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Archives: March 17, 2005

NOW: What's happening to the American worker?

Those Unfunded Mandates(Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995 NOT WORKING)

Medicare: The next riddle for the ages(But USAToday ignore National Health

Pakistan 'lost' Bin Laden trail

A Wink and a Fraud (wink, wink, no renditions, no fake news)

(Bush) joked that he could tack on an "I'm George W. Bush ...

Republican "Family Values"

Russian Army Chief Arrives in China Ahead of Joint War Games

GOP boards up the 'town hall' (no sale on Soc Sec priv accts is bad PR)

North (San Diego) County Times: Catastrophe awaits in Utah

Driving Points Home On Social Security (GOP accidently sell Dem SS Plan)

Now What? by Jim McDermott

A victory, but not a done deal, for Arctic drilling

About the Alaska drilling

Michaelangelo Signorile's lastest column--if you didn't loathe the Log

Bushaganda Much like Mexaganda.

Paul Reynolds (BBC): Wolfowitz to spread neo-con gospel

Let the sunshine in (Government transparency, from a Kansas editor)

Prison Without Charge: Haiti Political Prisoners

The great GOP role-reversal gambit - No spending opportunity left behind

Sore Losers

Denouncing DeLay

Nigeria's Oil Killing Fields

How to prepare a planet for global warming

Simon Tisdall (Guardian Utd): Atomic clock ticks down to fallout with Iran

Can ANWR Be Saved? - By Patti Davis

Tom Fenton Of CBS Laments State of Journalism In New Book

Tiny School Gets No-Bid Work From Homeland Security:

Secret US plans for Iraq's oil (Palast / BBC)

Alaska oil a drop in the bucket (Atlanta JC)

The politics of values poses a grave threat to democracies

Salon (Michael Lind): "Mr. Magoo goes to the World Bank"

CIA - like "extra-legal" Military Units on U.S. Soil.

Bill Moyers: Welcome to Doomsday (Impact of Christians on the Environment)

U.S. laws make it easy for terror suspects to be armed

Global economy is dangerously out of balance

Protecting Kids to Death: Safe Child Syndrome

Krugman: The Ugly American Bank

Enron: Patron Saint of Bush's Fake News

Excellent advice from Lew Rockwell: FLEE!


NYT: The Greatest Dirty Joke Ever Told

Britain's Bush-Like Approach to S.S. Hasn't Worked - Phil. Inquirer asks:Why Wolfowitz?

Molly Ivins: The stench of rotting ethics (Tom DeLay)

Prof: "I am especially pleased that the killing...was a slow throttling."

Pay as you go plan voted down (proposed by Feingold/Chaffee)

Boxer leading a boycott of any cos that decide to drill in the Arctic

Daily Protest Pics Thread – Are You ready For Some Protests?

Authorities cite 31 Alliant Techsystems protesters (MN)

USAToday ignores single payer National Health as solution to Medicare!

USA Today calls GOP run poll of Iraq attitude "non-partisan"

A call to action from Media for Democracy.

Introducing a new name for the lapdog corporate media: THE POODLE PRESS!

Are You A Graphic Artist Photoshop Geek? Please Help

If you want to know whats wrong with MSM news listen to this

Jay Marvin Show.

Tom Fenton Of CBS Laments State of Journalism In New Book

Bush picks trade representative

KFC says it does not use dangerous dye - TW/CN

Unions to Wal-Mart: The Gloves Are Off

India, China locked in energy game

KFC says it does not use dangerous dye - TW/CN

Gun Control: South African Style...

Suggestion: place where new posters can introduce themselves

i wiLL not be ignored here!!!

Question about a bug

Great Smileys Here

Due to its critical importance, is there any way that this thread can

Senor Skinner

Posted a relpy using different font color & size, ended with / and bracket

Text size in my browser has gotten HUGE and I can't control it

What can DC area DUers do to crash the Freeper rally on 4/7

Why the Pop-Unders?

New rules seem arbitrary.

Upgrade idea for the queue.

So, we've put up a discussion list for the Gannon stuff elsewhere

"Gannon" was last "seen" on 18 Feb 2005. The picture of "Gannon"...

I have a couple of questions about smilies also.

What exactly constitutes a "calling out?"

Local problem with Firefox: I can't log in.

How do you take certain groups off of your group list?

BBC (Friday): Sharon welcomes Palestinian truce

9-11 experts : I had a forehead-smacker today

Intriguing information in FBI affidavit

Why have there been so many suspicions about the Pentagon hit on 9/11?

Vero Beach: Maybe a center of the 911 story?

It costs $ to store and secure evote equipment: Paper Ballots Hand Counted

new twist in GOP's felons list-some were juvenile convictions

Hood sidesteps query on indicted campaign worker

Bush surprisingly selects an Ohio rep. as U.S. Trade Envoy!

MUST READ !! Great E-mail From John Kerry

Emerging Diebold Scandal in MD

which 2002 elections were likely fraudulent?

PROBABILITY TABLE: Exit Poll Margin of Error vs. Vote Deviation

Some news about the lawsuit.

Calif. Sec of State McPherson confirmation delayed 2 weeks. ACTION!

IMPORTANT PLEASE RESPOND !!! Boxer And Kerry Are Trying So Hard

Thursday 3/17 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

KOEB Thursday

Attention: MoveOn DUers!

ACTION: Need Open Records Activity (Legal Status)

Recount statutes for all 50 states

Ohio Elections officials invite Nat'l Watchdog group to review performance

The central legal/democratic Standard for why computer Voting is WRONG

Cliff Arnebeck update

NC March 28th BBV Panel Discussion, David Allen, Justin Moore

CA new SoS McPherson's transition team announced...

ACTION! Call these Calif. legislators today re: McPherson

Compendium of Election Fraud and Reform News Sources

The Red Shift Is A Result of Bias, not Fraud

Arnold's "cash syndicate" comes thru for him tonight...

The Governator Rap (song)

my unsolicited campaign advice to Phil Angelides

LA DUers- Dem Convention in LA 4/15-Vols needed

Los Angeles Times (3/17): Gov.'s Travel Spurs Tussle Over Power

Senate panel approves McPherson for secretary of state

San Diego Protest??

A message for arnie...


Day of shame protests - March 19 & 20

Iowa getting $17.5 million for election upgrades

The MetroTransit Post

Dumb question about printing.

Anyone here familiar with Sound Forge ?

Anyone care for a new OS? I (and corp. usa) am so hyped for this!!!!!!!

Are the Cincinnati Dems doing anything for March 20th?

Bush Names Portman Trade Representative

Lamar Smith latest rat to board Bug Boy's sinking pirate ship

Senate cool to tax on snacks.

The Texas Insurance Scam of the 21st Century

Dallas AAR meetup grp starting an AAR DU group- email me to join

AAR is Air America Radio- sorry for the short hand

Speed Trap Alert

In case you haven't noticed, Kinky Friedman is nuts

Who wants an Al Franken sticker??? (I do! I do!)

Join Chris Bell in Houston, Saturday morning!

Damn Snow...

Congratulations UWM Panthers...

Anyone in the 1st CD?

Boys B-ball tournament...Winter Storm Watch

Is anyone watching Charlie Rose, i.e. Blivet's speech

Two Prosecutions, Two Acquittals

The Lifeboat……..

Coup in Syria,unconfirmed,says Noory on Coast to Coast,"on several A-

Re: new rules. Which is DU? Progressive OR Democrat?

So Wolfie is doing the World Bank job out of pity and humanity?!

a not-so-nice math equation

Scott Peterson gets the death penalty and Robert Blake goes

anyone else hearing about a coup in syria?

Wolfowitz VS Bono!!! (The utilmate Battle of the Bands for World Bank)

While we're on the Peterson subject - press coverage and race

Brain Fingerprinting: Does it work?

Cost of War

Diary at DailyKos: "My Stepson Has Some Words For Karen Hughes"

"anxious to come home," every -- nobody -- people want their troops home,

The REAL story.

Define the word "Patriot"

Chinese Journalist in Peril

Need a link to protests in DC this Saturday, the 19th, please

CT Professor seeks to challenge Lieberman for Senate in primaries

HBO Viewers--Mark your Calendars, Set your TiVOs

Last nights NBC News Story on Iraq

Drilling in ANWR

Elane from Taxi Whoring on Faux News?

In *bushlerville, abject failure is your ticket to promotion

The 'christian' Theocratic movement is more popular than you may think

HBO Documentary on AAR March 31st

bush thinks he's funny but he's not

How come they're always Porn Stars?

Oil prices hit record highs................

German jobs - sold to the lowest bidder

Top of the morn all! Well drilling in Alaska, deficit, declining dollar

OK - It's confirmed - CNN news smokescreen (This is maddening)

DU this hilarious poll!!

Same sex unions good for economy. Who knew?

Could Iran or North Korea buy US Treasury bonds?

A Very Bad Week (warning - disturbing photos) >>>

Gauge of trade deficit sets record (25.5% increase last year)

Hey Everybody! It's my birthday today! :)

Need photo of GOP senators..congratulating Ted Stevens...

"Are you really bad at math, or are you lying to us? "

Coalition of the Leaving...

Senate Finance Cmte. Opens Investigation on Abramoff!

DU this hilarious poll!!

"it's gods will . . ." blah, blah, blah

Can't access my mozilla email account. What's up with this?

Jerry Springer is kickin ass today!

Randi Rhodes is back on the air today!!! I'm so excited!

McKinney grills Rumsfeld and Myers!

Jesus Now Lives in Atlanta---Myth Number 998

I met Al Franken yesterday!!

Marine Corps suffers 29 percent spike in suicides

Warning From Auschwitz: How Do You Shoot Babies?

Coup in Syria?

Kerry Warns of Social Security 'Surprise'

don't we already have the option of "private accounts?"

Message from NRDC about yesterday's Vote for Drilling in ANWAR!

OpTruth's Paul Reickhoff -- doing the GOP's dirty work for them

Barbera Boxer ran for president in '04?

Shoot First Ask Questions Later... Still US Policy in Iraq....

Heroic Iraqi librarian, burned library subject of Am. children's books

Now YOU can make $$$ from the war in Iraq! (Not satire)

I'm thinking about pouring motor oil on an Alaska state flag and sending

Yesterday's Press Conference - Help me with this

Oil Hit $57 A Barrel This Week Because...

Upon reading yesterday that Dean and Kerry are cousins

Terrorism Report Not Marked Confidential


George Bush Supports Congressional Investigation Of Baseball Players

Anyone else having problems streaming AirAmerica

Who believes "Money is the Root of ALL Evil"

The Darkness Drops Again (blog rant)

CNN radio news, 3/16/2005

Unending troubles - DeLay story By Sidney Blumenthal (Salon)

Question - Is there a number somewhere which explains roughly how many

Bush HS Chief Adopts DEMOCRATIC Position on Terrorism

Big Pharma, Biotech research help -- name base website

You've GOT to be KIDDING!!! Delayed ANWR reaction

I sent this email to Akaka and Inouye because of their votes yesterday

Paul Bremer to be keynote speaker at outsourcing conference

Disney going into the God business - expects mucho profits

So when the Dems regain control of the senate in 2006, what do you...

more info on WH pedo ring, H. Thompson, etc. at bartcop

In 3 days Ive talked 15 people into going to protest this Saturday.

Bushitler up for Nobel Peace Prize! pg 27 Time Mag...

ouch, this one really hurt..

This is SO true

Behind the neocon nomination (countries against Wolfowitz)


Russian Army Chief Arrives in China Ahead of Joint War Games

Here's a good one from my right-wing talk host...

Should Congress be investigating steroid use? My rant to MSNBC 'survey'

John Gibson's words of wisdom: Gays can't have kids, so

Obesity Saves Social Security

The appointment of Wolfowitz to head the World Bank and Karen

The Revenge of The Japanese and a new Theory of Evolution.

Caption This Madman >>>

Tom Friedman actually makes excellent points: re: ANWR, debt, China

Making Copies for Sunday School on Company Time- is it theft?

Interesting Market Fact Heard Early This Morning

Will Gannongate fade away?


W Bush Stands for WORRY. He is the cause for the Worry Level

Putting the steroids hearings into perspective.

No Democrats at the Steroid hearings are they protesting?

My opposition to drilling in ANWAR is "patronizing to Alaska Natives."

We know there are some DINO's, are there any RINO's?

Interesting story about North Korea

Playing Baseball is fun, watching baseball is fun

New name for the Iraq War --- Mr. Bush's War

Senate Panel Backs Easier Document Access

DU men, it's up to you to propagate the human race.

Quotations from Chairman W Confucius.

Four new calves born this week!!!

Proof the Right Loves Torture (Brace yourself)

Make the Baseball teams reimburse cities for...

Hey, Hey, ho ho, George Bush has got to go: 10 reasons

John Conyers is on Ed Schultz -- NOW!

Pay/Go failed yesterday (sorry if repost!)

Civil disobedience when will it start

Can anyone help me with this? (reguarding Section 8 housing)

AOL Internet Poll: 72% Say Congress should stay out of Schaivo case

W of the Day-December 12, 2003

Has anyone here read Canseco's book? n/t

Icelanders demand Bobby Fischer's release

forget NASCAR........let's go to demolition derbies and tractor pulls

Women in Afghanistan setting themselves on fire

New offshore oil drilling along US coastline and a sneaky republican

Please tell me again why I should keep voting...

EXCELLENT interview about the decline of the News Biz

do you care about our children's education???? then check in here

Since Major League Baseball has let us all down...

Sound familiar?...

Republicans are the Anti-Christ

Paaaleeese Randi......


Fundie watch words: Eagle, Dominion, Heritage . . . . ?

No Dem display at community event -- AGAIN

Welcome Back Randi

One Step closer to Jetsons-like Utopia.....

Anyone hear Rep. Souder Re: Baseball and Enron?

Once The ANWAR Is Open For Oil Leases Offshore Drilling Will Follow


"A Wink and a Fraud" NYTimes article by MAUREEN DOWD

Video Game includes drug use - Marijuana is a "power up"

What ever happened to Clinton's vision of building a national rail system?

Ashley Smith is a liberal hero

Call your Senators now to protect Medicaid.

Hahaha....the steroid hearings are nothing but a Sat. Night Live Skit!

Man charged with Letterman kidnap plot

A letter I just received from Hillary. Worth reading IMHO

Did I Ruin My Chances With Anderson Cooper?

What happened to the physical Bush was suppose to take after the election

"We ought to give her a chance" Conrad - ND

El Segundo rejects Agatha Christie, Jack London

Yet another reason to park the SUV: 1 person a day dies from back overs

Thank you, Molly Ivans, for Tom DeLay's New Nickname...

The Return of Randi Rhodes: Who else is excited?

Indonesia's body collectors find their work is getting tougher

Observation about Sen. DeWine (R-Oh) who voted 2x with Dems in 2days.

Tabloid reporting Pres Clinton is in worse condition according to MD & JD

ANWR oil will be put on the world market, it's not for us

Porter Goss at Senate hearing : "We don't do torture".....

Could States Sue Auto Makers For Damage Emissions Cause To Health?

French woman arrested for murder of banker Edouard Stern: judge

Are you a union member?

I'm looking for the post which linked to a * press conference when he was

Schilling...what a smug bastard

attacks against PRO-PEACE activists are VICIOUS this time around


Progressive-friendly media: What's the status, people ?

Did Hussein declare war on the US?

WHAT is the DEAL w/ the 'Roids???

"The sound of violence" (ok, could use help on it....)

Why Does "Republican" Alaska Give Welfare To All Residents?

Reading the Book "Made in Texas" Right Now.

An aid to finding cheaper gasoline...

Here's how morAnic repukes are...

Stunning proof that the right wing are the new Maoists

ESPN nutball analysts comparing MLB players' responses to Clinton's...

Rummy to Close US Military Bases and some NC'linians are upset

Well she is prettier than Colin Powell anyway...I think?

My daughter who is going on 14 tells me....

A POLL: Do You Think Congress Should Investigate Baseball Players?

St. Pats Day: Have You Heard of the St. Patricks Four? War Resisters

Lil’ Kim convicted of perjury...

The Senators who voted to drill in ANWR listed below.

incidence of autism is now 1 in 150 children?? increase occurred in 1990s?

Randi Returns Tomorrow!!!

Another bush appointment - Meet the new USTR Rob Portman

What's Iraq's new government doing?

Blood for Oil: Why US Servicepeople and Iraqis Had to Die for Arctic Oil

More on ANWR, a slightly different view.

Republicans consistently out of touch with the public on issues of the day

Air America Comes to Los Angeles!

Bush Quote on Social Security

Still think Earth First and the ELF are a bunch of crazies?

Letterman Kidnapping - Bush payback?

Jonah Goldberg cats fights with reality

Will Medicaid save ANWR?

Question: Name the last time a bill passed into law that...

Gannon had engaged in a possible “penetration of the White House.”

Gen.Mushariff is good for democracy. Hugo Chavez is bad for democracy.

The ladies might get a kick out of this.

Horowitz=Mao? Purging Liberal Profs=Cultural Revolution?

Iger and ABC News changes??

Classified Pentagon Document: New Undeclared Arms Race

Why did CNN cover the baseball BS today?

Wal-Mart Ethics Code Angers Germans

Doonesbury Classics

Secrets and Lies : Feb. interview with WMD spy Rod Barton now online

The nanny state?

Just got a call from PFAW - said a justice would be stepping down

Peak Oil/gas prices

If anyone needs a pick me up...

What IRAQIS think of the occupation

Senator ManonDog on C-Span2 right now about Sciavo.

John Gibson of Fox News marital background?

Please, please, make sure you have a living will

Have any Iraqi Insurgents had a trial?

Wonder if Sen Akaka from Hawaii was disappointed when his amendment

WHAT is going on now w/ budget on C-SPAN2 RIGHT NOW??

Biden loves the Wolf

Bill Maher on CNN....he drank the kool aid folks.

Terri Schiavo: Before Bloviating --

Google "Incapacitated Persons Legal Protection Act" and You Get

y'all were right about maher

Mark McGuire

Today Show: 40 minute opening of Scott, Baretta, and Michael Jackson

Intelligence didn't fail. bush did.

Barbara Boxer has a great idea re: ANWAR

Time For Massive Budget Cuts

celebrating Easter decades ago.....anyone remember the dyed

So how long before Ashley Smith gets an agent

Freepers to Descend on Fayetteville

Limbaugh on ANWR: "nothing but snow and rock," wildlife are "stupid"...

Man convicted of killing Fossey denied job

somehow, i told you so, just doesnt quite say it

Bushco and ANWR drilling look bad in Gallup Energy Policy poll

Andrea Yates divorces: gets rights to be buried next to kids she killed

2 days to Iraq War Global Protest -- You going?

Desperation is their father..Poverty, their mother

Senate have 51 reasons to celebrate -- we have 260,000!

DU women, it's your turn, same scenario as the men.

Why don't the Republicans put everything in the Budget Bill

John Bolton,United Nations Ambassador; Paul Wolfiwitz,President World Bank

A government of con men,by con men and for con men: A new saying

I'm sorry, I find all this basketball frenzy totally idiotic.

NEWSNIGHT COMPLETLY jumped the shark 2nit

Curt Shilling is an asshole.

Bush Is No Gibbering Halfwit, He's Worse ... He's A Moral Imbecile/Miller

"The last resort" - kids in behavior modification camps.

How Much is the Iraq War Projected to Cost?


Killing is fun, and when there are no people around to shoot at


Hypothetical situation regarding termination of life support

Figured out why Akaka and Inouye voted for drilling in ANWR

WHERE did this idea come from that liberals don't set limits w/their kids?

I need a ride to D.C. for the rally on Saturday. (from Northern VA)

Could the Defense Dept. take over ANWAR sites for missile defense sites?

Bill Maher survey at HBO -- Freedom NOT on the march !! (take the poll)

Is Bruce Willis coming around?

"I believe that is the very definition of ACCOUNTABILITY!" Lewis Black

Fox gets stupider and stupider every day -- Now the Easter Bunny is

Why SHOULDN'T siblings be allowed to "marry" or enter civil unions?

Shouldn't we be testing our congressmen/senators for drugs?

The Federal Reserve is privately owned

Tell me about VA Hospitals.

How long will we have to wait for a social revolution?

You want to live!!? Where's your dignity!

Clark Plans to Stay at Forefront of Debate (Great Quote)

Are you riding a bike to work or taking public transportation?

If you need a little slice of hope or inspiration...


What about NASCAR?

I am no longer of child bearing age. I have enough money. Why should

What will be the next Pointless Waste of Time after the Steroid Hearings?

Novus Ordo Seclorum

freethugs to march on April 7 for nuclear option

The DU Democratic Senators Hall of FAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Bush I and Reagan were in office did they fuck things up as bad

Gloom, Despair, and Misery, Oh me. Deep dark depression...

Looking for info on US trade imbalance

Remember when "they" told us how great the future would be?

RhoGam, Mercury, Autism -The Gov't is protecting the pharmaceutical cos.

All of my problems would be solved if.....

Computing is a political issue. OS Revolution Now!

Peak oil is here. How would YOU resolve short- and long-term issues?

Ford's Turn to Laugh at GM Won't Be Best or Last

Hummer & SUV crash in road rage incident

Did anyone see that Boot Tribute to Iraq War Dead?

NYT: The Greatest Dirty Joke Ever Told


greedy carpet-bagger finds himself in deep shit.

Patti Davis slam-dunks Bu$h on ANWR! (MSNBC/Newsweek)

Vigils for PEACE in cities across America, this weekend...

I'm going to be on Air America tomorrow morning

Has Bill Maher been drinking the Kool-Aid?

Without the Arab world, there would be no computers or the Internet....

Was bush's war initiated with a sucker punch?

Hitler's Mein Kampf No. 4 Bestseller in Turkey (link to anti-US sentiment)

OOMMMMMMMMGGGGG. BYRD is talking about Easter Eggs and Peeps!!!

What is the appropriate discipline here:

A tax on cigarette butts?

KnightRidder corporate: Papers must use "personal" for Social Security

Pssst... This Weekend... Keep An Eye Out... (Protest Warrior Pukes)

To all lurking bush voters:

What are your conservative viewpoints?

In Case You Missed It !!! - 'Living Under Fascism'

Another Prominent Republican Endorses Torture

Just heard that the Repukes are cancelling the 60 city SS tour because

FDR Democrats, Old Timers and Historians....Help me out.

what is the point of public education?

PEER PRESSURE MYTH: fates worse than POT (a little rant)

Has anyone thought about digging up dirt on our MSM Propagandists?

RFK Jr. on CAFE and ANWR

Kicking a gravely wounded US soldier in the face as he lays dying is LEGAL

Please go to this site and sign this petition...Please, pretty please!

Would you accept this?

1-877-SOB-U-SOB -- Toll free number to the Capitol's switchboard!

((URGENT)) from Barbara Boxer. Please read.

Why won't Dems show that R's are immoral people?

San Francisco Port Workers Shutting Down Docks To Protest War!

They want us to give up. To Accept the Inevitability of Bush's Power.

Rioting -- the last desperate act of powerlessness

Did you use water today? If so, read:


Joe Lieberman is a socially liberal, pro-environment NEOCON

"The Moon's Blocking the Sun!" | and other enLIGHTening TOONs...

Found an easy seafood bisque recipe

Anyone else buy "Smart Chicken"?

anyone have a good chewy brownie recipe that uses cocoa powder

I just got back from a long weekend in Tallinn, Estonia.....

So, about the upcoming NeoCon leadership conference....

Canada wants to kill baby seals.

UK's attitudes on abortion (why that card won't help the tories)

CIA Challenged About Suspects' Torture Overseas

1,500 Americans Died To Turn Iraq Over To An Iranian-Born Grand Ayatollah

Military budget crunch fuels concerns in Congress that child care, service

ACLU report: U.S. drug laws harm women (101,000 in state/federal prisons)

Bush Insists Iraq Coalition Not Crumbling (Reuters)

Cost of War

U.S. House OKs Bill to Delay Schiavo Case

Wolfowitz Nod Follows Spread of Conservative Philosophy

(World wide) Dismay at Wolfowitz's nomination (BBC)

Reported Abuse Cases Fell After Abu Ghraib

North Korea to Continue Nuclear Build-up — Moscow Embassy

Hezbollah leader rejects Bush's softened stand on the guerrilla group

More than 100 have died in U.S. custody in Iraq, Afghan wars

Roadside blast kills at least 5, wounds 32 in southern Afghan city

House (Ethics Comittee) Member May Face DeLay Probe Conflict

Study links mercury from power plants to autism

Possible Mercury, Autism Connection Found in Study

Vanunu charged for defying parole

London police foil huge bank raid

US Church moves to avoid splits

Area loses Army med copters

Shipman jewels scandal

Outrage over Bush World Bank nominee

OK - It's confirmed - CNN news smokescreen (This is maddening)

Anti-Blair jibe leads to Commons expulsion

360 British embassy staff join American trade union

SA outcry at 'insult' to Gandhi

Durex tries to trace fake condoms

Record U.S. Pump Prices Won't Curb Driving-AAA

Thai king aims high over drought

Church role in shootings questioned

Rep. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) nominated for US Trade Representative

N Korea attacks Rice 'tyranny' claim

Jobless Claims Fall for 1st Time in Month (still 3000 higher than expected

BBC: Karzai announces election delay (after condi outs new date)

Law firm hired by tribe linked to DeLay

Rice Praises Afghan Drug Clampdown (AP) (honest headline)

U.S. Ambassador Negroponte Leaves Iraq

Press calls for Bulgarian withdrawal

Fort Carson Captain Convicted In Iraqi Assaults

Russia Reformer Chubais Survives Assassination Bid

Secret US plans for Iraq's oil (By Greg Palast, BBC Newsnight)

LAT: ANWR Long a Major Environmental Battleground(opening wedge; CA next?)

Iran says will never return UK naval boats

Oil Scales New High Over $57


Union Employees Protest Schwarzenegger at LA Fund-Raiser

Crude Futures Hit New Record High on Concern Over Tight Supplies-$57+

Putin May Stay Beyond 2008

Washington DC Mayor’s LGBT liaison is murdered in her NE DC home

Insurance profits spur state scrutiny, Commissioner could order rate cuts

Terror on Tokyo-Moscow flight

Stagnant economies untouched by new mood in Mideast

Philly Fed Says Factories Slowed in March

Militia threats force UN to move staff in western Darfur

Sponsors' inside access (seats on newspaper's advisory board) debated

Bush to nominate Ohio congressman (Rob Portman) for U.S. trade rep

US Army seeks longer enlistments as recruitment falters

Mr. Rato’s “advises are not necessary” (Argentina tells IMF to Buzz Off)

FBI Whistleblower Edmonds Files New Lawsuit

John Conyers is on Ed Schultz -- NOW!

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 17 March

South Korea warns Japan over island row

US Army seeks longer enlistments as recruitment falters

Russian Army Chief Arrives in China Ahead of Joint War Games

Illinois Senate Democrats cancel malpractice vote, igniting furor

No Convictions Among Guantanamo Suspects Sent Home

Probe of faux reporter voted down

Agricultural trade with Cuba held up

India will have to turn to nuclear energy (And the US plan is ????)

U.S. attorney: '97 Colombian president, Congress bribed by cartel

Former Connecticut Governor Asks for Leniency

Company pays back wages after Labor Department investigation

NYT: Chertoff Signals a Shift in Approach to Terror

Iran slams UNHCR for ignoring US detainee abuse

"Obese Will Die Young, Save Social Security" TechNews headline at Google

Schiavo case legislation again on Senate floor

White House: Oil Costs Due In Part To Lack Of Legislation (not Peak Oil)

Nevada legislators say welfare changes may hurt elderly

Man Held In Letterman Kidnap Plot

Italy forced to backtrack on Iraq

Bush pushes sexual abstinence for teens despite data

Karzai announces election delay (condi announces Afgani election delay)

BBC journalist arrested over ghost story

S.D. Governor OKs Anti-Abortion Bills

Afghanistan's elections delayed - (Condi slips up)

Egypt: Attacks by Security Forces in Sarando

Bomb kills five as Rice visits Afghanistan (30 wounded)...

Perot pushes technology for schools

Fla. Court Rejects Land-Use Ballot Measure

Cleft lip abortion done 'in good faith'

Coroner: Taser Contributed To Man's Death

U.S. Likely to Soon Cut Troops in Iraq - Army General

Second OPEC Increase In Pipeline

End in sight? CNH workers to vote on contract Saturday (Racine WI)

UN Report: Humanitarian Crisis in Congo Worst in the World

Ex-Halliburton Worker Indicted for Fraud

U.S. Won't Chide China Over Human Rights

U.C. Davis Service Workers Vote to Strike

Canada joins US, Britain in major terror response drill

Army Captain Sentenced to 45 Days in Military Prison in Assaults on Iraqis

Alitalia Warns Strike Could Bankrupt Co

Philippines to Cushion Oil Price Hike for Workers

How to prepare a planet for global warming

Student Protesters Detained in Nepal

School Pays $10,000 for Boy's Haircut

Removal of Spanish dictator's statue sparks protest

Church seeks reversal in court's free-speech ruling

Democrats (Clinton, Murray) Want FDA Answers on 'Morning-After' Pill

Dyer supporters rally to protest indictment

Democrats, unions stump for minimum-wage increase (MA)

Kerry: Bush Budget Plan Dishonest ("Hide Truth..Hope no one finds out")

Census: Nation's Public Schools in the Red

Bush Adviser Seeks Debate on Patriot Act

University workers protest at regents' meeting (UCLA)

Lives in Danger in 'Dolphin War' Warn Coastguards

Judge Rules Police Violated Protester's Rights During Cheney Visit

Pinochet report welcomed in Chile: BBC

Michigan Man Pleads Guilty to White House Explosive Threat

Islamabad Makes a Tradeoff--A Times (Iran related)

Supreme Court rejects Schiavo appeal

Aznar condemns Spain's foreign ties (with Venezuela & Cuba)

Arrival of splinter Mormon group in West Texas makes locals wary

Legislature Strikes Ordinances Requiring Domestic Partner Benefits (GA)

Wayland man pleads guilty to threatening Vice President Cheney

GOP's felon list may be way off

Hip-hop star (Lil'Kim) is guilty of perjury (BBC)

Bulgaria to Pull Out of Iraq: Official

Berlusconi Accused of Bowing to US Over Iraq: Withdrawal of Withdrawal

Army Captain Gets 45 Days in Iraq Assaults

WP: Senate Rejects Cuts in Medicaid

Report:Wal-Mart Has Highest Number of Employees on Welfare in Homestate

Fake Lawyer Sentenced to More Than 12 Years Prison

Panel Resends Blocked Bush Judge Nominees

Fired Wal-Mart worker still on hunger strike

NYT: Questions Left by C.I.A. Chief on Torture Use

Chinese Release Prominent Dissident | U.S. Won't Seek Rights Resolution

WP: Scarce Funds to Export Freedom

Australian senator denies smuggling money into Iraq

Dems reject terror link to cigarette tax

LAT: Schwarzenegger's Travel Spurs Tussle Over Power

Australia may start exporting uranium to China

Senate Votes Against Community Block Cuts

Saddam Nerve Gas Case Set to Start

House, Senate budgets vastly different, prompting fears of deadlock

Wave of Strikes Staged Across Greece

AP: Terrorists Train for Seaborne Attacks

House quashes Gannon Inquiry

U.S. Consumers Wince as Gas Prices Hit Record

Much ado made about not much oil? ( the Anwr scam )

No Stopping Global Warming, Studies Predict (it's going to get worse)

Kuwait to charge U.S. military for fuel

NYT: A Haircut in Iraq Can Be the Death of the Barber

Cholesterol feeds Prostate Cancer (BBC)

Bush Invites Sharon to Texas Ranch - Sources

U.S. charges former KBR employee, Kuwaiti with fraud

Un-Volunteering: Troops Improvise to Find Way Out -NYT

Sen. Boxer set to introduce amendment barring funds for ‘fake news’

State Bar Clears Prosecutor Over Kerry Ad

Bush releases Statement on Terri Schiavo

Europeans may seek own interview with Wolfowitz

Goss Defends U.S. Interrogation Tactics

Rice praises Pakistan democracy

Employees Bring Own Toilet Paper to Work

Fla. House OKs Bill to Keep Schiavo Alive

Senate votes against proposed Medicaid cuts

LAT: Bush Seems to Hit His News Conference Stride (???)

GOP boards up the 'town hall' ("Shaken by Protests" GOP changes format)

Iran, Syria undermine efforts in Iraq, US officials

UN: Congo crisis worse than Darfur

George F. Kennan Dies at 101; Leading Strategist of Cold War

Brazilian Official Defends Chavez in War of Words between Venezuela and th

Youngsters Use Inhalants More Than Marijuana, Survey Says

Sen. Byrd ‘inclined to run’ for re-election

Teachers' union suing C-I school district, superintendent Lawrie (MN)

Westchester's Bee-Line Strike Drags On (Westchester - NYC)

Frist pledges to protect Boy Scouts

Secret U.S. Plans For Iraq's Oil

Lab fireball 'may be black hole'

GM stock plunges as products slip behind(here comes the depression, kids!)

FBI Whistleblower Edmonds Files New Lawsuit

Tom DeLay's Problems Prompt Expanded Coverage by

Revolutionary "Fuel Cell" Bike 'Too Quiet'

Rice Balks at Iranian Pipeline

WP: Spate of Violent Crime Spurs Nostalgia for Taliban

Kyrgyz FM: Protesters Trying To Destabilize The Country

Rabrrrrr is a woman, hear him roarrrrrr

Winnie the Pooh. Did it ? Didn't do it ?

Amanda Peet seems like she'd be a hoot to hang out with

Ham in space

Fatty Arbuckle. Did it? Didnt do it?

Bienen sind in meinem Kopf!

I am listening to Transatlantic. When you read this you were thinking:

Can you laugh at yourself?

There's still time to join the semi-official NCAA tourney pick-em

Post your cute Siamang pics here.

Vernimmst du die Treue nicht?

Albert DeSalvo. Boston Strangler? Or not?

Name a One-Word Word ......

Sundog is a cover hog.

Brutus: Did it, or didn't do it?

ahhhh nothing better then a brithday beer buzz! n/t

The Hamburglar. Did or didn't?

Does RA give a rip? Does he? Doesn't he?

Let's talk about the BAD luck of the Irish!

Sundog hates this picture.

Dahmer did it or didnt?

Anyone drive a Suzuki Aerio hatchback, or any Suzuki cars for that matter?

I'm buying a new grill tomorrow. Suggestions?

Goodnight , DU!


What species are you ?

What classic movie are you?

Security breach (picture)

Pink Floyd: The Final Cut Movie

This is not a copycat post.

My favorite Irish joke......

Help JimmyJazz pick out her new shoes for the Boston meet up!

Paging Dr. HEyHEY...Dr. HEyHEY to the white courtesy phone...

Oh what the hell, Lee Harvey Oswald. Did it? Didnt do it?

I just made my urologist laugh - don't ask

Do You Think Robert Blake got a fair trial?

A strange observation about my 3 RATM albums.

You have 5 minutes to answer this...

One of the fun aspects of studying Greek history

Oh, what the heck. Here's an example of "circumstantial evidence"

Sappho. Did it or didn't do it?

Goddamn, The Ides of March sure have handed a lot of people their asses

Bart Simpson: Did It or Didn't Do It

Epilogue to my Patrick's Day rant

Cain. Did it? Didn't do it?

Goodnight DU'ers

Police Dogs

Mmmm.... Treating my Inner Redneck...

Caption this pic!

When did Coke with lime hit the market?

where a good place to find political AIM buddy icons?

I'm feeling especially radical tonight. Ask me anything...

Dinner Party Tip #59, by Floogeldy

Goodnight DU Lounge wizards.

Wolfowitz VS Bono!!! (The utilmate Battle of the Bands for World Bank)

The Dailey Show. Bu$h's Balls!

I god damn fucking hate Bush...

So I was breast-feeding in public...


Ignorance is bliss!

Have you ever

A cute story about bronzed baby shoes....

When was the last time you told a lie?

You know what I want at the moment? A cognac!

Why can't we be friends?

good night

I am Dookus, barefoot destroyer of Snails...

Good night, DU.

submitted for your approval

Was anyone else a bit freaked out at the Juror bragging today?

I HATE red.

I tried to cook, and stunk up my apartment and hallway

What's your favorite Athlete's Nickname from ESPN's Chris Berman???

I’m trying to tell you something 'bout my life

I can't get to sleep.

Winnie the Pooh. Did it ? didn't do it ?


Who's wearing green today?

Today is my mom's birthday!

Mom Sues Hospital Claiming She Nursed Wrong Baby

Do you celibrate Evacuation Day?

Ok, how many DUers are on OK Cupid?

I'm getting another cat

Robber Jailed After Using Banana As Weapon

I feel like I've been hit in the head with a shit truck.

problems with siruis antenna and closed shades

A tradition Irish blessing for you all

Alaska Air?

I'm proud to say that I'm probably going to be the first to

241 Parents Of Truant Students Miss Meeting

When the economy crumbles, most of us will lose our livelihoods.

This sounds like a pyramid scam to me...

So I got hardly any sleep last night - damned grad school letter

County Employees Forced To Bring Their Own Toilet Paper To Work

Football Player Caught With Stolen Sheep

My place is of the sun and this place is of the dark

What color should I wear today?

Ape vs Tiger

What does this song lyric mean???

As Father Jack Said "DRINK" Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Perchance has anyone been to Eindhoven, the Netherlands?

Bold New Career Choice For Guckert/Gannon

Arguments for the draft

Looking for an old song with a list of presidents.

I had a dream last night...

I had a dream last night...What a lovely dream it was

Happy St. Urho's Day!! (a day late)

Happiness is ..... a bunch of hershes kisses !

How come they're always Porn Stars?

Someone...Anyone!!! Give me an excuse to get out of a dentist appt today.

The West Wing is unreality TV

If you went back to back in time what items would you take with you?

happy evacuation day!

It's Shemp Howard's birthday!! The funniest goddamn Stooge EVER!!

Happy Birthday Mia Hamm, Gary Sinise, Rob Lowe, Kurt Russell,

Pogues lyrics, annotated for the confused.

Question about Harry Shearer posting on Talkingpoints Memo:

Managed Health Care

Family Gets Free Roof After Contractor Mixes Up Addresses

Good morning everyone

Is this (gulp) a Sign?

Family Guy Live!-coming to a stage near you?

Cool site

70's "art rock" - Musical wanking or music form with artistic value?

Look what's happening out in the streets

Hey Underpants! If you and the Mrs ever need a night away

"The Irish Pig" - A cautionary tale for today.

Text messaging--perfect for nagging your children

Bird lovers and metal fans rejoice!

John Stewart-9AM CT-worth a watch if you

Hey Everybody! It's my birthday today! :)


What is the meaning behind the oval stickers with letters on them?

Sacco and Vanzetti: Did or didn't?

A joke for St Patty's Day

The History of Ireland by McConnachie

At what age did your babies start becoming embarassed by you?

President complained about loss of his "underpants" in police raid.

Who heard the NPR story on recruiting this morning?

The "G. Dubya Sings Pagliacci" CAPTION

Can't access my mozilla email account. What's up with this?

Sprint PCS sucks

I'm ambivalent about St. Patrick's Day. Now watch this drive.

I just found out my girlfriend is a meth user and pregnant.

To be REALLY obnoxious-Does anyone Remember "Up with People"?

Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah.

Who can post the most over-the-top image of a leprechaun?

are there any auction sites that don't need a checking account to

Rain in the forecast for the Sacramento Valley

DU's 'Feature Leprechauns' have been busy...anyone notice?

Name A One-Word MOVIE Title...

It was 2 years ago today...

I need a lawyer. I'm suing Bouncy Ball for not wearing green

a hiLarious emaiL i received

My gaydar is sounding loud, but no one is around.

Top O' The Mornin' To Ya .........

Employees Bring Own Toilet Paper to Work (BUFFALO, N.Y.Erin Cty EE's)

If you could pick your last words on this earth...

Are you feeling tragically malicious today?

so I take 2 practice GRE exams

Going to OBX this spring. Corolla (Currituck Beach LH). Hotel recommend-


You're his agent: What is Bob Blake's next career move?

Interesting article I read about censorship

The ultrasound shows that our child is going to be........................

So... my phone is out of commission

I grunt therefor I am: farm animals "have emotions"

Your feelings on Florida Schiavo case...

i got my corned beef & cabbage for Lunch

I just got in a fight. ask me anything.

I've been busy-Any Oasis news today?

I got my corned beef too.. & people never cease to amaze me

I love St. Patrick's Day. So frikkin sue me.

I'm thinking about re-financing my mortgage with KFC.

I'm thinking about re-financing my mortgage with HFC...

Air Drummer fired from gas station attendant job

For a Mafia guy, what does Hell consist of?

I really hate when people don't know how to bid on ebay

Oasis track listing revealed.

Have you guys ever thought of a "DU Daddy's Group"?

Freepers to protest Harry reid today! DC DU needed

Grad School Application Limbo ***UPDATE***

Baseball players who use stupid do they think we are?

Oh, crap! Winter is going to kick our ass one more time...

Oasis Pre-sale Hollywood Bowl Tickets on Sale Now!

Retirement home prepared for Mexican prostitutes

Oasis track listing revealed

Do liner notes serve any purpose whatsoever?

Remote Starter Causes Car To Drive Into Neighbor's House


Riddle me this, Batman!


Randi Rhodes is back today!!!!

How can we crash a FReeper rally?

T-Minus one hour till the new and improved Randi is back!

Whiskey barrel race-Ready! Set! GO!

The results of a "Photoshop Condi" contest


I really think I am in heaven.

Anyone care for a new OS? I (and corp. usa) am so hyped for this!!!!!!!

WindRavenX, this one's for YOU!

Happy St. Vlastimil Day D.U.!

Nobody watching NCAAs?


New music that doesn't suck.

A Question About MLMs

Top Ten Signs Your Team Won't Be Winning The NCAA Tourney

Interesting article I read about censorship

The #1 rated morning DJ in Dallas is gay and out. The sheriff of Dallas

Breaking News: Cork found in Sammy Sosa's bloodstream

Gooood St. Patty's Day Morning DU!!

Hmmm, maybe the luck o' the Irish is with me today, after all.

well? is it?

Beer, Beer, Beer, tittly, Beer, Beer, Beer!

I could use some love today

Bear, Bear, Bear, Sexy, Bear, Bear, Bear

I'm seeing Tim Conway and Harvey Korman on Sunday

I'm in a documentary. But I can't talk about it!!!!

The goddess of radio returns to her throne


I Am Kloot--anyone heard of this band?


it's halftime of the first games!

New Garbage video is online

Bore, bore, bore, awful, bore, bore, bore

New Garbage pickup is on time.

Who wants to buy me a drink?

Guten Tag DU

The least amount you can send for a wedding present and not look cheap?

Shameless gloating thread: NCAA

Could somebody PLEASE get married?

I filled my tank at $1.97 last night

Bands that should never tour (past and present)

snippets of my letter to my orthopedic surgeon

Chick-a-boom, chick-a-boom....

I'm seeing Tim Conway and Harvey Korman on Acid

Today's Joke fit for a 10 year-old

I think I have found my ultimate & healthy comfort food.

Dubya's lost year on film

Over heard at the coffee shop this morning while I was having breakfast:

Which classic film are you?

Four new calves born this week!!!

Is there a DU basketball pool?

Yelling "Freebird!" In Crowded Theaters "an astonishing phenomenon"

Why not Tammy Baldwin?

Looks like UTEP is going to ruin my bracket already!

You are a child of the universe

Did Winona Ryder really try to steal that shit?

Leprechauns... dems or pukes ?

Post your Irish Blessings / Toasts here

Any Hellsing fans here?

Patriots LB Teddy Bruschi to Have Heart Surgery

Who do you think was the better actress? Davis or Hepburn

Randi's tumors were saved from the dumpster bu Evangelicals!

Are steroids the same as booze/drugs for musicians/actors?

What documentary are you?

They Need To Take McGwire's Home Run Record Away

Pinch? What's up with that?

Say it with me

In honour of St. Paddy's Day: FLAME FEST: If it isn't Irish is sucks

How does Jay Bilas get to simultaneously work for CBS Sports

Name some bands with "the" in their title.

You know in a way this whole steroid thing is sad

Oooh. I can't look away.

Ok, quiet down

Take it, you can have it

Life's been good to me so far....

I got a root canal yesterday and the dentist numbed the wrong side

Ugh, I just got a party invitation in the mail...

my GAWD, can I PLEASE get a volunteer...

Yay my new camera just arrived!

Has anyone heard of a spice called "pink"?

All RIGHT, Ronny K!

Moment of silence for ALL those parents whose Jock children are on ROIDS

"The Crackers": A public art project I missed

"A decendant of Dublin with titanic skill..."

What famous leader are you?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Song titles with song titles and/or anabolic steroids in them

Song titles with the names of fictional continents in them...

Got a day to waste? Play this game

Self deleate...

I need 10 more posts for 100!!! Help Get me There!!

Just saw this couple nearly "going at it" in the Starbuck's parking lot

Bernie Sanders just B*tch Slapped the media

Songs in English with foreign language words in the title!

Going Out On A Limb Here: Jose Canseco Had A Ghost Writer For His Book

Give a fellow DUer a proper corporate slogan!

anyone have a music recommendation?

People can you feel it?

LBN! BREAKING!-Terrorists training to attack Sam Seaborn!!!

Are there any Norah Jones fans in the Lounge today?

USAdvantage cleaning solution.....

French fellows- do you kiss couples in public?

* is more arrogant than Hitler was

I hate being treated like a child


The Bare Knuckled Justice of Judge Scalia

BREAKING!! Terrorists training to attack Yosemite Sam!!

"Oh crumbs!"

Virgins to Roast Baby Jesus at Friars Club

It is un-American to make chili on St. Patrick's day?

Combine a DUer's name with a name of an internal organ or anatomical term.

Does your boss know your name?

How is everyone doing with their bracket picks right now ?

Chick tract of the Day: L'il Susy keeps her friends from becoming Muslim

Pssst.. Look..!! It's John's wallet.. Guess what's in it ??

Most important MILESTONE???

WTF is it with Digger Phelps and matching his ties to his highlighters?

Traditional Irish food.

I want to get MILESTONED!

Randi mentions the great Ronny K. Marshall on the air!!!!


What was the WORST house you ever purchased ?

Post your St. Patrick's Day jokes. What's long, green and wears skates?

Eyes Wide Shut

Most important DU MILESTONE???

Man Held In Letterman Kidnap Plot

According to Jack Chick, Jesus looked like Glen Campbell


Hello, Danny. Come and play with us.

Mom plants child porn in Fathers's house/custody dispute

trof's iced soda recipe:

spent some time today reflecting

I had to walk a MILE after being STONED by the commoners

Randi Rhodes just said "Idiot Freepers" - I loved it

Does anybody have addiction dreams?

Woman Sees Virgin Mary Holding Baby Jesus on Roasting Pan

Metrosexuals have screwed up my gaydar

i walked a mile stoned

Fun with a pig on St. Pat's day

They're wearing green sequin top hats and asking people about corned beef

We roll tonight to the guitar bite. Yeah Yeah, Oh.

Watched "Jesus Christ Superstar" last night. Judas rocked.

Bob Boudelang has apparently been posting in Slate's The Fray

Val (Kilmer) Is Top Gun In Urinals

Psst!! Don't tell anyone!! I think I just broke the internet.

I just can't stop

Schilling: "I think Canseco is a liar, trying to sell a book."

Sunuvabitch! I need MSN mail help BAD!

Why should I believe Curt Schilling isn't on Steroids?

Is it wrong to eat spaghetti on St. Patrick's day...

Can we start a Learn to Drink the Kool-Aid Group?

Have you barrowed your pig today?

If I see the Virgin Mary in the cream cheese in my bagel, should I eat it?

Anyone watching the Baseball hearings?

Do all female DA's on Law & Order Get Degrees from Modeling School?


You know who we should prosecute?

Can we start a Do it Yourself Lobotomy Group?

Can our media be bigger WHORES?

WOOHOO! I've Been Approved For A $500 Loan!

I finally added a chapter to my novel, for those of you following my blog.

I just entered the 700-club--any messages for Pat Robertson?

What's your opinion of St. Patrick?

HEyHEY .....I can't get your polar bears out of my head !

Springsteen - 2005 tour

dammit, what's the html code for "strike" putting a line through?

nini is flying in tonight

what should the spanish group be called?

The Eagles: Credit or Blame where its due.

I'm drinking chocolate beer.

How much does it bother you when you forget to put the garbage out?

People with states for names

"Baywatch" Actress Arrested!


Bummer - both of us sick on St. Patrick's Day


Have you ever ruined an appliance by getting it wet

Songs with SUBDIVISIONS in the titles.

Everybody send me money!

Songs with "Knock Knock Knocking on Heaven's Door" in them

Me toast to ya fellow DUers!!!

My dog sleeps with his food

I need a DU hug...NOW DAMN IT!

Songs with COUNTRIES in the title

OMG! I crossed over 1000 posts and didn't even notice!

This is my favorite part of St. Patricks day besides the beer

I crossed over to 1000+ posts...please don't ask me anything

I'm drinking Guinness. How about you?

Can I make 10,000 posts before my European trip? Ask me anything!

Regarding seasickness on the Mediterranean..How likely is it?

How do you put picutres in posts?

Push poll

Moderate Drinking Appears to Cut Diabetes Risk

screw it 3 months too late

Program Note.

Let's all crash Dookus' pad and eat his corned beef and cabbage!!!!!

door to door morans

Quiz time again.......

Come on Gonzaga!!!

Ok people in the Yahoo NCAA basketball group

Ya know, George W. is really stupid, BUT

Women with a Russian/Eastern European accent always sell me antivirus

Groups/musicians with the word head in their name

XBox junkies- some help please?

Here's a joke for you...

If you're going out tonight, be watchful for people driving in

First Names that are also Towns

can you match the tush to the celebrity?

I'm cooking corned beef & cabbage!

Songs with the word "Baby" in their titles

What personel changes greatly changed a band's career trajectory

This is Bob. Bob went down in flames.

The ladies might get a kick out of this.

Is this good wine?

another quiz for y'all....

I'm gonna tell my extremely un-PC joke now.

AG gets judgments against brothers who gave cat an MBA

Worst Irish Joke EVER

School Pays $10,000 for Boy's Haircut

Stand up and be counted. For what you are about to receive.

Favorite Irish curse?

I really hate it when Windows XP X64 bit shuts down mysteriously

You know, I don't think Chris Isaak gets enough DU love.

So I met a woman the other day who looks like Martin Short playing Tootsie

World Figure Skating Championships on ESPN

Just bought a new vacuum cleaner, and boy, does it SUCK!

This is my seven month wedding anniversary!

Sue's mom in hospital claiming she nursed viscous baby.

Maggots...coming to a hospital near you

Any Bartenders...

John McCormack fans check in.

Dammit, it's gonna be one of those nights.

Jeez, is there any song more mellow than "Playground Love" by Air?

door-to-door Mormons!

"Fun toys are fun!"

Intensive language immersion

St. Patricks Day. I go buy beer.

You know, real whores have gotten a bad name in the past 4 years.

Good night DU'ers.....

How about Fairleigh Dickinson?

I've been watching this StarWars3 animated fight sequence some here post..

Mmmmm... Distillieries on the History Channel. Pick your Poison

Clancy Brothers fans check-in!

Baby Parrot Pictures!

Angie Dickinson is only down by one at halftime

Have a good fortnight, everyone!!

Baby Carrot Pictures!

Bush is so dumb...

Hip-hop star (Lil'Kim) is guilty of perjury (BBC)

What does someone like Nicole Kidman see in Steven Bing?

*Dons asbestos suit* I think Wolfowitz would be a good World Bank head

Why do they say cats are nocturnal?

Do you kiss cats?

Progressive charities to donate my car to (in LA)?

What does the term 'on spec' mean?

Nancy Grace and Court TV WTF?

Spring Break Shark Attack!! Coming soon on CBS..

Shouldn't we be testing talk show hosts for drugs?

Post your Amway horror stories here.

FINALLY! The "Mr. Pitt as Hitler" Seinfeld episode!

Last day to buy a Shamrock Shake!

When Push comes to shove.

Which came first, The Easter Bunny or the Easter Egg?

Entering Marion

I'm not wearing green today. So sue me.

Come fly Penguin airlines

Man in Letterman Plot Arrested in Montana (plotting to kidnap son)

Let me guess, when a vodka is named after a famous Soviet Tank..

The only thing that matters (kitty pic)

Coke may have finally got it correct

Civil discourse in the Good Old Days

When are people going to learn?

Am I the only old-timer here who has no problem with recent rules?

Do you love or hate the Drake?

On the bright side, we only need to make it through the next 44 months.

What does N/T stand for?

What's The Crappiest Car You Ever Owned?

Is anyone else sick of winter yet?

Of course the University of Illinois has prevaled

My wife is seeing Duran Duran tomorrow in Chicago

On this day 100 years ago, they were married...

I am in love with Sundog - Is there something wrong with me?

Are Easter eggs the unborn chickens of tomorrow?

Why is the Freeper site so user unfriendly?

Do I really raise eyebrows ?

How often do you use the Greatest feature?

Are you feeling magically delicious today?

Picture request thread

Perfect peace (yet another kitty "AWWWWWWWW" pic)

DUers of Irish descent check in here.

Speaking of old cartoons...

Cell phones while driving...

why does Windows XP think my digital camera is a zip drive?

The suspense is killing me

Squirrel pic

My Husband is Going to Have Surgery Tomorrow

Who would you rather spend a night with?

Photos from 1933 Earthquake.. (Compton, Long Beach & LA)

Leonard Nimoy publishes book of fat bottomed girls

who here thinks BlondieK143 is as innocent as she looks?

Huge slam of Nancy Grace

"Where is that dwarf mother-f@cker?"

Dorks get their revenge on jocks: Kucinich attacks baseball on 'roids

Neil Boortz: brilliant or boorish ?

I'm 3121 posts away from 20,000!

Bands that should tour together based on their names.

Tell us how comfortable you are right now

Anyone ever notice when arguing with a freeper...

It's time for a gas price check!

Right now, I'm grossly violating Nature.

Offensive language immersion

Towns named after first names: example Pierre SD.

I'm feeling catty tonight. Ask me anything - If you dare.

The DU Scottish Group is up.

Song Titles with the names of US States in them.

Salty, Holden and Rip reflect on their trip to Austin, one year later.

I promised to tell you how our cheer competition went. Here is


State Journal Register: Screening of circus questioned (hilarious!)

Cool! I'm going to Canada next month on business.

Friend needs managerial job in companies like Aramark

Hot Spicy Crawfish, Ice Cold Beer and Good Friends

Song titles with the names of CITIES in them

Mark McGwire in tears in front of House Committee......

Favorite colloquialisms: "I could eat the ass end off a dead wino"

Most annoying (written) grammatical error (or crime, when intentional)

Breaking: Michael Jackson confession video

Outrage fatigue

songs with the names of SUPERCONTINENTS in them

Post your Army humor stories here

When I see that I've gotten another email from John (Kerry)

Favorite 60s cartoon

Pictures from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (warning, lots of them..)

The Stolen Child.

Name the cartoon characters

Does anybody remember the song "Thunder Island"?

Free Association Thread: Novel

Life in Death Valley

Irish Elk

fellow couples ... do you french kiss in public ?

So what constitutes a DU old timer, and how many do we have here?

Which Famous Leader are you? I am the leader pot smokers emulate.

Bob Dylan's "Maggie's Farm"

Reminder: Boston DU Gathering, Saturday, March 19th, People's Republik

Names parents no longer use when naming their kids.

an MS degree and I snake toilets for a living

Ok post a picture of yourself again

Who would you want to spend the night with

Protest in Halifax

Seal Hunt delayed until March 29

Does anyone have a great risotto recipe to share?

Schiavo case

Genes contribute to religions inclination...

Is Jesus the Savior?

what is thought?

Textbook Lessons in Hope (teaching the terminally ill)

Possible Mercury, Autism Connection Found in Study (Merke vaccines?)

Inquiry Begins Into Validity of Data About Yucca Mountain (safety faked?)

Women Are Very Much Not Alike, Gene Study Finds

Sad News: Mayor Tony Williams lesian and gay liaison, Wanda Alston, killed

HELP! Need free streaming audio/video for NCAA tourny!

**SPOILER** Congrats to the Men's World Figure Skating Medalists!

Former Red Sox closer Radatz dies after fall

I love Michelle Lissel

Breaking: ESPN's Mike Greenberg picks Pitt to beat Washington in Round 2.

Illinois struggling against FDU. Only up one point at half.


Steroid hearing on all MSM and C-SPAN 3?

Boy, those Hawkeyes are looking sharp today

I hereby request asylum for MikeG and his Pitt teams.

GO TIGERS!! Pacific 79, Pitt 71


Mark McGuire

Let's hear it for UW-Milwaukee!

Just too tired to eat my dinner............

Baby Parrot Pictures!

A temple to the Ancient Ones

Blessing of the Worlds Waters at United Nations-March 22nd

Building the Perfect Chart

Why Atheists Need The Bible

Where the hell is Az?

Sgt. Camilo Mejia...

New feature

The Budget Speech today: First news article

More Bush adopting Kerry positions

Pro-Kerry thread in LBN (at least now)!

I've half a mind to post a "Kerry and Dean are cousins" thread

Sinclair's swift boat fixation

Reporting for duty? Yes, but there is more to it..

March 17 - email from Kerry - we are making a difference - don't give up!

OMG! Another Positive Kerry Thread in GD

Can you guys help on this issue?

Kerry unveils bill to help Iraq war veterans with transition home

For AD, A St Pat's Day breakfast from 1995 video

Man I am nervous about that plan to stop judicial fillibustering

On Malloy: "Kerry is a puppet."

A Couple of Victories in the Senate Today w/ Kerry News!

Some things I learned on a photography trip tonight.

Just Funny

A St. Paddy's day tie from Forzieri

For night-owls and videotapers... Tonight on C-SPAN-2

Countdown Newsletter 3/17/05 -- Father Guido Sarducci's gonna be on.

Slimy socks, ewwwwwwwwwwwww!

I'll be glad when KO's back.

Off topic: did the responsible thing and had a physical.

NEW KO BLOG! 3-17-05 "Say it ain't so, Big Mac"

Live: anybody watching keith now?

It was great to see him -- but could the makeup dept. please decide...

How popular do you want "Countdown" to get?

C-SPAN Daily Alert: Programming Information for Weds. 3/16 - Thurs. 3/17

C-SPAN1 to replay * press conference at 12:52am EST

Because no one wants to be raptured without a juicy burger in hand...

Hoeffel posts at MyDD...upset about ANWR votes from PA.

Representative Jim McDermott now posting on Daily Kos

Maureen Dowd's sposed to be on the Late Late Show on CBS in a few min

Rice, Bolten, Hughes, Wolfowitz -- thank god that Little Boots

Would you forgive a Dem that supported the wholeBush agenda except for SS?

Noam Chomsky - Statement on Week of Campus Resistance, March 2005

Up to 20 schools may be closed in Seattle area-but no child left

The british people, the anti-war crowd and the Blair

Its Amazing Democrats Can Even Walk Around

Neo-Conservative: Say What?

Will china use US debt as pawn to get Taiwan back?

Have you ever worked/volunteered for a candidate that was SO rude or

Halliburton Whistleblower on AirAmerica This A.M.

Give Credit To Michigan Dems on ANWR

Nationwide Strike Day

Democratic Leader Harry Reid's Letter to Bill Frist

Pre-emptively countering the "not elected, so third term" joke/theory.

3/17 House Schedule

Steroids and the youth using them? Then where's Arnold today?

Can someone explain this Wolrd Bank scheiss to me?

DU this budget protest!! And support our returning soldiers!!!

toll-free number to Congress here

House GOP leaders blink -The Hill (what does this mean?)

Holy Crap! Indie radio brings Democracy Now to Richmond Va.

Hey Bush! You can't speak for the American people...

This is not a time for "politics as usual" or for "bipartisanship"...

Paper ballots NOW!!!! Hand counts Now!!!!! n/t

strategy brainstorm: premise: Assume the voters are NOT static

The 2008 Presidential Race...ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!


Rick Santorum's LTTE - he calls out those who challenge him

Caligula Bush

Truth Is, Bush's Propaganda Hurts the U.S.

ANWR Bill. Why were the 2 Democratic Senators from Hawaii Not on Board

TN--Family Affairs Committee voted down bill banning adopt for gays

Judiciary Committee quashes Gannon probe

So, how are the McCarthy hearings going? Anyone watching?

Senate puts Oil Companies First in Fight over Arctic Refuge

06 - What seats are open and who do you support to fill them

.....Soooooo, my 8-year old just asked who won the Iraqi election...

How many Congressmen need to actually be in DC for a vote to happen?

Enron: Patron Saint of Bush's Fake News by Frank Rich

Obama and GOP's Mehlman socialize

USA TODAY "poll" by IRI

Jesus Assaulted by Republicans.

Chertoff Sounds like A Democrat (Kerry)

ABC WNT gives Bush propaganda a look (aired last night)

Dennis does it again.

Is anyone naive enough to think we're going to have real elections in '08?

What Do Iraq, Social Security and Tax Reform Have in Common???

John Kerry just sent me an email.

A Schizophrenic Government...

Democrats in the House and Senate must feel hopeless and helpless?


The Fleischer Watch

Senate rejects Medicaid

Kerry: Bush $2.6T Budget Plan Dishonest

Dorgan Amendment to repeal subsidy for offshoring fails Senate

Term Limits: Yes or No?

With gulf safe, drilling gets Martinez R (FL)vote

The coup is complete .........

Was ANWR sadistically sweet for Chimp, b/c was able to beat Kerry again?

Sen. Brownback is a talibornagain jihadist

The real Wolfowitz from the Daily Show/video

GOP congressman defending Greenspan's honor on House floor


Cost of Iraq War

I got a call from the DNC yesterday

Serious question: What does the phrase "nanny state" imply ?

Did you know about this Lieberman amendment? It was passed.

Snowe-Wyden amendment roll call beginning now in the Senate.

Rome wasn't built in a day (Monica Crowley)

Our delightful commander in chief! - Barf Alert Courtesy of

Repubs discover there is no oil in Iraq !

Secret U.S. Plans For Iraq's Oil by Greg Palast for BBC Newsnight

Uncle Toms and Turncoats

A letter I just received from Hillary. Worth reading IMHO

Question on judge nominees and the filibuster and historical precedent

Schiavo Bill in senate

Schiavo case legislation again on Senate floor

The 'Average Joe' In This Country Can Eat More Of My Shit Every Day

Washington GOP's felon witch hunt catches up with them

Why The Baseball Steroids Hearing Is GOOD For Us

Necons promote failures like Condoleezza and Wolfowitz

HRES 136 directs AG & DHS to turn over all Guckert security check docs

Why We Can't Trust Rep Harold Ford

Now I heard they want mine for known coal and natural gas

Wolfowitz may hit wall from a "reality based" Euro-panel on World Bank

When the Dems eventually do take over the

Chavez tells smirk not to interfere with him again or no oil


Cynthia McKinney is one amazing woman...she has more courage than

Ok kids, why am I watching baseball and steroids

bush's medicare savings...Instead of Medicare CUTS

Ideal Candidate: Feingold '08, Electable Candidate: Clinton '08

Hil Clinton Amend up Right NOW (if provide Viagra-then provide contra

Developing on Rawstory:Boxer readies 'fake news' amendment

Reid to FEC: Hands off the Internet

What Would Life WITHOUT S.S. Be Like? Mexico May Hold Clues!

Senate knockdown of Medicaid might saving Alaska refuge

Daily Protest Pics Thread – Are You ready For Some Protests?

Please help future VA Gov. Tim Kaine

What will it take to MAKE Delay give it up?

pre-paid online porn access

The Rude Pundit has weighed in on shrub's S.S. plan/no plan...

Barbara Boxer posts on dKos - boycott the drillers!

Why did Democrats help the Bunning amendment

Excellent question for your RW friends on GOP's plan to "reform" SS

It's time to play the race card.

Guys, DU THIS POLL- Is Wolfowitz suitable head for World Bank?

A busy day in the Senate today - check out the action here:

What the HELL is going on with CNN / Aaron Brown?

New web site - for those that voted Kerry/Edwards

What the hell is Sen. Byrd talking about (live on C-Span 2)?

A Couple of Victories in the Senate Today

Terrorist FreepTards Suggest GUNS as Answer to Schiavo Tube Pulling

Truth in Advertising a.k.a. Name That Act

I called every Dem I could in my District.

BBC: Secret US plans for Iraq's oil

Impeachment members mobilize for March 19/20

Let's Remember

Support Kerry with his "Stop Fake News" letter to FCC

How about David Letterman to primary Lieberman in 2006?

A friend on another board told me to look up Leo Strauss, so I did.

BIG BBC/Harpers Story: Bush Wanted Iraqi Oil BEFORE 9/11

Sign Barbara Boxer's Petition: Tell Big Oil to Stay out of ANWR!

That Doonesbury cartoon was RIGHT! They've already replaced "Gannon"

March Madness - GOP style (no one is safe)

watch BBC special report on Foul Play by U.S. neocons on Iraqi oil!!

43 Reps Vote in Opposition to Additional Funding for Iraq War

MSM -- It's time to investigate Wrestling ! Is it real or not ? CNN ?

My son killed himself - It's Mark McGwire's fault!!!!

Senate Democrats should take care of the judicial filibuster problem

Who is going to be the 2024 Democratic Presidential candidate?

Draft Gore... for the Tennessee 2006 Senate race

Kerry corrects CNN's Judy Woodruff.

How long did you say we were going to be in Iraq?

Glad I backed Dennis. This year so far, he's got a perfect voting record

Governor's races seem bright for '06

Hasn't Dino Rossi conceded???

We have a chance to get our voices heard with the DNC..

Help! I need some great Democrat quotes. Like

The Daily Show's Lewis Black Commentary a "Must See" tonight

Better AG than Janet Reno???

Will Senate vote to restore Dubya's Medicaid cut doom budget resolution?

If the left stops watching Maher, who will his audience be?

Arianna Huffington says Jon Stewart has crossed to the Dark Side

why cant we have a national recall election?

What's Michael Moore Been Up To?

Introducing a new name for the lapdog corporate media: THE POODLE PRESS!

133,700 sign DNC petition in less than a day to stop "nuclear option"