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Archives: January 9, 2005

U.S. Is Haunted by Initial Plan for Iraq Voting

Frank Rich - "We'll Win This War - on '24'"

Bush administration has already lost the war

Bush’s new sheriff reveals a double standard on torture

CNN never uses ‘insurgents’ to describe Venezuela's US-financed rebels

Inaugural Excess - The wrong time for a lavish celebration

Sen. Salazar baffles on Gonzales

Social Security falls short in ethical test

Fiction and reality in the war on terror

LATimes Editorial: In the Cold Light of Day (on still going Mars rovers)

Many Americans Refuse to Concede 'Stolen Election'

'If I met Mengele now, I'd forgive what he did to me'

Kerry in Syria

The Jungle In The Desert

NYT---Malpractice Mythology

Rep. Rahm Emanuel (Illinois) to Campaign Chief

Fox "news" Watchers

Democrats Can Shine (Denver Post)

[PINR] 10 January 2005: Sudan's Changing Map

The Star Tribune's LTEs read like DU day in Sunday's paper

Voting Postmortem in Washington

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): Bring back the lash

Rumor that Wolfowitz is leaving

No, secret payoffs that deceive the public aren't OK (USA Today editorial)

Let Bin Laden stay free, says CIA man

The new Monkey Trial

The world from a non-US perspective

Iraq: Roll Over, George Orwell

Republicans say no to scientific research:scientists to join unemployed

New Pentagon War Vision

Common Dreams: Ohio Election Problems Highlight Urgent Need for Reform

DLC and the Democratic Party


For all College Dems

Does anyone have the SOCIAL SECURITY POLL.....

Why Democrats lose the war of ideas in Economics

Worker retraining for older folks - Where are the jobs?

Wolves thrive after reintroduction

Abbas set for victory

Four killed in Saudi police shootout

Should .50 BMG rifles be banned or restricted?

NIMBYS trying to shut down firing range.

just checking my sig line no need to reply

I hope this is not setting a double standard at DU.

Can a banner or ribbon be created for the top of the homepage

Would you consider taking the DU front page black for Scott??

May we place some kind of memoriam for Khephra (Scott Loweryt?

i was thinking....

Is the Kephra avatar available ?

Following on Drifter's avatar suggestion, I made the following avatars...

Privacy of identity?

Can We Rename A Forum In Honor Of Keph? Like The Fantasy Literature Group?

Hi Skinner. Sent Khephra donation via PayPal

I also support the LBN renaming Idea.

my apologies

How can I delete a post?

I'd like to see Khephra's avatar placed just to the left of the 'Listen

Seconding Cheswick's great idea in memory of our dear friend Khephra.

Are you OK, Skinner?

I know this might have been addressed previously,

Would like to request a Bird Watching (Birders) group

I haven't been able to access the avatar images or the smilies lookup

Beetwasher's request

Voting begins to elect Arafat's successor

Abbas claims Palestinian victory

Arafat's Heir

PLO women bus it for Abbas

Mr. Abbas has won, EXIT POLLS SAY

French UN peacekeeper killed by Israeli fire in Hezbollah

The problem with Mahmoud Abbas

No one knows what Palestine really wants

The “Clash Of Civilizations” Thesis and the Israeli-palestinian Conflict

Have you ever seen THIS 9/11 site?

The commander who sabotaged Cheney's shootdown order

Chicago Tribune: Waukegan theatre a costly gem

Pantagraph: Almost Mayor (Q&A with only candidate for Bloomington Mayor)

Animation of Kerry - words were true then and now - guy involved in MOSH

Liberty is frozen

Does the US have a provision for 'Special Elections'?

Lots- vote machine fraud,dirty tricks, and minority suppression-many state

Will Pitt is on the discussion board re: Kef &You All...

Specialist says he was paid for ballots

The Gore/Bush 2000 National Exit poll result was right on target.

Blackwell tries illegal campaign contributions for 2006 Gov. Campaign

Bush 'the king' blows $50M on coronation

Cash-Protection-A Place In History

Gee, Blackwell Makes Me Proud to Live in Ohio .... Crook!

Is any research - work still going on in Ohio?

Jan 4 Roll Call Editorial!

The end of what democracy?

what I saw tonight made me sick...

Lots more documentation of touchscreen fraud, dirty tricks, v. sup. in Fl

Progressive Pyramid--Similar to Food Pyramid

are there any links to kerrys middle east trips

How to restore democracy in the United States?

The Growing Strength of the Democratic Party is Anti-Bush Youth!

Re-create Ohio live. ?? Would it be possible

I saw a man wearing a Diebold T-shirt yesterday

I have been silent for days now, maybe even weeks, I was so

Okay, DUers, Here's Our Chance To Fix the Democratic Party!

"Not One Damn Dime Day" - Good Inauguration protest??

Major systematic dirty tricks in Florida election through Flordia document

Summary of documentation of vote machine fraud and suppression

PICTURES: 1/06/05 DC Rally & March -- Keep the Faith!!!!!

Ohio vote fraud theory. Late night voting.

41% of Nov. 2 provisional ballots axed in Lucas County

Today and yesterday I had to tell people about the challenge.

Please clarify - was having only Boxer object part of a strategy?

Is Frank Abagnale a Democrat?

from Coalition Against Election Fraud: we DID accomplish our goals

Fun With Hate Radio


I need a free INTERNET fax site...

Bombard Republicans!

Media gave short shrift to allegations of election irregularities (summary

I was an election official in Columbus, Ohio. Was anyone else?

Maybe some useful info.......

I need election trouble sites

Maybe This Is Why Bush Was So Sure Hussein Had WMD

West 'better off' with bin Laden at large said AB "Buzzy" Krongard,

Bush Inpeachment Countdown -- today's charge

Will M.Moore mention 1/6 tonight at People's Award..

More Blackwell hypocrisy : the civil rights movement for justice & rights

This should be our message to DNC - an ultimatum

This is amazing...its like a sick parallel universe...

CRUCIAL to our

Bush & Rove say--Vote better electronically

Stop blaming Kerry. Put the blame where it belongs. On ourselves.

Next Steps / Post 1-6 Trauma: Keep the Candle Burning

What Do You Think Is George W. Bush Another Hitler?

Looking for article or quote that said 12 votes per precinct

2004 "Coronation" - Now at 50 Million - with MILITARY THEME - here:

Now We Know How Bush Made Man Of The Year From TIME

Secretaries of State Take Issue with Detractors

WOW, would it be possible that Kerry is ACTING IN HIS ROLE OF PRESIDENT?

John Kinney on hunger strike since 9/7/04 for PAPER BALLOTS!

Sometimes we all need a little chuckle! Funny & Scary at same time.

Nationally, *'s share of the African-American vote rose from 9% to 11%?

Amazingly positive editorial in the Cleveland Plain Dealer

VOTE for the name of our Election Reform Group

Sunday 1/9/05 Election/Fraud/Recount Thread

Does anybody know where I could find a

Look at this article about ballot shortages in Cuyahoga in 2000 election

Editorial from Boston Globe Supports Ballot Reform

Anyone want to hire an out of work voting rights activist?

Question About DeLay Regurgitation

Ohio Voting Documentary Video

If you don't think we were successful on 1/6, READ THIS!

What's up with Blackwell, Jack Kemp and JINSA?

What Happened in Ohio (William Raspberry, WP op-ed)

Read what the king of repukes, Rove's buddy Ledeen says about Ohio

Michael Moore & F-911 just won the Peoples Choice Award!

John, we tried to warn you this would happen four years ago.

Scary!! Contact your reps and stop Roemer!

My government is smoking crack, it's insane and abusive...

"Amended" Election Results for Ohio as of 1/4/05??? Would this

What have you done to educate the masses on the danger to our democracy?

Okay, I did it...NEED INPUT


Thinking out loud this AM and would like input.

DU is the link that holds all Progressive groups together

Still wondering about the MSM "Lockdown"?

Contact List of Republicans that spoke in Ohio Electoral Challenge debate:

Send Wyden & Smith an email. They'LL answer questions in 1 hour - READ!!!

What about Boxer, Tubbs-Jones, Conyers on Oprah?

Tee shirt Ideas

Gahana County OH revisited

The Nashua Advocate: National Election Pool Exit Poll Has Been Manipulated

Calling:"IT'S THE MACHINES STUPID" ANALYSTS. Let's find the Pattern!!!! Send your thank you pics NOW!!!

Exactly how is election reform going to occur with Repubs in charge

I dont care if Kerry is with Carter to oversee the Palestine election...

Parable of a rigged game

National Election Poll: Analysis of Voter Demographics

My Bush/Rove/Arnold photoshop art

We need to stand behind Kevin Shelley.

Arnie wants to eat your lunch

Is anyone else suspicious of Arnold's faith in ballot initiatives?

Jazz Funeral for Democracy-New Orleans-January 20, 2005

TONIGHT!!!! "Carving Up The Vote".... a must listen to radio show

I think we better warn VA DUers...Laurie Letourneau is headed their way

Could the DFL ask Mayor Randall Kelly not to run for re-election

Home sweet home...

The newest "Conservative Con of the Week" is at my blog,

Minneapolis Counter-Inaugural Demonstration Jan. 20

Need to buy a non-Dell laptop pc. Any recommendations?

White wedding for Congressman Steven Latourette & lobbyist pal

Bus trip to Austin to Lobby. Any other clubs interested in joining us?

Hey! It's like but for Texas!

Town Hall Meeting Report. South Houston

City of Dallas "Strong Mayor" initiative

Buses leave from Madison WI for Inaugural

Buses from Milwaukee to DC for Coronation Day...

Who will cover Pitt/Anniston story 1st? CNN/FOX?

Here's one of the earliest threads Keph posted back on 7/14/2001

Using Intimidation To Scare Us? Sounds Familiar - Kent State flashbacks...

CIA exec director: "We're better off with bin Laden free!"

I just figured out DU email and made my first reply

I promised myself and broke it!

do you remember....Supply Side Jesus???

All hail King George! Oblivious to world's despair, he plans coronation!

One of the things our press or TV media do not understand is that

Where have H20, Pallas and

A long bloody blade

Your final judgment on Kerry

George...did you chop down that cherry tree?

While our corporate CEOs may pay lip service to competition in the

Go take Kos' Poll

I am so sick of the attitude around here. Let me start the purge for you.

Meet the Press...where democrats have to die to become

Suppose, just suppose, god *actually did* say that....

Question about Liberalism...

Death Squads? The Salvador option? Breaking News

Bush* administration subverts democracy.

I still don't understand...

Jeb Bush: FLA vs Tsunami ... which is the better photo op?

Anyone else heard this rumor? DOD reports should be 25% higher

Help With A Response Please...

elections all around

"Carving Up The Vote".... a must listen to radio show on Gerrymandering

Newsweek: The Salvador Option (US considers using death squads)

Desperate Lucan dreamt of fascist coup

Ask right wing pundits if they get payola like Armstrong Williams

we just dropped a bomb on the wrong house killing 14 an 7 of them children

Records suggest mysterious plane ferries CIA detainees to torture sites

So what do you want history to know/find out about BUSHCO?

Does anyone have pictures

Fahrenheit 9/11 Looks Set To Win At People's Choice

MoDo: "Deceive, you're golden; tell the truth, you're gone"

Al Franken coming up on MSNBC

Jan 30. USA to pull out of Iraq

One way in which Iraq IS like Vietnam.....

Text messaging recently becomes the rage in usa

Patriotically screwing the troops...

British Museum expert called to give evidence in trial over 'ossuary of Je

Landover Baptists: God Fails to Break His Own Record for Killing

24/7 news coverage of tsunami? Is the rest of world still there?

Evidently the reasonable Cosgrove email about miscarriage reporting was a sham.

Jesus to Crowd-Surf at Jenna & Barbs Hip Inaugural Party!

Kids, rat poison corps. and the EPA - guess who loses

Bush 'the king' blows $50m on coronation

Thomasson outraged Kid Rock playing at inauguration

Some musings about the abortion debate

This editorial in today's NYT points to a consistency of the Bush...

Anyone here have a figure...

Does anyone have the SOCIAL SECURITY POLL.....

Metal of Dishonor - new book on our use of DU poisoning

Memo to Bush regarding Inauguration

Al Franken and Julie Andrews' song?

German neo-Nazis 'live out their SS fantasies' in the Czech Republic

Return of Divine Rights.

Rodney King verdict and Election 2004

Rummy at the dinner table with a 9/11 widow (gives her his back)

Kerry/Carter to observe Palestine elections (heard on TV this a.m.)

is Iraq and the rest of the middle east.. an example of Manifest Destiny ?

How far *could* our rulers go?

If they haven't gotten it by now, will they ever?

Nooooo! Newt Gingrich announcing he will run in 2008.

Some Bush/Rove/Arnold photoshop art

The Armstrongn Williams thing *could* turn out to be a boon...

Ever need a brilliant political quote?

SNL Conspiracy Rock

Let’s stop shitting for a start

God hates Lag

Were is the Randi Rhodes Factoids

Who wrote the check to armstrong w. for spewing the Koolaid?! And why

Feminists Face Tough Times After Election

Will there be a post, assuming Momma Kef returns, with autopsy results?

Friendly conversation with a Republican...How would you respond?

When do you think god will tell Bush to start a Nuclear War?

Pleeeeease no (more) corporate welfare for airlines.....

Things To Do Before the Inaugural

Where can I get what I need to make my own bumper stickers?

Is DNC Chair hopeful Tim Roemer a GOP Mole?

Fox News reports on UN oil-for-food program audits

Do men drive up the cost of cable (with their huge appetite for sports)?

The Armstrong Williams thing has

Bush SS proposal - how will SSI and SSDI disability be dealt with?

listening to the best of majority report--a new Christian text book in the

Sean Penn claims vindication, tells critics to shove it.

how many detainees have been taken

White House doesn't take "substantive" questions on Fridays

MODIFY your Kerry-Edwards bumpersticker to make a statement.

What's next? Swarms of locusts?

God hates JAG.

Saudi professor says sinful acts at Christmastime caused disaster

My opinion: Where copy-cat, humor and social posts go...

Can the Dem's recall this Rethug in Democrats clothing Salazar?

I was completely surprised to find out today that Las Cruces, NM

MSNBC firing Olbermann?

Deleted message

Do you get "TVOne" in your area?

"Prosperity itself will be on the ballot" on election day-Al Gore 09/28/00

MEET THE PRESS Sunday, November 7, 2004

Where can I post humor?

US: They 'Botched' a Precision Strike In Mosul, Kill 5! Let's Count Graves

"Gingrich doesn't rule out presidential run"

No Child Left Behind.....Insanity....(long post, sorry)

Iran: Mullah Lite

"The War Spin" just starting on Link TV (Dish chan 9410)

"GIs Kill 8 After Convoy Bombed in Iraq"

How do we connect the republican party to the fringe right?

The Future of Iraq

Whenever a repub talks about Saddam gassing his own people...

cry for the nation

Possible future ideas that the RW will do to get support

Billionaire urges Bush to give inaugural funds to tsunami survivors

Does anybody know where I could find a

Battered Pregnant Woman Denied Divorce

The Idea of Jews Taking Over the World

New RW Dictionary Entry

Does Robert Novak know Shame?/Video

Randi Rhodes CREAMS this guy...

We Should Change the Song from "Hail to the Chief"..........

Hoop Dreams father shot and killed

9 PM Martin Sheen to present Michael Moore's PC Award

Just watched the "The Whole Wide World"

Whither progressives for election 2008?

so much for our wishes for a better new year

Does anyone know where she went?

Interesting Anecdote

If there is another 9/11, what would happen?

Matt PUDGE Loves Mooning on Faux ------Why

Saw a great bumper sticker today.

How do you get Freepers to pay attention?

Is it possible to contact our state delegates to the DNC?

Bush paid idiot Powell: don't give so much to tsunami aid!

Look at this crapola posted at freeperville...

What Do You Think Is George W. Bush Another Hitler?

Is Karl Rove's joke about Osama bin Laden funny?

A Holiday anecdote.

Will DNC Chairman debate be repeated on CSPAN?


When the DLC or the DNC talks about continuing their destruction

Let's face it, both F911 and POTC won for the same reason Faux news is #1

Here's an editorial from one of those "government is the enemy" types ...

2008 - No Hillaries, no Kerrys, no DLC, DNC..

Time Magazine Article: Was Abraham Lincoln Gay?

anyone know the catagories of people choice

I haven't seen this dicussion...where are our nukes pointed?

Is the merging of American interests with Israeli interests and the

Un-FWeep This Poll, Wash. Gov. Race

Does it amaze you that cowards are able to gain the support of people who

What I Don't Get About Free Republic

Rice drops hardliner who scorned Britain's stance on Iran

Government control of Internet on the way?

Why is America a major factor in all wars since WWII?

Just received some wacko religious spam. Dangerous and scary!

Cool song/video from Utah Democratic Progressive Caucus

Michael Moore receiving People's Choice now

Farah of WorldNutDaily suggests a blacklist of people who are Anti-Bush

I have a copy of a George Will column from 2002 in which he

I'll believe in God when he does something about Bush

Disgusted by Dr. Sen. Frist on MTP,

Freepers Heads Explode On News Fahrenheit Wins People's Choice

I think Bush's excellent adventure in Iraq is unraveling.

There is a DNC Chairman Debate on C-SPAN right now

Bush administration—without any sense of decorum—marches

Better DEAD than Jeb!

When are Americans going to turn decisively away from the Iraq War?

Waking the Dead and the Rather memos.

Vietnam Draft: McNamara INCLUDED the mentally & physically disabled (link)

60 minutes

Passion of the Christ wins Best Movie Drama

This Modern World according to Tom Tomorrow: Iraq and SS

At what point did Dean and the DLC really have a fall out?

Its time for some Peter Werbe in a brand new place

God a 'clear and present danger', says Bush

RWers: What's this about Michael Moore not representing the mainstream?

Why you should cancel your subscription to Glamour Mag

Check out this freeptoid Fundie site. These nutjobs are getting scarier

Where is the OUTRAGE of the 21st Century PAYOLA? The Buying of Media

When Alberto Gonzales gets confirmed, will he

Did Ann Coulter REALLY say this? "We should nuke North Korea for fun..."

Do conservative pundits believe what the say?

Rape. Torture. Murder. And now death squads. Anything we've forgotten?

It had to be done. Another friendship completely over.

A Brief Thought on Kerry Bashing....

Should alcohol ads be allowed on television?

On the Death of a Patriot (for Khephra)

Which name is best for a new breed of activist site?

Anyone ever checked the sexual predators site to see who lives closeby?

Clear Channel and Air America

Have you benefited from a Bush policy?

Thinking Seriously About Moving & Working With The Green Party

Question about "9/11 - arabs dancing" video

We are family: I guess a lot of long-time DUers are still here

Southern Mississippi library system bans Jon Stewart's best-selling book

Charter students score well on tests

We are forming a progressive television network. We are in the initial

Hey DUer's who collect pots, I have a Guardian Service Fryer

Survey on new product today

have you been to the Zatarain's web site?

I won't be doing any cooking for a week.

Will Blair take Labour out of the Socialist International?

Gunfire in Aceh rattles aid groups

Paul Newman Uninjured in Daytona Car Fire

Nevada security panel wants no-bid contract with Bechtel

IRAQ: Three Bodies Found Near Samarra

NYT: Police Review Accounts Used in Kerik Years

Etna erupts again

‘The Salvador Option’- The Pentagon may put Special Forces-led

Soldier Killed in IED Attack


Al-Fallujah residents return to ruins; anger at U.S. may fuel insurgency

Enron bosses agree $168m payout

(Never Elected Dictator) Mubarak Hopes Iraqi Elections Go Ahead

Swiss to open murder inquiry into triple Vatican deaths

CNN: Gingrich doesn't rule out presidential run

Fatal Bird Flu in Pets in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

"Ironic Hire: Accused Of Plagiarism, Sex Harrassment" (Jeb Bush)

Iraqi police chief assassinated (Samarra)

Samarra election commission members resign

Riyadh City Council member kidnapped

Sen. Salazar baffles on Gonzales

Court martial for British soldier (More Iraqi prisoner abuse)

Afghanistan, Iraq veterans on abuse jury (Graner: "The sun is shining")

Iraq Sunnis Seek Troop Pullout Timetable

U.N. Audits Show Oil-For-Food Bilking

Emanuel to Head Democratic Campaign Panel

McConnell, Other Senators Visit Baghdad

Iraq war critics conduct their own Hutton inquiry

Palestinians Extend Voting As Turnout Low

U.S. Troops Kill Iraq Civilians in Botched Strikes (2 police/checkpoint)

(Alaska Sen.) Stevens less upbeat on ANWR

Seven Ukrainian Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Saudi police kill terror suspects

Md. Democrats Decry Ad Blitz by GOP

Gunfire, blast rattle aid workers

Powell Says Genocidal Acts Continuing in Darfur

Nussle announces intent to run for governor (Iowa)

Powell worried about post-election Iraq

The Moral Minority and the BBC --- (jesus admits "a bit gay")

Vatican offers course in Satanism and exorcism

Families of Prisoners Held at Guantanamo Bay Mark Three Years of Waiting

U.S. troops in Iraq open fire at checkpoint, killing eight, hospital offic

American soldiers accidently kill four people (Near Baghdad)

Battered Pregnant Woman Denied Divorce

Ohio Letter Seeks Illegal Contributions (Blackwell Caught Red Handed)

end to Northern Ireland peace process ? --- we saw it coming

Iraqi Communists heavily campaign for Jan. 30 elections

Withdrawing Ukraine troops from Iraq priority, Yushchenko says

U.S. Soldiers Kill 5 Iraqis Near Baghdad (2 policemen and 3 civilians)

U.S., Owner Dispute House Bombing Deaths

Sailor dies on submarine

Automakers Put Hydrogen Power On the Fast Track

Afghan government weighing amnesty for wealthy drug traffickers, officials

Withdrawing Ukraine troops from Iraq priority, Yushchenko says

Ex-undercover agent faces perjury trial

Targeting teens for troops

Stepped-up insurgency terrifying officials

Bragg MPs proud with improvements at notorious Abu Ghraib prison

Republican Rep. Coble agrees with Rep. Kucinich- Bring the troops home

Halliburton wins drilling tender in Iran

For Marine Unit, Fallouja Is 'One Big Ordnance Dump'

Trucker missing; so is cargo of 3.6 million nickels

DNC Chairman Candidates Focus on South

Hundreds set free from Abu Ghraib

Exit Poll: Abbas Wins Palestinian Election

Couple goes on eBay for medical bill help

Emanuel to Head Democratic Campaign Panel

Sign wordplay nets protester citation - (more freedoms on the way out)

Let Bin Laden stay free, says CIA man

U.S. Helicopter Crashes in Indonesia

One killed in shooting at Miss. hospital

El Salvador-style 'death squads' to be deployed by US against Iraq militan

New quake hits Sumatra

Anti-Abortion Roemer joins race for top Dems job

McKenna will get warm welcome in U.S. capital, observers say (Carlyle tie)

Kabbalah leader's Holocaust 'slur'

Michael Moore

U.S. Helicopter Crashes in Indonesia

As White House Begins Campaign for Overhauling Social Security, Critics Cl

DNC Chair Candidates Focus on South

Fahrenheit 911 WIns People CHoice!

Farenheit 911 wins People Choice Award!!!

School board to decide on Bible class plan

WP: Obstacles Plague Absentee Voting For U.S. Iraqis

Feminists Face Tough Times After Election

New power plant could land here (solution to peak oil?)

Audit: UN overpaid for Gulf War losses

IRA plots more bank heists in funding drive

Bush Reaches Out to Palestinians After Vote

WILL TSUNAMI GIVING AFFECT OTHER CRISES? (Help needed for other places)

NYT: New Aide Aims to Defrost the Press Room

California Politician's Rise Is Struck a Blow by Scandal

Guantanamo Takes on Look of Permanence

Republican NC Congressman Howard Coble calls for a pull out from Iraq

German accuses U.S. of kidnap and torture

'Britain's Abu Ghraib': troops face torture evidence in courts martial

Republican Leader Frist Says U.S. Forces Stretched Thin in Iraq

China oil firm 'plans Unocal bid' (BBC)

Marine Stripped Of His Purple Heart

Party Leader Killed in Iraq (manager of INA - Allawi's party!)

MoD move to suppress evidence in abuse court martial

Woman Sues Gene Simmons Over VH1 Sex Talk

Three Dead, One Missing After Tug Boat Sinks

Quakes rock Taal Volcano

Democrats United in Plans To Block Top Bush Initiatives -WP (!)

Italy's political scars reopened by Di Canio's 'Fascist salute'

'Red state, blue state' voted top phrase

Abusive calls give BBC chiefs a Jerry Springer moment

Two Military-Themed Channels Unveiled

Many Americans refuse to concede 'stolen election'

Newest Hot Topic: How to Disengage in Iraq -NYT

Citing Safety, Iraqi Electoral Board Resigns -NYT (Anbar Province)

Plum Job Opportunities Await Old Cabinet

Guantanamo takes on look of permanency

Canada Will Sign On To Missile Defence: Ambassador

U.S. Rep. Coble says Iraq pullout should be considered

NY Post: Michael Moore to Accept People's Choice Award Tonight.

NYT - To Try to Net Killer, Police Ask a Small Town's Men for DNA

Players Stage Rehearsal of Inauguration

Farm-Group Criticism of U.S. Mad Cow Rules Grows

Ex-Rep. Roemer Joins Race for DNC Chairman


Humanists, Atheists Look to Higher Global Profile

Autistic Liberation Front fights 'oppressors'

McDonald’s chickens sent to gas chamber

Court to Hear Arguments of CIA Spies

UPDATE 2-Halliburton wins drilling tender in Iran-official

Venezuelan troops grab farms from "Lord Spam"

Ahern says IRA was involved in robbery (end of peace process?)

Yayyyy JETS won!

i expected the chargers to win maybe 4 games this year..

What is the best early hip-hop/breakdance movie?

I really like the movie 'S P H E R E'

Gotta go. Red Dwarf is on.

1.6TeraByte Hard Drives

So when peak oil hits, what do we do to survive?

6,000 Posts

I just figured out DU email and made my first reply

how bout them RAMS!

Would you ever judge a person by their sig line?

I Will Follow................walk away...walk away.....


I think it's time for a media purge...

Paths Of Glory, coming on now on TCM

What's the Story,

Call Betty Ford!


What should my sig line be?

You all are making this so easy for the Steelers. Thank you.

Watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Ask me anything.

Dude, I think I just filled the cup.

Praise You - Fatboy Slim.

you're driving a car, are you allowed to stay behind this bike?

I had a horrible night!

Da Bears

My friend is the best mom.

Do You Have Belly Button Lint?

Shotenheimer:"The outcome of the game was in the Lords hands".

Part of my kitchen roof is about to cave in

Sarah Bernhardt

Anyone else have people you wonder what happened to them

Darn it - I missed National Smith Day!

It is frigging cold in my apartment. Why haven't I called the building

Women--what are the killer robot/car-chase/naked co-ed moves you like&Why?

The Passion of the Clerks.

Convicts Reunited

Have you ever been openly propositioned for text by a stranger?

Right now ! Marx Bros. On Turner Classic Movies, Day At the Races.

"The Best Way to Serve an Age is to betray it."

I'm a Cowboy. On a Steel Horse I ride.

Big thanks to the mod that's working right now

The passion of the Jerks

NightTrain..... dude you are working waaaaay to hard to find

Paul Newman Uninjured in Daytona Car Fire

Where have H20, Pallas and

it's no mystery to me...

Has anyone else noticed

Do you remember....Jesus Quintana?

My mouse woke me up stalking a cat, why are you awake?

Which women make the ugliest men?

Bullies Reunited

I don't have any cats.

I just moved & reshelved over 500 books ask me anything....

If you were going to be on Real Time with Bill Maher

I was called a Nazi tonight, ask me anything

The Bushes & Clintons go to the Super Bowl

Mathematics hurts.

Thread for those who didn't go to sleep last night

Kephra was an angel on this earth.

My cats woke me up stalking a mouse. Why are you awake?

Good Morning my America Hating pinko commrades

He met Jesus at Wal-Mart

One of the more disturbing things I have seen today

Jebbies trip to Asia ?????

Anyone read '7 Types of Ambiguity' by Elliot Perleman? GREAT BOOK!

Which men make the ugliest women?

Any veterans of the cola wars here?

Any veterans of the cocaine wars here?

I'm sorry, but a jar of olives sexier than Anna Nicole Smith.

Carl, my notoriously gay neighbor, said my coffee area is nasty

Pillow to the nuts = crying like a baby

Apart from, where can I find used VHS tapes for sale?

Who portrayed

I just found out my husband is registered at DU

I have too much time on my hands cause I'm creating words for demopedia

Anyone see Sideways?

Michelin developing an airless tire.

Pleasant Valley Sunday

When you die,,,

I got a check for $0.03 yesterday!

Boy, does insomnia SUCK

Sandra Bernhard

Do I spend too much time on DU?

Species I, II, or III?

Dammit, DUers, I love you all,

Synchronicity I or II?


Stans! Lots of them! Help!

Best rock song with non-English lyrics?

Is this site run by someone here? It's fabulous! (POAC)

Any veterans here?

"You stupid bastard!" - favorite John Lithgow movie/show

Personal magnetism, from a slightly different point of view

"Wonderland"-*I* feel dirty after watching that movie

A voice stilled, but never forgotten...

I just got scammed by a Girl Scout

Cole Marcus...The hottest drummer west of the Pecos.(?)

we acknowledge the individual / And the common ground formed

What is it with Scots and Sheep?

Ok what ethnicity do you look?

Holy shit, a dream came true for me last night......

Now this just pisses me off

On one level I envy Khephra

North Korea wages war on long hair

Gay Penguin for President

Walker, Texas Ranger

You Just CANNOT Have A Bearded QB Named "Jake" & Expect To Win Anything!

All these Pitts on DU! Why can't one of them be Brad?

A moment of "mad props" for my roomy

3 kitties, including the last kitten-in-Xmas-tree photo of 04

Which Band have I never seen live and regret it?

If you use Internet Explorer, check this out:

Just left a conservative chatroom, and boy has my.......

Apocalypse draws near as Britney Spears' kid sister's show debuts tonight

MOVELEFT.COM Jan 9, 2005 Edition

Silver sneakers, Jimmy Fallon, and a staring contest you WILL lose.

Some scavenger stole my meatloaf

I've been so spoiled lately - a girl could get use to this.

Who Kicks More Arse, Daria Morgendorffer or Lisa Simpson?

Meatloaf ate the scavenger I was cooking into an enchilada

Fake rubber dog doo or Bush Senior Political Advisor Karl Rove

late life education

If Denver is ever going to win this game in the fourth quarter...

In honor of the Lord's Baptism today, were you baptised?

Help finding a song please!

People George W. Bush could actually beat by going Mano A Mano

WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!! I just made chicken quesadillas!!!

I was reading about a tiger who killed a zookeeper a few years back

Is it safe to unwrap the visqueen and duct tape from our houses?

Does DU have an RSS feed?

Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate


LTTE at the Sheboygan Press today

Such a charming video...

Can't we all just get along?

Mmmmmmm, Marshmallow milkshakes :)

I live in WI and I don't care about the Packers

Aural or Oral

How often do you check your post count?

**** BRING ON THE JETS!!!!!! ****

Does anyone wish they could change MY personality ?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - So Far Brett Favre Is Getting His ASS KICKED!!

"Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction": Will You Go See It?

Just wanted to say

Who's watching Kansas-Kentucky BB instead of football?

Why didn't any of you selfish B'strds tell me Kenny Loggins On Ice was on!

Would you break off a relationship because one person didn't want kids?

Damage Control!

My Favorite Mel Brooks Movie Is

I'm sick of Netzero.

What traits do you look for when you Date

New Beware the Beast Man recording.

If anyone is wondering what to get me for my birthday...

What does the phrase "Mano a mano" mean (literally)?

God hates bags

God hates schwag

God hates nags.

Do you get "TVOne" in your area?


I have 49 processes running in my Task Manager! Cant shut them down!

Acronym of "Falwell."

For those who love the philosophy of hypocrisy and ambiguity....

My lucky sammich didn't help the Seahawks yesterday.

Would you ever fall in love with a Repuke

God hates hags

Ants! Lost of them! Help!

God hates lags

Peopel who think Van Morrison and CCR are the same band should be harmed

Does your dog snore?

God hates tags

God hates scallawags

God hates Eggplant Parmesan

The new #1 song in England? Elvis Presley's JAILHOUSE ROCK!

Do you take yourself too seriously?

God hates people who post "God hates ......." threads!

HOW TO modify your Kerry-Edwards bumpersticker to make a message!

I am watching "Wall Street". Ask me anything. n/t

Who are the great dead guitarists?

Which Family Guy episode had this scene?

Jessica Simpson as Daisy Dukes. Knoxville & Scott as Bo & Luke. Looks BAD.

I believe a DNC Chairman Debate is on C-SPAN right now

God hates JAG.

Have you ever had the cops called on you?

Sorry...I farted...

Anyone ever hear that song "Police State" by Agnostic Front

Which one of these individuals have I never met?

I wish everyone could have a unique avatar.

All hail the Colts!

How long did you lurk before joining DU?

Does anyone here know I am training to be a cage fighter?

Anything like NETFLIX for books? (No, I don't mean a library.)

Peopel who think Van Morrison and CCR are the same band should be hammered

My opinion: Where copy-cat, humor and social posts go...

So how has everyone been today

I have gone from information to enlightenment

With Khephra gone, I now have one more reason to dread January.

Like Cats? Against the Bomb?

People who think Van Morrison is Van Halen with Jim Morrison are stoned

It's a cold-cut supper night here...


God hates Rags!!!!

Eric Clapton album: August

anyone wanna do page fighting?

What kinds of things cause cold sweats?

This one's the idiot customer of the YEAR!

Has anyone seen Dr.Weird?

God hates flags...

American History Mystery

To Night Train

Excellent!!!! Madden's Golden Child is getting his ass STOMPED!!!

What bill do you pay each month that you loathe?

God hates haggis.

Bob Barker : Repuke or Dem?

God hates shags.

I put a post up on my blog for Kef

Napoleon Dynamite Wallpapers!

I think this might be a sign you are on DU too much:

Randy Moss' afro declares free agency

I'm bored, what movie should I watch?

...and Nashville Fristest city.

Hey Archae, did the Vikes choke today???

Who thinks that,

A song for Kephra

Napoleon Bonaparte?

24 is on! 24 is on!!

Packers lose on Reggie White Day!!!

Help me kick it for Khephra in LBN.

I Really, Really, Really Miss Khephra Now

FOX RUINED football for me!!!

My picks for THE 50 WORST SINGLES OF THE '80s

How many gun nuts are saying, "I've got to get me one of these guns!"?

Does anyone wish they could change their personality ?

Got a favorite poster? Tell them!

Woo-Hoo!!! We Just Made Eggplant Parmesan


Where da good salsa at?

On a Drug Store, I saw a "Drug Free World" Ribbon

Graphic for Scott's memory.... if you are THERE, give Rhenquist


Who wants to fund a war movie?

I'm drinking Grey Goose over ice, and mulling Gingrich '08...

Most important quiz ever. Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?

Can anyone advise me on career opportunities for someone with an MPH?

Why didn't anyone tell me Sherry Wilson was a transvestite?

Why didn't anyone tell me that sherry wine is crap

Corona--- Mexico's answer to Pabst Blue Ribbon.

I made an impact. One less wealthy person for Jacksonville, Florida.

World Peace.......................joke

How do you comfort a loved one who's in pain?

Which Red Dwarf character are you? (or most likely)

Houston fattest city, Seattle fittest

Bullgooselooney and KitchenWitch: it's 4:00 a.m. here. Ask me anything.

Ok, now that the Pack is out, (oh crap,) any calls as to the Super Bowl?

Trucker missing; so is cargo of 3.6 million nickels

anybody here follow English premiership football (soccer)?

I now bust out of the 700 club

Anyone care to join me for some tea?

VICE PRESIDENT Dick Cheney's New Year's Resolutions!

WWE--the new Arab wrestler

What was your first-ever Lounge post?

I apologize that I only found this out now:

I see DU has put the year you registered.....

For the people wondering what this Napoleon Dynamite thing is about

I'm watching Animal House on SpikeTV

My Dog - Remy The "Wonder Pug" Just Ate A Whole Wedge Of BRIE!!

Rachel Ray.

Is this the new 2005 fashion trend?

Is Giving Romantic Advice to Young Women Completely Pointless?

Show on History Channel re: Robert Kennedy

There's not a single "gal" on this whole website who would

So, if you want to see something freaky...

anybody know how to sell a domain name?

How do I best handle my son's pattern of deception?

The People's Choice Awards are beginning

List of recent articles at MOVELEFT.COM

Just watched the "The Whole Wide World"

Update on my uncle with cancer: mixed news

Ah, whatever, forget it. nt

Which piece-of-shit '70s/'80s TV show will make it to the big screen next?

Which animal trait would you most like to have?

Peeps Choice------------Is Michael MOORE Gonna Win Best Pic???

Who's glad the holidays are over?

I just made the best pesto! Ask me anything.

I'm Bob Livingston's mistress....ask me anything!

Color icons indicate new message

"Governor, are you ready to take the oath?"

It looks like Carlos Beltran is going to my NY Mets

F911 Won. On now.


People's Choice Favorite Remakes?

Fahrenheit 911 WIns People CHoice!

Alright, what happened to Khephra?

why are neutered and spayed cats so fat?

Bumper sticker paper ... where do you order it?

I am Newt Gingrich. Ask me anything!

Attention DU: Fahrenheit 9/11 has just won the People's Choice

Join me in thunderous applause

Ricky Williams - not your ordinary football player.

I am bob livingston, ask me anything

I got nominated for "Best New Blog"!

What's your opinion of George "Walking Disaster" Bush?

Oh, good, King Fundie wins an award for his shitty fundie movie.

On The People's Choice Awards, Adam Sandler is getting so fat!

check out this (hopefully) new progressive TV network....see thread

Am I the only one who's never seen CSI?

check out this link about forming a new TV network

Arrested Development is not on AGAIN?

Farenheit 911 wins People Choice Award!!!

You Cannot Have a War on a Verb!

For Kephera: a hymn to Amen-ra

I'm a LIBERAL ELITIST and a fan of Michael Moore!

Conservative vs. Liberal

I Couldn't Care Less About What the People Chose.

Next Saturday night, We're sending you back to the future!!!!

Passion of the Christ wins People's choice award for best movie.

Is 60 Minutes worth watching tonight?

Bush wins People' Choice for worst performance by a US President!

I posted in every state forum, ask me anything

"Unto every thing, there is a season..."


Bushites, tell us again how Michael Moore doesn't represent the mainstream

My lips were really dry so I put some Neosporin on them!


Sirius or XM? Both Have Air America???

JOHNNY DEPP is the People's Choice for male movie actor!!!!

Who thinks that...

OK, now Morrissey is officially totally uncool.


I'm making ribs.

I don't understand how illegal downloading works!


Im watching Celebrity Fit Club

Anyone seen 50 First Dates?

[VIDEO] Michael Moore Accepts Award

I'm 4 posts away from the 700 Club with 3 minutes left before I go to bed.

DU'ers! Help fight CANCER with your computer. (Seriously!)


Quick! Un-Freep this poll!

How should humans settle differences instead of war?

i m dennis hastert ask me nething

Keph's "Eye of Horus." Does anyone remember when the eye had

Bushism of the day

Lemme hear ya say "AWWWWWWWW"!!! (picture)

Oh. My. God. I just saw the Governor of California hack off James Earl

I'm Mel Gibson, ask me anything

We're flooded and sandbagging. Any appropriate songs?

Anybody watch "Boston Legal" tonight?


I'm Randy Moss. Ask me anything.

Raise your hand if you can't stop crying

Damn that 700 club and Pat F#$#$ Robertson


I've finally figured out how to become successful in America

Passion of the Christ won a People's Choice Award.

Why are Canadians so fat?

To the CU lurkers who posted respectful tributes to Khephra

Another "what are you wearing right now" thread

Has your reading material changed since the election?

LOL: Freeptards On Michael Moore's Big Win

I'm thinking of converting to Episcopalism

Peace be the journey, Kef

RIP Khepera

So, is "24" a freeper show?


Micheal Moore wins best movie at people's choice awards?!

A message from Khephra's mom

Did you see Tom Selleck's mug when Moore was announced??

A Modest Glimpse Into A Modest Man: Classic Khephra from the Vaults!

What vital traits do you look for in a mate?

What do you think of the 2 hour premiere of "24"?

What are you quite good at?

Who's your favorite Old School Rapper or Rap group?

To the younger DUERS in the lounge....

More Classic Khephra: Explains the Origin of his DU Name!

Connecticut-area DUers: how's about a meet-up on February 5th?

Pitt wanted kids, Aniston didn't, she keeps the $13.5 million mansion.

"Man in Black" a tribute to our beloved Kef.....

There's not a single "guy" on this hole website who would

Serious Linux bug!

My dog - Rummy the Wonder Secretary just ate a whole wedge of IRAQ!

All time flake award goes to Jessica Simpson

Red Dawn: Greatest Right Wing Proganda Film Ever?

Is any "sport" where you walk at a leisurely pace most of the time..

Michael Chiarello.

Who's going to watch the Vikes choke again?

Anyone ever tried posting on Free Republic?

A Thread-Based moment of silence for Keph...

WTF kind of name is Newt?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I'd like to announce that I've officially reached middle age.

Hey Packer fans...

What's your favorite place online to buy used CDs?

I am in love with the most incredible woman I've ever met.

I made a plan after I'm laid off.

yay! Carnivale Is Back

"What The Bleep Do We Know?"

I'm President Bush. Ask me anything.

Farewell, Khephra.

I want to know each and every one of you (In honor of Khephra)

Why are Americans so fat?

Ulcer! Anyone know about cabbage juice & juicers?

Dr. Strangelove on TCM tonight at 6 pm EST

He met Jesus at Wal-Mart

Anorexia thread follow up -- Men are more likely to have it than thought.

It's all in the brain - why girls are prone to anorexia

Attitudes to mentally ill improve

A frank message to the American people from the tobacco industry

Woman with two wombs has twins months apart

Fatal Bird Flu in Pets in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Genetically Modified Foods 1/2 quality of natural....

Anyone ever have a homosexual crush on a gay DUer?

unbelievable .... JETS WIN ...


Well, it looks like the Colts are going to win the Super Bowl.

Well.... Halftime

LOL - Colts respond to Broncos Bailey/Lynch offseason pickups...

Congrats to the Colts.....

Congrats to the Vikings....

Baseball Getting Closer to a New Steroid Policy

Someone should send Brett Farve a Vikings jersey with his name on it.

Beltran DOES NOT Sign With The Astros

Beltran to the Mets

Steinbrenner makes mockery of baseball's rules

Green Bay/Vikings halftime.....

Randy Moss

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Look at what I bought Murphee (the Tiel)

I got a new kitty for Christmas

A kitten showed up in my parent's garage.

Anyone ever checked the sexual predators site to see who lives closeby?

The Art of Prosperity - A New Year, A New Thread - January 3, 2005

Need help beating down a crazy right-winger (metaphorically)

Screamingly Funny!

Image and tactics

Tonight, I was involved in a perfect example of how....


Pardon me but I find it amusing

Today's Bushism of the day for your amusement

He's bad, (stomping foot) he is he is he is

Hey Withywindle

Anyone see this Kerry Statement posted at DKOS?

It sucks that I have a job

I thought you all would enjoy this

Our President (pics)


Who STILL has their Kerry-Edwards gear up?

Quiet afternoon in Central Florida Photos


Rock and Roll photography

Photography galleries in NYC

free picture hosting?

Grenades, rockets being used as currency in Iraq

What Percentage of Democrats are REAL Democrats.

Tin foil hat time -- Another What if...

Homeland Security: $5 million allotted to TX city w/ sports' complexes

Dean, Roemer, Webb, Leland in Atlanta today. Pic and snip.

DNC chair candidate Roemer--Mercatus and Center for National Policy!!

It's the new Watergate

Here is how Army and National Guard recruit in SE Kentucky....

Theoretical: Patriot Act II vs. DU - shutdown of DU ?

Vote here: Do you agree with *'s Social Security reform?

Newt Gingrich Open to Presidential Run

No Child Left Behind: the Bush family cashes in too

Death toll at 2.5 MILLION and climbing!!

So, what made you a Democrat...

Gonzales is a racist. He thinks it's OK to torture Middle Easterners

Pro wrestling takes on Iraq.

Who voted 1/6 with Ohio election reform?

Black Point Man for the Right

History Channel now!

Face The Nation, Bob Schieffer trying to sound indignant about

Frist Sri Lanka photo op -- this guy's a piece of work...

I just screamed at the tv- George Will is too much

Biden, Dean, Clark. It doesn't matter.

dem nominee in 2008

"I'd like it to be said that Shirley Chisolm had guts. That's how I'd

How much is a trip to DC on the 20th worth?

Who Is Left On Our Side?

If the founding fathers had "second sight"/see into the future and saw

Guess this is one way to get on the voter registration list....

Right-Wing site Doesn't like Gonzales either...

CBS: Dick Meyers nails the Dems about Gonzales..

Ugh, Tim Roemer, DNC Chair candidate on "This Week"

Armstrong is the tip of the Iceberg.

Pulling the wings off of flies

Democrats Should Run Anti-Bush Ads NOW!

This is a great article in the Denver Post regarding citizen initiatives

Campaigne to send bush bags of pretzles

National ID cards will erode liberty

Kerry greeted by Syrians in Damascus, says relations can be improved

What will be the role of the Democratic Party in our dictatorship?

Social Security Reality Check: What About the Children

NO TAX INCREASE - Wages covered under SS are annually increased

Pentagon Considers US Led Death Squads For Iraq

Rove's shitty bin Laden "joke"

These are the troops I support

Gingrich thinking about presidential run in 2008

Does Gonzales's history of bending the law to kill blacks in Texas

Email listing of voting members of DNC

Second Time w/ same info please read and pass it on

Clergy extend Target boycott

Ukraine President to Pull Troops

Who do Americans consider the head of the Democratic Party?

January 20th - strike update

Olbermann smashes Coulter doll/Video

Hijacking Catastrophe coming up on Link TV 5 PM

Thomas Jefferson says electoral college is a mistake. Do you agree?

I like Clark. But what about Domestic issues?

Did I just hear the newt might run for president in 2008?

DNC Chair Debate on C-Span1 9 - 11 pm est

Lasers: Threat to aircraft or a way for a contractor to profit from fear?

Rep. Harold Ford Joins Efforts To Destroy Social Security

Have you ever seen THIS 9/11 site?

Take the History Channel Poll

What's the best Democratic group to donate to?

Rahm Emanuel to head Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Is the US committing genocide in Iraq?

Bush-Clinton team may have future assignments-AP

"We know who to elect. Not like them -- they elected a moron."

Sometimes we all need a little chuckle!

From The Enemies Of The Boxer Rebellion Files

Sunday Talk Shows Blast * for Bribing Media

correct me if I'm wrong here

Who do you think the leader of the Democratic Party is?

Peak Oil is the true beginning of the END of Bush and the Republican Party

Caption this!

Straw Poll: Your choice for DNC Chair

Rep. Tim Roemer, D-Ind on George Stephanopoulos

DU this Poll - Should Gonzales should be the next AG

Democrats need to hang together or we will hang separtely....

Kennedy was on to the Ketchum/Williams/NCLB thing in October

Conyers: Const. Amndmnt. Allowing Presidency w/ 20 yrs. US Citizenship

What Line Will Have To Be Crossed Before Even bu$h's Thugs Realize

"Free Lunchers" = Social Security supporters.

Rove moves into Florida.

Ok, so who is going to get George Bush on the Iraqi ballot?

Martin Sheen is on the People's Choice Awards now... making great comments

So, what's the makeup of your Congressional Delegation

Michael Moore just won the People's Choice for F911!!!

Info on the Virginia miscarriage proposed law

Democratic leadership(?) will be needing this for Gonzales...

You guys watching the DNC chair debate on CSPAN-1

When did the 'liberal' media.....

Novak "outs" congressman matsui as a "source"

One of the bloggers misquoted Dean today.

Jon Corzine for Prez 2008?

When do you think the tide will turn?

After watching the DNC chair conference, I like Donnie Fowler

If your against the "Torture Lawyer" go to the supplied link and sign

If a Democrat doesn't understand how dangerous Bush is, they have to go.


Same companies behind the GOP are behind the DLC

McLaughlin: Conservative states give more to charity than Liberals...

Straw poll for 2008 Democratic Nomination

The National Debt will be $$$11,000,000,000,000.00 at the current rate

Are you in the UNDERGROUND or just visiting?

So, what do we make of Kerry as a Senator who won't stand with Boxer

Mark Warner (text of Fortune magazine article)

"Show Respect for the President" - cringe, whiff of fascism

Falwell: NOW= "Nat'l Order of Witches"

I've said, for thirty years, that the war on drugs will never be won

We are forming a progressive television network. We are in the initial

So Kerry opted for the safety of Iraq rather than the danger of the senate