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Archives: January 31, 2005

Chairman Kim's Dissolving Kingdom

Livin' In A "State Of Fear"

Elections Are Not Democracy

0% Content: Bush's Q&A Interview on C-SPAN

Marketing Darfur (by Sebastian Mallaby, WP)

Nordic Countries Claim 4 of Top 5 Spots in Environmental Sustainability

Fig-leaf freedom - Brian Whitaker -Guradian UK

Your Taxes to PR Firms

Beware: Serious Danger Lies Ahead

(CA) Press Enterprise: Mexico v. Arizona?

Did Island Tribes Use Ancient Lore to Evade Tsunami?

The Times' 'Blazing Straddle'

Each Vote Strikes at Terror

Bush Forges Weak Links to Legacies of Democratic Predecessors

Asserting 50-60 Percent Iraq Turnout Count 'Comparing Apples to Oranges'

(PINR)Cycle of Instability in the Andes: Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru

Media Falls Down in Iraq Coverage (Juan Cole)

The King of the Night's darkest hour

Baltimore Sun: Men taken to task for their inability to, well, multitask

Democrats in Denial

The Longer View

This guy pisses me off, but it does tell us how they are going to spin

Cutting Out the Poor

Gates and Buffett bet against US dollar..

Iraqi Elections: Media Disinformation on Voter Turnout?

The Only Option for Iraq

Senate vote stands between us and a nasty fight (Idaho DOMA)

If dupe, close it: TX abstinence-only program fails according to study

Acts of Bravery - Bob Herbert

Flashback: Kathleen Parker gloats when Saddam statue falls

Editorial: Nothing but lip service......

American Students thinks Freedom of Press Goes too Far

'How Social Security Might Change' great overview article from the WSJ.

Journalist's death dredges up dark legacy of CIA's drug-fueled wars

CIA refuses to release Nazi documents.I wonder why??

The Inquisition Strikes Back

Boston Globe: Saying nothing is torture in itself

My article on Social Security: front page, East County Californian

O'Reilly rebuffed two callers' attempts to correct his misquotation of Box

Federal "shift and shaft"

Ellen Goodman - Whose Common Ground?

America, What Is It We Are Dying For?

What I Heard about Iraq -Eliot Weinberger

Bill Weinberg: Welcome to World War 4

Why the US will not leave Iraq-- Asia Times Editorial

Bill Moyers: There is no tomorrow (journalist cant hide despair)

CBS: Dems on Social Security Warpath

Iraq elections set stage for deeper crisis -WSWS article - good

Dobson Setting the Record Straight on SpongeBob (or not)

John Podesta/Center for American Progress' tax reform "wages & unearned"

URGENT ACTION ALERT for Verified Voting!

Blogger view points - Iraq good news vs, Iraq humanitarian crisis

80% turnout a "resounding success" for Vietnam elections in 1967

KO coming up next to discuss the campaign against Spongebob - and himself!

US Media ignores US use of food aid to force Iraq registrations/votes

Do the Bushies support a free media

Jon Stewart won't be on CBS Eve. News

unsupportable/immoral/dangerous budget cuts for poor to keep bush tax cuts

The IWW's First 100 Years

Restoring a fair, simple, and pro-opportunity tax system

MetLife to Buy Travelers for $11.5 Bln

26,889 More Jobs Offshored

Age discrimination

Ehrlich Touts His Fight Against Lead, Neglects To Mention $375K In Cuts

China's Coal Crunch To Get Worse During 2005 - Reuters

Indiana's Old Coal Plants Getting Dirtier

Varroa Mite Hammering California Almond Industry

Fire Ants Confirmed In Hong Kong - Reuters

From Bolivia To Kenya To Nepal, Glaciers Split, Melt, Retreat

"State Of Fear" - Not So Hot - NYT Review Of Books

Enhanced oil recovery brings end to slide

Nissan Boss - Hybrid Cars Make No Sense - Reuters

National Intelligence Director Proves to Be Difficult Post to Fill

Many Americans Convinced Iran Has Nukes (FOX poll)

(Sudan) A hopeless undertaking that worked

A Year of Iraq Occupation News

They deserve to have their heads beaten in

Could you please look at this lock

Is there DU RSS feed?

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


How long is considered reasonable before appealing a non-response?

Never mind, I figured it out

RSS feed not working

I have a trivial question about threads that are "flaming".

Skinner What Is The "Freak" Emoticon Doing?

Holy hell! Was Cheswick really banned?

Concerning the "Sex Threads"

Peres pushes PA welfare system

Canadian Jews condemn 'Israeli Apartheid Week'

IDF says schoolgirl was probably killed by Palestinian gunfire

Palestinian Schoolgirl Killed in Gaza Refugee Camp

Holocaust was Zionist plot, say Iranian news agencies


UNSEEN VIDEO FOOTAGE OF 9/11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

interesting german 9/11 website!

Interesting quote about the neo-cons (9/11 relevance?)

A rebuttal to the video "9/11 - In Plane Site" (Part One) (repost)


Chicago Sun-Times: Upscale car wash a contrast but no concern to rival

Chicago DU get-together.

State Journal-Register: Report gives state government a C+

Illinois Times: Hacked Off: the governor's continuing Chicago problem

Major bad stuff going down in the Illinois Libertarian Party...

Why can't WE have this kind of transparency? >>>

Are election-fraud activists being psy-oped by this administration?

Hillary Clinton collapses, rushed to hospital

Does Cleland know?

In hindsight, was the persecution of Pres Bill meerely a tool?

A monumental reason why we must continue...

Kerry now states what happened in the November election....

Ha, after TWO months, i finally heard back from Sen. Lautenberg of NJ

"Long Waits, Bad Equipment Worse than Election Fraud" - WI Poll watcher...

"Grunge Rock Pioneer Stumps for Election Reform"...

State Dem Chairs Endorse Dean for DNC--AP story

John Kerry made some good points on MTP we should think about.

Will Pitt's latest essay--The 'D' word

Examples of "wacko conspiracy theories" that ultimately panned out?

Look how the Right Wing Michael Barone uses our arguments...for Venezuela!

Some Just Voted for Food

Don't say you didn't know about the fraud

Same strategies being used in Iraq that were effectively applied in US

"*" has the lowest approval ratings ever for a "2 terms -Resident"

On Iraq election, a non US media view

New article on exit polls

Monday 1/31 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

EVIL B*SH CULT Policy Comes Under Fire for Ignoring 'Fundamental Rights'

Some will probably scream at my posting this

New E-mail From Barbara Boxer Ready To Fight On

Rasmussen Report, the company that the "rethugs" love, tells the truth

My 1000th Post at DU! Cheers to you all! Peace, love & democracy forever!

And now for the news....

Prominent Statisticians Urge Investigation of U.S. Presidential Election

KOEB returns thread!

ACTION! LETTER OF THE WEEK#3: Bush Arrogance, Election Fraud

They can't do any election legally! Iraqis voted for Food? WTF

Comparing my 2-party exit poll/vote percentage data to Freeman's

Your help needed -- "Be the Media" kit

Fraud compilation-- did I miss anything BIG ?

UCTV showing Hersh lecture on Abu Ghraib

Two responses to my Dean for DNC letters

Shelley won't quit except for new job, legal immunity, pals say

Al Franken says LA will have AAR station this Thursday

Donors give only $250 to Shelley's legal defense fund

Ask Senator Ted Kennedy to filibuster against Alberto Gonzales.

Come to a Democracy for America meeting

Hatch's report on Minnesota health care

Check out this website

My LTTE about bringing the troops home was in the Strib yesterday

Great license plate I saw today

AAR Minnesota has given Nick Coleman his own morning show!

DFL leaders back Dean to lead national party

Spam question/rant.

E-mail question

Coleman to announce candidacy for Gov.

HB 658: Medical Marijuana in Texas!

The Poorest Loser: Heflin continues to fight the bad fight

Chris Baker of KTRH in Houston is a fargin icehole

Republicans want to attach voter id to campaign finance reform.

kites on Ice

To all WIS. DUERS What issue are you most passionate about?

This is too important to just leave in EOA-- Please read

The Iraqi Ballot, Translated (A must read)

2,000 tons of cow-crap (burning) ((In Nebraska))

Things that make you want to hurl.

January 2005 was the third bloodiest month of the Iraq war

lol 8 more and DU reach 64k

stories from the Iraq election

Jesus wouldn't have a prayer among the far right

Who was Jonas Savimbi?

What it means to be liberal

"The 1997 elections in Iran were much more democratic."

AOL Users: Finding the image of ballot counting by candle light ironic?

Question about SS privatization and employer contributions

A Necessary Vote?

CSPAN caller just said there were elections...

Oh the media.. compare and contrast BBC and CNN

Jan. 31, 2005... 99 US soldiers DEAD in 31 DAYS. 1432 total...

Screw ups, jerk offs, & sycophants can go far in the bush administration

How come the VERY pro-US Kurdish north was ONLY 60%????!!

shades of Ohio vote in Sadr City...NBC Richard Engels said.......

Rethugs have totally flipped. They're officially INSANE.

OOPS!...Paul Bremer 'Misplaced' 9 BILLION $'s while in Iraq

Iraq will you now vote to TELL the US to get the FUCK out for Ali?........

Probe: Dallas VA hospital worst in U.S.

"We are coming to vote"

so, the ONLY way I'll think Iraqi elections are legit is if..

never mind...self delete

I am very confused about how many iraqi's actually voted!

How long before we hear the real election numbers?

Democracy means you never have to say you're OCCUPIED

F R E E D O M ! ! ! ! ! !

Commentator explains relative lack of violence during Iraq vote

Any pictures of the amazing turnout to vote in Iraq?

We Can Learn A Lot From the Iraqi Elections

Interesting quote about the neo-cons (9/11 relevance?)

Pre-buff to the State of the Union being held by Dems on C-Span right NOW!

Will violence in Iraq decrease after the elections? Poll

Election PROVES our G.I. son did not die in vain......

1000 Posts!

Wednesday's SOTU speech in a nutshell....

The parents of Michael Jackson's accuser...

unfreep this poll about talk radio

"We brought freedom to Iraq"... "Iran is an imminent threat"...LET'S ROLL!

RW Hate Mail defines what RW'ers are

howard dean on cspan 2 right now

Bob Herbert on the Iraqi elections is right on the money

anyone else noticed more words being bleeped on TV lately?

A quick pull out of Iraq let's Bush & Co off the hook

interesting: MSN & Netscape browser home page has same pic of

New Mexico 2 Senators Blast Bush for Closing ABQ Indian Hospital

If you could give the Unpresident one bit of advice, what would it be?

Cable News Networks Marching in Lockstep Presenting BushCo. Propaganda

tim roemer on cspan 2 running for charman gop party chair

What happens after Rupert Murdoch dies?

Who is doing the Democratic Response to Bush's SotU speech this year?

What motivates Rupert Murdoch?

w00t Chavez....

anyone familar with Ane Hendershott

war criminal

The new improved with more flavor tactic for Iran...

Help me refute this racial profiling e-mail is back to their old tricks

A Victory For The Shia?

First health care, now another thing Iraqis get that we don't.

The End-Result of Yesterday's "Election" In Iraq

simon rosenberg says he has a total package

Has anyone here ever heard of "The Dove Group"?

Bide our time, this is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED all over again

Military School Costume Party Mocks Gays & Others

Map of the Iraq election!

The End of History and the loss of credibility of "leaders".

Pataki's servant on GOP payroll

Texas scams gay teens

SOU on Feb 2nd --- Shrub pushed for 1/31 vote --- what a coinky-dink

Breaking news: Hillary clinton collasped during speech

Juan Cole says the Iraq "election" was a joke!

Man films people as they jump off the Golden Gate Bridge

Feel better Hillary!

Al Franken says LA will have AAR station this Thursday.

Tet Offensive; 4 months after "ELECTIONS" in Vietnam;

I Kid You Not: 700 Club Telethon is for Crazies -- "Jesus Bought My Truck"

The "Oh 'Seperated at Birth' Where Art Thou"

Feel better Hillary (she collapsed in NY today)

New Issue of 'Is It Treason Yet?'

Want To Have Baby...Go To Church

War on the cheap? No. A war on a Mastercard.

Do they have free elections in Saudi Arabia?

The Michael Jackson Trail...What Will Get

The Iraqi Elections: Let's Keep Things In Perspective

US only developed country not cultivating industrial hemp

Human bondage may have been outlawed, but what about....

Bill Shadel Dies At 96

Was the British C-130 shot down or did it crash?

All progressives, moderates, dems, etc read this

CNN now trying to disprove insurgents shot down British C-130.

Documentary about Michael Moore

The News Media is HORRIBLE!

Something that Republicans and Democrats should be able to agree on...

They're trying to recruit my daughter!

Free Republic's reaction to Hillary Clinton's collapsing.

New Dominionist Bill Limits the Supreme Court's Jurisdiction!!!!!

B**h performs a magic trick! (Exclusive photo --->)

Cliffnotes for Conservatives.

Will Iraq be more secular than the US in a few years?

LOOK at the GLORIOUS outcome of the Iraqi election!!!

One little fly in the ointment at the Iraqi elections.....

"If Ann Coulter was fat, would anyone listen to her?"


VT Town Hall Meetings: Resolve re: use of VT National Guard

Spitzer critical of Bush SS plan - debt incurred would be "astronomical"

Qualities of a Leader

Republicans, Iraq, and Revisionist History (the ever changing rationales)

Nurses Take On The $50 Million Man (Arnold)

'With all the technological weapons the US has--flying drones, night

The Iraqi "Election" is a partisan sham!

I found a forum for Dominionists

Why are the wingnuts acting like Bush has been vindicated?

14 permanent military bases in Iraq says Scott Ritter on Randi's show

Is NewsMax written by the creator of "Hi and Lois?"

UNSEEN VIDEO FOOTAGE OF 9/11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone leaked a copy of the congressional repubs plans for selling SS

Lauer:"It's pretty hard to argue against the President now isn't it Tim?"

Little Georgie, Happy At Last >>>

Can we go over what Bush has done with Iraq...

From today on, I'm responsible only for my own humanity

14 million voter registration came from food ration databases

Blue Ink = The New American Flag Lapel Pins

Request For Info:"Sticks And Stones"

Mary Mapes to be interviewed by Diane Sawyer?

When the insurgency continues post-election, will it be the dems fault?

Spot the humor

WTF? Now I am confused here....

Education Secretary Demands Removal of Vermont from Nation’s Textbooks

Tony blairs impeachment!!!!!

Does the proposed SBC - AT&T merger bother anyone else?

The America's Terror On Iraq!!!

Hillary Collapse Brings Out Best and Worst in Freepers

Papal fixation with sex upsets priests

Why The US Won't Leave Iraq by Pepe Escobar.....

I wonder how long THIS statue will last......

DAYUM...I picture the insurgents saying, we shot down 2 US aircraft

Media cheers nation building and an illegal war

Television News Anchors (Hume most conservative, Rather most liberal)

OMG. Guy painting our house is listing to religious radio.

Shhh! DUer's STOP telling the truth!

Exxon Mobil profits exceed $25bn

Anybody know what article Randi is taking about?

Has a copy of the Iraq ballot been published?

CNN"s Crossfire ....David Dreier makes me sick....holds up blue finger

Pro-Life and anti-adoption- WTF?!?!?!?

What's so bad about federal tax cuts . .

who is said to have said....

Iraq Veterans Against the War Kicks Off Their Amazing Tour

Did hillary clinton change her stance on abortion?

Any DECENT President would address the youth of America:

New U.S. Embassy in Iraq will cost $1.5 Billion...


The gloating is insane

Whether this is true or not....

Fareed Zakaria On The Daily Show tonight

just so we're clear about on which side the haters reside...

KOEB has returned to Election Results!

This looks like the kind of thing DUers could help with (Plame related)

Even if Iraq goes to sh*t after the election

Crossing Over: Bush's Other Battle

Ballots are the rightful and peaceful successors to bullets.

Latest crap from right wingnut... please help refute...

Alec Baldwin: Dinner for Five

Capture of al-Douri was faked by the Iraq government I the only one here that thinks Dean is not the best choice?

Castro documentary on

Faith Based Payouts to "moral leaders" akin to payments of media

U.S. troops fire on prison riot as 4 die

Has anyone here ever watched the British House of Commons on C-Span?

I don't think a *shoulder-fired* missile took out the C-130


"My Speech to the Graduates"

A nice article on one of my favorite people: I.F. Stone

So you think there is not going to be a Draft? Read Will Pitt's latest

"Why I am Obsessed With War" by Harry Browne (f**king brilliant article!)

Bad news out of India, Manmade Tsunami

I hate the times we are living in

Who won the Iraq election? I honestly don't know. I've seen all the talk

So, whose sacrifice counts: Iraqis, Americans or Bush's neoCONs?

Would The Draft Make Future Wars Less Likely?

I found a new freeper village...check out these comments on mrs. clinton


Will the threat of Draft Legislation wake the rest of America Up?

Freepers teaching kids how to steal from soda machines

A good site to send your Christian friends to

The Texas highway patrolman the pulled over Canadian cop in Canada...

What industry do you work in?

Economics in Amerikka

Anybody know what Ukraine's Yushchenko health is?

Did anyone notice that this month was the 3rd highest

Students do not think Free Speech is important.

Bush or Chimp?

Controversial CU prof resigns as department chair (over 9-11 essay)

Examine these photos..

Abstinence only programs have increased teen sexual activity

Which Logo Was Better? Kerry or Gore?

Watch your 6: Right wing is going to dismantle your healthcare coverage!

Charlie Rose 1/31: Rather, Burns, Friedman, Ignatieff, Cooper, and Chalabi

Some couple in Iraqi named their kid "election" God I love this shit. eom

Do you think that we will pull out of Iraq?

Iraqi Election Coverage

Jon Stewert unfairly slams Ted Kennedy

Fareed Zakaria (on Daily show) for Sec'y of State....?

Thoughts to live by.......

Senator Hatch refused to help abused polygamy girls

Aussie killed in Iraq: "Mum, its very risky in Baghdad"

--->MARCH 19: The World Says End the War!

Iowans, Ohioans, all those who couldn't get away

I put a picture of the governor of Minnesota on the top-middle of my blog.

Mandatory Malloy: MONDAY Truthseeker RoundUp

why do i get the feeling that hysterically-anti-choice people

Who is Michael Ledeen? What does he say? Who does he influence?

Is it truly possible to be antiwar and promilitary? I just cannot rectify

Is America at Non-Free Status?

"successful" or not, these elections justify nothing

If The DNC does not elect Dean, what will you do?

Called Rangel's Office Today-Draft Legislation Will Be Introduced

A conservative with a sense of humor

Please e-mail Joe Scarborough re: Lies about Wesley Clark

Suppose a pandemic kills 10%+ of world population in a few months?

->Gonzales Vote This Week: 'speak now or forever hold your peace!'

"Outrage" at Kuric and NBC for ZERO follow-up on the $9B "theft"

Reality check: * did NOT want Iraqi election!!!

No Bad News Today!!!

How long does a democratic society last before morphing into something el

George W. Bush turnpike in Dallas is so deadly they had to put up

PHOTOS: THESE people think it's still possible to "argue against Bush"

Bush to Seek $80B for Iraq, Afghan Wars:($1.5 billion.- Baghdad Embassy)


The Story of the Ghost

Wages not keeping up with inflation

Be careful of what you wish for

Iraq Jobs... Would you take one?

Awkward moment at the Inauguration (exclusive photo ->)

When did America jump the shark?

Ahmed Chalabi approached by Bush admin for position in Iraq government

NYT 11/04/1967: "US Encouraged By Vietnam Vote"

If you buy one sports jersey this year, make it Rasheed Wallace

Joe Scarborough asks how we sleep at night. Here's my email to him. Add!

us no longer # 1 column thom hartmann read today?

Thomas Jefferson hates wingers

Eliot Spitzer on c-span 12:26 am et

Classic American Imperialism

(PIC) Of turnout "better than expected" "so far a success"

Conflicted about the Iraqi elections?

Where would the left be if MLK had "kept his faith to himself"?

Naomi Klein sounds a cautionary note for the 'let's just leave now' crowd

To Draft Age DUers: If drafted, will you go, or will you resist?

Why doesn't anyone mention that Privatization won't fix the SS shortfall?

The Run on The Dollar Begins in Malaysia

The next time a "journalist" crosses the ethical line....

the C-130 crash - 70 special forces troops killed?

Microwaving Iraq: US Resorts to Electromagnetic Warfare

The PNAC did NOT request a draft.

the Iraqi elections were TOTAL BULLSHIT

Scott Ritter is on Randi Rhodes...NOW!

Anybody listen to Scott Ritter on Randi Rhodes today?

So at the SOTU address you think he will talk about steroid use again?

1st Amendment goes TOO FAR? What's wrong with these kids???

I heard them say........

"It's not a matter of if abortion becomes illegal but when." Teaser from

what is wrong with our public schools?

Are you wearing a paperclip everyday?

Vote For Best-Looking Dem

Are you an extreme abortion person, or a moderate?

Why not propose a flat-tax for SS reform to counter piratization

Nazis were apt pupils of American eugenics

Fun with the ice-cream maker

DH is no help with meal planning........

When you JUST don't want to cook ....

easy good curry recipes anyone

Any good lasagna tips?

Anyone here familiar with Lakehead University in Thunder Bay?

How has the British Press coverage of the Iraqi Elections been?

'If you don't take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your benefits'

US sees rising civilian toll in Iraq-Unreported Casualties

No Apology in Cupertino School Flap (Dec. of Independence fiasco)

Fear of foreign juggernauts speeds up China's anti-monopoly legislation

Audit: $9 Billion Unaccounted for in Iraq

Iraq Veterans Against the War Kicks Off Their Amazing Tour

CITGO: Hi-tech Houston Hospital medicine for low income Venezuelans

US marine killed in west of Baghdad (1431)

'Several killed' in Kuwait clash (2nd day of clashes)

Ten Missing, Thought Dead, in UK Iraq Plane Crash

World leaders praise Iraqi poll

Child killers walk free after Washington Supreme Court vacates convictions

Australia abandons Baghdad embassy (moves to Green Zone)

Dollar edges up after Iraqi election

'If you don't take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your benefits'

Boeing's Little Bird flys high by remote control

Employers Can Get Medicare Subsidies for Lower Benefits

Thatcher conviction 'was unlikely'

Pro-Bush forces gear up for Supreme struggle (Federalist Society)

Exxon Mobil Earns Record $8.42B in 4Q

Ross' attorney files montion to delay execution

Four Militants Killed in Latest Kuwait Clash

Some GIs have undergone second post-combat mental exams

Pakistan, US to open security talks this week


Probes of alleged corruption in oil-for-food program clash

Pelosi and Reid on C-span

Four U.S. Marines Killed in Iraq Fighting

Baby Bell buying Ma Bell (SBC Set to Buy AT&T)

Source: Jersey acting Gov. won't seek nomination

DNC candidate Fowler gets a boost


African Leaders in Nigeria for Summit Aimed at Overcoming Poverty

Focus on Middle East, Ukraine Dominates at World Economic Forum

Jazeera Tape Appears to Show UK Plane Hit in Iraq

Cincinnati Soldier Killed In Iraq (while guarding polls)

Nun's Gay Outreach Angers Church

(WA) Taxpayers foot the bill for Rossi's election challenge

Hillary collapses

Consumer lobbyist gives up on Austin

Abstinence programs = more sexual activity

Bush basks in vote's success, but concedes danger lingers

Marsh to Pay $850million to Settle Charges by Spitzer: NYT

Feel better Hillary (she collapsed in NY today)

Florida GOP leaders opposing Bush effort to privatize more services

The Real Scandals of the Texas Election

3 more Marines killed in Iraq today...... MSNBC

Al Qaeda Vows to Fight on in Iraq

Stars and Stripes: Insurgents' threats keep Ramadi residents from voting

Sickly pope cancels Vatican meetings

(Columnist Payoff) Law Cautions Against Outside PR Spending -- Sort Of

' If you don't take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your benefits.'

Pulitzer Inc. Sells Its Newspapers to Lee Enterprises, Now 4th Largest Pub

Democrats Make Pre-Emptive on Bush Address

Sex used to break Muslim prisoners (Fake Menstrual Blood Smeared On Face)

Newsweek: Unmasking the Insurgents

Report Links Brooklyn Mosque to Saudi Hate Material

Afghans aim to buy back old missiles

Senator Clinton Collapses During Speech

Arab TV shows 'shooting down' of British plane

Four U.S. Marines Killed in Iraq Fighting

Diplomats, Analysts Say Iraq Insurgency Still Strong

Group files lawsuit challenging same-sex marriage ban

Prison riot in Iraq, U.S. soldiers kill 4

(church lobby false) claim "majority of Americans" object to PBS cartoon

Hercules 'hit by terrorists'

World's news channels play to prejudices (Re: Iraq election)

EU suspends sanctions against Cuba

Al Qaeda Vows Holy War in Iraq

Oman Confirms Arrest of Saboteurs

Global warming claiming prehistoric glaciers

Television News Anchors (Hume most conservative, Rather most liberal)

17 Substances Added to Cancer Agents List ..hepititus B and C & STD's

Bush puts immigration reform back on agenda

Houston Chronicle: Bush to propose huge increase in military death benefit

Dobson Setting the Record Straight on SpongeBob (or not)

U.N. Darfur report does not see genocide - Sudan

ASDC Chair Meeting (Dean wins endorsement)

Shi'ite bloc feels on verge of Iraq power

LeMoyne expels man over paper

US troops fire on prison rioters (four dead)

Texas Teens Increased Sex After Abstinence Program

We will build a statue for BUSH Says Baghdad Mayor - Im ready to puke

Dean Stumps For DNC Chair On Gay Inclusion

Feds drop case against pilots allegedly drunk in cockpit

BBC apologises over Iraqi figures

Spitzer critical of Bush SS plan - debt incurred would be "astronomical"

Texas senator proposes :Should your child be graded on weight?

Webb drops out of race for DNC chairmanship, backs Dean

Local Muslims troubled by treatment at border

Pakistan Keen to Defuse Iran-US Nuclear Row

U.S. officials see gathering threat of terror attacks on Gulf bases

The Russians are coming FBI concerned - Moscow's growing number of spies

Kim Jong Il to keep it in the family

Human rights lawyers: Expand war crimes probe of U-S officials (Gonzales)

Poland votes Bush as top world politician

Habitat for Humanity Fires Its Founder

U.S. Treasury to borrow $147 bln in Jan-March quarter

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 31 January

C.I.A. Chief (Gates) Under First Bush Says He Has Declined New Job

Habitat for Humanity Fires Its Founder

Brown: Pistons 'my last pro coaching job'

Feds: Enron made more than $1.6 billion on Western energy crisis

Hillary Clinton collapses during speech in New York

Body of missing Indiana girl found in stream

Chile puts time limit on Pinochet-era inquiries

Family massacred in Colombia

Nelson criticizes Bush plan to privatize social security

PB Post: Gov. Bush's jobs record falls short of predecessors'

Controversial CU prof resigns as department chair (over 9-11 essay)

Keep smoking or keep my job?

U.S., Britain have exit strategy: First troops out in late 2005

Family fights to keep comatose man alive (Ethics comm. votes not to)

Once invincible Governator sees popularity dip

UPDATE - First New England execution in 45 years put on hold

Scientists Grapple with Climate as Crisis Grows

Colombia-Venezuela is officially over.

Bush May Back Curbs on (Social Security) Accounts

State Democrats Back Dean for DNC Post

Motor Neurons Grown From Stem Cells

Gorbechev: "Iraq election was fake"

Arctic ozone layer is thinning, scientists report

Republicans, conservatives dominated Iraq election coverage on FOX

Two Alaska volcanoes show signs of eruption

Bush promotes 'nuclear hawks'

Researchers find diabetes trigger, possible fix

Gorbachev Calls Iraqi Elections “Fake

Bush to take a bow for Iraq vote in upcoming 'State of the Union' speech

NAACP Resists IRS Investigation - Group Calls Probe Politically Motivated

Pentagon Would Raise Military Death Pay

Mexico: FBI memo warns of possible plot to kill, kidnap agents

New Hampshire May Repeal Gay Hate Crime Law

Incomes Jump Record 3.7 Percent in Dec. (watch for catch!)

Four Iraqi detainees killed, six injured in riot at detention facility in

1 in 3 teens says First Amendment goes 'too far'

Chertoff Denies Advising CIA on Torture

Former Crematory Operator Gets 12 Years

Kerry finished presidential campaign with money left for new bid (AP)

Pataki's Maid Aide (wife's maid- paid for by state GOP)

Democratic Group Backs Fowler Over Dean to Lead DNC (WP)

AP: Judge Begins Hearing San Diego Mayor Case

Rift over redistricting (in CA)

Disabled child in suicide attack (bomber appeared to have Down's syndrome)

State Democrats Back Dean for DNC Post

"Iran vows enrichment freeze to be short-lived"

Halliburton poised for Q1 "Upside Surprise"

Justice Dept. to Charge $373K for Records (of detainee cases)

Global warming may kill off polar bears in 20 years, says WWF

He's the world's nuclear arms watchdog, why Bush admin. want him out?

Report: Explosives-Filled Truck Explodes in Tajik Capital, Killing One

Bosnian protest over Guantanamo

Healthcare Overhaul Is Quietly Underway -LAT


Evolution Takes a Back Seat in U.S. Classes -NYT

Leumi (UK) buys Riggs Bank & Trust

U.S. Judge: Guantanamo Tribunals Unconstitutional

4 Networks Reject Ad Opposing Bush on Lawsuits (NYT)

Gates says he turned down intel-czar job (not Bill)

Rumsfeld Seeks to Revive Burrowing Nuclear Bomb

Congressional Republicans 103-page SS Playbook leaked to Raw Story

Tribune, CBS, Fox and NBC appeal to Supreme Court in media ownership case

Some Just Voted for Food

Scottish MP: Iraqi elections are 'flawed beyond redemption'

Vietnam bird flu deaths increase (fear could spread human-to-human)

9/11 storm at CU

I have a shell of a Reese's Pieces stuck under the letter "v"

'If you don't take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your benefits'

I am a master of the oral argument. Ask me anything.

If anyone thought they had problems they ought to pity the poor foreign

She'll cut your heart like diamonds - end of story

You'd better call up the ambulance. I'm feelin' no pain.

I'm going to bed. I leave you with this directive.

Which smilie combo makes you the most dizzy?

Help get me to 3000 posts tonight...

Carson on Democracy

It is January 31 (almost).

Oh hell why not ask me anything

Yes it is mean and no I don't approve

I've been drinking Kool-Aid all weekend.

Kick me off!

this is my 900th I'm going to bed............nite all.......

Wondered where we all would be if Bill Clinton was on term #4 now sort of

I am the best debater, ever. Ask me anything.

What could be greater than playing a game of golf with a gator?

GD is always a hot zone

OK. The time to admit if you loved MAGNUM P.I. is now.

I'm watching Jill Clayburgh on that ABC lawyer show

I'm going to bed-- don't ask me a damn thing....

GD is a hot zone tonight...

Listening to Pantera's "Cemetary Gates". Ask me anything.

You know what movie I'd really like to see made? One in which Jesus

Quote of the Day

Forget your troubles, c'mon get happy....

OK, the fun's over.

You ever catch your cat with a reindeer?

God I love the Top 10 Conservative Idiots list. I live for Mondays

College paper help - Locke

Public Swimming Pool Evacuated After Crocodile Is Spotted

Can't afford Super Bowl ad time? Try these 2 guys for just 10K

Beware of Virus

kazza lite users

Wonder Bread falls prey to the upside-down black-is-white Bush technique!

"Not to go on all-Fours; that is the Law. Are we not Men?"

Shetland Pony Invades Grocery Store


Sorry for the late news.......

What is the best diet drug?

Bus Driver barely escapes deer attack - punches herself to safety

What's superber than chowing a Hummer from Helgoland?

What are the best skin care products for men?

Honestly...if DU was down for a would you deal with it?

My dream team for 2008--I'm backing them with a bumper sticker.

McDonald's Worker Busted For Putting Glass In Cop's Big Mac

Today is my mom's 74th Birthday.

I had the BEST birthday.

If you had a time machine . . .

German match-rigging affair overshadows World Cup

Check out the latest in "Bunny suit hunting attire"

John Lofton is a frickin' piece of shit

What's stupider than owning a Hummer in the U.S.?

Man's Ford Contour Stolen 3 Times In 6 Days

I didn't know he could move that fast!!

64,000 DU-ers!!!!

I downloaded some bootlegs of Van Halen concerts. Ask me anything.

Can Christians zone cats?

Hey lurking right winger ASSHOLES, this is for you!

I watched the movie " The Manchurian Candidate " last night - freaky !

Bill O'Reilly's Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift Suggestions

Can cats own christians?

How do I get a gmail address?

You're not whoisalhedges are ya? I don't want any whoisalhedges in my car.

Pentagon Considers Teaching Computers To Read

Best Sabbath album

Priest asks girl, 12, and mom to perform a sex act - Resigned

Tough to win, easy to blow lottery riches

You all have heard "Who Is This America" by Antibalas, right?

Booze rules

Choose your favorite Martian

The Ms. Universal Sufferage of all CAPTIONS!!!

What musician should get a film biography?

WHY would someone go to Mexico and eat undercooked pork? WHY?

Remember when it was called "Sugar Crisp?"

For those of you who showed up late -- Skinner would like a note from

Found some gloves for Captain America....

1000 Posts!

Q: How many Bush Administration officials does it take to screw in a light

Love grows from back seat of NY cab

Nominate the crap Beatles songs here.

Iraq elections cartoon

Check out LifeCare Hospital's mission statement

Did You All Know About DARTH TATER?

the ultimate prank


The "I Just Peed Myself" of CAPTIONS!

Did anybody notice how many Iraqis lined up to give Bush the finger?

What are your favorite Iraq/Bush Protest songs?

Oh, God, the media deluge of Jackson has begun

So, what happened to the DU Admins?

Did anyone watch "See Arnold Run" last night?

So who is going to hang with Ramsey & I when we come to Austin TX?

Who else here is sick to death of Jamster commercials?

New evidence of psychopathy gene found

ok, this is weird

Does anybody really EVER suffer fools gladly?

My guess is that it was VP Dick Cheney....

New recipe for an old sandwich

no steam cleaner for the wife on her b-day. I just ordered flowers!!!

Stupid sig question

Gay Attack!! Gay Attack!! RUN!!!!!!!

OMG! I just caught a hilarious typo in my big presentation document!

This is Seattle!

Smelly School Losing Students In The Panhandle - Sweage Treatment Plant

"Straightjacket" Vermont Teddy Bear Will Stay As Valentine's Day Gift

Ok I talked with my dad and looks like I'll be heading for the home

Despite Outcry, Widow To Move Bob Marley's Remains

Very interesting, realistic animation

Rodney Dangerfield gets no respect...even in death

can christians own cats!

did anyone see any good movies this past weekend

Hillary collapsed during speech today, thread from GD Politics (link)

Is Everyone Ready For The Michael Jackson Media Orgy?

Is OE8 really the most trusted name in booze?


Which decade do you hate more?

breaking news on Hillary

hiLLary coLLapses

I think Sniffa is getting to me, re: coLLapsing. ShouLd I try Vonage?

Hillary Collapses While Singing at Bush's Inaugural!

Hillary once live in a car!

how about a "michaeL jackson triaL" group group?

You're not a commie, are ya? I don't want any commies in my car.

CAPTION the Education secretary CAUGHT CHEATING!!!!

So why do you think,out of all the cartoons, they picked on SpongeBob?

Anyone Try Vonage or Other Broadband Phone Services?

Most people have "noses," but with Bush, it's more like a frigging BEAK.

hiLLary coLLapses; DU goes to LeveL 2

Fucking stupid Sears hardware department!!!

Weight, family members and friends

Is there a chance in hell that Michael Jackson is not guilty?

How about a Tito Jackson trial group?

in honor of hiLLary

Air America reports Hillary OK!

Help me install my new hard drive!

Ever notice that when Freeps talk about the French being wimps...

How about a LaToya Jackson trial group?

I just ordered a new toy

Level 1 is sooooo wonderful!

Meet "Esuvee" - The Hairy Safety Mascot Of SUV's

I SUPPOSE This SEEMED Like A Good Idea At The Time

How my short-term memory degrades:

US Company - Quit Smoking and Lose Weight or Quit Your Job

Word of the day: Quagmire

So I'm upset!

Don't tell ME there's no such thing as reincarnation!

Which BS issue will Bush talk about in SOTU?

I just noticed the W on my keyboard is messed up.

That was CLOSE!!

Hey Chavez! Let's check in on the Christian Powerlifters...HUH???

Who is "Going to Disney World" after the Super Bowl? NO ONE!

2005 Coachella Line-Up set.

My Cable Company Sucks

hoho, haha - that site is funny

Cheetah cam at the National Zoo.

Hell just froze over! I am getting a 20% Bonus!

"I do not have a girlfriend."

WTF does "L33T" mean?

Positive results shown in meditation survey

Feel the RW love for Hillary (not for the weak-stomached)

How Gay is your pet?

So, I now have the final tally on what my brake job is going to cost

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath!!!

A lot of people say /Magical Mystery Tour/ is a bad movie.


Ironic Times No. 229

The ultimate movie throwdown-Who wins?

Has anyone got that pic of Bush in his "cowboy pimp" attire?

Go ahead! Take a peek. What's in your co-workers drawer?

Procrastination & Indecision Pay Off: new model powerbook out today

If you wish to be happy for one hour, get drunk...

Is CNN really the most trusted name in news?

Sniff, sob - hubby went home today. WAAAHHH!!!

Did anyone film or tape the Vote for Change concerts?

Victoria found safe

Ok I'm NEVER going scuba diving. EVER.

I'm Out Of My Hed... Oh Hurry Or I May Be Dead!

Students for an Orwellian Society

i havent slept in 2 days... but...

Should Gene Keady's rug be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame?

Televised Executions...

A note to all aunts and uncles out there - do not leave a timid 3 year old

Help! I'm obsessed with Starships!

4 day oLd pizza

Help! I'm obsessed with Starfish!

WTF! So we have a scale in the work bathroom. I gained weight!

Why? and enjoy!

You're hurt in a terrible accident. They're going to make you better than

You too can own your own Dalek.

Would you do an intervention on someone who has been watching every episod

Would you do an intervention on someone....


Anyone else home sick today?

I got my prime rib this weekend!!! and it was fabulous

Why Do Movies Go To DVD So Fast These Days?


Who wants to be on "Trading Spouses?"

Help! I'm obsessed with Starship!

Six men jailed for exhuming a 'vampire' to eat his heart

matcom !!! the teacher is looking for you ..

Lou Costello Buys A Computer

Help! I'm obsessed with Starship Trooper!

So where will you be protesting on March 19th, 2005?

how about a "michaeL jackson triaL" group?

Bwahahahaha Theres a street in my city called Moran Dr.

Rats (a joke...worth a read)

I, LynneSin do solemnly swear I will no longer make bets with other DUers

2005 State of the Union Drinking Game

I've got $100. What would you do for it? Make'em good now!

Do you feel downloading off kazaa is wrong ?

So I am in my boss' car as he drives us to lunch, when WHAM!

Sweeeeeeeet Caroline

Rasheed Wallace Rips Bush* A New One

What's new at MOVELEFT.COM?

It is 2:44 and I have done absolutely Nothing today.

okay when females start sex threads


I think DU is getting to me, re: anxiety.

My 10 year old son made me a pot of coffee!

Houses in heaven

Hmm....Itunes weirdness....

Help! I'm obsessed with Starship Troopers!

I need information on Ural Motorcycles.

all I really want is a Stella Artois

I just got an unsolicited email from my congressman. Um you would

My god damned roomies wanna find a new place

I am officially unemployed (again!)................................

OW! Damn it all to hell and back.

I don't know what to do with myself.

Still need Devil Bones recipe. Please?

Anyone a member of IATSE?

The Dog Whisperer

"The West Wing" prempted by Chimp SOTU speech on Wed night.

Buffalo Collapses on Hillary

Mizz Jazz. Paging Mizz Jazz.

Got freeper jokes? I'll start ...

OMG. Guy painting our house is listing to religious radio.

Gael Garcia Bernal is pretty

This is what happens when you let the lizards out of the lounge!

I like LBN in the early morning, with a cup of coffee.

Rev is teasing me! Don't make it stop!


Crystal Ball time, year 2020. Jenna Bush enters rehab, Freepers react.

Check out this great screen cleaner!

When graphic artists get bored:

I Would Like To See YOU Nekkid

Somebody PLEASE Explain This To Me


Name this little Democrat!

15 posts til I hit 6000!

If The election were held today, who would you vote for?

Randi's rippin a freeper's ass right now.

Memo to clowns: Don't bring your children to work - they will upstage you


Little Simba is sick - think he misses daddy

How do you make links appear as regular text in your posts?

Anybody else have problems sleeping because of

I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with Ramsey talking about Netflix

Time To Play: FIND LYNNESIN!!!

Man, did I miss you guys!

Could someone please explain the difference between 'slacks' & 'pants'?


Gooooood Monday Morning DU!

Are X-boxes worth it?

Does anyone have Earthlink DSL?

Back to the Front.

Laugh of the day! :)

What was the first video game you ever played?

Flying USA to Europe- need airline recommendations

My house smells soooo good!

SNL fans - have you noticed

Damnit you win

Does anyone have a teleporter I can borrow

If I can't smoke and swear, I'm f*cked!

Mayberry Machiavelli???? Where has he been?

Two Bush-supporters are re-doing my mom's bathroom

Saw "Million Dollar Baby" yesterday {{SPOILERS}}

Cigarette smoke odors

Eyes Wide Shut is on Showtime - watch it or not?

Vindictive Comcast!

My dog just broke a window

can we get an Edgar fan club?

The subject is olives. What is your favourite type?

Husker Du on the Joan Rivers show in 1987

CONFESS!!!!!! What gives you really bad gas...

I Just Found Baby Jesus!

What is your favorite Marx Brothers movie?

A&E gets rights to "Sopranos" reruns for $2.5 million per episode

Just got a DVD what?

News discussion site thing

Anyone listening to the Majority Report now?

What do you think of when you hear the phrase "a rancid affair"?

I confess. I love Neil Diamond.

Fear Factor Fans...

I now see the appeal of being a parent

Catalog of Cool is now online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Computer Experts - mIRC question

Attention Class. Skinner has asked me to take attendance this morning...

Argh!! I have a canker sore on my inner lip and on my tongue!

I absolutely love

Hillary Clinton or Teresa Heinz-Kerry?

Obligatory dinner menu thread: tonight's dinner is:

Waiting For Godot: Audition is Wednesday Night!

Post your fave Smiley!

What's your condition?

I beat Red!!!

Adrienne Rich on faithfulness among humans...

DRUDGE WORLD EXCLUSIVE: 'Meet the new Janet Jackson'

Is "24" on tonight?

So have you seen this show Yu-Gi-Oh?

Ping Pong, a Chihuahua

Rasheed Wallace is f*cking awesome!!


If I was president . . .

Listening to Metallica's "Master Of Puppets". Ask me anything.

Let's have a contest...

Best Nickelodoen show (animation)

"Why do you use those 4 million dollar words....

'Spectacular Boobs' song

Congrads to JimmyJazz on 7000 posts and this better be what you wanted

Best Robin Williams Movie

i'm beginning to be sure that no one thinks like me

Crop Circles, man made? Or.........

Is 'The Simpsons' the biggest TV show of all time?

What are you hungry for right now?

My dog just broke wind

For all you Paul Simon fans out there:

You're Having My Baby: Greatest Piece of Music Ever or Not?

Another unbelievable video clip: MD-11 down!

Graphic art help?

Anyone here besides me who likes ballet?

Tyler's Happy Canada Story!

For all you Paul Simonon fans out there:


How long before telemarketers stop calling dead people?

Drudge: Medicare to cover penis drugs. Bwahahahaha.

Veronica!!! Where are you sweetums?

Dammit all to hell!!!!!!!

Beethoven's Ninth Symphony: Greatest piece of music ever, or not?

Arrghhh... ear worm!!! (fill in the blank)

What is up with all these farting dogs?

For the Bush State of the Union address...

~~~~SMILEY WAR!~~~~~

calling all Nelson Demille fans....

Finally had a "Teabiscuit" for the first time.

Do you tend to always be #XX or #X in replies to threads?

Best Morgan Freeman movie

What's with this guy?

gift for friend in hospital?

Just three more posts and I'm out of the 700 club. Ask me something.

Why would you rob a Baskins Robbins in Kansas in January?

Thank you all for your help! I have escaped the dreaded 700 club.

Is "24" being repeated on cable this year?

Where in the world is Peggy Lee?

I'm gonna get baked - what flavor do you want?

Have you seen that Bumper Sticker "Freedom isn't Free"


Where in the world is Tommy Lee?

Anyone here know about pool maintenance?

A video for your enjoyment

40 Things You'd Like To Say Out Loud At Work

For all the religous frauds out there.

Where in the world is Tommy Lee Jones?

Rediscovering Ministry - Where's XNASA?

I got a gift today, whaddaya think?

Finally saw "Seabiscuit" for the first time

I'm quite positive that no one likes me

Smileys from SmileyBoy:

G'night everybody!

Where in the world is Nancy and Lee?

I found a kick-ass football photo:

Am I the only"24" fan at DU?

Ahmad Jamal or Ramsey Lewis?

Where is my Bush tax cut?

I don't care what the critics said, I laughed my ass off at this one.

I worry about Cyndi Lauper

The silent meow - how I love it!

choose your favorite principaL

Choose your favorite John

Poll question: Frank Sinatra or Bob Dole.

What's the most embarrasing show that you like to watch?

Screw being the "homosexuality detection expert" - Just take the damn test

I just got back from the home

RIP Kitty Kleeb, 1912-2005

You go to your favorite restaurant and find Bush is there for a photo op

I am the DU "homosexuality detection expert". Ask me anything

Mr. Burns from The Simpsons was just on Fox News

Post the smiley you have a deep abiding hatred for

I'm gonna bake a pie - what flavor do you want?

whoisalhedges just said THE. DUMBEST. THING. EVER.

anyone use Mozilla's Firefox web browser yet?? (it's fast.)

Oh, by the way...

Million Dollar Baby

What Don't You Want People to Find in your House When You Die?

MEN ONLY: Do you ever cut your own hair?

Cable News to use GIANT floor map of Michael Jacksons genitals for trial.

The 'Freak' emoticon

Honest question. Who plucks their

OSCAR PICK EM GAME: Everyone welcomed to join and play

Your favorite kind of CHEESE?

Why is DU so addictive?

OMG!!!!! Michael Jackson's being chased by the police right now on TV!!!!


DU Group Proposal: Oasis vs. The Beatles and other bands group.

Hippiechick, did you know you were quoted on Seattle radio Sat. night?

Miami Vice. I watched it religously

Ok, I'm 50 posts away from 2000, help me out here

I'm not sure, but I'm beginning to think no one likes me.

Union at UPS?

How about a group forum devoted to AirAmericaRadio.

So I just watched the movie "Open Water"...

Favorite Air America Radio Host(s)

Vote for your favorite stereotype!!

Frank Sinatra Jr. or Jakob Dylan?

Why is expensive belgian chocolate so damn good?

Name My Puppy

Who wants a special assignment?

Frank Sinatra or Bob Dylan.


I hate my mail carrier!

I propose a Commercially Unsuccesful Rock Groups of the 1980's group

Blocks of airline "poop ice" totals car, boy holds it for the cameras

Best Nickelodoen show (non-animation)

17 hours until my root canal....

blatant propaganda for those considering a new washing machine

Skippy or Jif? Chunky or smooth? Marshmallow or jelly?

Over or Under for the Super Bowl? (47.5)

Anyone else up for another free association thread?

PDA questions

I WANT'A SOMETHING FREAKY TO YOU, world's greatest love song?

Does anyone remember the show DARK SHADOWS?

A pretty girl has given me heart shaped brownies tonight..

What DO you want people to find in your house when you die?

My Four Food Groups...

I saw Hotel Rwanda earlier tonight

Letterman Pays Special Tribute to Carson

Favorite urban legend?

Don't look back. DUs got a Bob Dylan Group!

Its been 4 days since my sweetie deployed to the Middle East ...

What good thing has happened to you recently?

Chicago DU get-together.

How about a "There Are Too Many Groups!" group?

DU Group Proposal: Electronic music group.

Urgent! Please help me make a really really important decision.

Safire on "Vegan" today in NYT

What do you do/want to do for a living?

Do you have pets? If so...can I see them?

Black U.S. Baptist groups reconciling, put aside gay-marriage issue

High on Death: A Texas professor searches for the human soul

Nonduality FAQ

Time Magazine - The 25 Most Influential Evangelists

Is God or religion necessary for morality?

Higher states of consciousness

Where would you be placed in hell?

Healthcare Overhaul Is Quietly Underway (Bush tries to end "insurance")

Views from space help oil prospectors see deep underground

The 25 most important questions in physics

Leo's Bright Star Regulus "Flies like Bullet"

Cosmic oddity casts doubt on theory of universe

Telltale 'fingerprints' can lead chemists to sources of oil spills

Overdue Supervolcanoes 'May Erupt Soon'

Weather??? Human or extra-terrestrial hand in weather manipulation?

"Basic Rights Oregon" files lawsuit against Oregon anti-gay con amendmt

Appeal In Case Of Gay Couple Ordered To Split Up Over Child

City Ordered To Pay $1.3 Million To Gay Musical

Gay Ugandan Refused Entry To UK Because Homosexuality Is Illegal In His Ho

Students Protest Anti-gay SpongeBob Flap

Nile Rogers' We Are Family Foundation pulls Gay Tolerance Message


Which team is most likely to be the 1st to play in the Super Bowl at Home?

Eagles Cool, Patriots Bristle

If this is true, what a stupid, stupid person/"student-athlete" this is

What Super Bowl team embodies the Democratic Party philosophy?

Sports merchandise... why do people spend money on it? Is it worth it?

Rasheed Wallace disdains Bush

I'm making myself a Gary Bettman voodoo doll

I feel a whole lot better now, thank you

Dog scratching at door molding. Any ideas how to stop it or the damage?

It turns out my cat IS smart.

Neurofeedback: intersecting with ancient mind-body techniques

The Synchronicity Sisters

Indigo the Movie

Have you ever lost respect for someone

Are these slip up calling the DNC, the DLC, purposeful or not

Is there any info on John Kerry's personality?

Oh, I feel like SUCH a bitch!

What it means to be liberal

Question for people who watch MTP and know how to read Kerry

Confused about PNAC -->Will Marshall --> PPI -->John Kerry

Now you tell me people how does a Bushlite get a 105 from the UAW

Just watched the MTP Interview. And while for the most part I thought

Well my nana has passed one, one for the ages

My favorite Kerry story

PLEASE READ: Message from webmaster at

Wow, I didn't know their was a photography group on DU. Anyone interested

Anyone ever sell or exhibit their work?


Please, would somebody explain the FTAA fo me?

Metro vs. Retro - Is it an accurate assessment?

2 journalists defend roles at White House meetings

Bush Inauguration Photo Blog

Democrats on C-Span on Monday (and Sunday night too)

Reid and Pelosi to Challenge Bush on Iraq Exit Strategy & Social Security

SPIN ALERT -- Social Security Funeral benefits

Anyone watch the world's worst TV movie "Run Arnold Run" ?

Repuke Talking Points on Social Security: Anyone seen this...

the total number of insurgent attacks yesterday: 175, ...

Local paper poll: will violence in Iraq decrease after elections?

Were Iraqis paid to vote?

"We have been showing pics of people stepping over body parts and

Well, Voting Results In Iraq Are In and the Winner Is...

Keep in mind, as we dance to the joyous success of Iraq elections...

DNC Chair Candidates on Morning Sedition starting Tuesday AM

Will there be protests during the SOTU speech? n/t

Simon Rosenberg to be on C-Span's Washington Journal at 9AM.

US election. Newspapers didn't have pictures of long lines

Will Wayne Newton play Allawi's innaugural?

Cook slams Blair's 'black arts' tactics

Bush Forges Weak Links to Legacies of Democratic Predecessors

Geldof cast as 'Mr Bloody Africa'

Martin Frost on NPR: Awful

I Need Help, On Another Board

Reid and Pelosi on C-Span at 10AM est

Medal winner Bremer pissed away over 8 Billion of our dollars.....

Hmm, Jeff Gannon - gets paid to ask softball questions of *

Fox: For Wednesday's SOTU, Bush will "come out with both guns blazing"

Who's watching CSPAN-2 (DNC chair race)

Libya gives US oil barons contracts - oh yes

CIA Agents Secretly Placed in US University Classrooms

Reid: "I haven't read Senator Kennedy's comments on Iraq"

Media is in full pro-Bush mode

Germans Protest Bush with US Flags in Dog Poo!

Become An Extraordinary Rich Conservative And Live The Ultimate Lifestyle!

I LOVE when the media talks about propaganda! CNN is now.

Two Paths to Social Security Investment Accounts Mapped

Colonel, Lt. Colonel rape & abuse Captain - and get away with it

Don't use FDR to undermine Social Security By James Roosevelt Jr

Chairs/Vice Chairs reject Fowler recommendation. Dean wins first vote

Thank God for people willing to say "shit" when we are all choking on it!

In honor of Howard Dean: I Hate Republicans!

Rebuttal Begins for a Speech Not Yet Given (SOTU)

Rep. Committeeman arrested for downloading rape of 5 yr. old porn

FLASH Hillary Clinton collapses

One reason I believe Democrats are inneffective is that they are

Let's make a list of things Dean hates

The Power Of Boycotts, Let Me Hear Your Opinion

This has GOT to be propaganda........

FOX: Hillary just collapsed during speech (breaking on TV)

What was the most honest thing Bush said in his first term?

GOP Social Security Playbook:

So, they want to to erect a monument of Bush!

Which country will be next?

Webb drops out of race for DNC chairmanship

Latest Numbers in the DNC Chair race (actual voting #'s)

The Real Scandals of the Texas Election

Was Russert Baiting Kerry Into Making A Statement About Vote Fraud....

Guantanamo tribunals ruled unconstitutional

Brazil protests the Iraq war. Where's their post-election joy? (photos)

Does anyone actually believe that any progress can be made

Awhile back "CNN and PsyOps" happened. Could it happen again ?

Dumbest thing Chimp said in his first term?

Meet The Press - January 30, 2005 - Transcript

Now, let me see... Dean hates Republicans


Progressives need to tell America what we believe

Bush Administration Unveils New Iraq Exit Strategy


Stand for a change - an opinion

RNC Spins "’s Baseless Social Security Ad"

Wonder why no one's brought up the British gassing of Kurds in the 1920s?

Clinton and US military

Update from Cong. Henry Waxman - 1/31/05

Thank God for Senator Boxer

Weren't the Republicans howling for an "exist strategy" in Bosnia and

Got Religion? What is with all the pandering?

Bush told black caucus he didn't know anything about Voting Rights

Don't they have to do this vote in Iraq all over again in Oct ? Then

Would you like it if DU set up a "debate thread" with Freepers?

Reminder: The exit pollsters polled too many Democrats

The tactic of picking and choosing votes - stop using it here.

Why don't they dip their HEADS in blue ink?

Tim Blair doesn't get it (my cartoon, that is).

TX Legislature to tackle emergency contraception bill

Neoconservative vs Everyone Else

so do we have a list of what is wrong with those wacki iraqi elections?

Add Haiti to the list of BushCo. Created Nightmare States

CNN: "Do the Dems' opinions even matter? Technically, no"

Consumer's Union giving up daily lobbying efforts in Texas

If Rush has given you a nickname, does that mean you're doing a good job?

I Love Rasheed Wallace...

Talk about leaving Iraq is a laugh

'Wash Post' Disputes Gallagher Claim of Retraction

Expat Iraq Vote MSM Spin is Shameless

I hate the republicans and everything they've done to us

If our problem is rural voters

Reid calls for 'real' Iraq plan; Pelosi sees Social Security fight

Iraqi "election" held right before State of the Union...what timing!!!

Can we get three numbers in one place on the Iraqi elections?

Does Bush tell the truth about anything?

God help us.....Baghdad Mayor: "We will build a statue for Bush"

$9 BILLION unaccounted for?

Bush to Condi: "Ain't spinning wonderful?"

O'Reilly is having a rant about the Left wing liberal media--intresting

Leibermann: a coherent Zell Miller

Iraq election...Great ! Bring our guys home ? McCain never thought so

Any chance that DK will run for Governor of Ohio in '06?

If Bayh votes against Gonzales then he moves up in

Nonbelievers: Get Excommunicated from the Catholic Church

Easy way to fight back against Dobson Campaign

Hey, I thought Rush told us that we were NOT a democracy but a Republic?

What happened in Iraq cannot be described credibly as an election

I'm on the list to see *. (Phase 1 complete. On to Phase 2)

Nethercutt taking job at D.C. lobbying firm

Riot at Iraqi Detention Center, 4 dead

Fowler SCALDED Washington Consultant Culture. He IS Grassroots

Has anyone else seen this True Majority Petition for Dean?

Will this be the latest SOTU address ever?

I think Ed Shultz sucks.

What's the deal with Bush, the CBC, and the Voting Rights Act?

Polite request for Dean supporters

PNAC tactfully asking Congress to bring back the Draft

check out the faux freeperville on mrs. clinton

Is It True That Dean Doesn't Believe the draft Clark Movement Existed?

If Dean had been this frank in the primaries, he would have won going away

Scott McClellan: "Timetables send the wrong message to the terrorists"

Which of these two quotes do you agree with?

Communist Party USA: Talking crazy about Social Security

Senators Obama & Salazar: Two Dismal Debuts

James Roosevelt Jr. - Bush Plan to Privatize Social Security “An Outrage”

Wow!! Article 1/11/05 US and Iraq All Set for Strike against Syria

ASDC Endorses Howard Dean for DNC Chair

Who exactly votes for DNC chair? And when does it happen?

Dean "the evil Republican machine which divides us & does anything to win"

Should Democrats get creative with the media? Examples...

Would Hitler have succeeded in the 21st Century?

Texas senator proposes :Should your child be graded on weight?

Condi for President/VP!! You can count on it!...

YES! Prominent statisticians urge investigation of election

Two kids lead the strongest attack yet on Condi

EVAN BAYH Had Some Good Comments on Social Security

Malkin: Left wing bloggers hid under their bedcovers during Iraq election

TIME: An early eye on 2008

Who will be our next Paul Wellstone?

Call Bill Nelson re Gonzales: Demand a filibuster of Gonzales

"I've turned off the news, I boycott ____ ____ & _____ network."

Fire the Consultants: by Amy Sullivan

Senate to consider Gonzales nomination at 10:45 AM EST tomorrow

So, it looks like a real fight is coming over the Gonzales nomination

What if Kerry had been a clearly anti-war candidate?

How have your calls re Gonzales been going

Was Iraq voting worth over 1400 US Soldiers killed

Congressional Republicans Agree to Launch Social Security Campaign

Would we be happy if Laura Bush fainted on stage?

Does anyone else REFUSE to watch * on TV?

CNN: QuickVote - Do you plan to watch *'s State of the Union?

Republican lurkers: Proof that your own party thinks you're stupid

Why can't the Army make recruiting goals?

Now I'm not so sure I want our troops out of Iraq...

I saw Senator Kerry on Tim Russert's show yesterday and

Webb to Drop out and endorse Dean

Be afraid be very afraid!! A NeoCon-quote from Michael Ledeen, of

CNN: Corporatist News Network FOX: Fascist News Network

Post-Election Nader Sticker?

Mokhiber exiled for asking if Bush was pushing for the rapture?

The Empire Used To Have Standards. Will Blair Pay The Price For Iraq?

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Guantanamo...

Okay this is too funny! Why do we not have Abstinence only classes again?

Clinton reaches out to the centre ground

The pubs have no one to win in '08

Donnie Fowlers 2000 election performance was BAD

CIA report admits "Outsourcing" is a threat to middle class (what's left

The writing on the wall: Hillary '08

See Ann. See Ann Stumble.


Stop posting for one night and join us

Kucinich Demands Investigation Of Missing $9 Billion In Iraq

If you don't hate the Republicans and everything they stand for

"One great day isn't going to reverse a year and a half of blunders"

Is Bush a Racist? Bush Shows His True Colors

4yrs ago this week, Bush is handed the Hart-Rudman Report on Global Terror

Tell me again why a draft is bad?