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Archives: February 15, 2005

Simon Tisdall (Guardian Utd): Poll success fuels Turkish fears over Kurds

Intolerance as a 'family value'

Oil, Power, and Empire II - Larry Everest

Faith, fabrications, and fantasy

Lynne Stewart Verdict: Stretching the Definition of Terrorism to New Limit

Editorial: Bush’s ‘fixing’ only puts seniors in a fix

What We Don't Know About 9/11 Hurts Us

In Rebuttal: Bullying in the name of 'values'

Jonathan Beale (BBC): US gloss masks nerves over Iraq

Secret Deal With Wal-Mart on Labor Violations Needs Investigating

I did not realize the 'nuclear option" was so easy!!

Judicial Nominees

9/11: " Administration woefully incompetent

K Street phones Wall Street -The Hill

Between Truth and Lies... "On Bullshit"

Olbermann on Hume, FOX, Roosevelt and social security

'Washington's plan to foment civil war in Iraq'

Fallen Hawk Soars Again ( Elliot Abrams, PCNA and Bush Adm)

Commentary by Greg Anrig: Alan Greenspan and the Meaning of 'Trust'

David Brooks exploits some Marines to bash Europe

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Elliott Abrams defends Democracy

Commentary: 'Buster' and the lesbians

Americans Voted For Bad Government (great LTTE Richmond Va.)

How Bush Supports the Vets--Cut Their Benefits

"The Destruction of Jeff Gannon"

Devil is not in the details...

What We Don't Know About 9/11 Hurts Us

The emperor of vulgarity

Learning to live as Iraq war triple amputee (Will future Coulter diss him)

Quebec: Union weighs public boycott of Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart Settles Child Labor Cases: Announcement made on a Saturday

bush urges Congress to reauthorize Pat Act..

Krugman: The Fighting Moderates (on Dean as DNC and the SS fight)

Sanders: Unfettered free trade is ruining middle class

PORN: a new feature article at

Hunting Hillary Clinton---Hating Hillary: A Cottage Industry

Molly Ivins: Tort deform

Paul O'Neill: A New Idea for Social Security (give all kids 2k per year!)


Commentary by Greg Anrig: Alan Greenspan and the Meaning of 'Trust'

The Bizarre Gannon Affair (David Corn in the Nation via Yahoo)

The Secret of Iraq---(by Eustace Mullins)

Kerry Backs Bush's $81.9 Bln War Spending Plan

Opinion Piece: Rise of American Martyrdom, by Justin Sane, Anti-Flag

Miller's foresight: Death of the Intellectual in America

Common Dreams: Pharisee Nation

Hillarycare, Anyone? (1992 Hillarycare might end up the nostalgic favorite

2 million acres of New Mexico grasslands latest battleground over drilling

This Documentary on Carlyle Group may shock You!

Attn New England DU'ers - * visiting NH Wednesday, 2/16.

My little way of spreading the message... something we can all do!

"ELECTION RIGGING 101" Teach-In, Oakland, CA 2/26

New media swarm takes down old media CNN news boss

Why does the media pretend there's no documentation for the theft of 2004?

IPS article accuses western journalists of lying in Iraq---

MSM's cowardly acquiescence of yellow journalism

James Roosevelt calling for Brit Hume's resignation on KO

McDonaldization of Journalism

Why did the AP pull picture of Gay prositute/reporter Gannons Bush rubbing

Bush asks for $82B extra,most of it for Pentagon(war total now past $300B)

help--S.E.C.filings-Filing Type, Submission Type,Template Number

Economy's Growing, but Where Are the New Jobs?

Columbia River Basin Survey Reveals Huge Historic Drought Cycles

China Mine Accident Kills More Than 200

If You Drink Wine, You're Killing The Environment!

Major Hydrogen Event In Orlando, FL 2/18/2005

Resistance Rising - How Overuse Ruined Antibiotics - BBC

Please sign the petition to stop baby seal clubbing!

Bush fights 91 Gulf War US GI's wanting prisoner compensation from Iraq

BBC (2/15): ICRC raises Guantanamo conditions

Rhodes plans to rebuild Colossus

Which rounds penetrate walls? Answer within!

Why do I have to look at Shrub's face at the end of the fund drive

Skinner! please forgive my panic.

Here's a vote for "Response to "(title of post)"

Is there going to be an Oscar contest this year?

"The Wall That Heals"

Idea: Sources that will let us break "the four paragraph rule"

Could someone clarify the LBN rules please?

question about avatars

DUers are abusing the Gannon story

Can you tell me when my star is going to expire?

I understand that moderators have access to a DU member's Ignore List.

I want to second LeftyChristian's complaint

You can put DU Grovelbot on ignore.

"This borders on flamebait."

The Hate Mailbag...

PA rule clarification please.

A question about the fund drive RE: donating in other DUers names.

Butworm tricked me into clicking on a link and I ended up at the WH


Guys, I'm really sorry but I have an idea for a DU group

The discussion of iconic racial images ... need to email me...or check your pm box...IMPORTant

Why is a Moderator "kicking" an abvious flame war post...

look at these pics, then tell me how WTC7 fell ..?

Afghanistan Oil Pipeline Basis Of 9-11 Hidden Agenda Schwarz interview

So Paul, what academic conferences are coming up about 9/11?

Chicago Tribune: One of city's most special gorillas dies

Chicago Sun-Times: Obama says Bush 'bull-headed' about veterans

State Journal Register: Mineta criticizes Amtrak in Chicago

Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. to Present $100,000 Check to Metro Family Svcs.

ISU Democrats criticized for 'cybersquatting'

Turn the 14th BLUE!

Does anyone know whatever become of the $14M

States being FORCED to switch to electronic voting?

Media lying in Iraq -- InterPress Service

I need your help! Clinton/Boxer and Kerry Voting Bills...

Peak Oil/total retro political power/total denial

help--S.E.C.filings-Filing Type, Submission Type,Template Number

Report: Fixes saved 1M votes in 2004

New Freeman article:Despite what you may have heard, exit polls were right

A letter about voting from my paelo-conservative Congressman

morale booster 2 - I'm giving out gmail invites

Tuesday 2/15 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Here's a Republicans' site

Hack a Vote, a site you have to see to believe

IRV Forum ON in Eureka, Arcata Considers Protecting Conscientious Objector

2004 Exit Polls Were Right: Kerry Won

Excellent testimony against e-voting systems by NY citizen activist

DU researchers ... How about a little sleuthing?

Tuesday KOEB

NEW ARTICLE - A Corrupted Election the exit polls were right

Walden Odell of Diebold --Valentines day gift--big bucks

"Your new job" -- authored by Governor Dean

TNA Is Back Up

Two important evoting events in Sacramento. Can anybody attend?

New Yorkers for Verified Voting

Opinions Sought on Voter ID Proposals. Is Gov. Richardson a Fascist?

Patterns of Touchscreen Voting Machine Vote Fraud Identified and Documente

"Election Rigging 101" Teach-In, Oakland CA on 2/26


SF Chronicile (2/15): Media sometimes appear starstruck by Schwarzenegger

Drug firms may back 3 initiatives

Feds allow logging in Giant Sequioa Forest

anyone have a condo in Tahoe they want to rent to a fellow liberal?

Salon on Arnie...The Truth About Arnold...Must read

A note of thanks to your BLUE state from my crapy RED state.

Political posts at work?

Hackers May Have Stolen Californians' Data

Arnold Closes CA Businesses To Walk Red Carpet?

100 Years of the Industrial Workers of the World, Thursday 4-6PM, Harvard

* visit to NH Wednesday, 2/16.

Public Forum on the BU proposed Bioterrorism Lab

Moderate Republicans starting to speak up

Last night at the Westminster Dog Show

St. Paul residents: the special primary for commish is TODAY

A note of thanks to your BLUE state from my crapy RED state.

Popups on Mozilla

Gay marriage amendment and domestic violence cases

Looks like the Maladministration has Jumped the Shark

Mayor Street apologizes

Philly Area DU'ers! This Is A DEFCON 5 Alert

Wonkette & Santorum today....

Another reason not to like Martin Frost.

Austin DUers--need to expose Kris Gillespie

Another traffic question? What if I took 121, to 114 to 183 to the I35

"The Wall That Heals" coming to Sugarland, Tx. Feb. 24-28

Dallas: Texas Democratic Veterans Event: Feb. 26

A note of thanks to your RED state from my crapy RED state.

Re: Doyle's budget vs HMOs

Ray Lamontagne at The High Noon in Madison on Feb 16th

Jose Canseco Claims He Did Steroids With George Bush!

Shameless attempt by NBC affiliate to smear michael moore

This is turning into Planet Of The Gaypes. Will straights soon be caged?

What exactly did * mean by, "America will not impose our own style of...

Scotties "Openly feels superior to their owner!"

CNN: Dean named Democrizzle Party Chief

Marilyn Manson painting...


Freeper Fun With Hot Spots...

World Tribunal on Iraq: Media Held Guilty of Deception Only you have the power to save toby...

Another 'gannon'question to bush* himself, on June 01, 2004

Why did gary hart close his blog/website?

"Hello, I'm Jeff Gannnon, Male Prostitute"

I am not Jeff Gannon

Lots of younger folks on DU. How great

is "The Voice of the White House" entirely fiction? . . .

Need some help here.

What happened with Boxer's press conference?

Do you hate Republicans, and everything they stand for?

Scientist says US censored Iraq WMD report

Keeping things in perspective ....

The Republicans are going to get more and more brazen.

I nominate Hermann Goering for being the most prescient of all

A Byrd in hand is worth Two in the Bush!

in case you didn't get the memo -- URGENT replaces CRISIS

The difficulty we have in convincing Americans that the Republican Party

I heard the new repub fad is wearing Kilts

The "No Grandma Left Behind" or "No Mother-in-Law Left Behind" Program ?

Throw Grandma and Grandpa out on the street.

Oh this is driving me INSANE!!

I'm sorry, but if you're bi-sexual, you're Gay.

Have you had enough?

gropenator's ring of power?

It's time to "Become Republican"

Noam Chomsky on Al-Jazeera: Budget Attacks American Poor

Multibillion Dollar Missile Defense System Fails Twice in Two months.

who is the worlds worst dictator

Did AL quada say it was going to bankrupt America

Poles flock to see play about Pope's last days

Saturn's moon is the double of Star Wars space station

Cheney Daughter Also Rises -- at State Department

Ron Reagan show debuts today on MSNBC

Gov. Granholm's 10 Commandments About Face

Nigeria transvestite handed fine

Court: Reporters Must Testify in CIA Leak Case

General on MSNBC: We must "exterminate" the Iraqi's who won't submit

If the Iraqi Shia parties strikes a deal with the Kurds...

OK. Will Scott McClellan show up at the next WH Press Conference?

The Cash-In of the Christo

Palace find lends weight to myth

Say NO to Propaganda

How to pass a Rorschach test (The inside dope)

OK Du'ers, help me out with this Jeff/Jim Gannon/Guckert thing.

Annan calls on US/Europe for "long term Global Collective Security"

What is the meaning of the word.."blog"?

Listen to 'Gannon' interview on CBC's As It Happens...

How many reporter day passes does the White House give out?

ChoicePoint - Jebbie's favorite vote scrubbing company in the news again

New site tracking left wing activities: brought to us by Horowitz

Any official response yet from "Jeff Gannon" the "reporter"?

David Horowitz paid controversial Jesse Helms advisers to advise him

Attn: Americans, more reason to get exercised about your administration.

As a matter of rhetoric, I think Dems should count SS as *won*....

Christians arent forgiven for Holy War

The Sludge Double Standard - AGAIN.

AirAmerica IS Not Streaming For Me

Flilibuster, Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy

Hack local reporter who attacked Michael Moore is beaten on camara

? Why is Tsunami aid included in Iraq/Afgan $82,000,000,000 request?

What right do we have to tell other countries to stop nuclear weapon

Why do we have faith in FOIAs?

First mandates, now gay porn!

lighten up your day: very funny short VIDEO called 'Black bush*'

What was Bush's quote about the other "Scott" being "prettier" than his..

Who's more dangerous

Missouri To Adult Businesses: Get Lost

"Hijacking Catastrophe" on Link TV now.

Columbine Memorabilia in Home of Mall Shooting Suspect

Study: Lobsters unlikely to feel pain

Richard Clarke's 9/11 Memo of 1/25/01 Released

Like Abu-Ghraib, it's a Gated Community

Why are US military nurses being moved from Walter Reed to Iraq?

Amtrak: Now we know why McCain kisses bush** Ass

uuhh what is this?? anti bush site?? check it out

Conservatives Join Forces for Bush Plans

Are The Freeps Freaking That There Is A Hustler Among Them?

Bulldog or Mango?

Who will be the first bad actor FROG Marched out of the White House?

The moral police is now attacking Chris Rock.

when smirk introduced the chief torture freak he said:


A great website for all lurking freeper chicken hawks

Stating the obvious--the most frightening aspect of

Al Franken Show focus on Bill O'Reilly now (for first hour) nt

Any update on the Students protesters Pepper sprayed in Indy?

Roses for Conyers & Tubbs Jones, too!

Gannon/Gerket and the Franklin coverup?

RW seems to be forgetting that Cong. Schrock resigned when he was outed

Bush's legacy: the sabotage of intelligence

conservative voice piece on gannon as hooker

Lynn Stewart is jailed for defense of client w/terror connex and Chertoff

The longer the White House takes to identify who exposed Plame

Encourage Jonah Goldberg to enlist!

Out of all the stories out there.

two more for the Bush Body Count?

OK so why is the U.N's "oil for food " scandal such a big story when the .

Random Freeper on Brock"there is no such thing as a conservative faggot"

Are you haveing trouble connecting to AAR today?

Buying Back the Media, One Billionare At a Time

Is it possible to be a soldier and be a good human being?

Double Whammy!

Don't Boycott Wal-Mart , Talk To Wal-Mart Workers Says Union

Extremist Pat Robertson on cspan right now

OK. So what was the BIG announcement about Gannon on Monday?

Bush's Commissioner of the FDA.... Dr. Lester M. Crawford (DVM)

Apply for a Job @ Fox - REALLY!!!!

Plame reporters lose in appeal....... just breaking

The Methamphetime Epidemic - Phila Inquirer Series

Pat Robertson's bid to build up Congress over the Judiciary

Thank you, Jeff Gannon, for all you have done to bring the Plame matter

The US Stands Accused of Kidnapping

A Potemkin reporter for Bush's Potemkin America

Follow the money: Red state welfare

Looks like AirAmerica is back online

The truth of Green Day's "American Idiot"

Gannon won't give clear answer on whether he's seen classified memo

A Tale of Two Eberles -- are they or aren't they related?

Buzzflash: Gannon's Talon dabbled in Anti-Semitic writing?

Lucianne Goldberg on Homosexuals - "Track them down"

Sen Brownback hosts another one-sided dog and pony show

Unsolicited bid to buy Circuit City and take it private made today

Anyone have that alleged photo of Bush rubbing Gannon/Guckert's head?

Congressmembers to file Freedom of Information Act regarding Gannon

How can you out someone when they have a web site advertising .

Help! How do I get this Larouche lady off the phone?

Does Jeff Guckert have any kind of Military Record? (other than....

How much hypocrisy and backpeddling can you find?

Is It Treason Yet?

GOP Donor's Security Firm Accused of Defrauding Coalition Authority

Peak Oil/total retro political power/total denial

"sources say" that President Bush had sex with Gannon/ Guckert

Paul Craig Roberts: The Great American Job Sell Out. Read and Tear your

Which of the many is the oldest "Boxer's roses" thread?

I just heard on CNN ask about the fake reporter

Heard This New Obfuscation On CSPAN

Who will be the White House's next top reporter?

Bill, I'm doubting you'll ever pay up on our dinner bet

Senator Durbin on Social Security

Barbara Boxer and her roses-pics from Daily Kos. Sorry if a dupe

John Lehman(R)~"People had better prepare themselves............

Okay RW news take over official-check out this article today on BLOGGERS

A biography of Rove

WH press briefing on NOW! C-SPAN 1 McClellan is there. n/t

are the FReepers defending Gannon's porn/prostitution sites?

Should anyone ever receive 30 years to life in prison for...

How Bush Supports The Vets--Cuts Their Benefits

Flowers for the KOEB!

Woodruff: "How much of the blogs is driven by what CNN reports?"

Correct me please

Black Bush


Cheaper By The Dozen.

(PHOTO) Caption this (B**h/Sharon)

The most important thing about the Gannon story

The Voice of The White House

What did Howard Kurtz and others say when SCOTT RITTER was outed?

A question about Social Security

On Ed Schultz: restrictions on lawsuits takes away legal protection

I'm starting to suspect nationalism/"patriotism" is code for closted gay

Randi Rhodes caller: Al Gonzalez taught torture at air force academy

Flashback: Chalabi's men shot dead by Marines

Blood in the Water

HELP, this freeper fascist is soo annoying me

Who was the CNN person who left to go work for the Bush team?

On the Latest Ruling in Plame Probe

STAR WARS back on track big-time.

Ok so whats the "big story" this morning ?

Haitian Doctors Graduate from Cuban Medical School

Thank you DU

Miller/ Cooper decision makes clear WHY they have to testify on Plame

The Wingnut Scandal List

Is Judy Woodruff actually that dumb?!?!

* letter to speaker of the house requesting $81.9 billion war supplemental

So, is it wrong to.....

are most sex offenders repukes?

The origin of Condoleezza's name

site moderators ---question--- please define flamebait

Only 1 of 90 Iraqi Battalions is Combat Capable Now-Pentagon Bill


Which Story Is More Important: Michael Jackson or "Jeff Gannon"?

Lynne Stewart the evil terrorist!

What happened to Allawi...

We should lay off Guckert because being a prostitute isn't a bad thing

Discover the left-wing network

What if Clinton had a gay fake reporter feeding him fake questions?

Are the tsunami victims due to American negligence?

Should We Bring Back Just For Jim/Jeff

The USA has withdrawn its ambassador to Syria

DU this poll

From the BRAINSTORM files

Let's formulate it: why Ganoonarama matters

These Freepers are Sickos!

Drudge really has it in for Chris Rock, doesn't he?

I just figured out the REAL reason Bush and co are so against gay marriage

I'm starting to think God is on our side.

Scoop's contribution to Gannon/Guckert

Tonight! 'FRONTLINE' "Rumsfeld's War"

Which philosopher/ thinker/ruler/President does Bush most resemble?

The Return to Civility...what a crock !

My Mom

Listen to Gannon interview from Here and Now 2/14

This is just sad.

How the stop worrying and get ahead in life...

Please, be sensitive to the gay community, i.e. Jeff Gannon

"Concerned Women for America" jumping on the "Bash Rock" Banwagon...

The world changed on WHAT black day?

It's time to deliver a subpoena to Gannon

Help needed- "W" judicial nominations held up VS Clintons -

Am I the only one that thinks the Lebanon/Syria story...............

Bush has declared war on Humphrey's "moral test of government"

Tonight, Hannity is going to RAIL against DEAN

What language is the must learn language for Dems?

Airbus considering opening a U.S plant:

OMG...CNN 'interview' with two of the kids taken out of school for Bible

So they're going to attack Syria?

Now it is beware of the "Chickendoves"

Deism vs. Agnosticism

looking for Bush quote post 9/11 (researchers please...)

The Gates artwork; Central Park, NY (pics)

Freepers and Racists - I don't see the seam that separates them

*sex review* of Jeff Gannon by self declared career military man

The audacity of these bastards. We have Jeff Gannon jr. now.

Any doubt that the media is *'s lap dog should ..... (Boxer's Roses)

Pelosi Selects Michael Yaki for U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

RW pundits are right. John Kerry does look French.

MSNBC Countdown could be good tonite

A bird flew in my front door yesterday morning as I was leaving for

Democrats may WHINE.....but freepers nauseaum....

Nova - saving the national treasures (Const, BoR, Dec Ind). my naivety...does Top only imply

Keith Olbermann will do a segment on Jeff Gannon

Apocalypse Soon? (why fundies want Bush to attack Damascus, Syria)

Pelosi: 'Ownership Society' Will Mean That They Will be 'On Their Own'

I'm no "freeper" but...

ALERT! Juan Cole to debate Jonah Goldberg NOW on AAR!

I just gave my dog heartworm prevention, ask me anything! eom.

Accidentally like a martyr (about the Hariri assassination)

I spoke to some Thuglies today who hadn't heard about Gannon

Germany closes four motorways for Bush visit

A couple of choice comments from a repuke co-worker

There Are Only Three Economic Classes in America

Great: The Power of the New Media, Jeff Gannon Dispatched Into Irrelevancy

So if 9/11 had never would the last 4 years have gone?

Potential SNL Sketch of the week, Jeff Gannon in "The Wedding Date"

Dennis Miller- dumb

Olbermann story on "CusterBattles"

DIRECT QUOTE: Bush explaining his Social Security plan

Why does FreeRepublic's website look so ugly?


Federal Judges - "Fresh Air" - An Interview by Terry Gross W/Ralph Neas!

Gannon/Guckert link to Rove, Novak, Wilson, Plame.....

A proposal.

Olbermann 'one of those live circuses over at Fox' gotta love Keith

"Bush and the Rise of Managed Democracy" chilling article by Parry.

Gannon/Guckert Story strangled by Moderate and " RW KUDZU"...

BINGO --- This is why the WH wants Syria sooo bad

Has any MSM really covered the Gannon Story?

I've kept quiet long enough re:SS

Ann Coulter morphing picture

Chertoff confirmed unanimously. nt

Congressmen to ask about Gannon Under Freedom of Information Act

Will they eventually self destruct?

The WH, Gannon and the Devils Advocate: The Bonefire of the Vanities

"I regret my abortion!"

To those who think they are more oppressed than others...OOH SHA SHA!

KC area DUers

Guckert was not subpoenaed by the grand jury.

On crimes and sentencing Paul Shanley got 12-15 years

"New Wave" of AIDS coming

PHOTO: Jeff Gannon is AOK by me!

Geography and Syria

new theory on Propagannongate

U Colorado Prof. Ward Churchill has been denied academic freedom but so

Remember the RW'ers who said Clinton had a conspiracy to enslave America?

Move to Canada?

Can a liberal have a true friendship with a conservative fundie?

okay, for the millionth time, white people are NOT oppressed.

Wolf interview of Judith Miller now on CNN

This is why the Internet must always be free....

A Little Advice from John Aravosis:

Pat Robertson just said that creation shouldn't be taught in school

Take a look at Horowitz's list of the Religious Left.

Photoshop assistance required

Terms like "White Trash" are vulgar. They do nothing but divide us.

CNN just mentioned FOIA request re: Gannon and possible link to Plame

"The Bizarre Gannon Affair" new article on YAHOO

Strange False "Lark" Legend posted at Snopes today

Navy to Commission Attack Submarine Jimmy Carter

Anyone just see Bill Maher on Scarborough Country?

Oh Scotty!

Men & Womens brains ARE different. New study confirms.

David Frum is an Ass.

Anyone watch The Daily SHow last night?

Drug Awareness and the Zoloft Murder Case.

I need some serious backup...

All right, who was Jimmy Jeff banging in the White House?

YAY!!! Springfield legalizes same-sex marriage!

Bush not helping religious groups...

Anybody catch Pat Robertson on NPR/Press Club speech?

The things that pass for "investigative reporting"

Is 24 Right Wing?

Afghan defense minister wants U.S. high-tech weapons. Will we ever learn?

DUer allthecats on live on Aukland radio now! (Gannongate)

African American men or white women?

Is Will Pitt getting a press pass to the White House?

"Dear God, Thanks for making me prezident, but...

Prayer With Upraised Palms

Prometheus Found?

What's next for Bush?

you know, the big problem isn't racism, it's classism.

Is there anywhere in the US where there are NOT a lot of stupid people?

If * joined DU, what would be his username, password, avatar, and comment?

OMG, They're like cockroaches... Pukes challenge local elections

Was Gannon another Armstrong Williams? Check out His webpage!

"The Conservative Voice" Gets It !!! re: Gueckert/Gannon the WH Playtoy

Okay, a comment about "NAMBLA"...I'm sick of hearing about this:

Alaska Progressive Radio Needs Help!!!

Got a link? Wanted: SNL skit on Condi vs. Boxer

Which is worse? Trolling for Johns in the White House or

Lou Dobbs is on fire tonight and right

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Meet Up

Hack let's them have it!

Help Sibel Edmonds get the truth out about 9/11 and more!

The smoking scalp? Bush and bald heads

Contradictions in Propagannongate

where do you draw the line when dealing w/ conservatives or * supporters?

I think Gannon is lying about his ever having seen copies of the CIA docs.

My bet is that Syria before Iran

'Gannon' Signs Off: Guckert Says He'll No Longer Talk to Press

Check this out... American Jobs Creation Act ...Repatriation of monies!

Oh, God, they're starting the counter-attack already. Check it out:

The Rev. William Sloane Coffin on Homosexuality:

Who has link to blue bracelets?

New group proposal: Boxer '08

Laura, you ain't no Jackie Kennedy. Now get over it

Secret Deal Between Bush Gov't And Wal-Mart Exposed!

A couple of notes to lurking Conservatives

Why does Gannon/Guckert owe all that money in taxes? Part of the $20K

Did "Gannon" ever write any actual NEWS ARTICLES or COLUMNS?

Gay prostitution should be criminal

Gannon again, how much money does he make?

What belief about God would make you want to be nice to other people?

Check out Robertson on C-SPAN right now!

Dollar dumping in progress!

Occupation Watch Bulletin, 2/14/05, Iraqi Women What Next?

Prostitution should be outlawed

Don't miss "Yes Men" on DVD

LGBT language not allowed in workshop title (by the Bush thugs)

Plame News Flash (MSNBC)

John Kerry Has Always Supported Bush's Military Operation In Iraq

Chris Rock should open Oscars with "Are you all feeling gay tonight"

"Wife Swap" Wife is not a Stay at Home Mom

BRAD BLOG: CNN 'N. Korean' Nuke Site Found on U.S. GOV FUNDED 'News' Site!

Man convicted in 1998 rape case to go free after accuser recants

New Contracts Awarded for Continued Fill of Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Do Christian Fundies not drink wine at Communion?

Help the AFL-CIO kick some butt (it'll just take 1 minute, I swear)

check out this question on libruls communists???

Is the Military Budget a form of Welfare (hear me out)

Gannon and evidence of the Right bloggers' moral hypocrisy

How do you feel about Genetically Modified Humans??

According to Aravosis, the Dems are caving on Gannon...

What effect are Democratic Underground and Free Republic having?

Slaughter & Conyers file FOIA w/ DHS for Guckert/Plame documents

in regard to "Missile Defense"

Variety: Jon Stewart, "A One-Man Brand"

My Best Friend is an Atheist.

DONATE to DU...Gravel BOT on the LOOSE...

Good Lord!! Hannity says Kerry was NEVER in Vietnam

Who do you think is behind the assassination of Rafik Hariri?

Best one-liner re "Jeff Gannon"

The Jeff Gannon controversy, in pixels

12,000-Year-Old Bones Found in Kansas

Why isn't The Dialy Show even talking about Gannon?

everyone, be glad that you don't go to Bob Jones University (holy crap)

Massive US war crimes reported in Fallujah: women & children gunned down

Anyone need a Job out there? Cox Newspapers has a bunch

In theory, what is wrong with Communism?

I feel sorry for Guckert...

My son was called a "cracker" at school today

"Concentration Camps in U.S." real is this???

So, I bought a pound of beans for $5

I shopped at Trader Joe's for the first time

BC Duers...Budget DAY!

Sheila Fraser should get the Order of Canada

Impending trade war between Canada and the US

So are the Tories even trying to win anymore?

Does your Finance Minister wear new shoes to deliver a budget

Charles Kennedy on Civil Liberties

Lawmakers Told About Contract Abuse in Iraq

Drudge's witch hunt of Chris Rock/Video

Miller Beer Employee Fired For Drinking Bud Light

WCAX TV: Oregon man indicted in Valentine's Day suicide plot

China Mine Accident Kills More Than 200

(Star Wars) Rocket Fails to Launch in Test Run

Brokers use names of Sept. 11 victims in wooing foreign investors

Lawmakers Told About Contract Abuse in Iraq (Wash Post)

Coordinated Blasts in Philippines Kill Seven, Wound More Than 100

US accused of plan to muzzle al-Jazeera through privatisation

US offers 10,000 troops to monitor Sudan

The life and brutal death of Sister Dorothy, a rainforest martyr

White House Turns Tables on Former American POWs

AIDS virus may hold key to cancer cure

Independent: Hundreds trapped on stricken cruise ship

Militant group wants Texas to be a sovereign nation

After Bush Leaves Office, His Budget's Costs Balloon

US accused of plan to muzzle al-Jazeera through privatisation

DoD Identifies Air Force Casualty

U.S. proposes 10,000 U.N. peacekeepers for Sudan (CNN)

Ex-Aide Questions Bush Vow To Back Faith-Based Efforts (Wash Post)

Iraq War Protestors to Rally In Britain

Saudi Arabia, Russia to work for oil price stability

Iran Official Hopeful About Deal With EU

Greenspan Will Have Ears of All Parties in Social Security Debate

(UK)Special forces mull bonus to halt exodus to private firms

(Australian) Govt seeking no information on civilian toll in Iraq war

Swedish lesson on privatizing pensions

Bankers fight SFO decision on Enron

Database giant gives access to fake firms (your data Choicepoint)

Study: Homeless Shelters, Food in Demand (U.S.)

U.S. retail sales dip on lower auto sales (largest decline in 5 mos.)

Top Iraq Rebels Elude Intensified U.S. Raids

Bush pushes Congress to extend Patriot Act

Red Cross Head Raises Guantanamo Inmates with Bush

Alchemy and Carlyle coin it as private equity exits set record

Lawyer calls for 74,000 years in jail

Defrocked Priest To Be Sentenced Today (Paul Shanley)

U.S. Troops Battle Insurgents in Baghdad

Universal health care on ballot in 19 towns (VT)

'McLibel' campaigners win legal aid battle

Red Cross Chief Meets bush

States Mull Taxing Drivers By Mile

Bush renominates judicial candidates

WSJ: Big-City Mayors Brace for Budget Cuts

Texas legislation could end DeLay probe

Returning Afghans were promised a new life. They have misery and death

Former Aide Blasts Bush's Faith-Based Plan

"The Destruction of Jeff Gannon"

White House Turns Tables on Former American POWs

BREAKING: Michael Jackson taken to local hospital.

Daughter of conservative Republican calls herself 'liberal queer'

Court: Reporters Must Testify in CIA Leak Case

Army creates badge for non-infantry soldiers who participate in combat

Michael Jackson Hospitalized En Route To Court

Girl, 12, Accused of Strangling Sister, 9

Former White House Aide Blasts Bush's Faith-Based Program

Kerry Backs Bush's $81.9 Bln War Spending Plan

Court Upholds Contempt Rulings in Plame Case, Sulzberger Responds

Flu Shots May Not Save Lives -- Study

'Cannibals' round on Disney film

Washington Blamed for Fiscal Woes (by Schwarzenegger)

Colombian, Venezuelan presidents to discuss diplomatic crisis

Lawyers call for release of Australian held in Iraq

Appeals Court Says Reporters Must Testify or Go to Jail (Plame Case) NYT

Reuters: 'Qaeda' Says Jihadists Didn't Kill Hariri -- Web

Teen Gets 30 Years in Zoloft Murder Case

Medical pot may be certified organic

Cavalry inquiry over orgy film

Girl, 12, accused of strangling sister, 9 ( argument over a hamburger)

U.S. recalls envoy from Syria

Letter Says Donor Was Promised Ambassadorship

Study: Homeless Shelters, Food in Demand (budget cuts coming)

Man convicted in 1998 rape case to go free after accuser recants

Study: War on Poverty Sees More Hungry, Homeless

War budget request loaded with extras

Afghans hope India will back pipeline project

Maya Keyes speaks at gay rights rally

Former Aide Blasts Bush's Faith-Based Plan

Congressmembers to File Freedom of Information Act Request [re: Gannon]

Hollywood: Police Break Up Unruly Crowd –3000 vie for 150 apt applications

Contestant on NBC Reality Show Commits Suicide

Buffett, Soros make cable buys

Church aims to put clergy in the dock with modern heresy trials

BREAKING! Paul Shanley Gets 12-15 years

Lewis Hopes for High Civil-Rights Turnout

AP: Likely Iraq PM Promises Moderation

Pataki knocks new state GOP chairman over comments

UO strikes Colorado professor from conference panel

Passengers Can Carry Lighters on Planes

Donor Was Promised Ambassadorship

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 15 February

The US Stands Accused of Kidnapping

Iraq PM candidate quits race (now down to Chalabi vs. Jaafari)

ChevronTexaco CEO: Cheap Oil Over As Competition Heats Up

Global warming as bad as terrorism: ALP

Effort to recall Reed (WA SOS) is quashed by judge

BBC (Tuesday): Iraq poll winners 'nominate PM'

"Sources: FBI Conducting Operations Abroad"

Chile Widens Pinochet Tax Fraud Probe

Iraqi groups link role in politics to US exit

Study: Homeless shelters, food in demand

Sen. Kerry Touts His Military Proposals

Covert U.S. Aviators to Get French Award

Victims calls for seizure of Pinochet's assets

Boeing Launches Long-Haul Passenger Jet

Senators Criticize U.N.'s Ban on Testimony in Iraqi Oil Inquiry

Spain warned of global warming threat to beaches

Bush Nominee Aims at Latin America Rulers

U.S. orders ambassador to Syria to return to Washington for consultations

US envoy says senior Taliban take up amnesty offer

Sharon: Putin Says Syria Deal Is On

Border talks called `disturbing' (Canada/US integration)

Japan Economy Shrinks for Three Quarters

U.S. soldier killed in action in Iraq

Douglas: Friendship With Jeffords Trumps Politics

Buffet, Soros make cable buys - CNN/Money

Keyes' daughter says she's 'liberal queer'

Kerry backs Bush's $81.9 billion war money request

Giant asteroid to make closest flyby of earth in recorded history

Jurors in Boy's Murder Trial Consider if Zoloft Is to Blame

U.S. contractors in Iraq allege abuses

WP: Consensus Emerging on Iraqi Premier

Democratic senators said cool to pushing inquiry into disgraced reporter

U.N. Team Predicts Rise in Terror Attacks

State Senator Apologizes For Calling Homosexuality A 'Sickness'

Pentagon Tests Laser Warning for Planes

CNN live: Pittman convicted of murdering grandparents

Jailed Ex-Official Linked To More Defense Contracts

Bush Economic Aide Mankiw Stepping Down

AMA Head Likens Gays To Coca Cola Or Rape

FDA to Create Drug Safety Oversight Board

Thousands Renew Vows in Arkansas (in 'Covenant-Marriage' Ceremony)

BREAKING: Earthquake (Strong) Tokyo

N.J. may garnishee deadbeats' jackpots

Venezuela Tax Agency Shuts Down Coca-Cola Operations

Hariri Murder Triggers Fears of Econonic Meltdown in Lebanon--Lebanonwire

Unarmored Humvee Death Toll Continues to Climb

'Gannon' Signs Off: Guckert Says He'll No Longer Talk to Press

Octogenarian receives Army recruiting letters inviting him to re-enlist

WP: Kurds Invoke Senate Rule (Repub Senator praising Filibuster rule)

Anti-war display a flash point

Study: Pollution May Affect Babies' Genes

NYT: For Democrats, Rethinking Abortion Runs Risks

Data Collection Firm Warns Californians That Hackers May Have Stolen Data

Robertson: GOP Must Push Judges Through

AP Exclusive: Letter Says Donor Was Promised Ambassadorship

Bush Puts Jobs Ahead of Climate Treaty

Father Seeks Vindication But Finds Death in Fallujah

White House Turns Its Back on Former American POWs

Rice: ties with Syria getting worse

Senate Confirms New Homeland Security Chief

CIA seizes Sen. Jackson papers

Ex-Congressman Frost signs on with Fox News Channel

States Mull Taxing Drivers By Mile

Students, parents often kept in dark about young sex offenders

Airbus Makes Pitch for Possible U.S. Plant

Seven NAMBLA Members Busted in Sex Sting

Va. school board OKs keeping Bible classes

White Supremacist Charged With Selling Machine Guns

Bracelets Reveal Secret Society Of Eating Disorders

Whistleblowers Say FAA Ignored a Decade of Pre–9-11 Warnings

MSNBC: Appeals Court rules Journalists must testify in CIA leak case

Lula's Party Loses Leadership of Lower House (Update3)

Please send good vibes out for me

A Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends at DU

Before I take off for a minute or so . . . Happy Valentine's to my wife

We don't "do" Valentine's day, but

Anything the mayor should know?

My kids, in the backseat, this morning

I ain't pissed off. I'm in f*cking wonderment.

Anyone know about fixing your credit?

CNN: Dean named Democrizzle Party Chief

Name something you have never gotten on St. V's Day:

CNN: Dean named Democrizzle Party Chief

Dear Fellow Followers of God;

After Midnight EST, and I got my first Valentine of the day.

Sushi anyone?

I'm 18 posts away from 6000! Wanna party with me?!


My first anti-war poem

Oh No!

Dr No!

GE healthcare

CHEMICALS: Lowest Score Wins


Do they still make Schlitz beer?

Did anyone here ever meet one of the Beatles?

I have to get up in five hours to get kids off to school

Who wants a lolly?

Damn! I just realized

Miller Beer Employee Fired For Drinking Bud Light

Help! I am caught between the Moon and New York City!

Mike Brady owns Slaves!!!


Oh Senor Don Gato was a cat

I don't mind that you think slowly but I do mind that you are publishing

I just bought this for $100

If living in the past is wrong,

Hey Bush...

Absolutely GREAT interview with Tommy Chong

Pet Snake & Cat Get Into Fight In Car - Cause Crash

Worst guest ever on the Daily Show tonight

cool Firefox plug-in---linkification---lets you click on links in text

The next person who laughs milk out of their nose gets a tuna in the pants

Company Makes Paper Out Of Kangaroo & Wallaby Dung - Marsupial Manure!!!!

do you Leave marks?

things to say to a neigbor whiLe shoveLing

Anyone who refers to himself or herself as

New Shoes to bring in a budget. Is this a parliamentary thing or is it

I'm thinking of going back into therapy

BAMBI..... is the name of the baby deer in the movie of the same name,

Michael Moore is remaking the Bambi movie!!!!!!!!

Tech support question about laptop cooling fans

Va.-Lousiville slugger picked as official state "bat" not the mammal

Gooood Morning DU!

The "Always Time to Wave Hello" CAPTION

I knew this total asshole once who I'll call "George W.B."

Whiskey Dick Mountain

I am in shock today and could use some DU support.

Why isn't there a professional sports team called the Lobsters?

You absolutely must pick one Ricky Martin song or else you die

If I can keep going... just a little bit longer... I can hit 8000 posts.

Texas Hopes to Cure 'Depressed' Bison With Ted Turner's Bulls

This is my 300th post. Ask me anything.

We had it all, just like boogie in the cold-misunderstood earworms

ID Theft

One year smoke tree

Whom would you rather hear sing?


any New York City people up? WLIB Air America HELP!!!

I'm starting come out of my hibernation mode. Who else?

Woman Is "A Little Upset" To Hear That She Has Died

And remember, he's the SMART one!

Have you ever had this feeling????

spam question. anyone getting emails from ?

Anyone else just lick and close ~50 EMPTY envelopes?

Question for North Texans? regarding traffic

BTBM's Non-Smoking Journal: Day 7

o.k., so I'm going on a cruise in 8 weeks. so how do I drop 30 lbs

I'm so tired, I haven't slept a wink...


You know it's gonna be a long day when...

"Frank The Brain Tumor" Is Dead - 9 Y.O. Named His Brain Tumor

A-hole Redneck Comedy Tour Part 2.

Is it just me?

Separated at birth?


What Is Wrong With Corporate America???

Is anyone else having trouble streaming AAR?

Anyone Wanna Play the Dozens?

Airport Has Ambulance Disabled In Emergency Zone

So, wanna know how the world is going to end? Do ya? Huh? Well?

Look what I got *us* for our "Engagement day"

Mobsters Unlikely To Feel Pain!

You absolutely must pick one Air Supply song or else you die.

Girl, 12, Accused Of Strangling 9-Year-Old Sister Over A Hamburger

Eating Lunch? Click Another Thread Instead of This One, Then...

Who is the most delicious person you ever met?

Why can't I start up Air America Radio on my computer!

If they're called "mobsters" for being in the Mob . . .

Who is the most infamous person you have ever met?

I am going to get absolutely flamed for this...

Study: Mobsters still vicious

Mary Kay Letourneau's bridal registry


Are you a Good Guinea Pig for Health=Disease Care?? Get qualified!

I'm not a dog lover....but if I was.....I'd want one of these.

Daylight come and me want to go home!

Study: Poison Mushrooms still pernicious

Posting a picture without the picture.

Hypothetical, political, lyrical, miracle whip

Help - anyone have a good response to a freeper email re: Noah ?

FINALLY!! Light at the end of winter's tunnel...spring is in the air!

a (NON gannon related) question for GLBT DUers

TELEPHONE POLLSTER: Do you have time to answer a few questions?

Who is the most heinous person you have ever met?

Study: Lobsters still delicious

Study: I'm still the type of guy that says "the pudding is delicious."

Study: Hungry Hungry Hippos still voracious.

What's all this uproar I hear about Jeff Gannon being a jaywalker?

I wish Gannon/Guckert was a woman, because gay, straight

I finally found a picture that explains how white women on DU feel!!!

What's all this uproar I hear about Jeff Gannon being a jay looker?

I finally found a picture that explains how white men on DU feel!!!

Honey, would you please keep your mouth shut?


bread pudding

There's a Monster in My Pants

Trivia from the radio

Did Limbaugh and Gannon frolic?

Find someone YOU know ...

"Stupid, sexy Flanders!"

NEVER be rude to those who prepare your food.

Looks like AirAmerica is back online

I finally found a picture that explains how black men on DU feel!!!

Cannon cannon's cannon cannon.

Heck Is Back

Ann Coulter...

The perfect replacement for Guckert Gannon

Why has Hannity defended Gannon?


NEVER be nude to those who prepare your food.

Why does Bush act so macho?

New first for me: Hate mail for being anti-military AND a pro-war facist

Have you ever hated a job and then learned to like it?

does coffee ever make your stomach upset?

Wow!!! It's up to 90 bucks now!!!

bitchy lobster mobster gannon

Beck is back!

I need to get this off my chest

I finally found a photo that explains how I feel on DU

Bork! Bork! Bork!

Bjork, Bjork, Bjork!

So how many people are on your ignore list?

Why did G.G. Allin torment other people by pooping in front of them?

Why do dogs torment other dogs by pooping in front of them . . .

Christo's influence spreads -- Christo is everywhere

Bjork, Bjork, Bjork

Beaker is Dead.

Speaking of Snarf

Borg Borg Borg!

Who is going to step in the Westminster Dog Doo?

Why do spray bottles wear out before they run out?

I finally found a picture that explains how tacos feel on DU!

I finally found a picture that explains how Okko feels on DU

Amazon settlers mourn killing of U.S. nun working to organize the poor

So how many people are on your buddies list?

Need Help: How do you spell the Scream?

Meow Meow Meow!

Does anyone else's dog have a sense of humor?

Why do dogs torment humans by eating each other's poop?

Ohio is going to have a casino? Cool...


Members please help. Where can I go register a domain name as cheaply

Is it possible to get the flu twice in 2 months?

If they made a movie of your movie

What Movie that's been made is about Your Life?

Hammond hammond's hammond hammond.

Gammons gammons' gammons gammons

People say I'm the life of the party

Straight Couple Put Italian Rainbow Flag On House - Face Anti-Gay Backlash

Chow Chow Chow!

Screw my lack of money, I'm getting lobsters today...

You would think with "His" help, the NHL would be playing.........

Gannon Banned!

in Trading Spouse's final show the other nite


Swanky Petrossian restaurant hides Hemp cookbook

To Tell The Truth!!!... Would the real MrsGrumpy please stand up?

From the foggy woggy banks

I'm no journalist or writer by any means...

Do you believe in Gastronomy?

Do you believe in Astrology?

I present the evilest Ear Worm of all time

If a movie was made of your life...what actor do you want to play you??

Do you believe in magic ?

Why do we torment dogs by pooping in front of them?

Who is the most heiney-less person you have ever met?

A cookie to the one who can figure out what I'm listening to right now!

Why do some dogs take longer to poop than some cats?

Track Eraser Pro - anyone use this?


A little political, postal humor


Name a fictional character who was probably a Lobster

i found an onionskin

I finally found a picture that explains how g.g. allin feels on du

Do you believe in Astronomy

trivia question: US states and internal rebellion

I finally found a picture that explains how cat lovers feel on DU

i am not going to enter into hetrosexual marrage

Buy you a star if you can guess what I'm going to have for dinner!

I'm a Loser, Baby...So Why Don't You Kill Me (Or Else Take This Quiz)

screw my lack of money, i'm going out and getting loaded this afternoon

I just love it when Americans post authoriatively in GD-P about Ulster.

I am hiding EVERY thread whose subject mentions...

In James Gannon's honer, its time for a "What's your hooker name"?

Any "Emeril Live" fans here?

Why do some men take longer to get ready than some women?


I finally find picture that explain how Mongo feel on DU

Google your first name and post the first picture that comes up

The truth about Males?

I finally found a picture that shows how Jack Russell Terriers feel on DU

If a movie was made of your life...what would it be rated?

small town woman stands up for gay rights

Where the heck is GOPisEVIL???

Want to see a beautiful dog?

How crazy are you? Describe what you see in this ink blot:

It's time once again to play - first person without a star to guess

If you can guess what I am chewing- YOU GET NOTHING!

it sucks to be glue

ATTENTION DU: I am lazy today

Who the hell is Gannon? (Not a joke thread)

Grovelbot is back with a vengeance!

What's the difference between an ass-kisser and a brown nose?

I just wrote a poem(thingy) and I have NO idea what it's about....

Funny results from CNN poll

Marriage = Sugar + Spice + Everything Nice

What's the difference between a crayon and Jeff Gannon?

I have just read the most dumb-assed post on DU I've ever seen

For you're own sake don't look at this

For you're own Sake don't look at this

What are you wearing?

What's the difference between tree stump remover and Engelbert Humperdink?

It sucks to be you

I love abstract bart...

Screw my lack of money, I'm getting Chinese food today.

In this country, a man is beaten and robbed every 10 seconds

I want to tell you...........

website hosting questions.

What's the difference between a syphilitic donkey and a lottery ticket?

Ever been in this situation?

Well another crazy day you drink the night away & forget about everything

One Man+One Woman+One God=Menage-A-Trois!

My Freaking Neighbours Bought A Jerk Pig!

ahhh-work place thieves- gotta love em

Thank you DU

My jerk neighbours bought a freaking pig

It was the third of June, another sleepy dusty delta day...

I attended the Vagina Monologues Saturday - don't ask me anything

NEWS FLASH! Gannon-gate makes MSM

BREAKING: Michael Jackson taken to local hospital.

How many of you have me on ignore? Speak up!


What's the difference between a vitamin and a hormone?

Have you ever painted / lashed out?

aaaarrrgggghhh! the pro football season is over!

What song are you currently listening to?

Most Disturbing Movie Psycho.

Don't drink the kool aid!

Angel Season 5: Please tell me Connor doesn't come back!

DU Ultimate Fight Club - VOTE!

My new favorite song, "Wake Me Up When September Ends"

The Saddest Song in the History of the World

another bad pun joke

What is the difference between a bad golfer and a bad sky-diver??

If you're a fan of Arrested Development (the show)

How much does an opinion weigh, Does it really matter what I say

This is the dog breed of my dreams...

Need some help re:Drudge quotes...

Google Your DU User Name and Post the First Picture That Comes Up

Girl, 12, Accused of Strangling Sister, 9

Anyone knowledgable about DSLRs or SLR cameras?

Anybody have any personal experience with ovarian cancer?

What's the difference between an intoxicated sea snake and cherry pie?

Best DU feature?

From The Onion: Michael Moore Honored With New Ben & Jerry's Flavor

I don't normally do this, but I'm going to be a sympathy whore right now.

I figured out how to make an RSS feed! Woo Hoo!

Does anyone remember "Variety Stores"?

Anybody heard from saigon68 lately?

My deposition is tomorrow.

What job would you hate/be terrible at?

ATTENTION!! Disease Warning!! Important!!

Does Costco sell food?

in DU HTML code, how do I make an image clickable?

WWYD -- Former Friend Comes Knocking

Separated at Birth?

Another great moment in Freeper spelling history

DU Recommended Reading List

I just LOVE going into a convenience store to buy a single item...

Can anyone here give me NYC hotel recommendations?

Articles at MOVELEFT.COM

Who Was The Best Host Of Solid Gold?

What would you do?

Quick question regarding medicine....

Is there a site out there

I'm a member of the DU Part-Timers Club.

RW pundits are right. John Kerry does look French.

Have you ever fainted / passed out?

Get Over It! You're a Swede!

Okay, we're invaded by a race of alien lizards. WHO WILL THEY EAT FIRST?

Who is going to win the Westminster Dog Show

oh my oh my oh my!!! - I have added to my sig - oh my oh my oh my!!

God help me...I'm drinking Kool-Aid!

Wanna be a WH "reporter"? Here's your big chance.

Oasis' Liam Gallagher To Become Film Star

Does anyone remember "Variety Shows"?

A bird flew in my front door yesterday morning as I was leaving for

How much longer is the fun officially going to be announced as over?

I can't stand____________.

It's Blues night at RA's pad

I just gave my dog heartworm prevention, ask me anything! eom.

In praise of Kewpie Mayonnaise

OK - WTF should I eat for dinner?

Chris Rock, you are too cool.

Cats are MASTERS at using guilt.

Some Fun

Does anyone know of a software that converts Excel files to PDF?

Anyone know where I can get a tinfoil hat real cheap?

Fun with Google Video search!

This is for oneighty

Fictional character who DEFINITELY was a Republican?? GARFIELD.

Don't do the stupid, stupid!

did anyone watch the Westminster Dog Show tonight?

Today's "Remembering Frank Zappa Moment."

My first post...

I wrote a poem about my most humiliating experience What do you think?

Fictional character who DEFINITELY was a Republican? Ronald Reagan.

Furries? Anyone heard about this?

Mozilla Drops IDN Support Due to Flaw

Who was our funniest President?

Name a fictional character who was probably a Democrat

Who is the most popular DUer at DU?

I am hereby coverting my DU membership to a covenant-membership.

DAmmit!!! I just stepped on a shard of glass in the kitchen.

New DU group proposal. Larouche '08.

For everyone who is digital video savvy: I need urgent help...

Just enjoyed

Who was the funkiest President?

Too little, too late: Internet Explorer 7 (for Win XP SP2 users ONLY)

Who's the most famous person you almost knocked over/had accident with?

i'm annoyed

How do you react when you spot a Freeper on DU?

The films of David Lean: What is your opinion of them?

My butt muscles are killing me.


Penalty for having illegal aliens in your employ?

I just got a lecture from my daughter

Merry Christmas!

Hug me. Please.

Shit, gotta go! HOUSE is on

question about sig line pictures

Get paid for your activism---DENVER!

What's for supper?

Mommy! Mommy! Can I post on DU?

Band tunes we are playing tonight at practice

I've just finished a whole bottle of port by myself, ask me anything!

Google image a long-gone commercial mascot

Kill! Kill!..........and MORE KILL!!! and when we've finished that let's

Ever logged off DU thinking that your thread was dead,

Hi my name is Rabrrrrrr and I'm your non-gender-specific wait-unit tonight


What song are you listening to at this very moment??

Describe the bitchiest/most assholish person you've ever known

what do YOU do for a living?

IPA Lovers: Go get this beer!

Who's looking at the Doggies at the dog show?

Rats or Hogs?

Pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. Are you excited??

miss kitty!


This is my 1000th post. Woo Hoo!!!

CONFESS! What scares you the most?

I just put Jell-O Pudding into my CD player.

I want Violin


Excuse me, Senor?

I want Sax

Here's a top that would make Jeff Gannon drool.

I watched The Manchurian Candidate earlier today. Ask me anything.

Chapelle show is a classic tonight.

Sing along with my earworm. The more the merrier!

Any fans of the band Keane out there?

bah. I can't concentrate tonight


Bjork, Bjork, Bjork


Just made the most

Listening to Rush: 2112. Ask me anything.


Bork, Bork, Bork!

Holy crap! I hit 1000. I totally missed that.

Help me decide if I should adopt a dog.

I watched "Motor Cycle Diaries" this weekend.

Idea for the sequel to Sex and the City

Update on Sirius: Bad news.

I'm back from seeing the movie "Kinsey" ask me anything

Dr Phil: a Primetime "Romance Special" on CBS

Anyone on here into meteorology?

I want Knotty to win

OK, the fun's just beginning.

So, which celebrity do you resemble the LEAST?

I finally saw Sideways

Picture of Senator Boxer with her 5,000 roses.

I want vicodin.

Do the chickens have large talons?

What's the difference between Ann Coulter and a maggotty roadkill possum?

Digital Water Marks Thieves 

Pick up some condoms

Today, I accidentally scared a bunch of people at Stop & Shop.

Best Alfred Hitchcock Movie

I bought a bootleg copy of "Hotel Rwanda". Am I a bad person.

I'm thinking about going over to the dark side.

Is it an insult to chimps to call * a chimp?

I've posted an excerpt from my novel DEADWAX to the Writing forum.

There is/is not a working smoke alarm in my home.

Look at the cast of Napoleon Dynamite in real life


I live in Phoenix, am I really living in Phoenix?


I am now officially a card-carrying Democrat.

Don't LOOK! If you don't wanna know - BEST IN SHOW at Westminster


In case anyone missed it... NYC Liberal:

Daily Show time!

Ok DU today is day one of not smoking...

40 years ago today, we lost NAT "KING" COLE.

Advice: When you put on your shoes and socks, don't do it in that order.

Are you a born in a blue state, stuck in red state hell liberal?

Post your old name and your new name.

wrong forum....sorry

My brother has asked me to stay away from the funeral...

America's Stonehenge


How much does it cost for regular unleaded gas right now?

Why is diesel so much more expensive than unleaded?

This Scotch is strong sheet...

Has anyone else seen "Donnie Darko"?

I'm getting kicked out of college, HELP!

What is the best barbecue

Army investigating ordnance found in driveway material

Guess wha-ut I did!


My college roommate killed herself a few days ago

Battle of the Bands: the cranberries vs. 10,000 Maniacs

Did you know that gator milk has twice the nutrients...

Ungrateful, biscuit-eating son of a bitch!

Who else is annoyed by this commercial?

What's your favorite Rush album?

Why does sniffa type all his L's in caps?

Contestant on NBC Reality Show Commits Suicide

Which country am I supposed to hate today?


Philly Area DU'ers

Where's that poll about people on ignore?

Gannon gannon's gannon gannon.

What music did your parents listen to?

How long did it take you to figure out what you want to do in life?

a piccy for catwoman

New DU group proposal: Hannity/Gannon '08.

Too cool,my brothers oldlady is knocked up.

Does Anyone Have a Video Link of the Melissa Etheridge Grammy Performance?

I can explain everything

take this test to see how stupid you are, and no cheating

Marriage = One Man + One Woman + One God...

Most tedious household fix-it job?


I googled "wall-to-wall counseling" and look what I found


CONFESS!!!!!! Did you ever watch any of the "Faces of Death" movies

What happens to the Shrubler graphic on the DU fundraising banner...

Another "what celebrity do you resemble most" Thread.

What is your generation?

What a terrible Valentine's Day!!!!!!

I love abstract art...

no med insurance.... what do I do?


I've been at my job for a month today and I realize that I hate it

saw Queensryche in concert tonight. it was awesome!

Damnit, I lose my donor star!

New DU group proposal: Boxer '08

Inside The Actors Studio Personality Test.

My parents asked me not to bring my partner to my brother's wedding

Lobsters Unlikely to Feel Pain


If you could experience being the other gender for a week, would you?

How nice are you when posting? Does it match your typical demeanor?

What was the last CD you purchased?

Is it weird that I really want to see the movie Robots?

Are you a northeastern secular elitist liberal?

How Crazy are you? Describe what you see in this ink blot:

Who's the most famous person you've never met?

Wal-Mart Sued In Marin County For Selling Defective Bicycles

Bands who were better singles bands than the Beatles.

Which DU old-timers who don't post at DU anymore do you miss?

My dog just woke himself up sleep-barking and he's looking at me

Going vegetarian for Lent...

Don't feed your dog grapes or raisins


anybody have any background info on Lee Stroble.. Prophesy Monger ?..

Should religion use pop culture to teach?

Any Pantheists here?

Great speech by minister on Bush policies

Pat Robertson re-writes the Bible

Churches using grant funds to promote political extremism

My son has resquested that our next "big book" be The Bible

Unitarian-Universalists: past, present, simpatico, or thinking about it...

Religious DUers:

The last of the Fatima children died..debate question

Do Mystics See God?

Deism vs. Agnosticism

Cosmonauts suffer from low potency and psychological problems

2029: Asteroid MN4 to pass closer than geostationary satellites - visible

USPTO Rejects Patent On Human Life Form

Some ideas I had on cars, alternative fuels, and the environment

Cardiologist Will Drop Bombshell Testimony at Vioxx Hearing

Rovers spot strange shapes on Mars

Canadian Opposition Leader Trying To Keep Lid On Party Extremists

AMA Head Likens Gays To Coca Cola Or Rape

R.I. School District To Recognize Mass. Marriages

Point Foundation helps Maya Keyes:

Has anyone heard from Motely36 lately?

Bid To Fire Vermont Judges Over Gay Unions Ruling

URGENT: MassEquality has only until March 1st to receive $200,000 matching

New York State Clergy Support Gay Marriage

Woman in small town stands up for gay rights

Help with suggestions for a title?

Hello Gay DUers.

Soulforce to confront James Dobson and Focus on the Family on May 1

A Glimmer of Hope for NHL Fans.

MLB Channel is on XM

Cheer up...Spring is HERE!!!

Canseco's Claims

Homeowner's policies denied for type of dog

Help with a fun project!

Guess what I found under the oven

Please sign the petition for an ASPCA unit in Atlanta, GA


I was fired today......

Did anyone see Bill Maher on Scarborough?

Anyone have a link to the" What religion are you " poll

Just got back from an Atheist Meet Up

Pentagon Propaganda Channel Is Not In Public Interest

Kennedy on Chertoff nomination

This is HUGE

My request to those who fight the good fight supporting Kerry's work...

Hey Kerrycrats!

I think we have an antiKerry operative at work today

Repressed memory surfaces, Vektor freaks out.

Democrats are Sexy Pictures!

Investors sue filmmaker over `Long War of John Kerry'

Unbe-farkin-lievable! Will it ever end?

Kerry Statement on Supplemental

I lied.

John Kerry, the good soldier, continues his fight for


Email from Dean! (See parentheses for MY OWN enhancements to it.)

What good 3rd party lens manufacturers exist for Canon SLRs?

CNN's Nuke Plant Photos Identical for Both Iran and N. Korea!

Very involved, intelligent interview with varied people about Dean.

Asia Times--"It ain't over till the last mujahideen sings...."

How would you compare Reid's work so far to that of Daschle?

DNC weekend fundraising?

Will Bush declare victory in Iraq, then cut and run?

The Dem hearing on mismanagement of money in Iraq yesterday.

HELP...I need a cartoon

Your money or your life?

Is Bush's Social Security "charade" a major diversion....

The Shiites' victory in Iraq plays into Bush's hand.

Here's another WH shill - Les Kinsolving

Bush will include Iraq war in budget after 2006 elections -and media says?

Did Condi contradict herself again?

Heavenly Deception (Bush, Moon, the CIA, and Christianity)

Rather then bitch about your congressperson...How many here

Dick Cheney born in Panama?

DNC site posts a few of the ideas submitted per Dean's request.

Keith Olbermann discusses Gannon/Guckert

* Fails Religious Groups Says X-Aide

Arthur Miller, "An Enemy of the People"....points us to great insights

Have Falwell and Robertson asked

What do you think about this idea for a political website?

Bizzaro World - Bush "support my soc sec plan" ---- but give's no details?

More Red State Lunacy

Ron Reagan's show premiers today - email them to cover gannon story!

Asia Times reports highly clandestine US operation to thwart Shia rule

YUCK! Are dems the CONSERVATIVES ?!?!?!

Scottie press conference on NOW - C-SPAN 1:05 EST n/t

ACTION ALERT: Send a picture of Boxer & Roses to your dem senators

So Much for Making the World Safer

Things Migh be Getting Worse

Wrong forum

Why Dean is the Best thing coming down the Road for the Dem Party

My only comment on it..

Join me in thanking george bush

Who were the PNACers in pre-Roman empire?

Shout Out .... Oh, Ken Starr where are you now?

So, when will MSM consider it safe to discuss the latest Gannon scandal?

smirk's hump - NYT nixing article - Okrent speaks out - gets reply

Memo to the right: Clinton is NOT president anymore. It's YOUR fuck-up now

bush is right about social security

Bush sez in 2045 the SOCIAL SECURITY THING will be fucked....

Bush's faith based initiative is pointless

General Clark yesterday on CNN: Iran, North Korea

Our food supply could very well be in jeopardy

Think Novak and Co. will be searching for 1st Amendment rights now?

Did Clinton ever admit that there was no Social Security trust fund?

Peak Oil/total retro political power/total denial

Radical Cleric Pat Robertson on CSPAN now.

Future Internets Poll: Do you care about that trial of DUers?

Show Your Support For Dean

Does it bother you when people call Dean "the most secular candidate"?

Bob Kerrey about 9/11 Commission silence during election...

Gannon story wilts, as talking heads focus on CNN's Eason Jordan's lapses.

Charlie Rose: No Such thing as liberal blogs?

Hey did Stephanie Tubbs Jones get any flowers?

Tell me again why we aren't contemptuous of the 9/11 Commission Democrats?

The Iraqi Elections

Is the Lebanon false flag op and busholini's "profound outrage" at Syria

* Renominates 20 Failed Judicial Nominees, (" nuke" coming?)

Funny results of CNN poll

BLUE bracelets being co-opted as MLK Fundraiser

Great Email from Dean and the DNC

by the way....Demopublican Kerry supports $81.9 Bln War Spending Plan

Gannon? Gannon who?

A new motto for the GOP

Whatever you do don't let a CAPTION leak out

unFFFFing believable: Chertoff confirmed uNANimously!!

Syriasly folks...

Any ideas on who linked the CIA agents (Plame) name?

PDA Urgent Action - "Put Families First, Stop Health Care Cuts"

Please DU this Yahoo story. It deserves a higher rating.

Is Jeff Gannon from Canada?

Boy! Ed just had a bee under his collar. S.S. vs privatization.

Who were the two who did not vote on Chertoff?

Condi gave Liz Cheney a job

Gallups poll not done for others(CNN) has Chimpy at 49%

Awesome full page ad by "NION" in LA Times

Awesome Op-Ed in New York Times

Democrats losing the black vote.

Don't give up on Olbermann following the GannonGuckert story

ACTION ALERT: Help make Charles Schwab stop funding Bush's SS plan

Eloquent and direct call to action from Howard Dean: "Your New Job"

Do you care about the Michael Jackson trial

Some ideas for new bumper stickers. Feel free to add your own.

DU SLACKERS! We know who we are! We are falling down on the job....

Amusing spam message

Any information on how to start a Democratic Headquarters? Thanks

so, anyone think Matt Drudge and Jeff Guckert are... were... you know...

LOLOLOLOL...David Horowitz...

Help me out. I have been keeping my eyes closed (Dean, DNC chair)

Just a thought: What if Gannon was in CIA or PsyOps ? And what

progressive, liberal or anti-American radio is here to stay.

Since 9/11 report suppressed, why can't we revote???

Lou Dobbs cnn poll 02-15-2005

Calif. GOP changes rule to back governor

Ldotters upset over seizure of Limbaugh's med records (blame Clintons)

Judy Miller/Matt Cooper on with Leslie....she looks SCARED

WA repuke state senator's son charged in drug case

MI Senate: Bouchard and Gorcyca are both Out!

Al Franken: What if Jeff Guckert was having sex with the President?

self deleted

I think I heard Mike Malloy for the first time tonight

Dean to speak and hold rally at Cornell Univ. Feb. 23.

Al Gore: Bush Team Displays "Moral Cowardice" :: Help Us Get Tomorrows Spe

Bill Mahar on Joe Scarborough NoW

Democracy Now is a Must Watch from Today --- you won't regret it

Daily Show just did joke I got hate mail for!

Caption This!

Farm Workers Union would like you to DU this poll.

Shocking Carlylegroup undermining American democracy!!

CNN's Inside Politics now does a segment on what the blogs are saying

Frontline: Rumsfeld's War

Cartoon - A new development in the SpongeBob Case

Petition to stop Offshoring of High-Tech & Professional Jobs

Question on Kerry

2006... senate and congress races

Kerry: Way Ahead of the Curve

Democrats Seek to Outmaneuver Republicans by Imitating Their Strategy

Gannon, Gannon, Gannon, Gannon.

Southern and Red states....nice words for Dean locally.

Who sets policy for the Democratic Party?

The WH and the Media are going nuts about Syria today -- maybe this is why

FDR grandson says Brit HUME should retract or maybe resign--WHOW

The Fighting Moderates -Krugman on Dean as chair

I Just Heard That Old Fossil Judy Woodruff Say She Get's Frist's E-mail

**Senate to vote on Michael Chertoff nomination 4PM Today**

IRA pub murder - Silence a blow to Sinn Fein credibility

Andrew Jackson

52 Warnings, Richard Clarke memo release, yet no outrage over Condliar

BEWARE of polling group "Datar & Associates"

Ha! I cant believe it. There is a "Conservative Punk" site buwahahaha

OMFG - Dems DON'T Want To Investigate The Whore BECAUSE He's A Whore?!

Rootstalk: online grassroots think tank

They're freaking in Lebanon

Romney Used Conservation Money For Super Bowl Rally

Would you take a job offered by a Republican in order to survive?

Boxer & her roses ...... just a fraction of them

What are you doing to prepare for the bad stuff that's coming?

Gannon / National Security Issue

John Kerry, the good soldier, continues his fight for

Hannity claims Kerry was never in combat in Vietnam

Yo Howard, "You're Not Here to Make Policy".............

Martin Frost signs on to FOX News.

Have you ever read John Kennedy's definition of liberal?

AIM - a lesson in propaganda spewing front groups

$80Bil more for war? Show us the Books! Demand a Truman Commission

Sen. Boxer's major speech on Social Security

General election Poll 2008 - Who wins?

Why is it that people think all anti-war liberals never served.

DU my announcement for candidacy - Yahoo News

Holy Shit! C U Bush!

Today's Action Alerts: DU these,please!