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Archives: March 21, 2005

" Making Peace With the War in Iraq" - by Norman Solomon

It's not so easy for Martinez to be green (Bush-supported Fl. senator)

'White nationalists' focus on dollar:Hate groups tie monetary policy to p

Legal questions abound about legislation to keep Schiavo alive (good

A Marine's Choice, A Mother's Conflict (Loses Son-She's Antiwar)

Same-sex couples still unequal (UMass Daily Collegian column)

Abigail Fielding-Smith (Guardian Utd): Long road to reform in Damascus

Shocked and awed into 'freedom'

COLOMBIA: US-Uribe anti-FARC offensive fails

Mike Farrell - An Indecent Administration Rolls On

(CA) Press Enterprise: Reform fog

Another bushlie: N Korea sold UF6 to Libya--it was really Pakistan

The World Waits for an Answer, By Robert Jensen

The Democratic leadership buckled under the Schiavo case???

Intellectual Cowboy on a World Bank Crusade

How GOP base flexed its political muscle

Dahlia Lithwick (Slate): Activist Legislators

Bughouse Bedlam

‘Grotesque’ or life-saving drama at the Capitol? (msnbc story)

EDITORIAL: New World Bank chief (Asahi Shimbun)

Trial By Legislation Attorney Andrew Cohen analyzes legal issues ...

U.S. health care 'system' driven by embedded vested interests

Sharia: Iraq's Dark Cloud

Special court can right Haitian wrongs (Japan Times)

Rice botched her chance in Beijing

Blithering Idiot alert in the Akron Beacon Journal LTTEs -

LA Times- The Midnight Coup (Schiavo)

What minimum wage vote? We saw Michael's PJs (CSM)

Church cuts ties to food pantry because of Catholics (Charlotte)

"Do not weep for Terry": The Nashua Advocate

Venezuela: The Great Anguish of George W. Bush

Senate sells US' Alaskan national treasure to the highest bidder

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): In a warped reality

For Bush, science is a dirty word

US government funds color press group’s objectivity on Venezuela

A New One From Joe Bageant:

SOCIAL SECURITY!! is being auctioned off on eBay

The Early Line On Bob Casey Jr. vs Tricky Ricky Santorum

Peak Oil Not Coming - It's Here

John Simpson (BBC): Iraq is no 'Vietnam' but much to be done

Stop 'USA Next' ads on Social Security Privitization

March 31 Call to Action: Student Walk Outs-No Draft No Way

The ONE campaign- redirect one % of the budget

Jerry Springer to join Air America?

New Citizen Journalism Site To Launch

Reuters U.S. Employees 'Work To Rule,' Journalists Launch Byline Strike to

Spotlight on Same-Sex Marriage Helps Push Ad Spending in Gay Media

Media Ownership Court Case in Hartford-Tribune Company

Do you have the fortitude to boycott Corporate Media?

GM cutting staff - Up to 12,000 jobs

Asst. Sc of Treasury under Reagan: America's Has-Been Economy

How drilling in Alaska endangers U.S.

Bavaria leads Germany with 75 Megawatts of new PV solar power.

Secret US plan to derail European fight against illegal rainforest logging

Rock dust grows extra-big vegetables

El Baradi: Nuclear Energy Is Back In Vogue.

Great Lakes to tighten rules on freighter ballast water

In Cultivating Int'l Clients, Riggs Went Down Perilous Path

Big Sandinista Support In Nicaragua

Wu to Beijing: lift Internet bans

Kashmir's new ski lift gives rise to adventure

Most In U.S. Rule Out War Against Iran

During Tul Karm countdown, anguish in Atil

Israel confirms settlement growth

Israeli handover of Tulkarm delayed

Who will prevent the pogrom? (Ha'aretz editorial)

AP: Palestinians Restrict Weapons Use

"Israel Agrees to Hand Over West Bank City - Radio"

CNN: High court rejects Moussaoui case

Great Peter Meyer critique of Popular Mechanics propaganda piece!

In 1988, Port Authority already sought to eliminate the WTC Towers



SF Gate: Congress should leave elections to the states

(Volusia County ) Paperless voting pushed

Support the Conyers/Dodd omnibus election reform legislation.

Any DUers want to post their photos on this website?

I need Dean 2004 campaign materials....

VIDEO-"...there will be no question for whom they will cast their ballots"

new conyers site


MOBY about election fraud

Monday 3/21 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

(OH) Blackwell Tells Panel Election Went Smoothly

Has anyone tried this argument? If so, what have you found?

KOEB - The Snark is Back (Monday)

How do you respond to idiots or the uninformed?

Ohio Democratic Party vs. Blackwell: Update

Anybody have a list of states that allow straight party voting? nt

letter to Conny McCormack's bosses on her Diebold cheerleading

SATURDAY: Election reform teach-in featuring a movie director, ACTION plan

Republicans attempt to spin the fraud issue in Ohio - THIS STINKS


Understanding the difference between paper ballots and paper audit trails

BRAD BLOG: 23 House Dems Call for E-Vote Co. Standards! Or no HAVA Money!

LA Times editor overstates coverage of Arnold/Enron ties

Survey: Support For War Has Dropped In Sacramento Region

Gov. Commits an Error in Misunderstanding Steroid Issue

Newsom declares moratorium on medical marijuana clubs

400-year-old oak flourishing after L.A. county developers move it

Okay, who here is from Council Bluffs? Hippity Hoppity Easters on its Way

Same-sex couples still unequal (UMass Daily Collegian column)

April 17 & 18 activism events

Jim Ramstad and Mark Kennedy voted to interfere with the court system

The Star Tribune published my Social Security letter

How did Jim Ramstad get a reputation as a moderate?

Mark Dayton and Norm Coleman both support Congressional interference

School Shooting at Red Lake Reservation

Sorry, I'm having Google problems.

Advice on buying 5.1 DTS computer speakers

I need an old XT motherboard and an 8250 UART card for a project...

Anyone have much experience with an optical mouse?

New Government Gag Rule Added to Ohio Budget Bill Without a Public Hearing

Ohio Duers: How is Blackwell doing in his guv race?

Things get weirder and weirder: clash over Juneteenth monument

Dallas AAR: station and party update

Bill takes aim at polygamists

New legislation to allow private corps to take over public schools

Lege may gamble on gambling

Democracy FEST June 17 - 20 in Austin I just got my reservation

Chet Edwards Statement on Schiavo

KXEB 910AM Dallas - Air America is ONLINE.

How did your Texas Rep vote on the Schiavo bill?

New Zogby poll has TX governor's race questions!

Houston Activism and Events for March

Website for energy company comparisons:

Texas DUers, what are the most liberal/liberal-friendly

Congressional Campaign

How can we get rid of Mark Green?

Anyone hear Irmgard Hunt on WPR this weekend?

Rethug media blitz on Terry Schiavo

Is Ann Coulter a hermaphrodite?...

What the Dems can't say

TS Debate on Floor of House is the BIGGEST KISS-OFF the WH

Its Passing........

Welcome To Hell. Heil Bush.

Allow Terri Schiavo a Gentle Death


Repug caller: Thinking about changing my party

OMG: Tom Delay Acting Like He Is A Consoler

Stupid fucking IDIOT "Democrat" calling in from California doesn't know

Repug caller on C-Span is speechless - wants to change party's

Where can I find who votes against and for this bill?

Those 46 Dems who voted yea may be VERY sorry they did so.

Going to an electronic vote

CSPAN callers are all against the bill...

CNN just brought up the idea of Roe v Wade... this culture of life vote

My tummy hurts.

How long will it be till Terri's parent's have a book deal, movie, and

"We're Not Doctors, We Just Play Them on CSPAN."

Terry Schiavo Must Die

Here Is Your Abortion Precedent

Okay how the HELL does Bush sign the bill at 1:11 am I thought it had to

The rule of law is dead. 3/21/05 The Constitution is dead.

An issue that gets a lot of thread does so for a reason.

Why would Schiavo's cerebral cortex degenerate into liquid?

That United Church of Christ ad is great!


Dennis Hastert says Terri Schiavo Laughs, Cries, and Smiles

Remember that the "Culture of Life" does not extend

C-SPAN blocks cell phones?

Does anyone think that the upcoming Easter holiday

I agree with Howard Dean...his comments about TS...

Republicans and the "sanctity of marriage"

Fuck you President Bush!

Can someone explain to me what part of Terri Schiavo's brain is damaged?

check this out...DUers forced MSM to pay attention to Pro-Peace events

Want to get sick? I mean really "writhing on the floor,

Do you want to get really sick, I mean "writhing on the floor,

look at Detroit's MOTOWN flyer for the Pro-Peace activism


Schiavo clash is rooted in cash

Culture of Life?(Graphic)

So has anyone posted a link to Bush's kill bill over at

We need to ask the fundies tomorrow how they liked their pill. Cause

Republicans do outrage well.

The attorney for the Schindlers is an idiot!

I offer a "compromise" for "the parents".. CLONE her!!

Do You Have Any Personal Issues That Congress Could

I just saw an intresting little Air Force ad on the net

Okay, I'm sick and f'@$%#%# tired of it all!! Skinner where are you?

Dems should now keep introducing bills for EACH PERSON in Terri'scondition

Schiavo Case....View from her appointed guardian

OMG, we should petition and get Benny Hinn to save Terri!

I detest Al From and his DLC thugs.

AOL poll on Schiavo- something to make you feel better

I'm more aggravated by the "Too many Schiavo threads" posts...

Come one, come all to the greatest little side show on earth.

Censorship on the Terrisfight Blog. These People Are Sick!

The Americain MSM

Kucinich calls Pentagon Iraq exit strategy "fantasyland"

In Qébec. our Charter of rights recognize our right to die in dignity

Bush's Hypocrisy Re: Schiavo

Hang on to your hats>>>>>>>>>It's HOLY WEEK!!!!

shutting up a "dittohead"

Has anyone here ever had to say, "dear Mom and Dad", I own you?

1991: Right-to-life wanted fetus to survive more than comatose "host"

Bush's law in Texas gives hospitals right to pull plug...

I vote Democrat so that I can live like a Republican

so far, NO ONE has ever returned from the dead

Bush's deficit-spending is a bigger danger than terrorism!!!

Does Congressional Record record verbatim House speeches

Argued with a RW Radio Host this am (Z 104) Wash DC

Is Tom Delay 'wagging the dog'?

Congress shit on the Constitution: Bill of Attainder

A new Domino Theory.

If Terri were MY wife....

Capitol hill memo claims Shiavo vote was political

Pope George doesn't care about Texans

Anyone know how long it will take a Federal Court to review Schiavo Case?

Chimp-Monster Takes Us Down The "Rabbit Hole" of (Un)Reality

So, if I'm uninsured and dying of a terminal illness in the hospital

Congress - The New Supreme Court

NBC launches weeklong news series:Faith in America

Text of Schiavo bill

Delay: "We should investigate every avenue before we take the life..

Bobby Short dies

MSNBC Poll - Terri Schivo

Stiglitz Warns of Violence if Wolfowitz Goes to World Bank

Okay Terri's bill passed now what happens?

You have to already be on life support to experience.....

I wonder why so many women are offering to marry scott peterson

Look out for Terri "look-alikes"........

Is language the '15th sign' of fascism?

Jesus Christ, Criminal

this PHOTO from Istanbul Turkey is a message to America (caution, graphic)

Anyone know of how to invest into the Euro

West Texas utility company: poor management/improper executive perks

A Vignette that illustrates someting interesting about Corporate Execs:

Terri Schiavo is saved. The Constitution may not be.

the rest of the world needs to help us

the federal judge in the schiavo case

Is the US Congress Incapable of Solving Our Problems Any Longer??

Why is it that "legislating from the bench" is bad, but "unanimous" meant how many votes on Schiavo?

The Whole Truth: Official Report of Terri Schiavo's Guardian ad Litem

World Solar Industry Growth Jumped 70 Pct In 2004 (as the US is "asleep"

City Druids line up to put a spring in their step

Ain't this Sweet ???

A great symbolic gesture would be to introduce a bill in Congress to

Have you ever lost a court case? TIME TO APPEAL TO CONGRESS!!!!

MSNBC poll on Terri.

Is THIS the answer?

Why don't we all call our Congressional reps to resolve Family Problems?

Good coverage of Boston Rally at Indymedia

WSJ story about the Politics & Prose bookstore in Washington, D.C.

The Passion of the Schiavo??

Republicans and Bush prove they can be motivated to grandstand

The "Other" Schiavo case. Remember this one?

Enemy Prisoners killed in custody: North Vietnam : 114 - US : 108

Living Will Registry On Line

Lawyer: 500 hours of Guantanamo Bay inmate abuse was videotaped

DO IT TODAY!!!!! Get your Will & Living Will up-to-date

Is there a Registered Sex Offender living next door to you & your kids?

(CA) Press Enterprise: A model train

When's the Recession/Depression going to show up?

Where is George Wallace when you need him?

Sludge: Playgirl Editor Claims She was Fired for Disclosing She's Repuke

What's the best pejorative for Fundies/Religious Right?

PHOTO: Italian Pro-Peace Activists STAND UP against bush* wars

WOW: Turkey Pro-Peace activists face a WALL OF POLICE (PHOTOS)

What happens when the New Improved Schiavo judge... (multiple ???)

"Thou Shalt Not Kill"....with a few exceptions...

Schiavo Case Sparks Push for Living Wills

Question: why is Randall Terry, known terrorist, involved in schiavo?


Once again Bushco tramples on the Constitution. So sad.

Thank You Debbie Wasserman Schultz

DeLay's Goal - Impeachment of Federal Judges

Sen. Frist: putting the hypocrite in the Hypocritic Oath

Trial By Legislation Attorney Andrew Cohen analyzes legal issues ...

Bush Advisor Gets Opinions From Star Trek

What Mainstream media do you have the most faith in?

CNN POLL: Has the Terri Schiavo case become too politicized?

Boston Rally Pictures

Judge picked for Shiavo case

A Scenario to prove our Democracy is being Compromised

ltee to congress regarding shciavo

Charles Darwin has a posse! . . .

Bill Hicks, meet Terri Schiavo

Natl. Drug Control Policy director lies repeatedly on c-span program

Will they stop showing that STUPID video? SHE'S BRAIN DEAD!!!


Be on the lookout for the latest meme: "Terri Schindler Schiavo"

Message from The Majahideen Army, Gen. Hdqtrs, Baghdad

Are GOP and IRS targeting nonprofits that advocate un-Republican policies?

Rummy: It's all the damn Turks' fault

LOL - Freepers dispondent over Fed Judge in Schaivo case

Of all things, the news this morning gave me hope

Turkey, US relations hit new rough spot

* signed shaivo bill in his jammies

Need info on Texas bill that requires removal of life support if no money

someone help me out here please

90% of Americans think Congress has no business Schiavo case..

"Why are Liberals so Anti-Religion"?...Joe Scarborough wants to know


Why is more litigation the answer in the Shiavo case?

Need a laugh?Watch the Abstinence Prez respond to the new poll

THIS is what we're dealing with, among other things.

George W. Bush in Tucson with his SS Roadshow

Lynch will begin taking online classes at WVU

#276--They have 3 ambulances outside the hospice

I believe Karl Rove is deficating construction ingots


When do we begin month long protests at CNN headquarters

I paid $2.29 a gallon for gas today

Bill Frist has shown is ass.

Sen. Tom Harkin's statement on Terri Schiavo vote

Bush* has selective compassion for Americans.

As the economy tanks and troops continue to die

Wasserman Schultz Is Calling Out Repugs On Their Lies: C-SPAN

Does anyone know...

Are you listening to the Schiavo debate in the House on C-SPAN??*&%$

Official "I Hate Tom Delay" thread for tonight

Why Schiavo demands attention: LAT ed. calls bill "constitutional coup"

Well, since Congress has lost all power to govern to the Executive,

The only life conservatives want to save

My response from Bill Nelson on the bankruptcy bill "yes" vote.

Vulgar Pigboy now claiming Terri has talked in past 15 years.

Conservative Christians vs. Progressive Christians.

List of Brave, Stand-up Dems in the House of Reps---------17

My experience with death (re: Schiavo)

Bush's unseen role in the impending demise of GM and Ford.

The Schiavo case is bringing all of the loonies out of the woodwork....

"I'm forgiven, are you?"

What is So Great about Feingold?

It's absolutely sickening that the media covers what is, at best, several

Email MSN on Baby Sun

I Think 50 Cents More Per Gallon Will Be the Tipping Point

I am Running for Congress

Bush's Remarkable Behavior in the Terri Schiavo Case

Using Stem Cell research Terry might be brought back to normal.

Do the Schindlers have standing under this new "Law"?

An article I was given during an argument

AARP Polls CT residents-appeal of private accounts plummets...

Why aren't the RW'ers Anti-Death?

I think the Schiavo case is hurting the sanctity of my marriage.

YAAYYYY...AAR is now on the Dallas airwaves!!

Unfreep this poll - The "Pledge of Allegiance" must always be in English

Oil shortage? Not according to Shaq...or GM...or Cadillac...or Sandler!

Suppose you're BushCo and you want to take a meat axe to Medicaid...

Randi and the talking points memo?

Commodities Research Bureau Index Zooms to 24-Year High

"Mapping The Oil Motive" -- (hint, hint: it failed, by the way)

CNN Poll: Who do you believe should decide Terri Schiavo's fate?

GOP's Schiavo Talking Points Revealed In Full

Randi Rhodes is going to read the GOP Talking Points memo

Place your bets. When will oil hit $60?

Terri supports Private Accounts

Mountains O' Things

who plays terri in the made for tv movie?

Potentially dangerous ground

Is anyone else reconsidering whether to have children?

W of the Day-February 2, 2004

oh . . . the hypocrisy

U.S. should leave Iraq

Where is the CNN poll that asks ...

Video - SNL spoofs Hardball interview with Jose Canseco; Zell Miller

Worse than we thought....USA Next is back with new ads anti Soc. Sec.

Is the Federal Court hearing on Schiavo going on right now?

Has anyone ever "come back" from having a liquefied cerebral cortex?

Stars and Stripes letter: AFN needs diverse opinions (Air America)

LOL! Local RW Radio Host On Terri Shiavo

CIO Insight Magazine Releases The Global Outsourcing Report

The baby Bush killed

DU love needed for Matthew J Sandri.

NPR: Falluja is the safest city in Iraq.

Hmmm, no order to replace the tube yet

400 attend yesterday's Kansas City Protest - My photos

So will Repukes try to put all state ABORTION cases in federal courts?

Marine Recruiter-Turned-'Peacenik' Under Fire From Military And Town

What does anybody know about the Apostolic Congress?

Shiavo/Sun - is it money or race?

When did Terri Schiavo become just 'Terri?'

brain dead culture, peak oil, global warming, economic collapse

Okay, some ideas on a one-day picket of CNN

The rw needs/ has to protect the brain dead

Wanda Hudson needs to be interviewed about her son being unplugged

the CPA loaded chopper with 1.4 bil - never arrived at Irbil, Iraq bank

inspiring PHOTOS from Spain Pro-Peace rally...fighting against bush* wars

Okay, let's say Terri Schiavo dies before....

"You wouldn't treat a dog that way!"

Hah! Teamsters doing outreach to WalMart workers

Janeane Garofalo to play poker champ in NBC comedy "All In"

--Praise to DU'ers on the Schiavo issue--

Be afraid . . .

Am I interrupting this right

Doesn't the war in iraq's oil consumption contribute to world oil prices?

have you seen Schiavo videos?

What was the law Bush passed taking people off life support?

I have had it with the anti-health, anti-women Republican attitude

What happened in the Senate yesterday? Does no one care?

I've seen Elian's name bandied about recently and it reminded

How can this bill -require- the Federal court to rule? From the text

So Why Can't we launch a mass boycott of MSM?

Anyone else listening to Randi really rocking on the Schiavo subject?

*ahem* Why is it OK for Terri Schiavo to be on Medicaid,

I wonder what the BFEE would have done if they lost Bush v. Gore.

Schiavo: 'Come down, President Bush'

"What's in YOUR wallet?" Fed. Reserve poised to raise interest AGAIN

since when do docs make diagnosis via video tape?

RIP: Bobby Short

What should we be discussing INSTEAD of the Schiavo case?

Sign I have on my car today: "Tom DeLay - SHUT UP!"

The Schiavo case is about where identity rests

Disturbing site found ...

Novak is such a fuckwad. And that Dem on Crossfire just bungled an opportu

Has the Schiavo case prompted you to make draw up a living will?

Judge--No Immediate Ruling on Schiavo Feeding Tube

is providing life support "playing God"?

Iraqi Prime Minister´s Party Out of New Government

CNN: on air 4:48 JW: judge told attorney for Terri Shiavo parents

Please help me with draft queries (re: compiling evidence)

Are 274 Schiavo threads too many?

While Congress is being so concerned with peoples due process

DU This poll, please. Should Schiavo's tube be reinserted.

Would you remove the feeding tube from Tom Delay?

day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination

where were the GOP protectors of life in Texas?

Has Schaivo case overshadowed scandal over Bush lies about N Korea?

Breaking: 70% say scumbag Repuke's getting involved is not appropriate

Looks like * signed Schiavo bill in his jammies

Dell is offshoring jobs AGAIN. And a response from a real shithead:

Wingers lure donors with Schiavo name, then sell list for $150-500

CBS - Student shooter in Minnesota/killed grandparents

Oh no!

We've had two GW's

MSNBC Dan Abrams: "This legislation is shameful." - WOW

My sympathies of course but, I'm tired of talking about this Terri issue

Anyone attend the NYC antiwar rally? (picture of freeper in disquise)

Print document of Republican Schiavo talking points leaked to Raw Story

My answer to Schiavo Case: Google "living will"+(your state)

Lakoff on religion as an activator of progressive models for seeing world:

Judge orders feeding tube reinserted: Developing...

PHOTO: "Cowboy" will clean your clock if you don't privatize Soc. Security

Does anyone have a list of the Dems...

Jackpot Dreams Dashed By Misprint

Six people shot in Minnesota highschool

The Damnation of Bush: 9/11 versus today, a coward's story.

Gannon/Gosch and his mom

Hey Russert there were millions of us that were against the war -it wasn't

One truism from the Shiavo case. Bill Frist is a Liar or an Idiot.

My prediction on Schiavo case:

My take on the Terri Schiavo case at MOVELEFT.COM

Ha!! Randi Rhodes is calling the red states the "vegetative states"

This is a wonderful timeline. Where is Randi getting it?

* says he wants Soc. Sec. ideas; then has "town hall" mtg. no ques.allowed

Veterans for Common Sense..Fake Energy Crisis..... "Unvolunteering".

Government and Tyranny - Part 2

day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Beat me with a wet noodle later, but definitions are in order here.

Iraq deteriorating


IMPT Resource for writers, photographers, musicians (yes, YOU)

Ok, what has happened in the last few days

Anyone already with a PO box get a new 'application' form?

Gay Marriage, Schiavo link....say what???

Keep your eyes on Teri and off the soaring gasoline prices!

New Time Poll...Fifty-One Percent think U.S. on "Wrong Track"

Onward Christian Taliban nt

HELP! I need links showing the ACLU defending Christians.

GM, Ford and Chrysler: Plan on dumping pensions....

Jim Wallis on Hardball - NOW.

Why the hell do we still have 150,000 soldiers in Iraq?

You know those roaming packs of baboons on National Geographics?

Did you know Jesus caused the tsunami in vengeance?

Does anyone know anything about an alleged one million dollar insurance

So how has Terry Schiavo been denied due process?

Christian Spam?

The votes! (174 not voting) grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Well he finally said it today. (Limbaugh)

the ANGEL OF DEATH....message to America (caution: graphic)

Just caught this on local news here in central Florida

Russert ripping on Senate Dems...

I just saw a disgusting Social Security ad on CNN

if we can't marshall enough strength to fight the Schiavo smokescreen

Bush's Economic House of Cards Nears Collapse

Vatican criticizes removing feed tube but doesn't call for PUTTING IT BACK

Schiavo husband: Slithering snake Delay won't let Terri be with the Lord

What happened to Teri Schivo in the first place

Off-(Schiavo)-topic post: Why "Wheel of Fortune" spins to right

I guess we'll just persist inacting like the Shiavo case is bad for us,,,,

"Bush's Law" allows hospital to kill infant if too financially costly

KISS, Nugent, Godsmack, and others perform for troops.

Promo of my local news.."Stay tune for the judges "surprise" decision

Schiavo in a nutshell, as seen by a flabbergasted Democrat

Air America in Dallas

RN's sworn testimony re:Terry Schiavo... She's not a vegetable

Are we still in Iraq? Didn't some anniversary just sneak by?

Who Wants to Make two Republicans Feel Like Idiots?

Bush signed law saying spouse may "with-draw life-sustaining treatment"

Terri Schiavo's Husband Michael On Larry King

OMG! MoveOn Judicial As AIRS on CNN!!

THE IRS is a bastard!

Phony baloney chimp: "Has Bush lost his twang?"

What can you buy with $300 Billion?

How do your rethuglican friends "feel about the economy / market"..?

What lesson have you learned from the Schiavo case?

Poor people have it EASY! (at least that's what this e-mail implies)

Texas Tech

Social Security for sale on ebay

Steroids? P'shaw, make our elected officials pee in bottles... now THAT

Caption Cheney

Has anyone addressed the racial aspect in the Schiavo/Hudson issue?

Here's a gem from the koolaid drinkers back home...

WSJ: The Election Past, President's Message Gets a New Accent

Not sure if I like Safari

Something is wrong...

Truthout Film Crew at the Ft. Bragg Protests

Euthanasia: American Style

Bush Signed this into Law when he was Governor of Texas

Anyone catch Jim Lehrer talking to Lawernce Tribe on Newshour tonight say.

Remember Karen Ann Quinlan?

The exploitation of misfortune

If it's all about life, why aren't we involved in Sudan?

Air America Radio in Dallas/Fort Worth!

Catholic Bishops Campaign Against Death Penalty

Activist Legislators? Thoughtful Article by Dahlia Lithwick at

So the Bush admin. causes an energy crisis and again blames Congress

Minuteman Project

To Mike Ruppert Detractors -- Ignorance May Be Bliss, Shortlived

Judge in Terri Schiavo case and Faith Based Scams

Is There Any Issue That The Democratic Party Will Fight For Anymore?

Schiavo's parents spokesman praises killers of Docs who perform abortions

Federal judge weighs Schiavo case/CNN poll

Sandra Bullock on The Daily Show tonight

DU This poll : Do you think it is proper for U.S. Congress to intervene

"Karl Rove is the Sexiest Dude in D.C."

You should see Neil Young's 'Greendale'

National Review struggles to defuse phrase "reality based community".

Porn on Oprah?

Why Terri's Law wll be declared unconstitutional

Tales from the crypt that bury Medici history in ever deeper mystery

The Disturbing Thing…Now There Is Not Even Pretense

From AZ forum: Bush's SS Campaign Disses Young American

Was the Schaivo case used to set precedent?

Did WE cause the MSM to ignore Gannon?

Jessica Lynch to visit Lore Pewistewa's family on Navajo Res.

NIGHTLINE--covering Terri Schiavo story

BBC Script: "Tony and the Truth"

What should Democrats be doing?

If Bush* is on par with Reagan, let's call him the

Is Scalia *auditioning* for the Chief Justice position?

I'm confused, what kind of political judo did the Dems think they made

I found the most vile site

Worries swelling over oil shortage

Something big missed from the media

Explain to me how "Terri's Law" is not a Bill of Attainder?

Will the Reps IMPLODE themselves??

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Rendezvous

Argh !!! - Anybody Else Having Their Local Air America Whittled Away ???

Do most DUers support the draft?

Newspeak word of the day: Doublethink

Could someone explain the Pro and Anti-Ahnold ads on nursing?

Non-stop non-news: Michael Jackson, Terri Schiavo, Steroids, Robert Blake

Peak Oil heads: interesting info for you

So, why didn't half the Democrats stand firm? What did we elect them for?

Who cares if we've been in Iraq for Two Years?

New CNN poll, GOP in trouble over Schiavo mess

Tell me why

THIS is how Republicans get away with being wrong

Official Transcript of Communique #7-Mujahideen Letter to American People

did you know xians had a special odor that non-xians didn't have?

Its the PARENTS fault

No SS cuts would "Starve the Military" according to talking points

Is the federal judge a moral/fair person, or is he a REPUKE APPOINTEE

Two Sides to Talk Filibuster Reform

Michael Schiavo has brass balls. Ripping Slithering Snake Delay.

Question? What is holding us up from using Ethanol as fuel?

Drudge: WH studies $4 Gallon 'Nightmare' Scenario

scenario 2006

Person answering phone at Kerry off in DC did not know what Peak OIl is

...CNN saw a ripple, while a huge wave passed them by

Can we at least not demonize the *family* in the Schiavo case?

Even Judge Napolitano on Fox News

Am I the prime example of someone who should be Pro-life?

NPR’s Daniel Schorr: Schiavo Case Tied to Politics and Morality

Fascinating NEJM article on Persistent Vegetative State--clips

PHOTO: WOW ! Brazil Pro-Peace activists STAND UP against bush* wars

Veterans for Peace[118chapters] fax Congress with Demand to ImPeach

"Secretary Condoleezza Rice dazzles audiences abroad"

Tom DeLay sees God's hand at work, saving Tom from "the whole syndicate"

Rumsfeld's arrogance on display

Man is escorted out of town hall meeting after asking questions of Cheney

Remember that Christian radio host they nabbed for child porn?

Are you a "person of interest?"

Wash. Post: Bush's past on life and death

Do you want to be kept alive if you suffered brain damage?

Schiavo Law Is Test For Divesting Federal Courts Of Abortion Jurisdiction

Why doesn't John Kerry sue the swift boat liars for slander

Who the fuck is Terri Schiavo?

People Are Here Because We All Hate Bush And Republicans, Right?

His 15 minutes of fame: Blue-Jay in Associated Press protest photo!

Does this Terri Schiavo & Jesus picture freak you out?

Women in Combat, More Prone to PTSD

The true lesson of the Schiavo case

PLEASE send Al Gore a birthday message!

Looks like Jon Stewart "got the memo"

Kerry '08 Message Board

U.S. Relying More on Foreign Investors to Finance Deficit

PHOTOS: Mexico Pro-Peace activists STAND UP against bush* wars

I need some information from a Good Christian

*slipping on flame suit* Defending Senate Dems re: Schiavo

Church cuts ties to food pantry because of Catholics

Right-Wingers Hate Me! (Do They Hate YOU Too? - Find Out!)

Have you read this?.............Have a drink first

Do you think media is trying to hide the Greg Palast "Iraq-Oil Report" ???

Know Your BFEE: American Children Used in Radiation Experiments

Bush Family Values: Neil Says He Did NOT Father Children with his Mistress

Sunday's Protest, Asheville NC

"Right to Life after Birth NO WAR" Kansas City Pro-Peace rally PHOTOS

"RJ Pundits Pimp for War" PHOTOS from Las Vegas PRO-Peace rally

OMG...TEXAS stands up against bush* wars (PHOTOS)...GO TEXAS !

PHOTOS: Traverse City, Michigan STANDS UP for Peace...

PHOTOS: Ann Arbor, Michigan Peace Rally: a cross/star for every DEAD troop

Miami Protest Video

Nashville says "Bring our troops home NOW" (link photos/news)

Cause of Schiavo's Ailment...

Is Larry King trying to accomplish some kind of Schiavo "intervention"?

FAIR Alert: Counting the Iraqi Dead

church cuts ties to food pantry - you'd never guess why

Why I am leaving the Democratic Party.

Russia thinks al-Qaeda is a figment of Bush's imagination

"That Caligula Moment"

Remind me: WHY did Musharraf pardon A. Q. Khan?

Dictators, Tyrants and Fools

A thought and question regarding .50 caliber rifles and others.

Do you believe in a spiritual dimension?

In my rural Texas town Schiavo might be backfiring on the Republicans

more PHOTOS from Fort Bragg....bush* doesn't want anyone to see this

Secret US plan to derail European fight against illegal rainforest logging

What kind of vehicle do you drive?

National Call to Action:Student Walk Outs March 31st-No Draft No Way

what is Michigan comfort food?

Thank God, Fox News doesn't come in for me any more

I'm putting on a flamesuit and making a confession

Opposition parties call for ban on racial profiling

Worries swelling over oil shortage

Americablog: Issues Bush Didn't Rush Back To D.C. For...

Boston Red Sox Plane Flies Through Shannon on way to Guantanamo

Truthout: Media Downplay Historic Day of Protests (Report & Documentary)

Negroponte's Time In Honduras at Issue

The 'Prince' And The Pols post mp3 audio of SCHIAVO - (scarry stuff)

Bush signs Schiavo bill into law

Bush counts on comic relief

Oil Inches Toward $57

US Military Bases Face Next Round of Closings -- VOA

U.S. Soldier Killed in Combat in Western Iraq

Search called off for children missing in lodge explosion

Israel confirms settlement growth

Attacks Rise Vs. French Jews and Muslims

Political heft behind bill: DeLay

Lost File Reveals Hitler's Paranoia-(Guardian)

Feeding tube case heads to US court (only 3 Rep. Sen. voted)

WP: Majority Of Federal Election Commissioners Don't Support Blog Reg

Report: GM Seeking Deep White-Collar Cuts .....(10,000+ jobs?)

Iraq anniversary marked by more fighting

GM plans major job cuts in the US (10,000+ ?)

GOP Governors Cut State Workers' Rights

‘Grotesque’ or life-saving drama at the Capitol? (msnbc story)

"Speculation U.K. Inflation to Quicken" -- Bloomberg

Rice Urges China to Embrace Religious Freedom (thank God)

Marathon ban for defrocked priest

Annan urges overhaul of U.N.

GOP governors cut state workers' rights

Flights canceled - Air Niugini warns of flight disruptions

US pressure group claims credit for Citigroup freeze

Intelligence chief's office faces changes

CNN Breaking: House passes 'Terri's law'

Hundreds of injured veterans are facing the sack

BREAKING: 3PM hearing on whether Schiavo feeding tube goes back in.

Public parks hunt private aid


Website rouses informants' fear, investigators' ire

Guantanamo Bay abuse 'videotaped'

Al (Sharpton)'s rap plan for Wall St.

Supreme Court declines suspected terrorist's appeal

US, Citing Nicaraguan Possession of Missiles, Suspends Military Assistance

Easter Bunny Arrested For Harassment

Blackwell To Testify On Ohio Elections Before Committee

Livingstone Blames Press for Deaths of Diana and Kelly

(Economists) Survey: Deficits (are) biggest threat (to U.S.)

Street battle erupts in western Iraqi city of Ramadi

(CA) Court to review whether Jews were excluded from jury

CIA probed for spying in U.S., failing to share intelligence with FBI

NYT,pg1: There Are Signs the Tide May Be Turning on Iraq's Street of Fear

US gets WTO to probe EU customs procedures

Poll: Most Think Congress Wrong on Schiavo Case

Report: GM seeking deep white-collar cuts

Court rejects challenge to 'recess appointment'

U.S. Says It May Need New Ways to Deal with N. Korea

Recruiter-turned-peacenik hits nerve in N.C

Goldman Sachs to buy wind energy firm (Peak Oil Special of the Day)

LAT: U.S. Joins Old Foes to Build New Iraqi Army ("obstacles enormous")

Supports grows for 'good death' for terminally ill

Army's top civilian leader: service to pull out all stops to boost force


Asia Central Banks' Euro Purchases Threaten Stability (Bloomberg) (ouch)

US Dept of Justice will argue in favor of Terri S. case --on MSNBC now

WP,pg1: Congo's Desperate 'One-Dollar U.N. Girls'

U.N.: Nuclear Energy May Be Back in Vogue

Petrol bomb mobs seize Kyrgyzstan's second city

Federal Deficit Is Greatest Threat to U.S. Economy, NABE Says

Blast rocks Ford plant (Dearborn, MI), fatalities reported - link

Protecting environment pays off, experts say

Cheney in California to campaign for Social Security reform

Rich Nations May Face Junk Status by 2030s - S&P

Iranian Leader Says He's Ready to Battle to Death (reuters)

U.S. Undocumented Immigrant Numbers Surge

Insurgents Recycle Iran-Iraq War Weapons

Stiglitz Warns of Violence if Wolfowitz Goes to World Bank

Neil Bush's Ex-Wife Settles Slander Case

Suit Filed To Protect Gay Benefits

CNN: no decision from Federal judge on Schiavo

U.S. gasoline prices rise to record levels ($2.149 per gallon)

(Texas) Facility takes in man on ventilator (Another case for Congress?)

Radiohead frontman to join trade justice rally

IT layoffs expected to be higher than hiring in Q2, survey shows

(Religious rights argued )Judge Won't Issue Decision on Schiavo Yet

HCA leads campaign to curb doctor-owned hospitals

N.Korea says boosted nuclear weapons

Shooting at Red Lake reservation school

Bush was asleep, came out in hallway, signed Schiavo bill went back to bed

U.S. Rallies Mark Iraq Anniversary, Reflect Anti-War Groups' Growth, Chall

GOP memo says issue offers political rewards (Schiavo)

Print document of Republican Schiavo talking points leaked to Raw Story

Gas Costs Hit Record High, More Hikes Seen

Goldman Sachs to buy wind energy company

Australian Dollar Plummets Below US79c

US Suspends Military Aid to Nicaragua

Expatriates Are Being Refused Work Permits-The Moscow Times

Leftover munitions from the Iran-Iraq war recycled in insurgent attacks

U.S. Rejects Iran Security Call

Iraqi Prime Minister´s Party Out of New Government

BREAKING: Rehnquist to make appearance today.

US 'fixed' case for Iraq war to suit policy (MI6 to Blair)

Justices Let Stand Bush's Appointment of Judge

How GOP base flexed its political muscle

Worries swelling over oil shortage

Vatican Calls for Keeping Schiavo Alive

Developing Fatal School Shooting 9 Dead .... northern Minasota...

Activists Urge FCC to Investigate (broadcasters airing govt-produced news)

New CNN poll, GOP in trouble over Schiavo mess

Groups Critical of India on Patent (WTO orders shut down generic drugs)

Anti-war protesters arrested

Reuters U.S. journalists launch 4-day byline strike (re: offshoring jobs)

Time Warner to Pay $300M to Settle Charges

General Cable's Lincoln union workers strike (RI)

No End in Sight for Lumber Mill Strike (WV)

Mexico opens shelter for aging sex workers

Worker lockout ends at suburban manufacturer (Chicago area)


GSIs likely to walk out Thursday (Grad students / Ann Arbor)

Two Sides to Talk Filibuster Reform

Clear Channel ordered to pay JamSports $90 million.

GM, Ford May Follow Chrysler in Negotiating New Health Care Agreement

Hundreds of Injured British Soldiers Expected to be Sacked

Bush signs Terris Law

Dramatic Drop in 'Death-Threat House-Buy' Scheme (N. Ireland)

3 Missing Children Presumed Dead In Explosion That Leveled Colorado Lodge

Kyrgyzstan Protesters Hold Towns, Talks Awaited

Crosby-Ironton Students Return, But Don't Stay (twin cities area)

Protesters power way into Labor HQ (Sydney)

GM's woes one more blow to housing bubble

GM, Ford may follow Chrysler in negotiating new health care agreement

Bank of Russia Boosts Euro Share in Currency Reserves

Schiavo Fight Hits Home for 2 Congressmen

Veterans for Peace[118chapters] fax Congress with Demand to ImPeach

Treasury's Taylor to resign April 22 (dollar policy maker)

Five protesters arrested over 'heavy-handed' police action

Lebanese Opposition Softens Lahoud Demand

MSHA chief sought industry job for 6 months

Prof has theory about real reason for crime's plunge in '90s (Roe v Wade))

Venezuela and Russia Meet

Rice Urges China to Allow More Political Openness

Rumsfeld in Argentina to discuss Haiti, missiles

Scores killed in rocket attack on Hindu temple

WP,pg1: Wolfowitz Strives To Quell Criticism: Bolstering Image

Experts not to visit N-facilities (Pakistan)

Lebanon PM's Murder Points to Bomb Under Road

Iranian leader vows to fight till death

City Says It Can't Afford Security for Presidential,VP Visits(EvansvilleIN

Hard-charging high schools urge students to do less....9 course days

Cambodian police shoot protesters in land dispute

Rice Hints at Sanctions for North Korea

WP: Ruling on Schiavo Feeding Awaited (Tough questions for parents)

Cheney visits the Register (comments on Schiavo)

One in five girls suffers physical abuse, says survey

NYT: Bush's Re-election Lifts Circulation at Liberal Magazines

No immediate court ruling in Schiavo case

Homeless line up for shelter space

NYT: Black Coaches in N.B.A. Have Shorter Tenures

WP: Wolfowitz Closing In On Bank Post

Legal, Ethical Questions Largely Decided, Experts Say (Schiavo case clear)

U.S. Warns Iraq On New Government (Rumsfeld Warns "Be Darned Careful")

For some gay teens, heartland lacks heart

US Stocks Tumble On Oil Rates

Iraq's Jaafari Aims For Sharia Rule

BBC slammed over Iraq war claims

Ohio official says election went smoothly

Bush Says "Wisest to Err on Side of Life"(will he support judge's ruling?)

Kentucky Soldiers In Firefight Near Baghdad, Over 2 Dozen Insurgents Killed

Iceland grants citizenship to Bobby Fisher

Attorneys Question Whether Texas, Federal Law at Odds (Schiavo/Bush)

BBC plans to cut almost 4,000 jobs

Man ejected from Cheney S. Security town hall meeting for asking questions

U.S. cuts Nicaragua military assistance

France Dismantles Its 35-Hour Workweek

Sistani urges swift end to Iraq governmnt talks as rebels face-off with US

Damning Verdict on GM Crop (World's Most Comprehensive Field Trial)

"US Ambassador to Turkey Quits "-- Turkey Daily News

Fallujah: From insurgent stronghold to `safest city in Iraq' (OMG!)

Vermont cable-access board won't cancel contested show

U.S. Using Anti-Terror War to Gain World Oil Reserves— Soviet Intelligence

Effectiveness of Interrogations Questioned

BREAKING NEWS--Up to 6 dead in school shooting in northern Minnesota

Irish Nationalist Leader Downplays White House Snub

Army Raises Enlistment Age for Reservists to 39

Poll: No Role for Government in Schiavo Case

WP,pg1: New EPA Mercury Rule Omits Conflicting Data (another outrage!)

General Myers speaks out against `Anti-Secession' Law

LAT: Frist's Medical Opinion of Schiavo Draws Criticism

The Two Symbols of the Republican Party...

More Schiavo or More Cromwell?

I saw Jimmy Jazz tonight

I just responded to my 1st Schiavo thread..................

Some friends of mine, just the other night Went to hear this cool cat blow

YOU predict the next celebrity diversionary sex or death media circus

A good indication that a first date went well

So what do you think was behind this name in the first place? - living will legal in 35 states for $5

How long has J. Lo been married now?

If you can read this, let me know.

No matter how many times MrScorpio posts his pic, I still hear Barry White

Ok so who's predicted another DUer's sex thread would get locked

I had lunch at Buzz's on Oahu at the

It's 11 o'clock: Do you know where your kitty is?

Tonights most popular movie is.....

I want one of these

I officially declare myself a fetus.

Got some time to waste?

So, Will! How close are we to 400?

BC DUers: Did you see the pictures from the Sea to Sky Highway

I declare Congress to be in a Persistent Vegitative State

Is Congress proposing to bear the expenses of Terri's care?

Thread "hall monitors" are tiresome.

What's the easiest (free) way to crack your back?

"rice guys" or "massholes" what do weirdos really want?

From now on, I won't do anything until I ask myself...

Try to catch "Intervention" on A&E Television

I'm so excited!

You can stuff your sorrys in a sack mister.

fucking new laptop

Easter Bunny Bludgeoned to Death Before Cheering Crowd of Christian Kids

I wish my medical care was important.

Jay Z - The Gray Album is unbelievable

Once more, it must be said.

I'm so SICK of all these World Series threads!!!!!

"JFK" on TNT...

Breast Enlargement

What would Clinton do?

DU Christians: Why is everybody sitting on the same side of the...

Mummy, there's a lincoln log in me sock drawer!

That's it. I have had it.

Last Beatle Standing- Paul or Ringo?

Good Morning D.U.

Figured out how to post pictures, but not from my digital photo album.

The Election Test

My tummy hurts.

guess the dictator!

A Prayer To Pray For Bush, And His Administration

Listening to Black Sabbath's "Paranoid". Ask me anything.

When ever I go read threads in GD

Slint reunion shows in NYC this weekend.....

Okay, that's it

Thong Underwear Thieves Busted With 228 Pairs

Dupe -- Please Remove

Man Appears In Court On 17th Drunken Driving Charge

Who attended the NYC antiwar rally?

It's lunch time HURRAH

Firefox users,do me a favor.....

I've been up since 2 AM EST, ask me anything!

The new force of tyranny: Fear of Fundies.

Burning Cow Dung Starts Colorado Wildfire

Wonderful life

I was just discussing...

Tom Delay offers senior staff position to Terry Schaivo

a guy just wrote a post saying Democrats are anti-business

Drugs Added To Violence, Sex In Video Games - CUE JOMENTUM!!!

I had to work all weekend, and have been mostly out of the loop

Time to confess: What did you keep after the breakup?

Has 'jumped the shark' jumped the shark?

GOP Congress furious over Addie Bundren's family allowing her death.

Holy Week in Spain (not Indiana)

Central Park Zoo's gay penguins.

Oh, that's it. English is no longer my official language of choice.

5 Year Old Arrested For Outburst Over Candy At School - Handcuffed

Daryn Hagen (sp?) facelift

Well, it looks like I'm allergic to my cats

Alert to Spring Break travelers

Don't you hate it when you almost burn down LBN by accident?



Chicken stock in the making

Bobby Short rip

Donnie Darko. Theatrical Release vs Director's Cut

Drew Barrymore: Actor or Furniture?

Straight men and Lesbians - what hair color do you like on a woman?

DU ADK 46ers:

Not only is the large, twisting antler on your forehead a source of

I guess I know what's good for me

If you are in a relationship is it ok to have crushes?


Girl, listen to me.

What the heck. Actual PICS of actual flowers from my garden! (pic heavy)

Bratz: Cute dolls or Mini-strippers?

Hi baby. I've been trying to get ahold of you..

Were there any pictures from Saturday's gathering?

George Bush is dumb as..........

Guess what? I'm on the "No Fly" list!!

Quarters and food

my flash submission

What is the Beatles' favorite drug?

Have you seen the AOL commercial featuring the 2 guys in the cafeteria?

Is this too offensive? (Warning! Extremely Rude!)

Turtle Survives Fire - Developes "Satan Image" On Its Shell

My .............. is smarter then George Bush

Hey Bouncy Ball, I meant to ask you....

Anyone else get that urge to travel somewhere spontaneously?

Comparative personals ads: An object lesson

Listening to Nirvana's "Nevermind". Ask me anything.

Domestic Arts Question: Leech

Domestic Arts Question: Screech

"Freebird!" . . .

Good Mooooooooorning DU !

Can't find my wallet

Anyone have a Creative Labs MP3 player?


Muddy Waters vs. Howlin' Wolf

You say "How was New York CStheT?"

Fess up, guys. What are your top 5 stupidest office pool picks?

Easter Bunny Arrested For Harassment

"Joan of Arcadia" fans

The death of Rock Radio. Why do you think this is?

RPG players: help me identify this die

You say "How was your trip to K-Mart BTBM?"

Music question: Kix or Rickets?

Anti-war protests spill into 2nd day

Easter Bunny Arrested For Harassment

Anybody have a Blackberry?

Who is grumpy on Monday? Raise your hand!

Anybody have a Ken Berry?

Guess the DUer- international language edition

BTW - I got to give Billy Idol a hug this weekend!! Aske me anything

Win a Lenny Kravitz guitar and help feed the hungry

Everytime I'm about to go insane....

Who's the cat that won't cop out, when there's danger all about...

Rolad Hedley's first press conference

hey, I built a webpage... wanna see it?

What are your Spark test results?

Best Aerosmith Song

Guess what this DUer looks like

Everybody getting use to higher energy prices??

Colon-Cleansing Clinic Busted For Prostitution

Best Aerosmith Song, Part 2

Look at this weird fuckin' post I found at Free Republic:

I wonder why so many women are offering to marry scott peterson

What kinds of anti-Social security ads will the GOP unleash next?

Jim Morrison was a college dork?

I watched the last episode of Angel last night (spoilers)

BTW--I got to give LynneSin a hug this weekend!! Ask me anything

To what lengths have you gone to on account of your Oasis fandom?

Roxette: better than Black Sabbath?

Shit, fuck & damn. Mrs. Venation has bronchitis.

At What age Did you Lose a Sibling?

CONFESS!!!! Songs that would truly suck less if they had more cowbell

Groups and Forums are the best place to talk politics on DU

Bush Names New Goodwill Ambassador

Only old people watch The Price Is Right.

I love a good game of political football!

The problem in this world is that there aren't enough blogs to read

My mom and I are writing a book

Another installment of guess the DUer from pictures

Greatest Aerosmith song part II

Let's All Say It Together: Skee-ah-vo!

Skinner issues pardon for sex thread: silly not so breaking news

Answer me this-why does coffee make me jitterier than a quad espresso?

Hmm. Christian Powerlifters...Holy Shit! Jesus caused the Tsunami

What has the puking smilie been eating?

so who watched "spring break shark attack"?

New orthopedic doc does NOT want to cut my ankle open again!

Karl Rove would be the first man to drop on his knees and pray--FReeper

George Bush has intervened before to save someone

11 years at one job

BTW - Lynnesin was supposed to get me drugs this weekend

Do you read documents before you sign them?

* Rant * About My Bank

Favorite TV/Movie Mutt?

New Orleans Legend May Prove to Be Reputable

Woman leaves SUV with 3 year old inside running to get cigs, SUV Stolen

I think that Blue-Jay has been hooking up with Britney Spears

Why is Sarah Silverman so popular around here?

Why did they have to kill Old Yeller?

I will NEVER run for congress

I am running from Congress!!

This was so great, I just have to share!

Michael Jackson dead 20 years ago????????

If I worked in a department store, I would.....

I will NEVER run from congress

Satan's image on a turtle shell.

Since we're on gnomes..People think my first gnome is really my last gnome

Is a good site to purchase tickets from?

I am running Congress

Did you ever call the recent Boyfriend/girl~ by the name of the old one?

Leptoprin is MUCH too powerful for the casual dieter.


Why can't the fundies just choose not to see movies they don't like

Match the singer with the band. Just fixed it. Try it now.

I am for running Congress

Speaking of names, nobody can EVER get my dog's name right

I am Running for Congress

OK, the fun's over. Now vote on why!

What happened to the Gameday thing that MLB used to do last year

Prenatal Yoda. Should we, or shouldn't we?

He asked a girl if they could both sit in a chair,

Commercial on television this morning.

The Daily Show's Steve Carell in the American version of the Office

Will's busy counting threads, so I think we should help him with this

Since we're on names... People think my first name is really my last name.

On an additional note: I saw the Wallflowers. BTW, they really suck

Post if you don't know if this thread needs more cowbell . . .

Match the singer with the band. Pt2

Greatest Wesley Willis Song, Volume I

But JohnKleeb looks Congressional...

Post if you think this thread needs more cowbell.

Delay Toon

Blue-Jay and I marched with the Commies on Saturday! Ask me anything!

Is there a children's cough medicine that actually works worth a damn???

I am crying right now.

PEEVE: When people walk away from their desks without taking their

Think about *THIS* before the weekend!

I feel like crying right now

Unfortunate juxtapostion of ads on AAR:

Queen Camilla? Indeed

Creationists Boycott IMAX Movies in South

Ring my bell-l-l. Ring my bell.

Has anyone ever mixed apples with oranges?

If your team's wide receiver can "stretch the field vertically"...

Dallas caller on Randi! First call from Dallas...

USA Network is remaking "Kojak" with Ving Rames?

I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK

If you were an athlete, what would you rather have?

I am dying right now

Speaking of names, no one can EVER get my last name right.

I've been gettin' religion at work all day

Everyone I went to High School with might as well be dead!

I am lying right now

New group of folks who should be shot: Folks on planes who recline seats

I just got a job interview for tomorrow!

MAD LIBS time!!!!

Do you ever notice all the dust that comes out of toilet paper

German DU'ers, listen up please: how do you say "Stephen" ?

Which donut would you go for first?

What Vegetative State Are You In?

I need a Bug.

What song best describes our times under the reign of the Flim-Flam Man?

So how does that 'Link' link work?

I get tired of being called Johnny Reb but you dont see me complaining

Who's gonna suck the crap out of my head?

Enlightenment to come soon about "link" link

Bob Boudelang gets hate mail!!

Caption the Minister of Pain

His name is Jan Johannsen...

Schiavo hearing ends without ruling.

Signs you are listening to too much talk radio

I need a hug

"Nice guys" vs. "assholes" - which do women really want?

The YAAAAAAY thread...good news ONLY!

Everyone I went to high school with is now dead

GonnaTo Find My Baby. Gonna Hold Her Tight

I just booked my hotel and air for Austin, ask me anything!

National Geographic confirms--HOGZILLA is REAL!!!

How do you print/copy the contents of a folder in Windows Explorer

Hey Boston DUers, what was the name of that place we had dinner?

Jesus H Christ

First the Gonzalezes (Elian) now the Schindlers (Terry Schiavo)...

Where is that list of DU definitions?

David Johansen= not as yummy as Scarlett

Which of these two bands is better?

Who is a good spender and won't cheat?

Have you ever wondered...

Your favorite Hollywood Treat covered in a gourmet sauce


I'm going to do nothing but polls today

Bobby Short has died.......

Don't you hate it when...

Remember when it took an act of Congress to get kids to clean their rooms?

FYI, New security release today 3/21 for OSX

Saw "Anchorman" this weekend - f'n ROFL hilarious!

The BB Gun


I'd like to be back in Amsterdam right now

If I told you that you have a beautiful body would you hold it against me?

The bread gods are against me.

Prepaid Cell Phones

Who else gets really, really hungry when they see a post by fudge stripe

Yankee Doodle had a farm ......

What British condiment are you?

who's a good speller, and won't cheat?

Listening to Radiohead's OK Computer. Ask me anything.

Tonite's dinner... You decide


"Buy Net Zero Internet access"

This day was hellishly bad...almost the 7th circle of hell.

I hit 1,000 & didn't even know it.

Is there any thorough free virus scan on the net that you use?

Update on my son's visit to the doc

I'd like to be in Hamsterhand right now.

Favorite spot on a woman

The Lounge is too quiet. Family Guy quote thread!

Favorite non-Simpson Simpsons Characters

Scarlett Johannson = yummy

Women: Do you have spots?

I am now dancing to entertain my cat

The Lounge or GD?

Whose a good spelller and won't cheet?

I THINK I Speak For EVERYONE Here When I Say......

The spaghetti and meatballs are heavenly

Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume II begins tonight @ 7 pm e.t

Worst advertising slogan?

Thanks to all who helped with my Magnavox VCR question.

Favorite Drug/Alcohol Addiction Substitute

I THINK I Speak For EVERYONE Here When I Say......

Let's smoke a blunt. Will Pitt is in debt to me.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Sometimes I feel that I'm complicated enough

"Show me your fucking transfer!"

Mmm - homemade Singapore Noodles!

What's wrong with Air Supply?

"Tell him you want to fuck him stupid"

Ashlee Simpson question.

I wanna tell you about a girl I love. My she looks so fine.

ACCH! You've got the shinnin'

who is the du lounge bartender?

WARNING!!! New email virus - be warned!!!

Would you consider e-mailing people while still recovering from surgery?


Are you satisfied with your job, or at least prospects for the future?


Boy's Haircut Costs School $10,000

whoisalhedges just made a pass at me!

IS it all about you or me?

Pictures from Chicago protest (posting for Ophelia1027 who is new to DU!)

Which of the following topics would most likely incite a flame war?

So . . . would a kippered herring sandwich be good?

who is the du lounge clown?

Proof that the fun has only just begun:

Thought I'd bring this here - something Beautiful to see...

Am considering switching to VONAGE. Any experiences out there?


Anyone here...

Some of you are going to die.

A personal letter from Dubya to Terri ...

Hey! I made a flog.

Hey! I made a blog.

Hey! I just drained a clog.

It's been a LONG time since I posted here but....

Hey! I just pinched a log.

Hey! I just walked the dog!

Will the Living Form a Line Here

The copycat is flogged. Ya'll can knock it off now

The sloppyrat is dogged. May need to be knocked off now.

If I were an alcoholic drink, what would I be?

If you were a vegetable...

Since there is no bartender, I'm going to raid the bar and leave it open


This weekend I'm cooking Fisherman's Stew


I thought I have seen everything...


If an animal were named after you, what would be the reason?


What gives you peace and happiness?

The music for Mullets

Samantha Brown of the Travel Channel has the best job in the world.

You gotta see this before ebay pulls it!

So what is this new "link" feature... shall we figure it out

This is post #8,000! Whoo-hoo! Thanks everyone!

Nevermind me 'cause I've been dead...

Anderson Cooper doing great in 7-9 spot on CNN. Mike Shiavo on Larry King

poll: what kind of vehicle do you drive?

Caption this if you dare

For those of you who were following my navel,

Bouncy, let me explain baseball to you.

What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding ? ....

For those of you who were following my nouvelle

i think i have the best hellish day story......

Matlock vs Jack McCoy, who wins?

What is the DU Lounge rated, in movie terms ?

Anyone else wish that Dragons really existed?

Tonight was the first time I watched Larry King in10 years! I will NEVER


2000 Posts!!!

What does the "kippered" mean in "kippered herring?"

matcom vs StoptheMorans, who wins

What are you having for dinner?

Who are your favorite cable TV personalities?

If I said I had bees in my head...

Texas Tech

For those of you who were following my novel,

Devry University...Anyone else done the online degree program?

There's a HUGE mosquito buzzing my monitor.

Cheerleading camp or a cruise with your dad?

Sci-fi shows that just should not be put together:

Lets welcome Ophelia1027 who is from Chicago!

Skinner validates restoration of Will Pitt: not-so-breaking-news

20ft. Shark Bites Man In Half

Is it possible to auction off George Bush and Congress on ebay?

"Girlfriend in a coma, I know it's serious.."

Awww, HELL NO!!!

We lived our little drama

What are YOU looking forward to?

Social Security for Sale on Ebay!

A death in the family...some help please

What's your favorite month of the year?

If you were a fruit, what kind would you be?

Used to live not too far from here.... Letchworth State Park... can you

Now the guys... Pick your fave

Iowa Girl Buys Prom Date For $29.95

Not another copycat bread

I'm just gonna sit here with 999 posts for awhile, unless you can tempt me

Not another copycat thread

Positive Thoughts For Today and The Democrat Party (No Shiavo Threads!)

Favorite word that sounds like what it denotes

I just booked my flight for the Boston, ask me anything.

What's your favorite planet?

More Sex

"Madness" - a fractal-based work of computer art (large pic)

America spells freedom D-R-A-F-T

Poll: Tom Delay ...

Bush the Rapper: D*R*A*F*T

It's 20 minutes to 11pm?!?

Fuck you KFC!

When the shades of night are falling...

Let's have a show of hands: Who went to a protest this weekend?

Most useless state in the Union?

Yellow Ribbons = Pining for prison inmate's return.

Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch

What did you do to torment/try your parents?

What song(s) best describe your feelings after the past 24 Hours

Let's be blunt. Will Pitt has threatened me.

when i was in 7th grade i misspelled misspell in the spelling bee

going to france do i insult bush in french?

Claudette Colbert, Paulette Goddard and Veronica Lake in the same movie

Is there anything more Dynamite than more cowbell?

I'm in love with Aishwarya Rai.

Inclination of direction, walk and turn and twist adrift

Domestic Arts Question: Bleach

freighthopping, hoboes, and boxcar art

Thank God for Jon Stewarts take on the whole you know who episode.

Lazy question: When is the Boston meetup ?

Another school shooting.

Riders On The Storm....Tornado Watch here till 4am....

Letterman is new tonight.

Woo Hoo!! I have some rebellion in me!

You should see Neil Young's 'Greendale'

Has anyone seen Not_Giving_Up?

Despite all this bullshit, I love being alive

"put this shit in the lounge"

Not sure if I like Safari

"If you wear a strapless dress with a bra that isn't..."

Was Bing Crosby really a "hollow man"?

Porn or Pr0n?

Anyone know any history-related attractions in or near St. Louis

Porn on Oprah?

Britney Spears always makes me feel better about myself.

I dream of cheese.

Go on a fish and fruit diet

Just bought Dean Koontz's "By the Light of the Moon"

Somebody plan my Easter Menu....

Prenatal yoga? Should we or shouldn't we?

Canada's Tribute to Paul Cellucci (US Ambassador)

Very Cool Preview for New Japanese Movie "Hinokio"

Apple patches Mac OS X flaws

Should I go to Boston for DU ? I'm torn

Am I just an unfeeling person?

I'm on the train back to Boston from NYC

If you were a jellybean, what flavor would you be...(jelly belly's only)

Are people from Maine mainiacs?

I'm so forlorn, in what DU forums should I read and post in?

Chicago is the GREATEST rock group EVER.

I think this is the funniest incident reported in the DU Top 10 Idiots lis

Okay, who here has ever met another DUer in "Fantasy"

Wal Mart Trying to build 3 stores in one town in South Jersey


Favorite funny sounding word

Ever feel really alone in the lounge?

Danke Schoen, Darling, Danke Schoen.

I need a nap

Living Will Form Here

How come nobody is talking to ME tonight? Is EVERYBODY in bed

Advice on buying 5.1 DTS computer speakers

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test!

If a law were named after you, what would be the reason?

My epic fantasy novel--

Seriously, why was WillPitt temporarily Tombstoned?

So what do you really think of Florida - the official poll


A true story about a cat and his owner

This is why I usually don't listen to Randi at work...

That's It, I'm Tired Of Being Called A "Yankee"

Just returned from London/Paris trip: thanks for the tips!! Very helpful..

I am SarahBelle. Keeper of DU secrets big and small.

Uber-serious poll: Why no terrorist attacks ? Luck and/or DHS ?

Trailer for Sarah Silverman's "Jesus Is Magic"

How are you?

what's the strangest coincidence you've experienced...?

Hilary Swank Busted In New Zealand - Forgot To Declare 1 Apple & 1 Orange

Favorite Star Wars character?

I'm on the DU Home Page! At last!

Just a few thoughts from my fried brain

Sandra Bullock on The Daily Show tonight

Important things your parents never told you

What are your predictions for upcoming episodes of "Carnivale"?

Hey DU, check out my latest t-shirts!

I require a window seat, and an in-flight happy meal. AND NO PICKLES!

I do not have an original thought!

Please keep us in your thoughts today

Enough bad news whose got good news!

Anybody up for a DC meetup?

Who wants to join my army of sycophants?

I leave for Europe on Wed. Have I forgotten to pack anything?

the new Current Affair show SUCKS!

Yet Another Sadistic (And Therefore Lots Of Fun) Flash Game

A forum is a place where people come to disagree.

You guys have less than 12 hours...

I THINK I Speak For EVERYONE Here When I Say......

Who will win the NCAA tournament? Lets post it now, make your choice.

Better appellations for the SUV

Who will be at the Boston meet-up in April?

*** New group proposal: BICYCLING ***

"Karl Rove is the Sexiest Dude in D.C."

I feel shitty, oh so shitty


TOURIST QUESTIONS (recieved by email from my Father)

I am afraid I am going to get annihilated....

People who do not want to discuss Schiavo enter here ....

Oh, well. So much for Mother Jones.

"Joan of Arcadia" fans

Do we have an obligation to correct fundamentalists' mistaken beliefs?

"Ten Commandments?"

IMAX theaters Reject Science Shows under Religious Pressure

Supreme Court to Consider Prisoners' Religious (Wicca) Rights

so far, NO ONE has ever returned from the dead

Can anyone tell me, please, what country is named for a

GA Moves To Force Students To Come Out To Parents Before Joining LGBT Club

Retention of pro-gay justices ends debate on Vermont civil unions

"The Religious Freedom Act"--would allow workplace harassment

Interesting Subplot Involving UWM Coach Bruce Pearl, Univ. Of Illinois....

Derek Lowe is pitching against the Sox on ESPN right now

Hilarious Sports Message Board Exchange (text)....

Ishii to the Mets

NFL Kickoff weekend schedule announced.

So, who ripped their bracket into a thousand pieces...

Greyhound Rescue website is up and running

My Tippy

Uranus square US Uranus and opposite Bush's Mars thread

Astrology: A Gold Digger Is At Work

Pity parties in Religion & Theology

The usual Easter Goop from the mainstream media

The Satan Turtle

How to help Vets?

Nancy Pelosi Statement

Anybody else drawing up a will ? I told hubby that if anything happens to

Foreign Policy: AQ Khan stuff in WaPo

Swifties Update

PaulieDee: Calm down, we hear you!

Beginning a thread on Bolton

Tallinn, Estonia.....a beautiful world-heritage city (LARGE FILES)

If you were going to purchase a "budget" digital SLR, which would

off topic but

Perfect gift for all EDVs to celebrate the return of KO!

BIG NIGHT for me 2-nite!... Kahuna returns... and check out my post count!

Say it isn't so!!!!! (WARNING: Graphic Image)

Although this may be politically incorrect, I must say...

Problem for Pro-Life Argument

Dickhead DeLay live on C-Span

Frank, Conyers, Watt, Holmes-Norton, Capuano, and many others were great

Would this issue be brought up if this woman was black?

Health Care Expenses in BK Bill, Stem Cell Research in the Post-Terri Era

CNN just mentioned GOP Schiavo talking-points memo - for 1.2 seconds

46 Dems voted YEA ---------- WTF?!?!

Draft Board link

Removing the feeding tube is sick... even if she can't feel it

Does anyone have a link to the article about the EPA director & pesticides

Anyone notice...

The Repubs have got to know how unpopular the

45 PBS stations to air inclusive 'Buster'

Did anyone else hear the disturbing audio of Terri making noises?

Dirty Tricks Revisited William Arkin targeted by the U.S. government?

Americablog: Issues Bush Didn't Rush Back To D.C. For...


UN High Commissioner Sadako Ogata and Wes Clark

Maureen Dowd is coming up on MSNBC--Imus show

What is the Catholic position on Schiavo?

Could someone please post the links

Media Downplay Historic Day of Protests

Sundance Showed A Documentary Last Night Regarding

I want to know...


When will we ever be proud to be Democrats again?

Will living wills be next?

time to stop activist members of congress

Only took Bush 4 years

Nope, no politics none what so ever

Before everyone freaks, understand the term "quorum call"

CNN Poll: Has Terri Schiavo's case become to politicized?

Isn't it illegal for Congress to pass a law for just one person?

Bush Hypocrisy on Terri Schiavo Ignored by FOX, the "Real Journalism" Netw

WA: Repub leader apologizes for Holocaust remarks during stem cell debate

Jack Cafferty's "Last Day" Pool starting here!

Monday morning's rhetorical BS - *'s 'Culture of Life'

So if you're a fetus or brain dead, we care

Tsunami Aid: Has the U.S. actually donated the $300+ million?


No Child Left Behind - the dental version

A hearing to be held at 3pm in Tampa today--lawyers to argue

Get ready for the world's fastest impeachment and trial

What is Rick Renzi's email address?

Congressional Schedule for 03/17/2005

Calling DU researchers... Bush's law (1999) vs Bush's words (2005)

CNN Poll: Who should decide Terri Schiavo's fate?

Half the people in Congress are "flat-liners"...

UK Duer's-who are the major parties in New Labour?

Virginity Vows don't stop STD spread

3 times the USSC declined the Schiavo case..why is bush trying to destroy

Count on selfishness of the american people

Tom DeLay destroys the sanctity of marriage

Clark may have been a one term President if he were elected.

Calling for an economic "timeout" for our side

"I'm coming for you, Mr. Blair, but I'm going to do it in a civilized way,

Tuned in Boortz last Friday and was shocked.....

Gas up ten cents a gallon overnight in South Mississippi

Some European critics soften views on Bush

OK... how come I can't find the senators voting on Schaivo?

Will Democrats be painted as the "pro-death" Party ?

DeLay is a "little slithering snake" - Schiavo

Yep, Delay is a hypocrite(as if you didn't know this)

A message of thanks from Boston Mobe, and new news and photos.

Tom DeLay, you WILL take care of my cryonics preservation, won't you?

New meme idea: Gas prices are up because Bush is an greedy oil man.

Capital Punishment and the sanctity of life

"How Much Do High Gas Prices Affect You?"

LTTE to Congress on shciavo

Delay is the Enemy of Reform

The Fed ct will affirm removing schiavo's feeding tube. What then?

Greg Palast Report @ DemocracyNow!

Who are Teri Schiavo's Parents

The Politicization of Terri Schiavo (Repub values)

How Can The GOP "Life" Mentality Deny Universal Healthcare??

Georgia Gerrymander

Blair was told US "fixed" case for war

Letters to Augusto Pinochet From Officials at Riggs Bank

How are Veterans being shafted? How to help?

Lost file reveals Hitler's paranoia

Afghanistan = "One Huge US Jail"

Asked RW radio talk show host about Terri Schiavo

AP to give 2 versions of same story

The Epitome of Hypocrisy: De Lay, Medicare and Schiavo

Rep. Conyers on Class Action

Open Letter to US Representative Hooley (OR 5th) About Energy Depletion

WSJ: Congress May Fight Court on Global Front

MSNBC Teaser: "Why are so many liberal elites so against religion?"

If Jesus returns, Karl Rove will kill him

So, if the judge throws out the Schiavo case and orders the feeding tube

What's the most important issue to America?

Christian lunacy relative to Schiavo

No Child Left Behind: the football version

Patrick Kennedy's reconsidering a run against Chafee -Roll Call

Here's the Roll Call vote

NH-1: Jeb Bradley has a Dem opponent

Progressive Talk Show Host Writes About the Schiavo Case

Bush cuts funding for Traumatic Brain Injury ......

Should the Democrats counterattack RE: Schiavo?

"I will always err on the side of life" (Bush)---this slogan could be used

Skip the media - send this directly to all churches in your area

"The uneven burden of money's higher cost"-- Christian Science Monitor

Texas Futile Care Law Bush signed in its totality

Right-wing article advocating "rendition" (outsourced torture)

"Schiavo Talking Points" may spell the end of Santorum's reelect chances..

Holy crap! Great marketing from the DCCC

A"culture of life" that embraces the death penalty?

Another media poll: Texas' Lamar Smith & Ethics Committee

So, which Democrats signed the Schiavo bill?

Do we know how many dems voted against Mr. Schiavo?

It's the BUSH NEWS NETWORK — on the air!

Gannon/Guckert IS 47 years old...

Look What Happened to

Catch 22 - The Soldier in White?

Send Al Gore A Birthday Wish!

Video - SNL spoofs Hardball interview with Jose Canseco; Zell Miller

Support for the Conyers/Dodd omnibus election reform legislation.

Where is our ad to counter the stopwatch ad?

Las Vegas police Arrest Peace Protesters-

For Bush, High Drama and Mixed Reviews

Cnn reporting on the Repug 'talking points" Now

some crazy things i noticed in the news this week

When it comes to the death penalty, shouldn't we err on the side of life?

Is it true that Gannon/Guckert is interviewing Schiavo?

Why is the Justice Dept. filing docs in court to keep Schiavo alive?

Schiavo case the topic of tonight's Nightline and Larry King programs...

TX: Attorneys question whether Texas, federal law at odds

Hearing in Schiavo case wraps up USAToday

"Repubs so worried about sanctity of marriage but Schiavo's hubby can't

Anyone else notice the media IS NOT siding with Delay on

All this talk about having a living will...why bother?

If Methane Hydrates ever become viable as an energy source...

I'm tired of paying members of Congress

Is the Schiavo case simply another Bush attack on science?

Bush Appoints Charles Manson to Lead Office for Victims of Crime

NY Times Editorial calls for a timeout by people

BBC POLL: Most back the idea of stronger UN...even the U.S...Sorry GOP!

CNN: Shooting in MN High School

Most people who want private retirement accounts already have them.

US declares Venezuela a rogue nation... more war for oil

Sounds like DeLay found a way to anger almost everyone.

‘Grotesque’ or life-saving drama at the Capitol?

Bush and the Texas Futile Care Law "murders" six month old of

"The Culture of Life"

Clark wouldn't have quietly slithered away if the election were stolen f

Randi is covering the Schiavo/DeLay/hypocrisy, etc.

What do the Republicans have to gain or lose by this Shaivo thing?

Russert On Hardball Talking ABout How Not One (1) Democractic

Is this the tipping point?

"Another Democrat for Bush"

Senate Passed Schiavo Bill by Voice Vote

Let me get this straight.....Did I hear right, that the Pope made

LTTE addressing Bush's Advance Directives Act...


Lawyers and law students. I am offering a prize to anyone who

Young People: The Key To Republican Single-Party Rule, by Thom Hartmann

Stop USA Next : Petition from Democracy for America

My idea on transportation (would like comments)

You know we are in trouble

Developing on Rawstory:Judge orders feeding tube reinserted

Has RoveCo been successful in intimidating protestors?

While Congress was debating the fate of one woman,

what do we do about elected Democratics

Terry Moran moves to the dark side

My trip to the NYC protests

Tonite on Scarbrorough: Why Liberal Elites Hate Religion. Ooh! can't wait!

The Daily Show Rips another great show, pointing out the Hippocracy...

Newt Gingrich gives his take on Shiavo

After ANWAR by James Howard Kunstler

Check this out! Social Security auction on e-bay ---


A Win against Clear Channel.

The Protests: Commentary Worthy of Your Consideration

Kerry quietly fighting and getting things done. New Bill Passes

Schiavo rebuttal compendium

Conversation with a Freeper re: Schiavo

LOL!! Freepers Quote Rush: "Culture Of Death Is Seductive!"

LISTEN: Terri Schiavo seems to BEG her father for death on Tape!

What the hell is a "liberal elite"?

CNN front-page teaser: "Condoleezza Rice dazzles audiences abroad "

DU Task: Expose Bush TX Law, would have Shiavo dead n TX

Tenn. GOP airing radio ads about Dean as he heads there tomorrow.

Terry Schiavo will be this President's Monica Lewinsky

chimp-monster's gruesome "pull the plug" law getting more exposure

Great Tom Tomorrow CARTOON - "Moral Bankruptcy"

GOP Memo: Use Schiavo for Political Gain

Wonder when Michael Schiavo is going to SUE someones ass??

"The momentum of the far right can't last"

First government-sponsored blog - - needs DU beta test

my flash submission

Five oil companies own more than 2/3 of all retail,refineries, gas

new conyers site

Corzine: Cheney for SocSec is like Saddam for democracy

Who were the three senators who voted yesterday?

Democratic Reform of the United States government...

Dean heading to conservative Naples, Florida.

If we were as good at kicking ass as we are at making excuses...

Americablog: Issues Bush Didn't Rush Back To D.C. For...

Hardball show from Columbus, Ohio, tomorrow night!

George Soros backing AmericansComingTogether agin dimbot social security

Howard Zinn today in Boston said..... Consolidate protest info here.

Schiavo case amplifies case for Gay Marriage.

Feingold To Repair Relations In Alabama

3/22 CSPAN schedule

DLC is "Going Nowhere" - The Nation

Whats wrong with this poll?

George arrives in DC to sign Terri's law (hangover again?)

Pelosi Breaks Her Silence on Terri Schiavo Case

DeLay's Goal - Impeachment of Federal Judges

Nader: "Dean won't return my calls. I'm trying to give him good advice."

(No Child Left Behind) Testing Scandal in Texas Schools

How many Repuke hypocrisy's can you find for the Schiavo case?

"The Cat is Out of the Bag".....why oil prices keep going up. (CNN)

Comptroller General: current fiscal policy is unsustainable

Crooks& Liars investigating if Cat Murderer Frist guilty of malpractice