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Archives: March 27, 2005

Gratitude toward U.S. turns into resentment

Latin-American arm race has to be stopped now

Unreliable News--Expose of Frida Ghitis

Carl Hiaasen (Miami Herald): Easy prey for exploiting politicians

School Puts Jefferson's Legacy to Test

One life to save, many to squander

Fresh details emerge of Iraqis' abuse by American soldiers

Bawling Bernie: Disgraced Tough Guy's Sob Story (NYP: NYM on Kerik)

Oh what a lovely war on terror it's been for Halliburton

Energy body wants brakes on fuel consumption (i.e. rationing)

Where's the outrage? (LTTE)

Bush's Back-and-Forth Reflects Rift in Party

The Schiavo case: An assault on seperation of powers

Anatomy of an IT disaster: How the FBI blew it

Terri is the dying martyr the Rebublican right can use

What's going to happen as we start running out of cheap gas to guzzle?

Stripes letter (sociology professor): Absolute power has its flaws

DeLay knows an opportunity when he sees it

The Savage Carnival

Hypocrisy is Tom DeLay's Middle Name

CIA-MI6 Interference in Domestic Politics in the Balkans

GW Bush Sex Scandal Reference + Foreign Policy Chat of note...

Libertarianism is Marxism of the Right?

The only scandal Americans care about is sex.

Flickinger Trumps His Last Tripe Attempt....

The Flawed Report on Dan Rather

Same Shit, Different Hemisphere

Troops: "They're foreclosing on our house." (NYT/Kos)

The God Racket, From DeMille to DeLay (NYT Frank Rich)

Creationism show trial (good piece on the forces behind the KS ID/

They've Got the Guns, We've Got the Numbers

NATO's Aggression Against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Chiang Mai University peace/global issues conf. Aug 5/6


Does CNN have a written ethics policy published on the net? -- Defining The New Mainstream

Industrial Hemp: Now that GM proposes over 100,000 layoffs (30%)...

Wall Street Could See Volatile Week

Energy body wants brakes on fuel consumption (i.e. rationing)

Buckle Up for the Dollar's Ride

"Hemp and the Rule of Law"

Incredible pictures of the Northern Lights and Alaska

Chinese censors block chat rooms

Latin-American arm race has to be stopped now

Taiwanese Hold Massive Demonstration Against China, Protesting Anti-Secess

China's renewed imperialism

Mubarak's son has no political ambitions

Frustration stalks Saharan refugee camps

With gas, Bolivia hopes to regain sea access

BBC (March 27): EU 'optimistic' after Cuba visit

Egypt Arrests Scores of Banned Islamic Group Members; More Protests Held

BBC (March 27): Hezbollah weapons 'not an issue' in Lebanon

`Disciplined' democracy touted by Myanmar junta

Jackie "Whore" Chan Gets Professional Spirit Award

IDF, police to hold meeting on rising settler violence

Inside Islam's ''terror schools''

BBC (Sunday): Mid-East peace song is broadcast

AIPAC Probe / AIPAC works to preserve clout in U.S.

BBC (Sunday): Fatah faces reform crossroads

Mofaz: PA agents involved in arms smuggling into Gaza

Using The Holocaust To Ward Off Criticism

NYT: New Details on F.B.I. Saudi Aid

Help me with this info Penny Elgas story on Pentagon 9/11 attack

(MA) Lawmakers mull unconditional absentee voting

weird. cnn just did an okay global warming program

"Secret report of the U.S. Ambassador to Kyrgyz Republic" - US involved

Macedonian voting irregularities

DU's Brad Friedman of "BradBlog" cited by Rep. John Conyers

Sunday 3/27 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Ohio DUers... Take Note. Blackwell has some groups behind him

Five Easy Pieces: Solving the Party-ID Conundrum

Here's my attempt at helping the cause


Los Angeles Times (March 27): State Is Joining Shift on Prisons

CA sneakily adding abortion notification bill to ballot

Social Security blitz descends on Iowa

May Day / "Mission not Accomplished" Day - Sunday, May 1.

Amy Klobuchar - Preparing to run for US Senate

ACTION ALERT: HJR 6 will be scheduled for a public hearing Monday, April 4

Who can we get to run against

Dear Dr. Frist--Can you remove this strange growth?

Help me find an Uber-Liberal Christian church in FtW

Can the Badgers beat the Tar Heels?

Warning for the U of Wisconsin's Sociology Department

Fishing forum, new check it out

Oh my God

Protesters' tactics dispel lawmaker's doubts

For attorneys only: Jeb Bush ignored Greer's order, what is this called ?

Need some political info on a company...

How Pro-lifers Rationalize Bush's law...

Question re a certain hospice

Just to clear the air

I want the correct author's name displayed

Army recruiters at my work.

Thomas Jefferson's favorate books were:

48 States or more?

almost a smoking gun for impeachment of Jeb

Anagrams of George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Michael Jackson...

JEB = Junior's Evil Brother -- Any other suggestions?

Holy hell - A freeper tried to convert me tonight!!!

As countries like India and China adopt Western style science, logic and

Anyone take the Zogby poll today?

The low hanging fruit for American industry are all gone.

The perfect anniversary gift for my wife - The Fox Blocker

BBC: Iraqis Living With Kidnap Terror

I would like to make an analogy between a GM car and our policy in Iraq.

Clyde Bellecourt is my new hero!!!

Post Your F.R. Insanity Gems here

It's officially Easter Sunday. and in true respect to Jesus...

Next Terror Alert/attack?

Some hypocrisy from the religiously insane

Holy s***! I went to Google news and the first entry there is..

Last day for "Holiday Characters Exposed"

from the Dept. of Vile Rumors

Spinmeister on Washington Journal named Bacon

Michael Jackson is being interviewed live on Air America right now!

Happy Pagan Fertility Symbol Day!

This was posted on

Post-Petroleum: Permaculture and Natural Building

India Oil Chief Says U.S. Would Be 'Stupid' to Attack Iran

Ramifications of Shiavo?

interesting/informative graphic explaining TS's brain condition

I suggest that after W's term expires, we keep the office vacant for

Has anyone calculated how many millions of gallons of petroleum

Do you know a soldier who is suffering post-traumatic stress disorder?

Listening to that idiot Mona Caren on C-Span, I ask this

Soldiers' Portfolio (from GQ).

Meet the Press "Faith in America"

The War on Terror is a Fraud.

DeLay knows an opportunity when he sees it

dupe sorry

Mayo Clinic distances itself from Dr. Cheshire on its FL homepage

Why don't we outsource all that is unpleasant to us, like abortion,

Sunday 3/27 talk shows

Clinton rescued Elian with federal troops. Why didn't * do this for Terri?

The Iraqis are officially ready to take over their own security.

PHOTOS: Ann Arbor, Michigan STANDS UP for PEACE, in a big way

I am conflicted--Is it bad for me to wish for Terri Schiavo's death?

Where were the fundies when Bush's law murdered Sun Hudson?

people who say "God chooses when we die, so Terri should live"

PHOTOS: Anchorage, Alaska STANDS UP for Peace...

George Lakoff discusses framing the debate on FSTV, Sunday.

Schindler hypocrisy so thick you need a chainsaw to cut it.

You are killing her! The offical line of the morning shows.

Easter 2005 ....11,344 of our men and women hurt in Iraq.

Sorry for another TS tread, but WHAT is this woman doing?????

Are the Sunday shows mentioning Delay's hypocrisy

Last week proved that America is keeping an eye on the theocrats.

Schiavo-Free Easter Humor

Does anyone realize this:

How the * Administration Insured Terri Schiavo's Death Years Ago...

just saw jeofrey sachs 'the end of poverty' on cspan 2

One of CNN's Schiavo reporters was paid by Jeb

Actual American war casualties PLEASE.

Sorry if duplicate, Iraqi Police Fire on Protesters..... Netscape

File under: You Just Can't Make This Shit up

Happy Easter DU

In case any of you had any doubts about it: he IS the anti-christ

Electronic Iraq: What's New?

Thinking of soldiers abroad this Easter

Jeb has the power to save Terri, he refuses to use it

there really is a fun and happy jesus

Crosspost -- World News Trust -- Defining The New Mainstream BANS Shiavo threads

The $4.7 Trillion Pyramid, Why Soc.Sec. won't be enough to save Wall St.

In two hours I will be in the lion's den with the Fundies

If we went to war with China, who would win? We are more advanced with

Meanwhile....there's still a Goddamned war going on.......

On the Existence/Non-Existence of "The End Times"

When will we see a movie about Jesus based on the Jefferson Bible?

PHOTOS: Omaha, Nebraska STANDS UP for PEACE "The Bridge of Peace"

I watched the Passion of the Christ last night

Clay Bennett is a great political cartoonist

Legal Advice Needed - Car Accident

Lieberman needs to go.

Terri's dad pulled the plug on his mom?

NY Times Magazine: The Soul of the New Exurb

Cross Bayou school near the TS hospice is closed tomorrow...

Tsunami sufferers question faith

Question about burning dvds

Tom DeLay let his own brain-dead father die peacefully in 1988

Spitzer's Office Closes Its Inquiry Into Imus Ranch for Sick Children

i'm sick and tired of being told i am out of trainsteam

All I'm seeing is the media arguing the minority opinion re: Schaivo...

George and Jeb are crucifying Terri Shaivo to use her for their agenda

NYT: Conservative Christians aim to take over OHIO GOP, elect Blackwell

2006 Election Focus: Impeachment

From the Moonie Times: RETALIATION!

great Delay political cartoon, from AZ no less!

Just saw the AARP commercial-LOVe it!!!!!!

I agree about one thing with the right-wing wacko Schiavo protestors

More scary pictures out of Pinellas Park...(3/27)

Terri's dad pulled plug on his own mom & DeLay pulled plug on his own dad

I swear to God..CNN is inciting to riot...

KKK, xians' invasion of Indian Tribes

Tom Friedman just doesn't get it - is he really this daft?

Did anyone hear Dr. Dean Edell today?

Be flat out amazed. A 16th century Catholic on the misuses of religion

Student loans - good or bad?

a yahoo peek at the truth

A family that preys together, stays together

Schiavo Family Asks Protesters to Go Home

I'm proud of my church.

are conservatives terrorists?

Poll to DU: Did Blair lead Britain into an illegal war?

Caption This....George and Laura....

Is the writing on the wall for the U.S. dollar?

Bush "prays for peace" at Easter service

Caption this

ATTENTION: Absolutley Last Call To Send Al Gore A B-Day Message

When I was twelve, I went to a Billy Graham evangelical healing service

Something I've been wondering lately (JFK)

Democrats represent more

What's with Rev. Mahoney saying subpoenas were issued

St Pete Times: "Zealotry and Its Victims"

Sunday Monitor - live at 6 pm Central

Get ready to hear this Bible quote ... over and over and over:

Say it ain't so: Nader teams up with the Wingnuts

Freeper Lunacy - Terri being murdered in Satanic Counter-Easter

Photo: "Young Marines" (Age 13-14) wear combat fatigues to school

T.V. Networks pay attention here is a freebie.

Schiavo might also have been for Jeb's 2008 Pres run

Jim Wallis on c-span2/BookTV - Right Gets It Wrong, Left Doesn't Get It

Schiavo protestor a registered sex offender!

Nebraska: Court Upholds Law Requiring Infant Blood Test (fundie parents)

Man sells device that blocks Fox news.

The Long Emergency

Question about Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Whenever I hear him on

Need the email address for Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. I

cnn seems to really be covering global warming...shock.

the movie "The American President" just gets better and better

Sorry but update on the SCHOOL in FLORIDA

Zealot talking points

Did anyone see the protesters turn on Terry Schiavo's brother?

If the Republicans didn't cave in to religously insane people,...

a present from the easter bunny

At Easter service, Pastor lays out liberal morals

Wal-Mart: Lower prices, higher taxes

CNN has just covered global warming in a serious way. future airings

Gov. Bush: I can't help Terri Schiavo

Saint Michael

Texas to BAN divorce through a Constitutional Amendment.

Florida's "Welfare Queen"

Medical Science is an amazing thing

I Missed It... What Was Bill Nelson's Excuse This Time?

Audio - Jesse & Michael Jackson interview

PHOTOS: Brandy Swindle's protest at Michael Schiavo's home this afternoon

The Department of Homeland Security is a Sham

Banner Week for Peak Oil Coverage-Even Thomas Friedman Acknowledges

Is it wrong to be a fake preacher and ask for money ? NT

outsourcing versus mechanization

Schiavo Protesters: Why can't they be moved to FREE SPEECH ZONES?

Sounds like a lot of fornicating going on at Operation Iraqi Freedom

Terri might have been saved by Stem cell research!

What's This - Matt Drudge Is Dissing Both Jeb and *......

Now Terri's family starts squabble over her funeral

Another Yahoo story to de-freep the ratings for

I Confronted A Fundie The Other Day

At long last, could this be it.......

Easter Reflections on Tom Delay

One of my daughters is home for a break after working in India and

The Neo-Cons plus Neo-Libs equals a F***ed America.

Mark of the devil post #666 (on Easter day no less)

Oopsy, George and JEB! - - -now you are "Pontius Pilate"

America's Mental Health Crisis and Schiavo Protesters..

What will happen first?

Any more on the shooting of the Italian Reporter?

From the US Dept. of Energy-Peak Oil Analysis

New research: JFK wanted all troops out by 1965, ordering the pullout to

Randall Terry: Can we remove your feeding tube? NT

Dems must get a "win" by 2008

Hospice Workers Should Speak Truth and Reason to Schiavo Case

Defreeping needed of a Social Security story....

The case against Euthanasia

What's This - Matt Drudge Is Dissing Both Jeb and *......

The Terri Schaivo saga...

after terri s. passes away

Musta Bin Some HEAVY-duty Repuke LOVED Matt PUDGE

Commuting to Cuba cuts medical costs

Does anyone have enough temerity to watch Joe Scarborough?

the Schindler's offered Michael Schiavo $700,000 almost 4 yrs. ago...

Q: Are they Tutu or Hutsi?

How Hitler spent his last days - for history buffs

Tom DeLay Must Go (help Common Cause turn up the heat on this b**tard)

I don't think Americans like protesters, period

Wonderful pictures of Terri on news sites

I couldn't even GET a feeding tube

'America Lost India on March 25'--Former GOP Sen. Pressler BLASTS Bush...

Crystal Clear

Christian 'Conception' Parties Raise Ire, Eyebrows (holy sh-t!)

Watching "Sometimes in April"...

How can people get in massive credit card debt?

Rand, Kant, Descartes and Even Smith turned Out To Be Wrong

Dems agree on need to overhaul Social Security

We don't have to worry about "Operation Extrication" anymore

For those of you that believe that Terri Schavio's

If you pray, what was your Easter prayer?

Is it wrong to be a fake preacher and ask for money ? NT

The rightwing nuts are getting pissed at the Bush boys!

"War is a Racket!"

PHOTOS: all across USA, we STAND UP for Peace: the WAGE PEACE campaign

Houston Chronicle says gas is cheap--compared to a gallon of Starbucks

Disabled Activists From The South Are Demonstrating At Terri's Side

It's almost time for battle...

All this..... yet no one says "Constitutional Crisis"

House OKs $37 million Federal funds for Wal-Mart H.Q. road in Bentonville

TIME poll: GOP really stepped in it this time

bushie: Confident, Comfortable and 'Impishly Fun'

I am publicly admitting, I was wrong about the Terri Shiavo case

Would it be correct to say that those who oppose the teaching of evolution

Sen Ted Stevens' Plan for Censoring both Cable TV & the Internet

As Bush flip flops on whether he wanted to sign the Shiavo bill, remember

To those moved: an invitation to walk the walk

So what news stories are being hidden by the spectacle of Schiavo?

Michigan refuses to treat gays

Before you say Mrs Schiavo is being murdered, or this is barbaric

You wanna see the MOST uninformed site for TS stories


Democrats Doing The Bidding Of George Bush & Big Business: The Nation

AP's picked up the DeLay-Let-His-Dad-Die story

Is this protester from outside the Shiavo Protests a sexual predator?

I truly appreciate Christians who are NOT Insane

WH "leak" that Bush "didn't want to sign the bill" is complete BS

I've avoided the Schiavo threads, but I want to understand something.

I hate Republicans because...

Are the Schindlers turning on the hospice facility now??

GOP Talking Points on Schiavo

The feeling is exhilarating. I've never seen the GOP punk out like this

Why are the Bush Brothers and the Republicans letting Mrs. Schiavo die?

God TOLD me that George W. Bush should be tried as a War Criminal

Randall Terry and other FL wingnuts to March on Washington tomorrow

My friend, who works for GM in Michigan told me today that before the year

Billmon: Agitator Randall Terry (Operation Rescue founder) using Schiavo



Who is "UnAmerican" Now?

The Nashua Advocate: The Time Has Come, the Proof Is Here: "Schiavogate"

An Easter rant

Terror Threat Upgrade? or Bin Laden Sighting?

Freepers reporting Terri just received communion

Why haven't any of the "healing televanglists" stepped forward ...

The Lesser of Two Evils--McDonald's or Taco Bell?

Schiavo case vs millions of people, healthy, alive, with no health care

If John Kerry wants to run in 2008...

So, does the "Waiting for the Sky Taxi" essay offend ...

A leak from the WH.....

Who Do You Think Will Be The Democratic Nominee In 2008?

Can one bring a hidden recording device into a recruiting office?

And Jesus said: "Drink this tropical fruit juice in remembrance of me"??

Ritter says NeoCons ‘godless parasites’ feeding on the Republican Party

PBS special on Rove - recruiting conservative Democrats

Mexican fans taunt US soccer team

talk radio in Rwanda genocide story seems too familiar

Could Peak Oil Be A Blessing in Disguise???

Ode to Hugo Chavez

Death from dehydration a gentle process, scientists say

Tom DeLay doesn't want to talk about pulling the plug on his own daddy

What's the timeline with Ward Churchill anyway?

"Should we not spunge her mouth?"

Best anti-war songs from the 60s?

A peek inside the PETA building

Shelter from the Storm ('Mission NOT Accomplished' Day)

Got revoked in seven posts at FR

OMG! Bad Freeper folk music

PHOTOS: documenting the Pro-Peace events (March 16-22,2005) WAGING PEACE

Crock Pot Desserts

It's Cheese! (Picture heavy)

Roasting on a rack

Lazzari Mesquite Charcoal...any users?

Greek fuel tanker explodes in Ghana port, 15 feared dead

Australian yet to be charged in mining pollution case

Michigan congressman pans Social Security overhaul

Rep. Tom DeLay Took His Own Father Off Life Support in 1988

More Saudi flights from U.S. revealed

NYT: Iraq Battles Smuggling (2 Years After U.S.-Led Invasion)

Iraq conflict takes its toll on recruiters' health, careers

Report: Army won't prosecute 17 soldiers

Rice Describes Plans To Spread Democracy

Basque party to appeal banning from ballot

Oh what a lovely war on terror it's been for Halliburton

Oil Lobbyist Gave Cover To Senator

Schiavo's family tells supporters to go home

LAT/Reuters: Big-Bang Effect Widening Universe, Team Theorizes(dark force)

Bush's Back-and-Forth Reflects Rift in Party

Kyrgyzstan Sets June Vote for President

AP: Iraq Police Fire On Protesters, Kill One

Iran `stockpiling' weapons legally

Planned Illinois coal plant could cast haze over refuge

Officer’s death after Iraq tour puzzles doctors

Tokyo hears Chirac on China EU ban

Roman Catholic Archbishop Urges Zimbabweans to Take to the Streets

Greater Cincinnati International Airport Shut down...

Somali threatens jihad if peacekeepers are sent in

GOP Governors Fight Tax Limits -WP

Iraqi Security Officials Open Fire on Protesters, Killing One

British Attorney General under pressure over Iraq war advice

Iraq-based Polish troops start withdrawal from Muthanna

Army Reserves: Mud Wrestling Soldiers Should Be Punished

Japan confirms 16th case of mad cow disease

Past Arguments Don't Square With Current Iran Policy -WP

Bill takes aim at polygamist group in west Texas

Makeshift services held outside Schiavo hospice (heating up)

Assailants Attack in Iraq's North and South

Hizbollah arms off agenda now - Lebanon opposition

Newly-repaired Iraq pipeline blown up

Syria quits Lebanon air defence posts

Shia politician among Iraq dead

Officials: DNA tests clear man convicted of girl's '92 murder

Officer’s death after Iraq tour puzzles doctors

Family Abandons Quest to Keep Schiavo Alive

Rivals' struggle locks Kyrgyzstan in power vacuum

Playing God (Schiavo's father took his mother off life support)

Doctors demand sealed wards for MRSA cases

(Update:) Terri Schiavo Allowed to Receive Communion

Death from dehydration a gentle process, scientists say

Lawsuit accuses Curves founder of fraud, threats

Iranian diplomat dismisses nuclear weapons allegations

India to Enhance Energy Cooperation With Saudi Arabia

Now Terri's family starts squabble over her funeral

16 die as politicians bicker

Court-martial set to begin for U.S. officer charged with murder

DeLay Agreed With Withholding Special Treatment for His Injured Father

Schiavo's relatives in row over funeral

Lockheed Martin offers 'exclusive' F-16s to India

Top US commander says more foreign fighters appear to be entering Iraq

Iran and Saudi Arabia strengthen security cooperation

Bush plan threatens vets

NYT: In Battling Cancer, a Genome Project Is Proposed

Grandma Millie, Meet the Detectives: An Unlikely Team Unmasks Enron

US told: deliver Hicks proof (Aust govt getting nervous about Gitmo guy)

Study links `cot death' to passive smoking

Bush Prays for Troops at Easter Services

Importing foreign workers to help build oilsands ignites Alberta labour fi

Fifteen people injured in bomb attacks, shootings - Thailand

34 Fatah missiles missing; Loose ends seen in weapons hunt

North Korea reports first bird flu incident

Election Tactics at a New Low, Say Tories--UK

Weak dollar causes new rate of inflation

N.Korea confirms bird flu outbreak

NYT: Congress Ready to Again Debate End-of-Life Issues

Drug Companies Launch Aggressive Counterattack

Officials rip Bush plan to cut cash for cops

Australia/Troops 'face uranium danger'

Employers Relying On Personality Tests To Screen Applicants -WP

NYT: Under New Chief, F.C.C. Considers Widening Its Reach

A Star Reporter Fights Subpoena, and Criticism -LAT (re: Judith Miller)

Despite law, banks foreclose on soldiers

"Qatar Unhappy With High Oil Prices"

Campaigners call for action over fee-charging ATMs

Storage of spent nuclear fuel criticized

A blend of risks makes dollar's outlook grim

The Stewards of Gay Washington, The D.C. police Gay /Lesbian Liaison Unit

U.S. Deaths in Iraq - 1,527 members of the U.S. military have died

Pilgrims' tears as tormented Pope fails to speak at Easter Mass

Army retention rates booming among 1st ID, 1st AD soldiers in Europe

WP: Schwarzenegger Prepares to Do Battle in Calif. (increasingly partisan)

Abortion-rights battle shaping up (in CA)

AP : School near Schiavo's hospice sending students elsewhere

Plan for nuclear waste dump in Nevada close to meltdown

NYT: With Bush Safely Re-elected, Rove Turns Intensity to Policy

In Utah, a nuclear scrap

Pharmacists' Rights at Front Of New Debate -WP

Drive to Build High-Tech Army Hits Cost Snags -NYT

Consumers find ways to wreak revenge on call centres

A soldier's Easter story

Migrants to stay while birth defects investigated

NYT: Pres. Bush's New Public Face: Confident, Comfortable, 'Impishly Fun'

White House Media May Get Temporary Boot

Teaching Darwin splits Pennsylvania town

Panel to Warn Bush of Intelligence-Sharing Problems

Now Terri's family starts squabble over her funeral

Six Killed in Plane Crash in Central Pa. (Dems)

'Vigilantes' set for Mexico border patrol

I am offended when you disparage back fat. Here is why you shouldn't.

Make your choice

Extreme--"More than Words"

OK, raise your hand - Who's drunk??...

Shhhh.... My Fair Lady is on

"What have I left undone?" - name the movie.

Networks unclear on the concept: "The Ten Commandments" at Eastertime

Look, up in the sky ! It's a bird, it's a's

Those of you who do Easter baskets for the kids:

Know why I love "And then he kissed me" by the Crystals

I know he's only in High School - But Kleeb should dress like this


Good night everyone - the Nyquil is kicking in again

Look, up in the sky ! It's a bird, it's a's

My second-to-last RED BULL & VODKA post for the night.

It's officially Easter here on the East Coast...

And the first 1000 posts are the hardest!!!!!

Punk Rock Hierarchy

The Charlatans

Who will be next to have the rug pulled out from under them by Oasis?

Who has seen the Robin Williams movie "The Final Cut"?

I went to bed at 5:30 Sat. morning, slept for three hours

It's now 10:00 pm PST

From QT, Chi. Suntimes:

Fashion Forward Fundies.

Before I go to bed

Your tax dollars in the DEA at work.

I am offended when you disparage Oasis. Here is why you shouldn't.

It's Easter morning here. Where the heck are my Peeps?

You know the sid vicious's I did it in my way always gets me kind of sad

I've never had a peep.

I wish that they'd make a movie about Rick James as a tribute to him

I say, "D", you say "U"

Dupe, delete.

Word to the wise

Did you like/not like "Eyes Wide Shut"?

Fellow Shortwavers, join with me in mourning the end of Radio Belgium...

how do I hide threads

Wow, The American President just

Aren't we forgetting to be liberal? Re: Christian Beliefs

Late night radio

Suck on Rev. Seriously.

The Anthem

New Rule

Confession Time!!!

Why are most criminals so (bleep)-ing stupid?

Are we ever going to start the DU Procrastinators Group?


anyone else a sucker for Dance Movies, even if they're bad...

Why are people offended when their posts get moved to the lounge?

AbFab is on!!!!!

t00n: Bill Gate's Nightmare.

Thay can do that? Oh My.

For Those that have been to Yosemite national park

I spent last week in Vegas & Phoenix

Suck on it O'Reilly. Seriously.

Anyone see Widespread Panic in Atlanta this weekend?

just got home from seeing Blue Oyster Cult in Tacoma WA

Help - I have a freeper living in my basement!

Let's hear it for Sam Adams !!!

For such a 'tough punk bitch', you're a real jam tart.

Shoot me - I love the 80s.

wow, Frist is getting it from all sides for his video diagnosis.


I'm downloading the first episode of the new Doctor Who

Nuke Freeperland.

Can you tell by just looking at someone's face that they are Full of Shit?

My hovercraft is full of eels.

Happy Jesus Resurrection Day!

I just found out my mother's pet crip was paroled. What should I do?

My bar is leaving me!

I'm outta here, you delicious DU Easter Peeps!

its 12:33 am and birds are singing outside..

On a hot summer night,would you offer your throat to the wolf ...

How do you like flying Southwest Airlines?

How was The Daily Show with Craig Kilborn?

Dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant...

Oh good lord - check out the poll question @!

Super Milk Chan

anyone ever see "Jason's Lyric?"

Freak Newfoundland.

my last moment of drunk dediccation for the night OMFG

Favorite lines from movies

Rocky Pet Picture Thread

Photos of me require their own thread

My daughter and the "true symbol of Easter" (might be offensive, so...)

I don't think I'm going to go work for these guys


AAR on iTunes?

So, I actually had a dream about Harvy Keitel last night

Watch out, here I come

HE IS RISEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man invents device that blocks Fox News

I'm gonna change my name to Cinnabuns

I need a date

World's coolest Commercial

Michael Jackson is being interviewed live on Air America right now!

Johnny Cougar cooks...MMMM! Shrimp Scampi!

You sunk my motherfucking battleship

So are stores generally open today?

Ever find a blue robin's egg on Easter . . . and wonder?

Happy Easter everyone!

So, my roomate grabbed my ass tonight

Some rabbit just shit all over my porch. Happy Easter!!

worst thread of all time

Why bunnies and eggs on Easter?


Dookus made Skinner use the puking smilie in ATA

Eminem & The Easter Bunny???

I am offended when you disparage the Steelers. Here is why you shouldn't.

Anyone observing today

I am a man of constant sorrow

Why you shouldn't watch scary movies with Japanese girls

Thouest shall feelist my wratheth

Anyone else stuck at work today?

A Great Delay Cartoon

BOO !!!

JimmyJazz, do people need to call you Ms Jazz if they're nasty?

question about leather coats

Anyone else having honey glazed ham today?


All Mine!

Red Bull and Vodka - the morning after

I think we should behave for a few days. MediaMatters found us

Which is the most Osterized group on DU?

Hoppy Easter!

What motivates your beliefs (Why are you a Liberal) ?

Knock Knock

Austin City Limits: Wilco and Bright Eyes

Which is the most ostrichized group at DU?

Happy Chocolate Bunny Day!

Happy Easter DU

Leporine DUers, today is our day!! Check in here!!

We've got a lot of bald-headed men in here

This morning on the CD player...

self delete

Tried out the new $8.99 waffle maker from Walgreen's' today. Its swell!

I'm sick and tired of being told that I'm out of the mainstream

In two hours I will be in the lion's den with the Fundies

Easter Sunday 1976 (Happy Easter Dad) Repost for Easter Sunday 2005

Gunner Palace...who has seen it?

Merry Ostra Fellow Pagans

Mainstream rock battle: Paul McCartney &Wings vs. Steve Miller

If I can say one thing about the Old Gods...

I'll tell you who would be worthy of a Nobel Prize

Farmer Told He Can Kill One Bird a Day

Favorite Easter Candy

What do you want from me?

Tell me about your Easter worship service

How does this look?

Leave it to Bush (funny)

Do you believe in Cod?

Name something that is surprisingly cheap to purchase.


We've got a lot of Long haired men around here

Any New Orleans DU'ers wanna have dinner with Misunderestimator and I 4/1?

I'm sick and tired of being told that I'm out of the coffee cream

In Honor of Easter, We Will Be Renting "Night of the Living Dead"

Easter. 1916. The beginning of the Irish Republic.

The ZombyGriddle is OPEN! Pancakes? Bacon? Eggs?

Anyone praying to the porcelain god this easter?

We've got a lot of hot-headed women in here

Hard Rock - Seriously, define it for me please

Can anyone recommend a pet insurance company?

Anyone else find a Lincoln Log in their sock drawer this morning??

Happy Ostara!

Great Bumper Sticker

I drank more than I've ever drank in my life last night...

Ahhh...spring is here! Who's started sneezing?

Strange but true???

Life After the Oil is down

I went to church for the first time in years today.

Animal effigy mutilation poll

What's you're favorite whine?

My new avatar, Otis...

Aniston Files for Divorce From Pitt

Who's watching the USA vs. Mexico match?

Out on the edge of the empty highway, howling at the blood on the moon

Help! Need Advice - Car Accident/Lawyer

Lord of the Rings Part one is on TV

I remember Easter as a child. Mom would always take us to Charleston

I think someone just tried to scan me

Pet picture thread

okay, very funny.

Where did today go?

Do you believe in Zod?

I think someone just tried to scam me

Wnmsgupdt HELP, Please.

Ireland 1 - Israel 1

On what forum can I hide from all the talk about Jesus and religion?

Cool Change by The little River Band

Answer this - how many people are born each minute in the world?

Google Maps -

"Eliminating Debt the Christian Way"

Check out this pic of Shrub and Pickles


Darn it all -

This cracks me up - worst hold up ever!

self delete

Do you believe in God?

Any Scientologists on DU?

Apparently God has enough time on his hands to empower Bush AND Jacko.

I finally filed my taxes. Ask me anything.

JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Toronto, but their classic rock station needs variety.

Did you go to church today?

So you want something sweet on easter eh? TRY THIS!

Fullfilment of the Hyppocratic Oath.... witnessed firsthand.

So....Is Tonight...

FReeper cruise vs DU cruise

So what newspaper is going to have the best Terri S. obituary?

India: Man buys plot on moon for $ 140

Pick a Doctor...round one, part two

Whoops. Dropped the soap!

how the liberal elite spent Easter Sunday

Rainy afternoon CATS.

So, I actually had a dream about Henry Kravis last night

Asian beetles.

Is it unethical

Are lengthy "post your photo" threads discriminatory

Sonic Screwdriver?

The extra kid is still here!!!

I am offended when you disparage Gozer.


I just Googled my user name - Let's check the fun!

Oh and by the way....

England played Northern Ireland in a soccer match, WTF

Pick a Doctor...round one, part one.

ATTENTION: Absolutley Last Chance To Send Al Gore B-day Message!

Should I delete this post from my home page's guest book?

I took a nap this afternoon and had the weirdest dream

Pick a Doctor...round one, part three

Glazed spiral ham, broccoli, crab salad, potato salad, baked beans,

Kucinich v. Springer

I too am offended when whoisalhedges is disparaged

Shout out to MrScorpio. I know I am not alone when I say," I LOVE WHO AM I

Guess what I had for lunch?

I would like to apologize to the Christians!

MP3 download sites (paid) besides itunes?

How about a "WHO AM I?" - Let's play

I would like to apologize to the little Chocolate Bunnies

For those who missed the post last week, our new kitty...

King crab legs and prime rib!

Do you believe in YOURSELF?

does anybody know anything about the Enneagram Institute

i got hairs on my chiney-chin-chin.

in case you're wondering what happened to the Easter Bunny's tail

I am offended when someone threatens to kick Cuban Liberals ass

With all the music-related posts, why is the Music Appreciation Forum

I'm gonna kick Cuban Liberal's post.

Should I be offended by all the copycats of my thread?

Does anybody have the video (or a link)

Somebody knock some sense into me, please.

I would like to apologize for Christian Bale.

Has anyone apologized for Christian Brando?


I'm on day 3 of a four-day weekend, so today I slept in until 4:45pm.

I need to download Open suite for windows.

Todays Second "Who Am I" - Let's play

Terry Jones of Python fame coming up on Laura Flanders Show!

Sorry I just HAVE to post this again

I'm gonna kick Cuban Liberal's ass

The single funniest, most delusional FR post....EVER

shit- i just went over

Yayyyyy! Concert tickets!


Beast Man's magical journey to Eggshelland

I'm going to kick Catwoman's Ashcroft!

rainy afternoon CATS....

The season finale of Carnivale is on tonight

I would like to apologize for Christian.

Wooohooo! Snow+driveway=fun!

Really funny (and sadistic) Japanese entertainment (56K warning)

I would like to apologize for "Sister Christian".

Can I still be a Democrat if I buy a Honda CRV?

Predictions... What's going to happen at the Schavio vigil when she dies?

OMG! A corporate convenience store that pays BENEFITS!

Anyone watching Michigan State/Kentucky???

****** dolo amber is an auntie! ******

30 lines to (hopefully) make you smile...

Mich St better not lose this game on a stupid call

Woohoo candy!

What do these three movies all have in common?

You're so vain

HOORAY!! Simba is feeling better!!

I bought a six pack of Guiness Draught

Terry Jones coming up on Laura Flanders...

Another one of those fucking chicken crisp tender cheddar ranch spots

A great place for music fans to kill some time

Who is more mortified when athletes credit God for their victories?

Buddha's Easter Egg

is Grand Rapids, MI, a good place for a bed-wettin liberal?

I recently said 'The Simpsons' was back on track.

May 19th - can you wait?

Who is more evil?

Let's forget religion and discuss something less controversial

May 12th - can you wait?

Mmmm, Crown and Coke on Easter Sunday.

My dog is bisexual. But he's not very serious about it.

I want the ability to cloud men's minds.

At this very moment, in 2002,

Have you broken your new year's resolution yet?

New or classic?

The NEW Doctor Who

If you are a fan of Rock en español

I'm new to windows xp. How do I delete a file that's being used

I'm sick as a dog. Anyone care to help cheer me up?

So what's your favorite tabloid trash news article?


Woman (Talking On Cellphone) Survives After SUV Flies Off Bridge

May 14th - can you wait?

How many people have you offended / pissed off today?

I used to love this movie: The Cat from Outer Space.

Favorite CARNIVALE character?

Tractor driver suffocates under pile of manure

Which of these is the classic ATA thread?

Andy Rooney...


Our neighbor's 10 year-old son called my wife the "B" word...

Why doesn't Mobil use the original version of "Roadrunner" in their ads?

Former KoRn guitarist - "Welcome to the army" "claim this country for God"

dammit, I'm going to light the stove....

Did we have a TOON PAGE this week?

I want the ability to clean men's minds.

My NCAA brackets are officially...

Happy Easter Homies!

It's been kind of hot in here lately.

Are you watching Deadwood?

Easter Bunny Gets Pummeled by Boy at Mall

I am offended when you disparage things I believe in....

entire nation suffocates under pile of manure

Anyone listen to Jolie Holland?

Is your name Michael Diamond?

Drunken Lullabies

Woof woof.

Bush & Cheney--- They've Now Gone Drag!

My First Digi-Cam Pic Posted On DU! Woo Hoo!

What constitutes decent exposure?

My mom is watching Fatal Attraction.

PhotoBucket Question

I think the number 1 reason I'm going to watch the first "Grey's Anatomy"

I'm loud and I'm vulgar, and I wear the pants in the house

Albertsons commercials annoy me.

At least it's not another fucking Oasis thread

My dogs are lesbians. Seriously.


never mind

If you moved to Canada, what would be one thing you would miss??

Anyone else confusing Carnivale and the TS circus in Fla?

What would you like to see in your lifetime?

Another p-shop gem from the boys at Fark!

In case any of you had any doubts about it: he IS the anti-christ

so I just finished watching Sayles's "Silver City" on DVD ...

I am really sad tonight

The Maryland State Flag is one damn beautiful flag!

Things You Can Say About Your Boat, But Not Your Significant Other

This is my new favorite Smilie!

When you think about North Dakota, you think...

Just watched the new Dr. Who (no spoilers)

What if I was Heathcliff

Where would you go

If Bush is serious about cleaning up terrorists, he should go after PETA.

Did any of you see the documentary about Houston being the

I do I tell if a papaya is ripe?

Carnivale Season 2 Finale - WTF?!?

Respond to this post using the word "fuck".

Podcasting is SO COOL!!!

How ironic. They're showing "Steel Magnolias" on Lifetime.

Groyn or Grawing?

It's only nine *9* more months until Christmas and New Years.

Do they have gay pubs in Ireland?

Before I offend any more people

Most embarrassing thing that happened to you/you did

Is it better to hang out with people more attractive than you...

Always ask yourself: WWGFD.

Who has read "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac?

I think (insert your favorite band) sucks!

Same Old Wine

Oasis Don't Believe The Truth: A Glorious Rebirth

Respond to this post using the word "fsck".

Woman shot 18 times, drives self to hospital (My local paper)

Was the thread about religious beliefs in Britain deleted?

What's the English translation of Klaatu virada nicto?

I am offended when people use the "F-word" around here.

One of my cats keeps stealing my underwear

Hanukkah in Santa Monica - by Tom Lehrer!


Appealing a college rejection letter... suggestions?

Have you ever had a dream where 2 famous people appeared

Tobago? Costa Rica? Bonaire? Been to any of 'em? Which is better?

What would a heathen like me do to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus?

Caption this!

Ever wish your first name were different? (You can call me Bertha.)

Should I adopt this mustache and sideburns style?

I am thinking of law school. need suggestions

Do you believe in Bod?

Best friends * horse/kitty pictures

Ok, I'm gonna do it .... yup it's time!! I got new pic o' my cats!

Damn you, Progmom

Quick someone has stolen the crucified body of the....

Freeper Cruise!!!

Bad Driving...

Do you have a problem with me never leaving the Lounge?

Favorite Jim Croce song?


Possible DU group - US expatriates?

So..Vice President Hoynes Sits down next to Us Last Night !?!

What's your favorite wine?

Why can't I get rid of my sinus infection? Stress?

Am I the only one that's not a fan of ribbons and bands?

Crowded House drummer dead

I pulled my groin.

Progmom and I saw the most incredible show tonight.

Mel Gibson's "The Road Warrior" could be one of the most important movies

Ugly Cars

What should DU do for April Fools' Day?

*** And the Winner of the 4th Monthly DU Photo Contest is ...***

We've got a lot of red headded women around here

My son told me that he will NEVER allow me to be taken off life support!

World Cup qualifier USA vs Mexico from Azteca Stadium in Mexico city

DU artists--is this good or junk? (honest opinion request)

Post here and I'll call you a wanker!

Who are only actresses nominated for an Academy Award in the...

Best Urban architecture in the US? Anyone interested in Urban design?

I am offended when you disparage my cooking.

Damn you, Comcast!

March 28th - can you wait?

I too am offended when Jesus is disparaged

Worst chain restaurant NAME

James K. Polk is UNELECTABLE!

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Lines That Will Instantly Cause A Date To Self-Destruct

Did you have an Easter basket?

PETA thread in GD, please weigh in.

Captain Paul Watson Answers Questions About the Seal Hunt

When will we see a movie about Jesus based on the Jefferson Bible?

Question: What Is Jesus Waiting For?

Is there a Christian on earth as obsessed with religion as atheists?

Catholic teachings on artificial life support

All Hail the Emperor Julian of Rome

Study links `cot death' to passive smoking

Giant Antarctic iceberg afloat again. (Larsen B)

cnn covering global warming

I said it before and I'll say it again

Barney Frank guests on CSPAN Journal 3/28 7:30AM

Officials Argue Over Sex in Prisons

Good news nugget: Ministers oppose gay marriage amendment (in Kansas!)

Sad news for Twins fans

Selig says let MLB govern steroids......

Has there ever been a better NCAA tournament?

Can anyone recommend a pet insurance company?

Happy Easter Bunny Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a nihilist

Wow, seems like DU is one big Atheist and Agnostic Group!

I had a co-worker who read through the Left Behind series.

the Great Jesus passed over my lily field....again

I like it here.


Just in time!

I am wondering

Happy Bunny Day Kerrycrats!

What do you guys think of this thread?

Notes you could leave on cars still sportin' a Kerry edwards sticker?

John Bolton and Iran-Contra

Bolton hearing date set:

I'm new at this, but . . . .

Ice Moving Down the Chicago River

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

"Jackson Re-enaction" - nice mention of KO's sophistication!

Gay marriage ban in Ohio negates domestic violence charge

Thanks to Roland A Duby down at HempRock Radio

Social Security. Social =not private. Shared risk makes it secure

Where are the TS right to lifers when those in Fallujah are being

A sampling of recent good news from "Free Republic"

Help me with this info Penny Elgas story on Pentagon 9/11 attack

It's blood for oil

Thomas Oliphant

Re: Norm Coleman at the Red Lake Reservation Funeral--

DeLay/Bush make cultists pro-euthenasia

One huge difference between us and the "Culture of Life"ers

Does anyone remember this?

Hey "fighter pilot" Bu$h: CHECK SIX! (I hear the train a'comin'!)

Justive DeLay-ed is justice denied

Did anyone catch Tucker Carlson on "This Week" with GS?

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Schiavos had no brain scan??

A Prayer

Ohio Patrotic Preachers' drive to elect neo-cons

McLaughlin Group is getting good

Tom Delay Murdered his own father because he was disabled!

DeLay Family Pulled PLUG On Father ***1988

Are all these Christian moralists who are determined to keep

Help! Freepers mass e-mailing LATimes reporters on DeLay story, please sen

Gov. Bush in no-win Schiavo position

The Weakness in the GOP noise machine

Jeb Bush Taking Blame on Schiavo, the law is not an acceptable excuse

Questions about W's SS plan

The Political News Wire @ Comments From Left Field

Why are we not all talking about Tom Delay's dirty secret?

Bush is only 1 pretzel away from Terri's status.

Another question about the constitutionality of the Schiavo vote

Grassley making the case to fix Social Security

Soldiers would rather go to Iraq then Recruit

A Modest List of Most Major Examples of GOP Hypocrisy

Judicial Nominations: Seen good summary of judges' extremism?

Breaking, FR Contra Dance being held on pin-

Dr William Hammesfahr -Florida neurologist -Nobel Prize nominee??

What's the rush, they say

DO IT JEB --- DO IT --- NOW!!

Iran hostage question (Reagan, Ollie North, arms for hostages)

18 year runs for school board in Wisconsin.

Freeps question whether to support Santorum

The Schiavo protesters: This is truly sad...

Congressional Progressive Caucus website

Does anyone have the video of

Stealth Framing: "Arctic National Wildlife REGION"

FR take on Judge Greer and Michael Schiavo! DELUSIONAL!

Why Terri, and Delay

Take a Look in the Mirror - Bush As Gov Of TX

The Hooverization of George W. Bush by Kunstler

All you wanted to know about the contested judicial nominees:

In the world view, America sets an example of society gone wrong.

This is one twisted Easter.

AP: Report: DeLay Agreed With Withholding Special Treatment

A danceable tribute to Hunter S. with some political import

More Lieberman garbage.

Does anyone else like Chris Shays?

New economic outlook poll - I think people are starting to wake up

Joe Lieberman: Please join the GOP...Please..NT

LA Daily News: Bush plan threatens vets

What if Ross Perot had won in 92?

CSPAN schedule for Monday, 3/28

MSM has got it hard to rehabiliate ** right now

One of the greatest liberals of all time? He legalized beer.

Did anyone see "This Week?" Apparently, * didn't want to return to DC

CNN: Backers of Schiavo's parents head to Washington(to fight Communists)

Local news is reporting that T.S. is now getting morphine. Why?


Wolfowitz's wife and girlfriend (how do they feel about each other?)

Dennis Kucinich v. Jerry Springer

Anyone watching Meet the Press...

Is this death with dignity case the nugget that will split them...

Freepers excuse sex offenders in their midst.

Kennedy vs. Chaffee next year?

Bob Fitrakis "Who got glitched: Election Reform Teach-in"

Man,Barny Franks knows law!

Poll for those who believe in Dennis.

Wes Clark, The Anti-War Candidate?

Schiavo protester is a registered sex offender

Congressional Accountability - Need Your Help

Gov. Dean's meeting with Democracy for TN. Describes the DFT role.


Why there will never be a Liberal / Progressive President

How do Freepers respond to the Treaty of Tripoli (1797)?