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Archives: March 25, 2005

The Myth of Dying (Great Article!!!)

Leaders meet to confront activist courts (RW propaganda alert)

Is This A New Dark Age?

Little things mean a lot

Shrub's ears about to get boxed hard?

A great prayer

Anti-war protesters march down wrong road (Yorkshire Post)

Good signs in Iraq (Moonie Times)

Founders had it right on religion - Trudy Rubin

Hitler books 'show new obsession gripping Germans'

Poor judgment

Dionne: A Thin View of 'Life'

Asking questions is necessary to make sense of Terri Schiavo case

It's never too late to say thanks...

great Wolcott smackdown of Nagourney/NYT/Jeb Bush

Piestewa's strength 'rubbed off on me,' Lynch says

A calming message on FOX NEWS...

Acceptance likely but regrettable (Wolfowitz and World Bank)

A One-Way Planet

What If They Recruited And Nobody Came? (Helen Thomas)

Important changes to your citizenship agreement

Sioux Falls editor talks about Thune campaign against Daschle

Body Double (case of Sun Hudson vs. Terri Schavio)

U.S. Army turns to urban gangs for ideas in quelling insurgents

An 'ownership society'

His Home and Native Land-Red Lake is like Cuba:

Akron Beacon Journal LTTE re Schiavo - the first one

WP: Terry Schiavo's Unstudied Life

Eureka ! It's Bigger than Politics-Strike While the Irony Is Hot!(SwamiB.)

DeLay Quietly Steps Out of the Schiavo Spotlight

The Strange Silence at

"...Rising Oil Prices and Schiavo are Hurting Bush Greatly"

SP Times: shame on John McCain

The Revolution Will be Televised

Hersh blasts White House's 'crusade' (Ithaca College)

What Happens Once the Oil Runs Out?

GU: MI6, Jack Straw, defence staff: Blair ignored them all MUST READ!!!

How come those who claim to be closest to God are so mad all the time?

New Bankruptcy Law Foretells Economic "Perfect Storm"

This Has Been About Jeb Bush, Read This Please

So-called 'defenders of life,' where were you when ...

Scientific American Gives Up!

LTE: Sometimes, war is the answer

Political Strategy site: Tactical Assault Project

Berkeley High Teach-In Targets War and Military Recruitment

Email message from Doug Wallace

Old, but interesting, story of media suppression. Is it true?

Channel 5 in Cleveland Ohio is trying their best to tell you what to think

Does Randi Rhodes broadcast from NY or FL? nt

Plan For VNR Archive

F*ck you CNN. If I want to watch a Fox wannabe I'd watch Fox

Help! -- World News Trust Needs HTML Wiz For Help On Xoops Template

NYT article on housing craze

SocSec: Six Thumbs on the Scale (Brad deLong)

Arctic ribbon?

Basics of getting off the grid

Government another week away

Shouldn't someone alert Homeland Security on all these threats

Pacifica's Today on Flashpoint: Phillip Agee, CIA in Venezuela, El Salvado

Gadhafi opposes two states, calls Israelis, Palestinians, idiots

BBC (Friday March 25): US will accept Israel settlements

US sends conflicting messages on West Bank settlements

Israel awaits an implosion as zionism fumbles

watch the skies

9/11 and the public's right to know

watch the skies -uh...this has nothing to do with 911

The top 15 reasons to doubt the official story of Sept. 11, 2001

ACTION: @ 3 est Ed schultz is on.. CALL IN... get the bradblog story out.

Look What BRADBLOG Found!

Must see - Kyrgyzstan video

Stop CA vote rigger with fax

Read Gore Vidal on the stolen elections and Dem complicity:

Would someone please help me find this thread on tabulators?

Need a Lawsuit Traced

Friday 3/25 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

KOEB: Friday

Jimmy Carter to Chair Election Reform Commission

CNN: Selma "Bloody Sunday" Remembered (GREAT VIDEO - PLEASE WATCH!)

Ballot Rotation vs. Vote Switching

Why not in America?

Full Moon wishes

Straight Party Voting vs. E-votin' in NM and IA


John Conyers Asks: Please Give Me Your thoughts and Ideas

Reluctant Bush Responder? Or Resurrected Bush Responder?

Napa foundation donates to attorney of Terri Schiavo's parents

Instead of just bitching about Ahnuld's redistricting plan

LA Mayoral Poll

Cops, firefighters and widows attack Schwarzenegger

Amber Alert - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Jay Severin critical website from "traditional" conservatives

Did anyone else here catch which network referred to the Red Lake shooting

Hope and Horror at Red Lake Nation

Mac Virus Paranoia. Read this and don' t be taken in by Symantec

Registry Scanners

My LTTE to WOSU re The Journal Editorial Report

self delete

A Little Old Style, Gum Shoe, Sleuthing

What do you guys think

Susan Hays, Dallas County Democratic Party Chairperson, resigns...

An Open Letter to Dallas County Democrats

Way to go Badgers!!

What is the deal with the milwaukee vote not being certified?

State workers union plans April 21 rally

Will Jeb pull a George Wallace for his last move?

About the oil refinery disaster this week, what will be the fallout?

PHOTOS: American Patriots STAND UP for PEACE's over-the-top home-page graphic: Third time in one day!

I am voraciously hungry. Where should I eat?

Wait a minute...The new law doesn't even say "INSERT FOOD TUBE NOW"!?

What are black robed devils anyway?

DeLay became the most powerful politician in Washington!

latest madness: Cal Thomas equates Terri with Anne Frank

Have you ever kicked your own post?

The Long Emergency (Peak Oil)-An Awakening

Take Viagra, Save the black bears!

So what's up with that judge ruling?

Seen this? (Randall Terry site)

Something exciting you can say on Bernie Ward

World's Best Site for free anti-war, pro-justice mp3's

Reply to 10 second Repuke ad on SS: Vague is not a plan Mr. President

Today I posted Jon Stewart calling Tucker a dick, tonight he called Chris

This whole Schiavo thing is reminding me of the "Swift Boat Liars"...

Conservative Virgins donate Blood for Coulters Bath

Some consider measure censorship of professors (TERRIFYING!!!!!!!!!)

Here's your protest song! : new SOAD single (Bring Your Own Bombs)

New touching video

Bush being skewered on Foxworthy roast.

watch the skies

What do the "libruls" have to do with the Schiavo case?

watch the skies -uh...this has nothing to do with 911

Terri Schiavo Status Foxfire Plugin

From their lips to God's ears...if only...

Hey can DU add the feature that counts how many views a post gets?

Just saw an AARP anti SS privitization ad.

If you didn't think the media spouted the reichwing party line before TS..

ok there is another decision before the same judge

Political song/speeches mp3's that I can download

Dirt on Condo Rice...

St. Petersburg Times: Lured employers now tax Medicaid

"MBNA SUCKS" e-mail bag

9/11 and New York

The Story (not Diary)of Anne Franke...

Something I've noticed with the right & Schavio

It's only about the $$ with these repugnantcans

Terri Schiavo and the crucifixion of Christ.......

"Hard-Talk" posts threats against DUers over military recruiting shut dowm

The Christian Right vs. the People

Karl Rove is a genius.

Meanwhile, the cost of the war, so far, is at...

Anybody hear about this new Ohio law?

Terri Schiavo suffered from bulimia, here's some information

the grieving process

imagine if the media had given this much attention to

I want the government OUT of my Death Bed

Freaks using computer virus to rally the xian soldiers

What is good for GM is good for the country and vice versa.

DU'ers, does anyone know who Jackie Cole is?

Reverends (AAR, Delay caught on tape, preaching)

Rethinking protest

When is our next nationwide protest day?

Another story with remarkable similarities to Terri Schiavo:

Peggy Noonan's remark about DU.....addressed by Jerome Armstrong

US District Court denies Schiavo appeal...

One by one, our corporate dominoes are falling. That may very well be the

CNN declared brain dead

We are born to rule over you Untermenschen. We will resort to every

Does it seem like it is more about the Mom than Terri?

Why do the pro-feeding tube sect hate America?

when will the freaks understand...

Republican advisor died of drug overdose in Carrie Fisher house: coroner

Is Shiavo really being "tortured"?

Funny thing happened to me yesterday.....

When will the Morning After Pill be approved by the FDA?

Paying the Price For Bush's Retro Energy Policy (Huffington nails Bush)

Is FOX liable for Incitement to Riot?

Must read at Abstact appeal re:MSM and hearsay

Will the Terri Schiavo case produce our next Timothy McVeigh?

Once-beautiful Baghdad has become an eyesore

Well It didn't take long, the Tulsa World reports that the average

What will be the Easter Weekend Major News Distraction?

For all you Jon Stewart fans

With today being Good Friday ...

Fallujah Friday - Back to Fallujah: Tents on Rubbles

HELP again: I think my blog is down

A durable Health Care Power Of Attorney

Listening to some wingnut radio host last night was great...

Why can't we do more commercials like this one?

Forgoing medical care. What will happen the next time...

Something about Southlandshari's post.......

self deleted - dupe

Is the United States of America going to be able to survive

Schindler's List 2005

Who's missing in action, re; Schiavo

Mods, if I'm out of line my apologies and delete this

What is the dif between the Hindenburg and Rush ... Punish Rush!

Republican Flatliners by Jerome Armstrong:

Court inaction spurs vows of Conservative retaliation

Nader bashers make me sick

So DNA tests on Neil Bush are inconclusive? Do Bushes not have normal DNA

NYT on the Real Estate craze

this is so completely irresponsible of the media

Whoa! My repub mother is PO'd at boosh & gang.

Proving A Negative, The Sequel (Schiavo/WMD)

Texas leads the country in home foreclosures

"ought to err on the side of life."

It just occered to me, re: Bob Dylan

Today we had to re-do our living wills (FL)

Shrub Played FEMA (FL Hurricanes) for Re-Selection

Just now I heard on cnn that * approval rating was at 45%

Enron prosecutors retrieve ex-executive's computers

Barbara Bush says Hillary will lose - DU the poll

For combat veterans only: benefits of combat experience

A One-Way Planet, by Tom Engelhardt

Officials forced to cut the kissing in migration video

Over 225,000 Dead + 100,000 Missing from Tsunami.......

Pro-Schaivo Doctor Confronted about Phony Nobel Nomination

...and they still want to 'retire' the Hubble????

The reasons the ones in the whitehouse who got us into these

The brilliance of Senator Levin

I think we should clone Terri Schiavo and then pull the plug on this

Joseph Farah of WND has totally lost it

I just graduated from the Bill Frist School of video Medicine

Remembering Catholic Archbishop Romero: 25 Years After His Murder

Delay's plan for the "U.S. of Christ Jesus".....caught on tape..

A real WTF moment just on the Today Show (W's niece-UN food)

check out the letter to the editor against the Republicans!

I agree that the Ten Commandments should be posted on government property

medal of honor-silver star -bronze star

CNN: Man tries to steal gun with box cutter to stage a "hospice rescue"

****Tune In***Brunch with Bernie***Tom Hartman***11AM Central

Who bussed the table at the Last Supper?

How ironic and sad that the real story of Terri Schiavo is overlooked

58 Congresspeople with a spine

Falwell, Robertson, Jones, and any other televangist. I'm calling

A picture really is worth a thousand words. What do you make of this?

Intelligent people on the Freeper's side in Pinellas Park

Are there any protesters in FL supporting Michael Schiavo

I hear that Texas kills people who can't pay their medical bills?

I have a question. Who opened up the doors to all the insane asylums

Erring On The Side of Life...

Speaking of the Last Supper

Last night I heard that Jebby couldn't run for Gov again

I have been nominated for a Nobel Prize

What does bush* think of Schiavo lawyers? They're gaming the system.

Schindlers go to the 11th Circuit Court of appeals,...AGAIN

Attention All Talibornagain: These Are Republican Judges

Man arrested 5 miles from hospice at a gun shop...

another scientist for the bush body count

Jeb Bush

Why did the Schindlers encourage Michael to date other women?

This Terri Schiavo thing is turning my Mom into a Fudie, what should I Do?

Anybody have any information on the child kidnapping

You do realize Terri Schiavo is going to die, don't you?

Gov. Jeb Bush has ordered his legal team to scour state laws.....

Bush is shipping our JOBS overseas and we're talking about SCHIAVO!

A 1997 US News article "Wonder Weapons"-take the reality check today

What is going on in the Plame matter?

Sweet vindication, proof that language matters.

Falungong scores one

I saw the BANNED "Postcards from Buster" show!

Almost done reading "The Sorrows of Empire"- frustrated

Please DU this Hannity poll. Typical results from his Ilk.

Vietnam War: A complete waste of time or "justifiable" ?

Hey Peggy Noonan, If You're Reading This

How to help people on the Red Lake Reservation include:


What Happened to the March 19 Protests?

Bush STILL murdering our soldiers & Iraqis - we're talking about SCHIAVO!

"magical thinking" and terri schiavo

How long until the disease starts going full-boar in Southeast Asia?

Peggy Noonan bestows a HUGE honor on DUer BullGooseLoony

I'm not a huge Starbucks fan, but this is pretty cool...

If the ultimate Christian goal is to experience the afterlife with Jesus

Question on FOI requests.

Maybe Jeb is campaigning to be the new Pope? Or is that

I don't know if it's possible to haunt people from the beyond, but

Ewwwwwwwwww. A "Fox Sports News Sportsbar" ?!!!

Do Y'all remember how the right-wing treated the murder of Rachel Corrie?

WHY do taxpayers pay for this? National Guard adverts & Nascar

And now for something completely different

will chimpy or jeb order flags flown at half-staff for Terri

What ever happened to POPE JOHN PAUL II Was he able to attend the

Americans stole millions from Jews in World War II Holocaust

*sigh* I just got this e-mail from my republican Dad

Did you know there are two types of PVS?

Nurses Take On Corporate Cyborg Schwarzenegger by Ralph Nader

medical question: how long could someone in a condition like Terri Schiavo

What they are doing. . .

Better way to go: During sex? During sleep?

I need input on my LTTE before I send it in,

Human finger found in Chili at Wendy's restaurant in CA

The top 15 reasons to doubt the official story of Sept. 11, 2001

The United States of Jesus

Doctors debate Schiavo's condition (situation not unique as press makes

Dear Red States

How can we best make our future Christian Cultist Overlords happy?

Bush's powers fall short of beliefs

Patricia Heaton and Albertsons

How are good journalists not losing their MINDS?

The Great Escape (from Camp Bucca)...

Holy crap. CNNHN is broadcasting that United Church of Christ ad.

Its not the folks who talk to their god that worries me,

I wish DU had a "reporter" live in Florida

Netflix a Sean Hannity Advertiser -- Let them know that is not acceptable!

Just watched an update on the Krzygistan riots...

Wolf Blitzer is floating around the Persian Gulf on the USS Carl Vinson?

Schiavo Part MCXVII: who's paying for the lawyers?

As a Nation Mourns, Great White Father in Washington is Silent

For those who question Michael Schiavo's

Electroschlock Treatment

Why members of the judiciary get the label "activist judges".

CNN: Selma "Bloody Sunday" Remembered (GREAT VIDEO - PLEASE WATCH!)

The Bible re: a wife's submission vs. the Fundie postion on Terri Schiavo

Why are we testing Minuteman Missiles or ICBMs?

I don't get it . . .

Choose now: Tubes or no tubes?

If Terry Schiavo wasn't white and kind of pretty...

World Weed - The WTO—the stoner's new best friend


Bush's numbers dropping across the board. Down to 45% approval

Florida Schiavo Situation Is Reaching A Boiling Point

if you were in Terri Schiavo's condition...

We now have an Arab equivalent of Abu Ghraib.

Complete this: RW making a big deal out of Schiavo to distract USA from...

So...every person who is supporting the parents want to be kept alive

Why the timing of the Shiavo case works against the Busheviks

How low will Limbaugh go? Just read this . . .

Time to tell our fellow, or not fellow, Christians to get over it.

Jerry Springer before the show

HTML/Dreamweaver Geeks -- World News Trust Needs Your Help!

Another MSNBC Poll

Has the pent-up angry in America finally exploded!!!

Schiavo: Suffering bulimia, anorexia didn't want to eat fifteen years ago

Warning: Major Rant, Feel free to skip over...

Frist's Schiavo Assertion At Odds With Comments About Reeves

Ever wondered what Pat Sajak really thinks about things?

Question for the Terri death crew:

Terri Schiavo: Another step toward American Genocide

terri and ebay

Hideous Hag Babs Bush Trash-Talks Dems AGAIN.

Bush is murdering our country and we're talking about SCHIAVO!

Media Bias

The reason d'etre for the Schiavo farce

So, how long can someone in a PVS survive w/o a feeding tube?

Where is JEB today????

2nd Amendment.

Under 30s' Support for Bush SS Plan Slides

Since Schiavo and SS are killing the GOP, Is it time for another War?

Red Lake Nation Memorial Fund

Dennis Miller wants to throw down with Howard Dean!

What military recruiting problem?????

Daily Show: Jon Stewart reports on Cable News "Culture of Strife" (VIDEO)

Wolf's "Mid east" BLITZ couldn't have come at a worse time!

More Female Op-Eds

When are these fundie assholes going to give up?

Wendy's announces one digit increase in .99 cent menu

really REALLY just found myself biting my lip (re: Terri Schiavo)

Are they praying for all the Woodside patients or just Mrs. Schiavo?

It's amazing how so many of these wackos are lawyers and doctors...

Could what happened in Kyrgyzstan happen here?

For those who think the Catholic Church is nothing but

Another freaking hearing coming up -- (Schiavo)

As a dying hospice patient, nothing cheers you like a bloody effigy

Schiavo circus was more about money than helping Terri

Blogs on TV.. what a joke

Why do people insist that Mrs. Schiavo doesn't feel pain?

Is it illegal to protest at hospitals?


"I promise you that if she dies, there's going to be hell to pay

Christians: TAKE BACK your religion from the maniacal Zealots!!!

These guys are almost Socialist!

Durable medical powers of attorney

Freepers say Terri "dying for our sins," becoming the second Jesus

How come this one small group of religous extremests

What about the Frist Family and Terri Schiavo

So now the Repugs are calling it euthanasia?

USA Today has hit the nail on the head with the shiavo drama

Randi says Hannity broadcasting from Terri's hospice.

WTF is up with "Staged Arrests"?

Question for thought, if TS dies will the media tell us?

Homosexuality, Coors, and the Christian Right

With Terri out of his hands, Bush recalls that kids were killed in Minn.

Enlightenment needed please:

There's going to be a fight over who gets her body.

So, After Schiavo Dies, Will EVERYONE HATE BUSH???

Whose Life is it Anyway?

Another MONSTER teacher molesting student!

I wonder what happened to W's two airhead daughters?They seem to have

Wanna smell Jebus? Grab yer "His Essence" candles rat cheer!

That's PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON to you asshole!

okay lets all "contract" an illness and let the fundies

OMG "The Republican Nine...came together over fried chicken and salad."

New Product: The Fox News Blocker!!

If Terry dies today, on Good Friday

Isn't it interesting how the main stream media is giving all the attention

have the loons gone off the deep end

Prediction: Wingers will adopt the phrase MIHOP/LIHOP

Bush and the Republicans are screwed on Terry

What effect does cheap, ever-available entertainment have on society?

Assume that this entire administration's tenure is based on a massive hoax

Is this site racist?

PHOTO: Are we being told only this brand of "Christian" is "real" American

News: Christians "insulted" by chocolate crosses

Are not the fundies putting their faith in medical science?....

Dan Abrams is on a roll, following the money (Schiavo-Schindler)

Salon: Noonan Got Socked by Schiavo Mess

Two Dinosaurs: GM and US.

sorry! no new TOONS this week

fuk it, lets start the second civil war over this.

Of Greer's leaving his church, of Crossfire lady saying judiciary failed.

Nader weighs in. Should have known it would happen eventually

conservatives = professional whiners.

CNN Poll: Do you believe Terri Schiavo is suffering?

Dems in FL...strike while the iron is hot!!

Evil Empire weasels way around anti big box store law

Oh the Irony: Good Friday is a Celebration of Death

So we are going to give/sell high tech planes and tech to India & Pakistan

Will Mel Gibson make a movie about the Schiavo case?

The right wing nuts are sounding a lot like Ward Churchhill

When Floyd Collins was trapped in the cave in 1925, the media did the same

Now what is this shciavo thing about

27 Detainees Were Killed In Custody. HOMICIDE! Friday nite news dump.

What's this flag?

Sweet jumping crap, we've even lost "The Weather Channel"....

President Bush Stopped Paying His Social Security Taxes Today

Does anyone think it's possible they may try to "mob" the hospice...?

After Terri's passing, what will happen?

Is it time for Sanctions against the Schindlers and their Lawyers?

This guy must feel awkward.

ok, once again, What is happening

"Junk lawsuits".."frivolous lawsuits"

Has anyone been listening to Sam Greenfield on WWRL?

Holy Crap...look what I found on Fox!

Do I get a cookie?

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm sick to death of the Schiavo

Some Facts in This Matter Of Starving Terri Schiavo to Death

I want to promote a culture of life too!

The Take

U.S. Soldier Denied Refuge in Canada

Walmart and ABC

Apparent "talking point" on Social Security now blasting..

Another day, another dead child.

Every soldier injured in Iraq should be provided a college education

Democrats support the "culture of *quality* of life." Discuss.

CNN poll : Do you think Terri Schiavo is suffering?

I am a Liberal. I don't want Terri Schiavo to die. I only want her wish...

How to talk to a right-wing fundamentalist...if you must!

As an economic system: Capitalism?

After reading about the Schiavo affair ad nauseam, I have reached the

huh? Jerry Springer on Air America? Ack! Explain this to me please.

An exercise: What if the relationship was a homosexual marriage . . .,

There is a woman standing on the street in front of WalMart with a sign...

Remember how the Right Wing Dumped Paul Jones?

If the polls were different would Jeb Bush had sent in the National Guard?

The Media Focus Before 9/11 Was Ridiculous as Well


Will a British Divorcee cost `Wolfie' his job?

Is Schiavo case the diversion for Wolfowitz/girlfriend/Iraq War story?

Terri never had a bed sore in 15 years.

Nice . . . I have the NAACP Image Awards on in the background and they're

Listened to Ed Schultz for the first time today

Legitimate concerns about rights of disabled

Does John Gibson hurt the credibility of Fox News?

Fundies can't spell

When did the DU turn into the SU? (Schiavo Underground)

These religious nuts are getting VIOLENT

If they are so big on saving dying people, why didn't they rescue Jesus?

Photo: 'Eyes Wide Open: The Human Cost of War'

Are The Schindlers In "We Tried 'Til She Died" Mode?

Wow those Repukes sure love to LITIGATE with FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS

Solider's Mom not allowed to take photo of her son's death

So F 16 to Pakistan

Jeb Bush: why are you determined to KILL TERRI?

Fascist Alert!!! Fascist Alert!!!!

So Bush is going to allow sale and building of F-16 to Pakistan and India

ATTENTION: Boston College Alumni - College Computers Hacked!

I'm So Glad To See Bush* & Congress Aligned With Larry Klayman

Excellent Cartoon: Blair, Bush-Legal Advice on Iraq

Suppose we caught Osama and brought him back to the USA

New column from Frank Rich-excellent

Hah! Wolfowitz the WOLF! Affair may cost him the job >

There has been a ruling from 11th circuit

Dwayne Wade Just Hit A Sixty Eight Foot Jumper...

Seriously, why don't Falwell, Robertson, Graham, etc. march????

So, did Congress "uninvite" Terri and Michael?

Excellent LTE on the Terri Shiavo travesty

Why isn't Bush ever asked this question about abortion:

"Children of Protest". Don't that bring tears to your eyes

Letter to the editor from Freeper who solicited Schiavo/judge Greer murder

Does Jeb Have All The Evidence?

Beezlebub on NEWSNIGHT NOW

I guess her parents weren't republican

Anyone know if the man who was offering $ to kill Michael Schiavo...

The Courts should temporarily pull the license of every Schindler lawyer.

and WHAT is with??

why aren't these protesters treated like a "focus group"

Anyone hear Randi going off about Randall Terry today?

Here, folks, this will calm your jangled nerves and glazed eyes:

the other residents of the hospise-about 60 of them

The lies from Terri's family & their representatives -- understandable?

Between Life and Death: The Terri Schiavo Story on A&E

The rights true colors are coming out

Origins of Torture in FL Drug Program, BFEE Pal - A "Wayne Madsen Moment"

Facing A New McCarthyism, Most Democratic Leaders Are Hiding

How many Schiavo threads have YOU started?

FBI arrests North Carolina man who contracted for murder ...

Deepak Chopra transcript; views on Schiavo; feeding tube should be pulled

"the Culture of Life Initiative" (turnabout is fair play)

'Fox Blocker' Aims to Block Channel

The Ghost in the Machine

Will the US or Iraq devolve into civil war first?

News: Antiwar Sailor Faces Special Court-Martial

When the first healthy person is killed as a result of this...

Welfare for Wal-Mart 37 million dollars worth.

Reverse Framing: The Cult of Life

More news being hidden: Italian journalist shot by US military says US

A Florida Man has been arrested by the FBI for trying to solicit . . .

How in Hocking Hell did the Schiavo thing take over the whole country?

Real Time w/ Bill Maher - Episode a week from tonight

Here are the GOP senators being put on notice by DSCC. Calling names.

The Banana Republic of Pinellas Park, check out this article

Anyone know

Sniveling sissy boy Jebbie hiding/making excuses. Typical BUSH WIMP

Disgusted by Aaron Brown

if the pope needed a feeding tube and was 'a vegetable'

Doesn't get much sicker than this folks

Wow is this fundie calling Jeb a Nazi???

MAJOR Question regarding the "attempt to verbalize."

Here is something positive you can do to support Michael Schiavo

The Hospital Conference Room - Privacy and Respect

All hell is gonna break loose

Skimming through the Schiavo posts...

The loss of the religious left

Schiavo Hub Bub: Opening Salvo To Discredit And Disable Judiciary

Scary thought: What if the neocons WANT TO DECLARE MARTIAL LAW?

WHERE r the Dems?

My letter to little Joey Scarbourough re: Schiavo

It's time for our politicians to emulate NASCAR.

Jeb Does Have The Power To Act Right?

Freepers Support Terrorism.

Since Malloy is "best of" there's always Lionel live tonight

NOW and the reasons behind bankruptcy

Opinions on Jerry Springer being part of AAR??

"Inherit The Wind" never gets old!

Everybody Has Ignored Florida Law

I hate Nancy Grace

C'mon Jeb! Its not too late--send in the Guard! Jeebus demands it!

Any South Carolina DU'ers out there aware of this?

What is this about Terri Schiavo trying to speak?

Huge FR thread on Schiavo=Jesus killed in a Satanic Ritual on Good Friday

Mike Malloy Friday Night Truthseeker thread (Best of)

This was posted earlier and I just had to share it again, it is so amusing

Schiavo's father: "Jeb Bush has put Terri and us through a week of hell!"

Hilary Rosen: Awesome!

Nader: Save Schiavo at any cost

Man Trys To Steal Gun to 'Rescue Schiavo'

This thread is a Schiavo-free zone. Relax and breathe deeply.

Not hearing much about the "liberal media bias" these days, are we?

PHOTOS: Salt Lake City, Utah STANDS UP for Peace with her Veterans....

PHOTOS: Tulsa, Oklahoma STANDS UP for Peace...

PHOTOS: Denton, Texas STANDS UP for PEACE...

PHOTOS: Detroit MI...STANDS UP for PEACE, bring OUR troops home NOW !

PHOTOS: Austin, Texas STANDS UP for PEACE...says NO to bush* wars

PHOTO: Ann Arbor, Michigan for PEACE....extra bonus photo...

PHOTOS: Fort Worth, Texas STANDS UP against bush* wars..

Naomi Klein Reveals New Details About U.S. Military Shooting of Italian Wa

Why doesn't the "right to life" include the right to die? After all isn't

Help Us Find Baby Jesus' Rightful Owner

This is the worst incident in Florida since segregation

Jeb laid down with fleas.. They are calling him Pontius Pilate

America reaches a new low in "Christian" crassness: Chocolate CROSSES

PHOTOS: Denver, Colorado STANDS UP for PEACE...

How sweet. Someone donated to the RNC in my name!

Gee Jeb, you really let Terri & the Hypereligious Ghouls down...

Background on Fox's Rachel Marsden

Iraq: a series of articles from the Global Policy forum

Deepak Chopra transcript: "Schiavo situation sad, political, exploitative"

PHOTOS: Another day of tormenting the Woodside Hospice patients

Terri Schiavo is like Joan of Arc!

Watching America (dot com)

Andy was admitted to the hospital tonight.

Have you seen this about Terri Schiavo's parents?

Is the jury still out on George W. Bush aka "W"?

I no longer feel sorry for the Schindlers. They are scum sucking pigs.

My Southern Baptist Family took my Mammaw off all sustinance in Dec. 2000.

Say it loud: 'I'm Atheist and Proud'

* Easter Message

We may see the first new shots of a Civil War...

If you were in a PVS, how long would you want to be kept on a feeding tube

Use Stevia as a sweetener? Have you ever heard of it?

Is it possible Kennedy was killed because he was about to tell

You know, I felt this hopeless during the Reagan era. Things changed . . .

When Did "Peaceful Protest" Become A Synonym For "No Arrests Made"?

Schiavo protest WTF photos

Energy body wants brakes on fuel consumption (stop driving so darn much)

Tom Delay's birthday is April 8th

AP story's misleading headline: "Doctors disagree on Schiavo's awareness"

Check this Out --- BP presentation on "oil disruptions & govt planning"

What Happens Once the Oil Runs Out? (Today's NY Times)

I want to make an issue out of the fact that the number of soldiers killed

If I Stopped Eating And Drinking Would You Stop Talking About Terri?

If I see one more TS post I am going to PUKE!!!!!

Democrats And Leakage of The Black Vote is OWNED by Time-Warner

We Have Forgotten What We Learned During Vietnam/Civil Rights Movement!!!

The implosion of Freepers everywhere continues:

Former Weapons Inspector: Neocons are parasites

I saw something really interesting on CNN << READ THIS PLEASE<<

6:00 pm news: "Terry is vocalizing 'I - want - to - live"

"The Take", an EXCELLENT CBC documentary about Argentina...

Anyone else losing last vestige of religion

Something freaky is happening with Hal Turner -advise?

PHOTOS: Oklahoma City, OK...STANDS UP for Peace, says NO to bush* wars


Diagnose Me, Dr. Frist!

Not all of us who want the tube back in are RW 'fundies', for the record.

The fundies almost got me!

Bush is STILL trying to loot Soc Security and we're talking about SCHIAVO!

Nazis for Terri?

so, I wonder how many people protesting the Shiavo fiasco are being

Wolcott on Nagourney's NYT front page LOVE LETTER to Jeb Bush.

When were you just lucky that you weren't raped or had an unwanted

Are You Sure the Public Knows Shiavo is a "Republican Show"???

The Nashua Advocate: Introducing the "X-Con," a Word for 2005 and Beyond

We could decimate the republicans with Social Security

"and DU is laughing at us"

Why am I the only one in DU to support TS being re-feed ?

HELP! Fundy cousin called - I can't believe what she said!

What about a Practical Survivalism group?

New Toon (and it's not about feeding tubes)

"President Bush is a great, great man"

Who is bankrolling the Shindlers re Schiavo legal fights?

Let's plan a RECALL march on Washington for July 4th

"Hymn of the War Kings" from Emma Goldman's Mother Earth Magazine

Send Andy Stephenson money and get a cool photo, suitable for framing!

The Paper Chase Project

A POLL: Do You Think We Are Going To Have An Economic Depression?

Look, Jeb and George PLANNED for Shiavo to die…

DU Group Proposal: Womens' World

This Florida Circus Has Gotten So Bizarre >>>

More new information concerning Sgrena shooting

Know your BFEE: Rev. Sun Myung Moon OWNS Poppy Bush.

Action Alerts--DU these, please!

Radio repub advocates force to rescue Schiavo and death to interference

The wonderful world of cooking machines!

Any thoughts on Easter dessert?

Chocolate recipes wanted!

Easter Sunday meals. What are you having ?

Does this look like (BC Premier) Campbell to you?

Tories expel 'secret cuts' row MP (Tory MP admits cuts to public services)

U.S. court mulls overseas Web censorship

UK government under pressure over Iraq war legal advice

Gadhafi opposes two states, calls Israelis, Palestinians, idiots

Crude Oil May Decline as US Inventories Surge

Tricare offered to reservists who agree to stay on after deployment

BBC: Iraqi Police Killed By Car Bomb (11 Special Police Commandos)

Final five convicted in Miami Medicare scam

Son of Portland Muslim leader blocked from flying

Indiana police restricted on searching trash

USA to crush Turkmenistan's economy with a billion-dollar lawsuit

SC Refuses to Hear the Schiavo Case (waiting for FL. Fed. court yet)

Reverends (AAR, Delay caught on tape, preaching)

Undisclosed evidence may free man from death row (FL)

Cheney ready to deal (Soc Sec - Barbara Bush ?'s VP)

Military court considers declassifying surveillance video for court-martial

Radical Iraqi Shiite cleric’s aide seeks prisoner release

Afghans seethe over child kidnapping scourge

EU requires new biometrical passports for Russia as a condition to join th

An old campaign promise might weigh on Hutchison

Goss says CIA ban excludes terrorists

Conservatives Invoke Case in Fund-Raising Campaigns

Movie chief seeks happy ending on divide

Sullivan to become first congressional candidate for '06 (NH-1)

No proof for claim Iraq killed 85 rebels

A CAPPS by Any Other Name

(Iraqi) Scientist's death now reopened by Army

Titan logs most Iraq contractor deaths

Sharpton wants stations connected to violence punished

US wants gas pipeline from Turkmenistan, not from Iran

(Hawaii) Isle Army recruiters miss goal by 127 soldiers (gives nat'l #s)

Cleaning ladies assassinated

Former Eglin airman charged with hiding bin Laden sympathy

Seoul heeding advice to cut troops in Iraq

US Gives Guatemala $3.2 Million in Military Aid

Monaco's Prince Rainier in Grave Condition

Chilean court blocks Pinochet abuse trial

Jeb Bush may take Terri Schiavo into state care: Times

FBI records indicate Gotti plot at '92 trial

FBI rejects Islamic terror link to Texas refinery blast

Prankster infiltrates NY museums

Cheating Wife Awarded More Than $40M

Stasi files on former Chancellor released

UK panel faults gov't position on torture

Peacekeepers in sex abuse scandal face paternity tests

Republicans Consider Slowing Benefits Growth for Most -NYT

Inquiry to check army links in killing of Ulster solicitor

Federal judge denies emergency request by Schiavo's parents

IRS crackdown on tax shelters brings in more than $3.2 billion

Lunch-break limbo: Rule dispute leaves workers hanging over pay claims

U.N. to send 10,700 peacekeepers to Sudan

2nd Judge: Ohio Gay Marriage Ban Affects Straight Couples Too

Mehdi Army Beats Assyrian Female Student to Death

A New Antiterror Agency Is Considered -NYT

Oil Price Volatility Continues

President Putin to visit Middle East despite arms delivery scandal with Is

Senate set to vote on abortion clinic bill (Kansas)

White House payments to columnist probed

Schiavo father: 'Down to her last hours'

In Reid, Dean sees vestiges of himself

NYT: Election Commission Urges Finance Rules for Online Politics

Washington focuses on southern "axis of evil" (Venezuela and Cuba)

Teen who 'divorced' killer dad adopted

Police Guard Pakistan Stock Exchange

Schiavo down to 'last hours,' says father

Filipinos Celebrate Good Friday with Nails, Blood

Cooper, union talk

Hushed rape of Timor

Al-Ja’afari Premier Credentials Questioned

Doctors debate Schiavo's condition (situation not unique as press makes

District at odds with teachers (Berkeley)

Panel gives firefighters raises of at least 8.24% (HI / requires OK)

Negotiations bog down in General Cable Corp. strike (RI)

Compromise Ends Hunger Strike (Georgetown Living Wage Coalition)

Frustrated DPS teachers rally (Denver)

GAO to Investigate Bush Administration Payments to Columnist

Report: Cops Used Tasers On 24 Students Since '03 (FL)

Submariner gets $100,000 reenlistment bonus

Accounts vary in trial over Taser use on teen (FL)

CIA-Nazi documents to be released

New York City Recalls Math Guides Riddled With Errors

Kerik sells more Taser stock, nets $700,000

Vallejo denies claim (taser death)

Lured employers now tax Medicaid (FL Wal-Mart)

All in the Family (Dem steals show at annual EEOC mtg)

War widows push for changes in distribution of benefits (Gold Star Wives)

Schiavo parents' supporters begin to lose hope (If Jeb makes a move


Republicans Block Legislative Efforts To Protect Children

Bush Signs Law on Release of CIA-Nazi Documents

Schiavo "Down to Her Last Hours" Father Says

Colonel in Iraq defense ministry kidnapped

Cost of war creates uncertainty about Army's tuition program

Robots Take Center Stage at World's Fair

Man Tries to Steal Gun to 'Rescue Schiavo'

NYT,pg1,Nagourney:In Polarizing Case, Jeb B. Cements His Pol. Stature(??)

Turkmen hold anti-US rally in Kirkuk

well, they are at it again..this was just on cnn

Wall Street Selloff Puts First Quarter Mutual Fund Returns Into the Red

Army Documents Shed Light on CIA 'Ghosting'

Security Entourage Holds Clues In Hunt for Bin Laden

Document suggests bin Laden escaped at Tora Bora

U.S. to Sell Jets to Pakistan; India Upset

Four Car Bombings Across Iraq Kill 19

Grassley has doubts on Social Security effort

Secession Movement Growing in Schools

Bush approval hits record low

Soldier Detained in Russian Nuclear Missile Base for Smoking Dope on Duty

Police: Body Found In Johnson County (Iowa Amber Alert posted earlier)

Georgian Opposition Leader Says Russia Helping Iran Make Nuclear Weapons

Mass march urges reforms in Bahrain

Pentagon plans new defense strategy for nation

Legislator told to quit over campaign violation

Bush Job Approval Drops 7 points

Judge Delays Release of Heinz Records Sought by 2 Papers

40,000 Complaints Ask FCC to Probe Broadcasters onVideo News Release Use

Satellites from Surrey cause concern in the White House

Iran Stockpiling High-Tech Small Arms

(BBC News)Most tsunami dead female - Oxfam

Judge tosses campaign cash limit, boosts Schwarzenegger's camp

Schiavo parents appeal to federal court again

Four Times As Many Women Died In Tsunami

U.S. Steps Up War on Afghan Opium

FBI probe into leaked secrets takes aim at AIPAC

Breaking: 11th Circuit Rules Against Schiavo Tube Removal

Iraq oil report faults Annan over son's work

Man arrested in N.C. on charges of threatening Michael Schiavo

Higher and Higher: Ski Resorts in Fight to Survive Global Warming

Police find man, but girl still missing (Iowa Amber Alert)

Radical Iraqi cleric's follower calls for million-strong anti-US demo

Portland may pull out of FBI task force

With over a hundred chaplains, poultry giant plunges into ministry

Army: 27 Detainees Killed From 2002-2004

Nevada files brief in suit against nuclear waste railroad

Discover 'The Disappeared' Human rights exhibition opens Tuesday in NDMA

15 Ill in Florida From Disease Possibly Linked to Petting Zoos at Fairs

(San Diego) City Uses E-Mail To Notify (11,000) Workers About Layoffs

US will foil Iran's nuclear ambitions: Kurtzer (war drums for Iran)

Russia concerned about Israel plans to build settlements

Cracks May Force Shutdown of UK Reactors

SARS may spread in air, new studies warn

Police torture raises tensions amid Iraqi power scramble

Marines Survive Frightful Explosion In Iraq

Ukraine Outraged After Russian Marines Make Landing in Crimea

Bush decries "vigilantes," for reasonable immigration policy

Conservatives tell court domestic partner rights are illegal (CA)

U.S. Guards Find Tunnel in Iraq Prison

FT: Iraq's insurgents ‘seek exit strategy'

Layoffs at tech firm? (Homeland Security contractor)

'God Wants the Truth' in Death of U.S.-Held Iraqi Scientist, Says Family

Officer had nude photos of suspect, report says:He downloaded them off her

Seniors face Medicare premiums jump

NRA Says Teachers Should Have Guns

US Loses Foreign Students to Post-9/11 Competition

Bush Administration Probes Syria's Future With Assad's Opposition

Man Trys Steal Gun to 'Rescue Schiavo'

Court of Appeals rejects new Schiavo appeal

Florida Court to Hold 'Emergency Hearing'

Probe Reveals Pakistan Bought U.S. Nuclear Technology -LAT

Death threats rattling pols

Report: TSA Misled Public on Personal Data

Barbara Bush Says Hillary Clinton Will Lose In 2008

Anti-Indecency Forces Opposed -WP

Protesters in Schiavo case flood Florida abuse hot line

Man arrested for Michael Schiavo threat

Lebanese Officials Reject UN Report (Hariri Assassination)

Bush offers condolences to Minn. tribe

White separatist gets on school ballot (Bozeman MT)

Soros fails to defeat conviction for insider trading

WP: Schiavo Case Tests Priorities Of GOP

Ralph Nader wants Schiavo to Live

'Pioneer' With Weapons and Bibles Arrested

Russian Scientists Say No Noah’s Arc on Mount Ararat

Another Medicare Premium Increase Ahead

3/25 10 year old hadcuffed and arrested for trespassing at Schiavo Hospice

Pentagon Will Not Try 17 G.I.'s Implicated in Prisoners' Deaths

DeLay Quietly Steps Out of the Schiavo Spotlight -NYT

Polls Show Drop for Bush's Job Approval

Army Investigation Reported Abuse, Possible Torture at Jail Near Mosul

Transportation Bill Has $37 Million for Wal-Mart Headquarters Street

White House Payments to Columnist Probed

Officials Search For Source Of Ailment (Plant City, FL)

US 'to offer F-16s to Pakistan'

Police 'showdown' averted (Fla. agents tried to "rescue" Schiavo)

Will a British divorcee cost 'Wolfie' his job? (pushed him into Iraq war?)

I am addicted to

One Day, Clams Will Rise.

Thursday night earworm, courtesy of Mylanta Plus.

Who has that "JERRY! JERRY!" smilie???

And if I say to you tomorrow. Take my hand, child, come with me.

Do you go to Joe Mayo's parties?

Ever wanted to watch Azerbaijan state TV?

Coach Burning in Morgantown, WV. I kid you not. On Local TV.

Crotch Burning in Morgantown, WV. I kid you not. On Local TV.

When you look to rent a place...

"The Music of Mullets"

Who's The Most Pathetic Aging Sex Symbol?

Be my JPEG baby

Have you ever kicked your own post?

Is DU running slow tonight?

Good night, all. Please remember

Couch Burning in Morgantown, WV. I kid you not. On Local TV.

I killed my own thread!

Wendy's secret chili ingredient - soylent green

i wrote this drunk.....

AAAARGH! Jeff Foxwothy roast AGAIN!

My husband has the "hots" for another house!

Putt putt golf

I am tired, so I bid you Lounge Lizards adieu for the evening!

Which is meaner?

Sitting here as my roomates watch the OJ makes me think....

Dammit, I thought I left Poland on the dining room table

Skittles is probably kicking her own ass, right now

MOdern MOshing

Remember Poland!

State the last time you opened a can of 'whoop ass' on someone

Are you here?

Oasis were much better thumb wrestlers than the Beatles.

I never forget Poland

West coast 1 minute to TDS

What's the difference between a purse and a European carry-all?

Do you consider yourself an X-Man?

If you could have your very own rock star, who would it be?

I'm forgetting a country....I don't know which one....

There are no Baltic or Slavic states that begin with P

I Forgot Poland, again.

Have you ever kicked your own post?

Post your favourite malapropism here

Twin Streams: does this mean anything to DU men?

Post your favorite British colloquialisms here

I am voraciously hungry. Where should I eat?

I don't get it, if Eng has his own land why doesn't Po have her own land?

Does anyone else here keep getting lost?

Do you think CanuckAmok will be amok tonight?

RUH-ROH!!!! I just read something

Well,after almost two years I have finally given birth to

The bunny rap . . .


The "You Forgot Poland" appreciation thread

Star Trek is on Sci Fi....

To all the Fundies:

Bobby Fischer Jokes Here Please

Am I the only one...

I may need help.

Goodnight kitties, goodnight cats

Good night, moon. Good night, stars...

What would be your alternate DU username?

Pet Peeves

A personal pet peeve: The difference between yea and yeah


let's promise to all have a "good" friday

The Little Debbie commercials using "My Girl" - I'm going to hunt

If Anarchosyndicalists ran the Internet...

My hand is exactly 3 inches shorter than my foot.

Car Seat Burns Hole In Man's Pants

Ninja monkeys are meeting as we speak, plotting my demise

Breaking News: Judge Greer Eats Babies!!!!

How do you feel about guys who wear man-furs?

Wow! I went to Vancouver today and nothing bad happened to me!

OK is it!

Someone buy me these!

What the Bleep Do We Know?

Hey man, leave me alone.

Happy Early Birthdays matcom and underpants!!!!

How many Japaneeesth do you thinka I can fit up my noseth?

So, who thinks Vida Guerra is gorgeous?

Bullock shovels bullshit in `Congeniality' sequel - REAL HEADLINE! :D :D

New Michael Jackson tune

Bad Night Out............

Chocolate Crosses Annoy Catholic Diocese

I love bankers' holidays here in the south ....


26 YEARS without a haircut!!!!

Does everybody here believe in the Easter Beagle?

My hair has been growing 12 years. When tempted to cut it, I play this

With today being Good Friday ...

Poker joker

Underwear maker celebrates new Japanese baseball team with special bra

Does the mail get delivered today?


If you want a fun email address, check out

Mapping a route to Montreal while avoiding mountains, help!

So what stupid things do YOU say that put you in the doghouse?


CONFESS!!!! It's your last supper ever here on earth - what's your meal..

**YAWN** *Scratch Scratch* Morning All - Just woke up! Who has coffee?

Can I post ?

A little bird says that it's Matcom's birthday this weekend.

They're giving away a Dodge Viper at our local auto show.

$990 is the current bid for the haunted, stuffed Disney toy "Stitch" . . .

Who else is off tomorrow? NO WORK FOR ME TOMORROW!

Wanted: Christian guy who doesn’t live with his mother

Who is your favorite Television "MotherFucker"

Across the Universe

Paula Abdul given probation in hit-run

"My Other Ride Is Your Boyfriend"

I've seen a lot Ads lately for "Financial Advisor's" Ahh..Here's Mine.

For Fellow Christian DUers

Octopuses Seen Walking From Predators

Which State represents the American Ideal?

It IS Good Friday! I get to go home at NOON!!!

save the baby chickens!

Craigslist gets beamed into space

Magazine Offers Reward for Tasmanian Tiger

Diner finds a finger in her chili

I almost started a thread about my aching knee in GD...

Did anyone catch the end of "Springbreak Shark Attack" last Sunday?

A clearer future for eyewear

Listening to fundies arguing about the Schiavo case here in the office.

I am still on my workout program after nearly two weeks!

Great lines from the personal ads:

Lyrics to "We Didn't Start the Fire"

Do you consider yourself to be ineffectual?

I have to say something about the Jackson trial.

Anyone had their eyes de-lidded?

I am a long-time DUer with a new user name. Ask me anything!

Do you believe in the Easter Pit Bull?

Jesus says "go to the pep rally"

Whats your malady?

Ever have a situation where....?

is it just me or have the whack jobs

Aaaaarrrgh! Who threw that Bat?

Jerry's Dad has signed off...

A good cup of coffee.......

What is an acceptable serving of bacon?

Prankster infiltrates NY museums

Did I have an accident?

Anyone had their eyes dilated?

Wow. Just wow. "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"

Chick Tract of the day: (warning---possibly offensive)

I need a hero!

Anybody want to see something really gross? (no peeps here)

I am the Queen of Uno

Am I pregnant?

Someone pulled my love handle.

I need a Hirohito!

Do I have an accent?

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

If I self-delete,

Ashton Kutcher-4th horseman of the Apocalypse

4 1/2 hours to go

Did anyone bring to the Lounge's attention the passing of Morty Seinfeld?

Any photoshoppers feeling creative??

Zookeepers To Install Elephant Treadmill

Peanut Butter...Creamy or Crunchy?

I don't need a gryo!

Check out THIS image you filthy Lounge Lizards!

Did you ever have one of those weeks

Oh damn! That hurts so good!

Monaco's Prince Rainier Clinging to Life

I think I've found out something wrong with GD/GD:P.

How different was school when you went?

Fascinating live feed from outside Schiavo's hospice in Florida...

Why should people care about you?

Do all your scoffing in this thread!

Going to see Faces of the Fallen this weekend.

My current playlist soon to be CD

My Letter to Dr Frist:

spilled coffee on my keyboard today

Dear President Bush

funny on-line poll on local tv channell per possible gas tax hike

Better way to go: During sex? During sleep?

Better way to go: During sex? During sleep?

Questions for folks who play games on line: Have you ever had another

Filipinos Celebrate Good Friday with Nails, Blood

Fun with zip codes ... kinda ...

My dad is having trouble today... they keep having to give him

Last night I had the strangest dream....


Favorite pizza toppings ...


What is the most out of character thing you've ever done?

Does everybody here buy the,"Easter Bunny" thing ?

Do you believe in an eternal soul...?

Gawd...why does Franken always put on these RW'ers

2 + 2 = For NYC schools' guide filled with math, grammar errors


Subliminal fundie message

I need a gyro!

Schiavo or Schaivo?

Frank Luntz on Al Franken is so hilarious!

Here it is: The stupidest freep-spam to date:

Freeper: Liberals want to kill crippled, elderly---want to save killers


Canucks/Yanks, if provinces were survivor contestants who'd you vote off?

Delicious Canadian Pineapple and Ham Pizza

The Church of the Frisbee on the Roof..........

WOMEN, have you ever known a Lounge-stalker who is me? Is it possible?

Sony PSP - I work at Toys R Us

Only FReepers eat pineapple on pizza.

WHEN TRAVELING ABROAD: How Can I Be Sure to Look Like An American

Our whole dept (that is being let go in July) just go this email...

It's Friday feeling lucky what are your going

OK, between 12 noon & 3 pm, shut the ef up!

If each State was a contestant on Survivor, which one would you vote off?

Why The Kinks Kick the Ass of Every Other British Invasion Band

I like the Canadian flag.

For fellow pagan DUers

Florida: See it like a native

Be prepared for the unexpected

Prune flavoured yogurt ain't bad

It's Good Friday ---- ya BASTIDS!!

I don't care WHAT "Supersize Me" says, I'm going to McD's! Bon Apetit!

Who is your favorite character on "The Beverly Hillbillies"?

What part would you play in "Gilligan's Island -- the Movie"?

TRAVELLING IN AMERICA-how to be assaulted

I found my phone!

I get to go home early now. You?

I changed the look of my blog.

Speaking of fingers, watch Bush's "One Fingered Victory Salute"

please delete -- wrong forum

Soldier Detained in Russian Nuclear Missile Base for Smoking Dope on Duty

Predict the future: Will DU be Schiavo obsessed be one week from now?

which would you prefer to make your evening perfect?

Maryanne, Ginger or Lovey

Stop what you're doing and listen to WING. Right now!!!

What's going on with Air America Radio?

It's a Miracle! Jesus H. Christ on a Trailer Hitch has Risen!

For the last three days I've been insanely hungry, no matter what I eat.

Is Gene Simmons the Next Sponge Bob?

Bailey Quarters Vs. Julie Kotter - Pick your fave

Oasis would defeat the Beatles in the NCAA tournament.

Gilligan, Skipper, Professor, TH the Third - Who would you party with?

Ahh Purim.. The one Day I wish I was Jewish....

Soon to be invaded by doctoral students

what i thought about easter as kid

What do you DUers think about this new 'Sin City' movie?

Who else acted in the "Stations of the Cross" as a child in school?

do re mi fa so la ti OH!

For your Friday afternoon enjoyment ...

Pick your favorite corn fed girl

Do You Have "Sports Talk" Radio in your Area?


Cheating Wife Awarded More Than $40M

Wendy's Chili Proves a little TOO "finger-lickin' good!"

I'm Muslim, and it's Easter Weekend.

WOMEN, have you ever known a stalker who is female? Is it possible?

He's back, and it's about time!

Craving a "Sunday breakfast"

Oasis or a pile of day-old regurgitated Thai food sitting in the sun?

Our Savior's Dead....

Last night, Mr. Bouncy said he was "uncomfortable" with my bumper stickers

Vote For The Better Rocker: Oasis or Kate Smith

Chicago is a little peeped over the Red Lake massacre

DUers! Need your help!

happy easter from the bush daughters!

is it sour grapes to take pleasure in an annoying thread sinking all of

Only Pro Sports team named after a Catholic Priest will win it all!


A dog even cat lovers can love!

Who's up for a round of "Name that orifice"?

Well I take whatever I want. And baby, I want you.

Human finger found in Wendy at Chili's restaurant in CA

Are my threads annoying?

It hasn't reached Schiavo proportions, but can we stop with the chili?

What does schiavo mean?

You know ,sometimes I step back , reflect on DU and think..

Walking Eagle

Who gets kicked off the Island?


New toon -- (no feeding tubes in this one)


The bunny is boiling......

The "Stuck at work with nothing to do on Good Friday" Thread

DU this poll!

Why do people argue for the sake of arguing

Yeah? Yeah? What's so good about it?

Why do people argue for the sake?

Human finger found in Chili at Wendy's restaurant in CA

THE MAJORITY REPORT (AAR): Any on-line archives?

OMG - It just hit me!

In the afterlife, you will be headed for the serious strife....

Racism: still alive and well (too deep for the lounge?)

I know they are corny but -- I LOVE TVLAND award shows!

here kitty kitty....

Remember when we used to obsess about more important things than Terri S?

Cult of Progmom Full Moon Ritual, Bloodletting & Potluck tonight 11:59 EST


Why Are There No RW "Purple Heart" Band-Aids For TS?

Whose Life is it Anyway?

Newest advertiser on AAR

I'm going to a Passover Seder on April 23. What can I expect?

I'm afraid that folks will front me cause I don't got the juice.

I never hardly ever post in the Lounge, but this time I need help.

The "Create a New Word" Thread

Is the home team still on fire? Do they still win all the games?


Trigger Happy TV on Comedy Central is SO FREAKING FUNNY.

What's wrong with this outfit?

So...should I be a bad state employee?

Geez. I had to go to frickin MickeyD's today!

Help me sleep.

Frist: Ronald Reagan Was Buried Alive!

Fat-free, low-fat, and "Lite" Mayonnaise

Funniest thing was just on the police scanner

Running out of judges to hear their case, the Schindlers try this judge...

The chocolate jesus is boiling

Have you tried the new Coke, Coke with Lime?

I'm awake at 1:47am because dh snores, how about you?

"I "Heart" Huckabees" De-construct yourself! LOVED IT!

It is Good Friday. Everyone had their meat yet?


Nice is nice

How much would you give me if I drank a jigger of 195 proof everclear??

You can in Cannes

Wouldn't we all have red faces if....

Psst...Hey kid. Yeah, you. C'mere. Wanna hear some great music?

I have a question about Good Friday

You know, the evidence of Terri's cognitive ability is like that of UFOs

Flags of our Fathers movie due out in 2006!

I finally saw the Thrashing of the Christ

I want to learn Russian, am I nuts or just stupid

Kid punches Easter Bunny in nose.

I must be the only person on this god-forsaken planet...

This Schiavo thing is bringing out ALL the fundies

Isn't there a tech board somewhere here on DU?

Delay: Nancy murdered Ronnie

What's your favorite food to eat while stoned?

Adult Swim Orders More 'Aqua Teen'

Easter bunnies!

Keith Olbermann is off tonight. :-(

Does Dr. Doom wear armor all the time?

Oh, Boston that! I'm getting a little Schiavo'd over the chili threads!

Battlestar Galactica Appreciation Thread

I've got the theme from UFO as my ear worm

Do multiple punctuation marks annoy you?????

WHEN TRAVELING ABROAD: How Can I Avoid Looking Like An American...

If there is a God I'm sure he would

Angelina Jolie named World's Sexiest Woman by FHM -- who disagrees?

A real 911 Call - Audio

I still don't have an answer

How much do you follow professional music critics?

Best sequel ever

My Dearest Redneck Son,

Anybody buy from Petcarerx? Do the phone calls annoy you?

Biggest job interview of my life

Who's drunk already?

"Half a bubble off plumb"- your favorite mental insult phraseology?

How do you prepare kielbasa?

Do you vote in local elections?

Most Humourless Comedian

Dealing with death.

Notice to Bidders

What should I cook for Easter brunch

Kmart Employees Standing Roadside In Bunny Costumes W/Sale Signs

I'm over 10,000 posts! And Easy Mac RULES.

Do vegetarians eat chocolate animals?

Fun with Macaroni and Cheese!

How do you eat a chocolate bunny?

Easter Bunny Gets Pummeled by Boy at Mall

It's hard to resist a chocolate bunny!!!

DU Group Proposal (Womens' World) Needs One More Member to Sign On

The sap is running in VT. How do you like your maple syrup?

It's a heretofore unknown species of jungle cat. Watch out or she'll

How about sports orientated Terri Schiavo chants?

Will someone please explain to me WHY (warning: has to do with Schiavo)

We've reached the Terry Schiavo Event Horizon.

Lord of the Peeps: The Fellowship of the Peep

A riddle for you.

Does this make me evil?

What quirks of your parents do you find yourself having?

Pulp or No Pulp

New "Queens Of The Stone Age" album

Do you consider yourself to be an intellectual?

Michigan State beats Duke and marches on to elite 8.

Anybody here that's in advertising? I've got a question for you?

Iron Crotch

Power to the Peeps!

Just smack me upside the head now

Craziest thing I have heard yet about She who Shall not Be named:

Chevy Chase: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is Still Dead

Wanna smell Jebus? Grab yer "His Essence" candles rat cheer!

History can never be made by one man,

How many poor chocolate bunnies must DIE to satisfy your sick hunger?

"Small World", part deux.

Dwayne Wade Just Hit A Sixty Eight Foot Jumper...

I saw a TURTLE!

Who's up for a round of "Who Am I"?

I just saw a Bilby

If jesus sees his shadow on Sunday, what do we get?

I'm watching "Cheap Seats" Ask me anything


So I've been fighting back tears at work today.

It's Friday night.

I just saw a CODGER!

So what if your life is all some crazy dream someone is having?

I just saw a BADGER!

DUers with facial hair, check in!

Just a thought about Suzanne's tea and oranges...

should Kleeb's parents be sanctioned?

Now is the time I post my favorite Easter cartoon:

It's a CHIMPMUNK, Damnit!

Is Terri Schiavo the new Kleeb?

So what a the NCAA standings? I'm waching the Suns game.

Ewww. I found a hair in my Arby's Sandwich

Which Ohio city has (okay, had) the best music scene?

Yes or No

Aniston Files for Divorce From Pitt

Saw my first copperhead today. Gonna be a long summer.

I'm 2 posts away from 100, ask me anything!

When you click on a thread are there DUers that you dread to see

Easter Peeps cocktails

If Extreme Jesus fought Trailer Hitch Jesus, who would win?

Cheer me up. My daughter turns 18 tomorrow.

Lounge, I have something really important to ask.

A few weeks ago I mentioned someone was giving me a .........

What do you guys think of the new Kojak?

Who is your favourite comedian of all time?

Should someone else be the new Beav?

How is everyone tonight?

They grab Ugarte. Then she walks in.

The Passion of the Bunny

I wanna nick a flight.

I wanna pick a flight...

sumo wrestling

I just saw a BUNNY!


Wow, big, BIG thunder!

Who will come visit me in the hospital next month?

What is the population of the town/city you live in?

Shortbus! What happened to Dook?

Ok. I am a historical figure. 3 questions

It is Friday night!

Shortbus, what happened to Dookus?

With all the "Who am I" posts in here, I'll keep the next in my pocket

Can't get up? Wake up and find the Clocky

Can't get up? Wake up and find the Clocky

I'm going to a Duran Duran concert on Monday!!!!

Who else has a smallpox scar?

The bar is open!!! Drinks are on the long haired guy

I'm as Grumpy as you don't think I am.

Given a choice, what would you get?

Massive hail storm hits central Texas!

Would the following opening lyrics offend any of you?

Mah back is spiny, mah belly's yellah..... who am I?

I'm not as think as you drunk I am

How good are you with languages?

There's a brand-new dance craze sweeping the nation

What is Your Most Memorable Piece of Graffitti?

Evangelizing on the cheap...

Ok. I am a non-historical non-figure. 3 questions

So, I'm watching "Urban Cowboy" on TCM. I never saw it before.

The Passion of the Astley

Does it bother anyone that The Media tries so hard to make us choose sides

Berger Cookies: the Greatest MD Foodstuff!

Jesus H. Christ on a trailer hitch

I Will Never Run For Any Political Office!

Bwhahahaha! Watch this great flash cartoon!

HELP How do I get "Bounce Your Boobies" out of my head?

Should someone else be the new Kleeb?

I am not as clumsy and absent minded as you think

Company recalls frozen teriyaki chicken sold at Trader Joe's

I am as clumsy and absent minded as you think

Freeper---Guns in the hands of liberals often kill kids

Schiest on a trailer hitch

You know what absolutely, positively sucks?

Quick and easy PC question.

What fun do you have planned for this weekend?

Advice please - fellow DU'ers...........

"It's not what Terri wants, it's what God wants"

So this is shattered pride...

Who remembers National Lampoon's '64 HS Yearbook ?

How to save Terri Schiavo (A neo-con's guide)

I wanna pick a fight.

aaaaaaaa choooooooooo -

Can you see/feel results from exercise after one month?


Saw one of those yellow "pray for our troops" on a gas cap in Austin

YAY!!!!! DUKE LOST!!!!!

Hey everyone, its 5:00 and time to go home.

I am a historical figure - "Who am I"?

What happened to the ACC powerhouse?

Paul Henning, 'Beverly Hillbillies' creator, died Friday at the age of 93

Any CSI fans here? Or people interested in forensic science?

It's Latenight DU!!!!!

Have you been given a nick name for your screen name...

ROFL -- Limbaugh joke --- ROFLMFAO! Cut-n-paste, pass it on!

Oasis reaches for many more titanicoes than the Beatles.

JimmyJazz, I hereby retract my statement

Happy Birthday Mr. President. Happy birthday to you.

Women who haven't shaved their legs all winter, check in!

How many Schiavo threads have YOU started?

So lemme tells you all about another shitty day I had at work (Explicit)

Have you ever been in Iowa?

Now that is the funkiest shit I've seen or heard in a LONG time

Wendy's announces one digit increase in .99 cent menu

"After the game, MORE TERRI SCHIAVO!!"

Philadelphia area DUers! Come see my band Saturday (3/26) night!

Let's here it for the Bunny

Does everybody here buy the "Christ rose from the grave" thing?

I say that University of Arizona will win the NCAA Championship!!! removes Mel Gibson letter from web site

Butter or Margarine?

Will I go to hell if

Public Service Announcement about Bunnies

Who pronounces button "bu'on"?

Happy Easter Island!

Should we tax the churches?

There really must be something wrong with me.



What is the greatest thing that Quebec has contributed to the world?

Lookee what I found!

What's the greatest thing Canada gave the world?

Have you seen these terrorists??? (SNL video)


I couldn't find Russell Stover's Chocolate Crosses ANYWHERE!

What is the worst sequel ever made? (Has to be #2 in a series)

Man, I am hating my new mini iPod

Next weekend is the rattlesnake round up in Taylor, Tx

The eggs are boiling...

look at all these people! Why aren't you all in bed?

Do you collect anything?

What's the greatest thing Minnesota ever gave the world??

Am I imagining things, or is George W. really letting himself go?

Help get me out of the 700-club tonight! Ask me anything!

help m construct a letter to stuff inside a pre approved credit card app.

Replace a word in your screen name with "Poland"

Help get me out of the 7000-club tonight! Ask me anything!

Happy Easter! (warning - may offend the sensitive)

Which book have you reread the most?

*** The 4th Monthly DU Photo Contest: Round II ***

Haven't posted all day. What do you want to talk about?

Angelina Jolie Sexiest Woman, last years winner not even in top 100

Oasis absolutely PUNKS the Who

I'm not as nice as you think I am.

I got a digital camera!

KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very Catholic Good Friday memories..can anyone beat this?

Will Mel Gibson make a movie about the Schiavo case?

Is there a newbie survival guide?

The William Shatner Acting Simulator

Question about medical/dental insurance

When you think about Maine, you think....

Anyone interested in contacting Dean, PM me and I'll send his e-mail.

If I organized a Virginia gathering, would anyone come?

URGENT: for Maryland Residents

I'm ashamed of this Georgia Democrat.

'Human life is a gift from God' by Jim Wallis

What is the difference between being religious and being

I have a question about the "Trinity"

Question for Episcopalians...

So if Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane...

Poll Shows Strong Support for Stem Cell & Therapeutic Cloning Research

Science Friday: Assessing Awareness (PVS or MCS) 0% Spin

Links to facts and a TV special about Yellowstone

Biologist discovers 2 species of octopus attempting to walk

Michigan GLBT community - FYI

Australia Politicians Demand Ban On Gay Family Books

Maryland Passes Gay Hate Crimes Act

Lesbian Feminist Named To Canada's Senate

Was San Diego Bishop's Gay 'Apology' A Smokescreen?

On the Ohio Marriage ban, if you signed a prenuptial prior to getting

just a note to those wishing to migrate to Ca, but are poor

Denial Of Marriage Costs Same-Sex Couples Thousands A Year

Island Denies It Refused Cruise Ship Because Passengers Were Gay

NAFTA Harms Mexico's PWAs

MikeG 4-0 in NCAA Picks tonight!!!!!!!!!!

Here's MikeG's Sweet 16 Second Day picks.

Here's the WVU Couch Burning story:

Haslett says Steelers put steroids in vogue (admits personal use)

My husband hit a dog (with his car)

I only got two replies to this pic in the lounge :( My kitties are losing

Ram Das needs our help

Help, I think I may be a Pantheist. Can I still hang around here?

The West Wing's take on religion and politics.

I used to hang out in AOL atheist chat rooms years ago

An atheist celebrates Easter

What makes a Tyrant

Interesting twist in Britain

Today I wished the only other open atheist in my office a happy Easter

Freepers say Schiavo is the second coming of Christ

WWII health concerns

F-16 Jet is Flawed - General Dynamics Liable

Another Vennochi Article dissing Kerry

Sad News for Kerry Bloggers

Man, there's just nothing you can do about some people.

More * Lies: Medicare, The Feds & the States

Bush's drop in polls a result of Schiavo case and Conservative men ?

LTR to EPA on Mercury from Sesn. Boxer, Kerry, Leahy & Jeffords

Bad, sad, drepsseing week. I know, let's have a joke thread!

WoooHoooo, my boss rocks :)

Another sunset - new lens

Do we want a KO/DU Thread watch?

Go here and post your support for Keith!!

Just rewatched "the rant."

Umm... folks... guess who's OFF tonight?

3 New Articles at Yurica Report Hypocrisy of Bush, Delay Exposed, more

What I think the dems should be saying

Excellent Interview of Phil Donahue on Democracy Now!

Shciavo fiasco backfiring on Republicans

Delayed Replay of The Daily Show starts in 2 minutes

Did Bush pay Loretta Lynn to campaign for him or

Judge denies request to re-insert tube..

schindlers were turned down again, no link yet,

Week 8 of Freemon and Moxy in Arack

Have the fundies lost their minds? When will the book burnings..

Gasoline prices got you down? Heating costs? A chilly reality...

Yes, George Bush Love Me! (A song for the fundies)

Sens Boxer, Kerry Leahy & Jeffords Letter to EPA on Mercury

CNN announcement: Federal court hearing has ended

i'm not going to easter dinner

The subculture of lie-lovers

The Alleged Impossibility of Moving the Democrats Left

Congress measured on Schiavo after poll (no press conferences)

Did anyone watch cspan last night (anti war teach in)?

WSJ: justices sent Congress a clear message on judicial independence

Notable Quotable about the judges that ruled on Schiavo

Amazing! A Freeper gets a half-assed clue...

A simple way to think about the Terri Schiavo case

"Where are the Democrats?" Is party's principle to have none at all?

Poor children to be used as guinea pigs by the EPA

Update on Rep. Jo "Love it or leave it" Bonner (R-AL)

Right Wing Stumps for Activism

WSJ: $2.2 Trillion Down

The fairest way to fund Social Security

Teach-In On Iraq War On C-Span. . . Very Good

The Dems Need to Hire the Ad Agency that Produced the AARP SS ad.

Dem Cheered, R booed by EEOC employees

10 Judges?? Block Them All!

after this Schiavo fiasco...I think the people will WANT the Dems to block

US Embassador to Italy Sembler, children and smirk

Who is your favorite character on "The Beverly Hillbillies"?

Pelosi: Rethugs reduce medicare solvency by 6 years: huge subsidies to HMO

August 9, 2001

Jebby is not running for Gov again because of Term limits

Plame Case May End With Criminal Going Free and 'Witnesses' Jailed

Will we have a 21st century civil war ?

By the definition of the Schiavo nutcases, W is still the most prolific

2005 Summer of Resistance!

Need help finding clip where Bush makes an ass of himself at press confern cuts further Schiavo comments!

The Polls: Good News, Bad News

Native Americans criticize Bush's silence on 2nd deadlist school shooting

MSNBC: Gallop Poll - Bush approval lowest of presidency...

contact International Court on War Crimes

I Jeb does kidnap Terri

Any links to polls

Political Strategy is a site worth visiting--Tactical Assault Project

MSM letting you down? DO something about it! BE the media!

GREAT letter to the editor printed in Kansas

Gotta question about judges and the filibuster issue..

CNN: Selma "Bloody Sunday" Remembered (GREAT VIDEO - PLEASE WATCH!)

Military free zone campaign by congressmen opt your child out

Quick, put a tube in the pope!

Disgraceful DeLay

Daily Show: Jon Stewart reports on Cable News "Culture of Strife" (VIDEO)

Barbara Bush Says Hillary Clinton Will Lose In 2008

Kennedy and Lautenberg Request Media Payola Investigations

$ 7 , 7 8 8 , 0 5 7 , 7 4 9 , 3 2 3 . 3 4

I'm answering a Zogby survey. Which state best represents the

Blackwell: Ohio's decline "on our Republican watch."

I went to the French Quarter today (Schiavo Thread)

The Passion of Jeb Bush

Tonight on Countdown (hint: 100% Schiavo)

Web Results 1 - 10 of about 212 for "The Passion Of Terri Schiavo".

Insane ...

DU an AOL poll on your reaction to the legal battle over Terri Schiavo!

new rhetoric of 'mercy killing' being used in 2nd appeal to appeals

The Nation elected an OIL MAN...from TEXAS....Did the American

pushing Democrats off the cliff

have the loons gone off the deep end?

Why did Shrub have to fly back to DC to sign the bill ?

White people only.

Pelosi Statement on Congressional Delegation to the Middle East

Boortz will be on Larry King with Pat "jesus"Boone.....

this tells you something about America. Millions in pverty, out of work,

John Conyers Asks: Please Give Me Your thoughts and Ideas

Schiavo down to her last hours.

Jerry Brown's blog compares Florida and Texas life support cases.

What the Schiavo case says about liberals/progressives/democrats

Taxpayers who used 'Son of Boss' shelter pay $3.2B

House allots $37M for Wal-Mart street

Man arrested for Michael Schiavo threat

discussion of Terri case on Hardball now

Bush out of touch with poor working people

Bush approval slips to 45%, lowest of his presidency

In Senator Harry Reid, Dean sees vestiges of himself

Shiavo is not suffering, and she is not "starving to death"

A simpler way to run elections...

Republicans Block Legislative Efforts To Protect Children

Poll Should Florida Gov. Jeb Bush have gotten involved in the Terri case?

Okay, about those dems who voted with repubs on Schiavo bill...

Wolfowitz Dating Muslim Woman Causes Stir - Conflict of Interest Problems

Cuba to file complaints against US at Human Rights Commission

CA's Probate Code Section 4701 Advance Healt Care Directive Form

It is an attack on the courts, and here is a quote from Crossfire.

Bush bros. tried to tag- team system

press confernce Parents msnbc

Schiavo is likely the biggest hit the GOP has taken in Bush's tenure.

My LTTE against the "nuclear option"

In Reid, Dean sees vestiges of himself

Can The Newly ELECTED President In 2008 (A Dem) Do Anything To "Fix"

Speaking of copperheads and rattlesnakes ... Tom Delay

NYTimes :: DeLay Quietly Steps Out of the Schiavo Spotlight

very interesting . . .

Who said this ??

neocons would have executed St Paul....

Bill Maher did NOT sell out.

On the plus side...

"Luntz Playbook for Winning the Elections in 2006" (link to download)

Schiavo/School Shooting

From a retired man at my church re: Schiavo

Michael Schiavo profiled

Items for a President Bush time capsule....

A question on public school instruction on Good Friday / Purim

Video: Counter-Inaguration from SnowShoeFilms

Need a web-research tip--how do I find my Senators' old opinions

You don't have to feel overwhelmed. You can't do it all.

Isn't Randall Terry A Terrorist?

Does not saving Schiavo kill Jeb's Presidential hopes?

Tom Delay on Nightline last night, is he being eased out the door

The American Bar Association chimes in on Schiavo case:

Ann Coulter and the Cherokee Nation

So, is the Peak Oil thing for real, or is it another scare tactic?

I just got a call from the NRCC's Business Advisory Council

Wonder if fundies are concerned about Bush's record of being AWOL now?

Pelosi on Wolfowitz' Nomination to Head World Bank

After listening to Randi Rhodes today, I turned on CNN to see

Fundie just called Jeb "Pontious Pilate" & Terri "Jesus Christ" on CNN

USA spells it out perfectly. The schindlers are being vindictive

Isn't it about time we started taxing the churches?

A Game: "You Be The Democrat"

a shocking email from Nancy Pelosi

April is Coca-Cola accountability month:

Folks, you're missing out if you're not monitoring FOX cable news ...

Prankster hangs own anti-war artwork in prestigious NYC museums

The Democratic Underground and the ideology of its members

Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush 2008 poll

Cowardly Jeb fails to appear

Kerry and Senators Chide EPA for Disregarding Mercury Study

I'm going to debate a Repuke about this bill on local radio

Why Do They Hate America?

Reclaiming Religion in the Democratic Party.

Ralph Nader: "Save Terri"

Bill Nelson has really taken controversial stands this last month.

BRAD BLOG: Mystery Solved! Photos of GOP "Voters Rights" Front Group!

do you have a positive or negative view of idealism and idealists?

Did the presumptive 08 nominees: Kerry, Clinton, Edwards, Clark

DoD Releases the National Defense and the National Military Strategies

Populism vs. Liberalism

Social Security politics is splintering the GOP. How can Dems keep the