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Archives: March 20, 2005

Congress poised to open ANWR for oil exploration....

Bush’s triumph conceals the great conservative crack-up

Two Years After Iraq Invasion, Protesters Hold Small Rallies

The War of the Next Century = World Bank

AARP wages fiery blitz vs. Social Security plan (pays 20 m. in ads)

Republican tax cuts to increase deficit by more than 1 trillion by 2015

The f**ckin' "LIBRUL" NYTimes has ONE article about the protests in the US

Diplomatically speaking, now we don't (Sarasohn)

1,138 rights of marriage (Re: KS same-sex marriage vote)

Nightmare Vision of North America (Manley's trial ballon)

U.N.: Congo militias grilled victims alive - Congo #1 world problem today

Wolfowitz: sinister neocon or scourge of poverty?

Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks (Jamaica Observer re: Bush)

New year party gets political on streets of Tehran

Philosopher's book examines role of bullshit in society

Dreams of work in Iraq turn into nightmare

In a warped reality (Guardian editorial)

Washington’s criminal war against Iraq enters its third year

The Risks of Regime Change for Middle Eastern Christians

The spies were fooled on Iraq. What about Iran and North Korea?

Lost File Reveals Hitler's Paranoia-(Guardian)

"Dough-faced nation" Hal Crowther (a long, excellent, must-read)

Thomas Friedman (The New York Times): A Nobel for Sistani

In '99 GWBush sighed into law a"cut off life support over family obj."bill

Enron: Patron saint of Bush's fake news.

My editorial on "Fake News", running Thursday

See ET Awful's great 3/20 Boston rally photos at.....

A few pics from yesterday’s San Francisco rally…..

Did I just hear Fareed Zakaria right - that Wolfowitz should very well

New on the Wire: AP to Offer Two Leads for Some Stories

Rethug media blitz on Terry Schiavo

In '99 GWBush sighed into law a"cut off life support over family obj."bill

Offshoring Is Major Cause of Technical Unemployment, IEEE-USA Survey

what happens to an economy without inflation?

I have a nosey question

nightmare =28 T Medicare 75 yrs/1.6 T 10 yr Perm Tax cut/1.2T Alt Min 10yr

Peak Oil,Global Warming: What will be combined result?

Ecuador fights shark fishing in Galapagos

Baldacci (Maine Gov.) backs far-reaching energy measures

How'd you like this guy as your financial adviser

Euan Ferguson (London Observer): Welcome to Mugabeland

South Korea's president talks tough about US military presence

U.S. Embargo of Cuba Fades Away

WTO caves in to China's demands

Cash-strapped Poles nostalgic for their communist past

PAC-3s will protect Taiwan, MND says

Cleanup in aisle GD: P please.

Please stop the Schiavo threads. Really. Please. Stop them.

if you could create a separate 'terry schiavo" forum, it would save us

I want to know why my thread was locked

Bethleham March for Freedom 9/11 plan created by U.S. military in 1976

Democrats, paper ‘trails’ aren’t good enough; count the damn ballots!

CSPAN Schedule

Did you know? Hispanics "overlooked" in Florida's felon scrubbing program.

Republicans are using Schiavo to affect the 2006 elections

Ohio Secretary of State Question

Sunday 3/20 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

I have officially become considered a....




Please! Read these threads on rigged aggregators. This is HUGE!

Long Beach Press Telegram: A joke for bicyclers

Photos of San Diego's anti-war rally

Pics from Hollywood March 3/19

My Republican neighbor just ratted out an Arnold petition gatherer!

How MANY in California went to 3/19/05 Protests?

Post your images and links of the Hollywood 3/19 protest here

Arnolds' California redistricting plan

Amy Goodman ("Democracy Now") in Omaha, NE 4/9/05!

Newspapers Audit Iowa Open Records Compliance

2 tickets for CIRQUE DREAMS, today 4PM

I know it's late, but where are the Boston DU'ers meeting if anywhere

Noam Chomsky ... still furious at 76

See ET Awful's great 3/20 rally photos at.....

DUers who live in Boston--Please consider ACLU petition

Question about vacation in Boston

Indy Media Twin Cities has some photos from the St. Paul March

So I REMOVED the TCP/IP protocol from a Win95 machine I have

Columbus protest report...........pititful.

The Columbus Disgrace

Ohio secretary of State Question

The Walrus is Paul

Ten Commandments monument at Capitol was movie promo

"Analyst predicts little tax relief for poor, middle class in Texas"

Boston Legal tackling Texas Death Penalty right now

Houston Anti-War Rally

Austin March 19 Vid Clips

Bush as TX gov signed law allowing HOSPITAL to terminate life support

Help David Van Os run for Attorney General

We did it! $2.02 a gallon in Houston! God bless W.

What's this I hear that they want to "reform" the two year UW system?

Did anyone else get the survey from Petri?


Congress Should Pass A Law Requiring Terry Schiavos To Mainline Steroids

So much for the GOP and States Rights

I wanted to like "What the Bleep do we Know"....

Why don't we list all those exploiting Terri's life.

Where were these "Pro-Life" Schiavo protesters on the eve of the Iraq War?

C-SPAN: Red State - Blue State Divide

did msm cover any protests today, i am off news

don't forget...ANYONE can post stories/photos on "IndyMedia Center" (LINK)

Has D.C. become an “Outlaw Institution"?


Has anyone heard of NESARA?

Where is Howard Dean today!?! He was the anti-war candidate.

Letter to Chairman Dean re: Providian Visa solicitation

bush's heh heh

Question on Nate Clay

Do the Dems want our protest covered by the media?

first time I ever used the ignore thread icon

Two years ago tonight

Ya know that corner bush keeps saying we turned in Iraq??? Guess what.

I love nancy spungen

DU is a diverse place of 66,000+ members

saving Terry Schiavo while killing the rest of us . . .

If The Chimp And The Fundies Want To Save Terri Schiavo

First F.U.C.K. you, now D.U.C.K you via Bush and the GOP

Hate Mail to "Unknown News"

If you woke up tomorrow and found the US an official

Lord I can't help myself but I think * spent his misspent

Do you think a hard-core neo-con can change?

ABC News Poll: Identity Theft Concerns Rise

New York Times is flushing the toilet

How to preserve our services for the needy: Cut defense spending.

Tampered Tabulator Aggregator Codes Spell Stolen Elections

A few thoughts about the Steroid Hearings in Congress

I say we let the Repukes pass their Schiavo bill of attainder

"You know there are some questions about Terri Schiavo's husband...

3 babies/3 birth defects/chemical pesticides involved?

Chemtrails (Operation Cloverleaf) . . .

White Rose had a picture on their web site

Which beat poet died.... yesterday or today?

Nice online archival resource

Intelligence chief told Blair that US “fixed” case for Iraq war: BBC report

Why do the Right Wingers think of death as something bad?

Who saw the dog and pony show with Santorum yesterday?

Winston Churchill is reported to have said that in times of war, truth is

Gen.Meyers on meet the press..

The percentage that doesn't ad up- Broder's column today

V.S.Naipaul on Religious Fundamentalism. Very Prescient and pertinent.

Terri's been dead for years

Because of this, can people still emigrate to canada at all?

Anyone have the link for the AA baby removed from...

Did Nancy "pull the plug" on Ronnie?

Vatican Says Argentina's Firing of Bishop Could be Violation of Religious

The End of Faith . . . by Sam Harris . . .

When it came right down to it;

Guess life is only sacred when politicians deem it so.

AP story in local paper claims 'about 350' protesters in NYC!

I was interviewed by an American Gov't propaganda network yesterday.

How many Schiavo's per year? What's all this going to cost?

More Schiavo! More Schiavo! More Schiavo! More Schiavo!

Do advertisers conduct internal polls to see whose watching which channels

David Brooks just said a bunch of congressmen are going down

Daniel Okrent wrong again -- on Mark McGwire in 1998

Rumsfeld claims Sunnis, Shites, and Kurds are conducting group hugs.

Two Fox News Analysts Just Ripped Tom DeLay And Congress

Will The Concern For One Extrapolate To Concern For Many?

What would the country of Sweden have done about T. Schiavo ?

"Hateful bigoted Catholic leaders refuse funeral to gay man because;

If Terri Schiavo Lived In Texas She'd Be Dead By Now (Thanx To *)

OT - Christian DUers, explain this concept to me please.

Orphans of Tall Afar-What 15 seconds did to the Hassan family—and to the m

WOOHOO My LTTE got printed

A Sly Charm Offensive-Can burgers and bull sessions change Social Security

I guess that marriage isn't so sacred to the Repubs after all!

New Gay-Free Theatre Opens

Verizon phone book gaffes hang clients out to dry

If we accept Creationism, then we must accept Global Warming as man made

Robert McNamara, Paul Wolfowitz, and the World Bank

Does anyone know if the Loral Group still does business with China?

Sunday's Doonesbury cartoon (good one)

One Individual Congress Acts….80,000 Die Congress Does Not Act

Think of these two scenarios

my DU PRESS RELEASE on this week's Pro-Peace rallys..what do you think?

Will Pitt on AAR NOW REPEAT from FRI!!!

Dear Pope John-Paul II,

Hey, folks in Asheville and western NC, Peace Rally Today! ! (Sunday)

Did Senate Dems vote for Terri bill to protect Bill Nelson in 2006?

Turn to C-SPAN now (1:10 pm Sunday)

The Schiavo story and all attendant threads can kiss my bum

Estimates for world-wide protest turnout?

CNN Poll: Was military action in Iraq justified? (87% NO)

If you have health insurance does that mean they can't pull the plug?

Beware of blog

Just goes to show you neither side cares about life.

Just wondering how many evangelical Revs have given the opening pray.

Moral Values Galor!

TV-B-Gone: Too much damned TV?

This is my take

Anyone wonder if Schiavo is a bone throw to the Christian Right...

A new SS secret plan!

Tell Congress that you Expect them to uphold the Constitution!

Buying time

Undoing Iraq

Democrats--The Party Of Death!

Am I terrible not to care about Terry Schiavo?

Give Me One Million Dollars and I'll Keep Grandma on Life Support

Oh my….another “Poor Little Elian” event, what is it with Florida?

Terry Schiavo and Democratic vs. Republican Principles

Didn't McCain admit that Schiavo is political

How long till the Dem Senators figure out the proper Schiavo spin?

News Alert! Congress Performing Miracles!

Can anyone here turn a PowePoint presentation into a flash player movie?

Why aren't Repubs defending the sanctity of marriage today?

Life, emotions, and republican koolaid

I just received an interesting phone call...

So let me get this straight. A federal court can make a better decision

Dear Conservatives

"Why is everyone on the panel a republican?" "They aren't, they're..."

We have gone from preserving "life" to preserving "existence"

Is the right just really afraid of death?

Terri Schaivo is dead.

StopThePendulum: "Repukes think God died, and left them in charge." -

Rep. Barney Frank's D.C. OFC. is only taking calls from constituents!

Oh my, MSNBC ends story on high gas prices by saying...

Has anyone seen the Shiavo Memo sent to republican lawmakers?

"This Week" BLASTS Reps over Schaivo

A lack of brain activity in Congress

Senate and House differ on budget per Medicaid cuts

Dubya Rushing Back To Washington to Save Terri!!!!!

DEMS to hold a press conference re Schiavo in a few minutes.

Bush has exposed one of the most closely guarded secrets of our

this seems very good economic organizational thinking...the simpler way

Hey Hey. Ho Ho. Steny Hoyer has got to go.

Economy is slowing:

Dateline NBC topic tonight: the power of prayer

Associated Press conservative bias

Repukes are GLARING IN JUDGEMENT at anyone who might "pull a plug"

Can I puke now? Shiavo's parent's lawyer just said that because

We Need A Constitutional Amendment To Protect Living Wills

If you were incapacitated and on life support......

First We Had the HMO’s, Now We Also Have the RNC

What's the deal with that 1999 bill Gov. Bush signed allowing hospitals

Inundate the White House Switchboard with calls

Sunday Monitor at 6 pm Central - (1) bk "Wimp Factor" (2) Daniel Ellsberg

Did Bush Really Sign A Bill That Says They Can Withdraw Life Support

What exactly is a person fed through a feeding tube? I assume

Check out the caption on this photo:

after all this terry schiavo bullshit, we just filled out living wills

Nials Ferguson Book says that African Americans will be the new

So what do you do about the people who never go on life-support?

Economy Slowing.

Carla Faye Tucker & Terri Schiavo

Schiavo question...

I find myself screaming obcenities at my TV over the Schiavo case!

I For One Am Sick Of The Elite Republican Party Social Engineering.

Schiavo will do something "miraculous" on Easter. I guarantee

isn`t the rethugs blowing a big hole

GM: Axing up to 28 % of its North American White Collar Work Force...

It is obscene

So THAT'S where the WMDs went!

Bush Adm. marks beginning of the end of America as we knew it.

Teri Schiavo? Think how many lives we could save by bringing the troops

No Need of Seeing a Physician…Feeling Poorly Just Call the RNC

Why do right wingers always worry about building a bunker?

Watched "Truman" for the first time today. Is this the Rove model for...

Schiavo situation. I'm sure it's been said before, but....

War against "Judicial Terrorism"

We should KEEP Teri Schiavo alive for 30 more years in her vegetable state

In '99 GWBush sighed into law a"cut off life support over family obj."bill

Congress NEEDS is getting too h ot on Delay

There's NO FUCKING WAY a "Terri Only" bill will be held constitutional

CONFUSED about Schiavo Bill 2nit

Is it just Arkansas that has masses of uneducated? What I read in

The Social Engineering Elite Republicans are now….

How could I leave her in that cold, dark world one day longer...?

I think that we should withold water and food from all Alzheimers

I think we should withold food and water from Republicans..

Color me clueless, but what angle are the Republicans playing with Schiavo

Could someone answer these Schiavo questions?

Would you keep this person alive?

Good Findlaw Article on GOP violation of Separation of Powers re: Schiavo

Bankruptcy Bill: I have an Idea.

Question regarding 911

We should make Schiavo's life count for something.....

Does this activism for Schiavo impact other end-of-life cases?

Go On George, You Fucker, Go Down To Florida And Meet Terry Schiavo

Think of the untold psychological damage being done to thousands of

Video: U.S. Soldiers shoot Iraqi dogs for fun....

"How I learned to Stop Worrying and and Love Terry Schiavo"

Who WOULD want to remain in Schiavo condition, if given the choice?

GM: Cutting Jobs and going after UAW Health Care..

Is George Bush in a persistent vegetative state?

Schiavo means slave...

I have to confess I have no idea what the hell "Palm Sunday" is...

C-span, House in session, 90 mins per side.

My LTTE and new bumper stickers about the religious right.

Sell Your Wife, Husband, Children and Their Children Into Slavery

Who is this republican scumbag?? (after Wexler)

"Culture of Life" ass.

Will there be a backlash against "This Old House"?

So this was basically my weekend looking for news coverage of the protests

If you were incapacitated with a broken toe, would you want to be killed?

I have an idea on the Schiavo case

The ONLY thing that really matters in the Schiavo Case is:

Debbie Schultz is kicking ass

Is local news our savior?

Here is a fine example of the American culture of life

Bush's #1 'Bushism'

Calif. Lawyer Vows to 'Wipe Smile Off' Blake's Face

I, for one, am glad that non-physicians like TRENT FRANKS

Just watch Barney Frank. Now up on CSpan

Question: Can the federal courts refuse

The Nancy Cruzan case.

The Republicans are such sickos...

Jubilant Blake Relishes His New Role as the Acquitted

GOP Going Against Biblical Principle

Ooooh... the pope is an MD now!

Haha! Bush's "Texas accent" is such BS!

The future of the American auto industry

Annan Calls on World Leaders to Adopt Most Sweeping U.N. Changes in Its 60

Please, gee dubya, take my lunch money again

Now that the GOP is passing Bills of Attainder

Well, I have become educated tonight. I did not realize until

Did lawmakers debate the War as long as Shiavo?

"Pro-life"? Republicans are causing the unnecessary death of thousands

Meanwhile back at the ranch (so to speak)....anyone watch 60 minutes?

Breaking: Tweety GETS IT on Schiavo case. Thinks fundies are nuts.

Hillary Clinton's Speech on C-span (Re: Judges)

Barny Franks Yielding To Several Republicans On Schiavo Case

I hate to be insensitive BUT (Schiavo)

Living wills? What about They have a 5 Wishes

Rep Holt on Hardball...

HELP? need a FREE web-hosting site, where I can put some Pro-Peace photos

NBC this week- Christian Action Network

If you think about it, isn't "life support" playing God?

"We're Not Doctors, We Just Play Them On C-Span" - GO BARNEY!!

Vicious Ghoul Repukes on parade for the world to see


Rep. Jim McDermott is telling it like it is. He is telling how they are

Leesa Rice Hugs Former Sumo Champ: Graphic Image

I just called Debbie Wasserman Schultz's office--

Everyone Should Read This Florida Supreme Court Opinion: Schiavo Case

Perhaps we should just stand back and let the 'thugs have their way with..

When people say taxes are theft

Who is the most Vile RW'er?

George W. Bush, champion of the rights of the Brain Dead

Will the Terry Schiavo case be a blessing in disguise?

Is it painful to starve to death?

The proliferation of print and TV pundits may well have caused the

The Great Thing About What The Dems Did Today

Can the House decide things by voice vote or

Dems in Congress to fund more Iraq Occupation?

Terri Schiavo, we've already lost this battle....if she lives we lose

2 points: 1) Dr. Sanjay Gupta is kicking butt and taking names on CNN!

Defining Liberal Principles


it's showtime -cspan

Check this out: World Bank-UK Policy Paper-Binladen Group....

There are 12 (Now 13) Schiavo Related Threads on GD Forum

Idiot Son WILL have to explain his flip flop on Schiavo and...........

Schivo massive smoke screen for something BUSHCO doesn't want us

So why is it "All Religion, All The Time" on the MSM?

Can Michael Shiavo sue for slander, libel, defamation?

Wexler kicked Ass...n/t

Anyone know how many of our wounded in Iraqi are on a life support system?

Is anybody disgusted with the Bushites involved in Schiavo case?

Here's a free downloadable advance directive workbook and legal form

Pentagon raises recruitment age from 34 to 40

Won't Schiavo case need to pass the Senate before feeding tube

One of my patients is a 41 yr old woman in worse state than Terri Schaivo

The Ten Commandments ARE NOT THE FIRST WRITTEN LAWS!!! Hammurabi's code

US orphaned child in Mosul: I'd kill the Americans and drink their blood,"

Groups Save Wild Mustangs from Slaughter

Pa. governor slams budget cuts for veterans' services

Do we count the state-side deaths of Iraq vets as part of the death toll?

In California..the Repukes can call in a petition and 'minders' will show

Why Does The New York Times Allow Itself To Be Plagiarized?


Spitzer claims veteran’s scalp

Where are we now?

Another piece of evidence we're in 1936 Germany

brutal police tactics in Chicago....hauled off by cops (PHOTO)

Meme du jour: High gas prices are the result of bad republican policies.

GM and Ford's demise? Who's responsible? Unions or Management?

New FEC Rules May Apply to Web Ads, Bloggers' Endorsements

CIA recruits Iranian expatriates to spy on the Islamic Republic- Report

Into War

Am I seeing Conspiracy?

DU this article please

When did the South go red?

U.S. misled allies about nuclear export

RCMP plan to seize shopping carts from homeless

For Evangelicals A Bid to Reclaim America

Flu discussion folks: Any update on the WSN/33 uptick in South Korea?

The Anti-War Institution

Winston Smith describes where we are headed. Or are we already there?

freepers-in-training try to disrupt KC protest

Communications act of 1996 - Reno vs ACLU.

This poll says a lot about why the country is nuts. Fifty-seven

Wisconsin legislation aimed at disempowering living wills

China, Russia Cooperating Once Again - Boosh The Uniter

Imagine that. The only one who DIDN'T lie about WMDs was Saddam.

Just did something naughty.... Won't you join me?

Did you know the Iraqis have been demanding coalition forces leave?

Condi Rice popular in Mexico City, too.

Bush's Little Secret - a good commentary about SS acounts

Cadillac Escalades not big enough for suburban soccer moms...

Do we need anymore proof that the republicans want a theocratic government

No Health Benefit from Prayer

How the republicans exploit HYSTERIA to divide & conquer America

I long to rise above the BS

A New Strategy

Ebbers verdict sends shock wave across US

I demand Health Care! What is good for Terri is good for me and mine!

Hey! Here's more starving people for the Republicans to save.

tell me about the Cato Institute

Flag-o-rama website: Funny Stuff

What kind of draft is this?

While everyone has been obsessing over Schiavo, anti-war protests

BUSH Returning to Washington Over SCHIAVO!!


condi rice is a BIG HIT with South Korea Pro-Peace activists (PHOTOS)

Well, Well, Justice Scalia Agrees with Michael Schiavo---

In case you missed it: 'Preemptive Strikes' now official policy

hey Will Pitt!

Sunday: Greece Pro-Peace rally PHOTOS....standing against bush* wars

Sunday: Egypt Pro-Peace PHOTOS...standing up against bush* wars

Some pics from New Orleans protest.....from Maggie (FunkyButt on DU)

Check out Yahoo's most highly-rated page. Loads of protest photos.

The dragon awakes

Anti-War Protests Spill Into Second Day as Demonstrators Mark Invasion's A

Los Angeles 3/19 Protest images - Bush Puppet roll out

Pro-Peace events Monday and Tuesday (March 21/22) in MONTANA ! (link)

Biggest Myth On Schiavo Case That Everyone Keeps Repeating

Photos from Anchorage peace demonstration...

Is dying for oil the right thing to do?

In light of the protests yesterday, a question

Austin, TX Protest Video Clips and Pictures


If you want to hear/see good coverage of the anti-war protests yesterday

Sunday: Pro-Peace in Boston....PHOTOS....U.S. Iraq-war-Veterans...

Sunday: PHOTOS from Reno, Nevada: on the steps of the Federal Courthouse

Something beautiful to soothe and calm. Come see.

Big-City Pro-Peace Marches shift to Neighborhood Level events

Sidney pics!

Sunday: Pro-Peace PHOTOS from Kuala Lumpur, outside US embassy

2 Years Ago: Were you right about Iraq when being right wasn't popular?

why does Faux news broadcast from the Blue state of New York?

FAYETTEVILLE NC, Peace Protest Over 5,000

What the Schiavo & steroid noise obscures

Activists Call For Nat'l Day of Action Against Draft & Military Recruiting

What Pro-Life Would Actually Mean

Anti-war protests - the different organizing groups (UFPJ, ANSWER)

The perfect Terrorist attack

CNN Battle of the Brain Dead

Anybody read the interview with Gannon/Guckert...

Tom Delay and Repukes are doing themselves a world of hurt right now

Please send a birthday message to President Al Gore!

DeLay just said on CNN that Terri TALKS. Is there any truth to this?

Insights from a candlelight vigil. (Please Read)

When Iraqi's paraded a dead body through streets we thought it barbaric

Post your protest photos here

Sold out by the Spineless Democrats, yet again

Any soldiers here? Could you take a human life?

Folks, As Strange As It Sounds, This Issue Could Be The Turning Point

Over 1500 dead soldiers. Over 10,000 wounded soldiers. And Ø POWs

When I worked at a hospital there was one patient that the parents . . .

So Sorry...Question about the Schiavo case.

Fox News Schiavo poll backfires on Republicans

GOP memo says issue offers political rewards (Schiavo issue)

Anyone else notice the repeated emphasis on "Palm Sunday?"

Boy Its A Good Thing We Didn't Take The Bait On This Schiavo Story, Huh?

New Paltz, NY 3-19-05 My Congressman says

Any hunter/gatherers in the crowd?

Airline Crash 'Drill/Exercise' In DC Area Set For April 23, 2005

Anyone purchasing firearms in the near future?

Dear American Majority; re Iraq, al-Qaeda, and "WMD". WAKE UP!!!!!!!

we MUST end run the MSM and get this information out . . .

If we had a national health care system, GM and Ford will be able to

Sunday: Beautiful PHOTO from Budapest, Hungary.."people" peace sign lit up

Buffalo Rally Pics March 19, a sorta essay.

Sunday: Philadelphia Pro-Peace activists IN THE RAIN (PHOTOS)

Sunday...Peace Vigil PHOTO...Riverside Church, NY...interfaith...

Twin Cities Protest Photos

Sunday: South Korea Pro-Peace PHOTOS..demanding withdrawal of their troops

My San Diego Anti-War Rally PICTURES March 19 .....

Does anyone bake with 3" deep round cake pans?

What's for Sunday night supper ?

Nightmare Vision of North America

Panorama slamming into Bliar at the moment

Congress Announces Deal in Schiavo Case

A New Screen Test for Imax: It's the Bible vs. the Volcano

Bush Changing Schedule to Return to Washington...(Schiavo)

Afghans look back to Taliban

Independent: US frees Iraqi kidnappers so they can spy on insurgents

Intelligence chief told Blair that US “fixed” case for Iraq war: report

Irish Terror Groups 'To Hit London'

Creationists Take Their Fight to the Really Big Screen

Palm Sunday plan to save parrots

White House contender in ‘quackery’ row over dying woman

The War of the Next Century = World Bank

Sky's the limit for political account spending

Which beliefs belong behind bars?

Foreign Office faces probe into ‘manipulation’

Crime as Lethal as Warfare in Iraq -LAT

Changes made to Arab peace initiative

Army experiments with raising maximum age for Reserve recruits

Mixed-gender service in N.Y. condemned by Mideast Muslims

Miners’ insurance about to expire

$3 = breaking point

Jet owned by part owner of Red Sox tied to US (connect. to Rendition)

(Dean) Spreading the message (Calls Republicans "Brain-Dead")

Hillary Clinton Allies Join DNC

Spreading The Message (Dean Kicks Butt, Calls Repubs "Braindead")

Militant Strikes in Iraq Kill at Least 6

Schiavo Kin Wants Feeding Tube Reinserted (Parents:"prepare for Sunday")

Iraq, Jordan Recall Envoys as Dispute Worsens

WP: Activists Use Web To Nudge Party, Principles Are Drafted for Democrats

AARP wages fiery blitz vs. Social Security plan

New Spitzer scalp as AIG boss quits

Measure targets unions' money

John DeLorean, creator of the car, has died

Explosion at Colorado mountain lodge (Electric Mountain Lodge)

US Iraq veterans see glory and death in Baghdad homecoming

Roadside bomb kills U.S. soldier in Iraq

L.A. Is a Den of Iranian Intrigue and Ambition (US taps exiles for intel)

Music Stars Perform to Support Mandela AIDS Drive

Annan seeks U.N. Security Council, rights reforms

NYT: Predictions Vary for Refuge as Drilling Plan Develops

Minnesota Seeks Cheaper Drugs From Britain, Gov. Says (fears Canada cutoff

Politicians wanting her fed 'acting like Soviet Politburo'

Brazil, Colombia and Peru Will Stage Joint Military Maneuvers

Senior Iraqi policeman assassinated in Mosul (not by US)

WP: Awards Salute Best in Blogging

NYT: G.O.P. Courts Blacks and Hispanics on Social Security

Iraq and Jordan withdraw envoys

Bush’s Policies Getting Mixed Reviews In U.S. (poll / Harris Interactive)

More Americans paying taxes with plastic

Republican Offers Lessons on Taking the Heat

Passion and Criticism Mark Arlington Protest (WP- Vigils near pentagon)

Looming law may bring bankruptcies

Iraq invasion may be remembered as start of the age of oil scarcity

Bird flu hits central province, 195 locals show symptoms

Haiti Clash Kills 3, Including Peacekeeper

Sri Lankan UN soldier killed in Haiti

Iraq fighting leaves 21 dead (Mosul, Baquba, Kirkuk)

Iraqi minister 10 of his bodyguards kidnapped south of Baghdad

Virginia Gop Calls for Potts to Resign

AP: Family Sues Over Teacher's Religious Lessons ("Christians' scent")

Montgomery Parents View Sex-Ed Video

Thousands of weapons seized at city courthouses, officials say

Upcoming Navy SEAL Court-Martial a Case Full of Secrets

Rice: European Nations Must Not Arm China

Polls: U.S. Troops Should Remain in Iraq

Detainees who find Christ may be allowed to stay (in Australia)

U.S. Misled Allies About Nuclear Export

NYT: To Cut Online Chatter, Apple Goes to Court

Codey (Dem Gov): Benefits to public employees strangling N.J. taxpayers

Soldier's Father To Oppose Blair

NYT: Protesters Hold Vigil for Schiavo at Hospice

Officials investigating after restrained passenger dies on jetliner

Blair Was Told U.S. Fixed Case For War: BBC

Fayetteville Observer: Thousands Protest War (Local Fort Bragg Coverage)

RAAF Hercules comes under fire in Baghdad (SAM)

Myanmar tightens security, attributes blasts to terrorists

GOP protest strips state funding for children's programs

John Conyers - a real hero

NYT: A New Openness in Considering 'a Good Death'

Back China plans to outlaw Taiwan independence, leaders tell Rice

No Time For Rejoicing (40,000 US Troops In Iraq w/Serious Med. Conditions)

Khan's Black Market Seen as Offering Deepest Secrets of Building Bomb

WP: Conservative's Book on Supreme Court Is a Bestseller

Washington Post: Iraq War Opponents Stage Protest Near Fort Bragg

Supporters Praise Bush's Swift Return to Washington

AP: Anti-War Protests Spill Into Second Day (this came from DU posts !)

Peace vigil held on war's second anniversary (Mohawk Valley)

Bush & Cheney Holding Meetings in Their Residences With Select GOP

Thousands Rallyl Against Mushafraf

WP: Catholic Bishops Plan Drive Against Death Penalty

Calm welcomes thousands of pilgrims re-enacting Jesus' entry into Jerusale

A Portrait of Fallen Neighbors (Washington Post front page)

Rumsfeld hails Iraq's liberation; regrets Turkey 'blocked' northern route

Children From U.S. Checkpoint Shooting Now Living in Mosul(Soldiers Cleare

Iraq's Fallujah, Samarra in deep waters two years after war

Marines Want Dark Tone Out of Dress Blues(death notification now in green)

Senate Intervenes in Right-To-Die Case (votes in favor of parents)

Wolfowitz flies into World Bank storm: Sunday Times

Tsunami victims, Iraqis get taste of water from space technology

Army at war finding it hard to get recruits

Federal Reserve must confront creeping inflation

Stresses of battle hit female GIs hard

Lebanese Political Divisions Deepen After Bombing: Reuters

WP: FEC Considers Restricting Online Political Activities

Nonprofit Groups Question Motive for Fed Actions (liberal grps targeted?)

Hindu nationalists torch Pepsi warehouse in protest

As Town for Deaf Takes Shape, Debate on Isolation Re-emerges

Dems Block GOP Efforts in Schiavo Case

About 10,000 Pro-Democracy Protesters Riot in Krygystan

Warning that Wolfowitz will fuel hatred

U.S. Misled Allies About Nuclear Export

Blair 'Could Not Be Honest About Iraq War'

Group of anti-war protesters arrested on Las Vegas Strip

AP: Anti-war protesters rally to mark two-year anniversary of Iraq war

Rebels kill Iraqi women as ‘betrayers’ of Islam

Romney Tells Off-Color Jokes at Roast

WP/AP: Wyoming Group Buys 200 Wild Horses From Agency

Negroponte's Time In Honduras at Issue, Focus Renewed on...Death Squads

Blockade to Cuba is Genocide, UN Rapporteur Asserts ("Bush Pinochet of WH"

Bird flu hits central province, 195 locals show symptoms

Campaign set against executions

Schiavo: 'Come down, President Bush' (Calls Delay A "Slithering Snake")

This is not MY bug bite story...


Maybe it's not greenhouse gases heating things up.

I don't think Jan Michael is brain dead

Both of my kids now need glasses

Which poster on DU looks like a kind, thoughtful progressive?

With this, it's 5000

I am listening to a Dixie Chicks CD.

Terri Schiavo has bees in her head.

Don't Know Why These lyrics seemed so fitting tonight but they did


Hey you motherscratchers. I'm in Austin

I feel like the mother of the world

My name is Reverend_Smitty, and I am a Sam Adams addict...

I am starting an e-commerce site

I wonder when I'm going to meet ya'll

all get together and feel alright....

Simon Wexler has died, who he you ask?

What are your thoughts on Wake Forest losing to West Virginia?

click ignore if you don't want to read Schiavo news, here's the latest

Maureen Dowd joins the Society for Cutting Up Men (S.C.U.M).

The thundermonster is coming

SCARY cable access channel. It SCARES me.

GODNIGHT you motherscratchers

hilarious story inside you better read it or else ok? (hot wax involved)

HEY! Post more meet-up/demonstration pics here:

How do you put entire threads on ignore...

Kinda large astronomy pic

America (computer art)

I am not listening to a Dixie Chicks CD.

take a look at this cat!!!!!(pic)

How does one cram a pill down a dog's throat?

I'm taking a break from writing a paper. Ask me anything!

Any experiences with food allergies in dogs?


first time I ever used the ignore thread icon

What country are you from ? Tell us

I can't believe it's not even midnight yet!

Ann Coulter Is Not Listening To The Dixie Chicks

Miller Lite


I can't wait for Michael Savage's new book!

$#@%$$%@!!!!!!!! I just put my #@^%$#^#$ing back out!!!

I'm starting to feel insecure: No Russian women have hit on me in 12 hours

You might as well benefit from hours of research

Limbaugh's Woman gets a prank caller on the air...

The asshats return.

I tatooed out a chicken tonight...

Hangover cures? A number of DUers will need some after tonight.

The ultimate poll:

Happy Palm Sunday everyone!

I have looked at those (*&(*&@#$%ing Gates ALL NIGHT.

Did Terri Schiavo use steroids?

question for those who do watercolor painting

Terri Schiavo. Terri Schiavo. Terri Schiavo.

Boston - 2 tickets for CIRQUE DREAMS, today 4PM

It'd be funny if it weren't so nearly true . . .

France Demands Return of the Statue of Liberty

John Denver

Happiness Runs In a Circular Motion

How old were you when you moved BACK home?

I got food poisoning yesterday

Any math lovers in here?

Appendicitis question..

Shark tears man in half

I just clicked the 'hide a thread' on all the Schiavo posts in GD...

US won't attack North Korea: Rice

180 And the Screaming Chocolate Bar.

Dave Matthews Band bus driver dumps human waste

Red Dwarf fans, would you:

Did Pontius Pilate have a Palm Pilot on Palm Sunday?

Poster at Madison peace rally

I'm a WINNER!! (lottery winner)

Wow, I had a great Saturday night. How about everyone else?

How come some songs disappear after a month or two?

I'm going to Caesars to eat my way through my comps before

Flash Drives (need help/feedback)

Spitters, corked bats, racism, and talks of expunging steroid records?

Cat experiment a success!

Photo contest over at the Photography group.

How come some dogs disappear after a month or two?

Favorite Line, Part or Character from "Caddyshack"?

Which Blake's 7 character are you?

Should I ask the Admins to rename GD to The Terri Shiavo Forum?

"Tell a lie" thread

I'm bored with my music collection. Make some recommendations.

Infant Mortality: um yeah, the RW is right, the USA IS the greatest

Fresh Signs are installed for the new Republican Congress.

BREAKING NEWS! Terry Schiavo is Elian's Mother!

Please point me to the UWM Panthers celebration thread...


White folks.

Certain to be an Emmy contender for Best TV Movie

Watching the War Room on IFC

Is there anything more charming than cat barf?

Is it possible to get transcripts of personal mobile phone conversations?

An exchange with a fundie on election day.


When the rapture comes, should liberals appeal to Congress to stop it?

Bookkeeping ?: How do I apply a check to a vendor credit in QuckBks?

I'm home from DC and it was awesome

Will Pitt on AAR NOW! REPEAT from FRI!!!

A serious post: I used to love to "shake my booty"

Anyone else getting pre-recorded racist voice messages?

Any DUers happen to be SouthWestern used car salespeople?

Cheney might know what you just said to your lover on the phone

I want a kitten!

Holy crap! Snow on Vancouver Island in March!

I wonder if there were recruting problems in WWI or WW2

Joe Bonamassa...anyone ever hear him?

The Lady Buckeyes are kicking ass: OSU 77 - Holy Cross 35!

Real life moments mixed with movies? You don't want to see this.


Greasy slicked down body, groovy leather trim

FRIENDLY debate topic: The validity of Astrology

Damn good cartoon from Ted Rall

Lost in Translation

Update on the " Shazaam " experiment

This is Charley, Brother of Skittles. (DIALUP WARNING)

I'll PAY a million $$$ to pull the plug on DeLay!!!

gratuitous photo of child and cat

Why does all the crap in the world come out of Florida?


Here's to all the waitresses, waiters, store checkers and people

Goddamn West Virginia

If you're a male who really isn't into college basketball, check in

"Schiavo/Jessica/Steroid/NCAA-Free Zone": Post anything else here!

DAMN is this a great tournament or what???

"Stay close to ze candles....the stairs can be twechewous"

I was cleaning out my families storage unit yesterday, and what do I find?


Has John Gibson ever looked better than this?

It is early Sunday morning and you are

Ann Coulter is: (fill in the blank, get REALLY creative here)

Who looks like Reba McIntire ?

Why is this my favorite picture of all time!?!?!

G-rated sex poll - How many times a week preferably ?

My dad just compared that Burger King commercial to Nirvana...

Wow. I just saw the most amazing commercial...for a church!

PLEASE leave negative feedback for that GODAWFUL poll

Just got back from Boston event . . .

Demi Moore look-a-likes ?

Looking for a new vacuum cleaner that "doesn't suck"!

18 Terri Schiavo threads active on GD front page.

For Those who have never seen the FULL version of the Burger..

I took a pic of either a bobcat or regular domestic cat. (Pics)

I've been trying to watch "Five Easy Pieces", but Karen Black.....

I used to feel anger at SUV drivers. Now I just laugh.

Anyone else seen "Robots" ??

UNC wins!

Dont forget its me who put you where you are now & I can put you back down

Favorite Cheesey 1980's Action Flick

Why am I such a bad person when I'm really tired?

taking a nap

I ran into David Brock in Georgetown yesterday

How Do You Kick A Family Member Out Of The House

Fuck you GOP!

My apologies to my fellow Lounge denizens

What junk food are you eating right now?

wow my moment of anger spawned a lot of copycats!

Who enjoys Will Shorts, the puzzle master on NPR?

Fuck you GPS!!!

Gratuitous sax and violins thread

Fuck you PMS!


Don't throw scissors at people - Video

I might know the identity of another DUer

Guilty edition

Poe slam dunks all other literary giants with this piece of March Madness

I need a swift kick in the

DU married men - Are you comfortable around your SO to the point that

I know we can't call out other DUers...

Who has the Bush Asshat photo?

It doesn't seem fair that OSU gets to play in Oklahoma City.

Matcom's new book

Ruck roo ran rhe rorse roo rode rin ron

I saw "Sideways" last night

In about an hour, I'll be in a persistent drunken state

Can we call out other DUers to tell them that the birdcage and dogma were

Fuck You KFC!

It's time to play "Name the celeb Ronny K saw at brunch".

Made it to round three in Texas hold 'em

If life hands you a persistant vegitative state...


Pictures from anti-war rally in Miami

Attn: If you happen to be near the Schiavo nursing home...

"My karma ran over your dogma"

Are you using email less due to spam?

In other ET Awful news today . . .

I live in a persistent vegatative state.

Just rode 13 miles on the Katy Trail today

has iran been invaded while we all disuss Schiavo?

If you had no insurance and no money, would anyone keep you alive?

Pizza hut- The worst pizza I have ever had.

What's for dinner tonight at the Scorpio house?

Anyone Else Excited About "Carnivale" Tonight?

Hackers Took Over My Company Server

David Lynch movies. What up with those?

DUer who looks most like Steve2470?

THANK YOU to ALL DUers @ the meetup

I'm bored, someone take me to the movies.

Popping wheelies on a motorcycle on the interstate....#$I*$@*$(#

"Spring Break Shark Attack?"

I just read in the paper that a townhouse on the next block...

It was a hassle

Badger badger badger badger badger...

CNN Headline News: Antiwar protest in Sydney Australia but...

Listening to Brian Wilson's "Smile" for the first time right now.

Woman's Scooter Blown Up in Security Scare

Does any one else think the title of the sticky post by skinner at the top

The rat race is over...

Nancy Grace has another new show!!

Well, I'm not doing THAT again


Favourite Adult movie of the 80s

what is your ideal job?

Somebody stole my mailbox last night!

Who gets on your nerves more?

so have they picked out a federal judge to hear the case?


So....what's everyone talking about this week?

the official lying sack of shit thread

TN Tag sez????

The power on my VCR shuts off after about 20 seconds! Anyone help?

They should just let the NHL die. Canadians should take their game back!

Like my new sig pic?

Newbie question: Visibility of private messages

New dictionary entries from the Mensa Invitational - check them out

Am I here today?


Pretty wave show

THREE CHEERS FOR ME! I am almost done with the house "makeover" and

Most annoying Full House character.

Favorite nut?

Arrested Development!

Wisconsin- Dante's ½ circle of hell

I chkickened out of geting a tatoo tonight

Hosts not to put your website on:

Most Intriguing Sweet 16 Match up?

dubya's niknames for 'my bitches' (ie in the mass media)*

Sad but true, my biggest incentive for getting a driver's license

Sarcastic Bumper-Ribbon Suggestions

Rock 'n Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Is On VH1

Do Australians live in a persistent Vegemite state?

A virtual bouquet of flowers to the mods....

Envy me, I ate BBQ in Lockhart, TX today.

Newbies! Check in here so we can say hello to you....

Local WB channel showing X-Files episode "Home" tonight

What would you do if this happened to you?

I'm joining the DU priesthood

Yea or Nay-The X-Files episode "Home"


Shark tears man in half

I worry about the guy who plays Zell Miller on SNL


JimmyJazz, make sundog stop pickin' on me!

Chrissie Hynde fucking rocks! Oh yeah - and she's "Precious"

wow - I will attack, with a suppository, anyone who thinks salin is bushie

when did we get a priesthood?

497 1/2 feet of rope - what'cha got that for?

Tonight at Pizza Hut....

Moral: Don't ever ever ever ever ever ever ever

I did it! I did it! I did it! I did it!

Since Pitt is "indisposed" who is going to kick his threads for him?

I'm starting the DU sunday bonghitters club

I'm so thankful my loud neighbors are moving!

ooohhh mom, don't tell me that

Fun's over. He's back.

That's it- I'm posting a thread with pictures of pretty birds

steve2470 totally misunderstands the role of the DU priesthood

Thou shalt not ignore my name in vain

I'm not joining any 'hoods, clubs or groups.

Where are all the good men dead?

"The Beatles are still my heroes."

I got my eyebrows waxed today...

Inadvertently ironic sig lines

Ok, you lurking freepers and DUers - Name one positive thing

About Wearing Polyester

Is it possible to "hide" all threads that contain a chosen word?

All I'm saying is....Don't mess with me if you know what's good for you

Attention all Napoleon Dynamite fans!!!!

What do you do with a drunken sailor?

Adolescent hijenks, pranks, monkeyshines, tomfoolery, and shenanigans

Just watched the DVD version of De Niro/Pacino's "HEAT"

No is still in the lead on the poll that is soooo ASININE

I wish you'd get out of my life and SHUT UP.

All I am saying, is

Do Not Resuscitate me, and please leave my husband alone

I have only met one person who wanted all medical procedures possible

Sunday night.. DEADWOOD and Carnivale are on.

Your mama is so fat...

Schiavo has caused DU to jump the shark

The sparrows are in Capistrano. I repeat:

People say she’s crazy

Feeling down? Enjoy my "Therapy Bread".......

I'm joining the DU nunhood

Shhhh. Bruce is talking.

That's IT. I'm taking tomorrow off.

Schiavo has caused America to jump the shark.

More Schaivo threads, or more Oasis threads?

Robot Chicken

Your Mama is so stupid

What movie did I watch last night?

Wow - I was just attacked with the supposition that i was a bushie

Cute Foster Puppy Photos

Boy, do I have too much time on my hands...

Did I miss yvr girl's official renouncement of her flirting cessation?

Why am I depressed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions?

Is Ann Coulter a hermaphrodite?...

Mixed breed dogs are the greatest dogs on Earth

some easter weirdness

Feel the rhythm with your hands. Steel the rhythm while you can, Spoonman

Feel the rhythm with your hands Steal the rhythm while you can, Spoonman

Anyone here see "The Ring Two"?

How many fleas are on my laptop and long does it take McAfee to scan them?

All I'm saying is....Don't mess with me if you know what's good for you

Who would you send to hell?

How to have an extra special happy good time at Wal-Mart!

Ant marketing experts ou there in DUland?

Private Message Deprivation Disorder = is me

Comedy Central - Jeff Foxworthy Roast

How many bees are on my laptop and long does it take McAfee to scan them?

How many files are on my laptop and long does it take McAfee to scan them

How many flies are on my laptop and long does it take McAfee to scan them?

More Schiavo or More Cowbell?

Ice Cream and Ginger Ale

Today is the first day of spring!

a message from my 4 month old daughter...

I am officially renouncing the DU priesthood

Why doesn't The History Channel have any programs about history?


I have officially cleansed GD of posts about a certain woman!


The Mars Volta

The Great Sax Poll... How do you like your sax?

I live in an intermittently cheesy and frothy state

PHOTOS of the Saturday Event in New Orleans

In the movie "Closer" can anyone explain why the Julia Roberts

The question on everyone's mind.

I am joining the DU Drunkard Guild

Darkness at the break of noon

The Simpsons are on- do I even care?

This is my last night to get liquored up

Have you ever had this happen to you?

Unbelievable CNN Poll: "Is it time to end protests against the Iraq War?"

Join me in getting Will Pitt reinstated or brought back from the dead

What 'death color' are you?

Aviaries - what's the best one in the US?

Single women

What are we all listenning to?

Ok ok - true - UCONN lost today - BUT...

More new pics from the Venation Cat House. (DIALUP WARNING)

John DeLorean, creator of the car, has died

Will a foreign power will invade us, bringing regime change and democracy?

How do we know what Jesus really looked like?

The ultimate vacation for weather nerds.

If you could pick one of these two men to kick out of office instantly

At what age did you lose a parent?


Household explosives in an urban environment

Want to know what I've never seen? A guy stabbed with scissors..

Great Protest Song - "We Can't Make It Here"

if you're looking for a long-lost friend...

G'nite. I am off to bed. Please send interesting dreams my way. :^)

Write me a fortune cookie

Boston Protest Pics


The Subtle Art of the Kick

So I'm watching "Desperate Housewives" for the first time...Gotta ask...


Teen's love of Foghat's 'Slow Ride' inspires quest

Easiest President to Impersonate?

Anyone have experience with Campfire Kids USA?

Chimpy looking a bit primitive today

"What do you expect to see out a Torquay window?"

Are you an Aquarius?

Check out what I did today!

My name is aquaman, I am an Ansel Adams addict....

If you know whats good for you, you won't click this link.

Bono is a pompous jackass.

So what do you think about the Karen Ann Quinlan case?

Caption this!

Any Radio 4 fans here?

how do you shave your face?

Car Wash Change Thief Action Sqaud!

If you wore a neck brace, would you drive even 2.50 miles?

We are back

Can we keep this thread KICKED until April 1?

What British comedian are you?

I need a bike--help!

DUers, what is your favorite vegetable?

Kitty's not feeling well.

Shake n bake Steak

Fuck you LOC!

Fuck you GWB!!!

British Government Minister mistaken for Doctor Who alien!


"Friendly, neighborhood" Spider-Man?

I live in a persistent caucus state!

please find me something fun to do online this morning

Let's see your desktops

THIS is Skittles, the Kitten Who Kicked Bertha's Ass. (DIALUP WARNING)

Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone!

Fuck you CBS!!!

So's George Lucas like asexual or something? Or does he cover up his women

Okay, who here has ever met another DUer in "Real Life"

Jokes you could tell your Pastor, Priest or Minister....

The Risks of Regime Change for Middle Eastern Christians

No Roz

OT - Christian DUers, explain this concept to me please.

"The Heart of Christianity" by Marcus Borg

Can the Pope retire?

3 babies/3 birth defects/chemical pesticides involved?

The coming Singularity.

Gay Native Americans Rediscover 'Two-Spirit' Identity

Am I the only one

1,138 rights of marriage

Wales win six nations Rugby championship!

Here's MikeG's Fourth Day NCAA Picks.

How 'bout that wolfpack?

Anyone watching this Duke game?

Daniel Okrent wrong again -- on Mark McGwire in 1998

Say Hello to Jason & Sonny!

people are jerks or why i am getting a new bird.

Dramatized TV Movie Tonight on USA Channel About Earth Changes=

Science Museums Refuse Imax Film About Evolution

My 14 yr old daughter called me "Mr. Anti-christ" this week

Kerry readies PAC and Grassroots effort: BG 3/20/05


Ohio Secretary Of State Question

Ive been thinking

Senate Passes Landrieu-Kerry Reserve Fund .... 3/17/05

When I come upon a thread in DU that is anti-Kerry --

I'm a two-timer!

Pictures from anti-war rally in Miami

NYT Critic: KO "more sophisticated" than NG in MJ coverage

A present from DZIKA - a new PORTRAIT and some VIDS...

Spongebob, the faux controversy that will not die!

You folks need this.

Hehehehe - indictment of corporate media lets Keith off the hook

New KO Blog Up! 3/20/05

A book I found, with excerpts

Wasserman - childrens' priorities

Pro-choice or anti-abortion?

Thanks Mods!

Serious Question: How is Bush a "war-time" president?

Sunday, 3/20 CSPAN schedule and discussion

Talking ANWR on C-Span

saw a great bumpersticker

Thousands Protest Iraq War Across Europe

Kool-Aid drinkers are lazy and cowardice

Are you for or against it?

anit-war demonstrations --coming up on MSNBC now!!

If Michael were convicted of murdering Teri Schiavo

Hardball today Delay going down in casino

It Was A Giggling Murderer Lovefest On Meet The Press Today (3-20-05)

Bill and Hilary in the 60's

Anybody watch This Week with Stephanopolous today?

A new vocabulary word from Bush

More craziness from Pinellas Park:

Will Pitt on AAR NOW! REPEAT from FRI!!!

Why aren't there 10 Commandments setting on church property?

Election 2004 in a Nutshell (e-mail)

Senate Watch - 20 March 2005 - Terri Schiavo Edition

Some House Dems holding news conference regarding Schiavo

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is amazing at the dem press conference...

After passing the Schiavo Bill, watch for the Repukes to pass a bill

Dissenting Splinters

So when does the counter-revolution start?

We shouldn't worry about this Schiavo Bill

Reid and 6 others left for the middle east on Friday!! Schiavo bill???

"the true role of journalism" is .............

Schiavo's mom doesn't want her daughter to be used by polticians

David Broder's column supporting former Rep Clay Shaw's SS plan

Michael Schiavo says:

Gutless Wonders and our White Knight

Supreme Court refuses to take Schiavo case, has there been stated

What's next? Hauling in women getting abortions to listen to the fetus?

Senate intervenes.

It's official...freedom of the press is dead!

Is There A List of How Elected Officials See Terri Schavo

Republicans who want to live in a persistent vegetative state?

How much more division can this nation withstand?

In '99 GWBush sighed into law a"cut off life support over family obj."bill

Why are Dem Senators not blocking Schaivo Bill?

So does everybody here know all the different names/people at PNAC??

So, Bush is rushing back to DC to sign the "Save Terri" bill - where was

Bush as TX gov signed law allowing HOSPITAL to terminate life support

If this were my daughter, I would

CNN Toobin admits connection of Schiavo and abortion fight.

Will the Schiavo case make it to the SCOTUS?

Where are the DU Bush supporters now...

Husband hits at bid to save coma wife (US media does not see W Hypocrisy?

Terry Sciavo, Karen Ann Quinlan, and a flip-flop by the Catholic Church?

Rep. John Linder (R-GA) Web Site poll re: "Appreciating" The Troops

What should be the job of Congress ??

Brain Dead rights have a champion

House Speaker Hastert on Republican Accomplishments

Well they did it. Terri's protesters got all the coverage...

WTF! Why did the Senate Dems roll over on the "Terri Held Hostage" Bill?

Do you care?

Terri Schiavo = A great reason for embryonic stem cell research.

Protests Ignored by Media: Deja Vu all over again...

NEW NEWS: DEMS blocking the SCHIAVO BILL: CNN just reported.

Writing Living Will, naming Tom Delay as

Tom Delay and republicans are assuming way to much

Let's count protesters & tell our stories - 350+ in Lambertville, NJ -

MSNBC poll: Should Terri be fed?

Terry Schiavo -all the Republicans hypocrisies laid bare (DailyKos)

If Bush is so concerned about Terri, maybe he's right on Social Security!

Shiavo protester holds 6-ft plastic spoon that says, "Please feed Terri."

Barney Frank is ... (dare I say it?) ... EN FUEGO Tonight!

John Conyers - a real hero

Does U.S. democracy have a legal right to die?

Okay maybe I am slow tonight but something just came to me This isn't

A Sunday session in Congress????

Republicans would not care about Terri Schiavo if...

Wesley Clark On C-Span 2, 6:40 a.m. est 3-21-05

Tell me who thinks Congress deciding the Schiavo case will in a sense

Is this Schiavo case about WHO PAYS?

Radical Activist Representatives. n/t

Dean in Toronto tonight at Dems Abroad....diary and pics.

over at AMERICAblog

Thank You Dr. Sangi Grupta!

US Constitution proposal. 1 senator per state and 1 per top 50 cities

This is a unpopular post, but I do not care-blast away!

Would Americans have believed that Saddam was coming to get them...

public school teacher quotes bible in class: chapter & verse!

Protests in Denmark

88% On Wolfie's Poll Say Iraq War NOT Justified . . .

Last YEAR Iraq War Protests in US 319 -THIS YEAR in US 765 - all 50 STATES

CNN US edition v. CNN International edition-- on today's war protests

Don't like our ELECTION REFORM, how about our energy proposal

Did I hear this right? Is the UN disbanding the Human Rights Commission?

The US divide and rule policy comes to the fore

Social Security misinformation common on Fox's Special Report

See ET Awful's great 3/20 Boston rally photos at.....

the first thing the repukes did after they stole operative control

Anyone see Condi answer questions from the S. Korean bloggers?

Anybody know where some online info is on how to run a campaign

Rice Seeks China's Help on N. Korea Talks

Health care seems to be the major issue facing

Pics from Hollywood March 3/19

"No one dislikes Americans -- they just don't understand you."

Let's help our Army Recruiters Out

We are sending troops to Africa?

NYT Mag 3/20 "The Politics of Ibrahim Parlak" & DHS

Wear a green ribbon to support the Artic Refuge

how would they theoretically reinstate draft

Are we turning into a mercenary military ?

Mex. Pres. Fox keeping eye on Minuteman Project on border

Please educate me about undocumented workers

Meet the press pukefest-Panel of M$m'er praise Chimps Vision on Iraq.

Paul Wolfowitz: Hawk with a lot of loot needs a bit of lady luck

How to escape the draft

Was there ANY coverage of the protests on MSM?


Why I can't be drafted...

Rummy on Fox news Sunday--giving excuses for why there are so

At UNLV: Clark pushes diplomatic efforts

Africa is where we should be concentrating our efforts

Cheney in 2008

At what exact times do republicans become "pro-life"

A Peoples History of Iraq

3/21 CSPAN schedule

Bush plans to attack/force coup in Venezuela against Chavez?

Wash. Post doesn't believe in "unified action" (re: W.H. press)

Ineteresting Article: America's Has-been Economy

If the country goes to a Single Payer Healthcare system GDP 15%

If DUers won't talk about this we really are doomed.

Is the draft just what we need?

Max Cleland: how was he injured?

Bush’s triumph conceals the great conservative crack-up

Garry Trudeau:Bush 'Apparently Thinks Propaganda's OK'

Neocon plans for draft and "transformation" of America? Here's how

1999 Gov Dubya Signed Law Withdrawing Life Support Despite Family Objectin

The Boston turnout was pretty good today

Pundit Pap: Meet the Press -- Makes me Puke

Adultery is moral if your spouse is braindead! Bet Clinton wishes

Matthews is hammering the RWers tonight

How do you feel about

Reading the Schiavo bill: it's another Rethug fraud on the "morals" front.

Politics professor considering challenging Lieberman

How MANY Protested today? 3/19/2005

Dems need to win.

Democrats & Minorities

Excellent profile on Barack Obama in today's Chicago Tribune

Just WHY do we need Wes Clark? Well,