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Archives: January 3, 2005

Joe Galloway: Neocons want someone else blamed for their Iraqi war

NYT: The Social Security Fear Factor

MI6 double agent was 'betrayed by a journalist'

Assembly Line of Deceit: The Western Media and the Ukraine Poison Story

"What lies ahead for jihadi terrorism"

Is 'Americanism' a religion?

Files show extent of Murdoch lobbying

A Liberal Case for Chief Justice Scalia

The whistleblower's tale

The White House has hatched

House Considers Weakening Ethics Rules - Some voting today

CNN: Bickering heights

Denver Post: Who Owns America's Moral Values?

World Bank Leader Expects to Step Down

CNN WH doing everything they can to beat back on the impression that

Native Times: Smoldering coals of Election 2004 are still glowing

Democrats Split Again Over Party's Agenda

Tsunami and the US Media

The Mire of Death, Lies and Atrocities

Today's Conservatives are Fascists

White House Media Manipulation: A Lesson in Tactics

Today's Conservatives Are Fascists

DOBSON'S JIHAD: ---Right-wing religious mouthpiece

I Never Thought I Did, But I Guess I Hate America

What Became Of American Conservatives? Paul Craig Roberts Nov 30

The 2004 Falsies Awards

"Do Ka-Ka!": ...3rd of 20 Buzzflash Editorials this month leading up

National Endowment for Death Squads? The AFL-CIO and the NED

US plans permanent Guantanamo jails

Interesting LTTE today - re RWer going to China for Stem Cell medicine

Read the DailyHowler!


Counterfeit Foe - The Ultimate Hegelian Dialectic

Pipes Favors Concentration Camps: JUAN COLE Dec 31, 2004

Dialing In For Democracy - Now Is Critical

How Long Will Global Investors Finance US Spending (Deficits)--Chi Trib

"US Should Not Help Tsunami Victims"

Saturday Night Live ends tradition of POLITICAL HUMOR

San Francisco demonstration at Boxer's SF office Monday Jan 3

Columbus, OH 'Count Every Vote Rally', Monday, January 3

New! Dean People: Talking points: objecting to electors Jan. 6

The South

Senator Boxer Rally Today

Some ideas for protest tools that have a big visual impact......

Karl Schwarz starting new TV network in 2005?

E! Channel program on Laci Peterson

Unions will try to help re vote fraud)Media Whites Out Vote Fraud

Is it fair to compare Nazi media (Shirer's book)and current US media?

NYT: liberal blogosphere...bunch of "crackpots" ; DU place to hate Bu$h

Labor Rights Cut While Bush Appointees Blather

Wal-Mart Give Retailers Upbeat '05 Start

investment math, gov social security beats dow index

JP Morgan, HSBC See Victory on Personal-Bankruptcy Law Changes


Kerala (India) Gvn. To Boost Planting Of Coastal Mangrove Forests

Oz Environment Minister - US, Australian Climate Control Action Inevitable

Figuring out your home insulation (R-Value explained)

Indonesians, Thais Clear Tsunami Debris With Elephants - ENN

Response from my Senator regarding the Slaughter of Horses

IEA - Global Oil Demand 121 Million Barrels Per Day By 2030 - NYT

In South Africa, Licensing Law Poses Hurdles for Gun Buyers

Would you please take shrub off your home page

A suggestion for organizing events and meetings...

When are you going to update the hate mail site at DU?

Has There Been Any Noticable Spike In Traffic Since The NYT Article?

Inherent problem with polls and HTML lookup table

Other than sending a pm to myself, or getting a pm,

How do I PM

How about "ignore" for entire forums?

Dumb question from a relative newbie

Is it against the rules to post snips of Locked threads?

Not a duplicate

Why was my thread locked?

With all due respect, the Lounge has become an out-of-control zoo.

Why is 'Name removed' a male?

You gotta be kidding me!

How long


A Fiery Abbas Gets a Lift From Militants

TV cameraman shot by Israeli army

MURDERED: Palestinian presidential campaign volunteer

Israeli soldier 'urged revolt'

Palestinians Call for Boycott of Israeli Academia

Palestinian poll shows likely Abbas landslide

Need help placing the Sec of the Navy and Transportion, on 9/11

Anyone else here seen the Director's cut of 9/11 in Plane Site?

The NIST are a bunch of hacks - they manipulated the pic of thier own sign

What does everyone think of Lane Evans? Dem Rep from Rock Island

My Letter-but I'm Grammatically Confused

Analysts studying 9/11 claims evidence supports small plane at Pentagon

For which characteristics is it valid to weight an exit poll?

Some MN Republicans think Sen. Dayton is most likely to challenge

A good way to get your Senators attention

Aaaaaaaaaah GAWD the wait for Jan. 6th is KILLING ME!!!

has anyone seen any estimates of how many will be in Dc on the 6th?

Kerry said he'd pick a NSA if election was close


San Francisco demonstration at Boxer's SF office Monday Jan 3

Newsweek: don't waste your energy reading it; old "news"

It's time.

Here's a thought about Senators and Jan. 6th...

AP: Election Rally Planned

If the Black Caucus protests on 1/6/05 & Democrats dont....

Is orange to be the color of the day on the 6th? n/t


When is Kerry going to Iraq and

CSPAN Schedule is up, online, for Jan 06:

What I Have Done, You Can Do

It Looks Like Rove Has The Weather Machine All Fired Up


Do You Think The Current Fight Against Election Fraud...

Please post MASS DEM PARTY about contesting Electoral Vote

The Ghost of Politics Past

Is Conyers disclosing everything he knows?

"no real doubt about who was elected president" - W Post - how comforting!

Weather forecast for DC, 1/6 (as of 1/3)

2004 Election Results and Discussion Forum...are you for real?

2005 Inaugural Theme: A Vision of America (that'll be a sight to behold)

Filibuster, election process, help me understand

Freepress: "Ten preliminary reasons why the Bush vote does not compute...

A Lone DEM??

Why Congress Must Investigate, Not Certify

What exit poll data was released on 12/31??

Even the RAPTURE Won't Prevent the Coronation of Shrub!

Everyone! Post allegations of fraud to FRAUDNET

My letter to Newsweek today about fraud non-coverage

After the smoke clears, how long until ordinary citizens can ....

Please help me unfreep a forum

Has anyone contacted ACTION or the IAC re Jan 6th

WTF? Why does AP still claim Kerry's concession gave election to *?

Republican Reed faces GOP wrath over recount decisions (Wash St.)

BRAD BLOG: Staffer Confirms Sen. Nelson's Interest in Joining Challenge!

Hartmann again talking election stuff - on right now....

Ten Preliminary Reasons Why the * Vote Does Not Compute

Who else will be going to protest on Jan. 20th?

Today's rally-can I listen?

"If there were more Stephanie Tubbs Jones there would be less Greens"

Columbus Rally Live Now on Radio Left!!

Is or ISNT the Rally ON?!

CounterPunch: Is There One Senator Who Will Stand Up for Black Voters?

Has anyone else called Sen Tom Harkin's office?

Poor Sen Nelson's prolly trying to get in a round of golf and will come

What the hell is with these Senators?

The war vote beat me, admits Kerry


Fax by Email links to Senators..........go for it!

Big Eddie talking to Peter B. Collins from Columbus right now!

CNN Linking Tsunami Aid to Osama Bin Laden

A good report from the US Voting Integrity Project .....

KOS as a mini-tantrum. Calls election fraud movement -- "fraudsters"

Wyden hasn't yet spoken

Al Franken is an idiot

Lucas County (OH) Final Report from Recount

Shrum on night of 11/2: "May I be the first to say 'Mr. President'?"

Anyone have a link to the poll stating 20% question the election?

Hopefully Air America Radio will stop ignoring....

Attention, Democratic Senators! . . . (you, too, Republicans) . . .

AP: Ohio Vote Challenge Continues

Let's put some numbers on the 'Top Ten' Fraud List : How Many VOTES?

We MUST ask all Senators to contest the vote, says Conyers

I need some help here....its about Sen Kennedy

Just heard Senator Boxer say on 90.7(Democracy Now LA)...

Begging you to go to DC on the 6th

Rally Rain Gear and Signs for the 6th in DC

New from Dean People: Objecting to Electors Jan. 6 - talking points

Sen Inouye, 808-541-2542

Can someone explain to me what's going to happen Jan 6th?

self delete

New U. of Penn Study -- 622,000 to 1 Odds against Vote being Fair

Depends on What You Mean by Winning

Kucinich Campaign Workers Singing for Democracy!

Is "My Buddy" Olberman focused on the Ohio Recount and Jan 6th?

Statement: Sen Nelson's office says they won't challenge election

Can We Stop the Spin About the Missing Senator Until January 6, 2005?


Senator John Edwards? Kerry's consession sent his tail spinnin

Senate hotline number right here, folks!

Is this where you thought we'd be 2 months after the election?

POLL: Jan 6 in DC or Jan 20 in DC? Which one is Best to attend?

Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Wall

This just in -- Bush asks Judge to throw out Ohio lawsuit!

Jimmy Carter, please speak up!

Jan 6th Prediction: Bush 246 EVs, Kerry 251

NAYSAYERS, YOUR TURN: The Washington Post/National Election Pool Exit Poll

Ed Schultz just said Sen. Dayton will contest the election!


Randi FINALLY talking about the election

Will Pitt on MLK

FALSE RUMOR. Sen. Dayton's office says NO.

****Re-Frame the Issue: Prove LEGITIMACY, not fraud***

My letter to Kucinich...

Good Vote Fraud Jokes

Any guesses on the number of protesters in Columbus Ohio today?

Anyone know of a link between OH Judge James Rapp & Triad Rapps?

Don't worry, history will not be kind to the scrub and quite possibly

Will Pitt

The Free Press Rocks The Vote

Gore won the 00 vote, lost the election. JK won the 04 vote, lost the

KOS, the "God of the bloggers" call us crazy "fraudsters", uh?

Hartmann: What the pukes have planned for Thursday

Question for the "Non-Believers"

Sorry if this is a re-post, but Another great article from Free Press

Before You Get To Court YOU GET SEARCH WARRANTS!!!

read what's going on in redefeat bush

Good Article from Ohio's Plain Dealer ....

Promise you wont give up trying to remove this president from this office

The best argument I've found for a Senator to stand up.

I just had a thought

Mods - Could you post a 'sticky' topic here - with our Senators' phone #s?

A Very Good Article Gives You Hope

Mike Malloy talking about Bush wanting to throw out lawsuit and Jan 6th

Let's take a cue from Pavlov's dog and keep our wits re: Boxer.

Another Cool Article From Congressman Conyers And Jesse Jackson 1 4, 2005

over 1700 OH precincts lost since 1998 - ineptitude or maliciousness?

I Hope History Treats The Senators That Do Not Object Very Harshly

Sen. Bill Nelson has decided not to challenge

Yahoo :Bush Asks Judge to Toss Ohio Election Suit

Short video shot of crowd at today's Columbus rally

Senator Nelson and 3/4th's of the Senate are NOT going to tell US WHAT

Unofficial insider information/rumor: Boxer will challenge

Our friend Tom Feeney - A Florida election fraud conspirator

For DU'ers meeting up in D.C. on Jan 5th/6th: Which night is best for you?

Bush & Clinton both on Larry King tonight? Why?

What is wrong with Al? He never seems to do his homework

C-span discussion regarding the ethics committee and Tom Delay is making

"Conclusive evidence" is NOT what is needed

OMEN? John Conyers and Shirley Chisholm were co-sponsors of the bill...

Post-election psychological trauma should be confronted and dealt with

Republican Reed faces GOP wrath over recount decisions

Malloy Talking Election Fraud - Caution Most Cynical

How Kerry Votes were Switched to Bush Votes

Folks, January 6th is a win/win situation for us

Nightly Olbermann Estrogen Brigade Thread...

HEY! Found someone in MSM to listen! Talked Fraud in AUGUST!

Re-post - - Election Fraud Activists, please read - RE: Freepers

Do your loved ones support your election-fraud activism?

Bill Nelson's office just hung up on me!

The gig is up, the machines are going down and Conyers is the

Ha! Ha! I worked election fraud into my online class intro!

I got a response from my libertarian congressman

AP: Politically passionate voters chose to challenge election results

Great Fraud Summary Website


Help me --CBS protest in NYC

Kerry in Newsweek

Reminder: The GAO is still investigating "irregularities" regardless what

What motivates those who insist that everyone give up vote fraud work?

Just met a "Republican for Kerry" and I was floored!

Markos (from Daily Kos) bitch-slapped

Based on the Kerry Newsweek article, why would any Senator come

What would constitute LEGITIMATE evidence for election fraud?

Senate and Congressional email and phone numbers

Exit Polls Reveal that Every Single Bush Voter from 2000 Voted Again in 04

Roll call: If --***IF***-- Barbara stands with the Black Caucus

Bush Asks Judge to Toss Ohio Election Suit

Tennessee DUers: Let's rally at all of our Senators' local offices on 1/5

Pre-conviction psychological trauma should be confronted and dealt with.

Ok the question is.. IF Boxer and Dayton do object...


1/3/05 Election/Fraud/Recount Thread

Two possible spots for DU Gathering in DC - PLEASE VOTE

Question for the "Believers"

How were Mitofsky's Exit Polls adjusted to show a Bush victory?


Dialing In For Democracy - Now Is Critical (Hartmann)

I don't think African Americans are informed about election fraud...

I find it incredibly ironic and a bit hypocritical that....

Lets hope these Senators are for real, not Freeper manipulations

A Bird's Eye View of the King County Canvass

First Hand Account:Dem Senators "Receptive"

Dial (877)762-8762, Ask For Democracy

Faneuil Hall: Sen. Boxer on board!!!! :-)

If you are planning to call your Senators...


News from the Columbus OHIO Rally this afternoon

Has anyone heard anything about fraud in Pennsylvania?

Steven Freeman message to DU

Roll Call! How many Senators' offices have you called today?

Ramifications of Mitsui's death

San Francisco demonstration at Boxer's SF office Monday Jan 3

Counter-Inaugural Demonstration in LA & SF, Jan. 20

ex-Senator Cheryl Jacques, ex-HRC head, interview on WGBH-TV


Technical issue with going to my blog.

does anyone know anything about Bishop Keith Butler

Meet fellow Michigan DUers

Handy little program

help fm on car won't stay on a station strong - clicks in and out

Columbus 'Count Every Vote Rally', Monday, January 3

How will run for Ohio Governor in 2006 on the Democratic Ticket?

Attention Westmoreland County DUers...

Janaury 2005 List of Pennsylvanian DUers

Jan 6th is this week, any protests in Houston or Austin?

Vo Unlikely Journey: From Saigon Chaos To Texas House

So lets just take the dam state back.

Restaurateur Papia is badly hurt in crash

One of my favorite ladies died

regarding great women

Sunday Talks Show Roundup on Video

Hey Freepers and other misc. moles

Hamas rockets cause swift counter attack...

altogether now PROPAGANDA

Sorry for the Drudge link, but this would really be cool

Time: Delta to slash fares

Fundies come out of the closet

Election fraud: Ignored by everyone -- even Ripley's Believe it or Not!

If you have not read "Confessions of an Economic Hitman", you should

Anyone think Bush getting reelected might be the best thing

Has anything weird happened in the U.S. tonight?

Paducah...friend to artists.. What an interesting idea they have

Bush ruins everything --- including "Hidalgo"

Democrats are the party of discussion.

Considering that sex is what God made us to do...

Should DU change it's URL to

We need more presidents like William Henry Harrison

Some time ago, I read an item by Lewis Lapham, in which he says:

There Are Lots Of Blind Soldiers Coming Home From Iraq....

Will One Brave Senator Please Stand Up?

RW Christo-Fascist's wish list of petitions.

did you see this??????? DU got 6 million hits election day!!!!!!!!

If the Black Caucus protests on 1/6/05 & Democrats dont....

Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man

DU now has 88 Meet-Up groups at! Link...

In the opinion of our MSM, what makes an item newsworthy is if

" US plans permanent Guantanamo jails"

CBS News format change: "fair and balanced".

Wonkette and Kos

Crazy Nostradamus rumor...

..and it's business as usual in Thailand.......

Could Rove have caused me to be out of orange juice this morning

When is DU going to update the hate mail site?

Air America Stream

Democrats shouldn't "move" anywhere!!

Wives demand answers, action on soldiers' behalf

Major scandal evolves around e-voting machines in Russia

So we are now in 2005...

"Unfiltered" on AAR talking about life imprisonment of detainees

With deep gratitude, rest in peace SHIRLEY CHISHOLM

Flaming Assholes check egos at the door

We must make sure that the Bush Administration is unipartisan

Shrub's Winged Monkeys Going after SOROS

HAARP on this you bloggers

Symbolman has Symbolbaby - I know some here were asking

Did anyone else leave their family Christmas outing?

What does Jeb Bush have to hide? Web page scrubbed, cache here...

Brando, Ray Charles, others - Who will take their place?

Can someone summarize and/or cite Patrick Moynihan's positions...

Agents hijack army website

Reggie White's second thoughts about athletic evangelizing (Salon)

Enron trials to put human faces on scandal

What is it about the animals that allowed them to "sense" the earthquakes?

US terror trial for 'Del Boy' Briton caught in FBI sting

Bush on Press conference C-span NOW


'I just had to tell the truth'

Bush 41 - Clinton 42 - Bush 43 On CNN - NOW!

Whatever happened to ____?

Who said, in 1998, that one could support the troops without having to

Girl used school lesson to save people from Tsunami

Frist going overseas to assist tsunami victims? may even operate?

When is Kerry going to Iraq and

Alternets 25 dumbest quotes of 2004

Austen inspired me, says Welsh

For Mike Malloy fans, I have a look back at his days

The Novak mystery ... solved? (interesting Plame theory from a blog)

What does he care?

Ethiopian obelisk to go home at last

ARGH! W found plenty of time to raise money for himself didn't he?

Venezuela: The center for confrontation between America and the Euro Zone

We No Longer Have a "Cause" & It is Why We Continue to Lose

National Chauvinism

Refuse to Surrender Your Freedom (take the pledge)

Please help! "Frontiers Of Freedom Institute" pharma industry funding?

I have tried to contribute to Oxfam and "Save the Children"

"Bringing Dignity and Chimpy Faces Back to the Office..."

Who is the guy on Hartmann's show right now?

ethics committee= oxymoran (c-span) now--critique of the congress

Another thing that's about to make my brain explode -- Tsunami v. Mammon

Anyone else see the donor list for relief?

Tsunami Aid-Will it be used by Multinationals / IMF to exploit & privatize


Iraqi oil is paying for nothing because little of it getting to market

CBS seeking ways to further fellate that idiot chimp

Will Gary Webb's Death bring a renewed interest in the CIA/Crack Story?

Pro-life ends at birth...

There are no more fighters within our party anymore

Meme time again: It's not a tax cut or tax break or tax relief...


Murdoch owns UK media - paid off UK leaders

Bush's newest tool: Bill Clinton

new Oxyrush and Hannity advertiser Cardioscan

Starving islanders kidnap (biryani-eating) officials

Why is Jeb going to tour the tsunami destruction?

U.S. Gave $1B in Faith-Based Funds in 2003

Bush Sr and Clinton...Together...right now on MSNBC...

Rehnquist Defends 'Activist Judges'

new Oxyrush advertiser Harrah's

What Forums/Blogs are most closely monitored by MSM?

Interpreting Bush - the Inkblot Test

DUers from states with Dem Senators: How would you Rate Your Senator(s)

caption PHOTO: two Presidents come to help "boy king" for tsunami victims

can new superweapons cause earthquakes...... link

Is Laura Bush hinting that * is a cuckold?

Bush calls for private donations, but has of yet, given not one dime!

Novak's "Ethics-Free Zone"

Attention Randi Rhodes.....I Dont care About your TIVO...

Congratulations to me! I gave (to the tsunami) before I was asked!


Rep Robert Matsui (D) dies at 63

Holding Media Accountable: A Critical Need to 'Speak Truth to Power'

PNACers Gaffney & Woolsey promote alt fuel in the name of NATL SECURITY!

Look at how FOX is covering election fraud/challenge today

HEALTH ALERT: Does your country suffer from republicanism?

"Um,'s Hard Werk raisin' money for others than yerself!"

CNN WH doing everything they can to beat back on the impression that

Bush delegates US compassion and moral authority to Clinton

3 Presidents urges americans to give to tsunamis relief ..

OMG,,,RNC Magazine...KARMA hits bush* right between his eyes..(PHOTO)

Why is the corporate media acting like Jeb going to Indonesia

Big Ice Storm Coming

US plans permanent Guantanamo jails

US Marine: "You have to become a psycho to kill like we do. . . . "

Frightening how ignorant, yet arrogant and righteous they are

What can anybody tell me about NEXRAD(Next Generation Radar)?

Will John Kerry Report For Duty???

Resistance Idea for Inauguration Day from new poster Dbsherri

"60 Minutes" erroneously wowed by Google

Doesn't Fidel watch CNN?...Didn't he see what happened to Iraq?

Heartwarming tale of U.S. troops relations with Iraqis

Puke,yuk.....I am getting nausiated from all the Shrub/Laura pics...


'American Monsters: 44 Rats, Blackhats, and Plutocrats'

Proud To Be Liberal - Why Liberal values are American values

Anyone remember hearing about the new personal bankruptcy law?

US Marine; "It's kind of a shame, we've killed a lot of innocent people"

What was wrong with Dan Rather's nose tonite on the CBS news?

Dumping Netzero & Dennis Miller

I've been hearing a lot of flack heaped upon Fox's "Whose Your Daddy"

Let's design a law on abortion

Falluja PHOTO.....Commander-in-Chief bush* ordered this....

Let me be the first to state that I think John Ashcroft is as...

Meritocracy in America?

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi captured by US forces in Iraq?

What was Clinton talking about, re: Not ciritcizing the President today

Halliburton Units KBR and DII Exit Bankruptcy

"Down to earth" rich folks...

NPR report: Bob Barry, former ambassador to Indonesia says that

The GOP and the Cookie Jar...

It came to me while I was at work...

Michigan DNC members

Any experts on 527 law here?

Why Boeing wants out of the Commerial aircraft business


Bush pushing for MORE faith-based funds


Eccch. Man sends phony emails to missing tsunami victim's families

Has anyone ever had a PET scan?

the CNN/Blitzer/Powell tsunami Osama tshirt story...

Orin Hatch (R-UT), Nutrasweet, and the "Nutritional Supplement" conspiracy

Anyone else bugged by MSM hypocrisy of the tsunami vs. Iraq victims?

(embryonic) Stem Cells Reverse Parkinson's in Monkeys

Anyone hear Hartmann today?

Sexual Abuse in the Amish Community: Mary Blyler's story

I see Christamas survive another LIberal attack last year...

Freepers celebrate Confederacy

What does DNC REALLY stand for?

Question for Pro-lifers and Pro-Choicers, about support after birth

Why Bush took three days to respond to the tragedy in Asia

Dubya's Caring Military & The Evil Tsunami

Where are the Evangelicals?

Here's A Really Nice Place In Chile For A Remote Rural Collective

US majority didn't support invasion of Iraq ("librul media" in action)

Leahy: Dems can cripple congress by witholding unanimous consent. True??

So what do you think is really going on with the REPUG meeting tonight?

The "ownership society"....What does it mean?

Any good Dem chat rooms on IRC?

Got a website? "Dean for DNC Chair" logo you can put on your website.

Clinton is walking behind Idiot Son with a shovel (tsunami effort)

Shell Game With Human Rights? 2004 falsies awards - Disinformation

I read an interesting letter in a local paper

Newest Bush reality: "Politics is the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE!"

Do you ever feel like throwing in the towel?

Angered Swiss Jews demand explanations

For NYT readers coming to DU for first time, don't miss Adam Nagourney's

Tsunami Relief Action Alert

Frist says he plans to visit the region ravaged by earthquake & wave

Please sign Tom Delay petition

Why is Vanessa Williams on the FP with Smirk?

Soldier helps in Operation: Doggy Freedom

Dear NYT: Please count me in as one DUer who doesn't "hate" Bush

"Baghdad Burning" blog has a new post

Just when you thought it was safe to run a knitting retreat . . .

Instead of taking all the aid to the injured and homeless,

Good job DUers! House ethics rules to be reinstated, to stay in place!

5,000 Americans missing - concern seems low

Bullock Gave One Million--------How Much Did Matt PUDGE Give?

Please help- Question about Tsunami aid

Anyone surprised at this?

Bush Declares War on Nature

Hey America ,wheres your Dick?

pol on CNN , Lu Dobs.. i cant find it..please DU it for job/outsourcing

If you want to understand fundies, start here:

Iraqi Website: US Forces Have Captured al-Zarqawi

FoxNews back to the tsunami-supermodel story.

This Video Slays Me Totally !!! (Tsunami Survivor - Little Girl)

Where is Wes Clark on Hardball folks?

If I were independently wealthy...

What does Bush have most in common with the fascists?

Last 2 Elected US Presidents to Appear on Larry Kling Live (sic) Tonight!

Where on is the best place to post?

Monday Malloy Gathering: Truthseekers Get your Malloy Here

Help!!! Anyone know where I might find registered party counts for 2004?

How will the draft work?

Why don't they call the tsunami a tidal wave?

Hey scumbag AARP.............. Proud of yourselves?

HAARP: Holes in Heaven

Is it just me or am I missing something...

Rev. Fred Phelps may have outdone himself this time...

dog saves boy . . . a good story in the midst of carnage . . .

How much hurricane aid did George Bush grant to Florida?

Eleven pairs of before/after tsunami pics in flash format..stunning

They're talking about us AGAIN.

Fuck CNN!

UN asks politicians and bush* minions to STAY HOME from disaster (link)

Parental Rights?

My letter in response to NRO's hatchet job on The Power of Nightmares

Anecdotal reports of stomach flu/food poisoning? What's up?

We've hit the TV News!

8 Kuwait soldiers detained for plotting attacks on US troops.

The misery of small businesses vs. the plush of the inaugural "festivities

I'm a little disappointed in the Big Dawg

Bush to Nation' Youth: Turn all the churches into strip clubs

WTF? US Soldiers Wear Iraqi Flags On Their Arms Now??

My hubby just talked to our Senators offices

Needs photos of police violence used against peaceful demonstrators

Right Wing Dictator George Bush Enlists Bill Clinton in Disaster Shakedown

Jobs for Veterans .....any hints?

Sec. of Defense William Cohen on man made earthquakes at

Sandra Bullock gives one million dollars to tsunami relief operation

Regardless of the merits of what Bush has done in the past four years,

Did Chimp scratch his face AGAIN?

death penalty vigil

For those who complain about NPR...maybe you are listening to wrong

CBS pres. Heyward crawls on knees & wimpers in the White House

Spencer Gifts Charged In Selling Sex Toys

Without the tinfoil hat or over simplification: Why are we really in Iraq?

Hastert cautious on tsunami aid, "We need to look at the issue first."

PHOTO: "Is he going to pass out right in front of me?"

Which does the current US remind you more of? Early Nazi Germany or

real feminists

Bhopal disaster expert -Background on the HAARP Project

Why am I the enemy in My Homeland? or American Values=Liberal Values

George Bush and his Facial Injuries. Is the Press Protecting Him?

Laura Bush worships the Dark Lord

The caste system in India

I have joined the Democratic Socialists of America this past week.

Coffee !!!

Everything you always wanted to know about beans,

Lemon custard ice cream - anyone make this?

Best Gluten Free Treat / Cookie ??

Some questions for Ontarians

Several People Questioned Over Laser Beams

India's national security adviser has died, officials say

Four million drug addicts exist in Iran

For Mike Malloy fans, I have a look back at his days

U.S. Gave $1B in Faith-Based Funds in 2003

Karl Schwarz starting new TV network in 2005?

Nasa rocket to be launched on a collision course with comet

Suicide Bomber Kills 2 in Baghdad Near Allawi HQ

Justice Department Gets Tougher on Use of Torture

Latest gold rush a flash in the pan?

official tsuami toll tops 155,000

U.S. warships steam into Indian Ocean to join relief operations

TV cameraman shot by Israeli army

China and Venezuela to stop production of ozone-depleting CFCs in 2007

New Year Comes in with a Slam in Iraq

Iraqi candidates craving coverage

Sudan Army to Withdraw From South in 30 Months

Former Chancellor Kohl Evacuated from Sri Lanka

U.S. Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Afghan who died in U.S. custody complained of snake bite, American command

WP: Demonstrators Mobilize Under a Slew of Causes

WP: Blog Creation, Readership Rise in 2004

Bush on Press conference C-span NOW

GH Bush, Clinton, and GW Bush meet for Tsunami Aid

Virginia Legislature Likely To Revisit Day-Of-Rest Law

Google deletes digital library

Palestinian aid groups' accounts closed

National Guard Troops Return to New York

U.S. Supports Lifting Ban on Canada Beef

Ambush claims 1 life, wounds 3 in Afghanistan

India's key security adviser dies

Blair to fly back from Egyptian trip today

Rebels Kills 17 Iraq Security in Bombing Spree

Activists fear complacency by supporters

Battle escalates over ethics -The Hill (new probe)

Saudi Behind Mosul Attack on U.S. Base

Militants' Campaign Twists Logistics of Iraq Election

US commander: Afghan detainee who died complained snake had bitten him

NYT: With Geopolitics, Cheap Oil Recedes Into Past

Al Qaeda fighters 'are entering Iraq from Saudi'

NYT: A Village Grows Rich Off Its Main Export: Its Daughters (China)

ethics committee= oxymoran (c-span) now--critique of the congress

Iraqi official says January election could be delayed

CNN: Bickering heights

Technology Firms Expect Growth In Government Specialty Work

Native American lands poisoned by military testing, reports say

WP: TiVo Unveils Portable Transfer Service

Research into prayer, fertility link now doubted

US Announces Talks with Turkey, Iraq On PKK Rebels

Republicans seek complaint against minority leader (Pelosi) -The Hill

Americans Donate Medical Books to Iraq

Witness says Thatcher had role in coup plot

Najaf police chief refuses transfer to Baghdad amid Syria row

Thou Shalt Not Discipline Swine

Senator Boxer Rally Today

African American Political Pioneer Chisholm Dies

Tsunami email hoaxer admits guilt

Iraq bends election rules for Sunnis

Bush plans to keep untried detainees for life .

LAT: As Senator, Physician Also Wants His Practice (Coburn, Oklahoma)

Repub. Chair of Ethics comm. says he opposed changes-CNN news

NYT: "Myths Run Wild in Blog Tsunami Debate"

MSNBC: Iraqi official suggests planned Jan. 30 vote could be delayed

WP: Rehnquist's Health and Vote Contingencies (will vote only on ties)

Report: Germany to boost tsunami aid to €500 million

Miami Buildings Evacuated

Iraq Bomber Reportedly Saudi Med Student (AP is running it now

cnn--State dept not able to find about 5,000 Americans from tsuamni

Russia plans for $12bn oil pipeline to Pacific

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 3 January

NYT: 'Pony Up' and Then 'Party On,' Inaugural Officials Say

Soldiers in medical limbo at Fort Knox

Americans Speed Aid to Tsunami-Hit Asia

Car bomb explodes near Allawi party headquarters

Florida receives $67 million in faith-based money

US conducts biometric tests at 50 border points

Radio giant criticized over contest that granted breast enlargement surger

BBC: Three Britons die in Iraq attacks (+ American civilian)

Liberal pensions start to hit authority finances - (Post Gazette, Pgh)

Ex President Clinton and Bush sr escort president Bush

Gonzales Torture Memo Controversy Builds (WH refuses to release memos)

Allawi Attends Live Call-In TV Program

US military hints at staying in Afghanistan for decades

Group Warns of Possible Rape of Survivors [Tsunami]

Experts Fear Burma Was Battered

Promised cash may never arrive: UN

Dems Face Policy Battle Without Matsui

Clear Channel ad partner with tsunami telethon

2 Navy SEALs Face Hearings in Abuse Case

Bullock Donates $1M for Tsunami Relief

Pentagon plans $30 billion in cuts

Iran’s elections: conservatives and hardliners dominate

Kuwait Detains Soldiers for Plot Against U.S. Forces

WA Republicans say they found voting discrepancies

N.H. Now Gives Adoptees Birth Certificates

Soldier helps in Operation: Doggy Freedom

I survived on attap chee (tsunami survivor found 100 miles from shore)

Bush Calls for 'Big Things' From Congress

Message from Steven Freeman to D U

Insurgent Attacks in Iraq Kill at Least 16 (1/3/05)

National Security to Lead Renewable Energy Deployment

Judges begin push for a raise- 30%

Cuba Renews Contact With European Nations

U.S. oil companies line up for new Libya licenses

Union: Workers at US Airways might walk out over wage cuts

Defeated (TX repug) lawmakers get election challenge hearings

Files show extent of Murdoch lobbying

Indonesian Woman found alive 100 nautical miles

Bush 2 off to shaky start - 'Worst I've seen it' - official

Laser aimed at Chicago-bound jet

Israel releases first reactor video ("atomic school" for disadvantaged)

U.S. manufacturing up for 19th straight month

Doctors and plumbers rush to offer their services

LAT: Bush Adapts, but Won't Call It That

WP: Social Security Formula Weighed: Bush Plan to Cut Promised Benefits

Stem Cells Reverse Parkinson's in Monkeys

India accused of blocking tsunami aid

Bush Signs Executive Order for Federal Workers'Pay (Even Cheney!)

Kansas Ordered to Spend More on Schools

Republican Reed faces GOP wrath over recount decisions

Powell: Up to 5,000 Americans unaccounted for in tsunami disaster

German jobless face cut in welfare

U.S. May Add Advisers to Aid Iraq's Military -NYT

State officials reject two-thirds of Florida's provisional ballots

Objection sustained

Elder Bush, Clinton to Lead Relief Effort

Pentagon raises Iraq toll in Dec. to 72

Gonzales Is Likely to Face Criticism in Hearings

Social Security Formula Weighed

US-India struggle for control in disaster zone

Republicans reverse themselves on ethics rules

WP: More Women Opting Against Birth Control, Study Finds

Large Gambian Rats Worry Fla. Officials

NY Daily News: At last, women lash out at hip hop's abuses...

Poll: Voters back wait for abortion

Bush Asks Judge to Toss Ohio Election Suit

Islamic Army in Iraq threatens attacks in US: website

Saudi Student Was Mess Tent Suicide Bomber

Iraq battling more than 200,000 insurgents: intelligence chief

Bush Pushing for More Faith-Based Funds

MoveLeft Media editon of Jan. 3, 2004

never watch FX's smallpox right after the Manchurian Candidate(2004)

Couples compatibility test

Mike Hunt is a fine public servant.

Have you ever heard someone use the phrase "the fuck-word"?

This thread rocks.

Chase me away from DU

Is LOTR 3 out yet on DVD?

Bushism of the day

My radio show now available via Podcast/RSS feed.

What are you gonna do today, Napoleon?

Reno 911 athon on The Comedy Channel

As I walked out one evening

God help me for admitting this, but....

Today we have naming of parts

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone

Listening to Tool's "Lateralus". Ask me anything.

Jessica Simpson's father is a perverted creep.

quick- anybody know if Paul McCartney's a Dem or Repub?

Will 900 MHz phones and 2.4 GHz phones interfere with each other?

Anyone else think Robert Matsui sounded just like Jimmy Stewart?

Balladeer - Dan Hill is...

"I mean...we're against murder and everything, but if I was a..."

About suffering they were never wrong

So, this terrorist goes to heaven...

I saw terminal tonight

Roy Orbison had a great voice.

I am evil Homer. I am evil Homer. I am evil Homer.

I'm listening to my third Steve Earle album of the night, ask me anything!

Am I the only person who doesn't like Joss Stone?

I love Iris DeMent

The Smile of Dawn arrived early May.

Insomnia, with work only a couple hours away...what should I do?

Has anyone here seen Exotica?

Lovecraft meets...who?

My right ear is driving me crazy

Who do you think is the best "musician" of our generation?

Anyone here ever streak for politcal or other reasons?

Which Ashcroft & Keyes album is the most sickening ?

Hey girls..............remember Chinese jump rope?

has mila jovovitch ever appeared in a movie


this is great - sposed to to start a new job today and i got pink-eye

Tight pants causing red, scratchy, marky things. OUCH!

What's Up Doc is one of the best movies of the 70s.

ask me any thing 2. oh ya im being my normal jerk off self right now

Shit! I missed Smallpox tonight.

Man, Wearing Kilt, Exposes Himself (Meegbear?????)

Meet Joe, my oldest son's kitty


Stern is reading Fred Phelps bullshit on his show.

Waiter Pulls Chair Out From Under Queen - She Falls On Her A**

Just heard the COOLEST item on the local news!

The New Year's Resolution Thread

Dog Rescues 7 Year Old Boy From Tsunami

Dream police were in my head

Does this headline bother anyone else?

wow time flies....I've hit 600 n/t

New Years Resolutions are for Freepers

anyone listening to Cabby on Stern right now??

Matcom News --- Ill. Residents Vote for Official Reptile

Ya gettin stripped from ya garments, boy, run ya jewels!

Please vote for my Urban Dictionary Definitions

Fresh Star Wars III spoiler pics here or white meat?

I can't move my head- Ask Me Anything!

The Last DJ (Tom Petty): Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Man on phone killed by train

Johnny Cash was......(fill in the blank )

Foie Gras...

Movie that sets up the best sequel:

Ha!! The radio is playing Inna Gadda da Vida-long version. I haven't

Which of these two Yes albums is better in your opinion?

Butterfly in the sky. I can fly twice as high. Take a look. Its in a book.

MatcomNews Update - 94 Y.O. Lottery Winner NOT Allowed Lump Sum Payment

How many polls can we get on the front page of the lounge at once?

The real blockbuster trilogy thread: Star Wars (IV,V,VI) vs LOTR?

"Dr. Phil" has a weight loss program?

Best Trilogy movie:

Which of these Pink Floyd albums is better?

I want to cleanse my body of impurities. Seriously...

The "Responsibility and Accountability" CAPTION

Brando, Ray Charles, others - Who will take their place?

Favorite member of the Wu-Tang clan

Father says it, mother says it

Steroid Scandal Reaches Synchronized Swimming (Team USA)

Hey computer geeks..

Which Dirty Harry is the best?

Greedo vs Liberace

French youths honour a New Year's Eve tradition by torching 333 cars

I just made my first LBN posting. Ask me anything!

Which of these Tool albums is better?

Hey Underpants, What are you talking about? Your SAMMICH???

Independent Musicians - CDs

Digital Underground blows!

Muskrat Love!

Blockbuster rents pornagraphic movies

Hummer joke for Monday

What would Gola Wolf Richards sound like trying to get laid.

Which of these three Led Zeppelin albums is better?

Which of these two Jethro Tull albums is better?

Which disgusts you more?

Read these lyrics and tell me what they remind you of.

Blockbuster addendum

Is Air America not working? I can't get it to stream.

Velvet Underground rules.

Tons of caviar stolen in Moscow ($470,000)

us airways - fox news

Anyone know when Jack Mehoffer is going to be back on O'Reilly?

A song for those of us going through tough times.

So, I'm at home, running a fever, took meds, went back to sleep

Which Indiana Jones Movie is the best?

Which of these Supertramp albums suck worse?

The "Only Another President Can Truly Understand" CAPTION

Can anyone make out what this says?

George's New Years resolutions

I swear if I sneeze one more time

The first of 2005... It's time for a POST a PIC OF SOMEONE ELSE thread!!

Best Cover?

Listening to Dream THeater's "Images and Words". Ask me anything.

BP 118/73, pulse 64, vision 20/20 - i am disgustingly healthy

The "Being Statesmanlike with His Equals" CAPTION

Movies that should never have sequels

Advice on dog breeds for allergic people?

Rhythm vs Beat

Will whoever has my TV remote PLEASE give it f*cking back???

ffffffrrreeeezinggg - Car heater broke

Humanitarian aid to Asia: $35 mil. Cost of second inaugural: $40 mil.

The "Stage Mother" CAPTION

Hip Hop is the modern jazz - the best thing since Funk!

Submit your "Truth in Advertising" ad campaign/slogan here....

Anyone taken fish oil capsules?

The White Stripes vs. a 3-year old having a tantrum.

The "Acting Like a Big Man in Front of Bill" CAPTION

Who else is learning another language?

The Supermarket LIES! "baby carrots" aren't babies

T shirt idea "Ferme le Bush"

The Velvet Underground and the Doors BOTH blow more than Snow!

I know, I know the sun is hot

John Cleese is quite charming in "A Fish Called Wanda."

No one fights like Gaston! Douses lights like Gaston!

How hard does one

What I like to think

So, what do freepers think of GHWB and Bill Clinton

MADD president: Modern Drunkard mag is "just plain stupid"

Dear God - please smite Peter Warn

But you know who REALLY blows...

My Musical Tastes vs. Your Musical Tastes

You know what? I'm starting to think William Hung can't sing.

What is your FAVOURITE stretch of highway?

My classes so are WEIRD this semester!

Billie Holliday blows.

John Coltrane Blew More than Charlie Parker

Ha!Ha!Ha! LOL CAPTION him trying to impress the smart kids in class.

ABBA vs. Venom

Chuck Mangione blows!

Your nose blows!

Nobody blew more than Shannon Hoon

Diz Blows Bird At Newport

Rah! Rah! Rah! CAPTION the head cheerleader

Thar' She Blows.....................

Top 10 Most Outrageous Statements from Conservatives

Dokken vs. Mrs. Miller

Al Hedges has won Modern Dullard magazine's person of 2004!

Cup O' Noodles

Tera Patrick blows...

I am really in a nasty mood.

The Grateful Dead blow.

Rogers & Hart blow more than Rogers & Hammerstein


Took a look around, see which way the wind blow...

SO, if all these bands blow, what bands are good?

Stop with the 'Blows' threads! Love is in an Elevator, after all!

Kix vs. Kix

Hippies blow!

Colon Cleaning?

Sweet vs. Sweet 'N Low

The Huh? of all CAPTIONs

Dream Theater's songwriting ability

Always be nice to the Admin

The "inauguration" is days from my bday therefore I'm ordained by God,

Country Church vs. Joyce

You’re a head case with a smile

My throat's on fire! I can't even drink coffee! I am sick....

Hippos Blow!

T-Mobile has John Coltrane on for its hold music

I hate driving in the rain


Hey BC Duers! Put it on CKNW now!

favorite west wing support staffer

You should get your stuff, I can't fit my nun-chucks in my locker

If I slack off enough at work today, I could make the 1000 posts mark.


My corless phone is dying, but its voicemail is still useful...

Repukes blow!

I miss my SPAM.

MATCOM, Joanne 98 skjpm and all of DU. We're annoying liberals, Congrats.

Sonic Youth vs the Fat Boys

Should I be worried that, when I go to sleep, I dream of HypnoToad's boss?

I Can't Stand On My Head-------Is It Me?

Does anyone buy cassette tapes for music anymore?

Should I be worried that, when I go to sleep, I dream of Richardo...

Heard the one about the talking clock?

The "Guess Who's Always the Last to Know" CAPTION

Sign on if you're boycotting "Resolutions"

Should I be worried that, every time I go to sleep, I dream of my boss?

TIVO Owners With HMO Tivo2Go rolling out now

Who was it that wanted cheese Doritos????

What's a fair amount to ask for in a settlement for a work-related injury?

Cherry Coke or Cherry Pepsi?

Favorite Dr.Pepper rip-off? Dr.U? Mr.Pig? It'sa? Dr.Thunder?

Who has the most posts on DU?

I'm in LOVE!!!

What happens now that I am at 700 posts?

New puppy picture:)

Hey SUNDOG - I'm calling you out ... :-)

I can't stand Ray Romano ----- is it me?

My 3000th post and, to be clear,


Jeb or Larry?

Tomorrow is my 1 year DU anniversary. 4800 Posts. Some gems, some not.

Okay... I have a bad tsunami joke. When will be the right time to post

Would you consider getting back with FedEx?

I can't stand Barbara Romano --- is it me?

Note to self: No fried onions on the gyro

Anyone else listen to this song?

Car Hydroplanes - Ends Up Hanging From Wire

Day one of my stop smoking resolution....

So how does it work in America?

It's time to play Spot the Freeper

QOTSA Fans - God is in The Radio - backwards stuff

Do you HAVE to post a pic of yourself?

Should I be flying my flag at 1/2 mast

Seen this? Andy Dick as Karl Rove (Comedy Central )

Rap isn't music - face it!

What's your favorite fragrance?

How do the DU "Groups" work?

How do the DU Shoops work?

What is your favorite movie that you would be ridiculed for liking?

15 Year Old Has No Problem Buying "M" Rated Video Games

Dave Mustaine!


N.C. Fox TV Station Won't Air "Who's Your Daddy" back hurts from splitting wood.

4,000 posts! Ask my avatar anything

How many posts do you have? seems to not be working anymore

Christmas Morning

Stupid DU language question!

!!!BIG NEWS!!!---Hockey fans

I need to get out of the 700 club! Ask me anything!

So, tonight is my first night in my new digs with the two females....

How to find New DU Groups...

Does anybody else see the irony with this headline and title?

I think my neighbor is an alkie, but, it's no business of mine

Driver, 87, does $30,000 damage after plowing into animal hospital

"nigerian" email scams

My 1000th Post: DU Rocks!

What should I use to revitalize and preserve a leather chair?

Would you consider getting back with your Fed EX?

And Jessica ???

Happy Birthday Mel Gibson!

Laura Bush makes Satanic salute ("Hook 'Em [Devil] Horns")

If MatcomNews Had An Editorial Page, What Would YOU Expect To Find There?

Which DUer has the highest percentage of underwear once worn by Rabrrrrrr?


Which DUer has the largest fang?

The head coach of the Chicago Bears is named Lovie??!!??

Funny joke on men and women

BETTER Names for the Anaheim Angels

I not only have a huge wang, but equally huge tits to boot!!

Does anyone here do online gambling?

Lordy, Lordy, today I'm FORTY! OMG!

Which Duer has the nicest Melons?

help needed fm music on my car stereo is fading in and out and ST doesn't

Replace a curse word with "Kleeb"

What the hell has happened to the Lounge?

The Republican Commandments

I think I'm going to sue Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Which DUer has the sweetest ass?


OK, so we've got a DU's "coolest" person thread- but, who's "The SHIT?"

I can't stand David Caruso--------Is it me?

I can't stand Pecorino Romano --- is it me?


The lounge has turned soooooooo perverted...

Who here owns Sidekick II?

Anybody else having trouble with the AAR stream and the Madison WI stream?

What is it with Ice Skaters? WOW!

Only serious fun in the Lounge- no more of this piffle.

"Pentagon Revises 9/11 Numbers from 3,000 to 300,000"

Who want's to join my armpit fart orchestra and choir?

How do the DU "coups" work?

Which DUer has the largest wang?

The REAL Texas Longhorns hand thing (?)

Will you file your taxes via "Turbo Tax" this year?

Who was the best Phantom of the Opera?

Weird - This pair of kitties on Catster looks like

Is there a football game on tonight?

Who's the hottest DUer

Technical issue with going to my blog.


Ever give up 'news' for a period of time?


I take it all back. I see I was wrong and stand corrected.

StoptheMorans, the oldest

SO!!! What are your PETS New Years Resolutions???

OK, be jealous, I just installed lights under my cabinets...

First Walter Payton

oh, bother.

So who here likes to get ANAL?

Spencer gifts is in trouble

I just made an egg cream

Come to the Peoples Pub if

Heeeeeeeeeeeere comes the snow.

watch out from Ohio valley to Southern and central New England

I had black eyed peas and cabbage on New Years day

Hey! You! You homonymic innuendo kids get off my lawn!

My 70lb dog is currently hunting a fly in the living room.

The all comprehensive trilogy poll!

Did you have to return any of your Christmas gifts?

How can you get a dog to gain weight?

Celebrating my 666th post!

my new year's resolution

please, somebody, anybody, give me a cigarrette!!!!!

Is "Phuket" pronounced like how I think it is?

Uh Oh! E-Bay Listing for Image of Lucifer on a HotPocket!

Who is the coolest DUer?

What's your favourite smiley?

The F-Word Song

My 70 lb dog thinks his rear end is the center of the universe

If you could build your dream computer, what would it be and

"An Injury To One", (the IWW in 1900's Montana)

RandomKoolzip dances for you now!

I used to love falafel; but goddamned O'Reilly had to ruin it for me!

If I don't stop this, I'll go blind!

In my mind, I've got them tied to a chair in a soundproof room and

Satellite radio

I did the craziest culinary thing!

I can't stand George W Bush -- is it me?

Okay, dream interpreters, I dreamed....

Jar of squirrel heads

If you were a pornstar what whould your stage name be?

Crap...after 7 years, I finally lost the battle.

What's the best way to market a Democratic website?

THREE... TWO... ONE... HAPPY 2006!!!

any other dandy fiends here?

while we are fattening up our pets...

I resigned my job today

How do you pronounce Uranus?

How do you know when a baby is a dead baby?

The ATA forum cracks me up.

What would you do if you thought a neighbor had Alzheimer's?

The Doors blow more than Velvet Underground

Geeks - DVD Rom movie player

Most erotic thing that happened

I wish my cat was fat.

I have the flu right now and a neurosurgeon appt tomorrow am, just ask me!

Two CD's I just ordered with a gift certificate.

David Spade annoys me to no end.

any other candy fiends here?

CIA's Homepage for Kids! Fun tours and cool spy stuff!

7 Days Left - SEVEN DAMNED DAYS!!!

I'm on the radio tonight (Monday) from 8:00-10:00 p.m. EST.

Dumb newbie question...

The Who blows more than the Doors

The Hindenburg was the greatest zeppelin ever to crash and burn in Jersey.

Freeper Sex Manual

A new year, a new Chick Tract!

CNN Linking Tsunami Aid to Osama Bin Laden

Weird sea creature found on Indonesian shores... WTF?

The Hindenburg was the greatest zeppelin ever to float the earth.

I am holding a live baby on a leash as I type

O.K. so what is the best (free or cheap) photo editing software?

Has David (GOPisEvil) recuperated from his party yet?

I was at the mall and PUT a kid on a leash

If you get Discovery Time channel, you have to watch

What has 184 Arms, 184 legs, and 32 teeth?

VENT ALERT....My husband got fired for

I'm posting from my new home

I hate Bu$h. My 84-YO daddy says I shouldn't hate the PRES! ...

I now have two DU bumper-stickers, what should I do with the new one?

I'm thinking of going over to GD...

I'll Say anything you want to hear. I'll see everything through.

let's make it I have the flu???

I just ordered Porcupine Tree's "In Absentia".

The first of 2005... It's time for a POST a PIC OF YOUR thread!!

Have you ever turned in or retrieved something at

My dog is not on a leash

Which ex-president's death will sadden you most?

Red Sox fans!!! Watch all of the Red Sox World Series Games Since 1975

Snowing to beat all hell in AZ - 16 inches predicted!

Casey Kasem spewing obcenities

Is the Lounge too silly?

Hey you Loungies - I fuckin love you all - don't change for a second!

Just wondering if Mike Malloy surfs this site while he is on the radio?

Puppy Love (picture)

Led Zeppelin is the greatest band ever to walk the earth.

This is the young man that moved in with us

Actors Who Thought They Could Sing - Who Sucked The Most?

2 more days until a new Lost!

Lactose intolerance + large milk shake =

British Study Finds 'Brainy' Women Have 'Marriage Handicapp'

"Hey, I am no longer illitterate!"

If thinking certain pokes are funny

Guess the topic of the TV show that HEyHEY's room-mates are watching!


What are the benefits of green tea?

Which do you drink?

Daily Show on soon!

Seven Signs You Might Be Suffering From FREEPERphobia

Spoiled Brat!


I just now realized that

Elephant Bar & Restaurant.

Free Republic translated into 'Redneck'

How the heck did the "Y" Yahoo icon hijack 2 of my other toolbar icons?

Who has the best tsunami logo/theme music?

If thinking certain jokes are funny

Maya Angelou is black?!?

The very greatest rock bands, British and American, by time period

Someone help me out with this Trudeau strip?

What CRAZY Language Is This?

What's black and white, black and white, black and white, etc.?

Anyone wanna help me think of an article topic, I cant think right now

What Do You Get When You Cross Helen Keller & A Dead Baby?

It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple freeper eater....

You know what is truly the most frightening thing?

Boy, the little locks make the controversial threads way easier to find.

On behalf of the American Tourists in Phuket some FOREIGN SERVICE OFFICER

What's a good FREE Spyware/Virus program?

What I Learned on DU: Classification of Freepers

Merger Mania in My Workplace

All right DU'ers - post your low carb recipes.

Do all dogs like to sleep on your legs?

"Let the battle cry go forth which is 'give the people what they want'...


I visited the Clinton Library. Ask me something about that.

THAT was Auburn's argument for No. 1?

Y'all are both wrong, Jamaica produces better music than US/Europe

Is "Who's Your Daddy" the show the Fundies are upset about?

Has anyone gone ice fishing yet?

Anyone know where I can get a really good sports bra?

Find the secret buttons to animate the frog

Like it or not, you are on Zomby's Sweet List!

jellybelly needs to get out of the 700 club! Ask me anything....

Wellll I got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key

I just heard Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by Bill Shatner....

Volunteering overseas

Why are some people down on Coffee?

Afterlife and Evolution: Do you believe in both?

This Machine Kills Fudgesicles!

Least favorite type of cardiac arrhythmia?

its cold, my car wont start, any suggestions?

Can you stump the computer ?

At the end of Return of the King, is that chubby older hobbit a male or ..

OK.. I'm heading out to the local bar...

60 Minutes - That Indian Chick was Hot

Anyone Seen The Trailer For The New PIXAR Film?

I was at the mall and saw a kid on a leash

Has the male freeper in the middle been somehow shrunk?

Bit Torrents?

Older DUers - did rednecks think they were cool years ago?

Mmmm....Old Spice ::drool:::

Latin America is the King of Music

I finished my research paper draft, how about ya ask me anything

What the hell is nougat?

I was born on a Sunday.

I'm going to take the FSO exam in April

Who's watching Patricia Arquette in The Medium? It's kind of lame

Reggie White: Evangalists prostituted me!!!

I am holding a live baby as I type.

What Is Your Least Favorite Stretch of Highway?

Songs to dedicate to freepers.

Listening to Pink Floyd's The Wall. Ask me anything.

Why on God's green earth is Freepers having a Freepathon?

What the fuck sense does LOS ANGELES ANGELS OF ANAHEIM make?

why not just jump all over me! you big f*kin' liberal swine!

I can't stand daytime TV...

What kind of Lunch Box did you have as a kid?

puppy up for grabs

The Saddest Music in the World

Would you consider getting back with your EX?

Velvet Underground blows.


Which is worse - New Country or Progressive Rock?

The "Penny for Their Thoughts" CAPTION

God put a smile on my face?

Same Time, Next Year

The tinfoil is blinding me!

Weather in Mississippi SUCKS in the winter.

Europe Produces FAR BETTER Music Than America Does

Singers who thought they could act but sucked the most?

CANADA is the music capital of the world...

Funniest American Comedians of the last 50 years - nominations please!

I have listened to Yes: Close to the Edge again.

This is the young man that moved in with us

South Beach Diet or Zone Diet?

What equipment do I need to connect my newish TV w/o cable??

So who is going to the counter inaugural in January?

Favorite Futurama episode?

A "Full House" reunion?

I had the BEST. NEW. YEAR'S. EVER.

Yikes! My car's front wheel fell off today while I was driving.

I will die in August of 2053, at age 84

BEHOLD! My beloved Skittles

**~~**New Year's Health Tips**~**

Carly Fiorina - Love her or hate her?

An ethnically non-identifiable person of indeterminate gender...

Has anybody here posted nude pics of themselves on the internet?

Help me NOT to call my ex who dumped me. I am weak!

Fiona Apple, love her or not?

What's your local news guy's name?

What differentiates you from most of DU?

PETA's 2004 Proggy Awards

"A Very British Coup" (1988) - left-wing political thriller

Just Watched a Depressing But Necessary Documentary on Sundance Channel

'Who. Wants. Flies?'

Are Medical Trends Going in the Wrong Direction?

Is America the most Mentally ill nation on Earth?

What is it about the animals that allowed them to "sense" the earthquakes?

Suspiciously warm weather in Georgia lately

Scientist raises estimate of Vioxx ill-effects

Cheryl Jacques, ex-HRC head, interviewed on WGBH-TV's "Greater Boston"

Update on my co-worker

Law gives gay couples more benefits

Parents Try To Oust Gay Couple's Kids From Catholic School

Spain one step closer to legal gay marriage

UK Gov't Tried To Jail Radclyffe Hall Secret Documents Show

has anyone else seen Take Me Out

WorldNutDaily: Tempers flaming hot over 'Gay ski week'

Chile Gay Press Beats Catholic Church

Mass. Gay Marriage Implications Spread Beyond State Lines

Poll: Are you upset the Bills missed the playoffs?

War Eagle!

How bad is the Tech Auburn game going to be?

Anyone else watch the Cowboys Giants game?

Worst State For Pro Sports?

Relief Efforts for Animals Difficult after Catastrophic Tsunami

Trimming Nails - I just found a battery operated Dremmel for $20

She was a human trapped in a dog's body - she died today at 5:30 PM

Tarot workers: Do you read for yourself?

Just what is EFT and energy healing?

John Kerry's reflections on the election and his plans for the future

When does John go to Iraq

What In The Hell Would Make A Person Crazy Enough To.....

Here is an essay I wrote on election day; you Kerrycrats might like it

Ahm, did anyone else get the Christmas card?

What the hell is up with Clinton?

Speaking of pornography...

Sunday Talks Show Roundup on Video

Why did Kerry lose? Election fraud, or not enough votes?

Jeb Bush heading to Indonesia?

WorkingForChange: Christian right's compassion deficit

Many Republicans are misguided, and don't even realize it.

Slate on ACLU FOIA: The government still isn't "coming clean"

Sworn affidavit attests to vote-rigging software made for FL congressman

Sears to cooperate in Delay probe

I propose that we bring back STREAKING ! It's a definate attention getter

The Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives

Coming up on CNN

are Alan Keyes and Gary Bauer going to run for President again ?

Rev. Sheldon says values got a bounce from Janet

Time to start targeting the trouble makers...

Jeb Bush campaigning in Indonesia for 2008 race

Social Security and Chile - Private accounts as a disaster - MSM tells

Latest tinfoil hat/Silkwood story: DemHousePoint man for Social Security

Jan Egeland answers his critics at FOX !/Video

"The greatest source of America’s generosity is not our government"

Is the world ready for four more years of President Bush? AP

FBI To Probe Kerik Mob Connections While NYC Police Commish. Hi Rudy!

Why Do Conservatives Opt For Formulaic Approaches?

Question about a counter-strike to banning the fillibuster

Randi Rhodes says the problem with america

Bush and The Pooh Factor, starring "cuddly teddy-bear" Dennis Hastert

The GOP (Washington State) suggest the result of voting for a Democratic

How fargone is this guy?

The More $$ we donate to relief fund, the less Bush has to pony up

After the way the * admin treated Clinton,

Repub. Chair of Ethics comm. says he opposed changes-CNN news

Liberal talk show host in Akron (Joe Finan) replaced by a Conservative

PDA and SEIU's My Moral Values groups to attend DFA meet-ups.

DNC Chair Candidate, Donnie Fowler has posted a Diary on MyDD

Seattle Indymedia: "Man of the Year" on a War Course Again

It's A Beautiful Day in Montana

Anyone else find this to be racist?

Once again - Something for you Senators....

What process will be used to replace Rep. Matsui ...

Wes Clark on Hardball today.....

I just got my Blue Hope Bracelet

We're gonna have to stop Jeb.

Houston Chronicle Editorial has the balls to condemn DeLay tactics

Theories on why it's okay to hate the Clintons

Jeb Steals a Page From George's Playbook!

Thou Shalt Not Discipline Swine

DeLay:"All of us, all of us,...should be held to the highest of standards"

They have control. Evangelicals now threatening Senators.

Help! Need link to Poppy endorsing the Washington Times

What should the Dems fillibuster over the next two years?

The year Bill O'Reilly stole Christmas

Ex President Clinton and Bush sr escort president Bush

Barf alert: DMN names ROVE Texan of the Year

Arson's now a federal crime -- if you give lots of Bush $$$

Video Shows NYPD Cop Gave False Testimony In RNC Arrest

I have three words for you, Rove >>>

Democratic caucus looks ready for a fight regarding ethics rules

Bush: "Scowcroft has become a pain in the ass..."

Protestors Block Entrances at Pentagon and White House

Those Iraqi Blogs

Tsunami Reveals Bush’s Dark Side

GOP Backing Away From Making DeLay Above The Law

chimp on cspan now

White House refuses to release Gonzales torture memos

My 1000th post- Should I run again in 2006?

Returning troops still say Iraq responsible for 9/11

Conyers needs senator to sign on to Ohio Vote investigation...Can it be..?

Scary in Sept., Scarier Now....Norquist on the Republican vision

HELP! My cousin is becoming a Nazi!

Is this true about James Dobson and training his dog?

Do you think that if DU exsisted before the 2000 selection...

Indymedia: The Myth of a Divided America (very cool video)

Politics and America's religious divide

Is there any chance of winning back the Senate in 2006?

Tsunami tragedy is perfect made to order distraction for butthead. Scott

The Bush Sr/Clinton combination.

Are these principles acceptable as common ground?

TRUTH! wristbands

What kills me is how many embrace the phony facade, the hollow gestures,

BIG WHAT IF... someone stands with Coyers and a Senator gets some

Karl Rove is NO genius

What Are Your Favorite Anti-Bush Websites?

What the hell happened to Tweety? Is he actually going to go after

Newbies of 2004: Where are you politically?

Let's stop blaming the Media for our weak and ineffective message

An Evening with Howard Dean in Utah....Democratic fundraiser tonight.

2006 Issue to kick Repug ass: Social Security cutbacks

Any one else sick of seeing Cat Killer FRIST on TV?

(M)Ann Coulter would like to bomb the sh*t out of the UN

Confession time: Have you ever said anything nice about Bush?

can someone tell me why the dnc didn't put up clark?

The Party is too heavy - somebody has to be thrown overboard

2006 Senate Races

The trouble with John F. Kerry

If the election was fixed, is it possible that the Dem primaries were too?

Out of Sight for One Week, Bush Re-Appears With a Banged up Face

Question: Why is it when there are two lack luster candidates,