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Archives: January 26, 2005

Iraq's Other political problems

Journalists' objectivity needs balance of truth

Asia TimesThe negative force of anti-Bushism

Engelhardt--A Demobilized Press in a Global Free-Fire Zone

CREW Files Bar Complaint Against Alberto Gonzales

Boston DUer

Palast and Jackson - Jim Crow Returns to the Voting Booth

Chomsky: 'Controlling the oil in Iraq puts America in a strong position

Gates gives $750m to fight deadly childhood diseases

The Difference Between Politically Incorrect and Historically Wrong

SpongeBob and Friends: Splendor in the Kelp

(PINR)Lines in the Sand: Western State Building in the Muslim World

What You Need to Know About the Extreme Associates Case

Case for war in Iraq a sham from every angle

A Not-So-Magical Reality:Latin America and the US


Winning Cases, Losing Voters

Letter from David Brock to Universal Press Syndicate (Maggie Gallagher)

Reporter watches optimism dry up as occupation turns Iraqis against U.S

Bush's Democracy Crusade Defies Public Opinion (Lobe, One World)

Heating bills killing low-wage earners and seniors (up 88% since 2000)

Gonzalas hearings

Vote or no vote, we will kill you

To challenge Pelosi

The Bush Doctrine of False Imminence Domain

Dean and the Dems

Gore Vidal: "The Most Un-American Speech I've Ever Heard"

When oil peaks ...

James Wolcott: Dubya's Zippity Do-Dah Day

Gene Lyons

Hillary attacks Bush on abortion The Lone Star Thugs And A Path To Win

Bush’s inauguration speech was a declaration of holy war

Seumas Milne (Guardian Utd): Barbarity is the consequence of foreign rule

Group wants closure of Guantanamo Bay

Environment Ignored in New Democratic Agenda: Liberty Belle Log

Election is over, act like it

US Dollar Having Serious Problems - 2 articles

What do we progressives want ... purity or a winner

Blumenthal: This Pollyanna army

From Holocaust to Hyperpower / Jim Lobe

Thanks, John, But No Thanks! (re: John Kerry running in 2008)

US media won't show BBC's POWER OF NIGHTMARES

Universal: Why We're Keeping Maggie Gallagher

Poetic And Psychotic - Iraq As Disneyland

Mounting provocations against Venezuela

War in Iran?

Veterans' Benefits "hurtful" to National Security, says Pentagon

Kristol, Krauthammer & the Inauguration Speech

Callling all Furl and Delicious users!

More action alerts against Gonzales and torture.

Powerful activist tool under construction: Your help needed

activism in germany

A Must Read: Seymour Hersh "We've Been Taken Over by a Cult"

Today I phoned the Bakersfield Humane Society...

March 19 Anti-War Action

Does the media ever give links to the original websites that...



Talon News-RW propaganda mouthpiece

Lawmakers to Try Again to Boost Indecency Fines

CNN: Their Website did not cover helicopter crash much.

Why does media ignore deficit growth next 10 yrs for each Bush policy?

Sirius and XM-possible merger ?

Maggie Gallagher: at least Rove got more bang for the buck

When upper 40% own 95.3% of everything, but pay less as tax, is it fair?

Doesn't lowering business tax rates INCREASE *UN*EMPLOYMENT?

CBO issues Medicare warning

Greenspan a Bush yes-man ...

Is it time for an asset tax when top 1% own 38.1% of USA - since income

Should I support the Climate Stewardship Act?

Going beyond Bush

Blair seeks US support on global warming

There's plenty of oil

Nicaraguan leaders try to defuse crisis

Mexico moves to boost China ties

(Republic of) Georgia moves to appease S Ossetia

(Venezuela) PDVSA Seeks to Renegotiate Private Contracts

Can you identify these assault weapons?

Defensive Use of Gun Thread

Man shoots would-be robber; is arrested on gun charges

"2004 Election Results and Discussion" forum name changes...

I suppose this was said in sarcasm

Donations from abroad?

More info on why this thread was locked? Guidance?

4 paragraph rule exception?

A why was my post deleted question

How do I view the updated DU Gallery?

Please lock thread @ enclosed link...

Can someone direct me to a good example of a mission statement?

RW sites making fun of DU poll

Group suggestion: Survivors of Divorce

Why did this get moved to the lounge?

Post re: front page article by Joy-Ann Reid


The time has come again

I have a suggestion for a new forum

I would be interested in 109th Congress forum....

Today's Jewish anti-Semites

Senior Sharon aide Weisglass and senior PA officials meet

Separating `J'lem' from the `West Bank'

Closing Gaza's Already Closed Checkpoints

Jewish settlers attack Palestinian police vehicles

Israeli troops kill 3 yr old Gaza girl

Abbas okays Hamas role in Palestinian leadership

Giving Abbas some space

Who are the 'typical' Arabs?

Israel ready to expel BBC reporter

Hamas man killed in W. Bank; Al-Aqsa threatens to end truce

Israel plans to raze more Gaza homes

Sharon: ‘No one cared’ about Holocaust

What "Peace" Really Means to Israelis

A rebuttal to the video "9/11 - In Plane Site" (Part One)

The use of pepper spray on 9/11 flight - is that new?

Photos of hijackers

IL JAN-26-2005 Attorneys argue over inclusion of serial killer's...

State Journal-Register: Public access programs in trouble

Chicago Sun-Times: Lincoln Park Zoo elephant gets new view

Chicago Tribune: Mayoral races will be a hot ticket for April

Chris Anderson: New technique helps detect toxins in food

Russ Stewart: House of Sutker looks strong in 2005 elections

Durbin Votes NO on Rice

It's true that Chicago only has one Republican alderman, right?

Any Word on AAR Coming Back To the Chicago Area? - I Have An Idea......

Salt Lake Tribune: Balloting backups are sought

Selection 2.004 "outcome" receives no love in Russia

Citizen proof is required to vote


Mitofsky's background and an outrageous endorsement!

How would you explain the vote to the families of the dead on both sides?

Don't forget to chastise Senator Cornyn.

New Hampshire Review looking for essayists for new Journal , Elect 2004 !!

Need a concise title...talking point if you will

VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE Should The Left Ignore The 'Stolen Election'

"New Hampshire Review" Editor in Chief, asks DUers for Essays!!!

Career Military officers oppose a torturer as the American AG

MSNBC poll: If you were an Iraqi, would you risk your life to vote?

Gore won the 2.000 election (info for "fooj")

Meeting set with vote machine company (PA) Litigation?

Paper Ballots and the Disabled

Rep. Pearce Urges N.M. Lawmakers To Agree on Voter ID

E-mail received 1/25 From ABC NIGHTLINE Re: Jan. 19 Ohio Voting Segment

Has anyone read "America's Right Turn?"

Very good Fraud "in a nutshell" article

Now McCain is calling Dems "sore losers"...


Voter Registration Thread on LBN.

NVRI--Still pressing Fed. court for new recount in Ohio..

"I think that democracy is at stake" -- words from a Texas patriot!!

The Nashua Advocate: Investigation Blows Whole "Tiregate" Fiasco Wide Open

My 2004 Election fraud Investigation -more help


Loopholes in voting system a symptom of its openness (??)

The Nashua Advocate: AG Jim Petro, The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Us

Kenneth Blackwell: the most loathsome person in America 2004


Flash of Freedom Poll - Do you agree with Badnarik for recounting Ohio?

"The Democrat's new tone"

"Does America have an apartheid vote-counting system?"

URGENT! Free the Fraud-Buster Four -- LEGAL FUND NEEDS HELP NOW!

Wednesday 1/26/05 Election/Fraud/Recount/Protest Thread

And, it's 1,2,3,,....What Are We Fighting For?

Journal Gazette: Election panel bill tightens GOP reins (IN)

Developing story from Raw Story..Ohio recount and fraud?

Ten Things anti-BBV forces have done without help from the MSM

Boxer/Dems - Condi Rice debate/vote - RIGHT NOW on C-Span2

I was quoted in today's paper!!


Our THANK YOU list. Start licking those stamps, kids!!

If Democratic "leaders" accept electoral fraud...

USCVprogs goes live. Coders, websurfers, spreadsheet jockeys needed.

very interesting question to Tom Hayden by Avram Friedman

Election Reform: A Course of Action w Bev Harris (Cols OH)

Waxman has posted a pdf file "Summaries of State Election Procedures"

Congratulations, Bev Harris. You beat them.

This is what is called a smear campaign

1/26 New Fraud Suit filed in OH: Stickers on ballots!

Seattle Weekly Breaks Washington state voter fraud story

E-mail From John Kerry Today They won't put kids first, but we will!

ALL eight Democrats on the panel voted against the pig, Gonzales:.

I was told this by a Bushie today sneak preview, feedback and submissions needed

Michael Moore wants to hear from us!

13 votes against Rice today, and its meaning for Election Reform

Raw Story headline for a developing story:


Join me! Spread the usage of the correct term: ELECTION FRAUD

Everyone send DIFI this letter BEFORE THE VOTE

State official blasts Shelley hiring practices

Patt Morrison - Sorry Arnold, No Two-Picture Deal

Schwarzenegger, Mehlman go head to head over reform

Group to fight for term limits

(Arnold) Nurse: Can I Have a Socket Wrench

Was the Lynn Woolsey post deleted/moved

Poll: What to do about Feinstein?

'No doubt': Feinstein says she'll run again

Californians--what newspapers do you read AND trust...

Feinstein email - Social Security

Okay, I have to say this

Wow, that commute SUCKED.

I am so damn sick of SNOW!!!!

Letter from Kerry: Make a Difference for Massachusetts


Does anyone listen to Jay Severin - if you can stomach him?

Attend party caucuses 1/29 +/-


The Star Tribune published my letter, print edition.

Email the Star Tribune to reply to this letter.

DFL calls for mass action acgainst *'s SS scheme

Coleman to support Republican plan to curb filibusters

Finally, they have been ordered.

Speakeasy Embraces Firefox

Firewall alerts - some reassurance

Call DeWine today.............................

Can Mike Dewine be defeated in 2006?

Santorum focusing on re-election to Senate, not White House run

Rep.Ron Paul on CSPAN right now

Vo-Heflin hearing Thursday January 27

What's it like living in Houston?

Political Issues for Wisconsin

Madison, Milwaukee, FIB meetup....?

Angry with Feingold

NY Times Comes Out Against Gonzales

Is anyone listening to Byrd now/again?

Boxer on Aaron Brown (CNN) repeat

What would the RWs do if there were no terrorist attacks for say, 5 years?

Boxer Rebellion is spreading. Vote it up and join in.

The Civil Service or the President's Service?

HEY! Take a vacation ... for one minute!

self-delete, wrong forum

Bernie Ward show heating up tonight

UN says world economy could face abrupt, damaging correction

Begging for a favor

A plan to win the white house: 2012

US deaths, Iraq; Every mth of 2nd year worse than same mth in 1st year

Rude Pundit: Don't Fuck With Barbara Boxer

Bush and Putin to Hold 4 Hour Summit in Bratislava (IN A CASTLE!)

Iraqi Women Paying the Price for Their 'Liberation'

Q&A with 'Power of Nightmares' creator Adam Curtis

Wow...CNN's Soledad O'Brien just went off about that song refering..

The USA Has Killed or Captured 15,000 "Insurgents" in 2004!

I wish our first Black, Woman S. of. S. had been someone with a soul.

Ted Turner compaares Fox's popularity to Hitler!

on CNN they're actually debating the political implications

How to get substantive answers from Gonzales & Rice:

Tell Congress what to do about Rice and Gonzales.

The deficit chart has finally been updated. (Graphic)

40 US soldiers dead in Iraq in the past 24 hours.

Blogging No on Gonzales

Mark Dayton: "I really don't like being LIED to!"

Shia and Sunni agree; SUNNI are Iraq's majority

Who was the brave woman who buttonholed Judy WoofWoof?

Officer Threatens To Arrest Woman For Anti-Bush Sticker

Pentagon will probably try to say this was an "accident" so they won't

Love this - Jesus is Great - it's his groupies causing all the trouble!

Doonesbury and Non Sequitur hitting on all cylanders this week (7 toons)

More Pics from Jazz Funeral for Democracy!

Opportunity to support the troops

Al Queda's Economic War Against the United States

What has happened to Imus???

Baboon to take questions from the press at 9 central time

Any links to transcripts of Sen. Mark Dayton's comments yesterday?

Resolved: John Kerry is the greatest candidate for President

Cartoon alternative lifestyles welcome!

Nobody can claim to make SS permanently solvent! He's lying again!

So Bush is taking credit for everything that has happened in the world

Why is Chris Matthews making me puke talking about Marines in Iraq?

I'll bet bush HATES to be portrayed as a monkey

Now here are some contrasts

31 marines killed today?

It's The Disclosure, Stupid (Pundits on the Take/Maggie Gallagher)

Hell, Iraqis "voted" when Saddam was in control!

How Many Times Will We Let Them Cry Wolf? Inaugural Terra Lert Was a Hoax.

A Glimpse at the Unenviable Job of Defending the Indefensible (Condi Rice)

Well, if democracy can't be "instant" why did we remove Saddam instead

The Chimporer** Will Be Holding a Press Conference at 10:00AM

Guardian: Global poverty targeted as World Social Forum gathers in Brazil

McCain, you are damn right the attack against Condi is "bitterness" about

So when is Air America coming to Chicago?

why does he (shrub) keep bringing up "Clinton did it"

Please read: Troops are asking for food

Bush just dodged the question about if he made any mistakes

Two Dead at NJ Chemical Plant Explosion

Is there anybody this idiot isn't looking forward to working with?

Lets not forget about the senate speaking of condi ..

How many American Soldiers have died protecting Oil Pipelines?

CAn someone pls tell me where the list is to contact the media? Tks n/t

"How will you handle those crazy democrats m'lord?"

It's a nice dream but in reality a nightmare ! A rant on some issues

Chimpy as the "Whetherman" --- Mike Thompson toon

'Gonzales repesents our policy of not tolerating torture'

jesus anyone listening to him pimp out Condi n/t

Chile high court speeds up Pinochet rights trials

I want to spend 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008....

So, Bush doesn't have to answer a damn question. He hasn't so far!

So another 'journalist' is a paid bush*/ gop shill.

I have always felt that the Iraqi theater is a part of the war on terror

Shrub Clip on Jimmy Kimmel Last Night

check the c-span3 title for aWol's presstitute conference - Lost in Space!

Co. to Advertise on Neb. Man's Forehead

Andrew Sullivan and Free Republic are featured blogs

FBI Probes Boy Scouts Over 'Phantom' Members In Gay Ban Wake

Lieberman makes me sick. (Condi hearings)

Just rock on you senate dems!

Has anyone seen projections of the size of the Iraqi voter turnout?

No-haggling car prices: are they worth it?

CNN: Most trusted name in disaster porn

no doubt the press corp is nothing more than "cheerleaders for bush"

What if you have a very smart, educated pathological liar/criminal?

Freaky Moonie stuff

36 dead marines TODAY!

Do you REALLY understand the Costs?

Anybody remember Ingrid Betancourt?

How far will the anti-gay thing go?

How many people, that you know personally,have died from drugs or alcohol?

We need to pull out of Iraq.

They continue to blame the CIA, yet Tenet was just awarded the medal of

Shocking NYT Editorial conservatives?

Occupation Watch Bulletin, January 25, 2005

36 Soldiers Died in Iraq - 31 in a helicopter crash / 5 in attacks

new rose colored glasses issued to the press corps

Missouri Senator proposes tax on adult entertainment

Help a Freeper see the waste in Iraq:

Right-Wing response to this?

Unforgivable Blackness

do you believe in ghosts? i wonder if bush does...

Nine good questions for *, from a concerned citizen

DU this poll

Call your Senators' this morning! I've posted the same in GD-Politics

I need a link to a list of US dead in Iraq

The Emerging Democratic Majority....

The GOOD SOCIETY....Builds, Creates, and is Peaceful.....

Four easy ways to take action against Gonzales. NGU

It accured to me that Republicans have to appoint

When and how did the "War on Terror" become the "War on Tyranny"?

cnn calling downing of helicopter a mishap

Senate Vote on Rice

Bush being grilled by the press on CSPAN....

Rummy's secret spies have been & are in US university classrooms

How Newt Left Wife #2...and How Republicans Laugh at the Poor

Leadership and our future, and politicos

Kakistocracy are Us!

W.A. 'Gus' Bootle Dies; Ordered University of Ga. to Desegregate

I think Bush (Hitler Lite) is planning to Cut n Run - whats really going on

Andrew Young just wiped out...

Arizona recruiting volunteer minutemen for border patrol...Enlist?

Are the death of American Soldiers more sad then the Death of Iraqi's?

Just in case you believe Conservatives have any compassion...

Has the passing of Will Pitt's

Shit fire and save the matches

Did anyone see Chimpoleons Press conflab this morning?


OK, so the helicopter downed was on a "routine training" mission for

Terry Moran on ABC News: "Bush is Cheerleader in Chief"

Da Vinci's workshop uncovered

How the U.S. Became the World's Dispensable Nation

"Liberalism is a form of insanity..."

Truth in advertising?

DU and dailykos more organized than freepers -

In a perverse way, Bush is the perfect president

Condi's credentials qualify her to be Secretary of 1965

Surreal Photo of Cheney at Auschwitz Museum in Poland

OMG - Just realized, Condi is only 4 heartbeats away from the Presidency!

First---WMD. Second----Democracy and Freedom!!!

andrew young on cnn says condi just wonderful

Its Late, But I Need Some Advice On Depression

Why is Cheney's upper lip always cocked up? Does Cheney chew tobacco?

Does anyone know the actual question this reporter was trying to ask today

What will be done to counter all the anti gay and anti lesbian news coming

Senate proud of promoting ERRORS!!! People are dying un-necessarily!!

Video/text of the insurgent recruitment ad thing?

anyone notice?

email chain letter asks prayers for soldiers carrying Iraqi ballot boxes

Inaugural music: Decadence, depravity and perversion!

Bush Urges Patience?!!! Urges people to defy the terrorists?!!!

Is Hollywood really "liberal"?

Ryan Dobson's website. He's SUPER STOKED, man!

What the hell does Bush know about defying terrorists?

the man the legend Seymour Hersh ..

latest on the (ex)reporter re: Bush’s 1976 DWI arrest

A Word to the "Jesus" Crowd

Proposed Bush Press Conference Questions

Cakewalk war on course to high rank among major US wars

Italian judge rules sending fighters to Iraq not terrorists but guerrillas

When did the term for being injured become "wounded"?

White House's "Iraq fact of the day"

Inauguration Protests Dubbed Out By TV Networks?

Senator McCain supports torture

bush: Armstrong Williams 'made a mistake' NOT the White House

Any thoughts on this article? Faith based college

Top U.S. General: 15,000 Insurgents Killed or Caught

Hold it! DID Bush express his condolences at the press conference today?

ANOTHER writer PAID to tow Bush line

Stumped Double >>>

US Capitol toll-free phone number?

If Answer is a bunch of commies why don't you talk to them

US troops deaths in Iraq> 1/2 death WTC 9/11

Thanks - Dems et al plus Jeffords - 12 - NOs on Condi for Sec. State.n/t

30 Marines and 1soldier killed and 5 others killed, where is the outrage?

anyone doubt Zarqawi is a Bush propaganda tool?

"37 Troops Killed in Deadliest Day in Iraq" - our beautiful minds!

Just sending out DU symapathies to the families of the 30+ Marines killed

Bobby Jindall - purveyer of buzzword "frivilous lawsuits"

Anyone wanna hear a joke?

gop point man rob portman spouting lies about ss on cnn to woodruff

Bush Asking Iraq To Defy Terrorists And Vote

Okay I Aplogize I just had a thread Pulled

DU bashed in my college newspaper

Here's the DINO's who think KindofSleazy is doing a great job

Neo-Con Torture Rhetoric Alarmingly Mirrors Nazi Counterparts

Thirty Democrats voted for her

I know how the Repubs are going to attack abortion rights

twit paul begalla defending his unbelievable bending over

What happened to CNN? Edit: It was spyware

NO Condi! No Rice!

Virus hooks onto CNN headlines

Iraqis still in the dark over where to vote - or for whom

Do you...

Repub candidate says New York mayor offered him job so he wouldn't run

Privitization is the opposite of democratization.

Time for an update. For all of those of you concerned about the Christian

Why FocusontheFamily attacks easy scapegoats

At last, someone did it!!!! (photo >)

New Education sec'y goes after lesbian rabbits for her first act

The 101 Dumbest Moments in Business

So now Two different agencies have been caught paying 'columnists'

Someone please Photoshop this......

I have a question

OK: Judge Says DOC Will Have To Pay Inmates' Kosher Meals For Now

Do you think Allawi will steal the Iraqi election....

With all the screw ups in Iraq so far.....

Social Security under attack from racist Republicans....

cancel those travel plans

I just saw a foreclosed house with a "Bush/Cheney04" sign in the yard

'Christian' bootcamps aim to cure 'nice guys'

GOP: Unless the Democrats can step up and really oppose a nominee en mass

OK, Is the Iraq election a COMPLETE joke?

Question: Can someone breakdown for me what is the role of Sec. of State?

Where can I download free music?

Phone Senators and ask for a FILIBUSTER. against Alberto Gonzales

Satellite Radio should be a requirement to be a democrat...

This is rich: over 90% would NOT die for Iraq!

Kids Come First Act

Idiot Right Winger says...

Rumsfeld on the tube, talking gibberish right now

How the hell is google's stock worth $187?

Check out Lew Rockwell's site, darn it!

Is it time to shed dollars?

Caption Biden

Canadians pay less tax per person than Americans

Dear George

How many Americans were killed in the Tsunami?

Fresh Olbermann blog today!

for what it's worth: TBR's voice of the white house

Should I believe this?

"China has lost faith in stability of U.S. dollar": top Chinese economist

60M ballots sent to Iraq for 14M voters? How many of them are already

Former WSJ Editor & National Review Editor calls Bushies "BROWNSHIRTS"!

Wicked Social Security phase-out cartoon -- may give Repubs nightmares

can someone clear up F/911 oscar thing for me

Don't miss the Daily Show re-run later tonight (10 CST) Sy Hersh is on

To see what the MSM had to say about Bush NOT expressing condolences

OMG !...dick and lynn at Auschwitz...SMILING....(PHOTO)

Confessions of an Economic Hitman! What a awesome story!

Exploring The Power Of Image

Novak: Dems are "nasty," inauguration protesters are "punks"

36 Americans reported dead in Iraq.... Reminds me to read this again.

Anyone else see Frontline tonight RE: terrorism in Europe

AOL POLL "Bush Holds steadfast on the Bloodiest Day in Iraq"

Prosecutors Drop Charges Vs. Hawk Activist (Paula Zahn Stalking case)

Bush to Blacks: Y'all folks die earlier, let me steal yo' money

Big, Complicated Question

N.C. Senate bans smoking by members in chamber

Email I received from a repuke today:

So I just got pissed....

Hate Rock and intentional recruitment of kids for white supremacist

This day sucked.

So what is the latest on the person who caused the train wreck in CA?

What species is Bay Buchanan?

Is anyone going to watch Katie Couric's lame special tonight?

"Personal Accounts" vs "Mandatory Gambling" = "Privatization"

Dubya for President in 2008?

bush*: "I swear, it really is this big . . ."

Looks like we still don't have al-Sadr's supporters on our side.

Join the new SEIU Wal-mart campaign

Non Sequitur does it again RE: Medal of Freedom.

13 Voted against Incompetence and Lies - Thank You Senators!

Personal Thoughts re: Will Pitt's Speech at PDA

Sweden a torture-state? Credibility-crisis! (front page article (Weiner))

Another way to look at red states vs blue states

CBC's Fifth Estate tonight: "Sticks and Stones" (America's 2nd Civil War)

Are humans still evolving?

Could DU bring Media Whore of the Year back?

Has Bush borrowed a page from Charlie Manson’s manual?

This Morning's Press Conference - The Smirk

Caption this picture of the Chimp:

GOP lobbying group president admits he doesn't believe in Social Security

Have you ever wondered about this? Why do people forward jokes?

"F*CK BUSH" sticker drives cop over edge.

Hummer driver scalds meter maid for writing him a ticket (illegally parked

I highly doubt that bush "weeps and mourns" for anybody

BIG NEWS: Briton's Death Sentence Quashed!

Question on Canadian drugs

My Message to "Boxer's Bunch" who voted against Rice today:

A great quote on conservative historian Victor Davis Hanson

Bush Looked Pleased With Himself At The Press Conference When ...

US Economy-House of Cards-Local currency is legal here's how and why

Feds seize Shaboom Investments - FOB connected to Bush's lawyer

Racist Tsunami Song From NYC Radio Station

I'ts almost spooky that "Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State" is on PBS now.

Best freeper's bumper sticker EVER!

Costco Given Props For Helping In Train Disaster

Would you let your daughter wear this dress to prom?

rummy on Iraq on Cspan from today - Good Lord

Across Baghdad, Security Is Only an Ideal

How many times did * mention Bill Clinton

Last night I saw a clip of "The Passion of Christ"

Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy (from Nat'l Geographic)

KOEB Meeting

With new panic and paranoia, **** admin will give troops dangerous orders

The gay-hating is cranking up... ("Traditional Marriage" plates in VA)

Iran = Nuclear War

Can This White House Memo Be Verified?

Can you register as a democrat in Michigan?

They know it's coming - right wing radio getting nervous

The White Washing of America!!!

anyone know about helicopter crashes?

Mandatory Malloy: HumpDay Truthseeker Meet Up

Progressive Policy Institute

Help needed with some research about the national guard --

What is the price of Gas where you live?

Nuke-Ya-Ler News: all of my photo satires collected in one place...

Pentagon Ban on Filming Coffins Defied

How long can the U.S. continue to live on borrowed money?

Game: Can you spot the smiling murderer?

There is NO "Sunni-Shia divide". It's just BUSHIT propaganda.

West Wing made me want to vote for a Republican tonight.

"Far too many Americans want a King,not a president" Phil Donahue.

Vatican Hails Woman Who Refused Abortion

Joined Netflix.... what to rent?

Has Bush made you less sympathetic to Israel?

Did the Iraqi arrest warrant on Chalabi ever get served, or handed down?

Rather than penalize the senators that voted to confirm Rice,

With no Democrats to blame, are Hate Radio blowhards eating their own?

Good Question: How would you describe the president?

Bushistas: Displaying CULT behavior?

RIce Vote: Wake Up Call to Liberal Democrats...

So the UN is calling for countries to help the US reduce it's deficits?

Awesome Bush Video

"Aren't You Embarrassed?" - My Latest Reply To * Supporters

If you were an Iraqi Citizen, would you vote?

Show them we care...

The New Bush Doctrine, by George Soros

Hitler Used Christianity to further his agenda--Sound familiar?

Are we TRULY Powerless to stop president cheney & his monkey?

How does Bush get away all this crap?

Armstrong Williams, Maggie Gallagher, O-U-T The GOP WHORES!

PHOTOS: Seniors have "faulty memories"! Hahahahahahaha!

Lets All Write Randi Rhodes about Obama

They had thirty day free trial of Fox News up here.

Postcards from Buster.

So, why don't YOU run for President?

Outrage over "The Passion" being snubbed at the Oscars!

Train Wreck

E-mail from decent Mepublican colleague. How to respond?

America's Puppet Regime Returns to Torture-Filling Saddam's Shoes

What are you going to do ? Start planning NOW for MARCH 19 ANTI-WAR

Jury duty sucks

The irony of the rat race explained...

Graph shows anywhere from 1 to 4 trillion dollar deficit by 2015


Caption This Image of The Chief Chimp

Social Security Debate: Why doesn't Bush mention WHY Blacks die sooner?

Fox Weather Men have meltdowns - VIDEO

DU is on par with Aryan Nation?

Am I the only person here that doesn't think outsourcing is evil?

Hawai'ian Independence

Do you buy the "pick your battle" argument?

Fun With The Heritage Foundation Social Security Calculator

Freeper Repulsive wants us in concentration camps...

Joke at inaugural ball: "We won the war on Poverty - the Poor lost!"

What is happening with Democrats and people of color?

Did your Democratic Senator vote for Condi Rice?

Phone your Senators to filibuster against Alberto Gonzales,

I was watching this hunting show and I am really disturbed

Now these are real Democrats

Seymour Hersh: "We've Been Taken Over by a Cult" - Must see video

Fox News, Now With Teletype Sound Effects, For That Real News Sound!

Did you participate in "Not One Damn Dime Day" on January 20th?

Bushitler ran for Congress 1978 declared Soc. Sec. Bust in 1988

Anyone else watching Katie Couric's special-The 411: Teens & Sex?

What's the real motivation here?

the United Church of Christ welcomes SpongeBob

China says US dollar is 'no longer a stable currency'

"The Face of Freedom and Liberty" (photo from Inauguration)

RNC seeks $$ to push agenda "past liberal media filter" LMAO!

Aussie Press: Bush the dumbest, nastiest President since Harding

The Truth about health care in Canada (by request)

Seymour Hersh: All of Iraq is now a free fire zone...

Are women not really people but only walking wombs?

The Death Spiral Of America and Humanity

A bite of perspective.

Favorite Fruit

Should the U$ dollar collapse

Hello Toronto DUers!

Following the Nuclear Decommissioning Money Trail

City to decide on red light zone

Guardian; "Clarke backs down on detainees"

EU referendum question revealed

Republican Mayoral Candidate Says Bloomberg Offered Him Job to Keep Out of

Congo Interior Minister Denies Rumor President Joseph Kabila Was Shot

Ethiopia Begins Giving Free HIV Brand-Name Drugs

Protection Against Missiles Called Too Costly for Airlines

Pro-Government Wins Majority in Maldives

Dollar Loses New York Gains in Asian Trading

Yushchenko Seeks EU Membership for Ukraine

City waits for word on runway (Bush visit damage)

Sick nuclear workers to get claims help at meetings



U.S. Freezes Assets of Syrian Said to Finance Iraq Insurgents

Fight Over Gold Industry Consolidation Moves to Texas

China's Leaders Order Communist Party to Take Stronger Role in Business

Two Station Astronauts Take Spacewalk to Install Mini Robotic Arm,

White House: Deficit Will Hit Record $427B

Italian Court Acquits Three of International Terrorism Charges

Another Columnist was Paid to Promote Bush Proposal

Republican candidate says New York mayor offered him job to keep out of ra

ABC News radio: 17 Marines killed in Iraq helicoper crash

Army National Guard, Reserves dwindling

US women get closer to combat

Bush and Putin to Hold 4 Hour Summit in Bratislava (IN A CASTLE!)

(Indiana) Depot workers find 20 gallons of VX

Study: Minorities, Women Not Getting Fair Share of New York Contracts

Appeals Court Reinstates Lawsuit Blaming McDonald's for Making People Fat

31 Dead in Helicopter Crash

U.S. tab for war closes in on $300B

British soldiers 'ordered to give Iraqis a good kicking'

Torture Still Routine in Iraqi Jails, Report Says

Car Bomb Near U.S. Convoy on Baghdad Airport Road

Writer Backing Bush Plan Had Gotten Federal Contract

Court Reinstates McDonald's Obesity Suit

Nat'l Guard truckers get ground-combat training for Iraq convoy defense

Pentagon Clarifying Secret Military Powers

9 more dead today in Kirkuk

Thirteen Fort Carson soldiers accused of robbing Iraqi civilians

Canada steps in to defend BlackBerry

Another Journalist is Exposed

Safety Whistleblower Recommended for Cash Bonus, Then Fired

NYT Iraqis Abroad Seem Reluctant to Vote......

Poll: Confidence in Iraq's Future Slips

da Vinci's workshop uncovered

FBI rules out Boston terror threat

Car bomb injures Australian troops

Abortion Rights Group Urges Supporters to Seek Chastity Belts

Guantanamo four 'need treatment'

U.S. Approves Foreign AIDS Drug For First Time

Soldiers Not Held Accountable for Abuse - ACLU press release

Train collision in California - fatalities/injuries.

Columnist paid to promote Bush policy

National Guard Wants To Offer $15,000 Signing Bonuses (up from $50)

One 1st Infantry Division Soldier Killed, Two Wounded in RPG Attack

Media in Iraq cooped up by danger (And by US "minders")

Poll: Confidence in Iraq's future slips

Senator proposes Missouri tax on adult entertainment

San Francisco mulls fee on grocery bags

PBS Bashed For Lesbian Cartoon

Iraqi Insurgents Attack Polling Stations

Springer, Others Helping Establish Liberal Talk Radio Alternative

I think Bush (Hitler Lite) is planning to Cut n Run - whats really going on

BOXER speaking about RICE on Senate floor

CEOs, Politicians Gather in Switzerland for World Economic Forum

Massive supremacist investigation started with Menifee man (CA)

Sad day in Iraq today

G.O.P. Will Ask Giuliani to Challenge Mrs. Clinton

Broken Pipeline Leaks Oil Into Kentucky River

Iran rejects Israeli nuke accusations

KNIGHT Initiative to fund `hyperlocal' news sites

G.O.P. Will Ask Giuliani to Challenge Mrs. Clinton

Bush Urges Patience As U.S. Toll Grows

Australian priests urge Vatican to end celibacy

Commuter train derails in Glendale; killing nine and injuring hundreds

Israeli troops kill 3 yr old Gaza girl

BBC: Arab press pessimism over Iraq elections

Another Pundit On Bush Payroll

Report: Shelley Accused Of Harassment

Turkish army warns Iraqi Kurds, US over Kirkuk

Iran warns of "astonishing" retaliation if attacked

Global net force to hunt child abusers

Columnist was paid to back Bush on marriage

Senate panel OKs Gonzales on 10-8 vote

Reporter Testifies In Judge's Libel Suit Against Boston Herald

US banks fined $80m for 'laddering'

Meehan pullout plan comes under attack

Cato Institute: Workingwomen Will Benefit from Social Security Reform

31 Killed in Marine Chopper Crash in Iraq

Pinellas Schools Bar Suicide Test For Teenagers (Florida)

Dallas to settle at least four lawsuits in scandal


Anti-Gay Marriage Bills Move Forward In New Mexico & Virginia

Elections won't stem violence in Iraq, analysts say

Anger over Iraqi war dead on Internet (pix taken by US soldiers)

Blair: U.S. Needs to Integrate With World

Libyan leader calls for release of U.S. hostage in Baghdad

Anger over Iraqi war dead on Internet

Anti-Gay Marriage Bills Move Forward In New Mexico & Virginia

After tsunami, schools reopen to hope and loss

Students Arrested Over 'Violent' Stick Figure Drawings (felony charges)

Architect Philip Johnson Dies at Age 98

Truck bomb kills 15 in Iraq

Rap Mogul, Drug Kingpin Surrender to Feds

GOOGLY EYES (Snooping features at Google)-Let's complain!

Saudi Suicide Bomber Claims Zarqawi was Captured, Then Released

Bush warns Iran on Arab TV

Jury Finds FBI Agents Framed Former Cop

N.J. Governor Confronts DJ Over Comments

OK: Judge Says DOC Will Have To Pay Inmates' Kosher Meals For Now

Microsoft to Launch Anti-Piracy Initiative

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 26 January

Warning an IED was Placed here to Kill Travelers and Voters

Commuter train derails in Glendale (killing 4)

Cheney Calls New Ukraine President Ally

Bush Press Conference - 10 a.m.(Discuss freedom)

Bush admits heavy casualties in Iraq are depressing Americans

Colorado Gay Bill Advances

Britain Plans Broader Terror Surveillance

Sen. Stevens Sells Property Amid Scrutiny

Bush Tells Iran to Stay out of Iraqi Elections (Interview on Arab TV)

Feingold's comments, in voting against Gonzales

Prosecutors Drop Charges Vs. Hawk Activist (Paula Zahn Stalking case)

Judge Bars Terror Evidence Against Sheik

Costco Given Props For Helping In Train Disaster

XM and Sirius to merge?

UN Mediator to Leave Colombia After Failed Talks

Two Boys Arrested For Violent Stick Figure Drawings

Soldier Detained for Making Bomb Threat Against Unit

Test-Prep Firms Bribing Students Just To Show Up

Six Election Workers Shot in Mosul

Three US hostages held in Iraq: officials (More are unaccounted for)

Activist threatens 'siege' of Bush ranch

Guardian Utd (Thursday): Freed Britons sent home

NYT: Communicator in Chief Keeps the Focus Positive in Iraq

Gunman shoots three Jeep plant workers, then kills self

China replaces United States as Japan's top trade partner

WP: Bush Caught Off-Guard by Case of Jailed Jordanian

WP: Limits May Be Imposed on Honor Medals

AP: GOP: Felons, Dead People Voted in Wash.

UN backs Arab report despite US objections

"Federal Propaganda Prohibition Act" intro'd by Pelosi

Clinton, Elder Bush to Attend Super Bowl

Warehouse fire forces evacuation of Grandview schools, homes

Top Iraqi candidates won't press for withdrawal of U.S. troops

AP: Colo. Mortuary Apologizes Over Fetuses

Scion of traitors and warlords: why Bush is coy about his Irish links

USAF playing cat and mouse game over Iran

Breaking: Radioactive Leak Reported In West Palm Beach

Sheriff Removes Gay Hate Remarks From County Website

U.S. pharmaceuticals raising prices

Habib 'tortured with prostitute'

High levels of hazardous materials found in building next to trade center

Only one in four will cast vote, Iraqi minister warns

Tide may turn in lawsuits against hospitals over fees

Disgusted Over Bush's Dismissal of Patients' Needs, Injured Ohio Patient D

RNC Seeks Donations to Push Bush Agenda

Man presses FBI agent for more details on mother's death in 9/11

UK release the Gitmo Four

British Guantanamo four 'need treatment'

Senate Panel Approves Attorney General Nominee [10-8]

Choose Death? 'SC' Lawmakers Propose Alternatives to 'Choose Life' Plates.

Top U.S. General: 15,000 Insurgents Killed or Caught

AP: Man Accused of Nazi Ties Loses Citizenship

Working Conditions at 3 Meat Processin Plants Violate Human Rights

New business tax will help pay for schools (Texas)

Meek wants Haiti to let its overseas citizens vote

US undersecretary Douglas Feith to resign

Task force Baghdad soldier killed by IED #1418

Two Florida Boys Charged With a Felony for Violent Stick Figure Drawings

AT&T Approves $1.97 Million Bonus for CEO

Justice Department Opts Not to Defend Law Limiting Pro-Marijuana Ads

Bush says Social Security shortchanges black seniors

Inaugural run-in for Reid aide (arrested) -The Hill

Meth Epidemic Prompting Lawmakers to Restrict Sales of Cold Medicines

Confidence in Iraq's Future Slips ( Bush's base)

Bush Orders an End to Hiring Columnists

Bush Urges Iraqis to Vote, Defy Terrorists (from Press Conf.)

Russia faces population crisis as death rate soars

[Evan] Bayh Says He Won't Support [Rice] for Secretary of State

U.S. Senate Confirms Rice as Secretary of State

RNC Seeks Donations to Push Bush Agenda (Guardian)

Deadliest day for U.S. in Iraq war

Fieth resigns from Pentagon today

Amendment to Allow Schwarzenegger to Run for President Gains Momentum

Cheney remembers Holocaust; works to keep Polish troops in Iraq

Bush Asks Patience From U.S. on Iraq War

U.S. military too eager to help Iraqis vote -UN

FBI Special Agent: Some Trained 'Jihadists' Are In Oregon

Marine 'Stallion' Copter Requires Care

Riggs Bank may plead guilty to crime

Schwarzenegger strengthens calls for special election

President says, 'I firmly planted the flag of liberty'

Bush Says Won't Pay Commentators to Promote Agenda

U.S. Marine helicopter crashes in Iraq

Bush Air Pollution Stalls in Committee

Ex-CIA analyst criticizes Iraq war

Study finds Earth temperature 'skyrocketing'

Low score for US in environmental sustainability rating

Groups Call for Hearings on the Justice Dept’s Handling of Sibel Edmonds

Ten Commandments Monument In Tatum (Alabama 'Monument' on tour)

Rice wins Senate confirmation to be secretary of state (85-13)

China has lost faith in the stability of the U.S. $ (AP - Davos Swtiz)

Scion of traitors and warlords: why Bush is coy about his Irish links

Turner introduces bill to ban 'credit scoring'

Iran rejects Mossad nuclear claim

Economists warn on US debt crisis

Arizona first state to require citizenship proof to vote

Radio station pulls show over tsunami slur

USA Today: Strom Thurmond's biracial daughter sheds life of secrecy

Official Criticizes a PBS Cartoon (White House Doesn't Like Lesbians)

Rapping Cat............

Were you one of those.. aw damn i can't think of any more rhymes.. people

Apple releases patch for Mac OS X

I am feeling snarky, ask me anything

What's wrong with this description of a flasher?

What's the deal with Andy Dick?

A baldness question for REAL men:

Anyone know of any real ghost towns?

Were you one of those "we're so fucked" people?

Colonel Klink and Colonel Blake

What's the deal with handy sticks?

I'm going to bed!

Was Ed McMahon really that good?

Ken Mehlman

The Islanders Suck

Are you one of those "shut the fuck up" people?

Were you one of those "Disco Ducks" people?

Was Bob Dylan really that good?

Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show quote

It's D-A-L-E-K. Not D-A-R-L-E-K.

Bob Dylan Singalong!!

Were you one of those "Yankees Suck" people?

Was I really that good last night?

Was Ashlee Simpson really that good?

Ok I no longer give up on baseball for the season anymore

Captain Kirk or Captain Picard: who's the better captain?

Question for Pilots / Airline Flight Attendants : Would using a favorite

Anyone here enjoy the Ulitimate Fighting Championships?

Nathan Lane

Is the "OK, the fun's over" topic really that good? n/t


Bush is getting Lynndied

If Life were Like Murphy Brown who would you be?

Did Everyone See The F-9/11 Razzie Nominations?

Busted flat in Baton Rouge, waitin' for a train

Is evaluating stuff really that good?

There's a kiss at the end of the rainbow.More precious than a pot of gold.

On judgment day


I only reply to posts in GD, am I crazy?

How about a White Sox - Cubs World Series?

I dare someone to post this in GD

Were you one of those "Marlins suck" people?

Post a statement which will get you quoted in FreeRepublic:

Happy AUSTRALIA day!!!!

It's official! I mentioned DU in a paper i'm writing!

Hey, "absolutezero"...

Well, it finally happened!

You talkin' 'bout things and nobody cares.

Robert Redford calls * a "barking dog" hee hee

i dare someone to post this in GD:

Shoplifters of the World, Unite and Take Over!....singalong!


Best feeling in the world....You're in GD or GD politcs and some asshat

When will the fundies rant about "Carnivale"?

Girlfreind in a Coma..... singalong!

"Do you often see your father?"

Resolved: Dennis Kucinich was the greatest

Contemplate the Profundity of DEVO....GATES OF STEEL

When I think of all the good times that I've wasted - having good times

KOEB gals can you come out tonight and dance by the silvery moon?

The monks were the best band ever

Hillary Swank is cool

Which Alison Stewart?

Fuck Bush.

Before and after airbrusing of non-bikini model (Part II)

$24k Spent To Prosecute Woman For Eating An Apple While Driving

Some wingers tried to get Bob Dylan to play at Bush's inaugural.

World of stats

300 Pound Deer Attacks 84 Year Old In His Home

Exercise - Heart Rate - Lightheadedness question

Oil Wrestling At Frat House Gets Students In Trouble

What should I do about the nutjobs at my school

Is it possible to add a picture here from Ofoto?

Opening book scenarios you hope would hook the reader revisited

Man Takes Out Full Page Newspaper Ad Asking Wife To Come Back - Cost $17k

I'm out of the 700 club!

Does your pet meditate with you?

Was Janis Joplin really that good last night in Moma Cass's ham sandwich?

Do any of you spend any time in or around Mt. Vernon, Maine?

Maybe a mass mailing of history books to Oreilly?

It could be that the Christ-beating movie SUCKED you know.

Was Janis Joplin really that good?

I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's...

Katie Couric:"Did 'The Passion' get snubbed and how did that happen?"

Ted Turner challenged Murdoch to boxing match

Town To Celebrate "Groundhawg" Day With Pot-Bellied Pig

High School Senior Put A Sheep's Brain In School Salad Dressing - Charged

You DO NOT OWN your cats and dogs!

McDonalds got snubbed! I mean, they sell the most hamburgers

Deadwood anxiously awaiting new shows in March

wiLL somebuddy pLease

Lock it, delete it, do what you have to do but this is funny

Mensa members playing with the dictionary.....

Profoundities to make your morning ;D

Poor Leann Rimes... Making Up Words And Changing Lyrics As She Goes Along

Cannabis gran's literary ambition

I'm listening to Mr. Mister's unreleased 3rd album. Ask me anything!

Google doesn't block Nazi sites.

Were you one of those "Letsgo Bucs" people?

Shit-for-Brains is giving a press conference right now.

WordPerfect or MSWord?

Coroner Studying Body In Morgue Realizes 'Corpse' Is Alive

I just bought a new car and named it Blue.

I prefer Hilary Duff over the obtuse ramblings of Lou Reed

I find the music of Julian Cope to be odd and confusing.

how many "group" boards do we need here?

School Principal Offered 14 Year Old Boy Money To Take Off His Clothes

Unproportional Cat?

Check out my George & Soc. Sec. reform cartoon.

Girl Survives Being Impaled By Metal Rod While Sledding

The "This Photo-Op Shows I'm a Uniter-Not-a-Divider...Right?" CAPTION

Add 36 to the blood on asshole's hands

Whoo hoo, my hometown makes news again.

Anyone been to me?

Ordering via paypal:

For those WHINING about how cold their house was

We rock. Here's proof:

Would you pick Netflix or Blockbuster's mail-order video rentals...

I am selling 18 truckers on ebay.

How's my day, you ask?

22 Foot Tall Stack Of Beer Pallets - Deemed Art - Might Be Torn Down

Fools at school *rant*

Musical flame war thread!

John Leguizamo on The Daily Show tonight

I ain't talkin' 'bout love.

Here's the most eloquent argument against Nuclear Weapons I've read.

Two Lovelies.

Extreme Beer Fest -Boston, Mass

Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State tonight at 9 on PBS.

Ok, this is sad...Smirk is back to dying his hair

If I cared about my health

Budweiser Adds Herbs, Caffeine To Beer

If I cared about my wealth

Are there any quiet, fun online games?

My office chair sounds extraordinarily like Chewbacca.

If I cared about my stealth

If I cared about my Guelph.....

Would you date any of these people?

For Reptile Fans - Why Gators are so damn stupid...

Know anything about the "psychedelic rock resurgence?"

Best "Cold War Paranoia" movie

Thank you everyone...(no need to reply)

If I cared about my health

Debbie Gibson to pose nude for Playboy

Children still traumatized by Jackson's breast. (Onion)

So. Filed your taxes yet?

What do you get when you cross an octopus with a cow?

Some enterprising photoshopper needs to do something with

Father Arrested For Using Stun Gun On Son

I need some feedback and I don't think belongs in GD, help please.

Get out of my dreams. Get into my car.

Why the ignited intercourse would China ban FIFA SOCCER 2005?

Guns Before Butter


shhhhhhushhhh....don't tell anyone, I'm posting at work

_hy are teenagers trying to look like Paris Hilton???

hey, i'm scrumptious

Calvin & Hobbes comes to life:

I tiny problem with Firefox. Help!

Hey, I'm presumptuous

I'm superfluous.

Florida Judge Orders Unruly Defendant's Mouth Taped Shut

WOOWOO the "I'm a choo choo train" of CAPTIONs

I can't handle Bjork's voice. Does that make me a bad person?

Harrumph! The songbirds are killing all my worms!

A casino called "Morongo"?

Vermont Lawmaker Says If Your Old Enough To Vote, Your Old Enough To Drink

I Just Saw the Movie "Silver City"

I'm 60 posts away from 4,000. Ask me anything!

CT DUers - why does our snow removal suck compared to Mass?

Molybdenum vs Ununpentium

a question about bar slang and something that sounds lewd

Entertainment Experts: The Triangulation Theory

So who is going to look better in this Bunny Suit?

The "Official Greeter at the Grand Re-Opening" CAPTION

Is anybody else sinister?

I lived life as a cartoon character last week

Before and After Airbrushing of Bikini Model Pic

Did anyone see the 'alleged' pro-gay video with Sponge Bob?.....

I'm Sick - and It's BUSH'S FAULT!!!!!

I got an invitation to "A Very Special Evening with John Edwards"

Mozilla Thunderbird? Anybody know anything?

Has anyone ever made their own laundry detergent?

Chimps have 'sense of fair play'

LADIES!! and GENTLEMEN!! it is time once again for................

anyone else have the eggstractor?

I am Madonna Paul...

Bush borrows a page from the RONCO playbook

"First Lady" charged with DUI!!!

Name the Liberal Celeb you LOVE TO HATE

I'm about to go play dress up! What should I be?

Tuna Fish?

Late night infomercial products that live up to expectations:

Who would win in a swashbuckling swordfight?

No-haggling car prices: are they worth it?

do you root for bad things

Rich Dork


I HAVE RETURNED......quasi.

Hey, I'm supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

To our members and friends "down under"- Happy Australia Day!

Geoffery Holder

Is it true * has an IQ of 91?

LOTR Humor!


Great soundtrack...


Can you say New Coke?

Fans Rage as U2 Ticket Sale Site Falls Over

hotdogs and beans for dinner!!!

Ok, name some John Denver songs you LIKE.

Okay I Aplogize I just had a thread Pulled

Something to share.....

George W. Scharzenbush

Don't Go!

So who does Number Two REALLY work for?

I need to turn the lights on

Put on your monkey suit and CAPTION

Hey, I'm disruptive

How long does it take for a letter to get to Taipei

Hey, I'm dyspeptic!

Is Disney/Pixar going to re-release the Toy Story movies soon?

Anybody here ever been to Lake Shelbyville?

I'm suffering withdrawl from DU!

My grandmother passed tonight

Why do some people spell "back" as "baaaaaack"?

I swear...I didn't know the "t" in "often" is silent.

Sock puppetry?

I saw a bumper sticker today that made me smile...

Was Oasis more popular the Wesley Clark during the 90's?

I have half an hour to kill before I can leave work, ask me anything

When someone says "cold enough for ya?", "hot enough for ya?",

Was Onassis More Popular Than Weevils?

Look at all the copycat Oasis threads!

So, what's earworming you today?

I now have more RAM

Anyone here been to Lake George

Man who caused L.A. train crash to be charged with murder.

Just when I thought I'd gotten rid of the pants

Random slogan generator

Masters of War

So how many people here have facial hair?

I have 3 g-mail invites if someone wants one - please

Goodnight, beloved friends.

Just when I thought I'd gotten rid of the ants...

Should I worry re: identity/credit issues?

Caption this!

Were you one of those "Disco Duck" people?

Where can I download free music?

What music is he dancing to?

dupe dupe dupe dupe dupe dupe dupe

I Couldn't Believe It - YOU CAN BUY POT ON-LINE!!!

Dumbest Poll Ever! Wang Chung vs. Spandau Ballet

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight

It's raining, it's pouring and the old man is snoring

Asteroid named after ‘Hitchhiker’ humorist

AARRGGHH! I was nice to a Repug by mistake!

Looks like I'm about to get into a media war

i know what boys Like

Was Grand Funk Railroad better than the Beatles?

Caption the oddest ad ever seen on yahoo...

Describe your shower

Describe your williwacks.

I'm Edward Van Halen. Ask me anything.

Does Living In Chilliwack Scare You?

6 weeks since i've stopped eating fastfood

LP's Last Bored at Work: ASK Me Anything Thread....

Reminder: Daily Show replay with Sy Hersh at 7pm est

Does your car have a virus?

Very Effective Singles Ad

Now let us recall Chilliwack

Mocking the Beatles is fun + makes you a rebel against the "establishment"

Describe The Stuff Growing On Your Shower Curtain.

I love facebook!

While we are asking for help with the household

KMOV channel 4 in St Louis doing a report on a Hardees

Is J-ello more popular than pudding?

Ugh, I owe some good fortune to Wal-mart

Need some recommendations for quality, relatively inexpensive headphones

Does living in the williwacks scare you?

Favorite Oingo Boingo album (studio)?

Is LOST on tonight and is it a rerun?

Halp! Household repair question

When Did You Fall in Love with............. ME?

Anybody have a Zen Micro?

Free pizza!

The Beast 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2004

Oh Dear God, NO...former Pop Diva Debbie Gibson is gonna do Playboy.

I am Archie Bunker, ask my anything

I am Simba the Cat. Ask me anything or get bitten!

My mailman thinks i'm a commie

Today I have participated in two threads that are no longer there

Oh! I say mama. A little ain't enough for me. No it ain't baby!

Could you live without a computer?

Did Vanilla Ice really suck shit through a rag?

Do you have any "ex-wives tales"?

The people at this website will personally answer your e-mail

Help me out with a response to an A-hole, please....

Bounce Out.


I have invited a long time friend here. Please welcome "K Law"

The Spin Doctors are the best Rock band ever. Discuss

who's ready for "Lost"?

For all of you walking in ice and snow . . . do you know about

When did you fall in love with Japanese culture?

Name the Conservative Celeb that You HATE to LOVE

I am not the best rock band ever. Discuss.

Gratuitous Chicken thread

Paula Zahn just played an old Edward R. Murrow tape

When did you fall in love with....the one you're in love with?

It's early 1976, and Sweet is on the jukebox

edgars: the friendly facist

I miss the weekly Plaid Adder

King's Hawaiian Bread. MMMMM...

Hey, has anyone talked to Momma Kef lately? How's she doing?

I have decided I want to be rich - CAN YOU HELP????

I am seeing Jimmy Cliff next month...Who wants to touch me?

Peng! (Stereolab)

The Banana Splits are the best Rock band ever. Discuss.

Is my conservative blog liberal enough?

Can someone tell how to find out how much of a memory upgrade I can do ...

Police Bust Drunk Driver Twice In One Night - Drove Back To Police Station

Dishwalla is the greatest Rock band ever. Discuss.

Toad the Wet Sprocket are the best Rock band ever. Discuss.

Man or Beast

Um--Did anyone see Howard Stern tonight? WTF is up w/Chyna?

Triple Dip Banana Split, or Nine Inch Nails in your eyes?

Clint Eastwood's "Million Dollar Baby" (promise not to spoil it)

When did Evil Knievel jump the shark?

When did the shark jump the beetle?

When did the Quint jump the shark?

Do you know any "old wives tales"?

Anyone else creeped out by how popular Michael Jackson used to be?

When did the Beatles jump the shark?

Hubert Sumlin or Muddy Waters?

Enough with the movie remakes already.

Is it just me or are Advil really delicious?

I want you to recommend home recording software to me.


Anyone seen Bright Eyes before Conor Oberst became a

Will Smith is the best rapper on earth... post

I just saw 'Million Dollar Baby' - OMG, awesome movie!!!

Applebee's yeehaw 'Pick-up man' jingle.....

PC Humor

I had a pretty good day today.

Is Short Bus at the Duke game tonight

When did Fonzie jump the shark?


Need a laugh? Visit my page of satire photos....

U2 Fans...Question

What is a rupturing Appendix supposed to feel like?

Jury duty sucks

Poetry corner.....from "Snow" -- Robert Frost

Computer Gamers: Do you play characters that are opposite gender to you?

Did anyone here get to see The Jeffersons in the seventies?

Hey, I'm pretentious

Did anyone here get to see the Jetsons in the seventies?

Peach buffalo in squirming tub visiting hollow beverage.

I have all natural home-made face mask on. Ask me anything.

what is the best product to remove pet odors?

This can only be in the lounge. Too fukin' funny:

Baby I’m yours

Would you rather go to the Taverner the dance club? nt

What is a Rapturing appendix supposed to feel like?

It ain't easy being a nipple

Is there no better example of poetic justice than a cat taken away

Did anyone here get to see the Jets in the 80s?

EGAD!!! 6 months from today!!!

Anyone else creeped out by how popular REO Speedwagon used to be?

If you have Adobe Premiere Elements.. please post

DId anyone here get to see The Jefferson Memorial in the 80's?

Winter Weather Rants...Post them here!

It ain't easy being a pickle

Jeff, it's Prince man, Jeff, wake up Jeff, wake up!

It ain't easy being a nickle (sic)

I feel love

It's So Easy

So, I found this old photo of Barbara Bush....

What bumper stickers are on your car?

MST3K and talk radio...

Tonite, I will post as JimmyJazz and be extra nice to everyone....

Describe your shower curtain.

My dog just got sprayed by a skunk

Anyone seen this? ("Bill Clinton"'s blog?)

It just ain't easy

I just watched "The Kumars @ No. 42" on is a very

Sex, Church and Pancakes

Where can I find video of Bush's press conference from today?

I want to thank every one who help me Monday night with my Teen

What DVDs have you purchased recently?

I'm sick, bored and only 30 posts from 1000, ask me anything.

Suddenly, my daughter was run over by a truck

Mmmmm... Prusser's British Navy Rum and Hi-C.

Here is an idea

Installing Java

The French woman on "Lost" used to play D'len on Babylon 5?

Does Mac Davis need a firewall?

The only thing greater than disco is country.

Did anyone here get to see Jefferson Airplane in the sixties?

Did you just see the Daily Show with Bitch McConnell?

How does one search the Lounge Archives?

how old were you when you had your first diss?

"We Can Be Together" Jefferson Airplane

Jewish jokes: Funny? Or not?

You don't know me, so of course you don't know if you like me...

You Are Not Prepared For ---- "KING KONG" Coming In December!!!!

How many pages is the current book you're reading?


Bunny Suicides

Good Dubya Joke

What music have you listened to lately?


Yah! The DU Gallery is back up again!

Its official, my family is dysfunctional

I just ate my first Boca burger

Does a Mac need a firewall?

What's the key ingredient to more buoyant threads?

is Salma Hayek more popular than j-lo?

got christian stickers?

It ain't easy being a ninja

do the Yankees suck?

HTML help? How can I put a box around text like

How do you know that your job sucks?

What's your guilty pleasure?

pet peeve: people who walk in the middle of the lane in parking lots

Disco Sucked.

What are you listening to right now?

I walked out of "Igby Goes Down"...

how many conservative friends do you have?

Tom Brady sues General Motors

Pity party for Finnfan


Heard on CNN during inaug: "Fuck Bush" gotta love this clip here

Seems As Though Temple B'Ball Coach Chaney Went on ANTI-Bush RANT

Best Curb Your Enthusiasm Episode

Hummer driver scalds meter maid for writing him a ticket (illegally parked

I like the Beatles. A lot. What's it to ya, punk?

Why do so many people spell "Lose" as "Loose"!?

I have to fire someone today. I've never done it before, the hard part

Non-PC humor

Is Britney Spears more popular than the Beatles in the '00s?

CAPTION whistle a**

I'm a bad Mama-Jamma. Tell me who you want jacked.

Does anybody need a Secretary?

I'm really really freaked out about something right now!!!

I am sorry that I posted the Oasis versus Beatles thread.

Anyone heard the newest Beck album?

Can you dig it? So sayeth Crunk!

question for the long-haired guys

Tonight I did not watch "West Wing" for the first time in 4 years

Best Name of a Band You've Been In

guess what! 12% of HS kids are having Oral Sex!

OKay DUERS whats the word on the draft

Was Oasis more popular than the Beatles during the 90s?

Is anyone better than the Beatles?

Okay, Loungers...hump day is over. Whatcha drinking?

If you think America's preoccupation with pop culture is a new thing,

Were you one of those "Disco Duck" people

Grammatical Gripe

Do you keep any secrets from your spouse/SO?

The 50 Most Loathsome People of 2005

The Wit and Wisdom of Archie Bunker

Name the Conservative Celeb. that you LOVE to HATE!

how old were you when you had your first kiss?

***Spoiler alert*** Limbaugh and Medved blast Eastwood film

I'll be - there ARE Dems in Texas!

A-Schwarzenegger was the winner of the FUNNIEST POST EVER

Would you let your daughter wear this dress to prom?

cats ready to hunt for songbirds

Greatest British Sitcom.

1/28/05 marks 19 years since the Challenger disaster...

Use a DU username in a sentence

Musk Ox Update.

Concerning Gay Marriage and the teaching that same sex unions are *wrong*

Humanity survives death of the universe - with GOD?

NYT: Shroud of Turin: Old as Jesus?

Unborn Victims of Violence Act passes Senate/House -Abortion=murder?

biologists criticize compromise plan for stem cells use

Kerry proposes health coverage for all children

Woman on CNN, wife of senator of N.J. had postpartum depression....

SpongeBob and Friends: Splendor in the Kelp -Marine Sex upsets RW

The case of the disappeared ice cubes

Can humanity survive the death of the universe?

Study finds Earth temperature 'skyrocketing'

Meteorite hits Cambodia, sparks fires.......omen of peace?

New prehistoric rock carvings discovered in Northern England

Researchers Construct Tiny, Floating 'Eyeballs,' On Microchip

Newfound Star Sparks Brown-Dwarf Debate

Gilgamesh Tomb Believed Found in Iraq (archaeology)

Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy

Nearly Half Of All Americans Covered Gay Rights Laws Study Shows

Spain Tells Pope To Stay Out Of Gay Marriage Debate

MP asked aide 'to dig dirt on gay Tory rival'

Is the (DU HomePg) Spongebob article by Joy-Ann Reid supposed to be funny?

Question about some GLBT movies

Anti-gay Baptist Fred Phelps to protest against anti-gay Catholics

Biology book says homosexuality is natural - many biologists covered it up

Yo Superbowl bettors!

What's that Super smell? It's Jacksonville

Yo Eagles fans!

That First Baseman For The Red Sox, The One With The Series Clinching Ball

NJ construction manager signed by Eagles for the Super Bowl

why does baseball have a 160+ game regular season?

Proposed Statewide Pit Bull Ban In Georgia

New kitty pics of Boots!

Sassy Girl's a boy.

Marriage and Divorce of Astronomy and Astrology...a history lesson.

Astrologically, when is the best time to begin a weight loss program?

Has anyone else noticed

Are you an Indigo Adult?

Is your significant other an atheist/agnostic?

Anyone hear the woman congressperson asking for additional $2 Billion

Kerry is the best presidential candidate ever (read) hah sorry

Kerry on Northern Ireland

New Article in the Globe

Are folks less likely to believe in the fraud

World Economic Forum

This morning's Condi wrap-up

Here is a video for you to watch about 2004 Election/investigations/Jan 6

Sam Brownback is making me sick.

So we got 13 nays on Condi Rice?

Itinerary for tomorrow (not in Davos yet.)

Why we need election reform

John Kerry on Meet the Press

NO votes so far:

Reading some interesting tea leaves today

New Kerry email

I'm Derryiac, and I'm OK

Does it seem to anyone else that Kerry is bucking the Clinton machine

Get John Kerry's Back

I just got a STAR.

hey Kerrycrats

In the near future, could we arrange a meeting with Senator Kerry?

C-Span coverage of Kerry Health Care speech 1/27 1:00 pm

Remember... this is your media:

Ethnic cleansing of universities is the new mantra in America

I was just watching Sen.Dayton on C-SPAN

Did Jeff Bingaman have any comments about Condi today?

Who needs a story with a graphic like this?

Want to really fight back in the Red States?

Fox breaks into the top 40 cable ratings for last week

The Independent: "Hotel Journalism" Gives American Troops A Free Hand

How far would the Senate follow George W Bush ?

Why is it that Senator Boxer is such a refreshing presence in the

U.S. Rep Schakowsky "It is time for our soldiers to start the journey home

Vote machine maker settles over her whistle-blower suit (Bev Harris)

Boxer has really gotten their goat - she's pictured on and

I'm watching the late night re-run of Barbara Boxer

Mark Dayton's harsh words for Condi/Video

Question on World Economic Forum Kerry will be at later

MSNBC has been playing the DAYTON clip -"it is immoral and it has

Somebody make some "BlueNeck" t-shirts and buttons ...

Why does the media not question the relationship between

Just got an email from Terry McA about Social Security petition

Deleted; Bad Link

Gonzales 'Misrepresents' to Senate Judiciary Committee

Boxer coming up in a now on CSPAN2...

Post-Iraq "election" predictions thread

Rothschild/Goodman Interview: Analysis of Inaugural Address-Creepy!

CSPAN video of post-inauguration comedy show includes Nordquist

So, back at the White House last night...* and Condi were

Is the Gonzales Judiciary Committee vote today?

Confidence in Iraq Slipping

Rant: Can we please stop refighting the primaries already?

I Don't Like Michael Howard....

Dean vs DLC, the Clintons and the Washington establishment

Ignorant or stupid?

The Senate is now in session! What time are the speeches and the vote?

Boxer on "49 countries listed as not free" and Bush's "Freedom Jihad"

New Secretary of Education shows her true colors.

In ONE DAY, 2005 deficit revised upward by $59 billion ($368B to $427B)

Iran Petition at 3,375 signatures

My Choices To Replace Diane Feinstein

Stop Sen. Frist from ending the filibuster

Andrea Mitchell reporting on the Dems against Rice yesterday

Sam Brownshirt Is On C-Span 2 Now

Chimp on now c-span radio

Funny! * speaking on C-SPAN3, Title on Website is "Lost in Space"!

* quote. From Press confrence

Bush is going to REMIND US ABOUT THE MATH!!!!!!!!!!!

Are NeoDems saying the Democratic platform has sucked all these decades?

What f----ing embarrassment Bush is. He can't think or answer a question

The planted questions give Bush an opportunity to just roll the words off

Did you know a second columnist has admitted to being paid

He's whining and unraveling.

McCain endorsing Rice in Senate now

Okay, I'm sure now. He's brain damaged.

It is going to be WILD when the real jounalists dicipher this press

MSNBC Poll: If you were an Iraqi, would you be willing to risk your life..

If the man, Bush, is acceptable to the American people as a leader, then

He is an idiot! EOS End of Story.

La La La La La La La La....blah blah blah blah.....

This had to be one of the worst press conferences Bush has had but

What kind of message is the bush regime is sending our children?

"Freeing people in the name of Peace..."

The media is responsible for where we are. They find it necessary to

What's the REAL reason for this press conference???? eom

"I've firmly planted the flag of liberty", Bush on Iraq

Some things said on DU are racist.

Joe Zell on CSpan whoring once more... Get that fucker outta there

Senators are all "united" for the Military Industrial Complex and

OK All of you guys are right I'm wrong. I don't know anyting about

Sending flowers or something to Senator Byrd was mentioned yesterday,

Pls help - Where on the internet can my friend pull up a vido of Bus*'s

In looking up OUR bill, S114, I found this winner of a bill

MSNBC: Disturbing "raised fist" Bush graphic, "Defy These Terrorists"

Joe Lieberman (R -Traitor) defending Rice now

Senator Robert C. Byrd Remarks as the Senate debated the nomination

Is W spreading the "Bush Democracy" around the World..or is he

Will Dean steal Candidates thunder?

WooHoo! My Dem Town Committee endorsed Howard Dean for DNC Chair

BOXER speaking about RICE on Senate floor

"My, ah, ahh, ahhh, Condi WILL make a great Sec of State"

Gonzales voted out of Committee 10-8

Condoleeza Rice Confirmation vote track

Awww...Domenici is upset some have called Rice a liar

Is this pro-Bush LTTE serious? Writer is suffering from "P.E.E. Syndrome".

If Today's Helicopter Was Shot Down Do You Think They Would ......

An Election Alone Does Not Make A Democracy

The vote was not for Condi - it was for the continuing war in Iraq

Bush states: 'need independent relationship between White House and Press'

What is the previous record for nays against a cabinet nominee?

When are the rest of the Gonzales hearings and the final vote going to

1 vote against Ohio electoral votes; 13 against Condi Rice?

Is anybody tracking the votes yet?

Did the moran-in-chief say "In-aug-u-ler address"?

Saw Kerry on the floor, so he's not in Switerland

Hey W, whatya say? How many kids have you killed today? 36

Text of * News Conference

The dems are going after Gonzales

My email to Dick Durbin

Everyone make calls to your Senators and let them hear what you

Mary Gallagher Another Paid Journalist

No War In Iran

Any person who is of draft age who voted for W and doesn't enlist

Was todays press conference better than usual?

Baghdad Burning blog - new entries about water, food and voting

My husband calls her "Condoloma" which means genital warts.

GOP poll on Soc Sec shows support for no wage base and lower early ret ben

I wonder why we think other countries should do as we do.

CREW Files Bar Complaint Against AGl Nominee Gonzales

Other than Lieberman what Dems strongly argued FOR Condoliar?

don't know if this was posted anywhere in any of the forums earlier,

So Senator Clinton voted for Rice?

On leadership and politicos, and our future

Can anyone help me...

A list of the 13 senators who voted against Condi...

Bush Press Conference Transcript up at

Democratic "leadership" courage once again in short supply.

Response from Feinstein : Social Security

85 to 13 Rice gets in.

Here are two names not often seen together:

Where can I find the enitire list, aye and nay on the Condi vote?

Who Plays The Race Card More?

let's have 32 separate threads for the Rice vote

The Rice vote by the senator who was held up by the DLC and DNC as...

Ted Turner: Fox News Is Bush's Propaganda Tool

Why didn't ANY of the Senators mention the 100,000 dead Iraqis?

RNC Seeks Donations to Push Bush Agenda...........

is there anything this administration says that is NOT a lie?

Why not add the 80 billion for Iraq to the budget?

Image or Ideals

Sen. Reid - "Shut up and vote is not democracy"

The thirteen brave Senators

Focus on the Family Poll: Economy is most important

Give this to supporters of the war!.....

Feinstein will oppose Gonzalez!

Here is CSPAN's Rice roll call vote link

Oregonians call Wyden now!

Labeling Dems obstructionists, the liberal media at work...

Vote for Rice the most "No" votes for Sec of state

So Senator Leahy is now the enemy?

Babe Buchanan on CrossFire Just Told Begala ........

We will never forget this weekend

To those who rewarded the person responsible for 9/11, send them this

Here's a different slant on this forum

CNN: no polling places or election posters in Baghdad

Where is OUR Independent Council? Name cases for investigation.

Seymour Hersh: "We've Been Taken Over by a Cult"

What did they (dems) gain for voting YES on condi?

Isn't it about time we had a minority leader who agreed with the maj of

How about Joe Leiberman/Zell Miller for '08

"The 13 nays represent the highest number of no votes for a SOS

Reid's head so far up his ass, he is turning inside out

The Iraqi election "bait and switch" an excellent assessment of

Idi Amin for secretary of state! Why not? Are you a racist?

Great Spongebob/Gay cartoon - what a natural issue for cartoonists!

Woolsey calls for withdrawal from Iraq

Very Important Story in LBN

A Good Quote Can Make My Day

Jim Hightower - What's behind "Tort Reform?"

White House use of media (Novak) in early 80s

Is there no journalist with the balls to tell Bush that even after 2052,

We Got An Issue-Bush* Just Slammed Senior Citizens...

So here is a thought: The dems in congress should just vote

Well according to my hometown paper in red state NC,

Bush Sends No-one to important World Economic Forum at Davos

Dean gains support of key blacks in DNC

MSNBC: "Led by Biden, they deferred to Bush"...Biden contact info HERE:

John Kerry's Kids Come First Act

Bush said that SS will run out of money by 1988 if we don't privatize

"Freedom" discussion -

Major media ignores extent of concentration of wealth in US article

Boxer's PAC accepting donations online (web form now working).

He cannot do simple mental math...

OK gov announces prescription plan allowing Canadian drugs

MSNBC polls don't bode well for Bush Adminstration success.

The Poodle, at Davos Econ Conf, made some good points re: US role

Which is the worse nominee, Gonzales or Rice?

Hillary is already running for President.. Dems should follow her lead

Let's apply crazy DU logic! Bayh > Feingold!

Here's what ticks me off MOST about the Social Security "crisis."

Iran vows 'astonishing' response to any US, Israeli attack

Now we know he controls nothing! He couldn't even answer question

Mame Reiley, Chair of the DNC Women's Caucus, Endorses Dean

"Election refugees" are voting with their feet and FLEEING BAGHDAD.

207 weeks to go, folks

How Can We Impeach This Clown???

OK, when does the exodus begin at the State Department?

Feingold's comments, in voting against Gonzales

Sens. Leahy and Spector -on Gonzalas PBS now

Frist appearing surrounded by black people

Should Boxer replace Reid as minority leader?

Dear Karl Rove: Is staying on message the role of an American President?

Attorney General nominee

Rice isn't the battle

Job Description needed for National Security Advisor...

Condi Rice Confirmation Debate - Thread #11 - #1 for 26 January 2005

AOL poll: 74% say * doing a poor job in Iraq

No nominee for secretary of state has been defeated in the Senate

Why did our party wait so long to open its' mouth?

We voted these men and women into office, we pinned our hopes upon


What did Chimp do to his skin?

The falling dollar

Idiotic democratic Senators don't stick together

A book recommended by David Cobb that we ALL should read:

Purity vs. Victory is a false dichotomy.

Nurse: Can I Have a Socket Wrench? (Dumbest Arnold Proposal Yet!)

Police officer threatens to arrest Colorado woman if she doesn't

One Aussie's View of the Inauguration

OMG!. John McCain is on the Senate floor

the fifty most loathsome people in America 2004

Man killed on 9/11 issued green card---3.5 yrs later

Get On Those Weenie Democratic Senators That Voted for Condi

I have one thing in common with RWers, I now loath Hillary Clinton

Are Dobson, Robertson, Falwell et al preoccupied with homosexuality?

Do you think Hillary Clinton can win in 2008 ?

Second Conservative pundit payed off by White House

Do you get "Trickie Dickie" vibes from Condi?

The first woman president will be a Republican . . .

Why did we pick an opponent of choice for minority leader?

Presidental Term Limits to be repeal?

The Purge Mentality Is Self Defeating...

Bill Richardson for President Internet domains being registered

'No' is not an opposition strategy.

William Pitt Appreciaton Thread

To the 32 who voted "aye"

Who can beat McCain/Bush in 2008?

Where should our planning/concentration be ('04,'06,'08, etc..)?

I have had a mental epiphany (or a brain fart) deciding on how you

I received John Kerry's e-mail

Interesting words from Gore Vidal...

Let's Thank Them NOW--Our Senators

Should Reid resign as minority leader.

Very simply - the Rice vote was NOT about winning or losing

Who's scaring people about Social Security? You are, Dubya! Shame on you!

Berkshire Eagle on Kerry

What's wrong with smirky?

Why do we eat our own ??

You know, right about now I am missing Karen Hughes in the WH

Analysis: How Bush got Iraq war cost wrong

Don't Believe The Hype

My email to Barack Obama

Why didn't we filibuster Rice?

When we win in '08, our candidate should get the Cabinet he/she wants.

Would someone please enlighten me as to the real reasons for the Iraq war?

John Kerry to be on Meet The Press on Sunday 1/30/05

Are we at DU Too Obsessed with George W. Bush?

Are we willing to challenge the liberal/Moderate Republicans HARD in

So, Barack Obama's not perfect. He is still a great senator!

Who the hell came up with DEMS holding their fire for later?

36 soldiers killed today. It's time to hold Bush VOTERS accountable.

The Twilight of American Power

Hillary will win in '08 - it's inevitable

Question re Chimp and his determination to destroy SS

1st. Bush Visit After State of the Union To Be In Nebraska. Come Protest!

We’ve Got Your Back John Kerry! Urge your Senators to Co-sponsor JK's Bill

Does DU need a VENTING ROOM? Posts are really getting out of hand


Sen. Dayton has brass balls.

Anybody have the text of Reid's speech against Condi?

I believe Clark and Dean supporters tend to be from the same mold

Some things said on DU: What bothers me most is a...

i feel better knowing all these right-wing columnists are being paid.

OMG Can You Believe The Nerve Of Repubs?

Congressman Ron Paul of TEXAS - OH MY OH MY

Kids Come First Act . John Kerry . Please sign!

Why Not Filibuster Alberto "Ashcroft II" Gonzalez?

New Scandal: Pundit Payola

Listening to press conference while I was driving, and almost drove

Hillary Clinton votes "yes" for Rice

Any Republicans you like?

What's the most unpopular political view you hold on DU?

Black Democrats Don't Like Senate's Treatment of Rice

Gore 08, Dean DNC