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Archives: March 18, 2005

The Character Assassins: How the War Party smears its opponents

9-11: High Crimes And Misdemeanors

"Another Wolf for Russia"-- Asia Times

Reflections of a Firebrand (William Sloan Coffin)

The Lexicon of Political Clout (Frank Luntz using lanuage for evil)

WP Editorial: The Schiavo Case

Economist: A hawk (Wolfowitz) to ruffle the World Bank's feathers

GOP Deficits -106 B Tax cuts/$14 B cutting health services to poor

LA Daily News: Oil crazy

The time has come to let Terri Schiavo die

WSJ: Highway Lu-Lu

CSM: What is a Journalist?

Taylor-Made Election Law

'Green' Propaganda From the House of Bush.

Rummy and Imperial Wars forever...

Iraqis Losing Hope That Politics Will Yield Real Change

Eliminating cap on Soc Sec payroll tax wages solves 93% of problem

NYT & WA PO Attack "Fake TV News" with Vigor

First Amendment soon to be dinosaured by occupant bush..

Global Bully Goes to Guatemala

Wolfowitz as the World Bank's next president has triggered an outcry

Ed: "Yucca Mt Is Safe" Reports Were Falsified - Waste Leaks In 100 Yrs

"My Social Security Insecurity" by Gerasimos Manolatos

The loud, clear voice of Iraq war's wounded vets

Suburbs a world away from war (violence in Iraq fails to stir passions)

A Warning From Auschwitz

Jeffrey Toobin in the New Yorker on the "nuclear option": Great article

Two years later from NYT

"Terry Schiavo Must Die" - oh, how I [heart] Rude Pundit!

One huge US jail (Guardian: Afghanistan)

Piggy Nooner Sticks Her Ghoulish, Unctious Snout Into Shiavo Debacle

Don't hand religion to the right

What Weekend Anti-War Actions Are Happening Near You? Go To This Link

Greens to Join Global Day of Protest Against Iraq War, March 19

I'm e-mailing CBS Late Late Show,Schieffer's guest tonight,try to get

High-rise protesters take to the streets (Philly area)

Please help me to irritate the MSM camera crews at the protests….


So the MSM uses "Clintonesque" to describe evasive answers - how about

Hitler book bestseller in Turkey

Please help me to irritate the MSM camera crews at the protests….

Why does David Horowitz lie about his lies by changing lies(Colorado exam)

Change the media landscape

Independent World News Service -- What Topics?

Some City Employees Upset With Negotiations (Peoria)

School District Releases Contract Negotiation Details (Berkeley)

Turning the World Bank into the American Bank

Destined for Deficits (Bush Budget "cuts" "rejected")

Pelosi Co-Sponsors Bill to Award Cesar Chávez Congressional Gold Medal

Gov't issues 10k more H-1B Visas than allowed

Disputed anti-environment Judicial Nominee Clears Senate Panel

Distributed computing runs world’s largest climate change experiment

Orissa villagers demand shutdown of polluting NALCO plant (India)

Thailand Blames Deforestation For Intensity Of Drought - AFP

Dead Giant Squid Washing Up On Southern California Beaches

US To Block UK Plan To Slow Illegal Tropical Logging, Leak Reveals

The oil under this wilderness will last the US six months. But soon the dr

No Relief In Sight For Pacific Northwest - NOAA

The Last Snows Of Kilimanjaro - BBC

Seems Hydrogen Car talk is a way to kill Hybred and Gore's reseach

Web site to promote DPP's March 26 demonstration - against China

China using `prisoners as pawns'

S. Korea-Japan Islets Dispute Escalates

Scumbags Feinstein, Warner, Schumer and DeSwine intro AWB.

I hate to say this, but this thread has become a flamefest

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may I inquire as to my ranking with the number of alerts on me ?

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Seriously stupid arguments

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I hope the moderators are pulling Demson's posts

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Time to up the post requirement for ability to start a thread?

Have you ever considered reposting these freeper attacks for laughs?

Why are some threads pulled

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Amnesty International asks Rice to investigate the death of Rachel Corrie

Sue Israel, not the bulldozer maker

9-11: High Crimes And Misdemeanors

9-11: High Crimes And Misdemeanors

here is Larry Silverstein saying 'pull (ie demo) wtc 7...'

COUNTDOWN - on now (11 pm central)

Democracy: Coming to America (Voter Registration Issue)

Is it just me that thinks this about the election?

(CA) State to join ballot probe - (LA) Software change not pre-approved

Need a Website Traced

Another way to help ANDY.......

Some counties in Texas also don't allow students to vote; and other major

Inspiration on the mocking democracy

Democrats for Wolfowitz !!!!

Friday 3/18 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Cobb+Badnarik+Kerry/Edwards add TAMPERING to the Civil Suit

Voting and Elections: College Level Course with On-Line Documentation

What would it take to get access to the raw exit poll data?

Count Every Vote - Sign The Petition

FL Experts, Please post your thoughts.

FROM New Yorkers for Verified Voting:

Colorado language - ELECTION REFORM

Friday KOEB -- Woo Hoo, it's FRIDAY!

House Administration Committee Hearing 3/21 Columbus OH

TS/DREs vs. OpScans

California Quarter

CNBC- Chenney will be in Bakersfield

Anti War Rally in Memorial Park, Omaha, Nebraska 3/19/05

Yeeeaaahh!!!! Good Job Clones!

Dirty Tricks Against Student Voters in MA

What's everyone's initial feelings on the 06 Governor's race?

Deval Patrick, Newton, 3/21 7PM

Durenberger (R) speaks out against Republican Party

Senator vows to block Northwest expansion plans

MN DUers - Meet up at the foot of the bridge at 12:45 tomorrow

Gay marriage hearing in Grand Rapids divides town

I just donated to the Patty Wetterling for Congress campaign

Outlook express problem

Does anyone have a child in the MEDS Program at Coppell High School?

The tide is turning

Bill would ban suggestive cheerleading

Dallas/Garland Candidate's Forum & Blackwood Debate: March 26th.

Let's collect Texas-based political links and blogs.

Peace and Justice conference in Brookfield March 19

Anyone going to the 4th CD convention tomorrow?

The weatherman on WISC news just said...

Even Gannet News was upset with state repugs

My Letter to the Editor-published today

Listen for me on the Mike Webb Show 710 KIRO tomorrow night at 9 PDT

Drudge: Chairman HELP Enzi (R-WY) Steps in to Schiavo Case

Where/how to find a malpractice lawyer?

Bush forces Italy's PM to recant plans for troop withdrawal

Do You Know Of Someone, Who Wants To Get Out Of The Militery...?

What would an attack on Iran do to oil prices? $75/barrel, $100/barrel?

Recycling our nuke bombs.

To Bill Maher and the rest of the Sell Outs.

Rice: "We will get Osama"..................yeah right

'Imagine' p*ssing in the wind

VCR help

Hydrogen cars....a non-starter ....good article

Anyone seen "Gunner Palace" yet?

NYC DU'ers, what event is going on tomorrow to recognize

LAT: 'CSI' Effect or Just Flimsy Evidence? The Jury Is Out

This is pretty old...DU Rooting for America to lose?

Are most MLB players rethugs?

Will Pitt on NEXT on Air America! Don't forget to listen! n/t

Proof - The killing really IS about oil

Why Did America Choose a Clown for President? >>>

Do not pass it up! GO BACK TO THE DU FRONT PAGE

Catholic Church makes it official: Christ did not die for our sins....

Weaknesses seen in case against Blake

Save Social Security without raising taxes

Names & Agenda of the PNAC Nazi Assholes HERE:

White House to Host "Mission Accomplished II" Gala March 19th

"Progressive" vs Liberal

Newspeak word of the day: Blackwhite

Must suck to have a car ($5.00 gas prices!)

Sibel Edmonds Won't Give Up: Files New Lawsuit

Local tv says Bush coming to tout "individual retirement accounts"

...and you call yourselves Americans....HAH..!!!

Homeowners insurancy industry must be reined in

Presidential letter two years ago today.

How will the melting of Alaska's tundra affect oil drilling there?

Paula Abdul linked to alleged hit-and-run accident

Is water going to be the next OIL?????????

If Paula Poundstone told you RW talking points, would you be angry?

Liberal Psychosis

why SHOULDN'T America rule the world?

Bush Says He Has No Plans to Stop Making Fake News Stories

Liberating Iraq and double standards

How do people here feel about a Natural Gas Pipeline in Alaska

W: I had a puppy - named it John McCain

Scott Peterson.... Enough already!

Looking for recent civil unions/gay marriage polls

Again , I woke hoping it had all been a bad dream....

So I felt what seemed like an earthquake earlier today, but

Amnesty International asks Rice to investigate the death of Rachel Corrie

Luntz denies Orwellian language in LAT op-ed, "Lexicon of Political Clout"

Do Something!

Condi and the sumo wrestler

The real crisis - Medicaid

When Democrats get back in power, will they reign in the media?

How do the "0% credit cards" work? There has to be a catch?

White Repub bimbo on MSNBC just told a black woman she can protest...

I made out my Power of Attorney this evening....

Republicans in Congress call on Terri Schiavo as witness

Quite an interesting exchange on the CNN this AM

I pray that a Repuke congress never controls whether I exist as a veg,

W of the Day-December 11, 2003

TechTV used to be good before it merged with G4. They had people

How long can an asymptomatic individual carry a virus?

So who was the guy feeding CondiLiesalot her lines?

Bush Clan responsible for 800 years of Irish misery!!

Shut the Senate down

Singer Patti LaBelle is a Repuke???

Tom Delay on MSNBC says "we will save Terry's life" over Easter weekend!

I logged on the DU just a few moments ago and look at what I found...

Okay, Republicans. So what's it going to be??? You cry for less government

Is the Schiavo case just a distraction from DeLay 's problems?

When will bush throw his tantrum because his SS scheme won't pass ?

My Old Friend Died This Week. In Florida.

Wouldn't it be nice if we had term limits for all of our representatives

Damn it, MSNBC. It's no longer flash news if you've been reporting it

Will they televise Terri Schiavo's "appearance" before Congress?

Brain activity in Schiavo case in regards to her response to stimuli

Terri Shavio/Congress bill. Should we be afraid if congress is allow

CNN airing ads for Bu$h's Social Security plan!

Schaivo; This macabre Republican propaganda ploy will backfire

Loud Whisstle THINK FOL:KS

Wolfowitz/World Bank/European Reactions

AP: "GOP Asks Brain-Damaged Woman to Testify"

Terri Schiavo, the Republicans and the UNINSURED.

MOYERS: "the delusional is no longer marginal"

Where do we draw the line? When is a life at its end?

"Leave Terry Schiavo in God's hands, not in the hands of Congress"

Memorial Park in Houston was once a proposed drilling area

Chicago V Dialogue Part I and II was so on the mark in 1972 and 2005

For those interested in news about Religion

"Terry should be in God's hands, not the Congress!"

Still no government in Iraq (was supposed to form 3/16)

MSM Insanity - Shiavo Story On Top All Morning

Will they drag Terri Schaivo in front of a senate commission?

Florida judge re-instates order to remove Terri Schavo's feeding tube (nt)

Joe Wilson on Franken -- It's over now.

John Ashcroft has a new job

How to make Freeper heads explode

Rape Caught On Tape - Perp Still Found "Not Guilty"

LOL! I love it when former * Supporters get screwed!

Failing Logic 101 (GREAT Arianna Huffington column)

Gas station owners have a problem: too few 2s

Might Wesley Clark want to run for Governor of Arkansas?

Thanks Will--GREAT JOB on Unfiltered nt

Randi's on a roll

How much do you care about the Schiavo case? (poll)

Has anyone seen MoveOn's great new ad...

I say we should do a little research for all the existing Schiavo-like

How many people were exterminated in Nazi actions and Concentration Camps?

schiavo and scalia -- hmmm...

DeLay wants to "save" Terry Schiavo. Bush wants to cut off her Medicaid.

To Tom Delay, Rick Santorum, et al, plus all lurking freeper fundies...

Excuse me, but aren't these 'good' people fighting to keep

A question about finding the truth about 9/11.

Schiavo is going to HURT US.... we should play along with the 'thugs

Americans Ready For Iraq Withdrawl - But Are Progressives?

new toon -- only if Halliburton was on steriods...

Report on Meetings with Florida legislature...

Will MSM televise the protests on Saturday?

Who is the guy on Randi's show right now: 4:40.

March 19 -- the two-year anniversary of a lie

GOP Will not allow activist to drop lawsuit....

Misdirecting The Anti-War Movement

Court TV salutes Gloria Steinam this month in a special presentation

great LINK for Saturday, March 19 protests in NYC....the BIG apple

The world's energy crisis is solved!

Another reason I'm so proud of President Bush...

CNBC:Kudlow gives Cheney time to boost Social Security rip-off - 5 Eastern

1 day to Iraq War Global Protest -- Who's going?

The GOP - AGAINST Medicaid but FOR keeping Schiavo alive. - WTF?

Just so we're clear on this: I DO NOT WANT TO END UP LIKE TERRI

I'm leaving DU.

Once the environmental destruction is complete.

Is Scott Peterson a repug?

Any News Coming Out of Iraq??

2 year anniversary of 'Shock & Awe', March 19th

Links to March 19/20 Protests Around the World

EPA/FDA saying women/children should not eat many types of FISH !!!

Congress and the Long Haul (let's talk strategery)

Assassin - Margaret Cho's new show

Our pathetic excuse for intelligence agencies...

Jesus for Christ sakes

tankless water heaters?

Empty Boots on the Ground in L.A.: Eyes Wide Open

tube removed

DemoTex made MSNBC!

AWOL (An Act Of Patriotism)

WOOHOO! Our own Demotex got his email read on MSNBC just now!

Who's a more worthwhile human --- Terry Schiavo or George W. Bush?

Take Action: Tell Senate Dems to stand up against politicizing Schiavo

I've been invited to dinner at the white house

I just got my first piece of hatemail through my CO support website!

Local news showed Bush Pensacola rally with Babs....crowd looked sparse.

Sign this DNC petition, keep free speech in congress,fight this power grab

Warning: POS Tom DeLay on CNN

My faith in the criminal justice system is faded.

Democrats Plan Social Security Campaigns

Wal-Mart pays off Justice Department. 11 million buys no guilt.

GQ Magazine details outing of Republicans

I don't get this uproar over the Schiavo case

DU administrators: Please nuke Demson asafp...

Does anyone else find this whole Schiavo issue somewhat surreal?

Would you have your picture taken with Bush?

Rove I mean Gannon sends an email to Rawstory....

Congress subpoenas BOTH Schiavos!

Check out the madness over the Schaivo case

Fairness Doctrine

CNN: finishes a story on Shaivo and follows up with....... WAIT FOR IT....

So Sharon has been invited

How do I put something on E-bay to sell?. I want to offer my car as

Proof Jon Stewart hasn't become pro-Bush

Soc. Sec. Admin. modified documents for Bush agenda, Lieberman quotes them

The most unfortunate irony of the Terri Schiavo case...

Feeding tube removed from Ms. Schaivo

Terry Schiavo wants to go to God,but they won't let her.

A Question about the Steroid Hearings...and Schiavo Case

What do you mean 'we,' white man?

Anyone catch animal property rights "hit" piece?

Report: Iraq could become 'the biggest corruption scandal in history.'

WTF? My daughter just got her first paycheck and it was a debit

The best one liner by a DUer ever. ROTFLMAO

DoD Releases the National Defense and the National Military Strategies

What will happen to the Schiavo judge?

Will Chavez Stop Gold Mining to Protect Forest Reserve?

listening to Little Feat

Former Green Beret (Bo Gritz) intends to "arrest" M.Schiavo and judge

I need Hitler's words on propaganda from Mein Kampf,

anyone else catch Rumsfeld's answer to the 'where's Osama' question?

Michael Schiavo's Lawyer Is On Fire

The Revolutionary War was a Civil War if you were British...

Seems like we have had a full moon everynight sense inauguration day

My heart goes out to the Schiavo family, but the freepers...

Local news filled with the praying folks about Schiavo....rocking forward.

Salmon patties for supper

Lieberman responds to Krugman with LTTE in NY Times

Terri Schiavo and the Bill of Attainder Clause

Freeps call Jeb "Pontius Pilate" over Schiavo stance.

Hannity and Colmes tonight

The Dullard

While we are calmly discussing Schiavo - in right wing nutjob land...

Why is that scumbag DeLay invoking Newt Gingrich's first wife?

Why hasn't Idiot Son saved Terry with an executive order?

letter to Kerry on Iraq oil privatization

Has anyone here ever been in the Peace Corps?

Favorite Barbara Bush Gross Hand/arm body language?

Republicans use America's own social taboos against us

Reports from Florida: Bush onlookers bullied off their own property.

(photo)Mommy, they won't play with me, they call me names, and

I will be happy when gas is 5$ a gallon, the draft is instated and

If Schiavo didn't have that child-like smile would the interest be there?

Schiavo smoking gun: The actual letter from Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Dunce)

My thoughts on the whole Schiavo thing ....

Pro-life issues in government, science and religion.

So Bush & his Friends can do anything. They know a pardon is coming..

The bastard abducted and killed the little girl

Found Proof: CNNfn, CNBC, RW Commentators ARE Stupid

How long before a "Pro-Lifer" tries to Murder Michael Schiavo?

The real 'China threat'

Hard to get into college?

Has there ever been a bigger piece of shit in the House than Tom Delay?

here is Larry Silverstein saying 'pull (ie demo) wtc 7...'

Dr. Dean Is Right: Republicans Are Evil

I just donated to NOW...

Just sent $25 to John Kerry (too late for ANWR, but Kerry is up to more)

How many barrels of U.S crude oil is imported in a day from Iraq?

DeLay Pledges Contempt Charge for Terri Judge

Current CNN Poll: Only 11% want to be vegetables.

I Wish Randi Rhodes Would Quit Pimping For " News Hour "

Tell your grandchildren -- "I was alive at the peak of American greatness"

Just how much oil is stored under the Earth's crust and how much have we

Wake Up: People living on less than 80% Median Income in America.

Schiavo's attorney blasting Repubs & Dems

MARCH 19, 726 Towns & Cities in ALL 50 STATES

If Terry Schiavo were black, would the RW be as obsessed?

Okay, what happed with Terri?

Just an general point about Hospice care

Truthfully, how hard would it be to build your own electric car?

Are You Watching Bill Maher Tonight?

I predict some good will come from Schaivo Case.

A short time ago I received a call from

A very special kid died yesterday.

I'm now the MOST extreme liberal in Wyoming!!

I Signed My Living Will Tonight.

Texas wants cosmetic surgery tax started to help w/ school funding

Who is watching Bill Maher tonight?

Who did more to support terrorism? Reagan or Bin-Laden

shouldn't Democrats introduce a bill mandating that oil from ANWR . . .

DU Petition - Shut the Senate Down

Terri Shiavo: Political Red Meat for the base of both sides

Study: Many virgins take other risks

Gavin Newsom Kicks FUCKING ASS!!! (on Hardball)

Would you consider this Freeper speak?

Study links all Freepers to an unfulfilled need for love from Daddy.

What Weekend Anti-War Actions Are Happening Near You? Check This Link

OK! it's about DELAY, not SCHIAVO. it's mean, funny, but mean....

Juan Cole: Wolfowitz's Plot to Destroy OPEC

Can someone give me the executive summary of the Schiavo case?

Should Reid and the Dems 'shut down the government'?


John Gibson/Fox: "the abandoned kids store"

TO newbie 'manna' ThankYouThankYouThankYOU! fer this INFO!

FUCK, is James Guckert EVER a stupid fucking fuckhead.

A Wanderer for Peace: Quotes from Peace Pilgrim


Rural America's dirty little secret

Action Alerts 3-18 Please DU these before Congress recesses!

Bill Maher question

Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence

How soon will the inevitable Recession/Depression hit?

Subpoenaing Terri Schiavo possibly could lead to the unexpected verdict

I am Liberal, Atheist, and Pro-Choice : Terry Schiavo should live ....

What's the most in your face political bumper sticker

Breaking news....Senate to call Terri Shiavo to testify

What if Bush sold dogs? (parody)

The USA is similar to the Aztecs in a BAD way...

Why is life-at-all-costs the default position?

Poll....Terry Schiavo ......kept alive or allowed to die ??

Malibu Gas Station Already Charging More Than $3 a Gallon

Are we going to be labeled"The Worst Generation"?

Sexuality Primarily a Choice or not? Homo, hetero, or otherwise

I think the ONLY people who should be drafted are Young Republicans.

When historians chronicle the decline of America,

When I was 18 I had a 16 year old girlfriend

Gramsci: The communist inspiration behind right-wing media

Who tricked you into believing you could reach the "top"?

My mother just told me something interesting on Ashley Smith

Tennessee Christian radio host arrested for child porn

A look at Terri Schaivo's Brain Scan

IRONY ALERT!!!!! Judge who ordered Shiavo feeding tube removed

Simpering Chimp >>>

Anyone listening to Michael Schiavo's lawyer on CNN?

Ethical question: If a person has severe depression, but is otherwise

Anyone care to guess what Hannity is talking about?

My Dinner with Andre (1981) was a truly prescient film and for anyone

a heartfelt THANKS to DUers for ALL their support...

A Poll for All DUers..

Bush taking his mom out to help with SS.

Mark McGuire Stands Up To The Congressional Urine Testers

Saw $2.20 a gallon on the way home last night...

HEADS UP: An Important Point on this Terry Schiavo Issue

Republican freepers ready for that draft Bush said he wouldn't have?

Schiavo & Churchill: great metaphors for RW version of best/worst citizen

Another way to help ANDY.......

Everyone needs to read this regarding the Illinois rape case.

Upchuck alert -Gannon to be on Tucker Carlson "unfiltered" tonight

Why John Kerry should not run for president again.

2009 how much shredded paper pool.....

Michael Ventura: *You* Are the Hope

Gannon/Guckert Interviewed by 'NY Times' This Sunday: Praises Dog

Where was Bush and his right to lifers when they killed this baby Tuesday?

"Mission Accomplished NOT": 2 May 2005 - A National Day of ....

Alton Brown Good Eats is about Bread making

What are the best uses of sea salt?

Freezing Herbs

Pressure Cookery

Them stupid conservatives just can't keep their yaps shut.

Muslim beauty contest stirs debate.

United North America

Air America just said Paul Martin is going to "the ranch" soon

How much of a threat is America to Canada

Tory-Alliance merger in 'real jeopardy': MacKay

LOL! Did anyone else catch this Stephen Harper quote?

Scottish group

Brazilian Official Defends Chavez in War of Words Between Venezuela And US

House to issue subpoenas to keep Terry Schiavo alive

Arrest Made in Alston Slaying

U.S. revokes visa of India state official

Italy PM Disputes U.S. Version of Shooting.....

US Senate Rejects Democratic ("Common Ground") Abortion Amendment

Nations fret amid oil highs (CNN Intl)

Dozens die from Ebola-like virus in Angola

US military truck crushes civilian car, killing three Iraqis

Professor Charged With Faking Grant Info

Kuwait, US in oil dispute

String of Iraq assassinations ongoing

NYT: Retirement, the Federal Way (Bush's Soc. Sec. model)

Do not pass it up! GO BACK TO THE DU FRONT PAGE

Ukraine Says It Exported Missiles to China and Iran

Dutchman facing genocide charges (Supplied Iraq)

Pentagon Invites Allies for First Time to Secret Talks Aimed at Sharing Bu

Syria,Iran Aiding Iraq Insurgents ("Terrorists Infiltrate US Border")

NYT: Europeans Doubt Microsoft Is Obeying Antitrust Order

NYT: Muslim Group Is Urging Women to Lead Prayers

Roads out of Baghdad become no-go zones

Pierce (college) bares sex ad

Probe of lobbyist expands to charity Abramoff

U.S. exploring taming Chávez (Oligarchs Daily)

No rethink by India on Iran gas pipeline (so much for Rice's wish)

Fake Cable Labeled Writer (William Arkin) a Spy for Iraq

Indonesia ousts Christian groups

Consumer Confidence Falls in March-Survey

Castro angry over Forbes listing

UK can send more troops to Iraq

GOP Asks Brain-Damaged Woman to Testify

NYT: F.D.A.'s Role in Delaying Contraceptive Is Criticized

Two contractors accused of cheating U.S. military

Broker to Limit Sale of Personal Data (Schumer gets Cheney, Paris SS#s)

Ukraine Says Missiles Smuggled to Iran

Study: Visa Drop Not From Tracking System

Putin Arrives in Paris to Reinforce Ties With West

Defence supplier US 'unreliable' - Times Of India

Congress subpoenas BOTH Schiavos!

Norway offers cash to Nazis' children

Sunni Cleric Killed in Iraq

Senate Rejects GOP Budget Cuts

Barbara Bush helps son's campaign to make over Social Security

Kentucky Banker to Take Over at Riggs

CIA Chief Defends Interrogation Procedure

LAT: 'CSI' Effect or Just Flimsy Evidence? The Jury Is Out

AP: Case judge reinstates order to remove Terri Schiavo's feeding tube.

Breaking: Circuit Court Judge Blocks Removal of Schiavo's Feeding Tube

Iraq's Shiite and Kurdish powerbrokers woo Allawi

1 billion passengers to crowd airports

WP: Choir Requires Some Preaching (Repub ads aimed at Repubs)

Ceremony honors Iraq war casualties Pfc. Lori Ann Piestewa

Secret US plans for Iraq's oil

Judge blocks removal of feeding tube from Schiavo

ANWR oil may create area jobs (Seattle P-I)

Florida Judge Lifts Stay Blocking Feeding Tube Removal

Senate Democratic Leader Introduces Bill to Protect Internet Communication

Taylor-Made Election Law

U.S. Soldier Dies in Baghdad Attack (1521)

Insurgents number 20,000 in Iraq ( really!)

Writer asks court to dismiss suit over Bush book by Kitty Kelley

Suicide bombers target U.S. troops in Iraq

Family spokesperson: Schiavo feeding tube removed


Cruise missile row rocks Ukraine (BBC) (18 nuclear capable missiles)

Virginity Pledgers More Likely to Engage In Anal Sex

US forces clash with insurgents .. car bomb in Al-Hudaith town

Colombian president calls for enhanced ties with China

MSNBC LBN: Rebuffing Congress, judge lifts order blocking removal of ....

Catholic Church Denies Funeral Rites to Gay Man Who Owned Bar and Dance Cl

Putin, European Leaders Agree on Iran Nuclear Program

House, Senate OK $2.6 trillion budgets w/warring views of spending cuts

DoD Issues Confidentiality Policy for Sexual Assault Victims

North Korea poses more nuclear threat than Iran: IAEA Chief

Rumsfeld says US forces in Iraq should fall over time, but will 'bulge' fo

"Hellish freedom for UK terror suspects "-- Al Jazeera

Historians irked by C-Span program (Holocaust)

Tsunami Reveals Ancient Ruins in India

Feds allege scheme of pension funds, chicken joints, Al Sharpton

Suicide Bombers Target U.S. Troops in Iraq

French voters threaten to shun EU treaty (Guardian re: Parisien poll)

Study: Abstinence May Lead to Risky Acts

US barred Japan from buying gas from Iran, says Rice

UK ; G8 Agrees Need for Action on Logging, Africa

Delaware oil refiner pleads guilty to discharging pollutants into river

GAO: Treasury agreement with GSA OMB changed TCE proposal

Group protests stealth recruiting by military at Palm Beach County schools

Rebel Spy to Stand Against Blair in Election

Iraq Split 2 Years After U.S.-Led Invasion

US Lawmakers Urge Probe of CAFTA Protester Deaths

League, Not Government, Should Clean Baseball (poll: ICR /ESPN / ABC)

Soldiers families to hold anti-war rally at Ft. Bragg (Thousands may show)

India, Russia, China to hold foreign ministerial meet

Zapatero Approval Steady In Spain (poll: Instituto Opina / Cadena Ser)

Fall in population threatens economic future of Europe--Independent, UK

Chavez and Foreign Minister Say US-Venezuela Relations Can Improve

U.S. Withdraws Colombia Accusation

Chileans Demand Withdrawal of Pinochet´s Privileges

360 British embassy staff join American trade union

Ex-official tells of security agency flaws

Car Bomb Explodes in Beirut

Filibuster Precedent? Democrats Point to '68 and Fortas -WP

UN Says Laws Against Torture Eroding

Lawmaker Seeks to End 'Sexy' Cheerleading

Letterman son kidnap arrest

Letterman Thankful Kidnap Plot Foiled

Putin given friendly reception by leaders of France, Germany and Spain

Disabled-Access Lawsuits Plague Businesses (propaganda, Yahoo front page)

Wal-Mart, Government Settle Immigration Investigation; No Criminal Charges

LAT: 'Preemptive Strikes' Become Policy

Ex-MI5 officer Shayler seeks anti-war vote to oust Blair in Sedgefield

NYT: Rice Bringing a New Style to State

Wal-Mart Settles Illegal Immigrant Janitors Case for $11 Million

WP: Martha Stewart Wants to Be Resentenced

NYT: Growth of Wireless Internet Opens New Path for Thieves

House lawyers appeal Schiavo case to Supreme Court

Schiavo Case Ignites Euthanasia Debate In U.S (poll: TNS / WP / ABC)

Native Americans decry Alaska exploration ruling

Global Warming Could Decimate Crops

Future uncertain for Iranian dissidents living in Iraq

FCC Exonerates CNN in F-Word Incident

Anti-war vet spreads message through public appearances

Wolfowitz Confident He Can Win Over Critics

Fake Cable Labeled Writer a Spy for Iraq (leaked to Wash. Times)

Russian General, In China, Denies That War Games Are Aimed At Taiwan

Cuba Announces Revaluation of Currency

Report: Afghanistan 'One Huge U.S. Jail'

Argentine economy expanded 9% in 2004

Confessions rivet Iraqis, Fight for minds uses a TV show as battleground

Govt. Criticized on Head Start Oversight (Reps. call for program change)

Low Support For U.S. Social Security Options (poll: TNS/ WP /AP)

Mosul blast causes carnage (US Soldiers Wounded)

Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' Becomes Best-Seller In Turkey

Conn. Ex-Gov. Rowland Gets Year in Prison

Worldwide protests mark Iraq war

CNN: Jessica Lunsford killed by John Couey

Barbara Bush Aids in Social Security Fight

House to issue subpoenas to keep Schiavo alive (Terri asked to testify?)

WP: Viewing Videotape, Frist Disputes Fla. Doctors' Diagnosis of Schiavo

(Hilary) Clinton adviser: "Kerry ran inconsistent campaign"

Pilot ejects OK after F-16 crash in Nev.

CNH Global, UAW reach proposed contract agreement

Car Bomb Wounds Six in Lebanese Capital

Weapons Dealers Said to Smuggle Missiles

Lawmaker Seeks End to Vulgar Cheerleading

Fed Bars Citigroup From New Acquisitions

Shiites Protest Suicide Blast in Baghdad (Angry With Jordan)

India firm on gas-pipeline deal with Iran despite U.S. opposition

Brain injury therapy being underfunded (bush slashed funding)

Two Women Lead Chile Presidential Polls (Socialist Party of Allende)

U.S. Banks Record Huge Gains

St. Petersburg 5-year-old cuffed after school outburst

World Bank Staff: No to Wolfowitz


Florida Coral Reefs in Deeper Peril (near death)

Science: Climate Change Inevitable

Family spokesperson: Schiavo feeding tube removed

Diocese of San Diego denies Catholic funeral rites to (Gay) bar owner

White House Heavily Redacts Clinton Papers

NYT: Rare AIDS Strain Is Very Aggressive, Study Says

DoD Releases the National Defense and the National Military Strategies

Iraq Not Worth Fighting For Many Americans (poll: TNS / WP / ABC)

WaPo: What's a Press Corps To Do? (press considering revolt against WH)

Neb. Prodigy, 14, Dies in Apparent Suicide

Army vice chief of staff worried about future of all-volunteer military

Gas-guzzler sales may be at risk from China rules

Cellucci joins Stronach empire (Damn, we are not rid of him!)

I am in love with me - is there something wrong with Sundog?

Is the BBC purposely mispronouncing *'s name?

Is the fun really over?


Drinking homemade 'Absinthe'...

goin to bed after havin a wee bit too much of the irish cheer

Nun faces DWI charge after parkway crash

Has anyone seen "Delivery" yet? Its incredible and wonderful!

How in the hell did Robert Blake get off?

What's UP with JimmyJazz trying to steal my man?????

Ladies & gentlemen of the jury: I give you Robert Blake-GUILTY

john stamos SUCKS!!!

Say something truthful and nice about the person who posted...

If JimmyJazz rejected my advances, what would be the best strategy?

I could really use a neck rub

A local church sign says

I'm the Whiz! I'm the Whiz! I'm the Whiz! And nobody beats me.

Anybody ever get verklempt reading Walt Whitman?

Imagine for a second Blake really is innocent

Why the Queen was smiling...Pics fixed now

Torture a 4 year old little girl: play an Elvis song

Chihuahua Adopts a Chick (with adorable picture!)

Heads up! Great Daily Show on at 11 on west coast.

How good is your intuition?

Goodnight Lounge!

I'm going to a candlelight vigil on Saturday.

I'm going to a candlelight vigil on Saturday.

It's my birthday ... ask me anything


What movie did this line come from?

I am such a dumbass

Printer Warning

Grab hold of the log, and say "cheese"

Yikes - am I in the wrong place? Is it a full moon or something?

1951 . . . Batman comic . . . Issue #66 . . .

cute girl + kiss < dork + xmlhttprequest

Hey Brain........ what are we going to do tonight ??

What market should Air America Radio expand to next...

Dick Radatz "The Monster" dies at 67. Former Red Sox Closer.

"My message is that .. steroids is bad .. don't do 'em."

I have a cat sleeping on my shoulders

What kind of bike do you own?

mixed up stupid question for y'all

Name one good thing!

So they now have exploding capsules in beer...

Well another year rolls over on the body clock...its my birthday..

School Monitor Fired For Stuffing Grass & Weeds Into First-Graders Mouths

Man Stabbed After Argument Over Piggy Bank

Former Cop Charged With Flashing People Using Plastic Banana

Lawmaker Wants To Ban Erectile Dysfunction Ads On Primetime TV

79 Year Old Norwegian Man Caught Driving Drunk In Wrong Car

Chick Tract of the Day: The Evils of Evolution and Public School

anyone know if there's ever been a movie about King Philip's War ?


Looking for cheap/free HTML editor for a basic webpage

Really stupid or crazy band names

VCR help

$27 Million Lottery Winner Rushes Back to Work

Rant: and the sports headline

Nude Shock from Mr. Spock

Imagine for a second Jesus really is innocent

Just saw footage of Big Dog's 1992 Arsenio Hall Sax performance..

how are you doing in your NCAA picks?

If you haven't read's online biography of W......

Like to have your mind bent? WARNING..THIS COULD MAKE YOUR HEAD HURT

Brrrr. I'm cold.

I watched Kalifornia for the first time last night!

So, how is everyone doing in their office tourney pool?

So what exaclty did Schilling say about the Dems?

I'm one fast motha....

I'm having a fluffy lead contest on my Web site!

Crosby, Stills, & Nash's new greatest hits -- botched?

Going to buy previous seasons of "24" - Which one should I get 1st?

Man Arrested For Driving Drunk On Airport Tarmac

How many Sweet 16 picks have you lost so far?

I'm streaming Will Pitt on Air America right now. Ask me anything!

I now have seasons three, four AND five of the Simpsons on D...V...D.

I can't believe Showtime cancelled "Dead Like Me" ...

Don't post a picture of yourself in this thread

Did anyone see Drew Carey on some late show the other night?

Is it possible to quit drinking and still keep your beer-swilling friends?

Life or death question: Why are bill changers so dang perfectionistic ?

Who is this little whippersnapper?

"I'm gon' be such a good wife to you, Tone!"

I Need Some Major Career Advice

This is what I am doing-What are you doing?

My first locked thread ! Party at 7 at my place

My sister-in-law is a bushevik moron.

I got to talk to Chuck D this morning.

I'd practically kill for a coffee right now

What are you wearing now? I'm looking seriously dorky.

Bryan told police: "I ate his brains with butter. It was really nice."

Watch things being shredded

Name the Movie

my free pop-up stopper has been sucking lately, need a new one

I'm in Heaven.

(Game) WHOOPWHOOP! WARNING! Perimeter Breach Boys Escaping

DU census question-Do you have access to the internet?

I'd practically use a tire iron and pepper spray for a coffee right now

Need Some Major Career Advice

Check out this photo of Anne Coulter and post your own of any Repub.

Oh I’d rather go and journey

Do you say "Cheese"?

What was that capitol hill phone number?

A toast

Do you know what will turn a crappy mood into a really crappy mood?

If they film a made-for-tv movie of the BTK - I think Drew Carey should

What do you see when you look at this image?

Song titles that make no sense

Can you actually manufacture an "American Idol"?

I want something different for lunch

Are you jellin'?

You know, it's March 18th...


I was looking for a job, and then I found a job,...

I got accepted to the U of Arkansas!

Red pepper and sweet potato soup...

Freeper: Medicare ruins the moral fabric of society---causes tyranny

I just went out to the grocery store and gas jumped 20 cents a gallon...

FReeper: where were you when the Pres was getting a BJ in the WH?

any moment now, we're going to have 66666 DU members

HELP DUers. Redirish28 and I need Advice on what to do.

Anyone been an intern before?


Sony PSP

Lil’ Kim convicted of perjury

I don't care what you think...The Monkees' "No Time" KICKS ASS.

66666 members!

SOOO - Who's our NEWEST DUer - #666666 @1:17EST

If Jeb Bush is elected president in 2008, will you leave the USA?

Any thoughts about Henry Blake?

We now have 66,667 users here. The danger is over.

What is the scariest numerical digit from 0 to 9?

Good day DU'ers

Do you "let it mellow"?

Could it be...JC might have been the last dependable carpenter?

Favorite non-candy bar candy

How Many Times A Year Do You Get A Haircut?

In honor of our 66,666th DUer: A scary photo of Rob Zombie.

Shazam experiment: Next time someone sneezes, turn into Captain Marvel.

what a sweLL guy

Any thoughts about Robert Blake?

Is this the university Jeff Gannon went to?

Joss Whedon to Direct 'Wonder Woman'

If 666 is the number of the beast, what is 66,666?

It's my birthday and I'm jumpy with goodwill.

It just hit me like a ton of bricks

Any thoughts about Blake's Lotaburger?

"Hello Wall" - first line in a movie - Can you name it?

Who else likes to watch Telemundo even though they can't understand it?

MEN! Vote in the "Boys against the Girls Poll" thread!


What exactly is the point of doing this?

An Open Letter To 'Wonder Woman' Director Joss Whedon

Any thoughts about William Blake?

Any Thoughts About John Blake?

Twin Brother Dies Of Gunshot Wound - Over Hamburger

It's my b-day, it would have been nice to wake up and hear...

"Hey, man, that's groovy!"

I've only got 5 posts left to hit 1,000 - ask me anything

Which would be a beter Senator? Lieberman or a Can of SPAM?

The "Channeling Carl Spackler from Caddyshack" CAPTION

It's FRIDAY ya bastids!!

It's the boys against the girls poll.

Religious stoush over nudist event: celebrating religion in the buff

The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning

paging zuni or other FR sLeuths

How was Randi yesterday?

Which Beatles song has the most incomprehensible lyrics?

new toon -- only if halliburton was on steriods

Gas Prices in Burlingame, Ca. Yesterday -$2.89/2.79/2.69

How about a "Lobby to make snowballing cars an olympic sport" group?

Sneezing In Public : Yay or Nay?

Who else here has "spring fever"?

Dupe. Delete


I have spring fever

POLITICAL 'Toon of the week - submit , , , ,

He is Risen

British slang Americans should adopt?


Whatever happened to Sly Stone?

When I finally go off my nut and go on a shooting spree...

DU group proposal - Cape Bretoners!

Who else cannot stomach Katherine Lanpher (Al Franken's co-host)

"The Last Waltz" Wow!! What talent! What memories!

Send good vibes, prayers, good thoughs and wishes, please


Social experiment: Next time someone sneezes, say "Shazaam!"

There's a movie being filmed at my place of employment....

Do you feel better now that Bar's thrown her 2 friggin' cents worth in?

Damn it

Listening to Ray Charles sing "I Can't Stop Loving You"... sublime

Ya know, Angelo Badalamenti is a good composer in his own right.

DU Group proposal- Caped Crusaders

I upgraded the BIOS... ask me anything

Find your Secret Spam Header Identity!

YIKES! How would you like to work HERE!?!?

I am sick of Terri Shiavo, ask me anything

This is my 1000th post. Thank you DU

I want to be home, but I don't want to drive home

Don't be shy - - - who reads ATA regularlly?

Lounge Private Message Etiquette

Lounge Private Massage Etiquette

Woman Pepper-Sprayed Teen Who Threw Snowball At Her Car - Arrested

So what do you think Michael Jackson's escape plans are?

I am so sad right now.

Breaking: God to punish US for removing Schiavo feeding tube.

Bad News..I just got my Brain Scan and Doctors....

When Drying Your Hands In A Public Restroom...

WHAT DO YOU THINK of people who use cellphones in public restrooms?

Heyyyyyy Saraaaaaahbelle......

Saw a funny sticker yesterday.

......women sense my power, they seek the life essence.

Hey, anyone here into R/C planes/boats/cars?

Sorry for offending some of you.

Someone PLEASE kill me

A total vanity post.... my first flaming thread!

Resurrecting this from yesterday...'cause it cracked me up.

I am leaving DU

I'm leaving DU.

Has anyone ever tried to keep their eyes open while sneezing?

brats-are they really necessary?

video of Rush Limbaugh's girlfriend getting pranked

What Weekend Anti-War Actions Are Happening Near You? Go To This Link

Jeb Bush orders NG troops to Hospice in Florida!

Wanna tell you a story, 'Bout a woman I know

Post something guaranteed to be defensive

Post something guaranteed to be inoffensive

In the beginning, back in 1955,

Shortest DU Gathering EVER.

Who DIDN'T snowball cars when you were a kid.

Catholic DUers - Looong Gospel this Sunday - Wear Comfy Shoes.

I get it now!! - GOP needs as many Brain-dead people as POSSIBLE.

met my second DU'er last night ...

Got a good night's sleep I guess because I'm fiesty!

Hmmm...note to jokes that are not vanilla in DU Lounge! LOL

It's 100 per cent ONE OF THOSE DAYS

Does anyone have ANY info about deferred enrollment?

"Giggle." Not "Giigle." It's "Giggle."

I hope no one is pulling my leg

Did anyone watch the "The Contender" last week?

Why can't women raise the toilet seat when they're done?

Is Nothing Sacred?

Face or body, what is more important?

In honor of redqueen because she's sad . . . What do WOMEN want?

Per my most recent spam, I have to change my name to Johnie Ermatinger

Yes or No?

My smiley face is sick.

The trolls are getting tombstoned left and right over in GD.

When I go on a shooting spree I'll probably shoot my nuts off

Excitement is GO! Adventure is GO! Danger is GO!

After reviewing my secretary's Victoria's Secret catalog...

If you didn't get a package but you tracked it online and it said it was

Listen up dipshits. Honda Civics are slow.

Is the usage of "nt" necessary in the Lounge ?

I wanna say this in front of 66676 witnesses

Can anyone send me a copy of Kazaalite K or some other good kazaalite ?

Moral of the story: If it says "Randi Rhodes", don't friggin believe it

Democratic Underground... is for:

This is a song with a message, I want you to heed my words

The Shiavo Case - Sorry. Some points. Confused.

What do FREEPERS want?

Which T-shirt should I wear to the anti-war rally tomorrow in Austin?

I just found the greatest oil change place in the world!

What do MEN want?

When I say "Hawaiian Pizza," what do you think I'm talking about?

If I get a feeding tube - do I have to buy groceries anymore?

"Final Straw". My new favorite song.

Moments in movies that made the hair on your neck stand

Someday when I can afford a new computer

can we talk about anything else

Did you know...

Which of these AC/DC albums is the best?

dog lovers -- truly sorry, but this pic of ** wearing a Barney T-shirt ...


I'm gonna be on the Today Show tomorrow!

Remember James Watt? Post how crazy he was, here:

I'm having a surprise birthday party for Ms Uly tomorrow evening.

listening to Little Feat

Heads up, Gavin Newsom on Hardball

Remember Screaming Lord Byron? Post how crazy he was...

Domain name "" is up for grabs

Blinking motherblinkers

M.A.T.C.O.M. goes Punjabi ... GOP gets a new hat!


Star Wars Episode III Trailor

I pity people who have nothing intelligent to contribute here

I love Olive Oyl...

I love Edna Boyle.

I'm gonna be on the Tomorrow Show today!

I need recommendations on how to start a website.

Did you hear about the SD pedophile bishop who won't all a gay man to

i love arab oil

I love castor oil.

Opera 7.54 browser vs. Firefox 1.01 browser ?

I was just mowing the grass and ZOOOOM!!!!

Self Deleted.

How Do You Feel About Youth in Asia?

I love olive oil

Meet up with DUers tomorrow at the protests!(SF-CA meetup)


This TV-less person asks: "Why have we disowned Bill Maher?" nt

I love olive drab.

I love Olive Oyl

I love massage oil!!!!

I discovered I have cable......

It's official, Bill Maher is a total jerk.

Post a pic of the band you're listening to now


Let's rename the GD

Are you truly left wing?

You know you guys who copied catted me, my thread was a copycat

I love Olive Oil

Cursors of the future.


I think olives are okay.



Rental question, please help!!!

If you've been TV-free, tell us how long.

Come With Me Now As We Play... DIC-TIO-NAR-A-OKE

"There's a little bit of angel and a little bit of devil in all of us."

Giant frogs giant frogs

I love hamburgers


where's Mr. Scorpio and his bar ?

What is the first thing you think of, typically, when you get up in the AM

What does Oasis think about the Terri Schiavo case?

Try and tick off the convience store clerk.

I love Bach.

GO ODU Monarchs!!! Playing now (NCAA).

Having watergun fights with chimpanzees

If I said that I hate black olives, would you conisder me a racist?

I love the Olive Garden.

Play the CSI game with me...

Excellent reviews for a new film and a new play (both opening in NY)

Helloooooooo! Is this thing on? *tap_tap_tap*

Demson's a runaway poster right now....yank him outta here.

Shameless "Post Whore" Trial Balloon of the Night

Oh, that's where he went!

It's Friday night. What's for supper?

Save Futurama Petition

I have an ass.

Someone suggest some music for me to check out.

A song for Terri Schiavo

"The Devils Playground"

Is this Ann Coulter's role model?

Chewing gum can 'enhance breasts'

Are you male or female?

When you're strange...

3 Guinness's in 2 hours.



I am an ass.

You have my permission to call me an idiot

It's the cats against the dogs poll

Salmon patties for supper

hot or not?

Confession: I LOVE GEORGE W. BUSH!!!!!

Dayum, another, "I just reached xxxx posts" and I didn't notice thread.

Butter my ass and call me a biscuit.

What happens when people who have only talked over the internet meet...

Basin Steet Blues

Supposedly, This Washed Ashore During the Tsunami **WARNING - GRAPHIC**

whoisalhedges is an ass.

This is my 19,999 post. I'm going to bed I can savor it.

They like you very much, but they are not the hell your whales

What is with some people?

Well, I'm still here

Something to think sad...

I shall let the lounge decide

Is all My Bloody Valentine music played backwards?

What celebrity have people said you remind them of?

I was caught in the middle of a railroad track.

once again - post pictures of other DUers

Petra Haden's recording of "The Who Sell Out" is sublime.

Who can explain the difference between component video and composite?

Vive la Resistence! (Warning: Graphic but humorous photo)

And I pray. Oh my God do I pray. I pray every single day

How often do you castigate yourself?

Morgan Fairchild is only 4' 11".


More fun with Photoshop...GOP CAT Scans (GRAPHIC!)

It's our 7th month wedding anniversary. Ask me anything.

The hell?

I am in a crappy mood today.

gah I hate it when things like this happen

a massage for the hand who don't wash their bathroom leaving the guys

Olive oil my ass and call me focaccia

a message for the guys who don't wash their hands leaving the bathroom

Everyone who enters this thread has to....

Fenris has a huge collection of empty beer bottles on his dryer.

I didn't know Liberal Women from Adam's Housecat until I joined DU

o/` This is the song that never ends o/`

Wow!! Just look at this nice pair of breasts!!!

Which DU'er most resembles this hot lady of the '80s ?

I think you should post a picture(s) of your PET(s). Like right now.

I bought a Total Trolley..........

Gettin' hi, Stutin' with Some Barbeque

Real Time with Bill Maher thread

Why do I torture myself?

Best Of The Worst Country Western Song Titles

Rate my ass!

Disabled parking spots versus toilet stalls for the disabled-

Does anyone know if the United Methodist Church

What chaps your ass?

Skinner is a bad ass

Renal failure / kidney disease in CATS - Help!

Sad News - John Couey admits to killing Jessica Lunsford. Police now

" Which truth do you find most difficult to accept "

Should I get on my knee?

Has anyone ever been ripped off by an Amazon seller?

Hey Musicians! Want a Digital Production Studio?

Men: What constitutes "nice legs" - keep it clean, please.

Women: Do You Use Under Arm Deodorant Or Anti-Perspiration?

Give me five reasons I shouldn't eat my entire Trader Joe's tiramisu

NBC Pairs Jesus, Pill-Popping Priest in TV Pilot

bras - are they really necessary?

I think it's time to up the number of posts it takes

Friday Night Poll...

Kitty Break

SAT's admit to "Republicanization" of test

DC DU 19 March 2005 Meetup, when, where and who?

Hillary Duff seems to have a good voice

Caption the new inmates

Have you ever drove off without paying for gas?

Give me five reasons I shouldn't kiss my Traitor Joe.

It's not just a small world, it's incestuous. (and I need karma)

The Baby Clothes Have Been Put Away! :(

What kind of dog are you? Take the test...

The Last Question.....

I love you, you big dummy

People posting song lyrics should put "song lyrics" in the title line

Well, Kansas just blew up my bracket.

Anybody a Harry Chapin...

"Google." Not "goggle." It's "Google."

Red Dwarf VI - your favorite episode?


Anyone knowledgeable with vaccines? I need help.

Pick the Democratic Party Theme Song!

Caption Bush and mama

Cadence's pic: If you have one, please post it

March Madness - Poorman style! Make your picks now

Children's book titles you will never see

Obey God's Law, Atheist scum

Where do you think "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" rates

I love olive you.

Buy This Honda Motorcycle

Pic of Me and Congressman Cox (R - 48th Dist. - CA)


Has anyone taken this test already? Political Compass

Hows that weather? ........... I'll be in Cabo next week.

Captions to Celebrate my 1 Year of Blogging

I am NOT feckless!

other She-Devils Check in! I'm lonely!!!

I just saw "The Ring Two." Time for my one-word review:

I'm roughly 60 posts away from should I waste...

Delany and Bonney appreciation thread.

Is the commute my problem? Or is it the chair at work?

Would ya'll put your drinks down and help a fellow DUer with a letter???

I had to take my NEW car in for repairs. Swell, eh? Guess what they loaned

Why you should obey red lights: The customer of the day

I'm going to be a Best Woman!!!!!

ohh, my new toy (Nikon D70) just arrived

Culture clash!! the movie "Tie me up, tie me down."

Post something guaranteed to be offensive

Why is that some people are judged differently than others?

Favorite teen movie of the 80's?

What should I make for Shabbat dinner?

Movie recommendations for two geeks....

You're stuck in an elevator with *

Tell us a lie in this thread.

Going to Vegas...Who Should I see?

Catholic Church makes it official: Christ did not die for our sins....

Old Catholic order ordains three gay men

"Spare the rod, spoil the child"...maybe not what you think it means

Don't hand religion to the right

An appalling misuse of scripture to justify war? The Christian soldier.

It's a Maybe for Drug Safety Unit (per Nominee to head FDA)

HIV Kenya protest at patent law

Experts call for health premium hikes - TW

Neuro- economics - Economic buy, sell, save or trust based decision making

Awesome Satellite Image of SE USA Fall colors add Cool details

Tutu: 'Celebrate gays'

Georgia Voids Parts Of Local Gay Rights Ordinances

Federal Gay Marriage Amendment Returns

Gay Rights 'Creates Discrimination'

WHERE r they getting this 60%????

GOP Bill Would Force Cities To Admit Scouts Despite Gay Ban


Second Annual GOP March Madness pits Rethug Priorities Head to Head!

Here's MikeG's Second Day NCAA Picks.

Vermont - Syracuse

Congrats to the BC Eagles

MikeG looking to sell used crystal ball - any takers?

I'm going to "Drink the XXX" and root for WVU - for now.

Congrats to the "At" schools of the NCAA tournament

Any tennis fans out there? **SPOLIER** What the phuck happened at


Will Red Sox fans actually go and see "Fever Pitch"?

Horrific story of animal abuse from Missouri

Gentle cat breeds? No biters...

Mercury Retrograde Discussion

Please Help this NEW DUer

Has anyone ever taken a Silva Mind Method course?

Astrologer Robert Gover-The Falling Dollar, Inflation, & Social Security

Obey God's Law! Obey! Obey! Obey! Obey! Obey! Obey!

Where the hell is Jesus? I haven't seen him in a while

To fight poverty would you...

I'm still getting Hillary's stuff re: Count Every Vote Act, and...

Patti Davis Joins Brother Ron

Another News Story: Hillary staffer criticizes Kerry campaign

How the Wingnuts will frame Kerry

Hi-I'm back from vacation

There's something happening here

Interesting thread on Biden and Kerry on Daily Kos

Positive Kerry article in the LA Times

JKFA Contacts Corsi: E-Mail Him NOW!!!!

Not taking sides on Terri Schiavo, but I'm getting sick of the politicking

Flame Kerry thread.

Off topic ! have to vent! I cannot take the DLCers anymore.

Harold Ford Jr

Green? Architecture? Green architecture?


snowflakes up close


self delete

I've been reading this group off and on, but never really posted any

Help me decide which photo to enter!

I also need help deciding which photo to enter

Some Close-Up Nature Shots

Last night's sunset



Waiting to see if Countdown will be shown at eleven o'clock. (YES)

Feature story on "Countdown" homepage is Ms Novotny's on guns...

Newsletter 3/18/05 -- Nice of them to apologize

Thanks for the mocking democracy

This is the year anniversary of DFA's founding.

"Wolfowitz at the World Bank door"-- Asia Times

Why do we never hear about the Turkmen of Iraq?

found this...had to post it...

"Traditional Values" versus gay agenda-- battleground is the Boy Scouts

We need stealth candidates

Fux News' Neil Cadaver targets Eliot Spitzer

OK I have a question about Iraq

A world built on bribes?

Steroids vs Plame, Gannon, WMD lies, SS Lies etc...

Do you support affirmative action?

C-SPAN Programming Information for Fri. 3/18

What chicanery is the "Steroids Issue" distracting us from?

Are the GOP Senators voting against the budget up for re-election?

United symbol or color for tomorrow's protests?

Is the village idiot planning on bombing

Presidents statement on Terri Schiavo

Second Annual GOP March Madness pits Republican priorities head to head!

For Your Reading - A Typical Right Wing Msg On The Yahoo Board

Al Sharpton calls for ban on violent music on radio/TV

great streaming democratic talk station

Handy NewSites, but NEED Altsites=UK,India,Russia,Germany,Japan,NeLands?

Rice-if i do not talk about certain things then they do not exist. In the

THIS IS THE WEEKEND! The whole world's talking! Speak up US!

Conyer's Vote on $81 Billion for Iraq War - A Voting Error!

CSPAN pulls book interview with holocaust book author?

Bush speaks with forked tongue. what else is new?

How does that make you fell (Letting Schiavo go)--this question is being

"Scott, why do Senate Democrats hate America?" (5 toons)

Another blatent abuse of supoena power (Schiavo case)

MSNBC just said that Bush was not involved in the Schiavo case but

Tom Delay, defender of morality and pillar of the community, wants you

Swedish newspaper calls it MURDER!

and the times, they are a-changing

More Hypocrisy on the march

Tom Delay on MSNBC says "we will save Terry's life" over Easter weekend!

Boycott Farce: Why is it funny when THEY do it?

torturer punished for torturing then gets job teaching torture

Fla. Republican equated Terry Schiavo to a One Hundred Dollar Bill

50 Republicans voted for deep benefit cuts and massive debt increases

Sen. Mel Martinez is a creep

Jim McDermott was on DemocracyNow! today...

Attn. DNC: "Progress for America" provides list of vulnerable House Repubs

Wolfowitz talks to Bono re: Poverty

What is a conservative?

Re Terry Schiavo: Here's Phone, Fax and Web for all FL Reps and Senators

If 200,000 Democrats gave $100, we could catch up with GOP.

CSPAN now - live calls on the Schiavo case

GQ: Mehlman not gay

Why is Congress poking its nose into MLB?

Help Me Understand conservatives

Another RW Meet The Press: (3-20-05):

When The Revolution Comes, You'll Like Strawberries

Why Aren't We Deluging Gonzales' AG Office With Calls & Emails????

Is Biden angling to be Hillary's number 2?

Why Republicans Don't Like Social Security

CNN announcing Iraq War Anniversary-1500 Americans dead, 11,000

WP: Voters Voice Sentiments on Social Security

Republicans versus the evil UN

What Weekend Anti-War Actions Are Happening Near You? Go To This Link

What will be the "total" result of the 06 elections?

DoD Issues Confidentiality Policy for Sexual Assault Victims

My thoughts on a poster for tomorrow's march.

Lewis Black nails the NRA/Video

Has everyone signed this and decided to boycott these oil companies?

We should continue to publicly bash Lieberman always.

Pelosi Co-Sponsors Bill to Award Cesar Chávez Congressional Gold Medal

Social Security goes it George

Dubya has always been persistent...

Red State: Frist response to Reid (blah, blah, blah)

Presidential Propaganda - In Focus: Social Security

Does anyone have an analysis of the approp res that passed today in Sen


A handy list of words to use when talking about the GOP.

True insanity---Repugs in the US Congress trying to keep Schiavo alive

Demson is a good example of the type of people we are dealing with

Press Release Frist/Hastert on Schiavo

How the game is played, unfortunately some DUers fall for it RE: Hillary

LTTE kicks Walmart butt !

Why do right-wingers insist on "playing God"?

Congress investigates steroid use in sports. Is it a diversion?

I just heard that * is now dragging Battleaxe Barb along with him

TX: Bill would keep gun owners' names secret

Breaking...CNN changing its logo to a crucifix

Washington State Bill 1754 will convert to mail only elections by Jan 2008

Should the Democrats join an International Alliance?

HELP! DU this poll! ANWR...............................ANWR

Bush Losing Support Of Financial Services Companies On Private Accounts

Say no to Joe - Grass roots have had enough Joementum

David Brock on The NewsHour tonight

CNN has taken sides:"Terri Schiavo's parents frantically fight to save her

Please sign this petition to get rid of DeLay!!!

Simple Song of Freedom

A question about elected Congressman and Senators

It is my deep concern that the Democratic Party is turning into

The Debates We Don’t Have in Washington, but Should

Bill Maher = the new Dennis Miller


Please help me to irritate the MSM camera crews at the protests….

Let's think positive !

"Senator Byrd is correct to equate Bush with Hitler"

Goal 2006: Rid the US Government of Rick Santorum

What is your stance on euthenasia?

How should we "frame" the neo-con agenda?

Pictures-- Building one of the 14 "Enduring U.S. Bases" in Iraq

The Schiavo Case is a much bigger issue than the feeding tube

Media Bias!!! Why is the media labeling the schiavo case as

Dems' rallying cry: Republicans hate the US for our FREEDOMS.

Anyone see Gavin Newsom on Hardball?

Guess which protesters the Corporate Media will be filming this weekend?

Does anyone else think the steroid story was a red herring?

Joe Wilson on Al Franken's show said Philip Agee outed CIA spys

Social Security more imprtant than pro-choice? This is disgusting.

Will Alaskan oil from ANWR be limited to sale only in the US ???

My Letter To Mary

Democrats for Wolfowitz (Biden , Leahy)

Father Daniel Maguire, pro-choice Catholic priest, on Iraq

Here's Howard...touring and fundraising.

Message from Wes Clark - RE: rightwing zealots & the FCC