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Archives: February 7, 2005

How the Bush Justice Department Is Rewriting History to Satisfy the NRA

"Baghdad, the city that dreams of death", Robert Fisk, again!

US-European rift deepens over Iran (Condi Rice's tour)

New Haven Register supports "George W. Bush Highway"

Bush's Social Security Equation Comes Up Short on Money, Trust

'Annan will be a lame duck'

Soc Sec) Going for Broke May Break Bush

Deficit Worries Threaten Bush Agenda(War/recession no longer justify)

Iraq/Afghan/Soc Sec/Alt Min?)$2.5 Trillion Budget Plan Cuts Many Programs

Cheney: Social Security Plan to Cost Trillions

Paranoia grips the U.S. capital

Members of Congress are doing very well (with private accts addon to Soc S

(No GOP Soc Sec Bill before Xmas!) - Bush's Big Bet: Risking His Capital

Bankruptcy Is Not A Credit Card Issue - It Is A Health Care Issue #1

Newsweeks Sloan favors Add-On Accounts) - Social Security: A Daring Leap

Iraqis voted because they want U.S. troops out

NYT: Bush Budget Raises Prescirption Prices for Veterans

News on moral refusal and right to freedom from draft

JCS Conplan 0300-97

My letter in Chicago Tribune today

Warning: Campus Creepers on Watch! (Nimmo)

Let's Not Make the Same Mistakes in Iran :David Kay

WWII Japanese detention still holds lessons for us

Social Security & Media Intimidation

Bush's budget priority - his permanant tax cuts for wealthy Americans

Activists Against Iraq War Refuse to Call it Quits

Will Hastings wear blinders as House ethics chair?

CATO admits goal is the end of Social Security -replaced w/ savings acct's

The Ethics Of War

Stories From the Inside -Bob Herbert

Secret history of America’s “extraordinary rendition” program. (torture)

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): Fraud and corruption

Why is Jeff Gannon Lying?

Jeff Gannon: Destroying the Non-Integrity of the Gaggle (Wonkette)

The sins of our fathers, the folly of man and the art of.. Robert Fisk

Bush to Social Security: Drop Dead

Former Python takes aim at Bush and Blair

The Art of War

Ann Coulter Sticks Her Entire Leg in Her Mouth

Fact: Outsourcing Torture (New Yorker)

Torture Policy: A future Congress will apologize (Galloway)

Pat Buchanan: Is Democracy on the March -- or Revolution?

Bush's Budget: The Bad Math Is No Secret


Russia, China strategic partnership to counter military and & financial

Iraqi women find election a cruel joke

Apocalypse Now: How Mankind is Sleepwalking to the End of the Earth

Is Venezuela Next? FOX News Paves the Way!

Fraud and corruption

"Our Godless Constitution"

The launch of

Bill of Citizens' Media Rights

US attempting to silence UN agencies on key anti HIV programs

Iraqi Dignity Amendment

We told media truth Feb 04 re Soc Sec - and media ignored us

Soc Sec media lobbying groups) - Lobbying war hits airwaves

CATO admits destruction of Social Security goal- will media now admit?

Stephanapolis was toughest on Rummy of all Sunday pundits

Will Media call Bush WH budget Dir lie that Rich pay more? $ of tax drop!

Will media repeat a lie/mistake by Blackwell re Monyihan and Social Sec?

A question about Lou Dobbs.

Video of beheadings Funded & Produced by Republicans

Hitting the tax break jackpot (NYT)

Bush's Deficit Plan Is All in the Math

Apparently the human and the fish *cannot* coexist peacfully.

Hanford funding falls 10 percent under Bush 2006 budget

More Troubles With Science at FWS

Guardian (Feb 7): Debt write-off deal close says G7

India, China Get Ready to Join Hands in Oil Sector

Iraqi Dignity Amendment

Bush's Silence on Sudan Sparks Outrage (Africa Action Press Release)

It just hit me - another possible RHE (Republican Head Exploder):

Quick question about home defence gun laws........

When is the next quarter fundraising drive?

Just donated and received the error notification below

I have alerted on this thread all night in GD

Do different forums have different standards?


Also having problems with a GD thread.

Book Club

Why am I not able to get into a GD thread?

Two mysterious (to me) thread vanishings

Is there something buggy going on with GD?

Why do moderators delete MY message when I alert?

one of my GD threads disappeared

Post was deleted with no explaination

Could we get a statement

Just out of curiousity

Got this error while making a donation...

2 posts I made in a thread are gone...not "message removed"..just gone !

Out of curiousity..

Rice to hold talks with PA leadership

Livnat and Livni warn of right-wing takeover bid in Likud

Israel, Palestinians to declare formal truce

This is not the way to tackle anti-Semitism

Israel to 'pray for failure'

Israeli army commander released

Question for those who believe in Mihop...

Chicago Sun-Times: Gov touting Illinios wine industry after bottling....

Chicago Defender: New DNA tests end life sentences for 2 convicted....

Chicago Tribune: CTA unrepentant about its cell phone splurge

Winnebago County Democratic Activist Dies

Who had the best Super Bowl party in the state?

Did you know that HAVA does NOT require States to purchase e-vote machines

Newsweek: A Step Forward in the Voting Wars

Open Letter from Congressman Conyers Regarding Election Reform

Avoiding the use of the word FASCIST is not good for your health

Need info on Sequoia ownership lineage; anyone know where to find this?

The Nashua Advocate: VIVA Versus VOTER -- Which Do You Support?

An old article - interesting

Does this bother you? (from Verified Voting . org )

Redistricting Undone--by Schwarzenegger?

Election Officials Work on Making Changes

Message of Thanks to the KOEB

New Keith Olbermann blog 2/7/05

Monday 2/7 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

KOEB Thread (Monday, Feb. 7)

Odd words/prediction out of John McLaughlin today

Ohio Belmont Co Dir of Elections William Shubat says touchscreen better

Does anyone have data on voter 'spread' problems during the 2002 Recall?

Congresswoman Tubbs Jones Joins Rep. Conyers in Introducing Voting Reform

Fired off another LTTE - Wanna read it?

Need DUers to pose for a photo for election fraud cause

Opinions needed: The Ten Principles of Voting

When you electronic vote,....

Dean's remaining opponent, Timothy J. Roemer, is dropping out of the race.

Stephanie is talking about KOEB again

Social Security & Media Intimidation

Today's Action Alerts: DU these, please!

New action alert from the ACLU: Real ID Act (HR 418)

Some States do not know how many ballots were cast!! ... DATA HELP

Simple Question. Have You Done Anything To Affect Cable Ratings?

Bob Fitrakis thanks us for our support. PLEASE DONATE!

Holt's Bill is strengthened & reintroduced


American Dad/CIAer Stan Smith: "Rigging elections is my bread and butter."

KOEB thread has 319 hits but Fitrakis' need for help 3-What's up?

We must know about Conny McCormack

Democrats will investigate Ohio vote

Ask yourself: What is the most powerful action I can take today?

Divestiture campaign aginst voting machine companies

Tale of two cities vying for title of surf capital

Arnold - The Sky Is The Limit

Two routes to Shelley's replacement

Apartment complex fire may be tied to radical environmental group

Shelley Resignation Prompts Call For Reforming Office

S.D. Mayor in hotseat as Frye appeal goes forward

Who is Conny McCormack and what is she doing?

Storm Damage May Hasten Death of Sequoia -2nd largest living tree in world

The pattern with Secretaries of State

Des Moines Register says Sioux County is Most Moral!

Which repug would you like to see

Norfolk DA: Troubled vets need our help

patriots parade - aka: wohLing woLLy

(MA) New voting system proposed...(Run-Off Elections)

air america radio on line polls getting mega-freeped.

Can somebody out there help me?

Look what I caught

Cleveland Fox channel 8 firing first salvo at Governor's race 2006?

Beaver Co. Pa voting system to be examined because of problems

Lawmakers revise state sales tax plan

Sam Houston

If y'all want to see why I missed the Austin SuperBowl party...

Dallasites: What radio station should we target for AAR?

Hartnett Report Says Vo Won Election

Any news on Jeremy Hinzman?

Europeans are right. Americans are a bunch of classless buffoons

(PHOTOS) How they chose the new White House chef! (Exclusive ->)

I have a dream...SS reform fails...moron* becomes lame duck....

Retraction and Apology

Whats the status of unemployment in America?

I'm officially on the Feingold '08 bandwagon.

Any Mods out there? The Rightarded are at the Gates

Freepers and Vietnam/Iraq...

The Superbowl commercials sucked this year.....

Did anyone see "American Dad" after the Superbowl?

Syndicated "entertainment" writer knows somethings wrong with the news:

Bush Knew (About Steroid Abuse--Canseco)

When A Problem Child Comes Along, Must You Whip It?

We need a Tammy Fey Baker!

50 Most Loathsome People in America

So how many people will bush piss off with his new budget?

This is what it's come to - American deaths "buried" in news reports

Thank the stars for small favors

What the latest on the Iraq Vote--Does bush need to "Ukraine the results"?

God, I love the Rude Pundit...

Does being a Republican mean suspending one's own commonsense

Book Club

I was polled in a very odd poll today

18 Kias were killed in Iraq yesterday! Oh the Humanity!

Susan Sarandon on CSPAN2 now, for

Do you think this tattoed guy signed a loyalty oath? >>>

I think I'm seeing the RW/Bush Big Money Master Plan.

Question for the Ladies here: I'm watcing the Misfits with Marilyn

Great LTE by a HS Junior from Long Island

Liberal and the Media

War not worth the death of her son. One mother's opinion:

Ben Franklin quote for today.

SOTU speech guest, US might have helped Saddam kill her dad

I wasn't blacklisted, but I lost my job for attending the Fargo Protest

"How true Christians should behave" (re: God hates queers)

Here's an excellent music mash-up featuring GWB soundbites...

Cheney: social security overhaul will cost trillions

???Condi for Prez in 08???

Now the Iraqi's can't defend themselves...which is it ? Lying again?

Starve the poor til they fight the war

ChristianMepublicans & their STEAL IT NOW fiscal policies , explained:

Only 5 shopping days until Darwin Day

If NCLB was football

Sweet! New nuclear weapons for US!

My Favorite Republican Philosophical Irony

Karen Kwiatkowski, online talk radio Mon 12 - 1 pm et

Today's deadliest sin is cruelty

Mamia Abu Jamal is guiltier than OJ, why is he always on Democracy Now?

Was there an article regarding Deep Throat today?

How Come We Can't Get Some Of This Recall Action?

FYI: Michael Moore's website has piece on lying O'Reilly and Coulter...

Why do repugs keep bringing up WWII in defense of the Iraq war?

(PHOTO) Drunk On Power.....

How to become a Repuke

Read This INSANE GOBBLEDYGOOK!!!! (Bush's Explanation of SS "Fix")

LA DUer's: Franken's at the Magic Castle - why didn't I know?

DeepThroat: Refresh my memory of what was about...

Mich. 4-Year-Old Does Late-Night Driving (AP)

If you're proud to be an American, why?

Connie Rice, Condi's 2nd cousin with opposite politics

What would you consider child abuse?

Superbowl, D of I, and Steve Largent???

Does anyone feel that on any given issue,their voices are heard,

Why do i torture myself and watch Bush's set up press conferences?

Phobia and Coping Delusion drive Dominionist/Fundamentalist Belief System

Saudis leading Internet censors

Howard Dean: Middle Class Hurt by Bush’s Values

George Women Bush?

Has anyone else noticed that Clinton is paired with Bush

George W. Bush Recommends a Book (SERIOUSLY)...

Conspiracy Theory: Hillary hinting at 08 run to drain the right's coffers.

Would bin Laden prefer Ayatollah Sistani or Saddam Hussein running Iraq?

Echoes of Jim Crow -- the voting rights act is coming up for renewal

Robert McNamara or Donald Rumsfeld?

Canseco confessions (smirk knew of steroid use)

Do I have a website for anyone who has ever been . . .

Are you guys listening to Michael Kinsley on Franken?

Those who think they won't be effected by the SS cuts - think again

Bush thinks the poor should have questioned the programs he's ending?

Cheney: 'I will not run' for president

Hey, Where's my forskin?

**Fight OUT Sourcing** Easy technique

The "Big Picture" and other rationaliztions.

Bush's War on Jobs-- Paul Craig Roberts. A Must Read article

All DU this poll for me Please!!!!!!

The war on poverty has become the war on poor

Can somebody plz explain this lil piece of the SS jibberjabber to me?

Why do the neoCONspirators use % of GDP for their projections?

Question for Oprah fans: Does Oprah weigh in on black American issues?

Anyone listening to Franken? He's got a 'repug' actress on...

Ex-exile protests US warning of fine, prison for staying in Cuba

$270 million for abstinence programs by 2008

Does anybody have a link for list of Deep throat suspects?

Does you blog get more comments from leftwingers or rightswingers?

WSJ spins FDR - "Here's One Democrat Who Supports Private Accounts: FDR"

Jane Harmann (D-CA) on CSPAN now

What happened to the lasers

What are your thoughts on the ethics of court-ordered forced drugging?

Some Republicans starting to take action on climate change

No senator left behind? Well, one

To our new chair, give them hell Dr. Dean!

Celebrations In Ethiopia! Do You Have Birthday Wish For Bob Marley?

Will Democrats Get A Spine On Social Security?

Thank You and Get Out

There is time missing from GD

Birth of a Salesman: Pitching Social Security

Unqualified US medics carried out amputations at Abu Ghraib

Your the Prez - What would you do about Iraq, SS, Environment, crime

Chimp commercials during the SuperBowl

Is "Defense Spending" considered an "Entitlement"?


Distorting FDR:

USA still has the equivalent of 120,000 Hiroshima-sized nuclear bombs

NBC's Go-To Guy (Brian Williams for Repukes)

Is there an "Ed Schultz" audio archive?

U.S snares patients drugs from Canada.

Bush explains how "personal accounts" will be privately managed

The only reason W is the pres. is because somebody OWED Daddybush

Does Bush have a credibility gap?

Need help with link....WMDs moved to Syria

Ayatollah Sistani begins on his true agenda

Democracy’s Arrow

A sobering question from an early Ossie Davis speech.....

Farmers: Free Market

Down's syndrome suicide bomber story, fact or fiction?

Man murders ex after abortion - Xian Taliban Future Defense Alert

If given the chance, would you torture a prisoner of war?

I cannot believe they are going to scrap the Hubble

How long did the administration say the war would take before we invaded?

Funny numbers floating around

The latest freeper email in my inbox...

Smirk wants to cut Eniviroment, clean water programs by 6%!

Any news on Jeremy Hinzman?

East Bound 'n Down: Dean and the DNC

Hey Dean...boycott FOX!!!!!

White House wants gay policy suit TOSSED

As I was reading the Big Dog's book, he mentioned that

New Republic calls for death and torture of Arundhati Roy and Stan Goff

Email about the bronze statue in Iraq.

David Kay warns U.S not to make Iraq mistakes in Iran:

Same-sex opponents in Canada gets U.S. infusion of cash,support.

The suctioning of blood by mouth during ritual circumcisions

Killer in the Locker Room - Not a joke - methicillin-resistant Staphylococ

Coach Accused Of Paddling Boys After Team Lost Game

Shirley Chisholm, what a remarkable woman...

So weren't we supposed to find out who the H Deep Throat was today?

14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism

The right wing is PHONY on the issues!

An observation about the Iraq "election"

DU This Poll

Why Didn't K-E Volunteers Get Free Stuff?

You really can fool some of the people all of the time.

Should we need a prescription for drugs, and why?

2005 BUDGET: Write a letter to your Senator, PLEASE (link enclosed)

Watch Chimp take credit for peace between Isreal and Palestine

condi PHOTO....needs caption.....

Fascism, thy name is CONNECTICUT!

I can't believe the telemarketing call I just got! I'm on the "Do Not

bush says IRAN is the "world's primary state sponsor of terror."

If Renquist is Deep Throat...

Edwards' N.H. visit may be '08 groundwork

Zell Miller slams George W. Bush


I fell short as a citizen today (child abuse scenario)

Defrauded Consumers Want Defeat of Pro-Business Class Action Legislation

What is Jeff Gannon's real name?

The Backlash Hath Cometh

The Crystal Ball - Peeping into the Architect’s Brain

Naked female soldiers mud wrestling in Iraq

Hatch: "I love the Hispanic people" (how blatantly racist can we get?)

All my favorite 60's songs are now stupid t.v. ads for the establishment

Military Units on American Soil- Unbelievable

Wow, everyone is going after Reid! Kickass!

feelings on Deep Throat?

"Shirley Chisholm 72--Unbought and Unbossed" ON NOW

Karl Haas dies at 91

anyone else find this an OFFENSIVE/ RIP-OFF of OUR soldiers? (PHOTO)

"the brain of the Amer. infant was sold for poisoning by mercury for......

Man from Glen Ridge rape case(89 "Our Guys") kills self in bloodbath

Did you know Bush is using $114 Bil. from Soc Sec surplus for 2005 budget?

Question: How can we be forced to invest our money in the stock

If Dean engineers a huge '06 victory for Dems in the Congress and Senate

What if Iran attacks up PREEMPTIVELY

Get A BRAIN! MORANS (The T-Shirt)

How does everyone feel about health care and lawsuits?

Mandatory Malloy: Monday Night Truthseeker Roundup

from Pro-Choice question to Pro-Life question...

Re: Howard Dean (NOT FLAME BAIT)

SUPPORT HR 181. Let me try this again.

In light of mopaul's post -- Things that shouldn't need to be said.

is the American religious left declaring a holy war???

Did anyone hear about Bush's racist comment some time ago...

WOW. Senator Durbin just DESTROYS Alberto Gonzales

Did Clinton win in '92 becuase of Perot or on his own merits?

I just heard Ford has tongue cancer

Godaddy ad pulled during super bowl - fox censorship

Anyone seen Al Haig lately?

Peter Hart of FAIR just implied that Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh,

If they want us all thinking happy thoughts

John Fogerty sends a message. Faux babe doesn't get it.

Why I have several "Support Our Troops" ribbons on my car

Rep. Tom Lantos (D-CA) comes to my school and says something shocking.

How to Elect More Women? Look to Costa Rica

Another Talon News Plagiarist

What bothers you the most about George W. Bush?

Women of DU- Support a female soldier?

It Is Time For Us Middle-Agers To Get Pissed About Social Security!!

Pro-choice question?

Whatever became of John Walker Lindh?

Jeff Gannon responds to DU

Get your minutemen here - vigilante network in Arizona growing like

"Dr" Laura Raised Her Spawn to Be a "Warrior" (Pic Warning)

Dems give abortion foes space --let's try this again

I'm thinking of scoping out an Assembly of God Church.

My funky (and dirt cheap) coffee roaster

Wait! You just made an omelette, whipped up nachos....

We had a good time at the Austin Super Bowl Party at GopIsEvil's house

Since we're on cooks - redux

Miele, Bosch, Asko, Fischer & Paykal dishwashers?

I may never eat again... Food Channel overdose.

Will Canadians watch Fox News?

I just heard on CBC Newsworld antigay groups in US sending money here.

Britain and its economic policy

I had a question

White House Letter: Why Is Bush Reading Tom Wolfe? Don't Ask!

22 Iraqis killed in rebel attack (Attacked Police station)

No plan yet to deploy (Canadian) troops to Iraq: Pettigrew

Islamic Radicals Hunt Barbers in Baghdad for Giving 'un-Islamic' Haircuts

Iran 'to retaliate if US attacks'

Islamic Radicals Hunt Barbers in Baghdad

Man arrested over Omagh bombing

'Who is a terrorist' divides Saudi anti-terror parley

Tight US budget would spare military, international spending

Pakistan rejects scientist claim (that Pakistan gave nukes to Arabs)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 7 February

GOP takes another stab at drilling in Alaska refuge

Gas leak at Spain hostel kills 18

Baghdad Embassy Plans Were For $1 Billion Compound



Elated? Depressed? Obsessed? You may be suffering lovesickness

Support Waning for Insurgents in Iraq

In Iraq, Ancient Minority Flees Atrocities

MoD accepts liability for UK soldiers death

Leading Shiite cleric says new Iraq must embrace Islamic law

Gay rebels marry in Philippines

Cheney: social security overhaul will cost trillions

Workplace ministries on the rise

Cheney: 'I will not run' for president

400 Jobs to Be Cut at UCLA Healthcare

World, Public Colleges Begin to Shift Focus to Undergraduates as Donors

Democratic Revolution Wins Mexican Election, Miami Herald

WP: In Iraq, At Least 30 Killed In Two Bomb Attacks (Mosul)

Ayatollah Sistani to shape Iraq future as Shia bloc win looms

No senator left behind? Well, one

Bush Sending 'Tightest' Budget to Congress

CBC, Economists: Bush’s Social Security Plot Disastrous for Blacks

Marines Suffer a Super Letdown

Spy agency staff to gather not-so-secretly

Unqualified medics 'did amputations' (at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison )

The Abu Ghraib Scandal You Don't Know

Breaking Ranks to Shun War

Charles Clarke loses bail breach case (UK) CIA 'outsourcing torture'

Chertoff Court Opinions Shed Insight (denied asylum from torture)

Electricity market faces a test (plant shut-downs in Texas)

Gonzales to Take 3 White House Lawyers to Justice Dept.

Colorado delegate determined to end illegals aid

Assailants take over Spanish consulate

Canada has a radical plan for social costs of drug use

Fresh twist in fight for Marcos millions

Togo warned after 'coup'

US names Mid-East security envoy

Assailants seize Spanish consulate in Switzerland

Texas prosecutor faces charges

Cuba Bans Smoking in Enclosed Public Spots

Iran challenges US over nuclear programme

Man arrested over Omagh bombing

The killer who could be condemned by rising IQ

WP: Rice Names U.S. Security Coordinator for Mideast

Pinochet Entangled in Web of Inquiries

'CIA is outsourcing torture of suspects'

N. Korea accuses Bush of violent ambitions

U.S. drops criminal inquiry of CIA in Peru plane crash

Suicide bombs kill at least 25 Iraqis

Police lineups' flaws spur new approach

Bottom falls out of dung power market

US lawmakers mull special office in State Department to spread democracy

WSJ: Surging Costs for Medicaid Ravage State, Federal Budgets

Britain unveils tough raft of measures for migrants, asylum seekers

Mideast Ceasefire To Be Announced

Detainees say U.S. troops abused them

Army Mag Draws Potter Comparisons (JK Rowling to sue US Army?)

Guardsmen, reservists hit hard at home by call-ups

Venezuela's Oil Company Registers Profit

Budget of the United States Government FY 2006

Soldier's death still a mystery

Britain Pledges Tighter Immigration Policy

Pataki political guru starts 'Stop Her Now' PAC vs. Hill


Iraq oil pipeline ablaze after fresh sabotage - AFP: 2/7/2005

Northwest lawmakers vow to fight Bush plan on BPA

Iraqis voted because they want U.S. troops out

Pope was 'minutes from death'

U.S. Seeking Members of Iranian Group MEK to be Operatives Against Tehran

Bush Asks Congress for New Tax Cuts

Yemen wants Guantanamo inmates repatriated

Oil companies impatient for 'new Iraq'

Lawyer blames police for Habib break-in

'Psychological torture' at Baxter

Kurds Move Into 2nd Place in Iraq Vote Count

U.N. rights envoy demands Cambodia release opponent

Passport racket blows hole in Baghdad's security net


U.S. cranks up ammo output (quadrupling production)

U.S. troops free four Egyptian hostages

Edwards gets rid of mole

US seeks Iranian group as operatives against Tehran

Gas could be costly for summer motorists

Sadr militant to take up anti-US battle in Iraqi national assembly

Russia, Iran May Sign Nuke Deal This Month

Zarqawi's father-in-law did suicide bombing of Najaf mosque

Alberta Seeks Evidence It Was Targeted by Enron

US nuclear upgrade may violate test ban

Yucca spent nuclear fuel waste repository license proposal date push back

Britain Pledges Tighter Immigration Policy

Pinochet Entangled in Web of Inquiries, NYT

Petition to recall Wash. Secretary of State goes to court

France Calls for Fresh Start in Relations with U.S.

Sadr reaches out to Iraqi Sunni clerics for coordination

White House Wants Gay-Policy Suit Tossed

U.S. forces accused of abusing Kuwaiti prisoners

Nasa plans to bring down Hubble

Breaking Ranks to Shun War -LAT

Bank heists fuelling Iraq's terror

Ex-exile protests US warning of fine, prison for staying in Cuba

Election Officials Work on Making Changes

Taking a ride in my automobile... 4 years old took mom's car

Mosul voting criticised by poll commission

Fox Rejects Miller Beer Ads for Super Bowl

Greenspan Hails Father of Modern Economics

Dupe Sorry

WP: Congress Unlikely to Embrace Bush Wish List

Man Accused Of Threatening Governor Gregoire Says Comments Were Mistaken

Whatcom County (WA) baby beaten to death

ABC to Bring Medical Care Into the Reality Show Realm -NYT

Democrats Choose Gay Man to fill Senate Spot

FDA warns against using Canadian home tests for pregnancy, HIV, drugs

States See Growing Campaign to Change Redistricting Laws: NYT

Wounded Iraq Veterans Get Bills

Victims Push For Stricter Laws After Violent Spousal Rapes

Gay Activist Appointed to Utah Senate

Saudis 'reform militants' on web

Poll: N.Y. Gov. Likely Won't Be Re-Elected

Bush Wants Electricity Set at Market Rates

Kay Warns U.S. Not to Repeat Iraq Mistakes in Iran

Bush Seeks Nearly 6 Pct Cut in Environment Funding

4 People Sentenced For Leading 13-Year-Old Girl Into Prostitution

Iran and US in 'heated exchange' at Saudi anti-terror meet: report

Putin criticizes his own finance minister

On the road to danger - Every trip from Tikrit tests nerves of troops

Reid Urges Bush to Disavow GOP Criticism

TX: Report finds Vo won November election; Heflin withdraws

Nepal's King Cracks Down on Politics and News Media

Texas Couple Accused of Abusing Baby

Saudi Woman Beheaded for Killing In-Law

US-European rift deepens over Iran

Italian hostage in Iraq to be freed 'within days': website

Man Says He Helped Goering Commit Suicide

Woman Demoted for Iraq Mud-Wrestling Party

N. Georgia Preacher Found Guilty of Stealing From 100's of Black Churches

Bush Budget Cuts Medicaid, Disabled Housing, but Still Worsens Deficits

White House Boosts IRS Enforcement Funds in Budget

After GOP Attack, Reid Comes to White House Dinner With a Bitter Taste

Rangel hints at presidential run for Hillary Clinton

Dean Opponent (Roemer) Bows Out of Chairman's Race

Clue on RAF crash missile (c130 crash now missile attack,blame iran?)

Study Links Autism and Mother's Illnesses

White House: Bush not aware of drugs (AP)

'Nightline' once again in jeopardy

Poll: French, Germans see little hope for improved ties with U.S.

WP: DeLay Urges House Conservatives to Stick to Their Guns on Budget, Social I

Verdict: Paul Shanley GUILTY - BREAKING

Back from Iraq - and suddenly out on the streets

Israel, Palestinians to Declare Cease-Fire

Rumsfeld to Discourage NATO Interference

WP: Revocation of Medals Adds Insult to Marines' Injuries

Human Rights Group Takes on Meatpacking Industry

Poll: Pataki doesn't look good for fourth term, or Senate

W.R. Grace and seven employees indicted over asbestos-contaminated mine

BAE Wins FBI Computer Contract

For the Worst of Us, the Diagnosis May Be 'Evil' -NYT

Budget Seeks $459M for Iraq Programs

Lab monkeys 'scream with fear' in tests (Cambridge documents reveled)

Bush's budget axe to fall on poor

Cutting an oil artery (story on Venezuela & Chavez)

U.S. and allied forces staging space warfare games in Nevada

"American Dad" official site.

In my own little world again....

Here is my gang grafitti for my gang.

ayatollah al-sistani song

My truck took a crap on me tonight

Former (or current) cokeheads...

Tom slept on his arms last night.

Okay, just how many gangs are there now?

Rapture Threat Level:

What's all this gang activity here?

any news on Mama Kef?

Does anybody have a link to a map for Need For Speed Underground 2?

Tres Leches=Gross

Apparently in this "gang war" I'm Maria....

Your gaydar ate my baby.

Anyone know when the next quarter fundraising drive is...

I'm going to make some juice, cry my eyes out and snuggle with my cat

OK, time for bed.

Notice to all Lounge Gangs: You are all Smote

Halftime was refreshing

Ahem. Ahem. Who made me the designated thread killer of SBS?

Ok try and entice me to join your gang

Goddammit! I hate it when I do absent-minded shit like....

So, is Roger on 'AMERICAN DAD' Paul Lynde?

I loved American Dad

(PHOTO) Drunk On Power.....

Bush makes one hot woman and by hot, I mean I'd rather bang a monkey

My gang is called "overpowered by funk" per progmom - that is too

The Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet is very entertaining

I think I am going crazy ,ask me anything

My Llama died! My Khempo is gone from this world...

I am sorry to say, but I must resign from JJ and LG's gangs.

P.S. Regarding "gaydar"

Riddle me this

Car question

This is the most boreing thread.

Joke time.

Do you think I got a bad attitude?

I thought it was herbal tea!

ANEURYSM .......singalong!

Well the freeps are out tonight!

anyone want to start a THIRD gang? to upset the balance of power?

I'll send 5 bucks to anyone who can name my avatar.

I'm not sleepy and I'm bored. Please entertain me!

Well, I've stayed up too late thanks to you people!

It's 3:30 AM, I have to wake up at 4:30 to get to classes today...

Did anyone see "American Dad" after the Superbowl?

Anyone else can't sleep?

Most unintentionally funny film performance?

What a cool website.."All my life for sale"

As of 4am Central Time, I am once again single

Have you ever typed "LOL" even though you weren't laughing out loud?

You have a lemon...

4 Year Old Drives Mom's Car To Video Store And Back

Lovesickness Can Be Fatal

I Dreamed Of Bunnies Last Night

The Man with 1000 Valentines....

Rats addicted to video games, sex, golf and gambling ?!

Engagement Ring Affleck Gave To J. Lo Up For Sale

Coventina's TOP 10 Tourist Tips for Mardi Gras

The Superbowl commercials sucked this year.....

have you ever been really broke, but bought something big that you needed

Boy Wears (Favre) Football Jersey For 408 Days Straight - So Far

Frivolous lawsuit from Britney Spears includes an "innocent omission"

Question for the Ladies here: I'm watcing the Misfits with Marilyn

Mods can delete this

"...except if you're Laura Bush!" - an exchange in class this morning

SOTU Drinking game - You've already lost.

Thanks to all these McCartney threads, I have a nasty "Jr's Farm" earworm.

There's a difference in these two photos, but I couldn't find it.

Man Fined In Egg McMuffin Assault

bad news Lounge, our ratings are down

This sums it all up neatly!

Has anyone seen the special on CNBC about Wal-Mart?

has anyone seen curse10 around?

Anyone here gonna read the Jose Canseco book?

Is your refrigerator running?

I'm as happy as a little Girl!

If you haven't yet read this week's Top Ten Conservative Idiots, then

If you had a boat what would you name it?

My nose is congested and runny at the same time....

Bush carricatures from German carnival

GopIsEvil's Super Bowl Party kicked ass !

Exclusive photos: How they chose the new White House chef! --->

When did Ned Flanders become such a crank?

So um... where are the bunny suit photos?


The first ever DU midnight rumble. Longgrain Vs. Jimmyjazz!

If you had an estate, what would you name it?

Pull my finger

How the heck do you get a duvet cover on the comforter?

Check out the short GWB video I made: "My Way"

What time do you get off work?

OK, caption John Snow in this pic with Bush.

Cell Phone Advice.

For anyone Jonesing for new STAR WARS stuff...

West Hollywood Considers Banning Cosmetic Surgery For Pets

All DU this poll for me Please!!!!!!

I'm going to pack my lunch in the morning

Patriots vs.'s a CONSPIRACY!

Danger. Danger. High Sugar content cat pictures inside....

This weekend, I heard a woman speak who marched with MLK...

If given the chance, would you torture the members of Menudo?

Alternatives to Internet Explorer? (Help!)

Man bites head off Hercule Poirot! Agatha Christie is mad as

Guess MrsGrumpy's age!

SO who is wearing the bunny suit?

Pick Your Poison

Army Mag Draws Potter Comparisons (JK Rowling to sue US Army?)

Here is a lovely song that keeps the high level of decorum of the lounge

somebuddy had too much to drink

Linda Lovelace Bites Head Off Pope!

Should I cut your hair?

Pats are very good but dynasty is overused

This is a stupid question

How do i poach and egg without ruining it?

Man bites head off of The Pope.

Is Our 50 Year Old Too Attached Or Is He Normal?

Man Bites Head Off Perot!

I got this press release at work. (?!?)

People Annnoy Me

What is the difference between a regular and migraine headache

Should I Cut My Hare?

Should I hut my care?

Should I cut my hair?

No longer am I addicted to love

OPERATION! along!!

Crap! I read the "addicted to everything" thread and now...

Man Bites Head Off "Deep Throat"!

anyone see "american dad" on FOX lastnight?

Ozzy solo material box set "Prince of Darkness" coming March 22nd

Guys: Long or Short

The Poorman's House

I'm approaching 1000 I now propose that you ask me anything

Which Political figures end would be most befitting of Bush*?

So much goodness in one song!

Still looking for a Valentine gift? Check this out.

My new Cylon avatar intimidates you, doesn't it?

Is our 2 year old too attached, or is she normal?

I watched 20 minutes of "Dogville" the other night.

Anybody got some some speed?- I have no energy

Did you know "Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer" went 10X Platinum?

Ugh! Drudge's website is a pop-up factory

This Tom Brady guy is the same as My Guy Montana, Now?(sigh)

Wish me luck! My job interview is tomorrow morning!

The perfect centerpiece for your apartment: Sausage Rugs (Wurstteppiche)

Anthropological study of the Super Bowl.

If it had't been for Cotton-Eye Joe I'ld been married long time ago

I Had A Wardrobe Malfunction Last Night

Is everyone addicted to something no matter what ?

Sometimes cats just say "ENOUGH already"

The ULTIMATE GD Flamebait Topic Title Thread

Talk about a feast yesterday

Why MODs get gray hair and ulcers

Almost got phished

This poor Barcelona basketball player will NEVER get to play in the US

SuSE releases critical patches

Anyone else notice tonight's ABC lineup?

So...I'm auditioning for Jeopardy

Blonde Cops

scored an interview with the Virginia Dept of Health

raise your hand if you're bored!

Color photos from WWI...

I met some Austin DUers. So there.

For DUers who need free therapy check out this link!

caption this face

For your viewing pleasure, I give you... barstools!



Happy Year of the Cock

Japanese Katakana English : If "Maikeru" = "Michael"...

1000 posts...I am a God among men....revel in my omnipotence...

Do YOU Ebay?

What did they find to complain about in this year's Super Bowl?

Popeil Annoys Me!

Anyone else think Philly's 2 minute drill sucked?

Purple annoys me.

I felt sorry for the guy, but I had to laugh

Do you still use your Bush/Cheney suppositories?

PPPsssssttttt - BigMcLargehuge Isn't Here Right Now So........

I have a friend who I'm afraid is going to get into a gang...

McCartney Blows Chunks

DU Needs New SCMODerators!

I've got a class in 2 minutes. Ask me anything.

YAY for me!! I FINALLY moved into San Francisco!!!

Browser Feature Could Make Scams Easier

Things that sounds like embarrassing medical conditions, but aren't...

"Weakly World News"

I have to tell you about this meal I had on Friday night.

Napoleon Dynamite Soundboard.

"American Dreams" DU fans: schedule change update

You know, I would apply to be a Mod.... but......

TV Land...All In The Family--anyone watching this now?

You have a charm bracelet. What charms are on it?

Mitch Albom can go to Hell....

I believe you have my stapler...

Fuck Guy Fawkes Day!

They may talk about you cold, when you were headed for the skies.

Its Steve Nash's Birthday Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can Deer Use The Elevator?

Oasis announce North American shows

WTF!!??....My Cat Shot Someone!!............

How to Remove a Wart from the White House:

How many Academy Award nominated films have you seen?

What the hell just happened on Randi's show???

Eminem's "Ass Like That" Up Or Down

Who took my frog?

I'm going to be 1000 soon --- ASK ME ANYTHING!!!!!

I'm over 100 posts! I am a tiny DemiGod! Ask me ALMOST anything!

How many Altered States have you lived in?

Here's the latest on my friend with breast cancer.

Can Deer Climb Stairs?

Man Bites Head Off Parrot

Who Took My Grog?

Happy Paczki day!

I just pissed somebody off

Abbott has discovered the joys of large brown paper bags

"Brittany Spears Has Shoulders Like A Man..."

I got 4 catalogs today in the mail

What are we gonna call Gonzales? Rice???

Any 3 letter radio or TV stations in your area

And the Grammy goes to Green Day. MY Pick.

Top Ten List: Why Rotten Teeth Make Bad House Guests

Napoleon Dynamite prank call

Can beer alleviate cares?

Love America-Hate Bush

Did anyone else watch the Puppy Bowl?

Good article about a Chicago mob hit in broad daylight that I witnessed

How Do the "Black Eyed Peas" manage to sell any records?

If they can fabricate an SS crisis, why can't we fabricate a crisis too?

Any former or current reporters/photographers here?

What wildlife do you see regularly in your yard?

I Miss Erma Bombeck....

I can now die a happy man. Somebody has invented.....

Can Beer Alleviate Gas?

"24" is on for those interested, 8pmCT, Pox.

WTF!!!! Somebody gave my cat a shot!!!

All these different personal information posts freak me out

Republicans really hate it when you call them...

"Funny" People Who ARE (funny).

Kissy face (fuzzball picture)

Name your local Best Restauraunt

Which Musician Should Do Next Year's Super Bowl Half Time Show

What happened on your birthday in Roman history?

Woman Finds $7.3 Million In Kitchen Drawer

I had a shitty day and I have a migraine

What will do in the planet -

WARNING: I derive immense pleasure from pissing off the humorless.

Self delete

My roommate just gave me a cupcake!

I drilled tonight! What do you want to talk about?

Workplace bully sabotaging me.

What will the DLC do when Dean takes over the DNC?

Yay. I'm going to see Interpol.

Naked female US army beautiful!

I LOVE Big $ Rich

OMG! I just learned about Kephra!!!

Help with good Karma for Kittycat1164's cat - Hug all your pets tonight

Do you still use your Dukakis/Bentsen mug?

Found a site with some neat 360 degree panoramas of Amsterdam.

Just put some brownies in the oven.

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle...

Dukakis or Kramer?

Baby got Bible...

Fuck, I lost my keys. Fuck fuck fuck.

Let's write a story about Shrub & Co.-Mad Libs style!

Let me the first to wish you a Very Happy Mardi Gras!

when logging online, is DU the first website you visit?

I think I have the flu

Is the Nissan Pickup (XE), and variants, the BEST small truck ever made?

Hello, all you people


My Mono got so bad I got Stereo

Have you ever noticed...

Looking for advice from you career changers

The time has come - I need a new computer. Need some advice.

Are You Meant to Fly Solo?

Sometimes, I see a criminal that just pisses me off.

Very funny, but .....

What shall I put in my pinto beans: andouille sausage or ham chunks?

Any TV Industry Insiders Here?

Mike Malloy has finally lost it. The Bush Crime family and the new . . .

Want to know how to have fun even on Valentine's day?

So I took a GRE practice exam.....

Just looked at my mail; got my 2005 membership card from the DNC.

Help...spammer using my account...any way to stop them?

Well, at least no one's posted a "Fuck Val Kilmer" thread.

Taking a ride in my automobile... 4 years old took mom's car

I think I've unravelled the mystery...the job saga continues

My Pizza Thinks You're Delicious.

Should Toby Z. have suggested that Jeb B. resign?

"I'll take you to see Ibsen, if the Republicans haven't banned him yet."

any southern Illinois folks on this board?

CDR's only last for five years??? WTF???

Silliest thing to look up on Yahoo or Google?

Tell me...PLEASE. Why does this worm ALLOW his photo to be taken?

What color is your refrigerator?

I fell out of bed this morning

I just watched 'The Pianist', for the first time.

The Not-So-Vast Gay Right-Wing Conspiracy

Fuck Bastille Day!

Newest 7 articles at MOVELEFT.COM

is there anybody online that has sbc dsl. I need to get a copy

Tolerable Conservative Writers....

Emperor AWOL looking very, very, very pleased with usual


Fuck Scott Valentine.

The Pope is Deep Throat

Some commercial just said that Wes Craven is the "master of terror."


There's a difference in these two photos, but I could find it.

How would you like that?

Dedicated to Freepers w/flags flipping off their SUV's

What's your dog(s)' level of friendliness with strangers?

Favourite Superbowl Ad?

Fuck Groundhog Day!

New at White Rose; "Head On Radio" with Bob Kincaid

The mixed-nut showdown! Which do you covet?

Wendy Williams on VH-1

What's the most important cause you can give YOUR money to?

best superbowl commercial

Gee, Republicans don't like it when you call them "child molesters."

Do I Remind You Of Anyone (CELEBRITY)?

I have to share this: My correspondence with an ESPN "Sportswriter"

happy birth day to *sniff* me

I'm an Atheist, a Muslim, and a Jew. Does that make me a freak of nature?

Who here is NOT a 9-5er?

Mono or Stereo?

Mrs. McLargehuge is in the throws of labor

String two movie titles together when

*#@(*&$%#$ Optical mouse - how do I keep it from drifting?!

So I'm going to Argentina

Paul McCartney: Lip Synced

Am I being overly sensitive...

Re; the wardrobe malfunction - Husband and I pretty much agree

Okay, so I'm going to start painting again tommorow...

Cool pic of my brother and nephew's b-day cake

A mean little problem

Suppose I wanted to send an e-mail to Mr. Kurt Vonnegut...

I am giving away most of my clothes..

Fuck Valentine's Day.

What is the best thing to get your SO for Valentine's Day?

More wonderful color phorgraphs from the early 1900s!

The best description I have? A four-year sports-fan orgasm.

If a Bush wins another election by three points, are they a dynasty?

FINALLY! I have some pet photos to share with y'all.

GRRR....My DSL is not working and I am on

Who do YOU think Deepthroat is?



Damn SIMS 2 Just brought my 6yr old to tears.

I'll be 39 next month. Does that mean I'm middle-aged?

I Just don't look good naked anymore

Post a Pic of the ugliest, goofiest or most embarassing car you can find.

Replace one word from a movie title with a fruit or vegetable.

Boy! It sure takes a long time to put all 64,500 of you on Ignore.

Fuck Valentines Day.

do you still use your kerry/edwards mug?

Since BigMcLargeHuge is busy today (wife is in labour)... Let me just say

What celebrities share your Birthday?

Laptop or Desktop

A Bad Movie You Love! Fun For My 1200th Post!

This girl Joss Stone can sing!

Internet scavenger hunt....

If you had a racehorse, what would you name it?

We're Gonna Get A Truck! Anyone Know Anything About TRUCKS?

WTF??!! Someone shot my cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tear Jerker Movies... Which one breaks you down to jelly?

How many states have you lived in?

VEGETARIANS: Help Me Join Your Ranks

What city/town/place where you born in?

My neighbor puts his cat out, and the cat has no claws.

Okay, veg folks, DUer Placebo is looking for some help

Vegetarian Japanese food, anyone?

Huge KFC protest in SF

Look out if you're a cruel, bigoted adulterer

Greek church rocked by scandals

How will God love you today?

The Pope Is Elected "Pope-For-Life"... But, It's My Understanding...

fast food religion

Hey, Where's my forskin?

Ernst Mayr Dies

NASA budget kills Hubble

FDA-approved sub-cutaneous RFID device.

Why North America is not a rhythm nation

NY Times publishes deceptive op-ed on Intelligent Design

We are not crazy

Look at the earthquakes today

Will the U.N. recognize "Gay & Lesbian Kingdom"?

A proposal for a new tactic

Washington Could Be Second State To Legalize Gay Marriage

Gay Activist Appointed To Utah Senate

Gay vets’ benefits at risk?

Hillary Clinton openly courting anti-gay Religious Right

Alan Keyes cuts off lesbian daughter

Gay Ex Gov. Reinvents Himself

Are/were your parents supportive?

Gay Wedding For Philippine Communist Rebels

Lionel program on WOR New York is on now

How do to deal with the anti-gay Religious Right?

White House Wants Gay-Policy Suit Tossed

Episcopal Gay Feud Heats Up In Two States

Here's why I thought the Eagles would lose

Football Withdrawl Time! Don't you wish they'd bring back the XFL?

Thread for Cycling Fans. The wheels are a spinning!


Awful TV coverage

Both The Meeting Room and Religion Forums have more messages than

From Today On, We're Just Counting Down The Days 'Till....

definition of dynasty

Jamal goes to jail

Beantown: Championship Sports City of the Galaxy

Great teams throughout NFL History.

If NCLB was football

Now, let us gather 'round NESN to watch the Beanpot

Sailing: MacArthur closing on world record

I'm amazed that the biggest whiners are from a place called Steel Town!

Fox needs to be dropped from any and all sports. Agree or disagree?

A Patriots "Dynasty" requires Hall of Fame players. Where are they?

The best NFL team in history requires that you go undefeated!

The best loser teams in NFL History...

Golf thread

Bitches and Queens

My cat has turned into a bully and a jerk-suggestions?

What is/are your pet's best feature(s)

Update on my cat Cinders

Cats loathe each other. Any hope?

My cats are scaring me

What inspired your pet's name?

******When Worlds Collide!!!********

Tarot card readers - who is Michael Tsarion?

The Art of Prosperity - February

What debating skillsets do we have here

Iraqi Dignity Amendment

Anyone Here Awake Watching Kerry On Imus

Harry begins to remind me of Kerry

Bush To Cut Cops Progam By 96%

FDR stuff, take a lookie

I've been wallpapering again

Well thank goodness Dean is going to be the chair.

Corsi run from the pov of the Smear vets

Anyone else tired of Monday morning quarterbacking?

What the Pres likes to read

Mitt farewell watch

I think some of the unreasonable deanies( not "ours")

was the "anthrax scare" even mentioned in the SOTU?

Ever wonder why repuke sheep wave the flag so much?

Has America caught ANY of the terrorists who actually attacked us?

Iraqi - Abu Adken Alblackwell says.......

Did anyone see Bush and the Cabinet

Muqtada Al-Sadr will most likely be asked to be in the new Gov't

Firecreek: A metaphor for these political times.

New MO Gov. (R) Wants to end Program 4 DISABLED KIDS!

Bush Budget Will Raise Prescription Prices for Veterans

How does electing a DNC chair work?

Bush asks president of El Salvador to keep forces in Iraq

Deep Throat reported to be ill, WP is said to have obit ready in case

During the late 90's, what was the Dem position on Social Security?

I may be wrong, but Ward Churchill is not our world's biggest problem

So when is Ms Secretary of State

June trial planned for former Bush staffer

We spend $5B/mo in Iraq,yet Bush won't increase vets' healthcare $3.5B/yr!

Their answer to Dems who say "roll back the tax cuts for the rich" >

Four years ago temporary tax cuts were going fix

Clinton's Defense Secretary vs. Bush's Defense Secretary

I think I'm seeing the RW/Bush Big Money Master Plan.

What's Bush's thing against kids and farmers?

A happy little line item from the Bush Budget: "mini-nukes" in 2006

Stormin’ Marxist is toast of the neocons

House Whip Roy Blunt talks about the odds on Social Security reform

Joining al-Qaida? Please think again

Why didn't * let Rummy quit?

This kind of thing needs to be REPEATED for a year

Bush's budget axe to fall on poor

Cherie speech 'boring book plug'

Could some one help me out here.

Chimp ads and Sunday Bloody Sunday played during Super Bowl

Saudis put on a show for terror summit

WA Post: Permanent Bush tax cuts add $6.1 trillion to deficit over decade

What no one is talking about re: Social Security privatization

Compare Right Wing claims to Truth

What exactly happened with 'The New Republic' magazine?

DNC meetup is tommorow. Go, or sit on your ass here: it's your choice.

What I heard about Iraq...

What's Up with Everyone Besides Barbara Boxer?

Bush budget cuts Medicaid by $60 billion; Dem Rep. says it's DOA

lower-income Americans do not supply Republican Party with many votes

A joke on Iraq elections, or maybe not?

Is the Bush Administration planning to nuke Iran?

Speaking of Dean, over in LBN it says Roemer bowed out!

Stupid Ldotters rejoice cuts that will hurt Red states/voters

Take on Loserman kiss -- Bartcop

Bush clarifies his position on the solvency of Social Security

Wow - St Pete Times reviews "Confessions of an Economic Hitmen"

New bill would put Homeland Security above the law

FDR Was A Communist

Has this been posted yet?

Mich. Sheriff to Run for U.S. Senate against Stabenow

John McCain hopes Congress will have the "courage" to support Bush

New Yorker: Why Is Everyone Mad at MSM? (Rove goes wild)

Video Clip Of Humor- The Bill Frist Clap

IP: Dean stands alone for DNC chair

Private Soc. Sec. accounts offer limited control, require key choices

There`s something troubling about George W. Bush.

The Democratic Party needs to listen to Teddy Roosevelt

Weighing defeat, Kerry sees lessons to guide future

Where can I find out who my local DNC delegate is?

Dean Admires Gingrich, Not Clinton

ABC--Preview of a Dean DNC (about what Dean has promised various leaders)

can someone tell me whats so bad about bush's social security plan

Artist, protesters clash over combat paintings

Why was Ashcroft originally a controversial nominee?

Ward Churchill and AIM

Minister of Propaganda issues new “hot button” phrase: “Archfoe Iran"

Jackson On 2006 Budget: Bush Rewards Greedy, Cuts Needy

Deep Throat revealed? (Keith Olbermann)

Balanced Budgets- now a liberal policy?

PDA on RadioLeft w/ Conyers Staff NOW

What should Dems do to win elections in 2006?

White House transcript: Bush explains his Social Security plan

Which Senators voted against confirming Gonzales?

Anybody else listening to World's Dumbest Freeper on Randi?

With as much CRAP as is spewing forth from the WH,

does anyone have any info on the bill to give psych test to all students?

Parallel Elections through iTunes for Mac users

What kind of "leader" woud cut taxes in the middle of a war???

Ken Blackwell on SS in 1998....very interesting, may become a hot potato

John Edwards cancer scare?

Any Schultz listeners hear Jay Rockefeller talking about Iran's WMD?


Army Should Make The Mud Wrestling Tapes Part Of Their Recruitment

Who saw Russ Feingold on C-Span?

USA Today Covers for Bush's Social Security Distortion

Psychic Economics

CNN: LAST month 'Muricans said Iraq War = Mistake, THIS month they LIKE IT

Buzzflash on the Fargo 42: It's Mourning in America.

Let's keep using those media blasters

I Saw The Coolest Bumper Sticker And On A 05 Jaguar No Less

Lincoln - Bush : two articles, one paper, the obvious comparisons

Senate GOP going nuclear on judges (w/ Janice Brown - won't wait for USSC

Time to ressuurect the good, olde "Credibility Gap"

States See Growing Campaign to Change Redistricting Laws

Some frank answers from Gov. Dean from a recent online chat.

Here's my Dem Committee endorsment of Howard Dean for DNC Chair

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time we 'went nuclear' on the 'thugs?

Cable TV/Commercial question

A note about all the frivolous Asbestos claims our great leader mentioned

Can Dean Save the Dems? Failed Presidential Candidate Poised to Lead

Message From Sen. Sarbanes

Give examples of DEMS using THE standard Repub M.O....???

Dean's view on Clinton, and the model for DFA.

Write to LOCAL media about Social Security "Crisis"

Does Bush's SS plan allow

Religious Right = Taliban Wannabe.

What is a good source for election statistics?

An accidental (metaphor)ic experience I had (about life today)

Did Deep Throat violate attorney-client privilege?

Religious right fights science for the heart of America

Bush deficit = $427B ..... BUT he is "borrowing" $114B from Soc Sec Fund

GW, how do you sleep at night?

GWB raises drug costs for veterans

Propaganda Alert! "Condi Orders ME Ceasefire & Bush's Polls go UP!"

What if Deep Throat was Gerald Ford?

msnbc making excuses for Bush's budget?

Weak Dollar Delays U.S. Launch of Mercedes Wagon

the politics of the Social Security battle

Cheney makes clear he's only in office now to set things up for his return

Bush has good "ethnics."

Sludge: Bush Budget Director Brags of Shifting Tax Burden to the Rich

Is the REAL agenda behind SS reform to eliminate employer payroll tax?

Do you realy think this is a Democracy?

Remember when Clinton would submit a budget to Congress?

We Need To Keep Remindin The People That Voted For * On Nov 2nd.....

Ideologies currently ruling this country under the label "conservatism"

Eliot Spitzer = Presidential Material?

With Dean in, what, if any, role does Al Gore play?

CNN: "Poll: Iraqi elections give Bush boost"

Reid was just on C-span railing against Bush because the RNC is

Question for radio/electronics wizards about Bush's debate receiver . . .

Dean bashing begins--DU this poll on AOL

Don't make Tax cuts Permanent & Social Security is not bankrupt until 2200

Air America - Gonzalez bring deputies with him to new job

Chris Matthews doesn't know where he stands on torture..

Kerry on IMUS at 7:29 AM (est) - Imus called him a "phony"

There are going to be attacks coming out from the right wing toward Dean.

The special on Shirley Chisolm on PBS is great.....

Merging the best of "Deanism" & "Clintonism"

* Budget is Fiscally & Morally Irresponsible, and a Failure of Leadership

The RNC has threatened FCC action against TV stations exposing Bush

Hillary Under Attack-Wannabe Swift Boaters seek to “stop her now.”

We really do need to learn from Republicans

Bush's war on the American farmer (which way would Iowa go now?)

Why Do People Still Have Kerry/Edwards Gear On Display?

Stunning! Bush's so-called "lean" budget is a whopping $2.57 TRILLION!

Michael Kinsley on Bush's Social Security proposal

Bush almost certainly wired in debate

Joementum has left the fainthearted faction.

Join the army of guppies to fight Wal-Mart (win $1,000?)

Two AP writers, Two different articles, EXACT same words.

Reach out and bash someone - Mehlmen's / RNC cheap shots

Was the Iraq War Illegal?

Tired of being a Democrat?

The Sky's the Limit (video: SuperBowl message for Arnold)--from CA nurses

Great PHOTO - "George Bush" float in Dusseldorf parade.

Tell me I didn't hear it right...Did the Dipshit really say....

Mark Shields: Cheap Shot

Democratic Party plummets in favorability ratings--among Democrats!

Harry Reid is a REAL LIFE Shit Kicker...Let's get ready to RUMBLE

Joe Trippi is a jerk....(In case you didn't know)

I'm conflicted about the label D.I.N.O. - anyone else the same way?

Binary poll: Gore or Clark as our 2008 presidential candidate?