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Sue Israel, not the bulldozer maker

Garry Trudeau: Bush 'Apparently Thinks Propaganda's OK'

Our chat in Iraq, strange but true (Australian)

Leonard Pitts Great Article on 2 Smiths/Christianity

Young Iraqis cast doubtful eyes toward their future

Excellent article on Schiavo's court-appointed guardian

Palm Beach Post : Political Explointation of Teri Schiavo

Taking stock in Iraq

WaPo: "70 Lives: A Portrait of Fallen Neighbors"


HUFFINGTON: The Washington Establishment Fails Logic 101

Filter Tips

Where's the outrage on torture?

GOP in House kills aid to cities

Arctic Gold:

Letter to CNN

Two Years Later, Iraq War Drains Military

Russian Opinion Reader Re: Bush and Chemical Weapons

Divided Bolivia likely close to a showdown

Wipe your bumper off Flickinger - Great Letters in response

Russians Look Back Despondently At Gorbachev’s Perestroika

Return of the Enronistas

Nuclear Dreams: Livermore’s ‘bunker buster’ a line in the political ...

Dodging a peck of trouble (ed: USN&WR on FBI / torture)

Rep. Dem WI Tammy Baldwin - no blank check (editorial)

Anti-war protestors take to streets 2 years on

Anti-war protestors take to streets

Russian general denies war games with China are dry run for attack on Taiw

An anti-war demonstrator arrested in Times Square recruiting station

Watch video of protests around the world

Policy OKs First Strike to Protect US

Taking Back the Campuses

Day of anti-war protests in Europe -but CNN has nothing about US protests.

LAT: Thousands of Families Facing Similar Decisions (Schiavo)

Kristof: Captains of Piracy (NYT: reg req'd)

Protests pictures from around the world

Latest Christopher Flickinger Bumbling of Words

Noam Chomsky ... still furious at 76

Death in Darfur: Killing continues as diplomats dither

Deconstructing Iraq: Year Three Begins

Rebuttal: A hateful, juvenile, humorless screed

Well, I'm off the to NYC demonstration

Flyers for the Boston 3/20 rally

Protesting solo...

Kelley unsure why ABC cut Fox News mention

Schiavo =Malpractice Award, reflects National Health need - & MSM says ?

Bill of Rights for Nannies, Domestic Workers, Filed in NY

Columbia smelt run another bust

Fishermen seek limit on crab traps per boat

As Tiger Numbers Plummet, Indian Government Forms Task Force

Bodies keep piling up in China's coal mines.

Hundreds Of Seabirds Wash Up In Britain, Dead From Starvation

Ozone Layer Over UK Approaches Record Lows - At 50% Of Normal

Jesus H Christ, have you seen

Taiwan belongs to US

How close are we to American Nazism?

Future head of the government wants to introduce the sharia in Iraq

Scores of officials busted for corruption: MOJ - TW

Chinese dissident arrested following mourning attempt

Will Hutton (London Observer 3/20): Mao's children seek their fortune

Skinner, up the post count before someone can start threads

Really stupid question.

Skinner, I have a question regarding this locked thread...


stupid curiosity getting the best of me...

New Feature???

Bumping the orphans thread wasn't too cool.

Would you consider a separate DU group or forum for the Schiavo case?

Nothing important ...

Can we please stop with all the Schiavo Spam already?

I'm in agreement that the Schiavo threads are getting out of hand.

Skinner...I actually have a serious question --- I know, I know, it's hard

Ever wonder if you're making a difference?

Just wondering if we can start a Schiavo forum

Another hateful, divisive bashing thread

Maybe set up a Daily Distraction Forum for threads

I think I have the start of a good idea for the site

You shut me down while "obsession" is run amok. Why?

Israeli Leftists Suddenly Leaning Into Sharon's Camp

New 911 website-

Atta and Hazma Al Ghamdi purchased tickets for flights after 911

Chemtrails (Operation Cloverleaf) . . .

Can Anyone Explain Madeline Amy Sweeney's Phone Call from Flight 11?

Election Lists - Court Bars Mussolini

Boxer thinks we "almost won the election"--and doesn't blame fraud

Are you a blogger? Way to help local Voting Rights groups.

Teresa Heinz Kerry - Hacking the "Mother Machine"?

Proof that election contests take time & are not as simple as some think!

new free FACT SHEETS available - please distribute!

Diebold has ZERO complaints with the BBB

Initial organizing petition ELECTION REFORM

Strong Anti-Electronic Voting Article in Irish Times

Saturday 3/19 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Looks like New Mexico pushed through PAPER BALLOTS!!!

Can someone here PLEASE help me regarding the 2004 election fraud?

All These Topics are due to ELECTRICITY in our ELECTIONS


Election/Exit Poll Fraud Detectives: You'll want to look at this...

You know guys I've been lurking on this forum for months

Peeling Back The Mandate: An excellent "election theft" op-ed in the MSM

Raw NEP data: order of respondent ID is signifigant.


Election Reform Groups - Am I leaving anyone out??

Progressive Democrats of San Diego meeting Thursday, March 24

I'm listening to KQKE (AAR in Bay Area) and

Zogby Is Polling Californians About Gov Race

What are the most important issues for Iowa

Peace Rally in Ames on Sunday

Is anyone else disappointed in Harkin's siding with Reps on Schiavo?

Pictures from the US Troops Out Now! Rally at Loring Park


Is there a way to make Bcc automatic in my outlook express?

Any Columbus DUers fancy themselves as "gumshoes"

Dallas crime rate again tops among largest cities

Rep Al Edwards on insurance and dirty chear leaders.

Texas poor, middle class would see no relief from tax bill

David Van Os' hat officially in the ring

Dallas: Party to Welcome AAR! Monday, March 21st

We shut down a military recruiter's office today -- how'd you do?

Yeah UWM! Illinois we're coming for you!

Just finished digging out

Russ Feingold for President

Local RW nutjob sees no problem with NA team names....

At least one of the commentators from my local weekly has brains...


NC WI war protester sues city of Wausau

Anyone going to the 7th CD convention in Ashland (Apr 30th)

Chewing gum can 'enhance breasts'

What is this and how does it work?

Supremes turned Schiavo appeal down without comment.

Repukes undermining the sanctity of marriage (Schiavo)

KBR spent millions getting $82,100 worth of LPG into Iraq

Why can't we just accept that some people have below average capabilities?

Who's for war with Iran? Loads of benefits.

Some things are just too important to trust to 535 fat-cats.

Many who pledge abstinence at risk for STDs

Stupid question poll #2: Which side represents the elite?

Is the Democratic leadership afraid of the right?

This Painting perfectly explains the NeoCon plan:

"The Baby was not really a Baby"

So We Want A Revolution

Another ' * All Cut-Up' Photo:

Christian radio show host and porn

Who would you like to be stuck in an elevator with so that...

Remember back when the world liked us, respected us, and

Living Will $15

Europe tells US: 'Come to Europa'

What would you do with these neighbors?

A lesson in conscientious objection

Living wills are a great way to keep Repubs out of our business

Rhandi made a good point about Schiavo

Everything you ever wanted to know about terrorism...

If Terry Schiavo is in a vegatative state does she care she is 'alive'?

I'm off to the front lines, Fayetteville!!

Anybody watch "What the Bleep Do We Know??" yet???

Those for the Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage:

Turd slinger Delay! Forget the Shivo heart string people bigger fish fry!

Is It Possible To Win in 2006 or 2008?

Should there be an American War Crimes Tribunal?

What Toucville Did Not Say

Maybe all these Republicans are stand up comedians

Gas Prices Sat 3/19......$5.53 / gallon in Munich Germany

it's a BEAUTIFUL DAY here to get out and PROTEST ! how's your weather?

I need unemployment rant...

I have a new hero!

bushie: "the Iraqi people are taking charge of their own destiny,"

Gov. Bush leads unprecedented lobbying effort (on Schiavo issue)

A New Screen Test for Imax: It's the Bible vs. the Volcano

Black "Not Me" bracelets

No Republican Will Ever Make Medical Decisions For Me

GOP Steroidgate is a secret attack on Gropinator's popularity...

Tens of thousands of people march through London calling on Blair

The Plot To Kill Us All . . .

For a very detailed and unbiased look at the Terri Schaivo case

It's better NOT to oppose the repubs in congress

Turk 182 - anyone remember that movie? Work with me here...

Local radio host arrested for child porn (Nashville, Christian Radio)

Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) diagnosis from video

Which forum is more representative of the US public? DU or FreeRepublic?

"Military men are just dumb stupid animals . . .

GOP cut funding for living Poor then wants to keep th Brain Dead alive..??

"Christian" radio host arrested for child porn

A new fad for left-lane drivers


Jeezuz, he's losing it bigtime

Have you all seen this? Secret US plans for Iraq's oil

Video - From CNN Live Feed: Schiavo Lawyer Blisters Congress - 3/18

A cold, cruel analysis of the Terri Schaivo case.

smirk mouthpiece Qubad Talabany on W.J. this a.m.

Any vitamin gurus out there? As a male in his late forties, what

Fighting fire with fire

Tales of U.S. Falluja Killings

Has there been any coverage of the anti-war vigils?

Repuke politicians are sticking it to their duped "base" again. (Schiavo)

Denial of funeral contradicts human dignity

Watch Live Worldwide TV On Your Computer At These Websites

I am of two minds when it comes to Muslim Terrorism.

How do I find how much SS I have coming to

ABC News Poll: 87% would not want to be left alive like Terri Schiavo.

Mein Kampf.....War propaganda passages.........

The newest acronym from the forces of darkness, "HINO"

my FAVORITE Protest Photo From Brazil: Bush Terrorista N 1!!!

Journalist rueful at Pinochet arrest

Check out the CNN poll question.

Anyone think it's possible to rehab sex offenders?

My email response to a freeper

As long as the News programs mention Supreme Court in Schaivo case

Watching NCAA basketball, I have seen 4 ads for the military...

Social Security - why isn't * changing things for 55+ yr olds?

TOLES on ANWR | brilliant as always....

Congress to convene on saturday for Terri Schiavo

Vigils to honor lives lost in war, and to advance the imperative for peace

How to get the Republicans to ignore Terri Schiavo's death

Bronze Age perfume 'discovered'

George NOORY (Art BELL wannabe) Replied to My E-ltr re: SCHIAVO

OMG! Riverbend (Baghdad Blogger) has a PLAY in NYC!

I Guess All Divorced Catholics Will Not Get Catholic Funerals Now

Who thinks that Governor Rowland of Connecticut got off light?

We have to join the Schiavo fight...

The real point of Terry's case

Gas prices Sat. 3/19 - $1.92 gal regular in NJ

Videos - Selected clips from HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher on 3/18

My diagnosis US Congress in persistent vegetative state

Back by unpopular demand: the [MY 3 ORPANS!] thread

Back by unpopular demand: the [MY 3 ORPANS!] thread

Congress to convene on saturday for Terri Schiavo

Most Americans Hate Gov't Involvement In Private Family Medical Matters

"Is our political system officially in anarchy?"

For anti-death penalty activists -- lesson of Schiavo case?

Dr. Frankenstein DeLay ....

Short-selling Bush's wars. Urgent. Time critical.

Newspeak Word of the Day: Malreported

Are we taking the wrong tack on Gay Marriage?

Self Delete

Jeff Gannon attempts Freud reference, fails

Sure wish as many Americans cared about sending our soldiers off to die

Happy Anniversary, America... (referring to these pro-war nutcases)

Randi Rhodes Appreciation Thread

I think I finally understand the rights understanding of "life"

Republicans across the country are accomplishing nothing.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeere's Tommy!!! on CNN

Bo Gritz tries to bring food to Terry Schiavo

How they convinced Wolfowitz to leave..

abortion? not such a big deal after all...

?? Will C-SPAN cover the Schiavo Congressional hearing tonite??

So can anyone promise that the Terry S. case will affect her only?

Delay's recent hypocrisy "The US constitution protects taking the life of

DeLay said he was working on a compromise with several Democrats

What should we do if...

Jeez Tom Delay is short

50 Things to Say in a Second GW Bush Presidency

Step Right Up! See The Schiavo Side Show!

How much does the USG owe the Federal Reserve?

How many soldiers have died since the Schiavo outrage?

We've Got Ourselves a Rogue Governmment, Peeps - - Wingnuts AMOK

Does anyone here know who's speaking at Seattle's Peace rally today?

Eliminate forever arguments over pre-war excuses for waging war!

brain dead, not brain dead - where are the doctors?

I think privatization is a red herring.

Official "Guy James Show" thread. Please keep kicked

Terry Schiavo, the sick circus around her, and what the repugs are .......

A question for the religio-fascists Re: Shiavo case...

Oh Shit, They DO Have plans to Take Over The World

This case may be the biggest push toward Theocracy

If Terry Schiavo were poor & black?

Consumer credit groups???

“Cheat in Underdog’s Clothing” or “Underdog Placebo Syndrome”

Terry Sciavo: Keep your laws off my body???

Guckert is stupid or lazy or a liar. Or a combination thereof!

Get your Operation Iraqi Freedom License Plate!

Barbara Bush is a euthanasia proponent

Any news from Ft. Bragg?......n/t

3,800 out of 4,000 lemmings agree

Terry Schiavo

The American Supermen and the Bush constituency.

BBC: Big oil's secret plans for Iraq

Terri Schiavo has been dead for 15 years. It is only her body that lives.

So the Legislative Branch & the Judicial Branch will go head to head

So how far back into the past can we go to invade other nations?

Why do Reich Wing talking points dominate DU so frequently?

I don't want to be a part of any party that will have me as a member.

What does America think about Congress and the Terry Schiavo case?

Email Congress to stay out of Terri Schiavo case

This is a test by the repubs

What bill are these House fuckers passing?

In the age of Bush, the basic premise of Democracy,that it is a system

For any Democratic leadership here that may actually want to fight

c-span2 senate about to start shiavo circus 505pm est

Living Will because you never know when a Vegetative Congress

Was anyone led here by a bumper sticker?

I have a solution for the right wing anti-science fundies

question of the day poll-msnbc

It's a facist regime and the democratic leadership helped

Bill of attainder (re Schiavo matter)

Lots of 'appeals to emotion' are being used in place of logic, re: Schiavo

I have a question for any DU environmental lawyers

New Urbanism Gains in Popularity: More success in NorCal 'Burbs!

What legislation did the Senate come up with on the Schiavo case?

Mansquito - worst movie ever?

NYC TeeVee news leads off with the protests...

"I am Tom Delay, ALL POWERFUL!Watch as Harry Reid follows me

Tom DeLay press conference in 15 min. Man, this fool is desperate.

What the idle rich did on the two year anniversary of the Iraq invasion

A suggestion for those preparing living wills

Baby dies when life support removed-how is this different from Schiavo?

Wouldn't the trillions needed to engage Bushit's SS plan

Watch the scramble for "Living Will" from the Lawyers Bush/Cheney Dissed!

Euthanasia a matter of money?

NYT LTTE compares Bush to God.

If Terri was a lesbian, would DeLay and RWC still be "fighting for her"?

Although I disagree with taking the feeding tube out, I am in agreement

A legal thought on the Terry Schiavo case.

Newspaper Readership Demographics...

The reason I can never support the war in Iraq....

Arrival of splinter Mormon group in West Texas makes locals wary

TV Turnoff Week April 25- May 1, 2005

Our democracy is dying a little more every day

What should my sign for the Peace Rally say?

I do not wish to be kept alive by artificial means!

Anti-War protests today

American Politics Have Become Sick and Morbid

Beyond Schiavo, this is about Christian Fundamentalist Power

Fundies wage war against science films

DU this MSNBC Poll on the Terri Schiavo case!

I have a question maybe some one here can help me with...

The Hidden Hand Of The CIA, 911 And Popular Mechanics

Oh-Oh..Greenspan Said He Made a Boo Boo"

Admin, Can we just make a Schiavo forum until this thing is settled?

Sen. Clinton's Health Care amendment.

School paper's anti-religion editorial

ABC obtains leaked Repub talking points on Schiavo intervention

Anyone have any idea of the amount of money the Medical Community has made

Someone knock me in the head for getting caught up in Schaivo case!

Gavin Newsom

I Want To Be Part Of A Party That Respects Medical Self Determination

Anyone got a good site about Terri Schiavo?

My letter to my RW Repbulican Representative...

Will the oil that we drill for in Alaska be sold to us at a cheap rate?

The hornet's nest that has been kicked by the religiously insane

What makes a "rogue nation"?

Fuck Mr.bush, his minions and his Iraq invasion, numbers

Sen Harkin on Cspan 20--saying he is upset with the tenor of DeLay's

Change the media landscape

Those of you who participated in the protests today

Torture - ok; Govt Propoganda - ok; Poisoning folks via pollution - ok;

THE Best and Most Prescient Anti-War Protestor of The Day....

Bill Maher is back on my good side

Just when you thought the GOP couldn't sink any lower

Are sexual deviancy and religious /political extremism related to one

25th Annual KGO Leukemia Cure-A-Thon 1-800-810-CURE

I heard that the Republicain party and the Democrat Party fliped floped.

How can a brain dead woman consent to her image being used in the media?

Question re Terri Schiavo

I'm disappointed in Harry Reid

In 1991 I lost my wife. Her family and I agreed to pull the plug.

any see this GREAT photo from the NYC Pro-Peace activists?

The politics of frenzy .

Thousands of protesters mark Iraq war anniversary (CNN Intl)

The Schiavo "issue" is very similar to the abortion "issue"...

Alaskan locals who accept payoff money from ANWAR drilling have no honor

More than 3,000 Demonstrators in Fayetteville, NC! a few Freepers at

Terri Schiavo is as alive as cut flower in a vase

The RW Strategy Is Becoming Obvious: Divide Our Nation & Break It

Ann Coulter needs a feeding tube.

Quess what there is a war going on

The notion that you can't speak honestly without damaging yourself …

Privatizied...their hands in your pockets, lets get together.

Bill Maher in his own words about Iraq


Bush (changes schedule) Flies To Capital Ahead Of Schiavo Bill

Creationists take their fight to the really big screen

What is a physical problem, and what does it really mean?

Epiphany!! Just figured out why the repukes are so focused on Schiavo!

Bush Cuts Vacation, Hopes to Sign Schiavo Bill

Where's the best place for bush soundbites?

Time to bash the Canadian health system again: "Canadians Face Long Waits

Karel discussing Terri Schiavo - listen live

Terri Schiavo... who gives a rats ass?

Am I the only one who remembers the case of Karen Ann Quinlan?

Should we start a DU "OBSESSION" thread?

Protesters check in here

Piss on CNN

abortion, removing feeding tubes - similar debates on core level?

Read this thread about why there shouldn't be any more Schiavo threads!

Terri Schiavo did this to herself, now everyone else has to pay?

2nd Anniversary of Iraq War

AAR now has 50 stations nationwide... latest being Austin, TX

Fleas!...My Dog Has Them...Help...Any Advice On How To Get Rid Of Them?

Send your protest pics to CNN:

Quotes on War from History

I live a few miles from where Terry Schiavo is at. Should I

Congress Announces Deal in Schiavo Case

Non-Schiavo thread: The Brits get it (forum post in Guardian)

if the South secedes again from the Union.. would you join the Rebs ??

Quickly: how many deaths since "Mission Accomplished" and "Bring it on?"

The right to die...a personal story I never wanted to tell.

One, Two, Three….

anyone want to HELP with the protests and cut Tom DELAY's shiavo crap out?

C-SPAN: The Future of Pundits (on now)

BUSH signed law saying hospitals could pull tube AGAINST FAMILY'S WISHES!

Beyond Schiavo, the profiteering neoCONs and their constituents,....

Has it Occured to you how WELL Schiavo is blacking out Protests?

The Terry Schiavo Issue Is Just Another In A Long Line Of Diversions

If Schiavo threads bother you

I know why Terri Schviao

Why can't they put GPS bracelets on child sex offenders?

Two years ago today . . .

Does anyone recall a similar plight with a woman in a nursing home...

Someone wanna help me debunk this quote?

NO MORE SCHIAVO POSTS!!!!! PLEASE!!!! Now I am hiding this thread.

Iraqis: "All they know how to do is kill"

Just found an incredible site of war protest photos

Two Years Into the Iraq War

Snowbirds - staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter

Are there any Carl Sagan fans out there?

I guess our local TV news got the memo from the GOP.

United States Government Simulation Looking for good Democratic party

Soldier's Sacrifice and the Iraq War

How do we feel about the "sanctity of life," or do we care at all?

Leave Bill Maher alone for God sakes!

Let me get this straight.

If Terri Shiavo could be euthanized rather than dehydrated to death

Hypocrit Nation../Blessed are the Peacemakers/ the Non-Violent Jesus

Dear GD Denizens: Please give me your best excuse against gay marriage --

History of the voice vote?

I'm torn on this whole Schaivo issue....

ABC News obtained talking points from Repubs on Schiavo case!

Who really has Terry's best interests ? Her Parents or her husband?

You do realize this Terry Schiavo thing is a distraction tactic, don't you

Anyone who starts/posts in another Schiavo thread...

I am ambivilant toward Nancy Grace and Bill Maher.

Is the Hospital and Physicians providing Ms. Schiavo’s care free?

Best evolution arguements...

Two years on, is it time to boycott CNN and the rest of corporate media?

I Hate Nancy Grace !

With Schiavo: Govt gets to Institutionalize Patriarchy and kill Medicaid!

LOTS more PROTESTs and vigils on Sunday March 20, 2005 (links)

Pro-Peace Vigils and Protest continue on Sunday March 20th (link)

California man wins right to sue over partner's death

Can You Feel it?

I want to be part of a party that isn't ghoulish about animated corpses

Terry Schiavo is alive as any rainforest.

If you are not clear on Schiavo case this site ROCKS! It's unbiased too

I just went to another site and the Nancy Grace theme is there too!

Bush - the chemical weapon madman

If you support sticking the bloody tube back into the animated corpse

Terri's Parents Admit They'd Defy Her Wishes To REmove Life Support

How ironic that as we fight for gay couples to have spousal rights

Whats state is Terri Schiavo really in?

Schiavo and a (short) jump to the logically absurd: A Rant

Thousands protest in New York on Iraq war anniversary

Wow!! The peace marches have broken into the MSM!!

My half-hour at the Fayetteville protest


Right To Medical Self Determination - A Wedge Issue For Our Side

I want to be part of aparty that wants to keep Terry Schiavo alive

Thinking of retiring within the next 20 years, you best think again..

Check out the S. Korean welcome for Condi Rice...

Now, I Am the Terrorist

Let's say you're 25 and have your "personal SS account" for 40 years

Where can I find photos of Mt. Kilimanjaro's melted summit?

Judgment at Baghdad...American Complicity In Saddam's War Crimes

Europeans demonstrate strong anti-war sentiments... (VOA)

DU lawyers: are there any precedents against Congress

Where's the information to sign up for local draft boards?

Protesters demand troops out of Iraq

Republicans Drive Through Corporate Agenda With Little Resistance

CNN runs ad on conservative websites--seeking news interns!

Need links to fake news story re: Saddam capture & toppling statue

If you were in a persistent vegetative state...

Can we figure out a timeline for the origin of the neo-cons?

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq

First Strike is now official policy

The Democratic Party as Seen on this website, March 2005

The new REPUKE legislation will nullify ALL LIVING WILLS

Novak wants to know if Passion of the Christ was snubbed by Academy

Some great demonstration pics from Seattle here!

Protest PHOTOS already coming in on the wire services LOOK !

Chicago protest photos!

Pictures from Fayettevill, NC

L.A. protest photos

Protests in US, Europe as Bush defends war

SCHIAVO HYPOCRISY: Bush underfunding troops with BRAIN injuries

Message From Iraqi Oil Workers Union Leader: "Leave Our Country Now!"

I love Nancy Grace

Does CNN, etc. get paid even if you don't watch them?

***S. Florida Meetup -- Announcement for GD ***

Whooaaa....Ft. Bragg protest PHOTOS make the NEW YORK TIMES

What Do Other Nations Owe The US?

I don't think Terri Schiavo is brain dead

ABC admits receipt of "talking points" re Schiavo

Unbelievable CNN Poll: "Is it time to end protests against the Iraq War?"

Lexington Ky 3-19 protest pictures.

a small but spirited protest

What do you think of the PC party aims?

Broken Arrow in B.C. Nuclear armed jet crashes in 1950.

"For far too long, we have left patriotism to the extremists"

Attorneys: Meal Break Video Not Authorized By Law

Pakistan sets army on tribal protesters

Contract to College With Ties to Ridge Draws Fire

Pakistan test-fires longest-range missile

NBC Pairs Jesus, Pill-Popping Priest in TV Pilot

Car Bomb Explodes in Lebanese Capital: Reuters

Afghanistan: 'One Huge US Jail'

Gas-guzzler sales may be at risk from China rules

Lahoud Calls For Dialogue After Car Bomb Hits Lebanon's Capital: BBC

Drought could leave Indian reservation in South Dakota without water

Anti-war protest in Canberra/ Australia

MediaMatters: Pentagon Doc (on NBC News Analyst) Latest Apparent Forgery

Area men planning Native American Holocaust Monument

Pakistan test-fires nuclear-capable missile

Drought Could Leave Indian Reservation in South Dakota Without Water

Defense Dept. Surveys Academy Sex Assaults -1/7 Woman Reports Being Att

Defense Dept. Surveys Academy Sex Assaults 1 Woman in 7

Sewage sludge may be shipped to W. Kentucky


Our chat in Iraq, strange but true (Australian)

Prosecutor:Weapons Dealers Sold Nuclear Capable Missiles to Iran.China

Fate of US $4b Iran-Pak-India Gas Pipeline Hangs in Doubt

Rice's tone lofty, practical in Japan

Iraqi "justice"by television

(barb worries about Bush's) President Calls in Mother for Support

The Medical Becomes Political for Congress

FDA Alerts Hospitals Not to Use Possibly Contaminated IV Solution

Activists Move In For Rally (Lila Lipscomb at Press Conference; Vets)

NYT: Study Criticizes Government on Cybersecurity Research

U.S. abruptly ends EU subsidy talks

WorldCom board members agree to $20.25 million settlement

Overdoses Kill 70,000 Russians Every Year

NYT: Senate Budget Shows Signs of G.O.P. Strain With Bush

Crude Oil May Rise Further as Global Demand Grows

WP: Remote Control Parenting (Internet filters)

Bush: Iraq as model for Middle East ......(Marketwatch)

Activists break into Berlusconi's villa

LAT: Thousands of Families Facing Similar Decisions (Schiavo)

Iraq insecurity rife two years after invasion

(Canadian) Tories vote on abortion, traditional marriage

AFP Sues Google News For Copyright Infringement

DeLay Says He's Not Giving Up Schiavo Fight

Europe marks anniversary of Iraq invasion

Congress to convene on saturday for Terri Schiavo

LAT: Thieves Use Many Ways to Obtain Personal Data

Attackers Kill 4 Iraqi Police Officers (in Peaceful Kirkuk)

Army head says Britain has capacity to replace Italian troops in Iraq

Transcript of 3/18 Pentagon town hall meeting - Rummy & Pace

NYT: Syria's Leader Moves to Consolidate Power(dictator must act like one)

LAT: Businesses' Big-Ticket Purchases Raise Hopes

5-Year-Old Cuffed, Arrested in Florida

Texas cheerleaders face a bump-and-grind ban

Rigged Aggregator Codes revealed: how the election was stolen

WP,pg1: March Madness Turns Gamblers Into Basket Cases: Billions Wagered

BBC: US secret plans for Iraqi Oil

And in Concord New Hampshire...

10,000 attend pro-disengagement rally in Tel Aviv

Day of anti-war protests in Europe

Bleak Forecast For Ski Industry (regarding no more snow by 2050)

IMF Chief: Oil Prices High for 2 Years (Reuters) (and after that?)

Local union workers prepare for strike (Steelworkers 884/ Russellville AR)

Explosion Heard Near British School in Qatar

Hunger striker taken to hospital (Ryszard Tomtas / WalMart)

Wow!! The peace marches have broken into the MSM!!

WP: Twists Make Predictions A Dubious Bet In Iraq War

Cops demanding pay raises picket political fund-raiser

US convoy attacked in Ramadi

(Canadian) Conservatives won't revisit abortion

Canadian demonstrations mark second anniversary of U.S. invasion of Iraq

Taiwan opposition protests shooting

Haiti gets $270M from IDB

U.S. Warns of Attack on Gulf Oil (right on time)

Democrats slam budget cuts for veterans' services

"Congress Agrees on Shiavo Bill" (CNN) --6:34 PM, 3/19

Thousands march through London in Iraq war protest

Wal-Mart's Calif. Supercenters Delayed

Haiti Shops Strike to Protest Violence

Mayor Bush shows his true colors

Counting of 2004 Provisional Ballots Varied Widely, Study Finds

Congress announces deal in Schiavo case

Soviet navy 'left 20 nuclear warheads in Bay of Naples'

Britain Would Accept Gay Prime Minister Says Blair

Bush interrupts vacation to return to Washington for Schiavo-inspired bill

Hundreds of Iraqis protest outside Jordanian embassy

Howard stirs race row with attack on Gypsies (Tory Leader)

Nixon Library Makeover to Add Unvarnished Truth

High gas prices fuel economic hardship (business costs are going up)

Evansville can't afford White House visits (fallout / Cheney protest)

Thousands put up anti-war demonstration in London

Dealing (or not) with the world's doomsday arsenal

Dallas commissioner sues, alleging open meetings violations

30 Iraq War Veterans Sue Over War Trauma

Pakistan Shrine Blast Kills 32

For Bush, Huge Federal Deficits May Be One of His Legacies

WaPo: Two Years Later, Iraq War Drains Military

WP: Rice to Attend Church Service in Beijing (as GHWB, Clinton have done)

Twin Cities protesters mark war's second anniversary

WP: U.S. Misled Allies About Nuclear Export (a new WMD Lie)

Lawmaker (Dan Lundgren) reintroduces antimarriage amendment in U.S. House

Panicked Blair orders Labour election revamp

Quake in southern Japan spurs tsunami warning

Ohio unemployment rate spiked in Feb (6.4% Highest in 11 years)


U.S. Avoids Role of Mediator as Iraqis Remain Deadlocked -NYT

Science fiction author Andre Norton, 93, dies at home in Murfreesboro

Thousands protest in New York on Iraq war anniversary

Bush: U.S. Actions on Iraq Made America More Secure

Neo-Nazis upstaged at protest (Wurtzbourg)

Trouble in the Pipeline-Shell Oil

Bankruptcy's Next Chapter, Bill...Leaves Some Holes Unplugged

Rice lauds Taiwan's democracy

Frozen mammouth unveiled in central Japan (future cloning)

Europeans Protest Iraq War on Anniversary

Two years after Iraq invasion, anti-war protesters hit streets nationwide

Reid, six colleagues to spend 10 days in Middle East region

Study: Media Self-Censored Some Iraq Coverage (Editor & Publisher)

London braces for "substantial threat" from Irish republican attacks.

Senate, House Reach Compromise on Fla. Woman(House to pass Senate version)

Social Insecurity - (Bush's approval ratings down on almost every issue)

Charles, Camilla to visit US

WP: A Gruesome Find, With a Difference: Seven Followers of Zarqawi

U.S. toll in Iraq war starting to hit home

Promising prosecutor dies from cocaine injections after long decline, loss

US frees Iraqi kidnappers so they can spy on insurgents

Protests in US, Europe as Bush Defends Iraq War

WP/Reuters: Schiavo's Husband Assails Congressional Intervention

Bush Hails Iraq as Ally Against Terror

Canadians Face Long Waits for Health Care

WP: Retirement Accounts Questioned (71% earn less in pvt accts)

A New Screen Test for Imax: It's the Bible vs. the Volcano

Iraq Insurgency has Worsened: US Intelligence

GOP chief seeks to paint Spitzer as ``job killer''

Body of Jessica Lunsford found in Florida

In Chicago, 1,000 protest war

Christ, Kansas just got upset by the #14 seed, Bucknell.


Ladies and gentlemen of the supposed jury...If Chewbacca lives on Endor...

Excellent Video page

Good morning DU. Dissappointing day so far

I love a dandy brace!

just got a really alarmist e-mail. . .

Google me this, DUers: Take to characters and find the best pic that

What do you do when you find out your progressive friend is

Take a pill. (song lyrics).

HELP! My computer has been taken over by a virus!

First shirtless man of the year

damn cat

2 years TV-free today

How do you define "strength" in a man ?

C'mon you know you wanna look!!

Oh dear lord, what am I drinking?!

What the fuck just happened?


We passed 66,666 users!

I'm playing eighties music and I'm lovin' it baby!


Life in The Big Valley

please hold & a customer care consultant will be with you shortly

You're a witch/warlock ala "Bewitched." Write an incantation -

Any handicapped persons who have been posting here for a long time?

I love Chet Baker.

And now for something completely different: Elftrance!!!

I'm on a roll

So was anyone a victim of the SFP or SMFP tonight???

Sport the war! War support! The Sport is war, total war! Protest tomorrow!

God is a DJ and life is a dance floor

Aww hell.

"China Boy"

wow, this photo is really erie:

self-delete nt

Goodnight everybody

Could I sell this picture on Ebay?

Hey.... where's HEyHEY, hey?

Now we're gonna look at the big book of british smiles

And to think I welcomed that POS heavenly

What the...

It's FREAKING cold in my apartment

Dang that was a fast clean-up

I want something else to get me through this semi-charmed kind of life.

Not Fade Away------>GoingDown the Road Feeling Bad

SCTV reruns are back!

"Swing Kids"

Johnny Cash vs Amazon vs a Florida aligator vs SCTV vs Asia vs McGwire...

I just realized that I have a big fucking paper due in less than 10 days..

Whom lives near a Walgreens?

Mr. Roboto

YEAY!! Sinus Headache !!!

Ballin' The Jack

OMG! I figured it out! MJ is trying to disguise himself as Joe Jackson!

I think I may be losing weight.

Who here likes Far Side?

Very sad news out of Quebec

JohnKleeb kicks ass!

Ever posted a copycat thread that turned out to be a dupe of

NOBODY see this movie

Gee.. a death threat..sort of

Kansas Just Got Eliminated From The NCAA Tournament

Just 2 things:

What WindRavenX should go to the Boston DU meetup tomorrow?

Who here speaks Farsi?

Hey y'all , wassup ?

Target's Market Pantry cherry limeade

Evolutionary Adaptations of the Scientific Creationist

Favorite donut?

Pearl Jam- Bushleaguer

Guess what I just pulled out of my mouth...LITERALLY!

Just finished my protest sign. "WAR MAKES GAS COST MORE"

Who is the DU'er who most resembles Catherine Zeta-Jones ?

"Without me, DU would shrivel and die because...."

The "feeling like Julian"* hungover thread

Hackers do something iCool to iTunes

Mark McGwire was responsible for 9/11

I have $120 in fake Confederate money. Ask me anything.

DU Wookie owners/lovers:Need advice

Dear Lounge Lizards: Give me your best excuse against gay marriage . . .

Who here likes Far Side?

Drunks who bake cakes...

What are you? Some kind of half-assed astronaut?

Florida Man Killed by Alligator


Gov. Bush leads unprecedented lobbying effort - Terri Schiavo article

if you need a visual Washington, D.C. fix this morning, look here

Name five well-known people who share your religious beliefs.

She ain't waiting 'til she gets older

Great movie that NO ONE ever talks about- "Innerspace"

Do you have a Work Crush?

DU City: We'll establish it next to San Diego

I have never been in a Walmart

Who is the DUer who most resembles Barbara Bush?


You better call me a doctor, feelin' no pain Overloaded, down the drain

How do you feel about youth in Asia?

Susan McGuinness BAKED the Virgin Mary & Jesus

Mountains or the Beach????

I'm spring cleaning! Ask me anything!

With all these meetups going on around the country

How do you define "balls" in a man?

A prom dress for our times

You know you're addicted to DU when:

Why Does The MSM Mangle Italian Names & Over-Pronounce Hispanic Names?

I'm Robert Plant. Ask me anything.

America Takes a Stand!

My first Spring Robin this year...and it was dead.

BREAKING NEWS: Skinner is MARRIED. Sorry ladies !

Attention DU: Snot, and snot snorting is now classified a bodily function

What advantages are there of looking like a teenager?

Proposed DU Group: JFK Assassination Students

I'm off to celebrate 2 yr anniversary with gruesome photos

I had lunch with Bill and Hillary Clinton

What grade sandpaper do you use on your face?

My email response to a freeper

Who here looks most like bacon? Just bacon?

How can I fix Jon Stewart's face?

8 hours until I get to see Slint....

Hey! You "Pluck" a chicken and "tweeze" your eyebrows!

Anyone use Bath and Body Works products?

Lack of money shuts down Australia's only frog hospital

Is three *really* company, too?

Who here likes Pharcyde?

Ever use Pro-Activ? Or....ladies, what skin stuff do you use?

An invisible spaceship

I got demoted at my job.

50 degrees ! time to take a spin with the top down.......

Is it possible that while I slept

Serious question: Could the USSR have been a success ?

A private audience with Barbara Bush or an In-n-Out Burger Combo?

Guy catches roommate dancing ??


OKAY - NOW THAT THE GAME IS OVER - I CAN take off the caps lock.

Back by unpopular demand: the [MY 3 ORPANS!] thread

I surrender... (pic)

Enough with the Terry Schiavo Bushit


Pot Noodle in trouble again as complaints made over man with the horn


Who here looks most like Kevin Bacon?

Any Mario Brothers fans out there?

Anybody here using NetZero?


Any Mario Bava fans around?

Oh, it would be SWEET if Oklahoma lost!

More annoying: Gap or Old Navy Commercials?

Lenny Kravitz, I beg of you: HIRE A LYRICIST.

Johnny Cash vs. any band that you can think of.

Pepper and Egg sandwiches

*Sigh*. Now that Kansas and Pitt are out, there's no joy left in Mudville

I love hearing Bruce Hornsby's song on the Lowe's ad

STAR WARS: REVENGE OF THE SITH - Hayden Christiansen poll

Which person is more unnerving to look at?

Pirates and Emperors - Schoolhouse Rock meets U.S. Foreign Policy

Tool advice please

Whoopie pie

No snow for the first time in at least 2 months!

Has anyone seen a Capitol Steps performance?

Bumper sticker seen today...

Kitty Protest Pics!

Need good Karma? Please help a newbie out.

40 is on the horizon

Rough letter to the editor, any suggestions appreciated !

Captain Morgan ...or...Captain Kirk?

What are your secrets for looking young?

Which DU'er has the biggest heart ?

Does progmom have a cult following?

How do you feel when someone uses your puter & repositions the monitor?

Dr Batsen D Belfry's Phantasmagorical Kitchen Experiment

Now I'll have to pull for Pacific over Washington.

Britain Would Accept Gay Prime Minister Says Blair

NY99, apart from her many other great qualities, has the best avatar ever!

How do you feel when someone uses your car & repositions the drivers seat?

I need a Frontline Report from "People's Republik", Anyone?

G`morning DU ~ together, we can take the long way home

Some Washington DC pictures...

I got home today

Watching "Coal Miner's Daughter" AGAIN

A poem I've been meaning to write

Any handicapped persons who have been posting here for a long time? Terri, Jessica, NCAA, China mine, Civil War horse debate resolved

American History X was excellent.

Illinois and Nevada game starts at 5:45 pm

For the self employed...... help me please

Which conflict is the most important to the future of America?

Should we post a thread on this in LBN?

I just ate an entire frozen poundcake for lunch.

Maine Mary: need a pic for closure of CZJ poll

Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' Becomes Best-Seller In Turkey

taking a nap

as if you need more reasons to loathe Bobby Knight...

The Biscuit Brigade strikes again!

"Easy to upstage people you twist laws against" - Nazi apologist ?

Male is quickly becoming a grade-A bully!!!!

DU Women: Have you ever had your eyebrows waxed?

woo hoo!!

Man I SUCK at web design

DU this poll, please.

What do we do with Florida?

Strawberry question????


Best sites for freee online games?

Tom Delay makes me wet

Insomniacs check in!

Another Russian falls for moi (sigh)

I really need a few beers

I'm a lurking fruit loop, ask me anything!

What aren't you wearing?

Saturday Night Earworm

Watching figure skating when I already know the outcome

There is no stopping in the red zone.

Excuse me, just doing some Black Ops in the Lounge. Nothing to worry about



I want to post some pictures


TV Turnoff Week April 25 - May 1, 2005

Freedom Quiz #2

What are you wearing?

Who lives more than 1000 miles from where you grew up?

I just saw the trailer for the remake of "The War of The Worlds"

There's a guy on Cincinnati with the name Jihad.

Want to see something scary??

I must have.

Simba Bimba is yelling at me

All the acronyms your little fingers and retinas will ever need, folks

What color is your...

Sick: Young Girls having their ass-crack lowered for fashion.

I'm spending my weekend catering to a furry old man

Bush will have his ass crack removed.

Anybody else tired of the ideological purists BITCHING about Bill Maher?

I see "Cabernet". As me anything.

Downfall: A disturbing and great film.

c'mon DELAY haters! follow the bouncing ethical lapse!!

Chiropractors......Legitimate or Quacks?

What's the difference between Madeira and Sherry?

Here's your mission, should you choose to accept:

i must misbehave.

I'm having a torid love affair with whoisalhedges' Dr Scholls insoles

Engagement pictures from Pakistan!

I am a lurking FReeper! Ask me anything!


The english version of the Harry Potter book cover

The Four Freedoms, from DDB

Oh that would have been bad!!!!

where's the love people?

Do you like Irish Oatmeal?

That does it... I'm taking over.

What is your favorite candy?

Wow - Wynton Marsalis won a Pulitzer for music in '95!

has anyone heard from DU er w/ dog named Sirius, ????

Six Feet Under fans! Please rub my toes.

Who's your favorite QVC host?

What are the initials of the one who broke your heart?

Six Feet Under fans! Please catch me up.

A toast to DUers

I saw "Heisser Sommer", ask me anything!

I love Dead Prez....

Idol Hands in 'Devil's Playground'

Wow... I just realized!

Kentucky vs Cincinnati NCAA basketball thread

Party Party Party!!!

I want to start up my own *ahem* web cam business

What cities do your nearest and dearest live in?

Any chess players here tonight?

I'm disconnecting my computer forever!

I have nine 10 and 11 year old girls here for the night. Am I crazy?

Last night My Yahoo said PBS was doing a Cat Stevens special.

With this post, I hit 8,000 posts.

"Area Husband Pretends To Give A Shit"

Who's been in a school play?

The Four Freedoms, by Billy Strayhorn (via Duke Ellington)

We just got Tivo. Will I like it? Does this make me a bad progressive?

Movie that moved you to change or to action, and how.

Charleton Heston

I saw "Cabaret". Ask me anything

Does this man look 46???

Epiphany!! Just figured out why the repukes are so focused on Schiavo!

Kylie Minogue is the hottest 36 year old female singer

Does this man look 46??

What is your favorite "Comfort Food"?

Friends of Fudge Stripe Cookays.

The Ring Two: not actually the 2nd of the trilogy.

From my Father...

"Hey, Lois! Look! The two symbols of the Republican Party..."

Need Opinions

One last time: I need Maine Mary's photo for the CZJ poll

Norma Rae is on CMT now

Protest "teaser" photos. CHICAGO!

Who is the DUer who most resembles Schneider from One Day At a Time?

progmom on the air - any requests?

Karoke bar had good beer last night

The Ring Two-don't bother

Wasn't it Ken Kesey(R.I.P.) who said,

Best Genesis Album

West Virginia girls wear short skirts.

The Naked MoleRat - Cam

I want a man...

moogles vs. chocobos

Don't you just love the little tiny "x"??

I propose a name change - to

Now here's a topic to discuss at the dinner table tonight:

steve2470 wants help with a home-based web cam business

After seeing this video decide if Terry should be starved or not.

Tom Delay is Grate !!!



I'm sick...

We may have had a listen of Liam Gallagher Overdrive already.

She's off her rocker, stark raving mad, positively certifiable, daft

I'm having a sordid love affair with whoisalhedges!

I don't like the Baltimore Orioles.

How Would You Like to Meet This Guy? I bet Rick Santorum would

Tom Delay is Great !!!

There is a house in my neighborhood

Guilty pleasures

SNL spoof of Zell Miller

" Farm animals 'need emotional TLC' "

Schiavo in '08

Is this a horrible sin?

Most under-rated movie?

A Rant. Ass Cracks on Parade.

>Subject: FW: Airline Humor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to like "What the Bleep do we Know"....

Biggest waste of food and air?

I must behave.

SoCalDem...Is your sigline bunny shitting eggs?

Can someone answer me a computer how-to question?

Credit cards suck: Need advise

My books came!!!

Keep the drunk from falling down. Fun game.

What's your favorite citrus fruit or flavor?

How old were you when you moved away from home ?

Chocolatety goodness!

Fleas!...My Dog Has Them...Help...Any Advice On How To Get Rid Of Them?

Hammy acting alert..."The Ten Commandments" is on right now.

Which office ver should I use?

I just spoke with a bunch of drunken assholes in Cambridge

Which DU'er most resembles Jennifer Aniston ?

Favorite Genesis song

Congress agrees on Schiavo bill

Who's familiar with The Art Ensemble of Chicago?

Bob Boudelang Salutes the New Head of the EPA

I am in a sour mood because I can't blow off a friend's materialism.

SNL is cracking me up!!!!

Has anyone ever PMed the wrong person by mistake?


Terri Schiavo, Terri Schiavo, Terri Schiavo - (Will Pitt is all talk)

What's your #1 cry-like-a-baby song?



Question--what is the correct way to drink good scotch according to the

When is a person grown up?

Baby boomers! What awful childhood medicines did you have to take?

I am totally and utterly disgusted


Favorite anagram of "Terri Schiavo"?

What was on your hot lunch menu when you were in elementary school?

What *can't* you do?

mmm, homemade pizza and red wine...

Spring Break!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Late Night DUers: What are you wearing?

Favourite Peter Jackson Movie.

Congratulations NewYawker99 - 95,000 (yes, 95 THOUSAND!) posts!!!

What do we do with Florida?

Satellite Radio-------- XM or Sirius? Which is better and why?

"Santa Claus is a Black Man"

Equal time: What's your #1 grin-like-an-idiot song?

Hey you guys, I just got back from my first DU meetup and let me tell you

Pics from the March DU gathering at Peoples' Republik!

Rosie O'Donnel calls Kirsie Alley a "lying sack of s**t."

Hunter Thompson's Rites Mushroom

Yankee or Dixie: Take the quiz

Worst sting from an insect you have ever had?

Do you ever respond to your own posts?

Great Lakes and area DUers! How about a meetup?

Need some advice...

Breaking News: God decides to feed some of his children.

Are there any muslim DU'ers here ?

Merovingian blood line is an interesting story which I have only

"Hateful bigoted Catholic leaders refuse funeral to gay man because;

The benficial powers of darkness

Look at this cool gizmo I got at the thrift store today(Plasma)(Pic)

Tony Blair predicts Britain will have an openly gay prime minister

Are there any anti-gay marriage amendment yard signs out there?

The North Carolina Association of Educators endorsed


Cornell vs Harvard for the ECACHL Championship, today

Say what you will, but I like Bobby Knight.

Damn you, Gonzaga!!

BC goes down!!!

This Cincy-Kentucky game is excellent.


Boy has West Virginia played in a couple of great games or what?

Here's MikeG's Third Day NCAA Picks. (Picked Vermont & Bucknell yesterday)


So...whose brackets are already fucked?

Alessandro Petacchi wins Milan-San Remo -Pro cycling season started today!

Bogut opinions

Am I the only one upset about the steroid scandal in baseball?

Morales vs Pacquiao

uh-oh, puppy lust

Question for the week-end.

You guys should look at this.

I posted this in GD, and it sank like a rock...

Need help for explaining the IWR

Article by Alexandra Kerry

Black and white, again

Keith relatively unopinionated -- only 9% of the time -- study shows...

Went to look for our week-night blog... LOL!

Found on the Internet(s) - Remember this? :-)

KOEB Python Fans... I know there are a few!

Interblog releases text of ELECTION REFORM - national proposal


Talibanesque Fundy wants to stop sexually suggestive cheerleaders!

Schiavo story takes off when Peterson story dies?

And they open their mouths to remove all doubt

Two Years

Vice Admiral Albert T. Church, Director, Navy Staff defines accountability

Reid's response to my bankruptcy bill letter ...

"Repub. used the case to try to score points for the "culture of life,"

Where will YOU be protesting the Iraq WAR tomorrow?

The Democratic Party must hand control over to me, or lose my vote.

Conservative hypocrisy would be amusing if it wasn't screwing the country

Nader to co-host "Crossfire" March 21 and 23

Good Informatiion On Terry Schiavo Case, Includes links to the

who has thread/site reveals Repub. M.O. taunting&framing Kerry as 'bitch'

Cnn says that SC has refused to hear the Terri S. case but Congress

Questions the Senate Should Ask John Bolton ....

Video - From CNN Live Feed: Schiavo Lawyer Blisters Congress - 3/18

Any reports from the Iraq-war protests? How are they going?

The fact that they waited to the last minute to intervene in the Schiavo

Bush needs to be reminded of this quote by the late President Reagan...

Pentagon neo-cons vs Big Oil execs./State Dept. "pragmatists"

Unexpected Drop in Consumer Confidence in March...cough, cough....

The "I like Maher/Olbermann/JStewart" Thread :)

80% Say "Confirm Those Judges Now"!!!!!

Pat. Buchanan says Judge sentenced Terri S. to die for no crime. Whow

Here's what we need, people.

Dem leaders - outsourcing - contributions. Can Democrats threaten

newsweek: Social Insecurity - Bush approval numbers down everywhere

NEW!!! Gannon/Guckert Interviewed by 'NY Times'

CNN Stupid Poll---- We Can Still Vote

Dr. Bill

"Why We Can't Trust Harold Ford, Jr."

Bonomics Video - "a rock star for the deveveloping world"

Right wing is asking all to call Congress and say "save Terri"

Videos - Selected clips from HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher on 3/18 CNN, why aren't you covering peace vigils?

Air America Ratings

State Guard Convention in town: Freeper Woman from Hell.

People, it's all about the fear.

Ralph Nader to co-host CNN "Crossfire" 3/21 & 3/23, 4:40PM EST

Where can I see coverage of the anti-war protests? Are there any protests

When will McCarthy-ism end?

We should find out how much this Shiavo case is costing us

TV Alert: Senate soon to begin on C-Span 2 re: Schiavo Bill

Rawstory has an article about the protests.

Russ Feingold for President

The Rockville anti-war protest

CounterPunch article saying Queen should behead Blair

This is sickening - Republicans talking points on Terry Shiavo...

What odds are you giving on Iran being our next battlefield within the

Chicago Protest March. Pictures and summary.

BBC: Iraqi insurgents forced to "confess" on TV

I saw Steve Earle in New york last night

Schiavo Solution: Clone Her

Is it possible for citizens to begin a recall of their representatives?

Organizing a petition drive - ELECTION REFORM

Zogby Is Polling Again - Check Your E-Mail

Since some have ingested the Kool-Aid and some are actually DEFENDING

ABC News Has GOP Schiavo talking points! DeLay lies again.

How convinced Wolfowitz to leave the Pentagon...

Where is the coverage of the ANTI-WAR PROTESTS today?

C-span MoveOn rally re Judicial Nominations

DeLay on CSPAN calling Michael Schiavo "abusive" "not a man" "murderer"

All the video from yesterday about the Shiavo case

"this is pure political exploitation of a private family conflict"

Christian lawyers say (bankruptcy) bill, Bible don't mesh

Were There Protests Today?

More Bush Hypocrisy: Signed Bill Allowing Deaths Of Vegetative Patients

Send your protest pics to CNN:

Congressional Republicans....busy little subpoena beavers.

Top News Story on local channel in Des Moines are the protests

An ethical dilemma on the draft: have you resolved it?

Schiavo bloggers tell hackers they should get life for hacking site!

Question to CNN International Viewers:Do they usually show Sports so much?

Honor the lives lost in war & advance the imperative for peace.

Schiavo -- GOP needs to Back Off

Our country has lost its collective mind

Yeeaaah! Feingold Registers Domain Names for 2008!!!!

Me and the Democrats ... not a very good week ...

"Nation of A$$holes" song

DeLay is just Delaying the inevitable. He will still hang

New Newsweek Bush poll numbers - how low can you go


Guess what's next on the table, now that we gave in on this.

Joe "Dead Intern In My Office" Scarborough: "War Leads To Peace"

The conservative's REAL regard for the sanctity of human life

Where is the sanctity of Terri Schiavo's marriage?

So, will Michael Shiavo be more likely to lose/win in Federal Court?

This Is A Positive Thinking Area?

Recruiting age limit raised to 40; who can we help enlist???

New Orleans 3/19 Protest Pictures

Here's phone&fax numbers for Florida Senators and Reps:

Gannon/Guckert Interviewed by 'NY Times' This Sunday: Praises Dog!

Anti-choicers will ALWAYS vote republican

What issue should us Democrats drop?

CNN poll about War

A rant about why no good candidates run for office anymore

Military Intelligence watched domestic protests, what did they learn today

global warming - the point man in undermining right wing crediblity

Please read and sign. Thanks.

Approval of Private Accounts Falls Yet Again

Troops AWOL, suicides, injuried, mental scars, and a war without end.

can Schiavo case help democrats?

Check in if your local news is covering the protests!

Draft in 75 days? Could it be?

If only Al Gore would move to Connecticut and

Kerry Intensifies Attack on Bush

The draft will be reinstated...

Casey WILL LOSE to Santorum

Daily Kos is reporting that the draft "must" be ready in 75 days

Rigged Aggregator Codes revealed: how the election was stolen