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Archives: February 21, 2005

Hunter Thompson commits suicide

Editorial - Seattle Times - Why triple-talented Dean spells trouble for

Bush's 'Elmer Gantry' Politics (Robert Parry)

Thirty-One States and DC Take Action on Minimum Wage -Kennedy to speak to

"A diplomatic tsunami is brewing over the corpse of Lebanon's government"

Why Bush Will Fail in Europe


Lazy %&$#ing Corporate News

Time for Bush to define 'independent press' (Christian Science Monitor)

Ignorance may be bliss, but it's also dangerous (White house Press /Gannon

Fighting the Flu(avian flu)

Global Warming -- Sununu Should know better

Today's press culture would wither at a Watergate

Probably a dupe: NYTimes Frank Rich on WH propaganda


The Tale of a Splotchy Rat (O'Reilly)

"Why triple-talented Dean spells trouble for Republicans"

San Diego Union Tribune: Put Social Security specifics on the table

Bush is Out to Unravel the New Deal (Markowitz/Pol Affairs)

Social Security: Call it insurance (Des Moines Register)

"Church Folks for a Better America"

Raw Story is getting Smeared!!!!!

Buchanan: Baiting a (Syrian) Trap for Bush?

Stewart Verdict Threatens Lawyers, Undermines 6th Amendment.

Brits, Yanks, Asleep as Ancient Liberties Fade (Media Monitors)

"Beware the Inverted Yield Curve"---NPR all but predicts RECESSION

Opinion: Journalists working for Bush administration raises ethical issues

Watching the Watchers kicks

USA, Inc.

Big Oil Steps Aside in Battle Over Arctic

Bush and DeLay pushing for National Sales Tax

Guckert/Gannon and understanding REPUBLICAN GAY-ness

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

I have a couple questions

Self-fulfilling prophecy on violent confrontation? (LTTE/G8)

Germany gets ready for Bush visit

Which President was more "gay" - per the media?

San Deigo Untion Tribune: Jailing journalists

How liberal is CBS really?

Boy Friend in the White House

I am ready to fire away my Gannon emails to the MSM, but first

ABC TV Boston sole Bush Tape excerpt-"I will not discriminate against gays

U.S. 10-Year Treasury Note May Extend Biggest Weekly Decline Since May

EU Demands Screening, Fumigation For Imported US Wood Packaging

Activists Expose Huge Tropical Hardwood Smuggling Ring In Indonesia

Life Expectancy For Russian Men Drops To 59 - Philly Inquirer

Help develop grassroots-written environmental & energy policies

LUKOIL TO ENTER GERMAN OIL MARKET (Russia, Germany, Venezuela)

Italy Boosts Gas Tax To Clean Up Bus Fleets - Reuters

UN Report Links Infectious Disease Outbreak in Congo to Environment

Wood-Pellet Stoves Catching On In Japan - Asahi Shimbun

Controlled Floods Begin Slow Revival of Iraqi Marshlands - Reuters

Report From Orlando Hydrogen Event 2/18/2005

Colombian soldiers killed in rebel attacks

New Zealand rejects Israeli apology on alleged Mossad agents

Brazilian business and unions blast monetary policy.

OAS Secretary General still an open race.

Further purge in Venezuelan government oil industry

Argentina, 3 Years After Default, to Sell Longer Debt (Update1)

Former guerrillas head Uruguayan Congress (Tupamaros)

NICARAGUA: Sandinistas taking control

Humanizing Gun Nuts

DU rocks!!!!!!!

Why is this thread now locked?

I, too, would like to know why the Gannon Wrinkle thread was

Please restore this thread:

I have a suggestion re: activism

I hope you guys are going to have more hate mail bag soon....

Regarding mature talk about sex.

Re: Just a thought

Congratulations, guys.

Unable to add a calendar event

A question re: posting 4 paragraphs

Why was this thread locked?

Why was my thread locked?

Why was this thread locked?

Why was the Gannon Wrinkle Thread Locked?

???? What on earth...

The wrinkle thread-are explanations from moderators allowed?

Wny was Andy's thread locked - it had Not run its' course...

Thred had run it's course...

Just gotta ask why this post was deleted

DU software infrastructure links?

Sex Threads

Skinner, et al: Can DU become an International forum?

how do i attach

In support of Bluebear's thread.

Why did you move the Bobby Eberle/September 11 thread?

hi,a thread i started in Israeli/Palestinian Affairs has disappeared?

Former PM Barak criticizes Sharon, Labor party

Israel seeking ties with more Arab states

IAF: Israel must be prepared for an air strike on Iran

Council of Churches gives nod to Israeli divestment

NYFD Chiefs are suppressing discussion of bombs in WTC

Call Me Crazy, But..........................

Hunter S Thompson suspected 9-11 LIHOP...

Bobby Eberle and American Airlines Flight 77

Chicago Sun-Times: 18 firms face ban on doing city business

Pantagraph: Lincoln impersonators wanted

For Chicagoans

Chicago Gathering Pic #4

Chicago Gathering Pic #3

Chicago Gathering Pic #5

Chicago Gathering Pic #6

Chicago Tribune: Shifting sand shuts CTA Blue Line

What's Your Favorite Building In Chicago?

Chicago Gathering Pic #2

Anybody near Yorkville? I need local Information, PLEASE!!!

Chicago Gathering Pic #7? 8?

Chicago Gathering Pic #1

Southern Illinoisan:BBQ Owner says price increase due to Mim Wage Increase


Scott Ritter says Iraq Election Was Rigged by the US

NEW grandtheftelectionohio "Reqiuem for a Candidate" online

First leak of election manipulation in Iraq !

New Mexico newspaper calls for verifiable paper trail in elections!

NM: ABQ Tribune Editorial: Voter ID doesn't get to real election problems


Great site with many links to Gannongate articles...

He stole it here, why not Iraq?

30 years of good jobs leaving-cheap labor flooding in -election fraud?

Choice Point and identity theft

KOEB (Monday)

A new idea on VVPB

Volusia County update

Broward County update

Orange County (FL) update

Snohomish County (WA) update

HELDERHEID, this is for you! Quick summary of 2004 Election Fraud!

Monday 2/21 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Blackwell, Glenda Hood, NM SOS all on one panel EAC-Col OH

Bush Is Overseas Can We Get Up A Contribution For Them To Keep Him

Palm Beach County update

Hey. Shouldn't the daily Update Thread be recommended daily?

"This is not a proper area of inquiry." More than e-voting is proprietary.

Election reform soundbites to mobilize, energize and inform!

Email your Congressperson to cosponsor 2 bills for paper ballots.

how to "rove" Karl Rove


Need precinct poll locations in Broward County, can anyone post a URL or

BRAD BLOG: Hai Lin ‘Henry’ Nee Confirmed by Feds to be an Illegal Alien!

D U Help ? Researcher inquiry for national exit poll worker

Help Needed Alert -- I Need Information on ACCUPOLL!

good look @ the mess heading our way

Los Angeles Times (2/21): Governor Fails to Curb Big Money

I am torn on whether I should vote for Matsui or Padilla...

Anyone have the inside scoop on th Academy's Shorts categories?


'Vintage JFK,' home movies offer perspective on the president

LTE re graduate student funding at UMass

Romney stumps in Missouri, inserts foot in mouth.

Congressman Sabo to host meeting on Social Security 2/24

Um... why did Progressive Majority give $500 to John Kline?

Odd files, can't find info on to delete or no?

Adobe Acrobat Pro users.........................

Rep. Jim Trakas, R, announces candidacy for Ohio Secy of State

Honor Rep. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones Heroic Actions to Protect the Vote 2/23

Pennsylvania’s Rendell Defeats Three Challengers

Call to Meeting: March 18th, Convention June 10th, 11th

Who else heard johncoby2 on KUHF this morning?

Dallas: Sierra Club showing "End of Suburbia," March 17

Letter Writing and Email Campaign

Black History Month Film Night Featuring Hotel Rwanda

How about another roll call for those who are politically active?

Get Active: House Bill 1237. Losing your Constitutional Rights

Hey Houston DUers...I'll be there Feb 28 and March 1


Wisconsin Right to Life gets slap on wrist for illegally endorsing Chimp

Christians for Equality to rally in Madison against gay marriage ban

State Rep (R) authors bill to deny illegal immigrants drivers license

Doyle's tax freeze proposal

I'll take one "Fear and Loathing: On the campaign trail '72" over

At E&P - Hunter Thompson's Final Article Described "Shotgun" Game

What is the Iraq War Costing Your Community

Opinion: Policy Has Made Bush Powerless--Moscow Times

Hunter Eulogy of Nixon

Does it bother you Bush may have smoked pot? DU this poll.

anyone find it ironic that Fox News is RW jebus freeks and fox tv

remembering HST....

Serfdom Redux.

BLOGGERMANN - Separating the Gannons from the Guckerts

Thompson discussion on BBC right now!

GI Special

Hunter Thompson...........

wgn am radio doing HST thing right now....

Feds order beloved teacher deported

Conservative Con: Bush Pretends to Care about Small Business

Hunter S Thompson suspected 9-11 LIHOP...

Hunter Thompson commits suicide

Investigate White House Press Conferences! Click here to tell Congress

Alright Gannon! You kept your promise! You made it to Number 1!

My Hunter S. Thompson experiences....

Link to pic of Bush hugging Gannon?

How is Rush Limbaugh comparable to Tokyo Rose?

Buzzflash - "So you're not gay if you're on top."

I wonder if Hunter S. Thompson was terminally ill.

Sundance to re-commence airing Franken's AAR show

Pimping for the Whitehouse wins naming rights of Boston FleetCenter

What do you think of psychologists?

The UK Navy wants more gay recruits

John Dean told Nixon that a cancer was growing on his presidency.

Who'll be the 1st brave reporter to ask w about Gannon on live T.V.?

Fear & Loathing in the Blogosphere

Bush in Europe to urge support for democratic Iraq...I'm impressed!!

Two more questions about Social Security. The government now uses the SS

Every frigging day it's a new low for these bastards.

Closet cases panicking in the White House

PHOTO: Belgium's newest fashion statement....WANTED

You want to win a war against Iran?

why 'o why

Why Grovelbot should return to me

What am I missing?

Great Hunter S. Thompson interview -Post 911 (MP3)

Please HELP- re: lost title to car- What to do???

Drudge vs Rock continued....

What are these estates?

Don't forget HST's last crusade

Army Having Difficulty Meeting Goals In Recruiting

WorldNutDaily has 100's of stories in which the sources are anonymous

Vomit Alert: Ann Coulter spotted out on a date with Ron Silver

Did I just hear an ad for a Republican

Is it safe?

If the Press lets Gannon slide- it proves they have no self-respect...

A New Target for Advisers to Swift Vets (USA Next)

A Hunter S. Thompson rant on the Bushies

Is Bush sparking a new nuclear arms race?

Check out Bush's message to Russia

The doomsayer speaks ("Repent" sign not included)

Legally speaking, what crimes were committed in the fake reporter scandal?

Is the release of the Bush tapes a planned smoke screen?

What topic generates the best flame wars? Dean/Clarkie, guns?

Hunter Thompson speculating about the 2004 election...

Con lying about SS, again!

One of the reasons I love the New York Times (re: Hunter Thompson)

UK news media

PHOTO: Iraqi woman faints as U.S. Soldiers enter her home...

Here is a site to piss you off.

new Hannity advertiser NetFlix

Bill Mahar: "Bush has ties to Male Prostitution."

The 2008 candidate better be anti-war

Bush said "Magna Carter"

How much changes in 4 years. When's the breaking point!!!??

On my tombstone they will carve, 'it never got fast enough for me'

Lynn Cullen returns today!

The BFEE is not going down as long as we look to the media for help

Kool-Aid drinking LTTE of the day.

I guess moralizing is hip now

History is repeating itself

Has Bush** ever complimented any female on her looks before today?

"Official 2005 White House Calendar" (Toles)

Does the Draft have anything to do with a Liberal America?

Are Iraq I and II overcompensations for bush family latency

Jeff Gannon, September 11th, Operation Iraqi Freedom, MIHOP: proof?

for the alleged "conservatives" in your life. . .(lengthy)

self delete

Was there a suicide note?

Is it closer to 4000 dead soldiers in Iraq?

Biden said he cannot start an investigation into Gannongate.

Israel will withdraw from Gaza strip and Syria will withdraw from Lebanon?

Conservative Christian Groups Saddened By Liberals Treatment Of George W.

What scandal will be the most historically devastating to Bush?

'Simpsons' Animates Gay Nuptials, and a Debate - NYTimes

Condi taking VP next year?

H.S. Thompson Epitaph: "I pissed down the throats of these Nazis"

'Echo' Taps Project to honor fallen soldiers:

Has Jay Lenno said anything about Gannon yet?

Jeff Gannon Meets w/ Lee Greenwood in Tennessee -- God Bless America

The Guardian UK: 'Soon gay sailors will outnumber gay ballet dancers'

Poetic Justice….

July 2001 - Ashcroft advised to avoid commercial flights

8000 Mexican and Mexican-descent troops are in US mil. in Iraq

Question to Ponder: If Fox News is the most widely viewed cable

Bush tapes: "Message: Bush is sincere"

Does Anyone Know Any Good Journalist Jokes?

needs caption: bush* in Europe....OMG !!

I guess suicide is hip now.

In the Bush "secret" tapes, why did he refer to himself as the President ?

Another stupid photo of little boot

Do they "postpone" Saddam's trial until a legitimate govt is elected?

Basically, the questions that need to be answered are :

The New Hour tonight - Abe Lincoln, Hunter Thompson, Sandra Dee & J. Raitt

Gannon attended White House Christmas parties -- but who invited him?

I just realized, no Randi or Malloy today...

Bad news: No Malloy for Randi today. Good News: Tom Hartmann subs tomorrow

Mike Malloy WILL be on tonight

Fox News' America vs. Hollywood Special

Powerline blog: Hitler's homosexual cadres (read in relation to Guckert)

Ann Coulters responce to Al Franken book...

"WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception" Anybody seen this flick yet?

"Center of our agenda". Bushism? Speechwriter slip?

Bobby Eberle and American Airlines Flight 77

Does the new Iraqi PM get picked today?

Create fund...and hire our OWN Starr.

Europe's leaders ASSIGNED topics, ONE QUESTION limit for Boy King

What was Bush's answer to the "divorced from reality" question?

I have a question about Social Services

working on an LTE re grad student contract

Was Hunter Thompson pro-gun?

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

Did anyone else hear those European crickets this morning?

TENNESSEE: May decide NO parent is better than GAY parent

I'm a liberal, I'm proud to be a liberal, heck I'd wear a T-shirt.....

These two are not "Minnesota Nice" In fact , they are A$$es

I guess Hollywood feels sorry for the GOP...

Sam going to talk about Guckert

Whoa! I know that this is going to sound strange but sometimes i dream ..

Do right wing nut jobs do this to you?

The Blame Game: We Are All Gannon

Hunters Last Column: 'Shotgun Golf with Bill Murray' (He's Suicidal?)

What question would you like to ask Howard Dean?

We should start using their propaganda against them more effectively.

If the government says "We're taking your home",

Why don't we do this more?

How odd that the pot story broke just as W* was leaving the country.

Never-Ending Pain

Anybody have pictures of the French protests?

Scott Ritter will be on Randi Rhodes

Should DU Abolish The General Discussion Groups?

**Good news from John Aravosis**

Hitler's Diaries....Interview with Hitler's Bodyguard

I can't post on the new wrinkle thread

Confidential HIV List Of Names Sent To 800 People

So what happens if the new Iraqi govt decides to trade oil in Euros?

PHOTO: I wonder what brilliant, snarky comment accompanied this shot?

Kuma War: The Propaganda VideoGame of the Neo-cons

Is this a mullet hairdo? For once & for all, weigh in, please.

Should religious beliefs be treated differently than intellectual beliefs?

Ok, what was Woodruff's piece "Inside the Blogs" about?

Al Franken's Hummus theory: there's no political bias in the media

I'm scared--what if HST knew something worse is coming?

"neocons" vs. "neoliberals" and framing

PHOTO: Bush waves his limp wrist at idea of being "a friend to humankind"

Modern day war and economy?

Bush quotes Camus

The missing (money) link between Guckert and the Eberles?

Hunter Thompson and Arthur Miller: Relative importance

Please tell me their is a silver lining to Dubya being prez

why 'o why

Bush govt rules deny veteran cemetary peace ceremony....

Hunter S. Thompson used to post at

I wish Gannon had something to do with the WH missing 52 warnings on 9/11

My Gannon letter makes it to my local paper

self delete

Tornado warning for SACRAMENTO CAL.

Jefferson or Hamilton? debate on c-span starting now

Most annoying Conservative????

Political cartoon on WH Press Corps (Gannongate)

Swift Boat Scumbags have AARP in their sights (Good)

FCC rules against lies? re fcc heads comments on Laura Flanders show.

the BEST "This Modern World" ever? | maybe...

Christian Reconstructionists want to dismantle public education

What is rich?

Headlines: The Gannon Story

Indian children smuggled for purposes of Christian conversion

Rapid Response: Maryland politics, the First Amendment, and Ehrlich.

Abandoned but not alone - Maya Keyes & the Point Foundation

Vincent Black Shadow Factory Team

With the Assured Destruction of All Regulatory Agencies

The limb of all limbs here. Would it be that bad if we did bomb Iran....

Scott Ritter up next on Air America (Monday, 5:30pm EST)

Anyone else starting to get pop ups while using Firefox

Anyone have the inside scoop on th Academy's Shorts categories?

Ritter on Air America live NOW

So we get another slam dunk issue turned against us (Gannon)...

Surprise! The Gannon/Guckert Story is Dead

The FAA Knew! But were they set up?

So how do you find out why a given thread gets locked?

based on an AAR caller, I found this...

New Military Ad: WAR = FUN

These people live in my country.

Does Mr.bush need congressional ok to bomb Iran?

What will gannon be doing 5 years from today!

Behind the Walls of Ward 54

Just who is paying for Rush Limbaugh's trip to Afghanistan?

Anti-Bush is Pro-Soldier and Pro-God

Check out the anti-AARP ad from one of our "favorite" groups.

Ganongate Scandal Eludes Local Dailies

Army Having Difficulty Meeting Goals In Recruiting...Getting Drafty ?

Martin Luther King's Letter from Birmingham Jail-a must read!

? Are there transcripts of the entire Bush*/Wead conversations???

Has Anyone Played The Recruiting Video Game From The National Guard


Got some links that work to the Gannon story?

SECRET tapes, my ass. These were made to be the lasting record of Bush's

Call Gannon White House clients "LOG CLOSET REPUBLICANS"

What three programs do you think should get full funding?

Mainstream media REFUSES to ask Bush about new "tapes" scandal

GuckertGate hits Le Monde

Is this asking 2 many many questions questions?

Oddly, there are not the usual talking heads out there defending *.

Now the story is NOT about pot smoking. It's about betrayal.

How has George W Bush* proven he's a Christian? What claim does he have?

The Simpsons, Yesterday's Episode: I have a question for all of ya...

I have figured out why conservatives are bashing Hollywood...

Freep pees in Eiffel Tower elevator and wonders why Americans

"I'm looking for a good Cowboy".

haha -- funny typo from the Florida Times-Union website:

4 of us planning a Hunter S. "reunion"'s a Gonzo story of sorts:

"Conspiracy Theory" as BOOGA BOOGA

Are they really going to fire Dan Rather?

Anti-gay's up at it again!

What did LIEberman say today?

Anti-War DUers, it's time to Mobilize for Iran

The difference between Iraq and Iran:

Well Peter, this is what comes of empire building….

Is Digby correct? "Gan/Gurk puts cracks in Repug"Masculinity" Coalition?

Lest we forget. RIP to John Raitt, Bonnie's father

Help save AMTRAK

"Jib Jab's Second Term"

My little weak-assed essay tribute to Hunter S. Thompson

For the record - just what WMD evidence was found in Iraq?

It's On: The Nashua Advocate Declares War on Powerline

Teresa Chambers Former Chief, United States Park Police

Should religious beliefs be treated differently than intellectual beliefs?

Injustice, in Secret

Haha....watching the National Geographic Channel, Secret Service...

"Mr. President, did you know Jeff Gannon was a fake, planted reporter"?

Thank you, Democratic Underground Forums!

Condi to replace Cheney as VP next year?

Who had more of an effect on the election?

Who should the Regressives thank for Bush's 'victory'?

Poll: In hypothetical matchup, Geo. Washington only beats Chimpy by 20!

Please explain to me why Mangate is an impeachable offense

Venezuela Bolivariana !!! If you have NOT seen this .. it is a MUST see..

::Gasp:: Is Condi cheating on Dubya?

Profile of a dangerous radical 'islamic' Cleric

PHOTO: child left behind in of many bin-forgotten

The last time I met Hunter S. Thompson

Gannongate is THE SHOWDOWN between the MSM and the net...

"Im watching "God on our Side" GWB and his Evangelical soul.

Defend Ward Churchill and Protect Academic Freedom

write to evangelical sites and tell them about gannon. info here

Michael Rectenwald will be on 'Scarborough Country' Feb. 21

Wead says his publisher 'FORCED' him to release tapes.How?

"I Cannot Tell A Lie"

Freepers go anti-semitic

Bush Dines w/ Chirac as Crowd Protests Outside (News from the Free World)

What I like about Carnivale ...the religious whack jobs cheering on

Ethics, Bloggers, and Independent Media

Psychohistory and 9/11

It is everyone's job to frame the political language, one way here

So I was talking to my fundamentalist sister last night,

How would you feel...

It would NOT surprise me, if the * tapes were...

Peace Activists Must be Extremely Careful

Gay Marriage and Religious Freedom.

Aging Japanese hope for a "discreet death"

Sam is "converting" people :D

Get a load of the comments on this thread regarding Gannon.

Weads book was RELEASED January 4, 2005. So why transcripts now?

"'cause I don't want some little kid doing what I tried."

Michael Moore Honored With New Ben and Jerry's Flavor

Democrats Reaching Out: The Comic Book Method

BOB HERBERT: "when a cancer is ignored" | must read!

Why Do Democrats and The Media Use the WRONG Bush Deficit Numbers?

The Big E: Ethics, Bloggers, and Independent Media

Tort Deform

Bush has no solution on Indian Trust fund

Job Opening- Who's Next Head Of World Bank?

U.S. Govt. aids Iran.

Starting on c-span now: The Legacy of Watergate w/ Bob Woodward

The New Yorker on Gannon: I hope this isn't all they had in mind.

The Left Needs to Reclaim the Concepts of "Freedom" and "Liberty"

Does anyone else see a connection between the "Bush tapes" & the anti-AARP

Another, more tangible complaint about "Spongebob Squarepants"

GS posting for Admin Asst w/Fed Govt....why does this wording scare me?

Does anyone have a list of democrat Hollywood actors.....

The Republican's fantasy of America: "Deadwood"

WAY to go, bush! Afghanistan listed as #173 WORST nation out of 178!

"RIP You Brilliant Godddamed Beast!" Digby's Ode to Hunter Thompson..

Bush Lip Service to Russia and Elsewhere is Worthless Posturing

Fox "News" celebrates Black History Month

Watergate Style Diversion In Progress

I'm Meeting Rep. Chris Cox (R-48th Dist. CA) tomorrow...

Art Linkletter?????

Caption Chimp and Chirac

Cloud remains over Fla. months after hurricanes

Olbermann is keeping Gannongate alive!!!!

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Group Hug

Scott Ritter interview now on Thom Hartmann Show

What is a " kosher-dairy lunch" exactly?

Is the Hollywood Fwy REALLY under water?

Is there a major group organizing the protests on March 19?

Bush doesn't want Americans tortured by Saddam in 1991 to be compensated

New Law Says Criminal Defendants Can't Raise Constitutional Rights

It's 1984. How d'you deal w/ life after 2000 coup and 2004 election fraud?

For all elder DU'ers who may have missed this info on Saturday:

One excellent clip from check it out re Iran

On Ritter's Iran prediction: Add five months

Caption bushie

Shoving Gannon Down bush's Throat till he Gags, our Revenge for Bill

New name for Republicans..

CNN Fake News Alert: Photos of Nuke Plants in Iran and Korea are SAME pic

Do You Think Bush Will Implement A Draft In The Second Term?

Why don't democrats consistently stand up to right?

There are some SERIOUSLY dumb people in this country

Can anyone do a who is on this website??

Did Bush smoke pot with hooker to insiders Jeff Gannon?

World Net Daily can Kiss my ass

Children in the grip of autism....

Clarkies, are you happy with Dean as DNC Chair?

US Chamber Pres Donohue has Vested Interest in Limiting Consumer Rights

Does owning a gun, eating meat, and hunting disqualify one from...

Bush* should pardon all jailed for pot possession.

Did Hunter Thompson leave a Note?

3 great documentaries on SUNDANCE now

The Official Hunter S. Thompson Tribute Thread! Leave A Message For Dr. T!

PHOTOS: homeless Veterans sleep on sidewalk in angel FEEDS them..

New Yorker Seals the Coffin on Gookert-gate (KURTZ's pronunciation)

Why the Rethug's LIKE the Gannon story

Whitehouse bans Camilla Parker Bowles

Great movie on PNAC

needs caption PHOTO: bush* always spreads his legs during meetings....

Malcolm X: New Info on the Assassination, 3 'Missing' Chapters, more

Spin Cycle: Inside The Clinton Propaganda Machine by Howard Kurtz

God Bless Our Possum-Porking Prez!!

Did bush* have a stroke? these PHOTOS show his face slumping badly

PHOTO: once again, laura bush* 'shocks and awes' with her fashion choice

Gannon/Guckert closes old site, opens new one!

Guckert may *SUE* bloggers - for EXPOSING FACTS! LOL!

US Iraq war dead could be as high as 6,210 --anybody confirm this?--

Extraordinary security measures for Bush visit to Germany

When a friend turns fundie,it's like they are dead.

Where the hell are our Dem representives on Gannon?

American Conservative Union may be key to GOPUSA

Private Businesses ask state to seize homes(Eminant Domain)

Twisted yellow ribbon magnets on cars means...

RAMMING SPEED! Time to Torpedo the Smear Boat Liars' PR Hacks!

Has anyone seen these bracelets on people?

new look for MOVELEFT.COM

AARP is the boulder in the middle of the highway, USA Next is the dynamite

The locked thread asking about locked threads is pretty ironic.

Killers on and off the battlefield?

How can I tactfully say no to a Mormon

I like guns and hunting, I eat meat, but I also love tofu,

Heat Lightning In Winter

(Continued) "Here is a new wrinkle on the Gannongate story..."

WP: sheriff says Hunter Thompson was IN HIS KITCHEN when

First Tinky-Winky, then Spongebob, now Spot???

Hillary Clinton is insufficiently strident in her opposition to Bush

Go To Hell NPR and WUTC in Chattanooga, Swiftboat Bastards....

US wounded in Iraq outnumber wounded in Revolutionary War

A Great Article on "Gannongate"

Joe Must Go! CT plans to take down LIEberman

I need all DU's assistant on a project.

Class warfare time: what's "rich"?

Powerline Blog : Evolutionary theory is an "obvious fraud."

The "worst" presidents...i guess Republicans also dislike Bush

the Council for National Policy (CNP) . . .

Do we have enough Native Americans to have a DU Group?

America - Greatest Country in the World?

JesusLand... HELP!

I made my first risotto tonight

Cherry Pie Day

Is there a difference in yeast?

Does anyone know about the Advantium oven

dandelion greens?

How Canadian are the East Coast Music Awards?

Jeff Gannon Story in Canada

Africans recruited to work in Iraq as cheap labor

Writer Hunter S. Thompson commits suicide

Panel to Advise Testing Babies for 29 Diseases (pros and cons debate)

In Fallujah, peace meets impatience

Hunter S. Thompson dead at 67

(TX-Mex) Border a hot spot for illegal gun purchases, officials say

Iran says its nuclear capability 'not for sale'

Big Oil Steps Aside in Battle Over Arctic

SEC Investigating "Insider Trading" Of Sirius Stock - Stern?!

Killers on and off the battlefield?

NYT: For Users, Napster of Old Is Just a Few Tweaks Away

Explosions in Baghdad, U-S Marines launch offensive

Kill me and oil stops: Chavez

Nine killed, more disappear, in Iraq violence

Bush Issues Forceful Words to Iran, Syria

Violence Trumps Rebuilding in Iraq

LAT: Violence Trumps Rebuilding in Iraq ($1B for security)

Iran denies it has captured bin Laden

D.C. delegation disagrees on signal sent by POW flag

Egyptians rally against fifth term for Mubarak

Bush Issues Forceful Words to Iran, Syria [SORRY, DUPE]

Governor Fails to Curb Big Money -LAT

Pakistan's gas fields blaze as rape sparks threat of civil war

Soros: Dollar tied to oil

Bush Faces Iraq Critics, Calls for Unity

Thousands Rally in Beirut against Syria

Iraq shows TV interrogations

World Churches Say U.S. Violates Law at Guantanamo

Syria says it will withdraw troops from the Lebanon

Father and Son to Fight Together in Iraq

Syria is soon to take steps to withdraw its military forces from Lebanon

Iraqi TV presenter abducted in Mosul

EU Agrees Training for Iraqi Police, Judges

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday February 21-pres. day

Bush disappoints Europe with climate change ideas

Avian Flu World's No. 1 Threat, CDC Head Says

Mars pictures reveal frozen sea.......

Insurgents attack US patrol, medical team in Baghdad (unknown # of US casu

Iraqi women no better off post-Saddam - Amnesty

Police investigate cross burning at South Shore (Ma) church

"Iraqi women no better off post-Saddam" - Amnesty International

AP: Russia Launches 'Patriotic' TV Channel

Allawi enters Iraq PM race

Ignorance may be bliss, but it's also dangerous (White house Press /Gannon

Lagging Development Means Afghanistan Could Fail Again, U.N. Warns

Turn on Air America right now.

(Hunter S.) Thompson Said Not One to Die in Hospital

Eminent domain fought

Haiti Prison Director Fired After Attack

Court decision on assisted suicide challenge may come soon

Wyclef Jean Says Haiti Too Divided (to hold credible elections)

Britain to Allow Same-Sex Civil Unions

Bush Acknowledges Low Popularity Ratings

Bush Insists Russia Renew Commitment to Democracy

Shrek Character is Target of Values Religious Group

Japan moves to allow

Prince wedding plans may be illegal

"Iranian FM expected to discuss gas exports"-- re Iran to India pipeline

BTK letter turns to a cordial tone (witchita serial killer)

Australia Says It Will Send 450 More Troops to Iraq

World churches see illegality at Guantanamo

Washington Lags in Polls of Top Presidents (Reagan 1st for CNN/USA/G poll)

Russian arms producers must seek new markets

Vigilante Nut Cases Protect America

NYT,pg1: Case of Vanishing Deductions: Alternative Tax Called Culprit

Paper to sue over minister's IRA claim

Sinn Fein leaders say they are not IRA chiefs

Togo re-amends constitution

Ex-Guatemalan ruler sought by Spanish court

Indians assail plan to cut housing aid

In Eye of Social Security Storm, Quiet Power Broker Is Courted

Paul Martin to announce that Canada sending 30 soldiers to train Iraqis

1 Question Each: Europe's Leaders Are Awarded Topics for Their Pres. Chat

Iraq: "biggest cultural disaster since 1258' says expert

UK link to torture jail's rules (British official helped w/ torture rules)

UN: Afghanistan Could Become Terror Haven

North Korea says it will return to (six party) talks

For Recruiters, Antiwar Protests Raise Perils on the Home Front

U.S. Belt Tightening Could Hit AIDS Efforts -Official

Afghan Living Standards Among the Lowest, U.N. Finds

Ministers stall inquiry on Iraq war advice

Pope shows no intention of stepping down

Greens, Dems slap Iraq troop plan

Bush Calls for 'Contiguous' Palestine

Mystery gas hits passengers

Pfizer Is Neutral on Bush (Social Security) Plan

Three U.S. soldiers killed during medical evacuation

FBI probes laser activity at D/FW

Protestor Tears Down Homeowners' New Anti-War Effigy

Humvee Tragedy Forges Brotherhood of Soldiers (Iraqis Recover US dead)

Montana House Dumps Bill to Protect Gays

Illinois judge allows suit over destroyed embryo (AMA News)

Britain's Navy Is Encouraging Gays and Lesbians to Enlist | NYT

Even for Basics, Latin America Lacks Answers -NYT

For Some, a Loss in Iraq Turns Into Antiwar Activism

A Timber Giant Threatens to Topple (Pacific Lumber)

.WP: 3 Soldiers Killed in Baghdad/Allawi Makes Bid to Remain as Premier

OK: McAlester Ammo Plant Inspires Confidence Despite Base Closing Review

Behind Those Medical Malpractice Rates -NYT

Slovaks Choose Putin Over Bush

Lebanese Judge: Assassins of Hariri Came from Iraq

Speculation Abounds that Rehnquist will Retire in June

Texas Police Seek Missing Pregnant Woman (and 7 yr old son)

India tests missile, eyes U.S. Patriot missile

Hersh, AP Among 2004 Polk Award Winners

Drug Decisions Cause Outbreak of Shock

Venezuela Sees U.S. 'Dirty War,' But Says Oil Safe

Bush says Chirac might make a good cowboy

Cuban prisoners released in New Orleans

BBC - Bolivia ex-leader on death charge

Iraqi women no better off post-Saddam - Amnesty

Military notifiers must tell the family when a loved one dies

Portland debates its partnership with FBI

Australia to send 450 more troops to Iraq

Lawmaker wants state to require viewing graphic photos before abortion

Army Having Difficulty Meeting Goals In Recruiting

Breaking on MSNBC: Strong Earthquake in Iran, Villages Destroyed

Salinas Man Dies After Taser Shocks (Salinas CA)

More Africans Enter U.S. Than in Days of Slavery (NYT)

Thompson said not one to die in hospital ("he's had a rotten year,")

'Minutemen' to Patrol Arizona Border

Anti-gay religious group targets Shrek 2

Bush burning over tapes

Raising children as vegans 'unethical', says professor

North Korea Hints at Return to Nuke Talks

NYT: 'Simpsons' Animates Gay Nuptials, and a Debate

("the major press is under attack") NYT Journalist Talks Journalism

CDC Chief: Bird Flu Could Become Epidemic

Two `nun killers' charged

Some GOP senators want Eastern Washington as a state unto itself

Edwards Won't Necessarily Defer to Ex-Running Mate Kerry in '08

Fax me some hallibat.

LOOPIS?!?!?!? Is it Loopis?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Ha hah... 333 posts and NOT half of satan

What kind of rat bastard psychotic would play that song right now...

I'm watching the Seinfeld episode "The Heart Attack" on TV.

Just for fun - Cat Haiku


Jose Torres Tama (must see for DUers)

Look... in the sky. Some kind of electric snake coming straight for us.

Menya Zovut Shnur

Who doesn't love Andy Capp?

What Leary took down with him was....

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Dammit, I know it's cliche, but they really do grow up too fast.

"We went in search of the American Dream...

Will Duke now have to take a bullet as well?

I qualify to be director for this

Have you ever named your car?

looky looky! new sig picture!!!

Listening to Dream Theater's "Awake". One heavy album.

Fox News Sues White House to Get $200 Million in Payoffs!

Why can't people sleep during the day and stay awake at night?

What happens when you think you're divorced and you're not.

Was Hunter S. Thompson a Doonesbury character?

Dr,. Hunter Thompson R.I.P.

Is it me, or are the people in GD really that tightly wound?

What a shitty day.

Holy #@$ -- "Gannon, Jeff" in Paris Hilton's phonebook!

Most Stolen car across the country

38 Things you'd like to say at work, but can't...

Send my credentials to the house of detention

Hunter S. Thompson and Sandra Dee on the same day....

Monday morning, bad weather and joined the 700 club - ARGH

My Hunter S. Thompson story.


It's 2 AM wins naming rights of Boston FleetCenter

Could any of you please check my blog for browser compatibility?

Ok, I'm weirded out. Please SOMEONE here tell me they also

What a bizarre day!!!

Fear and Loathing at the all night Exxon gas station

Landlord Throws Tear Gas Grenade Into Home Over Eviction Dispute

Mystery Naked Man Flashes Cars On Alabama Highway

Why is racing so popular?

Coroner Purchases Shrink-Wrap Maching For Dead Bodies

Bush: Why I won't admit trying dope

Early morning rant thread

Dang! It's raining cats and dogs in Los Angeles!

What are we all listening too?

"Jacob" Is A FREAK I Tells Ya! - A FREAK

Someone has too much time on their hands

Is there a word for those forwarded emails that go around email lists?

KoKo01 is hilarious!

With Great Power Comes...

Gaaaahh, ugggghh... it's a cold.

The cat who fought a bus, and won (aw..real heartwarming cat story w/pic)

Jesus Doens't Want To Save ME - He Wants Me To SAVE! (and refinance)

What does tinfoilhat guy stand for?

24,000 and counting


February 21, 1965

I hate scolding my dogs!

A sick, foggy, rainy GOOOOOD Morning to ya!

Rabrrrrrr's flame post of the day

I'm an asshole - Denis Leary

Woman Cut Off Boyfriend's Penis, Flushed It Down Toilet

Please HELP- re: lost title to car- What to do???

Jeff Gannon: "It's not what you think!"

Late night IQ boost. Anyone else?

Sean Connery's Ex-Wife's Toothbrush Sparks Airport Security Alert

The Bond Girl you would LEAST like to see in the next James Bond Movie

For the Looney Tunes fans!

Heard this blast from the past on KPFT this morning: ska from the 60s...

Store Clerk Attacked With Sausage (A 'Big Mama Pickled Sausage!')

Does Mike Malloy Post on DU?

parody of "ok the fun is over"

Once again, I must apologize for living in a cave...

This is just too sad...

I must admit, the Paris Hilton address book leak is hilarious.

anyone else get the fake "FBI" Email?

Will Bush will offend Europe with another bodyguard malfunction?

Here's what I asked Hunter S. Thompson. What did you ask him?

Supreme Dark Overlord Bunnypants invites you to "TALK TO THE HAND."

Is DU the only large progressive Dem forum out there?

Once again, I must apologize for living in a cave...

Happy Presidents' Day

Battle Of the Dicks 2

Battle of the Dicks

cool illusion!

Paris Hilton’s Blackberry Hacked

Is it wrong for me to want to rent movies like "Birth of a Nation" and

So did anyone ever figure out who Leon Redbone is/was?

Hey DU - help me fill my NetFlix queue!

Xbox Modding

hedges - unmasked

For the newly minted DU Gold Star owners: A pic of the DU admin!!

Do they play more rock on MTV Europe?

Poor GD:P Moderator.......look what you people have done.

Bush's poppy cleanup plan for Forgotten war 1 (afghanistan)

What's your post count style: Quality or Quantity?

Bush's Wasteful Spending...

My hair looks great today and I have no plans---

Anybody seen cirque du soleil?

My Goal: Making through the day without slaughtering freeptards

BTBM's Non-Smoking Journal- Day 13

An absolute classic ONION piece.

God deserves a good laugh too....

After your periods, do you


A very nice elegy for Hunter Thompson

So, what's the Morning Lounge Crew's thoughts on the Simpsons last night?

I saw a great Freeway Blogger sign the other day

Roys Rock is just down the road

A Lounge without Kleeb...

When did the term "geek" become widely used?

Jesus loves the Corporations (to tune of Jesus loves the little children)

What happened to Smirky's black eye (DU Fund Drive)?

Does Anyone Know Any Good Journalist Jokes?

"Trader Horn" - Duncan Reynaldo - 1931

The Band - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Thieves Steal Family's In-Ground Swimming Pool

What do you think about Gerald R. Ford?

After your commas, do you

No mail today

PC Experts: why does my computer do this?

Any fans of SCTV?

I should be working, but did anyone see Boston Legal last night?

wow...this ambien works like a charm...

I'm sick! Day??????

John Raitt - RIP

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Hunter S. Thompson

I just signed for a UPS package on one of those portable thingies

Jessica Alba Says She's Done Sleeping Around In Hollywood

Isn't La Belle Dame sans Merci really about venereal disease?

Thou shalt not invent things megacorps don't like: Endangered Gizmos List

on the Eastern Shore of Maryland....a miracle

How do people in Iceland and Norway survive?

I took a picture that I'll have to send

Idea for a short film

Did anyone else see Optimus Prime die of prostate cancer last night?

Sign petition to save "Arrested Development" even tho it is on FAUX

Ipod 'Shuffle'


I don't think Bush ever studied his Henry, his Patrick Henry!

Samuel Adams ( need info)

Cruel, stupid, or genius?

Does your house shake when trucks drive by?

There he goes. One of God's own prototypes.

If stupidity were a crime, how many people you know would be jailed?

History of America : You learn more about it in College

My book is for sale on Amazon but there is one problem

When did Maury lose his last shred of dignity?

I have to post this picture because it's so damn good: Freeper rally!!

How do you pronounce the word "episode"?

"Ooh you're a holiday, such a holiday"

Dammit! I hit 1000 posts and forgot to do the ask me anything thing

Has anyone else heard Arrested Development might be cancelled?

Been up most of the night. Head finally hits pillow. Finally getting

I need a drink! Just went to the web site.

DU: an educational gold mine!

Genre fans: Which is better--Star Wars and Empire, or (film) LOTR trilogy?

How do you feel about suicide?

OK, boys & girls...time to play "Caption the source of our national shame"

Jefferson Starship song rated "Worst Ever"

What's so wrong with an athlete thanking God or pointing to the sky?

What does this mean?

100 Years from Now, What Cultural Figures

Hawaiian Short Legged Girl

Wham ! A donkey in the face !

Can somebody give me a link to the

Paris Hilton Sidekick Hacked...

Should religious beliefs be treated differently than intellectual beliefs?

I want to kill my local snowplow drivers

Do a lot of people get today off?

Ha Hah - I Hit 28,000 Posts Today!!!!!!

Whiny email from my boss sitting in my Inbox

Anyone watch the season premier of The L Word last night?

You won't believe this...

Favorite Pink Floyd album?

The Beware the Beast Man Telethon !



For the Doctor

Hot, Sexy Asian Schoolgirl Action!! FREE INSIDE!!!

What topic generates the best flame wars? Dean/Clarkie, guns?

ZOT! I think my house just got struck by lightning.

I tricked some Repugs into eating pro-choice chocolate.

I shall soon rule over my minions....

Haha...funny typo at the Florida Times-Union website:

Years ago, a friend MADE me and his wife watch "Where the Buffalo Roam"

With Hunter S Thompson's passing I thought of this story...

Hunter S Thompson BT (BitTorrent) here:

Is there a funnier movie than "Hollywood Shuffle"???

What should I name this song?

My 1000th post, ask me anything!!!


Where do bad actors and actresses go???

I entered the 700s with a poll and I'm going to leave the same way.

So there I was, Saturday evening, in the grocery store

Let me just break in here to confess my crush for Mythbusters' Kari Byron

Anyone have the inside scoop on th Academy's Shorts categories?


Watching Fear and Loathing in LV

Do any lounge people NOT go to other DU boards much?

based on an AAR caller, I found this...

is your local newspaper fair and balanced?

Who will play Karl Rove in the movie?

funny Dr. Thompson story

Can I get a brief history of the Gannon story

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Hunter S. Thompson

How about this idea I just had regarding "Gannon"

Where do all of the calculators go?

Eh Who's driving?

Watched some Growing up Gotti last night

How do you rate last night's coming out episode of "The Simpsons"

Boy, I'm sure glad Bush pushed those tax cuts through...

In Honor of the Late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, the Bar is now open

I picked up Black Sabbath's "Past Lives" today. Ask me anything.

How do you pronounce "February?"

I'm 10 posts away from 19K ...

What happens when you reach 1000 posts?

Anyone else starting to get pop ups while using Firefox

Breaking: Replacement for Gannon at Talon News- Jeff Friday.

Santoruming Gannon

The most UNbelievable training video I've ever seen - it HAS to be a joke!

The thing that gets *me* about the "Bush tapes,"

You know what is really hard?

When did E-mails take over my life?

Progmom Says She's Done Sleeping Around In Hollywood

'Collapse' or 'The Republican Noise Machine' for my next Audible listen


How do you pronounce "bass"?

How do you pronounce "to?"

Anyone want to help figure this one out...cats

AAACCKKK All of the sudden my email doesn't work

8 or eight?

Anyone have first-hand stories of celebrities who were Bill Hicks?

Boy, there's nothing quite like having your mother sneak up on you!

A chandelier, like a golden crown on the head of Lord Serial Killer Bush

What should Liam do if Noel Gallagher hangs up his songwriting hat?

Just fuck.

God knows as your dognose, bog blast all of you.

It's that time, again.

New Fad: Give Jesus credit 4 what is obviously done by others

wow...snow and a thunderstorm at once...boooommm


Does studying acting make for better actors?

Looking for music recommendations…

What is your favorite Jack Nicholson film?

So what would a "Progressive Prison" be like?

Constitution for Iraq.


Have you ever encountered a celebrity who was really rice?

Why we cannot have the Ten Commandments in the courthouse.

I'am a snot machine!HELP!


It's so beautiful outside tonight in Boston...

So I just got some shitty, horrible, bad news.

Favorite Terry Pratchett quote?

My fingers hurt like heck.

Pack up all your dishes. Make note of all good wishes. "LA Freeway"

Wisconsin quarter error

EW writer who interviewed Chris Rock dumps on Drudge. . .some good points

Damned "Earthlink" calls me telling me they teamed up with AOL/Time Warner

Bit or byte?

I made a dripcandle

How old where you when your mother was born?

Has there been a Gannongate coverup?

Boy, there's nothing quite like having your mortality sneak up on you!

Why the h3!! am I getting these every day now?

Constitution for Iraq.

Pick your favorite president

Favorite President: ULTRA-ULTRA Hard Edition

So, how are your New Year's Resolutions holding up?

How are all you SoCal DUers surviving with all that rain?

Favorite President: Ultra-Hard Edition

How many here had an 'older father'?

Seen on a car in Oklahoma

How many kids will now smoke pot because Bush did?

What bizarre fact of this reality are you happy about?

Funny dating stories - good and bad. Have any?

I just baked 6 doz. chocolate chip cookies, 4 doz. oatmeal raisin cookies

DU: "Dee-You" or "Do"

My almost 8 year old son says hi to DU! He has a message for you,

I watched "Network" again on AMC today. It told the truth waaay

Democrats Reaching Out: The Comic Book Method

Spontaneous frog kisses

Brad and Jen sing "My boo"

Anyone else have parents who married young AND (now here's the catch)...

That was one of the worst episodes of Law and Order I've ever seen.

Favorite President - The SUPER-ULTRA Hard Version

They stole their WHAT??!!??

Battle of the random bands

Post your photos of women wearing bad wigs here

I have no more heroes left...

Never steal bandwidth from a blog to post a picture in your message.

About the ending of "Planet of the Apes" (2001)

Any Jetta Drivers have reviews?

"Chicka-chicka boom boom, will there be enough room?"

Spontaneous dog kisses

Cat or Dog?

How old was your mother when you were born?

Post a pic of something you don't think is working

I just watched "The Producers" for the first time

Is there intelligent life beyond Earth?

Do you work in a dysfunctional workplace?

Ever wonder what the average Freeper looks like while posting ...

Most DELICIOUS birthday ever!

does anyone watch "everwood"

Horrorpops - anyone heard of em?

For those who get the CBC - Rex Murphy is covering HST tonight

Best Black Sabbath Song part II

Suggestions, please

I just made the most amazing soup stock

Favorite President: Super-Über-Hardy-McDifficult Version

Super Troopers Dems or Repugs.

Do you mind if I cuss for a half hour or so?

Cool person test

Best Black Sabbath Song


Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but I'm sitting in a conference room with

I'm married to a male Drama Queen.

I've been dead once already, it's very liberating.

Does anyone own a cockapoo dog?

Hunter S. Thompson will never really die

Favorite kind of CAKE?!?

How old were you when you had your first kid?

Best Black Sabbath Song part III.

Armed Freeper types patrolling Mexican Border What can go wrong?

Anyone hear of earthquake in Iran in last 15 minutes?


Is it hard/nearly impossible for an adult to learn a 2nd language?

JimmyJazz is stuck at work and has a request...

Does anyone else know people like this?

Who wants S'MORES?!?

Hey, drink your big, black cow...


Rolling Stone obit for Hunter Thompson is out

How many of you people are good at math algorithms or programming?

How many siblings do you have?

'Doctor my Eyes'

Hey Revolutionary_Acts_04!!

When I hear Pink Floyd sing, "Ha, ha, charade you are"

What do you want?

Who sent you your first PM and when?

grilled cheese on tour

Whitehouse issues a strict new credentialing application.

We need a good Hunter S.Thompson/BFEE thread.

Woman charged in amputation of boyfriend's genitals

Best African American actor

Scully and Mulder. Dems or Repugs?

So I'm looking to buy a used laptop, need help

'Girl With a Pearl Earring'

Who thinks Mothers have worse problems relating to Daughters than

Happy Drew Barrymore's Birthday!

What's your favorite Rock Opera?

Post photos of men with bad toupees here

I just spoke to JESUS! And Jesus ANSWERED!!!!!

What should I do for my 666th post?

Last Saturday's SNL was the WORST I have seen in YEARS.

Anyone into Ancient Japanese Swords? (composited pic)

Is either Bush more gay than Presidents Arthur, Lincoln, Buchanan

Answers to All Your Health Questions

Need to Find a Cheap Mover for a Cross-Country Move... any Suggestions?

Chopin kicks all your asses. And so does Vivaldi. And Dvorak.

Help! I dropped my work laptop and now it won't start up!

My radio show tonight - Weezer Tribute

Geesh - I thought I was dying. It was only drug withdrawl.

Child asks to leave room when he realizes he's seated next to Pickles

You Seem Pissed... What Are You So Angry About??

not sure I could eat this, whatever it is, without lots & lots of vodka

My computer clock is losing time

"I like your glasses"

For everyone that missed over the weekend. Mari333's son is home!

Need advice...going to London and Paris in three weeks

Bayern Munchen vs. Arsenal tommorrow, need a link to the match

I want one of these. (This is a really a serious thread)

Note left on my sister's car (about her anti * stickers)

Did you have Presidents' Day off today and how did you celebrate?

Freedom-proud town wants to force restaurants to serve apple pie

What's your record for PM's received in a day?

ADVICE NEEDED: thinking about joining the Peace Corps

* Who ARE You?*

I am immortal.I have inside me blood of kings.

Tell me Tom Petty isn't a freeper

It is 70 degrees already here. BUT!!!

I am 4 posts from 8000 - Ask me anything

In Appreciation Of The *Best* News Journalist EVER...

A post I just made to a gung ho know it all young right winger...

PROPOSAL: Ashlee Simpson Fan Club Group

For all of us who are sick

What's the worst concert you've ever been to?

Bless you, my child. Baptismals, weddings, I can do it all!

Internet Dating services...anyone try them?

Whats the lamest Conversation you've ever had with a freeper?

Right now I'm really angry at HST.

Anyone have first-hand stories of celebrities who were real pricks?

Why Grovelbot should return to me

Have you ever encountered a celebrity who was really nice?

terrya and whoisalhedges cruise the Chicago gay bar scene:

Who Is The Best Opening Act You Have Ever Seen In Concert?

My daughter is pledging for a Sorority (sp?) What do you think of S&F's?

OK, how many guns do YOU own...

What are the odds, in a county of 25,000 people, that a person will...

For a nephew's birthday his mom is trying to find --

Here is Buzz Lightyear to color for those people waiting for Longgrain

Democrat or Progressive?

DU coloring pic: A funny-looking dragon

If anyone is worried about the mysterious disappearance of Kleeb.....

Do me a favor, OK. Can nobody else die for a while, please?

I'm so f#*king sick of all this bloody rain

11 year old boy wants a sex change

Prince wedding plans may be illegal

What is the best type of dog to own?

Sarah's Random Questions

"Unanimous Verdict: Fur Is Back!"

Collateral Damage by Robert Cohen

Is this National Shit on Vegs Day on DU?

Update: Vegan Uncle's visit officially over

Gannon: A Message from the Lord?

Religious belief and intellectual respectability

Anti-evolutionist teacher bringing theory to Louisville

Should children be able to convert without permission from their parents?

Aplastic Anemia vs Hemolytic Anemia

'Pack ice' suggests frozen sea on Mars

Mars pictures reveal frozen sea.......

Message to the moderator.

Material Arguments for Gay Marriage Gaining Traction?

should we protest straight pride day?

What does everyone here think of The Simpson's episode?

OMG! Even The Gay Press Is Calling Gannon A "Gay" Hustler...

Who was the MVP of the

Lets go Nova!!

Hunter S. Thompson, former sportswriter, has died

My Yahoo baseball league is open for enrollment

Question for NASCAR fans

Golfers - anyone play on the weekend?

I took Manilla to the vet today . . .

Clavamox and the cat....

Any dog people want to help me figure out

The funny thing about knowing the answer to Life, the Universe & Everythin

Astrology fans: Charles & Camilla to Marry 4-8-05: MERCURY RX

I would like to learn more about Astrocartography

Pro-Elizabeth Edwards thread!

SOA Call-in Day is Feb 22

What is an Alpha-male?

O, God please help us.

I'm so depressed

Hello everybody!

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Just thinking outloud here on John Kerry --

I bet nobody's talking about the DLC anymore, right?

When are people going to lay of this bash Kerry for EVERYTHING ...

Island Park

Just found this post on FReeeeper about gannon saying

TX bill endorses medical marijuana: Repubs, Democrats unite for passage

In honor of Hunter S. Thompson-- A Salon Article about him from last year


did I hear right... CNN - Osama speaks again?

Idiot in Brussels for European fence-mending.

Hey Rube: Blood Sport, the Bush Doctrine ...Thompson's last book ....

Congressman tells GOP crowd we really did find WMD in Iraq

Bush Strategy On Secret Tapes

Did Hunter S Thompson witness Bush selling cocaine?

it's 49/51 now, right? I need that site that tracks this to show to

Condi vs. Hillary 2008. Warning NewsMax Article

DU this MSNBC Poll: Is Bush Distorting Science, Harming America

Subscribed to The Guardian Weekly & made another contribution

How much will you lose under Bush's SS scam?

its all part of wooing Europe--the 'you have beautiful eys' comment

Please DU Forbes poll on piratizing Social Security.

Osama Bin Laden

WTF is with C-SPAN?

A good reason to support the ACLU

Bush tries to rebuild ties in EU

The Changing of the Guard

Gannon: The silence is deafening.

Are their any OTHER suspicious people who got press passes?

CNN Poll: Was it appropriate for a friend to secretly record

Gay prostitutes in the White House? Ok....teenagers having sex? OMG! NO

Wead Live on CNN, using tapes as vehicle to BOOST Bush's image

The so-called Wead Tapes are smokescreen (and a Gannon 'toon)

Credible Evidence Emerges That Jeff Gannon Coordinated With the G.O.P. to

Gannon FAQ

WRVA Richmond "man on the street" poll has W tied with Lincoln

Rove-Gannon Connection?

Why Doesn't Lieberman Just Move To The Republican Party

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

"The real reasons why Iran is the next target"-- William Clark

I'm not sure I want to see a future that HST couldn't stand to look at

Check it: Wead-Weed gate is just a cover for Gannongate

msnbc the female news caster-doing show on bush drug use. She is

What is the difference between Pravda and FOX ?

"peance, freeance" What was he thinking?

insurgents invited to meeting in bowels of Green Zone - I have a bridge

Bush isn't bitter

Is there another chapter in the Gannon story ?

2004 Nobel Prize Economist criticizes Democrats' S.S. argument

The Elephant in the Room

what do Isralis think of the Rapture?

Foxnews--another reason to assume the Bush Tapes story's a smokescreen

Shrub says Gore is a pathological liar...

Terror Alert not elevated since...the election, big suprise!

My Local T.V. Coverage of the Protests In Brussels

Is Gannongate proof enough that we need a Shadow Government

Anyone know where I can get a good voter file for NY?

Check your media lap dogs, Mr. President

The Pain of Losing by Hunter S. Thompson

The end is near, Saudis opt for EUROS over Bush Bucks

FEC lets 501c(4) off with slap on wrist for endorsing Chimp

Dollar being spurned in favor of Euro-- scary articles

Great article: Born Again by Kunstler

Three reasons why the US and Europe won't make up

NonProfit Paying for Schwarzzengger's Hotel

US Considers NUCLEAR Pre-Emptive Strike against Iran

Gannon/Guckert, a CIA Operation Mockingbird "asset" or liability ?

I wonder if George really knew he was being taped?......because

If CNN is so liberal, why did Gannon appear twice on CNN and not on FOX?

Neb. Woman Settles Muslim Garb Lawsuit

PHOTOS: "Well, Belgium went well, Karl!"

On review...who voted against Iraq invasion?

Rep. party has 2005 calendar for Blacks --- really this is not a joke

two interesting elements in the "SECRET BUSH TAPES"

Inside The Blogs on CNN....

Are the Bush Secret Audio Tapes Posted Anywhere?

Strange picture of Condi.

Maureen Dowd's Quote of the day

Bush: "No Power on Earth Will Ever Divide Us" (more than he has already)

Who votes straight party ticket?

Christian conservative convention opens: Seek 1 million new activists

I'm half-way through "Control Room" and I need a support group

"Conspiracy of Silence" child abuse video link

MSNBC Poll - G.W. Bush's Private Conversations: Historical Value Or Gossip

Turn on Air America right now.

Gannongate Scandal Eludes Local Dailies

Bush bans "divorced" Camilla from White House Visit /Charles Welcome!

My head is going to explode..Faux news again.


For rap/hiphop fans - Slim Shady? Phat Howard!

Howard Dean is coming to Cornell this wednesday

Anti-AARP online "push poll" at

Does Ritter *know* we will attack Iran in June?

Why Do Freepers Think Armed Forces Are Having Trouble Recuiting?

Is the Weed story covering the Ritter tale?

All this travelling by Howard Dean - how is he travelling?

Does AARP have any strategy to counter the Swiftie type filth

Congressman Says Rove Planted CBS Memos

Is anyone having trouble streaming AAR tonight?

Just a thought: New Bush line one Social Security.

How much did Talon pay "Gannon"

The Europeans must be thinking...

New Yurica Article - Bush's Inauguration Speech Biblical Code Unraveled

Think fast: Why wait another 25 years 4 the Mercan sheeple 2 snapoutofit?!

Right-Wing Press making it all about the homosexual aspect

Presidents Day Special: The Bill of Rights....

How badly has the Tort Reform Bill hurt us?

Just returned

Green movement pales in Bay State

The Christian Right

Please everyone , I need help. I am doing a 60 Sec. commercial

Hunter S. Thompson and Sandra Dee Irony.....


I Found This Strange Pod Just Outside My Bedroom Window......

Interesting how pukes circle the wagons on the Gannon deal

"I've snookered people my entire life...."

Damn Good Question!!!! Why Isn't Nocak In Jail???????

How many think finding out who "Deep throat" is will be a total let down.

How much $$ did Gannon earn to owe $20K in taxes?

And HOW COME there is no talk of him hiding his agenda prior to election?

Bush lied about Smoking Dope -- HE SMOKED MARIJUANA & HE INHALED!

DC, MD, VA to hold regional DFA caucus next on this.

When the anti-war movement flourishes--who will provide the music?

Amway, Republicans & That Old Time Religion

AP Spins Gannon link to websites "suggestive of gay porn..."

DUers thoughts on prospective war with Iran?

Bush secret tapes: planted by Rove?

O'Reilly: ACLU focus on Abu Ghraib "undermines military effort in the war"

USA NEXT (Rove/swifty anti AARP group) blames our Mothers and Fathers

So if it's now okay for Bush to smoke pot

Tin-foil hat permanently attached.

Unbelievable caption on this photo.

Hinchey affair

The Hooker, Line and Sinker by Howard Kurtz

What do conservatives claim to stand for?

Is the b**sh administration fascist?

Do we know what committee is going to vote on Negroponte

My thoughts on these Bush tapes

Political self-identification

Hillary Clinton: Insurgency in Iraq Is Failing

New mexico paper calls for verifiable paper trail for ballots!

Again the repubs are FRAMING the debate on soc security...........

O.K. Time for a Gannon Coverage List: Who's covered the Story?

Should Gore and/or Kerry have just picked Graham of Florida as VP?

GOP Spokeswoman May Have Lied (regarding knowing Owner of Talon News)

CBS news is all over Mangate ......

Scott Ritter is on AAR, and he's scaring the shit out of me

Did Alberto Gonzalez break the law by officially endorsing torture?

Democrats Reaching Out: The Comic Book Method

Shrub smokes pot and sends kids to prison for doing the same

Why triple-talented Dean spells trouble for Republicans

Bush has it WWWWrong,,,,,, We don't work for HIM,,, He works for US....

Credible Evidence Emerges That Jeff Gannon Coordinated With the G.O.P. to

Hunting Hillary Clinton

Have You Noticed a Push to Put Your Money in Overseas Investments?

AARP to be Attacked by the Swiftboat Boys!!--Unbelievable

Something is really pissing me off: what I am seeing in Christianity.

Howard Dean's coming to Mississippi next week.

Why is Bush kissing European ass?

Kansas, tickets to Dean rally sold out in 2 1/2 hours yesterday.

I dreamed of a Liberal Cable News Channel last night

Why isn't John Edwards the Dem front runner for 08?

To which Democratic Party do you belong?

Look at the ridiculous ad that Rove's swift idiots have up already!!!