a House Bill?

Whats the deal with Keith Olbermann...."Bloggerman"? No more posts?

Dr. Rice's "wonderful opportunity" tsunami didn't take in Indonesia

Armstrong Williams to share radio with Sam Greenfield in NYC.

Something that haunts me to this day about Ohio.

DOLE CALL! (Let's stop "Clear SKies" today!)

What do US citizens really want? need?

US troops in Afghanistan; 18,000...US troops in Iraq; 150,000.

Capture an Illegal Immigrant Day

Lighters being banned on air travel ---- Shezzz

U.S. obesity rate nearly DOUBLES in 10 years (see this chart)



What are honest Christians (Muslims, etc.) doing to reclaim their

Voters - We're in more trouble than I imagined!

Shrub Spooks Red Sox Captain Jason Varitek

Caught in terror's tangled web

What Does This Mean? Chalabi & Allawi Having a Meetup Today in Baghdad...

How many of us joined a Democratic meeting last month?

1,502......and here are the WOUNDED

Feelings about Canada and missile defense, American DUers?

Big Flash Contest to Stop the Republican Social Security Scam:

Bush picture made of Jesuses

Dr. Bastard and Dissident Dexter 2008!

It Looks Like Fallujah II In Ramadi Now..Bombings, Civilians killed. etc.

Audit Describes 8 Years of Looting by L.I. School Officials

Just curious...What are peoples opinions about

Just got this email re: Myers

Mexicans love my tee shirt...

High school students win right to counter-recruitment table

The US supported building 23 nuclear reactors in Iran by 1994

You know, it really doesn't matter one bit WHO runs in '06 or '08

Archaeology: 2,500 years old, and as fresh as the day she was buried

so why was this story the lead

100% skeptical and cynical of Bush and the Repubs....

Dems who voted against amendments to bankruptcy bill

Finally Saw "The Village". Reminds me of the Bush Administration.

We should start calling Bush "His Majesty"

Have you seen these TERRORISTS?

Hey, KO is moving up in the ratings race!!

Question for DUers in the FBI...

Financial connections between Phill Kline, Kansas BOE ID people,

Dubya's 3 greatest lies

"JESUSLAND" on national radio again last night.

Iraq is definitely a quagmire

Frank Rich, master of media bitch-slap, smacks Guckert, Bri-Bri Williams

Pentagon Building Torture Cannon

Dubya's 3 greatest lies

Please send your Karmic wishes to Alan Greenspan RE his Consumption Tax

Mistaken Identity

Idiot judge begins to eliminate political speech from the internet....

"That Which is Seen, That Which is Not Seen"

Communist/Marxist/Socialist/Secular Humanist Worldview Thinker

"Do I report to a monkey now?"

Coulter's "Helen Thomas --that old Arab" scrubbed from columns

here's how the draft will come about . . .

How Will The BushCo. Go Down In History? Chimp as Hero/Chimp As Villain?

In Searcy, Arkansas schools, almost half the kids get paddled

Native killed at ski resort: Snowboarder to face manslaughter charge

Social Security Protects The Young As Much As It Does The Old

Iraqi Health Ministry confirms prohibited weapons in attacks on Falluja

Anyone catch the bitchslap to * last night on the West Wing?

How to Fight the Right

Should Congress be elected for life - just like judges ?

Jews Need Not Apply

FBI harassing NYC activists?

If it hasn't been written yet, you should be for it, not against it.

Texas GOP plan to TAX Jobs - Payroll Tax Hike for Business

Gas prices hitting the roof, my utilities are up, everything costs more

Tech Site Slashdot discusses FEC regulation of Internet

Dr. Laura... What a condescending B&^%th

FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds testifies

Gay Couple Threaten Suit After Conservative Ad Uses Their Picture

Coyners / Waters

The only group/cell/person who has actually attacked the US in the last

I have a question re: tentative changes to bankruptcy law and new business

Bush wielding secrecy privilege to end suits

Rather's Retirement and "Liberal Bias"

Six weeks after Cuban refugees ordered released, many remain locked up

Whatever happened to Bev Harris (BBV)

Healthcare Question, Is the US system Moral?

Oil will run out at the same time as Social Security will be "insolvent"

Bush on Maryjane: "Some pot for every chicken."

BREAKING: Rep. Conyers to Force Election Reform Issue on House Floor

Should I run for Office or no?

Are Conservatives capable of Post Conventional Moral Reasoning?

I thought this was an intriguing factoid

where is the outrage, ya i know, another one

Mock Free Zone

street jams- takin' it to the streets

If B**h outsourced his own presidency, who should get it?

Franken says Novak "lying" about Dean and Social Security...LIE

Boondocks Cartoon Pulled By Hundreds of Newspapers

Eastwood comments on the right-wing's furor over MDB...

W of the Day-March 29, 2002

Did Jeb Bush live in the WhiteHouse while his father was president?

Troop deaths in Iraq top 1500. (please rate it up for our troops)

An important tip for people posting articles.

The piano has been drinking --->>>

How has MSNBC not been shut down already?

Should we start having religious protests?

Financial connections between Phill Kline, Kansas BOE, and conservative

Great.... Dilemma time.... which do I hate more?

Complete this sentence: “If Republicans ran Hollywood, ...

HR 841 - `Continuity in Representation Act of 2005'.

Bush promised GOP leaders he'd get the public back on his side

Mexican Government May Jail Leading Left-Wing Presidential Candidate

Conyers forcing 'Election Reform' on the House floor?!

First Chinese cars to hit U.S. shores .............. (coming in 2007)

A college student's rant against 'academic freedom' bills

NEWS: "After temporary gains, Marines leave Iraqi cities"

Global Flyer is successful. Now what, and why?

Will there be peace on earth when everyone is a christian?

The coming crackdown on blogging

'Tolerance' is a bad term

Sweat shirt fundraiser raises eyebrows

Watch your school boards, people.

How WE can decide who is the next Supreme Court nominee

why is the whitehouse not saying anything

Holy Screaming For a Caption, Batman!!!!

Rush's Parents

BUSH: "Bin Laden wants to attack us on our soil, greatest challenge"

House OKs Bill on Faith-Based Jobs

Sam Seder is a good talk show host

Comedy Central spoofs Gannon

What is with the Global Flyer

RW'ers say: Accountability and Responsibility are for Losers

I could really use some of that money they are throwing around in Iraq.

Geena Davis to star as first female president of the US

Where can we get Open Source transcripts of Greenspan's Q&A?

Karl Rove setting up a "permanent campaign"

Bush considers shift in Iran nucular policy. FLIP-FLOPPER!!!!

The war between liberal and conservative media...

The Oil We Eat Following the food chain back to Iraq (Harper's-great read

Report on John Snow's SS of the 60 city tours .

The Army Missed it's February Recruiting Goal by nerly 30%

Why is the world more "peaceful" under "democracy"?

Should the US Govt tell it's citizens about "Peak Oil"..... I say hell yes

Take a moment to think about the bankruptcy bill

The Blackstone Group, 11:30 CT, PBS, Charlie Rose, perhaps

Put a Red Star on Bush's door. Communist China buying most of US debt.


Please try going to See if you get in.

I bet the BTK Serial killer suspect is a Republican ...

Pledge to Protect Social Security - Please Sign! (Sen. Harry Reid)

Florida church awards Humvee to "most soul-winning" evangelist

If Edward R. Murrow & Joe McCarthy were alive today...

Ann Coulter showing signs of writing while drunk.

Question...When Shrub's reign of terror is over, what can we do to repair

The "truth" is whatever we tell you it is...

Dredge NewsFlash! Rapture Takes Leftists! (4:00 AM)

"A place for race in medicine?" (Christian Science Monitor)

If you wound up (gods forbid) like Terri Schiavo...

Why Do Democrats Still Pamper Alan Greenspan?

"Democrats and Republicans have reversed roles. " Good article.

have you seen Condi in her Crusades armor?

"Phantom Load"

Need help. trying to find out who this guy is/took pictures of protestors

NBC in Talks to Buy MSNBC Stake

Harry Reid just called Greenspan "one of the biggest political hacks

You know why I like the bankruptcy bill

People who have good files: Do you have Jeff Gannon's words?

Holy Shit!! This is what we are facing!

I Really Hate to See This {PIX} >>>

Looking for input on this matter

Have a go at the Dumbya Voodoo Doll!

Is Justice Scalia a Cult Member?

Wal-Mart supporter, good democrat, bad democrat

After the Bankruptcy Bill the only thing left for the Congress to do

Bull-dog's ego postings now include questions he can't ask

The Gates brought $254 million in extra revenue to NYC >

Did anyone watch wife-swap last night? (Dem pacifist vs. repuke?)

there's a stupid AOL welcome screen today

I wonder if the Republicans are hoping that they stir mass discontent

Two Korean Illegal aliens were arrested in Norfolk Va....they

Feds regulating blogs

Those stupid yellow ribbons are everywhere, and they're pissing me off

Faith-based push prompts some additional research

The Nashua Advocate: What Gannongate Means to America

The Conyers Floor Statement on Election Reform

Elections were held in Iraq but there STILL isn't a government!

Bush: "Oh, no, we're not going to have any casualties!"

Wal-mart hater, good republican or bad republican?

Limbaugh: "Women still live longer than men because their lives are easier

Remember a few days ago Putin accused Bush of having Dan Rather

16 days to Global Protest

A Student's Job is hard work!

Attn: Verizon customers-

My Hat Is Off To The ACLU For Suing Rummy! Get Him On The Stand!

ChevronTexaco CEO Says Era of Cheap Oil Ending (Peak Oil)

Challenge to Cnet- PROVE there's a *coming crackdown on blogging*

Syracuse U. Dedication To 1500 "Faces of the Fallen" Soldiers

CNN can't have it both ways

You know who else supports a sales tax? - John Kenneth Galbraith

Courage in Journalism Award

End of Suburbia (Peak Oil movie to watch a few clips)

"Houses of Worship FREE SPEECH Restoration Act of 2005"

FEC says it may be illegal to link to a candidate's website in few months

Four RCMP officers shot dead in Northern Alberta

Put a name to this quote!

U.S. Troops Deaths in Iraq Top 1,500

KO will be talking about Gannon ----------------sorry, ingnore, dupe

"Only the little people pay taxes"

It sounds crazy, but ...


Bush will attack Syria just to start the Rapture for Jerry Falwell

we must stop the heterosexual agenda

Madrid stands and the WTC falls (I'm not satisfied - needs explaining)

Would social security "reform" be worth it?

Why do Repukes LOVE to point and call people "traitors" (Ward Churchill)

Why exactly are the FCA and Bible Clubs allowed in schools?

"Bring 'Em On!" Part-II ... Re:OBL

GREAT PHOTOSHOP on Bartcop....bush* 'Piratization' of Social Security

Who owns your e-mail

One Thousand Five Hundred

Keith Olbermann on Countdown will discuss Jefff GANNON!

Sam Sedar is great by himself



Zippo Upset by Federal Airport Ban

Favorite term of derision for Contards

Am I an ignorant, tasteless dolt if I...

Fake banks lure customers online

Freepers are afraid the Clintons are going to take over the world!

The Problem and Delusion of Freepers

How Europe beat Bush on Iran and China

Info on Perkins, right-wing columnist who resigned today

Hello... Freddy Freeper here......

Chimp doesn't want us to follow the money

If it's bad for us to compare Bush to Hitler...

Help me remember? Please?

Does anyone know if this Falwell story is legit?

Is Alan Greenspan part of the problem?

What is a corporation?

Gas 2.00+ a gallon, interest rates on mortgages soar

New World Media Watch....stories you won't read in the US press

The "Christian Physicians" explain the homosexual "agenda" for you!

"They can have our Constitution...we're not using it.."

Let's look at this honestly what would not only make Bush look good BUT

I think all religions should demand that thier tenets be in courthouses

needs caption: the chimp acting up at the CIA today....

Media's role in BTK scrutinized - OMG!

DoD internship requirements--wtf?

Whistleblower Staff Blow The Whistle On Special Counsel

Sean Hannity hosts an online dating service...???

Bob Dylan's interesting political observations

Ann Coulter on Scarborough, "All we get is Klansmen and nuts to argue with

"The Iron Body Express" ROTFLMAO

Replay: Must See: Zappa/Lofton/Novak on Crossfire in 1986

Osama has been mention I notice a few times this past week and

Nightline 3/3: Vermonters, their war dead, and old-time democracy

Jon Stewert for Press Seceretary in '08

Chronology Of U.S. Intervention In The Middle East

AWWWW! Poor freeping rightwingnuts are such a MINORITY! (new poll)

Reinstatement of the Draft - my perspective

Bin Laden: Goal is to bankrupt U.S. ( CNN - November 2004)

1500 US Dead via Iraq, USMedia: "Martha, Martha, Martha!"

I tell people who voted for Bush...

Joe Scarborough

CA Nurse's "kick Arnold's butt" And Man, deservingly so...

I just thought of a Catch-22 the bush administration is caught in

Did anyone else hear Judith Miller say "Asscroft" on Bob Edwards Yesterday

Rob Corddry is just destroying the media on the Daily Show.

Is al-Qaeda Just a Bush Boogeyman?

Ari Fleischer to guest with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show.

Marine Corps to add more recruiters over next two years

Question about the draft

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Hoe Down

They have finally admitted it. What took them so long.

How To Identify An Actual Conspiracy Theory

Best. Daily Show. Ever!

We have more to worry about than HST's last word: "Counselor."

Kurtz: Media itself, not WH, damages press credibility

What can anyone share with me re: Canadian Healthcare vs. U.S> Healthcare?

Any entrepreneur DUers here?

Hey. I disappeared for awhile

US to build biggest prison in Iraq

Putin to Bush: My nuke is better than yours, nani-nani-boo-boo

Who among us thought the Gannon story was going somewhere?

Distressed American Protest Art Is Looking Anti-Bush Artists, Writers, etc

How much did MBNA pay for your soul, Joe Biden?

The Senate just passed a bill to continue the ban on Canadian beef.

Gannon inspired cartoons

Greenspan is the poster boy for "hackery"

"Mr. Chairman, I have a question"

Weigh this, please. BUSH announces 60-day, 60-stop tour for Soc. Security

As a Red Sox fan, i was deeply disturbed to see...

If I say things in the middle east seem to be improving, am I a republican

Gannongate Wrinkles Part 5

I think the Supreme Court will allow the 10 commandments

***LOOK*** Who has seen this "Esuvee" commercial with the Snuffalupagus

Illegal immigration idea......Am I crazy, or could this work?

Scalia: "Turn away if the 10 Commandments are such a 'big deal' to you"

Filmmaker says rude awakening about oil is coming

When will the media start covering peak oil on a regular basis?

Please DU this CNN Poll RE the regressive National Sales tax idea!

2001: oil fell below $17 a barrel. Now some analysts fear $100 price

Exremists applaud murder of Judges relatives

WCKY out of Ohio-picking it up in Chicago-Check in if you're picking it up

Christian Anti-Fascism

Has Nancy Grace EVER thought an accused was innocent?

BTK suspect fired from job; kept on as church leader

Rex 84 - Concentration Camps , for Peak Oil and population control ?

Is anyone familiar with Child Evangelism Fellowship?

Batten down the hatches...Martha's getting out!!!

Randi "Baghdad Betty" Rhodes - Now she's a traitor.

PHOTO: Holy cannoli, he's BLONDE today!

Family and Friends think I'm "Crazy"......Husband wants me to stop reading

1,700 immigrants Forced To Wear Human Lojack! Orwellian!

I got a call back from the VP of programming of our local PBS station.

Is Jon Stewart the Rightwingers new hero?

No...... Rachel confirms Lizz is gone. Why god, why?

In the western world, only one newspaper reports the suicide of the woman

Under what circumstances, would YOU approve of preemptive military action?

Cuba ... In *'s Sights?

Transcript of Reid calling Greenspan "one of the biggest political hacks

The Nation: "Going Nowhere, The DLC Sputters to a halt."

Who saw the Peacenik/Pro-War "Wife Swap" last night?

Anyone investing in Renewable energy companies...

Lies Terri Schiavo's Parents Told Me

Smackdown delivered to Condi Rice

A new anti bush website.

HEADS UP: Don't forget Andy Stephenson

Is there such a thing as a democrat who favors a "flat" (regressive) tax?

Is Social Security Really Going Bankrupt? by Congressman Bernie Sanders

I'd like to start an Anti-War DU group.

Are the DEMS going to take over both houses in 2006?

Sam's Club Destroys Plasma TVs

So I hear there's been some whining in here

Greenspan Touts Idea of a Consumption Tax

Did Lizz Winstead get fired from Air America last night???

How smart people will handle the new Bankruptcy law

What Is Wrong With Kansas; this among other things

So what happens to the Fundies when they aren't Raptured?

Can I come hang out with you folks?

Dipshit people who bought my house DITCHED the THERMADOR!

Lloyd Axworthy takes off the Gloves.

Anyone aware of this fucked up shoot out in Northern Alberta?

This may be the best thing Eno's done since Roxy Music.

Why the left should vote stategically (including Tories)

Russia Says U.S. Rights Report Was Biased

From Yahoo News: Thurmond urged FBI to build case against King.

Strom Thurmond encouraged FBI to go after Martin Luther King.

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Rise to 1,500 - AP

New Poll Finds Bush Priorities Are Out of Step With Americans

WP: DeLay Moves To Protect His Political Base Back in Texas

$1.8 billion in extra defense spending onto the $81.9 billion package

Ex-spymaster guilty of corruption

"CLear Skies Initiative" to be heard in committee today

Boondocks Cartoon Pulled By Hundreds of Newspapers

Indonesian Court Sentences Terror Chief

Baghdad Car Bombs Kill at Least Five Policemen

Smelly divorce hits Iranian court

Rumor of 'hunt' for immigrants draws protesters

Scotland Yard hunt for militant linked to Madrid bombing

Neo-Nazi guru faces racism trial

Wolfowitz No Longer in World Bank Race -- Wolfensohn

First married RC priest is ordained in Scotland

Court hears of WorldCom finance director's talks with FBI agents

House GOP to Propose Adding Defense Funds

Iraq Extends Emergency Powers for 30 Days (martial law)

Date set for Rosemary Nelson inquiry

Russia, Germany Demand Syria Quit Lebanon

Latest NY Times/CBS Poll show Bush's ideas "Out of Touch"

USA Today: Social Security sales job gears up

Diplomat charged over plane row

House OKs Bill on Faith-Based Jobs

Israeli agent who caught Eichmann dies at 77

Wolfowitz No Longer in World Bank Race -- Wolfensohn

Brain Stimulation May Curb Persistent Depression

Feds probe GOP team's link to lobbyist

High oil prices spurring Asia to seek alternative energy sources: official

US developing 'pain from a distance' weapon

WP: Bush Rejects Delay, Prepares Escalated Social Security Push

Explosions jolt central Baghdad

Latest toll: 1500 GIs killed in Iraq

(BBC News) US display marks 1,500 war dead

BBC: US backing down in abortion row (UN Declaration on women's rights)

U.S. soldiers investigated for shooting Afghan villagers

Missing Imam's Trail Said to Lead From Italy to CIA

Senate Ponders Increase in Minimum Wage

No CIA agents searching for Osama in Pakistan -- Daily Times, Pakistan

NYT - Testimony at Texas Trial Focuses on Use of Donations (DeLayGate)

New Slogan = SUVs: Keeping the Price of Oil High

China tightens surveillance of Internet forums

"Diplomats: Iran Building Tunnels for Arms " Faux News

"Oil prices could hit 80 dollars in next two years: OPEC"

Jailed Nun Won't Pay Missile Silo Fine

Abuse bill gets tentative OK (TX- makes a "false" charge a felony)

Prosecutor: Pressure 'Corrupted' Ebbers

Two U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad

Breaking/Live.....Steve Fosset, Global Flyer, Lands Safely

US Ban on Canadian Beef is Extended (At least 10 days)

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Rise to 1,500

Potts Sets up Position in Race

Nevada Democrats Decry Gibbons' remarks

Derelict Plants Are Crippling Iraq's Petroleum Industry (privatization)

Reuters: Pilot Completes Global Solo Flight (Fossett)

Search for Bin Laden Faces Complications

School plan makes sales tax hike likely (TX would have highest in nation)

Ex-prison escapee runs for mayor in Maryland

The new radio revolution

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 2 March

Iraq must choose on oil - produce or repair?

CIA Director Goss Amazed at His Workload

Military statue too manly

Hunter S. Thompson's Last Word

Governor's Agenda Losing Traction (Arnold)

Wal-Mart Increases Annual Dividend By Over 15 Percent

Dems: Bankruptcy bill unfair

'US violates human rights'

"Protester cuffed after porn tirade" (in Congress)

Army misses recruiting goal (by more than 27%)

State Sen. Ron Klein to challenge Shaw for U.S. House seat

Venezuela Pushes for Hemispheric Social Charter

New York Oil Rises Above $55 on Signs Use Will Outpace Supply

Admissions of Bush Plot May Not Make Trial

Center for Constitutional Rights Takes Case of U.S. Torture and ...

Activism Works!! US doesn't deport MA teacher!

France Opens Massive Pedophilia Trial

(Reuters) Bishop Calls for PM's Excommunication

Bush to Meet Leaders of Canada, Mexico on March 23

Fossett Near the End of Round-the-World Flight

Gay Ads Draw Ire in Mexico (from sick fundies)

Gas Prices to Hit Record This Year: AAA

Janjawid leader tells of Khartoum links (Darfur)

California attorney general sues (bush admin.) over Giant Sequoia plan

China's Pearl in Pakistan's Waters (China in the Persian Gulf)

NYT/AP: Nation's Retailers Report Solid February Sales

War on terror more important than democracy in Pakistan

U.N.: AIDS May Kill 80M Africans by 2025

Fake banks lure customers online

China Lashes Out at Serious US Human Rights Violations

Syrians dig in as Saudis join calls to leave Lebanon

Pakistan to get U.S. planes this year

Vatican seeks intervention from State Dept.

At congressional hearing, reservists complain of health-care inconsistency

Head of Whistleblower Office Criticized

FCC's Powell Not for Cable Indecency Rules

(Reuters) Bush Shifts Emphasis on U.S. Social Security

NYT: Gene Therapy Is Facing a Crucial Hearing (technology disappoints)

(Armstrong Williams) Columnist Under Fire Gets Show on Radio

Teacher Accused of Sex Abuse

Bill submitted to allow gays in military

We don't count dead Africans'

Christians demand audit of 'alternative' dramas

High Backing For Britain's Terrorism Measures (shocking poll)

U.S. must address global warming, Bush ally says

NYT: Homeland Security Chief Promises More Money to Protect Likely Targets

WP: Frist Revises Social Security Remarks, Urges Prompt Action

NYT: Labor Leaders Reject Rival Plan to Shift More Money to Organizing

Bush Reassures CIA Employees About Agency

Frist Rejects Social Security Concerns - - FLIPPITY FLOPPITY

Turkey deploys 1,357 troops in Northern Iraq

MSN: Pastor says BTK suspect remains part of church (+grabbing DNA)

First Tiime in Five Years: Army did not meet goal. (CNN)

WA GOP Releases List in Voter Challenge (Rossi/Gregoire deathmatch)

Gibbons speech was plagiarized

Jockey faces possibility of deportation over old arrest(rode Smarty Jones)

WTO Upholds Ruling Against US Cotton Subsidies

Mother of slain soldier says his life 'wasted'

Martha Stewart to Be Released From Prison

Nearly 3 Million Metal Charms Recalled

Kenya demands British apology over Mau Mau

NYT: Dwarf Species (Hobbit) Might Have Been Human Ancestor, Scientists Say

Oil prices could hit 80 dollars in next two years: OPEC

Max Fisher dies at 96 (Major GOP benefactor)

Autism rises despite MMR ban in Japan

Navy Plans To Sink America - MSNBC

Rumsfeld Ill, but Continues Working

Richardson Pitches Western Primary

From Cuba, Three Dissidents Back Bush

ANALYSIS-Iran's arguments for nuclear power make some sense

Saddam's son Uday was poised to topple dad : controversial US journalist

Growing Speculation Hovers Over Bill Frist

U.S. Gag on Needle Exchange Harms U.N. AIDS Efforts

Christo's 'The Gates' reel in 254 million dollars for NYC

Honduras Ratifies CAFTA

NYT - New Poll Finds Bush Priorities Are Out of Step With Americans

Conservative Columnist Joseph Perkins Resigns Suddenly (Why?)

Bush: Stopping Bin Laden U.S. Attack Great Challenge

North Korea demands U.S. apology, threatens to resume missile tests

Colombia Denies Army Massacred Children

Worker Productivity Moves Sharply Higher

(AP) U.S. Troop Deaths In Iraq Top 1,500

4 Mounties killed in raid: unconfirmed reports

Indiana Man Charged With Trying To Sell Secrets To Iraq (US agents' names)

'No link' between MMR and autism

Greenspan Touts Idea of a Consumption(regressive) Tax

WP: Senate Democratic Leader Blasts Greenspan ("political hack")

Bill Seeks to Prevent Public-College Teachers From Pushing Ideologies

Judge rules governor illegally blocked new nursing staff ratios (Arnie)

Missile Counter Attack-Former Canadian Foreign Minister Fires Back At U.S.

Maximum pain is aim of new US weapon

Saudis Back Calls for Syrian Pullout from Lebanon

U.S. Used Banned Weapons In Fallujah-Health Ministry

My personal problem with the teacher in New Jersey.

I touched off an uproar with the street people tonight

On the radio

I saw something new today: an ill-behaved seeing eye dog

It is 11:00pm and I just ordered a pizza.

The Secret Service is running a background check on me...

how to make a pres2032 cocktail!

Does anyone else frequently get called by another name?

Listening to Aerosmith's "Get Your Wings".

Has anyone here seen "Hero" with Jet Li?

My heart is broke

Bill Would Hold Game Makers Accountable For Players' Actions

What is wrong with DU members?

Cable TV Games

whee! I passed 4,000 without resorting to an AMA thread!

"Left My Wallet in El Segundo". I'm watching "Lady Killers".

This just in. DU is full of bigots!

what's your favorite bad movie that's on basic cable once a month?

Could I get a caption please!

I'm a pumpkin!

Trivia- the history of WD-40

Driving question for you all.

Ferget it! I'm NOT swearing off the Lounge...

Pictures of Lilly

From Yahoo News: Thurmond urged FBI to build case against King.

I just bought the new Shivaree CD! Ask me anything

Should we Stay in Red states and fight or move to the Blue rays?

ive been outta town for 2 weeks...

Pink Floyd's 'Animals' and the state of our nation today.

ok, goodnight


I'm a bumpkin!

Pigs on The Wing


DU this poll !!!

I want to download a song...why is it so difficult?

If you were Bo or Luke Duke

To explain Dogs, Pigs and Sheep and Pink Floyd.

social insecurity -- win-win (for some) --- new toon

Vin Diesel Is Kinda Kooky

It's 2:15 a.m. in Connecticut. Am I all by myself in the Lounge?

Pigs (Three Different Ones)

sorry.. a dupe

An oldie but a goodie.

Fired Shoney's Worker Uses Fork To Steal Couple's Car

My son was chosen to "be on" Extreme Home makeovers.

another cat thread

Homepage of George W. Bush's Biggest Supporter: Vivian Freep

Terra-ist can't put on his show!

Just finished watching Air Force One...

92 Year Old Woman Saved After Being Impaled On Bathtub Faucet

Elmer Fudd goes freeper

Man's Radiation Treatment Sets Off Nuclear Alert Detector

I'm completely lost and depressed

Police Say Men Butchered Goat For Crack

Anyone want a haircut?

Last night's episode of Lost......

Only 3 more days to go ......

I am hungry

Microsoft may exit MSNBC

My SO trimmed his nose hairs!!!

Funny back-to-back Lounge subject lines, mark III:

Shrub Spooks Red Sox Captain Jason Varitek

I am off to work now

Asheville NC DU meetup

Ok, it's March 3rd.

Best show on TV back this Sunday: Pimp my Ride

So my cat Evita has to get some dental work - anyone been through this...

Heat the butter!

Name two products that you would not want to get mixed up.

Anyone hear Senators Snowe and Nelson interviewed on NPR?

I been warped by the rain, driven by the snow...

Another proud and grateful escapee of the 700 Club!

THC Question.....


Inspired by Matcom's taser story on another thread.....

Our local ABC station called me with a poll

I want to be somewhere else today

I wonder what's on the other side of this hill?

Dino Ironbody ....from Freedom Liberty News Service

My roommate's cat is sound asleep on my bed.

Why do people sing "weird" these days??

ANOTHER Law & Order?????

10 commandments poll

Wife Swap.

Do you think Clear Channel will die a slow and agonizing death now?

Northeast: Anyone notice the earthquake last night?

Happy Birthday to James "Scotty" Doohan...85 years young!

Another Guess the DUer picture puzzle

Lord of the box office to sue over hobbit profits

I'm listening to Bobby Sherman right now - envy me....

Woman in Illinois was busted SIX TIMES for DUI and still had valid license

Smelly divorce hits Iranian court

Who was a meathead in high school?

More proof Mo Dowd HATES Catherine Zeta-Jones...

Unibrow does not have a Noel Gallagher.

Noel Gallagher does not have a unibrow.

Address changes - the information age.

Fulton J. Sheen and Denise Richards to remain unmarried.

Bubba- the giant lobster died at the zoo.

classic Freeper quotes!

Remember this picture?

It's time for a pitcher thread.


The Jackson trial is about Sony getting the Beatles catalog

Leno: Clarify Jackson trial gag order

George Will is advocating PBS's demise

Heartbeat-It's A Lovebeat

Ah, Sudafed and Vodka

Who Do You Think Will Be The Next POTUS

the jackson triaL is about sony getting the eLephant man's bones

New game: Change a DUer's moniker to a type of dog or cat

I need legal advice-landlord problem in NJ

The Jackson trial is about Sony trying to distract us from the chemtrails! Big Flash Contest to Stop the Republican Social Security Scam

Devil bagel with your cream cheesey siren song!

Jackson's Trial Is About Michael Getting Off On Little Boys!

My dog has just informed me that he would like me to stay home today

The Jackson trial is about Sony getting the Beatles catalog

Please explain to this non-native English speaker

The Jackson trial is about Sony getting the Oasis catalog

capitalism's wasteland?

Here's an optimistic tune for you.

The Jacson trial is about Sony owning the rights to little boys.

Burger King Worker Fined $500 For Spitting In Cop's Drink

Who heard the NPR story on Wayne Shorter yesterday?

Legal assistance/advice... please

So, Is Anyone Going To Play The Numbers From Last Night's Ep. of "Lost"?

who here has a reaLLy sick, sick (& dark) sense of humor

Mouth-foaming RWers not an USA privilege

Bush Calls For Faith Based Male Escort Training Program

Jackson Trial is about getting Jackson's hands OFF of little boys.

Peanut Butter M&M's = GAWD'S Work!

Security Door Blocks Portly Police

New Slogan = SUVs: Keeping the Price of Oil High

In a relationship, Compatibility is most important in WHAT department?

I must be today's designated thread killer

Check out matcom's "ceremony" duds

NE Patriots on verge of acquiring Duane Starks (CB)

What do you look for in a chest?

One of those annoying "I'm 60 posts from 5,000, ask me anything" threads

Noel Gallagher with a fan:

spider man loves jesus

Anyone here hear about "Toby?"

"Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue"

Star Wars cartoon

Do Catholic Hospitals Supersize baby boys

No one seems to know me, so ask me what you want to know

"It's going to snow" joke

Insert the phrase, "In my pants" into your username.

Elderly Wal-Mart Greeter Punched In The Face At Work

Folks...JOHN STEWART is switching sides on us!!!

Gooooood Morning DU!

Anyone here play flamingo?

Why is it OK for female "Big Stars" to do commercials in North America

Let this thread die. I was just trying the scroll thing. :-)

Anybody here eat flamingo?

You kids like Bacardi or Bombay?

4 8 15 816 23 42 -"Lost" numbers sharpen those pencils

Anyone here play flamingoe?

Let me die. I was just trying the life thing. :-)

Anyone here think "The Flamingo Kid" was a good movie?

Have you ever changed lyrics slightly to make them funnier?

Anyone here think "Much Ado About Flamingo" was a good movie?

AAR is talking about pizza

In a relationship, how important is...

Whoopi Goldberg Swipes Back

Stun Gun Used On Handcuffed, 65-Pound, 13 Year Old Girl

Toddler Rescued By 3-Legged Dog

what should i do?

I suck at making serious threads.

Do Catholic hospitals induce liberal moral flamingo decay?

Four Family Members Accused Of Beating Up Garbage Collector

Please critique this Flamenco

Please critique this flamingo

Hey Check out this FlamingO!!

Anyone here see Pink Flamingos?

Please critique this bumper sticker idea...

Film with 30 Uses of F-Word Gets PG-13 Rating

I just met with Alberto Gonzales's wife - ask me anything!

Attn: Fiona Apple fans

I suck at making serious threats.

Cremation Instant Breakfast

I know he's been alone and awake for almost 3 days, but

Why do christian bands circumsize baby boys?


Do Catholic Hospitals Circumscribe baby boys?

Anyone ever hear of "Drinking Liberally"?

Oh Sweet Pea, come on and dance with me...

Are you bein' PAID to surf DU?!

I hate flamingoes

Caption this

An essay on "Why The Liberals are Wrong"

mmmmm Pizza with a double order of fresh garlic!!!

Send me cute fuzzy animals, or my bank account dies!

Thinking about mustard makes me salivate.

Carnation Instant Breakfast!

Do Catholic hospitals circumcise baby boys?

Post your Fortune Cookie Results and add i"n your pants" to it

Anyone else having trouble with Yahoo?

Is anyone else tempted to start adding "in my pants" to all sentences?

The Pope and............. 'Maxwell's Siver Hammer'????

Ignore This Message, I'm Testing Something in My Pants.

Ah, ribs for lunch!

Play with yourself and a kitten dies

I have to work and don't have time to post today, SO PLEASE

OH NO now it's time for the In Your Pants copy cat thread

Ignore This Message, I'm Testing Something

which Pink Floyd Album represents the problems of today best?

send me $5000 or a kitten dies 0n 3-15-05

Jim Anchower is the finest columnist in America

I've got the flu. Who wants to go put my check in the bank?

That I would be good....

I really liked Milli Vanilli

A public service announcement about Windows

is "photoshopping" art?

So is Lizz Winstead off AAR?

Anyone up for a real war story? Do you know this Viet Vet KIA?

geographical wizards, can you come to my aid?

"Jeff Gannon"'s girlfriend?

Any Successful E-marketers out there?

Ozzfest 2005 - rumors

New game! Guess the DUer by his/her username!

How do I post a pic in my sig file?

Random church sign generator - awesome!

Who wants me to PM them?

The opening paragraph of my autobiography

Which Pink Floyd album best represents the problems in my pants?

Germany's oldest man dies, despite unusual drinking regimen

As of late my posts have been sinking like stones

"Jeff Gannon"'s corner store?

I'm on my way to Monterey

What is your favorite side dish with cheese and crackers?

Last years Bulwer-Lytton Contest winners

I just ate a bowl of Oh's cereal. That was hard work. Time for a nap.

I'm serious about making sucky threads

I've got the newest Newsweek photo of Martha Stewart.


Yes or no: When Popeye said: "Well Blow Me Down!" was he...

This man, Matt Hooker, ran for president in 2004

Jdu do navstevim Praze na tri tyden! Ask me anything!

Who wants to go rowing in the Charles River?

It's time for Match Game DU!

My curse on Spyware designers, those SOBs

Do you think it's necessary for an athletic coach to be in shape?

What's on today's menu at your place?

Anyone seen Shananigans?I saw last saw her discussing heineys with Skinner

Anyone know how to obtain Access & Powerpoint software for students?

I move out of Pittsburgh and then it gets some cool shit!

We asked 100 women-top 6 answers on the board-Name a President....

Joke heaven or hell?

Everybody Knows

He must be quackers! *Caption This*

I'd like 67 pints of red beans and rice with that catfish po'boy

Holy shit - you'll never believe what I just saw

Anybody here play flamenco or classical guitar?


I just changed my profile to have a picture and a statement

Can you identify this place?

And on the Eighth day, he crated the winds.


Describe your favorite sandwich.

My brain is fried. Please distract me


Ooh man catfarts

chimp escapes, injures mankind

Lords of Dogtown movie trailer!

Are any of you all listening to Sam Seder reading Jeff Gannon's

Chimps Escape, Seriously Injure Worker In California

"This image contains an illegal code."


Hey! Does anyone have a Ozone Air Purifier?

BTBM's idiotic questionnaire for 3/3/05

It's ALL a PLOT!!

Sam Seder is kicking Coulter's ass !


This is bloody hilarious!!!

I can't stop eating the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

My c*** is much bigger than yours!!!

Joan Rivers on Camilla:


Blur's "Country House" and Electric 6's "Gay Bar"

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards divorcing--wtf?

Goodbye, Martha

Is Stewie Griffin REALLY Gay?

Have a go at the Dumbya Voodoo Doll!

Is Stewie Griffin an infant version of Raymond Shaw from The Manchurian...

Does anyone feel like drinking in Harvard Square after work?

Banish DU's popunder windows!

To those living around Chicago


Argh! This getting in shape thing sucks

Motorcycle enthusiasts?

Picture of GOPisEvil with flamencos!

NYU warns students against wearing iPod Earbuds

cool outfit for sale on eBay -- someone tell Condi Rice!


Need good vibes/ thoughts for the next fifteen minutes

What should I do with a dog we found?

Why is The Lounge obsessed with Circumcision, Oasis and JimmyJazz?

News sucks today, am depressed, off to eat rum raisen ice ream

I miss the Daily Thread

When I fall in love...

Ma's taxes, drizzle, and bro: Sound like a new movie ?

So what do you have to get done this weekend?

If you've got herpes and need a date... Got to Herpes

Silence! Be quiet stupid cravings!!!!!

If you're thirsty and you're gay... Grab a Schmitts Gay

"I'm in the mooooood for ...; Simply because you're ..."

I got a note on my door: "I've been servicing some of your neighbors

Cat Mutiny! Help!

IMPORTANT Trolls and freepers

Bush' new science policies:

Why DId Kelly Preston-Travola Dump Charlie Sheen?

So I'm addicted to Sex In The City.........

Right wing-leftwing word association game

Where's REV?

I See How You All Are!!!

An essay on Matcom's liquor cabinet

how come you "fall" in love

I just had to share this...

Basket-O-Puppies Thread - Maximum cuteness ahead

What's for supper?

I Heart ATA.

Pen ink on leather - anything to do?

The kids found a dog -- do we keep it?

Who wants there Horoscope for tomorrow???

Let's have a contest!

Which movie is better?

So, I had a very violent outburst today

So, I had a very violet outburst today

Doctor Who starts Tuesday April 5th at 8pm on the CBC.

a picture I took of the men I work with hovering over me


has everyone read a bushku?

My 'heart attack' can beat up your 'Coronary Event'!


For years I loved to clean and cook

Shoot me. Martha Stewart is back in the news for her frickin' release

Hilarious Freeperisms

Somebody's deodorant stinks!

I am out of work & I need an EBAY mentor...

The Lost In Space character most likely to be an effing FREEPER.

I'm taking my 9 year old son to Washington, DC next weekend

Anyone heard La Bottine Souriante in concert?

What's the best way to get out of circumcision?

Bar full of Bikers or a church full of Christians?

Tell me about your wardrobe malfunction

NEWSFLASH: name not needed is a chronic liar!

Human Cannonball special on Discovery Channel

Ethical crisis

Healing Stones

Want to know your birthstone???

Movie alert: The Adventures of Robin Hood. TCM, 7 Central.

What's the best way to get out of conscription? (this one works. )

Insert "In My Pants" in the DU name of your choice

I have to tell you this funny story (it's short!)

This Morning I Woke Up To The Sounds Of BIRDS Outside My Window...


Blatant, MISLEADING Fox teaser headline: "Violent Chimps Break Free"

More "Family Guy" quotes...

All popular music was insignificant garbage prior to 1986.

Would you prefer never to read about Oasis on DU ever again?

I like the cut of your jib!

I'm getting a kiss! I'm so F'ing excited I could bathe every one of you!

I think I need a new hairdo. What do you think of this?

my cat just FREAKED, what happened?

Mmm... Cake.

Anybody here have Pink Flamingos?

College Republicans painting red stars on professors' doors. Write letters

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."



Al Hedges and LeftPeopleFinishFirst are getting Married!

What shouldn't I do?











Anybody here have pink lawn flamingos?

Science fair crisis! Help desperately needed!

Oh, good gravy!


Should I have beer with my steak or wine with my steak??

Oh, wavy gravy.

What should my 500th post be about?


trogdor wins, the rest of you copycatters can pack yer stuff and go home


It looks like my cold's going away (THANK GOD!!!).

I need chocolate. What I really mean is: Bring me chocolate and nobody

How many damn Law and Order series can there be?

You guys are freaking me out!

Say, how do I get into that thread that has nothing in the subject line??

Why did the Lounge need to be Censured?


Weird scenes inside the goldmine.

Why are some people so easily SHOCKED?

I'm going to London and Paris next week...what can I bring back for you?

The Worst Part About Moving Is.....PACKING!!!!

Shouldn't you be doing something?

When using moisturizer...

Who thinks Pretty Metal is making a comeback?

I love everyone except hedges!

Replace one word in a DUer's name with a car part.

Which DU'er here throws like a girl?

Slipped into something comfortable (photo)

Tengo frijoles en mi pantalones ...


NT: Dwarf Human Brain, might have been bush's, scientists say.

Christian Bands Decide NOT To Tour San Francisco

Replace one car part with a DUer...

I'm coming to the Lounge to catch my breath

Slipped into something comfortable (photo)

Finally! My Yellow Star! Here's my poll: Should I work in Yellowstone?

I said no cats!


Insert the phrase, "In my pants" into a math problem of your choice

Picture of me with flamingos!

"The Great Dictator" is on TCM

Ahhh...caffeine...truly, the drug of the gods

McG? What kind of fucking name is McG?

Would you rather be Jesus or a Cucumber?

How do you get your own forum?

trying to find picture of George Pataki cover from National Review

More trivia- banana lore

Why are most bands who label themselves 'Christian Bands' invariably awful

The kids were not happy with the new tricycle designs

30 post away from 6000...what the hell, ask me anything...

What should my 500th post be about?

I think I'm going to be banned from KOS

What does it mean to speak in toungues?


Congrats to antigone382!!! 1,000 Posts!!!!


Ghost Story Thread

Best One Hit Wonder..Stuck in the Middle with You...discuss



Martha Stewart made $4.5 million dollars a day in prison

Neko Case

Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near??

Who the fuck ate my truffles?

I had a post deleted.

Why the hell am I getting an occasional pop-up?

What you looking at, fool????

They just plugged FreeRepublic on The Daily Show


How do you want your eggs?

"You did WHAT with the catnip?!?"

Daily Show.

Jerry Orbach fans. His last show is on tonight...Premier of L&O

Did you know how much your co-workers make $ ?

Ari Fleisher on the Daily Show tonight

Damn & Blast. Grrrr.

If you were given 6 months to live

Martha getting out in ONE HOUR!!!!

Why aren't you using fire?

Who ate the last of my miracle whip?

EUREKA!!! I Figured Out The Numbers For Last Night's Lost!!!!!!!

Judas Priest...Angel of Retribution

Confess! Who thinks of me as the annoying little brother of DU?

Where's the Gallery, I lost it....................n/t

If you were given 200 years to live.

Thursday Night FLAME FEST: Hockey is better than baseball or football

Ever hear of "Noni" juice?

A question.

Well THAT was embarrassing!!!

If I had a million dollars

I'm swearing at the Lounge for a while...

ATTN: Ft Meade/Severn/Laurel/Glen Burnie Area DUers: I need a bit-o-help

Assign Martha to House Arrest at MY House

6666 posts. Is that more evil than evil?

Weird stuff in the lounge...some kind of computer code crap???

The only porno email my husband and I receive


My monitor is out of focus and there's no focus adjustment, Am I screwed?

I Got A Call From The Fraternal Order Of Police Today...

My cat just scratched my son.

Do you ever laugh at your own posts?

What causes B12 malabsorption?

I think I have the flu :(

Stereotypes all day long... Why LOCK Some?

Any experts want to help me with puppy potty training?

The Lounge is Boring Tonight

Who watched the new Law and Order tonight?

Is low-carb chocolate ice cream bad for my cat?

JImmyJazz is ignoring me.

Just a little off the top.

You have got to FOCUS

Who the MUCK rate my fruffles?

I can see clearly now the rain is gone. (very nice sunset.)

This is a cool pic.

Welcome Home Martha!

This is kind of cool: The 2005 HGTV Dream Home winner?

I touched Shananigans hiney!

Track your musical tastes!!


Can you decipher this Bush Sr. quote??

Opinions on Mark Twain?

POLL: movie which most accurately depicts war

Tell me something to cheer me up

BBC America Comedy Poll

Why aren't you using Firefox?

Steel cage match: WindRavenX VS Kathy In Cambridge

The lounge needs a low-pass filter tonight

One of the coolest films of all time - Pulp Fiction


me and my brother Glenn

Garbage Truck Compacts Homeless Man Sleeping In Dumpster (he lived!)

If Stephen Colbert, Amy Sedaris or Paul Dinello are here, I have a "?"

HEADS UP: Don't forget Andy Stephenson

I'm home, sweethearts!

i'm getting a bathtub! I'm so f'ing excited, i could kiss every one of ya!

For my 1000th post - PLAN OUR VACATION FOR US!

Tonya Harding to wrestle transvestite in Florida

Guys: I have a personal question for you. Just curious...


So no Belle and Sebastian calendar for me

Could System Of A Down quite possibly be the best band in the world??

check out this collection of fundie quotes (they are great!)

What cartoon character most closely resembles your personality?

OK...Not To Be Crabby, But...I REALLY Wish The Ann/Man Coulter Jokes

A Lick and a Promise

Quiz: What Kind Of Drug Is Best For You?

i'll bet he really, really, had to pee really bad!

Show us your desktops!!!!!!!

Do you think you've been "throttled" by Netflix?

WABC All American Survey for Week of 2 March 1965

Help me frame a good argument for my niece's essay...

Are there any celebrities on DU?

Prep School Sex Orgy sign of EVIL Liberal-induced Moral Decay?

What is your favourite Captain Haddock epithet?

Per Kathy's request, tonight's flamebait: Pepsi vs. Coca Cola

When is it cheating?

Those pictures of the Red Tailed Hawk I promised are in a week early ;-)

name the movie -- post another quote

Question Period - What I'd like to know about you

Top10 Things GOPisEVIL Must Know Before Spending The Weekend At MY House!!

Question for the ladies

Guys, another personal question for you...

What is your favorite fish to eat?

What's the deal with Curves?

I know the real reason Kleeb's been away

Which is better? Caribou or Starbucks.

Moms against Bush

My cat just gave my face a bath

roscoeroscoe is a DUer in Iraq who posted last night! Can we send him our

What's your favorite Easter Candy (edited to include all my Peeps)

Parents that push children into show business are not so good at being

Whats your favortie Daily Show sketch?

So I'm addicted to Sex and the City.

Favorite Founding Father?

Grrr.... That thread in General Discussion has me all riled up

This thread could use more input

MessiahCam: Live webcam of Jerusalem's Golden Gate

What is the difference?

Lack of belief, or active disbelief?

Apparently it's ok to discriminate against atheists

I'm tired

"Would Jesus eat potato chips?"

So, Dioxin was 'the fall guy' for Vietnam Vets' harm

Archaeology: 2,500 years old, and as fresh as the day she was buried

"A place for race in medicine?" (Christian Science Monitor)

4 8 15 16 23 42

New research opens a window on the minds of plants

Global Flyer

A neat twist on the classic 2 slit interferance experiment.

Email Bush for important issue

Edwards Picketed over "gay masters"

Court Still Undecided About Same-Sex Rights

Gay Ads Draw Ire in Mexico

Bill Allows Faith Based Groups To Discriminate Against Gay Workers

How can people simultaneously be

Washington Supreme Court To Hear Gay Marriage Case

Lutheran Scholars Oppose Gay Proposal

Boston College Students Vote To End Gay Discrimination

Connecticut governor supports civil unions for gays

California Considers Ban On 'Gay Panic' Defense

Accepting The "Civil Union" Compromise...

Fraternity Sues To Keep Out Gays (UNC)

Its office, Moss traded to Oakland

"The New Jersey Nets....presented by Jackson Hewett" (sigh)

I'm watching baseball.

Life After The Curse

Patriots pick up Arizona cornerback Duane Starks

Boston investment firm wants to buy entire NHL for $3.5 billion

Pirates ready to KICK SOME YANKEE ASS!! -1:15 PM today.

psssssst....the celtics...

Question for Sport Fisherman

the gahden is back!!

Poisonous plants.....

mountain lion killed 15 yr old horse

My kitty is on Catster

I posted under the pet name inspiration thread, but forgot to ask...

Bizarre pet photos

Astrologers, I need help

Help for my battered soul... PLEASE!!!

Astrologers: Uranus + Peak Oil = ??????

Astrologers: Welcome to the Spring Equinox.

God not so dead: Atheism in decline worldwide

God Owes Us an Apology

Just out of curiosity

The First Amendment, Whats the Interpretation?

there's a (so far) positive JK post in GD

Kerry-bashing on Malloy! Arrrrrrrrgh!

Amendments voted down yesterday


Mr. Edwards Goes to Harvard

Another article penned by JK

More Pics. Cuz you can never have enough Pics!

Maybe I should turn in my moniker

I shouldn't let them upset me, but they do

Still a hero: JK helps teacher threatened with deportation


I posted some pics in the lounge, I don't believe in spamming

A photo of my grandmother circa 1919

DFA wants your Social Security are some touching ones.

the hard line according to ulysses: what the hell is the party going to do

Americans prefer Democrats 50-31 on Social Security

Republican hubris: A tale of the chimp and girlie-man Arnie

Why did Bidenvote the way he did on the bankruptsy amendments?

Dump NCLB - now!

I am boiling after hearing KCAL News on Shelley & McCormack

Ann Coulter On Drugs? Have You seen Her March 3 Rant?

Bush on Social Security Privatization Flash Animation Contest.......

I've suspected they wanted to do away with public schools altogether

Encouraging New Republic article on social security

Take a look at this s****

Howard Kurtz wrote this a month ago, but he still supports Bush

"CLear Skies Initiative" to be heard in committee today

isn't the Plame case being heard in Chicago, 7th district federal court?

On Social Security: Nation Prefers Dems over GOP by 50-31

All we need to turn the tide is one good, fairly unknown candidate with

Big Flash Contest to Stop the Republican Social Security Scam:

Wayne Madsen on Gannon/GOP Pedophilia; Releases Own Evidence

Mixed feelings about Bush

Turkish fury as Erdogan, champion of free speech, sues over cartoon

House Ethics Watch - Rep. Mollohan Hits Rules Changes

"WE THE PEOPLE" - it doesn't mean anything anymore, does it ???

The PR campaign for SS "privatization" begins with the "polls"...

Blair: I wore massive flares and sang Honky Tonk Woman

Get Your Facts: Greesnpan on 1982 Commitee that Raised Soc Sec Taxes

North Dakota House of Representatives yesterday

Make your reservations NOW for NH and Iowa '07-'08

Will the Social Security "debate" be decided by The Polls?

Judy Woodruff enables USANext's lies thru her total incompetence:

Sy Hersh coming to Louisville March 3rd Bellamine University

Watch SS ad pulled by Jim McCrery, R-LA. It's a hoot and back on the air!

1500 troops now dead in Iraq.

National Retail Federation: "Retailers Oppose National Retail Sales Tax"

Bush Policy Working?

Dime-bag Dubya and the Ten Commandments

The hardline according to LoZoccolo: the party will have to move right.

The upcoming "Social Security Road Trip":

Lakoff and the DNC

China Basically Labels the USA as a Monstrousness Baby Killing Society

Media? Corruption? Image? Stolen Elections?

Neil Bush & Crest - Another Profiteering Scheme


reward for Gannon info upped to $20,000

Dean raises about 90,000 dollars for the Mississippi Democratic Party


CounterPunch: In Oscar Texas: One Down, One to Go?

House schedule for 3/3/05 -

CIA Warns of the "Ingovernability" of Mexico (propaganda?)

KNX 1070 Los Angeles airs interview on e-voting fraud and.......

Support Senator Byrd today

They shoot horses, don't they?

Bankruptcy legislation close to passage.

Today, I hauled my wheelbarrow full of money over to the supermarket...

If this is true then the DNC staff are stupid


Chimp appointee: "Let Padilla go."

Greenspan Humbled By Asia's Central Bankers:

how many other election contests still pending?

Name the next Dean Dozen.

A question about the blogging censorship (on its way?)

Whoa! Did anyone else see this?

Stop Illegal Immigration -- Raise the Minimum Wage

Do tell...Tenet book postponed.

DU the CNN poll - Should sales tax replace income tax? NEEDS HELP

Frank Luntz on "bipartisanship"

Article on Greenspan and his anti-regulatory ideology

In Bushworld, it is possible for something bad to turn out good.....

Action alerts include Sen. Reid and Social Security Pledge

Why Freepers are not the mainstream....

Anybody watching Sen. Lautenberg?

Harry Reid warns reporter not to fall into Frank Luntz's trap

Two men named John O'Neill

Red Star SRJC Same School With FBI Investigation And Death

President 'Mungo' Bush - Texan Scottish Sheep-Hand

Why the hit piece from Rolling Stone?

Where Is Air America Radio On The AM Dial??

Kennedy to Attach Minimum Wage Increase to Bankruptcy Bill

Does Anyone Know Where The Trail of $ From Iraq to Al-Queada Lies

Conyers voting legislation: If anyone has read it, please answer this Q

I Have A Dumb Question - Is Gannon Still Working In the WH?....

(Reuters) Canada Defense Minister on U.S. No-Fly List - Paper

Neo-Republican watch: Sen. Ben Nelson

Interesting web site and blog/ These guys went after Arnolds PAC

Something Smells About the "Road Trip" Blitz..........

Wealthy Deadbeats....Schumer

Getting a White House day (press) pass

Bush in 30 years flash contest moveon

Paula Zahn did a segment last night titled "Porn Patriot" about a guy...

Now is not the time for complacence on Social Security

BLAST 391 National Media Contacts to Participate: Curtis virtual conferenc

Does Lieberman get a cookie for his voting on Bankruptcy amendments?

GannonGuckert Reward Increased to $20,000.00

Grassley Says Drug Importation Bill Will Be Passed This Summer!!!

The Chimp is visiting a BAD part of Pittsburgh on Monday.

My kindergartener son, stirring up the political pot at school

Call to arms: Now Limbaugh using Novak's lie about Dean....

Where the money goes.

One thing you can say about Dubya, he is persistent.

Democratic "Resolution of Inquiry" to force Repubs hand on Gannongate

Should we email

We need to constantly link the GOP to the homophobic Topka Phelps movement

"She Has the Power." Gloria Totten and Progressive Majority. The Nation.

Bill being introduced to stifle speech of progressive teachers?...

So Monica Crowley (Ron Reagan's co host)has a talk radio show

Parliament of Whores fighting...

About the failing SS plan

Information Clearing House - info to cause freeper heads to explode!

My Fellow Americans: Your Social Security is under threat....

Senator Harry Reid: Sign our Pledge to Protect Social Security

Min Wage up by $2+ an hour? What are they REALLY planning.

Statement of Sibel Edmonds - 3/2/05

My God--Are Greenspan & Repubs Serious? This will kill the republicans

If you don't like my US flag display you can just call....................

WTF is up with Alan Greenspan???

Gannongate Swinging Open? New Move in Congress for Info

Going Nowhere The DLC Sputters to a Halt ( Nation article 3/3/05

I Need Help...

Was DNC Chair Howard Dean’s “Hotel Staff” Barb Racist or Racial?

Hey the Cali Nurses just kicked Arnolds Butt. in court ruling

Who, here, backed Jerry Brown for President in 1992?

Book recommendations

(NY NewsDay) Daily Show 'reporter' pulls City Hall (Gannon) spoof

The National Review: Stem Cell research=euginics

Harball's Thursday show...what a joke! He's such a media whore.

What is being said about liberals?

QUESTION about U.S. Soldier death count.

Dean is coming to Seattle, Washington

Great Charts The bush econmic record

Pls read our proposal for paper ballots of record in California.....

Senator vs. Governor for 08'?

Tomorrow nights Guest on The Daily Show - Ari Fleischer

Just heard on Keith Olbermann.....

"Dem Strategy for Dummies"

Bills filed in Florida and TN, maybe more, to stifle professors.

Someone tell Ari Fleischer to crawl back in his effing hole.

Ted Rall Cartoon: Comparing Bush To Hitler (hilarious!)

Dem Senators hit the Road to oppose Bush SSI actions

Another bald-headed conservative fake "journalist" mysteriously resigns

Conason: "Bush's Reform Program Smells like Con Job"

Reid Calls Greenspan a "Political Hack!"

Former Canadian Foreign Minister Scolds Bush, Condi and Co.

Republican Jewish groups assail Senator Byrd's Hitler reference......

College Republicans becoming very visible and aggressive on our

"Uniquely American" Needs To Become Our Battlecry!

Action Alerts! Please DU these

Explain this to me about SS. Our employers match our payments in SS.

a letter to condi from Lloyd Axworthy (great read)

Dianne Feinstein's head sees the light of day!

Can the the bankruptcy bill be considered a Democratic acid test?

Vermont votes to bring troops home

Rove Uses Campaign Playbook to Mastermind Social Security Fight

Is anyone else surprised that violence has not erupted yet?

Who is the CA supposed Heavyweight that will take on Arnold??

Jim Gibbons, R-Nevada, too DUMB to write his own hate speech

Amy Goodman just put some whoopass on Tweety

Where do liberals and centrists disagree? What issues?

George W Bush 1998 Drunk Video

Internet Blogging and Grassroots Political Activity in Danger (FEC)

Would you support a "Draft Ralph" effort against Lieberman in 2006?

Rep. Mark Udall (D-CO) to Run for Senate in '08

Martha ROCKS aren't we all safer now that martha went to prison!

Do you ever wonder how many traffic accidents are caused by

Do you believe we have the "truth" on our side?

Where's the Outrage? Where's the Anger?

Bush Quote

OMG!!! John Conyers SO ROCKS!!!

Why should bully tactics be protected,...

Wanna gag? I know you do!

PFAW: Clinton, Boxer, Tubbs unveil Count Every Vote Act of 2005

In 2042, there will only be 2 workers per SS retiree....?

Illegal immigration I crazy, or could this work?

Why are Americans so damn conservative?

Hypothetical (but important) question

Rep. Kucinich, HR1673, proposes US Department of Peace

Ain't life great? Now Bush is a liberal Democrat & the Clintons are war