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Archives: January 30, 2005

Kristof: Those Friendly Iranians

The al-Sistani factor in Iraq election

Iraq elections, a solution or sedition?

Now Playing: 'Anybody But Dean, Part 2'

Torture Chicks Gone Wild or "The Geneva Monologues"

A True American Hero - Dahr Jamail

Dana Stevens on Margaret Spellings and "Sugartime"

Greenspan and His Inner Circle Guide Destiny of Millions Behind Ornate

Delusions of grandeur at "Focus on the Family" (from Bloggermann)

In Interview, Bush Belittles Gay Parents

Time to stop using the word "spin"let's start using the word "torque"

Real Freedom Still Far Off

McNabb shoulders unusual burden (McNabb, Rush, and Armstrong Williams)

Bombs, bullets, ballots, by Oliver North

The Jungle's new century

Social Security plan has public anxious

Hereditary class structure at work

Human Rights Investigation Calls Haiti “More Violent and More Inhuman”

One died for rights; the other raised her children

Rx for Social Security:Demography of the problem 'is not overwhelming' ()

Battle Born: Remember to Fight!

We'll go on cheering ' democracy' - and the Iraqis will go on dying - Fisk

today's charade is simply about Iraq's oil

And Now a Critical Moment: The Press Sizes Up the Iraqi Election

Iraq has history of democratic elections

An election to anoint an occupation

Editorial on Iraq Election-- United Arab Emirates paper

Salon: Hallelujah, the Mac is back

Brief Guide To The Iraqi Elections

Carlysle group owns 'robo-soldier" and also Anthrax vaccine co.

"Resolute Bush Sticking With Colts As Super Bowl Pick"

Toronto Coalition to Stop the War Condemns the Unfair and Illegitimate ...

Keep Wall Street away from Social Security

Torture Chicks Gone Wild, Maureen Dowd

"Why I am Obsessed With War" by Harry Browne (f**king brilliant article!)

Has political correctness gone too far?


Amy Goodman is coming to Dallas, Tx on Feb 18th, Please help

Ideas to counter the freepers

Constitution says Bush should be impeached

Why does our Media not have doubts about election? Mitteldorf, Ph.D doubts

Media frenzy to erupt as Jackson trial begins

my email to Tim Russert

Sunday sermon: "The Godly Must Be Crazy" author speaks on environment

Record Arctic Ozone Loss Possible In Coming Weeks - BBC

Outgoing Shell Boss Seeks Post With Climate-Related NGO - Times of London

UK Climate Strategy Has New Focus On Adaptation, Not Prevention - BBC

Lack of snow cancels annual Race to the Sky

Which Democrats and Republicans actually served in the military?

Let's pray for success in Iraq

The grammar of the Second Amendment

Another gun that will be banned soon

Which is more deadly? A fully automatic weapon, or a semi-automatic?

A special plea for unity in the gun dungeon

For the record...

Are we allowed to call someone a "Freeper"? Someone recently posted to me

Can we have an election 2008 board....

Have you changed the number of posts required

About a post of mine

Simple little question about the process of joining

Ignore list

This thread should help

I have been a DU member

getting a star

The Most Important Democratic Underground Forum Ever

How many posts do I need to send a private message?

PA official: We will deploy in 4 West Bank cities Wed.

Hamas Victory Rally Erupts Into Shootout

Time to break the mold

Israelis don't understand

Israel promises U.S. it will check E. J'lem land seizure

WP Opinion Piece Claims Europe Fixated on Israel

Border Police plans to destroy Arab neighborhood in J'lem

Paper: Israel Report Shows Illegal Funds

Looking for photos of engine found at UA 93's crash site

To Those For, and Against, MIHOP, Please Kindly Help

No Tweed & Thompson this week

Pantagraph: Democrats urged to help party's image

Okay, so what's the consensus on Sosa?

State Journal Register: Cross: Budget battle good for state government

Chicago Sun-Times: Donations and deals raise eyebrows

Governor intervenes on behalf of laid-off, handicapped IDNR worker

A little nugget of knowledge about Hyde

State Journal-Register: Governor to target child-support rule

GRAPH: Kerry state exit poll deviations as a % of Margin of Error

We Need More High Profile Voices For Edwards?

NashuaAdvocateBlogspot - Shut my comp down twice - HELP

A Boxer comes out swinging

Looking for background info on 1818 electoral college challenge...

From Mark Levine's INSIDE SCOOP Today's Blog..........

Warren Stewart to review NM votes, plus Ensign bill - live on radio

Meanwhile in Washington - Republicans on Democrat Felon Hunt...

(AZ) 27,878 Provisional Votes thrown out.

Olbermann's on tonight!

Be Counted! Open Voting Consortium event

About the Open Voting Consortum

In iraq they get paper ballots and see through boxes

Reform NOW ... We cannot be deaf to Rev Jackson's conclusion.

Sunday 1/30 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

The Nashua Advocate: G.O.P. Election Reform Bills Drop Like Bombs on U.S.

More on Snohomish Co. WA - Seattle Weekly News

Green recount volunteers found signif. irregularities inmost Ohio counties

This will make you mad --"Voter Intimidation - Ohio v. Iraq"

The Nashua Advocate: We Have Become Mainstream Media


(CO) More Ballot Scanning Trouble

TiVO-DVDs and tapes-again.

What is it that we need to see to impeach "*"???

Bill Moyers (Last American journalist) warns you about "*"

Math Guys: Are the ODDS 1 in a TRILLION or 1 in 10 MILLION?

"Teflon George", how about using it in public, marketing the concept?

The Nashua Advocate: USCV Report Drops Bombshell -- Mitofsky Is Wrong

To those co-sponsoring a Republican designed "electoral reform bill"

John Kerry on Meet the Press...

Please give me an opinion on my first newletter to friends and family

Observations From Orlando Election Fraud Hearing 1/27

JK:"We were rising in polls and then went flat before Election Day"

Was the report of the experts sent to Keith Olbermann?

Machine Mis-calibration, Malfunctions and the Bottom Line

Text of both the Ensign and Dodd Bills


Lets find a way to get complete election fraud info to Seymour Hersh

How 'bout Kerry Giving some of the Xtra $14M to Arnebeck's Defense

Anyone know what happened at the Ohio Election meeting today?

"Don't Outsource Democracy" Lawsuit To Be Filed

DREs: Bugs vs. Features

BITCH COULTER FIRED! "Final straw: during elect when she attacked Cleland"


US Senate Exit Polls == Why are they so different than Presidential Poll?

Schwarzenegger bio on A&E tonight

I was asked to post this here...Let us know if you see these Billboards!

RAGBRAI takes northern route for 2005

Democratic Town Committees: what are your annual dues ??

Mass dem platform delegates register here - meet-up in Lowell

Gov. Pawlentry gets nat'l attention for his "Welfare Healthcare" meme

Pawlenty Agenda Includes More Gambling, Public Money for Sports Stadiums,

Dayton's approval plummets

Anyone who's expert in printing to Adobe PDF?

Considering WiFi - total newbie needs advice

Does anyone know anything about HP Printers?

Question to computer experts about current career trends

Interesting web site for Texas political gossip

I had no idea the Texas Republicans were such an evil bunch...

Vo Still Standing: Challenger Should Withdraw

Austin: Meet Vo at Meetup

Lawmakers push state ethanol mandate

Fahrenheit or Celsius

Faux News: Iraqi election flower pot watch

Here Is a Great Cartoon Please Wait For The End Hope You Like It

Do they have to walk 10k to vote?

Dawn (A Poem Close To My Heart)

I keep hearing there are 14 million registered voters in Iraq

Neocons-Neoconservatives and PNAC

Dupe post. Sorry...

Suggestions for Dem DVD

Outcome of the Iraqi election

Has anyone explained why 60 million ballots were sent for 14M voters?

Wow, FOX/CNN live coverage of the Iraq election is pathetic.

L.A.'s the Bait; NFL Still Hasn't Switched (LAT)

Critique a half-finished "Democratic Majority" graphic?

Global warming-Ebola-AIDS. Is it earth's way of saying "F*** you man!"????

Before Sept 11, 2001..(remembering how it was)

How does one go about buying "Euros" ?

Allawi Wins!

Changing the definition of science?

Today's Sermon: How bush suckers Christians

"Teens arrested on murder charge" Should the death penalty be applied?

The pentagon IS the media in Iraq. We will never know real numbers

US and Coalition forces kill 60% more civilians than "insurgents"

Whitman: GOP foiled security efforts

Benito Mussolini on Fascism: Should Sound Familiar to to Us...

The Question that needs asking...Why do they torture?

Some have already read this sorry if duplicated but this bushit!

Prob. a stupid question... but ill ask it anyway... Where do we get all ..

So if the elections "go well" will bush ever shut up?

Baghdad Bob has morped into Iraqi election officials.

CFR dolt on NPR painting picture of "big win" for Bush administration

Taser Training

Today's RW meme: 'better than expected'

Iraqis are NOT voting for a new government! They are NOT voting for a

How's Kerry doing on Meet the Press? I'm dying of anticipation...

Will rightwingnuts ever have math skills to realize MORE SHIA hate bush,

Bush was right. The elections have spread freedom like wildfire .....

14 attacks 36 died so far in iraq

Trolling for gaffes & screw ups in tonight's C-span interview of bush

I am looking for a copy of that MORAN picture

Looks like Condi-Liar is everywhere except MTP this morning

What aspect of the Media Whores/Pundit Payola irks you the most?

John Kerry on MEET THE PRESS today

No Food For Troops Ordered To Be At Inaugral; From A Mother On A Blog

A different take on the elections

Anyone remember the BIG Election in Vietnam ? 1968 I think?

Iraq Will Elect a Shia Govt.? Bush Is Itching To Attack Shi'ites In Iran?!

"better than expected" is a US media meme. Foreign news is not using it.

'What a bloody charade'

'Crazy' teddy row hits US state

43% of Iraqis vote amid violance

The Mystery of the Republican Party

When I saw this, I thought of the way the United States is

Condi is breathless with excitement. ABC

Anyone have links to the #'s of abortions ...

MSNBC whoring "the vote" in Iraq...

Iraq-It's the Economic Conditions not the Elections-CPA Orders Stand

How many Iraqis registered to vote?

How does ANY truth exist when ALL reporters are imbedded.

I wonder if FAUX news cover this Iraqi election

Pinochet security service chief imprisoned

The grammar of the Second Amendment

Meanwhile back in Afghanistan

has this been posted before, if so sorry. found it on Micheal Moore's site

What will the US State Media say in 2 weeks???

"Support our troops" ribbons

It's kinda cute how Americans think elections = "road to democracy"

American Enterprise Institute--They're everywhere.

Was Diebold et al involved in the Iraqi elections?

The Iraqi people were brave, a toast to them

Kerry on Meet the Press

bush talks in 1 hour-CBS(at 1pm Eastern)

Freedom in Wonderland - Must Read

Good Voter Turn Out/Lessons...

'80's, '90's, and the image of the sixties

I BETCHA this sham of an "election" will be...

I am feeling exactly like I did when Baghdad fell... cognitive dissonance?

Next on CNN....Ahmed Chalabi.....Remember this criminal???

Ku Klux Klan robes auctioned for up to $1,425 in Howell, MI

US (neo-con) foreign policy in a picture

Breaking - Chimpy to speak LIVE about the Iraqi elections

World Economic Forum dinner

Doonesbury pulls characters out of Iraq

Please post every talking head you saw make the 72% turnout claim.

smirk has won another one - has put american blacks in chaos

I believe the 72% turnout claim, about like I believe the Bushco claim of

Bush* speaking so soon may backfire on him.

I need help and fast in Dallas, Amy Goodman is coming on 2/18

Does th 72% voting

Iraq, according to Nightline and Ted Koppel

Has Bushco overplayed its hand with the Iraq "Election"?

SNL and the Bush Twins/Video

The entire country of Iraq is 'Locked Down' ---Free Elections????


AP news NOT chanting the bushCabal mantra! No bush cheque???

Is the Iraq "Election" the greatest Propaganda exercise in U.S. History?

Army hangs banner of instructions in Iraq

Perfect comeback for any and all liberal pundits on screamer shows

Michael Graham whores himself on eBay!

Pres. Cheney's Attire at the Auschwitz Ceremony, Bad Form or no Biggy?

Yay! We gave Freedom™ to Iraq! Only 10,000 casualties & 1/4 trillion $!

a mother leaving to go to work

Spanish American War tax might be put on internet use - really

a TV commercial on taking back your vacation, did I hallucinate it?

Caption This....IRAQ VOTE

The Magna Carta- birth place of democracy?

Bush is about to commit the ultimate Iraq

Was the Iraq election illegal ? (Under the Vienna Convention)

Alert: CNN is outfoxing Fox on Iraqi elections.

C-Span NOW Iraqi Elections (LIVE)... hosted @ Nt'l Geographic...

Group Wants Lawmakes to Give Out Chastity Belts

Backtracking; Anyone got 50% yet???

Millions Vote in Iraq Despite Bombs...Did they stand in Line 10-12 Hours?

*WARNING* Michael Jackson releases trial video

"Lets not jump to conclusions , lets just do the reporting...."

Has anyone else had trouble getting Air America today?

Elections sole aim to lend legitimacy to invasion and war crimes

Is bush having another "Mission Accomplish " moment again?

Proof of Fraud

Troops in Iraq redeployed to protect us from SpongeBob.

Please take care of these flamers....

Read last line of this article (Annan's son's oil confession a non event)

Somebody answer me this please

We got duped

I am thinking of selling everything buying an eco-lodge in Costa Rica.

Halliburton pulls out of Iran-Business environment "not conducive"

a stunning upset in iraq elections

James Dobson.................. I need help on this DU'ers

the Iraqi Information Minister quotes - the jokes on U(SA) now!

Hillary, Daschle Helped Bankroll Dem Radio Hosts

The Bush'* Idea of Democracy...

Fear not, these CRACKPOTS can be saved

after a whole day of not having the tv on out of disgust

How do you feel about the Iraqi election?

Alert to those of you wishing to see CBC's doc. on the media in America

This is crazy

Bush has just been rebooted, y'all

Lying Monsters. I am so sick of them.

The "elections" are over- can we go home now?

Are there any mother/parenting boards that are liberal

Immigration Policy: B* vs GOP Round 2

you know, if Chalabi got a tenth of the press coverage given other felons


So let me get this straight. When F9/11 showed people in a cafe...

Does any other "Free" country have a Fox News-like Network?

U.S. Soldiers going around asking people why they're not voting

My relative sent this insane e-mail.

I agree with Juan Cole's latest blog entry...

Who won in Iraq?...

And, now for a little levity - Olbermann swipes at the Focus on the Family

Listening to Kerry on Meet The Press

How Do We Fight Against The MSM's Iraqi Election Propaganda?

10 million mexicans living in US. 250,000 in Oregon

Any ideas on this? Strange added bar-codes on magazines?

Polls deserted in Fallujah, Ramadi, Beiji and Azamiyah.

Vo Still Standing in Texas: Time for Republican to Withdraw

One of Iraq's four Ayatollahs opposed the election

Isn't it ironic?

So who exactly are the candidates running in these elections??

What is the conservative mindset concerning the war?

"Bush to Parents: 'Turn Off Indecency' "

Jed Babbin and Lynn Woolsey on MSNBC 5:15 ET: Paraphrased fist fight

'We are in Iraq at the request of the Iraqi government???????

How turnout shows the Iraq civil war to come, not democracy

The Emerging Picture

Wish for fair, accurate, honest, widespread elections in Iraq in one hand

A "Free" Election . . . Under An American Occupation

But hey, the U.S. 'security' worked as planned. "Only" 40 or so killed.

Let's discuss Mann II

Now that Iraq has had elections

FOX (Cavuto): "Big Macs in Baghdad?"

Example of US MSM propoganda

So the election was an overwhelming success

We are marching toward total corporate governance

For those who have Pagan beliefs

who is next?

Do we get ANY truth out of Iraq?

Lou Dobbs said someting about this is the first step toward Iraq becoming

Laura Flanders talking about Haiti right now...very moving.

A New Look at a Mystery of the Skies (Chemtrails)

Bush to Save SS!!!!

Will other countries in the ME demand the right to vote ?

My first DUr shirt came today! and just back from COSTCO again!

Deutsche Bank energy report

If Iraqis are brave enough to vote, they can protect their own damn countr

Chertoff will become the Secretary of Homeland Security

the enola gay sits benignly on the nh me. border in portsmouth

Republicans Prepare Anti-Abortion Agenda For 109th Congress-Scripps Howard

You know what election I'd like to see in Iraq?

Maybe it's just me -- but I think those elections happened just a

Iraqis Have Voted! Great! So Bring Home The Troops! NOW!

MSNBC: "8 million Iraqi's cast votes today"...1.5 million out of country..

Message from the Chimperor >>>

What is it about the RW Repukes that attracts the self-loathers?

06 elections

Picasa from google - your opinion????

DR. Rice warns Iran: IRAQ is not happy with you!

Anyone here know anything about "Foundation for a Better Life"?

Liberal Charities

If the US pulled out of Iraq in say November

Check out this anti-landmine ad...

Focus On The Family targets Keith Olbermann

I thought you all might find this interesting (Bush & the CNP)

Anybody watching Brian Lamb interviewing the Chimp on

MUST SEE !!! - If You Missed Cy Hersch On Democracy Now, Here It Is:

Taser used on 75-year-old woman in S.C. nursing home

$250K Worth Of Cocaine Found On An Airplane At Tulsa Airport

Hanity and Armstrong looking like they are going to cry

Arab Media Cover Iraq's Election (NPR All Things Considered Audio)

I believe the resistance chose to melt away during the election

Iraq sElection PHOTOS that bush* doesn't want YOU to see....

Most nauseating Lieberman quip EVER. RE KindaSleazy Rice

Who won in Iraq?

Gerald Flurry? Religion, Politics & Propaganda

Dick Cheney and the Inauspiciousness of January 30th

Karel on KGO now

Read His Lips: Bush's Exercise in Fiscal Restraint

Has anyone seen or heard about a study that concludes "some " alcoholics

For those of you who think DUers want failure in Iraq, here's the deal:

Anyone have a link to a current article on the Science crisis?

The Guardian is now posting 60% turnout in Iraq. How low will it go?

Open Letter Concerning the Draft at The Weekly Standard-PNACer's-Heads up

I got TWO nominations to the 2004 Koufax Awards (blog)

And the Corporateland grows ever bigger

Chuck Hagel on CNN said "we have a long road to go"

WTF is up with Repukes, making mountain out of molehills?(RANT!!!)

International criminal tribunal for Afghanistan finds GWB....

Doesn't the "Iraq election a success" backfire when our troops stay?

Help me on this re: Dr Dobson and Dr Phil

CNN propagandist bullshit

I might have missed the thread but..

``The ol' dollar, it's gonna go down.'' - out of Gate's mouth

Anybody else getting tired of "...democracies don't go to war with


FR posters bash Islam (say it's incompatible with freedom)

It is time for everyone to revisit "The UnHoly Alliance". Everything


Top 10 Idiots and Bobby Eberle's brother Bruce

I give up!

60% turnout?Who's Doing the Polling-Int'l Republican Institute

What happens when the next suicide bomber has an inked index finger?

DU kicks serious ass!

Summary of attacks in Iraq on "election" day

Conservative Talk Show Host for Sale (ebay)

I have to laugh at anyone buying this "elections" BS

Do you consider civilization to be "progressive" or "circular"?

What was the article on Uncle Mike's story time on friday?

KOEB/Countdown Special Iraqi Election Thread

What should be done with Geraldo Rivera?

Faux News witch compares Iraqi elections to 1776??

'If you don't take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your benefits'

DR. Rice on FOX: "We are in Iraq under UNITED NATIONS mandate" oh & 9/11

Who were the choices in the Iraq election?

OKAY here is the perfect NCLB talking point

"We will build a statue of Bush!!!"...I'm so proud!! Crying here.....

A poll regarding the vote in Iraq

Trouble with Anti-Bush site:

Comments Please: It's the Right Time to Bring Our Troops Home Now

We have been waiting for something to blow up in Bush's face..

Why on earth should we be happy with a sham election in Iraq?

maybe a good thing happened today in Iraq. I dont know

DU this poll

Are people negligent if they don't look beyond the MSM for truthful news?

So, there's NINE BILLION DOLLARS missing in Iraq

A question about veganism

enjoy today... ALL MEDIA ENDS tomorrow, you know....

Vote for Food. The Sham of the Iraq "election."

WAKE UP, Workers of America - They Have Declared WAR ON US!!

Alcoholics shouldn't be allowed to adopt children, since studies show that

DUers rooting AGAINST the elections??

Do the rich move around in a different world from you and I?

Fox News reporting 57% turnout in Iraqi elections...LOL n/t

Conservatives say that we won't leave Iraq if the new govt. asks us to.

Rasheed Wallace on White House visit

Do we live in a free country?

Travels with George (Bush) documentary...Just on CBC Newsworld

OK...Looks like the vote counting in Iraq is up to Ohio standards...

Gooooood morning, Iraq! (cue Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World")

Does the "Jeff Gannon"/ Talon News story have legs?

Judith Miller on Hardball tonight....slip of the the tongue?

So I chose to lose a GOP Bush voting (though Boxer too) friend over...

All time favorite protest songs. Nominations please.

Guess WHO is behind the "72% turnout" bullshit?

Kinda sucks, doesn't it?

Chertoff's client Dr. Elamir - brother Mohamed has ties with bin Laden

18-year-old student sues over paddling

What happened to TWA Flight 800?

"If the democrats were in charge this election would have never happened!"

Something I Need To Bring To All Of Your Attention!

'If you don't take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your benefits'

Black Baptists for 1st time in History Unite & Oppose Smirk Policies

New Evidence Of Gay Gene Found

Why do I always get spammed from this website?

Anyone here get new TIME mag on 25 most influential evangelicals?

Females/ Mothers... how many do we have here?

Are you thinking of becoming a Bush Refugee?

Michael Jackson is a Victim of Racism....Discuss

''Kill yourselves, seriously.....''

Hollywood Producers Racist Accuses Halle Berry

Pan tomate ( tomato bread)

my new mixer--- creaming shortening and sugar

trying something new with lamb chops....

Favorite olive oil ?

Anybody make beef jerky?

Have you ever used saffron ?

Cooking Tips & Lore

Cop wins RCMP settlement after highway search

One World: The Concert For Tsunami Relief, Vancouver

Sadr Group Warns of Post-Elections Sectarian Conflict

Researchers say they've cracked security system used in millions of cars

Texan craved front-line duty

Iranian (Foreign Minister): 'No Rapprochement' With U.S.

(U.S. Appointed) Iraqi president casts one of first votes in polls

Iraqi Shi'ite Cleric Urges Election Boycott

BBC: US oil companies return to Libya (shocked ... I'm shocked!)

RCMP reach settlement with off-duty policeman

U.S. Is Close to Eliminating AIDS in Infants, Officials Say

Habib may seek compensation

AP: Iraqis Vote in Election, 17 Die in Attacks (3 suicide bombings so far)

Reuters reports bomb goes off in Western Baghdad polling place

Bombers target Iraqi voters

Gun battle rages in Kuwait City

AP: At Least 27 Die In Attacks At Polling Places

Iraqis vote amid mounting attacks (BBC)

Russia: Russia-U.S. ties threatened by Washington's Cold War attitudes

(While visiting the White House) Chris Rock hidden from President Bush

Bush Aims To Forge A GOP Legacy (Undercut Democratic Pillars)

Report: Firefighters Arrive Later to Scene

State GOP discusses 2006 strategy

Reports: Bomb Explodes in Hotel in Spain

Zarqawi And the D-Word

'Crazy' teddy row hits US state

Freed Briton reveals horrors of life inside Guantanamo Bay

Prayers ride shotgun on U.S. convoys

MSNBC whoring "the vote" in Iraq...

Summary of attacks on election day

Albritton Live from Baghdad on Election Day

WLIB News -- C130 Transport Plane down north of Baghdad

Blast hits Basra Voting Station

18-year-old student sues over paddling

AP: Iraqis Vote, 31 Die In Attacks

KKK paraphernalia auctioned in Howell (MI)

Italy to air pogoing Pope cartoon shelved by BBC

Iraq Electoral Commission backtracks on turnout (60% from 72%) - 44 dead

Bush getting set for State of the Union speech focused on Social Security

US sees 'great day' for Iraq but predicts more violence (no US withdrawal)

Market cautious of Social Security plans for privatization

"Why one state ditched public pension switch"

Zarqawi Group Says 13 Suicide Bombers Hit in Iraq

Blair speaks! (video tape on CNN right now)

China and Venezuela sign oil agreements

Have you noticed?

Baghdad's Green Zone Is Center of Infant Democracy

Aljazeera: Confusion surrounds Iraq poll turnout

AMS critical of Iraq elections

They Invested Years in Private Accounts (Chili, Bush, Soc. Sec)

Iraqis show mixed response to polls (aljazeera Arab newspaper)

US troops will never overcome insurgents, warns senior officer

Ephraim Kishon, Leading Israeli Satirist, Dies at 80 in Switzerland

"Iraq election declared 'success' "- mostly peaceful other countries

Austria's Uneasy Government Coalition on Brink of Collapse in Dispute Over

Greenspan and His Inner Circle Guide Destiny of Millions Behind Ornate

* interview with Brian Lamb, 8 & 11PM est, CSPAN

Rationalizing war, its financing

OPEC Warns That Oil Prices Will Stay High

Watchdogs berate Congress, Groups call for whistle-blower protection.

Top German Judge Says Far-Right Party Ban Possible

Muslim anger at terror plot in TV drama 24

Vendor plan for Medi-Cal criticized (CA, privatizing w/dubious firm)

Statement by the President on the Iraqi Election

Acting N.J. Governor Bows Out of Race

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Halliburton to pull out of Iran !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regression after 'Year of the Woman'

Rice: Iraqi Voting Exceeds Expectations (Kerry quotes)

Spanish hotel rocked by explosion

Iran expects benefits from democratically elected Shiite government in Ira

U.S. government is invoking the powerful state secrets privilege

Reports: Bomb explodes in hotel in southeastern Spanish resort town

Halliburton to pull out of Iran

Hollywood Producers Racist Accuses Halle Berry

Blair: Troops die in Iraq crash

British C-130 Military Transport Plane Shot Down In Iraq (unconfirmed)

At Least 232 Civilians Die Doing U.S. Work in Iraq

Two Years After Columbia's Demise, Excitement Over Shuttle's Return

Aljazeera: Iraqis show mixed response to polls

Back from Iraq, ailing Marine fights for his life

Money behind No. 1 hits raises crucial eyebrows | Tennessean

Dangerous Global Warming Possible by 2025--WWF

US oil companies return to Libya

Crude Oil Futures Decline After Iraqi Election, OPEC Meeting

Iraq veteran undergoing liver transplant (Mystery infection. DU?)

Boxer is likely to oppose confirmation of Gonzalez

Iraqis Brave Attacks; Voter Turnout High

Venezuela's Chavez Heads to Social Forum

Security in Iraq Out of US Control

Iraq Veterans Against the War kicked off their amazing tour in Boston toda

Al Jazeera Voted Top 5 Brand, Apple Pips Google

Teen hacker goes to jail for creating Internet worm

Canadian team monitoring Iraqi election from Jordan

Kuwaiti Islamists Form First Political

Voting, Not Violence, Is the Big Story on Arab TV

Only 150 voters out of 600,000 so far in Ramadi, Iraq


Howard Dean Rallies Supporters in N.Y.

Chief Senate Dem to Request Iraq Exit Plan

DOD seized 60TB in search for Iraq battle plan leak

Occupation Authority Did Not Properly Monitor Spending of Iraqi Money,

Jacko Blasts Media Leaks on Eve of Trial

Bill would ban fast-food suits

1,000 Say Goodbye to Slain Wal-Mart Clerk

Joy Over New Shuttle Eases Columbia Pain

Donors overlook tsunami-hit Maldives, UN warns

Venezuela and China Sign Oil Agreements

Three killed as 'hiding terrorists' are stormed

Iraqi officials say no results or turnout figure expected soon

Annan urges UN to consider sanctions on Sudan

Approval rates for Dayton, Coleman drop (Dem Dayton At 43; 15pt Drop)

Qatar Advances Plans To Privatize Al-Jazeera (WP)

Iraq Minister: Allies May Leave in 18 Mos.

An Afterwar in Waco (Plans to shutter a VA hospital near Bush's ranch)

AARP: Don't mess with Social Security

Bush to comment on Iraq election -WHouse (1 p.m. EST)

Some experts fear election's aftermath

232 civilians die working for US in Iraq

US firm to land carrier contract (BBC News)

Despite Troops' Pleas, Fear Keeps Many Away From the Polls

Ankara may not Recognize Election Results in Kirkuk

Turkey Calls for Withdrawal of Foreign Troops from Iraq

Lip implant tissue link with mad cow disease

Kevin McGuire vows to push through with his agenda (neo-nazis in Montana)

After Tsunami, Indian Women Are Cast Onto One of Lowest Rungs

Bomb spurs Australian embassy move

Queen in a fury over Nazi slur (she axes historic trip to Ireland)

Officials: U.S. Rebuffs Europe on Iran Nuke Talks

Kofi Annan’s son admits oil dealing

Kerry Says Bin Laden Tape Gave Bush a Lift (NYT)

WP: Amid Praise, Doubts About Nominee's Post-9/11 Role

Faith-Based Groups Oppose Immigration Bill

Iraqi Voter Turnout Placed at 72% (AP)

Pelosi joins tribute to Zhao Ziyang

Save the Children, Yushchenko and Powell tipped for 2005 Nobel Peace Prize

Worker Salaries Losing to Inflation

Assyrian Christians say Kurds wouldn't let them vote

Freed detainee describes Guantanamo torture

Global warming claiming prehistoric glaciers

Israel, United States say Iran an imminent threat

Hugo Chavez Gets Hero's Welcome at World Social Forum

Pro-U.S. Mayor Has Target on His Back (wants * statue in Baghdad)

A 'stop-Dean' effort arises at DNC forum

Ridge: Boston Terror Tip Shows Intel Woes

British Military Plane Crashes in Iraq

Soros Says Kerry's Failings Undermined Campaign Against Bush

NY Daily News: Dean's howling to lead DNC ("I hate the republicans.")

Abstinence programs: lessons in futility? -Dallas Morning News

Chertoff Buried Early Evidence of Bush Torture Campaign in Afghanistan

Association of Muslim Scholars Critical Of Iraq Elections

Audit: $9 Billion Unaccounted for in Iraq

I'm too straight to be thin

Awe, shit, two cats right behind me, ready to kick each other's butts...

Jailcam=hours of entertainment.

Hell... Hot or Not?

Return of the Jedi on TV right now.

Bill Gates: HOT or NOT

I can't stand that stupid Microsoft Keyboard!

What are your favorite oxycontinmorans?

Can SmileyBoy have a thread of his own??

PE's "It Takes a Nation of Millions" is the best rap CD ever- discuss.

Sheryl Crow (on PBS now) - HOT or NOT?

Bea Arthur: HOT or NOT?

Listening to Metallica's "...And Justice for All". Ask me anything.

On SNL...the Scissor Sisters are pretty cool.

The Definitive Question... Cheney: HOT or NOT?

Free ITunes Song, "When the President Talks to God" Must have

Anyone know how to change the language on Microsoft Word?

That "gasolina" song is being played everywhere...

"...And Justice For All" is the best description of 2000's America.

Here's looking at you, kid. (picture)

Hudson Leick hot or not.

Ugh... injury or illness?


OJ Simpson... HOT or NOT?

Butt paste: HOT or NOT

Dennis Leary was right - www.what the is a real place

3 Beauties: Hot or Not?

Is "Deliver Us From Eva" a good movie?

The Sun: HOT or NOT

The funkiest bassline in the last 10 years

Corky from Life Goes On - HOT or NOT?

Darth Vader: HOT or NOT?

You Can't Do That On Television = Greatest Kids Show Ever

What gets a poster the most recognition in the Lounge?

My Canadian friend was denied entry into America last night.

It's time for a cool change

7th_Sephiroth Hot orn(h)ot?

The woman who sings in ScissorSisters- Hot or HOT?

Shit, two cats right behind me, ready to kick each other's asses...

Hot Pork never dry always Juicy

I just saw Michael Ian Black live! Ask me anything!

5555 posts

anyone know where I can DL music by the band "The Suburbs"?

Is USENET dead?

Larry the Cable Guy: HOT or NOT

Half-way to 1,000 posts at 2 in the morning!

"Sports TV" fans, ATH, IMax or PTI

What are your thoughts on Lucy Liu?

Check out this site: - all sorts of stuff from the 80s

Milla Jovovich: Hot or Not

Milosevic, Hot or Not?

Your oven: hot or not?

Attention Wal*Mart boycotters! What are your favourite items to NOT buy?

I just saw Wanda Jackson rock the house in Hollywood!!!

I watched all 12 episodes of Huff today.. It's not a bad show

Alpha Cat Wars-Pick a winner..Hilton, left, Morpheus, right.

My dog is growling and yelping in her sleep.

If you are ever in need of pictures..

If only chimpy read the papers...


Have you been to Trocks?

White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane reminds me of something

You wanna know what's really fucked up???

My Mom, Dad, Both Grandmothers, And Both Grandfathers Have All Died

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?

I hope this urban legend is true (except the implied ending)

Behold! The "No Preaching, please" door plaque!

I've found Cheney's undisclosed location on eBay.

Love is all around.. Old people, young people, and in-between

Do not type up posts whilst beans are cooking

I keep seeing the "Knit yourself a uterus" thread

If you are up, please do check in

Now here's a DUI test!

For when you need to walk on water


Whoa, I'm like 30 posts away from 4,000.

Jon Stewart: HOT or NOT?

Hey, "City Confidential" writers:

I'm starving....

Can I get an Amen??

Rocky's back!

where the red fern grows- great movie

UnAustralianism? Oh no!

The Haul: Last night's Mardi Gras parade.

What is this?

WorldNetDaily: Women told, 'Work in brothel, or else' - lose unemployment

okay, what does the word "Hoosier" actually mean?

Spears worst for autographs

The 2005 "Idiotarod" in NYC

My roomate dropped some serious ass before going to mass...

I am watching SpongeBobSquarePants

Is your cat indoors right now with the cold weather....

Ok. This is upsetting. I find myself furious

GRRRR, When It Rains, it Frickin' Pours

Order of songs on Tool - Lateralus

a funny little story for you smokers (like me)

Are there any low-carb alcoholic drinks?

Your Sunday Morning Is INCOMPLETE w/o ZombyCoffee!

Post movie spoilers (not the movie names--just spoilers) HERE:

I started a row in the GD. Anybody got a good recipie for prime rib?

OMaGod!!!!!!!!! Help me Quick !!!!!!

I'm drinking a soy latte

Battle of the Bands: Captain Beefheart versus Captain Kirk

Sunday Morning Pixies Singalong! Gouge Away!

"Hi Joker.."

How to drive your kid crazy:

Uno, dos, tres,


Been going through DU withdrawal symptoms........

4 Real now... Tori Amos: Hot or Not?

"Barking Mad" on Animal Planet.


Does the SAT/ACT measure how smart you are?

Any brown nosers here?

Howard Dean.

Keira Knightly as Elizabeth Bennet?

De Niro: No longer brilliant? Recent Films underming his legacy status?

Question for everyone?

Boy the freaks sure are out today, aren't they?

That's no moon...that's a space station! No, wait, maybe it is a moon...

Is anyone else's DU mailbox down?

What's the best way to flame war?

Spooky's yellow spongeball wins Iraqi election....

GREIVOUS fashion errors committed by asthmaticeog in the 1980s

"The Omen" coming up on AMC, aka

How much faith do you have in ?

Crazy story.

A month into 2005: How are your New Year's Resolutions going?

Hey Ladies! Johnny Depp on Inside the Actors Studio - Bravo Channel

looking for spooky kitty's yellow sponge ball...

Taylor v. Chavez was replayed on HBO. I can't watch boxing anymore.

CAPTION the unfocused

Have a listen to my iTunes mixes

i hate old, northern, religious, gay canadians who love John Kerry!

forgive me, but... please help me find nothingshocksmeanymore

"Will and Grace" has yet another special guest star this week.

OK, Watching I love the 90s, 1991.

Okay, what's a shocking plot twist that has never been done before?

I have to sell my Fahrenheit 911 DVD!!

Would you pay $2000.00 per night,(3 night min)for Superbowl?

You know what's even more fucked up?

Fahrenhype 9/11

I wanna live in a geodisic dome!

I'm shipping my wife off to the Great White North

ssshhh wife has the remote-now watching "The Partridge Family"

Tycho Brahe must have died a horrible death

Howard Jones

Has anyone here leased a new car?

Kids Still Traumatized 1 Yr. After Seeing Partially Exposed Breast On TV

The Dark Side of January 30th.

I am the Happy Fun Ball of DU

Sponge Bob wins Election in Iraq!

IBM Thinkpads...or any IBM laptops...does anyone have an

Dodgeball is one of the funniest movies I ever saw!


Straight Women and Straight Men - A challenge

I just saw "Closer"... kind of mixed feelings about it.

I just saw Gay...

Worst MTV inspired fashion of all time? Tip of the hat to asthmatic og

Any other Liberal IRC chans?

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Mardi Gras

And when you're done washing the snake, clean your room!

"We're the chipmunks, C H I P M U N K, We're the chipmunks!"

Caption this!

Gift for the eyes of everyone tired of snow, ice, sleet, cold

You remember the Guy James show at its new time, or you forget, like me

Congrads to Revolutionary_Acts04 on 4000 posts

ARRGGHH! Trying To Get My Kid's PS2 Network Adapter to work!!!

DU these polls

I just saw Ray...

which of 6 senarios is most likely in Iraq 6 months from todays vote?

State of the Union buzzword BINGO

Why the hell would you put the Benny Hill theme in an anti landmine ad?

A cold "haar" just blew in from Loch Jocassee.

Regarding sex threads

X-Ray Song

Tonight's "The Simpsons" Marge leaves Homer for Moe?

It's the Sunday earworm!

L.A. DUers...Air America is coming back on Feb 3rd.

I don't care what Bill O'Rielly says about the CBC

These southerners don't seem to understand snow ball fights too well

New Beginnings

Jackie Wilson or Sam Cooke?


Inspiring story I saw on another list

Was I out of the loop last night or is it just me

LOL!! A little kids show is naming an episode after "The Big Lebowski"

New Simpies tonight

Is it super dorky to wear a zip drive on a lanyard around your neck?

After one year, time to bid farewell to Ann Coulter

Question about Surreal Life

Fucking banana phone!

Does anyone else think the "Oxy-Clean" guy is drinking that stuff?

why isn't "palindrome" an actual palindrome?

A message/request for gay DUers

Oh no... 11000.

I have no gay friends in real life. Is there something wrong with me?

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........freedom pudding

Hard Times by Studs terkel - it should be required reading in school

Take an LBN or GD thread, add "your mom" to the end of the title.

"Well we're living here in Allentown"

John Kleeb is not my offspring.

Quotation for January 30, 2005

I just found out that I am a little weird but you knew that all ready

Tell me which photo you like better

A Windows Media Player Update Is Currently Available...

Old lyric masters, I need your help

I missed my

Check out this McDonald's ad

A happy ending to a potentially irksome situation

67 Minutes to Robert Redford on "Inside the Actor's Studio"

QUICK! turn on comedy central for Carlos Mencia

Knit yourself a uterus:)

Does anyone remember the cartoon, Rocko's Modern Life

Question Of The CENTURY!!!

Anyone think tonight's "King of the Hill" is a bit political commentary?

Moving Quote of the Day

Want a politically aware musician?

My first DUr shirt came today! and just back from COSTCO again!

D'you think in the Italian equivalent of Starbucks....

woohoo!! Bring on the hydrocodone....

CRAP! I have to show up for Jury Duty in Santa Maria tomorrow!

What's the worst derogatory remark you can make to some one?

"And now I'm standing on the grave of a soldier that died in 1799"

I NEED medical information>>>>

I'm a bigger luddite than you are.

Do you have any permanent scars?

I just found out my little brother crochets hats for fun. He's made 15.

I hereby pledge my allegiance to LynneSin and the Eagles

Hay everybody, Wookie here

Saw a Native American today with a Redskins cap on

Billie Jean Is Not My Lover

Any fans of the President out there? Comedy Central right now

Hey Everyone! Bookie Here!!

uh oh! I'm watching "The Omen" and when I looked at my thermastat...


Can you anyone help me with this Statistics question?

Mike Piazza marries. An ex-Playmate, no less.

I'm Out Of White Chocolate, Macadamia Nut Cookies


Why does * use the word "thug" all the time?

any other Folk Alley fans on DU tonight?

Has anyone here seen the movie Birth of a Nation?

Can you help identify a song?

A message for/request to gay DUers.

Iraqi voters advised not to pick their noses.

A devastating cold case warning spoiler


Fans of Trout Fishing In America (the musical group) check in!


OK, Confess... Who had a Starter jacket?

Ok, I caved! Surfing with Mozilla Firefox right NOW...


Lyrics,Quotes or Poems needed- Can you help?

Does anyone know how to get moss off of brickwork?

Use the word skullduggery in a sentence!

I'm Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa. Ask me anything

Mike Hunt takes heat over position on juvenile sex offenders!

In non-election news, Lindsay Lohan enjoys "Hot Tamales" candies.

What's for supper?

Do you think she's too fat?

I too had intentions of doing great things today

Any DU artist out there please check in!

I'm bored and hyper. Ask me anything.

I had all intentions of doing great things today.

I was going to post a thread about something, but forgot what


I saw The Aviator on Friday night

Which ice cream do you prefer?

Who else is excited about the upcoming baseball season?

Question for digital/graphic artists or computer folks

Every time after going on DU I get a Surveillance warning?

Prophetic "The The" lyrics from **1986**!

When I was younger


In praise of BouncyBall!!

Art or crap? Take the quiz and find out!

Jerry does NOT live in Crawford

Keanu Reeves as Constantine - SWEET!!!

I am convinced of the Madden curse. I am:

I'm looking for a good tirade. Can somone please post a good tirade?

ok, i had the wierdest dream i've ever had last night... (share yours!)

Ty Pennington: Hot or Hotter than hell? Or seriously hot?

Photos from November 2

I have now seen the winners of Best Actor and Actress for this years Oscar

What's the craziest conspiracy theory you've ever heard or read?

"Dawn of the Dead" (2004) Really, Really Sucks...

Thank god! Maddox has published suicide directions!

Do you like South Park?

Lookie: Another version of the Bush Doll available...

What's the craziest conspiracy theory you've never heard or read?

Never mind

give me a glove and a pick

Please go and see "Alone in the Dark"

I searched the World Wide Web over and thought I found true love

What would you do with a million dollars?

Do you have any really bad birthmarks?

Superbowl XXXIX Pregame Thread 1

Every now and then...

"Monday" dinner (in New Orleans) on the stove .. red beans and rice.

Princess Contest, find out if you're a true princess of the internet!

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

I need help getting a new printer for my computer

When will you file your taxes?

Do you have a popular Democrats' first or last name in your DU screenname?

If you had a personal theme song, what would it be?

Monkeys Pay to See Female Monkey Bottoms

Jacko Blasts Media Leaks on Eve of Trial

Okay a thread for those who were left high and dry by a FOREIGN SERVICE

Give me a shove and a kick.

A house on my block is owned by the United States of America.

So I havent been quite myself the last two nights

At a cow strip club......

Who really cares about the Ashlee Simpson petition?

Freeper: You are a patriot if....

I Can't Stop Shaking My Foot And Bouncing My Knee...


A round of applause for LONGGRAIN, please!

American Dreams episode tonight...discuss

A HUGE Toast To LynneSin!!!


Why is it that I love to argue with Freepers?

Is there a way to prevent a dog from

How clean is YOUR house? Long read/sad tale.

Company Won't Pull Straightjacketed Bear

Does Anyone Remember the show "Cliffhangers"?

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

I hate the Lounge and everything it stands for.

Napoleon Dynamite thread w/ pic of Nap in real life

Have you ever been to a Presidential library?

Hold me please, I was extremely traumatized this weekend

Wonder how Pres. Clinton would react if anyone were to tell him this



Shut the hell up now Matcom!!!

Help with Firefox.

Who remembers the show Real People?

I saw Sideways earlier tonight

Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter: The Final Showdown!!

What's everyone drinking?

Before I post something that ends up getting me banned....

Dragons are coming!

What's on TV?

What is your favorite animal?

So I got high for the first time last night...

Quick, what are you listening to?

Sweden's Oldest Twins Turning 100


best jamming band

The first CSN album was pretty damned good, no?

I searched the world over and thought I found true love......

Uncle Zomby's Chock Full O' Warm Fuzzy Compliments Thread!

Choose your favorite Prince!!

For a change of pace LAWYER JOKES

Choose your favorite King

Am summoning DUers with psychic powers...

Sports movies in which "THE team" loses?

When the NHL starts playing again, will fans comeback?

Who has more acting talent of these?

Serious question about posting style here on DU.

I'm Birthday Boy Cheney! Ask me anything!

I am the killer of all threads. Bow before my greatness.

Enjoy the ass picture now because it's being deleted in 20 hours

Prime Rib Roast: Check - Artichokes Steaming: Check

The greatest sports moment in the 20th century

Spider Bite Thread

I'm having panic attacks (A serious post)

Who will we invade next?

Pine Sol smells really terrible!

Greatest sports moment in 21st century

I am really detesting "B. C."

Poll! Who do you like better?

eBay users -- send your questions to this 'seller'

Who else thinks ACT's and SAT's suck completely?

How many people here hate SUVs...(Pic heavy)

George W. Bush: The Billboards

What was your ACT score?

And the winner of the second DU Photo Contest is...

I'm coming out of the, not that closet.

I've been a-knitting and my eyes are blurry.

Any DUers fancy themselves as caustically funny? Submissions for...

The Less-Used Free-Association Thread

a question about milk and cows

Church aghast at 'rosary chic'

Emergency rooms not filled with the uninsured

Pompeii - The Last Day (Tonight 9pm ET on Discovery Channel)

To those familiar with HAARP...

Anyone have a link to a current article on the Science crisis?

Climate change 'disaster by 2026'

The Science Of Collective Consciousness

I have had HIV for 17 years, says MP Chris Smith

60,000 march: all proud (Melbourne Australia Pride 2005)

Has anyone seen "Family Fundamentals" about gay kids of fundies?

Japan in the Footsteps of Yukio Mishima - Gay Tokyo

U.S. Evangelists Invade Canada To Fight Gay Marriage

Have you or someone you know ever been outed?

Peter Leko wins Wijk aan Zee Tournament

The Grande Dame vet update


It's the year of the ROOSTER

Women, Enlightenment And The Divine Mother

The Science Of Collective Consciousness

Fun stuff!!

I placed almost an entire thread on ignore

DVD about Kerry's campaign?

I think we should stop posting "Stop the Kerry bashing" threads.

Can you guys tell me what you think of my first newsletter to friends

Am I reading some of TayTay's tea leaves??

WP article re Kerry on MTP: Kerry Praises Campaign, Plans to Build on

Meet the Press comments?

Which way for the left?

I'm annoyed. Why do people keep trying to divide people and use JK

Tell me which photo you like better

Comtemplating Joining - How's this snapshot I took last week?

Question from photo novice

Plant your own flags of freedom (supply your own....terrain)

Do you know who got THIRD most votes in November?

Jeb Bush urged to restore felons' rights

A thought for this day; I wish the Iraqis well

How can the American Press cover the Iraqi elections from green zone?

Fox just said that there was a 72% of turnout (Iraqi Nationals)

Sunday talk show line up.

Should a company that's a defense contractor be allowed to

My post to Darryl Cramer's web site re his article on DU....

"going better than expected"

Payola to the media?

SNL and the Bush Twins/Video

I hope Iraq's elections go safely and smoothly

Let Freedom Reign: "There are no rules. There is no law. This is freedom?"

Venezuela Obstacle to US Plans for Regime Change in Cuba

The Ends does NOT JUSTIFY the MEANS>>>> This so called elections

Anderson Cooper, "four explosions, nothing out of the ordinary".

US oil companies to return to Libya (BBC news

PM admits: no flowers for Cherie

time to laugh so hard milk squirts out your nose.

Abstinence programs haven't influenced Texas teens, study finds

DU ALERT: Clinton's interview from Davos Repeat C-Span I: 1:00 est!TODAY

Iraqi Election Results Begin Pouring In!

"Iraqization" is the next step in the process of withdrawal...

A couple of SSI points


Liberty Is Not Spread at Gunpoint

Darwin put to flight in Bible Belt

Kerry Demands Investigation into Fraud; Small Business Groups Cheers

My cousin must not know me AT ALL

Wish in one hand and......


Two articles on DNC race, FYI

Question: Who is counting the votes in Iraq and who is monitoring count?

Let's not forget about Iraq's oil.

Heads Up- John Kerry On MTP At 9:00

Bush argues his Social Security plan aids blacks/Rangel comments

Confusion has surrounded turnout statistics in Iraq's election

So why are the women and men separated to vote?

Why (who says) Muslims can't live in a Democracy?

Why is that pantload Russert beating the Swiftliar crap

As much as I like Conyers and Boxer.....

The Iraqis show the Americans "much love"

Cheney waiting for the 2nd half to start!

AP: Photographers were only allowed at five polling stations.

"U.S. Declares Iraqis Can't Save See," by David Deschesne

Well Here is my two cents worth.

Outing McManus--Pundit Payola. Is the junta tossing out

Want to know what will happen with Iraq?

Joe Biden says Bush is a realist and Europe should just get over it

DNC chair: We don't have to wait until Feb. 12 to find out who gets it

The Bush Whores, How Much Propaganda is Enough for America?

1/30 Rice / talk show interview transcripts: CNN, CBS, ABC & Faux

AARP: Don't mess with Social Security

Only 5% of blacks voted in the last US election, but it was a success!

"If we feel like gambling, we'll play the slots." (AARP)

I have a theory about the 'High Turnout' myth...

what are other ways to fix social security?

Where the hell is the media??

I need a link about the percentage of Iraqis who turned out today.

So. Who won this stupid Iraq Election?

To Iraq, I say good luck. I hope your election turns out better than ours.

WTF is this "UN mandate" Condi kept talking about this morning?

CNN: "Resounding Success" FOX: "Democracy Wins"

Negroponte exposed as 'major player' behind death squadrons in Central Am.

Scary sh*t! Important to read!

Burnt Orange from the heart of Texas... Endorses Dean

Is this what the DLC is all about?

Do politicians pay taxes on political donations?

The Ten Worst Corporations of 2004...

OK...what are the numbers breakdown for Iraq 'vote'?

So who won the damn election?

A thought about those "jublilant" Iraqis celebrating their "freedom"

Kerry Supports Dean For DNC Chair & There's No Thread On It?

Does the low Sunni turnout increase the liklihood of Civil War? n/t

Do you ever get the feeling there's Washington and then there is

Are your local delegates undecided about the DNC chair?

Should the US attack Iran?

Jeb, Marvin & Neil - 3 Profiteering Bush Brothers

WTF? Winners of election will only serve an 11-month term?

Wasn't Chalabi passing sensitive info to Iran?

Highs & Lows of '04

Keith Olbermann is back tonight on Countdown.

Seriously. Why did it take a woman to....

Time mag says the state chairs exec committee endorsed Fowler for DNC

El Mozote.

Do we want the Iraqi Election to be a seen as a success?

I am really disturbed by a recent quote by Donnie Fowler

Ldotters hilarious reactions to today's votes

Did the Repukes surpass us in number of registered voters?

War Room: Help me take on that turd Joe Scarborough

Geraldo Rivera Cheerleading like a fool/Video

Little Black Lies: Krugman blasts Bush on Social Security bigotry

If "democracy" doesn't work, it's all the "insurgents" fault...

DNC Chair Debate on C-Span NOW (started around 6:30 est)

Does anybody else think that the insurgents held off today because

Does Tom Vilsack Have A Brain?

Is the left united on Iraq?

Quiz Time

Is there any chance that Cheney will seek GOP nomination in '08?

Audit: $9 Billion Unaccounted for in Iraq

If Dean isn't DNC Chair do you think he will run in '08? if so...

Rerun of Meet the Press (kerry interview) on msnbc in a few moments

Armed intervention to bring about regime change VIOLATES international law

* / Brian Lamb interview transcript; broadcast CSPAN 1/30 8 & 11PM

Thune- who stole the election form Daschle- teaches his cohorts a trick

Your prediction for what Iraq will experience in the next 3 weeks?

A GREAT David Horsey Political Cartoon

$9 Billion missing in Iraq funds

Just saw on KSCI (LA Japanese TV)paid advertisement which reeks of * money

George W Bush is like the bank robber that .......

Five quick thoughts on current events

A very simple question that Junior will never answer

I agree with D Gregory"s comment (MSNBC), "by hook or by crook",

Tim Roemer speech at the DNC- He's one of THEM -PNAC sympathizer

What Did Russert Say Today ??? - That 15 Dem Senators Got More Votes...

Democrates who voted against Rice

Al Gore...I would like to hear your opinion...

72% Iraqi turnout?? How overinflated is this? Compare it to Ohio.

Do you know who I feel sorry for today?

The Kerry/Kennedy Split on Iraq means "lines are drawn" in the Party.

Regardless of your views on the war. . .

Santorum MUST be unseated! Here's why

HOLY CRAP! CNN has no shame today!

WTF? Billboards to go up in Hollywood, thanking them for reelection of *

Guess who's going to the Super Bowl...Why it's "SUPER JESUS"!!!

Once-Invincible 'Governator' Dips in Polls

The next time someone asks you "Do you think you could do a better job?"

Dean-for-DNCers: let's not blow this Fowler thing out of proportion

The article that Kerry pulled out on Meet The Press today...

Dean and Clark supporters who *like* both men check in!

A Map of the Persian Gulf Region you need to see ! DoD had plans

Why Dean is the Best DNC Chair Choice: Individual vs. Corporate Donations

Excellent comments by Kerry on "SS Privitization" on Russert Today!

Bill Moyers: There is no tomorrow

Has anybody seen this photo of John Kerry?? is it real?

The Trashing of Condoleezza Rice ... PUHLEEEZ

Do you hate the republicans and everything they stand for?

New hate campaign against AARP

Al Gore In 2008! Come and join the fun!

Dean: "I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for"

Clark, Dean, Edwards, Kerry: a challenge to their supporters!

Fowler's endorsement by Exec Comm of the ASDC is not as big as we thought

How big a bump will W get from the Iraq elections?

A new frame for taxes?

Iraq population breakdown and turnout estimate.

9/11 Documentary: In Plane Sight (Video)

OUCH !!! - Danziger Lays It Out There For All To See !!!

Iraqi Election Results

How to counter Southern Dems worried about Dean (read 'civil unions')

Debunking 'Centrism' ('Corporatism' in Centrist Clothing Hurts Us All)

Constitution says Bush should be Impeached!

Has The New Republic drank the Kool-Aid?

FOX is attacking Kennedy - saying he's encouraging terrorists!

After a few months of reflection, I'm putting my site back up

Soros Says Kerry's Failings Undermined Campaign Against Bush

The Iraqi Elections Were A Resounding Success

Question for the Wesley Clark supporters......

Gee Kerry bashing is alive and well today