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Archives: February 19, 2005

Clearing the Fog On Interrogations (Graham / Harman in WP)

Brooks conveniently forgets about the fact that the gov can not

Scarcities starve Cuba's model health system

The Nuclear Domino Effect (

The Empire of Vulgarity by Mike Carlton

Groups Preparing New Push Against Iraq War

Negroponte = Ambassador to Death Squads

Fantastic Idea for Revising Social Security

VN Vet and former DEA agent is against Negroponte...

Uh, isn't Iraq supposed to be on our side since the Great Liberation?

1st Annual Tomdispatch Political Comedy Awards

New Front in the War on Terror

Killing the Trust Fund Pookah

MSM Vs. Blogosphere: A rebuttal

Rob for the rich from the rest...Its bushness as usual..'s Justin Raimondo covers Gannongate

Talk about a backdoor draft - NSPS is coming

Poor, White and Pissed - A Guide to the White Trash Planet

William Pfaff (London Observer): Why Bush will fail in Europe

Newsweek: Bush's Plan to Repeal the New Deal

Kids Say the Darndest, Most Stalinist Things

Chief refuses to rule out water cannons (UK/G8)

Thousands expected to protest Bush visit in Brussels

Market Street, San Francisco on March 20, 2003

Anarchy at the G8

Organized protests from the internet

So I have this idea for a haunted house for neo-cons (big image)

New fatboy promo on Clear Channel Cleveland station

FOX News Coverage of Jeff Gannon

The next FCC chairmanship, FYI

Erring on the Side of Disaster (Occupational Hazards)

Spanish Chemists Investigate Hydrogen Production From Bio-Oils.

Al Gore speaking out

Defiant British hunters ride to hounds despite legal ban

Religious leaders criticize Bush on environment

Bush Message To Europe - "We Care About The Climate" - Reuters

Pneumonic Plague Outbreak In Eastern Congo - WP

Residential renewable energy systems question:

Bush's Iraq Coalition Shrinking

Indonesia Says UN East Timor Inquiry Unnecessary

Senior officials escape Haiti jail

Bush is Coming (Radio Netherlands)

Please delete:

Illinois Democrat introduces CCW legislation!

Help me understand why this was locked?

Just a thought

GrovelBot is a stalker

I thought personal attacks were not tolerated on DU?

So I ask for more information and get post deleted?

gannon, etc.

I want to thank the Mods for locking this flamebait.

Thanks to the mods

Do You Approve...

Thank you for locking this thread.

"Greatest"changed from 48 to 24 hours?

Was my post of the list of Israeli UN violations blocked? If so, why?

From Aqaba To Sharm - Fake Peace Festivals.

Life in shadows for invisible workers who fear deportation

The Arab property tycoon, the Israeli settlements and a clever plan to boo

The New York Times: Israel Gears Up for Burst of Far-Right Anger

reopen 911 is giving away

Popular Mechanics: Debunking the 9/11 Myths

Gen. Powell to Address National Restaurant Association Show 5/22

Chicago Sun-Times: Tequila may have fueled 911 prank

DePaulia: Tweed: Minimum wage raise: it all adds up

Peoria Journal-Star: City workers vote to strike

Belleville News Democrat: New Spanish-language raido service at U of I

Chicago Tribune: Thomas dying breed

How things look from downstate

Rockford Register-Star: Gov presses strategy for 'long-overdue' reforms

State Journal-Register: Security director lays out agenda (must read)

Do you think it's fair for Gov to raise the tax on cigarettes 75c a pack

BBV seeks electronic voting logs for voting and tabulating machines

Voting rights groups BLOCK talk of machine-free elections

NC Elections Chief wants video cameras in polling booths

NEW grandtheftelectionohio comic! GANNON et al "PROPAGANDISTAS"

Plame & PropaG: Gannon was GOPUSA Officer/Director: Dina Powell

PLEASE PLEASE READ George Bush Plans Attack Of Iran George W. Bush Lied

Anyone see or hear Joe Lockhart since election night?

Gannon scoop shows White House Forged TANG/CBS memos?!?!

New Zogby poll asks who you voted for!

It's all about 3, stupid!

Whistle blower alleges US Rep. Tom Feeney may have rigged Florida Election

Washington Post interviews Jeff Gannon - Jeff explains...

Revised Petition Statement

"Gathering to Save Our Democracy"

On CA redistricting. What do you think of this NY Times article?

Is shopaholic around?

One more time - How TABULATORS contributed to fraud 2004

New Hampshire Exit Polls and Nader Recount

What groups are still working to Make 'Em Pay for the stolen election?

Super Precincts Anyone? Are they a good idea?

Twelfth Amendment (Electoral College) should be used

Question of GAY SEX surrounding White House reveal who we have become

What happened in New Hampshire? Nader says the POLLS were wrong? TIA??

Ok everyone I am home and well not quite as yellow as yesterday.

Excellent movie-- INVISIBLE BALLOTS...

Saturday 2/19 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Detailed analysis of Palm Beach County votes by precinct vs fraud,etc.

CA ACTION ALERT! Election fraud TEACH-IN's Oakland, Sta Monica 2/26-27

Video - HBO's Bill Maher jabs at Gannon, Bush & Rove - VERY FUNNY!


For those who get KQED (PBS Channel 9)

Simple solution to end gerrymandering

Locals tag Conservative Billboards in Hollywood (images)

Best Beach in CA! and why...

Anyone else get a refund on their MA state income tax?

Massachusetts premier of WMD

What is it like to be a Massachusetts Liberal?

What is the latest on gay marriage in Massachusetts?

What are the opinions of DUers from the Twin Cities area

Amy Klobuchar for 06 Senate, Mike Ciresi for Governor, Wetterling for 6th

Trojan attacks Microsoft AntiSpyware

Quickly search multiple sites from IE address bar

Easy question for tech geniuses;

Fingerhut backs another "Third Century" bond effort

Blackwell thanks Republicans for successful 2004

I have discovered why PA is still a Commonwealth

Filippi to run again in Erie

What the hell was up with the Eagles?

rename drive around state capitol for w? or reagan?

Taping or recording meetings-what has worked best for you?

Get Off Your ASS and get active on this!

Social Security and Town Hall Meetings-be prepared


* (41) Presidential Records to be Released

I need those links to Jeff Gannon pornography.

PHOTO: U.S. soldier SHOT in Baghdad....falls to ground....

Cooper\Gannon interview the Elephant in the room

Howie's column in tomorrow's Wash Post on Gannon

"I touched the revolution and its current runs through the people"

I've finally figured out why the weed hates France!

What's USMCPT ?

Does Ann Coulter have an adam's apple?

Anybody have an audio file of Cooper's Gannon interview?

GAG...caption this PHOTO: bush* with HOTEL RWANDA manager....

the Johnny Gosch kidnapping and other interesting stuff . . .

Why does bush get to sit in judgement of the world?

Caption this photo!

VIDEO of Blinky the Bulldog (Ganuckert) on CNN

i cut up my sam's card, and joined costco

Gannongate, Abu Grahib, just what exactly is going on in this White House?

Sex and the Capital

(PHOTO) Caption chimpy...

So Bulldog's a "Christian"?...."Bringing in the Shills....."

The George W. Bush Singers

"Mungo" *_boy_shepard.

List of Israeli UN violations

reopen 911 is giving away

VIDEO: Cooper Anderson drills Guckert!

"Thank You Mr. Bush" makes me puke.

Second-Term Jinx

"I'll be home for a year and then probably sent to Iran...."

GanGuk is the gift that keeps on giving

I can't stand this jerk on Washington Journal

Evildoer Right WIng Strategy to attack the DNC

Ugh...Catholic League's Donohue on the Today show...

Anyone have an email address for puke Robert Novak?

Could Gannon pull off a David Brock?

Jason Mattera is a punk-assed bitch.

over in freeperland, the gannon threads have LOTS of views...

What about this scenario on Gannon

USS George Clymer APA27

Take back the Media

A Lesson in History.

Iraq is the proof that Bush is the Worst President Ever

Clear Channel adopts liberal programming...

Negroponte - Bush Mistake #2

SS Privatization IS NOT Bush's Idea. It comes from the PINOCHET Regime

Russia backs Iran in nuclear row (BBC) ...... next move shrub? Announces Wolf Blitzer as Its GOP Hypocrite of the Week

I hear they've raised the bounty on bin Laden.

Jeff Gannon's 'past' would get me fired too

FBI searches home of Texas man seeking bin Laden bounty

Does the presence of a large Military-Industrial Complex in and of itself

White Supremacists Target NASCAR's Daytona 500 Race for Major Recruitment

On C-SPAN this morning - a college Rethug

Rail enthusiasts let off steam over mock Nazis

Spreading the word - Are the "good guys" findable by John and Jane Doe?

Is anybody out there really pissed that ........

Internet Activism anyone?

My local Gannett newspaper won't touch the Gannon story.

Does anyone remember the book : "Bowling Alone"? It became reality.

DU researchers: Is the United States still looking for WMD in Iraq?

Oh the Cons and their hypocrisy


"debate over whether or not there is a global warming signal is now over"

Just reported on NPR: Bush says other countries...

US winning the hearts and minds with the haji-be-good stick

Oppose Bush* "Clear Skies" and senate asks for tax records

Received a letter from the Denocratic National Headquarters today


Juxtaposition: Class action suits muted, Vioxx back on market!!

Dylan Spring Tour

Control Room on CBC Newsworld Sunday night

What is this crap on CNN?

U.S. and Japan concerned about China's growing Military...........

The Falun Gong: Innocuous or Insidious?

The marketplace has a few winners and a bunch of losers.

My Spam: Muslim Nutjob or Right-Wing Conspiracy.....?

Too much stuff on Gannon so that I don't know what it is all about.

Samuel Francis (Council of Conservative Citzens) dead

Journalism Defined

US's largest newspapers playw down evidence of new torture 'gannon' with bushie boy....'bald dudes'...not porno.

Gannon 'People criticize me for being a Christian' WTF????

It seem to me this Guckert, Gannon person

Text of * 2/19 Radio Address to the Nation

The RW created modern day Islamic Extemism


The fund raise drive is almost there. Take it over the top.

"Bush’s budget is just plain nasty" -Classic Ivins

12 Australians wanted over Hariri’s murder

The Inception of the Epoch of Mrs.Bedonebyasyoudid.

ughh.. I now have fox news channel..

American Imperialism And The Politics Of Fear

Check out rawstory

Drudge Takes The Oscar For 'Clueless'

The Creation of Gannon

How did charisma-challenged David Brancaccio inherit Bill Moyer's NOW?

Gannon & Scottie lied about the passes, they ain't so easy to come

Why is it that RepublicanPres. get Aircraft carriers named after them, but

Is Rove Married??? or ever has been??? Where is Mrs.Rove?

2000 Baptist students freaked when John Dear spoke - really

Where is what Gannon wrote?

Will The Senate Roll Over On Negroponte's Nomination?

I sill wonder if Gannon thing is not a media distract for Iran/Syria move.

"This Story Isn't About Sex" - Justin Raimondo

GOP-China double agent case cover up

Indians Should Support Ward Churchill

Touchy Subject: How does one "prove" they are religious?

Jeff Gannon's posts on FreeRepublic

A blast from the past...may be good time to reflect...

Sword Play -- by Chris Floyd

US soldiers to receive ecstasy to fight combat trauma...

Due to circumstances from Neo Conservatives(rant warning)

turkey chili in the crockpot

(Reuters) Strip Club Artfully Slips by Anti-Nudity Law

WHY do funerals cost so f***ing much?


Armstrong Wiliams is gay too?

GOPUSA just one of HUNDREDS of bogus Bush News Services

KFFA Fund Drive: It's "Dead Day" boys and girls!

Philosophical Question....

Optionetics - Ownership Society Social Programming?

I just talked to Mari, her son is home.

Who was Gannon "Serving" in the White House?

Agencies Warned to Halt Fake News Videos


Why Kim Jong-il hates George W Bush

"Better latent than never": Jeff Gannon

is the money used to pay Pundits for propagandizing Bu$h..TAXPAYER MONEY!

What LEGALLY has to happen to call yourself a news service?

Does anyone have a video clip of last nights Gannon - CNN interview?

You won't believe what I saw in a Wal Mart yesterday!

Is there video of the Gannon/Andersen interview available?

Is that a Hard Pass in your pocket or are you

Self-Hating Gays: Jim Guckert also known as "Jeff Gannon"

Franken and the nit wit right

To the DU writers who have been published. Do you remember the first time?

Medicaid cuts could carry a political cost, too

During the election we debated how the Log Cabin Republicans

sweet, another hate mailbag, I havent seen one of those in forever.

Getting White House day pass not so easy

Pleas help .....

If, for one minute women would stop and listen, maybe just maybe we would

New info: Ari calls on Jeff as early as March 4, '03

PHOTO: Does Junior tell his father he has a 'face made for radio' too?

Would You Trust a Crook with Your Social Security Check?

This would be a great time for the MSM

Did Mandela's son die of Aids, or of Aids drug side-effects?

White House is WARNED on PROPAGANDA by GAO!

Why Bush advisers fight the evidence on climate change

Portugal returns to "Old Europe" tomorrow

Heh -- Coulter puts her foot in her mouth -- AGAIN!!!!

I can't stand when religion is pushed on me.

Any news on FreeRepublics Gannon/Guckert rally Fri?

Opponents of 'Clear Skies' Bill Bullied & Intimidated

Market Street, San Francisco on March 20, 2003

China should open their own stores to sell their cheap crap.

You're about to watch a future history of the media!!!!!

The fact that gagman is still alive is already an amazing story.

Need a website with a running total of American soldiers killed.


Gannon's Secret Client Revealed --- The Man who Gannon slept with is.....

So. What other reporters publish under pseudonyms, anyway?

Jimmy Jeff Guckerton SMEARS CNN for "hiding truth about Saddam"

Hillary Clinton is a failure as a wife.

Piece on Edwards right now on NPR? The question is why.

Bush's Iraq Coalition Shrinking...(yahoo article, rate it up plz)

Question: When do bloggers like Kos sleep?

I have a couple of questions that I would like a bush supporter to answer

Wrong Values from this Republican--Television Indency

Curious me: so what happened to Bush-the-elder's crew buddies when

NAACP chief asks for bill to stop sales of 'death utensils'

Old news, but still interesting..... how the DCANG mission statement

"We continue to discover biological and chemical weapons

If 55 Americans were killed by bombs today, would it be a big deal?

Gonzales and McConnell, begging for a Caption!!

Which are worse: Dog farts or cat farts?

How did the DC Freepi do today at their "SUPPORT GANNON" rally?

Americablog asks : Who funded GOPUSA/Talon News??

I have no problem with this decision...

CPAC convention sponsors

Was disrespect for Vietnam veterans just confined to the Left?

Scandal places his Pearland-based Internet enterprise under a microscope

How will the Capital Gang (CIA-NN) handle Gannon-gate?

GOPUSA's left wing.

Caption this

Let us face it. While we are all turned on big time to Gannon their

Dangerous drugs can be avoided by people who

Beautiful PHOTO of protest banner on smokestack...DC'ers serve jail terms

republicans officially become brownshirts

Caption these 2 pics of Arnold....

US intel officials play the terror card, and make a damning admission

If $285.9 million is "negligible," they can send it to me

Can someone help me decipher Santorum and Durbin's arguments in this

Let me suggest the BEST way to donate if you can....

c-span2, evening schedule - Joe Wilson, Soros, Lindsay Moran, Clare Short

useful info on "Gannon"

Dean - Perle Debate coming up on C-span, 8 pm et

I am finally getting the feeling the Gannon story is not going away.

Can we just get rid of Texas?

Why did Bruce Eberle give Bobby Eberle

Freedom is on the march, eh George? Nepal is a Police State

How about this!!! Texans please read...

What if there were more than just the Dept of Education ?

Kerry proposes 40,000 more troops, as Democrats back Bush war spending

Secret tapes: Bush thinks dumb duped fundies are embarrassing

Poll: War support shrinking in Texas

BobShiefffer to Bush in Debate: "Was Guckert born gay or chose it?"

THIS IS MY 200th POST...

Dualing Headlines: Not Planning to Attack Iran / No plans for Iraq attack

A Soldier's View of Republican Propaganda

Shakespeare to Gannon: What’s In a Name?

Who Needs Fresh Air?

Whom do the Republicans fear the most?

I need some help with a number?

Hate Mail bashing/debunking forum.

Is Napolean Dynamite really dead, or is it a rumor?

Anybody else think the show "distraction" is incredibly stupid...

If only we had a Deep Throat

Why we MUST Fight the RW

Karel talking about Gannon/Guckert now

John Edwards on This Week with George Stephanopolous tomorrow.

Whores Compromising National Security- Multiple Cases

I LOVE all you gay guys

looks like Gannon had an interest in spreading crap about Jamie Gorelick

Windows OS Question Re: Windows Me Upgrade problem

FILM: "Cindy, a tomboy (gasp!) unsure of her social status.....

Do you know about the radical Cleric known as Pata Nostrebor?

I think calling Coulter a Man is an excellent tactic.

Is it at all unusual that the White House has issued no official statement

Have you seen the new version of "The Lion in Winter"?

Meet The Press: Hillary & McCain !


Bush secretly recorded by old friend before he was president

Video clip of Bill Maher discussing Bush's "man-date"

Freeper pride in "almost serving" this is a comical post

Goetterdammerung, or how will it all end?

Gay facts and fantasies in Propagannon research

What would 'turd blossom' mean as a gay man's nickname?

The Dean Perl debate is on cspan NOW! 11:40PM EST.

NYT Times softball article on Gannon

GOPUSA posts propaganda pic with wrong eagle!

FLASHBACK:Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares VIP's with Reagan, Bush

Howard Dean kicking Perle's ass on CSPAN.... which means he needs to

Re: Guckert/Gannon- I don't believe "Guckert" is even his real name

Idiot Son "It's me versus the world but the world is on my side." HUH?

YEEAH BOYEE! President Bush is bringin' da abstinence noize to da streetz!

Did you know that Jimmy Carter had a submarine

Bush laughed as he signed the "tort reform" bill to hurt the injured..

Man, I hate war. All war. The killing, the deaths . . .

Have you ever hated anyone before * ?

Rev. Fred Phelps praises Howard Dean and asks to join executive team.

George W Bush interviewed by UK Daily Telegraph

Guy James Listeners! Have YOU donated to his show (recently)?

PHOTOS: Pro-Peace demonstrators in Rome today....

I'm a Republican because... ("load of happy horseshit" alert)

Jeff Gannon / Jim Guckert Talking Points

Gannon was quite busy posting over at Freerepublic

Will the truth prevail?

Second head removed from baby girl

If Bush goes down, it will be because of bloggers.

We're spreading democracy around the world. So, democracy's always good?

Help, what Environment Org do I donate to?

People near Universities with Continuing Education - Atlantans

Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked!

Jeff Gannon saw Aug. 6. 2001 PDB in advance!

Should "In God We Trust" be on our currency?

Stormfront linked to Free Republic

Trend Watch -- Are we officially replacing "Liberal" with "Progressive"?

Bobby Eberle Exploited 9/11

NYTimes story on Gannon by Frank Rich....It has legs folks.

I just saw the Motorcycle Diaries, wow.

Party leadership? I think the grass roots is half the problem

Is Bruce Eberle (Paula Jones hired law firm) related to Bobby Eberle?

Is prostitution illegal in my community

How can this Class Action legislation be overturned ?

Is it now verified that Jim/Jeff rec'd no payment from Talon News?

FILM: "MY JAPAN!" Think the US government doesn't engage in propaganda?

Are You Prepared to Avoid the Draft? Excellent Conscientious Objector Info

The GENIUS that is Al Franken

The GOP's Pink Triangle & the CIA

LOL -- Graduates of the "Jeff Gannon New Beginnings" Career School

US is threatening Turkey

Dear Sinclair Lewis: IT DID HAPPEN HERE...

NYT: Secretly Taped Conversations with W

Chimp makes fun of child's name ("Imagine if my name had been Mungo Bush")

Anyone else confused by all the developments in Gannongate?

Raw Story: "Mainstream Press Picks up Pace on Gannon"

Should pharmaceutical companies be allowed ANY time on the air?

How many of us admire you, Elizabeth Edwards?

Will Man-dategate bring georgie down?

Gannon on Kerry's "intern" and calling for "freep" of Kerry HQ

Gannon Exposed.......from lies to Rove connections (went to same school)

What Are The Pre/Post War "Metrics" On World Terrorism?

"I accept Ward Churchill's pro-terrorist views." DU this Poll!

Almost $1 billion spent on settling sexual abuse cases...

Bill Maher Last Night....The Worst I've Seen Him Do...

5 things you can do to help make "Guckert" a household name

Here is a new wrinkle on the Gannongate story...

"Autism: The Hidden Epidemic" on NBC tonight...

The Gannon Scandal: It's not about sex, but the press and democracy

Another Art Show Shut Down - Because of Bill Maher Quote

**March 19 and 20*_*March 19 and 20*_*March 19 and 20**

Guckert is officially out in front of the scandal

Poor, White and Pissed

Is it just me, or is PETA a little over the top here...

i had fun with baking today

How long does buttermilk last?

No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

What's the national debt situation in Canada?

Is Canada really better than the United States?

Apparently it's Official: Britons are most cultured Europeans

Protests Against Nepal King Collapse

VIDEO: Cooper Anderson drills Guckert!

Globe and Mail: Famous Players (theaters) drops same-sex advertisements

Plague Hits Miners in Democratic Republic of Congo [NPR... AIRBORNE!]

White House Bond: Teamed by No. 43, 41 and 42 Hit It Off

Bush Impatient Over Iran Tactics

Bush Denies Plans to Attack Iran

Bush, Europeans to skirt a big issue:U.S. fiscal policy worries our allies

The final proof: global warming is a man-made disaster

Two students charged with having weapons, ammo at university

Opposition in Lebanon demands 'independence uprising'

Bush Says U.S. Not Planning Attack of Iran

More Iraqis Killed on Shiite Holy Day

New $6,000 Army bonuses designed to lure more officers into Guard, Reserve

Quake causes panic in Indonesia

Diplomat held over plane incident

Disappointments wear away zest for state privatization (FL)

SF 'will weather political storm'

E-mail scam targets families of Iraq war dead

Clinton, Bush Tour Nations Hit by Tsunami

Sex and fraud woe for Greek church

Wounds from sniper send U.S. adviser home

Senate Examining Intelligence on Nuclear Terror

NYT: Doubting U.S., China Is Wary of Korea Role

NYT, pg1: Tired of TiVo? Beyond Blogs? Podcasts Are Here

Some spy plane work moving to Mississippi

'Artful' strippers escape censure

Queen drops French for the menus at IOC banquet

Armstrong Wiliams is gay too?

Pakistan's PM Aziz to visit Teheran next week

Gosselin (MI) proposes Commandments display (with support of some Dem's)

The Americas Look to Security Concerns

Brazil declares forest havens after nun's killing

NYT: Boston Herald Is Ordered to Pay Judge $2 Million for Libel

Class-Action Curbs Could Consolidate Law Firms

Missoula radio may add liberal voice to mix

Task Force Baghdad Soldier Dies During Attack

Mexicans angry at CIA's `instability' assessment

U.S. Senators Cautiously Optimistic on Iraq (Clinton, McCain, Graham)

Show Me the Money (AlterNet on Social Security)

Gannongate Threatens To Expose Huge GOP Pedophile & Male Prostitution Ring

Iranian FM to visit India, gas imports seen as key topic

Irish bank chief quits as home is searched by raid police

Condi & Bush; "If we only knew we would have moved heaven and earth."


Turkish Cypriots Face Fractured Vote

Bush Outlines Goals for European Trip

Bush Says He Harbors No Bitterness Toward Chirac

Aid Group Fears Over 1,000 Afghan Child Deaths (bush* bin-forgotten WAR)

Commander-in-Chef a Very Tall Order

U.S. Watches As China Woos Caribbean

Junkie Dogs Chasing A High

Americans' Concept of Moral Values Don't Match Bush's

Sinclair Broadcast: The Puppetmasters (AlterNet)

U.S. Indicts Ithaca War Protesters

Senators demand G8 suspend Russia (Lieberman and McCain)

Municipal Wi-Fi Battle Moves to Texas

SHOCK STOCK PROBE (Feds Payback Howard Stern for Kerry Support))

Governors Oppose Bush's Medicaid Cuts (both Dems and Repugs)

Gannon didn't tell the truth about when he started using pseudonym

New York Divided On Same-Sex Marriage (NYT poll)

Japan Worries Aloud with U.S. on China-Taiwan

Man Tries to Toss Cigarette, SUV Ignites

Lawsuit against Apple over firm's business practices

Hizbollah Tells Lebanese to Cool Anti-Syria Line

Father goes to jail for abusing family

Chinese State Media: North Korea Not Interested in Direct Talks With Unite

Clash over 'Kurdish veto' looms in Iraq

Duma deputy skeptical about Russia G8 membership suspension

Judge Who Pushed Desegregation Dies at 86

NAACP: Social Security Plan Hurts Blacks

Hagee: Cultural training is needed to deal with globally funded insurgents

Unions Support Plan to Cut A.F.L.-C.I.O. Contributions

A life off course (Olympic Champion suffers brain injury, repeated arrest)

Rove-Gannon Connection?

Registrar's Ouster Assailed (Virginia throws out GOP registrar: DEMS WIN!)

Syria, Iran vow united front against foreign threats

Administration Is Warned About Its 'News' Videos

UK link to torture jail's rules

Rice Asks North Korea to Resume Talks, Avoid `Other Measures'

NYT: Intelligence Nominee Comes Under Renewed Scrutiny on Human Rights

Stolen cash found in police club as Sinn Fein is tainted by IRA scandals

Russia Maintains Cooperation with Tehran Despite US and Israel

NYT: The White House Stages Its 'Daily Show'

Taliban Say Their Insurgency Is Waiting Out the Bitter Winter

Part of marsh legendary as Garden of Eden has been restored, experts say

In Secretly Taped Conversations, Glimpses of the Future President

Australia agog with tale of playboy 'diplomat' and a minister's daught

Bush Recalls Stint on Scottish Sheep Farm

Sen. Clinton Says Iraq Insurgents Failing

U.S. Watches As China Woos Caribbean

Iran preps for a possible war with U.S.

Poorest Face Most Risk on Social Security

NYT: Bush Seeks to Begin a Thaw in a Europe Still Cool to Him

Web Site Operator Says He Knew of Reporter's Two Identities

Ex-ambassador slams Straw over torture

WP: Talk With Putin Will Test Bush's Inaugural Pledges

Pakistan most anti-American country: CRS

Audit Faults U.S. for Its Spending on Port Defense (DOHS blows it again!)

Huge 'star-quake' rocks Milky Way

(Wash.) Cigarette tax boost sought

42 Dead in Eight Iraq Suicide Bombings (hillary quote)

Most Americans want troops home this year

Lesbian Who Split With Partner Must Pay Child Support for Adopted Children

Family wants investigation of recruit's death

Military families preparing for new push against Iraq occupation

Pentagon to investigate 10 (Soldiers) suspected as serial rapists

LAT: Opponents of 'Clear Skies' Bill Examined (Inhofe intimidation?)

Vietnamese professor to attend Agent Orange trial in U.S.

NYT: Rift Deepens as Professors at Harvard See Remarks

American Indian Students Protest Fence

Clear Channel going liberal

China reluctant to take major diplomatic risks on North Korea:

Focus on Indiana's Governor, a Tax Cutter Who Has Become a Tax Raiser

WP: Democrats' Grass Roots Shift the Power

USS Jimmy Carter to Be Commissioned

Egyptian doctors remove baby's second head

In Secretly Taped Conversations, Glimpses of the Future President -NYT

Wiesbaden, 1st Armored Division set for President Bush's visit to Germany

Exxon passes GE to be No. 1 in size (world's biggest company)

Putin To Visit Iran

The mole, the US media and a White House coup (Guardian)

Jeff Gannon Admits Past 'Mistakes,' Berates Critics

Gunmen Take Haiti Ex-Prime Minister from Prison

Firms Make It Their Business To Push Health Incentives

Risk of deadly global epidemic

Man with heart ailment dies after being shocked with Taser (TX)

U. of Colo. Professor to Speak in Hawaii

Churchgoers ordered to pray for Camilla

Evangelicals here, map agenda...rolled out their political goals

Blockbuster sued over late fees ('no more late fees' claim is deceiving)

Maybe the Dingo ate your Baby.

Zogby asking nutty questions again.

Some of the funniest shit ever is over in the ATA forum

"Window Treatment" pretentious or not

Not a big fan of Roseanne Barr, BUT

They let you try it free? It must be good.

Hmmm, Rumsfeld's ancestor? You decide!!

Obligatory Friday Night Cat thread

New favorite Bush pic

Send me your worst earworms! my numbah...

Ever discover something while listening to a record backwards?

Movie music question...(Batman)

Just curious...about politicians

Do people who vote "other" in polls suck?

It's Poobah Time!

It's Brewah time!

What week is NCAA March Madness?

Ok a rant here

Robin Williams on Bill Maher

Chicagoans who have seen Kill Bill Volume 2...

It's Boohbah time!

I have the bestest boyfriend ever....

Forced to go to a temp agency today.

Please, someone give GrovelBot a star!

I just saw Constantine

while you make pretty speeches.....

Shouldn't Ray Liotta be in more Gangster Movies?

Well Today was my birthday (2-18)

Make me go to bed!

CONSTANTINE It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all

I just ran into my boss at the strip club

The Men in Black Suits are here again for the 3rd night in a row

Enzyte Commercials annoy me.

is hockey (NHL) back???


CNNi's Richard Quest - Love him or hate him?

I’ve been waiting for something to happen

Jeff Gannon et mah Baybee!

Its official - Freepers are but dimwitted children

Los Angeles Hailstorm!? WTF?

"I (Heart) Huckabees" - rented the DVD last night. Great!

Waiting for the digital Belgium house music to start...

Most dangerous Hitler of all time?


is the US responsible for all damage to Japan caused by Godzilla...


Dammit! Bush Sr. had Clintons arms cut off! Evil Bastard!

Got weekend plans?

"Aliens" Now Starting On TCM

The Lounge: Lizards or Losers


'Artful' strippers escape censure

Worst U2 song

DC DUers; any word about the FReep Guckert protest?

Cal Thomas of fox news is coming to my area...

Sweet little games - especially the first one.

Forget Gannon. New Scandal developing. Nude photos of Grovelbot surface!

Woo Hoo! I got Mellencamp tickets this morning.

I have 50 Gmail invites.

Hey! There's a hair in my soup

Awkward moments in insurgency

Dale Earnhardt Jr's iTunes Celebrity Playlist is AWESOME

Hilarious spam message

KCRW in LA rocks!

The Jeff Gannon New Beginnings Career School

I admit it, I've got some dirty laundry...

freepers don't get why the Gannon case is a big deal!!!

How does one get invited to a Yahoo group?

Well, iPod owners rejoice:

My cheque book is blank. Does that make me a bad person?

anyone else feel like it's sunday?


Someone is sneaking into my apartment and curling my hair while I sleep

JMS says Star Trek is not dead. Only needs to be done right. (I agree)

Are casket stores popular where you are located?

Waiting to donate to be 1000th donor! Does this make me a bad person?

Rod Stewart is coming to town. How's his show?

Racing is the deadliest sport,hockey the roughest,football the toughest,

Blockbuster just stole 19.84 from my checking account!

No,for gawd's sake,don't get the "Led" out.

Always clean your toilet bowl with mouth closed


yep, i have a ear-worm

Should the NHL fuck off now?

Best Hot salsa?

What is Springsteen's "Jungleland" about?

I could have Bill Gates' money and still eat ramen noodles weekly

My posts are reply magnets, baby

favorite U2 song

I've switched to green tea . . .

Hate Mailbag - Oh, Skinner, I Am Laughing My ASS Off!!

The Roval Office, I said it first, (I think) nah nah nah nah nah......

What's for lunch??

Can we have an RSX/XML feed for the lounge?

turkey chili in the crockpot

Blumberg banks on lottery to help budget

Most F-ed Up Reason For A Brake Repair - EVER!

Descartes and Heisenberg walk into a bar and order drinks.

Just what is "The Game"

any SCA fighters feel like trading a DU contribution for an armor upgrade?

Best mild salsa? and I mean really mild, but flavorful

I'm about to cook some fried rice

"The City of New Orleans" --- this afternoon's earworm

Damn, Gannon's WH press pass was up for auction on Ebay

Crapski!!!! The reactor, she's gone critical!!!!!!!!!!!

Teriyaki pizza? Yuck. Is there any good cross-culture food?

I just talked to Mari, her son is home.

If you're an artist, I have THE job for you.

entertain me.

OMG! Have you seen Bartcop's "Spot the Queen" picture?

How can I cook chicken breast without frying them...

Sorry, but this was too funny not to post

The Yellow Star

Whoever donated in my name Thank you.

An interesting site - "World Heratige List" -

Women Sue Over Gorilla's Breast 'Fetish'

It's a new world order

Damn Cats: They're smarter than you think & know how to exact revenge!!!

Attention anyone in the DU Photography Group

You Haven't Lived Until You...

The latest addition to my "family"...

GUCKERTGATE!!!!!! You guys interested?

Woe to you

Whiskey River take my mind !

Zenophobic e-mail

Alright! Which one of you cheeky monkeys donated me a star?


An animated Bush.

The 'fun songs' thread

Friday Night Lights-the greatest sports movie ever made!!! *SPOILERS*

Yessss!!!...DU hate mail update today.

Can a stew built on Carolina hog topped with Swiss cheese be French?

Automated reply from Anderson Cooper

For you viewing pleasure: The Creation

Confession time: I'm a 'big band' freak

Suzanne has some good news for me.

anyone watching Austin Stevens on Animal Planet?

How did Pete do that?

I'm on AIM again...need some buds!

Is this where I submit my photo to the gallery?

Do you ever wake up

Blockbuster's "No late fees" campaign is incredibly misleading

* walks in Dad's footsteps - name your favorite "security precaution"

Bayern Munchen beat Dortmund 5-0!!!

You're about to watch a future history of the media!!!!!

Listen to "The Guy James Show" tonight from 7 to 10 eastern

We finally got ESPN2! Ask me anything.

Chocolate Chip Cookies! (big!)

Do You Use a Pseudonym In Real Life?

LOL, check out Grovelbot's message then check out the thread subject!

I learned how to eat a shrew last night...I'm 167....

how do you watch a jennifer connelly movie..

I learned how to use a corkscrew last night. I'm 63.

A little help? Fluid mechanics?

I have fun listening to crazy right wingers

I'm sick! Day 2

a Plea For Help.

"Broadcast News" Holly Hunter, Wm Hurt, Albert Brooks, 9PM EST PBS

Which minor James Bond character should have their own spin-off series?

A letter to my Gran, on the occasion of her 91st birthday.

A wacko Repuke pissed me off at work tonight.

Vern Gosdin=Good Listening....

if star trek fans are trekkies


It's a blue world without you.

Everyone Has Their Price; What's Yours?

The Small Feces - Tell Me About Them

How come I JUST NOW discovered the Large Font option here?

Chris Stamey is playing here tonight. And I can't go.

I just downloaded Micromedia Flash upgrade

The Small Faces - Tell Me About Them

The more you know:

For my 5001st first post.

Gannon's Secret Man Date Revealed.....The Man who Gannon slept with....

self delete...stupid post.

Gay Guys Shock Me With Their Hetero-Friendliness

I have a question about credit card statement

ok, so, i colored the grey hair in my temples.

Waiting for hockey...

Pink Floyd - Relics

Nothing worse than a cat fart

A kitten for Matcom!

meet the new face of looney tunes...i'm not down with this at all.

A Puzzle (for Logical Du'ers)

WTF, I accidentally just switched everything on my computer into...

Junkie Dogs Chasing A High

Someone just shoot me.. possibly naming a street in Austin for *


what is your name?

Charlie chipmunk says....

We can post threads about farts now?

I dated someone famous... (okay, a LITTLE famous)

What are you putting in your window boxes this year?

Is, "The Secret Window" worth watching?

It's Rainin' Blogs!

Which are worse: Dog farts or cat farts?

Bit torrent sites?

No Bones About It.....

What's for dinner tonight?

Boulevard of Broken Songs

off to PetCo to buy kitty kibble before they start coming at me

Hilary Swank on SNL tonight

I have a pound of chicken thawed for dinner. What should I do with it?

Is there a way to donate to DU without using my Master Card

MARIO BATALI IS IRON CHEF ONCE AGAIN!!! - Chocolate & Coconut!!!

As the saying goes - Need is the Mother of all Invention - so with that

Suggested New Forum - Hate Mailbag Forum

what is your quest?

Mein Führer! I can walk!

My kitchen looks like I murdered someone with a butcher knife!

Just Made A HUGE Batch Of Penne a la Carbonara - Leftovers Anyone? the capital of Assyria?

Tangled up in Blue

Do you like Rennaisance Classical and Baroque Music?

Anyone got 550000 dollars I can borrow?

Who switched the world to 'idiot mode' today?

George Dubya vs The Media 'Major Combat Operations' Remix

stars popping up everywhere!!!!

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Naked?

Would this be funny for a Saturday Night Live skit on Jeff Gannon?

Let's play 'stump The Doors nut.' :-)

Stump the Ricky Martin fan.

I Am The Beast - 666

Stump the NHL fan.

Stump the Deep Purple fan

I lost my virginity today

PHOTO: Who am I????

Stump the Duran Duran fan.

Stump the Metallica fan.

any Jerry Jeff Walker fans??

Stump the Foo Fighters Fan!

I remain Da Coolio Bomb...

Wanna Make Someone's Head Explode Playing Scrabble??

Butterfly in Shades of Gray

THIS IS MY 200th POST...

Anyone watching CMT Crossroads? Fogerty and Keith Urban

You've never seen a camel toe like the camel toe I just saw

Post here and I will ignore you...

Could 40% be Gay?

Post here and I will NOT reply

Stump the Depeche Mode fan

Anybody else think the show "distraction" is incredibly stupid...

so what are you lounge lizards doing tonight??

Curb Your Enthusiasm


MrScorpio will now answer your relationship questions with B. White lyrics

Post here and I will change my name to "Sid."

Weather Report or the Crusaders?

Egyptian Doctors Remove Baby's Second Head (with pics)

Speaking of Hitler....

I got HBO today

Most Dangerous Hitler Of All Time?

Post here, and I'll bite your head off

Well, I just saw "Napoleon Dynamite" and I'd like to ask a favor...

Sirius update ...


Stump the Pavement fan

I just bought a new AMD Athlon 64 2800+ motherboard

Saturday Night Live vs. Fever vs. Alright For Fighting

Budweiser and Skynyrd

Is Napolean Dynamite really dead, or is it a rumor?

Stump the rock & roll addled, spiteful, functional alcoholic.

New ebay item: Jeff Gannon James JD Guckert White House Credential

If you could change your legal name..

Post here and Kire will insult your taste in movies.

Are you enjoying the STARZ free weekend on DirecTV?

Post here and I will tell you to STFU and stop making "Post here" threads!

Oh no! I'm being replaced by Ving Rhames!

I'm watching Naked Lunch for the first time

Post here and I'll write a 50,000-word biography of Charles Grodin.

Do You Sometimes Laugh Over Things That Make You Uncomfortable?

How long will Skinner's "Ok, The Fun's over"...


Who wants to be my AIM buddy?

I hope someone in DU won the 1.5 Million Dollar Dream Home

CLASSIC Carson Bit with Joe Friday - FUNNY!

This drink is dedicated to Jan. 20th DUers at RFD's...can you guess?

Should I try to fly? I keep having dreams that I can

Bailey's and Acid Jazz

That's it. it's over.

YEEAH BOYEE! President Bush is bringin' da abstinence noize to da streetz!

Self deleate

My name is NOT Merv Griffin. Ask me anything!

Doctor admits lying about patient who faked his own death

What's your favorite Seinfeld line?

"Glamour, New York style!"


Jewels and binoculars...

Are any of you playing this game?

I'm Pissed Off! Damn B/C Butthead!!

To the Canadians and others in "the frozen North:"

just got a call from the DNC..but they asked for my husband, that

I don't give a damn about....

Anybody watches college hockey here?

DJ Jazzy Progmom now broadcasting until 2pm eastern

favorite Fast food resturant

Which is easier to pronounce?

College Hockey

What's your favorite episode of "Bewitched"?

Joke thread.

Anyone know what happened to the bugs forum?

Post here and I will insult you...

Is it safe?

Stump the "Get A Life" fan

If you could take a Maglev train from NY to LA in 10 hours, instead of fly

Gannon/Guckert the Mole photos, beware, silly

Stump the Petulia Clark Fan/ favorite song about a town...

Did anyone watch that North Dakota newscast skit on MADTV???

Let's play, Guess the Movie!

I interviewed Prof. Shelby Ashton today!!

What do you take on an airplane ride?

Should I go out tonight?

How's this for a wedding cake top?

Stump the Cowboy Bebop fan

Windows OS Question Re: Windows Me Upgrade problem

PHOTOS: Ugly wedding cake story!

amazing sand art video

nhl season cancelled. wuhh happint?

Another Saturday Night and I ain't got nobody ---

667 - The Neighbor of the Beast

AAAAAAchhhooooooo Roundup!

Saturday Night Live w/ Hilary Swank

Who, what, or where is Dien Bien Phu and why should you know the


Real World lovers check in here!

Post here, and every reply will be have my personal promise..

Macauley Culkin in prison?

Earl Grey tea and Mozart


Competition: Who had the most pathetic dinner?

Coffee question,

Fellow DUers, take this survey - "The Worst President"

Stump the Trek fan!

OK...So What is Your Top Ten List for Best and Worst Presidents??

College DUers, check in here!!!!

Who wants to be my date? I don't want to be alone on a Saturday night.

Stump the Simon and Garfunkel fan.

I'm going to test drive a Toyota PRIUS today.

Wrapping presents with a Cat

what is your favorite color?

A very large, wierd photo (Warning: Large picture)

Best Love Song Lyrics. Post a sampling of your favs.

Non-TV watchers, can we have a little huddle over here?

Who's Bugs Bunny's best screen partner?

derogatory terms for repubs

I'm getting pop-up ads

AC/DC Thunderstruck

The bestest cookies ever!

Grovelbot ate my star. (snif)

I need some advice. Should I reply to this idiot, hit alert or just ignore

Anyone watching this Survivor? (SPOILER if you didn't see earlier show)

Save your parents....

"Cracker Country" as seen at the Florida State Fair in Tampa Today:

I'm here all alone. MrG is gone. The kids are gone. I've got a bunch of

Where is the best site to order a custom PC?

WHY do funerals cost so f***ing much?

Chicago Gathering Weather Update

CT DUer Meetup -- You guys missed a great time!

Stump the west wing fan

Lordy, I looooove the movie "Sense and Sensibility"

Which 70's show were you NUTS about?

Magic Rub or Pink Pearl

'SNL' Doc Doesn't Pull Punches

Stump the GWAR fan

You can't make me do it!

Draw Dr. Zaius--A picture to color

Another picture to color. It's Garfield

The Lyric Game. I'll start

Let's play stump the STYX nut

Why I joined DU

Suddenly Seymour!

Die Toten Hosen: FC Bayern

Post here and I will compliment you...

The last time I visited Walmart was....

Tonight: THE SOUL EXPRESS pays tribute to SMOKEY ROBINSON!

Christopher Guest: Go Directly to Comedy Jail!

Stream of consciousness thread.

What is your favorite thing to DU when you aren't on DU?

What song are you listening to right now?

What's your favorite anti-war song?

What is your favorite sport?

DU Mad Lib:

Which 70's show were you FORCED to watch by your parents/grandparents?

What's your favorite US beach and why?

Stump the Law and Order Fan

Most Dangerous Hitter of all time?

Do you want a Chimp? Got $65,000? Then no problem!

Dark Energy

I can't stand when religion is pushed on me.

Battlestar Galactica

Touchy Subject: How does one "prove" they are religious?

Anti-Catholic vitriol

Robots Hit Stride With Human Walk

The human brain -- bigger is not necessarily better

Playing around with graphics

piece on the original aba slam dunk contest on tnt now..

Anything short of a hard salary cap means DEATH to hockey.

What About those Iowa State Cyclones today

Hockey! At Fenway!

GODDAMNIT, pay attention, people!! The NDSU Women's B-Ball team is 24-0!!!

Athletic DUers... Who Does Plyometrics?

You have to like the Yankees to go all the way this year

Today was an emergancy vet day... :(

Alt Healing -- where to begin?

The only reality that matters is the one we perceive…

Where there is darkness

Astrologers: Can Sharon & Abbas Shepherd Peace ?

Arkansas votes against Separation of Church and State

Protest in DC on March 19th?

Sigh. Any responses on this?

Why is Hillary going Repug Lite , saying we are "winning " the war?


Calling for submissions for the 3rd Photo Contest!

Yet another take on Adolph Eichmann and Hermann Goebels...

Best bumper sticker ever...

If Zell Miller was a republican...

Howie's column in tomorrow's Wash Post on Gannon

Does anyone have a link to the Anderson Cooper 360/Gannon

Hey, I have a good idea.

Prison Activism Notice (FedCURE Action Alert)

Olberman nails it

Eagle Publishing: Regnery, Human Events, and Novak


Gannon was making love to * when he was supposed to be

Cuba and Venezuela- The world is watching

Here is the race we have to win in 2006.

"When They Came for Ward Churchill" on Free Speech TV Today

Cheney can say the F word in Congress but you can't on media in USA?

C-Span debate btwn. college Dem & RW guy

Women & Social Security, Some Facts

Gannon spotted at a Nov 2002 WH presentation

Revise the quote: "If you aren't a liberal at age 16, you have no heart

They're all pals with Bush now — just don't mention the war

Why No "Chef-Gate" Special Counsel

interesting freeper thread from 2003

Does Lieberman agrees to phase out Social Security?

Bloggers will rescue the right

NEGROPONTE - Daily Talking Points from The American Progress Action Center

Barroso sings the praises of Bush to sceptical Europeans

Washington Post interviews Jeff Gannon - Jeff explains...

Eberle, Blackwell, scammer chart

The Frisson of Transgression (in re: Gannon)

OMFG -- Freepers Gathering At Oscars, BARF!!

Republican Bestsellers

Condi & Bush; "If we only knew we would have moved heaven and earth."

CBS News: Rove-Gannon Connection?

wistleblowers on c-span corruption in Iraq

Bush meets with Putin on Thurs (24th) --- that IS the meeting to watch !

TO CONGRESS: Use Gannon to separate press access from press sec duties

Does anyone know about the website

Where will we go?

Were in involved in a 2004 pres. campaign? Would you do be involved in 08?

Alan Greenspan and Batman

Nashua Advocate underscores importance of Eberle! Smoking Gun?

Fighting Back

Anybody watch the Zell Miller/Smear Vet crap last night?

Cynical observation or just the truth?

I attended a "town meeting" forum

"The Lies of Gannongate"

for those who know nothing of Poppy's sex boys in W.H.

Zogby Poll - asks if you watch West Wing LOL!

What if the President had, say, Binswanger's Disease?

Did Gannon have other aliases?

Am I the Only One Who Sees The Massive Civil RICO vis-a-vis Gannon?

"Among the believers" -Salon's inside look at CPAConference

Social Security Dead on Arrival

I think I know now where Monica Lewinsky went wrong.

Better Off Under President Kerry?

Liberal Billionares

Remember when Dana Milbank was the WH correspondent for Wash Post?

In Georgia, the state legislature is working on a "tort reform bill",

Just found this re: Gannon/Guckert

Why are you attacking Gannon for being a Christian?

In the history of the DNC chair position, how many times has the chair...

So how was the Dean-Perle debate?

More gay porn stars and Bush

K. Rove told followers to tell their "smarty-pants liberal friends" this:

Say you wanted to leave notes on cars that have Bush


is there a connection between Roger Stone and Gannon?

Hope for Dean

canadian asking for help -Equal Marriage act

I'm dead serious...*'s left eye is not human. It's reptilian!!!

A letter to a black Republican woman - need counsel HELP

I hope everyone thanks Anderson Cooper for the stellar job on Gannon

Blog Sites

NYT has 5 pg article about secretly taped Bush conversations circa 98

Here's the problem with Gannon


Mainstream press picks up pace on Gannon (Rawstory)

Why is the republican party seen as the party for less government?

Gannon discussed (ridiculed) on NPR's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!"

Wear Blue on March 8th to support these women...

"Apology Demanded" by Brit Hume

Condi & Bush; "If we only knew we would have moved heaven and earth."

Voter Registration - Good time to confirm it, and spread the word

Regarding Gannon: The "NOT A PEEP" List.

Has anybody wondered why people have stopped getting their heads chopped

Jeff Gannon-dance, monkeys, dance

Had a nice chat with a DNC fundraiser today.....

Looking for good quality pic of the Dean Scream

Democrats don't like to investigate like Republicans do....

Was Terry McAulife "our" chairman

Omarosa and Carlos Watson need to be slapped

National Call joe Lieberman Day

Administration Is Warned About Its 'News' Videos

Man-on-dog on C-SPAN defending faith based marriage initiative

Rick Santorum on C-SPAN right now trying to infer that...

The next time you feel "sorry" for Jimmy-Jeff Guckerton...

Exposing the Right

In Secretly Taped Conversations, Glimpses of the Future President

Prostitution is NOT a (mainstream) Christian sacrament.

Bush and Hitler


Just saw the CSPAN replay of Dean/Perle debate. DEAN RULES!

Georgia: Voters could boot illegal aliens from hospitals, schools

Dean/Perle Debate Recap (describes event + shoe throwing)

Dean/Perle on at 8:00 ET on CSPAN...

Bill Maher on Jeff Gannon/Video

Deeper questions begin to emerge on Gannon's employer and links to GOP, Bu

Dean / Perle debate on CSPAN right now.

GOPUsa too conservative for Fox News ......Hilarious !!

Guckert? Ho Hum...a pseudo-scandal !!!!

Gannon didn't tell the truth about when he started using pseudonym

Seriously if we can't beat the GOP 2008 Prez candidate, our party is dead

MSM now hot after Gannon story

Are people taking the "W" stickers off their cars?

Has anyone living in a red area of the country noticed neighbors

What will be the big features for Patriot Act 5.0?

His father went to Germany to topple a wall - now George Bush arrives to m

Leonard Pitts fires away on Gannon/Guckert; DUers MUST READ

Which Party Will Capture The White House In 2008?

Ann Coultface denies meeting Shrub...

GOP:Clinton turned Lincoln Bedroom into Motel6 Us:Bush turned White House

Video: Teacher pulling chair from student refusing to stand for anthem

Bill Maher Show Gannongate compilation! Great stuff!

The man-whore scandal is dead.

Who's JimmyJeff's White House Daddy?

In light of Gannon, it is time to re-visit the pretzel incident.

GANNON scandal leads to Bush -- read this

How about a no-party system?

Has anyone heard anything about any small pox cases in the U.S.?

TX's most neon red county: Collin County hits new record for foreclosures



Reagan official sees fascist overtones in Bush supporters

Gannon has been "patsified", Now, LET'S GET ROVE & THE NEOCONS!

National Call Lieberman Day Update

I know who is going to be considered for President in 08!!!

Bushies it me...or is he laughing at us for believing his shit?

Capital Gang on, Novak looks like shit.

Democrats' Strongest Voice Stifles Himself (Dean turning pro war?)

GOPUSA is not a two bit fly-by-night organisation.

Interesting comment posted on ""

A Dean/Buchanan discussion at Michigan State March 3 and 4.

Question of GAY SEX surrounding White House reveal who we have become

Did Bruce Eberle get Gannon top White House access?

Jamie Gorlick and the 9/11 'wall of seperation' meme -Gannongate

Sure a lot of Gannon nay sayers posting, but this is THE scandal!

Is ChoicePoint the scariest company ever?

It may well be that America's electoral system has reached its endgame.

Sen. Clinton Says Iraq Insurgents Failing

We gave rove too much credit. Please read!

Everyone!! Check out - warning tho - graphic photos

Why isn't Dean tearing the throat out of BushCo 24/7 with Gannongate?

Blackmailing closeted gays - a hidden reason for GOP gay demonization?