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Archives: February 11, 2005

Americans Die for Sharia in Iraq

Myths and Facts About Social Security Today

(PINR)Stifling the Flow: The Syrian-Iraqi Border

The Threat to Bush

Simon Tisdall (Guardian Utd): Signals from the palace of smoke and mirrors

Bush's Class-War Budget - By Paul Krugman

Into our business

WP: "A Royal Yawn", Eugene Robinson

White House Budget Projections Suggest Pain (for non-rich)

Rolling Stone-Beyond 'Fair and Balanced'-Sinclair Broadcasting

US rejects direct talks with N Korea

Must Read --"Truth held Hostage"

Labels Trump Facts In Social Security Debate

The anti-Obama

Paul Krugman, "Bush's Class-War Budget", NY Times Feb 11

How the UN was forced to tackle stain on its integrity

Duh Roundup (Issue No. 2)

Will Pitt at his best

found this 14 minute documentary on Falluja.. still a mess,

Documents reveal CIA recruited five of Eichmann's associates

After the Iraq election, self-congratulation abounds

My Support For Churchill

Natl Review - Byron York - Deaniacs on Parade

BuzzFlash Names WaPo Columnist Howard Kurtz its GOP Hypocrite of the Week

great story "The Jeff Gannon Experience" by William Pit

Naomi Klein NAILS the Iraqi election, and the whores' hype

Bush pissing off farmers

This Budget Don't Fly, Even conservatives Won't Give It Wings.

Can a left turn save Democrats?

We The People have thus lost the capacity to replace our government

Mike Luckovich on the Gannon controversy

Killing the Messenger: Ward Churchill’s Sins Against the Empire

Killers Without Borders

Democrats Aren't Giving Bush a Break This Term -Dean's likely rise to powe

US air traffic authority had multiple Bin Laden hijack warnings before 91

China and the Final War for Resources

Krugman: Bush's Class War Budget

Student awarded for Bush-Hitler project

Disorder at the Top

Check out these two videos from TrueMajority

Sign the petition for a Special Prosecutor for Gannon

All Things Considerer's David Folkenflik misses the big story.

FCC says cable firms need carry just 1 sig/broadcaster - blow to Sinclair

Mediachannel challenges Sinclair for "discussion"

Req: can anyone tell me what is up with The Daily Show?

Ridicule is the number one "frame" the GOP use

New media power to help further the cause

Bush Budget cuts food for poor kids, gives tax cut to rich (97% to >200k)

Games Politicians Play: More Tax Cuts as U.S. Faces Large Deficits

Taser stock drops on Chicago incident

$120 B a year could be had via rollback of tax cuts on Rich & Cap Gain/Div

Pictures of a Stock Market Mania (Updated)

Snubbing Kyoto: Our Monumental Shame

Clear Skies Amendment: Cmty votes for version w/o curbs on greenhous gases

Edacious Deer Endanger Ginseng

Nuclear Now! Wired Magazine goes pro-nuke in a big way

Mexicans Back Government’s Reply To U.S.

Were Minorities Intentionally Locked Out of the Iraq Election?

I see how the Bushistas are going to weasel out of Rice's 1/25/2001 error

AJPM - Not enough evidence to say gun laws reduce violence


Does Iraq still prohibit possessing arms without a license?


Austrians sold 800 sniper rifles to Iran; U.S. protests

Will Howard Dean make the Democratic Party a pro-gun party?

Harrowing tales create support for deadly force bill

Appeals court tosses cities, counties lawsuit againt gun makers (CA)

Question about requesting money

is there a way to "subscribe" to a member's every post?

Nice to see this locked

Is username "Ignored" similar to "Name Removed" ?

Policy question

Hi--what if we had a Democratic Party Forum

Not complaining, just curious

A frienly question regarding 9/11 threads

"Greatest" Rocks!

I believe this thread was locked by mistake

idea for forum on peak oil, global warming, sustainability, energy

Love the Greatest feature n/t

"My Posts" page.

Um...heh heh heh...Skinner?

How come this thread was locked, and not moved?

Error: you can only recommend threads which were started in the past 24 ho

"Greatest" is awesome n/t

"Greatest" page idea

"Click here if this page doesn't refresh automatically"

Regarding the Latest/Greatest page

This needs to be stopped, please.

a post regarding MS's anti spyware proggie was locked

The Greatest ...


I think the refugees from The Freeper Purges have found their way to DU

Nominating a thread for the Greatest Page...a question.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Legislative Forum.

OK, this is embarrassing, but I have to ask

Lost my Donor star too.

Question about using Paypal to donate

I've lost my donor star

A suggestion regarding September 11th threads outside the forum

When I get a thread deleted and I ask why, I never get a reply.

Order of icons at top of page

Re: donor star time limits

similar threads.. one locked.. one is not

Why was this thread locked?

Fundraising on DU

email account change ?

New DU groups proposal: Pro-Life Progressives

Bush administration tries to suppress evidence

Thought I'd move this locked thread here...

Have you signed this petition to investigate 9/11?

911-LIHOP or MIHOP it still HOP.

FAA Report Available Here

Chicago Tribune: Mayor’s pledge puts other politicians in ethics spotlight

Kansas City Star:Senator from Illinois was perennial thorn in Nixon's side

Eric Zorn: No eye-rolling: Daley Pledge may just work

Chicago Sun-Times: City puts heat on clout-heavy cafe

Homeland safe, thanks to Kmart

Chicago Tribune: Hastert: Public not sold on Social Security plans

Personal Request

State Journal Register: Governor backs cuts in pensions

What's in your CD player/iPod/mp3 player?

Must Read --"Truth held Hostage"

Rep. Bob Ney, Ohio Republican says "More vote reforms can wait."

Wisconsin (Republican, again) "Voter Fraud"

Greene Co. BOE chairman - the GOP controls the county, so what can we do?

NY Times killed Bush back bulge story because could have changed election

Anti-B*sh "NOT IN OUR NAME" statement to run full page in LATimes Tuesday

Vanity Fair March: Ohio Fraud Article

FBI Checking Clermont Voting in Ohio

Radiological Material Lost and Found

The Nashua Advocate: The News Editor Gets Mad

Our cause is not lost...refreshing story

WTF? McAuliffe said "we just spent $500,000 in OH to make sure the...

NOMINATE Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread EVERY DAY

HELP: How can I demonstrate to a journalist --

Answer from the GAO (email received today)

Hey Diebold, ES&S, and all the rest

looking for election folks in PA

KOEB: It's official...Stephanie Miller is very cool!

Friday 2/11 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

new buzzword - "MMRA" - Mandatory Manual Random Audits

New media power to help further the cause

is the Clinton/Boxer bill available yet?

Need short, sweet and easy to digest. Help!

"List of 11,000 Voters That NC Supreme Court Wants To Disenfranchise!!"

Will Pitt on Jeff Gannon: " What is happening is very, very dangerous."

Behind The Election: Bush Cheated 04 needs feedback and suggestions.

KOEB Thread (Friday)

Rep BRUCE MCPHERSON to be CA Sec. of State-wolf in sheep's clothing?

Ensigns 109th Congress Bill, VIVA, is Introduced

Andy Or Other Experts: Can There Be Adequate Safeguards Over DREs?

Wayne Madsen on radio today


Deja Vu? Officials Cite 83% Turnout Despite Vietcong Terror (9-4- 67)

Andy Stephenson has hepatitis & needs our help.

FEC: 2004 Presidential General Election Candidates and Election Results

(Broadcast) Power to the People!

It was like "When his hero Nixon fired Elliot Richardson"

Governor ousts CalSTRS appointees who oppose his pension plan

Matsui replacement special election

Is there anything to do in San Francisco?

Govinator names new Sec of State ( Fri afternoon, when else?)

Feinstein voted with repukes making class action lawsuits harder to start

So Mcpherson's the new Secretary of State

Iowa nees us!!

NECN video - Romney Weighs In On Stem Cell Research

MASS HISTORY ON-LINE... today it's the origins of Gerrymandering

Pawlenty tries to save our state from the awful threat of candy cigarettes

Minnesota Republicans begin the assault on Dean

Jerk John Kline: Put Reagan on the $50 Bill

2006 Senate race: drafting a Congressperson == BAD IDEA

How about Patty?

F3 bring up the 'Search' window.

What's the matter with my MS Word?

Converting old Display-write Files

Why can't I stay connected to the internet?

The Houston Chronicle Frontpage

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now- Book Tour includes Austin/Irving

Update on AAR-Dallas

Any comment on the BS Mark Green decision?

Sounds like favre is coming back!!!yeah!!!

WPR open line on photo ID issue

Medicare drug cost is now $700 billion and no one wants this card

911-LIHOP or MIHOP it still HOP.

Got a Question for the Ayatollah?

Gannon Lets the Eagle Soar....

Are we the meanest-spirited people on planet Earth?

OMG! Seen Sludge's LUDICROUS SPIN on the MALE HOOKER Gannon?

Posthumous prison sentence for Reagan

Can military service records be verified ("Gannon")?

Gannon outed Plame, planted rathergate story.

Jeff Gannon is George Bush's gay love slave!

Are canned hunts legal in the US?

Gannon is one of the "rat fu*kers" -- a term used back during Nixon days.

So What Comes Next? . . . leading scientists speculate . . .

Damn for this first time since Nov, things are looking good for the Dems

is it just me, or has opinion on 911 lihop/mihop changed?

With all this kissing and head rubbing, is the GOP courting the gay vote?

What our European "allies" should tell condi & her boss-

Rethug Strategy: Demonize the FAA and the Transp. Dep't...

How about that "nook-yoo-lur showdown" we got goin' on?

Calling all Clark fans, please fill my Clark thread with some great pics

Condi Lied.... (evidence)

I love that the Reichwing has nuthin' on Dean...Dean is clean

Wounded knees......


Shout out for Wesley Clark b/c he is still one hell of a good looking guy

German court will not hear war crimes case against Rumsfeld, others can almost hear the sound of Revolution against Tyranny...

So terrorists are sitting around, watching the news...

How are the pro-* 9/11 families taking the report...

Why did Talon pull ALL of "Gannon's" writings?

Humor as politics is an art

Iraq veterans advocate civil disobedience to protest war

China and the Final War for Resources

Interview with Barbara Boxer

Look at this Memo: Richard Clarke told the truth / Condi lied

Franklin quote for today

Pretty please letters, is this what it has come to?

FR posters gripe about increased Tsunami aid

What are the chances this guy is Deepthroat?

Gannon's First Gay President Story

No Place To Hide - Total Information Awareness On Steroids

A friend's last e-mails and voicemails from the WTC - Need guidance

Free Expression Can Be Costly When Bloggers Bad-Mouth Jobs

So we CAN'T use the checks & balances to STOP a Tyrannical Govt?

Canada Pulls Adderall: Linked to 20 deaths. US FDA Shugs.

So Brit Hume wants to cite a guy from a university I attended, OK

Evil Bush Aides don't understand Social Security Backlash

I.D. Cards on the way

The real Gannon/Guckert scandal.

Help me understand this (yet another "Jeff Gannon" thread)

What has North Carolina done to deserve this?

Faux News' Brit Hume covers (up?) "Jeff Gannon" scandal

Privitization is a Government subsidized jobs program for Edward Jones

Hey Gang, I found a web site that I like to drop in on, really!

Gannon blackout

c-span caller: 'Liberals should stop making fun of religious people'

So that's where he got them from...

We should be thankful we have freedom and liberty!

We know who the REAL terrorists are...


MSRNC Hires another Wingnut, Plus another Deep Throat (Mark FELT)

Haven't been hearing much about Iraq lately

A large, black duel propeller helicopter just flew over-head pretty low...

North Carolina Residents Fight Bush Social Security Privatization Plan

Lib Actor Plays LIMBOsevic, Weighs L Firsthand

Dubai's 'Mohammeds' smash record

From Americablog: "Karl Rove Linked to Gannon Story?"

I reject the social network of the cult of death in America aka BFEE.

Iraqis take over danger zone

I know, more Gannon stuff.. but lookie here at this.

Rahall opposes Gorge plans


Almost 60% Americans DISAPPROVE bush's handling of Iraq.

No terrorist for me, please...

An Email I have received

The News is Broken

Ed Gillespie Question....

Murray chips in for library

Bush Administration's First Memo --- could it be fake?

Gannon, Guckert...but did anybody notice NK has nukes and

Inanimate penis more important than feeding the hungry - my morning

Post office goes by rules and delivers Hitler card

New York Times does a REAL article on "Gannon"; no sex distraction BS

Damn! This ain't no immigration bill!

Republican Senate Leader Praises Senator Harry Reid

(PHOTO) B-2 stealth bomber over Iran

Need to make public aware of Bush coverup of his incompetence

DNC winter meeing - live on CSPAN

Ward Churchill and the President of Harvard? Who should be fired?

"Mr. President, N.Korea has nukes & you say Iran is a gathering threat..."

My brother the koolaid drinker...

Cinemocracy Goes Billboard Hunting:

My letter to Washington Post re its story on Gluckert, aka Gannon

"Gannon" The Perfect Press Plant: He Fit Right In!

Here is a stunning fact in a news story I am editing right now.

Crouching Conservative, Hidden Homosexual?

Blogger becomes 'porn star', demands White House press credentials

Compare headlines re: HALLIBURTON & lost radioactive material!

New Group has started! PNAC and the neocon Agenda! link

Is Al Franken's show a rerun today?

The equal opportunity of CAPTIONs

What's going on with.....

Another thing that could potentially damage the Bush Regime has happened

McClellan in Guardian: Charges Against Gannon Just a "Conspiracy Theory"

Releasing Med Records of Abortions? WA state

Al Franken says Bush Admin. is "corrupt" in "the way it uses the media"

Defense Workers' Unions to Sue Pentagon

'Cursed' Hope diamond was cut from French stone, tests show

What countries has the US more or less threatened recently?

Which is more likely to entice you to look at a thread?

It is about time someone in government screamed -

What about that other RWer in the press corps, Lester?

You know what was the first clue that Gannon was a RW shill?

Kline wants Reagan on $50 bill

If someone wrote for THIS publication could they get a WH press pass?


Krugman: Bush's Class-War Budget

Police foil Valentine's Day mass suicide

Update 1: Sinclair Broadcast Reports Quarter Loss

Gannon sued by IRS for 20K

Armed Robots To Patrol Iraqi Streets


Affirmative action: What are your thoughts on the issue?

My 1000th Post! What I'd Do If I Was A Penguin And Bush Walked By!

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas 14

CAPTION this sweet and endearing moment of Levitt-ee

The South loves Howard Dean, Southern Dems love Howard Dean!

Associated Propaganda?

NPR stilted report on Dean as Dem Chair

Rosenberg is pro-choice, surprised how it was such a big issue.

Washington Times . . . "The News That Fits" . . .

IMHO- I think we as a planet are heading for a viral pandemic

WE, the DEMOCRATS, are the party of Lincoln

Probably old, but.......

questions for Condi were scripted

Idiot Son disapproval hits 54% (approval 45%).

Bush Ignored Warning of al Qaeda Threat Eight Months Before 9/11

We all know Bush is a lying, murderous POS. But WHY?

Chimp Meets Gorilla.


Gannon: MSM doesn't want their crotches sniffed like they did to Clinton

Moving Posts around...

Lynne Stewart conviction

OUCH!!! Gannon's irony & hypocrisy just whapped me hard.

I have entered the Twilight Zone...

When we Democrats take over

I never truly watched the RNC, but I just discovered...

Thank you for the help! Associated Propaganda?

I really liked Harry Reid's e-mail.

Ashlee Simpson is a FAKE (read please)

Forget Jeb Bush, the actual nominee to be the next Republican President...

McClellan "Gaggles" about Gannon

Just got an email from Sen. Bill Nelson

Quote of the day: God is bad, "Decent People" are good

BWAAA. Freepers PUNK'D on thrown baby story

What do you see as the biggest threat to American society?

New weapons to be used on Iran

When a Man Hath No Freedom to Fight for at Home

Well at least the media in Australia are showing the PROOF that CONDI LIED

Steven Hadley.. Nat Security Advisor...

Degenerate kills baby when father won't surrender income tax return

Why our troops are in South Korea. NOT why you may think.

WAVE 3 TV - Louisville, KY - Runs Hit Piece on Michael Moore


In Gannon's press conf videos, can we enhance his Press pass?

My bad - Wishful thinking.

SCOOP!!! Talon News is hiring!!!!

Did Thomas Kean really say what I thought he said?

Driver's License Security and Modernization Act (H.R.368)

Democrats Challenge New Ethics Panelists

Poor George! (Week 2)

Road to Ruin: US net liabilities increased by $11 trillion in 2004

Renew my reputation (NOT) Leadership Institute Summer Brochure.

I love NewsHounds...they watch Fox so we don't have to. Buzz words.

Ed Schultz just got Bob Novak Jeff Gannon Link-Leadership Inst

The McClellan bot

McClellan says * budget is "compassionate", does not cut social programs

Quick plan to win the seperation of church and state battle

De-Classified 9/11 Memo Proves Condi Lied

Dealing With Clueless Bush Supporters Like My Sibling

Name 3 national TV stations that is run by right wing

I just sent roses to Barbara Boxer! Ask me anything...

What drives liberalism and what drives conservatism?

Economy is on the march! Time for the FRIDAY LAYOFF REPORT

Ward Churchill is a Nazi asshat. Who cares what happens to him?

MSNBC: Tsunami aid items include thong panties, Viagra, stiletto heels

"Crossfire" ignores Gannon story Day #2

Phoenix drivers fingerprinted

"Distraction"- Disgusting

Man accused of planning mass Valentines Day Suicide on Yahoo Chat Room

Analysis: Hamas history tied to Israel (Isreal funding of Hamas)

Mike Malloy stands in for Randi Rhodes

The Return of the Draft (Rolling Stone)

Trials and Tribulations of Buying Blue. ARRrRRRrgggHHHh!!

Whatsup with Repub's Response When Shrub is Called on his Shit . . .

The Resurrection of Jeff Gannon

Tossing Babies Out Windows In Dubya's America

Is Rove's new job at the White House connected to the Gannon story?

Lying for the Lord - Snopes documents pro-Xian Tsunami Urban Legends

Redlands man arrested molesting an 11 yr old..streaming live video online

U.S. Scientists Told to Alter Findings/ Weaken Protection/Favor Biz

The Destruction of Jeff Gannon

Workplace Romance UP (Proof Americans are overworked, undersexed)

Any idea who JD Hauser is?

Is Secretary Treasury John Snow Incompetent?

Pay attention to the photo ops Bush will be taking with black adults

Americans are not like that.

Did Bush's girlfriend have an abortion? or is this a b.s. story?

Cartoon says 'Become a Republican'

DU help on list of US service killed in Iraq.

Ya Gotta Laugh...

Who else believes most Conservatives mean well?

Should the 9/11 Commission Report Be Stickered?

Anyone know where I can get a wall map of Iraq?

McClellan Tells a Whopper, Part 2 (hard pass or daily pass?) >

Anyone else hear the NPR show this morning with

Gannon vs. Eason

(PHOTO) The BIG question about Prince Charles...

Not even the pros can't figure out why the fascists passed HR 418

Metro Atlanta DU'ers: Thoughts on this please...

Lynne Stewart's Conviction Hurts Us All

Have you folks checked out our 'Red State Road Trip' video series?

"Jeff Gannon" The Movie - Who would play Gannon?

Gannon's comments on Helen Thomas, here. Wonder what she thinks of him?

The Minimum Wage issue.

Is Olbermann doing another segment on Gannon/Guckert tonight?

Suggestion re: censorship on Free Republic

Churchill met with Gadhafi

Now,do we all understand why the RX section of Medicare was delayed to '06

why would the usa NOT want bilateral talks with N Korea?

Do you think that well educated Conservatives BELIEVE their garbage?

Randi reading Clarks memo to Condi on the air

HS girl started a gaystraight club at school. Please vote this poll.

Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) Thinks that Corporations can't get a fair shake

Farmers Shaken by **'s Subsidy Plan

HEY everyone!!! Keep the late Robert Matsui seat BLUE

What will be the next Non-Story to draw attention from Gannon/Guckert?

Hey! asks "outstanding questions" about Jeff Gannon

To kill a mocking bird was a terrible book about killing dogs

re: Gannon, gay prostition ring, White House tours, mysterious suicide...

Ward Churchill indistinguishable from a Nazi. I hope he gets/stays fired.

Rumsfeld says that the it will be up to the Iraqis to defeat the

Introducing the LEGISLATIVE FORUM!

CNN - Story on Who Is a Real Journalist -- Gannon Shown ?ing Bush

Left-Leaning Attorney Is Guilty of Aiding Terror....AOL article

What is BFEE?

Americablog: 12 good questions for Mr. Gannon/Guckert. Add your own!

The End of the World

Is *ush considering

Does GannonGate distract from PundolaGate?

Does anyone have that pic of the woman collapsing

The not so free "free republic"

It just dawned on me (Iraqi "elections")

Ann Coulter on Churchill

Welcome to Mother Russia - Cato/Heritage Memo

The Perfect Storm: Gannon/Guckert/Plame; 9/11 exposed/ Social Security

How Many Hours Of Main Stream Network News Do You Consume A Day?

For those that blame Clinton for not getting Bin Laden

If You Talk Someone Into Commiting Suicide...

Senator Feingold Proposes Rollbacks on Patriot Act's Abuses

Does anyone feel the world is waking from a slumber

What can we do when the people we elect to uphold our laws and

Important quote about the difference between science and religion...

I just finished rereading Uncle Toms Cabin..

Internet Radio for the Left--New Additions (4)

Chris Matthews becomes BRAIN DEAD ON TONITES HARDBALL...

No discussing Churchill here, 'taboo" aspects of 9/11 and beyond

Daschle will be missed by S. Dakota..

Has anyone here watched the NEW "PENTAGON NETWORK" on Dish TV?

MAD- Mothers Against the Draft

Did Howard Stern talk about Social Security

So, Monday will be 2 Weeks since the Iraqi Elections...

Can North Korea or Iran actually deploy the "Bomb"

Ward Churchill Guest on Mike Malloy!!!

Tonight Bill O'Reilly was talking about billionaire George Soros

Candy Crowley wasn't just Rapping, was she?

A * Poem

Reaction to Republicans comments about Dean being DNC Chair

Guide to right-wing scammers and dirty tricksters (Reminder)


Not Taking Part In Miller Time Puts Wisc. Man In Unemployment Line

another 'jeff gannon' PHOTO-shop.........

February 12th, 2005: The rebirth of the Democratic Party

Why I wanted to run two little old ladies off the road and bitch slap them

DNC winter meeting re-broadcast CSPAN 11:26 pm

Writers, publications to launch open source alternative press

Please join Mothers Against the Draft!

Found a man looking for men entry for a *JGuckert* - how old is he?

A little walk down memory lane to the DNC winter meeting 2 years ago.

Denver Post article disputing Churchill's Indian ancestry

Want to vomit? Read Joe Klein's 2000 interview with Tim Russert,

Should teens have a different minimum wage than adults?

Bush: Working Three Jobs "Uniquely American "

Tucker Carlson's email address on NPR

Ward Churchill to be on The Mike Malloy Show after 11 EST

O'Reilly thinks Sundance isn't fair and balanced....

"Jeff Gannon" on Radio Canada International

Do you download music illegally or legally?

'Gannon' Interview: Met Rove at a party

McAuliffe says the unwillingness to criticize Bush's record a mistake.

Pelosi, Hoyer: Reps. Smith & Cole Face Conflict of Int. in DeLay Eth Probe

"It's IMPOSSIBLE to get a WH pass using an alias"...

MANDATORY MALLOY: Friday Truthseeker Concurrence


Crackdown on cannabis cow fodder

Ask the Police: Part Deux

The Daily Show needs WH press credentials.

It occurred to me that "Talon" is a silly play on words.

I have been thinking alot about morality lately

Would Gannon have made it the WH Press room if Ari were still PSec?

Suggestions for my blog?

New insight on Fixing SSI, "Bush's Plan to Loot Social Security"...

In a nutshell, what is Scientology's deal?

propagandist 'jeff gannon' echoes nazi past: nazi julius streicher (PHOTOS

Just coz it's so FUN to post; MAJORITY Americans DISAPPROVE of bush!!!

GUEST EXPERT payola - Gannon to Williams- money chainging hands?

Saturday: big day for the Dems on CSPAN

ward churchill supporters lie about death threats

White guys can't jump! Blacks are better athletes! Racist comments?

A rule for all "Jeff Gannon" posts, please.

I feel beaten, I don't know whether to quit or keep fighting WalMart

The Coincidence Theory's Fatal Flaw

Okay.. you "invest" one half your share of social security withholding

Prediction: Gannon has a "blue dress" of his own.

UK:70% Interest Credit Card Aimed at Poor:How do these scum sleep at nite?

CFIDS & 'gulf war syndrome' are Autoimmune!

Gannon doesn't deserve all this attention

students fight back & get droopy pants ban dropped

New DU feature: The Greatest Page

The RICH are OK. Housing for the Poor however is $15.37/hr for 2/br?

the FLU is killing Americans all across the country....(CDC web site/map)

Has Gannon's church come forward to stand behind, er, support

Is anyone else tired of living like this?

Can we stop being pansies about the Dean Scream?

Has Microsoft begun its slid into obscurity.

"Members of the press shall not engage in lobbying," Committee told Gannon

Advice, please...

School Board Member Asked to Resign After Ex-Gay Reference

Report of Member purges at FR denied by Jim Robinson

Is Ward Churchill wrong?

Does anybody know the legitimacy of some of the Iraqi blogs?

Scare Quotes Journalism (PropaGannon)

Ooooh, HUGE LIE spewd by Gannon! And another "mean libruls" lie!

When it's time for a Humorous break ----links

If bankruptcy reform passes - expect a VERY different MikeG.

Is a White House official sexually attracted to "Jeff Gannon?"

Mystery disease spreading in FL, CA, TX

POLL: Best fix for Social Security

Tucker Carlson on PBS (gag me with a spoon)

Ms Rice. You are the driver of a school bus. You are approaching a RR ...

Crunching the numbers for our minimum wage earner, Sue, Part II

Californian's, we just got Royally fucked! Names WP Media Col. H. Kurtz as Rep Hypocrite of the Week

NYT - Conyers & Slaughter demand investigation of Gannon in Plame "leak"

This pic sums up evil-doer bush, imo

Insurrection in the Making: The Crisis in Haiti February 2004

How many DUers feel personally rewarded or vindicated by Dr. Dean's

PNAC- Project for the New American Century

Students Under Surveillance

Justice Dept denies MC Ability to Speak or Submit Testimony At Public Hrng

The Legacy Papers: A flier campaign

good grief! look what this church did

The Life and Moonie Times of George HW Bush

What do we call the Gannon scandal?

New Genetics Study Undermines Gay Gene Theory

Minimum wage, the working poor, and the creation of the criminal class

Randi Rhodes is hinting she believes in LIHOP

Okay.. I accept the fact that Bush has the "job" for 4 more years, BUT

Plame, Gannon & The New American Revolution

I thought I had gotton on the train to frreper-ville not the train to NYC.

Who else remembers the government surplus food programs?

Families outraged over FAA 9/11 warnings

Reps. Waxman & Maloney call for Reform Cmty hearing into 9/11 rpt. delay

What would happen if these 9/11 reports came out before....?

Free Speech & Petition in Support of Ward Churchill

Gannon's press pass is for sale on e-bay

"Nothing Succeeds Like Failure" | it's TOON time again!

No agreement yet on national early childhood education program

What type of person will be the next Tory leader?

The Battle of Edmonton Ikea

Those New "New" Labour pledges in full

Two more Soldiers sentenced for Abu Ghraib abuse

Iraq Insurgent Attacks Kill More Than 50

At least 25 dead as Pakistan dam bursts

Must Read --"Truth held Hostage"

Iraqi Police Suffer Sustained Attacks

Man Dies After Chicago Police Use Stun Gun

Rummy just landed in Iraq ... on Fux news now

YUKOS to trap the Russian Federation

New Sept. 11 Report Cites Warnings About Hijackings

Interview with Barbara Boxer

Haliburton loses nuclear material, found today in Boston warehouse

Rove on Dean

Poll Shows Drop in Bush's Job Approval (45% approve, 54% disapprove)

Free Expression Can Be Costly When Bloggers Bad-Mouth Jobs

James Bierbower, Watergate trial lawyer, dies of pneumonia


U.S. aviation received 52 al-Qaeda warnings before 9/11

Proposed (Calif.) law: All must buy health insurance

Prince Charles to marry Camilla

Dick Clarke's 1/25/01 memo to Rice has been declassified

U.S. Releases Document Citing Al Qaeda Threat (NY Times)

Playwright Arthur Miller dead at 89 - NYT

Pope names successor to Paris Cardinal Lustiger

PNC, Riggs Bank in new deal

Retired Army colonel, 70, sent to Afghanistan

Appeals Court Overturns Hate Speech Conviction of Pastor (Sweden)

Bush team tried to suppress pre-9/11 report into al-Qa'ida

Adams tells Ahern to put up or shut up over bank raid

I was no insider dealer, Soros says

'Religious abuse' at Guantanamo

U.S. applies different standards on nukes

Iraq Shi'ite leader urges Sadr to embrace politics

Bush Administration's First Memo --- could it be fake?

Stocks Lower as Dell, Home Builders Weigh

For Dean's movement, an unlikely inspiration

Bush Nears First Win of Term With Class-Action Bill (Update1)

UN peacekeepers banned from sex with Congolese

Mark Thatcher back in South Africa

Poll Shows Drop in Bush's Job Approval

Motive in fatal stabbing puzzling (pregnant woman in OH)

Poland's back pages

Crackdown on cannabis cow fodder

Schröder races to halt neo-Nazi 'funeral march' in Dresden

Police foil Valentine's Day mass suicide

Others sought in alleged mass suicide pact

Welcome to Mother Russia - Cato/Heritage Memo

The Independent: Bush team tried to suppress pre-9/11 report into al-Qaeda

Mother Who Tossed Newborn Out of Car Found

Official says hundreds of U.S. citizens likely died in Russian gulags

Gunmen Kill Nine at Baghdad Bakery

achieving a leninist strategy

Mass. Supreme Court To Hear New Gay Marriage Appeal

CIA contractor accused in beating claims U.S. has no jurisdiction

Writers, publications to launch open source alternative press

Rumsfeld Tours Iraq, Praises Iraqi Forces

MEMO from Richard Clack to Condi Rice, Warning of Al-qida ...

Breast cancer group's connection to Planned Parenthood questioned

Hundreds of Arabs, Turkmen demonstrate in disputed Iraq oil city (Kirkuk)

Democrats try to rein in BIAW (Washington's Christine Gregoire)

Rumsfeld: U.S. liberators, not occupiers

Billboard Delivers Right Jab To Hollywood (Thanks Moore for Bush win)

Chalabi wants to be Iraq's new prime minister

Heath Provider Accused Of Sentencing HIV-Poz Man To Death

Suicide car bomb blast kills one north of Baghdad

Bush Threatens to Veto Medicare Changes

Islamists win landmark Saudi elections

Sheriff: Mother Made Up Story of Baby Thrown From Car

Halliburton keeps nuke loss a secret

Pregnant woman kills attacker

Microsoft investigating attack on new anti-spyware technology

Scientists say they often censor themselves to avoid controversy

Professor, UNLV at odds over lecture complaint

CNN chief resigns over Davos remarks

Israel's Finance Minister Netanyahu attacked

Poll: Seniors Key to Slip in Bush Rating (Bush Approval at 45%)

Swedish Pastor Acquitted of Hate Speech

Gibson relaunches "Passion of Christ" with a new cut (Low Violence)

Cleric-Backed Candidates Win Saudi Election

Head of Yucca Nuclear Waste Program Quits

Fla. Newborn Tossed From Car Doing Well

CIA contractor (charged with beating) argues he followed nation's will...

Cleric-Backed Candidates Win in Riyadh

This 'Weekend,' a 'Parade' of Dictators and Dating


Bush Threatens to Veto Medicare Changes

TB 'may have killed off leprosy'

Death Watch on NHL Season Has Begun

Pro-Iran Shia group ahead in Iraq polls

Washington State House Passes Gay Rights Bill

Obese teens heading for heart attacks in their 40s, says study

C.I.A. Interrogator's Defense to Cite Bush at Brutality Trial

Psychologist says Schlosser didn't do enough to protect daughter


Newsom rips N.Y. mayor on gay marriage

GI widows struggle with finances

Wal-Mart Chief Defends Closing Unionized Store | Washington Post

Seminary Ousts President For Performing Daughter's Gay Wedding

Ringleader in San Mateo Explosives Heist Sentenced to 51 Months

Gay disgusted - test for homosexual penguins

Actor Tom Sizemore fails drug test with fake penis

Not Taking Part In Miller Time Puts Wisc. Man In Unemployment Line

Democrats See Nowhere to Go but Up

Ottawa no friend to young detainee

Massachusetts Democrats Object to Stem Cell Research Ban | NYT

NYT: Bush Vows Veto of Any Cutback in Drug Benefit

Commissioner complains bison hunt meeting was illegal | Billings Gazette

Ailing Democrats Put Their Faith in Dr. Dean

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 11 February

Journalism student faces charges for photographing break-in

White House Spells Out List of 150 Budget Cuts

'01 Memo to Rice Warned of Qaeda and Offered Plan - NYT

'Gannon' Interview: No Plame Subpoena, No Tie to White House (E&P)

Uproar Brings Focus on Role Of Bloggers

Judge tosses lawsuit over wind farm in tallgrass prairie

Schwarzenneger quickly appoints new Sec of State -on Fri afternoon

House backs major shift to electronic IDs

Episcopal Church funding down 12 percent

Suit Filed for 500 Guantanamo Detainees

Hastert: Public not sold on Social Security plans

Burglar-alarm policy prompts call to arms Resident urges purchase of guns

Rumsfeld May Attend Security Meeting

Baltimore Mayor in Spotlight Over Remarks

WP: Hastert Cautions Bush On Social Security Changes

Gonzales Steps Aside From Investigation CIA Leak (Plame)

White House rejects North Korean call for direct talks

(Talon News) Owner says news service will continue White House coverage

Playwright Arthur Miller Dies at 89

Wolfowitz: U.S. Should Safeguard Tsunami Relief Successes

WP: Fewer Gays Being Discharged Since 9/11

McDonald's to pay more than $8.5 million to settle trans fat lawsuit

Quadriplegic lawyer calls 'Apprentice' tryouts discriminatory

MSNBC: Story of Tossed Baby A Fabrication

Russia to bar foreign firms from assets

Eastwood Baffled by Attacks (Million Dollar Baby SPOILERS!!!!!)

Herbal Treatment Outdoes Paxil (St. John's Wort Slightly More Effective)

Break-In At SAIC Risks ID Theft - Computers Held Personal Data

Schwarzenegger expected to name McPherson as secretary of state

North Korean antics catch Bush administration off guard

Another Dem says he's open to private accounts -- argghh!

Mugabe Launches Election Campaign... by attacking Rice and Blair

Microsoft seeking spyware trojan

College official resigns after furor over guest speaker

US lawmaker urges Valentine's Day chocolate boycott over child slavery

Taser test pig hurt by stun gun, study says

ACLU Gets Involved In Gang Crackdown

Gov't (Gonzales) Seeks To Block Hallucinogenic Tea(one of his first cases)

(Sharp) Dip in Confidence Linked to Social Security

Kan. Woman Resumes Talking After 20 Years

(Professor Ward) Churchill met with Gadhafi

PM defies Bush over China arms (The Australian)

Farmers Shaken by Bush's Subsidy Plan

NASA says 2005 may be warmest year yet

New DU feature: The Greatest Page

Students plan to protest fake bake sale

CNN News Executive Eason Jordan Quits

Texas GOP Trying to Gut Ethics Inquiry, Critics Say(Protect DeLay)

European economy lags rest of world

NYC Health Officials Find New, Virulent HIV Strain

Who will be my valentine?


Thinking of changing my screen name

I love this movie,

The official "luck" thread.

"Anal bum cover"

Oooh, oohh. Let's play baseball!

Time for another DerbStyron, "Jeb screwed me again!" thread!

The official "truck" thread

Please shoot me.

BigMcLargehuge is not a moderator anymore?

How Different are they, really?

WTF award winner: Harry Potter's gay

Holy shit this is funny

Listening to The Black Crowes: Southern Harmony and Musical Companion.

The next uncreative fucking shithead that puts "gate" on the end

First annual DU Ultimate Frisbee match

My wife has gone to bed..Ask Me Anything!

"I am tired and sick of war. Its glory is all moonshine."

Could you imagine George Bush with a mullet?

Someone with name itgod lurking.......n/t

Animal Planets winner.......I can't stop laughing

Question about firewalls???

The official "buck" thread

Let's play Gridlocked..(It's a very hard game)

Rum & Cokes are excellent......

I am not going to go to the White House to pass gas

Whats the Good news of the day?

The official "fuck" thread.

I just installed new software-anti-spyware, Anonymizer from Zone Labs

I'm truely sorry Isaac, but Gannon is just too big a story

Does anyone else get ticked when a river is describe as being "infested"

Anyone know something about having a bad back?

Is Your Child a Cheater?

Pet peeve: Too much horror business, driving late at night!

Mark Ruffalo Appreciation Thread

Attention:NBA Fans...

What Is The Most Embarrassing Album/CD That You Have Ever Owned?

More Than 100 Birds Slam In To Glass Walls (Drunk On Berries)

Can You Match 80's Slang Phrases With Their Modern Equivalents?

I'm so depressed!

A real puke moment on the Today Show

Man Suing Hospital Over Wrongly Removed Testicle

What's your favorite scene from a sitcom episode?

Movie lines/dialogue that made you think, or feel..something

A friend's last e-mails and voicemail from WTC 9/11 - Need guidance

I posted my naked butt here online, if Right-wing bloggers got ahold of it

I'm the Man On The Silver Mountain. Ask me anything.

Snoop Dogg lights up Amsterdam

Will one of you guys call my boss

Vanilla and thyme are the recipe for love

Darn it! Why are you all so entertaining? I have to get to work!

Credit advice ....

Are you a fan of Exotica or Tiki Music?

Stop the presses. Jeff Gannon is the son of Jimmy of the Daily Planet

Police Foil Valentine's Day Mass Suicide Pact Involving 32 People

Let us praise bacon, Canadian Bacon.

Nebraska Town With One Resident Has A Library With 5,000 Books

Let us praise Bacon, Kevin Bacon

Duel Propeller Helicopter just flew by my home fairly low. Help!

Let us praise Bacon, Francis Bacon

Let us praise bacon, Kevin Bacon.

Let us praise bakin', lotsa bakin'

Let us praise Zakim, Zakim Bridge

I am the man on Sugar Mountain, ask me anything

Valentines Day = Recipe for Love

Robber Left Wallet On Store Counter - Went To Police Station To Get It

Let us haze the wake-n-bake...

Haven't had enough whining from the Philadelphia Eagles yet? click here

If I had a rocket lawnchair...

Personal Request

If I had a million hollas

If I Had Dylan's Molars.

life's a bitch, and then you die.

If I had a million dollars

Airline Offers Designer Vomit Bags



The Ikea name game!

No Valentine Flowers for Cherie, Says Blair

If I had a million fathers...

Playwright Arthur Miller dead at 89 - NYT

Coochy Coochy

Cartoon: Steve Bell, The Guardian

Ouchy Ouchy

If I had a million collars

hi i'M modumblfy s dog hoTai

Oh, I almost forgot....

I got my nose pierced!

Shhhhh....they're watching. Pass it on.

Billboard charts now include downloads

WV House passes tongue-splitting bill

If I had a million ballers...

Guaranteed Hours of Fun on the Internet

What was the saddest TV sitcom/series moment?

Well, now we know what he's been up to lately...

Good riddance to the mod BigMcLargeHuge!!

Just for the record...

Coochie, Coochie

Let us praise bacon, lovely bacon.

If I were president, I'd abolish Valentine's Day

Scan your HS yearbook !

Charles and Camilla to adopt mixed race offspring

That's it. I've had it. HAD IT.

Allright...Who's voting for their own threads for the Greatest page?

Radio Station Giving Away Free Divorce For Valentine's Day

Bagels, a coworker just brought in bagels.

Did you notice that the Lounge is now in the

Two things I really need... help!!!

Am I really slow or

Velvet R. / G'n'R drummer Matt Sorum: "Thank Cod 'Greed' is dead"

White and Black People are the Worst! Or is it Black and White?

BTBM's Non-Smoking Journal: Day 3.

Did Jeff Gannon e-mail DU to say "bring it on?"

This year's high school grads were born in 1987

we wiLL never forget!

What is the most inappropriate commercialization of a song?

Please sign the Social Security petition from

BONG for all the wake n bakers out there

Oh, the streets of Rome

Why Is Laura Bush So In Love With Gang Members?

German people are the Wurst

What is the best gift you ever received as a child?

Who is Gannon?

There was FROST on my car this morning. I don't approve.

Woman jailed for testicle attack

My 1000th Post!

Don't click this thread! I'm warning you! DON'T do it!

VIDEO: Fearful air flyers, please don't watch!

"Gay Boyfriend" music video by the Ukes of Hazzard (CUTE)

"You lefties are such WHINing LOUDmouthed BABies!"

Both Camillia and Charles are both past child-bearing age!

Act For Change website

CONFESS!!!!! What is your White House Press Room Day Pass Name???

Has anyone watched The Notebook?

Evil Bush aides don't understand why over 50 crowd is so upset

MOVELEFT.COM edition of Feb. 11, 2005

And now a word from our sponsor.

In light of Arthur Miller's death, I suggest we all read The Crucible - never again

Death of a playwright

Gannon's (not really) personal ad.

My number one pet peeve

Naked Man: "I Only Asked The Woman For The Time" - NOT Sex

I just won three lotteries!!

Tasteful item for sale on eBay UK

white peopLe are the worst

Amateurish Guckert Photoshop Pic - He's happy to see you!

How the heck can someone make only 19k and still owe taxes???

I'm going to leave the planet and all the troubles that's in it

The cable guy was just here and my Internet connection is FAST again!

Ok im an offcial member of the 700 Club.

I'm drinking Spanish Sparkling Brut tonight and I don't care what....

All the girlies say I'm pretty fly -- for a white guy

Pomeranians-Juice of the future?

DivX vs XviD vs 3viX? Video Codecs Question

Sunrise in Houston this morning was like a freakin Thomas Kinkade painting

Pomegranates - The juice of the future?


Colorado cookie caper...updates from local paper

Bartcop is running yet another of my cartoons!

Very confused about "DU's Greatest" link....


does anyone have a link for this years flu outbreak?

When you get your White House day pass...

Rumsfeld pic

OK, who's got a hotlink to that picture of "Jeff Gannon" in his BVDs?

Website that allows you to post pics?

Very Confused about DU's Weakest Link...

Velvet R. / G'n'R drummer Matt Sorum: "Thank God 'Creed' is dead"

If I wasn't married, would you be my Valentine?

Scott McLellan's "wild conspiracy theory" -- yer thoughts?

WW II question--Don't know where else to post this.

Heading for books -a- million, need...

Did I happen to mention what a good time I had last night

Big Dog Heckles Back in Park

What the....?

Does any DUers know about psychiatry?

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

My poster idea for the anti-war march tomorrow. Thoughts?

Marilyn Monroe question

The Last Supper. Might as well go heavy

is it wrong to vote for your own posts as one of the greatest?

Help me understand something about spam....

anyone want a Gmail? I have 159 invitations available

Help me understand something about spam....

Who's your favourite English League Championship soccer team??


Elton John a top contender for being sculpted in chocolate

doesn't anybody work on Fridays?

ha you guys arent gonna believe me

My cats.

Meaningless Mini-Activism at the Library

I am off the the bookstore, so please remember....

At what age do you stop giving gifts to nieces and nephews? Or do

Have You Bought Your Honey Valentines Flowers Yet

Streisand DVD Box Set. Must-have, or clear signal that end times are near?

Who originally did the song "99 Red Balloons"?

what's better? Locked threads or zapped threads

Grumman diesel truck at 7/11 waking me up at 5:00 am every morning

Say something nice about white mice.

Can't help about the shape I'm in.

Did you get in trouble in grade school?

HELP!!! I've been trapped in GD all day..OPEN THE BAR MATCOM!!!

When your friendship with Corey Feldman comes back to haunt you

Please! No stuffed animals!

The ULTIMATE Spoiler Thread. You know you want to spill the beans

"Lightning Crashes" by Live is the greatest song ever!

Update on the baby thrown out of the car in Florida

Let us praise the wake-n-bake...

Pics of our Bark Brigade (our dogs)

Mexico be warned: my Gran is headed your way!

Confession time: Who has me on ignore!

Sunrise in Bad News this morning was like a f'n Maxfield Parrish painting

*Spoiler alert*

Thinking about switching to a Mac? Check out some new features...

I'll Admit It - I Am Gay


It's Friday and almost that time again for ENGRISH!!!!!

ok, serious- Why would my kitchen faucet lose pressure-but nothing else

self delete

You Gotta Luv the rendition of "Tomorrow" on the NFL Network

'Pervert' Dies In Siege - Neighbors Recoiled At Nakedness (ACTUAL HEADLINE

To balance the idiotic :wtf: bumper sticker sighting of the other day...

In honor of Valentines Day

Apple Stock Does a 2 for 1 Split

And the title of Mother of the Year goes to..................

Do you have any special plans for this weekend?

So when do we get the "Least of DU" feature?

Manchester U vs. Man City, Oasis may be a factor


Grade school punishments

Can two homely...

anyone have pet names for their S/O?

Soylent Kreme!

I'm taking Valentino applications.

*cough* THREE THOUSAND POSTS *cough*


Found an old video of my band

All those who hate the gellin' ads, check in here!

Today she is 5 (photo heavy)

Poor old smiling bob

since we're in kopykat mode...Djork!

A cool Visual Cognition experiment

Why can't I stay connected to the internet?

Post an image that reeks of the 1970s

If Laura Bush had been a movie star, her most likely starring role

Why Are All the Networks Using this Creep's Alias: Gannon


When I read silently, I read in my own voice in my head

Is there a Stop Brittany Spears petition?

Woman talks after 20 years in a coma

The Greatest option

May I have your attention please?

Will Oasis threads get more "greatest" votes than Beatles threads?

Desert Island Discs Time. What are yours?

Looking for a job sucks.

Spice Girls earworm anyone?

Birthday Present Advice--6 Y.O. Boy

Help me understand something about jam...

Say something nice about REALLY WHITE men.

What do you put on a hamburger?

Based on what you've read here at DU, tell me about myself.

I think that a forum discussing Muhammad Ali is a little too narrow.

Whew. GD is all you say it is.


I agree.

Yikes...spooky moment at court.

John Travolta keeps making comebacks.

New DU Feature: The Worst Page

Whew! VD is all you say it is.

So. What's the meaning of it all?

New DU Feature: The Wurst Page.

Question: would you tell?

Who's better: Queens of the Stone Age or Clutch?

The big question about Prince Charles and whatsername

LSD or STP: Which one are you using?

wow, my thread got locked and I had nothing to do with it

The "Greatest feature" is:

We are in the finals for the 2004 koufax Awards. Please vote!

Tango and Cash!

Are there still abortions being performed in GD?


I went to buy some camouflage pants but I couldn't find them

Ok...Who poured the molasses in my computer?

Good grief... people in my town fell for the Nigerian email scam.

Nicknames you should never give to your Significant Other, yet...

Does it make you upset when poor people are given nice stuff?

Computer Geeks: Question

Movie fans: TCM is running "Network" at 2am EST tonight.

The 23rd Psalm, Bushco style

Thoughts on white bread.

Does it upset you when nice people are given pour stuff?

Should your drivers license be suspended if your insurance agent insures

My new DU goal is to...


What's the best way to respond in writing to a new store manager

Tax Time: How do you prepare your taxes?

Tax Time: How much are you paying/getting back?

Is the Super Bowl over yet?

Has anyone seen the Triumph the insult comic dog DVD?

Randi Rhodes will be off the air for a month.


Anyone here use Netflix?

Fox Sports net just listed the top 10 Hockey Players.

Need Help. What was that link with all the funny photoshopping.

What band would you want to reunite? No raising the dead.

Trof get your ass in here

LCD or CRT: Which One Are You Using?

Any blockbuster customers out there? Silly question for ya.

Actor Tom Sizemore Fails Drug Test with Fake Penis

I think I have the most boring job at DU. All Women!

Anyone else watch "Third Watch" ?

So, did everyone have a good hair day today?

Why are dogs such aholes about their humans?

You make me feel like dancin'

Well I'm gonna raise a fuss. Yes I'm gonna raise a hollar.

To kill a mocking bird was a terrible book about killing dogs

An embarrassing question from a Male to all Females.

Get yourself cooler. Lay yourself low.

What's your idea of an easy job?

To anyone who busts on my Philadelphia Eagles and isn't a Patriots fan..

Wow, panicked there for a second ... my STAR was gone !

Gooood Friday Morning DU!

I'm on call with the ambulance and my pager is broken. Ask me anything.


"Is there anybody going to listen to my story, ...

Tom Sizemore jailed, Posthetic penis seized

I expect absolutely no response to this question, but here goes

Computer Experts - Renaming Tool

I just hit tres ciento posts....


Which of your CDs did you previously own as an 8-Track, album

The Official T.A.T.U. thread

Those AOL ads are for suckers

We're going to the Chicago Auto Show Sunday. What do you want

Man, what should I do tonight?

Whats for dinner?

You get to pick half the main stage bands of a new rock festival tour

Having some trouble thinking

DVD releases you are waiting for...

What exactly does a lamb shank?

New Game: Marry, Fuck, Kill (A game for the whole family!)


When does "Middle Age" Begin?

It's Friday, and here's the Friday diet-buster.

Please help settle an argument: Who would win this fight?

It's a toilet!!!!

Condi gets a Beyonce makeover!

The Bar is OPEN

Elvis Costello & the Attractions' Punch The Clock is massively underrated

GUESS the song with only my primal AIR GUITAR grunting as your clue.

Dookus is pontificated. Of what do you wish him to make you patron saint?

What is BEEF?

jeez I am tired as heck . I am going to watch the rest of MONK

Thoughts on white men

Late night Happy Hour. Two fer one...come on in.

Special "Valentine's Day Divorce Software" from CNET

there is a hurt Pidgeon on my front porch



Big Ideas (don't get any)

Have You seen Junior's Grades?

Well, my plan to become Pope has taken a hit....

Not Taking Part In Miller Time Puts Wisc. Man In Unemployment Line

It's my 1,000th post! At last!

Today is my birthday

Holy Flatulent Flying Monkeys, I got a job offer!

Introducing Radio Baseball

What Commonwealth do YOU live in?

Soul singer TYRONE DAVIS has died.

Does anyone else get turned on by the Blue Men?

Does anybody use a pop-up blocker that works on Internet Explorer

Which would you rather eat?

What's a silly thing that annoys you?

Does my sig line make it look like all my posts should be funny??

Update on Sirius

Friday night is PIZZA NIGHT!!!

I'm Taking the LSAT Tomorrow

As a teenager it's my job to completely annoyed with my mother right?

I care about Charles Nelson Reilly. Does that make me a freak of nature?

Just how much info does a collection agency have access to?

Channel surfing tonight, there was a strange juxtoposition of 3 movies


Anybody else see the Vermont Teddy Bear Valentine commercial?


The Feb issue of My Cat Hates You dot com is in

OMG.....Kung Fu Hustle is amazing!!!

The Stop Ashlee Simpson Petition

Questions about Water, Sanitation, and Diseases - Re: Gyms

Oh shit...Bush has the RING! (photo)

Just saw "Postcards from Buster" in Vermont

Why does everyone around here call her "Condi"?

Is Dynamite a real last name?

Why did I think Dookus was from Nunavut??

You've got Red on you.


I wish I was very well-endowed.

I just drank a can of Kiwi Strawberry Snapple in 21 seconds flat.

Hey. good lookin'! Whatcha got cookin'?

Speaking of Commonwealths...

Why did I think SmileyBoy was from Quahog?

Ashlee Simpson is a FAKE (read please)

Does anyone have a G-mail invite?

How much is too much to pay for a great pair of shoes?

So, who's still at work?

Bobby Flay vs Grenade Boy

Ain't it just like the night to play tricks when you're

Why did I think Longgrain was from Virginia?

LMAO @ Prince Harry spoof

Favorite Cartoon as a Kid?

Why did I think Night Train was from Motown?

How can I convince my wife we need this flat screen t.v.??

oh fuck. my desk broke.

Bizzaro Kleeb is on the loose!!1

What does this symbol mean: §

Anarchy Burger

Hey who did tell Dookus I was from Massachuetts?

Also Valentineless...who wants me...

Need "Techie Help!" Our business is getting sex e-mails..

Can you be a liberal and still drink Old Fashioneds?

Caption this Photo

Help me out here...In the original

(PHOTO) The BIG question about Prince Charles...

I want. I want bad.

Did anyone see 20/20 with Corey Feldman?

Gay penguins stand up to the MAN

179,000 Gmail Invites available!!!!!

And now a message from The Prince of Darkness...

The problem is of course the humans

The movie "Garden State"...

Do You Hate Anyone Who Had a Pony Growing Up?

I *LOVE* reruns of M*A*S*H

Anyone else been listening to Mike Malloy's interview with Ward Churchill?

German 'Homosexual' Penguins Spark Gay Protest

Okay, so yall wanna post a pic?

Would you buy this shirt? (Cross-posted in GLBT forum)

What is wrong with my cat?

Middle class woman gets government cheese, and lives to tell the tale..

Gay disgusted - test for homosexual penguins

The coolest album title

Allez Cuisine!

Condi's true identity

I finally watched The China Syndrome last night.

I Just Saw Sideways...

E-mail CNN about Jeff Gannon!

With all these Valentine posts...

I don't care about Prince Charles. Does that make me a freak of nature?

I think this is 2 "firsts" for me.

What was your favorite School House rock as a kid?

What should I get my box turtle for Valentine's Day?

New DU feature: The Greatest Page

Animated GIF thread

Happy Valentine won't believe this!

Check out Texas on this "tourist" map. Is this how they see us?

SB inspired me. I too am accepting applications for 'My Valentine'

Anybody here like "Trailer Park Boys"?

Who kicks more ass: Iggy Pop or Franz Schubert?

ER takes on the Christian Fundy anti-Gay movement. SPOILER

Does the "DU Greatest" icon look like Hershey's Kisses to you?

In today's news, February 14, 2084

Why are people such aholes about their dogs?

I'm everyone's Valentine

"Son of the Mask" Light-hearted sequel, or a plague upon mankind?

Gals are hard.

TGIF poll...for commuters--how many miles do you drive.

the lioness says HI to everyone....

Actor Tom Sizemore fails drug test with fake penis

Say something white about nice men..I'll start

My button quail babies hatched today!

Why did I think Kleeb was from Massachusetts?

(PHOTO) The BIG question about Prince Charles...

Death Watch on NHL Season Has Begun

Does anyone care that I saw a Bald Eagle today?

mozilla help...


Do you believe in ghosts?

Should I get my Valentine a box of Turtles?

Does anyone care that I saw a Galled Beagle today?

What's your favorite love song?

Update on the story of the sherry enema--it gets stranger.

You want a piece of me?

My evil boss-profiting from misery with Rupert Murdoch

"Chupacabra" found in New Mexico

Who's your favourite English Premiership soccer team??

The war between the sexes is a war on womens' sexuality

Is it Possible to be Struck by Lightning & Not Know It?

Can you be a liberal, and be 'old fashioned', too?

Let's have another DU coloring contest!

Ribbon Based Economy

Why, oh why, are puppies so CUTE?????

Fish tacos!

Andy Stephenson has hepatitis & badly needs help.

No applications needed. Who wants to be my Valentine?

Superbowl pranksters! Incredible but true!

I'm taking Valentine's applications.

Woman Denies Sherry Enema Charge

Khephra's final resting place (big pics)

Any gearheads, hot rodders or cruisers here tonite?

I need to pick out a new food for Mila.

ELAD.......did you see my post?

Question about the Church of England.

Interesting definition of "evangelical" from Chicago Sun Times

Reply to Wallis (God'sPolitics) Why Poverty IS Exclusively a Liberal Issue

Christians: Do You Take The Bible Literally?

Herbal remedy 'better than drugs at treating depression'

Biologist says deer a threat to ginseng

Tsunami throws up India relics

Monkeys like porn too

Tiverton (RI) school committee grants benefits to Mass. gay couple

Gay Adoption Challenged In Germany

University Establishes Institute To Study Sexual Orientation

Move To Unseat Utah Gay Senator

Just how gay IS the right wing media?

Gay Novel & Shovel Sent To Book Banning Senator

NGLTF Religious Leadership Rountable

Crouching Conservative, Hidden Homosexual?

A new ad campaign for P-FLAG.

GOP Dumps On Bloomberg Gay Marriage Stand

Lynne Cheney Gets Snappish In Gay Amendment Interview

"Surviving and Thriving in the Midst of Anti-Gay Politics"

What is your take on the San Francisco Gay/mainstream gay divide?

Okay...this LBN article just ticks me off!

Gay Penguins Resist 'Aversion Therapy'

I don't see a Jason Giambi "apology" thread!

Sonics beat Suns in high flying shootout

Malone to retire from NBA

Time for some racing!

NCAAB Smack: BC ripe for the picking by Pitt.

How Lopsided WAS The Vince Carter Trade?

Here's pics of our Bark Brigade

If Dogs Ruled the World...

Nails Clipped!

My girls are so much like human children sometimes

I just rescued my doggie from a possum.

For kute photos of pets please go to this link!

3 little far!

Can I feed Einstein......

Pluto opposition Saturn -" long buried cities re-discovered"

Have any of you ever been to an Abraham/Hicks seminar?

Various statements and news

they did it--added a Legislative Forum!

I must say, Kerry has some extremely thick skin

Ron Brownstein on JK

Hey guys

Hi hi!

Looks like I am in the DU Minority on this one

My afternoon with a Republican

The Senate record so far

I got my Kerry 08 bracelet!

Have you guys seen this? Hilarious

To Kerry and the other 13

I just can't take it any more

In my local paper....

Hillary and Giuliani in 2008?

PBS, Charlie Rose has Ted Kennedy on tonight, at

Kucinich and the usual good guys did their best against HR 418 today.

Bush on Social Security: DUH!!!!

McCain and Lieberman alert re Global Warming!

Gannon on The Daily Show replay on Now

N. Korea/Iraq questions

GOP "swiftly"pushing through consumer bankruptcy changes agst consumers

muh-LONE lah-VAY

Arnold, the Terminator--

Personally, I find it quite uncanny about the timing of the smear job

Bush Must Go. Leave , Bush, you swine.

political research connection site!!

How to be effective about contacting your senator

Aaron Brown is actually doing pretty good coverage on Gannon...n/t

News Junkie

The Rethugs keeps pushing for Hillary Clinton-2008 Pres. bid.

Black gay coalition broadens mission beyond marriage

Fraud and Corruption (The looting of Iraq)

GOP: Grand Old Propaganda

Finally seen on White House reporter's credentials questioned

If you let them steal your heroes (totems) - they own you a bit more.

***Senate will debate Chertoff nomination on Mon & Tue: Vote Tue***

LTTE in They Day: Are Lieberman's True Colors Democratic?

Tim Russert coming to JFKLibrary forums 2/15-any ?'s for Timmy

Derbyyshire on c-span Now: talking lots of things DU people would like

Is there a list of "Jeff Gannon"'s press conference questions anywhere?

Counter the Dean Scream BS with the Bush Lies

Wait, I thought Gallop/USAToday said that Bush is more popular than ever

Anyone know what happened to The Horse?

"Manchurian Beefcake;" Wolcott on Gannon--FUUUNNY...

What will Dean say in his Acceptance speech at the DNC meeting?

My Dem Town Committee's endorsement is on the DFA Blog!!!!!

Alert - DNC meeting on CSpan now eom

DNC Meeting on C-SPAN right now

Another website ran by gopusa/eberle?

Bush aims to foil FDR legacy

Bush speaking live about the success of his Prescription Drug Bill

I'm beginning to think we're seeing the gameplan unfold...

Howard Dean the big winner of the 2004 election?

What is it with the Bu$h regime's penchant for nefarious characters?

Who would you want to appear on one of Jeff "Gannon"'s porn sites?

Kerry and Democrats Building True Opposition

'04 voting statistics from California: Profile of a solid blue state

Edwards on CSPAN right now (DNC Winter Meeting)

Anyone know when I can watch Dean get the DNC gig?

Gov Pataki GOP funded maid service began 4 years earlier (95) than admited

Hitler's Ghost - Nazi Influence in America

Fake reporter unmasked at White House

Laugh + .5; a Right Wing Nudist!

Will Howard Dean Run For President In 2008?

when people get too arrogant, they get sloppy

The question the media should ask about the Gannon business

We can't lose in 2008, and so we MUST pick a nominee that can win...

latest galup poll biased?

Poll Shows Drop in Bush's Job Approval

Dean at ASDC yesterday; inspired by an unlikely group. Great pic.

Dean! Dean! Dean!

Didn't C-SPAN used to have a link to its video archives

(evangelical Christian)Church leaders work to alter public perception

Clinton, Kerry and Edwards Lead Dem early line for '08

Halliburton delays telling gov. about missing radioactive material

question: did Gannon give names of gay military to Pentagon?

Clinton tells the naysayers to get a life

Gannon / Guckert White House Credential press pass on eBay

What is the prevaling opinion about Bill Richardson

A connection to Snotty McClellan by "Gannon"?

Leslie is defending Guckert LIVE again!

bush vs Clinton on N. Korea. Who did a better job?

DailyKos issues a Press Release re: Gannon

Differences Between Republicans and Democrats

does anybody know where i could

Howard Dean: Back On The Cool List

The new McCarthyism: the witch-hunting of Ward Churchill

Illegal Activity Where You Work?-- Go to the police FIRST

Step One: Quarantine corporate media.

I think the MSM "doth protest to much"--makes me think they are really

How will BushCo get rid of the Blogs?

anybody see this re: Gannon & gay prostitution from Reagan/Bush era...

Come Back to the Five and Dime Howard Dean, Howard Dean

UC Irvine protesters humiliate torture-memo author

Arthur Miller was no friend of *

Howard Kurtz Washington Post & CNN media whore .......

achieving a leninist strategy

OUTRAGE. NYT Herbert oped

Criticism of Bush Policy and Character

What exactly does it mean

Little Joke to lighten the mood

We need to bring back the Special Prosecutor law

So, is the Iraq War going better for the Americans?

Internet Radio for the Left

Virginia poised to become ‘most anti-gay state’

Reid should call for an indictment of Jeff Gannon

Prediction: Dean will be tied to SF mayor's gay marriage fest this week.

Anyone else assume that gannongate is yet another Red Herring a la rove?

Whattt? CNN defensive of Gallup. Woodruff saying a new Gallup poll - 49%

Would you support Hillary in '08 if Dean asked you to?

RE: Bush 54% disapproval rating.

Leadership Institute info - Gannon's journalism "school"

Bwa Ha - Just got a call inviting me to have dinner with Bush!

who is talon news?

Morton Blackwell says people that don't read cheat themselves

Would you support a moderate third party?

Would NEW YORK Be a Tossup if '08 Were HILLARY v. RUDY?

Dear CNN, You said were were going to cancel CROSSFIRE, CAPITAL GANG...

Did anyone else catch Scott McClellan's press conference?

What Will It Take???

Which way will he push the party? His campaign manager Roy Neel lets us kn

We need a "McPaper"...

Unreal, I saw a "Condi-President 2008" sticker today! Placed

Boxer Donates Stem Cells, Democrats Grow New Spines

DNC Winter Mtg -- Everyone Giving A Lot of Respect to Dean

Which side are the Dems on??

The Hunting Of The President

So, who won that Iraqi election again?

Good page on plurality voting from

Has Monsieur Bush already spent his political "capital" ?


McAuliffe throwing in the towel?

The Future of Social Security -- the video

Bill Clinton: "Special magic" not needed for '08 win, just "clear vision"

Presidential Voting Habits of America's 50 Largest Counties, 1996-2004.

Great Oliphant cartoon - the Condi-bird squawks for her hus-master

will small town papers save us?

The Parlock-Rove Scale of Republican Dirty Tricks

Will Howard Dean affect who the 08 nominee is?

Inspiring article on Dean. I'm feeling hope about this party.

Bush and Sharansky

a REAL uniter: Harry Reid

So, who here's excited about TOMORROW?

Interesting hypothetical -- Remember Jesusland vs. the U.S. of Canada?

A nice write-up by a DFA aide about Dean in DC today.

Great Interview with Boxer on NPR last night...

Must Read Asia Times Article on Current Iraq Political Scene

Naton Sharansky Israele Cab. Minister--is on Harball in an interview

"Had I known..."

Making Amends with Howard Dean

Terry McAuliffe, email: Thank you for everything

AAR - Ed Schultz on now, called Gannon's school

Stirring the White House honey pot

I'm not buying the AP Poll with Bush at 45% - It's horribly weighted

Reading At the White House

James D. Guckert a.k.a Jeff Gannon had access to files on Valerie Plame

Budget Programs Facing Cuts, Elimination........heres list

CNN Poll: Do you think Howard Dean is the right person to lead the Democr

When and HOW are we going to know about Dean vote?

I saw Mario Cuomo last night

CNN Just Replayed the Dean Scream...

Edwards, Pelosi offer themes for Democratic campaign

MSNBC writes propaganda article against Dean as "news"

Nightly News-ABC good 9/11 Clarke/Condi piece - CBS nasty Dean smear.

Special Report: Mr. Obama Goes To Washington

Barbara Boxer or Hillary Clinton for President in '08

Anyone else get a letter from Dennis Kucinich?

Just a thought about Gannon

What's up with al the 3rd party BS?

Why Dean is Good for Progressive Grassroot Democrats

Estrich: Dean will be a different kind of Democratic chair...nice article.

What Iraqi Elections?

The current Radical Right tactic.

Has MSM/Cable reported "Updates on Gannon/Gurkert? Wolfie, Judy?

DU this CNN poll: Dean & DNC

For people who wonder what Clark has been doing

Ken Blackwell: The anti-Obama (Chicago Trib profile)

Ann Coulter wants journalists killed

DU this MSNBC Poll on the Direction of the Country - Wrong Track 89%!

Today's Action Alerts! DU these, please!

A few words on real faith and values from the new party leader....moving.

If Iraqis who try to free themselves from an occupier are terrorist,

The OTHER game plan unfolding...

Dems should demand issuance of Iraq War Bonds

Hardball guest undersetimating Dean as DNC Chair

How ironic is it that the party which tries to discredit evolution

Bush's favorable ratings down 6 points in 6 days

Is it all Bill Clinton's fault?


Howard Dean on Abortion Rights - just spoke to Women's Caucus...

How do we pay back the Chinese for the Treasury notes?

Forget candidates for a moment. What message do you want Democrats to have

New DU feature: The Greatest Page

Don't Count Edwards out for 2008: Middle Class Tax Cuts

GO Carl GO!!! Levin delays nomination

PDA Western Regional Summit - Live Broadcast NOW!!!

List of 11,000 Voters That NC Supreme Court Wants To Disenfranchise!!

Kline (AG-KS) Defends Private Meetings with right-wing BOE members...

Thoughts on Dean, a response to a party county chairman

The most CARELESS and CARE LESS administration in decades.

Democratic Primary's Need To Be Changed In Several Ways

MM: In taped CNN interview, Gannon misrepresented Senate Intel report...

Propagannon-gate ?

Who would make the best President of these likely contenders?

Here's what Randi Rhodes isn't saying on AAR re: 9/11 and NORAD>>

Might as well get used to it....Hillary will be our next president!

Possible weapons-grade plutonium type idea I'd like to run by you-

How is Howard Dean liberal?

Weekend reading for "Gannon/PoppyGate."

Condi Rice caught in a lie

Bush team tried to suppress pre-9/11 report into al-Qa'ida

The Security of our Country is Severely in Danger

When Churchill wrote that the Germans were hated by the

Post your favorite Bumpersticker! Here is mine...

Mangate A link between Hannity/Gannon/Rather Memo story