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Archives: March 1, 2005

Potemkin World… or the President in the Zone

GOP Hurt By Progressive Conservatives

Molly Ivins: The return of the Swift Boat Veterans (must read)

Joe Scarefuck Goes After Move On

Legislation Introduced to Protect Vaccine Manufact. from Product Liability

Whose Communist Plot Is This, Anyway?

Private Accounts a Bust in Nebraska

With New Chief, Uruguay Veers Left, in a Latin Pattern

A bankrupt bankruptcy bill will show what Democrats are made of

What's wrong with American High Schools? Computers.

Bush to Blue States: Drop Dead


NYT ED assumes w/o Bush Saddam still in Power-"Mideast Climate Change

So how about this Tierney guy?

The Bankruptcy Bill-pure corporate whoring

Great Article on Jeb's real duties vs Terri Schiavo case

PENTAGON BUDGET BLACKMAIL (using troop pay till supplement

Privatisation's Real Benefactor: Wall Street


Selective Service to re-instate draft ? (update) LINK

Tearing Down the Press

What A Rich Nation Should Really Be Doing About Social Security

Bill Gates : What's Wrong With American High Schools

Admiral steers support for gays in military

God is a Centrist Democrat - Hillary article Village Voice

LTE: Chris Rock's jokes about Bush in bad taste

Toying with your FREEDOM!

Intel's CEO hammers U.S. education system

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): The war's silver lining

David Brooks: To Have and to Hold, for Richer for Poorer

Rally At The Supreme Court - government display of the Ten Commandments

Petition to expose Delay's dirty dealings Please DU

Boston - demonstration 3/2 in support of OBAIN ATTOUOMAN

Stop Myers confirmation, contact your senators

Would you like to help (pls keep kicked)

CBS Bob Schieffer goes he said/she said-Soc Sec truth tellers are "critics

Fox has Chris Wallace stop correcting GOP lies about Social Security

Fox's O'Reilly lies/"misrepresented" NY Times, Wash. Post editorials

WSJ's John Fund lies saying Hong Kong has a flat tax for almost everyone

Fox's Krauthammer "Sanctions didn't stop" Iraq-espite CIA saying they did

Fox's Jim Angle airs CATO lie about $26T SS problem with no correction

"The idea that he's going to slam *bush everyday

MSM/Knight Rider/WH Correspondents refuse to think Gannon a Bush plant

CNN'sNovak lies/"misquotes" Dean to make GOP lie about Soc Sec "endorsed"

Hinchey (Rove planted false docs)staffer asks DU for HELP!

"Terrorist" Cat Stevens Eats Rupert Murdoch's Lunch

Article in NYT illustrates real estate bubble.

Anybody bought a condo pre-construction? (investment)

So tell me if this could work

Britannia Ruins The Waves - Damning Report On UK Ocean Policy

Climate Irrevocably Changing Arctic Ecosystems, Origins Traced To 1800s

70-Year Survey Shows Warm-Water Plankton Moving North In North Sea

Pacific NW Snowpack At Critically Low Levels

Please contact your senators with the following (or similar)

All But One Of Norwegian Glaciers Surveyed Shrink For 4th Straight Year

Oral history saved islanders from tsunami

Ancient Mangroves Beneath Great Barrier Reef Pose Sea Level Puzzle

A Technology to Save the Planet

BBC (March 1): Asylum falling around the world

Human Right Watch (3/1): Nepalese Security Forces 'Disappear' Hundreds

Official confirms visit from US defense department - TW

Left-wing Uruguay leader sworn in

Anti-gun activist arrested after firearm found at home

What Chiefs of Police think about guns and other subjects.

Brace yourselves: anti-gun activist being charged with a you know what

I thought the GENERAL & GENERAL-POLITICS forums were being combined?

Why are some post locked?

Not Sure How To..

Are these rules/guidelines still in effect without exception?

Another 'why was this moved' question

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Can We Get The Boondocks Daily Comic Strip Put On The

suggestion for some rule "bending" in LBN

I've been trying to post a picture

What are the standards for new account privileges?

Subject text doesn't update in My Posts after editing post?

I am wondering if we might try starting a Sustainability Forum

I don't like it when posts are deleted

Is there an email address for administrators?

LBN looks... GREAT! The mods are on dupes like flies to honey

Out of curiosity

Why did Larisa Alexandrovna's 3/1/05 article in raw story not

Starting a DU group

I don't know how you guys do it.

What's wrong with Smelly Farts?

Request for new group - CSPAN WATCH

Israel Court Orders Forces to Reopen Case

My Repug friend says "Neo-Con" means "Jews" or "Zionists." True or False?

An attack on IDF probes

Diagramming 9/11

Representative Cynthia McKinney Rocks Rumsfeld on War Games

I need help with Fahrenheit 9/11

Anti-gun activist arrested after firearm found at home

Chicago Sun-Times: Madigan flags down Metra board

Peoria Journal Star: Schock proposing meth legislation, expert panel

ACLU and Human Rights First Charge Rumsfeld for Torture in U.S Court

Pantagraph: Brady forming gubernatorial committee

Deal Reached to Expand Wrigley Field

cegalis fundraiser

had a great time at the social security town hall meeting

Chicago Tribune: Big-city election tastics spread

Judge's husband, mother found dead

'Boondock's' held hostage by Chicago Tribune; Day 2

Big problems with Sequoia machines in Louisiana; and other problems

Guess Iowa wasn't perfect after all- but it was just students

Registration fraud was big problem in many states

20 Amazing Facts about Voting in the USA

College vote suppressed by Repubs all over U.S.- why didn't Media cover?

new Election Legislation Reference page

The Mighty Texas Strike Force

ACLU, Ex-Detainees to Sue Rumsfeld Over Abuse

Countdown (KOEB)Tuesday -naked man covered in nacho cheese

DU Election Activists, we need your opinion today on Calif. meetup!

Common Cause

College students & Dems had problem voting in many states

Want to be fashionable while spreading hope and helping elect progressives

Do law officials have double standard regarding dirty tricks against Dems

E-mail From Barbara Boxer Support the "Count Every Vote" Act!

got to shake my hero's hand

Tuesday 2/1 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Why Kerry almost won.

Why would Venezuela print/put old US election info. on website?

KOEB (Tuesday)

Hitler never abandoned the cloak of legality.

Accuracy, Integrity and security in computerized vote-Tallying

But in a bizarre twist...

Latest on Carlyle Group Hawaii Telco Purchase

BREAKING: Blackwell Seeks Depositions of Kerry and Edwards

Meet-up to communicate with Dem leaders in California

Calif Fight Against McCormack's Assault on Election Protection

to CA legislators on higher ed labor abuses

Meet-up to communicate with Dem leaders in California

Calif Fight Against McCormack's Assault on Election Protection

should we start a recall against Arnold for his "special election"???

Democrats Offer Deal on Remap

Kerry received his Distinguished American Award and talked about

Meehan exposes true cost of "don't ask, don't tell"


A forum on gay rights

Minneapolis & St. Paul residents - attend your DFL precinct caucus tonight

If betty McCollum were to run for us senate....??

Problem with MXTASK.exe File

I can't get MS Anti-Spyware tool to work

Just discovered a new way to surf.....Try it.


Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee

Os Chrisman assigned to rule over Kaufman County election suit

Any DFW meetups in the next 1 1/2 weeks?

The Progressive populist caucus. History? Purpose?

Texas DU'ers. Repugs Slipping in a New Tax! Call your

interview with Barbara Radnofsky.

So they "Freeped" our "North Texas Petition for AAR."

Heads need to roll on this one

Members of Wisconsin Legislature going after academic freedom

Come check out this website.

DU this site

Is Lebanon freeing itself from Syrian occupation a bad thing?

DailyKos: Impressive Media Email List (in 'Nuke Syria' Discussion)

Some racist jerk-off in Usenet thinks I'm a "whigger."

Happy Easter!!!

My 400th post and St. Pat's is my Birthday

Selma 40 Years Later - By Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

gannon wants "contributions"? unbelievable!

DemocracyRising.US - calling all anti-war DU'ers - new Nader site

Who is Victor Ashe ?

?O'Reilly says Dean says

Some salient facts.

Another sign that quality left blogs are one of the best weapons we have

I need DU's opinion on this article.

*** NEW *** BIN LADEN *** SCARE ***

Ray Taliaferro fans, I need your help.

Isn't anyone concerned people like Acxiom and other

I guess CNN thinks Michael Jackson went to London.

CAFTA... bush is trying to pass it quietly AFTER the elections..

Katrina Vanden Heuvel was a good spokesman...Matthews was rotten to her.

The Republican War

If Ken Mehlman & Jeff Gannon married, would bush zombies support it?

So i was up at 3 am and watched a Faux news special on the "war on terror"

"Welcome in Bushland" - about Bush in Europe

Bartcop had the same Idea I did.

and another thing

Reagan: "Tear down this wall! " Bush: "Tear down this safety-net!"

Phi Beta Kappa Rejects GMU

Bush's visit to Europe had two purposes:

Limbaugh said the troops watched FOX all the time....

I suppose

So will bush claim victory because of Lebanon?

If you aren't healthy & well off, maybe you don't deserve to be in America

the RED, the BLUE, and the CHEESE.... (a WayLay Toon)

U.S. Cites Array of Rights Abuses by the Iraqi Government...wait for it!

Judge: Pharmacist Should Be Reprimanded (not filling birth control Rx)

Judge Finds Spouse, Mom Dead at Ill. Home

It's The ANTHRAX, Stupid!

19 Days to Global Protest

New idea for DNC series of ads based on Rock's routine

We're in the perfect storm, the demise of the mid to lower classes.

Should there be an 'open' section of the site for conservatives to debate?

W of the Day-June 19, 2003

A kiss is just a . . . political stiletto (USA Next ad flap)

Should a "retirement" organization shilling for the GOP be tax exempt?

Selective Service Ready for Draft - Report to Bu$h* on 3/31

Bush calls himself a Christian, how can he reconcille the bombing

Dan Rather On Letterman This Friday (3-4-05)

How Dubai, the playground of businessmen and warlords, is built by Asian w

Mike Malloy AAR looking for suggestions for Gannon

Schwarzenegger: No thoughts about presidential bid

If protests in the streets in the ME and the Ukraine can make a change

So Chimp is a Pot Head.

Lizz Winstead quit or fired??

Ken Blackwell Running for Governor of Ohio?

Going to hear a Prof. speak about China's emergence as...

The Tax Man Commeth.

lol @ this Rice doll on BBC...

Ever since 9-11 the media has been scrolling the news

1500 US Dead; We Shall Not Forget (even tho rightwignnuts want us to)

Three Cheers for the Supreme Court for upholding the 8th amendment!!

Did Katie Couric ever say...

Unemployment is high and jobs are down right?

"War On Terror" my ass!

Maggie's mom in the Million Dollar Baby was right. ((Spoiler)))

So...Bush Is Now Bringing in the Real Big Guns on Social Security...

When Dan Rather retires, I will no longer watch CBS.

National Call In Day re the Congressional Budget Resolution

Mark Twains quote of the day

Gannon contradicts himself and White House in Obscure Internet Postings

U.S. Senator Urges Indecency Rules for Cable-TV Shows

Frank Luntz

Three cheers for independent businesses!

What do you think it would be like NOT to care

Live in Washington D.C.? Why not go get a Day Pass

AZ Bill would let workers sue if boss hires illegally

WARNING: Here's an e-mail I received earlier today:

The US State Dept. complaining about OTHER countries torture, illegalities

Senators Boxer & Clinton's Count Every Vote Act!

Eric Rudolph UPDATE!!!Eric Rudolph UPDATE!!!

Bush making AIDS groups pledge to oppose prostitution

You government at work for you - Chavez assassination plot

how little did Dumbya get from his European trip?

Gilmore stays close to home while making a point about privacy

RNC today uses Novak's 2nd misquote of Dean after it is debunked.

McClellan looks scared, he's hiding something & waiting for shoe to drop

So what do you think of this "credible but not specific threat" to U.S?

Question about grocery shopping...

There were a lot of young men in the '60s

Apply for a job with the goverment, nice paying jobs. see link

MSM - CNN - My thoughts - Your thoughts

Republicans on MSNBC

Comparison of Vietnam deaths to Iraq war deaths.

I have an idea... unless there already is something like this here on DU..

Does anyone else get sick and tired of caring when the rest of the country

Did Negroponte divest his investment portfolio?

Okay... someone tell me

I heard a Senator from Maine is putting up a antiabortion for gay fetus..

Rumsfeld Sued For Torture

Do you think that Syria was actually behind that attack in Lebanon?

Profile for most serial killers is THE SAME as the profile for Freepers

Arnold Uses Fake News to End Workplace Lunch

Rader/BTK, the alleged mass-murderer is a Republican...

I have a question about Education and High Schools in particular...

Republican Front Groups Fighting Social Security (The List)


One thing the social security thing reveals about this administration...

BTK="Loony Right". Typical Republican Values

Help needed on poll! Hinchey/Rove

Want to be a scientist? Eat an economist!

Current Events for Dummies


The Kids Are F$#@ed Up: New Book Blasts Parental, Cultural Absolutism

Historical question: Bartcop and Julie Steele


What is going on at Fox?

Teens Leaping For Thrills In 'Garage Jumping' Trend

So, according to the swift boat liars/Republican propagandists

Teacher Has Sex with Pupil While Baby in Car: Cops

Fox is a testament to how diabolically brilliant Rupert Murdoch is

Is there an appendicitis epidemic and is Karl Rove RESPONSIBLE?

PNAC - Letter to Congress on Increasing U.S. Ground Forces

Poll Finds US Voters Want Female President

Raw Story: Washington Times liaison sent Social Security scam mailings

What do you think of the Jessica Lunsford case?

Remember - Paul Wellstone was an OPPONENT of the Bankruptcy Reform Bill

At the NFL, you can be Bin Laden, but not Gay or Lesbian!

What's wrong with American High Schools? Computers.

Mega-churches: what do you make of them?

Missile rejection perplexes U.S


PHOTO: "Here is the church, here is the steeple.....

Explore all you want. Impeachment aint going to happen.

well . . . at least not ALL Christians are sex-negative . . .


Wal-Marts newest victims....................The City

Was the New Deal ultimately good for the Country?

Mistrial declared in Tenn. medical examiner case

Matt Hale...killing judges/judges' families.

Rep. McKinney toasting Rummy's ass with 9/11 war games queston

Chuck E. Cheese patron hit with stun gun after loading up on salad

BUSH: "You can't use federal money to prophelesize"

Research Question: Your Concept of the "Wild West"

A very stupid question

John Tierney to replace Safire at NYT

Ukraine goes buh bye.

Syrian company drilling Iraq oil wells

Wolfowitz as head of the World Bank?

It's Good to Be Anne Coulter! No really.

"Shadowy Money Laundry" allegations about GOPUSA?

Anyone else notice Scalia's Hypocrisy?

Oh good. M$M is now going on about, how in 1993, WTC attackers sent

has hell frozen over

"Justices abolish death penalty for juveniles"

It looks like Bush will be using invasion of Iraq to take credit for

Deserving poll has been freeped, DU to the resue!

Secret Society Just who is the Council for National Policy

About Terri Schiavo's parents lawsuit and allegations towards

Just used the "ignore" for the first time...on 13 DUers because of this

GOPUSA Forum: Padilla should be killed to save taxpayer money

Dead bodies everywhere so we just go shopping.

You know what I'm afraid of? "Misunderestimate" is starting to look like a

It's a grandchild!

Family Values group gets upset over "sex store"(FL)

Organic Lawn Care: An Alternative to Traditional Lawn Care Takes Hold

I have lost another student.... third one this year ;...(

The Canadian Ann Coulter?

Did Bush support the losing side in the teenage death penality case?

NO ONE suspected that bush was the Bomb Torture Kill president

KO WATCH - Tonight on Countdown (3/1)

Fox News

Gaming the Social Security issue

How many "Christians" will be angry about the end of child death sentences

How can we Americans sleep at night. We should be in the streets.

Oh wow. Saddam's judge was killed.

"...our gays are more macho than their straights" Annthrax on Gannon

CBS News coverage of Social Security was really funny!

I believe that the synthetic organic compounds like Teflon, Silicones,

And later, we shall try to cut off your hands for your dirty remote habits

self delete

If America Is Richer, Why Are Its Families So Much Less Secure?

How will the draft be institutionalized?

If the Christian Right wasn't around

Chuckie Cheese? 20+ | Barbara BOXER..... VOTING rights?

Socialist DUers, check in

Attn DU nurses....check out LBN and read the article( Ahnold and CA RN's)

A Handout for the Yellow Ribbon Suppport The Troops REPUKES!

China Fuels Energy Cold War--Asia Times Online

Do Red State Drivers Suck more than Blue State Drivers?

Poll: Bush losing support on Social Security

Do you see "Christian" fish symbols used in Yellow Page advertising?

Contrary to Coulter's website, syndicate never OK'd anti-Arab slur in

U2's Bono Should Head World Bank, Paper Urges

Whoa!! Shouldn't NBC Now Be Attacked, Investigated & People Fired??

Will Bush repeal the Servicemember's Civil Relief Act?

Any bloggers want to interview GuckertGannon?

Unions on a roll in Las Vegas

Can somebody sum up the Gannon / Gosch thing?

Is Haiti on the same trajectory as Iraq,

Legal Advice

Tom Ridge get's "Duct Tape Pay Back!" Home Depot puts him on Board

Why haven't Derschowitz or Spence challenged

One judge killed in Iraq. On judge's family killed in the US.

Same sex union benefits vs. marriage benefits

72 people should be happy today.

ME almost total chaos - is this what PNAC planned?

Please read this and tell me what you think

Is Antonin Scalia a bad Catholic for supporting Child Death Sentences?

So what is THE conspiracy? * taking over the world, etc?

Looks like bush wants to go to Syria

great Mike Thompson toon: Bush offers Kool-Aid to governors

AFL-CIO and Howard Dean meet in Las Vegas, plan strategy.

If the US closes its borders, stops illegal entirely. Who will do the jobs

I don't think some of us realize just how good the SCOTUS is

Military/National Guard people, I have a question ....

Clinton Calls For Sanctions Against Syria

I dont have cable, but in my hotel, I am watching Politically Incorrect

This 'bird flu'. M$M giving it a lot of coverage.

Beware of the Long Term Care Rip-Off

Far Right Now Aiming For Robert Byrd - Action Needed

How Come People are Belatedly Turning Against Bush???

MSNBC: Wow, after watching Matthews and Olbermann...

Victory for Human Rights in Topeka Today!

Alberto Gonzalez & Andy Griffith

The Zombie Felony story.

Christian Coalition compares their 'persecution' to Iraq under Saddam

Republicans Spend Money For Propaganda But Not For Veterans

"Bush liberated Lebanon!!!"

Scarborough is interviewing Mike Walker about Rather

So they've snuffed those Wead tapes?

DU this poll please - was Rather set up?

The Democratic Party "supports killing, lying, adultery, thievery, envy"

Alert to everyone in North Texas, PBS, KERA Channel 13, Frontline, NOW!

Americans seem to have forgotten; the vast majority of people in the ME

Bush: "All drunks are welcome" faith-based policy

Thank goodness our leader is exporting Demcracy...mopaul needed.

The Old "Congress Doesn't Pay Into SS" Hoax E-Mail Is Making The Rounds...

Need to get Bloomberg out of office and put a Democrat in!!!

About the Supreme Court...Why on Earth did GHWB...

Justice Kennedy: More Proof That SCOTUS Picks DO Matter

Gas in Fuquay-Varina, NC is...

Venezuela may sell U S oil plants

Lebanon; pundits again ignore most the FACTS.

Comparing prices for prescription drugs.

Meet the 3 teenagers that Bush put to death

here's some maps

Syria being set up by the bush administration.

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Round Up

Listen to Justice Stevens. Listen to Him! God I love him!

"Pro-family Christians" aim to end domestic partner tuition discounts

Seats at the table for gays and other minorities

Democracy in the Middle East? How about restoring democracy in the U.S.?nt

If you were in a persistent vegetative state...

Should we start making plans to form a new union?

SHAME > George Bush FAILED to Get Bin Laden "Dead or Alive"

Olberman: Bush Doctrine Seems to be Working in the Middle East

Why in the Hell is Judy Woodriff apologizing for a comment . . .

"With God on Our Side"

Anthony Kennedy is a good Catholic, Scalia is a pro death hypocrite

'Minutemen' plan to patrol Arizona border

Oxymoran {PIX} >>>

Is Pat Buchanan Right on This Issue or is McCain?--conflicting views

The Republicans are rewriting the social contract

What will happen, iyo, when Castro passes? Who is set to

Signs on the Back of Semi Trailers


Frist pledges to finish two terms in Senate, then work on a cure for AIDS!

jon Stewart forgives the lies if the real goal was to spread

What do Police Chiefs think of various issues?

The U.S. Economy Is Headed Toward Crisis

The Censored Two "Boondocks" Strips Here (2-28, 3-1)

Village Voice - God Is a Centrist Democrat

At the NFL, you can be Bin Laden, but not Gay or Lesbian!

White House gets tapes of Bush "marijuana" chat

An ounce of prevention is cheaper than a pound of cure.

Laura Bush: "I read, I smoke, I admire!"

Elite Force Aviator: George W. Bush - U.S. President and Naval Aviator

Any other "downsizers headed for the hills" out there?

HATE CRIME: Gay student brutally beaten

Come on Iraqis! KICK OUT those OCCUPIERS!

While all hell is breaking loose in the M.E., CM says it's "democracy"!

Ann Coulter- unmarried at 45 yrs old - I assume she is therefore a virgin

Frontline - "The Soldier's Heart" on PBS now

KS att General made this weeks TIME

"Million Dollar Baby" Is A Reactionary Movie

UK Herald: "Prepare for the worst re: Bird Flu"

"Don't ask, don't tell" Undermines National Security/ has Wasted $200MM

Brooks column totally pisses me off! Talk about living in the

Now Gannon claims the liberals are after him because he's a Christian?!

To Justices Stephens, Bader Ginsberg, Bryer and Souter

BOXER Alert! | Support the "Count Every Vote" Act!

PHOTOS: to honor OUR soldiers who were KILLED in we don't forget

Wellstone assassination technology revealed

How many people noticed there was a terrorist attack in the U.S.?

Terri Schiavo's parents are now attacking marriage itself

God Save America

What's up with Jon Stewart?

Mexico says its illegal for U.S. citizens to patrol border within U.S.

Hinchey staffer asks DU for HELP! (DU this poll., please)

Ray Taliaferro on KGO


Help My Email is Hijacked...

Why are some political blogs popular and others not? nt

What are America's most cherished Myths?

Chipotle Chicken BBQ!

what am I supposed to do with the egg yolks?

Yet Another Bread Question

Hey, in this historic year of no stanley cup - I get to meet it on Friday

BC DUers how are you going to vote on BC-STV?

Little Britain turns its back on Blair

Australian forecaster warns of slowing global economy

Iraqi tribunal charges Saddam regime members with human-rights abuses

U.S. Court Orders 'Enemy Combatant' Freed

Federal Judge finds bodies in her home---possible attack by neo-nazis

Ban on Lighters in Air Travel

America urges UN to renounce abortion rights

US considers incentives for Iran

Embassy moved to Green Zone (Aussie)

US accuses Pakistan of rights violations

Sweden's Saab plant to build new Cadillac model

Estates can be seized to repay Medicaid (Texas)

Report Criticizes Interim Iraq Government (AP)

Lt gov.'s proposal would authorize state to fund anti-abortion programs

Lawyer:Illegal spending in records:But defense in lawsuit contends GOP co

Iran Says It Won't Give Up Nuclear Plans (Reuters)

Turkmen leader closes hospitals


Karzai considering role for Afghan strongman Dostum

Intelligence Nominee Vows to Sell Stock (Negroponte conflicts?)

Wembley death threat plot

Kennedy says bankruptcy law would hurt veterans

Valentine's deal 'left out gay people'

Publish and be damned on Iraq, says Campbell

Tribe contests Gibson island sale

Student Arrested For Terrorist Threat Says Incident A Misunderstanding

Wolfowitz on shortlist for World Bank top post

Adviser to Mrs. Clinton Calls New York Governor's Presidential Outlook 'La

Vote in Topeka Today Hangs on Gay Rights and a Vitriolic Local Protester

Judge reportedly finds husband, mother dead (OOPS! dupe)

China Rejects U.S. Criticism of Rights Record

'Health reasons' keep Castro from inaugural (in Uruguay)

Report: Federal Judge In Supremacist Trial Finds Family Dead

Interpol Calls Bioterrorism Major Threat

ACLU, Ex-Detainees to Sue Rumsfeld Over Abuse

US 'torture jet' flies from UK

White House gets tapes of Bush "marijuana" chat

NYT: Author Says Tapes Are With Bush's Counsel

Juvenile Death Penalty Banned by U.S. Supreme Court

Wolfowitz on shortlist for World Bank top post

Report criticizes interim Iraq government

Brooklyn's Abu Ghraib: Detainees in Post 9/11 Sweep Allege Abuse in NY

Gannon contradicts himself and White House in Obscure Internet Postings

U.S. Wants Avowal Against Abortion (from UN conf on women's rights)

French hostage in Iraq pleads for help

Rumsfeld Sued Over Prisoner Abuse

UN Says Iran Rejected Inspection of Military Base

HHS (anthrax) vaccine contract was 'suspect,' says Sen. Grassley

US sounds alarm on human rights

U.S. Military Presence near Venezuela Raises Concerns

A bankrupt bankruptcy bill will show what Democrats are made of

Woman accused in fatal wreck arrested three days earlier (for DWI)

Ebbers to Jury: I Was Clueless

State may restore cut programs (TX repubs caving to dem/public pressure)

Protesters Back on Beirut Streets; U.S. Offers Support (US election help)

Social Security Scam Letter/Frist/Jarmin and great Kerry statements!

Jail harbors staph that defies drugs

World's longest tunnel finished in Japan

Afghan President Appoints Dostum Chief Of Staff

Teacher Has Sex with Pupil While Baby in Car: Cops

Ikon to cut 1,500 jobs, consolidate operations

Marines hire private Iraqi force to hunt insurgents

2,000 Demonstrate at Iraqi Bombing Site

Assault weapons battle rejoined Feinstein fights to reinstate law

DOJ subpoenas GOP group (Abramoff)

DOJ subpoenas GOP group (Grover Norquist/Gail Norton group)

Anti-gun activist arrested after firearm found at home

Two-thirds of Russians don't trust police - survey

Rove briefs lobbyists on Social Security plan -The Hill


Schawarzenegger to hold Special Election

U.S. Soldier Fights To Keep Home While In Iraq

Donors Oppose Senate Choice Over Abortion

Taser sued over 'non-lethal' claim

Turkish Daily News - Turkish Press Yesterday (Sibel Edmonds)

Lufthansa returns to net profit

Ukraine to pull out troops from Iraq (starting this month)

U.S. Ambassador Finds His Match in Mexico

Jury Views Michael Jackson TV Documentary

FOX: BREAKING NEWS - Judge In Saddam Trial Found Murdered

Judge threatened by racist group finds husband, mother dead

Chiles Drops Out of Florida Governor Race

U.S. Shifts Funding to Boost Power Supply in Iraq

Chiles dropping out of governor's race, citing residency rules

U.S. opposes EU arms sales to China

BREAKING NEWS: US Supreme court: Bans death in juvenile case

Rice offers Lebanon U.S. election help

Rumsfeld Sued Over Prisoner Abuse

Manufacturing growth slows

ANWR Drilling Likely in Senate Budget -Panel Head

U.S. Commander Says Size of Iraq Insurgency Falling

Worst deficit in 50 years spells banana drama (Aust economy in trouble)

Russia working on 'defense-proof' nuclear missiles: minister

Suspect said to admit plan to kill Bush

U2's Bono Should Head World Bank, Paper Urges

Abortion is Not a Right, US Tells UN

Colorado prof's speech at UW-Whitewater draws backers, protests

Iraqi politicians seek more time to develop new government

Pak, US forces closing in on top al-Qaeda leadership--News Intl., Pakistan

Ousted Haiti president wins honorary fellowship

WP: Battle of Judicial Nominee Resumes

Universities Balk at Proposed Bush Cuts

Schwarzenegger to Hold Special Election

Rice Sees Evidence Syria-Based Group Behind Bombing (of Tel Aviv niteclub)

Leading Figure of Venezuela's 2002/2003 Oil Industry Shutdown Arrested

Bush Favors 'all Drunks Are Welcome' Policy for Religious Groups

Report: Drugs Threaten Afghanistan, Iraq

NYt; "Speculators Seeing Gold in a Boom in the Prices for Homes"

American Diplomat Attacked by skinheads in Ukraine because he's Black

Guard Recruiter Charged With Sex Crimes

Easley targets 'King of the Hill' audience

Karzai picks warlord to command new Afghan army

SA Man Gets 30 Years for Torching Muslim Businesses

WP - Amendment Could Impede Bankruptcy Bill

For GOP, urgency on Social Security (setting up "war room")

Local Officials Oppose Bush Cuts (community block grants)

Malvo Won't Stand Trial in Virginia Case (DC Sniper)

US state department slams Iraqi government's human rights record

Corzine strategy: Shed the money baggage

'N.Y. Times' Picks John Tierney for Op-Ed Page (to replace Safire)

Fort Drum Soldier Dies In Bizarre Route 11 Crash

Iraqi Judge on Saddam Case Killed

ACLU, Ex-Detainees to Sue Rumsfeld Over Abuse

MSNBC: BREAKING NEWS - Judge In Saddam Trial Found Murdered

BREAKING: Blackwell Seeks Depositions of Kerry and Edwards

Tel Aviv blast killed soldiers ("the best of the best, Israel's elite" )


Bush Pushes Faith-Based Initiative

U.S. State Department Attacks Venezuela for Human Rights Abuses

Guardian/AP: Uruguay Inaugurates First Leftist Leader

U.S. Cites Array of Rights Abuses by the Iraqi Government in 2004

(Massachusetts) governor testing national waters, possible successors eyed

Son of BTK victim still haunted by mother's slaying a 5-year-old

Gays 'Threaten Society' Islamic Leader Says

Thurmond encouraged FBI to build case against King, memo reveals

Assad: Syrian troops out of Lebanon ‘very soon’

US Companies Seek Dismissal of Agent Orange Lawsuit

New Russian Nuclear Missiles Irresistible — Defense Minister

Venezuela arrests key Chavez foe

General Dostam to Command New Afghan Army

Gonzales Defends Bomb Suspect's Detention

Rawstory: Washington Times liaison sent Social Security scam mailings

Fiorina joins World Bank short list

One in Four Americans Would Use Nukes Against Terrorists

DeLay says U.S. need not separate church, state

Capitol News Service: Schiavo Bill

82 Year old Woman Takes on the Health Care System in the USA

Gorbachev: Russia Must Preserve Democracy

Rice Postpones Canada Visit After Missile Decision

Utility Exposes Enron Greed at Its Core--WashPost

Bush Accused of Playing 'Chicken' Over Judge Picks

Time Mag: Nursing a Grudge (Arnold/CA nurses head to court)

Ex-Beatle's Wife Calls for Pet Fur Trade Ban

...Bipartisan Majority of Americans Favors Referring Darfur [Cases] to ICC

U.N.: Nordics Have Lowest Child Poverty

Montana Governor Isn't Cowed by Bush (LA Times)

Black (US) Diplomat Attacked in Ukraine (by more than a dozen skinheads)

Putin sets up youth group to stop 'orange revolution'

Teachers refusing to grade papers in Berkeley

(Australian govt) Minister attacks animal rights group

Democrats Press Bankruptcy Bill Measure

Haitian Police Open Fire on Thousands of Marchers Call Return of Aristide

Senator: Decency Rules Should Apply Pay TV, Radio

WP: Social Security Vote May Be Delayed

U.S. implicates Syrian-based group in Israel attack-'Firm evidence' cited

China lashes out at US human rights report

78-year-old faces charges over marijuana stashed in freezer

U.S. Marines hire private Iraqi force to hunt insurgents

German jobless rate at new record (12.6%)

Sen. Clinton Urges Punishment For Syria

Cat farts or dog farts - which is worse?

Oh, sh**! (picture)

A song parody, sung to the tune of Three Dog Night's "Joy to the World."

SHANANAGINS - needs to go to bed - eom :P

Fuck you Einstein!

Do you think that this is real?

Good night DU

Two posts away from 1000

Thus spake Zarathustra!

Seems I'm a "whigger." At least, according to a RW jerk-off at Usenet.

"Rockers" on American Idol

Save Bobby Seale

I don't need to fight to prove I'm right. I don't need to be forgiven.

Cat farts or dog farts - which is worse?

My Mezuzah just fell off, what does that mean?

Cat question: What is the normal number of times a cat should pee per day?

So I had a dream about Matt Damon the other night

Is it me or are car commercials irresponsible?

And fuck you Godel and Heisenberg.

Talk to me....

The other day, I followed a dog home.

where B all my peeps at?

Dang, scratch that one off the list

if cats and dogs could blog...

The Thickest Book in the World

pres2032?? You need this!

Coleslaw thread!

I am mailing some PEEPS to Iraq. Cool or Cruel?

Post #400!

This F---ing Sucks

Most vomitous candy of all time!

since we are talking about translators....

Not happy till

Bernie Wards Music. Song titles?

Film Hypocrisy

Has anyone noticed Mad TV has gone overboard with ethnic "humor"?

what you guys doing right now?

can we sue for stealing our nickname?

I finally figured out why the KKK wears white sheets.

Which historical figure has received the most undeserved good rap?

nothing like shoveling snow at 6:30 am

After three and a half years, I've finally accrued 1000!

One time the most disturbing thing happened:

Worst pickup lines ever

Why do post get "locked"?

Ann Coulter calls Alan Colmes a "Liar": Video

Elderly Woman (78) Arrested For Selling Pot

Nor'easter check in -- how much snow in your backyard?

Name Not Needed's Conspiracy Theory of the Day

Better yet: What ABBA song are you???

Bush&Sons, Inc.

Happy Birthday Opie

better yet: what ABA team are you?

"Dancing Fool" or "Pretty Fly (for a you-know-what guy)"

most overrated matcom

Goooood Morning DU! (and a Repub story too)

Fond Memories of past Oscar glories (Memorable pictures)

well, thanks to the snow.......

What's with all the 'cat' threads here?

Rare childhood photo of W released (WARNING!)

I finished my scientific paper tonight!

What makes "MATitaniCOM" such an awful film?

What's with the lack "Cat Stevens" threads here?

Question: Imus in the Morning. Why does the FCC overlook

Suicidal Man With Gun Surrenders After Being Bitten By Snake

If you could arrange a bender, what would be the first thing you do?

Cow urine offered as cure all

The official NOT February 29th thread

What's with the lack of 'cat' threads here?

Freelancers - Question

I don't believe in the death penalty but for double parkers....


My GWB success story enters penultimate phase in 2.5 hours

Lego computer cases...what next?

Dare To Sing: Where is Simon Cowell when you need him?

Buccaneers Player Arrested For Allegedly Pulling Pellet Gun On Fans

If John Kleeb switched his username and suddenly became a newbie

Kleeb left cause you assholes figured out he really was from Massachusetts

The state of our edjumucation (screen grab)

Music labels seek higher download prices, Apple's Steve Jobs "angered"

in honor of kLeeb

I think the Union is going to strike at my plant.......

Anyone attend the University of Miami?

G.W. Bush is so mean

John Lennon quotation

DU machanics: ? about tie rods

Once again, the storm does not live up to the hype.

Question on pay raises and cost of living

i am officially scared

Duchess fills her poisoned garden with coca, poppies and strychnine


Let's play Bad Thesaurus

the day just got sucky

To all ex-lovers...

GYWO page 44 is up

What were you like as a child?

A few words in memory of Kleeb's appendix

Bitten by snake, suicidal man surrenders

Man I miss those days!

ho ho ho, that craig's List

Ex-Beatle's Wife Calls for Pet Fur Trade Ban (cat and dog fur?)

Step inside

You and me, we're gonna have a fight.

No more flames. It's a LOVE FEST. Subject: Other DUers

Kiss my

Another Two hour school delay! For no snow!

No, I'm not kidding...really bad sneakers

No, I'm not kidding...really bad sneakers

Okay, I want to date a Flight Attendant. So now what do I do?

What is your "anti-drug?"

Feelin' Alright?

Who else has snow right now?

Windows XP techincal question:

There was a chihuahua on my porch at 3:00 am singing love songs to my

800+ posts in two months

Would you buy a used faith-based initiative from this man?

Well, now I know when I got my donor star.

Be awestricken at my amazing willpower....

My 400th post and St. Pat's is my Birthday

180 Search Assistant: anyone know what this is?

Who else wears Chucks?

Can anybody here read Japanese?

The "I Guess She Just Has That Effect on Men???" CAPTION

What is your "comfort food"?

Avast Anti Virus Popped Up Today On My Computer

Female body hairiness?

man covered in nacho cheese pleads guilty to burglary

Here's a telling quote...

Nude Man Covered In Nachos Gets Probation

What's goin on?

Ron Jeremy in a PETA ad

What song to download?

Ugh....I keep running out of computer storage space!!!

turn on your funk motor

Bushes and culture- "President, wife love music, Texas art"

Anyone need to buy a liberal a baby/kid gift?

Do you ever catch yourself doing something that annoys you?

Best Band from Manchester II

Time to Save the World from the Female Body-great piece!irony at its best

Best Band from Manchester

David Spade isn't funny. Never has been, never will be.

Best Band from Prospect Heights?

Everybody say hello to Mrs._Beastman!

I want to use my computer to receive faxes

Separated at birth?

Positive vibes PLEASE!

Best band from Berwyn

My Middle initial is "W"

What's on your 'My Forums' list?

It's two hours before the computer tests

like a bridge over troubled waters,

Male body hairlessness?

SIX-FIGURE JOB: Crime scene cleaner

How would you like to do this guy's laundry?

Police walked in for Jimmy Jazz

Anarchist DUers check in here.

Talk station holding contest for "Talk Idol" *barf* listen to the clips

OMG - I'm in the 700 Club! - Quick - Ask me ANYTHING!!!!!

Two things: I'm changing my name to JimmyKleeb and I'm going

most overrated sitcom

Is Star Wars Episode 4 an accurate depiction of Moss Eisley Spaceport?

Jimmy Jazz played an Epiphone guitar?

The Top 10 Things You're Not Supposed To Do Or Say In Divorce Court

Anybody know anything about investing?

Dukes of Hazzard - any fans here?

what's new with me - i grew a beard

Best band from Manchester III - Best band who weren't on poll I or II?

Okay, does anyone sell a house plant waterer that will water plants

JimmyJazz is a freakin rockstar!

Hilarious e-bay auction

Post a picture of someone else.

Yeah, Detroit

For my 4000th post, I'd like to say....

Jimmy Jazz is Love

I want to thank JimmyJazz for her recent

Since we can't talk about JimmyJazz, I volunteer to be the subject du jour

In John Kleeb's honor: do you still have your appendix?

This doesn't look right.

Want to see a good looking man?

I am so f**king bummed right now.

Which is better, the British or American music press?

Why do some posts appear without numbers???

What are the best ways for lawyers to advertise?

The "He Loves You THIS Much" CAPTION

Can you put the lounge on pause please - I have to hit the loo

anybody want a gmail invite?

Most useless key on your keyboard?

I wish Chimp* was a Pot Head!!!

If you could change Fender, what would be the first thing you do?

Most useless key on your key chain?

Don't you hate seeing a new business you just KNOW is doomed?

Grrrr.... rant about yahoo/sbc email

Do you think the WFL is finished for good?

Mr Hedges, please teach me the facts of life.

who here met their OS online

I'm hungry - recommend lunch please

Where's Matcom and his alcoholic skunk????

New "Curb Your Enthusiasm" drinking game:

Orchids - appropriate for work?

Bad Sneakers

I miss Kleeb.

Create a story, 3 words at a time

The Pulp Fiction Thread: Let's collaborate on a noir story


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go to GD

I sure do miss Jazz organist Jimmy Smith

Crumb Cake

R. Crumb

MikeG also uses duct tape for Pa. Superior Court Briefs.

I am no longer an adulterer.

What is the smallest town that you would consider living in??

John Lennon played an Epiphone guitar?

U.S. To Ban Condiments On Flights!

Mom barley, mom barley, I hate the world.

You do Doo Wop:

New Chinese buffet in town opened today.

two-fer toons -- two new toons

What's the deal with the Red Hat Ladies?

PTC is now going after CSI!!!

Is JimmyJazz crumbling under the pressure of celebrity?

Who here has the ability to hear and talk to spirits in some manner

JimmyJazz is the most fun you can have with your hands

JimmyJazz.... the new Kleeb?

What's with the Red Hot Ladies?

Fender vs. Epiphone: The Ultimate Flamewar

Best. DVD Purchase. Ever.

No Easy Way to be free.

Do you think the NHL is finished for good?

Kleeeeeeeeeeb is having weird dreams and hallucinations..........

Ford experts needed

Free Angela Davis

Where can I move to?

Music Lovers: I'm going to do you a favor.

Have you ever listened to a gut instinct or intuition

Wal-mart exports its economic hegemony to the Red Planet

Greatest DU Band Of All Time (Deserves It's Own Post)

What's the deal with Airplane Penuts?

Sigh....Just got my FIRST pair of glasses.

Who's Your Favorite "American Idol" Judge?

You're so probably think this post is about you...

Has anyone read Thomas Frank's "What's the Matter with Kansas"?

It's Been Confirmed with the 2 post your pic threads.....

Is there an appendicitis epidemic and is Karl Rove RESPONSIBLE?

Sorry if this might sound like a stupid question, but....

Fender vs. Mesa Boogie!

Well damn, I just spent a good 20 minutes less than 8 ft away from a Hawk

15 Great, Fun Things to Do at Wal-Mart.......

What is it with the Who songs on CSI shows?

We have BADLY spoiled hot dogs!

Hee hee hee.

Is the Eminem movie "8 Mile" an accurate representation of Detroit?

My mom: can she join?

Post pics of hot dogs in bands.

Sigh...just got my FIRST pair of asses.

SHOULD my mom join DU?

DU Group Proposal: The "Discussion" Group

Dah, my fault.

Disney's "Bambi" released on DVD today. Spoiler: Bambi's mom...

Sims vs. Sims 2

did they firebomb detroit?

I don't wanna get married at Matcom's either, but can I loiter there?

DU members that ALERT the mods...

My HOT dog just joined DU!

I don't wanna get married at Matcom's...but can I honeymoon there?

I have just put a patent on this:

the whole box of GS thin mint cookies is sposed to be eaten in one sitting

Does yvr girl flirt too much?

How often do you . . . you know?

TV buying advice- Plasma,LCD,DLP,Wega-oh my!

Idol fans - please enlighten me:

My future plans just got screwed

You're Stranded on A Deserted Island with Anne Coulter

How did they die? Your questions answered at this site.

Ever know someone named Hitler?

The MOST talented professional on the planet

Error, poll failed.

Life is bullshit.

What % of total posts on DU are posted by the top 500 posters?

Psst! I found out where name not needed shops!

I can't marry or honeymoon at MATCOM's - but can I boil ribs there?

WTF is up with the new Army ad?

Okay, perversity time. Which acronym is responsible for more deaths?

Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Now: a Porn Star

March 1, 1968

My dog just joined DU!!!

Do you eat head cheese?

Post a photo of Kleebs appendinx

Jackie Kennedy: The White House Years


Its time for "Blame it on the Clenis."

Hedges, how do I get the ladies?

Teens Leaping For Thrills In 'Garage Jumping' Trend

If you had surgery and 1 month later you discovered that you had

Liberal Problems?

Suffer from stress or anxiety? Stop taking Zoloft and try this:

Staying on the Quebec Separatist movement... what do these images

I have lost another student.... third one this year ;...(

goodbye blue

We have BADLY spoiled dogs.

I fucking HATE mornings

*Splort* Gotcha!

Who wants to help me paint?

Cow Urine Offered As Cure-All

Hey! I'm hot!

For the cthulhu fans

A Joke.

Tonight the temps will dip in the low 20's

Anyone ever heard Tina Turner's version of "I've been loving you too long"

Have you ever thought of the most horrible, evil, despicable thing

If you put someone on Ignore, do you take them off after a 'cooling off'

My dear fellow DUers, do you have a living will?

Post a photo of yourelf: Version II

Do you ever have days when the opposite sex drives you crazy

? on canadian/euro health insurance

Now I'm sad, just went into GD: Politics

What's wrong here?

Has anyone ever invented a walrus salsa?

Theta first judge, why'd he and Simon rag on Nadia?!

DU Band needed for the Weddings at Matcom's house

What would you name your classical string quartet?

I need some balls!

Do you think ND is finished for good??

50 Cent Kicks Game out go G-Unit, Violence Erupts Outside of Radio Station

just finished my taxes.....

I don't care what the religious-right says

Best balsa in the world...

Cult Test (dare ya)

Fifty Cent associate shot in leg.

Post pix of guys/girls you think are HOT that are under age 18

My mom just joined DU!!!!

Check out the "Tater People" (This is really adorable....

can someone direct me to a flame war? I got some new images...

What would you name your punk band?

Has anyone ever invented a game?

Two weeks ago, some no-talent hack couldn't sing "Kiss from a rose"


Bon Jovi shot through the heart!

Perfectly named businesses:


Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

Post a photo of yourshelf: Version II

What have the Ramones ever done for us?

Hey BouncyBall. I just did an ADVANCED search on your username. You're

Kelsey Grammer sketch show - saw a clip.

It's time for Match Game DU!

The similarities are uncanny I tell you...

good lord, it snowed in Atlanta today

What have the Romanians done for us?

What have the Romans ever done for us? Uh, aquaducts?

American Idol... Why am I watching?

What have the Rolling Stones ever done for us?

My dog is on Xanax

I can listen to Sarah do "Send In The Clowns" forever

I bought the best cheese today

Attention DU: a hello for you all.

I love Sophia Loren, and if you don't like her you..

The Times They Are A-Changin'

I'm already married but I want to get married at Matcom's house.

Has anyone seen the Magdalene Sisters? I'm watching it now....

I just want to be invited to the weddings

What will the Romulans ever do for us?

Caption time! (Non-political this time)

Post pics of hot guys in bands.

I think we should welcome Skinner, EarlG, and elad to DU

Clutch Cargo...with his pals, Spinner and Paddlefoot...coming to DVD!

All right, who has a crush on me?

I love Rufus Wainwright, and if you don't like him you..

matcom, GOPisEvil, and ZombyWoof no longer allowed on DU?

Fun celebrity fact: Ya know who's a bigger heiress than Paris?

This mesmerizes me...

nobody gives comments on my pic in both threats

Tell me to go study

The final episode of NYPD Blue is on

I think we should finally welcome to DU, after thousands of posts;

damn, I miss this guy...

Happy Birthday Yellowstone National Park--133 years young today!

Do you eat toe jam?

Maurice Clarrett Runs a 4.8 40!

Anyone familiar with The Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia? If so,

It's time to play... Name That Orifice

Cat lovers, I have a complaint!

Search for your home on

Anyone want to write a social psychology paper?

When do you stop saying "welcome to DU"

Good Evening, (DU Name)Woof!

Who watched House tonight? *Spoiler*

What tricked out muscle car is in your dreams.

Do any of you ever feel like the whole country is already gone?


My god's better than your god, my god's better than yours!

Romulans,I have a complaint.

The Best Salsa in the World...

I'm not gay, but I want to get married at Matcom's house too.


"I wouldn't know nothing about that...I am a Man" Freeper comment

Hey Stop Talking about JimmyJazz

For My 1000th! Post!

Post a picture of Jimmy Jazz

Would you like to help (pls keep kicked)

Forgive me...I LIKE a movie that could get me banned from Radical...

What Is Karl Rove NOT Responsible For?

Please make me laugh

My sick little cat *pics*

All Hail Dark_Leftist. He helped me find a song that Mike Malloy

What will Lieberman do next?

I've been playing my Atari 2600 Emulator.

Which Girl Scout cookie is your fave?

Is that Sen. Ben Nelson on with Jon Stewart, waxing poetic


Does anyone know how to keep a kitten from ripping apart my puppy

I went to the video store tonight to rent "Titantic"

JimmyJazz and Progmom: two lovely ladies! And not just on the outside.

JimmyJazz this, JimmyJazz that; I can't even get arrested tonight!

Why is school cafeteria food always so awful?

Wow Arlo Guthrie is playing here this weekend

Revolution #9: Art or Self-Indulgent Crap?

JimmyJazz is embarrassed about all the attention we were paying her...

The police walked in for Jimmy Jazz....

You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve...

'Night-Night JohnnyCougar!

I just shredded my roast for burritos, tacos and tostada's

Once again a reminder: Please don't give away TV/Movie endings....

When people from foreign countries Instant Message You

True or False: Emeril Lagasse washes his hands before cooking.

Nobody can do it like MixMaster can do it

I need story ideas!

Jury Views Michael Jackson TV Documentary

Paris Hilton

What ethnicity(ies) do you consider youself to be?

It saddens me to say it, but I think "Monk" has jumped the shark.

Gmail invites

Preliminary pics from the Tranqs' latest recording session. Yeah baby!

How do I deal with an acquaintance who has been battered?

Post pix of guys/girls you thought were HOT when you were under age 18

Have you ever experienced a Miracle? (even as a non RW, LOL)

what would be a good topic to start a melt-down flame war in GD?

Lounge age poll!!

Real Time with Bill Maher thread

Goodnight D.U. well its time to go......

Wal-Mart Returns

Hairy, bare, thin, curvy, youth, seasoned, sensitive, aggressive

Sometimes I hate being right

I'm conflicted about an art exhibit I saw today

Hippo Kills Australian Tourist in Kenya

I don't want to brag...

What would you do to the BTK killer?

Before & After

Where was Dean?

I think I broke my ass today

Is my new sig too much?

"Equality," I spoke the word

Using Just ONE Word... Describe Your Mood Right Now.

I'd like to invite EVERY Gay couple on DU to get married at MY House!

Happy 15th Birthday To My Beloved Baby Nicole!!!

How do I take Yahoo IM off my start up

Do you think NH is finished for good?

Badly-named businesses

10 Things Every Girl Should Know About Boys and Their Privates.

HAHA!! UNDERPANTS & MY Birthdays Are On Easter Sunday This Year!!

Where do you stand on the hairy chest?

Why is N. Ireland so much more hotly contested here than Quebec?

What's your sign?

Rank Jed Bartlet's presidency

Teacher Has Sex with Pupil While Baby in Car: Cops

So you think YOU'RE bored, I've been up since 7:00 A.M.

Oh Sniffa.... (and everyone else for that matter)

Coffee: Occasional joy or every day necessity?

favorite kick-ass empire

Does anyone know how to keep a puppy from ripping apart my comforter

Amazing Race is on...

Anyone else watching American Idol?

The always popular... DU Crushes! Who is yours?

Name those DUers (puzzle)

I'm almost finished with my dissertation prospectus.

Women, I have a complaint!

To all of you who sent positive vibes earlier

DU Group Proposal: Hip Hop

Need legal advice.

Another wonderful DU lady: Revolutionary_Acts_04!

What name should the next Pope select?

Marriage Rights debate...

Guess who just wrote me? Jeff Gannon.

Republicans drop bid to canonize Ronald Reagan

who here met their SO online

I'm six posts away from 600. Ask me anything!

Post a photo of yourself: Version II

Where did the stereotype of black people loving fried chicken come from?

HELP! My daughter needs an article about


Post pics of hot girls in bands.

What's with all the Detroit bashing?

Boy, dogs sure love getting their tummies rubbed!

I love Connie Chung!

Welcome to my 1000th post, come on in, make yourself at post.

Haaaalllpppp!!! - I'm in the 700 Club!!!!!

"Yikes~ I'm In The 700 Club" help me outta here - ask me anything

What do you hate most about cable?

It's a grandchild!

One question about weenies and one about fish oil!

I am Lactose intolerent

Plea to ban cat and dog fur trade

Kentucky Episcopalians approve unity resolution

More trouble for theism?

You know what I HATE about MLK Jr., Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton?

An older but a goodie: "Kissing Hank's Ass"

How to fight back when the Bible is used as a weapon

Aussie scientists stumble across HIV therapy

I believe that the synthetic organic compounds like Teflon, Silicones,

Recognize Gay Families Greece Told

NSIAD-95-21 Security Clearances: Consideration of Sexual Orientation

Gay Bashing at University of North Carolina

Anti-Gay Amendment To Go To South Dakota Voters

Connecticut Gay Group Ends Opposition To Civil Unions

Gays 'Threaten Society' Islamic Leader Says

Christianity doesn't even really condemn homosexuality

NFL says words 'gay and lesbian' are NAUGHTY!

"Don't ask, don't tell" undermines national security

is it time to form a defense group?

You know your team sucks

Raiders Career-Ending Fight Goes to Court

College sports fans: ESPN to launch channel dedicated to college sports

Romanowski lawsuit to be heard in court

ESPN: Patriots release Troy Brown

I welcome any advice on adding a young male cat to our household,

Astral Dynamics

Dreaming the Earth

The Way Of The Initiate

The Ides of March - Nolle's monthly report

The Juniper Tree (In Folklore, Healing and Cannibalism)

BTK: What needs to be said.

"In Massachusetts, every day should be veterans' day" - Kennedy

RawStory article 'Kerry, Kennedy, Clinton' Slimed by Rethugs

The Repukes now have their own Heiress,

Keeping America's Promise PAC launch

Kerry and Edwards subpoened in Ohio


American world supremacy: two roads diverged in a wood...

You will never guess what I got for my birthday!!!!


Kerry says Bush Amtrak cuts way off the track

Jackie Robinson Ceremony tomorrow

Could someone please explain how to scan B&W negatives?


What's with Bill Richardson?

Somebody want to set Josh Frank straight on a few things?

Rapid Response: "Social Security: We (The GOP) Want To Hear From You!

Bush finally established a connection between Al Queda and Iraq

The Zarqarwi Message

Bush a stoner? I've been away. Did the media carry the Bush

Just Curious - Does Anybody Know If Israel Is Sitting On Any Oil........

GOP Spring Lie Offensive in Full Swing

Al Franken

Message from Bin Laden "helps" Bushy Co - again

Editorial in Local paper on "Gannon" Story

My wife Hillary would make an excellent president, says Clinton

9 Year Old and Social Security

Will war in Iraq be "justified" if "democracy" takes hold ?

Sometime today we will reach 1,500 Americans killed in Iraq

Call Schmoe Lieberman. Tell him how you feel.

The Democrats should be getting their ads ready to run nationwide..

Chuck Grassley on Dianne Rheem show today, The man sounds like he

Spy's guide to surviving London life: UK National Archives

Mark Steyn, Scumbag at

Arab world squirms at impact of Bush's call for freedom

Bush Administration Allow Gun Industry to Market .50 Caliber "Shoot Down"

What are the reasons why Bush/GOP doesn't support the troops?

ACLU and Human Rights First Charge Rumsfeld for Torture in U.S Court

Kerry 2008 Watch

A strong "Independent" might kick both Democrats and Repubs asses in '08

USANEXTand Bill O'Reilly

Ownership Society: Send Bush a Book Today!

So, we're supposed to let the Enron crowd 'reform' Social Security?

Someone please refresh my memory - wasn't there Repuke outcry in 2000

Hotmail automatically puts email from GOPUSA into the Junk Folder

C-SPAN2-Dick Durbin is rocking!

Supporting the Troops - Bush Style

Rothermere urged Hitler to invade Romania: UK national archives

Big biz battles for Bush's bench

leaders of both parties routinely consult him as they shape policies...

Bremer's last 100 Orders that can't be undone - the Iraq Scam

Black Republicans: Dean Should Resign Black Republicans: Dean Should Resig

U.S. cites Rights Abuses by Iraqi Gov't - (Meanwhile ACLU sues Rummy)

Bay State Dems: what are chances Romney can be defeated in '06?

Today: Call Tom Carper about SS.

Fans pushing Rice toward 2008 White House bid (COX News)

Chcago SunTimes: Dean doesn't look so bad now

Bush's favorite town: Do you live there?????

My Repug friend says "Neo-Con" means "Jews" or "Zionists." True or False?

Judge Roy Moore (?) On CNN after this commercial 3:58 PM EST

Received a Fundraising letter/Survey from Delay and the NRCC

Call to war folks.....

Roy Moore (potential AL gov candidate) attacks Vietnam vets

Radical Right: "First, we'll bankrupt the Treasury."

Ways in which Bush is similar to Hitler?

On NPR "Fresh Air" NOW - The History of Social Security

Who is for tossing Al From out of the party NOW?

What's the main reason the 2nd Amend. was written into the Constitution?

JeepERs...CreepERs, FreepERs---KeeP TruTh to a PeeP...FEAR Quantum LeaP?

Oopsy, dupe-see

Bushistas violate freedom of speech in Europe

RNC Publishes Fabricated Dean Quote (I'm shocked the RNC would LIE!)

CNN about to have "Blog Report" after this commercial 3:50 pm est N/T

"If Dems sell out on bankruptcy bill, they'll show which side they're on."

Poll: Bush slips on Social Security

Bank "loses" congressional credit info, Senate debates bankruptcy bill

Dr Dean in another Red State Tonight

Demographically, what is the Democratic base?

Don't Ask, Don't tell - Apply to African Americans

Needs no caption

SF Indy: Arnold vs the Nurses: The 2005 Nursing Crisis - California Style

Debate in the Senate on bankruptcy--disruption in gallery

New Neo-con group on the rise

RSVP to Arnolds Invites Do you have$89,200 then Arnold will see you

Rep. Johnson offered to fly F15 over Syria & drop 2 nukes, for smirk

Young College Repugs to have a protest tonight at Churchhill talk

Sen. Byrd's speech today repeated tonight


EDWARDS Rallies Party Faithful - South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Bush gets "Razzy" award for worst actor in Michael Moore film.

Please cheer me up and trash this puke:

Joe 'I want to be a Republican' Lieberman ......N/T

Republicans are idiots! Here's another example.

contact your congressman, DEMAND Pombo lose his job over fake report

Bush's plan to stack the courts begins today -

Good Evening, (DU Name)Woof!

Whenever you hear that the Senate filibuster is unconstitutional...

New "Bait and Switch" Parody of AARP Attack Ad

BREAKING: Blackwell Seeks Depositions of Kerry and Edwards

O'Lielly has the ACLA official on talking of Rummmy suit

Your opinion: CAFTA, Good idea or another nail in the coffin ?

The name of the Lebanese movement....the cedar revolution.

Stop Senate Rethugs sneaky move to pass ANWR by putting in budget bill!

Great timeline on the Plame case...

Cynthia McKinney '08 She Rocks!!!

The Un-Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Contrary to Coulter's website, syndicate never OK'd anti-Arab slur in

What does the GOP have to do with ChoicePoint data hacking?

AWOL in America: when desertion is the only option...........

Where does DU think the democratic party is?

(Reuters) Luxury Hotel Opens at Hitler's Alpine Retreat

Delete: Wrong forum.

Hubby and I were talking...why not start primaries in the South?

Anyone Notice that Bush 2nd Term is going very BADLY ?? nt

DLC's Ed Kilgore says keep perspective on Lieberman

NY Times gives Bush credit for Mideast progress

Pictures of a fundie church event ("Fascism in the making")

"Dean Says Republicans are 'Evil' "

In Afghanistan, Limbaugh lectured students on "truth" in journalism

I just had a very sad thought

Random Alcohol and Drug Screening for the President

New Media spin about Dean by US News -- he's aloof

Okay this is what we need to get out there

Report from the Anti-War Summit of United for Peace and Justice....

Boxer & Clinton - Support the "Count Every Vote" Act!

Coulter:The Democratic Party "supports killing, lying, adultery, thievery,

The pathological dishonesty of some Dean critics

Representative Cynthia McKinney Rocks Rumsfeld on 911 War Games

SHAVE BUSH'S HEAD to see the 666 tatoo (He's the Anti-Christ)

Billionaires for the left

Expect to hear a lot about HEZBOLLAH -- great BBC INFO articles here:

should we start a recall against schwarzenegger the austrian bully???

Is Jeff Gannon news?

Time to wake up. The Nazis are at the door.

The Ugliest Guckling: reflections on what makes a journalist tick

Dean talks to reporters in MS, Trent Lott opens his mouth.

BTK & Karl Rove. Both men in their mid-fifties who lack emotional

Where was Dean?

Rumsfeld Sued Over Prisoner Abuse

Maura Moynihan tells Shrub "Don't Take My Father's Name in Vain on SS"

An interview with Elizabeth Edwards (she mentions DU)

Gannon: My boss just told me that Gannon/Guckert was originally

Buzzflash's Steve Bradenton: Dean Unchained

Can we have an honest discussion on Iraq?

To All the TWA Flt 800 "the FAA/NTSB is Lying" folks

DNC website goes after Bush budget and Novak's comments on Dean.

Al From says Dems must "reject Michael Moore and the MoveOn crowd"

ACLU blames Rumsfeld. Do we need tort (ure) reform in this country?

Goodbye DU. It's been fun.

Salazar urges Bush to withdraw all his renominated judicial nominees!

20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA

Classified bulletin warns of 'nonspecific' al Qaeda threat to U.S.

"Divorced From Reality™"...OMFGannon!

The damned "Filth" on Cable..has caused me to consider cancelling...

When a government is corrupt and there is no legal recourse for the people

Kerry blasts corporate media

Sexism (and racism) on the Left

Christian Left needs to organize and counter the Christian Right


Republican hypocrisy: Gun control vs. Nuisance Lawsuits