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Archives: January 25, 2005

Ties That Bind, Hannity Fails To Reveal Conflict Of Interest

Government still stealing from Native Americans

Iraq, the Press and the Election

The Truth About Terrorism

Return of the Pastor (Intelligence Report)

Going the Heart Of Dimness

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): Pedigree dogs of war

Here's one of the troops whom I can proudly support

Human Rights Watch Opposes Gonzales Nomination

BBC (Tuesday): After Guantanamo (Return of British Detainees)

The Army said this morning that five GIs died in a vehicle accident north

"They Hate Us For Our Policies" -written by a friend of my husband

Guardian: Fundamental union

American Fascist Mind (cartoon magazine)

Jesse Jackson: Democracy at the point of a gun

The emperor of vulgarity

Results, Not Timetables, Matter in Iraq: WaPo; Kissinger, Schultz

Making a good case for Social Security CHG(the latest GOP LIES on Soc Sec)

Soc Sec as welfare -selling"hurt Middle class before poor via new index

1600 Pennsylvania Meets Madison Ave (selling lies - or partial truth)

. . . Oh, Never Mind (Bush's Freedom promises not really operative)

2 Prominent Milwaukee Leaders' Sons Charged With Election Day

Guardian Editorial-- Where America Can Start Its War on Tyranny

San Diego Union Tribune: President should lift stem cell restrictions

End timers and Neocons: the end of conservatives

my 1st BRIAN CLOUGHLEY article, I like his style

The Greenspan Succession (Krugman)

As Green as a Neocon

Anti-Kerry author eyes Bay State Senate run

The Triumph of Gesture Politics

Boxer's rebellion and Democrats' new tone

Analysts: Iraqi Election Success Critical for Bush's Second Term

George Soros ( The New Bush Doctrine

Time for Bush to Talk About Torture?

Republicans and the future(Ken Mehlman-RNC plan for 24/7/365 new GOP

The F.D.A. and Plan B--decision delayed by the FDA

Gonzales: Torture treaty doesn't bar 'cruel, inhuman' tactics

Senator Byrd's Senate remarks on the Rice confirmation

Iraq: Analysis of chaos

Chertoff client was alleged terrorist.

Right To Life: A Soldier Speaks Out (a piece by Kevin Benderman)

End-Timers & Neo-Cons: The End of Conservatives

Guardian: A different way of death (Suicide Bombers)

Revote? If Florida and Ohio go first!!!

My letter to Time, Newsweek and local papers

Resist U.S. War Crimes

Europe vs. America

Demand Full Disclosure and Investigation of Bush Administration ...

Fallen U.S. Porn King Goldstein Rebuilds with Bagels

Molly Ivins: 'From the day of our founding'

America Right or Wrong: An Anatomy of American Nationalism

When oil peaks ...

Editorial-- on Bush/Israel symbiotic relationship

Clear Channel Erroneously Reporting $80 Million - Disinformation!

March 19, 2005 March against the War!

Some of my inauguration protest pictures.

Bloggers coming together to take a stand against Gonzales!

This is so awful it can't possibly be true

Bill would reinstate protection of wild horses-- please help!!

I'm compiling organizing resources on Demopedia. Any suggestions?

Al Franken close to TV deal with the Sundance Channel

FinTimes on how Bush made the US the "world's dispensable nation"

The WaPo LIES ON THE FIRST PAGE, but retracts stories on page 18!

Social Security bill trying to tie benefits to race, gender

Here are the numbers proving Bush's privatization plan won't work

Arctic rivers 'flowing faster'

Public sizes up lab's impact statement

Leaks shut down 2 Nuclear Plants at Kansas & Michigan

Drop in Lake Michigan's Level is man-made

Violence and hatred in Russia's new skinhead playground

The Granda Kidnapping Explodes

American- Iraqis voting TWICE?

7 Signs of Terrorism educational video

Maryland - Legislators Submit Bill To Repeal Ballistics Law

Study of CA gun law finds blacks most likely to face felony charge

Odd question probably regarding velocity and stopping power...'60's era...

Criminals can deduct costs of crime

I occasionally start threadscalling for the

*god* I hope Gingrich runs for POTUS in 2008...

This article is not a duplicate. Please unlock.

Skinner....Would you please revisit the name of the new Elec. 2004 forum?

Why was my thread deleted?

Just wanna thank you on Merging topics

The merging of topics on LBN is excellent!

OK , self moderation is off the table.

A request from the election fraud-busters, reform planners and advocates

Just a goofy, grumpy question...

UN commemorates Auschwitz liberation in special session

Israel halts targeted killing of Palestinians

Israeli barrier move sparks anger

Busy law student needs help ... was Israel created via UN resolution?

A theory about the Pentagon "attack".

Part II: ... and kiss the official UA 93 theory good-bye!

Op Truth coming to Chicago! Bulls over .500 for first time in two years

Chicago Sun-Times: 16th Charged in Hired Truck Scandal

Mell-Rod fued makes it onto CNN

Southern Illinoisan: Ron Gidwitz Announces Plan to Run for Governor

Peoria Journal-Star: Gay Road goes away

Da Bulls Win! Da Fighting Illini Win!

Chicago Sun-Times: Jewish Groups Wary of Expanded Study of Genocide

IL Republicans Eat Their Own:

What it means to be a liberal

If the Government suppresses our internet usage -READ THIS!!!

Self-Deleted. Just saw it was posted earlier.

Bumper sticker harrassment in Denver.

fraud fraud fraud............wont be quiet

The Free Press: Report on Washington DC, January 6, 2005

Maybe a forum -citizens aware of fraudulent elections talk politics?

Byrd and Boxer coming up on C-Span 2.

Nation article on internet politicking --

Senator Byrd C-Span 2!

"NEW" is a new site that the Democratic party started


The Nashua Advocate: Republican "Tire-Slashing" Complaints Were All Hype

Kennedy, Dayton, Boxer, Kerry are "NO" against Rice, so far...

The WaPo LIES ON THE FIRST PAGE, but retracts stories on page 18!

Boxer/Dem Challenge of Condi Rice-Senate debate-C-Span2: NOW!

Tell the media that Senator Boxer is doing THEIR job!

Sign Social Security Petition from Democrats Org?


Small Activism Project--Easy to do and endorsed by Andy Stephenson

Monday 1/24/05 Election/Fraud/Recount/Protest Thread

Paper or Plastic (and microchips)?



Audio: Interviews with Daniel Hopsicker about 2004 Electoral Fraud

Mail Sensenbrenner - Don't lose our focus!

DeWine's Response to Questions about Ohio

Ohio Senator Mike Dewine can kiss my butt

Check out this big photo of a Texas's not typical for TX

Did you see "Election Reform" proposal in Dem's new agenda?

Florida's - Glenda Hood and Sen Ann Cowin - NEED DIRT

Looking at this very closely

C-Span2 rebroadcasting Dayton, Boxer NOW!

So what happened to the Warren County liars who faked a terror threat

Guys...I respect you all...but isn't this getting a little bit ridiculous?

forum name?

Texas e-voting lobby day?

FOLKS, READ THIS and investigate: Diebold reaches in to the web?

What it will take to change elections....

Bill would clarify voting procedure, pay for recounts

Steve Freeman bitchslaps Russ Baker (sorry if dupe)

Kerry lost many thousands of votes from straight Dem voters whose vote

Waffle House getting sued by Blacks-How about election fraud.

Why are there no concerned citizens organizing recounts?

What are 'they' afraid of? The effort we're putting into this.

Tom DeLay's remarks re challenge of Ohio electors

DUers I need photos of you holding up your election fraud signs...

Amazing coverage of fraud and protest from Avram Friedman

Bush: The Secret History of a Reelection -Traps, marketing, & dirty tricks

Need List of Dem Senators Who Supported Boxer Today

Republicans introduce bill for election reform.

Condi Rice vs. Cynthia McKinney (and Election results & discussion)

From Hawaii.. An example of what you can do through State & local orgs

OK, I changed the name back.

Sham Recount Process on Diebold E-voting Machines

Has the case for election fraud been refuted?

Help! Need info on hand counting complex ballots.Canada? Other systems?

WATCH NOW - Election Fraud 2004 Compilation Video by DU Members

Best Ohio Election Fraud Article to Date

Let's discuss our priorities, shall we?

Your best shot -- the BEST election fraud or reform articles

Feinstein will vote for Condi Rice, 9/11 and Iraq liar

Boxer is up in this segment of Senate statements re: Condi (5:15, PST)

State Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero (D) suggests Shelley quit

Republican proposal: Iowans under 30 pay no income taxes

Reich rules out run for governor in 2006

Romney calls for 14,000 on welfare to work

PDA planning meeting, Thursday evening 01/27/05 at 7:30 PM, Brookline

10AM today on WBET 1460 AM Candidate for Mayor of Brockton Jass Stewart

Mark Dayton "This administration must stop lying..."

"Secular Taliban" letter

Ask the Pioneer Press: Why focus only on conservative blogs?

St Paul hits the Big Time! Featured on Daily Show

Text of Dayton's remarks re: Condi

Yecke says she'll run for 6th dist seat if Kennedy runs against Dayton

Michigan Dems propose raising minimum wage to 7.15

Windows XP Updates - problem

What is windows prefetch?

Hey, computer geeks & computer parents & parent geeks & other more

Can someone in Ohio check something -

Plusquellic, Brown: No support for TV host Springer for governor

New Megan's Law website -check to see if any sex offenders

Texas release report on the abuse of arbitration in new home construction

Another event to put on your calendar: Voices for Peace Conference

Election Fairness Lobby Day?

Dallas: Citizens for Equality call for Technical Committee Volunteers!

Texas adopts extremely limited warranties for new home construction

Some Photos From our Trip to Texas

Who is going to the SD-25 conference this weekend?

KLIF drank too much Kool-aid

Strayhorn hints against running for governor

A question for all Texas DU'ers. Please respond. On March 19th, 2005

Ya'll check out this big photo of a not so typical Texas Truck.

One pic from the Jazz Funeral trip... more to come later.

Editorial: Call off the Dogs in the Texas Election Contest

Progressive Populist Caucus, 2/26, Houston

Note to all WI DU meetup groups

The Concept of Course Correction

Dustin Hoffman is hilarious. Check out his comment...

BURN!-Dustin Hoffman Denies Relocation Plans, RATE UP

Sen. Mark Dayton

Protester coverage: Inauguration scant coverage, Anti-abortion extensive

On Army Doctors Supervising Torture...

Desperately seeking pics/video of two incidents I saw in DC on 1/20

When the DJIA drops, why do those people on the NYSE balcony still clap?

Majority of Americans OPPOSED invading Iraq; how to UNSPIN RW media:

What's your favorite TV station?

The Totality of Bushco Explained In A Single Bible Verse!

So they captured the Iraq truck bomb "mastermind" and a mess

NYT bk. review, "No Place to Hide" --"nonstop scrutiny, as Orwell foresaw"

In the United States, who has genuine "freedom?"

"Is WAL MART Good for America?" Great FRONTLINE documentary Online

This is a GREAT newsletter: "Too Much." All about economic inequality. See

Dustin Hoffman: "You can’t go anywhere in the world to get away from Bush"

Ken Blackwell on why Bush won the election

DU night owls are the hippest DUers.

U.S. troops continue to get top of the line equipment

okay . . . I just have to know . . . what in God's name are we doing . . .

If the Canadian govt hired a bunch of notorious figures...

Condi (slept pre-9/11) (a chief architect of Iraq war) deserves promotion?

Like Reagan, bush 'phones in' his support for Abortion Protesters

Militant Imams Under Scrutiny Across Europe

Letterman's montage -- "Bush - A Look Back", quite funny!

C-span: Does the GOP take the 'Religious Right' for granted?

About That 80 Billion For Iraq. Does Congress KNOW About The Real Plan?

Constituent Survey for Senator Boxer...

Lt. Gen; 120,000 + US troops to remain in Iraq for at least next 2 years.

GOP celebrates defeating the poor

With AARP against privitization.... I think we are being set-up

What is Jesus were the Democratic Nominee

Iraqis; helpless child? Or capable adult?

Why doesn't SNL ever lampoon Laura Bush?

Just disgusted... NYC Hip Hop Station finding amusement in Tsunami tragedy

A moment of political levity follows

How many people think our politicians are corrupt

Mossad warns Israel on Iran nuclear capability

Ever wonder?: Evangelicals v.s. the Environment

SIGN THIS PLEASE : The Dems have an actual agenda !!!

Billions More Debt Predicted For Next Decade

F9/11 not for Oscars, but Razzies

Yay! Media unbiasing...

Why the whole "war against illegal immigrants" impacts us all

A theory about the Pentagon "attack".

What would you do about a dumb neighbor

Advocating the assassination of bush twins; as funny as when it's CHELSEA?

F-911 left out of Oscars?

Alternatives to Marriage

The End of Conservatives - Paul Craig Roberts

USA trained Iraqi troops are torturing and raping men, women, and children


Economic meltdown - Krugman on the Fed.

Michael Moore and F-911Snubbed?

Police questioning spy services over the death of Diana

"Zits" comic hits the nail on the head today

So as it turns out...Christians were... 'Safer Under Saddam'!!!

Dave Letterman's Top 10 List last Fri. night

joe blubberman bloviating on the wonders of codi

for Catholics: would you risk Ex-communication by voting pro choice?

Ahhh, The Good Old Days: Pericles on Democracy

Iraqis on Election: "How can you have free elections under martial law?"

Fury at farmer who 'threw worker to lions'

GWB, Condi, Rummy Nominated For Razzies!!

Our Blood Soaked Orgy of Revenge for 9-11...Is there a time limit?

Family upset at decision to clear accused priest

I just realized that I spent almost all my active duty time

"How could this have happened?" A slow progression.

Speaking of "imminent threat" and "WMD"...

Is The SpongeBob Flap Rovian Cover For David Drier?

The First Wimp Looks Peeved About the Snow >>>

Levin Says No To Rice

80 Billion needed to ensure that the Troops "have what they need" in Iraq

E Mail From People For the American Way Re: Filibusters

Scam artists exploit tsunami deaths...

Thanks to bush, The Ten Commandments are IRRELEVANT

talking to Hitler

Rep Meehan calling for withdrawl of troops, Live on C-Span.........

Do You Remember Johnny Carsons..It Was So!!!!!!!!

What is sex ed like in the middle schools where you live?

"Can You Imagine?: Hussein Was Right & Bush Was Wrong"

Hersh is LYING I tell ya! NO secret "SS" unit! Oh...THAT secret SS unit.

Halliburton has an office on Bucharest St. in Tehran, Iran

Anyone take the Zogby poll yesterday or today?

Will the ruling class in the U.S. ever lose power? If so, how?

Hugh Hewlitt: MSM isn't scaring people ENOUGH

Apologizing for American Insanity

Where are the TV Trials for Ebbers (Worldcom) & Ken Lay (Enron) ..?

Satan Displays Bush 'Hook 'em' Hand Gesture; Is The Devil a UT Fan Too?

the shame of our prisons

*god* I hope Gingrich runs for POTUS in 2008...

CREW Files Bar Complaint Against AG Nominee Gonzales

Afghan women still in chains under Karzai

Joe Lieberman's at it again

Microwaving Iraq: 'Pacifying' Rays Pose New Hazards

300 Billion spent so far slaughtering people WHO DID NOT ATTACK US

Breaking News: "Heart trouble and dementia" coupled with "Life Vest"?

And this is why the right is so dumb - 87% FEWER Violent Deaths in Iraq

Bloggers Beware

Draft the Media! They Sold the War, They Should Fight it!

What should we do with Hubble?

Cat Killer Frist on C-Span now

"Espionage by any other name" (T Blankley: charge Hersch with espionage)

did any Baghdad kids have a drink of water today?

So, in bullshits world suspicion is the same as guilt


Is anybody else watching William Kristol on CSPAN?

I was just contacted about my "viewing choices"...

Cosmetic surgeon brags about his work on Sen. Norm Coleman

In Iraq, torture is routine

Watch the Boxer Rebellion "over the net" LIVE:

Franken is fun this a.m./p,m. n/t

the rockridge institute

Kennedy and Dems are fighting Condi's confirmation party.

R.wing smear machine goes after Democratic California Secretary of State

If polling places & candidates in Iraq are being kept secret....

U.S. Hostage pleads for his life in Iraq...

CREW Files Bar Complaint v. Gonzales

This is conservative hypocrisy at its finest....

So, who's keeping the "Dems that Don't" List?

"NEW" is a new site that the Democratic party started

usa = united states of arabia -

I just heard on the news that the Deficit for this year is already

Franken is skewering Frank Luntz

Condi is responsible for thousands of deaths and injuries. n/t

Byrd: Un-constitutional administration policy of pre-emptive right to

NPR this AM - torture papers from the Army

Byrd asks about "accountability", Right On! n/t

US Army Nazi-like Graffiti in Iraq is "Creating More terrorism"....

God-dar - How do Xians know who's a "real" Xian and who's a "fake" Xian?

Editors Needed

Sumatran quake caused spike in Floridan aquifer....2 inch spike.

the social security cap.

Byrd: Condi politicizes intelligence. n/t

The Ten Commandents and fundamentalists

Yahoo/AP: Byrd, Kennedy Assail Iraq Policy and Rice

The time for diplomacy is now

Clark on Scarborough?

Byrd will vote against Condi!! Thank you Senator Byrd. n/t

Gen. ( My God Is Stronger) Boykin is heading Rumsfeld's SS Office.......

Byrd: When will our troops come home?

Focus on your own F'ing family, Dobson ...

In my opinion, every republican senator who took the floor today

Byrd is up now (Condaliesalot Rice Hearing).... CSPAN2

Condi contradicts herself and her boss, frequently, re WMD. n/t

Viral Corporate Marketing in Online Forums? What's next? Political spam?

Boxer is up now on C-SPAN 2 n/t

omg I'm gunna HURL! Pray For Our Troops Bracelets! In Camo!

Right to life -- Iraqis have it too

Terrorism is a growth occupation up to 60 countries now

A few questions about running for public office...

Boxer : * "Iraq not Al Queda" from .doc just after 9/11

Boxer : US used to be Saddam's BUDDY! n/t

YEAH! Intelligence Reform!!! Kick some tail, NOW Barbara, please! n/t

GO Barbara!!! n/t

WOW Barbara Boxer!!! n/t

What do you do when someone LIES to you OFTEN???? n/t

"Passion of the Christ" and "values voters".

Is there a Boxer discussion thread?

Is Drudge writing captions for Reuters now? >>>

Why do the freepers think liberals are wrong to hate Bush*?

Perfect example of T Turner's recent FOX/Hitler comparison (Rice debate)

Bush in Oz - how about some belly laughs?

Who're you trying to kid, George? >>>

My mom is NUTS!

The New Bush Doctrine by George Soros

Dick Durbin is such a badass

Headline in Yahoo news: "Democrats Call Rice Liar, Bush Apologist"


DU This Poll

Video of American hostage pleading for his life in Iraq


Matt Drudge's recipe to discredit those who disagree

How much does it cost the US to "bring freedom" to someone?

Sign Social Security Petition from Democrats Org?

My response from Diane Feinstein. Is she delusional?

What does Josh Marshall know that we don't

Palestinians understand DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS far better than bush does

Washington DC Finally Gets Progressive Radio!!

Slimy Republicans want more of their electronic voting machines in CA...

I am so disgusted with PBS at this moment...

Drudge gloats F 911 No oscar nominations,nothing for "Passion" either

Chomsky for President

"Support Iraqi Independence"

If you have the time, you might be interested in this

Airline Anti-Missile System "Too Costly" for our Airlines

Segway's next thingamajig . . .

DU'ers: Has a Secretary of State Nominee Ever Been So Challenged?

I've been thinking of investing in stocks.

DUers send or call CA Secretary of State Shelley Tell him NOT to resign

When is Air America Radio coming to Pittsburgh? Huh?

Mclellan on Cspan just a moment.ago.

CBS "IGNORES" scathing Boxer testimony on Rice ......... move along

Conservatives really are acting like Nazis when it comes to Gays.

Phone these Senators against Alberto Gonzales.

Just been on a bible newsgroup...oh boy

"Torture Czar"

If Bush lied about getting a blow job...

* is picking our pockets again

One Way Armored Glass?

Great Bush & Jesus ad from

Kick * Butt, Senator Byrd!

Does Air America Radio's Washington, DC broadcast go into

Difference between Democratic and Republican policies in black and white

Van Cliburn for Secretary of State.

SpongeBob receives 'unequivocal welcome' from UCC...

Finally got my inauguration protest pictures back! Here are a few.

What US Allies Do Not Have A Democracy?

The undeniable beauty of the Rice Nomination...

Anyone Lurking From Anarctica?

Bush's approval rating in the low 40's percentage, anybody scared?

If an impartial judge of Planet XYZ came to earth to arbitrate on "WMD"...

Ted Turner Lambastes GOP Propaganda Channel "Fox News"

Keep Rocking Rep. Marcy Kaptur!

Wonder how hard it's going to be for Weyco to get/keep employees?

Christine Whitman - How the Radical Right is Undermining America?

Heads up....Seymour Hersh on The Daily Show tonight

CNN front page -- Democracy finds hope in Iraqi town

I want Condi supporters to prove that she DIDN'T lie.

The Hostage said Bush is Selfish...why is this in so few news reports?

I am a proud blueneck!

How is it a democracy when you don't even know who you're voting for?

I'm surprised ** nominated Condi for SOS

if profiting from selling lives is wrong, so is profit from taking them

Iraq's Choice: A Look at the Candidates

Sen. Mark Dayton

Did Gonzalez purjor himself during his Senate confirmation hearing?

Ok someone get me a tinfoil hat.

My God...Cornyn demanding apology from Boxer

Company Fires All Employees who Smoke!

Latest issue: American Fascist Mind magazine...

Did you know: Darwin is buried in Westminster Abbey!

financial times: "How America became the world's dispensable nation"

Sam Seder is going to a conference tomorrow to support


Sri Lanka reefs 'survive tsunami'

My letter to editor and TIME and NEwsweek

DU this poll

Should there be any limits at all on free speech?

Bill Frist's pickle on Social Security

Did anyone get that really odd Zogby interactive poll?

Republican race cards?

Pilfering crab has insect's nose -- evolution

Radio technology to fight terrorism (or Big Brother?)

Closing the Neocon Circle

*We* embody the REAL "traditional values", do we not?

Please -- Anyone Know How To Make The RSS Feed Work On Mozilla?

My letter to Lieberman

American Fascist Mind Magazine Spring 2005

Bad propaganda - Who can drink this kool-aid???

Bush outdid Reagan already on the National Debt

So apparently, Condoleezza Rice's is a remarkable personal story.

The email I sent to Maggie Gallagher:

Boom !!! Boxer puts up the Rummy - Saddam shaking hands photo !!!

Need some tips from DUers

Purdee Please.. DU this Anchorage Poll?

Talk about "terrorists" PBS special now on about KKK

HISTORY: If Ted Kennedy beats Carter in the 80' primary does he win...

Bloggers coming together to take a stand against Gonzales!

Would you offer amnesty to journos to build a case against Bush?

Mandatory Malloy: Tuesday Night Truthseeker Hoedown

Is the Boy Scouts THE MOST IMMORAL bunch of clowns in the US?

Gallagher story fakeout

Koppel just said 5 Americans died 1/24 when their Bradley overturned.

TV Alert: Sy Hersh on the Daily Show

The Problem of the Bush Economy in a Nutshell

DU this MSNBC Poll: Do you think Democrats are "playing politics"....

an ignorant ? (from me) about who pays for any treatment

Mad. Angry. And disgusted with myself.

Who are the REAL "Surrender Monkeys"? The French? Or is it the...

Discuss "freedom" and "liberty"

With a $400 BILLION DoD budget, why do our troops still need razors?

Texans wanted: verification of this murder story

CNN...."Pres. Bush laid out lofty goals in his inauguration speech!"

Anybody watching WETA PBS

Turner Compares Fox's Popularity to Hitler

Fundamentalist Mormon Polygamists Proclaim Bush will Free Them

Heavy personal ethics question

Peak Oil experts, please comment:

"America, F*ck Yeah!" flash movie (super not-safe-for-work, obviously)

Santorum endorses ID in science classes

Is this a subtle PUBLIC RELATIONS campaign to get more young people

in case anyone missed this-reporter who broke Bush DWI now a trucker!

these soldiers were KILLED recently...nobody much cares except us (PHOTOS)

Question for DU Lawyers... Companies firing people for smoking

We are war with an enemy that can not die

"Coincidence theory" cannot explain Sibel Edmonds

Dem's new 10-pt. agenda: Have you taken a good look???

A request for a mislaid URL:

I just heard Gore Vidal say that Europeans are wealthier than Americans

Doom For The Dollar--And Everything Else

Homeowners can expect bigger property tax bite

Doesn't this strike you as...inhumane?

Would others be interested in a Letters to the Editor DU Group?

How many of you know that on 9/11/01 NORAD was running several wargames?

who was the senator who came right out and called ....

Stars and Stripes letter signed by 12 generals (ret) opposing Gonzales

Why didn't Jesus talk about "democracy?"

Disabled Vet insulted by conservative jerk - Liberals come to his rescue!

Jordan - Arab Bank - Anti-Money Laundering - Counter-Financing of Terror

Depleted Uranium, the Pentagon's next Agent Orange.

How about a Petroleum Freeze Movement?

If you think Hillary is unelectable, you need to think again....

Bush's Allies in His Quest for World Wide Freedom

Did this police officer violate the law?

Annan tells historic session: Act against new anti-Semitism

Freepers now have a new name for us....Bluenecks.

Wanna See A Real Hero ???

More Iraqi children killed in war than U.S. children on 9 11

It's time to get rid of the Vichy Democrats on Capitol Hill.

Anybody hear Novak claim Johnny Carson was a Republican

SCENARIO: Mom may become obese. (really about Social Security)

Repeal of 'Woman Slander' Law Sought

What do you think of Michael Moore getting shunned by the Oscars?

"Heeeere's Justice!"

Fuck you Feinstein!!!

Those Wacky Fiscally Incontinent Republicans

The FWeeper Known As Trueblackman, As Seen On Hannity & Colmes

Ron Paul-1st congressman to speak the truth about Soc. Sec.


For those who dont frequent Election forum: PLEASE READ THIS - watch video

James Wolcott on "Grassy Knollers"

From what we all know to be true now and even right after 9/11, shouldn't

Do you favor employers being able do random searches of employees' homes?

Need a Mexican main dish that's delicious, understated, and yet impressive

Anyone have recipes for tempeh?

I ordered way too much pizza for my son's birthday party.

Just a question - couldn't resist! :-)

Another Bread Machine Question

Anyone else have a FoodSaver?

Kitchen mini-makeover is complete! (many pics)

It's Burns night.....anyone else having haggis, neeps and tatties?

Who's got a good recipe for white chili? (AKA chicken chili)

fifth estate Wednesday CBC TV -"Sticks & Stones" Al Franken vs O'Liely

One in 3 scottish 15 year olds has smoked cannabis

Pakistani Courts Overwhelmed by War on Terror

BP chief's remarks enrage Iran

North Korea cuts daily food ration

Guantanamo men expected to return home

NYT: Google and Yahoo Are Extending Search Ability to TV Programs

NYT: Militant Imams Under Scrutiny Across Europe

Mass suicide bid at Guantanamo

Five U.S. Troops Die in Accident in Iraq

A surge of violence in Baghdad (Tuesday)

Central banks shift reserves away from US

Taleban kill two Afghan police in ambush

Federal agents force small plane to land in Texas

Abuse claims multiplying

Balking at Vote, Sunnis Seek Role on Constitution

U.S. may run out of reserve troops in a year

Gunmen kill high ranking Iraqi Judge

Fury at farmer who 'threw worker to lions'

Robert Kennedy Won't Run for State Attorney General

Exonerated in terror case, 4 brothers still locked up (40 months later)

Insurgents blow up a school used as a polling center in Iraq

Hoyer Courted for Gov. Run

Gingrich: Majority Status Can Be Fleeting (Congress Daily)

Londoners top world in leaving laptops in taxis

Rapist to serve 18 years in plea deal Perpetrator winks, nods at victims

U.S. In Protect-The-Vote Mission

Attack on Iran Would Only Stifle Democracy, Iranian-American Journalist

Senator seeks repeal of law against ‘slander of a woman’

China fears Everest is shrinking

Congress eyes once-secret Pentagon unit

Irish crackdown on corruption snares former justice minister

Rice Senate Hearings start at 9:45 to be shown on C-Span 1.

Would-be suicide bomber angry at those who sent him

Army Closed Many Abuse Cases Early

Results, Not Timetables, Matter in Iraq: WaPo; Kissinger, Schultz

Pentagon Tries to Explain Secret Group

Guantanamo four flying back to UK

Court date nears for monument (displaying Ten Commandments)

Bank robbery tops talks agenda

Robert Kennedy Won't Run for State Attorney General

WSJ: Richer Americans Gain Confidence In U.S. Economy

2,000 new border agents aren't part of budget, Ridge says

Hackers tap on phone networks to steal data

'Alexander,' 'Catwoman' Lead Bad Pix Nominations

Trampolines Recalled After Injury Reports

Kennedy opposes Rice's nomination Whoo hoo

WSJ: Prices Increase on Popular Drugs

General Says the Current Plan Is to Maintain 120,000 Soldiers (thru 06)

American Captive: "I'm not asking for any help from President Bush"

Over 70 US military intelligence men in the southern Philippines

US troops raid petrol station in Iraq's Mosul, arrest 12

Church under attack after holding burial services for aborted foetuses

China fears Everest is shrinking

Major 'destroyed abuse evidence'

CREW Files Bar Complaint Against AG Nominee Gonzales

Wanted: Election volunteers (Mosul)

Iran Attempts to Pull Plug on Web Dissidents

'Aviator' Gets 11 Academy Award Nods ....Michael Moore's "shut out "?

New Ukraine leader knocking on EU's door

Sen. Clinton Rips Bush on Family Planning

Schroeder deplores Auschwitz evil

Bush, Allawi Discuss Upcoming Iraq Vote

More Prisoner Abuse in Iraq Alleged

CREW Files Bar Complaint v. Gonzales

Scientists Create Petrified Wood in Days

U.S. Allows Drilling on Sensitive New Mexico Lands

Stampede, Fire Kill Hundreds Near Indian Temple

Six US soldiers killed in Iraq

Russia's nationalists call for ban on Jewish groups

Major 'gave order to thrash Iraqis'

Iraqi Navy is still not ship shape (US sham)

Chávez threatens to cut ties with Colombia

Low turnout to register among expat Iraqis

Gates' way: $750 m for kids

Congressman seeks FEMA director's ouster

Yushchenko Names Kremlin Antagonist As PM

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 25 January

Anti-Gay Textbook Bill Sparks Fiery Debate

U.S. Drops Afghan Opium Spraying Plans (Guardian)

White House Forecasts Record $427 Bln Budget Deficit (Update1)

WSJ: As Benefits for Veterans Climb, Military Spending Feels Squeeze

Tsunami Parody Uses Racial Slurs, Says God Laughed

Drastic bill aims to end prospect of national park (ME)

Britain owes US billions in World War debts

Government Panel Begins Debate on Woman Ascending Japanese Throne

ESPN: Marlins sign 4-year, $52 million deal with Carlos Delgado

Seeking the truth behind detentions

Houston Officers Can Now Get Naked For Prostitutes

US banking giant Citigroup is facing a German criminal investigation

FCC denies 36 indecency compalints

Insurgent Video Seems to Show U.S. Hostage in Iraq

Gay Marriage Foes Turn To Defeating Gay Civil Rights Bill (Oregon)

UN commemorates Auschwitz liberation in special session

Gitmo Prisoners Attempt Mass Suicide in Protest

White House: Deficit Will Hit Record $427B

Phoenix Officials Asking Residents to Boil Water Because of Treatment Plan

Blair to sell climate control to business leaders

Bush, Black Leaders Seek New Start

Wash Post: Columnist Backing Bush Plan Had Federal Contract

Senator opposes presence of US spies in RP (Republic of Philippines)

Coup pilot: SA govt stood back

(Reuters) Bone Marrow Cells Help Heart Failure in Experiment

Elderly to put 'phenomenal' pressure on budget

WP: Record '05 Deficit Forecast


FBI Says Reported Boston Terror Threat Was a False Alarm

4 Guantanamo detainees arrested in Britain

Subway Disruptions Expected to Last Months, Not Years

WP: Making Dean's List

Report: Poor coordination threatens security

Challenges to federal marriage act dropped

Blair refuses FoI request for Iraq war legal advice

Revote? If Florida and Ohio go first!!!

Booster seats not getting used, study finds

Update: Leak Stopped, But Fermi 2 (Nuclear Reactor) Still Shut Down

Jordanians have little faith in Iraq poll

President Discusses Issues With Black Leaders

No Three Mile Island scares as nuclear power booms in China

Franken Close To TV Deal With Sundance

Immigration officials seize Phoenix-based oil company, oil wells

Little resistance in US Congress to providing additional Iraq funds: lawma

Plane Forced to Land; Dirty Bomb Link Investigated

A Look at the Candidates (Iraq)

NYT: Bush Finds a Backer in Moynihan, Who's Not Talking

NYT: Antarctica, Warming, Looks Ever More Vulnerable

Kurds Saddled with Saddam's Men--Atimes, Hong Kong

Delegate's remarks embarrass White House

Tsunami death toll approaches 300,000

AARP 'dead set against' Bush's Social Security plan

U.S. must win war despite cost, say lawmakers of both parties

Sen. Byrd among those lining up to blast Bush

U.S. Rejects Venezuela Charges of Capture

(Ted) Turner Compares Fox's Popularity to Hitler

AP: Democrats call for changes in hurricane insurance

Swift boat co-author ponders Senate bid

Pope satirist convicted in Poland

NYT: Dollar's Steep Slide Adding to Tensions U.S. Faces Abroad

The DU rules for starting threads in the LBN forum have been updated

Guard would give bonuses to bolster ranks

Secret Pentagon spies confirmed

NYT: Gay Marriage Ban Backers Use Soc. Sec. as Cudgel(send letter to Rove)

Less Than 25 Percent of Eligible Overseas Voters Have Registered for Iraqi

NYT: G.O.P. Will Ask Giuliani to Challenge Mrs. Clinton

Israel says Egypt, Syria, Saudia Arabia have nuclear programs

Democrats Call Rice Liar, Bush Apologist

Bush's 1-day visit cost Ottawa $4M in security

Voting problems draw out intense activists

University Tells Driver to Remove Magnet

Rep Lynn Woolsey to re-introduce legislation - US troops out of Iraq

2 Subway Lines Crippled by Fire; Long Repair Seen (NYC)

Key Blacks Back Dean for DNC Chairmanship ( gets involved)

Senate Begins Debate on Rice Nomination

Sticker stuck in cop's craw (woman threatened arrest for bumper sticker)

LAT: Drilling Plan OKd for Rare Desert Land

Condemned Killer in Texas Who Cited Metallica Lyrics Put to Death

CBO pegs '06 deficit at $368 billion-Projections omit big-ticket items

Drug 'probably killed thousands':Vioxx

Rolling Stone will accept ad for new Bible

Hospitals May Be Forced To Tell Rape Victims Of Emergency Contraception

The Pixies coming on Letterman!!!!!

Valley of the stinkos. 5 out of 6 Phoenician water plants down.

Who are all the liberals in Hollywood?

For my 900th post!

So a certain Canadian Ambassador saved 6 Americans from Iran

So the month of January had the anniversaries of the 2 "high notes" of the

I played poker with a deck of Tarot cards.

Okay so I started a Ken Taylor bashing thread, I wonder what Canadian or

Need help finding a picture--the Evil Eye White House photoshop

Okay. The British accent.

Dear Grim Reaper: You got the wrong talk show host named Carson.

Some Photo Highlights From Our Trip to Texas

'A Scanner Darkly'--Photos

Where were you the evening of May 21, 1992?

I am 8,175 days old.

Angostura Bitters & Club heartburn "cure" around

Best reason not to be a cat.

Is ICQ spyware free?

This thread will stink.

I'm in Orlanda for a professional conference, heheheheh. ask me anything.

I'm 26.9835616438356164 years old...

Best reason not to be a copycat

Heh...Mac fans, you will love this...

Desperately seeking pics/video of two incidents I saw in DC on 1/20

Somebody said Fair Warning! Lord! Strike that Poor Boy Down!

I'm 252 years old

I'm 32.5 years old

I'll be 7 years old in May. In Dog Years!

A silly yet strangely legitimate question

Ok Ive decided to learn how to drive

What is the worst punishment you have been given as an adult?

In a just world, Letterman would be hosting The Tonight Show tonight,

In Germany people are putting little American flags...........

this has been a great day for posting

Wanna play with a skeleton..??

Bush Hand Gesture Looks Like Beavis and Butthead

Ok, weird qustion here...

One overlooked CD that really should be concidered

Worst. Thread. Ever.

DU night owls are the hippest DUers.

17 cents per bag at the grocery stores..Are you gonna pay it?

Best pic of chimp yet

Does anyone have the picture where Bush looks like a cowboy pimp?

Doc Severinsen... Has anyone seen anything with him currently

Who is the Bushwacker? Laura or Barbara? What is their favorite

Say whatever else you want to about Jenna B... she's got mad skills

Shouldn't we get the name right ??? "Right to Birth"

What grade would you give this essay?

Whiskas is lovely stuff, is it not?






Bush Caught Empty-Handed During Church Offering

why wasn't F-9/11 nominated for best documentary

Words that have become commonplace over the past 4 years,

I hate the letter W.

Full Metal Classroom

W is for wanker.

CAPTION the lyin' in winter


I hereby remove the letter W from all my posts

I just want.. BANG BANG BANG.

Happy 67th birthday to soul diva ETTA JAMES!

What's your favorite TV station?

sigh.. watching Larry King's Carson tribute show...

i like ellen!

I'm Watching "Chocolate with Jacques Torres" on Food Network

What are you listening to?

What the hell?! One of my dead fish has re-appeared!!

Does it annoy you when they release Special Edition DVDs?


Any nominations for the stupid Christ-beating movie?

Tell me why I have to be a PowerSlave!

Oscar Nods Announced

white Lines, bLow away

W is for ignorant jackass


Would you let me wear your daughter's prom dress?

Oscar Noms SUCK!!!!

Well, there goes my "it's too cold" excuse for not going for a run

i thought hines ward was a big, bad tough guy

Gates gives $750m to fight deadly childhood diseases

Which new technology did you incorrectly think would fail/succeed?

Does anybody besides me have every Mott the Hoople studio LP?

Complete list of Oscar nominations.



I just finished Lindsay Moran's book - "Blowing My Cover"

This thread will stink

Joan Rivers, please retire! Thank you.

I've been thinking of investing in frocks


I've been thinking of investing in Spock

anyone else buying u2 tix today through the presale?

I've been thinking of investing in lox

I've been thinking of investing in socks

Wild Things on the Beach

what was the last thing phil hartman did?

Someone please tell Sparky that this is NOT normal

Combine the titles of 3 songs from the same group to make a silly sentence

I've been switching my daughter with my littlest dog lately. When I tell

Man, Drew Carey looks like shit

how was leno's carson tribute-or dave's?

New bumper sticker

"Live With Regis and Kelly" is in BIG TROUBLE now!

Natalie Imbruglia......

Email from a friend who's firm has a Hong Kong office

Why do singers get criticized for not being songwriters too?

Lead Firefox developer jumps ship to Google

I do believe MrsGrumpy is back in the house!

Favorite Songs of the Moment

Interesting acting performances you've seen.

Anyone else ever seen a movie called "What Happened Was"?

Michael Powell still obsessed with Janet Jackson's breast

Why do people steal my thread ideas before I have them?

Conversations with my wife...

Computer memory upgrade recommendations?

Jamie Foxx to win Best Actor and Best Supporting?

Amish Virus Alet

You know what must suck? Going from sold out stadium shows to...

Arrrrgggg....Someone had to Say the Christmas Word

Bayh just coined a word

Michael Moore made a boo boo...

Winter photo contest

Anyone use CD-cassette adapters in their car?...................

The headache left me!!! I had it for FOUR DAYS!!! It's gone!!!

I am 17.5 years old

Really don't mind if you sit this one out

JonathanChance's Oscar Picks

What's worse than a person with BO?

You know its a bad movie when...

I'm starting this thread cuz I'm a badass

It's time to play ... where is the water coming from?


"Kashmir" on the radio now

Must-Not-Miss TV?

I thought "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" was a much better book

Peace and love, Everybody

MRI request prior to this one was DENIED and nobody told me.

Any DUers that are cardiologists? I have a question!

Anybody ever try a vaporizer for a sinus headache?

Why didn't ANYBODY in Hollywood think of this?

This is the funniest thing you will EVER read

Tim Allen on Martha Stewart

Rush Limbaugh is a lying, bottom feeding spokesman for

Any talent you have that you wish you didn't?

I also decided that it may be my time to "move on" for a while for

Conservative Debate Handbook

Need Michael Moore Oscar link!

help me become less intimidating!!!!

Would you respond to this personal ad?

'Alexander,' 'Catwoman' Lead Bad Pix Nominations

Bluenecks UNITE!!!!!!!

Any talent you don't have, that you wish you had.

Bad year for family dying I'm bummed.

I have too many vacuoles. How about you?

Heard a good one.

Who's the black private dick who's a sex machine with all the chicks?

Krispy Kreme to pay new CEO $760 an hour

Du'ers....I am leaving you for 7 weeks...

This thread will sink.

***SIMPSONS SPOLIER** The character who comes out of the closet is...

I hope Hillary Swank wins

Phoenix residents warned no to drink tap water

what was the price of gas back in 1999?

I have too many backhoes. How about you?

It's time to play "Some say..."

Were any coronation performers turned to pillars of salt?

you used to think that it was so easy

Regarding F9/11 and the Oscars...

Sunshine and 77 degrees.. gawd I hate winter

alfredo sauce recipe?

Ooh! Barbara Boxer has charts and graphs!

Sponge Bob, Tinky Winky, Bert and Ernie, Oh My.......

Hey, Bertha and SoCalDem!!!!! Where's my kitty fix??????

From Sojourners: Jon Stewart and Jim Wallis

The moving hand writes, and having writ, moves on...

Johnny Carson: "How ________ was it?"

Delusional Freeper woman ranting and raving about Al-Q/Saddam partnership

So what colour should I wear to accessorize my blueneck?

Did you hear Snoop Dogg got injured in Iraq?

Lebowski Fest !? Greatest film ever spawns cult

Listening to Randi...when does she usually take calls from people?

I need Grad School Application advice.

Just heard a new rap term (though particularly sexist)


My eldest son turned 22 today, and I feel

Rappers fight over ownership of "Back That Ass Up"

"I'll kick your mf'ing ass - on camera. Give me fifty dollars."

A man shoveled snow for me... Ask me anything

Did you know that Ulysess S. Grant is buried in "Grant's Tomb"?

U.S. firefighters suspended in sex case

To whom must a woman sell her soul to find a good, comfortable, pretty bra

JESUS CHRIST was a lizard

What is your favorite thing to do....

Being a left-wing Christian at a public university can be a tad lonely

Would you kill for a Nobel Peace Prize?

Do you live near a tourist trap?


Randi Rhodes is defending Hillary's stand in finding "common ground"

The 10 Worst Corporations of 2004

When the rapture comes, I call dibs on the Crystal Cathedral.

Help me become more intimidating!!!

Favorite taste sensation

Name your "WTF" Polk Award moments

I Couldn't Believe It - YOU CAN BUY POTS ON-LINE!!!

Question about paying taxes.

So very bitter...


I just saw The Grudge. That movie scared the crap out of me.

Where have all the bastards gone?

Hey all you DU guys!! Here's a photo of a woman with a nice ass!

The smell of the food cooking is making me CRAZY.

Why are teens in flicks always played by actors in their late 20s?

Billboards encourage questioning of homosexuality

Holy crap! Squeezable cranberry sauce! In a bottle!


Holy cranberry sauce! Squeezable crap! In a bottle!


I need 15 more posts!!

limited time only. You can reply to me, FREE OF CHARGE!

Costliest Vince?

U2 Ticket Presale Inflames Fans

As long as we're talking about Right-Wing's today's lesson

The Jan. 25, 2005 edition of MOVELEFT.COM

Dammit, I was snubbed by the Academy again...

Canadians/Canada travelers. Any suggestions on where to stay in

Tonite, I will post as Skittles and be mean to everyone....

"I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining"

Greatest EP of all time?

You're not going to believe this, but you can actually buy POTASH on-line!

Phil Collins releases another version of Sussudio. Your thoughts.

"I'm a faithful follower of father John Birch."

I'm having one of these days right now...

Is this really an Elephant flushing a toilet?

Tonight, I Will Post as Generalissimo Fransisco Franco

Styrofoam Boots

Tonight I will post as Dr. Weird and everyone

Quote of the day

Tonight I will post as da_chimperor and be myself to everyone...

It is TRULY a small world!!

Tonight I will post as a jukebox in San Francisco

Tonight I will post as HeyHey and be Canadian to everyone...

"Up against the wall Blueneck Mother. Mother never raised a son so well"

Short and sweet....

10,000 posts! Finally! Ask me something!

The beautiful San Francisco Peaks of northern Arizona

Let's all pick one DUer to shun tonight...

Help! What can I do about an out of control insurance agency?

Boner was the glue that held Growing Pains together

Post your stupid Borg jokes here

I accidentally bought this for $11 on EBAY

RANT: joggers who wear black at night.

Tonight I will post as a really obnoxious Steeler fan.

Tonight I will not post and not say anything to anybody

Oh great - home just in time to catch Senator Cornpone

OooooOOOoOooO-- we're having chicken enchiladas!

Tonight, your copycat threads suck thrice as much

Tonight I will post as the Prince of Darkness

Tonight I will post as Post cereal

My 17-yr-old springer is in some kind of obsessive-compulsive rut. >

Tonight, your copycat threads suck... frith as much? fourth...

Need help picking a username for another forum

Amsterdam is on my mind

The 14th Minute

Tonight I will post as Longgrain and post nude photos of myself

So why didn't Letterman take over "Tonight" from Carson?

Dancin' machine, dancin' Machine DANCIN!

Name something you love about your job.

63 hours of tingles to go, 63 hours of tingles...

Officer Threatens To Arrest Woman For Anti-Bush Sticker

Hamsterman is on my mind

Rammstein is on my mind

that worst tv show thread made me remember a good show that got cut

Caption this!

Tonight, eh fuck it.

Frankenstein is on my mind


So, I was over in GD Politics, and this little ditty came to mind:

American Idol is on again

Post all the reasons why Dr. Rice should be Secy of State

Super Bowl prediction with score.

Ask me anything...I just completed Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay

I bought a Bill Hicks dvd today...

Duke Party Features Bikinis, Baby Oil

Tonight I will post as myself and get IGNORED


Complain about everything in this thread !!

Farewell my old pal

I post this a couple of times a year, but it never gets old to me...

Tonight, DS1 sucks twice as much

Nurses? Need help on a minor medical question

okay, weird kitty alert...

Tonight I'll post as Skinner and BAN ALL O'YOU EVILDU'ers!

ZombyWoof caught on air guitar... oh my.

I like cheese.

I like Chinese

Tomorrow, Matcom will suck thrice as much!!!

Does anyone ever log out to see what an ignored person posted in your...

OK, the pun's over.

A woman and her pet

Tonight, your copycat threads suck twice as much

Early Daily Show reminder: Sy Hersh is the guest tonight

What are the chances of truly uplifting good tunes being made again?

I'm listening to a soundboard of Cheap Trick in 1988. Ask me anything.

Someone called me a DINO

Good Frontline coming up on PBS at 9:00 PM

Question about uploading an avatar...

The first jukebox was located in San Francisco in 1899.



Top this................Fart Football

Pretend it's 9 months ago in GD:Election2004 and I said "Hi"

Will the average "lesser-of-two-evils" Bush voter start to realize that

I have never been a fan of Leonardo Da Vinci, BUT...

Keep the drunk from falling over!

So, I'm all hopped up on painkillers. Should I go post in GD?

Bald guys who are cool with their baldness or guys who fight it..

VH1's "I love the 90's" showed video of Shrub, Sr. puking

Crush or fold?


Favorite nut from mixed nuts

I need some help with Bush's college attendance.

In an Epic Battle who'd win?

Is the show 'Three's Company' a real family show?

Does anyone have that link to the pictures of sea creatures found

Mr. Deeds - His values - Great clip

Watching the blooper show on named Skittles

I really don't think this year can get worse......{{{hugs needed}}}

Does Barbara Boxer wear guys' shorts?

Who else is getting tired of "favorite band and/or music" type of polls?

Just curious - do boxers all wear guy shorts?

Boxer on C-SPAN2 now - for those who missed it

Tonite, I will post as JimmyJazz and ignore your posts....

Answer needed

Is In My Life the best Beatles song?

Tonight's Woody Guthrie quote

Congrats to kittycat1164! 400 Posts!

Sirius radio-- channel 17--"Jam-On"

In an all out fistfight who'd win?

Where do I belong in the world?

Harry Ravensdale is Dead!

Pauly Shore is Dead!

Pics of my dog...

Best CAT JOKE ever !!!!!!!!!!!!

Which is your favorite band?

Straight outta Locash, a crazy ************ named Gusto...

If your Internet connection were a human, what would do to it?

Turned down a terrific job offer: I feel GREAT!

You are a big loser if you don't like Kasabian.

I will bestow unto you the most pompous vanity post EVER to be seen on DU!

I just couldn't do it! I tried to sleep all night long

Do you ever type "libary" for "library"?

We use only the finest baby frogs, dew picked and flown from Iraq...

Awesome South Park Clip on the Parents Television Council Webpage

Did you know?

Mike Malloy...LOL!


What's your favorite cheesy Martial Arts Movie?

Jesus, Daddy and the Spook! I'm outta the 700 Club!

It's roof, not ruff

it's mice, not mouses!

I've never liked medical dramas until "House" came along

I guess no one likes Longgrain anymore.

Holy crap, look at what book I just found...

It's the DemocratIC Party. NOT the Democrat Party!

Heroin Girl.......singalong!

Here you go. I think this is what you wanted. Another painting.

You are cordially invited to join......

It's damn, not dayum

I just couldn't do it! I tried to be popular like JimmyJazz,

Whoa Nelly!!! Illinois and Wisconsin going down to the wire!

It's fraud, not discrepancies

Coming up: Sy Hersh on the Daily Show

Would anyone actually vote for Mick Jagger over Keith Richards?

Man Allegedly Robs Bank With Beer Bottle

It's "donkey", not "dunkey"

How can you calculate the speed at which dominoes fall?

More snow? Say it ain't so.

11 months until Xmas!

Alternate history: RFK lives and wins the 1968 Dem nomination.

grr! i wish people would keep quiet in the library!



It's bitch, not biatch

Alot of info to put for a case sensitive subject line-Dumb Criminal Story

It's milk, not melk

It's Repiglican, not Republican


It's "yunz", not "you all"

I just couldn't do it! I tried to be nice like Fluffernutter,

It's Route, not Root

Tonite, I will post as Fluffernutter and be nice to everyone....

Something that made me smile today.

Just got Weird Al's best album.


Is It Really So Strange?.......singalong!

It's brought, not brang

In an Eric battle who would win?

I just couldn't do it! I tried to ban people like Skinner,

I have never enjoyed the songs of John Asscroft.

Anybody read this book "The Great Divide: Metro vs. Retro"

The final days....

It's bubbler, not drinking fountain

Just curious-do all DU guys wear Boxer shorts?

This is NOT, repeat NOT a copycat thread.

Canadian ghost town sold

Anyone use fedex tracking? Is this proof of a wormhole?

I just got a great album on tape by John Denver.

Our cat had a nip and tuck today.

It's "Privatize" NOT "Personalize"!

Attention borEd English teachers or editors.

During fledgling season, my beagle kills about a bird a day. Should I....

"You're so ugly.....

Letterman rerun - "everyone on the fox network is just nuts!"

Influenza sucks!

As for Amb Taylor I would find my reverence for him would grow if I ever

Alleged Robber Calls Victim to apologize and for a Date, Gets Arrested

Harry Potter fans gather at grave of old British soldier "Harry Potter"

Frodo has failed. Bush has the Ring of Power

Were you one of those "Crisco Sucks" people

Its my son's 14 yr birthday and he says he wants a "Cloak".

Poll: Did my last 24 hours suck worse than yours???

Were you one of those "Lesko sucks" people?

CONFESSION: I get nostalgic for my father when I smell a bad cigar.

Never mind; I wasn't really looking for lectures n/t

I'm really not feeling like myself lately, can anyone

Bald folks: Stay AWAY from Bush

any college students working on a paper?

Stockard Channing (the "Pickles" of "West Wing") held on DUI charges

Are your cats safely restrained so they can be injected?

It's wash not warsh

Broke my ankle last night.........snap, crackle, pop it went.....

What a night at work!

Terminal cuteness (fuzzy creatures picture)

Kevin Spacey Was ROBBED....ROBBED I TELL YOU!!

Any fans of Animal Collective here?

Heroin....(velvet underground).....singalong!

Did you have a website?

All right this is Bill Clinton's "Valerie5555" score and I may just give

What ever happened to Tidy Bowl man?

Costliest vice?

Was Bob Hope really that good?

"Napoleon Dynamite"

If you were diagnosed with this, would you write a will?

Uh...My hovercraft is full of eels.

Most punishing things done to you as a child that were not punishments

Was Johnny Carson really that good?

Diagnosis: Badly infected tooth. Remedy: root canal and crown.

Sirius do you get it?

Do you ever type "prolly" for "probably"?

Favorite Jukebox Maker

Is "blueneck" the least effective insult ever?

It's the BLUNECK joke thread!!!!

I'm feeling cranky tonight. Ask me anything.

Is Trump a Dem?

You know, I never apologized for LAST April 1...

It's F*CKING COLD Here At Home! - Yes Folks, We Survived!

Okay - Worst TV show ever?

I have never enjoyed the songs of Bob Marley


KOEB Daytime Thread

Does anyone here think this woman looks good?

It's chip-chopped ham, not shaved ham


iPod Shuffle! (I just got one)

Since you turned 18 have you ever NOT VOTED in a presidential eleciton?

I made a poster for the Tranqs. What do ya think?

Here's some pics of my kids (cats)

Arcade Game Help

I have never been a fan of Leonerdo DiCrappio, BUT...

Best debut album ever?

I have too many black clothes. How about you?

oh my eyes!!!

What happened to Placebo?

It's rubber band, not gumband

Share a REALLY stupid joke.

I find the music of Jimi Hendrix to be tedious and uninteresting.

I Couldn't Believe It - YOU CAN BUY POT ON-LINE!!!

ATTN: February/March babies!

Did you get in trouble with your parents for swearing?

fellow DUers, i need 20 seconds of your time for a survey

How should I clean the screen on my laptop?

The Glam Rock Wars.

City Dwellers as oppose to rural residents

cat owners.. don't forget to let your cat out

Take your time, How did you feel after your 112th. Post?


Top 10 favorite songs...

Does anyone here own a pinball machine?

Buddy says at the bar last night"Aerosmith is the greatest American band"

Were you one of those "Disco Sucks" people?

Should the democratic party move to co-opt moderate libertarians?

Yo mama's so fat...

The Beatles were talentless hacks.

Quick, without looking, how many posts do you have?

All right then, would you respond to this personal ad?

I changed the look of my website a little.

Are your cats safely indoors where the can be protected or...

Is anyone worried about adverse effects soy products have on the thyroid?

Look what they're doing to dogs in my town

Bible Stories

Happy day of commemoration of St. Paul's conversion

Do you believe the Messiah is coming?

Many Christians reject Biblical fundamentalism

Bio-identical hormones -- anyone have any good info or links?

MT St. Helens great new arial photos...

The mysterious end of Essex man

Scientists Create Petrified Wood in Days

What Happenned to the New Pics of Titan?

No Appeal In Federal DOMA Case

Legislators back gay rights -- and survive

Toronto gay bookshop gives up the fight

Time for a Scorched Earth Strategy

Showtime bids farewell to Queer as Folk

Does the Sun-Sentinal Think all Black Football players look alike?

ESPN: Marlins sign 4-year, $52 million deal with Carlos Delgado

You're all wrong about football dynasties

ESPN: Marlins sign 4-year, $52 million deal with Carlos Delgado

T.O. cleared to run, not cleared to play.....yet.

Will the Marlins go to the World Series this year?

What female would you like to see do the halftime show at the Super Bowl?

Have any of you been to a Jim Rome Tourstop?

I'm rooting for The Eagles but the Pats are going to smoke 'em.

Any Pats fans finding it hard to root against the Eagles?

Rumsfeld: If you don't support neo con agenda we'll kill this puppy thread

Latest cat food experiences


Back To The Future? 76 years ago .........

Bush Unfettered, at Starlight News

vet just back from Iraq (w/ptsd?) -held on 1million dollars bail

Glad we had a night with no problems guys

I'm a Deanaic and I'm OK!

Anyone else find this interesting?

Tuesday's Condi debate

Boxer & Kerry vs Condi SNL Skit

Ya'll check out this big photo of a not so typical Texas Truck.

Who Is Here Watching The Senate Debates

Just got back from the Dentist

Poster at DailyKos titled "Senate Democratic Communications Center"

Hey, research types, can I have info on Kerry's work on special education

"Since you did something good, I'm going to take this opportunity...

I told a rapid Deaniac off in public at our state committee

Kerry interview today, Jan. 25th, by Reuters

Looks like Jk is batting cleanup tomorrow morning.

Fine, we can play that game too! Everyone go vote in this poll

Call me weird but I trust people from inside washington who run for pres

I think the Rethugs are getting a surprise

What dates for our Boston meetup?

Anyone besides Vektor, Elshiva, and JI7 born on Dec 5th?

What's your usage of a polarizing filter?

Canon Power Shot A85 / digital camera question

WTF? Nothing Bushit & Co does makes any sense

Agenda calls for Abu Ghraib commission

Fired reporters challenge Fox TV license for false news reports

Juan Cole: On an Iraqi "election" In the midst of chaos

Ed Schultz high on Hillary

10,000,000 Democrats

Is anyone watching yurschenko's inaugural address??

Condi White-Rice sang a different tune in 2000

2 1/2 hrs Political Humor Online

Bush inagural speech decoded!! Learn all the secrets!

They should do the same to Gonzalez

Do you see a certain cohesiveness in what Dems have been doing lately?

Become a citizen co-sponsor and send a message to the Senate Dems!

Update Hearings on Rice

c-span today at 9:45--Senate debate related to Condi

Guess who said these?

C-SPAN now--Stabenow--She will vote for Rice

Should Congressional Dems hold "unofficial" hearings?

Patriot Act Author ~ ‘I’m a Complete Intellectual Fraud’

Once again, you can see a manipulation of the truth that got us into Iraq.

Rep M. Meehan (MA-5), CSPAN noon, plan for withdrawal from Iraq.

Question. Who Will Vote Against rice?

Army Closed Many Abuse Cases Early

1/20/05 - the (other) date that will live in imfamy

Sen Alexander - we actually won the war before we lost the war

CBO projects budget deficit to be $368 billion in '05 (not incl. Iraq war)

How Can Democrats Take the South? (local paper)

GOP Priorities cut SS and use money for Tax Cuts-Dem's are election reform

Progressive Radio under attack?!

Senate Democrats Speak of Slowing Confirmation Votes

"I'm not asking for any help from President Bush because...

Reg Henry Pitt. Post-Gazette: Great column today. About Bush**'s

Anyone planning a trip to Germany?


Nine hours of Lip Service

Ted Kennedy on C-Span2 Now

Very serious question - is THIS the next president of the United States?

It is time for Dem's to start publicly protesting Bush's Media Bitches!

What is Lugar babbling about? School lunches? Wasn't this about Rice?

Catwoman, President Bush nominated worse actress and actor

Boxer featured on CNN

Is the GOP blackmailing all the Dems in Senate & House?

Rights Group Says Torture by Iraq Routine (no change from Saddam)

Will Linc Chaffe Vote Against Rice?

Mark Dayton of Minnisota

RFK Jr. Says He Won't Run for N.Y. Post

Kennedy opposes Rice's nomination Whoo hoo

Today I feel less like a Democrat than ever

After hearing the dems, Kay Bailey is

Somebody, please ask about the 8,000 pages deleted from Saddam's

cnn--debate on credibility (of Rice) is important--but Republican

Hillary stays middle of the road on abortion - solid pro-choice - but

Since Gonzales has justified "water boarding" in his legal briefs,

Anyone ever heard the word kakistocracy before?...

Sen. Levin letting her have it now!

Anybody see a pattern here?

Senate in recess until 2:30-okay please open Kay Bailey's book to page 35.

IRAQ: Winning Of Hearts & Minds?

THE DEMOCRATS...(Sponsored by Kelloggs)

Faux RW talking points - Byrd (former KKK) attacking black woman today.

Why are the MSM going to Iraq for election, but international observers

Offical - Rice Hearing thread #1

Good Riddance William Safire.

2:15 EST 1/25/05 Condi Senate floor debate will continue. Fireworks!

Imus Just Had Nasty Words For Boxer And Kennedy...

OK - Explain this to me...

Cheap Race Card being played by Frist on Cspan right now

C. Delores Tucker, Nat Congress of Black Women on c-span YES

Scottie M. defending Bush budget on his newconf. cpan 2 now

Bizarro world update, C-Span 1 and the House talking/debating, whatever

Why Do Rush And Imus Make Disparaging Remarks About The Appearance Of Others

How Will Hillary Clinton Vote?

Faith-based funding for computer services with "Christian character"

Agree or Disagree: Rice was an easier target because of her race & gender

Finally, An Articulate Spokesman For The Right!

Senator Byrd C-Span 2!

Ramsey Clark Or Wesley Clark-Who Is Right On The "Big Picture"?

Official Thread # 3 -- Rice confirmation debate

propose your own ten-point Democratic agenda!

any guesses as to what this term's 9/11 will be?

Demand Full Disclosure and Investigation of Bush Administration Torture

Inaugural Speech brought to you by Kristol and Krauthammer...

audio - JFK on civil rights and more - mods check

"$149 per minute since Jesus was born that's how much $$ has been spent on

Bayh - "We are attempting to accomplish the right thing in Iraq"

Why doesn't a Dem Senator get up and say "I reject the vision that

Why Dean is a threat to the status quo

Grover Norquist's ideological reasons for Social Security 'reform'

Official thread #4, Rice Confirmation Debate, Senator Byrd up now:

Can we start "official thread #6"? Barbara is up. I do this in defense

Allen's "sweet nectar of liberty" (graphic)

I Guess We Don't Have Evan Bayh To Kick Around Any More...

I wonder if some entity put the kibosh on

Official thread #5, Rice Confirmation, Chuck Hagel speaking

An oath of office for DU'ers

Is Republicracy a scam being pulled on the white middle class?

Would the Condi watchers please post some recaps?

Boxer doesn't seem to support the withdraw of US troop from Iraq (?)

Wedgie: A GOP Lawmaker Says Polygamists Deserve an Apology

Official Thread 6#: Rice Confirmation Hearing, Senator BOXER

Hey Ken Salazar, I knew there was a reason I didn't support you

Senator Boxer up on the floor ..."I have tens of thousands of signatures

Bayh Says No To Rice

Iraq War Cost - a bit of perspective

Anyone - Please post BOXER Transcript, when available nt

William Rivers Pitt speaking at PDA Summit on Democracy Now!

My idea for dealing with Condi Rice

OFFICIAL thread #7 , Rice Senate Debate discussion

let's flood the Repub's mailboxes and tell them how we REALLY FEEL!

What are the common sound bites the GOP Senators using

I personally give each Senator who votes no on the Rice confirmation

How do the grocery store tabloids play into the wing nut mentality

Zogby: 31% of Americans ASHAMED To Have BUSH as President

Kennedy, Dayton, Boxer, Kerry are "NO" against Rice, so far...

What's the schedule of speeches?


I see the repugs trotted out some AA (C-Span) to voice their displeasure

NPR just report on N.Korea, interview with a Diplomat that...

Where is the Bible Verse that Demands Democracy for the World?

May I have the honor of starting a F**K YOU JOE LIEBERMAN thread

Rice lies in front of congress and get promoted to Sec State

Where DU and the blogs can make a REAL difference

Defeat the Phelps Petition

I need Election results 2000 Florida ASAP ...can anyone help?

Official Thread #8 : Rice Confirmation Senate Debate

Heads up, Boxer fans: She's going to debate Sen. Kyle

So how many time did Condi commit Perjury

Did I miss Barbara Boxer speak?

Would You Consider Byrd for Prez in 2008?

Do splinterists forfeit their right to complain about Republicans?

Did Jack Reed just say he would OPPOSE Rice? (eom)

No exit strategy ? So how long do Repubs think we'll be stuck in Iraq ?

How is Durbin going to vote?

Why are the repub senator so unoriginal?

Is this a Bash thread or not...

Official Thread #9, Rice Confirmation Senate Debate..please...thanks.

Cornyn accuses Boxer of tying Rice questioning to fundraiser!

If I understand chain of command right, Rummy was losing power

Vote: Do you think Democrats are "playing politics" with Rice nomination

O'Reilly hatchet job on Boxer filled with lies

It's Boxer's turn - up now!

Boxer referred to something in the Constitution...?

Americans Chide Bush Administration On WMD’s

Has Kerry been on yet? I heard a while ago he was coming up.

Did anyone else see Richard Viguerie on The Daily Show tonight?

Agitation Time by Ted Glick

CNN Sucks

Bankruptcy "reform".....they're at it again....

I Can See Why The Republicans Have The Lock On The Goober Vote...

ok, I'm a dope, what is up with the hearings? it can't be over?

No War in Iran Petition at 2700+

Does Dianne Feinstein KNOW she's lying?

RW topic of the day: Hillary

Social Security "Reform," Tort "Reform, Bankruptcy "Reform", next up is...

After Iraq, keep your checkbooks out...

This is why it we must fight against Rice and Gonzales

Once again CNN posts unflattering pic of Dem

poor wittle Christians

Feinstein: "Dr. Rice went to college at the age of 15"

How many Senators do you think WILL VOTE AGAINST RICE??

Could political donations be used to buy voting machines in Ohio?

Save the Supreme Court from Frist's pre-emptive strike!

MSNBC Poll - Are Dems playing politics w/Rice nomination?

Inside Skinny: A Little Look into Campaigns and The People Who Run Them


Anybody Notice? No Published Scientific Polling on Condi's Approval Rating

Kennedy, Dayton, Kerry, Boxer, Bayh, Byrd, know why, right?

Foreign Policy incompetence doesn't count when the target is an easy mark

Rawstory: Full remarks of Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) on Condoleezza Rice

This looks like a great educational film about U.S. policy re Cuba

Thank God for Senator Mark Dayton!

DON'T Miss it - on PBS tonight - Frontline Al Qaeda's New Front

A horrible question....

Gore Vidal rips * a new one on Democracy Now, calls media "corrupt."

My letter to the Editor of all local newspapers and I hope Time & Newsweek

Should Boxer refer to Condi as "she"?

Kid Rock singing re: his inauguration bump

The part of Boxer's speech that I absolutely loved..

Senator Byrd

Official Thread #10 : Rice Confirmation Senate Debate

BOXER speech from today on C-SPAN 2 now. (9:14 PM EST) n/t

Hey guys. This site has a great lettter to send to Sens re Condi

George W. Bush: How Sick Is He?

Agencies back plan to delete old e-mails

NOW! Boxer on CNN, w/Aaron Brown, 9:30 CT

Clinton Seeking Shared Ground Over Abortions

Cynthia McKinney vs. Condi Rice

Sen Lieberman spoke FOR Rice today. LET HIM KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!

When the USA hits rock-bottom, like an alcoholic, which it soon will ...

"Be careful what you say!" Welcome to the Reich!

Sy Hersh on tonight's Daily Show !!

Bush finds premature death among blacks politically useful

Do you want to contact one of *'s media whores?

seymour hersh on the daily show NOW

Sen.Boxer and the lefties allied with Islamic terrorist by Freepers.

Serious question for you

Tell the media that Senator Boxer is doing THEIR job!

Someone please keep score on Senators.

Where is the transcript of today's debate?

Bloggers coming together to take a stand against Gonzales!

Boxer on Aaron Brown tonight!

Byrd On C-Span Now (1-25-05, 7:45 cst)

Do we have a lawyer in the house? We need a question answered!

Rice debate C-SPAN 2- Official thread #2

Senate Schedule for the Rice debate/vote tomorrow

Anyone get the feeling that Boxer sparked the beginning of the end for *

GOP celebrates defeating the poor

ANOTHER $80 Billion?!?

How Old Is Too Old For Your Vote For Prez?

Opinion on Hillary for President

Tonight is the last chance for everyone to write their Senators about Rice

My letter to Scab - bourough

A good point: Why do Repubs bring up Rice's race

Must see. These poor kids in Iraq ..... * must pray that their is no God


I'd like to adopt a soldier.

Do You Think Democrats Are "playing politics" with C. Rice's Nomination?

Californians...Feinstein must go!!!!! She has done us a great disservice!

Israel attacked U.S. navy ship during the LBJ admin.?

Anyone have a link to Bush's Approval rating? The one that has him at 44%?

Sen. Byrd does not seem well

Now They Are Worried About Veteran Benefits Costing Too Much

Does it really matter that much who the Party Chair is? NO!

Boxer/Dem Challenge of Condi Rice-Senate debate-C-Span2: NOW!


Seymore Hirsch on Daily Show now

Which Presidential election proved to have the worst consequences?

Does anyone seriously think that Hillary Clinton could win in 2008?

Feinstein just lost every modicum of respect I ever had for her

Boxer represents the MAJORITY

Say what? Hillary criticized for wanting "common ground?"

Should Senators Who Vote To Confirm Dr. Rice Be Punished By The Party

Not one damn dime day

Did we really have to fight the Cold War?

Can you all in Conn. & Cal. please Re-Call your fucking Dem. senators?

Republicans' Immediate Priorities

Who is willing to write to Martin Sheen about defeating Feinstein in 06?

The Boxer Revolution

How would you respond to this post?

I Am Profoundly Disappointed That Andy Young Endorsed Dr. Rice

Preferred form of government/econ. system, if you had to choose...

OMG, did Evan Bayh really vote "no" to condi??

Ishtar II: The wrath of John

NeoProgressives or Neo-Liberals what does that term mean to you?

Who would you rather unseat, Feinstein or Santorum?

Clinton Against Dean? Why Take Fineman's Bait?

Perhaps the best article I've read since 12/2000

Will Blogs like DU drive the Democrats away from *ush?

If Fineman is lying then where did he get the quotes

Dems say adding 40k troops a top legislative priority. Do you agree?

Quick QUESTION... How did Birch Bayh lose re-election to Dan Quayle?

SIGN THIS PLEASE : The Dems have an actual agenda !!!

Is Stabenow (D-MI) worthy of re-election in 2006?