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Archives: January 6, 2005

Salon: The facilitator (Gonzales)

Lighting up the phone lines with a 'we-were-had' lament

Maureen Dowd seems to have found her voice

Salon: The torturer general

...Alberto Gonzales's Texas Execution Memos

great article here:

President Shills For Insurance Industry

US army reserve a 'broken' force

Help! Need link to audio feed of Ohio vote challenge

Don't Torture Yourself (That's His Job)

Hastert's House of unexamined ethics

Avoiding election reform amnesia

What About the Children of Iraq? (Jack Dalton,

Savaging Social Security (Boston Globe Ed on retirees financing tax cuts)

Molly Ivins: Lynching Social Security

Village Voice: Capital Preps For Coronation

Gonzales Fails to Answer Critical Questions on Torture (AI)

Conservatives ignored facts to defend Gonzales against allegations ...

Gonzales pick won't help U.S. image efforts

Who will Gonzales protect? (POGO)

Don't rubber-stamp the Gonzales confirmation

The torturer general

Analysis: Gonzales supports wartime powers

From Alberto to the Insurgency

what it means to be black and/or poor in America

ACLU: New Questions for Gonzales (Hispanic Business)

Editorial: Alberto Gonzales has blood on his hands

'Torture' memo needs to be explained

The Justice Department's Change of Heart Regarding Torture

Torturing the image of God

What Kind of People Have We Become?

Summary: Prisoner Abuse Timeline

Yes, Charles Osgood is all for Moral Relativism now that the Republicans

A Window on a Man's Morality

Nation's Leading Pro-Choice Advocate Raises Concerns Over Gonzales ...

Excellent Arnebeck letter to Senate on Today's vote fraud discussion

Bush A.G. Nominee Linked To Anti-Gay Amendment

Republicans Livid Over Challenge to Electoral Vote

Tom DeLay needs some TLC


Summary of Electorial Debate-Union view on "What Election Challenge Means"

U.S. Expert (Scowcroft) Says Iraqi Election Could Trigger Civil War

Warning From a Student of Democracy's Collapse

AGS Statement on Gonzales Confirmation Hearings

"Democrats Ought to Fight Like Hell" Against Gonzales Nomination

full text of Wehner Social Security memo to GOP (N.B. "Carpe diem!"?)

Genius In Jeopardy (Steve Horowitz,

Censored! 10 big stories the national news media ignore

Dowd: Don't Torture Yourself (That's His Job)

An American gulag

Don’t Mess With Success (AARP says NO to Bush private accounts)

Coulter 2005, This woman has problems.

Pooh-poohing global warming off base

A Window on a Man's Morality (LAT opposes Gonzales for AG)

US client Yushchenko to assume Ukraine presidency

TomPaine suggestions on saving Soc Security - reduce National Debt! :-)

"Not With a Bang But a Whimper"

Bush Gets a New Voice for Second Term (WSJ's McGurn expected replacement)

Pelosi: 'Today's Debate About Election Reform, Not an Election Result'

Electoral Vote Challenge: The MSM Played The Lone Gunman Card

USAToday- Gonzales...more than a 'yes man'-Media expects folks to believe?

Why is media afraid to print Electorial Debate discussion like one below?

Has RW radio jumped the shark?

NYT: Fading in Ratings, Fox Bets on a Late Surge

Doing Nothing about Outsourcing will be Costly

John "Snow" Job on Corporate reform.

Social Security: "heading for an iceberg" -- yeah, right.

Privatization of social security is not the answer...

US falls off top free economies' list

I need help with Social Security Solvency...

Unemployment claims surge this week

Tsunami's Salt May Render Many IO Islands Uninhabitable

After Child's Death, SW Virginia Town Turns On Coal Strip-Mine Operators

ConocoPhillips Leaves ANWR Drilling Lobby Group

S. Australia Premier - Australia "Gutless" On Climate Change

Asian Mercury Releases Double Amount Previously Thought

Bush Environment Officials, Energy Execs To Wine/Dine At Posh Resort

A natural, inside and out (eco-remodeling of home efforts)

Scientists Assess Complexities Of Arctic Meltdown - CSM

Nuclear Weapons Site Still Unsafe (new wildlife refuge needs warning)

Off-road ban to save tortoises

Icebergs In New Zealand Waters - First Time Since 1948

Robber/ Rapist brings knife to gunfight and loses

Anybody in N. Illinois want to form a Democratic Gun Club?

"Man Shot After Gun Accidentally Discharges"

Hey, I have a question about this thread...

Donate by CC is just not set up for APO addresses

Need Ways to Expand Spell Check

Question about contribution star.

Looks like we need a new avatar

If you have someone on ignore

Hey, what's the deal with the traffic?

The hike in traffic is due to the Senate hearings on the electors?

Why are we deleting freepers?

How do the stars work?

Quick Suggestion:

What inflammatory

9-11 discussions

"Mark" and Lobby vs. Latest

Are y'all working late tonight?

Election Fraud Investigation & Reform

I agree with NSMA.

I third the agreement with NSMA.

What are all of these new X marks doing here?


Question for a moderator

Fuck Obama? Here's An Outrageous Post.One Of Many Slamming Dems

I find this reply , actually a series of replies

If democracy is pretty much over, and discussions advocating...

Will you keep the Election Forum open


You're lucky I saved this, Skinner - you'll need it for the hate mailbag.

Reasonable is the term...REASONABLE

Question about rules - curse words in subject lines.

Hay Skinner! We NEED Your Guidance and Leadership...

Do you have anyway of recording/tracking Traffic (with the time)

Can we set up a roses fund for Boxer and Tubbs-Jones?

Do I have to be a Democrat

Should Discussion of Political Ethics Be Considered "Flame Bait"?

Why haven't I gotten an answer for my Q for a fun for Boxer and Tubbs-Jone

Wow--sorry for the post, didn't realize it was verboten.

Sharon plans to meet Abbas

Tourists Return to Holy Land en masse

Abbas calls for resumption of peace talks with Sharon

PA candidate Barghouti: Israel is trying to hinder my campaign

Israelis injured in rocket attack

Hamas Won Power In West Bank Vote

``State Dept. report: Neo-Nazis, Muslims prompting

Palestinians Using More Children, Women for Terrorism

How is everyone faring with the snow?

Daily Herald: "Batavia woman makes appeal to Bush"

Who can we draft to run against Durbin in the 2008 primary elections?

Remember, Republicans don't want this election contested.


Listen, I'm not happy with how John Kerry has presented his position but

I have an overwhelming feeling of ick

If Kerry doesn't want the job, he can resign and make Edwards Pres

Can someone point me to the "scoop" link with all the new exit poll data?

Urgent request from CAEF (Coalition Against Election Fraud)

Look at Tennessee Go!

Could the Kerry email be a red herring?

Stop playing right into the GOPs hands

Tucker Carlson fired from CNN - We need to thank Stewart and Klein

I believe the election of Bush* CAN be legitimately overturned tomorrow

imagine the arm-twisting going on tonight, aimed at US Senators ....

When is the best time

IMPORTANT! Please read Samantha's post...

If Kerry were here and joined in the

Another group of voters unanimously calls for a contest of the election

Democracy is fragile. But frail as it may be, you cannot kill it.

Please reread the Kerry letter!

THE HILL: Sen. Boxer may challenge results of presidential election

Quick Question: How Many Thought We'd Get THIS Far ??

exact details for those of us watching from home tomorrow?

Refer the Senators to discussion groups calling for a contest.

It's the Electors, stupid!

is the 3 wise men will deliver toys to well behave liberals?

An email I just got regarding Barbara Boxer.


Federal election standards amendment?

The difference between a fraudulent and an invalid election? Critical?

Will i ever sleep again? After 1 pm today maybe?

NY Post runs story - negative of course.

Vote Fraud 2004: How Ohio was "Delivered" to Bush MUST READ!

Results of Prez race in congressional districts

The storm of phonecalls and faxes

CONTACT INFO: Moderate Republican Senators. Please kick.

Hastert's spokesman spoke stupidly, and the world should know it.

I'm scared for my country, I need a hug :-(

If the Senators contest today, we have Michael Moore to thank

Tovia Smith on NPR Morning Edition -- Tone

Thursday 1/6 /05 Election/Fraud/Recount Thread

Support Senator Boxer in Counting Every Vote

For fellow insomniacs and dreamers everywhere

We're not gonna take it

FBI investigating vote fraud in East St. Louis

Michael Moore on TODAY show (745 am NY time Thursday)

Bev Harris: it will be ONLY Ohio; it WON'T deal w/ electronic vote-rigging


FAXES are Best - Keep Faxing 'til 1PM - Fax Free From Here>>>

God I`m gonna miss this guy !!!

Though I disagree with the objection, I sure like Conyers

CONTACT Frist & Hastert: Kerry's Letter asks, here's the info

This is the day that the people hath made,

NPR covering recount movement

Harry Reid revealed that at least one Democratic senator WILL stand up wit

National Exit Polls - Ohio/Florida/Iowa - do not match Pre-Election Polls

Here are Dem D.C. fax numbers - FAX these senators to support Conyer's

VIDEO: Voter Suppression in Ohio

Who believes it's now or never for Kerry

Can someone help me out?

Arnebeck letter to Congress re Presidential Electoral Challenge

Michael Moore after this commercial - 7:45 CST

Get Ready for the Smear Campaign after today.....

washington times (!!!!) covered it today accd'g to CSPAN just now n/t

Ordinary People Are Making History!

Who has faith in Boxer to support the voters by contesting

WTF is Kerry doing in Iraq? Not bashing just asking...

It is January 6, 2005: Do you know where your democracy is???

Riddle me this ?

"Don't Certify Ohio Results" Editorial from the Madison, WI Capital Times

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Today at Noon listen to Rally on the Internet on Radio Left. Link below.

Anyone needs a sample letter for Frist and Hastert?! I took the text from

Thanks To All Congressional Dems Who Spoke To Election Reform

So, who gets more airtime tonite, the Contest, or Miss Beazley?

They Had 4 Years To Fix The Problem And It Was Sweep Under The Rug

I need opinions on this letter to MSM...Also extra links would be helpful.

Here's to hoping I have to eat crow

Keep calling till noon today to get more Senators to sign on --

This is my 1,000 post I feel HOPE in my heart

AAR declares Jan 6 "Boxer Day"

Congress electoral tally scheduled at 1 PM EST today

Update from Cobb web with media links

IMPORTANT: Can someone point me to the upper senate park for the rally?

NC votes - can anyone help explain this?

nows the time, i am making the story

Bigger Than We Think?

Cheney is the president of the Senate.

My apology to

C-SPAN update, there will be a challenge to force 2 hour debate.

Are we falling into a Karl Rove trap?

Our spin should be "Shame on Republicans for not joining the challenge..."

Bush's Victory Not in Jeopardy?

Will there be a quorum? Who will be in the quorum (R D I)??

If you're reading this, send a fax from your computer to your senator.

Any reporting of Boxer decision on CNN, MSNBC? Suppression going on?

Google News - Democrats to Force Debate on Ohio Results - 419 articles....

Boxer signs challenge!

msm here?

I just ferreted out a red business!

Why Kerry conceded on Nov 3

Let your guiding motive be hope and not fear!

AP: Boxer Has Signed!

Tomorrow -- nay -- today if possible -- Send Thanks to all who are

GIVE YAHOO STORY A 5 RATING Democrats to Force Debate on Ohio Results

Fox News

Talking about certifying/objecting Electoral Vote..CSPan-2, Right Now

Raw Story: Other senators may support Boxer, but won't sign


Did they just force a 2hr debate!!!

CSPAN caption saying objections to Ohio Electors

can we get some repubLicans to turn?

What is DEM - MARK Nelson saying - is he NOT agreeing to object???

Any streaming coverage of the proceedings today?

Today those standing up need our support in words and energy

Remember to sent THANX to the heros Conyers, Boxer, et al. n/t

C-SPAN: "The drama station"

Wash. GOP Demands New Governor Election

Oh, how I would love to see JD Hayworth trip and fall on his face.

Please someone procide the c-span link!!! I want to e-cast it to my

Urgent Request from CAEF: Please CALL REID


Anybody think Boxer should be on the '08 Ticket?

Does NY POST think there's a chance to "KO Bush victory"???

I've got your conspiracy theory right here...

Kucinech Speaks!!! NOW on Cspan-1

I'm going to enjoy Dick Chenney's discomfort today

Why is AirAmericaRadio talking about Gonzales right now?

NEW - CAMERON F. KERRY "Next time the electoral votes are tallied..."

Sen Foley discredits us to "mischief"?

CSPAN CSPAN CSPAN its on now!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to see live shot of Chimpster shitting his pant's. Mandate My Ass!

# for Reid's Constitutents to call: 866-736-7343

Back At 12:55 PM EST

Biden reading Torquemada the riot act...

Ive cried, shouted, jumped, danced, called, mailed and

CONFIRMED: Boxer is in

Damn, I Had To Come In To Work Today

So-Who is Covering this LIVE????


Does everybody like the term "Boxer Rebellion" or do you want a

Frame this as: "It's not about winning - it's about the right to vote"

Can someone post if they cut into cspan1 before 1:00?

Who cares if they call us soreloserman?

CSPAN just cut to the House - Live - Electoral College

C-span name-calling

Have the Dems been holding back info to unload in the debate today?

are there protests happening right now?

People... this is an exciting and historic moment. Lets top it off with a

Cube Rat- Stuck in Meetings all Day- needs to know

I think

What happens next?

Any streaming audio coverage of EV count available?

feingold on CSPAN finally asking something not friendly n/t


One More Hour until we go NUCLEAR on the RePIGS

Boxer press conference momentarily on CSPAN2

Rally at Boxer's San Francisco office 10AM

NPR still sucks

Has any one heard from any of the protesters in DC?

FOX News reporting: Ukraine Court rejects Yanukovych's appeal

Have you called your local schools?

Live coverage of the Rally for Investigation into Vote Suppression

Timing Question

WTH? CSPAN 1 Senate quorum call, CSPAN 2 Gonzalez Senate hearing?

Have the Senators besides Boxer been confirmed yet?


God bless Senator Boxer!

Just got this in email--We still have an hour

Need a host for Video!

This just in: Freepers coming apart at the seams

Details on what happens AFTER a Senator stands and why we could WIN!

we need to co-opt the phrase "Boxer Rebellion"

Tubbs-Jones live on streaming c-span2 - link inside

Diplomacy, with background undertones of Rage

Fly the American Flag Today

Anyone else just see Harry Reid on C-Span 2?

Half an hour away -- Here's my BEST-CASE Scenario --> Kerry wins

anyone know how many are outside at the rally? n/t

Boxer admits to mistake in not objecting in 2000 Wishes she had!

Bush, Georgian President Discuss Ukraine...Yeah, sure, great!!!

Tubbs Jones : I anticipate other objections

Boxer: "Mistake in 2000...wasn't about was about the voters"

GO TO AND VOTE NO....ON WHETHER Gonzales should be atty general

Boxer rocks -- now she regrets not standing up last time!

Franken talking about the challenge on AAR... n/t

DENIAL - It Ain't Just A River

"Opening round in the battle for electoral justice!"

Update: Several Senators preparing statements of support

Did the Repubs schedule Gonzales hearing today on purpose?

"It's the opening round in the battle for electoral justice!" AMEN!

You go girls, " Boxer and Tubbs. Very smart women.

Does anyone have the toll free number for congress?



Help! Are there any links to stream it live?

Opening Round!!!!

I have never been prouder of being a Native Californian!

Successful appeal to a Republican (at the grass roots level)

In Light of Barbara Boxer's historic announcement

Sometimes, when you need someone to "Man Up"...

Contact Minority leaders Reid and Pelosi

I pledged to support any Senator who stands up with Conyers

The Democratic Party has grown some big ones!!!!!

Historic action should inspire media to revisit "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Message I just sent to Fox


Preparing for the debate with imported Canadian drugs...

Only have right now they're showing Gonzales. Is this still

Has anyone seen any pix of all those

Boxer said she made mistake in 2000

Google News search: "challenge Ohio votes" - hundreds of hits


Kucinich To Join Challenge To Ohio's Electoral College Vote On House Floor

Action : Covering Boxer's back

BARBARA BOXER IS MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BOXER repeat on CSPAN 1 - now!


CSPAN has an elderly gentleman on who was explaining what . . .

What Boxer much as I could type

Boxer on now cspan2

Boxer just said the election is over,

Why is Boxer the only Senator SIGNING the CHALLENGE

To all the Leftist Loonies and TFH wearers

Counting on CSPAN-1

The Greatest American Hero--Tribute to the Boxer Rebellion

Two Thoughts about Today

How long until they get to Ohio? 30-40 minutes?

Joint Senate coverage switched over to CSpan 1...NOW

Message from the President??

my good it is all over Cabel news--Boxer--every channel I flicked

Here we go.... We're all watching. nt

Clinton, Obama, Dodd will rise in support of Boxer and Tubbs-Jones

Will CSPAN cover both or any of the discussion when

Send Boxer a thank you gift!

The Live CSPAN link

Who thinks Kerry is streaming right now?

C-SPAN will cover the HOUSE objections C-SPAN-2 covers Senate

Someone please post senator phone #'s for those of us who can't search

We're FINALLY making the MSM, but I'm really beginning to

10 more minutes till Democracy!

LOL -- Look at Hastert

yahoo! !!!!! THERE ARE OBJECTIONS!!!!

Dick is a Mr. Potato Head!!!!

Yesssssssssssss !

Thomas Jefferson: "A little rebellion now and then is a good thing"

Being covered on msnbc and cnn! n/t

If you don't have TV access, go here

Harry Reid is on board

HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HaHA Fuck you Cheney & shrub " this time I do have a Senator"

Do we get to watch the debate!!!


cnn live

How come none of these numbnuts can pronounce

Which to tape?? House or Senate???? I can only do one...

I TIVO'd the election results on Nov. 2nd and...


Great live coverage on Pacifica radio - covering the rally too

Those Reps are describing themselves

*** Let's say a DU THANK YOU to Rep. Tubbs-Jones and Sen. Boxer**

OY! The freepers and Neocons that have joined in on the conversation

ok, I'll calm down.

Call Dewine office complain now

Where are the other Senators?

I'm putting all Democratic Senators on notice

Fuck De Wine!!!!!

hahahaha Kerry is ahead!!! CA gave him 55 votes!!!!!


dewine "quote editorials as proof of no fraud"

Extreme elements!!!

Frivolous debate?


"Petulant silliness..."

This is a huge stroke job.

Bassless tactics?? That Ohio Senator is WRONG!!!

Uh, Oh, Dick doesn't look very happy!


"Misguided" ? We are all misguided?


only boxer

I can't stand these Repukes from my district!!!!!!

Two brave women say "FECK YOU!!" to the NEOCONS and their games!!!

Bernie sanders! WOOT!

Please keep us updated with new threads when Dems are speaking

Conyers is up!!

Dayton just doesn't get it. Who voted for him?

OK, Let's start the list of Rep. and Dems who are NO GOOD

"I thank God I have a Senator joining me..."

Will new corporate support now pour in for Sen Mark Dayton (D-MN)?

Is anyone else filled with joy and pride right now?

Take notes Ohio voters! When you get your vote back send Dewine and Black-

OH Repub Reps in both Houses are quoting Newspaper editorials...

America falls out of the top 10 most economically 'free' countries

We are supposed to get over it?

Does Reid's action of standing with Boxer redeem him?

Roy Blunt is an ass

Durbin's a jerk too.

Tested the equipment? GOODGOD..what liars!

Just when I thought I couldn't hate anymore. I heard Deborah Pryce

Four Senators Join Boxer, Seven House Members Join Conyers

No Mel Watt do not vote to certify!!!! Thanks Mel though for your support

Sen. Debbie Stabenow good!!!

Hell yeah!!!...This is what I call trashing a party!

All Senators need to read this op-ed from Avi Rubin, written 10/27/04

Stabenow up now!

Who Else thinks Rove wrote these speeches for the OH repukes?

who was the idiot that just said "move on?"

Rep Mel Watt (D-NCarolina)(Yale,PhiBetaKapa)

And Fuck Dickie D too!!! God damn assholes!!! Pardon my crudeness please

they are going to vote to certify

The DEM Representatives are right on!!!!

Here's a message I just sent to Olbermann!

BRAD BLOG: Jesse Jackson Announces Six Senators (at least) Will Challenge!

Get the names of the good and bad guys.

Why? Why shouldn't we re-vote OHIO

I am really proud of my Senator

Nevada had over 2,000 machines WITHOUT paper trails and Stabenow

Am watching the HOUSE, but I take it the Senate is just a disaster

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) actually said "PAPER TRAIL"

Any pictures from outside?

So predictable -- Nothing in NYT online about Tubbs/Boxer n/t


Boxer pushing paper trails, it's not just that Senator

Even our guys say they will vote to certify - I don't get that


Pelosi! Not frivalous, fundamental!

Yes!!!! I have one thing to say to the doubters: Oh, ye of little faith.

Our democratic leaders except for one, are a bunch

WOW, Wow, wow. . . Sen Boxer's voice is quivering

Lautenberg up to "rise to support" Boxer

Lautenberg on Board!

Blackwell campaign letter on display!!! Lautenberg rules!!!

Has anyone seen anyhting on MSM?!

Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-OH) is against counting the votes

Hillary up

Why arent they talking about the tabulators, touchscreens

Pelosi, PLEASE be a strong leader today!

Hillary commeding Boxer!

Staying together on message: "we're not contesting the outcome"

Oh, WillPitt! *l* You crack me up!

Does anyone have pics of the protesters?

Lautenberg says Blackwell co-chaired Bush/Cheney reelection

Kennedy brings up racism in voting disenfranchisement

My GOD! If the tables were turned would the GOP not be contesting?

Why are they only talking about long lines and so forth?

Did Kennedy state directly that he questions the Ohio results?


Clinton's proposal last year


"Freedom is our most precious value," said Senator Clinton


Go Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reid: "proven destruction of voter registration forms" by rethgs

What is the web page with the 101+ page report Conyers referred to?

They MUST say nothing more and nothing less than Paper ballots Now!

Okay, now I'm convinced there was fraud

if you dont have C-SPAN - Wills FYI is Great


Hillary commends Boxer.....but where was SHE?

To quote a "real" president, Jeb Bartlett, "What's next?"

So once they're done talking about this for 2 hours..does anything happen?

Reid on and he has withdrawn an earlier statement, wtf?

Reid's a coward. Bush lost. They need to say it did make a difference.

I don't care who stands up and makes a speech!

No Harry- No electronic machines PERIOD!!!!!!!

I thought they were going to have a 2 hr. debate-what is this?



OK...he finished on a good note. n/t

AAR covering electoral challenge...Boxer press conf. over

I have no pic on C-Span anymore. Who is the jerk talking now?

It is about the fact that Bush lost. Our guys don't get it.s

REP Marcy Kaptur (DEM) Ohio is giving OHIO/Blackwell heck!

Come on, Tom... make it good!

Rethugs keep citing major newspapers.....what newspaper had

I want Cheney to..

I bet the Sen. GOP is going to rethink this no-show strategy very soon.


I don't want to say it, but I'm really pissed at John Kerry right now

Obama now.

Harkin fabulous! Going after blackwell , and wants machine access!

Aaaarrrggghh! Dennis & Obama on at the same time!!

Perhaps someone in front of a TV could give a play by play synopsis

Go Dennis Go~!~!~!~!~! n/t

The Ukraine

Who is up now? She is a firecracker!! I love her!

Which College in Ohio had 12-hour voting lines?

Reid is doing very well...he is no DINO

This format of discussing election fraud doesn't really do justice

Get the Names of senators that are saying we are wrong.

Vote was STOLEN, " Jerrold Nadler n/t

Start pouring complaints on MSM.

Bite me Candice Miller

Blogging Doesn't Make it So!

Hayworth is up and my son just said

Rep. Miller is looking sad... She couldn't ad lib her speech since

Kennedy up now!


Text of Boxer statement

Will the debates cover the entire 2 hours?

A "handful" of house democrats and one senator to challenge Ohio results?

Sen. Dodd (D-CT) Is Kicking ASS!

This is Obama's first speech EVER in the Senate

Candice Miller

Who can EDIT video? We need a best of reel.

If it's FRAUD how can the results stand???

How can we get the Reps to vow/oath to protect the vote? that it has happened, I am *exhausted*

"Place our right to vote in Peril?" This repub is SO out of it.

Dodd on!

Although I want more - this actually is a good day

Someone from the galley yells the truth


A scream from the Senate re Ohio win for Bush-- "DID NOT"

who is the REPUKE from Dayton Ohio???

Is anyone else tired of these Republicans making 'get over it' speeches?

Who is that yelling?

Someone needs to light themselves on fire...


Whoa, what was that in the galley?

Candice Miller makes me sick

It's Obama versus Kuchinich!

Ohio folks in the gallery making noise

Jackson's slander????

You TELL it, Rep Cummings!!

Where's Sheila Jackson-Lee?

you go Cynthia McKinney!!!!...give these repukes fucking hell!!!!! for me

Eat Shit Voinovich!!!

I LOVE Cynthia McKinney!

The repubs have nothing!!

Let me get this straight. There was massive fraud and we're supposed to..

Reid didn't lie? Really, explain this then.

Rep McKinney is up!!! WHOOOOO!

I love Cynthia. She's great.

Voinovich: Beating a Dead Horse

Ohhh-- Cummins (D-OH) is comming down hard on the Repubs!

Oooh....there is disorder in the gallery!


If nothing else - Republicans exposed for the scum they are on C-SPAN

Voinivitch calls this a waste of time, a Circus.

self delete

I'd Just like to send out a BIG F*ck You to Rep. Candice Miller -R Mich.

VOTE SUPPRESSION IS A CRIME not enough to fix it the next time

The gay basher speaks!

Congresswoman just discussed VOTE FRAUD

Where are all the Democrats?

You should be able to watch either session soon...

Anyone else notice the improved job of framing this debate on the part of

How many of these whiny Repubs freaked over the blue dress???

David Dreier says we're emboldening terrorists.

McKinney: "It's about a blackout and it's tiome to shine a light"


No One Has Said RIGGED Except Voinovich

Could some of you, please, STOP FUCKING COMPLAINING???

Jesse Jr. is speaking

I'm waiting for Maxine!

Urgent Action Alert: Support Senator Barbara Boxer

rep thelma drake from virginia.......

As It Stands Now In The SENATE

So only Boxer had the balls to vote against it.

Candice Miller s a PIG!

Both of Ohio's senators can only quote newspaper editorials

Go JJ JR!!!

House or Senate or Both

Hillary looks great, and sounds better.

Post-January 6 Communication

US more divided then ever-repugs no intention of changing

AP: GOP presses call for revote in Washington governor's race

Why are the the very things they ask for....



Thank you, Senator Boxer!!!

Jesse Jackson is making great points!!!

Link to vote on Ohio inquiry on

Cable news isn't even covering this

The HOUSE stream is the one to watch! Woot!

Dems agree that election fraud is a bad thing. Glad that's settled.

John Lewis speaking in House now! Tune in.

The Repubs are right about one thing!

Why does no one mention WA

It makes me angry...

Rep. John Lewis !!!!!!!!!!

Add Levin to Boxer.

Let's start a thread with the most horrendous thing they might say!

Oh Well, HEEEERE's Jindal

Repubs LOVE to talk about us being the greatest nation in the world.

is it stupidity or just self interest that leads them down this slope

Typical: Republicans have exact same talking points

the senate IS VOTING RIGHT NOW on whether to accept OH electorial votes

Jindal needs to be a one term and home rep!

Go Bernie Sanders!


Biden - NO!

Rep Woolsey is calling for an investigation!!

Let's make them do it again.

Dreier says we're aiding the terrorists!

Lynn Woolsey is great.

Anyone else but Boxer and Levin?

Reid and Salazar voted against Boxer!


Go Shelia Jackson-Lee

*S*H*E*I*L*A* you are wonderful!!!

Right. Now it's our job to incessantly remind them that standing up and

What's with the Repukes obsession with quoting editorials !?!

Talk is cheap.

In the Senate, only Boxer and Levin voted aye. All others voted no.


Bird - NO ....

Was Byrd there?

I appreciated what Jesse Jackson Jr. said in the house, he got

Sheila Jackson-Lee

A retort to the Republican comments in the house.

Nice Hair

you listening to fu*king kingston? What an ass

I missed Dayton, what the heck did he say?

When's Feeney going to show his outrage?

Some Dem needs to challenge a Republican to a duel!

WHAT are pukes talking about "a computer in the WH" controlling the vote


How many times are we going to hear Michael Moore's name today?

Congressman Jim McDermott isues statement: count every vote

The MinuteMen WERE the "terrorists" of their day to hear the BRITS tell it


Hell Yeah Waters! "Blackwell, I am ashamed to say a black man"

Michael Moore gets lots of attention- Go Maxine Waters


I am proud to be in the Michael Moore Wing :-)

It is time...

Ha - Maxine Waters ashamed that Bladkf**k

Can someone post info for donating to Boxer? We have to reward her!

We're going for a recall for the new Gov. in Missouri

WHO is this POS who just described the Kerry vs Moore Democrats

Maxine Waters Kicking Butt!!! You go Maxine n/t

Maxine SALUTES Michael Moore !

Holy shit! Michael Moore?

Jack Kingston

I love Maxine Waters, the next Senator from the state of California.

I keep having to hit mute when the icky repubs step up to talk

OMG Keller is just disgusting

Ohio has failed to run a fair election!!



The reason the Republicans don't want to talk about it, is that is how


Yes Keller. I'm on the Michael Moore side, you jerk.

How did this moran with the dead squirrel on his head get back to the mic?

Go Maxine Waters!

It's a good thing they are voting no!

Most overused lame argument award - Won't change the outcome!


Lots of juicy Khashoggi connections....

OH Editorial: "Our Voice: Recount fight a valid issue"

Boehner (Boner) looks drunk - he wants a debate on how

The Congressional Black Caucus

Maxine on now praising Michael Moore! and she's


Is there going to be ONE REPUBLICAN that "gets it" and

Two great quotes from Maxine Waters (D-CA - House)


These Repubs are SO full of hot air!

Senate voting

Does anyone have the link to Eminem's Mosh?

Just got back from the pro-democracy rally at the Capitol

OH Editorial: House GOP Ethics Concession Only Grudging

They are attacking Boxer personally for attending F9/11 movie premier

Kilpatrick up

To the Complainers

Kilpartrick is Terrrific!

I’m not a terrorist..

wonderful MAINE WATERS....... Ohio hasn't complied with FED law

Damn, I'm amazed. The Democrats finally musta read Sun Tzu!

BONER - oops Boehner says we're not allowing US to heal -

Michael Moore should be happy today -

Recall Blackwell?

Jan Schakowsky Rocks!

Go Carolyn Kirkpatrick

Good for John Nichols at The Nation

I missed Dennis. Could someone sum up his speech for me?

mixed feelings Michael Moore is the new

Paper Trail means nothing!!! Wake up!!

I can see the headlines tomorrow...

The only Senator who would now get my vote for President is Barbara

that's it!!!!

I beg of you DU to accept nothing more than simple Paper ballots and hand

Y'all should be watching the Senate

hasnt the debate passed 2 hours in the house?

Is the RNC serious with this press release?

Look at Chabot's hair !

REP ROB Portman has to be voted out

Turn on Randi

Another Plain Dealer editorial quoter

How to eliminate the question if a ballot is legal in the future

Maybe they should have contested New Mexico

To the people complaining about people complaining about the complainers

Where's Barbara Mikulski on this?

way to go Schakowski - she says don't GET OVER IT

Some remarks to the Republican House members

Shut up Rob Portman

if youre depressed, just remember where we were a few weeks ago

This has given us momentum. NOW is the time to start election reform at

Sorry, but this is an empty exercise. It only brings home the fact that ..

FINALLY the exit polls are being brought up!

Blunt can just bite me. It only matters if it's REALLLLY close

To the people complaining about the complainers

I, for one, still admire the hell out of Obama

Stephanie Tubbs is on!!

My cable went out! Will C-SPAN rerun the hearings tonight?

Isn't this Great! These Hearings have given us a great opportunity

Tubbs is on!

Conyers is on!!

Conyers on now

Boxer got the most votes of any Senator in U.S. History for Senate

Who was that in the House that just revised his opinion to support of the

Let's get Blackwell now!

Time to focus our energies: Amend the Constitution!!!

Did Congress focus on the wrong issues?

Just got back from the march/rally on Capitol Hill, Ask Me Anything!

If the Dems are serious about this, they won't need headlines

I am SICK of the Repubs whining about how this dialogue is a shame!

ACK! DELAY! Run away!

Repubs keep saying "Bush won OH by 118,00 votes"

Is anyone else depressed?


I am with some of the activists behind today, and they are reading this

XFiles of the Dem Party...well thats a first!

Conyers just said it...

Is DeLay confessing? Wow!

Unbelievable.. Lott actually refers to this debate as...

Has Michael Moore been elected and I missed it?

Delay speaks on "shame"

DeLay up now

The stark ugly head of American racism is the true shame

The ever so honset and upstanding (SNARK) Tom Delay

Did you hear me on the Ed Shultz show,

DeLay, you crook, sit down and shut up!

We just moved from the MM wing to the X-File wing! I love it! :-)

Jack Kingston, R-GA "Why Ohio, why not Minnesota

Hilarious. So now DU will only be satisfied with an overturned election?

Pugs will turn on Blackwell now

How many dems spoke today?

Can Dems split from Repubs and form our own country? It is unbelievable to

Delay on NOW!

Total Numbers from the Senate?

what a day in the history books!

great Delay up

Future Felon #1 Tom Delay is Spewing Now

I cannot tell you how proud I am to be a Californian right now.

What about evidence?

Delay says "No Disenfranchisement" in 2004, or 2000 /nt

OK, the senate has voted and the house is yet to vote, so what's



Any stand for democracy is a GOOD thing. Full stop.

Is that all you've got, Bugman?? -- what a gift to Democrats!!

This calls for this one!!!

Which Republican is voting YEA??

Which Republican voted yea?

Answers to the 'conspiracy theory' lines

Protest Tonight! As Cynthia Mckinney said: Shine the light on FraWd

the good and bad of today's historic events.


Gotta be a DUer talking on CSPAN

Was there a Republican who stated that there is a need for reform?

a repuke yea? who???

What's this feeling I have? Could it be a return of hope?

What to do next? Try THIS

DeLay up now talking about "shame"

Dont Whine! Mobilize and March Fourth!

We get a list of those Dems who voted nay in the House

Delay wants a war? I say we give him one!

Mixed Emotions

RON WYDEN, Senate DEM! Election fraud & ASKING FOR "PAPER TRAIL"

A question to those who believe debate is "frivolous"

some great call ins to cpsan

Im next on edd schultz

Taking Bets on Bush Statement About Electoral Challenge


Please send Senator Boxer some Orange Roses!

Your media sucks

Help me to understand this...

Delay says this is a shame, a shame.

why don't they ALL hurl ROTTEN TOMATOES at Tom DeLay

That Republican vote 'yea' is back!!!

Hillary is quite a speaker, as I've always been told by those who've seen

Re. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s floor statement for today

Wonder what former Senator Edwards thinks of all this?

NBC says "Exit Poll results in the hands of lawyers."

Why is he able to speak for so long?

Remember....."then they fight you"


What's the vote count, House and Senate?

Can anyone tell who's voting which way.

Black Caucus Press Conference on CSPAN now...

Last chance, Freepers. Answer this or get out.

Bernie Sanders voted Nay? WTF!

Black causus Press conference on cpan now


Wyden of Oregon demands paper trail for every single vote

we could have gotten ohio thrown out

Who wants to bet the Repubs calling in have not read the

An earlier suggestion: A site to thank all those who stood for us today

Barbara Boxer, Rosa Parks salutes you!!!

Will Pitt's observation

CSPAN caller: Lifelong conservative Repub appalled at colleagues!



57,288,974 voters

Anyone seeing a Republican "yea" vote appearing and disappearing?


Conyers great talking now

GO CONYERS! He is awesome.

Goodness I love Conyers. What a class act!


Black caucus talking on cspan

Looks like they're voting it down; profiles in courage, indeed.

Do you see that little fucking room they shoved Conyers into?

Where can we thank Conyers?!! n/t

Please, no, not "Boxer Rebellion". Worst cutsie name ever.

X Files Wing of Dem Party

Did you just hear Conyers praise MM for showing the scene in F-911


Did your opinion change during the course of the Senate/House debates?

Republican callers on CSPAN are defending this cause

You know, we should have hacked into the computers that tally

Help needed with Letter to the Editor!

So the election fraud findings are in the Congressional record

Breaking article on remote control possibility for election fraud

It's about the basic integrity of democracy, the right to free, fair vote!

Today is a beautiful day...

Harry Reid just lied about the Nevada Sequoias or his staff should be

So Boxer stepped up to the plate?

House 33 DEMS vote YES and........84 DEMS voted no

The stark ugly head of American racism is the true shame

What next? We need a full investigation.

Don't Allow Yourselves to be Bullied!

Once again, logical fallacy rules the Republican Day

What's with all this "absolutely no evidence" bullshit....

Conyers said they got five other senators besides Boxer!

If Congressman Conyers ,Jesse Jackson Runs For President They Got My Vote

Conyers JUST MADE THE POINT at the post-conference

My message to my senator:

The memme must be: Computers count the vote so no one can see.

Mike Rectenwald on Scarborough Country tonight - 10PM EST!!

Let's email Sen. Boxer and Rep. Jones and say THANKS

I missed the whole thing and my VCR didn't record it!


A message from Shrub? What's this going to be all about?

Why didn't that Vermont Independent vote yea?

Message to Black Caucus...if you form your own party...I'll join!

How about a Boxer/Tubbs-Jones ticket in '08?

We need list of Democrats that voted no, anyone have?

On YAHOO Rate it!

It was such a good decision for to be Kerry out of the country

Please listen to Randi on AAR! n/t

some cspan call in brilliant

Democrats Force Debate on Election Mishaps

The C-Span call-in lines are open

Tubbs-Jones is being phone-interviewed on CSPAN now...

To All The Paragons Of Democratic Virtue On DU Slamming Democrats

Delay is preparing Us for Gonzolaz attacking progressives

Boxer:Statement On Her Objection To The Certification Of Ohio’s Electoral

Cspan is blue screen in Stillwater OK

Obama maiden speech!

How Can This Be A Good Day I'm Middle Class,Disabled,And On Social

Okay. The suspense is killing me. How did Dennis vote?

Hurrah for Grassroots Movements and DU


What happened to Cliff Arnebeck's lawsuit in Ohio?

The House is recording its votes electronically- HA

Can't folks grasp it: just because YOUR state or YOUR precinct had 0 probs

I love representative Conyers this is from Pitts interview with him

Isn't it time to start calling him * *

WHAT DO YOU MEAN......They disposed of the Objections of Sen Tubbs???

Resist the urge to punish those who voted 'nay'. That's the Rove trap.

This was a battle won...the war is still being fought.

So tell me...will any investigation bare any weight?

Final vote - 31 Aye 267 Nay in House

Frederick Douglass on the 1884 election

I am so proud to have ovaries!

Think the Republican objections just might have given us enough rope?

Cspan to take more calls now

What was the worst Republican "comeback" of the day?


Watching Boxer and I can't stop crying.....

Did Maxine Waters just BODY SLAM Kan Blackwell?

Regardless of the outcome, please, everybody, thank Sen. Boxer.

Of those who chose "waste of time" on Will Pitt's poll...

Your opinion: Are the Reps corrupt, stupid or is it Cognitive Dissonance?

I cannot view CNN poll results.


What would the repub Senators have done

What Republican in the House voted Yea? n/t

Boxer says up to eight senators...

Way to go Kerry.

Celebrating in Charlotte NC


All of you OHIO people...get Rid of Voinovich!

What if we all sent barbara boxer a few dollars tomorrow

"its alright with me" - Rep Tubbs-Jones

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee D-TX is speaking

Sheila Jackson-Lee is on C-Span right now

We are watching HISTORY folks

a lawsuit.....A MR. MOSS.......AND A SMOKING GUN

Repubs know that Election "credibility" is on the line now...

Next: the rats...

when are dems going to learn?

search on Yahoo vs. Google

The callers on CSPAN are being very positive.

let's distribute his report --

Be sure to THANK B. Boxer! Just called her to thank her for her Bravery

We weren't looking for magic, we were looking for the first serious fight.

Our Poll Was A Success! We Now Know How Many Honest Politicians

Seems like the Chamber is missing quite a few people?????

olbermann he covering this?

When I called Sen. Feinstein, was told she's sick today...but

A wonderful thing is happening today! Instead of (s)Election 2004

4 more years of bush cant be that bad...

What Democrats supported Boxer in the end?

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this issue

A little note to the "democratic Senators" that voted NO:

Flood the Yea's with Thank You cards!!!

simple strategy of how the Democrats can win big in '08

Now what? Where do we go from here? .

Blue battleground exit polls accurate; red exit polls off 4-7%

Congressional Objectors to the Ohio Electors: Results

FYI - Today's Electoral Vote Challenge will be replayed on CSPAN2

The wheels of Justice...


You want to jump out of the party, FINE. I am still proud to be...

Why was DeLay the only one to mention "Vote Stealing Software"?

Freep frame - flip Democratic courage of today into cowardice

Let's keep this forum over till all of America knows Bush lost

Randi: "What you have witnessed today is the end of American democracy"

This is what you must do in 2006


Does anyone have the text of Dennis's speech?

Stephanie Tubbs-Jones Admits That Junior Won The Election On Cspan

Talk is Cheap

Dear Democratic Senators and Representatives:

William Pitt - have you ever called into Randi Rhode's show?

Fool us once shame on you - fool us twice shame on us

I STILL have a good feeling...

Senate results

Hillary Clinton will never set foot in the White House again

Dems Had a Great Day; Even Viagra Won't Help Bush w/ Condi Tonight...nt

They're going to fix it NOW??????????????

Just Want To Say THANK YOU To Everyone Who Frequents This Forum

Interesting call to CSpan from a Republican

Anybody know the status of legal actions in Ohio? n/t

I just sent this to Rep. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones

David Cobb & Mike Badnerick The True Heros

So what does this mean for the presidential inauguration

Of those who chose "waste of time" on Will Pitt's poll...

Are you ready and willing to help overhaul our election system?

I'm angry...

Of those who chose "it was a good day" on Will's poll...

caller just asked about repug vote dissappearing on the screen.

Thoughts about today

Anyone else think it's time for Nancy and Harry to resign?

Dear Colleagues at DU,

I need a margarita.....

It's odd that most of the whining here

Okay, now that we have crossed this path--I think one of the next things

CNN: It's just political theater. Democrats just trying to score points.

Why didn't any Dem mention Triad tampering with the recount?

scary blog on violence against libs

One battle won, a war to go

What Howard Dean said about fraud...

This was just the first battle in a long war. Promise you won't give up!

When will democrats learn?

Shumer does not see enough evidence:

Remember that Democrats are also tied to corporate cash, and therefore...

Republicans are pissed off, and I consider that a MAJOR victory!

CNN Headline News: "2 Democrats disrupted the process by


The Congressional debate and media coverage served two purposes

Here is the big picture

Tell the Washington state GOP to - in the GOP's own words - "Get over it!"

Anyone listening to DeLay?

and thanks to all those who went to DC here is Reuters:

Not a thing about it on CBS News

Conyers statement online

Kerry's 3.5 million e-mail list, I want off!

All the talk about suppression, none about the MACHINES

What happened today ???


Can Anybody Get Text of DeLay's Speech?

Let's see, what's after Ohio? (Business as usual)

Comments to articles online re: Boxer are all in favor of her objection.

It's so pathetic that some are grateful for the tiny crumb thrown at us

House Democrats Request Joint Congressional Investigation of Ohio Vote

The crowd was smaller today than I expected, but it was worth it.

Please post today's Protest/demonstration reports here...

We WON This Round!

Some of us are featured on this headline site related to election fraud

Jesse Jackson, Jr connects with MLK's legacy... Federal Vote Protection

The "FraudFuckers" Win Again...America loses again

Republicans WANTED Democrats To Do This Today

Since the majority feels it's a good day : on to the 20th

History called: Senator Boxer answered the phone along with...

I Bet Kerrys Ear Is Burning Off

BOE ...2 dems and 2 repukes


du gets good press

I Wish People Would Stop Saying Bush Won He's Never Won

Time for a little-lets pat each other on the back--

So, what is John Kerry's "secret plan" now?

Will today's transcripts be posted anywhere?

As a DUDQ, I promise not to criticize or say I told you so...

Everyone whos never voting Dem again...

Ask The Thousands Of People Who Didn't Get To Vote Who Won

My letters to Sen. Byrd & Sen. Rockefeller

Was the DUer thing at D.A.'s R.F.D. last night or tonight (or neither?)

But the Dems COULD HAVE presented a unified front

At least Olbermann's going to talk about the electoral vote challenge.

deleted message

Does anyone know if CSPAN is rebroadcasting the hearings tonight?

Barbara Boxer on C-Span 2 right now ! nt


Stephanie Tubbs-Jones on right now on C-Span 2 nt

Some of you might not like it but....

Kucinich-Boxer 2008


So is idiot boy's "mandate" completely destroyed now?

Conspiracy theorist -- Definition

Can you explain this to me?


What's the MSM reaction??

What did you expect.

We are used to instant gratification. This is history we are dealing..

C-Span 2: Joint Session of Congress nt

They knew the challenge was a very real possibility----So they did this

In order to truly endorse what happened today

Are tapes/DVDs of the hearings available anywhere?

Love the Kerry bashing

I only want to know one thing from the Republicans

Email from ActionSpeaks Portland saying thank you!

anyone watching Keith O?

What do you think could/should have been accomplished today

New Steven Freeman Paper up!

C-Span rebroadcast of joint session electoral vote

Challenge to be replayed on cspan-2 tonight

C-Span 2: House Debate on Now nt

Did Congress action change anything? Still don't know who will be Pres?

A common political leader is like a boss.

I feel like Sparticus fighting against Rom(v)e

Very disappointed with the Democratic party!

AFP: Senator defies party to make election protest

My hate mail page has generated this comment

So, the next time, do we attempt to stop 'em for 4 Hours?

tubbs bugging cheney its beautiful

KOEB Relocation Thread

History books and graduate students

Did the democratic party become the Uncle Tom party?

CSPAN Tonight and Tomorrow (sorry I'm late but here's the rest)

Is election reform possible?

Tin Soldiers and Bush's coming

Take a lesson from generations of black protesters -

NOW WHAT? What happens with the lawsuits, & investigations....

Tell me again the down side of voting YEA ??????????

Kerry: "These are the most crooked bunch of..."

What happened at the D U party in DC last night?

Why this thing about changing the forum's name?

We made it happen! A revised view of 1/6. Idea: A Peoples Investigation?


Democratic Party Back Watch

Please don't lose sight of the consequences of this day

First NPR Report -Democrats Force Debate on Ohio Election Tally

Oh lord this article is horrid. Calls Democrats bullies???

Anyone know of a video stream of Boxer's statement.....

Joe Scarborough: Contender for Best Douchebag of Liberty?

Toward a new Federal Elections Standards Act

What Will Jon Stewart Report Tonight?

What letter arrived from the President?

I just listened to Nancy Pelosi on CSPAN

Mike Malloy's taking the words from my mouth...

BTW, it's not over. We're going to protest Bush out of office.

Boxer Has No Regrets About Electoral Challenge

History/law people: Please correct me if I'm wrong, but...

Lynn Woolsey - CA - you go, great speech !!!!! nt

Give the Repukes credit. They Cheat. They lie. But they fight. As a team.

What Election Challenge Means

Rate these pics 5s

Remember this thread?

DFA blog: Cong. Pallone posts about challenging the election.

The end of the Republican majority

I heard the news today. Oh Boy.

Audit of OR Lottery finds computer security flaws

In light of what happened today, what will become of the............

Every other Repuke: "The Plain Dealer says you're beating a dead horse"

Contest The House Vote

Hey everyone - give CNN strokes

This is the United States of America! Why have we set the bar so low

Part of Me is Happy - I Want Bush to Be Responsible

Sign this and join more than 72,000 Americans....

Frog. March. Plame. 9/11. Report. Saudi. Connection. Waiting.

Please don't forget that there are still lawsuits pending!

Tell me why I should keep fighting. SO DEPRESSED.

Hey all you Greens out there, convince me!!

Did you expect the republicans to all say yes he cheated?

Video Clip - Countdown: Olbermann reports on Electoral Challenge

Do you think most Americans even know what happened today?

US Constitution doesn't contain a right for Americans to vote in elections


What do we do to make sure Election Reform isn't yesterday's news?

Bring BOXER shorts to the 1/20 protest

Boxer on today:"It's the opening round in the battle for election reform."

I want to hear a debate: Will Pitt calling in to Mike Malloy.

Is it me or does John Larson (D-CT)

SF Chron Op Ed by Steven Freeman

I'm kinda new so forgive my possible redundancy...

I'm listening to local CBS 10 o'clock news waiting to hear a blip on the

Democrats seek to upset Bush's re-election rubber stamp

Hey screw em... anything new in the investigation?

32 Yes votes in the House, guesses, anyone?

Jesse Jackson and Howard Dean will not let us down!

Alcee Hastings (FL) is our hero, NOT Doc Hastings (WA-R).

Just listening to the House of Representative debate

List of who voted against certification in the House?

Vote with dollars

We must work to restore the credibility of exit polls

Protest Photo

Today was just a Shot across their Bow!

Tasty article by David Swanson, ILCA. "What Election Challenge Means"

Republicans today - non denial denial

Still looking for ANY mention in the MSM

Email Reid and Pelosi in support of Barbara Boxer

Washington State Fraud Definitive Proof...

***TIVO copies update***LOOK


Senate debate..Let's thank these senators (a list, contact link & comment)

"Selection 2004" effect: Evan Bayh the front-runner for the DNC in 2008

We have to focus on who is good/bad=Please Rate them here


Fear won this election...and fear lost it

I listened for certication news on NPR today...

A new and important political term. (defectors)

Wow! NBC Nightly News covered it, and not once did I hear the words

What is Conyers doing? Paving the way for Arnold in 2008?

easy "Thank You " link for Barbara Boxer

List of "Yea" votes in the House

Please list the Republican EXCUSES for ignoring voter fraud here.


I believe the election of Bush* CAN be legitimately overturned tomorrow

Durbin a shill for Bush!

Senate - Levin votes 'aye'?

Dems who vote "no" we are watching.

Obama, Hillary, Lieberman and Kennedy just voted NO

Where's Byrd?

Obama is ON!

Think how bad would you feel if no Senator had signed....

I just can't understand why everyone is ok with settling for this...

A salute to the heroes of the election reform effort!

Heads up folks! It is being reported all around the globe.

Today the GOP proved they are the ANTI-VOTING party.

Anyone else feel let down?

Bush has another stain on his record.

Reposting why Kerry gave a gift to me today, not the Republicans

Today was a GREAT DAY in DC. I was there. I'm proud of everyone!

"Boxer Rebellion"

Where are those who said no senator would challenge?

Well, ABC News gave today's events 10 seconds...

The Repugs accused there was "no evidence presented," but...

Why I think DU is getting a bad rap

Did Jon Stewart not cover the election stuff? Think we'll see it tomorrow

Randi Rhodes: 'Today is the Death of Democracy' n/t

I LOVE Barbara Boxer.


I running against Mark Dayton as a Democrat in Minnesota in 2006!

Boxer would not have stood without the consent of the leadership

Hillary? No thanks.

So, can this forum be closed now? Can this be the last string?

A Paper Trail without Hand Counts is Useless....

Someone explain to me why we aren't challenging the outcome?

PIX -->

Husband heard on AA that Dems cut a deal re: filabusters and OH cert.

Hey WilliamPitt - Damn good job

John Kerry and the price of tomatoes

"Congress rejects election challenge" Posted on MSNBC

Kerry is not at home sipping tea - HE IS IN IRAQ!!!

Repug talking point about Dem. canvassing board members...

Randi Rhodes debating today's events NOW ... she ain't happy

Read My Fucking Post!!!

I'm granting Kerry one month.

Please remember to talk to your children about today

The ReDefeat Bush Rally -- I showed up.

Did people here really think Ohio was going to be voted out?

What about a thank you website for Conyers, Boxer et al?

ALL Those who are saying voting NO is Wrong, DO NOT fully Understand

The joint session is over, the votes are counted, and the GOP is NOT HAPPY

Stop whining and get back to work!

The GOP Looked Like Assholes Today-Democrats Showed They Care

Shall we start a Roses for Boxer fund?

Why weren't the exist polls brought up?

OK Kerry f*** us Accept it and stop defending the coward

I am not depressed, disappointed or angry. I AM PROUD &

DU Proposal: We buy billboard time collectively to speak the truth to mass

Du this poll Is Gonzales good for AG?

What issues were brought up and what evidence given in the challenge?

I wish I could feel good about today - but I can't

Look at all you have accomplished since Nov. 2...

I am a Green Party member, and this is why I vote for the Green Party.

The Nashua Advocate: Election Challenge Recap and a Salute to Activists

Help, DU Oldtimers and friends, I am looking for input here

Can this area of DU now officially be called the ELECTION REFORM BOARD?

It's over----can we move on and get ready for 2008? Please!!!!

I interviewed Rep. Conyers just before the vote - transcript here

Was today a good day, or a waste of time?

Barbara Boxer on the Ed Schultz Show ... said that only one Senator needed

Asshats of Democracy

Is there any support for the strategy of working to defeat them rather

How about a full page ad in the Washington Post, folks?

New name for our forum:Election Fraud Investigation & Reform

This was a great opportunity for bipartisan support BECAUSE it couldn't

Help Please! Data needed....

Lautenberg ROCKS!!! Trashing Blackwell!

2000. Gore. Stolen. 2002. Cleland. Stolen. 2004. Kerry. Stolen. 2006....

The Most Disgusting, Revolting Piece of Smarm Appearance by A Repuke Today

Stop and think: Was it worth it?

For those criticizing the Dems that didn't stand with Boxer - a reminder

Lawyers and Others in the Know: Qs About Today's Electoral Challenge

Is Democracy Over?

Where are alll those that said this was chess strategy of Kerry's?

We are going to need to say this over and over again: "*" stole it!

you call THIS a victory?

Just out: ARNEBECK Letter Challenging Congress Jan. 6; claims fraud

My Reasons Why Today Was or Can Be Wildly Successful

Not enough emphasis on Software & Machine Manipulation

Many of you must be new to politics

Jub Bush 2008

Pelosi Needs to Lose Her House Leader status: she voted NAY

HONESTLY, by your Nov 3rd standards, are you happy with the results?

the most dangerous remarks today came from J.D. Hayworth

Evidence of Voting Irregularities in Snohomish Co., WA

Photos from DC - Lafayette Park 1/6

May I suggest we start writing Letters to the Editor?

How do I get out of this party?

Pictures from DC Rallies: Lafayette & Capitol Hill (More later)

Today's corporate media response proves my point: Media....

Article on vote challenge in Ekstra Bladet, Denmark

Conyers: "But I hasten to add that until we complete our investigation, ..

VOTE YES on CNN Should Congress look into validity of the pres election

Hamilton Co. (Cincinnati) finally releases canvass results

I'M CELEBRATING!!!! Who's with me?!

I will be recording CSPAN today on TIVO (copies available free)

Please contribute to the Boxer, Stubbs-Jones flowers fund

Keep calling Boxer right up to 10 A.M.

Jazz Funeral for Democracy-New Orleans-January 20, 2005

Was Susan Davis a NO, or was she absent?

I'm from Wisconsin. I took an oath to support anyone who stood with

Arnold: Back To The Days Of The Hapsburg Dynasty

Boxer for President!

Standing Up for California--Be sure to check this out!

Proposition 13.... Why California is too damned expensive to live in

Is Nussle going to run for Gov?

WCCO at 10 tonight (Thursday) Interview with Dayton

The amendment that wouldn't die: SSM ban returns to the House

Dayton "strongly inclined" to vote against Gonzales

I just called and resigned from the DFL

Anybody know what got into Dayton this afternoon?

My system is bogged. Task MGR is full of things I cant delete.

Question for ***LINUX***** gurus.

How do you remove "write protected"

Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)

Help me Mr. and Ms. Wizards. Font size is HUGE on screen. What did I do?

Rain Rain Go Away!

Did our glorious frat-boy

Pittsburgh wants new $52 tax paid now all in January

2005 Legislative session townhall Thursday South Houston

What is the party doing to organize us for the 2005 Legislation session?

Brazosboomer please check in...............

Hutchison did not vote

Where was Sen Kay Bailey?

How did Texas Dems Vote on 1/6/05

I need: Full text of DeLay's speech on 01.06.05

Chris Bell to be speaking Saturday (1-8-05)

Rally for Hubert Vo -Austin on Tuesday 1/11 2.00 p.m.

Our anti-BBV bill

Feingold...where are you???

"Get out of Iraq!"

So between shows i flip through the cable "News" channels and....

Before I go to The Land of Nod, I leave you with these links:

Chimp and Cheney getting crystal lamps -- what would you give them instead

I come here, because DU rules

Marines were bulldozing houses in Fallujah yesterday.


RW Dictator Bush Admin - We won't torture you now, we promise...

Video Game Celebrates Fallujah Slaughter

When will the state dept. tell the truth about the missing Americans?

2004 Year-Ender . . . by Gwynne Dyer . . .

Just had a nightmare...

My response to remarks made to me from a rightwinger;

Architecture of Aggression

Credit Cards - have you read recent letter to you from them? 37% interest

ARRRGH! My MiL Musta Drank The MSM Tsunami Kool-Ade Today!

Best Wham!/George Michael Track

Tucker Carlson fired from CNN - We need to thank Stewart and Klein

Stand up, Barb,

Does anyone know offhand who originated the Bushist case against ICC?

"Doctors Warn of Health Woes From Tsunami", Bush stumps for health reforms

Celebrities to hold benefit for tsunami victims

Josh Marshall on Social Security "reform"

About that tort reform

Is it true that Speedy Gonzales there shied away from his own comments?

The bombing of Bhagdad

Quick! I have to go to work! C-Span1 or C-Span2? (THE hearing)


another "hilarious" Chuck Asay cartoon

Has Anyone Heard Estimates On The Land Mass Covered By The Tsunami?

Are people like Condi Rice and Colin Powell simply opportunists

Didn't a bunch of Astrologers right before the election predict

Congress should debate torture in the context of illegal, unjust wars

The Idea Of Conspiracy Theory itself is Obsolete.

In a nation that prides itself on its supposed individuality, it is often

"We Are All Torturers Now"

Wikipedia Entry on Alberto Gonzalez: Enron Sleazebag, Bush's Enabler

Climate change hits as Bush takes office

Micheal Moore is coming up on the today show next..

New home for downtown homeless?

Mandela's eldest son dies of Aids

Bar & GHWB's 60th Wedding Anniversary! What shall we send them?

Why is torture even an issue?

Why can't their be a Better Business Bureau for Doctors?

For those of you who missed it yesterday (Important DU thread)

Has anyone heard of this case? (AFA e-mail--Repent America arrest)

HEADS UP! They are going after Rep.Conyers "Tukeygate"

End is hurtling fast: US Reservists a broken force

How many Democrats have signed on to the PNAC conspiracy?

Church sex scandals' heavy legacy

OMFG...They don't wanna show the kids what their daddy did....

Malice & Incompetence - does it really matter which it is?

You'd think Gonzales gave birth to Christ by the way they introduced him

For the righties that are so into "ownership" and personal responsibilty

"Yowzah, Marz Geo'ge, we's in charge'n our gubmint, now, suh."

ewwwww, dark day anniversary -

Gonzalez conspired to commit fraud on the court in Texas, no mention.

Off-road ban to save tortoises

Prospective attorney-general was 'behind Iraqi torture policy'

Closet case Orin Hatch singing the praises of Gonzales

Breaking News: Sen. Boxer Signs Challenge

Leahy is just great...grilling Gonzales

Senator Leahy is slamming Gonzales

Bush and Frivolous Lawsuits

Don't let Democrats off the hook on Gonzalez! They WANT to be off the hook

I saw on cspan that Barbra boxer sighns challenge yet I couldn't find it

If Kennedy has anything to say about it, its bedtime for Gonzo

Gonzales brings kids to try to keep more abuse photos from being shown!

"Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven"

"Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven"

We are all torturers

It's a wrap: the wonderful world of Christo

What's Shrub Doing Today? Anyone Know? With All The Nail Biting Events

Waiting in the wings - (Guardian: Papal succession)

Bushists want public to view objections to Gonzales as PURELY political

What time is the challenge? Channel?

Are the anti-abortion ads being aired in all states?

So where the heck are the Dem reps this morning

someone hold me please!!!

Tort reform questions

Why I can't watch the CSPAN proceedings...

Were Americans EVER really the good guys, or have the POTB

The neocons have a hand in Aceh, too

Okay Senators....Do a" Rosa Parks" move today.

"Boxer Rebellion" --RW radio talking points in the House right now

How Big Really Is Bush's Political "Capital" (more smoke and mirrors)?

Pitts of PA starting out dissing Democrats -grrrrrrr

Free Republic And "Support Our Troops"

Federal employees get a pay raise.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, my word, he is SO disgusting...

Just Some Thoughts This Morning.

Gonzalez just mentioned "sexual abuse"...

Streaming Audio Questions-Please Help!

We need t-shirts that say "Don't Mess With Democracy"

Bush, Cheney to Receive Crystal Lamps

Who will grill Mr. Torture the hardesst?

Gonzalez' Clemency memos

Conspiracy theories hit the corporate media!

Lets Talk About Racism. Not the Ones Perpetrated by the Majority

Check this out

Why I am proud to be a CONSPIRACY THEORIST.

I was pleasantly surprised by Senator Barbara Boxer's speech.

Boxer 2004!!!

GONZALES HEARING: Cornyn is saying IC's are NOT covered under GENEVA

Can't hand prez defeat on his major domestic initiative at time of war

Who's this Sen R-South Carolina?

Why not truth serum instead of torture?

Refreshing Press Conference...

three things we MUST demand of the Democratic Party . . .

Soldier Begging For Dog Food For Deployed Dogs

Hey! old man Rehnquist, you work for us, how's your health?

We need a comeback to "Boxer Rebellion" NOW!

Tsunami Donations Tax relief

Fundie Brownback says pornography is getting more "potent"

Joint Session of congress on now on regular cspan

CNN fires Tucker Carlson. Tucker's boss "in the Jon Stewart's camp"

how Helmly's draft will work

"Was Lincoln Bisexual?" - by Gore Vidal (Vanity Fair)

Doctors are in it for the money - who cares about the patient

Things I have learned today from the Gonzales hearings.

Gonzalez sounds like a cast member from "Queer Eye..."

WOW CNN.COM SAYS THE CHALLENGE IS... oh wait, nevermind,


Has Gonzales played the Addington card yet?

You go Stephanie Tubbs Jones!!!!

Another BS Fox News poll.

New meme: "Jim Crow Republicans"



Conyers up

How can we help our Dem Congresswomen and men to not waste their

Where's Ted Kenned?, Hillary?, Schumer, Feinstein? Kerry? Edwards?

can anyone help me find up to date list of tsunami donations by country?

Deborah Pryce - major league asshole

---Joint Session Thread#1----

Kennedy up on the senate side

The greatest and most influential boycott of all time...

Boxer just dissed Cheney as he passed by her on the Senate Floor!

LIST the reps that believe in democracy

The Daily Montage - created hourly from Google News Page

How about we REC the HECK out of the Yahoo story on Boxer/Challenge?

Mark Dayton up on the Senate side

What else do you guys want? Impeachment?

Fascism Captures Republicans

smirk said: "politics is the ultimate sacrifice"

Plain Dealer Editorial -- "Let it Go," Referenced by Tubbs Jones

Tom Friedman: The Unpublished Column

Tsunami vs. Iraq

"Jim Crow" Senator Mike Dewine in now mocking....

GREAT photo(Gonzales hearings) you won't see on CNN

Where the hell are all the Dems? They are holding the vote on the Senate

Anybody Know About The Video Randi Was Talking About The Other Day ???

MSNBC: "Inauguration to break from tradition." (NO SHIT).

Change one fact: substitute Kerry's name where Bush's appears.

Anyone Kmow Where DICK is....

So, my freeper co-worker says...

Could we send Ms Tubbs-Jones and Senator Boxer flowers?

bush demands good news ONLY on Iraq. Ignore the bad & it will go away.

---Joint Session Thread#2----

MAXINE WATERS gots it goin

Will Pitt on the Michael Moore website?

OK so Democrats are KOOKS, we can't let it go, Michael Moore has

River's Wrath Hits Again

Letting Gonzales be Attorney General WILL NOT stop terrorists

DU this poll on CNN

Please rerun the "Thank these Senators" thread.

Isn't it amazing when you learn about other people's representatives?

"Candidates who lose, should just concede and accept it"

"Theory" of Plate Tectonics

Dreier - " This emboldens the terrorists" (paraphrase)

Randi: "Its a felony".

what's with all the orange?

notice how the repigs just repeat

I've just read Skinner's post about NYT and Fox

Gonzales as AG will only encourage terrorists

Rep Chabot Cant Talk.....BushSpeak

Who were the Senators who spoke against Ohio's voting irregularities?

If They Did Not Stir the Pot....Dont Vote For

Some Dem should challenge a Republican to a duel!

J.D. Hayworth is a A$$wipe......Agreed????????

The Morality of Paternity

---Joint Session Thread#3----

I was just on the Ed Schultz show, from Virginia Beach

Why are we deleting freepers?

My Thank You Letter to Sen. Boxer

donna brazile

Wow. I would have bet this was TOO STUPID even for rightwingnuts. WRONG.

Everytime I post on Yahoo boards...

Who is the one lone Republican "Yea" from the House? Anyone know?

More than "not one damned dime"; a full economic boycott is needed.

Capital Gang to be cancelled later this year

Well the truth has come to light Gore asked Boxer in 2000 Don't

Oaf J. D. Hayworth

I believe that the biggest differences between our "journalists" today


Just heard Randi say

So are we divided 3 ways now rather than just 2?

CSPAN caller mentioning fleeing Republican "yea"

Did anyone else see the little drama behind Gonzales today?

What is up with the tu-tu phrase?

Jon Stewart was right, CNN says

Cynthia McKinney RAWKS!!!!

give it up for michael moore

anyone listen to the incoming telephone calls to c-span

Conspiracy Theories printed in the New York Times

Is Gonzales as Big a Dip As Ashcroft?

New Mark Fiore cartoon about tsunami aid:

Du disappoints me, but does not surprise me!

everyone should write and thank boxer..and anyone else who stands

GOP should give their voter list to Armed Forces Recruiters

"All we need is one bag job and an alert night security man."

Mike Rectenwald on Scarborough Country tonight - 10PM EST!!


"Rove ran Ohio election results from a computer in the White House"


Wanna see what talking points Republicans will be repeating after today?

Kucinich on Crossfire

Did Obama speak today?

Tom Daly "Today is a shame...a shame"

Look down this page and see Rove with Barack.......

John Conyers praising Michael Moore!

Sirius Listeners .... why am I hearing the Wall Street Journal news ....

Talk is Cheap

Kid Rock and Shrubs inauguration

Same-day GOP flip-flops!!!

A few high quality pics from Iraq

IsSenator Boxer The Last True Democrat

Forget Hillary Clinton. Anyone Want to Begin a Draft Boxer Movement?

PERFECT EXAMPLE of exactly WHY "they" hate us:

Is Jeb the next President Bush?

Union of Concerned Scientists

7 G.I.'s Killed in Iraq today ...add 2 more

Am I the only one who truly believes that democracy is dead.

Universities earning 15% on investments - expect lower tuition?

MoveOn email requesting help airing ad on Gonzales

Are we entering an era when less and less people are going to be needed

Reptile dysfunction.....

Caroline Kennedy, Oprah, or Tom Hanks for President?

Had a stroke Sunday, been in the hospital. I'm too tired to weed through

Breaking: Roadside Bomb Kills 7 US Soldiers in Iraq

Should folks who join a third party leave DU?

Zero mention of today's Congressional debate on CBS evening news

Two Dead, Hundreds Treated After Aiken County (SC) Train Derailment

Children & Disasters/Wars & the News Media

Jan 20th ----Wear black for mourning

An email sent to me today

Why are you a law abiding citizen?

Government's Shell Game

What will it take?

Here is the big picture

Why do Freepers rate stories about dead soldiers so low?

Someone, somewhere, is documenting cases of war crimes committed by the US

Maybe DU'ers should research Sean Hannity

Democrats grill Gonzolez.

I'm Not Sure How Many More Corners We Can Stand To Turn

WP: jeb & colin DELAY rescue efforts...jeb quote: "That was.....oh man"

Blue Springs, Mo Parents Upset Over Reading List

Understanding the religious right, or what we THINK is the religious right


Greatest song ever, Us and Them, Pink Floyd

Apparently the latest talking point name for us is CONSPIRACY THEORISTS

I found the wackiest wingnut forum ever!!

Surprising feature on Jim Lehrer tonight.

Over 1,300 American GI's dead, more than 10,000 wounded, and Ø POW's?

Theater for the masses: mere criticism of torture and election fraud...

IRS will allow you to deduct as donations to tsunami victims 'til Jan 31st

Between Jan 6 and Jan 19...What happens IF

PA CHRISTIANS FACE 47 YEARS IN I received from freeper...

"Air America Radio" and "Public Service Announcements"

why Democrats lose: the "DEAD" Center

I need some help

WHAT WORKS: Starve the beast (boycott right wing propaganda sponsors)

Mr. Yates (On Larry King)

In Honor of the ReverendDeuce, DU artists show your stuff!

Putting the blame where it belongs. What is the worse blow to democracy

Did I just hear Tweety tell Barbara Comstock she's "right on everything??"

Displaced children MUST be protected...NOT adopted.

Letter to Scarborough on god and the tsunami

8:45 c-span wash journal - should electoral college be abolished

Wonder if Haliburton will get the rebuilding contract in Sri Lanka

Why do even liberals call the president "commander-in-chief?"

Precedent setting liability settlement in WorldCom shareholder action


NBC News: Appeals court overturns Andrea Yates capital murder conviction.

So... what do we do, become anarchists?

Kindly stop discussing democracy, Miss Beazley has arrived

The Madness of George Bush: Reflection of Collective Psychosis

Wow...O'Reilly just had quite a rant about the "Left Wing Media"...Huh?

Reflective Daschle urges Dems to 'stand up' for their beliefs

Moved forum.....please forgive my redundancy

The RW Flip-Flops on Terrorism

Are you a proponent of New or Old Testament Values?

Just heard Rush-listening co-worker: UNICEF supports madrasses

Poppy and Barb anniversary bash tonite at the WH

Excuse I'm having a difficult time with DU today

Don't patronize Staples if you think they've ditched Sinclair.


I may finally get fundies. They are weak and need the government's help.

A special request for Gola Wolf Richards.

? Questions For Gonzales ?

DUers are truth seekers

Will John Stewart show a clip from today?

More on Gen. Gary Luck, who is going to "assess' Iraq.....

GOP! Forget tsunami aid! Get your $3000.00 Bush inaugural hat here!

Tired of "W" stickers? Get a load of this... (pic)

Some Freeper Vandalized my Bumper Sticker!

I'm Taking My Country Back ---------------------------> mp3

Most voters in Ohio chose Kerry; here’s how the votes vanished.

Who thought the election would be overturned today?

Mike's just reading a letter from a "former listner"

Interesting Bush - John Hinckley connection

Truthseekers Thursday Gathering: Election Challenge Special

BBV: Excellent Republican c-span Caller makes the case for a PAPER TRAIL

Joe Scarborough questions how God could kill 150,000 people

A call for a discussion of **Reality**

Nightline 1/6: Torture and the next attorney general

KOEB Meeting

The Democratic Party is comatose.

Is Bush already a lame duck?

I am feeling FIRED UP! Bring it on you wasteful, hateful Repubs!

Wow, Hannity is interviewing Amber Frye.......

If you ran the CIA what weapon would you design to use Nature for damage?

Howard Zinn on Jon Stewart Tonight n/t

ADM donates 135 tons of high-protein meal; opens 'line of credit'

Does anybody like Katie Couric?

Barbara Boxer cried today (photos)

Anybody Notice: Since the Election We've Had Not One Terror Alert?

The Truth About Tort Reform (long, researched, policy whitepaper)

Anyone know what BUSHCO's response was to the events in congress today

Tucker Carlson gets SHIT-CANNED!!!!

The never-ending faith of loyal Democrats

I am tired of feeling so much hate.

Are you considering changing parties?

Journalists challenge Fox, threatened with $1 million legal bill

Excellent case of how lawsuits hold business accountable when gov't won't

Even for the Whore Media, This is a New Low..

Why did alberto gonzales DROP OUT of the U.S. Air Force Academy? (link)

Kind of feel sorry for Gonzales - he's had to wipe Bush's ass

CNN Bids Farewell to 'Crossfire,' Carlson

Please allow me to GLOAT Boyz!! The Women Folk got BALLZ

Official Alberto Gonzales Hearing Thread #2

good press for DU

Dear NPR: Go Cheney Yourself (story on "Kerry die-hards")

The Republic is dead. The Empire has begun. Long live the Republic!

Misguided Dem Leadership want Terry McAuliffe to stay

I want to commend Skinner and the DU Moderators and participants!

The Banned Book List - Go Buy These Books

Democratic eBay sellers, identify yourselves!!

After today's PATHETIC display, has the democratic party EARNED your vote?

Molly Ivins Latest Column Almost Says We Have Become A

Doctor's salaries going up and up..

PHOTOS: Happy 60th Anniversary Babs and Poppy!!

Does Anyone Else Feel Abandoned By Their Party?

Yates got off of the Death Penalty...for killing those kids !

Lost faith--what things don't you believe in any more?

DU member stopped by airlines



Request for Comments on Rev. Franklin Graham

'Conspiracy Theory' is what the ignorant use to smear those who know.

I am fed up with NC!

Four more years. Has the reality set in for you yet?

01/06/05-The Day the Democratic Party & Democracy Died in America

Today showed where Bev Harris failed miserably

News Junkies-- Free Lexis/Nexis

"Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven"

Comfort Foods for the Disheartened Soul

Baking site I discovered recently

storing olive oil

Any suggestions for Goat Cheese

Gonzales's Clemency Memos Criticized

Iraqi insurgents outnumber U.S. forces

U.S. Baptist group thanks God for 2000 dead Swedes.

Fallujans reluctant to go home, despite aid

Inside the Recount (Gregoire-Rossi insider: Guess who tried to cheat?)

Suicide Car Bombings Kill 25 in Iraq

Dems May Challenge Electoral Vote Count

EU tsunami aid hits €1.5bn

1st round of layoffs at Cingular disclosed (6,800 planned)

Kuwaiti soldiers charged with planning attack on US forces

IRAQ: Policemen resigning due to insecurity and threats

Timeline on terror prisoners' treatment

Official: Iraq Elections Delay Too Risky

Canada considering proposal aimed at shutting down Internet pharmacy presc

U.S. Marine Killed in Action in Western Iraq (1342)

Sen. Is Asked To Object to Ohio Vote by Santa Fe Resident

Soldier Begging For Dog Food For Deployed Dogs

US seeks more money to train Iraqi forces

Sen. Boxer of CA to object to Ohio's electoral votes. (FNC)

Bush Gets a New Voice for Second Term (WSJ's McGurn expected replacement)

Summary: New Stem Cell Agency Under Fire (California

Annan says a billion dollars needed now as UN takes over relief operation

San Francisco Mayor, Court TV Lawyer Split

Senator Leahy is slamming Gonzales

Schwarzenegger urges pension overhaul

Texas Mom's Murder Convictions Overturned

Gonzales Promises Non - Torture Policy (NYT altered headline)

Naples 'hitman' held as President takes on Mafia

Democrats to Force Debate on Ohio Results

Blue screen of death crashes (Bill) Gates at CES (Consumer Electronic Show

Tsunami 'Core Group' of Relief Nations Disbanded

Soldier Begging For Dog Food For Deployed Dogs

U.S. Cautious on Future Aid for Tsunami

Governor Lays Out Ambitious Agenda Certain to Draw Fire

Education Nominee's Senate Hearing Begins

NBC's 'Fear Factor' Sued for Rat-Eating Episode (For $2.5 Million)

Bush, Cheney to Receive Crystal Lamps

Cnn headline news just said Boxer to chanllenge (not much by hey it is

Mandela's son dies of AIDS at 54

18 Iraqis Found Dead in Field Near Mosul

Freight Trains Collide in South Carolina

We cannot allow the terrorists to stop elections, says Allawi

Egypt says its nuclear programme peaceful

Feds Slash College Grants

my good it is all over Cabel news--Boxer--every channel I flicked

Bush Nominee Plans to Stand Firm on War-Captive Memo

Boxer challenges Ohio's electoral vote

White House refuses to release Gonzales prisoner interrogations

MSNBC: "Inauguration to break from tradition." (NO SHIT).

Ooops: Blue screen of death interrupts Gates' CES show.

Looks like they're voting it down; profiles in courage, indeed.

Attorney General Nominee Hit for Prisoner Policy

Attorney General Nominee Hit for Prisoner Policy

Spain arrests 131 terror suspects in 2004

Statement about Staples media buying and Sinclair Broadcasting

Mike Rectenwald on Scarborough Country tonight - 10PM EST!!

Atheist files new suit over pledge in public school

NBC News: Appeals court overturns Andrea Yates capital murder conviction.

Australian Claims Torture in Egypt (U.S. transferred him there from Cuba)


US troops 'laughed as Iraqi died'

Dems Get in Dig at Bush (Fox website Headline)

Ashlee Simpson Booed at Orange Bowl...

Survivors of Tsunami Showing Signs of Serious Mental Illness

War blows $60bn hole in US plan for military

Democrats interrupt electoral vote count, force debate on Ohio elections

Senate Boosts Spending on Its Own Committees

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 6 January

White House Won't Release Gonzales Papers

bbc:Iran's sex-change operations "gender change a human right"

Democrats Force Debate on Electoral Vote Count

TSA: Tests Going Well for Secure Flight

Blair issues warning to IRA

Pence wants rollback of some Bush initiatives

Radical Islamic Group Aiding Relief Cause

Alarcón defends the Cuban electoral system (as opposed to US system)

18 Iraqis seeking jobs at US base found dead

Schwarzenegger Calls for Spending Cuts

New Guantanamo abuse cases surface

Staples backs off Sinclair boycott

Court hears 'Confederate' dorm arguments

Tucker Carlson gets SHIT-CANNED!!!!

WP: No Decision On Ethics Chairman

China Ready to Take on More Active Role in Mideast Politics/Jordan Times

Mexico's Fox Vows Free Cancer Treatment

China fearful of net

Andrea Yates' Murder Conviction Overturned

Aussie official saw abuse: Habib:

9 more troops killed in Iraq today.

Bush expected to seek near-freeze in spending

U.S. aims to form tsunami warning system

Democrats Force Debate on Ohio Results - NYT 1:42PM

US to buy ammunition from Taiwan

Nine American Troops Killed in Iraq

French reporter missing in Iraq

Joke went too far for Idaho lawmaker

Used Body Armor Is Sought for U.S. Vehicles in Iraq - the real abomination

Cat Stevens still barred from U.S.

Salon, farewell, to D.C. chief (Sid Blumenthal)

Retired General Is Going to Iraq for Full Review

Gay Students Being Left Behind Study Shows

(U.S. Appointed) Iraqi Prime Minister extends emergency laws for 30 days

In Texas, man gets 4mos for killing wife, 15yrs for wounding her boyfriend

Venezuela says inquiry indicates Colombian rebel was abducted

U.S. Soldier in Abu Ghraib May Plead He Followed Orders From Superiors

Gonzales Pledges to Preserve Civil Liberties (WP, Thurs. Jan. 6)

Reputed Klansman arrested in 1964 slayings

Bushes Welcome New Puppy to White House

U.S. trade gap will reverse itself-Fed economist

C.I.A. Report Finds Its Officials Failed in Pre-9/11 Efforts -NYT

85-Year-Old Veteran Says Police Beat Him

Federal judge drops FBI agent spy case (Fundraiser for Republican party)

Politics plays no role in ad buys, Staples insists

Air Travel: Who's Keeping an Eye on Her? (She's a DU'er!)

Judge cancels US Airways’ machinists’ contract

Opponents say leaked Texas Pacific documents confirm Enron deal flaws

Unemployment initial claims jump 43000 to 364,000

U.S. Army Sergeant May Refuse Re-Deployment To Iraq

U.S. sees lull in terror threat "chatter," Ridge says

Grassley, Bush to discuss Social Security overhaul

Nelson Mandela's son dies of AIDS

Dems ask McAuliffe to remain party chair

Bush Loses a Key Democrat on Social Security -NYT

Tsunami story: Baby hippo seeks solace in tortoise

Malpractice Costs Up 150% Since 1999, Hospitals Say

In Texas, man gets 4 mos. for killing wife, 15 yrs for wounding man

Orde to blame IRA for bank raid

Army wants reservists for longer tours

Islamists on Net blame US for tsunami destruction

Taser stock slips on accounting, sales worries

Barbara Boxer will challenge!!!!!

Attorneys Challenge U.S. on Terror Case (Prove it or free him)

Hard - Line State Dept. Official to Quit - Sources (John Bolton)

U.S. Only Spent Small Part of Iraq Rebuilding Funds

Wash. GOP Demands New Governor Election

U.S. to Unveil National Response Plan


Senate Committee OKs Agriculture Nominee

Army: Non-Lethal Force Used on Insurgents (Drowning Not A "Good Option"

Specter Questions Patriot Act in Hearing

Troops greet Kerry outside Baghdad hotel

Schumer: Democrats shouldn't protest Bush win

Atheist Joins Others to Sue Over Pledge

Do you bray?

The other DUers have stolen us Lounge people's avatars!

Does anyone have a link to a video of Ashlee Simpson getting booed?

Is the_big_idea still around?

Know any good Foreign Service Officer jokes ??????????????

Take that, I am one post from 2000

Do you prey?

I support John and John!

Just how long did you stay on DU today?

Is Ashlee Simpson's career over now?

do you proy?

Hey everyone, did you know if you looked up the word "geek" in the

Bring back red blazers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funniest post ever

America deserves Ashlee Simpson

Freddie is a freeloader...

Their singing voice is awful but I LOVE them anyway!!!!!!


Shamelss Six Feet Under Prediction Thread

Kerry names Kenneth Blackwell Chief of Staff

I come here, because DU rules

Clem Kadiddlehopper Was Not A Freeloader

Only 12 hours to go ... and no "terra" alert, yet ...

D-Qwon's Dance Grooves

Good smileys and bad smileys

Newsweek's "Conventional Wisdom" is pissing me off.

Pardon me but I am in kind of a "tinfolhattish" mood concerning this

OK I'm making another 'Lost' thread! (spoilers if you didn't see the show)

Refugees from GD and other god forsaken places unite!

It's a conspiracy I tell ya...............

Do you think the original post about the earthquake that has

Which George Carlin stand-up video was it in which he...

Skinner says "we will SMACK down" the lounge.

Thread about Bush on Roth ARmy.

"I got two words for ya: 'Learn to fuckin' type'." Reservoir Dogs on now!

There's a monster at the end of this thread.

Just wondered if this is true concerning the tsunami

Liquid Hot MAGMA

If you had a time machine...

So why are smileys yellow, anyway?

"suburbia" on encore now


Classic Van Halen Rocks!!!

Gov't Mule is the modern saviour of rock n' roll!!!

Do you prey?

All those John Bonham drum solos.

Do you realize...

Skinner says "we will crack down" on the lounge.

Shut the fuck up, assholes

"Down with crack" in the Lounge!

The official "Spot on" thread

Another teacher sleeps with one of her students.

Endless Golden Retriever picture site (link)

The song "The kids aren't all right"

What happened today???

Does anybody know the poem President Bartlett used on the West Wing?

By the way, ladies, I'm VERY good looking...

It's been said before, but I'll repeat it: Don't you feel like....

Psychoactive reagent poll

From here to there funny things are everywhere.

Does the idea of Skinner "cracking down" make you hot?

About the New York Times article follow-up from DU.

Does anyone know this movie about a poet who was wrongly

I have 10 one dollar bills in my purse...

Why is the Obo not used in Rock-n-Roll??

I'm going slightly mad...I'm going slightLY's finally happened...

Why isn't the cowbell not used enough in rock?

Best System Of A Down album.

Irony, the Judge who married Mrs. WC Green and I was a Republican

Anyone else ever think of small midwest towns

Do beets give you gas?

Best player in rock history?

Does your gas have a good beat?

How do we incorporate the cowbell into modern music?

Anyone else enjoying the new Late late show?

Update on the weird critter here in Wisconsin

Do you ever just have pie or cake for diner....

I just paid all of my bills - ask me anything!


Oh, no, there is an eyelash on my cock

Calling all DU Insomniacs!

guys . . . ever write your name in the snow? . . .

"Atleast we're not dying in a mineshaft" (Harry Reid on the senate floor)

OK all you late night freaks

my 8 year old niece -- I'm just bragging


Weird Food Habits

A pic of my cock

Are you an AM or PM poster.....

If you haven't seen this one

I just spent a half hour digging out my driveway.

Woman who Buttered her Clam awarded a night with DS1

Woohoo! Finally found a GOOD job!


Injured Man (Shot In Leg) Driving To Hospital Gets Ticket For Not Stopping

Son of "Post a Helpful Hint" thread

Warning Labels On Toilet Brush & Rectal Thermometer Win Awards

Man Breaks Leg Directly Above Nudist Beach

The Daily Show last night

Oral contraception

Bar brawl ends with swallowed finger

Jury Finds Woman Guilty Of Poisoning Her Boss At Wal-Mart

Penis Schmeenis

Robbery suspect may consider getting a spare set of car keys made

OMG just went to a freep joke page help me!!

Man Impersonating Cop Pulls Over REAL Cop - Arrested

I like it when Skinner gets all strict and bossy...

Puppies Caught Smuggling Drugs - Heroin Stitched Into Their Stomachs

Men Accused Of Torturing & Killing Neighbor's Pet Duck

Woman Butted By Ram Awarded $1.3 Million

Hey folks I need a little help here.

Best Wham!/George Michael Track

Stern Yanked From 4 Radio Stations For Using The "S" Word (Satellite)

Reason(s) for incredible recent proliferation of poor spelling on DU?

Let the right have their little chuckle over the Tsunami/DU gig

Election depression? Monty python can help!

Ashlee Simpson booed at Orange Bowl

Best post-Orange Bowl description of Ashlee Simpson:

"Woman Rutted By Ram Awarded $1.3 Million"

No guy will ever fancy me

HA! Take that, people who find Jude Law attractive!

178 posts in 16 hrs.. I'm going to bed now

iTunes users - sort by play count in library

"Tsunami" Sushi Bar Owner Not Ready To Change Name

Chain saw suicide goes wrong


Best post-Orange Bowl description of Homer Simpson?

"Mega-tsunami" - should this name be retired?

Attorney general nominee likely to face torture

What's the deal with these privacy invading threads?

High roller hits casino where it hurts with his £3m jackpot

Microsoft offers "free" anti-virus software that doesn't prevent infection

Reason(s) for incredible recent proliferation of poor smelling on DU?

I apologize

Half-brained or half-witted?

Talk about your (between the legs) rocket!

half-assed or not at all?

Chinese men hiring girlfriends to stop family nagging

US show sued for rat-eating stunt

Half-off or half-priced?

Caption the 'man' who seems eagar to condone sub-animalistic acts


Robert Blake just GUARANTEED that his trial gets maximum coverage, how?

The "Hock a Loogie" of all CAPTIONS

i can be quite thin skinned

Nobody licks you.

Favorite Assistant D.A.

Do You Medicate?

I'm screwed!

The "The Doctor Is In" CAPTION

Do You mediate?

I was gone for a while, but now I'm back. Did I miss anything cool?

Bush makes an amazing monkey face with his torture buddy Alberto

How much did you spend on your divorce/distribution of property?

Your "Jaws" moment?

(Parody) I DON'T LIKE YOU LIBRALS!!!!!!!!! I'm a Bush superter!!!!

Automatic ban for those who post "Automatic Ban for those who post "Please

It's quarter to nine and I've got Belinda Carlyle CRANKED

How do you react when stuck behind a driver going UNDER the speed limit?

Blue screen of death crashes (Bill) Gates at CES (Consumer Electronic Show

Hey Lounge Lizards...It's Official...We got a Senator!!!!!

Sharing my earworm... A man walks down the street

Role Model Supreme: Justice Stephen Breyer reports for jury duty

Is that "Freedom Rock," dude?

Automatic Ban for those who post "Please don't Ban Me" or "I'm no Troll,

You want a real earworm? Here's a REAL earworm:

Since it seems to be the theme tonight, did anyone marry young?

Help a woman out, would ya? What should I have for lunch?

Do you mediate?

Wanna See Ashlee Simpson Booed by 72,000 people?


Everybody likes me.

I wonder how this tastes on BBQ ribs.

Yup, it's OK when the GOP does it...

Praying for Time

Why Do Supposedly Educated People Use The Word Anxious When They Mean The

Firefoxers... did you know about smart key searches and gmail extension?

Do you know how to tell if you're dealing with a Freeper troll?

Nobody likes you.

On the moon...

Favorite Satan archtype

Why do I have a feeling....

Is the Hokey-pokey really what it's all about?

the white shack

Ellen Degeneres as God - Good Idea/Bad Idea?

Poor kick-ass-bob.

We cannot allow the terrorists to stop erections, says Allawi

Peeve of the day: Grocery line "pushers"

Easy Cheese!!!!!!

its not unusual....

petition for walkway over Walmart entrance

I'm on the verge of filing a major lawsuit. Don't ask me anything@!

Sad Times (a poem)

Quitters unite

Everybody was kung foo fighting....

Skinner said the teachers will crack any minute

The Earworm From Hell

Any Maia Sharp fans out there?

write your Senators.... especially if they are on the Judiciary

Automatic Ban for those who post "I'm no stinkin troll, but" or Old Spice?

Is smoking allowed in your house?

Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles...

Just stopping in to drink a toast...

finally a star

Defcon 4


I don't like Level 3!

Blech! Level 3 is ugly

Damn, the post I made since level 4 don;t show up in My Posts


To the Ladies - Is it just me or is Sen. Barack Obama . . .

name something that makes you feel like something is missing

Doesn't anybody work anymore?

Maybe Partying will Help.

Sometimes i don't feel fresh.

Darth Kitten will challenge!!!

Perve of the day : "grocery-line gropers."

(Man divorces wife before claiming lotto prize.) Would you do the same?

this is the NOSTALGIC DU!

Who's got a non-Torrant link to the Ashlee Simpson/Orange Bowl booing?

Seperated at birth?? FRED (God Hates Fags) PHELPS and...

The computer Bill Gates was using FROZE - Heh Heh

Fuck, I can't get C-Span in

Yet Another Teacher Arrested For Having Sex With Her Students

Station's weather alert graphic is burned into man's plasma TV

Cowboy Poetry - Buying a bra.

Are smoking pets allowed in your home?

I just realized that I went to high school with rep Deborah Pryce

I think that Aerosmith might just have sold out

Best ganga title ever.

Where am I?

I think that Craig Barrett might just have sold out

Okay DUers who sell thru need THIS SHIRT!

do you Like to burn your bridges?

"Scorcese's best since Raging Bull!!!"?

Now, Who needs a 80 inch plasma tv?

Where will Tucker Carlson go now?


do you Like to burn your britches?

I'm Ali Abba, your personal genie. I grant you one WISH...

***Because mutiny on the bounty's what we're all about***

Sonic Youth fans unite!

What should we do while DU is at level 4?

Best manga title ever.

What living band would you like to see reunite for one last tour?

Fuck. I can't get a C-Section

Couple say barbecued raccoon is better than roast beef


Wireless/optical mouse question

I've seen way. too. many.

Snow days suck!

Are the Duke Boys rightwing?

What's the meanest practical joke you've ever played?

Toilet Brush Warning Wins Award ("Do not use for personal hygeine")

Here come the FREAK OUT in the Election Forum

Season 5 to be Final Season of "Six Feet Under"

Great. All the trees of my townhome complex are being cut down today.

Am I the only one that gets annoyed with the use of "n/t"? n/t

What happened to the Media Blaster page?? n/t

On this historic day, I have 999 posts. Ask me anything!

"Cult of Personality" Song.....Great Song, Powerful Message!

Hey you...moo cow...

At DEFCON 5 do we

Teri Hatcher says she IS a Desperate Housewife

If you wanted to be a contestant on a game show, which one would it be?

The Lounge is slow! Would you people stop working, and start posting!?!?!


Are there problems with the internet backbone?

I am very disappointed in Omaha

Post your current earworm.

Has anyone seen my paddle?

Ooops: Blue screen of death interrupts Gates' CES show.

I just saw on CSPAN 1 Republican voted for the objection

I am very disappointed in Obama.

Need a quote from the movie "Patton"

I love Randi Rhodes but...

I've been reviewing medical records all day. Guess the name

Attention Grammar/Punctuation Nuts

Wisconsin Kangaroo caught!


Has DU ever gone to Defcon 5? We are at 4 now

I did well in my interview how about you ask me something

I just got 2 free tickets to the Charger-Jets game!! Ask me anything!

Mark Fiore hits another one outa the park

What do you say when an acquaintance says "Get over it." ?

What do you say when an acquaintance says "Get that thing out of my face."

So Bush gave 1% of what Michael Schumacher gave....

What band would you like to see BREAK UP?


What do you say when an acquaintance says "Good Morning." ?

I've now gotten 3 calls from the American Gov't Grants Commission

Any new people who have questions - check in here.

WTF is wrong with people: Thursday, January 6,2005

Computer Question - from the computer challenged

Where is all the traffic on DU coming from today causing the disabling of

Oooh, neat! I can hear my watch all the way up here!

Hit bush with a dodge ball.

We got a bit of the right stuff.

anyone see the disruptor?

The reason why Gonzales is *'s nominee is

It's back! My posts are back!

Good books about basketball?

Do you wish you could hibernate?

IEEE sent me a letter asking me to renew my membership.

Dong, where is my automobile?

The big X's are driving me mad!

Name a really mellow cheese that you shouldn't like but do!!!

Best jobs for the terminally ill

So the Next Person Who Says I am A Silly Lounge Butterfly

My father-in-law has been smoking in my house for 4 days

Mrs. Beasley??!

Nicknames for George W. Bush

Wanna play 20 questions???????

Is Lindsey Graham a woman?

If you have a snowblower and neighbor doesn't, do you do their walkway?


Amber Frey and Ann Coulter - Separated at Birth?

Has a male Pro Athlete ever come out of the closet during their career?

I'b geddig a code id my dose...

I have yet to see any proof that I am mortar.

I expect you all to check out "Simehcs Sinep"

How exactly does one "freak out the establishment"?

I have yet to see any proof I am pestle

"Young hearts beat fast, driving down the road."

I have yet to see proof that I am moral

Would you rather die for something or live for it?

Neeeeeeeeeeeehhh its scary over in Election Results!

I am officially one of the unwashed masses

If you put your mind to it, can you accomplish anything?

I tried to post something at, and....


Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh *contented sigh*

Are you trying to do someone else's job?

As a kid, did you really want to try dog food?

YYAAAYYYY 5" Of Snow This Morning Now.......

Another WTF: Man charged for allegedly sodomizing dog

super simplistic computer question

1904 US factoids (Honey, pick up some heroin on the your way home!)

We got a bit of the white stuff.

Can you freeze already cooked black beans? Just need to know


Why my two year old daughter loves Jon Stewart

I have yet to see proof that I am immortal

OJ Simpson Booed by Attacking Creamed Spinach in Orange Bowl

Ever Have This Happen to You?

Sesame Street question : I know this is weird but I gotta know...

Reptile dysfunction.....

Pommy Bastard!

Ashlee Simpson attacked by Nick Lachey's filet mignon...

I bought $200.00 in textbooks, sold them back for $8.75!!!!! •RANT•

I have yet to see any proof that I am mortal

My wife Baja Margie was banned from the DU

Don't touch that Dali!

I bought fabric for curtains today-- ask me anything....

A co-worker told me "I probably wouldn't like Cats. I don't like cats and

Jesus H. Christ

If KG were a donut, what kind of donut would he be?

Lost Boys of Sudan

If I change avatars while they are hidden

Eggs, sunny-side-up, has been banned from the Lounge.

Jessica Simpson Assaulted By Creamed Spinach

MatcomNews Update - Wisconsin Kangaroo CAPTURED!

Ashlee Simpson's vocal malfunction

What kind of food will get you banned from DU?

Cooking is the 3rd busiest DU groups.

Had a stroke Sunday, been in the hospital. I'm too tired to weed through

What's the coolest thing you have done with tapioca?

why does the sun go on shining

Let's review: Where should questions and comments regarding DU rules

I think the Lounge should reach out to the 2004 Forum and offer drinks

We love the elderly, really. Great on toast

Bacon has been banned from the Lounge

You're all druggies and dirty hippies.

My family has avoided fast food for 3 1/2 weeks

Kate "Blue Crush" Bosworth is Lois Lane in "Superman Returns" (2006)

So, Mr. Griffin, where do you see yourself in 5 years???

Should the elderly be banned from the lounge at peak times?

How good a Darth Vader would you make?

I'm cold!

Down with the moral majority. 'Cause I want to be the minority...

Excel Help

We all look so naked

One year from today...


Three King's Day and Epiphany today

2000 Thread

half-empty or half-full?

Bacon rules

I know

Will somebody peak me during off times?

Best Paul McCartney album "Ram"

heh - check out thread from another board i found whilst googling

Still thinking about a job or paid internship in politics.

Don't cyber if you can't type

Anyone ever listen to Ken Nordine's WordJazz?

Should the young be banned at peak times?


Latest kitty photos

Peanut butter cake. Remote control trucks. Noisy talking cars.

Roger & Me

Song lyrics game! (Rebellious, angry, songs)

Hartford Advocate's film critic on BEYOND THE SEA.

Ashlee Simpson Booed at Orange Bowl...

My employer's GRAND PRIZE drawing for the company party


If I do a copycat post of a thread that got locked

Favorite Son

Miss Kitty is missing! I fear the worst.

interesting link - fat celebs

Laura Bush's new puppy is a fucking idiot!!

Jesus H. Christ

My daughter and I are going to a movie tomorrow

I found a yuppie today

Thursday night movie review

Listening to Sevendust: Animosity. Ask me anything.

Grasshopper, when you can snatch the pebbles from my open hand

Greatest song ever, Pinhead, The Ramones

Call out the instigators, because there's something in the air

I wish we had the ability to hide threads again..

McCartney or Lennon?

I found a puppy thread

I just spent time in the 2004 Election Results forum and GD. Hold me.

Why is the Lounge obsessed with the Moors?

Newton should have tested the theory of gravity with my threads

Everybody hates me. Nobody likes me. Guess I'll go eat wu-ur-rms.

My son John Kleeb was banned from the DU

Does Babs Have The Crabs?


Would The Doors have been any better had they a Bass player?

Zip Zap cars...

"All's well with the world".. Kobe had a GREAT Christmas.(Larry King show)

I just spent time in the Election 2004 Results and GD. Blow me.

Arby's farts are the worst.



Why is the Lounge obsessed with the Doors?

Do you meditate?

freeper quotes on tsunami aid

Is someone going to post "Patience, Grasshopper..." or do we give

Earth - The only place where people that don't use condoms...

Bought Hasidic reggae album by Matisyahu

Latest articles at MOVELEFT.COM (Jan 6, 2005)

Radiohead speaks to me in a way that no other band has

Should I call my counselor tomorrow and drop her a message?

Are you addicted to the DU Lounge? Answer these questions

I'm bored....

Oh Mizz JimmyJazz...

Can someone post hi res pictures of the Chamber

I just spent time in the 2004 Election Results forum and GD. Hit me.

Why is the Lounge obsessed with the Bores?

How many junk mails do you get each day?

Don't Touch That Dial!

Jars and Jars of greasy grimey gopher guts

Go Fug Yourself. Fashion Faux Pas Of The Rich And Famous

I am petting my bird.

Is it just me, or was Ray Manzarek the most talented of the Doors?

Its almost "that time" again! woo hoo!

I'm going to the State Capital Building tomorrow! Ask me anything.

Has anyone ever visited Jim Morrison's grave in Paris?

Who else besides me still has their Christmas tree up?

An inch of ice then an inch of sleet, I have been gone for

And now... Tonight's Very Special Message to Right-Wing Lurkers!!!

Nerdy Lounge Geography Quiz.

after watching both the debates today and Gonzales' hearing

Does anyone else,

A twizzlwer anyone?

Anyone up for grabbing a puppy?

Is it just me, or was Michael Nesmith the most talented of The Monkees?

Holy crap, am I stoned!

Should the elderly be banned from public places at peak times?

Life's a drag!

I just took an Ambien and I know I am going to fall asleep soon

Look At These Singing Horses, Dagnabit!!!

Is is just me, or was Kool Rock Ski the fattest of The Fat Boys?

I just drank two shots of vodka and smoked a joint; I"ll be asleep soo...

From Michael Moore's Website:

The Tranqs have 4 songs online (Myself, RandomKoolzip and SoftheBPaul)

Is it just me, or was Mike Score the most talented one of A Flock Of

Before anyone posts this...

Your DU name sounds better with "yummybutt" added to it

Serious question for Trof and other University of Alabama people.

I have no idea what you're talking about, Jon.

A 60's band you should look into (if you're a Beatles, Beach Boys fan)

Help Me To Think Of A Clever Subject For This Thread. Any Ideas?


Is it just me, or was Rob Pilatus the most talented one of Milli Vanilli

What is your favorite type of pickle?

Strange how songs bring back a stae of mind..

Now, it is beginning of a fantastic story!!


People KNOW you're cool when you say that you listen to...

Should I post a poll?

I'm in the mood for some cute baby pics, dammit!

What particular band, group, or singer that you absolutely *LOVE*

Is it just me, or am I a wicked suckbag?

To what degree do you admire Howard Zinn

White Horse :)

i feel so unclean,

I have a personal dilemma, cat lovers please help!

Positive Energy and prayers needed...

i dont know,dont know why,

Does anyone remember the thread about Bush and the marks on his face?

Dumbest thing you've done to impress a crush?

What are you doing now?


Do you give beef bones to dogs?

Anyone here make recordings?

You wanna talk about HOT?

Your Momma is so tremendous that when she hauls ass...

i feel so unwanted,


Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers!

Bully Jams Lollipop In Classmates Ear - Parents Sue

Have you ever been called out by name on DU?

Most far reaching effect of the Ashlee Simpson booing incident...........

You know your getting old when...

what are you addicted to besides DU?

We owe Barbra Boxer a "Thank You" email


Please contribute to the Boxer, Stubbs-Jones flowers fund

Did you hear the one about HEyHEY and the girl with the

Is smoking pot allowed in your house?

Hmmmm. Tucker to leave CNN.... go to USMC? CAPTION

Danny Sugerman, co-manager of The Doors, dead at 50.

The "The Doctor Is STILL In" CAPTION

I hit 1,000 posts today.

If you're a Lounge Lizard...why?

"Holding Back the Years ...Holding Back the Tears...I've wasted all

Old TV comedy shows you never found funny.

Is it just me, or is Kid Rock a misogynistic, neo-fascist fuckface?

How do you not snore?

Defcon 4 is the reason to have a "buddy list" - I'm going in the

Great Googly Moogly, slap my ass and call me Edna

OK, this is odd. I went to sleep 4 hours ago, and now I'm wide awake

I loved watching outdated sex ed videos in school, anyone else?

Crazy Cabbie is officially my favorite republican

The Working Girl you'd LEAST like to encounter at Moonlight Bunny Ranch

The Dance Thread

Has anyone ever been to Cologne, Germany?

Greatest song ever, Us and Them, Pink Floyd

Did anyone see Star Jones saying that it was a miracle that

Should people learn to voluntarily take a timeout from DU at pique times?

My 600th Post - Your Biggest Celebrity Crush of ALL Time?

DUWF (DU wrassLin fed)


In need of a pick me up...

Ok - I have 4 of my songs for you to hear.

Check Out Some Of My Music (Buncha covers)

Jesus H. Christ

Fuck Obama! and the DNC! And the DLC! And Dunken Doughnuts!

URGENT - How does one Blacken Fish??? - I have Cuban Talipia

Whatever happened to the Irish Affairs group

Ack! We've got 1 cm of snow in Vancouver - all hell is breaking loose

Art! Finally, I had enough time to make art!

How do you fall asleep?

Dogbowl or Kramer?

Most Liberal Cities???

What's your genus?

[View all]

I found a puppy today

Ribbon Colors...

A South Park episode just happened in real life and it was in LBN

Aaaiiiiii! SCAREY cat breed!!!


Has anyone here run a Google search of their DU identity?

Best album of 2004: Round 2

Favorite condiment to use when eating your computer keyboard?

The cutie at work came over and chatted with me today. I'm psyched!

I fucking hate the expression "spot on"

I just realized I'm addicted to the 'My Post' feature

Is pot really that bad?

You're The TV Network Executive... CANCEL Something!!

Napoleon Dynamite?

Irish group

It's the Daughter of The *~*Stream of Consciousness*~* Thread!

Warning... Outdoor Life actually means Outdoor DEATH

"Millionaire" questions are getting more asinine than ever.

The Human Evasion

"Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven"

God airs the spirit of Festivus

Physics and Ultimate Reality

Moving to Cut TV's Ties to the Living Room Set (cable on cell phone)

Terrific tsunami show coming up on Discovery Channel 1 a.m. EST

Break out the rap, get on your stunt bike, ... celebrate Einstein's genius

Gene fights off HIV

"Theory" of Plate Tectonics

Another Fun Video......

Marriage case goes before judge

Supreme Court Mulls Hearing Florida Gay Adoption Case

Town Rescinds Health Benefits for Partners

Arizona governor wants early vote on gay marriage ban

Phelps Clan Forces Vote On Gay Rights Law in Topeka

Military Lab Proposed 'Gay-Aphrodisiac Chemical Weapon' in 1994

Dumped Gay Leader Cheryl Jacques Surfaces

Evil fundies tied to Bush join with worse Fundies at Alliance for Marriage

Bush A.G. Nominee Linked To Anti-Gay Amendment

Lance Armstrong's '05 plans still not certain?

chronic urinary and kidney infections!

If you grew up religious: What was the first item of faith you questioned?

Well I Thought It My Cheer People Up To Hear Our Leader

Can...You Feel ...the Love ...Tonight...

My new answer to S and B: Skull and Bones

Time for Kerry lovin'!!!

Looking at AngryDem's link I found another statement on the election


A veritable calliope of stories today!

Kerry Visits Iraq for 'Firsthand' View; Car Bombs Kill 15

Greetings Kerry fans!

Just Heard On C-SPAN That Barbara Boxer

Hi. I was invited here for some hot Kerry lovin'.



Hi!! The Kerry bashing is getting SO old. Can I get some love in here?

Someone needs to get laid! Look at this stiff!

OK Enough Already

I'm going to make an exaggerated statement about the situation!!!

Wanna read what Kerry and I read?

Statement by John Kerry on the Nonination of Alberto Gonzales

If one of these Senators cant stand up

The Beauty of the Beast, the State and the Individual in America, a brief.

what the repukes aren't telling you is that malpractice insurance comp.

About what will happen today - What would Howard do?

C-Span, call in now about Alberto Gonzales

"Evan Bayh"

Gonzales Confirmation - Sched 9:30 a.m. C-Span (1/6)

Goss abolishes 5 pm meeting on terrorism as unnecessary

When will the media stop giving quotes and start giving facts about Ohio?

Bush gave $10,000 to tsunami relief.

Who will represent the poor, women, workers and minorities in America?

AAR: Even Moron Marks are urging senators to challenge - must be

Not One Damn Dime Day

How I feel today

Howard Zinn to speak at Inauguration Day Jazz Funeral For Democracy-NOLA


That big lizard j.d.hayworth: reframing the "cheap labor" debate...

First, Do No Harm (or at least nothing friggin' stupid)...............

Has anybody "gamed out"the challenge?

Sessions litmus test for judges

Let's donate to the Rosa Parks Fund in the name of Boxer.

I tried to buy but it is an underwear company...

But what about Gonzales's inspiring personal story?

can anyone tell me how our govt differentiates

Boxer Has Signed the Challenge!

G.O.P. Divided as Bush Views Social Security

The Moment Has Come for Media Reform

It'll either be his way or no way

January 20th: Don't Go To Work! Please consider.

Rus Feingold-wants review of 'sneak and peek" Patriot Act and other

The Smirk is Familiar

Don't get me sucked back into this wishful thinking

"You say fascism like its a bad thing."

Bush must be allowed to destroy Soc Security or the War effort will fail

Gonzales Hearings on C span now.

Wow, Russ was fantastic

Help me debunk this Jane Fonda Myth

Gonzales confirmation on C-SPAN right now

Gonzales hearing & Electoral Count Scheduled for same time. No coincidence

Is there a Gonzales discussion anywhere on DU.....???

The difference between 2000 and today

6,947,021 California voters - Thank You

Is there radio on the debate???

Boxer on CSPAN 2

NPR did what I thought was a disparaging report...

Boxer admits to a mistake in 2000

Proud members of the Boxer Rebellion stand up and be counted!

Freepers react to Kerry's comments RE: Bush's "horrendous judgments"

Leaders crack whip on loyalty -House Dems retaliate for members r-votes

Where's your friggin MANDATE, * - not in this tally (CSPAN)

The NYTimes did not have ONE word about the voting fraud proceedings!

Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH): "All objective observers know Bush carried Ohio"

Go Bernie Go!

Any link to stream of Vote Challenge?....?

Lord Vader Enters The Chamber !!!

Just because she's on board the Boxer Rebellion

History is being made right now-Watch closely everyone! Watch the Media !

Some house members not sworne in

The Mepublican Reps sound desperate and shrill...

So basically they are just bullying us into saying we are not contesting

CAPTION Alberto Gonzales and his kryptonite

Do your co-workers know what is going on right now?

Thank you Barbara Boxer.

C-Span 2 - Barbara!

Did Kerry time his Baghdad trip so he wouldn't have to be in DC?

Reid, Clinton, Obama , Dodd, Boxer only Senators possible in 08

Mega-Whore alert: J.D. Hayworth up now on CSPAN

I predict that 9 of the following 20 Senators will be standing with Boxer


Senate just removed some observers

Mike Turner was like a Borg Collective of EVERY whore that's spoken today


Barak, c-span2

Ohio Media is owned by ReThuglikans.....

Candice Miller - IGNORANCE IS BLISS, whoredom is blisser

Voinovich Interrupted

Ohio Senator Voinovich's office just hung up on me when I asked if he was

Boxer Voted in favor of objection

Lott is trying to shut down disc... Is it 2 hours yet?

PA Rep. Murtha Lobbies: Dean for DNC Chair!

Any states have a recall provision SPECIFICALLY for Senators and Reps?

CNN is following the Republican spin on the objection to some extent

I'm afraid this "debate" is a colossal waste of time.

My Congresswoman is speaking - Lynn Woolsey...she is wonderful...

Dennis K!

How is this not even news on!?!?

Should Alberto Gonzales be confirmed as Attorney General? DU this poll

If Bu$h is impeached...

Here's Kerry in Baghdad

"It is time to face the pain of change."

If you think Boxer's Rebellion is a waste of time, remember "Impeachment."

What Senator that stood up and spoke was most impressive?

Maxine Waters

Repubs who keep say (via Ohio vote) to get over it...

Why do Republicans feel the need to defend the Bush victory?

which is preferable?

Candice Miller (R-MI): "Your candidate lost, get over it"

Ammendment to the Constitution-Right to Vote

Fuck Portman!

So, republicans call for a revote in Washington

Conyers Objection and Others on C-Span

OK! So the Senate vote was only about Voter fraud in Ohio! BUT

How did levin vote

R's say "Bu*h Won." Reply: "It's not about YOU, for once!"

Black Caucus news conference is on now on C-SPAN

Anybody else find it odd that only African-Americans rise in support?

Is Session even being serious right now?


Is EITHER party serving the nation regarding the Gonzales hearings?

Which G.O.P Wing Nut Wins The Award For Hyperbole?

Only When The Dems Figure Out A Way To Disenfranchise Rich/White Folks

This was a good day for Democracy in a very bad year for Democracy

Need a list of the Dem National Committee members

74-1??? Democracy died today.

Wait..The media spin has not started yet. By the time the Inauguration

NYT article on Electorial Debate has almost no words on WHY NEEDED!

Fuck Obama! and the DNC! And the DLC! And Dunken Doughnuts!

Things are so bad that Democrats are willing to cheer over a few scraps.

Republicans for torture and voter suppression thread here

Rep. Roy Blunt: "We don't help the process by casting doubt"

One more good side effect to this contesting of the election

24 abstentions in the senate...very interesting.

To all you Maxine Waters backers

Anyone watching the Gonzales hearing?

Please, DUers: Toughen up. Thicken your skins. Lose the naivete.

Why Are The Gonzalez Thing and Ohio Fraud Thing BOTH Happening today?

No pain, no savings on Social Security

Everybody give $2 to Greens today

Honestly, how do you feel about the outcome of today's debate?

Democracy can't be forced onto any nation; Not Iraq...and not AMERICA.

Carl Levin of Michigan votes aye, Feingold votes no.

So ... which Senate Dems spoke today?

About that bunch of "conspiracy theorists" protesting the elections

House roll call vote on the objection to Ohio's electors

Has anyone posted this today?

I want to thank Senator Boxer......

These Dem Senators are more prepared than we thought they were....

Was Al Franken on Hardball...

9 US troops killed in Iraq today

Does anybody know what to do?

Mainstream Media WBZ "Democrats say vote makes them look like Sore Losers"

The Truth

No more "treasonous dissent" from me.

Still no mention of the electoral challenge on CBS news?

DKOS post on the objection today: Went well.

Holiday Tree and Kid Rock

Thank you Barbara Boxer!!! You are a true American & I salute you!!!

Gonzalez hearings wrapping up, anti-torture activists speaking up.

As usual ... the Dems present facts, the Repugs hurl insults

Corzine removes E-Mail page!

Day after election, Sam Waterston donates $20k to DNC

voting: right or privilege

Love all this Kerry bashing

Making Waves Nothing New for Sen. Boxer

Countdown is on

Shirley Chisholm is Progressive-of-the-Week

Republicans don't want all voters to vote or all votes to be counted.

Now Democrats need to take the focus OFF Barbara Boxer...

Counter-Inauguration: An Alternatives Vision

John Boehner is saying we are undermining the country

This comment from Reid about Dean just says it all, sadly.

Please post proposed Articles of Impeachment here.

Sick of the status quo?

Instead of bitching and moaning about the DLC

we've been relegated to

The foresight of Steven Colbert.....last night he said this on the

Should I bother with my repuke Senators?

So which senators joined the CBC today?

New Draft _______ for President in 2008! Web Site...

After today, we should subtitle our party "The Boxer Party"

I'm so proud of my senator today

I Called Frist today

We need a new Party founded by Black Americans

Fuck Obama. He took the strongest stand yet.Says Bush won and got more vot

I still can't believe that incompetent POS will still be "president"

LET'S MOVE ON to how we improve our elections

Black Point Man for the Right (Ouch)

What I think has to happen before we start winning for real....

I want to thank Dennis for once again proving he's backing us all the way.

Maxine, become an independent please!

Who else cried today

Maybe it would be easier to list who we like in the Party....

Mark Dayton spoke against today's vote fraud action. That is it for me.

Look, we're all going through the natual stages of grief...

Tom Delay insinuates Tsunami victims died because they are not Christians

Hey all you Greens out there, convince me!!

who is going to run for Governor in Florida in 2006 ?

Byrd voted NO??? Democracy is officially dead folks....

predictions of my psychic friend leslie...

10 year anniversary of the "Contract With America"

What do you think of the suggestion about infiltrating the GOP

Many of you won't like this...BUT, only Three People were

Obama lovers

A little thing about framing events

Candidate Franken, hands in years going la-la-la

Alberto "Abu" Gonzalez rant

The Skull and Bones

Why does the Farm Belt vote Repuke for president

A bad day for Republicans

Ed Schultz just now

I think we can count Kerry out in 2008

Alberto Gonzales versus Bobby Sands

Meet Boxer's antecedent: (1st Female) Representative Jeanette Rankin

Bush Going Down?

Help me convince my mom to let me protest Jan. 20!!

Contribute to the Boxer, Stubbs-Jones flowers fund, PLEASE

well, lefties ... I think I'm finally coming over to your side. (R)

SS Privatization

Somebody help me make an open letter to Russ Feingold

"Dems Ask McAuliffe to Remain Party Chair"--What do you think about this?