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Archives: February 17, 2005

The Star Power of Slavery

The White House Stages Its 'Daily Show' ((((Gannon))))) NYT

Tragic story of needless police Brutality covered up by 'liberal media' !!

Bush's Budgets - Where fiscal and moral bankruptcy collide

Bush warns of more Terrist attacks...

US security threats, new and old

Psywar keeps Tehran on tenterhooks

"No Defense"-- on the Lynne Stewart case

David Corn: Negroponte's Dark Past

Housing crunch drives young buyers from state (CA)

Rhetoric of Democracy vs. Reality of Oil

Global Eye - Sword Play

The Gay Child Left Behind

NOW: A Nation of Immigrants? - The Debate over Today's Immigration

Joshua Frank argues Deaniacs have been hog-tied

DLC Idea of the Week: Fixing, Not Just Cutting, Medicaid

GU: "Leave our country now"

Iraq Amnesia-- on covering over original justification for the Iraq war

Hearts and Minds: The Bush Doctrine

Michael Medved Is an Idiot

MSNBC Sees no confirmation problems for Negroponte

Murder mystery in Iraq - Corruption coverup?

WSJ: National ID Party

Waxman asking for hearings bout rice and 9/11 commission

Olbermann funny comparison regarding Gannon

Elliott Abrams-From Iran-Contra to Bush's democracy czar.

Council plans law charging for repeat calls to police

War Helps Recruit Terrorists, Hill Told, Washington Post

Paul Krugman (NYT): Three-Card Maestro

Dean Makes Comeback As Democrats' New Leader

Is economical groth so important ?

"Bush strikes out in N.H. on Social Security" (half-empty halls!)

Molly Ivins: Screw the children

Senate Passes Bill Allowing More Time to Declassify Nazi War Crime Papers

Long Beach Press Telegram: Airbus? Pas ici

Camilo Mejia, Soldier of Consience: "Regaining My Humanity "

Frank Rich (NYT's)" White House Stages Its Daily Show" /GanGurk/Great Read

Howard Dean: Now He Has the Power

Dowd - Bush's Barberini Faun

Star Tribune: Phony journalist/Pimping for the White House

A letter from Hillary call to action

Tonight at 6 p.m. tonight live web cast with American Troops back . . .

Join my discussion group.

Martin Sheen to Join Farmworkers in "Taco Bell Truth Tour"

We're kidding ourselves if we think Gannon is going to make a dent

History will show that Al Gore DID invent the internet!

Whores are canonizing Negroponte

Radio Station Questions- from a wannabe ownership perspective

A hireling, a fraud and a prostitute - Bush's agent in the press corps

Internet freedom is threatened, and we MUST be prepared to defend it!!!

Import Prices Up a higher-than-expected 0.9 percent in January

Bush CEA recommends against national sales tax or "flat" income tax rate

Commission Begins Review of the Tax Code

New Trap Door for Consumers: out-of-control debt collection tactics

China, India Emission Rule to Pressure Sweet Oil

Why oil prices are barreling up

Rising Oil Demand, Declining Production Focus of Texas Conference

The People’s Ratification of the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty

David Attenborough documentary on wolves

Report - Major Shifts In Temperature, Salinity In Southern Ocean - AFP


Four slain Haiti police buried, ex-soldiers sought

Repsol Plans Investment in Argentina

Market-imposed hunger adds to Timor misery

Venezuela Economy Up 17.3 Percent in 2004

Shirin Ebadi and Hadi Ghaemi: The Human Rights Case Against Attacking Iran

Argentina's gross domestic product topped eight per cent in 2004

Rival mass rallies grip Ecuador

Putin now looks at BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, SA)

Togo youths: 'Send us guns'

conspiracy theory to promote a book?

did you know you can review DU on amazon?

For curiosity's sake. How do threads get nominated for the home page now?

Appealing a deletion.

Kind of a "bug" with polls.

Promotional idea

Could you *consider* consolidating some of the Gannon threads?

The 'silent' majority

I'd like to second the suggestion on consolidating Gannon threads

just wanted to point something out


Suggestion for harnassing more people power via the net

Can't talk in the Photo forum.

Elad - thanks for all your help.

Can you update this Tee-Shirt Logo please

My thread was locked in the lounge.

I need advice on proposing a Bloggers Group.

You know a feature that might be worth having

Small bug: Inappropriately backslashed apostrophes in links

I will donate. Does another poster

Please put "View All" links at the BOTTOM of posts w/ 20 or more replies.

A question

Could you please tell me why I can't see my thread on Christo

Appropriate to post?

Why am I getting pop-under ads while on DU?

When censorship is what Bush would want, it's on the wrong side.

Do some mods practice censorship?

Allegations are being made about "GrovelBot's" sexuality.....

Mofaz halts demolition of homes belonging to terrorists

Israel ends demolition of Palestinian houses

Penn Professor says his views may cost him his job

Update on hubby's surgery -- THANKS FOR THE THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS!!!

Daley: Park Grill fiasco 'embarrassing' Chicago wins third straight

Chicago Tribune: Help wanted? I have just the recipe (new cook for WH)

State Journal Register: $53 billion budget for '06

Peoria Journal Star: Macon County whooping cough outbreak a concern

Alliance for Democracy web site ?

Bush seeks more control

UNBELIEVABLE:* 59% OF NEW VOTERS VS. 2000 (48%) & '04 NAT EXIT POLL(39%)

Legislation Would Enact Sweeping Reforms by Next Major Election Cycle

100,000 Strong. Count Every Vote letter from Hillary

Election Fraud Items at Cafe Press

question for stock traders

If you were the conductor of the election justice orchestra...

Ari Fleischer Tells E&P He Spoke to Gannon/Guckert's Boss

HELP!! Lawyers, Hackers, Sacramento 5th District ELECTION COMPLAINT FORM

Just received: ELECTION RIGGING A National Teach-In


Clinton Pushes Voting Holiday/AP Story on Clinton/Kerry Press conference

FL Secretary of State proposes changes of elections laws


Jeb Bush's new legislation will tighten his grip on Florida election laws

Thursday 2/17 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Video - Unveiling Count Every Vote Act of 2005

Mutual funds that invest in Diebold

Orange, wonder when and why Christo chose this color?

I cannot figure this out but . . . . .


Help. "Death Squads" Negroponte is tapped to be intel czar

One more time - TABULATORS

Kerry's Press Release on today's Election Reform Press Conference

Update on Hawaii election reform bills

Why aren't elections held on weekends? Why must the polls close

CSI mentions Ohio!

How I got over my frustration with Kerry.

Senate GOP lays out its plan to improve elections

=-=-=-=-=-=-= BODY, MIND and BALLOT =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= (take 2)

KOEB thread: Thursday

Frank Rich of NYT on "Gannon:" Gives big props to KO.

if you go with Ensign, this is what you get...

Democrats and Reporters shy away from discussing Gannon's true story

AN APPEAL: Arab kid shot dead by officer from HLS in Mission Viejo!!

Blatant Racism in the Santa Clarita Valley

Arnold - Words Are Unclear; Intent to Win Isn't

Government Of, By and For Arnold

Bid to open the Farallones draws a warning

Whose Worse

Common Cause Opposes Arnold Ballot Initiatives & Fundraising Practices

John Kerry Calls for Election Reform

Markey voted for HR 310

Contact Info

For Minnesota, come see Liza Featherstone (it's about WalMart)

Hey Minneapolis.....this sounds like a group you could hook up with!!

DFL to Gutknecht: Time to retire

Lawmaker proposes castration for some sex offenders (No. I'm not kidding.)

Highway 100 project.

Officials endorse Rybak

Detecting Spoofed Websites : Firefox

Ram eater?

Turn on inline autocomplete in the Firefox web browser

Rural/Central PA FrameShop?

Quinnipiac poll: Rendell Tops Possible Challengers In Pennsylvania

Letter to the Inky editor/Dick Polman: Help me out

PBS Friday NOW about my town, St. Thomas PA vs. Phila Corporation!

The reptiles and the representatives

why Andy Taylor should have his law license revoked

Help!!!! Somebody save me from my neo-con boss

Bills would let Texans buy prescriptions from Canada

Jolanda Jones voted off of Survivor!

Hey Madison DU'ers.......this sounds like a good group to join!!

So who's going to Camp Wellstone in Milwaukee this weekend??

Got my Feingold letter in response to concerns about election fraud

To all WI DUers - Which WI congresspersons need replacing?

Tedy Bruschi (NE Patriots) hospitalized - "stroke-like symptoms"

what did Howard Dean say.......

American Family Association - The Truth for Youth

replay of Jon Stewart skewers G/G about to start here in Cali.

So this is what its come to?.....

Just in from History News Network...

I bet Saddam would have sold us Iraq for a lot less

OMG --Those NetZero Commercials With Dennis Miller!!

Bernie Ward will be talking about Guckert tonight's show - on now

Another possible Gannon sighting with Bush??

guckert's company was called "Bedrock", a Flintstones reference.

Life on Mars?

From here on out MSM will be CMC: the Corporate Media Cartel

Why are the Dems for open borders?

google-bald head fetish!!!! we are on the fetish page!!!!!!!!

Holy Shit. Even Peggy Noonan is talking about Bloggers now.

Corporate Policy

PHOTO: John McCain greets Bush at a rally

The White House Stages Its 'Daily Show' - Frank Rich re: Gannon

Shop Blue--( Man, Bernie Ward is good...

Gannon lives by DC's Prostitution district

Did George W. Bush Have Sex with That Man, James Guckert?

Ward Churchill, Alan Watts, and The Joker

Inside Trader and other Databases at NARA--Did you know these existed

Sharon's Son Facing Indictment

So Gannon/Guckert gets interviewed by the FBI per Plame

To all in the Christian right

Disturbing thread by a concerned young Repub -- recruiting in churches.

If your a DEMOCRAT, have you divorced yourself from reality??

Do we need the "bloggers" to cover: Bohemia Grove, Bilderberg Meetings etc

Utah GOP Lawmakers Rebel Against Bush Law

Gannon/Guckert mentioned again in the Hartford (CT) Courant

Americans disapproved of private accounts by a 50-40 percent margin

I hope you haven't eaten anything lately!

GMA just covered Ganguckert

White House tie to Gannon?

Map of the middle east..(large pic in link form)

Hoyer: Ethics Committee's Credibility In Tatters As Repug Purge Continues

Anyone else remember Poppy *'s cool nukes dismantle pact from 1991?

Call me Eliot Ness

What are Democratic values? How do we express them?

Chinese economic war against US....this is an eye opener..

Question: Was Cannon/Guckert in WH during Ari Fleischer's term?

Rumsfeld & Myers Testimony, 9:30AM CSPAN3

WILL Gannon Scandal bring on our first Official Terror Alert of the year?

Why would Syria want to kill Prime Minister Harriri of Lebanon...

need help replying to pathetic freeper editorial .. definition of Fascism

If we don't get this uniter out of the whitehouse

Former ImClone CEO Samuel Settle SEC Insider Trading Case

Yo, Coalition Troops! Iraq Culture Smart Card ... it's a start?

New Doonesbury Strip (02/17)

Scotty's brother, Mark McClellan, is on the next segment on WJ.

Cults, quacks and gurus Wisconsin Public Radio Show

N.H. visitors meet with possible 2008 presidential contenders

Just who is Jeff Gannon "Trading Woodies" with?

Join me in saying that the Media has Failed

Letter I sent to the Columbus Dispatch

Brookland Patrols Boosted: Riggs customers robbed

$1 says that "Syria" assassinates Hugo Chavez in the near future.

Blood on floor not Jimmy Hoffa' there goes that idea.

NEGROPONTE named as Natl. Intel. Director - MSNBC

Greespan says he is for anything that raises net national savings

DKOS: Gannon sitting in the press pool may predate existance of Talon

Harvard president faces faculty revolt over sexism claims

Google search: Negroponte Death squads

What it's like in Iraq after the elections...

Two separate crimes in Plamegate - INR document was a fraud too!

OLD PHOTO: nixon greets POW john mcCain after his release

Gannon'gate' mentioned on Imus this morning...

Gannongate on The Today Show


Will Negroponte "sail through" confirmation? (Backfired Dem Strategy?)

St Patrick's travels 'like rock tour'

Has anyone else noticed this?

Hey, remember when they announced an office of disinformation?

When does Gannon hit the MSM in a big way?


Who is the "Omnicom Group" ??

Gannon/Guckert story needs to develop NOW

du made googles bald head fetish page

Find the Cost of Freedom

Houston Local Freebie Newspaper Interviews Gannon's "Boss" at TALON:

background on john negroponte: CRIMINAL extraordinaire

The analogy between invading Iraq & privatizing Social Security

OMG! Why haven't the handlers pulled the plug on him yet???

Mossad, the CIA and Lebanon

10 things that could land your vicar in trouble

OMG! I just heard on NPR that * has nominated Negroponte to be the Nat'l

Explicit Websites of other CONSERVATIVES

My still unanswered question to the rightwingnuttery;

Covenant Marriage?

Bush says that "Intelligence is our first line of defense", but

"Drinking Liberally" - Promoting Democracy - One Pint At A Time.

Conason's Gannon article spiked on Common Dreams...

Christian Science Monitor picking up the Gannon story!

Looking for this letter to Gannon turning him down for P credential?

Right NOW on Public Access Ch. 29 in San Francisco: VegVideo (YUK!)

Gannon/Guckert A WORK OF ART!!!

This AM: Faux "News" - Fairly Unbalanced as usual RE Negroponte Nod

GannonGuckert must be growing legs

moment of zen, won't get any better than last night

The Shady Bunch - Match Game. This is good....

I have learned more about non-partner,extra-marital sex from Gannon

Negroponte assassinated Rafik al-Hariri as part of his gang initiation

Looking for letter from Congress press office denying Guckert credential

YES! MSNBC covering Guckert porn sites & rest of the story on TV

Maybe this is just stupid but.... (yet another Gannon/Guckert thread)

Gannon Cannon's Greatest Hits on Free Republic

Women Who Avoid Marital Fights May Be More Likely To Die

LOL - Wingnuts now comparing Mokhiber to Guckert!

So who's with me on changing MSM to CMC: the Corporate Media Cartel

Bush's Amtrak Proposal Will Exhaust Railroad Workers Pension Fund In 2006!

HooHA! Katherine is laying into Liddy now! n/m

Will the Dems oppose Negroponte? (Bush's nomination for intel chief)

Christian Science Monitor: Bush administration blurs media boundary

About the Pentagon Dish network channel-surely taxpayers

Santorum's Canine Fetish

Slaughter - Why was Guckert in the White House Before Talon News Existed?

Freepers split on gay marriage...on the Simpsons

let's talk about "moral values"...

Nancy weclomes Howard - and asks for $$$

O'Reilly (re Hillary): "No lies have been told about anyone ...

Neocon thinking

So the DJ on SIRIUS satellite dropped an F-Bomb this morning

How many of you have STOPPED watching "60 Minutes"???

Psalm for Freepers

Iraq; Why we must lose this war

Hijacking Catastrophe...scared me

there is a video taken in Fallujah

US CO released from military prison

What is the Democrats' power to investigate in Congress?

Cuban Vice-President Says US Tramples Charters And Laws It Wrote

Mehlman -- An openly gay man "close to Rove" heads the RNC?

Pickles gets jiggy with the homies | danziger toon

other bumper stickers

More Fun In The New World

Are We SURE Gannon Only Had a DAY PASS and Not a HARD PASS???

What is a "journalist?"

What's up with all these black Republican pundits

Is any one listening to the Rice hearing on C-span 3?

Anyone familiar with aviation here?

I'm done with the Washington Journal

Gannon Reported for GOPUSA News in February 2003

Republicans Using the Race Card in SS Argument

WHY are you opposed to more spending for the Iraq war ???

Jimmy Carter has the RW blogs in an uproar.

"Hotmilitarystud got face2face with the Commander in Chief" / an article

Random Thoughts on February......

I feel depressed :(

Google scrubbing its cache for Gannon? (Never mind, it's just my computer)

Libertarian article - help me critique

NPR on John Negroponte.....Does anyone still give them money?

Gannon/Guckert is an apt metaphhor for the * administration and the Repubs

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Upcoming Schedule)

The homoerotic overtones of the Bush White House

Who is rawstory going to out next?

Google, Costco, Apple Computer, Barnes & Noble, Gallo, Foot Locker...

NYC: Feb 21 is Ashamed He's Our pResident Day

Guckert had a hard pass before Talon News existed

You Reap What You Sow!

Here's a Quicktime link to last nights Gannon/Daily Show segment

Ridge the rethug LIED. Oh I am just so shocked not.

What? Martin Frost was running for DNC chair and now works for the Fox

Gannon had access to the Aug 6th PDB?? (Dana Milbank)

How's this for a new quote?

Nominating Negroponte as intelligence czar

How long can the actual world and the BushCo Inc. fantasy world co-exist?

Does Gannon gives new meaning to "Media Whore"? eoq

Alterman on Negroponte: Death Squad Cover-Up

Wake Up

Kerry Criticizes Bush on Small Business

PHOTOS: bush* at his press conference today....loop-da-loo...

You guys should hear Al Franken and G. Gordon Liddy trash O'Reilly

Paul Krugman on NPR's Fresh Air NOW

Who was paying J.D. Guckert?

Repukes think low level hotel staffers are disgusting

Nancy Salvato, GOPUSA, Prism Educational Consulting/Poss. Payola Candidate

Letter from David Brock to White House Correspondents' Association,

I got yer SS fix right here...

Gannon on CNN Inside the Blog NOW!

Yahoo story rated very high, but doesn't show up on the most popular page?

How can anyone have confidence in Alan Greenspan?

Why I am antiwar

Jon Stewart really said it this time.

Hey, would it be okay a cat to call a dog the B-word?

Rove calls conservatism America's "dominant political creed."

Corp Media completely whitewashing Negroponte's evil past...

Rachel Maddow from AA Unfiltered filling in on Sirius OutQ

Who would win in a fight, Glen Close or Meryl Streep?

Why are scandals labeled "gates"

Does Bush go out of his way to make bad appointments?

WARNING: Photo of Guckert's Dick

Would you go back to HS?

Are we being suckered by Chimpy and his Social Security crap???

A poll that cries out for attention

Excellent, rational points made by Ron Reagan

Taking the high ground, or being doormats?

Bin Laden has now been on the loose for 1255 days since 9/11.

"Gannon-gate" on MSNBC NOW

Barberini Faun


This just in: Bush says the US will back up Israel if attaced by Iran!

recomended reading Addicted to War: Why the U.S. Can't Kick Militarism

HELP!! Lawyers, Hackers, Sacramento 5th District ELECTION COMPLAINT FORM

Media analysis - Welcome to the revolution

Pat Robertson threatens Frist over judicial nominees

My local tv station has an ad on the leadership institute/conservative job

Anyone check if Gannon had a connection to creepy Dan Bartlett?

How about some good Gannon-Bush-Whitehouse jokes!!!

American Enterprise Institute published "Jeff Gannon"

What was it those crazy liberals like Wes Clark were saying?

Joe Lieberman just criticized Negroponte's appointment!

I think public spirited people in government are better at delivering

So MORE terror attacks are coming, I thought America was safer?

KO getting some props from Frank Rich

The REAL Gannon story that isn't talked about!

"What the bloggers are up to", now a daily feature on CNN

don't miss PAUL KRUGMAN on today's Fresh Air

Democratic party is dead

$200 billion as seen from a different perspective.

Bush's suicide pact with America

Was Gannon servicing someone at the white house?

Ari Fleischer Tells E&P He Spoke to Gannon/Guckert's Boss

I need a simple link explaining the Gannon Scandal

A VERY interesting quote from Abraham Lincoln.

Trailer for Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy up at!

rove and Gannon share a mentor

Help me refute this annoying commentary about Dean as DNC chair!

I am so sorry to add to this, but

The People's Ratification of the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty


Now the asswipe freepers are attacking Katie Couric

I take ONE DAY off from the blogosphere and look what happens...

Would You Vote For A Dem Who Supports FaithBased Initiatives(poll)


Finally Rumsfeld admits the truth.

MAKE ME SMILE..... What evidence do we have that....

My dog was called a "baked bean" at the park today....

Pull yourselves UP BY YOUR BOOTSTRAPS!! Busholini is screwing you!

Hotel to Open at Hitler's Alpine Retreat

Can ya feel it?

For those of you cynical of Gannon's story growing legs in MSM

This Gannon story happened right under the press' noses.

Who planted Gannon, that is the question. Investigate.

"Mr. bush, for the record, did you know or not that Gannon was a fake?

Not sure how to do this, but posted on my for catholics thread

Jon Stewart. Bad boy.

Place your bets: I'm betting on an Orange Alert tomorrow....

1. Would it be ok for an Asian to call a black person the N-word?

Bush seems to be escalating hostilities toward Syria and Iran

I'm sorry, have to ask, does anyone believe Zarqawi actually exists??

Gannon is blackmailing Ari and Scott!

Tweety talking about Gannon right now

You guys wanna see a local Fox news person eat the dust?

So if I start news webpage...

Point: Robert Eberle (Gannons boss) sucks on the taxpayers tit.

I feel sorry for Anderson Cooper

The fatal mistake of the Democrats in 2004

I was just reading the Nation

Sycophantic Media

I need someone who can make polls for me ( I'm not a donating member)

I wonder if the IRS will be interested in Gannon's extra income?

"The 23rd Sigh" - Bush is my shepherd.....

2 members of Al Qaeda "propaganda cell" arrested

Did Pat Buchanan REALLY just defend a gay male prostitute on National TV?

Ever wonder how much trouble FR has with copyright infringement ...

Tweety and Buchannon doing Gannon now...................................

For those of you who are Catholics

CNN/Anderson Cooper: re Gannon, "Why won't the WH answer the question?"

LOL -- Now Tweety is talking on Shrub "raising taxes"...... coming up next

"Gannon" did NOT have a hard pass: AMERICAblog

Boom - Countdown and Keith lead with Gannon in the WH before Talon..(next)

PBS chief resigns under bigot pressure. Please send a note of support!

What is this Gannon stuff all about?

Hollleeeee Shit! John Negroponte as Top Spy?

Laughable - J. Woodruff (CNN) just interviewed Tom Delay (Tx)

GRAPHIC: Jeff Gannon--the movie

Yet another dishonest Sludge Headline RE Hillary & Voting Rights...

Beyond Gannongate.

Has Tweety covered the Gannon story yet?

FDR was the MAN!

Anybody listening to Franken at the CPAC conference?

Oh that's a RIOT

Hard Pass Vs. Daily Pass: Olberman JUST CLEARED IT UP!

This is how GiGi, male escort, got the pass!

Something more must be coming on the "Gannon" fraud.

You think Victor Ashe is upset over Gannon?

Christ, Bush used the "face for radio" joke AGAIN.

It's about the PROPAGANDA, STUPID!! (re: Gannon)

(PHOTO) Chimpy's next job...

GAO Investigates NASA Under Sean O'Keefe

Napster gets hacked, "Napster To Go" gets breached with a simple patch

All the posts on Gannon and no mentionof Bushs Terror alerts!

It's not who you know,it's who you blow.

Andy, I see your back. How are you? n/t

Compare these two photos of possible hard passes

taking the blue pill

Maureen Dowd on Gannon (FASCINATING disclosures on WH press cred process)

NBC Nightly News just covered the Gannon Scandal

What does the phrase "tombstoned" mean?

What stories that fell into the memory hole would you like revisited?

Someone just sent me an article from the Washington Post....

JUST FOR FUN: If you're not sure which way to go on the Gannon thing...

Just heard on the radio - The City of Vancouver is buying ethically

Anybody read "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"

Posts from Yahoo on farm subsidies cut by bush

I need the link for the little Iraqi girl

Reid is praising Negroponte on PBS' News Hour.

"Two parachutes! Two parachutes! Two parachutes!"

Where did all of Gannon's pictures go?

Bill Maher "Real Time" line up

How do you feel about Al Franken's show today?

Some of the things on EBay... Is this even legal?

Can anybody debunk this fundie argument?

Is it too early to start using the "Q" word?

A 12 year old boy, verses psychiatrists and the drug company's.

What is the Bush Cabal Covering Up?

6,416 Soldiers Discharged Under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" as of Dec. 2004

Got my election reply from McCain

ACTION: Pentagon Channel and Dish Networks- CALL DISH

Fleischer says criminals/hookers should be allowed to cover White House

If you don't think Corporate Media "will hide Gannon" look at this


Code Orange IRAQ: "Women are barometers for how a society is going"

What are we not supposed to notice during the Gannon scandal?

Hah!! Boy Scouts in trouble

Who was in charge of setting up Abu Ghraib? 4 men with atrocious histories

Which is worse, lying or sex.

You Need To Listen To Malloy Now!

All things Slaughter & Conyers

It's scary how few Americans realize

Frank Rich: The White House Stages Its 'Daily Show'

So far, what is the most compelling aspect of Guckertgate?

Malloy Exposing Negroponte - BIG TIME!

PHOTO: "Say, I don't know which way you go but I got this Bulldog..."

Jonah Goldberg is criticizing Howard Dean on his dress as governor

What does the White House "Daily Pass" look like?

Are You An Oil Addict? Oil Addicts Anonymous Opens Chapters Across Midwest

Damn!.....Repukes wind up having to defend some wierd shit!

What does "ubi panis, ibi deus" mean?

KO putting the KO punch on Gannon!!!

"Gannon" associated with internet gay porn and prostitution?

Martin Sheen to Join Farmworkers in Historic Protest

Weird pic of the Chimp

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Hoe Down

Are the Keith Olbermann videobites of "Jeff Gannon" on the web?

Are Memes at DU Propagated? Has anyone mapped the propagation of memes...

Is the selection of Negroponte a snub to Goss?

What kind of powers will Negroponte have?

Behind the walls of Ward 54 (at Walter Reed Hospital)

Did you hear what the tax collector in NY is doing?

Tom ("We don't do politics") Ridge met with R pollsters during * campaign

Gannon non-newsie frame. Why did the administration "invite" a prostitute

Why is there no outrage over this web site? This is the sickest, most

Does it seem like the repugs are getting their comeuppance??

Gannon getting into the WH press room is like Jack Ruby getting into

Apparently Gannon's a real threat...Terror talk growing

Will the US attack Syria or Iran in 2005?

Second American Civil War Coming?

Dean/Perle debate will be on C-Span Saturday.

In today's presser, Bush almost broke his arm slapping himself on the back

A little more on the Gannon/Guckert and GOPUSA/Talon News story

WTF, "Torture Guy" Gonzales and "Death Squad Negroponte"in charge of

DID Jeff Gannon have a HARD PASS for W.H. press briefings? (photos)

You Have to Admire Ayn Rand and the Libertarians

msnbc has a poll about Gannon

Pro War Protesters Surround Home in California (must see)

When will the realization hit rightwingnuts that in fact they're DEMOCRATS

Goddamn right wing nut job school principal

c-span caller said bush is the direct descendant of King David

I'M FOR SALE or, "The Ballad of Jeff Gannon" | sorry Cole Porter!

Some eyewitness testimony regarding Mr. Negroponte

Britt Hume disses Camilla Bowles looks, (Has he looked in the mirror?)

AP: Farmers Who Backed Bush Upset With Budget

Wanna screw with Bush???

I am so down

IF...there is a ...DRAFT

What is the difference between the Pentocostal Church and Evangelical.

Ann Coulter to be on C-SPAN tomorrow at 8:00AM EST

Hilarious defense of Gannon by Conservative Voice

What was Dumbya's response to Gannon's question?

What percentage of your monthly income goes into your mortgage?

Do you support a US attack on Syria or Iran?

American by birth - Republican by choice

I have no sympathy for Judith Miller.

What does it mean when fundies go into a frenzy of re-marrying each

Remember when O'Rielly worked of Inside Edition,Brit Hume at ABC.

My First Post-Where are we going,where have we been-The Indies to Falluja

Howie Kurtz: No difference between gay prostitution and affairs

The Selective Service contacted me about becoming

Waxman/Maloney call for re-opening 9/11 investigation

I Own A Gun..... Does That Mean I'm Not a TRUE Progressive?

Back again. For the 4th night in a row the heavy helicopters are here.

Who the heck invited both Drudge & Gannon

RW IDIOT PIECE - Gannon Flap Shows Liberals in Denial

Damn!.....Repukes wind up having to defend some wierd shit!

Bush: I will CONTINUE to push "Free trade"!

Gannon, propaganda and the nervous right...

Open conversation to freepers and other repubs - and to everybody, period.

Air America has been on for almost a year now...

*waving arms* Gannon NOT having a hard pass is the point

"Free Republic" is listed on C-SPAN's blog resource list, but DU is not?

Did anyone catch the gannon piece on the Daily Show?

Letter to the Editor - Gay public affection offensive to readers

Congress Considers New Law to Protect Lawful Commerce of Firearms

Does (American) English have a gender-neutral pronoun?

Scarface Country: Prager gets his ASS handed to him!!

I love goddamn Yahoo trolls - They're so easy!

Why is the public becoming so hostile to science?

Why doesn't KKKarl just shave his head and get it over with??

CNN - Anderson Cooper/Kurtz on Gannon - Does this mean all

The Say Something Nice About A Mainstream Journalist Thread

I am collecting pix of * in costumes. Please help

One shred of evidence

Gannon -- Connecting the Dots

I am new but I have a question


Labor and Capitalism (Ownership of the Means of Production)

Do you think the voting age should be lowered to 16?

Critical Mass building in MO?

Gannon Phase Three: It's not about the sex, it's about the lying

Awesome Rolling Stone Expose' on Sinclair Broadcasting

MAJOR new ACLU document release tonight...

Dems Release Social Security Privitization Calculator

Rep. Slaughter to Bush: "STOP THE STONEWALLING" on Gannon!

Questions For John Negroponte

Which hot sauce do you use for cooking?

my favorite breakfast recipes

Alternative budget foresees big surpluses in coming years

Wal-Mart in Canada: I've done my bit!

Canadian florist advertising on drudge

What do you think the Labour majority will be in the new Parliament?

Data theft affects 145,000 nationwide (Choicepoint)

US Oil Industry Asks Congress for Lawsuit Relief

More claims Australians interrogated Iraqis

Pentagon prepares to build £70bn robot army

New Doonesbury Strip (02/17)

Iran envoy: We helped US in Iraq polls

Ridge, Pollsters Met During Bush Campaign

Student’s hit list a bad joke, say police

Bush Seeks More Control (over elections in FL- Jeb)

Vatican offers exorcism lessons

Peru ex-spy chief 'to sue Garzon'

Bush* appoints Negropointe to head NIA

No corruption charge for Sharon

Swiss must repay £244m of dictator’s dirty money

Blair gambles on ability to turn angry voters

Russia, Iran To Discuss International And Regional Security

US leading indicators show 0.3 percent decline: Conference Board

SA companies hiring for Iraq, say police

Mafia death threat to UK newspaper boss

General says new war could strain military

Kyoto protest beaten back by inflamed petrol traders

Pentagon prepares to build £70bn robot army

Mass brawl on the trading floor

Bush Shifts Pension Stance ("open to" SS payroll wage cap increase)

Governors in Capital to Talk About Medicaid

Initial Unemployment claims drop to 302,000

Police seize Northern Bank notes

Business As Usual? (Halliburton in Iran)

Iraqi politician(Allawi's) kidnapped, four police killed north of Baghdad

BBC: Shia majority for Iraq parliament

Frist-Reid talks touch on 'nuclear option,' other issues

WP: Bush Nominates Negroponte to New Intel Post

'Yes, I lied' WorldCom finance chief tells fraud trial

Alanis Morissette Becomes U.S. Citizen

Gore slams US warming denial

Newly Elected Feckner Urges Fight Over CalPERS Overhaul -LAT

Army investigating ordnance found in driveway material

Wal-Mart Earnings Topped $10 Billion in 2004

Centcom: One Task Force Freedom Soldier Killed, Three Wounded During Attac

'06 elections pose trouble, Goss warns (re Latin America)

CARICOM Chairmen Advocate Haiti´s Return to Full Democracy

Slaughter demands more answers on Gannon (AGAIN)

BBC---Rwandan survivors suing France for complicity in genocide

Washington's Afghan poppy policy withers

The CBS Three Won't Slink Off

Gannon on CNN Inside the Blog NOW!

Missing plutonium 'just on paper'

Intel's new laser could light way to future (Silicon laser)

Bush administration blurs media boundary - CSM

Ridge Lied About Political Activity During Election

Diocese of York rules out pro-gay primate

Ari Fleischer Tells E&P He Spoke to Gannon/Guckert's Boss

Adams 'may be wrong' on IRA and bank heist

Man pleads guilty to killing toddler whose mom was in Iraq

Congress OKs Law on Class Action Suits

Variety: House, Bush on Indecency Crusade

Bush Economic Report Pushes Free Trade

Iraq Insurgents Can Conduct 60 Strikes Daily -Pentagon

US army buys 148 SA-built armoured vehicles

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 17 February

Senate OKs Ban on Genetic Discrimination

Democrats say new calculator shows losses under Bush's Soc. Security Plan

Tulsa World Responds To Criticism Over Copyright Claims (against bloggers)

Army Doctor: Soldiers Need Vioxx, Similar Drugs (war on terror)

Bomb Kills 5 Near Hotel in Thailand

Government sues Wal-Mart in Bradenton sexual harassment case

Bush Sees More Time for Diplomacy Over Iran

Iran Urges Alliance Against U.S. 'Plots'

We need to get to work on these people.

Good night, Fallujah: 'Raider' starts for home

CNN - Anderson Cooper/Kurtz on Gannon - Does this mean all

Does life exist now on Mars? Evidence points to organisms on Red Planet

Pentagon Unsure of Iraq Deployments

Families of six British soldiers killed in Iraq allege 'cover-up'

DoD Identifies Army Casualty

NYT Buys for $410 Million

Saudis to Export More Oil to India and China

DoD Identifies Army Casualty

Yale Students Protest Treatment of Women

GOP Lawmaker Raps Homeland Security Budget

Audit Finds No Inappropriate IRS Audits

WP Iraq Must Unify Or Face 'Disaster, Premier Warns (Allawi warns of Iran)

Ridge, pollsters met during Bush campaign

Schwarzenegger lobbies for more federal funds (the 'Collectinator')

Boys mutilated for 'AIDS cure' undergo surgery


Zarqawi Could Be in Iraq's Kirkuk - Police Source

IAEA should have stood up to US, says former Iraqi official

DoD Identifies Army Casualty

Judge Warns Rumsfeld In Anthrax Case

NRA Urges Congress to Stop Frivolous Lawsuits... (Baucus-D bill)

Bush Tells Syria to Quit Lebanon

Ralph Reed to Seek Georgia Post in 2006

(Economic) Conference Board suspends analyst (for leaking data early)

Air-traffic towers may be going dark

Rumsfeld refuses to estimate size of insurgency in Iraq

Rumsfeld Declines Iraq Insurgency Guess

Bush Urges Diplomatic Solutions . . .

Foreign government may have been involved in Hariri assassination

Priests Begin Vatican-Sanctioned Course in Exorcism

Iraq Insurgents Can Conduct 60 Strikes Daily -Pentagon

bbc: Vatican offers exorcism lessons

Rumsfeld defends funding for nuclear penetrator study

WP: Japan to Join U.S. Policy on Taiwan

Iraq Insurgents Can Conduct 60 Strikes Daily -Pentagon

A hireling, a fraud and a prostitute by Sidney Blumenthal

BBC News - Plutonium 'missing' at Sellafield (UK Nuclear plant)

Iraq a terrorist spawning ground, CIA admits

2 Top G.O.P. Lawmakers Buck Bush on Social Security

Detainee coerced into dropping charges of abuse before release

Brazil President Creates Forest Reserves

Treasury's Role in Illicit Iraq Oil Sales Cited -WP

GAO Investigates NASA Under Sean O'Keefe

Third N.C.-Based Soldier Dies After Exhibiting Flu-Like Symptoms

More Social Security Tax May Add Billions

Charges Against Anti-Gay Activists Dropped

Revealed: John Ehrlichman Believed Henry Kissinger was Deep Throat

GOP Ads Try To Tie Dean To Terrorism

(Anesthetizing a fetus prior to performing an abortion) measure defeated

G.I.'s Under Inquiry in Killings of 2 Afghans

Legislator introduces bill to castrate some sex offenders

Bush Says Syria Out of Step (2nd CNN/Syria story today)

NYT: Doubts About White House Reporter Recalled

Jail contractor pushes religion, lawsuit charges

Gov. Bush softening on elections proposals

N.J. Casino to Fire Weightier Waitstaff

Sen. Clinton Pushes for Voting Holiday (wants all ex-felons to vote)

Christian Band Sues Ohio School District

Schieffer Brothers' New Jobs Won't Strain Bonds, They Say -NYT

Man 'blinded at Guantanamo'

Afghan prisoners killed under interrogation

No Protection for Bloggers...

Ari Fleischer Tells E&P He Spoke to Gannon/Guckert's Boss

AP: Iraqi Died While Hung From Wrists

Student's "defiance" leads to suspension

Bush strikes out in N.H. on Social Security

Ralph Reed announces run for Lt. Gov (GA)

Bankruptcy bill clears Senate Committee

Technology claims to thwart DVD copying

Rove to GOP: Don't grow 'tired or timid'

Veteran of dirty wars wins lead US spy role

Personal pleas ring at stem cell hearing (science and morality views)

Scientists warn that oceans are cooling

Togo youths: 'Send us guns'

Negroponte named Intel Czar...

Kyoto protest beaten back by inflamed petrol traders (UK)

Top Army recruiter: Draft wouldn't help

Dershowitz defends Summers

Who here has had a Brazillian fox?

It is good to see

Brother Sky Blue on hold.

Grovelbot needs a Demopedia entry.

Lounge Lizards: about what percentage of your posts tonight have been

Lounge Lizards: about what percentage of your posts

It does my heart good

Look! I'm Martin Lawrence on a bender!!

You know what sucks about earworming someone else?

OMG - Kari of MYTHBUSTERS endures water torture - by CHOICE!

Does Kelly Ripa annoy only me?

Hey! Look at this!

I'm unstoppable!

Who knew my sliderule post would grow a life of its own?

My question for Jeff Gannon:

Weird noises in my head

Don't you hate it

I have a VERY important question for Jeff Gannon!!!

Adieu for now.

Bobby Eberle tells all about Gannon

I'm unpoppable!

Lounge Lizards: About what % or your replies are to the wrong post?

Do we have any DU lawyers

I dare you, denizens of the Lounge

It is the great great offspring of the *Stream of Consciousness thread*

Oldie but goodie...

Jose Canseco's Tell-All steroid book. Is it:

One more til post #666.

I'm calling out BigMcLargeHuge - anyone else care to join me?

Earworm me

Fox fin report you fidna decide!

I'm playing "Aquarius" by Alice Donut and Killdozer on my overnight show..

Rush Limbaugh is dead


Arrogant lips are unsuited to a fool--how much worse lying lips to a ruler

Harry Reid is a Mormon?

how many replys do you start then trash at GD politics or GD

Musical Condoms........get with the beat.

Shhh, you people are keeping me up

My cat is very sick.

Do you code while drunk and wake confused about how you made it work?

Today's Public Service Reminder: Perfume and Work - a deadly combination

His heart organ was where it should be

Signs that your God might be dead*

It's 0800, what does the "o" stand for?

Are you part of the majority?

Help -- Prayers & Good Thoughts, Please. Estranged Dad CALLED --

Goodbye cruel world

Bugs delay AOL Netscape 8.0 beta

A beautiful but sad song...

Just noticed -- 65000 user registrations since January 2001

New Standalone Internet Explorer for XP Planned

Multiple flaws found in Linux kernel

Gooooood Morning DU!

I am so glad it is finally Thursday!

MILESTONE - "65000 user registrations since January 2001"

Well there's a lotta lotta lotta hard work tonight.

Bill Gates & other communists

I have a test at 12:15 today...

Let's all create links for Jeff Gannon- Prostitute and link it to

13 Arrested For Selling Unlicensed Cher Shirts At Concert

write me at my email address...

So lemme get this straight.... Rich Gannon is a male prostitute?

Freeper Sends Message to DU About Jeff Gannon Scandal

Britney Spears Angry After Honeymoon Photos Published

Windows tops Linux in security demo

US driver charged over mouthwash

Museum gets $400m donations

'Flatulent' footwear leads Longwood company to sue ex-supplier

Man of the Year Awards announced!!

Bush* Award

pier paolo pasolini

Survivor Fans: Play a Game? - Survivor Palau starts on CBS tonight

I'd consider buying this, but the vet looks too much like Bush!

Here they are: National Champions!

Please DU this vote!

It's nearly 3:00 AM here. I have to be up by 6:30. Should I go to bed?

I just fulfilled a long time ambition...

Bruce Conjures"Devils"Springsteen to release new album in April-(antiwar)

Which Country's citizens have it better

I'm looking over these cheesecake recipes and now I'm starving

Post your favorite Beatles photos

Camel fossils found in Kansas!

New York To Drop 'The Big Apple' For New Nickname: 'World's Second Home'

When referring to their "cholesterol" amount, generally speaking, are

That's it. I'm taking your mind

Listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan's Soul to Soul. Ask me anything.

What are your favorite shopping (or browsing) websites?

Who in here has heard of "The Brazilian Girls"?

Dear killing programs.... What do you think?

George Bush kills way more people than doctors

Superman is a Dick!

How do you rate Mitch Mitchell's drumming skills?

The "Superstar" CAPTION

The "Pre-Speech Ritual" CAPTION

Now God Damit who PM'd me a cold?

A friend will bail you out of jail...

Daria killing programs... what do you think?

How do you rate Okko's sitar playing skills?

How do you rate Gackt's dancing skills?

Ever rule a used slide?

Burglar caught by computer and webcam that he stole

Doctor killing programs.... What do you think?

How do you rate Mark Knopfler's guitar skills?

How do you rate Mitch McConnell's drumming skills?

Bush on Iran cartoon

who is jeff gannon?

How about this budget cut: Eliminate Presidential Pensions

I'm outta here!!!!!!!

Is Paul McCartney in a cell phone commercial yet?

lawyer killing programs - too little too late?

How do you rate GrovelBot's begging skills?

why do conservatives like to be humiliated

Bush is a cartoon

I coulda bought that six-pack for $4.99......

Who is Jack White

How do I *compose* a DU mail? I can only reply to others!

Stupidity kills way more people than doctors.

When does Robert Evans show on SIRIUS begin?

Sean Hannity appreciation thread

Ever used a main frame word processor on a RJE terminal?

Kid Rock has been moved to No. 1 on my kick ass on sight list.

Everybody has a bomb we could all die any day...

Anyone heard of an mp4 rifle?

I found this, and it made me cry: "Until Then"

Opinions please, on my daughter's politics and art

Autism ...I'm shocked

how about a jeff gannon group?

Having my blood pressure checked. Wish me luck!

I bent my wookie

Who watched "Lost" last night?

GUYS! Don't you hate...

Kid Rock: Didn't he have a "diminutive" sidekick...

chimpy's face is 2/3 of the way from

Cumming: The Fragrance

Deer killing programs.... What do you think?

CONFESS!!!! Biggest Purchasing Regret

Need help with Trojan virus-

In the fond hope that I'd be number SIX-SIX-SIX,

Does anyone else keep Preparation H in the freezer?

Wich Simpson will Come Out (betting pool)

Which of these Stevie Ray Vaughan albums is best?

Gannon a 'respectable journalist' according to FReeper

I'm Jeff Gannon -- Check out my hot ass!

Woman Sued Over Pregnant Stomach Ad Space

South Park is so funny....they got "served" in a dance off....

ever have one of those days when nothing will kick in?

I got drinks with Sniffa last week, ask me anything.

Current Earworm: Green Day, 'I Walk Alone'

hey, i'm kinda freaking out

So what do you think this Freecycler's politics are????

Favorite Brian Eno album?

PAY DELAY: How would you feel about this?

How would you rate Snoop's pimping skills?

I'm sick and tired of the 'gay' angle of the Gannon story.

Web designer claims Gannon wanted his nude pics posted online

Now I know for a fact that, residence life at my school is evil...

Please Don't Infiltrate Your Post Office.

Do you do your own taxes or have them done??

Finally a toilet big enough to handle all the crap we get from repukes

Additional Good Karma Requested for Another Interview

How honest are you?

Online hugs (and other stuff)

I want to cry. I want to scream. I want to kill.

A VIP was the featured Speaker at our Luncheon at work today.

All together now......Awwwwwwwww!!!! (overly sugary sweet picture)

Do I look fat in these clothes?

Californians warned of data theft

Anyone else here really enjoy the movie "Adaptation"?

Movie trivia time.

Playing God: Create your own religion

He's Just a Love Machine...

What did I do wrong?

This country is living behind a wall of denial.

Shimmy shimmy ya ,shimmy yam, shimmy yay!

Canadians that you never thought were Fundy.

Do you ever have a really crappy day at work?

we haven't had a good fartin' thread here today, so . . .

So I took a second a bible salesman.

I'm watching an orgy.

Those cute puppies can give your computer spyware, adware

Something odd appeared in my router config. Is this malicious?

This thread is dedicated to the good doctors and health care pros.

Reruns of NBC series "Ed" are on TBS every weekday at noon EST.

When did runway models all start walking like drunken camels?

Oh great. Now I'm getting sick.

Omarosa (Apprentice) bitching again.

Don't Panic!

we haven't had a *bad* kitten thread today so...

Does anybody else just love Savage Henry?

Anthony LaPaglia is Australian???


Rumsfeld Fondly Recalls "Gannon"

I'm taking my dog shopping this afternoon

Great site..

We haven't had a good spittin thread today, so...

Looking for herbal acid reflux remedy

What historical figure do you compare Bill Frist with?

Is Paul McCartney the Jeff Gannon of rock and roll?

Hannity asks Freepers for forgiveness

Good news today from my Dr....

I'm 19 away from 2000 posts and on my way to the lawyers office

Does anyone here watch "Charmed"?

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

Show Guppies

Don't you Hate it when....

Danzig Danzig bo Banzig banana fanna fo Fanzig Me Mi Mo Manzig


Glenn Danzig Made my Daughter Clean Her Room

When do we get to see someone in a bunny suit?

I need to borrow a couple of million bucks. Anybody got it?

I will never use the word 'liberal' again.

75.0 years of age today.

"The Westminster Dog Show is For Trick Ass Bitches."

The "reality" of "Survivor" is that the contestants are whores or slaves

* Made my Daughter Clean Her Room

9994, 9995, 9996, 9997.........

Update on hubby and surgery -- THANKS FOR THE PRAYERS!!

The Goldbergs: Lucianne and her Boy Jonah

Who would win in a fight - God or Q?

Who would win in a fight - Ari Fleisher or Scott McClellan?

"Hello! My name is Destiny Frankenstein!"

Backing up Firefox Bookmarks - help!

Who would win in a fight - Pee Wee Herman or Carrot Top?

Where will drew Bledsoe go? Losman to QB Bills.

Who would win in a fight, Sunny Rollins or Glenn Frey?

Another Danzig thread: What did he say about the Iraq war, and...


What is it with " The " ?

A couple of jokes for all you drunks in the lounge

Who would win in a fight, Henry Rollins or Glenn Danzig?

Has anyone ever seen Skinner and Grovelbot at the same time?

I have to get up at 9:30pm...ask me

We need to talk.

I'm makin' some coffee for all of today's flamewarriors - time to relax

We're having a tea party.

Hey - I wanna dance with somebody!


Star Wars: Episode III Parody -- this one is worth a look.

Fundamentalist religion doesn't have to be politically awful or hateful

Has anyone checked out Bartcop lately?

Damnit! The new NIN album isn't coming out until May!

Wasn't ther a movie that starts with "Postcards from...?"


This is my 2000 post

Hey - I wanna fight somebody! All these people are fighting

So what did you get done today?

Earworm song of the day: If I Aint Got You

So I ate at this fast food Chinese restuarant yesterday

Who would win in a fight, Will Pitt or Skittles?

Mae?...MAE!!!...bring me some REEFERS!!!

Ge''uad Dammit! My hair stylist just made me look like I had Chemo!

Ever go on Hotornot and find an ex?

I need a slacker

When will we elect a female president?

Christian music video that does a Wierd Al version of "Baby's Got Back"

My husband did a wonderful thing!

Are the people who choose to have inane discussions in GD elitists?

Officials Investigating How Handgun Wound Up In 4th Grader's Bookbag

I've decided to lose track of my age.

I decided to lose track of my page.

SI is hot hot hot this year

A real American is given recognition.

Anybody have a link of Jon Stewart on Crossfire?

Did you know that there's a Democratic Singles Network?

What the hell is up with hotmail?

Jim Rob, freeper leader, kisses Hannity's ass!!

What's the Anderson Cooper 360 theme song?

Do they still sell hairnets?

I want to thank my dearly departed grandmother for something she taught me

Was I wrong for wanting to clobber this person?

The word Blogoshere annoys me

The word Legosphere annoys me

Novak should be washing Suge Knights underwear in prison

A coaster? BRILLIANT!

Newsflash: celebrities are all insane

Eyes of the World

Don't forget: The Daily Show on in 5 minutes for some of us

Survivor starts tonight!!!!

what movie should i watch tonight?

Urgent! Freepers need help in important decision!

Do “body thetans” really exist?

Yes, it IS Israeli reggae....

Best Rage Against the Machine Album?

The Dukes of Stratosphear annoy me

The Asthenosphere annoys me

What sort of thing passes for 'greatest thread' in the lounge?

The word Atmosphere annoys me

What are some good computer games?

Canadians that you never thought were Funny

every post but one on the front page

Don't you just love having a husband who's a good cook?

I've decided I'm going to become a tree!

Anyone else playing the ebay treasure hunt game???

You ever notice ebay's kind of a rip-off?

My niece is getting married this weekend and I

Listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Couldn't Stand The Weather".

What are you having for dinner tonight?

Do any of you all know if suicide reports are 'public information'?


Ok, so whats odd about this CD cover jacket?

I've decided I'm going to be!

everything annoys me

Sorry, America. She's yours now.

Jeff Gannon, Squeezy Doll.

Report: Queen 'Livid' at Wedding Venue Change

Parrot or green turd with a hat?

Is it an oxymoron to wash down Xanax with cold coffee?

Characteristics of Red Sprites

You have the original cast of SNL (or the first couple of years)... script

Ok check this out

I just donated to DU! Ask me anything.

Oh god help me I blew the Whistle!!!!

The Road to Hell is Paved with...

Future's so bright, I gotta buy shades!

"The Ballad of Jeff Gannon" | w/apologies to Cole Porter!

LOL.. . . . a Cat Review from a computer hardware review site

I was just accused of...

"I'd SURE hate to see what a man of Satan is like!!!"

Does anyone else just love Boz Scaggs?

You know its true, eating sweets will spoil your dinner

I've decided I'm going to become a poet!

Two questions (well, three, really)

Carry on my wayward son...

Just watched the RATM Live at the Grand Olympic DVD. Ask me anything.

Its Thurs, 9pm: Time for MXC!

iTunes users: Can I download the UK/Ireland iTunes?

I want it!...........


I just found the oddest thing while walking my dog behind my townhome

where's the poll about Jeff & Snotty as part of a gay underground in WH?


Who gave some people the right to make the world so


My 1000th post!

My dog kept me up most of last night

Someone passed out at the courthouse when news Michael Jackson was ill.

Glenn Danzig


Is Anybody Listening To Larry King? He is Torturing Some Poor Lady

I want to get over my book fetish!!!

Save the Tapirs!

Anyone miss the Drunk Barber as much as I do?


Jokes, funny pic, etc.. need a boost!

HAHAHA-encounter with REALLY stupid freeper.

SWAT team intervention on my street Tuesday, cops, cars,

Bush joke that needs it's own thread! This is good!!!

Do you CARE that Britney Spears is furious over her honeymoon pics?

Portrait of Michael Jackson In Children's....

Favorite David Lean film?

Sometimes the world looks perfect,

I love these old movies, but the sexist attitudes drive me batty.

Post your least favorite smilie here! Just one per customer!

You're all a bunch of wussies, and I'm a-callin' you out.

Is it just me or does Kid Rock really suck?

You guys are so distracting...

I'm US First Lady Columba Bush. Ask me anything.

We got a live one!

Who is this Gannon, and why the fuck should I care???

How do you deal with gray hair?

Man escapes serious injury after lit cigarette ignites vehicle

On the World Today with Phillip TIll earlier tonight - funniest thing,

Is it just me, or does Kid Suck really rock?

Is there an SRV monkey on my back?

Dammit, this NHL crap REALLY pisses me off.


Animal Crackers in my soup

1975 Hatchback!!!

I don't want to go wash the dinner dishes....

Can anyone tell me anything about MPI Home Video?

Dammit, now I feel sad....

Christ! I applied for a HUGE job (kind of on a whim) and have been asked

the moon belongs to america..


Favorite Beer

Does Grovelbot have a "hard" press pass?

Have you gotten a birthday present for Toni Morrison?

Who else likes "Pet Star" on Animal Planet?

My aunt has breast cancer

Who Made Up These Sayings That Favor Women?

It's my Friday! An extra-long weekend!

messed around on here and now I no longer want to bother

a question about the movie Troy

who wins the Trojan war, if held today?

In what year will DU get its one millionth member?

If you guys have been wondering what I've been up to

Post your favorite simile here! Just one per customer!

Happy (late) birthday, Francis Townsend (father of social security)

Favorite Bill Callahan (Smog) album

Condi Rice, "elegantly attired in the skin of an endangered Barcolounger"

Conan, what's your position on gay marriage?

Ever used keypunch cards?

1975 Flashback!!!

OMG! I just saw an ad for Kirstie Alley in "Fat Actress" on Showtime!


Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute (SNL) skit

Weird noises on my phone line

I gotta take my two kitties to be fixed today...*squall*

I have no shame....

I suspect my phone is tapped.

DU SURVIVOR - PALAU - Outpoll, Outsmart, Outvote

Oh no!!! this is bad.....

Finally, check out my webpage. It's back up! Art, politics, and more..

Have you all seen this little factoid re: Social Security?

My brother has a life-sized cardboard statue of ** in his house

My brother-in-law's father's cancer has spread to the bones.

Just had a sneezing fit! 19 times in a row!!!!!

Hmmm check it out...

Do you think women musicians get hit on like the men?

DU men what freebies have you received?

Saw Roger Ebert speak tonight (at a book signing)

Will anyone be in Vegas this weekend?

Anyone see "Saw"

Why is a "cat nap" just a short little light nap

I can't find my cash station card and I am going to bed now

Just watched AMISTAD again

Stop making posts about Gannon or the puppy gets it

Songs for these times

I won breat minta from the MIller Lite Guy at Ella's in Stevens Point

Ad on Fox: Stars with out make-up

My Mother-in-Law Had Surgery for Cancer Yesterday

Pathology results in on Sirius. More bad news.

What is your BEST physical feature? (keep it clean)

Kleeb Help!! It sent me a letter and I'm scared to even look........

Why are you East Coasters still awake?

At the zoo, which animals are you most eager to see?

Characteristics of Red Stripes

Hey! Lookie over here!


Next week's ER...

If you could make the "living" you wanted, doing whatever you wanted -

Horny, Royal Bitch, and Red Truck...

I agree, Skinner... sex talk doesn't belong here

Pat Boone?

Nothing fancy for my 1000th post

ATTENTION, RW nutjobs...

Rumsfeld tells the truth for the first time in recorded history....

funniest comics?

Post your favorite smilie here! Just one per customer!

Do you ever watch DVDs on your computer??

Music question...

Oh, man, I can't believe this.

Favorite soup?

Who is the most underrated/overrated President?

I really, really hate the word "meme."

Ax-wielding man gets free videos at Blockbuster

Reverse Astrology

My goal? 0 replies. Don't ask me anything. Kill this thread now!

Do cats have diseases

Is it safe?

"SIDEWAYS" ..... the movie. The Academy Award Nominee... what the HELL

Best "sleeper" film you've seen recently?

Why are people so into being more intelligent than others?

Ever go on Rate My and find an ex?


Have you been looking for an online generator?

I'm in love with Molly Ringwald ask me anything...

Who is your ideal man portrayed in a movie?

Blues Rules

'Got the job search blues...

Show Puppies...

Anyone heard of an mp4a file?

What's The Story On Some Guy Who Made A Funny Video Of Himself...

Who would win in a fight, Glen Close or Meryl Streep?


So, if a 'Jeff Gannon' was getting day passes to lob easy questions to...

Who are some DUers who don't post alot or have low post counts

We haven't had a good kitten thread today, so....

Which Of The Following Is Your Least Favorite President?

Cheap laugh, via

ronnykmarshall's shameless plug for Cindy Alexander !!

Alanis Morissette Becomes U.S. Citizen

Masculine insecurity and The Bush

What's happening in the cultural underground?

Fineman is as big an RNC "butt boy" as the lying Brit Hume

Just curious.. your thoughts

Who would win in a fight - Destiny Frankenstein or BlueBear?

3 days...Smoke free.

Is it possible for an 18-yr-old guy to be friends with a 13-yr-old girl?

If the Gannon/Guckert story was an episode of Speed Racer-With Pictures!

Best Female Rocker

What's the story behind your DU screen name?

Don't you hate it when you can't get over someone?


I'm a nervous wreck

anyone see "good fences" with whoopi goldberg and danny glover

What fads,trends annoy you?

Only three more days until the Chicago gathering!!! Check-in please.

When do you take down your Christmas decorations?

To those of you who accuse people of 1000+ posts to be freepers.

Need someone to take a pic I need for a PhotoShopping of Nathan Sproul

Wacky Package Stickers...anyone remember these?

Your favorite book(s) of all time

I have a very smart teenager who won't do ANY school work.

My goal? 1,000 replies. Ask anything; hijack at will.

Need help making hummus edible.

"Deer Killing Programs"

Question about environmentally friendly ways to curb companion animals

Ingrid Newkirk (PETA) book signing here on Sunday.

What's the best in-print bio of Muhammed?

Vatican University Debuts Satanism Classes

Do you think it is the duty of Christians to make others feel guilty

Joan Chittester - Is this kind of Christianity Christian?

Wahhabi Christianity

How to solve the health care crisis in America!

DLC says FIX Medicaid - don't cut it or destroy it

Hubble and Cassini Images of Saturn

Organ donor spreads rabies

US squandering its technology lead

Young Blood Makes Muscles Spry (stem cell research)

Oldest fossil 'rabbit' unearthed in Mongolia

Italy's Communists Call For Gay Marriage

Calif. Gay Black Households More Likely To Parent, But Suffer Economically

LGBT Rights Group Mounts Civil Action Campaign Against Auto Chain

Italy's Communists Call For Gay Marriage

Arkansas bill to control textbook references to marriage rejected

Oakland Gay Rights Law Upheld

Virginia Dumps Bill Targeting Gay Adoptions

Charges Over Gay Festival Disruption Dismissed

Gay concern over hyping AIDS 'superbug'

FIDE gives Kasparov Feb 26 deadline to decide on match participation

Baby Bulls Over .500 At The All-Star Break!

Post names of baseball players that you think are/were on hemorrhoids

Hmmm...nothing yet from our Va. Tech DUers...

OK. Post names of baseball players that you think are/were on steroids.

Tedy Bruschi hospitalized with headaches.

Satire: Goodenow, Bettman on "The Apprentice"

Lance Armstrong to try for 7th Tour de France win

Jessica Lynch, Johnny Damon will be at Daytona

Marvin Harrison assaults 15 year old fan at Pro Bowl.

Miss Della

Heartwarming and Absolutely Hilarious

Environmentally friendly pet curbing materials?

my heart is dragging me toward more trouble

Request: Can anyone help with a three-card spread?

Had a strange experience in a furniture store today...

Sitting in the Fire...turning toward pain. An interview with Pema Chodron

OK Reiki folk - please read

Godless Like Me: An Experiment

Va. Proposal Would Make Prayer a Right

famous Atheists and Agnostics

American Humanist Association joins The Secular Coalition

I hope that Donkey kicks Bush in the forehead

Small business funding slashed PR release

Vanessa will run marathon

Any news on Kerry's press conference?

I'm sick of Gannon-gate!

pics from TayTay


My Seasons series so far

Where's Waldo? Can you find the wildlife?

Would Jesus Privatize?

Greens speak out about Lynne Stewart

One more til post #666.

This is how Democrats SHOULD talk

Liberal’ Media Silent About Guckert Saga

Heads up. "Today" doing Gannon/Guckert right now.

a few questions for the next * press conference:

You're right Deaniacs: Dr. Dean scares the peepers out of the RW

Gannon/Guckert covered on IMUS now!

C-span reading Doud'd column in entirety

i thought they said they wouldnt raise taxes?

DU Action! Call into any RW radio talk show in your area

Ridge, Pollsters Met During Bush Campaign

Today Show reporting on Gannon right now!!!! n/t

Something to make some of you smile this early morning

Website that shows who donates to who?

CNN reporting " top 4-5 people on short list for Intel Dir" said NO

The Daily Show - last night's show coming up on the Comedy Channel

US journalists lose freedom of press appeal

Sources: Bush to name Negroponte intel chief

Synod closer to women bishops after bitter debate

£6bn pipeline threatens endangered whale

Need help finding RFK/Christ pic...

Negroponte nominated National Intelligence Director.

Rumsfeld doubts Iraq intelligence

So Bush wants to RAISE taxes now??

Interesting Kerry article

Newshounds: "Is Dean Hannity's New Clinton?"

okay, I see how * is going to get Chalabi in there....

Did any one just watch Ed Markey (D-MA) unload on the

Why aren't we seeing the anti-war protest music like we had in the 60s?

Why can't I find coverage of Scotty's marriage?

A month or so ago, a thread provided a history of *'s lies...

I really dislike the term "Mangate" -- federal spending is out of control, so we need to..

Gannon/Guckert on the Daily Show/Video

Happy 81st Margaret Truman Daniel

Bash Lieberman, but Love Specter????WTF???

MSNBC to do story on Gannon NOW--right after the commercial

there's something strange about that "18 wheeler hit by train" in CA......

The Whitehouse Stages its 'Daily Show' NYT on Gannon and more..

N.H. visitors meet with possible 2008 presidential contenders

did Rumsfeld get mad & cut short the Pentagon's budget hearings yesterday?

Kerry's Press Release - More Election Reform Press Conference News…

US Democrats to back additional spending

Al Gore 2/16 Climate Change speech mp3 available

CNN Poll


Does anyone remember right before the election there was a Republican

Letter from Hillary and Boxer....Every Vote Counts.

B** rattling sabors

Reuters: Negroponte Taking Job "Too Vague" for "Qualified Candidates"

Bush driving us off cliff-Greenspan cheering him on.

MSNBC Howard Dean smear-a-thon going on now

Guckert/Gannon had a hard pass, not day pass.

Ralph Reed to Seek Georgia Lieutenant Governor's Job in 2006

Republican Greenspan would let SS die with a Bush "CarveOut"

We need an overhaul of our spokesperson corps--Dean's a good start

DU Is Enamored With Gannon - Missing The Bigger Story.....

2 specialist on explosives were on Blitzer said "bombing in Lebanon was

Negroponte has ZERO experience in Intel and National Security..........

Unveil Major Election Reform Bill!

Josh Marshall: Will Sen Lincoln Chafee (RI) Leave GOP?

Should Democrats bypass MSM and go straight to "bloggers"?

Man, the media is STILL talking about Dean, non-stop.

'US Discreetly Reinforcing N. Iraq Military Bases'

The Jeff Gannon story on the Today Show (2/17/05)

LTTE: We want Gannon, not Dean

Rate this Gannon article on Yahoo!

Medical workers vulnerable if Congress reinstates the draft

Ari Fleischer, 2002 on the use of "foils" in the White House Press Corps

Dems have got to stop apologizing for Howard Dean!

Anti-War / Anti-Bush: Music Video

Greenspan likes SS private accounts, but dislikes increased debt.

Well, now we'll soon have Death Squad Negroponte to kill innocent here.

do you feel that Wolfs softballs to Gannon were to protect Novak?

Voting trends: Guess who's been voting republican ???

Bills Renew Fight On Stem Cells -- 160 cosponsors

NPR Heads Up! Paul Krugman on Fresh Air @ aprox 3:20pm EST

Rove to GOP: Don't Grow 'Tired or Timid'

three cheers for Negroponte

Condi on Cspan before senate - Foreign operations budget hearing.

Something's Going To Blow - Seems Like It's Already

Seattle Post: News about Iraq goes through filters

Someone tell Judy that SS ran a surplus last year with only 3.3 workers!

There are only 2 philosophers in Bush's WH - Ayn Rand and Leo Strauss.

until proven otherwise, gannon is a major, embarrassing security f*ckup

GOP Attempt at Humor: LAME Video

Damn Randi is pretty rude to her callers

I think we need a special prosecutor for Gannongate. Who agrees?

How long before MSM uses the term Operation Mockingbird on air ?

Jay Rockefeller Just PRAISED Negroponte On Ed Schultz?!

Wow! Crossfire! right now gannon-gate nt

Is GOOGLE part of the Right Wing Conspiracy?

What are the names of liberal think tanks?

Here's proof. Republicans are nuts....

Awwww poor freepers, Hannity thinks you're the FRINGE!!!!

Gannon/Guckert and Kenneth R. Timmerman; Any connection?

House GOP yank ad lampooning Pelosi

Senator Lieberman just criticized Negroponte's apointment as DNI

If it weren't for black voter disenfranchisement, could a Republican

The People’s Ratification of the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty

Ldotters cheer Negroponte pick cause it will "drive us crazy"

Tweety has Gannon NEXT!!!

"We will restore Honor and Dignity to the White House"

Ander Cooper 360 to discuss Gannon. I'm no longer near a tv,

Is Bush rushing us to war with Syria and Iran.

Who has Gannon's little black book?

Gannon story on NBC next!

Anderson Copper on CNN to cover (((((( Gannon )))))) next

maybe they used Gannon to distract from begin threat to Syria/iran.

Search for "Guckert" and "gannon" and guess what comes up?

So did the AP cover Dean's debate with Perle

Ehrlichman thought "Deep Throat" was Kissinger

NBC Nightly News to cover Gannon up next in EST nt

Maureen Dowd of the NYT Bodyslams the Administration on Gannon

Blitzer, Kurtz...CNN

Who was Gannon having an affair with to get his White House Press Pass.

Rep. Louise Slaughter turns up the heat on WH (re: Gannon)

Impeaching Bush...

Will a "SCARLET LETTER" Campaign Against the MSM Work ?

My Frame for Theocrats: Gov. assistance w/ religion, WELFARE!

I rather like Broder's column tonight. He makes good points.

Sen. Santorum's wife wins lawsuit(1999) $350,000

SCOTUS set to hear eminent domain case on Tuesday

Description of what my cousin is doing in Iraq right now

If you love chomsky....plesae please check out

"Gannon in the morning, Gannon in the evening, Gannon at supper-time"

Rove to GOP: Don't Grow 'Tired or Timid'

Is There Yet Another Agenda Behind the "Privatization" Push??

Jeff Christie(AKA Rush)/Jeff Gannon- CONNEX?????

How you been feeling about Democrats, recently?

Why did they have to bring the Hooker to the White House?

Vatican decries 'religion of health'

Psst! Wanna know who the 10 most vulnerable GOP Congressmen are?

How will Joe Scarborough try to sweep Gannon under the rug?

The CBS Three Won’t Slink Off; Hiring Lawyers

GOP operative accused of theft

Tweety teeing off on Gannon

FDR's grandson on Majority Report refuting Brit Hume's BS

we are writing new paper ballot regs for California: VVPB style

Hypothetically Speaking: If You Got A Draft Notice

Hardball to talk of Gannon (I missed the earlier show) NOW (after comm

Serious Question : Why Negroponte? and Why Now?..... very odd choice

* telegraphs his plan to make an issue where there isn't one

Bush appearance w/FREE tickets only half full.......yippeeee :-)

Minimum wage hikes-- did you know that they mostly benefit the RICH?

"We'll pay at the ballot boxes if we continue to block **s nominees"

What if the Gannon story is...

Gannon in WH for GOPUSA in Jan 2003

Rove to Republicans: Don't grow 'tired or timid'

Is something wrong with *'s left eye? Seriously.

Gannon and Rove: One degree of separation

scarborough "exposing" Michael Moore

Hang on! It's the fear factor again. So what are they up to?

Why James Guckert?

Smackdown on Gannon

Looking for some stats.

What would it take for fake-reporter-manho-gate to bring Bush down?


DU Today's CNN POll On Negroponte

The DEAN SCREAM - new Democratic BATTLE CRY!!!!

Chair of Democratic Black Caucus says Dean has nothing to apologize for.

Conservatives Values: Gay Prostitution is Ok but Gay Marriage is Immoral

DU this MSNBC poll about Gannon

Hmmm--Ari Was Rumored To Be Gay, Too

Sen. Clinton Pushes for Voting Holiday (Kerry, too)

Need help re: Ralph Reed

Can Dubya and Rove pull off what Hitler and Goebbels did?


Marines probe boot camp drowning

PATRIOT III may be attached to Iraq approp bill

Do you regret not voting for Howard Dean in your primary/caucus?

Do you want "Death Squads" Negroponte for intel czar?

Steele Asks For Apology From Howard Dean

i wish Michael Moore would make a movie about the class of 94'


LMAO!! I got this email called 'In Defense of Biblical Marriage' BRILLIANT

Oh, Jesus, not another bald guy..........

Does anyone have a point-by-point summary of how the class action bill

Molloy Is Saying The Democratic Party is Dead Should We Change the Name of

How can Dems win the Senate, HR, and Presidency? Guns!

This just in from COMMON CAUSE. I'd like your opinion. I'm surprised .

GANNON / ROVE / RATHER connection

What should the official scandal name be for the Jeff Gannon story?

About changing the Dem platform for Issue X

Has AAR been given talking points....about Dean?

Breaking: "Congress Passes Bill To Limit Most Class Action...

It¡¦s the White Working Class, Stupid

Is this battle much bigger than Democrat vs Republican ?

Everything I know about bush's weird physical/medical stuff....right here

So now being gay is a private matter

BREAKING: Request for new hearings with Rice

Will McCain run for president in 2008?

Is this Administration is trying to bankrupt America on purpose?

Al Gore - the only big Dem with balls?

It's all about the PROPAGANDA, STUPID!!! (re: PropaGannon story)

Ok DU'ers - I need your help! Withdrawl from Iraq Letters Needed

IF GHWB is "Deep Throat"

Someone is looking for this letter turning Gannon down for press cred.