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Archives: January 28, 2005

Hypocritical Media Weasels Praise Carson

(PINR)Nuclear Iran: Repercussions for Turkey and Saudi Arabia

The Power of Nightmares (Video/Transcript)

WP: On Campaign Trail, a Single Shot

OutFoxed: The Video

Economist Paul Krugman explains Bush's latest con -- Social Security

I found some amazing articles on this website and they just tell . . .

An Open Letter To Seymour Hersh -

A Liberal with claws.....

DILIP HIRO on the Iraqi Elections

Enron widow still angry over photos

Bush, Kerry clash over health care

How Bush Got Iraq War Cost Wrong

Little Black Lies -Krugman

Black Baptists forge agenda

Pray for successful vote in Iraq By Greeley

Bush royalty and Condi loyalty (a few days old but a good piece)

Good column on proposed S.S. reform

Re. the Lancet article on number of Iraqi deaths

Waxman: Democrats' Eliot Ness

Why I Am Not Taking Part in These Phony Elections

A Modest Scheme To Get the Truth Out of Gonzales (Berkeley Daily Planet)

Giant In Decline

A White House Out of Step?

Freedom is on the march...

It's no spin: O'Reilly admits that I was right

Once there, you never really leave (about marines dying on a whim)

This Pollyanna Army

John Edwards's Gamble (Dems desparate for conviction)

What the Rest of the World Watched on Inauguration Day

Conason: Totalitarian scribblers (Williams & Gallagher)

At Davos Forum, Every Topic Is Fair Game for Bill Clinton

Rice: `History is calling us'

(end) Birth Control Too? (Bush agenda)

Economist - China Loses Faith In Dollar

George Will on hysterical women

The Firefox Explosion

Iraq War Veterans And Military Families, Boston, 1/30

CALLING ALL DUers. New progressive activism website needs YOU!

Media:Moore not Writers guild nominee-says NADA reHunting ofthe President

MSNBC and CNN....

Dan Gillmor: "Newspapers: Open Your Archives"

Creeping intrusiveness

HD.Net going Live from Iraq this weekend

Hate Radio 1200 stations:AAR 40:Who do u think will win the next election?

Media Reform National conference in May if anyone is interested

w/price deflator of 2% annual, Economy grew 3.1% - so with real price

Congressional Study Notes Ways toCollect Billions More in Taxes(from poor?

3.1% GDP growth overstated -CPI index understated - Bloomberg's Baum

A question about the flat tax:

Article: Giant In Decline

Construction completed at SRS tritium extraction facility

Momentum builds to boost program for dismantling nuclear weapons

India opposes US non-proliferation plan

FBI in Talks to Extend Reach (CIA upset)

Another war on drugs casualty (gun related)

Feature request

it used to be moderators would cite a reason for locking a thread

Hi Skinner. Seriously I need to voice a complaint

Are Posts Being Counted Differently Now?

How Do You Post Graphics?

OK, call it petty, but has this gone on long enough?

Does 4-paragraph rule apply to op-eds? n/t

I have a comment on some of the mod deletions

I'm disappointed that this thread was locked

Do you check IPs of banned members for re-registering attempts?

Seems to be a glitch is spell check, w/ no bug # associated

How do I give a star to a friend?

I lost today's (1/28) Election Daily Update Thread

Is the 911 issues forum still available?

Skinner, you said "The Fun's Over" - but i'm still having fun!

Follow-up to combine question

Why was this thread locked?

Two questions

What crime earns the POOFING of an entire thread?

When, and are we, going to have a Campaign 2006 Forum.

Question about frivolous news

Palestinian Authority Issues Weapons Ban

Hamas Wins Major Victory in Gaza Local Elections

'What right did they have?'

Family of 'collaborator' demands justice

anyone seen this pentagon 911 stuff?

identify 9-11 researchers at DU

Will Terrorists Attack Our Nuclear Plants Next?

Chicago Sun-Times: Aurora man killed on copter joined up after Sept. 11th

Pantagraph: Attorneys general want safer reactors

Screwed by the City of Chicago again.

I just want to say 'thanks' to all of you here.

Obama votes yes, Durbin votes no on Rice confirmation

CNN Anchor Declares Peoria "Sleepy"

Keyes to Run for Governor of Illinois?

Chicago is time to party again.

Dominick's, Jewel-Osco, Whole Foods, Meijer: where do you get groceries?


Heflin 'judge' acts like good Republican

The post-election polls need to be adjusted IMMEDIATELY.

Boxer in San Diego TODAY???!!!

PDA needs donations

Wisconsin is gearing up to push dem election fraud stories

It's the (fill in the blank), stupid!

Where is the Bill that proposes ......................

We Need A Media Lollapalooza


Dear Senator Sold-Out-to-the-Forces-of-Evil:

The Myth of the Exurban Voter - maybe helpful?

All Repubs aren't the same: Christine T. Whitman on Daily show criticised

"*" the AWOL, calls his troops to order

Write a letter to SacBee supporting Shelley and clean elections

DayGlo Orange Duct Tape and my John Kerry for President bumpersticker

At this important time, when trying to educate the public...

"Police Hunt Poo Protesters" in Germany

This is so infuriating...!

Election theft and reform radio show about to happen

B** Ain't No Shit Kicker No More !!! Spells Danger Ahead...

Dead voters sway election?

Large amount of dirty tricks switching Dems to Repubs in swing states-why?

Raw Story: Letter: Congressman asks FBI to investigate claims

anyone have a copy of the actual Walden O'Dell letter?

Blackwell Libels Election Protection Attorney At Junket

1/28 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

MSM Is Getting a Little Taste of Justice for their Role in Votergate 2004

Zogby has a partial National Post Election Poll -- $27-$47

We could have won if ONLY we had used this tactic during the 2004 election

S17 Has four cosponsors (the bill that BBV is trying to defeat)

Why we should continue to fight- Read this quote from B**

Stolen Election--"an American tsunami" ?

Post 2004 election: Jesus's campaign supporters look back

Powerful Anti-Scrubya Rant: The Emperor of Vulgarity by Mike Carlton

Hey guys, you want to laugh some more at the numbers of the "winner"?

Is everything going to be about "sore losers" now?

Canadian Elections Act

Arnebeck: Request for sanctions over (Ohio) challenge frivolous

WA: Snohomish County touch-screen machines said to favor Rossi

Curious election results in Clermont County, Ohio

B*sh caught again! PAID ANOTHER(3rd) Columnist to spread NEOCON PROPAGANDA

What could reverse 132 years of Dems in GA? Diebold! See dramatic shifts.

Moore Working on Election Fraud Film, Right Wing Tried to Sabotage Chat


"Policing the world, spreading democracy by force, nation building,....

Paper Trail will Perpetuate E-Voting Manipulation

Hearings in Florida on vote machine fraud, dirty tricks, suppression of mi

Whatever happened with the Boxer, Tubbs-Jones Flower Delivery?

My Hacker...

Renewed my anger today. Please post inpsirations!

About "personal recounts" in Ohio

Is anyone else getting phone calls from LaRouche people?

GOP Wolves Are Circling the Ohio Fraud-Buster Four -- PLEASE HELP!

Editorial: Shelley must go--Sac Bee

Has AG looked into Arnold's connection to energy pirates?

Boxer in San Diego TODAY???!!!

Write a letter to SacBee on supporting Shelley and clean elections

Iraq War Veterans & Military Families Testify 1/30, Faneuil Hall

Everybody over to Eric's to see this awesome video

More pro-Mark Dayton letters in Star Tribune

How do I remove personal info from a computer I am going to give away

CALLING ALL DUers. New progressive activism website needs YOU!

Firefox and passwords problem.

"Recycle Bin" trouble

Firefox problem

Abraham to kick off campaign for Philly DA on Monday

Blast from the past - Pete Flaherty - Good or bad for Pittsburgh?

The cost of underpaying Texas teachers

Former ERCOT officials indicted

No loyalty oath required?

Vo Hearing: Abridged Transcript of Final Says

possible party switch for Congressman Henry Cuellar?

"Don't Think of an Elephant" study group starting in Dallas

Peshtigo Times: John Gard will not run for governor.

Is anyone else sick of the Time Warner cable chick?

Anyone going to or participating in the Badger State Winter Games?

Vet Reporter: Leave Iraq

Pearle is silent and has nothing to say in support of this war

Many of the UN election observers are staying in Jordan because of lack.

Thank God for the death of the UN

It's time for them to go

Is Patriotism a bad thing?

Liberals are patriots, right wingers are nationalists

A New Bush Stamp?

Bill Cosby and the U.N.

Remembering PAUL TSONGAS

What was being yelled out at the end of Nightline????

While we're talking about Veterans

Ever wonder why bushCartel & the rightwingnuts attacked ONLY FRANCE

we should start referring to the shrub as "Bush the Destroyer" . . .

Christie Todd Whitman is on lots of shows lately!

Not In Our Name . . .

I Saw Oliver North Today in Person. Some Observations.

Olbermann threatened w/getting Rathered

Is Harry Reid really Mormon? Wow...I'm a little afraid now. Sorry but

Gross War Photos Needed

What will rightwingnuts do next week when they find out

Can we get the clergy interested in

The sexual interrogation tactics by women at Gitmo story is a lie

According to the dictionary, President Cheney is a "Monster"

Great FOX news smack down!!

When it's all over, some will ask, "Why didn't anyone stop them"?

so no cars in Iraq this weekend...

The bookshelves at airports and bookstores are loaded with RW

I just got my black wristband yesturday ...

Is it just me, or does anyone else do this

Ladies and Gentlemen, feast your eyes on this ultimate flamebait :

Airamerica is coming to MEMPHIS.

New Sex Allegations against Bill Cosby

American Idol Star ?

Bush Admin's Irrational Hatred of the ICC

Ted Koppel ROCKS! I wonder if he is a Navy SEAL?

Does this man know the definition of irony???

How Fraudulant Will The Election Be? Fallujahns to Vote At US Base!

MSNBC: The Week in Pictures

In reality, pro-war Americans see Iraqi deaths at US hands as justice.

Important: ABC's Nightline tonight was censored! report from audience

what just happened to the guest on AAR?

My dream debate: Mike Malloy vs. Bill O'Reilly.

What if Iraqis pull the same tricks that Repubs did to stop voters

My next post is number 1000. What should I say?

Paul Newman vs Lieberman in 2006?

Need Help............DU This Poll

Joe Lieberman's new crusade...raising TV indecency fines.

Condi to hit all the talk shows this weekend...

James Roosevelt is on C-Span NOW

What is Condi saying/thinking here? (photo ->)

Mengele's letters

Letter from US soldier in Iraq

Conservative Talk Show Host for sale on EBay:

Third commentator paid to promote Bush* policies 'USA Today' Who's next?

Iraq is NOT free.

Bush and Rice share a major responsibility in the deaths of thousands

Fienstien:"I'm for allowing young people to go outside SS if they want to"

Bush's No Child Left Behind solution: Keep'em dumb.....Like me!

The Government Plan To Destroy Social Security

Pundola-Gate - Have Tax Laws Been Broken?

Swazi king chooses wife number 13

I am frustrated...

USAF playing cat and mouse game over Iran

Can a Government commit murder?

Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy Are Under Attack

Separated at hatching? Condi Rice and .....

We should call Barbara Boxer's actions this week...

WH reps and Rep Sen. refused offer to "debate" Soc Sec on CSPAN !!!

Vote For Anonymous In Iraq! This Is A Democratic Election?

O the Irony

A female Iraqi ex-pat is going on and on about the thrill of voting today.

One very minor qualm I have with Mike Malloy RE Vietnam.

voting for iraq - will most of it be exiles who vote and not people

Social Security Fund Assets: The Hard Facts Versus Lies

George W. Bush has driven you to...........

Time to to call Republican representatives and senators

The O Reilly Factor... is it Americas funniest comedy show?

Im watching "The fog of war" for the first time..

Why Do The Framers Hate America?

I just heard on MSNBC that there is a new torture video coming out..

Florida "Bushmobile" on Ebay

NOW I know I wasn't crazy regarding Bush "punditry."

Go Carlos Delgado!

Now THIS is power (lest ye mortals forget)

Bush's biggest sin is in exploiting American patriotism...IMO

Liberal Talk Radio here to stay - Jerry Springer boosts profile

Who would sacrifice their child for Iraq? Helicopter crashes in Baghdad.

Let's play our favorite game...How would you respond to this post?

prince harry

I wish we could sex-up C-span.

Fundamentalist Islamic victories in voting quashed in Pakistan&Algiers.

Social Security on CSPAN is Oustanding (no way Bush will get this passed)

Is Franken talking to Sibel Edmonds right now????

New Riverbend posting

Air America gets YET ANOTHER new station!!!!

Out sourcing GE ?

How do DUers feel about the "Presidential Prayer Team" site?

I wonder how much Christopher Hitchens is being paid to propagate.

80 Billion Dollars....Cut and Run????????

Want proof CNN is f***ing stupid?

helicopters in sand storms???

Evidence against Bush's health care proposals (and other news from LUTD)

Q: How many Bush Administration officials...

A right-wing backlash against Spain's government

BUSH - what kind of criminal?

Bill Maher back on Feb.18th......11:00pm

IRS agents to get help from private debt collectors

Anyone here like to tell Jamal al-Harith "I'm sorry for doubting you"?

Does Rush ever talk about Al Franken...

Breaking news...MSNBC

The WH Admin pressured Soc Sec to propagandize for privatization - Illegal

Well, I guess I have to quit drinking Molson Ice

What are the rules to being Liberal or Progressive?

Bush: US will pull out if new Iraqi leaders request it

Microsoft still On EU's bad side

I have a good activist friend accepted to Chapman University. Can

Could there be any MORE Iraq vote propaganda on CNN?

small town america is now on camera

True Christians fight to take back moral agenda from Pharisees!

We need to redirect our fire away from bush and to the GOP

In just four years and a few days

Racist appointed to the STATE Board of Education in South Carolina.

I need the website for that ex Wal-Mart exec who knows all

If the U.S. strikes, Iran could invade Iraq.

Government is bad unless it's telling you how to raise your kids.

News agencies reporting on themselves is not journalism

Can somebody please tell me if this is a parody site?

(LOL!!!) VOTER TURNOUT: Of an estimated 240,000 Iraqis eligible to vote

Beyond Sponge Bob - censoring primetime TV

Is there something wrong with the way we choose Supreme Court

where is that thread about that horrible website with pictures of war dead

TV vs. Cinema, Rupugs vs. Progressives, Strategies & Tactics?

It's a sad day in America,

Big Eddie asking you to send Email

Question: If Bush invades Iran, how many troops would logically be needed

Bush's Chilean model for Social Security reform STRANDS seniors

He never looked at Colin Powell this way >>>

Cheney further embarrasses while at Auschwitz

MLB player protests war by sitting out hymn

The Plot to Kill Nixon

A Blast from the Past: FREEDUMB FRIES!

Osama meets up with Condi! (exclusive photo ->)

Creepy Bush Video

Check your DVDs, MGM DVD Class Action Suit Settlement

Bush: "I am a FREE-SPEECH advocate"..... to a point.

Freedom, as defined by President George W. Bush

Should McDonald's Be Sued For Their Product?

Won't having indelible blue ink on your hand be a death sentence?

Happy Birthday Randi Rhodes

After the assassination of John F Kennedy, this moment was....

christofer hitchens on cspan right now

Walking Wounded ( look at the source)

Is Donald Trump Prejudice or Racist

The history of human kind

Any Iraqi DUers Vote Today?

Manure mountain smolders on

Repent, Dick, Repent! >>

Plame case prosecutor faces federal probe (unrelated case)

For those of you concerned about Mike Malloy being "freeped"

Douglas Feith, SEE YA!

Caption(s) needed

PHOTO: "Make sure you order the metalwork in English, though...."

Dick Cheney, Dressing Down

too funny...."Con"di's Secret Past

Is this a rant?

Cheney at Auschwitz: an insult to the memory of Nazism’s victims

Wingnut Poopbutts to Insult Liberal H'Wood Celebs with Billboards

Evolution Debate Stirs Up Ga. Lawmakers

New York Times interview w/ Bush proves he's an idiot.....

right-winger attacking Randi, calling her a liar, etc

Plurality Based Morality

Al Sadr is still running, right?

Randi talking about the Cheney "Parka Photo" right now!

Does the (TV) media correctly translate arabic?

The dire choice we face in Iraq as an anti-war force

Talking point.

US troops tell Iraqis to vote! "Give freedom to Iraq"!

"George Bush's Vietnam"

American Troops In Iraq Do NOT Die In Vain. They're Doing Their Jobs

How does placing your life in God's hands reconcile w/self-reliance?

Need working email address for Randi Rhodes, please?

'Immigrant hunt' riles some at UNT

How could Condi Rice and everyone else seem to forget Samuel Byck?

The most expensive Republican election = Iraq

Picture of Cheney, age 7, at Mahatma Gandhi's funeral in 1948?

The Person-Centered Society

Could jealousy bring down the BFEE?

How is PNAC's request for troops different than Kerry's 40k more?

I need help finding the post on Bush cutting down the Sequoias

Media Ownership on C-SPAN

The De Soto Delusion: Davos types thought they had a way to help the poor

Imagine being paid to post!!!

List of good things brought forth by Conservatism...

The Gitmo sex story is the soft porn verson of the hard core truth

Why wasn't the Bush shaved? - Observations after Bushs "party"

First, Afghanistan, Second, Iraq... Now you have an Iran Sandwich...

"Dying in vain" is self-defined by the person who died, not by anyone else

Post Iraqi election worry's.....

THIRD conservative columnist! Bush pay-for-play scandal GROWS!

Will the "new Iraqi government" kick the U.S. out ??

Nightline hosted the George Allen talkathon last night -- Tonight, ...

Can the troops make phone calls without paying out-of-pocket?

Your Home for a Wal-Mart?

My Hero

Lockheed wins over Sikorsky!

Note from Davos Summit from Concerned Participant....good food for thought

Question about Germany's Nazi party

My co-worker just said that Barak Obama voted for Condi!

Excellent anti-DLC website and check this video out!

Delay Gerrymanders Middle East

So little focus, little time, defeat our common enemy.

Grandson of FDR on cspan 2 right now

The Emergence of the Homeland Security State

Just heard on cnn-Alan Keyes eyeing run for Gov. of Illinois in 06'

The "election" in Iraq is really just for us to rob resources, right?

Charles Krauthammer looks like "Mumbles" from Dick Tracy

Controversial Red Army terrorist exhibit opens

A Citizens Guide to Hope in a Time of Fear

My letter in regards to PNAC:

Has there been any more on the mass exodus out of Baghdad...

I just opened an account at Free Republic.

New Warning From Centers for Disease Control: Gonorrhea Lectim

What do we think of Christine Todd Whitman...

Host a screening of "Eyes on the Prize"

Gitmo tactics: Female interrogator faked menstrual blood contact, etc.

Cheney's dissing the holocaust was deliberate

US used sex in attempts to force confessions at Guantánamo, ex-GI alleges

devalue the dollar to sell gold?

Follow The Blacker

The real purpose of the * administration (photo ->)

Funny Bush video! Inaugural remix by TOOLZ

A very appropriate quote from Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the US

On NBC News tonight Military Age Pro War Iraqis

PHOTO: ***THIS*** is how the V.P. dresses at a Holocaust memorial?

This was in the DU Humor Group - but I think it could be in GD too

Lets lobby for a new law... Stickers in bibles

Campaign Promise (to Iraqis)

Bush isn't stupid.

Marion Berry is back.

The Words of a Texas Republican, Rep. Ron Paul-Check This Out

This is absolutely disgusting....

So now that "integrity" is kind of meaningless these days,

Does anyone find it weird that the insurgents in Iraq

comment about Bush

Social conservatism: It's all about $$$$

Super Stallion helicopter crash victims names listed

Something to make you go "hmmm"...Bush's visit to Cleve.

Mark Shields, I love ya but don't do Shields and Brooks anymore

Mandatory Malloy: Friday Night Truthseeker Hoedown

Letterman must be a repeat tonite

Christy Todd Whitman on Daily Show, what did she say..

Any Bob Dylan fans out there?

I'm so sick of these fucking bars!

Why do people Lie so often?

As America goes, so goes Canada...

"Just don't tell them your Muslim..."

Caption This.....The Bush Twins

What the Rest of the World Watched on Inauguration Day

Will the world consider all Americans complicit-- a la Nazi Germany?

Three cheers for Ted Kennedy - and get a load of the R's response...

Anyone see the O'Rielly factor today? - Topic? CBC

Iraq elections; The Fix is in, and the Iraqis know it.

B**h and Rice speak with one mouth (photo ->)

Why Is The United States The World Police United Nations Has Nothing To Do

About the Pentagon's Iraq war casualty figures.

SwiftBoatLiars; why are republicans so much more STUPID nowadays???

Time to call the religious right exactly what they are

Soon Gov't employees could get fired for NOT spreading propaganda.

TX Money, Oil, Bankrupcy, Murder, Fundie-ism----and Shrub

Who's paying to hold these Iraqi expat elections in Chicago, Detroit, ...

I need some help making a 12 step program for Freepers.

Hey who looks like an idiot here?

So where's the KOEB Meeting?

Please e-mail Chris Matthews re: Irag election coverage

Freedom on the March! Iraq sets curfew, shuts down airport

Would it be acceptable to contract with the government to invade blogs?

Someone Please Tell Me! Is It OK For US Military to Help in Elections??

Stop using the terms of the invaders-they are not 'insurgents'

When the French intervened on our behalf during the Revolution...

FYI: The China Syndrome

john stossel's lying again

Do You Have Contacts inside PETA.........

Attn Canadians.......Rachel Marsden

Iraqi Labor Unions Call For Election Boycott!

People fleeing Baghdad?

OMIGOD, I'm so embarrassed. Look at this picture of Cheney:

Mike Malloy / Roses for Senator Boxer.

What's up with the latest online Zogby Poll?

So what is wrong in Mexico that causes so many people to come to the US to

What're the implications of the Gonzales vote without the Hispanic Caucus?

Hey LOOK trolls and freeps, Freedom is on the march

We Need A Media Lollapalooza.

FEAR FACTOR, Condi Rice Edition | GRAPHIC by redstone

Old Scarborough Dead Intern Story for those interested

Cheney's better overcoat

"They used the strongest drugs... - sex, power & money - to win me over."

New Group Proposal: The Daily Show and Jon Stewart

CSPAN - SOC SEC Reps claiming "pressure" to make Soc Sec look bad !!!

How many Casualties in Viet Nam from 1961 to 1963

I got conservatives to call Bush a liar!

What are the best sources for breaking news?

Roosevelt's grandson on CSpan now 10:34 EST

PNAC posted a new letter to Congress today (Increase US Troops)

What the hell's the difference between Hitler & bush Invading nations.....

What is Talon News, and why does it have press credentials?

How Are Your Personal Finances Since * Took Over From Clinton?

A CIA report predicts that American global dominance could end in 15 years

Wash Post reporter will reveal extensive use of minders at inaugural balls

After the smoking bans, local governments consider earlier last call.

Soldiers Were ORDERED to Attend Bush Coronation Party & Had to Pay Own Way

What does Dolly Parton think about homosexuality?

"If we dont' finish 'the job', all those people will have died in vain"

Major White Rose News (please keep kicked)

Shocking testimony re CIA mind control

The Subversion Of The Free Press By The CIA

835,000 illegal aliens spotted in 3 months in AZ..... so they shut it down

Legalize pot or ban alcohol again?

CALLING ALL DUers. New progressive activism website needs YOU!

"CHILDREN are our FUTURE" | and other terrifying TOONs

So I just got an email back from the Community Supported Agriculture farm

I'm going to a Pampered Chef party tonight -- wish me luck!

Pink Lady apples

I got a Cuisinart processor

OMG!!!! Hubby just showed up with a 700 Watt Wolfgang Puck

I'm doing moules mariniere tonight....(mussels in cream and wine)

Support Equal Marriage

Same-Sex Parents Upset PBS Won't Air Show (Featured Family Responds)

Meeting agreed to renegotiate NAFTA, says Martin

Saudis Shift Toward Letting OPEC Aim Higher -NYT

LAT: Employers Are Fighting Fire With Fired (Smokers)

GOP Head Wants Giuliani to Run Vs. Clinton

Kennedy Calls for U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq

7-Year-Old Girl Found Stabbed to Death at N.Y. Parochial School

Fire Continues to Burn in Wash. Farm-Chemical Building; Schools to Stay Cl

"Giant" 17 pound baby born in Brazil

N.J. Democratic fund-raiser sentenced to 2 years in prison for mail fraud

Iraq Abuse Photos Soldier Continues Evidence

Refinery Giant will clean up air, pay fine

Alaska oil tax change seen delaying projects

Boeing to ink $7 bln-plus deals with China airlines

Palestinian Authority Issues Weapons Ban

Expect to See More of Cheney on Capitol Hill, Possibly Abroad

Lockheed tops Pentagon '04 contracts: Halliburton defense contracts double

Davos: Schroeder backs UK Africa debt-reducation plan

Sens. to Introduce 'Stop Government Propaganda Act'

Mexico Angered by U.S. Criticism of Drug War

Wal-Mart Expands Policy Definition of 'immediate Family'

Third columnist caught with hand in the Bush till

Bush: US will pull out if new Iraqi Leaders Request It (NYT interview)

Chicago Meat Warehouse Called 'amusement Park for Rats'

Top anchors cover Iraq elections

World Sends Leaders to World Economic Forum, Bush Sends Labor Secretar

Reid's Aide Arrested at Bush Inauguration

Anger over Iraqi war dead on Internet

AP: Gitmo Soldier Details Sexual Tactics

White House won't appeal media ruling

1991 Gulf War stopped Baghdad's atomic and biological weapons, top Iraqi s

Iraqi Scientist Discusses A-Bomb Effort (There was no program after 91')

Key Blacks Back Dean for DNC Chairmanship

Insurgents Launch Attacks in at Least Seven Provinces

Bush says Iraq likely to want US troops after vote

California Train Wreck Spawns Possible Copycat Bid

Feds will audit Shelley's use of election reform money

U.S. Backs Off Relaxing Rules for Big Media

The Master of His Domain....

Rice to visit Europe and Middle East

U.S. Opens Security Probe of IBM's Sale of PC Unit, People Say

WP: On Iraq Campaign Trail, A Single Shot

James Roosevelt is on C-Span NOW

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 28, January

Bill Could Punish Those Who Damage Environment (SC)

China rethinks use of the death penalty

U.S. Q4 GDP grows 3.1%, slowest in 7 quarters

Sources: NYC Mafia don turns informant

HK richest lady on forgery charge

Enron widow still angry over photos

Security Clampdown Starts Before Iraq Poll

Britain 'sliding into police state'

Republican activist charged with shooting at workers

Strongman Allawi to tough it out

Carlos Delgado Still Won't Stand for 'God Bless America'

Watchdog condemns 'persistent harassment' of al-Jazeera

American Nazi Party adopts Salem Road

Bush Faces New Skepticism From Republicans on Hill

Omagh bomb accused freed on bail

McAleese row over Nazi comments

In Violence-Prone Mosul, Voters Will Need a Shield of Snipers

In Armored Vehicles, U.S. Troops Tell Iraqis to Vote (in Samarra)

U.S. Army Helicopter Crashes in Baghdad (Friday 1/28/05)

Long-awaited call takes father to his son in Iraq


Two American Soldiers Killed in Baghdad #1421, #1422

Conn. Asks Court to Allow Execution (New Englands first in 45 Years)

Colombia Makes Conflicting Statements on Venezuelan Ties to FARC

Bush doesn't see ghosts in White House

New Orleans Gay Rights Law Challenged In Court

Dems Seek Ban On Pundit Payoffs (Kennedy & Lautenberg introducing Bill)

bbc: Watchdog blasts al-Jazeera bans (journalist held at GITMO)

U.S. Backs Off Relaxing Rules for Big Media

Anonymous message spurs calls to Capitol Hill

Bodies of six Iraqi soldiers dumped in rebel bastion (Ramadi)

Meteor seen falling in Madrid suburb

NBC: Blair Promises UK Won't Cut and Run

NBC: Poll Workers' Courage Could Be Key To Election

Protestant outrage over Irish president's Nazi comparison

U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris gifts tied to controversial fundraiser

P&G to Acquire Gillette for $57 Billion

Rice eyes diplomacy for Iran - Reuters (says they can't lie)

U.S.: Kidnappings High Along Mexico Border

UN urges Iran to halt execution of young offenders

Davos, Every Topic Is Fair Game for Bill Clinton (gets Standing Ovation!)

Seeking death penalty in train wreck would be unusual, lawyers say

Reconstructed Beethoven Work Set for World Premiere

Study: If it's unfair, chimps will forgive a friend (Reuters)

Church is allowed to ring bells, despite complaints

'Mad cow' disease found in goat

WP: Bush - Iraq Vote Will Aid World

Anti-Gay Amendments Gain Steam In 3 More States

Halliburton the big winner from Iraq invasion

Bush: Iraq Voting Will Help Change World

Iraq "gives democracy a bad name

School district cancels spelling bee (NCLB-related)

Jewish groups threaten legal action against Vatican

Auction of KKK paraphernalia causes rift in Michigan town

Rumsfeld dismisses media report on Iraq troop levels

Sharon Stone Raises Funds at World Forum

Families Want College to Cancel Speaker

Bush Seeks to Rally Republicans Behind Goals

Arabs Say Iraq Vote Gives Democracy a Bad Name (Reuters)

Medicare Expands Defibrillator Coverage ..."IF"

U.S. Lawmakers Call for Pressure on Sudan

Third Columnist Was Paid by Bush Agency

4 Unions Sue Over New Rules for Homeland Security Workers

Lockheed wins over Sikorsky!

Alaska officials probing alleged BP well blowout

Social Security Employees' Union Blows Whistle on Agency Propaganda Efforts

FBI in Talks to Extend Reach (LA Times)

Sen. Clinton Says Bush Plans Harm Health Care for Poor

Congressional Study Notes Ways to Collect Billions More in Taxes

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 28 January

Dallas Kids Find Pile of (drug dealer's) Cash, Spend It

CIA's 'ghost prisoners' spark rights concerns

AP Exclusive: Tsunami Survivor Was Only Man Left Alive on Tiny Island

School Officials Make ID Badges Mandatory for Elementary Students

Evolution Debate Stirs Up Ga. Lawmakers ("Scientific Fact" not Evolution)

WP: McDonald's Makes Ronald a Health Ambassador

PNAC posted a new letter to Congress today (Increase US Troops)

Iraq Says Winning War on Terror as Polls Near

Uzbekistan May Crack Down on Aid Groups

9/11 Families Angered By Speaker's Invitation (Compares Victims To Nazis)

Nationally known tax protester found guilty (believed tax system illegal)

Death Penalty (Florida)

Five U.S. Soldiers Killed In Baghdad

Pelosi: President Urged to Order Full Disclosure of Covert Propaganda

Bush Advisers OK Social Security Plan

DOE unveils plan for aboveground nuclear waste storage

8 States Want Stiffer Safeguards to Thwart Nuclear Plant Attacks

Commission head: Law enforcement helped Beslan gang (school massacre)

Some in Congress Talk of Iraq Withdrawal

Texas AG announces ERCOT indictments (in power grid fraud case)

Special mouse that blocked projects special no more, government says

Iraq Sets Dusk-To-Dawn Curfew Before Vote

Report: Fired Workers Plot Against Local Iraqi Elections

Bush accused of scaring public on Social Security

Australian's Long Path in the U.S. Antiterrorism Maze

Allawi Runs With Alleged Baathists

Whitman: GOP foiled security efforts

Iraqi Expatriates Begin Voting in U.S.

U.S. Security Chief Another Attack Inevitable

Baltimore Sun in Court Over Reporter Ban

Rabbis for Human Rights: 'Reject Gonzales -- Repudiate Torture'

(RFK Jr) Kennedy Bashes Bush for 'Crimes Against Nature'

Nixon son-in-law eyeing challenge to Hillary

Three Top Zarqawi Lieutenants Arrested

Senators to Intro Stop Goverment Propaganda Act (bounties pd to citizens!)

Violent intimidation campaign nearly paralyzes Baghdad

Iraqis Close to Capturing Al-Zarqawi

EU Considers Ban on Nazi Symbols

Riggs Bank fined over Pinochet ties

Aristide lectures on slavery

Defense budget cuts compel military transformation

(R) Pat Roberts says insurgency will continue, questions Iraqi democracy

Hispanic Caucus Declines To Endorse Gonzales Nomination

Strife-Ridden Black Baptists Reconcile

Drilling Expansion Plan to Put Haze Over Great Plains

Judge Refuses to Suspend Alaska's Aerial Wolf Control Program

Britain 'sliding into police state'

CNN: BREAKING NEWS Two-seater U.S. chopper crashes in Baghdad

Diebold completes e-voting printer prototype

Colombia, Venezuela Settle Rebel Dispute

Congress Proposes Tax On All Net, Data Connections

Arnebeck: Request for sanctions over (Ohio) challenge frivolous

Japanese Bond Traders Trying To Keep Dollar From Collapsing?

Democrats Bash Bush Social Security Plan (AP) (WH violated the law?)

Eleven-year-old boy dies trying to save dogs in fire (AP)

Chiropractic college killed

Media Matters: Uncovers White House Reporter Copying GOP Documents

Putin suggests Russia will sell missiles to Syria

AP: Sen. Biden, Iran Minister Clash Over Nukes ('You have to grow up!')

US prepares invasion of Venezuela: Venezuelan ambassador

BBC obtains Iraq casualty figures

Hunters lose court battle (Centuries old Fox-Hunting to end Feb. 18th)

College Republicans Plan 'Straight Pride Week'

Halliburton to Wind Down Iran Operations

Bush Pledges Political Cover for Republicans

U. of Calif. Loses $5.8M Over Los Alamos

Teen Sentenced for Unleashing Blaster Worm

Metro reverses ban on licensed concealed guns

Survivor's 'Final' Message in Blood Stirs Hearts

(Harold Ickes) Ex-Clinton Aide Ickes Backs Dean for DNC

Teen Who Cooked Pets Will Not Face Charges

American Nazi Party adopts Salem (OR) road

Russian Officers Helped Terrorists Seize Beslan School — Commission

Lockheed Wins Presidential Copter Contract

WP: Dick Cheney, Dressing Down (cheney DEGRADES Auschwitz)

Ever kill your own thread?

Ever drill your own head?

Ever shill your own dread?

ever bake your own bread

Just finished donating to DU.

Do you find yourself often pissed of when people are insenstive?

Another snarky thread

So, I took my kids to therapy tonight...

Hey, I just noticed, it's my one year anniversarry at DU today!

Dallas/Houston to London Paris Frankfurt 233 R/T

Do you ever feel tired and fatigued, but you also don't feel sleepy??

Have any of you seen this?

Why humans are in charge and cats aren't.

Don't you be L 7 Come and learn this dance..Woolly Bully..............

HA! Oral Rob

At what age does one become a grown-up?

I have a monty python

Three football fans.

Remember when Saddam shot that rifle into the air

You have 5 seconds to decide who you'd like to punch out....

Where did all the Bluenecks go?

It's 27 degrees outside and I have my window open.

I'm not even going to talk about what I want to talk about because if I do

My bird IS A GENIUS!

Tsunami Charity Single Song Release

I can't understand why freepers LOVE

Vote Bob Dole for president!

AAR News Broadcast includes hidden clue!

Too bad Halloween is so far away...

I love monty python

The night is young....

What are your very favoritest movies?

Would you consider people in their early 20's part of Generation X??

i saw Steve Earle live last night and you didn't...

WARNING-- Fuzzy kitten picture ahead! Use Caution!

Polanski's "The Tenant" has officially entered my personal top 10

So...what song is this guy singing??? "My Way" is my choice

Singer Ray Peterson passes away

Misplaced Decimal Leads To 18 Cent Per Gallon Gas

Man Arrested After Ramming Car In McDonald's Drive Thru Lane

"Go crawl back under your rock. You guys endorsed Bush."

Fearless Leader said "We will leave when the Iraqis can fight."

is it possible to remain friends w/ someone who rarely wants to hang out?

Lions Club hopes to put on the world's largest snowball fight

It is so cold here it is like Siberia!

Best spyware blocker?

Airport Screeners Find 2 Live Grenades In Soldier's Luggage

East 55th and Euclid Ave: Chrissie Hynde takes us on a tour of Cleveland


Darn, I got a hankerin for prime rib and horseradish sauce

Naked Jogger Sentenced To One Year In Jail

Mr. Democrat in Tallahassee is 50 today.Everyone sing Happy

Anyone know a way around banks?

How do you send a message to a member of this board?

Resolute Bush Sticking With Colts As Super Bowl Pick

Kool-Aid Alert Level Raised!

20 Questions. What celebrity did I see last night?

Substitute teacher accused of taping second-graders' eyes, mouths shut

Kool-Aid Alert level raised!

What's the name of the sneaky cartoon dog who goes, "Hee-hee-hee-hee!"

Conservative Talk Show Host For Sale

Never chop wood naked.

I'm fixing to try Chai (Spice) Tea for the first time

Dear Abby

Geez...I think my "Good Samaritan" deed back-fired!

Buying commentary - What woud you pay? What would they say?

My next post is number 1000. What should I say?

Why is the press making a big deal that Moore didn't get an Oscar nom?

Don't Blame Me!!!!

Hey look at this bald coot

Preznit blasts Supremes over Terri's Law decision

Is the trucking Super Bowl on this weekend?

"Do you like to take a yo-yo for a ride?"

Who is your least favorite Senator?

eBay Seller Arrested For Not Delivering $93,000 Worth Of Merchandise

What's Your Poison?

Has anyone seen "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle"?

Is the fucking Super Bowl on this weekend?

Did any of you folks ever frequent "Turn Left"

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster DVD.

Robber Returns To Scene Of Crime To Get His Gun Back - Arrested

I think we just found out what a sham flu-shots are

Is the Super Fucking Bowl on this weekend?

Listening to Black Sabbath's "Heaven and Hell". Ask me anything.

Who here has taken a marital art?

"It's not rocket science"


Who was your favorite Northern Exposure character, and why?

The ad you won't see on Super Bowl Sunday

Pet Peeve: Soshacurity

ACK, Beautiful coworker is a wrasslin fan!

What's Your Possum?

'Traffic' Drummer Jim Capaldi Dies of Cancer

6 Y.O. Boy Hit Teacher & Cop With His Book - Charged With Felony

Bush looking at Condi like a dog looks at a Snausage

Condi is [IN]

Hey baby, Wanna Wrestle?

Never iron clothes naked.

Try my blog.

Why won't it die?

A 420-post CAT THREAD??????

what's your poison

Which state has the ugliest Governor?

some people have all the luck

Does anyone prefer to listen to the AAR archives? I do! No stupid commer

What's your Passion?

The Master of His Domain....


EVERYONE: tune into Lynn Cullen's show today!

Do you remember where you were when...

Need quick help with a date re: Edwards VP candidacy!

Woops! One more quick question re: timing of Swift Boat Liars

I am looking for a word that sounds like 'falfarall'

"Have you had your Kitten Break today?" (photos)

what's in your cd player right now

Amount of time spent in your market's designer mustard aisle

I'm now DEPRESSED! The 4-zillion post cat topic now locks up my puter...

Olsen Twins now in control of their "empire" and worth $137M each

Is it me or is the word

Congratulations ohiosmith, 2000 posts!

The Audience-of-One of all CAPTIONS!!!

The Krazy Komputer Krash of all CAPTIONS!!!

General question about this year's Amazing Race re: bunching

One of these things just doesn't belong here

How many Administration officials does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Ahhh my roommate is sleeping and her nose is whistling!!

Never Iron Cats Naked.

Favorite "dead person" song

Wonder if I would get in trouble for

Freepers still think people care about CBS 'scandal'

I'm Dick Cheney and I believe in letting it all hang out, baby.

Didn't the Super Bowl normally play the last Sunday of January?

I got caught in a time loop last night



Anybody have an earworm they're enjoying at the moment?

Tommy, can you hear me?


Who here has taken a martial art?

Resolved: BMLH's 'Locking' posts are hilarious.

I had the most intensely satisfying staff meeting just a while ago.

Milli Vanilli was equal to two Terence Trent D'Arbys.

Tsunami song sinks hip-hop HOT 97 show

I got caught in a 200 year time loop last night!!

"Traffic" founder and drummer Jim Capaldi dies at age 60

Driver "freaks out," hits students after snowball attack

Compact Washing Machine Shaped Like Egg - 18 Inches High (OH UNDERPANTS!!)

I didn't know that Big McLarghuge was so WITTY!!!!

EVERYONE TOGETHER NOW!!! Wish my mom a happy birthday

"Straight Pride Week" To Be Celebrated By College Republicans

High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps?

A gift for someone who has everything...

A guy is driving around & he sees a sign in front of a house: "Talking Dog

Teen Pleads Not Guilty In "Jackass" Merry-Go-Round" Death

Dead Duck

Palm reader leads drug dealer to police

"Do you deserve to be wealthy?"

I. Ron Butterfly....


I got caught in a 10 year time loop last night!!

On this date in history....Jan. 28th.....

You make we wanna lala?


In more important sports news...who's going to win Wing Bowl this year?

Amazing.. how does IT work?

Roll-on deodorant AND disposable razors! BRILLIANT!!!!

The Eagles Prayer

I'm so glad the Bush admin is protecting me from dangerous cartoons!!!

Tell me some of your pet's quirky behaviors

Halp! How would you clean dirty minds?

I Have a Twine Question.

OMG! the intramural team you do NOT want to face

tigers roam free in Buddhist temple/sanctuary

I have a wine question

I'm feeling good but guilty about it.

US is ant-christian


The Iraqi/American cynergy comes together with one man

Tommy Roe - "Dizzy" -- he is a wild man!!!

Tell me my life is about to begin

After much inner debate, I must ask: Does size matter?

BML, all worth it to see: "Release the sex-thread Daleks!!! Exterminate!"

Have any of you ever used this product?

I have a whine question

someone explain to me why I have three tape dispensers on my desk

What is the worst invention ever?

Today's Ultimate Poll: Milton!!!

Whoohooo! It's starting to sleet in my area

How would you like that done?

Could I bring myself to buy from this company?

Ok, why will you be watching the Super Bowl?

count the f's in the following sentence:

This is my 1000th post. Ask me anything!

Used Car for sale - cheap - needs a little work - $150 OBO

Santana pulls "guest artist" stunt for 3rd time (new album, Spring '05)


What is so bad about the "700" club? Is it just Pat?

I just want to know what happened to those Daleks. Daleks

What's with the new Zogby poll?

Dog Judo

Why did whoisalhedges join DU?

This is FUN!

Official five-lined skink appreciation thread. C'mon in, don't be shy.

Amazing Ice Storm Pics from Switzerland

Just saw a ridiculous anti-drug ad...

Why did you join DU?

if you had a valuable nazi artifact, what would you do?

With this post, I enter the "700" club. pray for me, if you must.

what intentional tort are you?

Making shrimp shish kabob with mangoes....Should I peel mangoes?

Maybe We Need a DU Lounge List of "Official Off-Limits Topics"....

Massive Attack fans...

Computer help

How do you attach files?

Cheesecake baking question

Ouch! I apologize! It was just for fun.

First baseman fields questions regarding war protest

What is your favorite Hope-Crosby "Road" Picture

How will the Bush WH spin Cheney's ice-fishing attire at Auschwitz

Zinged a guy at work (warning spit take alert)

Official five-lined skank appreciation thread. C'mon in, don't be shy.

Are there people who make packaging for sadists?

Woohoo! I got called for a job interview!

Study: If it's unfair, chimps will forgive a friend (Reuters)

OK, what movie should I watch?

Who else absolutely hates the last 30 minutes of work on Friday.

HAHAHAHAHAHA -- Coulter makes complete ass of herself

Favorite Instrumental Movie Score?

Halp! How would you clean dirty mini-blinds?

Well, I'll being having one of them pesky farewell beers tonight

SAX THREAD !!!!!!!!!

I like flamewars immensely. Am I a bad person?

My radio station responded to my request for Air America.

Aren't they beautiful animals?

What happened to Xultar's Progressive Symbol?

What should I do? ("Live-Journal" ish)

Which state has the ugliest drivers licenses??

I'm getting bored with the internet. How 'bout some links?

Ann Telnaes on Dick's fashion sense... (quick work, Ann!)

Don't ever subscribe to Business 2.0

Hey there! So tell me, whatcha wearing today?

I'm George Dubya Bush. Ask me anything

Aren't these beautiful baskets?

Man peed way out of avalanche (by drinking 60 bottles of beer!)

Any iPod Owners Out There?

OK. Who ate all the cookies?

Guess what is Not in my wallet anymore

I'm at 695. I'm falling over the edge of no return. Grab me quick!

"My wife and I were very shocked but we watched it until the end "

Who's hip to Sean Lennon's electronic jams?


You know, there are people who just scream out, "I'm nuts!"

Does anyone else hate the first 30 minutes of work on Monday?

Bread baking question

What International Tart Are You?

Right now, I'm stickier than I've been in 20 years.

New Group Proposal: The Daily Show and Jon Stewart

Q: How many * officials does it take to screw in a light bulb?

OK...I'm going to rent a movie tonight

Tonight, on TLC's "What Not to Wear", Stacy and Clinton take on...

Some chump payed 485 dollars for a box.

So, I have a hair appt. today and I was thinking last nite of

Right now, I'm slicker than I've been in 20 years.

Actual signs here in Wisconsin.

I had a really strange dream last night

What's Your Poisson?

$7995 buys you a 13 Day / 12 Night QM2 cruise with Jerry Falwell

Right now I'm stinkier than I've been in 20 years.

Pat's Wonderful Wings (good Superbowl appetizers)

Another unfair poll, Greatest Robert De Niro movie.

I'm listening to Randi Rhodes. for the first time...

Wow, I still can't believe this story.....

BUILD ME UP BUTTERCUP!!!! Other Fav bubble gum songs?

Ssssssssssssssh....Don't look

I'm playing hide and go seek, ask me anything

HEY! MrSCORPIO! It's Friday night! Why is the bar not open already!

I gave Comcast the heave ho and got SBC/Dish Network!

Man peed way out of avalanche

Welfare?! Are you kidding me? Is THAT why they support * ?

Dig Phish?

Has anyone seen CBS' Numb3ers?

Are people who make packaging sadists?

Is there anything good on tonight?

Can I have tapioca pudding for dinner?

How can I pass an hour and a half of time?

Right now, I'm sicker than I've been in 20 years.

I Want To Become A Celebrity - Suggestions?

If you could go back and DO something you chose not to, what would it be?

Does your company offer same-sex benefits? (aka Domestic Partners)


How can I pass a pound and a half stone?


Are you safely indoors where you can be protected....

As seen in another thread, how does one go about making a citizen's arrest

Imagine being paid to post!!!

Ever built an infared sauna?

Ethereal photo of Red Square

Is it just me or is Google annoying?

Spring fever!

dv,hf rhy dous uzsaedi gaseloh adlsfkjh>/

Why does matcom look at me so strangely?

I don't wanna go back to waitressing :(

Time to change the MikeG avatar. Any suggestions?

Bar codes are SO obviously machine generated now.

How many are prepared to duct tape their cat?


My play list is so random.

My 1 year DU anniversary is today :)

I'm looking for a good portable mp3 player.

Need advice

Illuminati and New World Order

Come to the dinner gong........

Best Super Bowl recipe. Part 1

(Warning - graphic photos) Thar she blows! Dead whale explodes


Corsi thinks that without Boston, Massachusetts is a strong Red State

Bush Appoints Horse to Cabinet Post

Hurry! Cigs are back!

CONFESS!!!! How much is Bush Admin paying for you to post here?

Sharon Stone Raises Funds at World Forum

I have an important question... Would this chianti bottle make

Honestly, what do you think of threads about Cheerleaders?

What song are you listening to right now?

Would you take human growth homone if you were a short teenager?

What's the worst show ever put on Comedy Central??

I feel like I am witnessing my small little town become big

MP3 player question

Am I the only "Max Webster" fan here??

People with names appropriate for their professions

I want it all!!! I want it All!!! I Want it All!! And I want it Now!!!!

Mountain of cow manure that spontaneously combusted is now just smoldering

I think it's so adorable that the lead singer of

What's the worst show ever put on Adult Swim (Non-Anime)??

Is That All There Is to Politics ?

Ack, I've got cooties!

Hooray!!! Sigs are back!!!

Happy 69th birthday to JACK SCOTT, the first Canadian rock 'n' roll star.

need help on how to handle someone's really annoying trait/ habit

!!!! TAX TIME !!!!

Freeper caught at the keyboard!

The newest articles at MOVELEFT.COM

I have a sore throat

Saw horrible incident today; emotions are raw.

Buy your George W. Bush Inaugural Cola here:

Is anybody else starting to like Alison as a sub when KO is on vacation?

Hey, try out the Alanis Morrissette Random Lyric Generator.

Cold paws don't get much traction on tile floors.

Yea! My wife is going to feed me now!

Honestly, what do you think of Cheerleaders?

"Pundola-Gate" - Please work this meme.

What happened with Cheney at Auschwitz? Dont make me go to GD!

Can somebody help me out re: Cheney's attire at Auschwitz?


Check out some of my best work (photos that is)

Tora! Tora! Tora!

Brand new Monk is on right now!!

Different Bracelets , Help with links

Tonga! Tonga! Tonga!


Torah! Torah! Torah!

Freeper's Favorite Poems

Tajfel! Tajfel! Tajfel!

Loofah! Loofah! Loofah!

Tofu! Tofu! Tofu!

Toga! Toga! Toga!

don't try this at home .....

Bush Serving Thanksgiving Turkey

Tonga! Tonga! Tonga!

Topaz! Topaz! Topaz!

AAARRRGGHH!! Is it just me?????

SciFi Friday? What's your Friday night viewing habits?


Ranch Style Beans


Delta vs. Omega

I hit 1000 in 3 posts, ask me anything,............quick

COPYCAT THREAD - a thanks!

What is your favorite Western television series?

How much alcohol is in a shot?

Battle of the Bands: Wham! vs. Culture Club

Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga!

The Bar is OPEN!!!

I need to hire a moving company


Who plays Richard Lugar on the SNL Boxer / Rice skit? n/t

Are there any moles lurking in the lounge tonight?

Is it slow in here tonight, or......

Napoleon Dynamite - Why is it So Funny?

Health Alert

Redneck cocktails.... Mine?

The Open Smackdown Thread!

"It used to really get on my tits" and other one?

If you were to pursue a career involving politics, would you...

Best cartoon dog?

Great movie review in local paper today... "Temple of Dumb"

Battle of the Bobbie Gentry Songs: FANCY vs ODE TO BILLIE JOE

80s Battle of the bands: Paul Young vs Hall & Oates

What's your favorite poem?

I'm coming to Alabama in March...any Birmingham DUers here?

Who has seen "Whale Rider"

I need to contact Reno 911 staff with story suggestions.

Battle of the Actor Bands: Keanu Reeves' vs Russell Crowe's

Breaking News: Tom Ridge Arrested on Multiple Charges

80s - progressive... Love N Rockets or Meat Puppets

The Take - Anyone seen it?

*NOT* another snarky thread

Matt's movie night. What'll it be?

Village People or the Starland Vocal Band

Computer question

Wamp Rats. Can you bullseye 'em?

Battle of the DU Lounge music heads: KoolZip vs. Chavez

Interesting Sex Pistols/Pil/Flight 180 Lockerbie connection:

Any Dell employees here?

Dookus' fun fact for the day

Come on, spelling bee losers...

Let me tell you all a story 'bout a Harper Valley widowed wife

It's....It's......It's...........Jailcam !

God, I want to see U2 sooo bad.

I'mb sick - which one of you gabe me your cowld and whyb?

Photos of SpongeBob's visit to the UCC church

Battle of the Bangs: Flowbee vs Spray-on Hair

Best cartoon drag?

Another question for computer gurus


Wordsmiths: the appropriate match for a Dingbat?

Ha! I'm a moderator, so you can't put me on ignore.

Worst Mind Control Cult

Ubiquitous "What does your desktop look like?" thread

Battle of the Bands: Oasis vs. The Beatles

Battle of the bands: Erasure vs Pet Shop Boys

Battle of the Bands:The Cure vs. Depeche Mode

Remake a movie! Cast a conservative!

Annie Hall?

Stoner flicks?

Republicans are ...

What are some of the tackiest things you've ever seen?

Best Composition by James Taylor

GEORGE: Oh, you mean that posh bird who gets everything wrong?

how many times do you come to DU for advice?

I took my USMLE Step 1 today - ask me anything...

Anyone know where I can find a Bobby Darin karaoke disc?

Want to be TOTALLY Grossed Out???!

Battle of the Bands: Led Zeppelin vs. The Rolling Stones


A 420-Pound Cat Thread??????

Find three differences in this picture.

Start the day with a laugh....

Most hackneyed and cliché song lyics EVER!

80's one-hit Battle: Come On Eileen vs. Walking On Sunshine


It is ten below zero here this morning.


I just finished my Architectural Graphics assignment. Ask me anything.

Ok, can you identify these lyrics?

hey 60's people...remember these guys?

I wanted to post this on my DU anniversary but here it is-my intro thread!

Auschwitz - Cheney Style:

Battle of One Man Bands: Ministry vs. Nine Inch Nails

Class Teaches Appalachian Kids How To Lose Accents

Updated photo of Cheney at Auschwitz

Weirdest Ebay item ever seen/posted/boughten?

I'm a dog - Ask me anything

erm - just carry whatever it was you were doing....

I'm Ohio Governor Ken Blackwell. Ask me anything.


men, WTF takes an HOUR for you to do yo' bathroom business?

Redneck divorce...

The Most Important Democratic Underground Group Ever

I Work At Wal-Mart....Ask Me Anything

Toast me, DUers! I'm officially a swingin' single!


Battle of the Bands:Styx vs. Journey

Post the most profound/touching lyrics you know....

It's a girlie-man!!!!!

Do you ever worry that the Internets are ruining your writing skills?

Your memories of 9/11/2001

AIM chat.

Quick Survey-- Is Elsa Benitez The HOTTEST Mexican SI model Ever?

When did you join DU?

80s Ladies -- Go Gos or Bangles

Bwhahahahahahahah! Alan keyes sounding out Ill. Govenor's run!

Hot Boys check in!

Please pray for my family, including my dad, GreenLantern

If you could have any accent, what accent would it be?

Well it's official

There's Romulans sneaking around my yard at night. What Should I do?

Which dogs are the worst for biting? (hint: it's not Pit Bulls)

anybody like CARNIVALE?

Bush haiku

Would you report a fish that wasn't properly cared for?

DU Bob Dylan Group proposal...

Best Bible Verses (KJV) Describing Dubya. My Choice, Revelation 6:8

Chicago DUers.... It is time to party again!!!!

Here we go.

Well, there go my razor blades.

Disappointing Response From Target.

Is Harry Reid really Mormon? Wow...I'm a little afraid now. Sorry but

Biblical economics, Bible and prosperity, etc

Message I received from our minister: about Iraq

Hindus fiercely defend Swastika, slam Nazi controversy

Clinton enters Medicaid fray

Kerry Decries Bush's Health Care Policies

Kerry Pans Bush on Healthcare

Overweight? Maybe You Just Don't Fidget Enough, Researchers Say

Bush and Kerry at Odds Over Health Care

The blue at the top of the mast.

Revenge of the Right Brain

Ancient sanctuary of Hermes discovered in central Greece

Study: If it's unfair, chimps will forgive a friend

Magnetic Mystery Solved

NASA Scientists Find Clues That Life Began in Deep Space

Gay Groups Seek Delay In Calif. Gay Marriage Case

Exec Director leaving GLAAD

Sweden to review whether to allow gay marriage

Opponents say Kansas marriage amendment is too broad

Lesbian parents upset by decision to not broadcast show

From The Bunch That Brought Us The Sponge Bob Controversy

SpongeBob SquarePants Has No Gay Agenda - Stephen Hillenburg (creator)

I met a hero last night

Anti-gay Fundies URGENTLY invite strangers to fiddle with their computers

Gay DNA Found

Cubs to trade Sosa to Baltimore

Hey! How About My Baby Bulls?!?!?

Harrison fires back - Patriots safety responds to Eagles receiver's

The fans who booed Santa: Setting the Record Straight

Pet Insurance????

Revenge of the Right Brain

Most annoying aspect of athiesm...

Anyone remember "A Theif in the Night"

Wintersoldier 2005 - Boston, Faneuil Hall 1/30

Exciting times, and good coverage from NYT on Kids First

Any video of Kerry's Healthcare Speech?

Tay Tay & Whometense Look Who Moving Next To You. I Feel For You Guys.

Hey, I forgot about this sign I saw today

I have a very strong feeling SOMETHING is going on.

Photo of Kerry at Rice hearing -- I hadn't see this one

Who is going to the DC protest on 3/19?

MTP Press Release on Sunday's JK appearance

Bastards! Conservative group calls for Kerry to return salary

I must say, I am very proud of John right now

recommendation for a digital camera

Any reaction in mainstream media to Bush's 'urge' comment?

Saddened "Blue Americans," Take heart! From ""

Traditional Liberalists = cons, progressives, rad liberals & libertarians

LOOK -- picture of freeper Buckhead (Killian memo agitator)

Keep on making life difficult for the Radical Right.

LOVE.. is a good thing

Here's an idea: two courageous cops arrest Bush

9/23/03 WP: Wes Clark outed on TV for selling 5 yr/$245billion occupation

The McLaughlin Group - January 21, 2005 - Video/transcript

Legacy candidates and the Democratic Party

Bush Family Values. Or how Granddad made money dealing with the Nazis.

"Certain activities can prop up tyrants & cause tyrants to have legitimacy

Female torturers use fake "menstrual" blood - story on AAR right now..

Iran and N. Korea Beware - (This is the world on my 38th Birthday)

poorer quality care and increasing patient debt via GOP medical plan

Anyone have that Freeper Guy In The US Flag Suit pic to share?

must read of today and the picture is priceless

Quotas are appropriate in Iraq, but not in the United States?

Who is giving the Dem Response to the SOTU address

Jim Wallis - author of "God's Politics" on AAR now.

* i-view with NYTimes - Some classic stuff...

Senate Democratic Policy Committee on Social Security on C-span now

Video available of DNC candidates forum

CNN Poll For your info & vote should you so desire:

James Roosevelt is on C-Span NOW

The Only Way To Stop Bushco Is To Elect More Democratic Office Holders....

That new secretary of state was just sworn in on CNN

the look of *'s democracy

Iraq War is Going to Tear the U.S. in Two.

Bush Attends Rice's Swearing-In Ceremony

Feinstein has been further bought out

My letter to Sen. Clinton on her vote for Condi Rice as SOS

Morning Sedition -

The dictator, the saint and the minister: Poodle's new woman

Illegal Use of Taxpayer Funds to Promote Bush Social Security Plan

Damn those American-Hating Haters

What Are The Chances Of Bush* Withdrawing The Gonzales Nomination?

e-mail from World Social Forum in Brazil.

Who is more powerful?

J20 DC Journal

Question: Is there truth to there being non-citizens in the...

Very sad news....out of 30 Marines killed in the Jordan helo crash, 27

Sen. Dorgan (ND): "The president is certainly going to use his megaphone"

Hannity on Faux last night all but declared war on Iran AND Syria

When Ted introduced Richard Pearle on Nightline,

Need Help! Please list instances where Condi Lied with sources

Rice on diplomacy. (pic)

Bush admits love triangle -- Laura, Condi, George

Bush Faces New Skepticism From Republicans on Hill

Gonzalez Announces Some Of His Plans For Attorney General Post.

Paper ballots NOW!!!! Hand counts Now!!!!!

You heard it here first - THE ELECTION WAS A SUCCESS !

Senate approves bush's choice to head VA

White House Out of Step?

Dems Bash Bush Social Security plan

What will Iraqis do when Allawi is elected?

The Economist: Gap between rhetoric and reality grows in the White House.

have you met the "Sunburn Missile" yet?

MBA Bush has got to have had some math courses while in college

DECLARACTION OF WAR - Haskell Wexler - on IFC today

Thinking Twenty Moves Ahead

IAEA urges US to join EU on Iran

Repugs weekly meeting to lay out upcoming week's talking points

I need the website for that ex Wal-Mart exec who knows all

Given a 2% margin of error.............

secrets: Japan and the dollar


Gannon paid $50 for degree

Who Will Win? - Soros Vs. Scaife: Rise of the Progressive Infrastructure

Plea to Dems on TV - DON'T let the "liberal media" lie go UNANSWERED

Ashcroft: Bush "endorsed overwhelmingly by the American people"

Liberals' View of Bush

Uniting the Dems against Gonzales based on moral values

Could BushCo be paying tons of media people to shut up

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt (Rep) remember the one who

Nightline 1-27-05

When will the troops come home?

Weapons cache discovered at North Texas house (grenades, napalm, silencer)

Why did the Republicans run and hide from Social Security hearing?

What the hell is wrong with Howie Kurtz?

Considering becoming a political candidate...

SS privitation and the Bush "Pull the wool over their eyes" approach

Kurtz got the call from Rove, now stretches payola story to include

TX electricity officials indicted: organized criminal activity, bribery

I got a "push call" at home last night from some douchebag repug

S.114 , John Kerry’s “Kids Come First” Act

Dean support is growing

Bush doesn't see ghosts in White House

Nightline 1/28 to feature Iraq War Town Hall with possible fireworks

RNC chairman on Big Eddie Show

Bring Our Troops Home Says Howard Zinn

Ex-Clinton Aide Ickes Backs Dean for DNC (Harold Ickes)

The Un-Liberal Press/Video

FINALLY - Max Baucus has balls

Howard Dean or Martin Frost?

PNAC posted a new letter to Congress today (Increase US Troops)

American Liberty - (still losing her way)

SSA has been USED as a deceptive propaganda tool.

Stop the PNAC NEOCONS! Urge a no vote on new war spending!

Is anyone else mad that the DCCC didn't try to take back the house?

Iraq... no, it wasn't Bush or Clinton's fault... it was ..Jimmy Carter's!

American Spectator: Bush bullies the press corps with impunity

Pelosi: President Urged to Order Full Disclosure of Covert Propaganda

How sick is George W Bush ?

The New World Order.....

Upcoming Conference Call re * admin agenda for child/family issues

Ickes endorses Dean -- seriously (not a joke)

Mass Voters: Hannity calls for you to make Kennedy resign!

Why are we opposed to partial-privitization of Soc. Security?

C-SPAN Interview With Pres. George W. Bush (01/27/2005)

C-SPAN Interview With Pres. George W. Bush (01/27/2005)

Welfare to work: Good or bad.

She's an old trusted family friend, and we love her"


US govt. supplied Afghanistan with Militant Islamic Textbooks for schools

RNC seeks donations to get Bush message past `liberal media filter'

"JesusLand" and "What We Do Now"

Stolen election is the tip of the iceberg...

[Q] To oppose Bush, one must oppose corporatism & plutocracy.

Reid on Bodman energy nomination

Defense budget cuts compel military transformation

RNC's Brian Jones calls Dem criticism of Bush SS plan "a farce"

our elected officials dont listen to us.....they dont believe they have to

About the Filibuster

Tom "Duct Tape" Ridge: "Another Attack Inevitable"

Report from "WEF, DAVOS" Will Democracy Survive the Media?...

Bill Schneider of CNN is a BushCo. Shill !

Bill "Cats" Frist went to Davos

Your DU Ticket to the "World Economic Forum/Davos" right here ONLINE!

Can anyone give me ONE reason Iraqis aren't voting by mail...absentee

"Democrats should resign from Congress" - moran op/ed - LOL

Official declassfied torture memos

Tens of thousands dead or maimed for life

Congress not in loop on administration's reform plans

Petition: Compensation for Iraq

Is this just a really strange trip or

Mac Group ... the old guy has seen the light.

Old friend with AIDS now a Bu$h judge ...

ABC Nightline Friday 11:30PM, Meehan's Iraq withdrawal plan.

Ridge Arrested on Multiple Charges!

Place your bets: Voter turnout in Iraq?

WSJ's Harwood: RESISTANCE GROWS to Social Security changes.

Tactical dawn .. a few hours away in Iraq.

Who is following the health care stuff? x(

Scarborough: "Bush has come to symbolize the divided political landscape"

Zim poll: Free and fair? A political mirage

Support the "Stop Government Propaganda Act" in senate next week

CNN, Aaron Brown are making me...

Can Dean unite the Democratic Party....

party historians: has there ever been such an ongoing, public discussion

Media Matters outs more pundits with "close" ties to the White House

I'll bet this pollster/reporter is on the DC payola take!!!!


Either Condi is writing Bush's speeches or she is using his speech writer

Spitzer to Speak Monday at the National Press Club >

The Left Loses College Kids

Sen. Kaye Bailey Hutchinson on the confirmation of NSC advisor Rice as SoS

mapping a Democratic strategy

Rice arrives just in time to oversee U.S. decline

Third Columnist Implicated with Payola Charges

Do you believe the cheering Iraqi voters on the news are for real?

Bill to make hiring illegal aliens an unfair business practice ABOUT TIME

Frost suggests Lieberman be voice of Party

Is This A Mistake Headling About Halliburton---- Read This

Help me target Tweety (re: danger of neocons)

More insight on Iraq's "Election Day"

Kennedy Calls for a Phased Withdrawal From Iraq

Rush Limbaugh warns Immigration Could Break GOP Majority

Cheney criticized for attire at Auschwitz

W now holding press corps in open contempt.

Virginia Governor's Race

"Don't Want" VS. "Should Want"

Propaganda explainer:Psy-Ops, CIA, Rush Limbaugh, 9/11, Election Fraud

Talon News - Reporters with fake names - Plame leak - Gov't propaganda

An even BIGGER scandal behind Bush's "marriage program" than just payola.

Waste of Oxygen: Which GOP Senator is the Worst?

Southern Dem to other Southern Dems: Don't Elect Dean

How Stupid Is Ann Coulter?

Should the Iraqis Be Compensated?

Bush press conference -- the untold story.

Breaking: Clinton Kisses Howard Dean's Butt. Here's the Phone Transcript

Cheney criticized for wearing "snow blower attire" to Auschwitz

George Allen R-VA - - A Primer

Buster the bunny pops on his backpack, visits lesbian family and starts ro

Looks like Dean and Frost agree that Dems lost on national security issue