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Archives: February 8, 2005

Veterans Protest Iraqi War

The problem with Western democracy, Bahrain Tribune

That evil liberal media, at it again

The Emperor's New Hump

Russ Feingold----US Losing the Race to Engage Muslims

Figuring (the lower total w P A) Social Security Benefit Under Bush's Plan

Bush plans renewed assault on Medicaid

The Hedonistic Imperative

Law of Unintended Consequences(unelected Iran mullahs vs Iraq's elected mu

President Putting 'Big' Back in Government

.5 Cheers for Bush's Budget ( The GOP outspends Dems on Domestic & Def!)

Bush Budget Plan Focuses on Tax Cuts and Defense (replacing Domestic prgs)


Bush's plan to remake Social Security: It isn't social and it isn't secure

Social Security focus will test GOP's unity (& will Dems unify like GOP?)

Race Bait And Switch (GOP uses race to get nominated far right folks)

WSJ reports adding Private Accounts hasten from 2018 to 2012 Soc Sec prob.

E. J. Dionne Jr.: Conservative political correctness

The Daily Breeze: Marine general forgot about his leadership role

Spearing the Beast (there'll be no compromise on Soc Sec)

Budget Deficits Threaten Political Will to Tackle Other Bush Initiatives

Is it any wonder he's the most hated "president" ever?

Ivins: A No Brainer on SS

Mr. President, Let's Share the Wealth By DAVID BROOKS

LA Daily News: Slamming California

Slate: Airport Security Loophole

Shelter From the Soaring Costs

Bill Moyers. This is quite sad. Hope it isn't a re-post.

Sojourner's Newletter: Budgets are Moral Documents!

GOP Proposes Bill That Would Suspend ALL Laws

Popular Mechanics Attacks Its "9/11 LIES" Straw Man

O'Reilly lie of the week as reported by Keith Olberman

"Bush's Middle Class Tax Hike" (2006 budget)

Davis Green: What's In a Name? Everything.

Olbermann is pointing out the lying liars and the lies they tell - Coulter

The US occupation regime's fraud and corruption

Bin Laden’s film maker sues Michael Moore

Tom Tomorrow: "Turning the corner" on a 'free and soverign' Iraq

The limits of freedom (NCR)

American Legion head decries Bush's budget effects on Veterans.

An Excellent New Krugman Art: Spearing the Beast

The CIA and Nazi War Criminals

The Unfeeling President - by E. L. Doctorow

Max Gordon's Article

Opposition based on Rice’s record (Evan Bayh)

Bush's Middle Class Tax Hike

Dean steps up to rebuild Democrats

OUTSOURCING TORTURE....more indepth info revealed

EXPOSÉ: The “Christian” Mafia

Newsday Editorial: An ocean of red ink

The Distortions of Acumen: Liberals Trash Ward Churchill

Dean a loose cannon ("Why are Democrats suicidally crazy?")

Veterans Protest Iraqi War

Visit this site to see the dirt on WalMart

Sexworker's Art Show - Tour Dates Announced

Help spread the Truth of Walmart's below poverty line average wage.

ACTION ALERT: Help Eileen Hansen and Stop the SF Chronicle's Smear

Any writers out there? We need your help!

Spread the truth about Wal-Mart

USA Today Covers for Bush's Social Security Distortion

Weekly Standard Hugh Hewitt on Mathews lies that SS will pay nada

WSJ lies - says Bush does not plan benefit cuts in Soc Sec

CNN Kyra Phillips w/ Kathleen Hays continues to mislead on Social Security

(U.K.Channel) 4 lines up Guantánamo-style torture show

Limbaugh brags about planting lie - then days later claims it is truth!

NBC's William's says must listen to Rush-gets praise from Luntz as "unbias

Those Budget cuts- last years proposed $4.9 B of cuts ended up $200 m only

AFL-CIO is blasting Edward Jones, SS privatization hawks

China trade costs US 1.5 million jobs

(Guardian) Going for broke

Oh Look! It's A New Treaty To Protect African Rainforests!

Building, Farming, Electricity Matter In The Pacific NW - Salmon Do Not

SF Bay Herring Harvest Collapsing - Fishermen Blame Govt. Regulations

"Report on the Death of Environmentalism is Wishful Thinking"

Sleepwalking To The End Of The World - Independent

Sharon, Abbas declare truce at Mideast summit

Colombia's deteriorating security situation

Lack of Access Muddies Death Toll in Darfur

Saudi conference abandons attempts to define terrorism

US takes a new tack (IRAN)

FOP (Fraternal Order of Police), rejects Brady claims about FN Five-seveN

Leaving your gun in your locked car -- no job for you

Is there still a Voting issues forum? nt

Please define "frivolous"

"Lazy" or "emotion-based" posts

Any way to find out one's actual number of posts?

Innocuous post was deleted

The September 11 forum is having a serious problem again

Hi. Are you guys going to have a way to donate to the DNC

Once upon a time we had an Oscar contest.

my daughter wants here own account and posting

Does the glitch cover this problem?

I am so sorry to bother

Help! My dog is too old and fat to climb the stairs

Idea For New Forum

Is this the normal view

Trouble creating "link" tag with certain URLs

Please consider "Hijacking Catastrophe" for the front page

Do You Think The Current Progress Between Israel And Palestine Will Last?

We're not bound by peace deal - militants

Sharon invites Abbas to his ranch

Were Americans involved in the cease fire?

Question about the 9/11 Commission?

Colo. Prof. Says He Mourns All Killed 9-11

Summary of the Case Against Dick Cheney for Running 9/11

Popular Mechanics Attacks Its "9/11 LIES" Straw Man

State Journal Register: Details of Caremark deal released

Has anybody read Blago's state of the state?

I probably won't make it to the meetup!

Flu survey

Chicago Sun-Times: Next up for Meigs: Concerts of 10,000

Any Jefferson or Union County folks in here? Illini will be 33-0 on Selection Sunday

Hayes-Nixon-Bush Astrological Connection

States struggle w/election reform|Officials air doubts as deadlines loom

EIRS case doc. of vote switching, dirty tricks, suppression in Ohio

Organize the Democratic Party the 'old fashioned' way

VIVA not being stalled / killed in committee

Spitzer Comes Out Swinging

One if by hand... 2 if by Fraud

Spitzer asks for new voting machines with "state-of-the-art technology" >

Could someone help me find pictures from the "coronation" protests?

I haven't seen this in any of these so-called election reform bills:

I am new to politics and new to DU

Some States Miss Elect Reform Deadline: Congress Orders Changes Due 1/1/06

FYI: Response to Tokaji Critique of USCV Edison/Mitofsky

NOW THIS IS HOG WASH Ken Blackwell: an extraordinary individual

Some Big Election Problems in Iraq

Count still going in Texas provisional vote tally

We Want a Pro-Choice DNC Chair! signatures needed here!!!!!

Election Day Registration is a Good Idea

Was a Jan 6. GOP member's speech removed from the Congressional Record?

The Nashua Advocate: Voter Suppression in NH Trumps Anything in Wisconsin

Tuesday 2/8 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Countdown (KOEB) Tuesday

Guess: How many Dem. Congressman are fairly sure Bush stole '04 election?

Check Out This VIDEO! A new efficient way to count votes?

Let's hope Dean Doesn't forget lessons of 2004.

State SOSs worried EAC is crossing the line, eroding state control

Reid Calls B* to Repudiate Attack Mailing "just like they did to Daschle

Date for HEARING in New Ohio Recount Case Can Now Be Set

BRAD BLOG: Yang Offered Curtis $1 Million for a No-Work/No-Show Job!

I was wrong. The weather kept Bush voters away from the exit pollsters

BRAD BLOG: Another FL Paper Jumps into Feeney, Yang, Clint Curtis Fray!

NEP raw data of exit polls released?

Fixing America's Broken Elections

T-Shirt Slogans -- brainstorm here!

III. Crushing the Coup: Purging "Bu$h theocratic NeoCON regime" ...

Shelley staffer just told me supportive emails are very helpful !

ACTION! LETTER OF THE WEEK #4 *revised*: Shelley, Diebold & Election Fraud

Help Eileen Hansen and Stop the Chronicle's New Smear

Any writers out there? We need your help!

State lottery board approves Calif. joining Mega Millions game

Los Angeles Times (2/8): GOP Fears a Redistricting Backfire

Committee may abandon Shelley probe

ABC news and Anaheim Hills, CA--what gives?

Focus on absentee votes hurt Kerry, report says

What cases of malfeasance or fraud are people aware of other than these?

Religious Coalition for Freedom to Marry Awards, Statehouse, 2/10, noon.

62% of People in MA think Romney is doing a good job!!?!

Just heard on the news

Is this your normal DU Latest page view?

frontpage 2003 and network security concerns and solutions

Outlook Problem

The effects of Bush's proposed budget cuts on Pennsylvania

So if Kay Bailey doesn't run for Senate,

Austin Taser Protest 2/11/05

Dallas to lose the F/A-22 and V-22r due to Bush cuts

Oh, fuck. Medicaid funding loss a possible blow to Dallas taxpayers.

A GREAT article about/against Bob Perry, David Weekley and Doctors

any DUer's from Porter/New Caney??

Fellow Texans let's push a Texas candidate for 2008 in the ring

Okay everyone, the DFW Metro area needs all your help! Maestro,

GIve and get free stuff in SE Wisconsin

Lean budget +farmers = told ya, suckaaaazz

FRONTLINE tomorrow night: House of Saud.

Bush Budget: Cutting Taxes in order to Axe Social Programs


"The Origins Of Aids" on the Sundance Channel. Anyone watching?

DU Action Alert! After Rathergate, how can CBS regain credibility?

Has it reached the point where only IMPEACHMENT and REMOVAL FROM OFFICE...

Blood Ba'ath & Beyond (Iraq) and the high approval ratings...Explained

"Social Security Is The Soft Underbelly Of The Welfare State"

Troubles getting mediamatters.

Will Condi meet the guy that nailed Berlusconi with the camera tripod?

Huge Indian Gaming GOP Lobbying Scandal Unfolds

Why is this lady's throat deformed?

Did anyone see the doc on Aids and South Africa this last evening?

Is the Freedom that Bush talks about only applicable if you toe the

I have not seen any benefits from the socalled Bush tax cuts this year.

Goldberg v. Cole Redux

I don't know why but there is a song that has been haunting me....

Beheading of woman in Saudi Arabia and...

Say no to the New Freedom Comission! Sign the Petition

Question regarding DFA website: Does anyone know how to

White House: Bush Not Aware of Steroid Abuse During Time With Rangers

Whatever happened with the Pentagon Mole?

"US troops held responsible for KAM AIR crash"?

Hidden message in Intelligent Design program... UFOs are the intelligent

Ben Franklin - Todays quote

Superbowl Conspiracy?

Bu$h plan to allow Corporations to import Millions of foreign workers from

Conscientious Objector launches website

Shirley Chisholm documentary was terrific

Why is it since Kofi Annan named Bill Clinton

Question on "Daily Show"

Is there any word out there...

Corporations are pissed at Iran --- they won't let them in ! WSJ

Meet the new boss

Has anyone noticed a change in LBN lately?

Aw, hell

The red-staters don't give a sh*t about Iraq.

Glenn Research center to loose 700 jobs

Are "values" the base of democratie? Or is it "civisme"? n/t

Messers Rove, Limbaugh, Hannity, et al. Define "elite media"

Goldberg v. Cole Redux

Why does the Bush Admin & Cult Following remind me of Amway so much.

"Everybody wants to go to Heaven but nobody wants to die..."

Former lansky bodyguard tells of Cuba's fabled past as playground

Most right-wing TV ever

NBC's Brian Williams: GOP's "Go-To Network Anchor"

What is the Problem with Sirius

Groundhog Day

Happy Birthday, General William Tecumseh Sherman!

bush hates our troops because he's JEALOUS.

"God is not a Republican... or a Democrat"

Hong Kong welcomes Year of Rooster

Tsunami Update from Thailand: Project Restore

HFS!! Be very afraid......

Does anyone know how much money the goverment owes the S.S fund by I.O.U's

Is there a DU photo gallery?

Poles rediscover Jewish heritage

Church 'learnt much about abuse'

Can someone explain why the Byrd Amendment should not be repealed?

LOL Ok I need yalls help (agian) a rightwing NUTCASE just asked me "whats

Condi's first major victory???????

It's the War OF Terror, not War on Terror


Help, need info about knowledge of the Constitution

Underwear Police? Virginians May Be Fined ($50) For Low-Cut Pants

Story after story indicates that America has lost its mind! I mean

General James Mattis: The Knuckle-Dragging Buffoon

Bush misses the obvious yet again

House of Saud on Frontline tonight

Poll, regarding homosexuality

The US occupation regime helped itself to $8.8 bn of mostly Iraqi money

PHOTO: "So THIS is what Karl uses on my President"


Is United Way

Mark Fiore counters those gay, leftie cartoon characters

prison industry earns $50 billion yr. - goal is to earn more

Letter to the editor - You gotta read this!

A tribute to Groundhog Day and *

Technically, the war/invasion of Iraq is OVER

"Lazy" or "emotion-based" posts

Fraud and corruption

The human function is activity of the soul in accord with reason.

ALERT: Tonight on Frontline "HOUSE OF SAUD"

You think you're a sports fan? Top this!!

Tell me what you think

Where did Me-publicanism come from?

What ever happened to that 9 billion "lost" in iraq?

LMAO! - My Little Golden Book About ZOGG

What red state is the most likely to go blue?

Bush Budget: Apples vs. Apples


Detainees denied the right to pray

Rove Gets Bigger Role at White House

It's obvious the neo-cons don't know anything about Iran.

Reid And Pelosi Say Howard Dean Won't Set Party Agenda

Bill Maher on NPR at 3:00


Coulter on 2004 Super Bowl halftime show: "simulated interracial sex"

Newsmax ads on Yahoo! mail

How to decipher *'s statements! It's actually easy to do, just...

"Never Speak Ill of a Democrat" or "Time to Purge the Pink Tutus"

bu$h trying to relate to black people on CNN.

How long 'til Bunnypants says "Iran" and means "Iraq"

"The true threat to democracy is faux-populist conservatism."

PHOTOS from case we forget what's really happening (no blood)

FREEDOM is just around the CORNER! | This Modern World

ROFLMAOPMP --------Bush vs. Doodieman -------OH MY GOD

Catholic lay minister phone call to me

ProLife? Or ProPerson?

Need better lower torso for PhotoShopped Bush

Just heard about a product thats quite odd

Are Americans even DUMBER than we thought?

Porn $$$ Helps Fund Right Wing Politicians

War on poverty has turned to war on the poor,


Which red state is most likely to go blue?

Legal, Safe, and Rare!!!

Rice saying, "turn away from disagreements of the past" is sort of like...

HEADS UP "Frontline" tonight....."The House of Saud".

Hey *! You skipped Irap and Irao!

Rove to get Bigger Role in the White House

President Bush is all for the Police and Fire Departments!

Advocates for Youth: end ideology trumping public health science

19th Century Slaves Were Freer than 21st Century Taxpayers

Ed Schultz has one serious jackass on the phone...

RNC talking point:...... But Clinton supported privatization of Soc Sec

Vatican: Pope to stay in hospital (avoids condi rice visit, thank God)

Roll Call! All pro-life democrats check in

Please don't refer to them as "pro-life"...

Roll call! Pro-racial segregation Democrats check in!

Moderators, Organizers, and Leaders

Is Karl Rove gay?

I guess Dobson, Falwell, and Phelps won't be flying AirTrans.

is there a Heritage Foundation for the left? . . .

whooooooaaaa...BartCop takes on laura bush*, the gang-buster (PHOTOS)

Surge in groping on Tokyo trains: Has Arnie gone to Japan?

Bush and Dr.'s best family values...unbelievable.

Tell your Wingnut friends to try a personal experiment in Bush economics

* fondles wife in church

Soon-to-be DNC Chair Howard Dean: How do you see him?


"Coming up next, the man who was made famous for his Scream"

I wonder what America would be like.....

Must read article: why those under 35 will support SSI piratization

Curious, How many here are socialist?

Coincidence: Bush's miserable budget and GD full of abortion threads?

Another day in the llife of a depressed jobless political activist

Official: 13,000-17,000 insurgents in Iraq

Contaminated Money?

MLK could've been the first African American president

Countdown w/Olbermann - It Took Condi Rice For Mideast Peace?

United I wish we stand.

Rep. Conyers Demands Recusals in Valerie Plame Case

About fmr. Defense Secretary William H. Cohen

"Rove's New Position Will Involve Policy"

Suggestion for a forum : Activism Forum

I'm sad that I'm a man and can't have an Abortion

Who do you blame, Bush or the people who voted for him?

Drunk Secret Service agent

It is hard to fathom the arrogance...

Help me! When did Chimpy get his first job?

LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Hardball Tonight: "What really happened on 9/11"

Anyone know anything about employment law?

what's the best way to do your taxes?

Easy solution to abortion issues:

it's been 9 days since the iraqi elections

Let's Play A Little Game: Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?

Can someone from Costa Rica run for President?

This is what passes for fair and balanced at US Today (right wing bias)

Any writers out there? We need your help!

If abortion is murder, should a miscarriage invoke a police investigation?

Which state is bluest?

Just heard the Nobel peace prize winner just said that the U.S ..

Once babies are born, right wingers don't give a crap about them.

American Fundies telemarket to interfere with Canadian Gay Marriage

Great remedy for people against abortion

Randi's got an utter retard on the phone...

Thoughts re: NPR regarding Evolution/I.D./Creationism in Kansas schools

Let the right have Condisleeza - we've got Constance!

GoDaddy controversy staged by Fox to help Republican friend?

Regarding choice: What is to be done about pregnant drug users?

Bush: the poor, the sick, and veterans must tighten their belts

TV Alert: Sundance Channel: With God on our Side: GWB and the Rise...

GE & Tweety are pumping the polls for bush and the war drum for Iran....!!

Just saw "The Origin of Aids"on the Sundance Channel & recommend it highly

The Idiocy of Tom Coburn (OK)

TV Alert: "About Baghdad" on Link TV

If you're married, have kids and you regularly go to church, you're

About that invasion of Iran...

Sean Hannity is a f***ing asshole.

i wonder if i can claim myself as a dependent if i support myself...

Interesting article on Deep Throat"s possible identify.

Thank you for your sacrifice. Now, return your purple heart medals.

Reframing the debate: Not right-wing, but FRIGHT-WING

Daoureport bought out by

So, while people are repeating their personal opinions on abortion

Ark. Drug Bust Crashes Kid's Birthday


"I called for an ambulance!" One GREAT editorial cartoon.

After four years with virtually no job growth,

National Review's take on the NY Times

Back from Iraq - and suddenly out on the streets

Christian Right Extracts Concession.......

Why did the white house credential a gay internet pornographer?

exuse for asking, but why do we need $19B more for the military?

Anyone watching this freeper bitch on CSPAN?

Is this quote real? I have always loved it.

Am I wrong?

The US Dept. of Defense & the Humanetics Corporation announce...

welcome to the abortion forum

If a married gay couple adopts a disabled, mixed color Beagle

Need photos of millitary coffins from an overhead angle

Calif says "Congrats, Pres B*sh, & we're taking the blue states..." humor

Anyone have any good alternatives to the Daou Report?

While you're perusing the board here at GD...check out the LIVE cam...

Would you BORROW money to invest it in the stock market?

If a gay man marries and procreates with a christian box turtle...

UK "Must Seek Bigger Reward for US Support"--UK, Independent

Reality...Have you ever had unprotected sex, had a condom break,

Reframing the debate: not Conservatives, but Regressives

I'm watching "Frontline" on PBS

The Greatest Failure of the Press

is Hubble a national historic whatshamacallit?

Government and Tyranny (Great Quotes)

If a gay couple uses a surrogate mother, who owns the fetus?

I heard last year that suicide rates among troops in Iraq were up

Rummy's SSB - The crap-de-la-crap of government secret agencies.

WHy do "our" pundits & reps pull their punches?

Sheep Cloner's Next Step: Humans

Condi's whopper of the day.

Guess who DOESN'T hate Joe Lieberman

Super Bowl Ads (back story)

Why did the church support Vietnam?

GW Buxh's "Ownership Society" is a vehicle for personal bankruptcy.

PNAC documentary - Finally!


Tuesday Truthseekers check in

do you think FAIR or Media Matters serve any purpose?

Anyone watching tonight's Frontline on Wahabbism in Saudi Arabia??

Illegal Aliens-I hate that term. Reminds me of residents of

Dumb question #7: Who made the U.S. the "police" of the world anyway?

Ha! "Jeff Gannon" and gay smut

"Back from Iraq - and suddenly out on the streets"

(PHOTO) Caption this......

Moral Relativism versus Good and Evil

Okay everyone, the DFW Metro area needs all your help! Please!

Name the Up-Coming Invasion of Iran!!!

The question about abortion isn't really a question at all, is it?

Life or Choice Poll

Is DU being trolled by The Club for Growth and...

cuts should be - congress salary, president salary and all their

Sperm or Egg?

Choice is our winning issue

Tired of that smug "W" in the black square on the back of SUV's?

I nominate "Jeff Gannon" for #1 Conservative Idiot of the Week

Slavery and the Making of America

Is there a scripture in the Bible that says the rich are blessed by God?

So I'm reading David Brock right now...

social security privatization for dummies

How the Hell do Republicans sleep at night?

Bush to Bald Guy: Can I Rub Your Head? >>>

Breaking News: President Spurs Middle East Peace Hopes

So I'm watching "Law & Order", and they mentioned

Proposed solution to abortion issue: Improving social programs

Madsen's new "Expose':Christian Mafia" is The Whole Enchilada!

QUESTION: Why the devotion among some to the likes of Kerry & the Clintons

This is hilarious (gallows humor)-- though it might be a dup...

OUR Nation's Capital: nazis demand release of Holocaust-denier zundel !

If men got pregnant, there'd be an abortion clinic in every Texaco!

How often do you listen to Air America?

Because it has its own DNA, a tumor is not part of an individual's body

Bush attacks Cities: from the Conference of Mayors. READ PLEASE!

My boss is FILTHY rich and is applying for SS Benefits!

8 Million+ Posts. What Has DU Accomplished?

Which Liberal Talk Show Host Helps Dem's The Most?

dubya is a sci-fi movie fan! here's the proof... kinda weird

Has anyone ever heard the voice of a deity?

Bush on Social Security, "In his own words."

Which movie is closest to the truth?

If Bush has such a great plan for Social Security.....


Social Security thoughts

When Clinton was Prez, and the economy was "roaring," did it work for you?

Bill to allow school proselytizing sails through Virginia House panel

These anti-Arab ads were displayed in Metro Stops (public subway) in DC

(PHOTO) Caption this one...

Head's Up - HR Bill 282 ----- Regime Change in Iran.....It's Here.

Howard Dean

How long till we start getting sold a Iran Invasion?

Because it has its own DNA, a fetus is not part of the woman's body

DU this Adopt-a-sniper poll

Bill to allow Homeland Security to nullify ANY LAW may pass

Now they're burning library books in Colorado?

Are noisy kids in restaurants a serious, common problem where you live?

What blue state is the most likely to go red?

LA police kill 13-year-old suspected car thief

And for my 20,000th post, "What ever happened to...?"

The problem with the abortion issue...

Bush Makes Fun of Hard Working Mother

If liberal schools are so evil why are conservatives always ,trying

Black History Month??? OK for them but what about us Ornamentals??

the laughable gallop pol just gave idiot a 57% approval

billboards thanking Hollywood for giving smirk 4 more years

DU's KalamazooKid, Head Of World News Trust Radio Division, Hospitalized

R.I.P Steve Kangas...February 8th, 1999

Bush Quotes/Nazi Quotes...other spooky parallels.

Curious, How Many Consider Themselves Capitalists

Devastating New Yorker article: "Outsourcing Torture"

Which FIVE RED states are likely to go BLUE?

Crime Scene Pix--Dead Florida Investigator re: J.Bush/Feeney deal- not Sui

Interesting, read some letters in the paper today RE: No kids restaurants

Who do YOU think Deep Throat is???

Nuclear Energy? Yes or No?

I never realized how persecuted White men are until I saw this graph!

Conversion: Caked Yeast to Granule?

Great start ......... semi crappy finish

Convenience Products? Name your favorites

A great item for Moms with little kids

What food, recipe, or product do you really **not** like?

Anyone hear about this????

Westmount Cheap

I'm looking for the story of how Quebec and the Catholic church fell out

I just wanted to be post 1776 in the UK forum...

Extremist leaders ousted from north London mosque (Guardian)

Insurgents Target Iraqi Police, 30 Killed

Pain and Loss of Beheading Lingers for Son

U.S. Comments On Expected Iran-Russia Nuclear Deal

Heflin concedes election to Vo

Kurdish Ticket Makes Gains in Iraq Voting (Allawi now in 3rd place)

Blair Hopes to Broaden Support in Iraq (NATO)

WH Denies Canseco's new allegations (Steroids/Bush/Rangers)

Dallas County DA investigating Dallas Diocese

Grand Ayatollah Ali al Sistani, Most Powerful Man In Iraq...Is Iranian?

White House wants gay-policy suit tossed

Vatican: Marriage Annulment Requests Soar

Mortar Barrage Kills Up to 14 in Iraq (Iraqi recuits)

Former lansky bodyguard tells of Cuba's fabled past as playground

Takeover bid for Riggs Bank fails

Vatican fuels talk of Pope resigning

Sharon, Abbas declare truce at Mideast summit

Dolly expert is to clone embryos (Human embryos)

Five in court on Real IRA charge

Church 'learnt much about abuse'

Budget cuts taking toll on mentally ill (results of Texas' 03 cuts)

Man from Glen Ridge rape case(89 "Our Guys") kills self in bloodbath

Mine Execs Indicted in Asbestos Poisoning..

Air Force instructor enters plea (relationship w/ student)

Nuclear facilities safe from U.S. attack: Iran

Godaddy ad pulled during super bowl - fox censorship

Budget Deficits Threaten Political Will to Tackle Other Bush Initiatives

US probing more of Khan N-deals’

Guard 'gave Goering suicide pill'

North Korea declares war on LONG HAIR!

Cable Companies Provide Porn While Funding Politicians

Outlet required to stop processing prescription orders (from CAN)

Army pilot used helicopter to deliver pizza (to girlfriend)......

Afghan government: US troops held responsible for KAM AIR crash

OUTSOURCING TORTURE....more indepth info revealed

LAT: GOP Fears a Redistricting Backfire (in CA)

Mossad and U.S. forces in Iraq spy on Iran

Shelter From the Soaring Costs

Case against man who told lawyer joke is tossed

Study: parents with HIV avoid some contact (with their children)

Asylum Seekers Treated Poorly, U.S. Panel Says, NYT

Police: Woman Scalps Girl For Offensive Behavior

Dolly Scientist Gets Human Cloning License

Court Upholds Army's "Stop-Loss" Policy


Lawsuit Challenges Ann Arbor Schools' Same-Sex Benefits

Group (Sunnis) condemns fatal prison riot shootings

Dirty tricks land Republican consultant in jail

GOP Consultant Sentenced in Phone Jamming

Asbestos Bill Hits Further Snags, Lawmakers Say

Iraq: spinning off Arab terrorists?

Dems Attack Bush's $2.57 Trillion Budget

"Don't Get Back on that Plane" Soldiers: Seek Asylum in Ireland

States failing to pay tsunami pledges

Kuwaitis Allege Torture by U.S. Forces

NE officials oppose Bush's proposed cut in home heating aid

Bush budget would cut billions for New York, opponents say

NATO Readies Reconciliation on French Riviera

Bush: Holding Three Jobs 'Uniquely American' [drudge]

Iraqi police drawn from former army

Ark. Drug Bust Crashes Kid's Birthday

Rice: U.S., Europe Must Support Iraq with Security

Iraq Deposits Five Billion Dollars with US Federal Reserve

AP: Virgina Bill Sets Fine for Low-Riding Pants

Judge Allegedly Tries To Board Plane With Knife - Twice

Bush seeks regime change in Iran, but his route is unclear, experts say

Back from Iraq - and suddenly out on the streets (15% with PTSD)

Va. House OKs Gay Marriage Amendment Ban

McNabb Sick During Crucial Part Of Super Bowl

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 8 February

(British TV) lines up Guantánamo-style torture show

Pentagon Estimates About 16,000 Insurgents In Iraq (only 3% foreign)

Police: Woman Scalps Girl For Offensive Behavior

U.S. Blasts Human Rights Panel Selection

Bush's Budget: The Bad Math Is No Secret

Pinochet offers to pay $US5 million in back taxes

Doobie Brothers Drummer Knudsen Dies

Indiana Guardsman Charged With Iraq Murder; Faces Fort Knox, Ky., Hearing

Lesson of Clinton Fund-Raiser: Double-Check That Donor List -NYT

21 Iraqi troops die in blast

Colo. Prof. Says He Mourns All Killed 9-11

A trans-Atlantic storm over arms for China

FBI Van Burglarized; SWAT Rifles, Ammo Taken

EU rejects Communist symbol ban

Troops guarding empty embassy: Labor/Australia

Bush Budget Cuts Nerve Gas Destruction Money

(Canadian) Omar Khadr to allege abuse at Guantanamo Bay

Moves to free Bay six hit US appeals snag (Bahrainis)

US set to free last French Guantanamo Bay detainees

Couple Indicted in African Teen Abuse

"China trade costs US 1.5 million jobs"

Amway chief gave state GOP $1-million

Rumsfeld to press allies on Iraq

Republican Party memo riles Senate Democratic leader (Blasts Reid)

Ninth Circuit Sued For Displaying Ten Commandments

DOD Personnel Plan Spurs Protest March

BBC: Danish centre-right win new term

Powerful Republicans Worry About Bush Budget Cuts

'91 Memo Warned of Mercury in Shots

Tiny District Finds Bonanza of Pupils and Funds Online

Rice Tells Europe to Move Past Conflicts

Ehrlich Aide Fired Over (Baltimore Mayor) O'Malley Rumors (FR involved)

New Jet Laser Incident Reported

Arabs Fear Kirkuk Purge

Iraq War Is Affecting Small State in a Big Way (VT- most deaths per cap.)

CNN news chief clarifies comments on Iraq

O'Malley Blames GOP Plot For Rumors,Ehrlich Fires Aide Over Affair Gossip

Deal to Merge PNC and Riggs Comes Apart

Aircraft Carrier Fight Pains Gov. Jeb Bush

Rice meets with top Vatican official

Tanks, officers impose order in Fallujah

WP: Selective Questions For Rice

State investigating Schiavo foundation

Dems Aim to Narrow GOP Congress Majority

Group: Keep U.S. out of gay debate

SLC Mayor Wants Religious Diversity on City Council

Richard DeVos (Amway king) looking at run for Michigan governor

Panhandle DA accepts plea deal, resigns ( meth drug charges DROPPED)

Report: Richardson will seek presidential bid

WP: Blueprint Calls for Bigger, More Powerful Government

Clinton Advocates Modernizing Medical Records

Snow: Tight Spending, Tax Cuts to Cut U.S. Deficits

Pope's No. 2 addresses resignation

LA police kill 13-year-old suspected car thief

Bush shows highest ratings in a year

China Poised to Overtake U.S. in 2020s-Author

Army Uniforms Redesigned After 20 Years

WHouse Balks at Submitting Social Security Plan

China to pioneer ‘pebble bed’ N-reactor (first 'meltdown-proof' reactor)

‘Torture jet’ flies back to Scotland

WP: Medicare Drug Benefit May Cost $1.2 Trillion

Rove Gets Bigger Role at White House

Schwarzenegger Booed, Questioned Over Fund Raising

Private Study Says U.S. Keeps Up to 480 Atom Arms in Europe

Berezovsky Claims Chechen Rebels Have A-bomb

Young adults passing on college

OK, I need to get to bed now.

Fantastic tongue action (picture)

Fuck Valentino!

Post your favorite jokes

Fuck Faye Valentine.

Do I really HAVE to go to work tomorrow??

What do you think of Craig Ferguson?

Wow! What changed stripping?

Love Emily Dickenson

i'm interviewing johny lydon/johnny rotten - got any questions?

Someone put something funny in my bed

Television Reception

Someone put something funny in my said

What do you think of Faynard Merguson?

Something put someone sunny in my sled

Why didn't Paul McCartney sing that "Freedom" song at the Superbowl?

What do you think of Maynard Ferguson?


Guns N Roses fans - did not Duff mcKagan sing a song on...

Sorry, but I need to scream....

Someone put something funny in my head

What is the Brown sound?

I won $11 at tonight

From a soap opera board:

Do you still have soap?

We have no Hope.

take a moment to pay tribute to the KING of R&B

What do you think of Maynard Keenan?

What do you think of Turd Ferguson?

I don't like anybody. Does that make me a bad person?

Pat Boone: No More Mr. Nice Guy.

What do you think of Keenan Wynn?

Last week, there were many posts about parents being inhuman

It's that magical time my poem!

Sophia Loren

Don't MAKE me get Phil Collins songs stuck in your head!

I need some real help here!

I am going back up in the attic now.

Lauren Bacall

Anyone else watching JFK on TCM?

Need Research Help - George H.W. Bush speech transcript

Condoleezza Rice

Watching Hedwig and the Angry Inch


Led Zeppelin II rocks!!!!

13 years ago today -"I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred peaks at #1

Favorite hot water heater?

Good riddance to the Year of the Monkey!

I don't know why but there is a song that has been haunting me....

I'm With Busey on Comedy Central now.

I've seen hell, and it's a four hour 15 minute city council meeting

I don't like salmon, does that make me a bad person?

And who fucking cares if you are a man or a woman?

Someone sing me a lullaby - I should be asleep

Is somebody trying to tell me something?

MOM! Aunt Lou!!!

Mother Sues Doctors Over 8th Child - Pregnant After Tubes Tied

Hidden message in Intelligent Design program... UFOs are the intelligent

If you're discouraged not being able to kick Bush out & save the world:

I am gonna be so fucking stoned... are you gonna be there?

Poll Suggests Public Want Some New Deadly Sins

Calling all amateur dream interpreters

Anyone know the up-to-date total on American casualties?

Same Sex Marriage in Springfield - - who's getting hitched?

Attention Firefox and Opera users!

Billboards you won't see anytime soon

"C" student Bush: "notice who's the President and who's the advisor"

Virginia is for lovers- some restrictions apply

Tell your favorite 3rd grade-level joke here.

The home we are looking at building...

How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?

I am going to say this again.

I've taken 5 hydrocodone since 4:30pm and my head still hurts

Does Bush have a satanic, mind-altering kiss?

Dissecting a Poraifera

Student Locked In Dorm Bathroom For 29 Hours

Man Tries To Smuggle Loaded Gun Into Jail - In His A**

No, Mr. Bond... I expect you to die!

Eagles fans: Does everyone really love a parade?

And we’re rolling, rolling, rolling on the river

Help me - need names for Dr. C. Rice!

So I met the Tidy Bowl Man yesterday

OK, the fun's over

Favorite restaurant ever

My Voice Disappeared! Anyone Find It?

New PETA Billboard Features Nude Dennis Rodman

So who is going to Boston's annual Super Bowl winner parade today?

Crap- another cold

Rita Hayworth.

Ok then . . . A Sponge Bob by any other name . . .

My nose is now so clogged, my eyes are pouring water...

I can post polls now, does that make me a bad person?

What is the Problem with Sirius

So who wants to be my valentine this year?

I finally got rid of ComCast!

New SPAM Says I Can Now Increase My Sperm By 500%!

crap- my temp is 101.0

Xin Nean Kuai Le (Happy Chinese New Year)

Rugby fan 'cuts off testicles' to celebrate win

Is there a DU photo gallery?

In honor of Chinese New Year: (Non-PC) Proverbs

Dang CD BURNER creates tracks that skip towards the end

Whipass - is it something worth giving?

Anyone seen "The Incredibles?"

Why do I cry every time I hear the song "Imagine"?

When Christians try to be cool...

Mmmmmmmmm ...pancake day....

-----ARIANS: Why do you hate Jesus?

Wheatgrass - is it something worth taking

Songs That Should Have Been Number 1 Hits.......

Where's matcom these days?

How you know you've gained weight

I hate allergies!

Cock-a-doodle-doo! (almost) Happy Chinese New Year!


UNITARIANS: Help Me Join Your Ranks

Punctuation or no?

I'm back from my job interview! Ask me anything!

I love allegories!

My biggest gripe about the Super Bowl: FRICKING 5 SECOND DELAY!!!

Why do I get the feeling that, if Condaleeza Rice decided to take an

Fuck Ballantine's Day.

Best Kool Keith alter-ego?

I'm using Bush Math and I am out of debt!!!!!!!!

does anybody remember "the thong song"

Is starting a new copy-cat thread a relatively easy task?

Has anyone here applied....

Is installing a new showerhead a relatively easy task?

Is there a Fourth of July in Russia?

clean the inside of your computer screen

Does Everybody Really Love Raymond?

How come people say "no offense" as a preface

happy fastnacht day!!

Happy Mardi Gras!

Solar electricity to my shed...

Well, at Least He Won't Be Fathering More Fans...

Question about pensions.

What classic kilt should never be remade?

A Muslim Woman working in Border Control / Customs


What do you think the purpose of copy cat threads are?

How Long Until HDTV Becomes REALLY Mainstream?

Abortion's busting out all over....

You think you're a sports fan? Top this!!

We are the goon squad and we're coming to town....

Is changing a light bulb a relatively easy task?

What is the best cover of a song written by The Beatles?

I'm converting a CAD file to .pdf. Ask Me Anything!!!!!

What do you think the purpose of a cat copy is?

Best Oasis Song?

I just love it when....


I'm Selling My SOUL! What'll You Give Me For It? Any Takers?

I was just told to have a blessed day

Chili Peppers- Righteous and the Wicked

Attention LynneSin: Top Ten Philadelphia Eagles' Excuses

Midnight at the Oasis

How many crappy dates did you have to endure before you found your partner

The "would you rather" thread:

Help! I missed 24!


My thread in GD has convinced me to get a tinfoil hat.

is LoZoccolo really a member of Oasis in disguise?

Should I be insulted if someone wishes me a Happy Fat Tuesday?

I just changed my Avatar! Ask me anything!

Would you do this for me?

Another well-known cartoon character with gender identity problems

Holidays and commercialism.

Zoo tempts gay penguins to go straight

As promised. A couple of my new paintings.

Notice to all cube dwellers

Army pilot used helicopter to deliver pizza (to girlfriend)......

Nobody rules these streets at night but me. The atomic punk!!!!

When does open land count as a vote for Bush

Picture association thread.

Just got a joke in my email.

Should "Fat" Tuesday be changed to "Plus Size" Tuesday?

You know what? I think I'll start a flamewar over in GD.

Safe, Legal and Medium-rare

Today's Cat-e-chism lesson.

Check this out (Google Maps)

FDA approves new wonder drug!

Is this a repeat-week for The Daily Show?

ROFLMAOPMP-------Bush vs. Doodieman------------OH MY GOD

Wanna see some freaky parents? Turn to Dr. Phil

Today's silly MATRIX poll (Mardi Gras edition)

HELP! I just got my license plate!!!!

Alright, it's Tuesday afternoon, 2:30 PM CST. My question is,

I actually liked Third Eye Blind's first album. A lot. Does that make me

I actually like Limp Bizkits first album- Am I a bad person

Lt Commander Data did drag = Gay

Nevermind--found it! nt

Best cover of a song the Beatles covered

Is this a repeat-week for The Daily Show?

My cat can catch food in mid-air. Yours?

Which one was more tasteless, Super Bowl or Lingerie Bowl?

Damn, progmom!

the trouble with cyberdating

Suddenly, kitty cat claws!!!!!

A *great* book I'm reading right now: "Shadow Divers."

I hate my job.

Which documentary should I rent first?

Anyone check out godaddy?

the trouble with hibernating

Who else is excited about 'War of the Worlds'?

I'm losing it....

Is anyone familiar w/Ceres? I keep getting

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for February

John and Mitchie were gettin' kinda itchie

I dedicate this song to *'s budget plan

People say she's crazy...

Great song you may not have heard...

Emergency - Toe Ring Question

Sociopaths brag about their crimes on Wait-person website

Selected passages from Bush's SOTU translated into English:

Any Sam Phillips fans out there?

I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night...

What is the best cover of a song by The Beatles?

Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Heh...NOT FLAMEBAIT! How many here post nekkid?

All the leaves are brown...

I love when a radio host sticks it to someone.

Have you ever had an e-mail malfunction?

Are appliance delivery people insane?

Eagles Joke......

Do you still have hope?

TONIGHT on Paranoid Schizophrenic Eyewitness News...

Should I give up posting on DU for lent?

my kids want to go to catholic colleges

Bands who made one good album but otherwise suck.

Who did you vote for Most Valuable Puppy in 'Puppy Bowl" on Animal Planet?

Just Got a Call From KBR

Murphy Brown and her

Where is Hawthorne neighborhood in Portland with respect to downtown?

Busted flat in Baton Rouge, waitin' for a train


This is amazing.

Do you hate the DMV?

Why do people post super flamebait in GD?

Whew, got out of bra shopping!

Happy Valentines!!!! I fell happy!

Why am I a theatre major when I hate hearing other theatre majors talk?


What classic film should never be remade?

You see, abortion... is like a flat tax.


Any life insurance experts here?

"Today's the day they give babies away."

Bumper sticker seen on a jeep in Arizona

Whenever you say "amore"

This *is* flamebait

I'm sick of Deep Throat talk

And the abortion threads in GD keep on coming!!!

watching 'The West Wing' depresses me...

Yipee! I'm out of the 700 club!

Happy Fat Tuesday everybody

Which State Has The Coolest Name?

Someone's selling his SOUL on Ebay

Which NYS county has the most DU'ers?

HELP -- opinions needed regarding outstanding arrest warrant.

Are you squeamish about any particular insect/arachnid?

My Dad say's he threw away me and raised the afterbirth.....

Sundance Channel 7PM - With God on Our Side: George W Bush

Sundance Channel 12:30AM - The Battle of Algiers

Has the flu hit your house?

Bwahahahaha. Matcom's been a bad boy again

What Should I Have For Dinner?

This isn't jailbait

It's been a practically perfect day in Vancouver

Podcasting -- what can you tell me about it?

METALUNIANS: Help Me Join Your Ranks.

What's at the end of your rainbow?

MatcomNews Update: Man Who Threw Abortion At Fast Food Worker Found GUILTY

Strange situation

I want to go back to Amsterdam. Who wants to go with me?

How Do I Know If My Abortion Has Mad Cow Disease?


I got my DU bumper sticker, but I am afraid of bumper stickers

Idiots still found fault in Super Bowl halftime show: Californa Grass


I've got a coupon for an abortion.

Abortions! Abortions! Get your abortions!

This is flamebait.

Republicans REALLY hate it when you tell them...

Interesting, read something in paper today RE: no fetuses/restaurant.

OK. Matcom. What did you do to that website?

I might have to leave the lounge.

After you're finished with your abortion, how about some tasty heroin?

Yes or no. Chick Bait?

Having an abortion right now? Check in!

Matcom and Dookus made me cry.

Confess. You have abortion envy.

Welsh rugby fan loses chance to have an abortion in bet.

FINALLY! I have some abortion photos to share with y'all.

I seem to have misplaced my abortion...

What do you think about a Singles group/forum on DU?

did you grow up near a corny landmark?

Welsh rugby fan loses "manhood" in bet.

He may be the King of Evil, but Ganon is hot

What do you really think about Smokey Bear?

Whoever invented those mini/pocket motor bikes should be shot!

What do you really think of the cancer kids?

More wacky Okla weather...thunderstorms in early Feb????

Hey everybody! It's the year of the Cock!

if you're feeling lost . . . Google's got maps! . . .

BC Duers - have you ever seen a government "Announce" more

So why are we all Abortion Happy again. What did the boy idiot king do now

Some help for the lovelorn ?

True expression of love on Valentine's Day?

Breaking: Identity of Deep Throat revealed!

The Maggot Punks

REALLY weird graphics card issue

I am officially a curmudgeon.

How are you going to celebrate the Chinese New Year tomorrow?

Keep mocking GD and you will have to face our squirrely wrath!

What did I do to deserve this?: Sinus Infection 2005

One does not simply walk into Mordor...

Check out the Big Chief (pic)

Psycho Techno Hypno Kitten Snake

Deep breathing is good for the system... unless

need suggestion on tax refund...

FooD!!!( and booze)

I've had a rough day.

I have a new avatar! My little boy Henry!

Matcom's ass has its own DNA.

Smokey Bear and Uncle Sam - Are they related?

Birth control is an invention of SATAN

This is flamboyant!

Peeks head out from under blanket....

Weird new graphics card issue...

MAJOR Superman casting rumors - Daniel Day-Lewis, Jude Law, Kevin Bacon

How long until "The fun's over" is over?

David Byrne is on Majority Report right now

Not felling well so..

My right hand and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day.

Check out this editorial cartoon. It ROCKS!

I am cracking up at Bush.

A chicken's life begins at conception,

My ass doesn't celebrate Fat Tuesday,

someone sign up for this site and sue Bush!

Emergency - Towing Question

This isn't flamebait.

Doobie Brothers Drummer Knudsen Dies

Doobie Brothers drummer dies at 56

McNabb Sick During Crucial Part Of Super Bowl

AP: Virgina Bill Sets Fine for Low-Riding Pants

Pretty little thing. Let me light your candle

Tell me more about "woohoo" on the Sims.

I just watched "All the President's Men" for the first time.

10 questions:

rate my humourous autobiography (one page, a third done)

So, I've taken to playing darts on Tuesday evenings

Tinkling crunchy pork.

What sort of emergency equipment do you carry in your car?

Weirdest. Superman cover. Ever.

If a married gay couple adopts a disabled, mixed color Beagle

Does anyone watch the show Committed?

Has anyone seen "Super Sucker"? With Jeff Daniels?

TV Alert: Sundance Channel: With God on our Side: GWB and the...

I'm tired of being PC

Speilberg and remake of War of the Worlds.

Flashback Central: Awesome Vintage Toy Site

any franchisees here?

D'oh I just realized that it's Fat Tuesday.

Amazing Race Fans - Please no spoilers tonight

Anyone else seen that 1-800-OK Cable commercial?

Who doesn't have a date for Valentine's Day and doesn't care in the least?

Who here doesn't and won't have a date for Valentines day.

I just broke my computer chair in the worst disaster since chernobyl

I have a new avatar...a pic of my Mom you all haven't seen yet

If a gay man marries and procreates with a christian box turtle...

Shameless plug for Longgrain

this is flamebait

I love that Netflix commerical with the mom

One of my former students is going to be on MTV tonight!

about Amazing Race. DO NOT READ IF NOT WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!

MOVELEFT.COM list of articles, Feb. 8, 2005 Edition

Tommy Chong on NPR

Shameless plug for nothingshocksmeanymore

LOL! Debt collectroll in trouble for harassing ME over my parents' debt!

I'm getting a tattoo as we speak!

Derek Taylor wrote in the sleeve of "Beatles for Sale"

I'm a giant green testicle with ears. Am I a freak of nature?

So who did NSMA knock up

My most EVIL post ever

Don't you hate it when you post a serious question and get

Title This

I took my measurements and found that I really must look like a freak

Is it wrong to double dip a chip? What do you think?

It is just as you prophesized.! The planets of our solar system....

Flavia Colgen is hot!

give me your best flame!


how would you classify the species of DUer residing in the lounge

Chinese Language TV programming in the US?

Wow! There IS a difference between nonfat and whole milk

Earth to O'Lielly, before you fondly remember your college football yrs...

Ekki-Ekki-Ekki-Ekki-PTANG. Zoom-Boing. Z'nourrwringmm.

I dreamed that MrG cheated on me last night.


I'm studying RSS feeds.

Hey lady, you, lady, cursin' at your life

More lost suit-wearing guys in the airport .........CAPTION

The cure for what ails ya

This kid has a strange independence.

What the fuck was this designer smoking?

Replace a famous hero in history with * and describe the change.

Nice little flamewar going on at my college radio station's listserv!

Classic Video games! Which are your favorities?

Cast the movie of the bushjr administration:

Button, button, who's got the button....

I DO like Howard Dean, does that make me a bad person?

Anyone got anything they'd rather be doing

Tragic death of our house fish

How do you eat Oreo cookies?

I am now the new THREADKILLER!!!

LOL... all the "my posts" threads have been deleted!

2000 posts? How the hell...?

Does the DU "new" button make you think of Burger King?

Oh My God! I'm watching American Idol!!

Oh my Gay Stars: NSMA just outed Arwalden as a Lesbian

They call 'em fingers but I never see 'em fing

My college has given us free music downloading for a semester!

Ever do a bunch of 360's on black ice?

Valentines Day advice, or, just make her happy!

Update on my job saga

They call 'em motherfuckers but I've never seen 'em....

This is rock and roll

The Patriots trounce all - most with BY FAR the least in history

How to totally wreck a perfectly good Ferrari...

I like shows like Overhaulin' and Pimp my Ride.

Wow man! I'm smokin' some good shit right now! Jail-shit too!

9 pizza deliveries tonight, and 7 dollars total in tips.

I just posted a smart ass response on a flamefest in GD and lived to tell!

Caffeine Addiction Is a Mental Disorder

Howard Dean's scream = unleashing his inner Beavis?

"Babs and Clean Willie were in love they said..."

anyone post her pic in the gallery lately?

A New McLargehuge is born

World is amazing

Favorite Allman Brothers Band tune

Exclusive pictures! Freeper wedding and the cake!

Martial Artists, Check In!

Why does Bettyellen bait me and then disappear?

When my printer is printing, it sounds like it's saying "Not yet."

Sick of losing elections? Become a Republican! (parody)

Everybody go and click your donor star!

Cast your production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Three buck chuck: what do you think? (a.k.a. two buck chuck in CA)

Okay everyone, the DFW Metro area needs all your help! Please!

Okay... I know I'm PMSing... when I cry over the losers on Amazing Race!

What are you eating for Fat Tuesday?

What Oceans / Seas have you dipped your toes into?

Read me! Read me! Read me! *jumping up and down*

I FINALLY got my "Dream Job"(tm)!!! w00t!!!

My newest window decoration!

Sasquatch's Liberal Confessional!! Confess your sins against Liberalism

What's your opinion on Soy Milk?

Post Nasal Drip


What are a woman's options?

What Great Lakes have you dipped your toes into??

EEEEEEEE! My EYES! Jeff Gannon unmasked!

Faux wouldn't try a Superbowl coverup - would they?

How long will you let someone f**k with you before you fight back?

How many deleted posts do you have on your DU record?

I'm married and we don't celebrate Valentine's Day.

In love? Check in!

Jazz organist and all around funkster Jimmy Smith dies.

we LiberaLs are such racists

Case against man who told lawyer joke is tossed

Looking For A Job In IT? New Vacancies

Bullshit waste of time today at school

Virginia Lawmakers Set To Outlaw Low-Riding Pants

My cats are famous!!

Does it feel ILLICIT when you meet other DUers in person? Huh? Does it?

Man am I freaked out

I've passed 300 posts finally

Gannon too sexy for his shirt

Guy in marijuana study smokes 50 joints a day!!

Anyone see themselves here?

What's the weirdest job you ever had?

How well do you know movies?

"I'd rather have a million mice die than one child suffer"

Are there any Satanists among us?

Bush's budget is anti-Christian

Bias against Christians?


Vatican: Marriage Annulment Requests Soar

Atheisits: Were you raised in a Christian household?

Sundance Channel airs: The Origins Of Aids

* admin asks fed court to dismiss suit challenging "don't ask, don't tell"

MA Poll: Residents Reject Gay Marriage Ban

Connecticut Gays Go For Broke In Marriage Strategy

Report: Vast Majority Of Gay Asian Americans Face Discrimination

Thanks to Max Gordon

Lesbian Mom's Visitation Battle Returns To Court

Gay Marriage Amendment Compared To Nazism

Just saw"The Origins of AIDS"on Sundance Channel & recommend it highly

GOP head Ken Mehlman again uses gays to bash Democrats

This News Story Is Not Gay...............

When this old world starts getting you down...

Unqualified neocon reporter "Jeff Gannon" owns site

Conservative Groups seek to change hate crimes law (Pennsylvania)

Understanding Homosexuality under Nazism.

Zoo Uses Aversion Therapy 'To Cure' Gay Penguins

Georgia Legislature Moves To Protect Anti-Gay Country Club

Winger Projection? "Kerry could become first gay Pres" - by Jeff Gannon

Our 28th aniversary on the 14th

Refusing To Allow Gay Student Group May Cost Medical School Degree Program

what groups do you donate to

White House denies Canseco's new allegations

"Rite of Passage" - Flash animation of Philly sports history.

NBA All-Star reserves announced

I'm not seeing the daily 'MikeG Can't Cope' thread today

I'll tell you what I can't cope with - NO FRIGGIN FOOTBALL FOR MONTHS

Does the 'McNabb Flu' story change your view of the Super Bowl?

"Patriots' New Dynasty Will Be Put to Test Next Season"

I'll tell you what I can cope with - NO FRIGGIN FOOTBALL FOR MONTHS

Welsh rugby fan loses "manhood" in bet

Suns Get McCarty from Celtics

Here it comes - Duke/UNC, Wednesday night at 9

Tom Brady doesn't buy all this 'Dynasty' talk

Is golf a sport?

Pats fans: Did Pete Carroll do anything for the team?

That last Eagle TD was REAL SOFT. It saved Vegas $$$$$.

Superbowl Conspiracy?

PEDIGREE DOGS RULE for February Adoption Drive

Calif. Town May Ban Cosmetic Pet Surgery

Special care for Seniors

Just found two baby pix of my cat!!

Pictures of my boys

A poetry game, of sorts

Dossier of the Ascension Review Request

Awww, idn't that sweet??

Great anti-ID article (from a rightie, no less.. go figure)

VFW Press Release

What the fuck has happen to the Republican party?

Feb 9th, Global Warming Seminar

Any writers out there? We need your help!

Okay, you be the analyst: Tell me what you see here

Schedule today: Just small stuff

Old-timers: has there ever been candidate separation anxiety like this

I realized today how much I really miss Kerry

New Kerry interview

Oh Elshiva

What kind of DINO are you?

Anybody talk about the '06 fiscal joke budget yet?

George explains his thoughts on SS so even you can understand them

If/when Dean wins the chairmanship, will he have to live in Washington or

The Culture of “Desperate Enough"

May the good doctor cure the ills of the Democratic Party.

Visit (or revisit) Casey's Peace Page Today

No Child Left Behind

secretary-general of the Democratic Party of the Iraqi Nation, sons killed

GOP Bill to Suspend Laws is MOVING!

Hey DNC leaders-lets start with a message that says what we are for:

One of our local churches featured this on their front-yard marquee...

I am going see to Rep. Bill Young's staff today does anyone

When it comes to Dean,watch at his actions, not the editorials

Why won't all Dem Politicians use the Fairness Doc as a weapon?

Who thinks the Repubs will support Bush's budget cuts ??

Wow, that felt good!

Harkin on C-Span 2

President's Budget Projects 300,000 Low-Income Children to Lose Child Care

Do You Think The Current Progress Between Israel And Palestine Will Last?

Anyone listening to Harkin (D-IA) on C-SPAN now

The Era of Big Government is Back--Under George Bush

media never headlines low Bush approval - but always headlines high rating

A MUST-READ New Book: Webster Tarpley "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA"

I think that McConnell just told the Senate

is this suppose to be one of "the good stories coming out of Iraq" ?

GOP strategy - take laws off books & get state legis to support SS reform

For Demopedia references to Republican wimps

Does anyone think the reason Dean is so ridiculed is because he dared to

'Complex, tangled web' of political deals listed

Mrs Blair, a PR man and bad PR

WTF? "Bush shows highest ratings in a year"

self deleted

Remember back in the day when...

“This Budget is a Perversion of American Values”

Bush's sham budget

Any lawyers watching Trent on C-Span2? What kind of magic trick,


Report FOX to the FCC for Superbowl Ciallis advertisement

PIC.......The wreckage of a Boeing 737 which crashed in Afghanistan

has the bushgang invaded NATO?

Four-year-old's late-night drive (to a video store)

I love the smell of Neocon in the morning.

Bush = Reverse Robin Hood | Rob from the Poor to Give Tax Cuts to the Rich

oh what a pickly pickle faux news finds themselves in...

Does anyone have an article about the SOTU address

MTP: Russert asked Rummy about "the size of the Iraq insurgents "200,000"

An artist's rendering of * policy

Dems go after budget, saying * misleading about the costs

Darrell Issa, "Own3d by NoPh0BiA"

For homeless,no place like school fed law tells schools they must do more

Condi tells Iran she will sic Israel on them if they don't shape up

Asian Pacific Islander Americans Support Toward Democratic


Does anyone have information on Rep Paul from Texas

NYT Letters to the editors about David Brooks history of "Deanism."

Head's Up - HR Bill 282 ----- Regime Change in Iran.....It's Here.

If * makes the tax cuts permanent can whoever is president

Devotion to political parties. A thought.

GOP head Ken Mehlman again uses gays to bash Democrats

Will Bush And Rice Get All The Credit For The Possible Mideast Deal?

MSNBC Poll: Do you favor individual savings accounts as part of SS reform?

If George Bush is a buffoon, I want to be a buffoon, too!

US Politicians Who Dared to Question 9/11 and Their Fates

Cartoon - "Finally, an Emerging Exit Strategy!" (Iraq War)

Top 20 Indications that Bush Invades Iran -- Soon!

Fighting rightist meme that Clinton let the military decline.

Graph: Evolution of the US Budget Surplus/Deficit

Karl Rove Get's Bigger Role in White House

(My mother thinks) "they" will run Laura Bush for Prez!

Rove Gets Bigger Role at White House

Spector sees no 'nuclear option' on Judges as long as Dems cave

Labour email blunder

"What Dubya Isn't Telling Us About His Budget"

I'm still confused about this SS crap

* is the "Wealth-Care" pResident .

One thing really puzzles me about this Social Security BS

DNC meetup TONIGHT: show up or shut up!

ACTION ALERT: Help Eileen Hansen Now - send email to board today

Bush gets randy in CHURCH last Sunday!

Senato Reid


the most absolute proof that Bush is INCOMPETENT

"Support the President"=the RW "Political Correctness"

Action Alert: Call to block the nomination of Michael Chertoff

DU this poll on Chertoff

Two in-Your-Face Democrats Lead Party Effort to Narrow Republican Majority

I just finished a second reading of Wayne Madsen's....

Has ANYONE put forward a plan to balance the budget within 4 years?

Discussion of Madsen's Article?

Some "issues" will never be settled.

Incest and Bigamy

Saw This Bumper Sticker This Morning; Pissed Me Off Royally

Gay Marriage

What if Democrats decided to get into the voter suppression business?

Michael Ledeen on Hardball

Tories attack 'sinister tactics'

Why is it that we have to put up with fake Dems in our midst?

So when do we find out who won the Iraqi elections?

Prediction for Iraq......

Laura Bush's Popularity

Grassroots Celebration with Gov. Howard Dean (rally)

Bush: Holding 3 jobs is "uniquely American"

Six Democrats vote to endorse "waterboard" torture.

Just heard the Rove is being promoted to Deputy (something)--will

Republican congressman is on our side about Iraq and Iran

WH "reporter" Jeff Gannon is a male escort?

Does it matter that electronic voting means we can't vote anymore?


The US should default on treasury bonds held by the wealthy.

The GOP liberal media e-mail - does anyone have a copy of it?

Another Dean Thread

Thinking about how bad things could be when Bush leaves office

I found the $9 billion "lost" dollars...

Help me out here regarding Dean please

Under proposed immigration act, Sec of HS can break any law with immunity.

America's Last Action Hero - Al Gore

Say what you want about Trippi

What will be the major defining issues of the 2006 elections?

What I LOVE about the *resident's SS plan

Flavia Colgen is hot!

I am ashamed, ASHAMED of my government.

Rumsfeld Debating Whether to Avoid Germany(arrest on war-crimes complaint)

Russia protest's why can't we

GOP Members Running from Bush's Privatization Plan

Eeeek! Republicans 56% favorable, Democrats 46% favorable

House of Saud, Frontline, starting NOW

NY Democrats get one million dollar "war chest" from party.

Consider Lloyd Doggett in 2008

2006 Budget a "Strong Step," Says Heritage Foundation

Blame Moore (or Kerry or anybody but the other side)

Channel 5 here in Minnesota reports tonight

I'm listening to Mike malloy for the first time.....

Civil libertarianism- Yes or no?

What kind of Democrat are you?

Okay everyone, the DFW Metro area needs all your help! Please!

An easy way t pick up five House seats, including Hastert's

Quips from A Conversation with John Kerry

Who is less bright? GW Bush or J. Danforth Quayle?

Seriously, if Clinton was never elected prez, would Bush be in the WH now?

Puke Alert - Freepers commentary on the messiah GWB

A message for Terry McAulliffe....

Wow, I just got an e-mail from

Apparently .... Ken Blackwell is being pushed for Gov. by the Right

Schools bribing kids to take chimp's Teen Screen Program test

What will be Howard Dean's first test? 2006?

Does anyone feel like that is so FREAKIN obvious

infighting at freeperland over Bush budget

WARNING!! Don't read this UNLESS you are ready for

Which Of The Following Phrases Best Describes George W. Bush?

Lawmakers say farm cuts would hurt South.

Why isn't the msm talking about this "evolving union"?

Hoyer weighs in with Pelosi, Reid, talking to Dean to back off policy.

Grassroots event with Howard Dean tomorrow night in DC.

Everyone - Support Harry Reid RIGHT NOW by doing this:

Is The Use Of The Term "Personal Account" (SS) A Clear Sign That Someone

Brigitte & Bachrach - "It was like being among Moonies."

Hillary/Clark would be an awesome ticket

How did news travel in the 60s, RE: protests,

"Bush is lying to you AGAIN!" "Think ENRON"

Dean's Plan (in writing) for the DNC

The Social Security Crisis

Bush: Holding Three Jobs 'Uniquely American' [drudge]

What Hope is there for 2006? 2008?

Have you ever been threatened for not supporting *?

Who is the "purer" Dem: Lieberman, Reid, or Kennedy

Tough Luck, farmers...

Democrats: it's time for a SUMMIT

Is Dubya Delusional? (Dear Mr. Fantasy)