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Archives: March 23, 2005

Bush finally springs into action

An election dominated by holy rows? (UK Election looms)

Look who's running the show now... (Death at 'immoral' picnic in the park)

Some ask who belongs in 'ownership society' (responsibility & risk)

GOP lawmakers decry ruling, seem unsure about intervening again

Shocked and awed into 'freedom'

Hitler's Jewish Soldiers

Questions to Donald Rumsfeld on Sand Fly Disease-Leishmania

Gene Lyons

Staff: Editor of Washington gay paper thwarted story outing Mehlman

ChoicePoint's Checks Under Fire

Why Does God Hate Caribou?

And now, an all-American living will

They Shall not Pass

Want to Dodge Iraq? Ask a Friend to Shoot You

Hmmmm... SS no longer up for bid on eBay...

U.S. Treasury under BushCO has taken dangerous back seat to politics...

National health insurance: the wrong Rx

Japanese enable Human Area Network

Even William F. Buckley seems to think that

Behind China's economic miracle is a stark reality of oppressive

LTTE of Orlando Sentinel "Society's Helpless"

Conservatives make mockery of justice in the Terri Schiavo tragedy

Wanted: a living will that holds up in court (Which busybody you want)

Christian Fascism along with Republican Theocracy

Canada's Growing Role in Haitian Affairs

Scheer is right on target (as always) about Shiavo

Political Expediency Abounds in Schiavo Case

Cat of the Baskervilles on prowl in London?

Hysteria about Paedophiles ( Death by gossip )

Open Letter to Terry Schiavo

Rove's Tricky Decoy Dump

Blumenthal: A confederacy of shamans (Schiavo)

Testing on Humans (stiff drink needed and a lot of sedatives)

Lifting weapons ban on China could spark Asian arms race

War's Effect Felt Across Middle East-Robert Fisk

Buck Up, The World Hates Us More Than Ever

Region in fear of Nepal's 'perfect storm'

Make your own living will (documents provided)

Still on the march 40 years after ‘Bloody Sunday’

Cheney's Oil Change at the World Bank

PERSPECTIVE - New England Journal of Medicine - very good


Plame Case May End With Criminal Going Free and 'Witnesses' Jailed

DEADLINE TODAY URGENT!) Sign-On Letter to US Congress Opposing CAFTA

Add your name to moveon message to Congress re Schiavo grandstanding

Campus Anti-War Group takes over a building at U of Minnesota!

Sorry, AP, the Dog Ate Your FOIA Request

A question about media ownership

Will media note Bush new low interest rate future assumption for SS Report

Study: Consumers Are Changing the Way They Access Media

U.S. Economy: Consumer Prices Rise by Most in Four Months

Japanese cities retain title as most expensive

Austrian ski resorts to wrap up snow to stop melting

EU brings outsourcing under VAT

Stop offshore drilling on Virginia's coastline

"EPA Chided for Disregarding Mercury Study"

Haida set up logging blockades in B.C.

MND talks up new anti-sub planes - P3 TW

Nation's position critical to global security: envoy - TW

Corruption: the other side of economic expansion - Communist China

The locking statement of my thread...

A deleted post that did not go against ANY DU rules.

Israel not a favoured business location

UPDATE on RICO Lawsuit

911 biggest slip ups

Letter to Scrtry of Transportation re "omissions" from 911 Report

My bro, a retired pilot, says that the crash in N.Y. after 9-11 was Briefing: Solution or Problem? Provisional Ballots 2004

KOEB already started .... jump in and swim these mighty waters.

More People Caught in Election Fraud ....East St. Louis -- posted in LBN

The Backbone of the Democratic Party

Wednesday 3/23 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

KOEB: emergency start

BRAD BLOG:Blackwell Finally Testifies- New Talon News'Voters Rights' Group

Online Think Tank Project on Election and Campaign Finance Reform

Part IV. To believe Bush won the election, you must also believe …

Where are we on reform right now?

Document: Bin Laden eluded U.S. in Tora Bora region (Kerry was right...)

Blackwell said Ohio's election O.K.. NYT

I am searching for transcripts of the Conyers OH hearings

Blackwell is right about us: who we are, and what we've done.

Ca-McPherson Team is an Arnie Policy Implementation SWAT Team

National Conference of State Legislatures Election Reform Search Engine

Los Angeles Times (3/23): Gov.'s Irvine Stop Draws 2000 Protesters

Arnie - Car Buyers' or Sellers' Market?

Newsom's ex-wife hooks up with Michael Bolton????

CA democratic party legislators are cowards and traitors if they

LA DUers, I will be visiting your city in April!!

Ventura County Progressives Meeting 3/24

Assembling Pease - March 26 at 7:00 in JP

Dem State Committee meeting in Ayer, 4/19, 7PM

my blog is MOVELEFT.COM

What have the Republicanites done to the U?

Reporting Back from the Rally at the U (we took over coffman union!)

Aiden Stein - Ohio's Terri Schiavo or Sun Hudson?

98 Degrees Singer possibly running for Cincinnati mayor

Just wanted to say "Hi" to all the Texans I met at the protest in Austin!!

An American Dream turns to a Texas Nightmare

Strayhorn: Tax bill doesn'r add up

Air America Radio KXEB Yahoo group formed- you are invited to join

Goodhair may be behind distribution of Clinton-Hutchison video

I think Tom DeLay is brain dead, but.....

June Bugs in March?

BREAKING NEWS: BP Amoco Plant Explosion in Texas City

Fundies object to IMAX movies. Self-censorship at Ft Worth museum.

New, improved Randi KXEB sticker design!!

Living Will

But AAR is coming back to Chicago!

Are some of the DLCers really just freepers?

LA / West Coasters...

Backless Panties Newest Rage!

Sorry in advance for thread. Did the Schiavos try to get Terri's $$$?

I will no longer watch EBL Raymond

I respect the Reverand Jackson's opinion on Schiavo... but the hypocrisy

PHOTOS: Pittsburgh STANDS UP to stop bush* wars....

self delete

Fascism, anyone?

Teens who pledge abstinence just as likely to get STDs.

Bernie Ward fans?

Sharon Bush says slander suit should be thrown out

Extrasolar Planets

Extrasolar Planets

Did the family members give up taking care of teri ? READ

Props to the Abrams Report on MSGOP tonight...

PHOTOS: "Convert the War Machines" vigil starts: at the White House 24/7

My post on Indirect Rule & the elites.

Are all Megachurches Right wing?

Suddenly the freepers DON'T like "torture"


Why so many individual peace rally threads?

Seen them

Strange Republican Response to Terri Schiavo Case/Adultery

"George W Bush killed my wife..."

Damn good article

On the 2nd Anniversary, Hear it from those who serve

look at this last desperate POS the repukes are trying to sell SS with

My first and LAST Terri thread.

All these "24 Hour News" stations an nobody in CONUS awake to do news?

Need HELP! Fellow MAC using DUers

No jail for tree lovebirds the website posted to by the recent school shooter

Okay - what does * mean? I mean why do we use it instead of the word?

PHOTOS: the BIG Apple LAYS DOWN for Peace, shut down recruiting

How sad is it that CNN breaking news on Schiavo is from London?

Female Morning Host On Fox Finally Explains Why 11th Circuit Wrong

Is Bush a sociopath? (dumb question?)

Anybody heard George on the Ray Taliaferro Show?

A line from Milan Kundera I'd forgotten...

Info on the Schindlers from Terri Schiavo's Guardian ad Litem Report

The Three Judge Panel who decided yet another "NO"

Link to complete opinion of 11th Circuit re Schiavo

If only they were Islamic

Isn't it God's will that Terri die?

CNN failed to check that Nurses story (Terri Schiavo)

Even Auntie Beeb has gone into Full Terri mode...

For those in doubt, Schiavo feels NO pain

Markets for solar energy, wind energy, and fuel cells are poised to grow

Did Grover Norquist break any laws?

several cspan said... "illegals get ss while we can barely get it"

The RW Coup to take over America...

The War on Terror and its Racist Underpinnings.

Civil war

OH LOOK! A new "Usama's Whereabouts" story has just been leaked

Cheny alert

War, SS Reform, & other w agenda's going over like a turd in the punchbowl

Democrats have blocked 4% of Bush's Judicial Nominees

Uphold the constitution? Congress, Bush broke it...

Government interference into health care -- ohhhh the hypocrisy


I know it's been said here before, but Freepers are scary as hell!

Talking head on CBS early waxing poetic about our

Who's financing the Schindlers humongous legal bills?

if Tom Delay used my comatose wife like some sort of sick prop, I'd....

WooHoo, now I can enlist in the National Guards (age limit raised)

please, no more threads on Schiavo

When the Christian Right loses on the Terri Schiavo case

Since when? Caller asserts DNR directives are against Catholic

Need support for Bush shifting tax burden from Rich to Middle Class

Hey, GOP! Bet you wish you had a little of that JUDICIAL ACTIVISM, huh?

A few bits of information on Living Wills and estate planning

Gas discount illegal? Has anyone heard of a Grocery store called Giant

The Vatican does not believe the Schindlers are right & Mr. Schiavo wrong.

U.S. Infrastructure Crumbling, According to Report Card

Does your family know you better than your spouse/SO does?

A great comment I saw on Media Matters

sign on tally street corner yesterday: did you enjoy your lunch today?

The wingnuts are throwing a temper tantrum

Re SS: Do I have this right?

If prayer has healing power why isn't Terri Schiavo better yet?

Wasn't DeLay's initial push for a broad law - not a "private one"?

Would life-loving Reeps keep OBL on dialysis if he were captured? Satire: EPA to Drop E and P from Name

Pre-Emptive NY Post Headline...

Daily show rerun coming on now!!

Durable power of attorney vs living will. I read that a living will

Who is Randall Terry?

Did Frist give aid to a white shooter rather than to a black cop after a

Washington Posts most vile editorial peice praising Pinochet!....

IMAX not showing nature film in South:In might offend fundamentalists.

If they let Terri die without morphine they are inhumane!

Bornagains getting more paranoid, delusional & dangerous every day

W is dropping like a rock, the hammer is in shit up to his eyeballs.

UPDATE on RICO Lawsuit

Breaking Now! Schiavo: Denied by 11th Circuit! n/t

How do y'all put pictures in your posts?.... remember I have a Mac

Gen Clark to speak on Broadway, April 5

If I were Terri, I would NOT want everyone in my face like we see

Republican Memo on Schiavo

Iraq Safer Once U.S. Leaves Says Iraqi Oil Union Leader

Where's Benny Hinn and the slew of faith healers to prove something on

Militia being armed and dispatched to the hospice to protect Terri Schiavo

Anyone still doubt that CNN is just as bad as FOX? Check out MediaMatters

Downtown Chicago this morning, "Save Terri" signs...

WHY???? WHY????

"GOP: the party of theocracy"

Is this a prelude to what we can expect this holiday weekend?

at 11:30 terri's mom's preacher is going to take her water per CNN

"This has nothing to do with the sanctity of life"

11th Circuit Court decision...fascinating, the law is a sham

What has happened to Dahr Jamail?

Terri being compared to Rosa Parks

Anyone else notice how once again the right gets to dictate the headlines?

Bush Signed Texas Futile Care Law as Governor

Charles Fried (Reagan's SG!) is scathing on GOP bad faith with Schiavo law

another schiavo-like case hits the courts

MSNBC: Related to the Schiavo case:

Filmmaker's Falluja videos stolen

Prediction: A Bush will find a way to reinsert Terri's tube

photo evidence that Falluja has been to the world !!

The Future Of News Media?

How many times has the Schiavo case been to court?

Friend's nephew in Iraqi asked to be sent a gun cleaning kit for his

A New Word for the Forums

Can someone help me?

Air America chaos

Economic Hit Men

Some southern IMAX theaters decline to screen evolution-related film

Terri Schiavo vs. Stem Cell Research

Race to the bottom-Wal-mart story from The Nation

100 words on the Schiavo case

Where do we go from here? Proposed strategy in light of the Schiavo case:

LTTE: Look A Little Harder For God In Constitution

The Age of Irony (and thoughts)

NASCAR: Why are they called 'Stock' cars?

If the courts all say no, and the Florida Senate has roadblocks

The "culture of death" is in Fallujah and Baghdad....

Republicans about to raise sales tax in Texas to highest in nation!

Anyone know Terri's middle name? Because if it starts with "L" Soviet-style propaganda for Bush

GOP Talking Points on Terri Schiavo

Self-Delete: Dupe

"Peace Groups" Condemn Anti-War Activists For Marching!

Are we afraid of bush, or is he afraid of us?

Don't wind up like Terri - get free living will forms here

(not exactly) Yalta

If anyone needs some cheering up/inspiration/motivation...

Fairness Doctrines

Great program today on the Diane Rehm (sp) show about Terri. 2 points

Just how SICK are these 'feed Terri' ghouls?

Have they legalized euthanasia in their hasty pandering?

I thought cops had to lock up their guns when home? (sch. shoot.)

W of the Day-February 2, 2003

On wills, living wills and powers of attorney

dreading terri's death

"If it could save just one life its worth it." Cons riduculed us on this

i want to go to san diego, what hotel, what area

LTTE: Bess Manesis letter: Schiavo should not be starved to death

Who REALLY believes Terri's parents didn't know their daughter's wishes?

Watching "Control Room" has me wondering what's going on in Iraq!

Please someone out there, stop the insanity...

So, I just heard that Terri's parents are asking for a full hearing

Florida: Bill to stifle professors clears committee....the next battle.

Who has heard of this "Rev. Dollar"?

"Culture of Life" my ass!

IMNSHO: The GOP picked the Shiavo case because it's unwinnable

Do we need a temp General Discussion - Chiav-O-Rama forum ?

new word alert! "commonsenseakle" Dubya just used it twice on cnn

Just watched a show on The History Channel

When are the Fed Courts and repugs meeting on the "homeless and starving"

Turn to CNN if you can

CA: State Employees Take a Stand for Secure Retirements

Major Energy Department Nuclear Security Contractor Has Poor H&S Record

Please email and call the media for full disclosure on the Schindler

Hemp oil experts, quick question...

Get every faith healer who is scamming money on the TV together,

Why didn't the media put this much effort in the White House Prostitute

Homeless Rate Rising in Iraq as well as the US.....

I've figured out why Rush Limbaugh's interested in Terri Shiavo!

Is Terri Schiavo the second coming?

Just got my "Obama Baracks My World" T-Shirt

Interesting link regarding Schiavo case

CALLING ALL LEGAL BEAGLES! Did Levin do what I think he did?

I NEED HELP! - collection of quotes on Shiavo's case

Rethugs are firing both barrels simultaneously

Why hasn't Dr. Laura spoken up re: Schiavo?

Tim Robbins said Kevin Costner was the first person offering help,

More Fed secrets: Unapproved corn seed sales kept secret

Terri Schiavo: LONG POST (possible article for DU homepage)

Iraqi, US forces overrun insurgent base.

Stars and Stripes letter: What happened to honor?

Terryi Schiavo...KILLING LOVE

Re the Schiavo situation, isn't it the Jewish belief that it

Funny Stuff on Franken right now

Hillary Rodham Delay

If there is a hell, this man will be spending eternity roasting on a spit

Bizarro Freeper Take on Terri: "They're Making Her Commit Suicide!"

What's the difference between a Bullshitter and a Liar...tune to Franken

RW claim: first response to TSchiavo thot dealing with homicide

Study affirms need for more fed money to fund state's NCLB

Maybe the Congress and Tom DeLay can subpoena Jesus

Why dont right to live families take Terri into their home to care for her

Center for American Progress Releases Health Care Proposal

I so don't want more discussion of Terry Schiavo, buuuut, Re: Judges

can someone tell me what objections one might have to making a living will

So "bad husbands" destroy the sanctity of marriage? Agree - need a law!

I don't know about Y'all but I feel a Terra-Lert comin on....

Jeff Johnson takes over LA Times as publisher. Who is he?

US Senate: Majority? What Majority?

OK Rachel Maddow is great! She may need not a co-host but a

If Terri was a Lesbian

Repuke judge shopping and doctor shopping

Dissolution: is it time?

Jeb emerges to give speech between executions of caged humans

Gov't Kept Mum on Unapproved GM Corn Sales = RW Kool-Aid

11th Circuit Court of Appeals denies en banc hearing for Schindlers

Hey I thought the Repuke scumbags opposed "culture of litigation"

Living With Dignity

Mary Matalin to Head Publishing Imprint

Eileen Wuornos may have been "Misdiagnosed".

Letter to US Sec. of Transportation re. omissions from 911 report

CNN's now saying Jeb Bush about to give a news conference

WTH? Who saw ABC News report on "Shroud of Turin" tonight?

NPR & PBS taken over by Republicans

My dad blames schiavo on the MEDIA!

Roger Clemens Big Fat Orange Hummer Stolen..

How many more times can Republicans use red herrings?

Are Americans Too Sheltered From Reality?

I don't think our radio is edgy enough to do much good

MAYO clinic is NOT the all hubby

Iraqi Legal Calls for Trying Bush, Blair

Declaration of Revocation by John Cleese (Long but hilarious!)

Those people trying to keep Schiavo alive should strap themselves to a bed

Remember with the BFEE - All Things are Possible.

'Arm' & 'Leg' Posted In Place Of Gas Prices On Sign In Baltimore Suburb

I wonder if even REPUKE Federal judges are horrified by this spectacle

If the United States were the TV show "Survivor"....

Looks like the protective custody is coming.....

How they found Dr. Cheshire..."reknowned neurologist"


Idiot Son washed his hands of the matter. Why no executive order?

I"m so surprised with FAUX

a hospice is a place for a person to die; how can it be abuse if

The Beginning of the End of the Religious Right and the power.........

Full 11th Circuit Court Refuses to Rehear Schiavo case...

The republicans are baiting us into filibustering the Schiavo legislation

Schiavo, Fundies and Civil War

Breaking - Jeb Bush News Conference -says new medical info (more BS)

WOW. 26 "activist judges" have now ruled in favor of the law (Schiavo)

Members of the Florida Senate are giving it to the right wingnuts

Florida's protective custody scandal. Should they fix their problem first

I've got it! Pass a law making it illegal to declare Terri dead

Terri Schiavo...LOVING is knowing when to LET GO.

Breaking: Terri reclassified as "a dog." Protected under Florida law.

As an added bonus...

what will be the end of the Schiavo story...

what do you send the GOP (or DLC) in the prepaid postage envelopes

I just got back from a funeral for wonderful man who died this week

Jeb: "Remain calm" but vigilant re: Schiavo ruling

It;s as if the media is trying to avoid the TC explosion

Iraq Halts Contract Payments to Raytheon, Maersk

"Hey W! I See its Payback Time" + trying to get the message out

Floridians, do we have a recall law. Jeb has clearly overstepped

PLEASE HELP im a bad googler !! (schiavo)

When they lose will Jeb announced "your prayers failed"?


Terri died from Fad Dieting and Bulimia..Puked out her Potassium and died.

Documentary Footage Stolen-"Thought You Had G. Bush?You've Been Sandbagged

So if Jeb defies the Court Order, will W send in troops? I think not.

Randi Rhodes message board?

Watch the Florida State Senate Live

Is America ready to be turned into a Police State over Terri Schiavo?

So KKKKarl RRRove is the madman

My bro, a retired pilot, says that the crash in N.Y. after 9-11 was

Shepard Smith on Fox gets it right: Terri's brain is gone; no recovery

Check this out Guckert VIPs, wow

CNN ad: "Democrats have no solution for social security".

"DCF could take Mrs. Schiavo into protective custody"

The media really needs it's ass slapped

Will Jeb and/or * use the "Nuclear Option" being demanded by the RR?

Now police are arresting journalists & photographers

Shades of Vietnam: Media now reporting Body Count "Victories" in Iraq

How big a Republican is Muriel "Mickey" Siebert?

I just checked cnn web sight

My god he is a disaster...

More monkey babble from Too Stupid

ALERT! Nader on Cross fire

Conservative black brings SLAVERY into the Social Security debate

James Wolcott's excellent rant on Tom "Bugman Thugman" Delay

On every news show, it's been 'The Purpose Driven Life'

I don't think I want to visit a Republican Doctor again

The DU grief and bereavement support group is now up

Why doesn't Mr. Bush trust families to make their own decisions? Schaivo

I need the link to Terri Schiavo's brain scan...

just watching Malcolm Forbes Jr on Australian TV trying to sell

All the Shiavo case needs to be complete is Newt Gingrich

Question: What is a progressive left? Just heard R. Nader

Hopeless case + compassion = death (at least in Texas)

Interesting Poll on CNN Web Page

Air America and Ed Schultz Radio Ratings Links/Information?

Few Questions: about Terri woman in FL

IMAX theaters reject film over evolution

Will Schiavo become Bush's "Elian Gonzalez"?

So Dr. Cheshire says Terri Schiavo was misdiagnosed...

Pat Boone spreads "nobel nominated doctor" lie on Fox

E-mail to Sean Hannity (Terri Scheivo case)

"Wolf's Mideast Blitz"


Bush blames "Peak Oil" on Congress .........the teflon chimp does it again

Today's Democracy Now - Hotel Palestine: Killing the Witness

A Couple of Questions for Everyone

So what is BUSHCO going to do now? Delay can't hide behind Scavio

How can we trust Bush's chosen Social Security 'trustees' & their report?

My response to "anarchists" and their insulting Dr. King's methods

If you don't trust Terri Schiavo to choose her medical decision maker

MSNBC Poll: Should Terri Schiavo's feeding tube be reinserted?

Can the President LEAN on the Supreme Court? Thinkin' bout 2000/Schiavo

LBN confusion: Judge Greer orders FL not to take custody -- did they try?

Heard on NPR that Jeb found yet another Dr. who has videotape diagonsed.

The great American paradox...

Do you read anything past the first page of this forum?

How long before the RW attacks author of "Purpose Driven Life"

Quackwatch's take on the Schiavo case

Third largest refinery in the US explosion.

Value Your Medical Autonomy

In case you forgot JEFF GANNON..he's using Terri Schiavo too

18 yea, 21 nay on Jebbie's last stand in Fla Senate

If Jeb is "trying" to take custody of Schiavo...

How do we know that Terri's bone bruises didn't come from falls at nursing

When is the Florida national guard going to surround the hospice center?

The thing about Terri Schiavo.

Ex, told me, he don't have to pay child support anymore,

Right on Marty Meehan

What's up with the media barrage on religion? Time/Newsweek/TV/etc.

Oh, God, here comes the anti-Dem spin... on MSNBC

I need info on the Michael Schiavo lawsuit.

Is US politics headed to Three Sooges style piefight?

God's phone message to Tom Delay. On Randi. Hear it?

Delay says that Schiavo is "lucid". That will explain the base he is

What Jeb is doing is not much different than going in an shooting judges.

Protest in Chicago:Pharmacies won't fill birth control prescriptions

interesting profile of judge greer - he lived with Jim Morrison for awhile

Randi Rhodes just made a terrific point

I Have A Question About The Terri Schiavo Videos

Howzabout a Schiavo Forum?

Florida CPS - 299 kids missing

Is anyone else sick of the Teri Show?

So, who gets the blame for

HAHAHA Freeper: "I have faith in the Bush testosterone" (Schiavo)

The Law Jebbie Boy will be stretching to take custody

Why oh WHY is it that EVERY school gun rampage is caused by a loner type?

Arab Contributions to Civilization

Woman who sold grilled cheese sandwich w/ virgin Mary's image for

So, as Jebbie threatens to storm the care facility, what evil thing

The Schiavo farce will hurt future hysterican Repuke "pro life" efforts

Why is God ignoring Repuke prayers? Probably doesn't like hypocrites

Idea for a bumper sticker about Schiavo and Bush

Darkness falls over Florida, will the raid happen tonight?

Mass. Lt. Gov. (R) tells Senior citizens: "Move out of your houses!"

PHOTOS: Texas parents use their kids in Schiavo trespass

Bush says were "hooked" on foreign energy - "let's build hydrogen cars"

AARP Ad about Social Security on Comedy Central


Where are the radical clerics..


New Bad Reporter toon: Exploiting Terri

Just Back From Mexico. They Think We Are Coming For CUBA! Common Belief!


What is Bella Ciao? I am probably behind the times, again,

Terri Schiavo and God

New Forum Proposal: Terri Schiavo And Pals.

Democrat Says Democrats Should Promote A Progressive Agenda!

The Republicans Are Imploding------------------ Buchannon wants

58+% Federal Judges nominated by Rebublican Presidents...

If Jeb Bush is successful in taking custody . . .

DFA will deliver petitions to stations that air Soc Sec ads by USANext.

80% of Americans say "no Schaivo intrusion"- why do rethugs hate Democracy

When will the SPINELESS BUSH BROTHERS save Terri?

Where's Jeb ??? 48% Jump in Homeless Children in Florida County (Tampa)

Dubya and Jeb wash their hands of Terri Schiavo. "Base" duped again

Guess What? We're Still in Iraq. Huge Fight today. Over 87 killed.

How long till the Bushes violate Posse Comitatus and send in the Troops?

Could the Terri fiasco have happened in a state where the gov was not

National Security Legislative Calendar -- Council For A Livable World

Earth Scouts

"The single biggest foreign policy blunder in US History."

Terri Schiavo's parents don't even take CARE of her??

Efforts to Restore Schiavo Feeding Tube Defeated - 9 Repukes defected

In case you were having doubts about Rep Harold Ford, Jr....

I just paid a hundred dollars more than usual for home heating fuel

The Rethugs are clowns all piled in to a Mini Cooper driving off a cliff.

Terry Schiavo Case: Guardian at Law

Big Thank You's to the "Pro-Life" Movement

Question on Kerry and Indie Energy

"Values" party advisor died of Limbaugh Pill (OxyContin) overdose

How W. can "Save Terri"

Who else is starving today?

OMG, Buchanan on Hardball says Bush should send in US Marshalls

Buchanan on Tweety: Bush should send in federal marshals!!

High school Anatomy & Physiology should be MANDATORY

U.S. kills 80 more people who did not attack us on 9-11 today

Tweety is losing it! Tweety is on FIRE!

Jeb Bush - the REINCARNATION of George Wallace

Fundie nutbags are scaring everyone into signing living wills. Hee. Hee.

Turns out "pro-life" isn't all that popular, even with conservatives.

Idiot Son's poll numbers lower (43%) as a result of Schiavo

The repukes are going to lose the Terry Schiavo case.

Terri Schiavo never had the opportunity to enjoy Oasis

The fundies are now trying to have Judge Greer impeached!

Found this on Air America that I found interesting.

Just read that bushitler's brother chimp Jeb trying to get custody of T.S

I can think of one way to get recruitment numbers up...

Shameless Right-Wingers Exploiting Terri Schiavo - Conason

Why don't ALL people get the financial/moral backing like the Schindlers?

Olbermann will be revealing who is funding the Schindlers legal fees next

Didn't Conartist Rice talk to Chinese leaders today about Bush wanting

Depressed? Let Me Cheer You Up With A Song/Movie - MUST SEE

Americans United Blasts Congressional Leaders' Promise To Push Religious R

Sydney Morning Herald Cartoon: Bush's Right to Life

If Terri passes, will Jeb have his AG file murder charges against Michael?

So whats your favorite Queen album or song?

Anyone else think Terri's mom looks like Woody Allen?

Schiavo case is not a case of euthanasia.

Am I the only one tired of Teri 24/7?

Frist Urged Changing The Definition of Brain Dead

Revoke medical licenses of Hill Quacks who "diagnosed" Terri Schiavo

Jim Moran web site down??

For my 500th post...a message to the local repuke party

"Scottish Episcopalians OK Gay Priests"

Hannity is such an A$$hole

HERE WE GO FOLKS! "Gov.Jeb seeks to take custody of Schiavo"

Adam Nagourney has a new entry at his blog:

Tom Delay: "One thing that God has brought to us is Terry Schiavo"

Wow. Aaron Brown actually on CNN tonight!

Next move by the Wingnut Republican Theocracy.....

Sweet jezus, about the Minnesota psycho who did his rampage:

My response from a soldier

Dear Progressives

Interesting.... Judge Pryor voted against "saving" Terri....

Should euthanasia be legal?

I just saw a tease for a guest on Aaron Brown, a disabled woman who said

The BEST new word for DU-ers comes from BBC's game show...

When my mother can't swallow food, I will not put her on a feeding tube.

Wait until you hear what Jebbie Boy bases his DCF argument on!

This is so hypocritical

Right and Left Unite to Challenge Patriot Act provisions

The Repuke party is calling 82% of Americans "murderers" . GOOD!

10 Parody Articles About The Schiavo Extremist/Media Zoo.

Is Another Historic Re-Alignment In The Cards?

Anyone post this story? About General Motors going BANKRUPT?

Jeb wants custody? THIS IS AS BAD AS IT GETS!

Imagine Terri Schiavo was a pregnant woman who wanted an abortion

These ads are Bull%*$# , Warning...... watch ads at own risk,

New Video of the NYC Antiwar Demonstrations

I need some help for an arguement on a different site.

Coburn's responses at town hall meeting tonight-Schiavo case, SS, etc.

Al Franken coming up on Scarborough Country

Conservatives - liberals that were mugged?

Teen Charged In Murder Used Racial Slurs, Police Say

No Not Pat Boone!

WTF? NY Times wants "fairest portrait" of school shooter?

Ok.. I am ready to be flammed here...

Mary MAPES Gets "High Six Figures" Book Deal -- WooHOOOO!

PBS Charlie Rose is talking with the president of CNN

March 23, 1969 Rally for Decency

FL R's passing bill telling students to sue professors

Jim Moran (D-VA) and Jeff Miller (R-FL) on Hardball

AAAGGGHHHH!!! THIS Schiavo thing is driving me nuts..

Jeb's neurologist's bizarre poem on right-to-die. Jesus

whose name is the plaintiff in the case that most limited Roe?

Re: "Michael could have just divorced Terri"

Quickly: Need list of all members of the house of representatives in 1920s

To tell you the truth , I sometimes think that Ralph Nader rocks!

The idiot who wrote The Purpose Driven Life

Is a military draft becoming a near certainty?

Anyone know the relationship between VANNEVAR Bush and PRESCOTT Bush?

Republicnas are also working on legislation to allow religious

Can a bad case make worse law?

I saw the footage of the Pope today: MSNBC

I need to say this. Schavio/religion will bring the United States to a

OMG. If Jeb succeeds in taking custody here is what happens next

Death threats for some Florida Lawmakers who opposed the law today

Apparently Unfiltered on AAR is doomed--

Public opinion on Schaivo Case gives me hope for the Country

Why is it that the pro-life stance is tied to religion so tightly?

Try this, guys...

Minnesota teen posted bloody Flash film late last year

Prince Charles greeted by Topless Protester(s)

PHOTOS: St. Louis MO... STANDS UP 1521 tombstones to honor OUR troops

Sullivan: Today's Conservatism = Yesterday's Liberalism

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Group Therapy

Pat Boone is the voice of morality in this country?

Springer's Talk Radio Show to Expand - Air America

Psycho Republicans not happy until we are killing each other in the street

You know, sometimes I think you guys are intentionally thick.

How did Nancy Grace get her job?

Regarding 'The Onslaught'

How many people die EVERY day for lack of insurance????

Answer me this. What is the purpose of art in society today?

Protest photos and videos

CBS Poll shows Bush and Congressional Republicans tanking in polls.

Liberal confession time.

The real reason Tom Delay is trying to save Terri....


Ed Schultz RE: Air America and HBO Documentary?

MSNBC Jeb is threatening to take Terri into custody charging abuse

This Schiavo Furor Bodes Ill for the Democrats!!!

My feelings about the Schiavo issue (sorry for another thread)

EU leaders agree to protect Europe's social model

Jeff Weise "NativeNazi" in denial ~ his postings on


Bushco is completely Self-Destructing! The best part about it is...

Do you think disabled people will start voting Republican


Why Karl Rove Loves the Schiavo Distraction

You can't starve an unfeeling body to death!!!

What The Shiavo Case Is REALLY About.

It is crazy I tell you…crazy, crazy…

It's Privacy, Stupid

We need to waste their money and this is how we do it

Where is World's Worst Humanitarian Crisis? (Hint:Not Florida)

FR goes crazy about Schiavo

Terri Schiavo: democrats: the party of death...

I'd like to see this become the Dem issue: KEEP PRIVATE LIVES PRIVATE

Do you feel sorry for Terri's parents/siblings?

Al Franken Says Allowing Pollution is a "Subsidy"

How come the US media havent mentioned the Texas Explosion

List Some Non-Shiavo Stories That Are Important Here:

About the Draft !!!

1 woman vs. 1524 soldiers

Armed Females of America: Pro-Gun Women on "Full Auto"

WOO HOO!! 'Nuclear Option' in the Senate may have hit the reef

"EPA Chided for Disregarding Mercury Study"

Red Lake

Jeb Bush going for custody of Terri

My report from anti-war protest at U of M today (we took over a buidling!)

How to Convince a Conservative, JohnnyCougar style.

Why doesn't Bush suspend Habeus Corpus and seize Terri to save her?

U.S. Mexican Border to Explode Soon

CNN Breaking - Full 11th court refuses rehearing of Schiavo case

PHOTOS: "DR. Rice seeks to alternate between charming & offensive"

Coalition Calls Upon Bush to Save Schiavo's Life by Using Police Powers

Petition to fight FCC censorship

If Carter's raid had freed the hostages in Iran, could he have won?

Maybe it's Blackmail - Hard Right vs. BFEE >>?? Throwing FLA

"Christian" physicians say Schiavo NOT vegatative, is dying in agony

Ralph Nader Hosted Today's CNN Crossfire Show: The Old Fart Did Good!

Is the GOP imploding??

The Passion of the Schiavo: Now at 185,000 Search Results on Google

Pat Buchanan says...

Schiavo Protesters allowing their children to be arrested

congratulations to DU's Minstrel Boy

Dominos Pizza's Politics

DU, I think that another "terra-ist" attack is coming shortly...

Hoo, Boy !!! - Did The rePukes Over-Reach, Or What ???

The Terri Schiavo case is NOT about disability rights

Republicans advocate SUEING professors who teach evolution!

Florida Living Will

Would the Terri Schiavo situation be the same if she were male?

PBS pushing hard for SocSec benefit cuts

the kids are *not* alright

Pat Buchanan, "send in the Marshalls"

I finally get the schindlers: Visiting an animated corpse in the hospital

Can One Favor Euthanasia And Oppose The Forced Starvation Of Terry Schiavo

If you're pregnant can they draft you?

PHOTOS: hundreds of military recruiting centers SHUT DOWN

Reminder: DU bereavement and grief support group is now active

Our Wedge Issue: Personal Privacy

I am not in favor of Terri's dying.

Just to be clear, lurking freepers:

The West Wing with a Republican President?

Jeff Gannon. Bobby Eberle. NASA in Houston. The connection.

There's something ugly and ominous going on...

Bookmark this site!

I'm not a doctor but I'm noticing something for the first time re Terri

There are obviously some that disagree on the Schiavo case

CBS: 82% of the people say President and Congress should stay out. Yep.

The New World Order and its War on Women

I just read through Mrs. Schiavo's GAL report

The left relies on facts. The right relies on emotions.

Does anyone have a recipe for breakfast bars?

hey guys, how do I clean my "vintage" Brown Betty teapot?

My New Range

Canadians give Martin big thumbs up on BMD stand on eve of summit with Bus

Canada's Left Angry With PM's 'Hidden' U.S. Agenda

Iraq action 'crime of aggression'

These, for me, are the most depressing statistics of the Thatcher Years.

CBS producer who was fired for Bush military story is writing her memoirs

Roof of biochemical plant blown off in Leominster

Dean takes jabs at GOP, Frist over Schiavo case

Prime Minister Blair appeals for Muslim vote in wake of Iraq war

Prosecutors Want Moussaoui Trial in October

Bush Hawks Financier Pozen's Plan as Social Security Compromise

Pressure Mounting on North Korea for Nuclear Talks

Iowa limits sale of cold medicine to try to combat meth 'epidemic'

In Mexico, burying soldiers killed in a U.S. war

Support falters for the 'nuclear option' (Moonie Times)

Chinese Govt issues stringent media law

Which Dems voted for H35-E? (Schiavo) Why is JS-only?

Bush Opens Door to Changes in His Plan

Document: Bin Laden eluded U.S. in Tora Bora region

Coalition Calls Upon Bush to Save Schiavo's Life by Using Police Powers

Consumer prices churn higher Feb. CPI up 0.4% on energy, housing, medical

G.O.P. Right Is Splintered on Schiavo Intervention

G.O.P. Right Is Splintered on Schiavo Intervention

Battle Ahead Over Social Security Report

German veterans on the warpath over law disowning Nazi pilot ace

Iraq dossier prompts rule changes

Guantanamo evidence is suspect, admits FBI

Malaysia's floggers get pay rise

Pentagon Won't Reopen Probe Into Media Abuse

Schwarzenegger Asks London Court to Block Libel Suit

Scottish church backs gay priests

Pope not returning to hospital, doctor says; Suffering nausea, headaches

Bill would limit public's input in TCEQ decisions (Texas,environment)

ChevronTexaco fights proxy item on protected areas

MI5 offers a 'licence to manage'

Teacher Is Accused of Using a Stand-In to Pass a Test

Biotech corn mistakenly sold

NYT:Casting Angry Eye on Cts, Conservatives Prime for Bench-Clearing Brawl

Mexican, Canadian leaders arrive for summit

NYT: Fewer Employers Totally Cover Health Premiums

Philippines criticizes alleged harassment of Filipino senator at SFO airpo

Groups Fight Patriot Act Reauthorization

Vance visits Republicans on Thursday (Rossi re-vote)

Venezuela's Vice Pres.-"US Apologizes Only After Trying Everything Else"

Mortar kills Iraqi girl at school (Baghdad)

LAT/AP: Jeb Bush Renews Call to Help Schiavo

Religious groups rally, pray for Schiavo

New Kyrgyz Minister Threatens Force to Quell Protests

Venezuela’s Vice-President: “U.S. Apologizes, But Only After it has Tried

Showdown: Battle groups head for Mideast

Canadians give Martin big thumbs up on BMD stand on eve of summit with Bus

Renewable Energy Given Priority (in China.....sorry)

Glow of alien planets detected for first time

Bush: Feds Exhaust Options for Schiavo

Kids handcuffed in Schiavo protest

Homeless A Growing Concern (one FL county sees 48% jump for children)

FAA: Planes land too close for comfort

CNN: Schiavo's parents urge full appeals court to act

Edwards starts job at University of North Carolina law school

Florida Legislature trying to pass law

Wolfowitz Gets EU Leaders' Support for World Bank Job

Voters recall town trustee who balked at Pledge

SS Trust Fund Exhaustion 1 yr early 'cause new low interest rate future

Schiavo's parents request en banc hearing

Schwarzenegger May Face UK Libel Trial

U.S. bars Italians from examining victim's car

Jackson trial judge may bar explicit images as evidence (CNN)

Rumsfeld Wants South American Troops to Remain in Haiti

Indonesia won't outlaw terror group JI

U.S. Rule on Women's Sports May Ease College Compliance .........BUT

Social Security Outlook Unchanged-Trustees

Schiavo case highlights poor care for dying in US

Army to miss recruiting goals again

U.S. Army pushes patriotism amid recruiting woes

CNN Breaking--2-1-- 11th Circuit refuses to Order Reinsert of Tube-Schiavo

"Faces of the Fallen" exhibit honors those killed in Iraq, Afghanistan

Schiavo Intervention Ends

Iraqi militias take Islamic law into their own hands

Wife of sailor battles U.S. over abortion

Fla. Senate Begins Debate on Schiavo Bill ("Whatever it is, today is it")

GOP wipes fundraiser list as heat rises on DeLay

Hyundai makes XM standard (Go Air America, Go!)

Judge rules journalist's lawsuit against Arnold Schwarzenegger can go ahea

Students Beaten to Death at 'Immoral' Picnic in the Park

Firm issues release (NEGATIVE) on anthrax scare (at Pentagon in March)

Explosion at BP Oil Refinery in Texas City

Vatican paper calls Schiavo courts "executioners"

France challenges U.S. on Sudan trials

DCF considers removing Schiavo from hospice by force

Jeb's DCF just tried to take possession of Ms Schiavo-but

U.S. experts will not inspect Russia's nuclear facilities - Ivanov

Woman Says Jet Fuel Fell From Sky, Burned Her Skin

Iraqi Legal Calls for Trying Bush, Blair

Veterans & Military Families Say: 'Bring Troops Home Now - & Care for Them

Bush says Kim Jong-il "must listen" on nuclear

General Motors manager layoffs (possible 90,000 worldwide jobs)

Republican Leader Invokes God in Schiavo Battle(DeLay:Terri Gift From God)

Target of Opportunism (and audiotape of Delay comments from cnn)

Tiger Future not Burning Bright-Nearing Extinction

Santorum Re-Examining Death Penalty

State Dept. Sets Up Postwar Cleanup Office

Texas Oil Explosion

Russia says mafia threatens security of state

US military denies air strikes in western Iraq

Rumsfeld Questions Possible Venezuela-Russia Arms Deal

Poll Finds Evangelicals, Conservatives Oppose Federal Government's

Canada set to rule on US deserter's refugee claim

Delta Expects To Avoid Bankruptcy Filing

Union dispute flares at Dallas laundry plant

NYT: U.S. Rule on Women's Sports May Ease College Compliance

Walnut Company Strike Cracked After 13 Years

Postal truck drivers go on strike (IA)

Nut strike cracks after 13 years

Nurses agree to contract, averting strike (IA)

Fla: State Probes Kidney Failure In Children After Petting Zoos

C-I residents can sound off Monday (teacher's strike)

Poll: Most evangelicals oppse government on Schiavo

Florida Senate Rejects Bill That Would Have Forced Reinsertion of Terri Sc

Calif. High Court Tosses Two Lawsuits Against Stem Cell Agency

Rights groups for disabled join in fight

Gun Battles Leave Many Dead in Iraq

Countdown to a strike (Bridgestone-Firestone )

Florida State legislature refuses the Schindlers' bill

Iraqi, U.S. forces overrun rebel base, kill 85

Perle, Ex-Pentagon Aide May Face SEC Suit Over Hollinger Role

Jackson Trial Judge Bars Prosecution's Computer Evidence

Rumsfeld Questions Venezuela on 100,000 AK47's are to many, now we are

U.N.: Annan Expects to Be Exonerated in Oil-for-Food Inquiry but Son's Sit

Two dozen die in crowded Congo camp each day

Gay, Nudist Cruise Barred From Entering Nevis

Texarkana faces impact of strike at Cooper Tire

Watchdogs in Soros's pocket: GOP (GOP starting to get very defensive!)

Gov. Bush Seeks to Take Custody of Schiavo (site alliga. of abuse)

BBC News-Iraq Action 'Crime of Aggression'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 23 March

14 Feared Dead in Texas Refinery Blast

BP Says Death Toll 14 in Texas Plant Explosion

Insurgents control raided 'Qaeda-Baath' training camp in Iraq (story a lie

Political Expediency Abounds in Schiavo Case

Venezuela 'seizes' British ranch

U.S. quiet about sale of altered corn (Pattern of secretcy)

Venezuela and ExxonMobil Begin Negotiations Over Tax Increase

Poll: Evangelicals Oppose Gov't on Schiavo

N.C. Man Kicked Out of Military Over Contraband Rifle

Army Rushes Tourniquet to Troops Overseas

House approves constitutional ban on gay marriage (IN)

Parents of Terri Schiavo Suffer More Setbacks in Court, Legislature

City Seeks Dismissal Of Anti-War Protesters' Lawsuit (Chicago)

Layoffs Coming To Walker's Lear Plant (fallout from GM)

Portuguese ruling Socialists propose referendum legalizing abortion

Judge Settles Bitter Family Dispute Over Burial for Soldier Killed in Iraq

Deadly blast rocks Texas City (BP refinery)

NASA Instituting Crowd Control on Shuttle

NYT: Startling Scientists, Plant Fixes Its Flawed Gene(evolution question)

Protesters Line Street For Governor's Visit (Schwarzengroper)

Mass. Jury Acquits Priest of Raping Boy

Brownback supports churches endorsing candidates

Cartoonist Faces Greek Jail for Blasphemy

Woman bites into finger at San Jose restaurant

Entire Buffalo Housing Police May Be Laid Off

Administration kept mum about unapproved modified corn sold

Democrats must work in state (Tennessee) to win it, Dean says

Winning design for National AIDS Memorial picked

Court Rejects Schiavo Parents' Request (2nd time today)

Passage of Indian Patent Bill Unleashes Public Outcry (Generic drug ban)

New Jersey Man Who Shone Laser Beam at Small Jet Indicted on Patriot Act C

House GOP Files Supreme Court Brief On Schiavo (3\23 - UPI)

Defamation suit settlement unravels (Sharon Bush, Neil's X)

UK troops will not leave Iraq before next year, report

100 Muslims help guard Catholic churches in city (Manila)

Miss America to hold pageant for teenage girls

Wife of sailor battles U.S. over abortion,Navy won't pay for procedure

U.S. Thwarts Justice for Darfur

Iraq reveals chinks in Army's armor

(Richard) Perle, Ex-Pentagon Aide, May Face SEC Suit Over Hollinger Role

Sharon rules out striking Iran nuclear sites

Guantánamo Detainees Make Their Case -NYT

Collins Stewart hunts down internet libeller

WP: Report Emphasizes Shortfall in Medicare (in worse shape than S.S.)

UN Coucil May Act in Sudan

Racism Allegedly Motivated Murder

CNN, Fox had ex-Schiavo nurse whose affidavit was dismissed as incredible

Planned Parenthood Denounces Record Search

Blasts reported at Texas City plant

Army Orders Further Involuntary Troop Call-Up

Reid touring Mideast

Rumsfeld Questions Venezuela on Rifles

Americans Want Filibuster Rules Respected (57% / Princeton)

Social Security Said to Go Broke in 2041 (new 2005 Trustee's Report)

Schiavo's Parents Appeal to Supreme Court (the deed was done)

Lautenberg calls for Senate investigation over Schiavo talking points memo

'Cover Up' Claim over Iraq War Legal Advice

Five charged with vote fraud in East St. Louis

Wolfowitz Meets With World Bank Executives to Drum Up Support

Cheney Defends Bush Appointments

Phony Iraq warriors beginning to surface

School Killer's Animated Terror (Flash film discovered: warning graphic)

Springer's Talk Radio Show to Expand (now a regular on Air America)

GOP adviser died of overdose (Cocaine and OxyContin)

CBS: Political Fallout Over Schiavo Law (Bush Approval 43%)

Exclusive: GOP scrubs lists of fundraising events as heat grows on leader

Russia Says Kills Chechen Rebel With Links to CIA

GM Says It May Kill Off One of Its Brands (Buick or Pontiac)

Appeals Court: Marine Can't Be Forced To Sell Home In Flag Flap

Probe Sought of Austin, Texas, Police

Consumer prices rise, stoking inflation fears

Clergy demand Bush intervention to save Schiavo

Heart surgeon Frist has pulled the plug regularly

State officials may place Schiavo under protective custody

Judge: Ohio Gay Marriage Ban Affects Law

Clear Lake (TX.) women take own (air) samples to show levels are toxic

WP: Army Documents Shed Light on CIA 'Ghosting'

Army Captain, 4 Drill Sergeants Charged

U.S. bars Italians from examining victim’s car

Army likely won't meet recruiting goals (for March or April)

Protesters want Pakistan PM to go

Bush to push for more lenient immigration laws

Bird flu kills 48th victim

A Diagnosis With a Dose of Religion -NYT

Dean Says Party Should Speak From Heart -WP

Have you never been mellow?


OK I have to say I was drooling over Jessica Alba on Letterman!

Yesterday's Daily Show was great! Jon Stewart summarized how I feel


Time for a kitty PIC, I'd say!

Question about tonight's "Judging Amy" episode

New Abstinence Only Programs: Sex is for Fags (boys), Iron Hymen (girls)

Nice Rack!!!

Why is my tongue itching!?

do ya wanna know what is scary?

Mary Kay Letourneau's wedding registry...

Hey! Pedro's house is for sale!

Well, here I'm rollin' down another sunny highway

I fart in your general direction

ok. I need a break from GD. getting a bit too

Who here celebrates festivus? Is it part of your heritage?

Make bagels at home


I'm getting up in 4 hours...

Anybody watch " Dog The Bounty Hunter " other than me ?

Anyone else here think Frist is on drugs?

In 1492 Jesus walked the ocean blue...


Biddys: Worth it?

Backless Panties Newest Rage!

P Diddy: Worth it?

Doo Wah Diddy Diddy: Worth it?

Just can go any more! Goodnight oil burn'n DUrs I love each and every

question about the buddy list


Death downloads Christmas. Death.

Whoaaaaaa what luck

Are you a DU addict?

So . . . what DOES go good with kippered herring fish steak?

Seen them

Remembering past lives.

You. Over there. WAKE UP. This is no rest home.


there's some sort of bug flying around me

OK, The Marriott Courtyard 'free' high-speed internet SUX! n/t

did the Indian do the right thing in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest?

Are all sperm created equal?

Thomas Haden Church to be Spider-Man 3’s nemesis

Me go bed.

Who's going to dye Easter Eggs this weekend ?

Could use some positive thoughts, prayers, etc.

Which incarnation of Spin City was better?

Congress Votes To Outlaw Death Of Americans!


why are recent newbies posting on Shaivo threads hiding their profiles?

Meteorological justice: From CofC to Dismal

Freeper: Since Terri is being executed for brain damage, are GOPers next?

*#X@!!!! freezing rain....


Update on the Foster Greyhound

10 Y.O. Vermont Boy's Sneakers Named Smelliest In The U.S.

Need some traffic court advise

Sandra Bullock/Dolly Parton On Screen Kiss "Make Britney/Madonna Kiss Tame

Rant: We don't need quality mental health services - sarcasm

if we don't privatize sociaL security

You know the reason why Cold places are peaceful?

Anybody have a copy of the Orange Catholic Bible?

Woman claims to find finger in eatery's chili

I am out of here

Remember The Virgin Mary Cheese Sammich? Now THE PAN Is For Sale!

Do you wonder what the spacious DU offices look like?

It's official - I had the dream where a guy was whispering in my ear.....

The Rites of Spring: How will you ring in the new season?

Guten Morgen / Gute Nacht

Hey Underpants! Are YOU Gonna Rise Again On Sunday?

Woman Claims She Was Burned When Jet Fuel Fell From Sky

Buddy Buddy. Don't you know you make me go nutty?

Laura must listen to Randi on Fridays... George's comment.."Heh-heh-heh"

i haven't been on DU for almost a week

Lettuce Pray

My PBS station just showed Live Aid.

aarrrggghhh why is it so grey out? I want sun!

Can you guess who this baby is?

bye by everybody

help me get through two more hours of work

It's Joan Crawford's birthday today!!

oh christ - they are talking schiavo on stern

Are you an incurable romantic?

Billy Joe Shaver (again)...

Well, you can't turn him into a company man,

Which Easter candy did you like the most?

So I wanna make a cd before I head to work - quick suggestions!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY-giant_robot, southpaw, and WoodrowFan

How do y'all put pictures in your posts?.... remember I have a Mac

Who is this John Legend and why is he singing about my relationship?

AhOooh GIANT CAT in London (size of a Labrador dog)

where my sheeps at?

where my meeps at!?

Firestone SUCKS!

I got laid on my birthday!

on today's episode of "ask the administrators"

Status Update: Fun Still Over

where my jeeps at?

Easter plans:


ChakaKhan ChakaKhan it's your birthday ChakaKhan ChakaKhan

As a film lover, I say: thank goodness for Woody Allen.

Do you ever take your freedom for granted?

Booze burglar gets arrested while taking cat nap

favorite sports movies?

Do you ever take your consumerism for granted?

What your cat does when you are AT WORK. . . . (pic)

Favorite Freeper post of the day

"Dyin' aint much of a livin'...boy."

I don't like chocolate.

If you post something non Shaivo related in GD-no one will read it

I figured out what the GOP is using the Schiavo issue to cover up!!!!!

Check in..all those DUers who get waaaay too many replies

Where do you stand? Platform compaison

My New Range

This joke makes me laugh everytime.

where in florida is terri schiavo?

GOPBasher is:

Where should I move? New Orleans or Virginia Beach

Please help with a Demopedia formatting question.

Dear Lord.


Bunny! tigereye! MikeG! Beware the Beast Man! Who has an extra $100,001?

@#$%!!! It's snowing, yes snowing, in NYC

Can you yodel?

New legislative proposal: "Stacie's Law"

a remote that turns off any TV, anywhere

Group proposal: Stupidity Acceptance Group (SAG):

CONFESS!!!! Time again to share a deep dark secret with the rest of DU

A friend of mine told me she went to school with kids named

i'm on the Lamb

Okay, now you guys made me late for what it is I'm supposed to be

Greatest 2 Buffy episodes ever on now (1-3 EST) on FX. Graduation day 1+2

"Spaulding...this calls for the ol' Billy Baroo..."

I'm leaving DU temporarily!

I AM the God of Hellfire...


you have twenty four paid days off that you can start using now

Rove is in charge of American Idol?

Ozzy Osbourne on The Daily Show tonight

Funny cat story.

good kids make bad grown ups

PPPP: The Pansexual Peace Party Pages

If you had to choose, which ancient civilization would you live in?

I AM the walrus

"The hell with this!" or "To hell with this!"?

Which Easter candy did you hate the most as a kid?


The Day The Music Died II: Russell Crowe disbands 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts

Have you ever typed up a response only to decide it's not worth it?

what would you do if you suddenly came into a bunch of cash

Now even "American Idol" can't do voting right


List anti-radio or radio-critique songs you like

Which Easter candy did you LOVE the most as a kid?

Is your local public library a big daycare center?

I'd Like To Have Sex with Halle Berry. Can Congress Pass Legislation...

What's in your queue?

I AM the Lamb

Worst Grandma Candy

The Fu-bar thread: post your favorite blunders here

i want to go to san diego, what hotel, what area

Art Carney it...

There's a hold-up in the Bronx

When Easter falls on a full moon....???

leave me alone i'm trying to put a photo in here....

Question for gay men (married or single):

Ozzy Osbourne's going to be on The Daily Show tonight?

Is this something I could do myself?


Hummer Joke


How To Spell Tea-Totaller? Words That Leave You Stumped

I'm on the lamb

Martha my dear though I spend my days in conversation

In honor of the anniversary of the crucifixion

I need info about pre-9/11 terrorist activities in the US ...

Grow a longer penis on your arm

She's not a girl who misses much

Tell me what you think of this--it's my paper for my Western Civ class

Ah...a current affair. As accurate in reporting as ever.

Schools Ban Handshakes After Girls Soccer Games

Bald Women Fantasies

Rotten Gruesome Nauseating Web Sites: Do You View?

Greetings denizens of the lounge

The Tube Top thread- post your favorites here!

Post an original thought about Terry S that hasn't been used in GD.

Holy crap. I think I'm staying out of LBN for a while.

A major confession (not kidding)

Life is a strip of red Duk tape over your mouth.

need help! trying to post New Orleans protest pics in general discussion

Well they blew up the chicken man in Philly last night

The Tube Bar thread- post your favorit fake names here!

i'm Licensed to iLL


Come on come on come on come on

So I just got an iPod.

Post an original thought about terrya that hasn't been used in GD.

Woman Who Weighs Over 600 Pounds No Longer Allowed On City Bus

The Terri Schiavo case IS about copycat threads

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned --True?

The Terri Schiavo case is NOT about copycat threads

When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide

my 2000th post: Welcome home LionessPriyanka!

Spam e-mails

Easter Egg Dying...what's that special kind of dying called...?

Now I'll confess - I watched 20 minutes of "American Idol" last night

Apparently the BEST place to scratch her face is in front of my monitor.

Yo Bertha

patsified's avatar of Ann Richards looks like The Mayor on South Park!

11 days, 4 hours and 22 minutes

Bummer...Logan is dying.

Second Side of the White Album Spam

I'm only gonna make one vegetable post

Man trying to capture an 11' alligator on CNN , now.

A year ago I said only losers would have many posts on DU-

Anybody know of a good liberal bar In the Clearwater, Tarpon area?

Need an answer, how to open attachment in Outlook

Anybody gotten out of a speeding ticket?

We know you did it

I've got rum, raisins and a box of Bisquick...

I've got a fever...

Mmmmm....I'm gonna suck 'em up!


What the hell am I?


This Can't Be True Can It? It's Just So Strange, Odd And Bizarre!!

Well that just about does it for me.....

OMC's "How Bizarre:" Greatest Goddamned Song of All Time?

You will laugh your socks off!

So apparently there's some brain dead woman or something on life support?

In Defense of Tallahassee

We might have figured out how to finance Grad School - scary!

Jackson trial judge may bar explicit images as evidence (CNN)

saw a beautiful rainbow on the way home last night

On CNN there's a guy holding up a sign in the background

McDonalds Wants You To F*ck Its Sandwiches

"National Gonzo Press Club Vows to Carry on Thompson's Work" The Onion

it's H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y, not HYPOCRASY!?!?!?

What is Soylent Green?

Man, I almost wish "Jeff Gannon" was back in the WH Press Room

Peanut Butter and Jam

Grad School Financial Aid Help Please!!!

20 Best Excuses for Calling in Sick

I don't know WHAT the ignited intercourse COWBELL is.

Really funny pictures I found in my web storage place

Is there a rogues' gallery of closeted high level pukes?


So in the UK you can be charged to enter a contest?

Ladies: How do you feel about PUBLIC proposals?

I just posted my 1,000th DU post....


Okay, I need some help with a medical issue.

yahoo ... more snow's a-comin ...

Crap! It's Snowing AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN. Snow On Easter Sunday-

New definitions for 20 old words

If cars ran on water you would drive...

Myrna Loy reincarnated as Debra Messing?

I'm out of the 700 Club!

Is the Lounge a form of "Surrealist" expression?

where the HELL are Tom Delay and Bill Frist???

Runway Scarecrow Machine Lost in Translation

The grief support group is now available. Any time someone comes

Dear, MrScorpio... Ask me any question

New reality show ....Video Tape Diagnosis

Fun with facial hair

Okay, Ladies, it's girl's night out

i'm making my wiLL

There are only six non-TS threads on the GD main page

Tell me something good! (tell me tell me tell me)

Liberal Hummer receivers?

I spilled bongwater on my copy of "Double Bummer."

Liberal Hummer givers?

Hey look, I am NOT some super smooth ladies man


Who's bending down to give me a rainbow?

Caption this!

2 more posts to 2000, ask me anything!

Put the Bunny Down... I said... Put the Bunny Back in the Box

Say what you will about Led Zeppelin

Say what you want about Rod Stewart

Ok, seriously? Who spiked the punch in the Lounge?

A thumb goes up, a car goes by.

Is the Lounge a form of "Dadaist" expression?

Is the Lounge a form of "Elitist" expression?

Update on my dad, GreenLantern

Sure smells like lunch to me...

I'm on the lam

Computer question on IP addresses

Brownies, Cookies, Cake, Waffles or passing through?

Night Ranger's Sister Christian: earworm-worthy or just a pain in the ass?

computer program question?

Survey: What Is Our Mistress Demanding?

Okay, that's it! I've strapped 14 BigMacs underneath my trenchcoat

Awww shit! I was just gonna go out and run a marathon.

What REALLY makes the world go 'round?

Do you use the Ignore Function on DU?

Try as I might, I just can't think of anything to complain about in ATA

I'm thinking maybe I'll stop wearing makeup.

I'm thinking maybe I'll stop wearing pants.

Apparantly I cause Flamefests without even being in the same country

News from Hell via Britain's worst online publication


Mozilla fixes risky Firefox flaw

Breaking: MikeG will be 82 in 2041. And probably broke too.

I've never tried this "book travel via internet thing"

Once again. Who was President when you were born?

when will freepers learn how to pronounce "nuclear"?

Anybody have a 'D' ?

I love The King Of Queens

How do I stuff a paper?

Project Implicit

My Dreams...

They just don't get it at Free Republic, do they

Answering your own rhetorical question is a stupid thing to do, right?

The "G. Dubya Lugosi" CAPTION

Am I the only Milli Vanilli fan left?

U2 sucks!

Oasis vs. Nickelback

Oasis vs. Creed

Anybody need need sum wuvin'?

I would like to go to bed once during a work week

Whatever happened to the good old liberal media?

Woman who sold grilled cheese sandwich w/ virgin Mary's image for

Voting mix-up hits 'American Idol'

Oasis - suckiest band in the history of music: discuss

How do you feel about "happy" endings in movies?

I know,let's have Oasis group.

Oasis vs Mothra - The ultimate battle

CBS in Chicago: "Hollywood stars taking a stand AGAINST Schaivo's husband"

Why are the Bay City Rollers so much better a band than Oasis?

Oasis -- I could use one. I'm thirsty. Discuss.

Oasis vs. The Beatles

Worst 1990's British Band, Oasis or Bush? discuss.

Do you know why "Queen of the Damned" is rated R?

The courts have a 1000 yard restraining order between Motorhead and Oasis

Whats your malady?

Prince sucks. n/t

Adam Savage on Mythbusters got married. BOO HOO!!

Who is Shambalah ?

How shall I assuage my existential angst this evening?



I'm thinking maybe I'll stop wearing makeup.

Question for straight men (married or single):

Vietnamese Snake wine...

YOUR Band Sucks More than MY Band

My least favorite person was voted off Survivor

Why is Sublime so much better a band then Oasis?

Manhole Cover Thieves On The Loose

i just got a 6K raise - ask me anything!

Can you think of anyone more pathetic than Dubya?

4+ years as president of the U.S.

What is the difference between a pastor and a reverend, really?

Has MikeG started another shitstorm? Discuss.

All purpose Oasis/Terry Schiavo/Rich Gannon/ignore thread

To all of those people leaking things onto the net:

I'm so excited!

Ah, sweet HIDE THREAD!

So what did you call your Grandparents.

"Midnight at the Oasis. . .

Pop Music Today: Vast Wasteland of Crap? Discuss.

I wish people would drop the faux swear words and just SWEAR

How does this picture (circa 1992) resonate with you?

On a dark desert highway...

Entire "lost" new Fiona Apple cd leaked online (link)

What's your "Special Purpose"?

I'm on the "blacklist" at work

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Noel Gallagher Talks Through New Oasis Album

I had a discectomy surgery done 2 months ago. Should my vision still be

'Extreme' tax bill - Extreme Makeover Home Edition

What are your favorite DU usernames, whether you like the user or not

Time for "Lost" and then "West Wing"

I love your guts but I've been too busy to post today.

British 90's bands that are better than Oasis

Do you ever click on a reply even though it says "(nt)"?

What the fuck? Re: Lyrics

You have nothing to fear: GLWPY

Dread Zeppelin - Greatest novelty band ever... Discuss

This Sunday, Underpants And *I* Will RISE Again!!

Right leg first, or left?

Bush, send troops to me! My vet is trying to put my cat to sleep!

What's this then?

What is this artist trying to convey?

"In a champagne supernova in the sky-y-y-y"

Dog Condoms?

What does KOEB stand for

Here is a really cool site if you like aerial photography

Anyone else love the movie "What Lies Beneath?" I have an irrational

I'm going to get a brand new Henway

Need help with planning a Mexican vacation to Puerto Vallarta area


Best DJ potty break song - "Stairway to Heaven" or "Free Bird?"

I'm giving away Nobel Prize nominations here...

Who's the biggest slimy worm-ridden piece of filth?

"Safety Dance" - Best 80's song - Discuss.

anyone everknow/be someone


How blind are you?

Freeper implosion! "They won't defend us from black robed Nazis"

I'm a 60's-70's rock n roller that has never listened to Oasis. Never!

I'm moving to San Francisco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had no idea that so many people were atheists

I was sitting there at work today, and IM'd my best friend...

How'd you know I was looking at you...

I am a historical figure - Who am I?

i am a historical figure

Say hello to the newest member of our family...

I love The Kings.

I'm ditching work tomorrow, who's with me!

The Butterfly Effect and my 8th grader. "What if Lincoln wasnt killed...

Hello Y'all! Say Hello to my friend and new DUer VoonFRundle

Happy Birthday WindRavenX

Terri Schiavo never had the opportunity to enjoy Oasis

& Now for something completely different

I love Queens!

Easter is this Sunday - Post your favorite rabbit recipes

4000th post!

DU needs a thread in which we can ROCK OUT!

What shall I do now?

Eric Idle bashes Bush (song)- old but great

what is a hedgehog?

Spanish-ize your DU screenname

I am tipsy and listening to a hockey game, ask me anything !!

Who wants to play golf?

Anyone bought the new Queens of the Stone Age Album yet?

It's a happy day! bushitler imploding and taking gop with him!

'I am a historical figure' Game #3

Ship Carrying Gay Nudists Barred From St. Kitts


where am I ?

What US city has the most television shows set in it?

A Michael Jackson must-see

What's the difference between a hedgehog and a gopher?

I am another gentleman loser - who am I?

American Idol error directs voters to suicide hotline

What does all the different names of pasta translate too.

Anybody know if one could use a voice-activated typing program

Anyone realize that the west coast has no hedges or matcom?

Tonights South Park thread ! ! ! Watch it ! ! ! !

Mystery buffs: What is your favorite Agatha Christie novel?

IS IT POSSIBLE to be a Celebrity...

Great West Wing Tonight!!!!

Can a guy be frigid?

I love monarch butterflies

da shizzolater

Cat conniption

How do you know?

I got the old Loree oboe out tonight.

Do you have your State Forum in 'My Forums' section?

I am another historical figure - Who am I?

Gatorate is WORSE for your toofies than carbonated cola!

How many more doughnuts before Dennis Hastert explodes?

I am having one of my crappy weeks . I need a hug or a drink .

Wow. 1/2 cup milk, 5 peeps, 1 freezer, 1food processor chopper.

Which progressive TV show did this in 1988?



Yeah, I'm a "mouth breather" - what of it?

I got some GREAT news!!! I'm going to be an Auntie again!!!!


Hey, I never hear it discussed here, but is anyone else into "HUFF?"

For my 1,000th Post, I have posted a contest in the DU Lounge:

The West Wing won me back tonight

Whitney in Rehab Again

Danzig vs. North Side Kings

Do you believe in people/animals?

Ned calls the 700 Club

American Dreams tonight -

well now there is one republican i'd consider voting for

White people love Wayne Brady because he makes Bryant Gumbel

Who would win in a fight. Little Richard or Pat Boone?

Really, what are we gonna do about FLORIDA?

What is the significance of the short bus?

Chili found in fast food chili...

bronze rat

A bad movie...

"Asking it All" - An anti-war song by my dad

Disinfect me, PLEASE.....went to Coburn's townhall meeting tonight

Can't sleep! Clowns will get me!

West Wing made repukes look like religious whackos!

Have you ever discovered a "foreign object" in your food?

Do you believe in ghosts/spirits, etc.?

"Would you eat monkey brains for a million dollars?"

I love Queen.

This is arguably the greatest Photoshop job ever done

"The Shield" Fans:

Another friend of mine from college has died

Just a general question....

I Am Jet Supper Lagged...Ask Me Anything.

Seinfeld's TV Dad Dies

I'm halfway through the 700-club and want out now! Ask me anything!

Fill in the blank , and you win a kiss from Winona Ryder

Who has the picture of the cat giving the finger?

Ovaltine Sucks!

OK, I promise this is my last post about my Paris vacation...

When the earth was still flat


Best. South Park. EVER.

Jesus has migrated to a pecan tree.

I love no monarch what so ever

Listening to Cream's "BBC Sessions".

Are you looking to suck some serious bone?

What is your all-time favorite sitcom?

What is your desert island recording ?

" I was Terri Schiavo's nursing assistant for two days back in 1997..

Regarding my favorite smilie...

When you post in the lounge.....

How many times a week do you...? You know...

Human Finger Found In Fast Food Chili

When we repeal the Patriot Act - we should call it "The Steeler Act"

The Second Poll of the Gods!

FDR appreciation thread

East Texas house stolen brick by brick

Easter Sunday 1976 (Happy Easter Dad)

nothing fails like prayer

Iron Maiden Fans: The ULTIMATE Battle!

Remembering past loves.

What is the best movie you own?

If I look like a monkey and I smell like one too, is it my birthday?

What is your favorite color

Suck it snow. Suck it long, and suck it hard.

I can post utter shit and get 50 responses.

A strange man just asked me to 'Buzz his head'

Gilligans Island...Bush Style

Sundog!!! I did it!!! Commie Pinko Dirtbag did it!

Favorite offensively named wine...

I love Quinn

2 week old kitten photos

Did you guys see the idiot reporter's stun gun bit on last night's TDS?

You're stranded on a desert island w/2 books. Which ones do you choose?

Gee, I Wish I Was a Man! (Graphic Language)

Picture of the latest Right Wing Medical Expert in the Schiavo Case

Internet dating question #1346

I spilled bongwater on my copy of "The Purpose Driven Life..."

Favorite Dave Chappelle Skit

What did your parents keep you from listening to/reading/watching?

UK General Election - Who would you vote for?

Is Bono standing on a milk crate, or is all of U2 under 5'6" tall?

I am really f*cking frustrated!!!!

Duct Tape?

"Separated at Birth?"

So whats your favorite Queen album or song?

where my peeps at!?

The Passion of the Schiavo: 146,000 Google Search Results

If this was last year I'd be watching "Ed". Damn I miss that show.

Sweet merciful crap! I'm not paying a g-note to go to Chicago

I love The King.

OH-KAY!!! I've *officially* reached my you-know-who limit.


Favourite Austin Powers Character.

"Can't Stop Won't Stop: A History of the HipHop Generation:" Great book!

Oasis - the greatest band of the 90's. Discuss.

What's the difference between a marmot and a woodchuck?

West Wing: Television Imitates Reality, But Does it Better

Lets start the "Leftist Totalitarian" party

The DU Safehouse

Help me pick a new avatar....

*** New BICYCLING group is on the board! Yeah! ***

If Terri Schiavo dies on Friday...

Is the Lounge a form of "Cubist" expression?

Schiavo Queries for the Religious Right............

Why do they even call smooth jazz smooth jazz?

Call the wahhhhhmbulance...Mabus stole my avatar!

Only 3 and 1/2 more days til Saturday morning with progmom

If I can't have cheese on bread....

Ozzy's sporting some crazy-ass socks.

I am Super Jet Lagged...Ask me Anything

Does anyone else find it absolutely hilarious when people identify

End Child Labor Violations at Slavemart

I am a hysterical figure. Who am I?

Why Not Grimace for president in 2008?

Dear god, 13 hours in the hellhole today.

How many pets would you like to have?

For My 1,000th Post, A Contest!

Woman bites into finger at San Jose restaurant

Bidets: Worth it?

How are you with needles?

A gaggle of ostriches dive bombed my car yesterday

ok so what song are you listening to

Clowns ..... do they overdo the makeup?

Who is your favorite Television "Mother"

Freeper--Target supports Homos, the ACLU and everything else evil

Karn Evil 9-A Musical Extravaganza in Pictures

The Sleep Number Bed - - Anyone have one? Ever tried it? Is it good?

Musically talented Lounge Lizards check in.

Vegetarian gelatin suggestion?

Schiavo: Where is their faith?

Hoo Boy! (Cloning Jesus)

Islam--Does anyone know of a good book

Terri Schiavo and God

If this is Heaven, why the reluctance to get there?

I have a question... Why to people pray to Jesus and worship Jesus

Marburg identified in Angola

Anybody got the number of that truck that hit

Omega 3 oils fight Alzheimer's

Get your living will and power of attorney docs right here.

Dem ? National Health Plan announced by Center for American Progress

Plants Can Fix Bad Genes (from parents -so inheritance concept revision)

Flu 'Oddities' page - keeps track of bird flu news, 'oddities'

Kansas Conservatives Build War Chest To Fight For Gay Marriage Amendment

Ugandan Bishop Refuses AIDS Funds From Pro-Gay Diocese In US

contact info for Kansans for Fairness

NY Court Rejects Workers' Comp Claim By Same-sex Partner

Public comments favor gay rights bill in Washington State

Singapore Nixes AIDS Concert Over US Gay Singers

Immigration barriers hurt gay couples

Indiana House Approves Anti-Gay Amendment

Being Gay No Bar To Priesthood Scots Anglicans Say

Archbishop of Canterbury Snubs North American Churches

Palm Springs center of the Gay universe this weekend!

Gay rights, gay marriage -- The problem isn't just fundies

Will it stop at three? Or who's next? Cubs pitching woes continue.

rumor miLL - patriots

Bonds and Steroids

So perhaps someone could enlighten me (Pete Rose vs SteroidBoyz)

Steroid Hearing

I'm glad that the rest of the world now knows what an asshole Bonds is.

Mike Tyson Quotes - ?

Boo-Boo went to his new home (caution: tear-jerker)

Where did the thread go ?

Just checking in

ooh, You are so big

Once Again God Needs Our Help

Any others get this tee shirt in the mail?

Co Sponsor the Kids First Healthcare Act (S.114)

A Bill to Insure Every Child in America! S.114

nice non political post

Robert Reich speech in London

what's up with this ?

Interesting article on Campaign and Dems and Foreign policy

Need an Honest Opinion - would it be a bad idea to ...

The backbone of the Democratic Party

Senate Dems and the Schiavo case:

My Campaign for Presidency

Argh! I found the 'green' picture I wanted to post, thinking I'd lost it

Does anyone else think the Photography Group should have a Demopedia

o/t - Watching Robert Blake as the young Paul in "Humoresque"...

Bush finally springs into action

Republicans Are The Culture Of Death, Not Democrats

2006 Senate Prognosis: 2008 may be a better year.

If you insist on running Kerry in 2008, here's how to do it:

Co Sponsor the Kids First Healthcare Act (S.114)

Excellent opinion: A craven intrusion

Co-Sponsor the Kids First Act (S.114) !!

Anyone read Drudge's "review" ot the Air America HBO documentary?

This Schiavo thing has shown us that repukes wont let a little

Military Recruitment Problems???

Which Judges on the 11th circuit are hearing the Shiavo case?

Proof Final National Exit Poll overstated Bush vote by at least 2 million

Scott McClellan lies...........

My LTTE concerning Teri Schiavo and Bush was published today

Freepers saying * will send in the federal marshalls to get Terri

Stand by; Bushies will re-focus DeLay's comments to "secret taping"

CNN: Delay secretly taped: "god sent Terri to help conservatives..."

A modest proposal: Everyone send Joseph Welch's quote to DeLay's office

said there were some 'curious' comments from DeLay about God, Terri

Dems introduce the Schiavo Culture of Life Act:

Reframing the SocSec ripoff

RW has lost all right to bitch about death-row appeals

Isn't it about time we fought fire with fire? TV commercials?

Gay coupled pictured in USANext anti-AARP ad sues

Will fundies ever forgive W. for not ordering Schiavo restoration of tube?

Surprised to see anti-GOP letters in South Carolina Paper including mine

How is it child molesters will get less jail time

Does DeLay Think This is the Right Wing's Final Battle????

We need to think about "DINOs" and possible Republican converts.

Recommended reading: Catch 22

Which Dems voted for H35-E? (Schiavo) Why is JS-only?

If I were like Terri, I would not want my family all up in my face like th

can I sue congress, imposter in WH, or whoever for not saving my brother?

Newspapers Team Up to Buy Web News Monitor

For those with questions about media manipulation by wingnuts...

on CNN schindler's preacher said at 11:30 they were going to take

Which country kills the most people / their own citizens & others?

"Bringing Water to Terri" isn't stupid

Randall Terry hooked up in the Schiavo case?

Scrubbed: Top GOP site wipes listings as heat rises on Delay... developing

i wiLL not support feingoLd in '08

USANext has to

I Was Taught To Stand Up To The Bully......


So, when have the "Culture of Life"ers ever approved sending food

Dean at Vanderbilt criticizes ANWR drilling, Bush's foreign policy.

8 times

Today, I became a "Guardian of Liberty" (small, regular donations to ACLU)

wonders never cease. read this from a RED STATE BOARD

"Special" Rights and Hate Crimes Legislation

Ex-prosecutor makes anti-Jewish claim: may result in death penalty appeals

Flood the News Media for full disclosure as to who is paying

WE cannot evoke Nazi Germany when fascists take over the WH...

Judge Greer's pastor asks him to leave church (Schiavo)

I am supporting no one in 2008....

gold star for Dustin Barnes who yelled at snake Cheney (SS meeting)

AFGE Calls Social Security Trustees Irresponsible

Summary of Kenneth Blackwell's Testimony before Congressional Committee

family IS appealing to FULL 11 member Fed court (cnn now)

April 7th - Freepers plan "March for Justice" in DC and other cities

Is HBO about to do a hatchet job on Air America?

Tom Delay Family Research Council Speech/Audio

Would You Like to See Christian Right Street Riots For Terri?????

I wonder if Sean Hannity will offer a retraction tonight . . . . . .

Schiavo legislation still-born: U.S. Supreme Ct. refuses to hear case.

HAHAHAHAHA! Santorum flip flips on DP. Big time!

sprung from thin air, new Talon-like help for Blackwell

Culture of Life

Schaivo: Should we highlight this as a prime expamle

Email I received from Billionaires for Bush re: Ebay Soc. Sec. Auction

Hey America, want 1.3 million sq. miles of land?

Even most Freepers are against police action

Up to one or the other Bush

How tragic this case has's all about politics!

Scary Thought

Liberal & Conservative Groups Join to Fight Patriot Act

Just a few links that didn't seem to get a huge amount of atetntion

Should the protesters in Florida trying to bring

"If you don't like America, then you can leave."

Over At Rawstory

When the Chimp enunciates

politics and the mayo clinic

And speaking of Jeff Gannon ... a cartoon break from the other stuff

Letter From US News & World Report On SS- Sounds Good To me

New Dem Message?: Thank God For Our Independent Courts!

Maxium Magazine "prank" -- Bush Twins in Sexy Lingerie!

Add you name to moveon to Congress: Stop grandstanding on Schiavo tragedy

Protecting Cheney on his whirlwind tour

Well, if John Snow says "fix SS...SOON," that's good enough for me!

Does anyone Know who the DUer is who Wedding Pic USA Next used?

Don't let the media try to flip the Schiavo debate!?!

Mary Schindler calls on Superman to save her daughter

Jeb has new Schiavo diagnosis?

Assault from USANext please, help us

Are We There Yet?

I Am Calling Florida Resorts saying 'I'm Not Going to Florida'

My wee little anti war group on the 19th--protest pics

Saw a Fantastic TV ad today from AARP on SS reform

SHOCKING connection between high-school shooting and eco-terrorism

What's The Schiavo Endgame? Martyrdom or Executive Order?

Time poll: 51% think country is headed in "wrong direction."

In TN Dean says Republicans made a mistake on Schiavo

WTF was Jeb's (schiavo) press conference all about?

What Should We Learn From GOP Nose-holders?

Just got the nicest invitation from Jim Stork (remember him?)

Hey here's some good news....06 Congressional polls.

People with their mouths taped and "Life" written on it.

Bush blasts AZ border monitoring group as "vigilantes", sides with Fox

Freepers want to donate to keep Schiavo alive... but oppose "socialism"

"Signs of an energy crunch"

Petition at PR Watch

Delay/Frist Recording?

Schiavo, Fundies and Civil war

Define "landslide."

All Your State Are Belong To Us.

Interesting - Gallup new poll: more people opposed to IW than ever before

The reason neo-cons want Terri to die.

Jay Wolfsen on MSNBC now.

HELP! Where can I find out which of my Senators and Congressmen

The Schiavo Case and the Islamization of the Republican Party

Freepers trying to cook up an "ABC talking points memo was fake" story

why I don't like our moderate protests.

Hardball gives Buchanan the business!!

AP says Social Security to 'go broke'

What is happening currently with Armstrong Williams "investigation?"

May I be the first to laugh at Delay and say screw you

Only 34% approve of Congress in new poll (bad news for GOP)

TIME: Delay blames LBJ for separation of church/state

(morbid but) will Bush attend a Schiavo funeral (what about US soldiers)?

"This Republican Party of Lincoln has become a party of theocracy,"

Report violations of journalists' ethics

Was I Seeing Things? Norquist On C-Span 2 Bitching About The "Patriot"

Nominating - Nobel Prize - hope this isn't a repeat...How winners are

FYI -- Al Franken said he will be on Scarborough tonight

The backbone of the democratic Party

7 out of 7 LTTE's in Bakersfield Californian slam Bush & Congress

Hey where's Benny Hinn?

Question about living will.

Al Frankken kicking Joe S butt real good right now

Freudian slip! I called * the Dim Reaper today when I was talking

Malloy is on,kicking ass and taking names.....listen up

Fox flips the bird to the chimp.

Ldotter expresses depp "concern" for TX oil refinery explosion

Media groups: No crime committed in Plame leak case

Schiavo briefs at the SC according to Faux news at 11:00 pm or

Dean: "Republicans are reverse Robin Hood party -- steal from the poor"

When you lie down with pigs, all you ever get is dirty

Clark and Edwards

Shore Democrats raise Kaine

How many things have come to be true that Kerry said were true?

Congressman Moran just kicked the sh*t out of Hannity on Faux

OK. I've come to a decision.

Schiavo background story (re-written) Excellewnt resource if you are

KOS: Schiavo Splinters GOP

Jeb Bush is funny

Conservatives: Bush's SS message is 'pay more, work longer, get less'

KOS Diary: Schiavo background story -- EXCELLENT!

I'm beginning to think Jeff Gannon has a mental problem...

Matthew Yglesias: National security key to winning presidential elections

Pat Boone Suggests Terri Shiavo's Husband Beat Her into Coma

O'Reilly about to cover Bush's TX life-termination law and Baby Sun case

Will Jeb use DCF to abduct Terri? Check out Freeper comments...

What the hell is going on with AMTRAK

John McCain: Pimp or 'Ho?

The Democratic Party exists to represent us, the base

My Campaign For Presidency

Pro-business dems (bankruptcy letter signers) ticked about criticism

Anyone know what is the most secular country in Europe? With the best


One Again The Religious Right Shows its Hypocrisy

Our Ambassador to Italy and His Own Private Abu Ghraib

The awful truth why the debate in this country is so coarse - Bush is not

Our Country is Teetering on the Edge of an Abyss

Dogbert shuts Freepers up forever.

Response I received from Albertsons (re: Heaton freeper-like statements)

What is the core issue that makes you a Democrat?

Our fearless leader just said on TV that it is time to "watch the

Wake up! The GOP is 100% correct! Put the feeding tube back in!

SS is good till 2072--BOomers will be dead--"outlays drop" says CBO

What do you think it means when people ask for Dem party unity?

BRAD BLOG: Interview w/ GOPers from new 'Non-Partisan' 'Voting Rights' Org

Death penalty for Dr's who perform abortions?

Why I don't like our liberal protests.

New Social Security report: Will go bust in 2041

There Will Be No Winning Candidate in '08!!!

Want to see good ideas get developed and built upon rather than archived?