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Archives: January 29, 2005

A White House Out of Step? (Froomkin / WP)

Whatever happened to journalism?

What Can You Do To Hekp Them?

Afghan women still in chains under Karzai

The Bushies' New Groove

Disgusted Over Bush's Dismissal of Patients' Needs, Injured Ohio Patient D

Scowcroft and Baker Up the Ante

Security Nominee Gave Advice to the CIA on Torture Laws

Iraq's Electoral Cul-de-sac

"Trust Me: An Iraq History Timeline"

Flashback to the 60's: A Sinking Sensation of Parallels Between Iraq & Vie

My LTTE on Social Security

The Inane Roundup: A Continually Updated Sampling.....

The Left Loses College Kids (LAT)

When Bush says "Freedom" he means Fascism

The Bitter End of the Left: Scenes from a wartime inauguration.

US Helicopter Downed By Surface-To-Air Missile - Witnesses

David Brooks has outdone himself

"The streets of Baghdad are empty...

Did US invade Afghanistan for Caspian oil deal? [too]

Money, Media & the Mess in America

A Brief Guide to the Iraqi Elections

PNAC writes letter to Congress January 28 2005

David Brock at GWU 1/31 8PM

How did the Dems forced a Senate debate on Rice's confirmation?

I Just Put Up A Blog For World News Trust, An Independent Media Project

30 days from today

American economic dominance over?

Are Dems that shop at Wal-Mart DINO's?

Australian gun control law results in dramatic drop in gun crimes

can someone explain 'spray firing' to me?

Hi, Adminstrators.

i said it once, i'll say it again

Suggestion for a DU Group

Chicago DUers are planning a get-together.

New DU Group: Bob Dylan Group.

Can I still display a picture in my signature?

I have a question

Big Hamas win in Gaza's election

Playing the Holocaust Card

`IDF doctor used body of Palestinian for lesson in anatomy'

An Israeli rediscovers his Iraqi roots

Abbas and Sharon to meet second week in February

Analysis: Abbas has reason to smile

Egypt Court Dismisses Warcrimes Case Against Sharon

Parents fight to learn why Israeli sniper shot their son

A wealth of 9/11 information

A Caller on the Ed Schultz Show Today Asked Big Eddie if

Ballot Issues Thread on LBN

So--shall we hang together, or shall we hang separately?

Time to act, Black Caucus tells Bush; Conyers calls it like he sees it!

Election Fraud- Public Enemy 2006: Populex

So, David says to Goliath, "Come here! I've got something for you."

WI---Scandal fuels renewed push for voter ID bill

Nagging Question Re: flipping votes.

My "interview" with Mister "BS"

Katherine Harris gifts tied to controversial fundraiser

A possibly HUGE DEVELOPMENT on Alberto Gonzales

Anyone happen to know what this is?

What would it look like if dubya didn`t cheat

Eyes on the Prize: We Need a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR Thread II

I thought this was evident by now!

a letter to Hastert and Frist on vote reform

Is anyone else having trouble with loading?

Reform Concept: Separation of Politics and Elections


An apology - I misoverestimated Americans

Last one today I swear: Breakdown of the use of the term "Election Fraud".

Need help writing dialog for Blackwell's speech bubble

Diebold is trying to help us feel secure.

Interviews with some Actual Exit Pollsters - they messed up

Dems forced a Senate debate on Rice, how about for Gonzales?

Black Baptis Leaders united against "*"

What is this file name and what is it. Should I worry?

Two Worlds

What Makes The Great Plains So Red?

Rep. Paul (R-Tx) speaks against US being world police...

Democracy within a Police State?

In solidarity with our brothers and sisters of Iraq


Saturday 1/29 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Theater Marquee does it again !!!

Repukes want a Voter ID? How about a VOTE-COUNTER ID?

Found in a dumpster Diabold Headquarters... LOL -of-the-day

Keith Olbermann blog: Delusions of grandeur at "Focus on the Family"

New Mexico Voter ID reform splitting parties

The Unmaking of the President: 2004

Are you willing to indulge me for a Saturday evening Primal Scream?

Does anyone know anything about Tim Griffin (RNC opposition research)?

Never Misunderestimate Letters to the election

TIA and others: How many more votes did GWB get this time than last?

This is perverse and WE ARE FIGHTING EVIL, INDEED

The Non-Election of 2004, by Noam Chomsky


ACTION! Letter to pro-Rice Senators on Rice, Gonzales & Election Fraud

Naysayers, its time to take your strawmen elsewhere.



Crushing the Coup: Purging the bush theocratic neocon cabal from America

Freeman's Response to the Mitofsky report came out yesterday.

Voter ID: Yes or no?

Billboard Blitz to Rub Salt in Our Wounds

"Barbara Boxer Steps into Spotlight" --good AP article!

a letter to Feinstein

Hilmar plant fined over waste - Cal-EPA board levies a $4 million penalty

Schwarzenegger seeks national donors for California overhaul

Caption Arnie

So tell me about San Francisco

Report on your town's caucuses

Minnesotans not optimistic about Iraq's prospects (Strib)

The Chimp is coming to Fargo Thursday, I'll be there!

Kennedy... SENATOR? Oh God... no

"A Vote for Granholm is a Vote for Racism"

My address bar is above my toolbar for some reason.

Monitor problem

Secret list reveals who helped fund attack ads(on Ohio Dem. top judge)

Ohio I.D. question...

Maybe a stupid question, but how do I get involved?

Hey! We're number one!

Is there an anti-war protest in Houston or NOT?

Liberal talk invading Corpus Christi!

Feingold tests waters for possible 2008 presidential run

If you were an Iraqi would you vote? Why or why not?

very interesting re: self image

Check this out!

smaller blogs I like

according to the Founding Fathers, US is a secular nation . . . poll

The Return of the Draft

What needs to happen for the resisters in Iraq to stop resisting? By this

Are our longer lifespans slowing social progression?

I just found a 9-11 video that has me, uh...well, I'm not sure.

anyone seen this pentagon 911 stuff?

If Bush privatizes SS....

On CSPAN: Soc.Sec. Hearing trickery?: They showed...

I have an important question for anyone interested... help me come up

I have 990 posts. I'm going to break 1,000 tomorrow, when I'm sober.

Just thought you should know...

Who do you think will "win" Iraq election?

Why was Cheney wearing a hat at Auschwitz with the words "staff"?

Do you have liberal outrage fatigue?

So at the SOTU address do you think we will hear about steroid use again

Which dogs are the worst for biting? (hint: it's not Pit Bulls)

Why don't we have mental institutions for the criminally insane?

Minorities: Is it MORE frustrating to meet RWers of your own race?

bush scoffs & looks down at folks who read about Foreign Affairs

Under Mars: Perfectly Normal for Yahoo Redneck God-Fearing Soldiers

Now on BBC world service

David Shuster's Video Blog - "I've tried the falafels" inside joke

The Necessity for Enlightened Thinking

Would we use depleted uranium shells if we were invaded?

Flashback: Hard drives could yield clues to 911

The last funeral for a soldier killed in action in WWII?

CSPAN Caller: "U.S. almost lost WWII during Battle of the Bulge"

Jon Stewart - Live!

After 200 years, Japan's exiled erotica finds a home in Rotterdam museum

The effects of lies in high places

I have a feeling that Allawi will "win"

More truth in cartoons than on cable news

Wash Post publishes exposé on minders at inaugural ball (now with link)

$1.7 Billion for New Presidential Helicopters >>>

Time to throw them ALL out?

This morning on the "Today" show . . .

If Bush changes Social Security, could a Democrat President change it back

Bush* pisses on environment

Excuse me but WTF is WRONG with this picture? IMPEACH. NOW.

Ali G Almost Causes Riot At Virginia Rodeo

would you risk your life to vote?

Some signs of the times.... (photo ->)

Whats the next step?

RW talking point on Williams, Gallagher payola scandal

So Michael Jackson is going to trial

'religious' and 'moral' are not the same thing


Sticker shock!

What caused New Deal Liberal Ronald Reagan to become a rethug?

"Chinese Jets Land In Taiwan After 56 Years" ( Long flight, huh?)

Don't you just love Iraqis in the U.S. who thank us for liberating

Bush: Election won't end violence in Iraq

Looking for Du thread on Bush supporting removal of crosses from churches

Cheney acts like a big hoser at Auschwitz, eh...

President Bush is just a figure head...

Muslims, Jews work together - Habitat house built (for a Christian)

Go West Young Man. *'s quote from press confrence.

Dick Cavet? What is your take on his views

On torture

200,000 expected to march in G8 protest

OMFG! Kurtz now using the phrase "Pundit Payola"

Recognize anyone you know here...LOL

If you didn't get this Kerry e-mail or put off signing then do it now...

did anyone watch porn face stossel last night?

The Voice Of The White House

"You forgot Djibouti" Sneak preview of how they'll spin low turnout

Gitmo Soldier Details Sexual Tactics

Interesting approach to push back on the "PC" snide charges by the right

Dick Cheney: "Evil Is Real" >

Rice: Handmaiden to evil...

TX Attorney General says death row art sales are legal

Canadian TV exposes Ann Coulter/Video

Jax approves tasers.....

Which 13 Dems voted against Rice?

Brother Justin of HBO Carnivale' father was an Ohio Congressman

Cheney guilty of Fashion Crimes......

Police zap 75 yr old woman w/ taser

It is official:THIS never existed

Hey lurking freepers is this what you didn't want the sheeple to see ?

CNN's Barbara Starr their Pentagon bureau chief on Chickenhawks

Support for a daily Democratic podcast?

Why risk your life to vote when the American puppet is fixed to win?

Will Colin Powell write a book?

Microwaving Iraq

Mystery of Cheney's "Staff 2001" Cap Revealed!!!!

BlogPac offers to blogroll, but doesn't.

Underfunded national parks must turn away children, study says

Bill Gates,Bets Against Dollar

A spinoff site from the We are sorry / Im not sorry website

Heard this just now on the Mike Malloy show, seems like a good idea.

First Lady: Wear red next Friday!

anyone hear the HAPPY IRAQI voter story on NPR today?

Sending this to my Repub friends/relatives...

This election

Is it legal for an employer to fire you for talking about...

A couple of great editorial cartoons!

Congress Plans to Tax the Internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which states are "Right to work" states?

Michael Powell Monkey Business

voice of the white house

Cat Stevens, now Yusuf Islam to record “Indian Ocean” for tsunami victims

How do I see who my firewall is blocking?

In spontaneous fund-raising plea, Sharon Stone attracts $1 million for

Anyone else seen the movie "Saved"?

So I am watching this "Pro-life" rally on EWTN

the most profound thing i have read in quite a while...a hard swallow too

Does the U.S. have more nukes than any other country?

What time do the Iraqi polls open? (U.S. time)

the FLU is everywhere (USA map from Center for Disease Control) (link)

Lincon's Eerie Prophecy

Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) Performs Show for Tsunami Aid

US Helicopter Downed By Surface-To-Air Missile - Witnesses

Bill O'Reilly is a Hypocrite (six ways)

Dick Cheney's exercise routine.... (GIF ->)

Virginia Military Inst. costumes: Nazis, KKK & the starving poor. Hahaha!


Let's Reframe The Debate With The Religious Right

Dahr Jamail LIVE from Iraq on 'This is Hell!' -- Sat 10am EST

i saw school of rock last night on dvd

Breaking News: Blast at US Embassy in Baghdad

Texas GOP wants to abolish Department of Education AND...

Just WHAT are Maggie Gallagher's credentials, ANYWAY?

The 'Green Zone' is Preparing for the Iraqi Election Celebrations

Military use of biometric ID tools in Iraq

Do they not realize they are really not voting for

prescient commentary from Gary Hart - 01-25-03

Wow, FOX is saying the election is already a victory for us b/c

Anyone else having trouble making a call via Cingular?

Jim Wallis.

UK: MPs plan revolt against "chilling" house arrest plan

Really... Really.... Really dumb question... GOV 101

NoChildLeftBehind REQUIRES giving military recruiters children's phone #s

Plame update: leak from fake source?

Attorney General Nominee Gonzales' Stepson Connected to Hustler TV

Condi leaning on Venezuela's Chavez already

A "Fox News Exclusive" reports...

what is a good virus protection?

Spongebob is not acting alone. Tell fundies: Boycott ALL OF THESE!

How can I see who my firewall is blocking?

enola gay

FYI: Voting in Iraq starts at 11:00 pm EST tonight.

How to Acquire a Television Network

FOX/CNN are FLOODED with propaganda about Iraq.

US jets 'flying over Iran to spot potential targets'

Please de-freep this issue: Can a woman get pregnant while on her period?

What Does The Iraq Election "Ballot" Look Like?

Got a Shovel Ready??

Does anyone fear the possibility of the US getting "shocked and Awed"

"Social Security does NOT cheat blacks" Sorry, Smirk!!

Our Southern Baptists are at it again...legislating morality.

Roses for Barbara Boxer

Are insurgents allowed to vote in Iraq?

RFID security: Computer sci prof recommends TINFOIL to protect

How many expect to get the truth about this 'election'?

How Much Power Will the Iraqi Government Really Have?

I Just Put Up A Blog For The World News Trust Independent Media Project

I hope insurgents attack Geraldo. (again)

Something I noticed at Free Republic.

Which will last longer: Jacko's trial, or the U.S. occupation of Iraq?

Did we shoot ourselves in the foot with college kids?

Campbell Brown/MSNBC: "You get the sense something ugly is brewing"

Did anyone watch the NBC Nightly News tonight?

Have I got this GMT thing right with regard to the time in Iraq?

Did You Hear of Georgie's Tour Aimed at Democrats??

Iraqis Try to Stock Up on Food, Gasoline as Unease Spreads Election Eve

If Radical Christians ran America....

Shouldn't Cheney Be On a Better Diet?

We're getting Air America in Texas!

Cato Institute Leads the Attack on Social Security

Iraqi policemen (in plain clothes) carry RPGs?

Have you all seen the "Latest" from the ACLU? Orwell's Pizza?

BBC audio interview with Jimmy Carter (including views on Iraq)

Bush and his Brink Policy....

Official "Guy James Show" thread......please keep kicked

What Do Haiti and Iraq Have in Common?-Chaos and the US

Police hunt poo protesters

Weapons of Mass Deception - WMD (the film) coming to a theatre near you

Negroponte answers questions on Iraq's election on White House forum

Wal-Mart stinks. Anyone know a good site for info?

(Slovak) Man peed way out of avalanche

Did anyone hear on Randi Rhodes yesterday...

Is anyone "exit polling" the Iraq election?

Margaret just said "Reagan befriended Saddam to prevent an Islamic

Karl Rove's plant in the White House press room

Afghan drug trade-Karzai won't "allow" US to spray poppy fields-hmmm

"Turnout down 20%, voters confused by choices."

doesn't it feel good

So, Smirk couldn't sleep one night........

Protecting the Homeland from Pizza Delivery Terrorists

Freaking mega corps - unbelievable

New Study Conclusive-Depleted Uranium Main Cause of Gulf War Syndrome

Why the need to run a Senator for President?

This is WEIRD!!!!

What's missing from this story???

Dobson - "Beat Your Kids, In the Name of the Lord"

New "Red State Road Trip" video posted... more distrurbing than ever!

Will we regret our failure to focus on destroying the "neoCONimperialists"

Nazis aren't that bad really, bush's Grandpa was one, & a senator too

Iraq: The Blue State Cost

US warns American rastas heading to Marley fest of Ethiopian drug laws

Iraq Elections: Farce of the Century

Margaret Carlson today on Capitol Gang

I want to bring Air America to my county, how should I do it?

Do the Iraqi ex-pats who are voting have to return to Iraq?

Okay I'm Scared

POLICE WEAR MASKS: Iraq security forces are hunters, hunted

Sunday, bloody Sunday lyrics: Appropriate for today.

Money, Media & the Mess in America

How do you like the new more confident, more relaxed bush?

Anyone know the latest statistics regarding US soldier suicides?

whois ?

SpongeBob Gaypants and the Fundamentalist Agenda

Jenna's such a LADY! Caption this:

Congratulations IRAQ....the polls are OPEN....

The polls just open in Iraq.

Will tommorrow be Bloody Sunday in Iraq?

Forgive us our DEBTS and we forgive our DEBTORS.....

Can anyone explain how today's election actually works?

Weird story--military orders up before 9/11

Faux News: "This day as important as the falling of the Berlin Wall"

What was news like before the internet?

What major U.S. media news source tends to be the most fair in reporting?

Made my 1000th post today already (yay!) & now want to discuss Iraq voting

Does anyone...

Official Allawi Victory Thread

"Lord will provide" is the fundie arguement against welfare & Soc. Sec.!

When you think "Bush" do you think "Freedom"?

So, Will hell break loose in....44 minutes and counting? (Iraq polls open)

The left punditry/talkers should attack in LOCKSTEP on unreported scandals

I'm getting sucked in..The joy the Iraqi expats show is infectious

Sen. Intel Chair Roberts (R-Kan) breaks ranks, questions democracy in Iraq

HBO's "Dirty War" uses torture on a Muslim man. Anyone see it?

Atheists and Agnostics are the most discriminated against group in the USA

****Caption this photo****

no, not Super Bowl, it's Iraqi Election Sunday

US businessman targets fat employees with slim or quit threat

Jeff Gannon of Talon News, $50 Journalism degree!

The media's spin of the Iraqi election will be...

Cheney's "Staff 2001" cap at Auschwitz - what the hell was he thinking?

America's most forgotten war:

If Tim Roemer gets the DNC chair post, the party could split.

Why are RW web sites so ugly to look at?, for example

Another Bush Halo Picture! Caption this:

Official Iraqi Election violence report thread

Jenna's such a LADY! Caption this:

Just got this email: Latest RW propoganda piece

has everyone seen The Paris Business Review?

US to slap tariffs on EU, claiming unfair rice barriers

This just in from Iraq.. (pic)

"...America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion;..."

Ann Coulter on Bush: "Maybe he is an Idiot"

His name was L/Cpl. Nathan Moore, and he was just 21 years-old.

America is led by a CONVICT!

Officer Threatens To Arrest Woman For Anti-Bush Sticker

USA brings "Freedom" to Haiti-Here's what it looks like

you know it's is going to be kinda funny the day they end

What the Rest of the World Watched on Inauguration Day

All forms of discrimination are really just types of classism

Would you rather have a trial by jury?

The Christian Right is growing out of control!

What was your worst election night?

The Charge of the Light Brigade

Pope says even if man has HIV/Aids, can't use condom.

Tom Ridge: Another attack on US is inevitable!!! BOOGA BOOGA!

Dean, Lakoff and an alternate use of framing

Fisk telling the truth again, election that will 'change the world'

Is this true?

For the record:"US declares Iraqis can't save seeds"-Pay Monsanto or die

Bush Doesn't See Ghosts in White House

Here it is..official PNAC request for the DRAFT.

My 1,000th post. "The Children of Iraq"

Are nonprofit hospitals gouging the poor?

My Top Ten Things We're Not Supposed to Talk About

Bill Clinton's Right Wing "Diarist"

Homemade salsa

Quick and easy omelette

Avacado green hot salsa

What can I substitute for brown sugar?

Today was tortilla pie day

Recipe for Coffee Bars anyone?

A Veggie Valentine....

Question about roast pork & marinades (mmmm... Cuban Sandwiches!)

Hey BearFan: Trinidad Habanero sauce

baked scrambled eggs? I had a friend who I saw once just beat

Time for a new coffeemaker

Want something that will warm you up on a cold day ? It's arroz con pollo.

Questions about mussels

Can anyone tell me how to make carrot-raisin salad?

Chocolate chip cookies

Anyone use Mastercook software?

What is the difference between all-purpose flour and bread flour?

Taser Used on Woman in S.C. Nursing Home

3rd Columnist On Bush Payroll


Arctic ozone may drop to new low

Lawyers Defend Challenge to Ohio Vote

NYT: Experts Dispute Bush on Gay-Adoption Issue

Three in four Sunnis won't vote in Iraq's elections: poll

First direct flights from China to Taiwan in 55 years land

U.N. official urges Afghan war crimes justice

(Los Alamos) Report: 'Missing' Lab Disks Didn't Exist

Taliban landmine kills 9 Afghan soldiers

Fear reigns across Iraq on the eve of election

Five people die in suicide bombing at security centre in Iraq

Under Mars: Perfectly Normal for Yahoo Redneck God-Fearing Soldiers

Flashback to the 60's: A Sinking Sensation of Parallels Between Iraq & Vie

US and allies 'kill most Iraqis'

Iraq Poll Won't End Violence, Say US, UK Officials

Rumsfeld cancels trip after (human rights ) accusations (visit to Germany)

Mosul residents fear elections

Dutch court to free 'Saddam's chemical fixer'

Britain gets big share in $1.8bn deal to build Bush's helicopters

Officer who arrested Oswald dies

US jets 'flying over Iran to spot potential targets'

Graduate Cryptographers Unlock Code of 'Thiefproof' Car Key

Afghan opium town suffers hard times after ban on drugs bazaar

Mafia chief's right-hand man in jail 'suicide'

Iranian and Saudi cash weighs against local parties

In debt to his country : Iraq veteran gets bill after injury discharge

Attackers blow up Pakistan gas pipeline

Meal from Hell Whets Appetite for US-Iran Clash

N.J. Detention Center Investigated

New Idea for This Side of the Pond -LAT

Missing Goggles Prompt Fort Lewis Lockdown

Insurgents Kill 8 Iraqis, U.S. Soldier

NYT: Shiite Faction Ready to Shun Sunday's Election in Iraq

(CA) Car Dealers in Capitol's Fast Lane (or Arnie's special interest)

Roses for Barbara Boxer

Two Killed in Helicopter Crash (from yesterday)

US jets 'flying over Iran to spot potential targets'

U.S. Embassy struck on eve of Iraq vote

Citizens' pension plan to lift nearly million out of poverty (UK)

Republican activist accused of shooting at tree trimmers

This election

Police uniforms go missing in Iraq (Hundreds!)

China says in no rush to reform forex regime

Congress proposes tax on all Net, data connections

Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) Performs Show for Tsunami Aid

Halliburton: Iran's not worth it

Violence will deter many Iraqis (US embassy attacked)

Kaiser bans prescription painkiller Bextra over concerns about safety

Police alert over (British) vote-rigging

Auction house to start bidding on KKK robes

Meal whets appetite for Iran clash

Give Sharon Stone 5 minutes, she'll net you $1 mil.

The Left Loses College Kids (LAT)

Ohio chamber reveals contributors-Businesses spent $4.2 million in 2000

Buster the bunny pops on his backpack, visits lesbian family & starts row

Homeland nominee vetted CIA methods advised agency on legality of coercion

Celebrities at Social Forum plug free software to eliminate divide between

Action governor setting stage for cataclysmic political showdown

Judge tells moms in custody cases to learn English

Top Saudi Diplomat Predicts Women Will Vote in Future Elections

In scarred Falluja many will ignore election

US businessman targets fat employees with slim or quit threat

Bush and Brown (UK) head for showdown on debt relief

Indonesian Leaders, Aceh Rebels End Talks (failure?)

Chemical May Cause Whale Hearing Loss

Bush Rallies Republicans Ahead of Speech

Update 1: Government Computer Blunders Are Common

White House Has High Stake in Iraqi Vote

California Sen. Barbara Boxer Steps Into Spotlight

Security Nominee Gave Advice to the C.I.A. on Torture Laws

Blogger Takes On U.S. Military

Bill Aims to Curb Out-of-State Abortions (by a few thoudand teens)

Violence rages ahead of Iraq vote

Canada's election chief will oversee Iraqi vote results

LA Times: Governor will seek new donors (seeks nationwide $ millions to..

Opposition strike grips Bangladesh for second day

Bus, Tractor-Trailer Collide/NYS Police term "mass casualty accident"

Questions Persist About Ohio Reservist's Death

Iraq facing threat of bloodbath

Three Electoral Contenders Carry Considerable Baggage -LAT

Wrong man held in Florida jail for 54 days on forgery charge

Town says church ruining rural lifestyle (Church says town anti religous)

Secret £1.55bn gold pile backs new trading funds

Mid-East papers scorn Iraq poll (BBC News)

World Bank, IMF make first foray into debate at World Social Forum

Polls Open, Voters File in Across Iraq

Texas lawmakers cancel trip to Mexico amid safety alert

Lip implant tissue link with mad cow disease

Judge postpones serial killer's execution (attorney reprimanded)

Iraq extends emergency laws by one month

WP: Bush Aims to Forge a GOP Legacy

Governor (Arnold) Seeks Outside Donors for Campaigns

Under Pressure, Qatar May Sell Jazeera Station

Prime Minister John Howard stands up for Bush

Teen Abortion Bill Could Have Big Impact (Child Custody Protection Act)

2 die in attack on U.S. embassy in Baghdad

Soros Says Greenspan Lost Credibility in Helping Bush Campaign

"Dangerous" global warming possible by 2026-WWF

Fox News host slams CBC documentary

(PDX Mayor) Potter pedals with Critical Mass to test his political mettle

C.I.A. Said to Rebuff Congress on Nazi Files -NYT

Virginia Military Institute to investigate Nazi outfits and other costumes

Bush: U.S. Must Stay in Iraq After Election (radio address)

Iraqi President: Most People Won't Vote

WP: Don't Mind Me. I'm Just Doing My Job (Minders at Inauguration)

SEC: Must Be Ready for Hedge Fund Crisis (Reuters)

China has created brand-new form of capitalism: Bill Gates

Christians give Bush ultimatum to ban gay marriage

Safeway Club Card Leads to Bogus Arrest

Bill Gates, World's Richest Man, Bets Against Dollar (Bloomberg)

(Russ) Feingold Tests Waters for Possible 2008 Presidential Run

Students wear SpongeBob gear to show tolerance

AP: Sen. Barbara Boxer Steps Into Spotlight

Riot disrupts Iraq expat ballot (Australia)

Shell to make history with $18bn profit (The Observer )

BBC admits Iraqi deaths error

Detainees 'beaten to death'

U.N. Report Says Darfur Violence Is Not Genocide

Terry Kath - - - K. Sutherland on Leno

I'm pooped, but proud! Have FINALLY done most of the

Battle of the Old School Bands: Parliament vs. Zapp and Roger

Could somebody do a battle of the bands for

In memory of a good dog, Sitka....

Want to see a funny comic making fun of Oxycontin Boi?


Battle of the Bands: Dimmu Borgir or Wesley Willis

Quotation for a winter's night:

Battle of TV bands: Partridge Family with the 1st little boy, or the 2nd?

Question: The MeetUp organization was started by whom?

Battle of the Bands: X vs. Black Flag

Sundog listens to Pat Boone...WITH FEELING!

Poll question: Battle of the has-been - Joan Collins vs a small Ted Nugent

Bob Moog Documentary

"Really? A cosmetologist? It must be tough to handle weightlessness!"

Sometimes I just love y'all so much

OMG! I am passing some heinous gas tonight

What kind of Barbie gear did you have?

Battle of the bands: The Stooges vs. The MC5

"No, cups would be nice". In response to "Would you like your drinks in...


This is the most amazing car commercial

Battle of the Bands Part XXXX-The Kinks Vs. The Animals

Battle of the Obscure Composers: Stockhausen vs. Corelli

Battle of the X-Mas bands: Trans-siberian Orchest. vs. Manhiem Steamroller

Are you shittin' me?

Battle of the Cryptic Bands: The Fall vs. Cocteau Twins

Battle of the Bands: Bugaloos vs Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Holy Crap! Szosay is coming to Baltimore!

Holy crap, Sosa is coming to Baltimore

I'm getting good at Minesweeper.

One Last Chance Bush Admin: I will do and say anything for $300,000

I want to go to a bar

Has anyone heard the new Black Keys CD "Rubber Factory"

Are we there yet?

OMG! I just passed some heinous ass tonight

Battle of Central Asia - Tajikistan vs. Kyrgystan

Battle of the Animated Family: Simpsons vs. Family Guy

Battle of the comedy groups: Three Stooges versus U2

Battle of the Irish: Irish Cream vs. Irish Potato Famine

Impeach Bush Thread

battle of battles

Battle of the Comedy Groups: Monty Python vs. The Three Stooges

What will I miss most?

Goat to be appointed dictator of America says reliable source

Battle of the Soviet Presidents: Kliment Voroshilov vs. Anastas Mikoyan

Battle of the Bands: NYPO/Bernstein vs. CSO/Reiner

Battle of the NBA Powerhouses: Timberwolves vs. Kings

I'll be damned if the new Battlestar Galactica...

Battle of the Bands Composers: Johannes Brahms v Johann Strauss II

I'm quitting smoking tomorrow...ask me anything!

Have you ever done shrooms?

Battle of the Bands - Towns: Love Canal, NY v Crawford, TX

Just saw "journalists at war." Well, not the whole thing

SQOTN - someone please answer!

don't fuck with my bliss

Battle of Rice

Battle of the Dicks: Dick Sargent vs. Dick York

Name that band

Battle of the Bands: Nirvana v. Pearl Jam

When did Motley Crew become Classic Rock...

Battle of the Battles: Trafalgar vs. Invasion of Normandy

Listening to Joy Division's "Transmission"

Crystal Method question...

Confession Time: Name The Liberal Celebs You've Never Warmed To

Has anybody seen the documentary Paradise Lost?

I'm telecommuting...ask me anything.

Was Tiny Tim an act or was he really like that?

Don't say it in Russian, don't say it in German...

I have 990 posts. I'm going to break 1,000 tomorrow, when I'm sober.

If you could have any accident, what accident would it be?

I gave my cat an enema !

Battle of the Citrusy soda pops: Mello Yello vs. Mountain Dew

Waiter drops a drink on you. Should you get a free drink?

What Song Lyrics Have You Misunderstood?

How does the Assault on Precinct 13 remake compare to the original?

Deep thoughts thread

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel is the best sports show going

Coming this year: KING KONG.........and Curious George

Community Supported Agriculture

These two Bush jokes got rave reviews....enjoy!!!

Blue, my favorite family dog, had to be put to sleep today.

We're having an ice storm.

Finally got an iPod

Man pees his way out from under avalanche

T minus 8 minutes...

"We Are Stardust.... We Are Golden....We Are Billion Year Old Carbon"

Talk about hanging around...

Has anyone seen Hide and Seek yet??

Please interpret last night's dream.

Advice Desprately needed Reguarding Parasite Eve

Which comes first - height or width?

Sonic Youth question

When did Motley Crew become Classic Rock...

Ancient graves found in DC

Advise desperately needed regarding parasite

It's amazing how you ignore one DU-er & all the threads trashing liberals

What's up with thepoorman's blog site?

Children are our future

Any good non-political blogs?

self-deleted because it's not going down well

David Brin on Star Wars...

So Michael Jackson is going to trial

Would you like to swing on a star?

Flaming arrows

What color are your kitchen pot holders?

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead

Battle of the BAND: Joy Division vs. New Order

Blue Lagoon, Return To The Blue Lagoon, or No Effing Lagoon

Is there anything better than a good, strong, hot cup of coffee in the AM?

Let's have a Will Pitt in Bunny Ears photoshop contest......

trip to UPS, drycleaner, and shopping. things I should be doing

Have you checked out the cooking and baking group ?

Who else has crumbs under the keyboard?

When was the last time you snooped in on the Freepers??

Shhh...I'm spraying ice all over Modem Butterfly's house, she thinks

I hate him, I hate his ass face, and I hate his porn star mustache

Man peed way out of avalanche

Favorite John Lennon Song

Good Morning from the snowy vistas of northern Arizona!

Remember that movie "Cheaters"?

Kinky Sex Makes The World Go 'Round

Going to see "Meet the Fockers" tonight, ask me anything.

Look what the freepers didn't want America to see

I got tickets to see SANDRA !!!

I just like posting his face in the lounge :)

Have you ever tuned into a Presidental Radio address, live?

Which national chain store will fade first?

Who wants to see a photograph of something that NEVER existed?

I cannot believe concert tickets are so expensive.

Is a computer science degree still useful now in today's job market?

man, this is sad (although the ending is happy)

I guess I should be happy my husband is spending money on shop tools

Tried to get a U2 ticket.

oh great. Now we got freepers on warcraft!

Everybody's working for the weekend!

Friend attraction

Reporting from Baghdad...Roland Hedley

Listening to "Achtung Baby".

Pros and cons of .AVI versus .MPEG files for video

Bless you, Mr. Umu! I'm flattered by your trust and kindly offer!

Battle of the Klaus': Klaus Nomi vs. Klaus Kinski

Favorite First Impressionist?

Apple & WalMart To Team Up

I love tofu!

Battle of Ice

X-rated question for techies.

Battle of the bands The Doors vs. Jefferson Airplane

Funny bumper sticker

Gollum and Smeagol with Michael Moore on FOX

DU Photoshop experts....PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Battle of the Canadian Cities: Winnipeg vs. Edmonton

What new movie should I see for my Saturday night date?

1,000 posts - should I laugh or cry?

Battle of the Beatles 1967 albums!

I'm trapped in my house by an ice storm: Ask me anything!

When did "frigging" become a good substitute for f@#king? I use it all



Twinkies: You Know You Love Them

Battle of the Bands: The Third Rail (the '60s one) vs. Aus-Rotten

Battle of the bands - Phil Collins vs a small, pungent turd.

Can you see my new sig-line picture.

Which lyrics make more sense?

look what's on ebay in the UK!

LL Cool J. is the cheesiest and worst rapper of all time

choose the war you find the most interesting

Did you ever have a dream that came true, even partially?

When did you quit DU?

To all those who consider French techno music "beneath" them...

This thread will die quickly, but

The Winnepeg jets ARE NEVER coming back - accept it

Sgt. Peppers or Pet Sounds

Battle of the McCartney wives: Linda or Heather?

Bigger Battle of the Bands: Danzig vs. Kraftwerk vs. The Carpenters

Help, quick question about the Reagan administration

Just did a walk around my new digs

Tell me your deep dark secret...

Battle of glorious defeat battles: The Alamo vs Thermopylae

What is Steven Stills saying at the end of Sweet Judy Blue Eyes?


Most Negative Single Ever To Make The Top 40.

Placebo loves you because you are a good listener.

To all those who consider hip-hop and rap "beneath" them...

I judged 48 speeches given by high school seniors last night.

bush flash and facisim

OK enough fighting. Grab a cocktail, the buffet is OPEN

Fearless Leader loves you because you don't ask questions.

An Open Letter to the DU Lounge


Favorite Beatles psychedelic song:

A Fundie just told me John Lennon was demon posessed

How does one actually "leave" a website??

Spongebob-Fueled Gay Epidemic Seizes America

Traffic's drummer died?bummer man,they had so many great tunes,

Jenna's Green Shoes and Cheney's Green Parka

Boards of Canada

How do I see who my firewall is blocking?

It is raining again

My gal is red hot, your gal ain't doodely squat, YEAH!

I want a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse with tilt wheel

Okay, Okay, Okay, I'm now at Seven Thousand Posts!

I have a question for you US Civil War buffs (re: the 1864 election)

Living in ragtime.

Fascinating site! The passage of time . . . (a picture essay)

DU Group Proposal, Theater Group

New Group Proposal: DU Fans of Hip-Hop


Has anyone done the 'not pron' puzzle/game thingy?

"Sweating to the Gospel"

I'm begining to get into French techno music

LL Cool J is hard as hell!

Another insidious plot by the Gay Agenda!!!!

Husbands can really be a pain in the ASS can't they?

About an hour ago I went outdoors to do some planting

Somebody is seriously messing with my head

So I found a dogg (picture)

Basset Hounds are evil

How does one invest in Euros?

argh! I just spent like 40 minutes knockin' ice off my car!

So I found a hog (pictures)

New Flags...any graphic designers interested?

So I found a bog (pictures)

So I found a Moog...

So I found a Boog (pictures)

So I found something that rhymes with -oog

So I found a Moogle...

Best gratuitous use of the F word dropped into a classic rock song title

Need help with malaria statistics - help please!

So I found a Moor...

Favorite Post-Impressionist

So I found a mog (picture)

Body-Building Children

What would you tell me if I said that.....

So Whats for Dinner?

Seattle travel advice please?

Take the Kids Kreationist Kwiz!

What are you cooking to keep warm?

So I found Morn

Anyone else having trouble making a call via Cingular?

Guys, have you ever helped out a damsel in distress?

So I found Og. (picture)

There's a small dog running around the office

Your newest CD purchases?

Favorite smurf music band of all time?

Seriously what is up with straight pride things done by those college reps

Is there anything on this planet designed to be consumed by a human

I'm BROWN, I'm STRAIGHT, and I need to SHAVE!

Predict the next GOP Scandal... AND

How can I see who my firewall is blocking?

enola gay

NFL players with the coolest names

I'll never call Steers again...

what magazines do you subscribe to or read regularly?

Guitar players - when you began what did you REALLY wanna learn?

I am being whored to death



So, have you had your 15 minutes of fame yet?

I am being Lored to death

what is a good virus protection?

Bob & Doug's mean big brother Dick

Battle of the Bands: Johnny Cougar vs. John Mellencamp

A beer with George Bush or Mayberry town drunk Otis Campbell?

Am I The Only One Who Thought "The Aviator" Sucked??

most important event in human history



What do you call your mother?

Damsels, has a guy ever helped you when you were in distress?

Randy Newman on PBS NOW

do you know people who talk about themselves in the 3rd person?

CURSE your fellow DUers with an Earworm Alert. "Ah Leah," Donnie Iris.

Those of you complaining about the snow... look what happens.

I am being ignored to death.

What a way to go!!!

Psst. Did You Hear?

Urban Legends here!!! Get em while they're hot!!!!

A friend bought a bottle of absinthe at the liquor store.


I'm Celtic, I'm (seriously) twisted and...and..I must confess

Will Farrell in the new Woody Allen movie!

Best Boxing Movie Ever?

If DU was a sandwich, what's the Lounge?

have the forum (viewing) gone skewy for anyone else?

Million Dollar Baby

I have a purring parrot. Does your cat do this?

Name a song that makes you think of getting high

I am being gored to death

What's next for Bush? Going against a Sicilian when death is on the line?

Cranberry Juice + Vodka

Scream Network (Canada): Vampire movie festival begins Feb 11!!!!

Thomas Paine born January 29, 1737

Anybody else buried under a sheet of ice?

Is anybody here taking a prescription diet pill with an amphetamine?

I covet sleep.

"Whiskey for the men, Beer for the horses"

Anybody else frozen in carbonite?

I covet sheep

Have you ever done Salvia divinorum?

Best Randy Newman lyrics ever!


Question about fancy cheese and how to present

My wife is leaving tonight.

I now work for the evil Domino's Pizza corporation. Ask me anything.


So I found a dog (pictures)

Minders. The Damn Bush Admin Is Using Minders To Deal W/ The Press


Just got an interesting e-mail via my Soul Express Website.

Can I hear some reviews on the flick "Open Water"?

Everyone, a rousing heartfelt round of applause for Treacher's.


Fahrenheit or Celsius

Pixies on Austin City Limits tonight...

Anyone reading Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld?

I love Florida Keys!

I love Alan Keyes!

I am being bored to death

Evidence that Pieface is really a man.

I lost my Elantra keys

Great Republican hypocrisies

I love Alicia Keys

I love Alt Keys!


Ok so I am hyper tonight, and I love it


I love Al and Keys

Quotation for the last Saturday in January...

Good Morning Baghdad! (6AM in Iraq). This is it, folks.


Praise the Truck Farmer! Bow down before him!

How to keep the peace for just $2.99

Choose your favorite king

Read DU, then watch TV

Cat Cruelty, Part Deux

let me take you down

are you supposed to soak the rag in a molotov cocktail, or leave it dry?

how can i try to explain?

I Just Saw "Million Dollar Baby"


Should I watch "Chupacabra:Dark Seas" on SciFi

For the Saturday night crowd, here's my retaliation for that "Disco Duck"

Where should this Texas gal pretend to be from when I go to Canada

Penelope Cruz. Is SHE hot hot, or not not?

Favorite Impressionist

I'm Too Fat To Be Gay.

The sad thing is that I've had actual conversations just like this

You know what?

Is anybody else here used to another board?

So yeah, I'm sitting in a room

Just how sick have I been these past 48 hours?

Just how slick have I been these past 48 hours?


Is it always wrong to generalize?

More great Randy Newman lyrics

Queen, Ween, Bean, Gene, Dean, Jean, Keane, Lean, Mean or Teen?

Why Do Some Threads Get So Many Replies?

Kleeb? More like WEIB lol


SNL is a repeat...Colin Farrell guest hosting.With Scissor Sister.

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

I'm too gay to be fat

In the Whitehouse, the mighty Whitehouse, the Chimpy.......

I'm eating a Cheeseburger in paradise with a son of a son of a sailor!

Who is this KLEEB?

Most trivial invocation of God's name

I have got my OWN computer!!!!

Yeah yeah yeah yeahhhh

Look at these Diebold voting machines in Iraq:


The "last updated date". How is it that the time is 6 hours ahead?

The yeah yeah yeahs

I'm too fat to be gay

Any other Dish Network subscribers having TV trouble tonight?

This SNL is a re-run, right?

I'm your mamma, I'm your daddy, I'm that nigga in the alley

Favorite Post-Impressionist

Boxing on HBO

Have you ever had a friend threaten a DU intervention?

Lot's of soul searching in the Lounge tonight.

OK! Who brought in a cat in their shoe?

Always single: Ask me anything.

Somethings wrong with my dog!!!!!

Okay, Kleeb, Progmom and Rev. What you got for me?

THE PIXIES are performing on Austin City Limits on PBS right now

what is a good virus protection?

Newly Single: Ask Me Anything

Sporks ....CHECK IN!!!

Make instant mashed potatoes

Nominations being accepted for the suckiest person of all time award.

When was the last time you snoped in on the Freepers??

Saturday Night's Alright For...

Has anybody seen my good friend Abraham...

Before I go to bed, here's a little something for you RIGHT-WING LURKERS.

Pixies on Austin City Limits

Well, THAT was fun

So, I have all of these great songs...

Manchurian Candidate

Chrissie Hynde Is Great

Dorks check in!

Question about the Hudsucker Proxy

Favorite surf music band of all time?

Let's get one thing straight: Oasis SUCKED!

Let's get one thing straight - Midnight at the Oasis RAWKED!

Salma Hayek: Hot, or really, really hot?

What are your favorite oxymorons?

I'm getting ready to watch "Fahrenheit 9/11".

Has anybody here seen Hank?

Name your favorite 60s-70s-80s rock songs.

I'm so fat I have to be straight

Chuck D picks 11 Hip-Hop albums that no one can do without.

it is past midnight CST.. and now officially my birthday

Try my blog. Stuff on the hypocrisy of Bill O'Reily and more!

DU Group Proposal, Gun group

Is anybody here taking a prescription diet pill with a large pizza sub?

Look here!

I'm WHITE, I'm STRAIGHT, I'm OUT and I'm PROUD!!!!!



Annual checkup for my pets today

JimmyJazz listens to Anita Bryant!!!

Everyone, a rousing heartfelt round of applause to teachers

Favorite Paul McCartney Song

What is your favorite store bought salsa?

Can I tell you the funniest thing that's ever happened to me?

Great picture of Khephra

Best WHO song

Don't be ashamed... post your favorite REM song here

Any spoilers for that new Clint Eastwood boxing movie?

Is Elizabeth Edwards a class act or what?

Has anyone seen the movie Kinsey yet?

As a matter of fact, I *do* know the half of it. Any questions?

Free-Association Thread

Choose your favorite Queen

Let's see the little sh*t sell insurance now!

Top ten favorite movies of ALL time?

pop-punk and power-pop. What's the real difference?

Will any journalists be remembered form this time?

Couldn't Get It Right ~ Climax Blues Band 1977.

The Kumbh Mela - largest gathering of people in human history.

Chicago Cubs fans: what do you think of Sammy Sosa being traded?

Oasis had five platinum albums when they were together.

Should I be ashamed to love art that could be interpreted as pedophilic?

best term for mythic mischevious little people

What toys did Ann Coulter play with in childhood?

Battle of the self-absorbed talentless jerkoffs: Billy Joel vs. Tom Cruise

How can I motivate myself to edit the book I wrote?

Your favorite SoCal 'Burb

Battle of the Bands: Blue Cheer versus The 13th Floor Elevators

Univ of Oklahoma fan (PIC)

I had a boyfriend in college who could speak Russian fluently.

Never leave the Oreos out on the table if your dog likes them

My nana is dying guys

SNL is a rerun. Let's flash back to the October 4, 1997 episode.

I grew up eating Ukrainian food,and still love it.

The 2nd Monthly DU Photography Contest--The Winter Series

Any lounge lizards also martial artists?


Awful propaganda film about bears in NJ

Finally, mental health care equality with WA insurance

Child Custody Protection Act to stop out of state teen abortions

Please de-freep this issue: Can a woman get pregnant while on her period?

Bird flu 'passed between humans' - BBC

Turin Shroud Older Than Thought

Fire Paste

When Freepers Read Pop Science and Paul Johnson....

Harvard researcher says women’s sweaty armpits turn men on.

The Art of Seeing Without Sight


Canadian Government 'Has the Votes' for Gay Marriage Bill

Vaginal Davis: "Condilezi Rice is my first cousin... and a lesbian virgin"

Scorched Earth Part II: Getting It All Together

I confess, I dated a " Cockette",

I watched Paragraph 175 today

Pirate's Owner McClatchy irked by baseball's salary binge.

Bode Miller Wins Alpine Title in Super-G

Leko leads elite Wijk aan Zee torunament

I....Just got home from the KU vs TEXAS game...

You do realize if the Pat's win, we'll be subjected to this again!

Who here thinks there should be a salary cap in baseball?

Did Rod Laver Ever Pump His Fist

Floyd Landis, no longer supporting Armstrong, ready to go with Phonak.

Dogs and rawhide bones

Funny dog pics

Really, really stinky cat poo - help!

Miami Heat signs animal abuser.

Help ! For a dry, itchy dog ...

Which one of the 7 Dwarfs would your pet be?

The Art of Seeing - How can someone who has never had sight, see?

BehindtheAegis or anyone--last night's dream...

I'm no longer ...


Morals and religion

What's your take on Good vs. Evil?


Who's here?

What happened in MTP this morning?

Town Democrats plan meeting

Getcha program here! Democratic Agenda for 109th Congress:

I'm a new member to John Kerry Group . . .

there's a poll going on in GD Politics

Why do people intentional start flame wars by slamming an entire

U.S. Embassy Hit In Iraq

Did everyone here see yet?

For those of you who don't leave this forum, I got some bad news

My Community Service essay, read it if you like

Hello, I'm new here and glad to find this group!

Kerry Demands Investigation into Fraud; Small Business Groups Cheer




One Good Thing Came Out of This Election.

What really puzzles me is how can an American citizen vote for an Iraqi

Here is something a friend e-mailed me today. Enjoy!

Canada: Politician's promises not set in stone (voters can't sue)

so where is the March 19th BIG EVENT going to be? DC? NY?

Is Rush a Neocon or Not? Ted "the Neocon" Nugent?

Plame leaked by fake news source?

The Culture of Contentment

Cnn now--Hauzaw Mahmoud --Worker...Party of Irag says US

Spanish monkey ad sparks furore

Bush payola scandal deepens as third columnist admits being paid

"We will be waiting and Watching" --this is perverse!

Fight and die for the Iraqis - they will love you later.

Churchill the hero

The Sunni Election boycott, from Al Ahram News (Egypt)

Josh Marshall,, on the race for DNC chair

CNN --looks more like a preparation for a war than an election

Some Iraqis have "no idea that elections are to be held in the country"

One rule of politics that has been pretty consistent until Bush*

In today's radio address, Junior plays the "freedom is on the march" card

Shrub coming to Tampa

Irish students declare war on their US rite of passage

Red state ignorance

"Journalists" Williams, Gallagher, McManus: Tip of Iceberg - Here's Why

Has the pro-life movement ever seceded from the Republican Party?

Ann Coulter get's whacked by Canadian TV/Video clip


truck drivers to start mandatory fingerprinting next week. cnn news

Are Dems that shop at Wal-Mart DINO's?

Does anyone have a transcript of Cheney's remarks at Auschwitz?

My email to Washington Post commenting on "The Rules of Punditry"

Will SS be partially privatized during Bush's second term?

US Embassy in Baghdad attacked, two killed.

Company picks country w/ "less accents" for outsourcing

Should Democratic Senators Who Fail To Filibuster Gonzales Resign?

Jeb COY about running in 2008

Do any of Dean's supporters know what a policy is?

Sen. Baucus needs to hear from us re: SS - * on his way West

Heads-up: Cspan replaying Kerry's Kids First speech.

Mencken on Bush

Do you want to "thank" the neo cons for Iraq?

Are Neo-Cons : a movement, a group or hired guns for the "elite agenda"

Bush- Scion of traitors and warlords

I saw on TV and in the newspapers


To me, if Dean is elected chair of our party it will make-up for some of

Recasting Republicans as the Party of Civil Rights

With all due respect to those sending flowers to Barbara Boxer

C-Span: Lautenberg, Dayton, Dorgan, Sarbanes kick ass on Social Security

Turks see big problems ahead re Kurdish separatists

"Democrats move to the center." Means what?

Tom Hayden's "Appeal to Global Conscience"

Interesting Phone Poll I Got Called on This AM

US Helicopter Downed By Surface-To-Air Missile - Witnesses

Is Congress powerless, as * Co, expands extraordinary powers?

So I found a dog (pictures)

something to remember about our country and the Boxer Rebellion.

Are Iraqi expatriates voting in US and other countries..

Transcript of John Ashcroft's Retirement

I am overwhelmed by the delusion of Bush and the Repubs...

Senate’s two doctors are divided politically

Idea: A way to fight the Repukes.

need testimonials....

What the Rest of the World Watched on Inauguration Day

Caption the megalomaniac

The Sikorsky Helicopter deal. Barbara Boxer's're next!

Australian journalist who was kidnapped in Iraq - article

Check out C-spann

Can there be ANY doubt that the MSNBC is simply an extension of BushCo.?

Leadership Institute: Training ground for conservatives

A pattern of deceit for profit falls within "high crimes and misdemeanors"

Calling WLS, reaming Condi, Powell and corporate media

The face of Bush's 'Liberty'...

Fisk on the Iraq Election

Who is your pick for 2008?

ABC News: Sen. Boxer Steps Into Spotlight, Blogs Pick Her for President

Yet another '08 poll, sans Hillary

All Hail Our Dark Overlord

Leave Your Message For Fear Mongering AG John Ashcroft Here!

Q. How many Bush Admin. officials does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Focus On The Family's tax-exempt status needs to be revoked.

Why don't we vote on the weekend?

Boxer needs our support on the Yahoo Boards...

Iraqi Election Cartoon

Project for the new American Century out with a new letter

Again Cultural Insensitivity Marks US Efforts To Reach Out!

If the Dems want to "get religion", here is the handbook

CNN hyperventilating over elections, looking forward to the violence

CNN to offer o Primer on how the Iraqi election works -coming up after

Watching TV news today--it is all about the glory of Bush one way

Pearl on Joe Scarbourough NoW

Pat Robertson ran for President in 1988.

Cnn just now-Novak saying the plan is to get troops out

An Edwards/Boxer ticket could be awesome!

A parka, a ski cap and hiking boots. The new Neocon uniform?

PLEASE vote NO on this poll for Ahhhhnold for President

Iraq runs out of the little "I voted" stickers....

Free ITunes Song, "When the President Talks to God" Must have

Maggie Gallagher --what makes this skank an expert on anything?

Allawi WINS!

We just got the call.

David Brin on 'the real culture war'

Yurica issues 3rd revision of report implicating religious right, and adds

Meet The Enemy To Secular Democracy - Dominionists

Divide and Conquer; what are our chances?

If the nomination in 2008 was between Gore, Clinton or Warner

Sunday: NBC's "Meet the Press" - Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass. (nt)

Photo of the next President of the United States, News

Thomas Sowell mocked protesters, here is my LTE

Has the Chimperor Done Away With the State of the Union Address?

Bush Considers Iraq Exit Strategy Options. What Will He Do?

Why do * and his daughter give the satanic hand sign??

Scarborough's lies against Clark and other Dems: watch out for this tactic

Should we boycott the corporate media?

Was Cheney's Innapropriate dress signaling he's a "Holocaust Denier?"

From, Reed and Marshall lay it out.

If the '08 nomination came down to Clark, Clinton or Kerry..

Don't get me wrong...I LOVE Boxer...but...just but...

Gee..surprise..TX 's Lockheed/Boeing "picked" to build Marine One

How to Avoid the Draft.

Use Fundie Action Alerts against them!

the Heritage Foundation - any connection to the paid pundits?

E.J. Dionne on "John Edwards wager"

"No Senior Left Behind" contest