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Archives: February 26, 2005

Who Owns Islamic Law?

Are MBAs Bad for Business? The Economist

Earth crowded now? Wait 'til 2050

White House flack corps - Gannongate heating up?

The Secret of Project Blue Book (Air Force UFO study)

Core Values - Chris Floyd

Bush Team Readying Backdoor Route to Drill Arctic Refuge

Daily Kos

THE NATION - Our Godless Constitution

Negroponte: Unfit to Lead (the new DNI: from The Nation)

The best epithat to Hunter Thompson (Fred Reed, that old hedonist)

NC Newspaper over the line

The fear industry

Evidence of a White House 'cult' (Daily Yomiuri reviews Chain of Command)

Rules need to catch up with rising Taser use

The Not-So-Quiet American

In Its Wisdom, U.S. Fights Terrorism By Torturing Canadians

Top former CIA agent condemns new terror war

"Act of Sabotage"-- Saudi Article on Tel Aviv bombing

Gaby Hinsliff (London Observer): Blair is election liability for Labour

David Corn in "The Nation" claiming that Gannon "received a quasi-bum rap"

Where is the Outrage? ( analysis)

MoDo: W.'s Stiletto Democracy

NYT Essay: Winston Churchill, Neocon?

Losing in Iraq; a Material Necessity.

Duh Roundup (Issue No. 3)

Novak: Sandinista infection again spreads in America’s backyard

The Madness of George W. Bush

Gannon-gate: Where's the outrage? (Bill Press)

Al Ha'aretz (Israel)-- Is Syrian President suicidal ?

"Condoleeza Rice for next Nobel Peace Prize"

NPR's John Ydstie spoils a nice 3 part on SS by misleading on size of prob

Salem Radio Network 's Janet Parshall on Scarborough lies that '18 is end

NPR All Things Considered's Brian Naylor fails to correct lie that SS cap

Susan Molinari lies about SS on Hardball and Matthews says nothing

When will the media give legs to ANY of the 34 ongoing Bush Scandals?

Why doesn't media use 2/7/05 SSA Actuary Report that "NO WAGE CAP IS BEST"

US deficits risk crash: Australian Treasury

China Says Will Move on Yuan in '05 - Reuters

A Usable Past (Diamond's 'Collapse' reviewed in Sigma Xi's journal)

Regulators OK nuke storage site in Utah

German landmark tumbles into the sea

African Union Peace Monitors Creating Pockets of Security in Darfur

Blix fears new nuclear arms race

Former CIA chief raps intelligence bill (Webster)

CARICOM Statement on Haiti (16-17 Feb / Suriname)

Assault weapons battle rejoined Feinstein fights to reinstate law

Are governments obligated to protect individuals against crime?


Is this a new rule?

New DU groups


Was a recently tombstoned DUer ever a mod?

OK - exactly what info concering members do the Mods have

I really must express my dismay at vetwife being tombstoned.

I just had an LBN story locked with no explanation...

What do Mods know about my personal information?

Pop Unders On DU

How long does it take to get a star and how much does one have to

Where is the Gallery

I don't get it, she's crying because she was banned

Proposal for new DU group:

A Spanish Group?

I think perhaps you have a couple over zealous mods

Why doesn't Karel on KGO

"Greatest" Posts eligibility time

Are we allowed to start new threads asking others to alert on posts?

Abu Mazen: Beneath the Moderate Veneer

Two arrested for Tel Aviv bomb

Islamic Jihad claims responsibility for attack

Things about the ME situation that make you go "hmmmmmm"

Israel blames Syria for Tel Aviv attack

Moderate Muslims must wake up and lead the war on terror

Popular Mechanics has a story that claims to debunk all the 9/11

Has anybody heard of this provision?

US pulls the plug on Muslim websites

Globe and Mail: HS Thompson had found evidence for WTC explosives

"From my close up inspection, there is no evidence of a plane

How many passengers of flight 11 and 175 have been identified positively?

Bulls take key victory over Washington

Pamper yourself for a good cause!

A bit of silliness for the Illinois gang:

Illinois, you guys really should gerrymander

2-27-05 Chicago Event: Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land

State Journal Register: Poe plans to run for lieutenant governor

New blog for Downstate liberals

I was so proud today.


Electronics, DATA, Digital,All These FSCKING Posts Mean Nothing!

ChoicePoint Update: Top execs sold shares before public knew

Machine that ate NC votes ate PA votes too!

Saturday 2/26 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Wanted:precinct level election data for comparison studies

I went to a private party tonight in deep East Texas

Which party controlls S.O.S. in Colorado & S.O.E. in Denver??

Americans Speak Out on Election Fraud 2004

DUers: Need feedback and links for Electrion fraud parody site

KOEB Weekend Thread (Feb 26/27)

DRE voting machines costly to use - pass this on to other activists

"Divestiture for Democracy" launched by VR

Text of "Count Every Vote Act" Hillary Clinton/John Kerry/Barbara Boxer, who has exposed the story of Clint Curtis, "vote-flipping"


have you seen this proposed voting system - by the Open Voting Consortium?

California Nurse's Association (CNA) dogging the action hero

What results came from the latest "Collectinator" tour of Washington? . .

Freeper protestors abandon neo-con billboard, too far from Oscars

PROTEST- Sat. March 1, Hollywood, Iraq Invasion 2nd anniversary

Physicians for National Health Care training

DeanDispatch endorses 20 Municipal Candidates

As some see governor testing national waters, possible successors eyed

State convention add-on delegates for platform convention. Deadline 3/18.

Another Massachusetts get to know you thread, what county are you from?

What is new in St. Paul Mayor's race?

Mike Hatch for Senate

Patty Wetterling should run again for 6th district. Betty M. for Senate.

we need betty out of the house and in the senate!!!!!!

Can someone tell me why my MSN Messenger won't start?

How to convert charts in .XLS format to .AI or .EPS format?

Are there any other OSU students here?

Chris Bell forms exploritory committee

Texas Action Laert...Meeting in Austin 2/28

Red State Patriots Rise Up!

Craddick strikes deal to avoid testifying

Fort Worth area DU folks, how about a meet up a week

Those wacky "Republic of Texas" folks are at it again

Austin DUer's

David Van Os to run for Texas Attorney General!

Now they want to end same-day registration

what is the one thing about Wisconsin that makes you love living here?

Another view of media suppression

Wichita police call BTK news conference

'Gannongate' is first big test... Bush stays up all night cramming for it.

The trouble with democracy

True Liberal Support the Troops Sticker!

The Xmas Card Bush Didn't Publish --

Do you remember when Tom DeLay combed his hair like Adolf Hitler?

Surveillance Society

Serious Frustration’

Of, By And For Big Business by Robert Scheer

How Can I Get A Day Pass Into The WH Press Corps??

So what's wrong with covenant marriage?

Gannon has a BLOG-?WTF...?

Another Buxh gaff: When shaking hands with foreign dignitaries....

Testing For Validity..,.

bush`s bald head fetish

Is America dead?

Guckert's blog starts on Feb. 16. Didn't it go live much later than that?

Number of U. S. Soldiers who died for naught reaches 1,500

Are an inquisitive free press, an informed, responsible public, and

ESPN Tribute to Hunter S. Thompson

Missouri Handmaiden's Nightmare

This Board Can't Seem...

So whole topics are sometimes deleted instead of just locked?

Sperm: The 'gift' that keeps on giving--Court dismisses man's theft claim


This is disgusting. Don't EVER shop at Home Depot.

What is DU's lowest common denominator?

Here's an interesting site to look up political donations.

MikeG: In search of a LIBERAL ACTIVIST judge.

Bumper sticker I just saw...."I think...therefore I vote Republican"

Is there anyone here who still thinks ** is NOT a moron?

Riggs Bank to Pay $8 Million to Pinochet Victims

Arnold Schwarzenegger is afraid of nurses...

Funny Repug point ......

Freeway Blogger to Post 150 Signs On Bay Area Freeways

Orcinus: The fascination with fascism

Employment Recruiting in America & the Bush Administration.. A DISASTER!

I am leaving DU.......Goodby to my friends and vets !

"It's just a bunch of brainwashing, but it kind of worked"....

Mr.Bush and his administration remind me of many CEOs who have

Fine for indecency bigger then if you caused a nuclear mishap

This is rich, Hannidate 2005. . .its a must see!

Homeland Security seeking machine to shrinkwrap bodies en masse

Hills are alive with sound of guilty silence

Those Truth/Target Market anti-ciggie commercials...

searched high and low, help, pic of blessed are the peacemakers

I'm staying on DU & will continue to exercise my God- and Constitutional-

Million lawyers a legal nightmare

Anyone here have a "direct line" to Michael Moore? Please PM me? Thanks!

Meet the criminal mastermind who plans to go whale-hunting in Utah

Centre of Christianity moves to Africa

The Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson

US military deaths in Iraq are now over the 1500 mark

Good morning Andy_Stephenson thread!

"Bush plan fuels GOP insecurity" Is that a GREAT headline?

Gossip rules at the Vatican: BBC

2 murders and a lie

To anyone who lived through the Civil Rights Ear, how did you guys do it?

FOX called GW "The New Reagan". Oh my.

I'm not going anywhere and I'm ashamed of our military officers

Wierd spam e-mail (stacking naked people game)........WTF?!

Here is what I heard on insane right wing radio today...

I'm leaving DU to take a napkin....

WH speak on Wash Week

The next time some free market freak tells you

Check who the Moderator is of The American Conservative Forums

WHY Has China never made

United We Stand

Ready to research USA Next?

China: How do you have Capitalism

AARP Gets Pot-Baited (maryjane)

Did the New Deal work?

What is your honest opinion of Bush supporters ??

(Corporate) America just wants to spread a little freedom...

A well deserved Tombstone!

I'm not leavin DU cause my son says "You're always on DU"

Met up with Co-Workers this week and none of them knew of Gannon

UMass: no health coverage for unmarried same-sex partners

Why does the Rude Pundit hate the Religious Right?

BTK- Animal Control officer - (Translation - Mall Guard with small penis)

i had my pic taken with Sen, Jon Corzine yesterday in Hoboken.......

What do you do with posts you can't post b/c they locked a thread?

PARODY: Why Did Jesus Have Long Hair Like a Homo?

The One Song That You Love That You Wouldn't Be Caught Rocking Out To?

Working seniors 65+ grew from 650,000 to over 1 million since 2003.

What would be the best message of a new 527 Group to gain rural voters?

Does anybody know how to get in touch with billmon?

Please VOTE for which idea you like best.

Ridge to join Home Depot board (remember duct tape?)

One of my local newspapers "gets it"

PBS Faces Financial Challenges

Irony overload: MSNBC story on "planted questions"

I Need Help Responding to This Smear Job

Patriotism is standing up for your rights, not waving a flag or having a

Hollywood's dirty little secret

Gannon and Me--by David Corn

Video of BTK suspect in 2001 interview on KSN tv

Propaganda of US Military through our Schools

"Broken promise: Bush spurns working poor"

How long until the Bush fascists ban the internet?

...And the 'Whatever, Who Cares' Award for this week...

Snarling Freeps Celebrate Death Of Amnesty Int. Founder

CSpan - 8 AM (day long) Forum on Black State of the Union

"Bush/Cheney crime family" in MSM...


"Camp Victory North" Near Baghdad To Be The LARGEST US Base EVER!

Bush is about to change his message about Social Security I think

What the Fox?

British Army - "a culture of brutalisation "

My response to the "troop bashing" accusation...

Fox: "Schwarzenegger not sorry about past steroid use"

Why all the discussion of troops and veterans now?

Can I transfer my VHS tapes to DVD...if so....HOW?

Until This Week, I Had Never Heard of the BTK Killer.

For many Vermonters, Iraq is on the ballot

Condi Rice: What a doll!!!!

Well I be jiggered: Russia shot down a US jet during Korean War

Best Post of the Day

"Bush urges HASTE on Social Security reform'! EMERGENCY!

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a black republican.

The Wal-Mart Manifesto

Very curious. Transcript for Newshour discussion of Novak/Plame is missing

Acxiom picture

Why can't a child run for president?

Caption this.... (photo)

Is this really Clinton's blog?

C-Span: Governors meeting: Was that a Dem or rethug that...

Incredible, the GUCKERT Story Is on Faux News Watch

VIRGINIA: Gay marriage constitutional amendment passes in landslide

Who is really for Veterans?

Hannidate 2005 . . . Sean Hannity's online dating service (really!) . . .

The military Vet--A useful tool.

Word Association

Dennis Prager TELL ME ABOUT HIM!

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer takes Seniors to Canada for Cheep Drugs

I hate Wal-Mart

Truth from the mouths of children....wheres the MSM?

David Cross: "It's Not Funny!" One shatteringly brilliant cut: pray for W

another rapture-ist nut: Ray Kurzweil

Does photobucket work on

Chomsky On the Domestic Nuclear Peril

Where is Saigon68?

CU making sure faculty sign loyalty oaths

What is it with the Neocons and Hollywood anyway?

200 teachers sign ad asking that Churchill inquiry be dropped

Any politician who wants to curtail, cut, or eliminate benefits for vets:

What issue is the right wing the PHONIEST on?

I'm planning to buy a new Mac next week

The "militarystud" pics of Gannon/Guckert are

Dean giving 'em hell in Mississippi

CSPAN Replaying "State of the Black Union" w/ Tavis Smiley at 8pm

How do you pronounce "Feingold"?

Discovery Channel talking about the Yellowstone Caldera!

Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked!

Globe and Mail: HS Thompson had found evidence for WTC explosives

Tom Ridge, formerly Homeland Security, now works Home Depot security.

Karel coming up on KGO - 10 P.M. Eastern

Journalist/student steals "Yellow Ribbon" magnets.

Social Security "will be bust in 10 years unless there are some changes."

If Million Dollar Baby Pisses Off The Talibornagain Crowd So Much

Anyone watching the torture papers on CSPAN 2

Whoa! These guys on Right Society are some evil people!

To me America's moral death came during the days after the Tsunami.

Bush Team Readying Backdoor to Drill Arctic Refuge

9PM CT, CNBC, old interview between Hunter S. Thompson

Is Jeff Gannon Just a Bad Reporter?

There she is! Miss Stigma Free 2005!

David Brooks has an op-ed column in today's NYT titled "Why not Here?"

I'm staying at DU. And I appreciate and honor veterans.

Republicans vote to impose enrollment fee for VETERANS

Anita Thompson is 32 years old...Hunter was married to her for two years

"$9B Goes Missing In Iraq" by Helen Thomas

Why isn't Karel on KGO listed as a listener on DU?

Let's try to understand Maria (Arnie's wife)

Well, off to bed

Things about the ME situation that make you go "hmmmmmm"

Worst Republican Ticket

Media "Guckerts"

706 post ask me anything

Need some research help, please.....

One more time before I head off to bed!

Why do Republicans love higher unemployment?

Question: I know this is a couple days removed but a friend and I were

I need all your help- Make a difference in the world!

State of Black America on CSPAN now.... A+!

Does anybody else have another "identity" for FR posting?

A great Bush moment ....caption this .....

I'm here to vent about something. Please share your thoughts.

Haverhill, Mass. man suggests suspending mortgage payments for troops

So bushCo thinks they're going to trick us,

The Nashua Advocate: New Media Strikes Back With Gannongate Revelations

Number of Homeless in America Has Grown; 250,000 Veterans

There never was the intention of "winning" the war in Iraq.

We need a Spanish Group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DU and sexual oreintation

Thank God for the beach mouse! Sierra Club Magazine

Devil's Advocate...want to play?

I love it when the conservative junta attacks Keith Olbermann

Has anyone else received this email? I'm a bit suspicious of it.

The fierce urgency of now

I am so God Damn Tired of Waiting for the Worm to Turn

C-SPAN: State of Black America panel discussion

Sirius vs. xm progressive stations - commercials?

Are there ANY Anti-Iraq war Democrat Leaders out there?

What Drove You Away From The Church?

Vetwife: I'm sorry to hear you're leaving and think you should reconsider.

Those Pesky Nuclear Meltdowns and FCC Fines

#10 cause of death in the U.S.: Being gay???

BTK was the president of a church in Wichita

FoxNews actually had a segment tonight titled GannonGate

Quite a morning huh? BTW: Never underestimate a DUer with a search engine!

I can't stand bringing up ann coulter, but looks like Yahoo's censored her

I am completely baffled that someone...

TX First State to Blow Off Bogus NCLB -- Sick of the Charade. Yee-HA!

Please listen to vetwife's own words on The Guy James Show.

Christians are terrorists too. One caught today.

Caption this.... (photo)

Is the Government obligated to protect us?

Forget Left/Right. It's really Big and inhuman vs, Small and Human

European scientists believe in life on Mars

A little word to conservative ASSHOLES who claim we don't support troops

Maybe Vetwife had a point

UK poll finds Charles not so popular

It's time to clearly state that opposing Bush's illegal and dangerous war

Justice Dept. Opposes Bid to Revive Case against F.B.I. (Sibel Edmonds)

Wow, something seems very familiar about this

Just took a couple pictures of

Guess what - there are Liberal Catholics. We need unity.

Canadian Parliament raises hell with Walmart!

Are we at DU prone to a little too much hero worship?

The Problem with Soldiers

I just want to thank all of the dads and all of the moms

please help me with this freeper crap e-mail

Reparations for Southerners

Is it possible that the BTK Killer is the president of this church??

Anybody else despise those Support Our Troops Bumper Stickers?

Schwarzenegger Says 'No Regrets' on Steroid Use. Idiot.

Support the troops = End the illegal war with Iraq. All else is Bushpuke.

ABC Caves In To Radical Rightwing Clerics

I'm a Vet but I don't need thanking for a job I took willingly

RAWSTORY: "Reporting’ by ‘Jeff Gannon’ was entered into Congressional..."


Soldiers speaking at churches and using them for Iraq propaganda?

Washington Post: 'gannon' editorial cartoon.....LOL film STOLEN by editor - any lawyers out there?

As a proud Vet, I'm the first to attack those who disparage the soldiers.

Colin Powell is "very sore" about his U.N. presentation for Iraq war

Ward Churchill's art rocks!

An informed citizenry is an asset in a True Democracy; it is a threat

Oh great...thanks to you guys, I'm now "crazy liberal!"

Clear Channel 4.78 Billion LOSS...Radio Drives Huge LOSS at Viacom

Another reason to quit smoking. Inspired by Andy_Stephenson


OK, if Guckert is hard to "pronounce", why change the first name also?

Isn't euthanasia legal in the U.S.?

Why can't a woman run for President?

Do you think the middle class is shrinking?

AP PHOTOS: suspect in BTK serial killings....& reTHUGlicans response

I do believe there's "Indecency" in our Cable Media today....

JEFFGANNON.ORG: group project, need your input

Would we be seen as "extremist"?

republicans only "support the troops" when the president has an (R)

I believe Bush* will go down in history as being a Liberal Hero

Best Progressive Democratic Ticket

A Thank you note to DUers

Could we PLEASE lift the stupid sanctions on Cuba?!?!?!?!?!

Ann Coulter is a racist, and for Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly

The COINTELPRO Papers -- Documents from the FBI's Secret Wars

A Little Bush Humor for the day

Best Presidential Candidate?

Please sign the Sibel Edmonds petition if you haven't already

It's cold and rainy here

Rachel Ray on Letterman: refreshing honesty - "I'm not a chef, I'm a cook"

Hungarian Goulash

Hey HeyHey!

Bill would ban executions of minors

10 panelists in painkiller vote had ties to makers,study finds

Ape hunters infected with 2 new viruses

Dispute over condition of Pope's health (Pope unlikely to recover)

Troops Scour Iraqi River Valley for Insurgents

Oil Pipeline Destroyed in Northern Iraq

Financial data lost by Bank of America


Haitian violence leaves 18 dead

Lucrative security job draws officer to Iraq (mercenary)

Radical Christians to target abortion clinics

Delay in trouble again

US abortion row hots up with court fight over medical records

Americans must admit gay error, says Church

TX: Conspired miscarriage case tests fairness of new law (mom not charged)

Archaeological find shouldn't delay Sound Transit project, officials say

Land sale funds get plenty of attention

Preaching against corporate space-invaders

Police: Man arrested in BTK serial killings

US bank 'loses' customer details

Talon News Web Site Closes Amid Heavy Criticism

Lesbian's Picture In Tux Cut From Yearbook (Ugly Homophobes Strike Again)

Leaders to Bush Admin.: U.S. Must Reaffirm Historic Women's Human Rights A

$10,000 Reward For Jeff Gannon Sex Evidence

Powell criticises Iraq troop levels and rift with Europe

Mubarak Pushes Egypt to Conduct Freer Elelections

Working seniors 65+ grew from 650,000 to over 1 million since 2003.

CBS (60 minutes) Producer on Flawed Bush Report (Mary Murphy) Resigns

Scientists restore charred diary of shuttle crewman (found in TX field)

Makah's fish take angers anglers | Seattle P-I

Talon News Web site closes amid heavy criticism

Remains of U.S. pilot shot down in Korean War found in China

Thieves pull big diamond heist in Holland (US$ 99 Million)

Bank Loses Card Data of Senators, U.S. Govt Staff

Practical joke closes border for 3 hours

Amnesty International founder Peter Benenson dies at 83

Dems accuse Bush of drug double-standard (Yes to beef / No to medicine)

Suicide barrier for Golden Gate?

CIA officers look for Osama in Pakistan (Dawn)

Climate Change To Bring A Wave Of New Health Risks

Former PM on hunger strike (Neptune / Haiti)

Aristide's kidnap claim persists, despite evidence

Americans say drug makers doing "bad job" serving public, poll finds

Islamic Jihad Says It Was Behind Tel Aviv Bombing

Evangelicals to target abortion clinics

Laser Shined In Cockpit Of Orlando Flight

FBI cracks down on gangs of El Salvador

Top Court to Weigh Ten Commandments Cases

Ankara Complains about Medzamor Power Plant to EU

U.S. talks of ending Iraq inspectors' work

CIA blind to its shortcomings before 9/11, former spy says

Pro-Privatization Social Security experts on TV were paid by the right

Never On Saturday, Iraqis Say -CBS (anger over new "weekend")

Israel blames Syria for Tel Aviv attack

AP: Privacy advocates call security board skewed

Court Quashes Death Verdict, Upholds Another Over Cole Bomb

Iran, Russia Postpone Nuclear Fuel Signing

Craddick strikes deal to avoid testifying -TX House Speaker

Afghans Accuse U.S. of Secret Spraying to Kill Poppies

Unit that refused Iraq mission comes home

Report: Nearly 50 more British soldiers may face charges on abuses in Iraq

Amnesty International founder dies

BTK Killer Was Dogcatcher, Church Leader

Cut From the Oscars: Cartoon Characters' Sins

(Washington state) House passes bill to license Canadian pharmacies

Syria denies role in Tel Aviv bombing, blames Israel

Va. Lawmakers OK Proposed Gay Marriage Ban

Charles: 'I am being tortured by public over Camilla'

UK poll finds Charles not so popular

Iran-Russian Nuclear-Fuel Deal Hits Snag

Rice to visit Saudi (King Fahd) next week: foreign ministry source

‘Reporting’ by ‘Jeff Gannon’ was entered into Congressional record in 2003

Army recruits fall after Iraq war

Iran Was Offered Nuclear Parts: Secret Meeting in 1987 (with Pakastan)

Blair is election liability, warn Labour aides

Social Security Rhetoric Disputed, Experts Poke Holes In Partisan Claims

NYTimes: Justice Opposes Bid To Revive Sibel Edmonds Case

Zundel gives up deportation fight | Globe and Mail

BBC: Fierce fighting in Iraq's Ramadi

"US Fears Upsurge in Taleban Violence"

Schwarzenegger acknowledges steroid use, says he has "no regrets"

Platoon selling flag flown on Iraqi election day

Lifting the Lid: U.S. Companies Hide Bad News Deep in Releases

U-S solider, three Iraqis killed in attacks (1493)

AP: Democrats trying to take back issues dominated by Republicans

Diplomats: Iran acquired nuclear arms technology by late 1980s

China's Quiet Rise Casts Wide Shadow

Edwards: Democratic Party must not abandon core beliefs

Insurgents blow up oil pipeline in [Northern] Iraq [on Saturday]

Wal-Mart Beats a Union Once More (NYT)

Poll: Voters want Harris to vie for Nelson's seat (Florida)

AP Poll Shows Concern About Homelessness

Bush Urges Haste on Social Security Reform

Nurses angrily pursue governor over staff ratios (arnie)

Iran to stand by Syria if attacked

Dean Roars Into Town - (Give Em Hell Howard!)

Governors Work to Improve H.S. Education

Within C.I.A., Growing Worry Of Prosecution -NYT

Republicans Are Chastened About Social Security Plan -- NYT

WP: GOP Seeking a Deal on Accounts

Cut From the Oscars: (ABC Censors Dobson/Focus on the Family Reference)

Embattled PBS Chief Will Step Down in 2006

Microsoft Chairman Challenges Governors to Improve High Schools

Iraq Students Protest Having Saturday Off

Is George Will's $250,000 Prize Yet More Payola?

Police: BTK [serial killer] is arrested

2.4 Million Veterans Will Pay New Fee

Roadkill candy production screeches to halt

Hello Newman.,

Me and John were working on a Hutterite colony.

I now proclaim George W Bush the Lyin' King of the Lounge!

The Number Theory boys drink a lot of beer

Does North Dakota exist, MikeG?? Well, you tell me:

I just tried Saliva Divornium. Ask me anything.

Latest music purchase that surprised you?????

I wanna smoke & eat @ Mickey D's in Wal-mart & buy some sweat-shop clothes

I found a new, quicker way home

My fiance is a wine distributor sales rep. I am fricken drunk right now.

I now proclaim myself the Lizard King of the Lounge!

I now proclaim myself the Vodka Queen of The Lounge

I'm gonna share this now before it becomes timely

In The Song "Billy Don't Be A Hero"... Which War Was Billy Fighting In?

Goodnight everybody!

Anyone else just see Bill Maher on the east coast?

Good books on comparative religion?

Jenseits des Tales standen ihre Zelte. Zum roten Abendhimmel quoll der...

What does it mean when the icon to the left of the message is flaming?

AUGH!! Stop emailing me, long-lost casual acquaintence!

They've finally captured the head terrorist!!! (picture)

Bit of Vancouver trivia for you

This will make you pee a lot

I get to see my brother in two weeks!

Ok, another men's fashon Question....

Listening to Ozzy Osbourne's "Tribute".

Anyone else hear who's going nude in next month's Playboy?

Scion xA, Toyota Matrix, Pontiac Vibe, anyone drive one of these?

I date hating vegetarians!!!

A music question.

Can someone recommend a place to download mp3s

It's two o'clock, my wife is playing with our dogs

Watching an old episode of The Name's the Same.

I hate dating vegetarians

Making Believe

You gonna watch the Oscars???

Thank You !!!! Good Night !!!!

England's greatest Prime Minister?

I saw a UFO last night

Do you have friends that compulsively lie? I have one and it's bugging me.

If d - v = q (p + v) and s x m2 < 19, then . . .

Happy Birthday to me!

I just cleaned my whole apartment. Ask me anything.

I never meant to cause you any sorrow

So Mr. Gannon has changed his alias once again, in here, to

Have you ever noticed that the Lounge sometimes seems like a

How well do you know your math?


Good Morning! I Hear Coyotes Out My Window!

This makes me sad

Why is Clinton called the Big Dog?

WHY did I go into GD this late? WHY?

KitchenWitch's Stupid Question O' the Day

Twenty years of celibacy!

this is too funny.....must see

Finished with my woman 'cause she couldn't help me with my mind.

Santa Claus statue row in Turkey

Who is the girl in The Killers "Mr. Brightside" video?

I just cleaned my UFO last night....ask me anything

Worst date experience, post 'em here

Gratuitous Ann Coulter bash, just because

Most dangerous Hitler of all time? (poll)


I am Leaving DU...

I might stay at DU.


David Cross, anyone? "It's Not Funny" sure as hell is!

I'm so sick of the vegan cat-loving soldier bashing on DU

Screw it, I've decided not to go to bed at all.

OK, DU Fashion Savvy DUers I need help...


I am listening to Jimi Hendrix.

Describe the shittiest meals you have ever had.

Well, I'm NOT leaving DU!



Proposition: The inspiration for much of the sexual torture

Favorite "special occasion" restaurant

What is your dream job...


I might be leaving DU.

What is the definition of "zen"

So, you're saying you want me to leave DU...Is that it?!

I'm returning to DU...

I'm leaving PU

I am NEVER leaving DU!

Yee Haw!!! Going to see "Green Day" at ODU, my old school!

You will have to pry DU from my cold dead hands!

I'm leaving YU

One time, just after band camp, I had to leave DU, not by my own

OMFG!!!! My "Mark-Of-The-Beast" Post!!!!

"I should be the next Pope"

I actually DID leave DU

Wierd spam e-mail (stacking naked people game)........WTF?!

Favorite "Get Smart!" -ism?

I'm leaving Ramsey Clark

I'm leaving DU... Goodbye to my fellow carnivores

Opinion on "I can't take it anymore I'm leaving (internet forum)" posts...

Not only am I leaving DU, but Ramsey Clark wants to BAN it.


I'm not leaving DU - I gave up Kool Aid 40 years ago.

Any NCAA Basketball fans here?

I'm watching the BTK news conference on CNN and just

I'm not leaving DU cause I'm lazy

You are appreciated...

I'm leaving DU... Goodbye to my fellow cannibals..

A long block of ROCK saved my ass last night.

It's midnight....husband is off playing with his friends

If convicted, do you think Michael Jackson will go to prison?

What's with all the "I'm leaving DU " threads?

Reminder! DU SE Meetup tonight in Atlanta!


I'm not leavin DU cause my son says "You're always on DU"

I'm leaving my house for political reasons.

Can anybody recommend a good cell phone for downloading games?

Are you an Anglepoise?

Have you bashed a soldier today? No? Neither have I. In fact, the kids

Oasis' Noel Gallagher Misses American Appearance

I propose a German Language Speakers Group .

Anyone here know how to pick a lock?

Are you an Anglophile?

Who wants to do my laundry?

I am leaving DU......Goodbye to my friends and cat-lovers!

What's with all of the threads leaving DU?

Who's worse: Bu$h or Brian Adams?

Good Times. Noodle Salad.

I survived a Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament

W of the Day-August 13, 2003

Bite me. I'm not not staying.

Bite me. I'm not spaying.

When I leave DU I plan to stake out the moral high ground first!

Will Pitt has not left DU

Grad School Graduation Gift for daughter???

The Condor and the Eagle

Tax question--should I go through an accountant or software?

ok, i'm leaving as well



I think everybody should leave !

Music Lovers: What was your first favorite music store?

Story of the Weeping Camel

I'm leaving DU too!

I'm watching the NLL all star game, this is a hockey aleternative for me


Compassion on display.

Internet users or experts

Anyone else watch MXC?? Come on, admit it!

I WILL be leaving .. for about a week

Can I transfer stuff from my DVR to DVD? If so, how?

Time to panic. Gmail is down.

I'm leaving Free Republic!

Local Freepers at it again ...

I'm heaving DU


Bite me. I'm not leaving.

Why graphic artists should never drink at work

So... French or Freedom Fries?

If you had debt, would you try for a 2nd job to pay it off more quickly?

The particular group you belong to is not being persecuted on DU.

Need help finding someone who seems to have dropped off the planet

No. I'M not leaving.

I'm not leavening!

NE: Impending Snowstorm

Dennis Rader is the name of the BTK - (Bind Torture Kill) suspect

when will people learn that the best way to leave DU...

I'm not skeeving.

Explain PIZZA delivery "insurance" to me...(please)

If you finally had enough of DU and decided to leave and never come back

Song for the lonely

just what is the site "which shall not be named"?

OK, Post pics of the things you do that keep you sane

Proposing a new DU group: The "I'm Leaving DU" Forum

The Howard Dean Machine - random drawing

Group Proposal: People Who Hate People Group

180 and the cardboard space ship

Should we all leave DU if Korn really breaks up?

I'm not leaving DU because then I would have to do housework.

"I Am The Walrus"

Accounting software - need advice!

Humor me. No, make me feel good. Oh what the fuck, give me a bath!


Post your current earworm.


My website now allows reader commentary!

Geez, take a gander at the OED "word of the day"

Is there such a thing as a live Hooter album?

I've got something to say

~I'm~ not leaving!!!

Latin phrase help please!

Official DU TROLL thread

Share something funny that your child did or said.

Who is up for a Spanish group?

Question about Java

I am just a poor boy, my story seldom told

Anybody know where I can find a recording of "If" by Waters and

What's all this talk I hear about Condoleezza Rice going commando?

Red White Blue quilt with Pinwheel motif looks alot like Swastikas!

Tell us something you did as a child.

Hey Baby! It's the 4th of July!

Roderigo ahhhhhh....just came on the radio....

Hi, my name is ladeuxiemevoiture, and I'm a love-aholic.

I like you guys.

Who is looking forward to St. Patrick's Day?

I dig this . . . cover of Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast" by Zwan

LBN- Pope Communicating with Sign Language

Itascapark is a VERY happy boy!!!

It's 6PM -- time for your bi-daily "Ward Churchill" statement of outrage

Horrid want for attention...

The One Song That You Love That You Wouldn't Be Caught Rocking Out To?

Ok, Debbie Gibson is in Playboy...

Barbara Robinette anyone read her books?

Are Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker 'secretly' rehearsing ? ....

Woo-hoo!! The DVD, "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert", which I ordered..

Looks like my last Internet dating service match has collapsed

I give up, need help putting an image in my posts here....

Went to see the Guerrilla Girls last night. It was great!

So, is Korn broken up now?

What was your happiest moment at Walt Disney World ?

This is my 7,000th post on DU. I have no topic other than that,

What not very attractive person would you do?

3000 posts!

The Little Boy and the Old Man

sick of being poor.... time to marry myself off to a rich man

Jung once said something to Freud and Freud fainted.

Any Loreena McKennitt fans out there? I'm listening to "The Mask and

Is it too early to start drinking?

It is officially Revolutionary_Acts04's birthday!!!

I'm watching the local news for the first time in months.

can someone link me to the original im leaving post?

NE Ohioans! We are planning a DU get-together!


(this subject line censored due to excessive, yet profound, obscenity)

Janus Overseas (JAOSX) is kicking ASS

I just saw Constantine

"In The Heat of the Night" on Public Television of


my cheap thrills for the evening :-)

Anyone have an "old hag" experience

Is there an Oscar contest?

Did you have very annoying siblings?

snarl growl bang head smash things punch self

I am officially leaving DU, sorry to say.

666-the zipcode of the beast

I'm boycotting the Oscars tomorrow night.

Just so you know, I am completely unimpressed by celebrity.

What are NHL fans doing for a hockey fix?

Leaving DU? Post about it here....

Late entries to the DU Photo Contest

Toothbrush talking.

Ancay Ouyay Eakspay Igpay Atinlay?

Dad sent me a tacky yet funny email. So I'm sharing it. Coz I'm tacky too.

Best Job Website?

It's official--- we have crocuses!

I'm looking for help for two friends of mine who I'm afraid are addicted


Update on Annie Cat

Jesus Christ!!! Why the hell does it hurt so much to pull out nose hairs?

lines from "What did you learn today?" by Tom Paxton.

Even dogs have friends

50 Cent - The Massacre

are Star Trek freaks like freepers? that movie about them is on

Remember "Confession" or "Penance" (for Catholics or relapsed ones)

Anyone here take Asthma drugs?

Hey! I just found some pics of me on the internet!!!

I'm not answering anymore posts without trying to google the poster first

Funny Allusion to Gannon

Quick, find me Anti-Republicain pictures.

"Caddyshack" is on cable tonight. I can't stop laughing.

A Brit word we should adopt: having a whinge

The Numa Numa Dance - I can't stop watching it!

After this last day on DU, do you feel like something's gotta give?

Question for Battlestar Galactica fans in the U.S.

BTK arrest.....ask me anything....I live here in Wichita.

Well it's all over now and I'm standing pretty...

I'm so excited! & I just cant hide it!

Do you use a surge protector?

DVR suggestions needed

Well I found out I am too old now.

Imus. A Kerry fan or a Bush Butt Boy?

Michelle Pfeiffer dissed me in Moscow 16 years ago...

A Tip For Married Men:

My job is leaking into my DU time and therefore overcoming my life

what ARE those psychedelic geometric patterns when you squeeze your eyes?

Are you an Angler?

Anyone have pics of * coming home on AF1 last night?

Are you John Engler?

Do one nurturing thing for yourself today

Cultural Differences Explained

Give me one reason I should be happy.

Does anyone else have a really stupid accent?

Is this the strangest music video of all time?

What's cool? Cafe TACVBA that's what!

Michelle Pfeiffer kissed me in Moscow 16 years ago...


You really should check this out!

What/who influenced you to care about the world around you?

One day my coworker and I decided to communicate only through meows.

I just scratched a laserdisc unintentionally. Ask me anything.

Why isn't there a DU group for performing artists yet?

THe lack of joy of the lack of sex. (Not a sex thread).

What's for dinner?

i want to be * for halloween!

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

Now I know that I'm on everyone's ignore list

Asking for good karma for my son

What's THE most annoying you do that drives your partner/spouse/SO crazy

madison2000 kissed me in the lounge about an hour ago

I've had it with TV cop shows and "reality" TV shows

Young and old, please respond. BEST romantic film ever.

Cut From the Oscars: Cartoon Characters' Sins

My "American Dreams" series fans: Vote to Save the Show here:

seriously folks, even if you was starvin', could you eat THIS?

Is it possible to put "Name Removed" on ignore?

I'm planning to buy a new Mac next week

Name the DUer whose personality most matches yours.

Gratuitous Sex Thread

"Nice work, Lisa!"

Try to finish this line:

Soulmates: post your stories here, the accidental, the deliberate,

What is THE most annoying thing your spouse/partner/SO does

How often do you clean your cat litter box?

So I figure this is worth checking out

ebay question

anyone else thinks that ........

Cut From the Oscars: Cartoon Characters' Sins

Unfortunate names!

Which metro area has the highest concentration of DU'ers ?

Y'all don't like Vetwife just cuz she's a woman!!!

Jessica Alba or Anna Kournikova: Who's hotter?

I need advice about a sticky situation

AHA! My new dead computer is working!

Good night DU, thanks for keeping me company.


Osama bin Laden dies, goes to Heaven

Is anyone drunk or drinking?

so... French or Italian language?

simpsons quiz time

Ever checked your name domain?

MI-5 fans,where are you?. (Called "Spooks" in the UK)

706 post ask me anything

"Come and git it" - that new Burger King commercial

*RANT* Bank of America is EVIL

Ewwww, your breath smells like kitty litter! Family Guy quiz time!


If you could play like any of the below guitarist -- who would it be?

I love to date vegetarians

What is the proper way to get a copy of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?"

What would your profession have been in medieval times?

What car do you drive?

What did Rage Against the Machine have that System of a Down doesn't?

Playing at the PointCon, UWSP's roleplaying game convention.

I got my Gang of Four tickets today..

"...time is fleeting...madness, takes it's toll..."

It's offical - we have Krokus!!

What food substitutions have worked for you - the odder the better...

My stupid *&!@#$^% DSL line shit the bed last night.

I'm not hung over. My girlfriend is. Should I...?

What Was Your Most Recent Ear-Worm Song?

Charles: 'I am being tortured by public over Camilla'

Forrest Gump Is On TV. I Can't Stop Crying... And Laughing...

Can somebody tell me why I love this movie so much?

German football club protest Bush visit

I heard a rumor... Skinner's leaving DU!

To Long-term Singles By Choice™

Does your cat announce his arrival whenever he enters a room?

Will you forgive artists who performed at the Bush II Inaugural?

Serious Question: Do you ever look at the threads in GD and think or know

Can somebody tell me why I love this band so much?

This is the first time I've used MrsGrumpy's name in a thread title

Who is up for a DU True Crime group?

Am I somehow British at heart?

Jessie would like some attention, PLEASE!

My, guaranteed-to-be-true, story of Extra Terrestrial contact (w/ pics)

Tavis Smiley talking about asthma and inner city pollution....

George Clooney asked me for a date!

What's better? Macs or computers?

What song are you listening to right now?

Bratwurst loves the doggy park!

Who remembers the Lounge festivities when Mike Hunt ran for sheriff?

Okay, this may seem like flamebait, but...

Regional things...let's share...

Will SOMEBODY PLEASE put a leash on this HORNDOG! (caption this)

Any requests?

Non-Clarkies check in here!

Love or hate

Torii Hunter is appearing on Kent Hrbek Outdoors today

Is It True What They Say About Ann? A Documentary About Ann Coulter

Vote in the 3rd Monthly DU Photography Group Contest!

What's going on with Bill Mahr?

sick of being lonely and poor....time to marry myself off to a rich woman?

"And Your Bird Can Sing" never gets the credit it deserves.

Has anybody else noticed the similarity between Christian music & the

ARRRGGGG!!! They are boiling and cutting up live crabs

Jesus was....

The Primary Function of Religion

The sabbath day

Physicians for National Health Care training

Mathematics/Currency Value/Accounting Question: help needed

Virus planned to counter cane toad

Must view post in LBN

I'm done :-(

Jerry Rice released

Adams scores a win at Linares as Kasparov has a bye in round 4

Pedro Martinez and Doug Mientkiewicz REFUSE To See Bush At White House

The great Craig Biggio/Jeff Bagwell Hall of Fame Poll

UPDATE: Boots is back home!

Entertaining Parrots - A MUST-SEE Video!

Who wants a border collie?

List your pets' nicknames here and any silly rhymes you recite to them

Palden Jenkins: The Next Seventy Years

Another Reservist Refuses to go: ’I won’t fight for profit’

Kerrying on with the wrong guy

Pro-Edwards thread turns into Kerry/Edwards bashing again!

I am a shameless hero-worshipper!

So, its the weekend, anybody got any new pics?

Would someone please explain to me..

Ack! Kodak! Problems with software, connecting via USB...."Unavailable"?

GOP in alaska warming up to issue of global warming.

The best comeback for any conservative view on anything going on now

Issues in dispute :

The Dems should put up a good candidate in my district

Maya Marcel-Keyes Takes GAY Stand Against Her Father NeoCon Politician

Is Ann Coulter A Male Prostitute?

A Socratic Dialog with David Horowitz

notice it is only the Dems again with these hearings?

Tavis Smiley's annual seminar is on C-SPAN--Dems should listen up

Rightwing nitwits in a tither about Liberman,forgetting how THEIR

By Little Newtie Gingerich's definition of "elites", he is one.

The town hall meeting with Senator Nelson was informative

So, it is Lieberman who wants to make the deal with Bush-zini.

Need help in an argument over the US/Iraq/Oil

Political Academy Awards

(Olympia) Snowe for president? No thanks, she says

Laura did not take her gloves off when shaking hands in Slovakia-cnn

The Third Front was Hitlers will it be Bushies too

Democratic Senate Forum on SS - NYC - March 4

Rice, the face for war!

i had my pic taken with Sen, Jon Corzine yesterday in Hoboken.......

The Mother of ALL THEFTS in ALL of Human History. Only 20% in

Italy probes possible CIA role in abduction

My Republican friend started a new conservative blog

DeanDispatch endorses 20 Municipal Candidates

Hitler's last days: Good movie alert

Is Jeff Gannon, The New Matt Drudge

A kiss is just a kiss ??

DU'er announces candidacy for Cambridge City Council!

Republican disowns lesbian daughter

bush*s"Ownership Society"? replace American Dream with American Gamble

Is Condi Rice a lesbian?

Who's Worse: bu$h or Hitler?

Dean in Lawrence, Kansas

Cadre grows to rein in message

Maine Rep. Brian Duprey submitted a bill protecting the gay gene

Bush Allows Bad Beef from Canada, But Not Safe Drugs

Bush: "Massive numbers of baby boomers like me will soon begin to retire"

This quote is just so fun it bears repeating.

How did miss this? O'Reilly reads letter from "Jack Mehoffer"

Halliburton Could Get $1.5 Bln More Iraq Work-Army

PDA Summit on Radio Left, Sunday, 2/27

Cloned Beef on American Plates & Dumping Frankenfoods on Poor

I'm on Iraq "war" discussion panel Sunday.

Food for thought: If 50 percent of the country doesn't vote...

Since the 'moral values' crowd has been so silent on Gannongate

Has Anyone Found Out Who Is Paying For Limbaugh's Trip To

Groundhog Day Elections ??

JEFFGANNON.ORG: group project, need your input

Will The MSM Cover The Delay Probe Or Pursue It At All?

Oil pipeline destroyed

Sibel Edmonds on AAR's Laura Flanders' show

Are Faith Based Initiatives a Form Of Illegal Campaign Contributions?

try saying this: republicans want to rape social security!....

The Rightwing Script on Gannon is out now

CNN QuickVote Poll - Democracy in the Middle East

An anecdote from my sister about a Republican supporter.

Bill Maher: New Rules/Video /You Love Hollywood

how do u request a file under foia? Does it cost? n/t

Opponents of Iraq Invasion and Bush's new Liberty Doctrine...see this!

Arnold says nurse protestors are like "set dressing" and movie "extras"

Bill would ban abortions of 'gay' fetuses

A Thread For the MSM

'Anti-American' art to be yanked

Negroponte's nomination needs to be stopped

Do you support the concept of Universal Conscription (civil and military)?

The Economic Disaster Could be Coming

do the missing Bank of America tapes hold "military escort" charges?

Why can't we put popular positions ahead of unpopular ones?

Bush in a rat in the living room.

Weekly Standard-- Military strike against Iran is our best option

Gannon/Norquist/Armstrong Williams: closer look at Leadership Institute

BlogCall launched new press conference call where members of the MSM......

If the Republicans ran McCain in '08, would they have a sure win?

Will there be a "Tom Ridge" section at Home Depot now?

Can Condi Win a Presidential Election

Bush and Leninism: Conservative Reds? Boxer on Fresh Air

Novak was wrong about Sebelius, and Carville was uninformed.

There is talk of Cheney resigning and Condi taking over

Another "Murderous Thug Tour" winds down...

ABC censoring Robin Williams' skit - Fight Back! E-mail ABC !!!!!

Georgia has set up a Republican Dictatorship as a test

"President Mitt"? He's running hard.

Revealed: the 14 words Republicans are told NOT to use!


Erskine Bowles cost John Edwards the Senate! And, I'm mad as Hell!

Will George W Bush have to go into exile?

April 1, 2005: 2nd Annual "I'm Embarassed by My President Day,"

Can we please not have any more "Is (name here) gay/lesbian" threads?

Tavis Smiley forum like breath of fresh air.

U.S. says it would fire missiles over Canada ( like it or not )

Is not a Edwards Clark (or vice versa) ticket fabulous?

Negroponte will come before the Homeland Security Committee

Saudi Flunky Baker Planned California Energy Crisis, 9-11, Iraq& Now Iran.

KS DUers....Kline has eye out for Governor job...lets stop him

"Dean Roars into Town"....thorough write-up of Lawrence, KS, visit.

Fuzzy dice--let's make it a visual meme for Social Security piratization

(Diebold Selected) GOP pushes new (Congressional) map w/o debate!

CSPAN WATCH - proposed new DU group.

Action Alerts: Week of Feb. 20-26, 2005: DU these, please!

The Draft Condi Movement

God Bless REAL Journalists, those still fighting and those fallen.....

Pelosi calls privatization plan a 'rip-off' ...!!!!!