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Archives: January 24, 2005

A pretty good rant here:

Osama Who? When No News Is 'Bad News'

Pentagon refutes report on new espionage unit

A fantasy of freedom

McCain wants to investigate the new spy unit

Transition to Nowhere (Bush privatization plan's 3 flaws)

For Democracy to Take Root, It Must Be the Work of Many Hands

All the President's Newsmen

GOPer Op-ed: "Cover the Terror War as a War" (too little "fear" in LAT?)

The Empire of Vulgarity

Walking Wounded - Old soldiers don't fade away

A truly great LTTE

Pope to tell of his brush with death

Gore accused Bush of trying to privatize Social Security in 2000 Campaign

House tax-writer: race, gender, jobs should be factored into Soc. Sec.

New Strategy on Social Security (partial truth out of context Clinton quot

Republicans Expect Big Payoff From Bush's Ownership Society

A Bridge to Sell(destroying old age security w/ fiscal deficits/Nat'l Debt

Fox News: Too Fair, Too Balanced

Against All Odds, Haitians Protest Illegal Regime, Foreign Occupation

Bush Fantasy Land: The Sequel

Mark Steyn - Assclown Extraordinaire

President Bush: Keep your freedom and democracy to yourself (Prada)

Bob Novak confirms Clinton opposed Private Accts (but Lieberman?, &

Unusual Suspects:What happened to the women held at Abu Ghraib?

Johnny Carson Esquire Interview – The Man Who Retired (2002)

The Dangerous Gold Star Families

Lonely Are The Brave (Barbara Boxer) by James Wolcott

Like father, like son (Colin & Michael Powell)

EPA OFFERS IMMUNITY TO FACTORY FARMS (pig polluters, rejoice!)

Suspected GOP LTTE mass mailing

Feinstein is a War Profiteer

Fallen U.S. Porn King Goldstein Rebuilds with Bagels (Al Goldstein)

A Quick Reaction - Noam Chomsky - Sept.12, 2001

Senate Democrats lay out opposition agenda!

(PINR) Warning to Washington: 'Project 2020'

"Playing 'whack-a-mole'" (Repugs admit media brought down Dean)

Sponge Bob Puts Move on Me

Key Lawmakers Cast Doubt on Social Security 'Crisis'

WSJ"s Halperin: Our Blindness

Help! Looking for pics/video of 2 specific things I saw in DC 1/20

Brainshrub goes to Washinton. Photo and audio diary of the inauguration.


Save voting in California: call SOS Shelley today

Taking on Rumsfeld for War Crimes (In German Court) Help raise the issue

Help Save Their Home

News' fate in today's corporate culture

Will media still lie after Novak says Clinton DIDN'T favor priv accts?

FCC denies Saving Private Ryan indecency claim.

Reporter who revealed * DUI now a truck driver

Anybody else listen to pirate radio?

AP finds memos showing GOP to blame for bad terrorist protection - but

NBC Nightly News Brian Williams thinks Limbaugh should get more credit


Huge Iceberg Runs Aground (no collision)

Chesapeake Cleanup Degenerating Into "Bureaucratic Farce" - WP

Environment in Finland is rated best

BioWillie: Family Farmers Growing Fuel for America and the World

New Strain Of Sudden Oak Death Surfaces In WA State Nursery

Hundreds Of 5-Foot Squid Wash Up On Newport Beach, CA

Answered my own question

Could DU adjust talk radio listings by timezone?

Following up Nothing Without Hope's comments on DU and MSM

Is Big Brother Snooping on DU? Evidence

Good job, Mods!

Hi there, why were my posts deleted in this thread?

Hello administrators.

Can you come shovel my sidewalk?

Question about donations

September 11

Any way to delete a forum from your group?

Comment/suggestion re: "newbies"

A word about trolls and a question.

Thanks for the new forums (and groups)!

Why was the post about Bush bullying Canada

I've got a few questions about where, when, and how...


Can the mods start cleaning up the new forum

Palestinian Police Face the Enemy Within

Tali Fahima released to house arrest

Israel Seizes Tracts of Land in Jerusalem

The `demographic scarecrow'

Relative quiet in Gaza Strip, as PA policemen do their job

Dagan: Egypt, Syria have nuclear programs, as well as Iran

Does Wes Clark Know The Truth About 9/11?

Please convince me why Mike Ruppert is credible

Welcome To the New 9/11 Forum

Can Anyone Explain the Pentagon security camera video???

What was going on in Portland?

Is Hyde reachable?

Pantagraph: Public meetings source of concern

Chicago has the nicest people in America!

Chicago Sun-Times: Court backs Madigan on crime-sniffing dogs

More Spin -- Blackwell ahead of others, and "survey shows Ohioans approved

TALKING POINTS on Condoleeza Rice & Election Fraud (no mandate!)

Turn CSPAN2 On Now: "Steal one election, get a second free"

Listen online now to Mark Elsis discuss election fraud!

Do we have proof of fraud from the 2004 election (2002, 2000)?

Free Press: Arkansas in 2004: Did Bush Really Win?

"Paint it Blackwell" -- the spin about the Electoral Challenge on the 6th

Media Bias and it's effect on elections...

GOP members of HJC key to election fraud/disenfranchisement investigation

Bible passages for the Right-wing religious wackos

Here Is Congressman John Conyers 102 Page Report pdf File Link Fixed

Rethugs are STILL in D.C. (I let a couple have it! about voting) :-)

DUPE -- sorry -- Reid's Senate Agenda includes Election reform. Too weak?

CNN: Who is the "darling" of the right? Does Rove write your scripts or

Video - CNN AllPolitics reports on "BOXER'S BITE"

Our Own William R. Pitt featured today on Democracy Now

Email I got from "Impeach Bush"

Another nice article about Kerry

RE: A New Legal Challenge in Ohio

Conyers does it again!!!!!!!!!!!

Dean wins straw poll in Texas

Looks like we just got a new forum name!

Lawmaker's Democratic Son Charged in Tire-Slashing during Election

Anyone know anything about FOIA Voting info from Florida and Volusia

The Hartford Currant: A Certain Outcome (Editorial)

So in this renamed forum, do we still discuss all ways to oust Bush?

Petition calling for Bushitler Psych Testing - Funny

did everyone sign boxers petition

Seeking Imajika

The problem we have is that votes are never counted.

Monday 1/24/05 Election/Fraud/Recount/Protest Thread

So I'm Confronted by this Republican last night...

Election Probe in PA Reports Votes 'Vanished' from UniLect Machines!

Election Probe in PA Reports Votes 'Vanished' from UniLect Machines!

RH Phillips's interview archived online


Congressman Conyers 102-page report from Judiciary Committee Democrats

MY Suggestion

Needs its own thread - DU this poll

DU this poll- grade *'s inaguration speech

TBO;24/7 -- Reflections on a Certain Reality:Fraudulent Elections

Update: Contact Sensebrenner at the Judiciary Committee


I don't know but...the word fraud will be absent on this new forum?

Floridians Who Can't Be In Orlando 1/27

Any help would be great!

News from

Documentation: widespread vote machine fraud and dirty tricks in 20 states

AP: Machine that lost votes in N.C. did same in Pennsylvania

Seattle Post-Intelligencer- Revote? If Florida and Ohio go first

Why Dean should take charge

I miss the old name...This doesn't feel like "Home"

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Official disputes unverified voter tally

DU "votes" needed for "our favorite" Keith Olbermann....

All Democratic Senators' tel-fax-email, & many state offices...

The Advertiser-Tribune - Optical scanners may be optimal solution

One of the ten bills in Harry Reid's Democratic Agenda

Are open source codes a solution to the electronic voting problem?

The Latest House Bill Requiring a VVPB

Poll: Name the group

Pre-election and Exit Poll Summaries

VOTE needs some data - can you guys help?

IMPORTANT election reform action! Needed by February 8


Tax Breaks Intensify State Fiscal Debate (wealthy/corp tax breaks stay)

Scaled-Back Solutions to Healthcare Crisis

Hon. Gallegly, (R) California, 24th - reachable?

Pat Driscoll running for 5th CD

Gov.'s Trust Is Limited (reverse vote of the "people" if you don't like)

Aides: Shelley may resign

State Workers Wary of Pension Idea(stopping defined benefit pensions hurts

Just heard an ANTI Gov message on radio by the CA

San francisco protest:

Patrick Henry Democrats stand up for Kevin Shelley.

Lockyer pegs job he wants: Governor

OK, I want to concentrate on replacing Feinstein.

Who is this asshat? Stephen Adams of Pioneer Institute-RW ed in Globe

Retired Globe columnist David Nyhan dies

Dont give Xcel the extra .02..... and heres why...

Dayton aims to overturn Medicare ban on drug price negotiations

I received a response from Sen Dayton today - I don't think

Update on Normie's cosmetic surgery. (Must Read.)

89.3 FM - "The Current" now on the air.

They're closing the aquarium on Belle Isle!

Breaking News: State Called to Fermi II Plant (Monroe,MI)

Where Can I Get Electronic Screws for My Cell Phone?

Why would Opera and Firefox want to act as Servers?

Imminent hard drive failure warning on boot!

Optimize XP

.NET Framework - Is this another Microsoft "Take over the world"

Firefox problem ... please help ...

Breaking News: State Called to Fermi II Plant (Monroe MI near Toledo)

Hon. Chabot, (R) Ohio, 1st - reachable?

Honsberger hosts Racist on his radio program

Hon. Hart, (R) Pennsylvania, 4th

Are Reps. Smith & Carter reachable?

Lobbyist Merry Go Round: Wohlgemuth Takes A Turn

After hearing Conehead introduce Gonzales at the AG Hearing

State Convention delegates prefer Dean


Billboard: "Conservative Christians Attempting to Make Texas A Dry State"

Houston DEers. I hope you guys are going to the Feb 1 event!

Wow. Radnofsky 2006 is already gearing up in Houston

What About A Northern Wi. Meetup?

Operation Elephant Take Over - Any thoughts??

Milwaukee DU Meet-Up this Sunday night!!

I want a Madison DU meetup!

Family Farmers Growing Fuel for America and the World

ARG! C-Span cut off mid Palast organizing talk,

Number of at-home dads doubles

fundamental truths about liberals and conservatives . . .

Codebreaker unlocks the 3,000 secrets of US military vocabulary


Are the New England Patriots a government conspiracy?

Science Fiction for Christians ...

The Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party

U.S. Foresaw Terror Threats in 1970s

A scary conversation with a friend.

Video Link to Anti-Inaugural

What will become *'s "Watergate?"

People in my signature pic...

Orwell Or Huxley: Who Better Foresaw Today?

Anyone see Boston Legal? Republicans get slammed

The only reason we hear so much about Ben Roethlisberger....

Born poor? More chance of jail (Glasgow Herald)

"Conservative internationalists" AKA "Neocons"

The War in Iraq costs appr. 5 BILLION a month.....not bad

Rightwingnut freepo-fascists ARE becoming more TOLERANT...

So much for the 'liberal' media

Want to see just how batshit crazy the fundes are?

The Dems need to get behind...

How many in Bush Administration does it take to screw in a light bulb?

What is proper ettiquette for applying lipstick in public?

"Worst President Ever" Inaugural Protest Posters?

You need to turn on C-SPAN2 right now

Saddam's Unforgivable Sin and Axis of Evil Puzzle Solved?/@#$$$?

So have any terrorists been caught by the PATRIOT Act yet?

FoxNews wouldn't pass the CBS ethical test for journalism..

Joyce Meyers, Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson, make 100 Million a year

Jon Stewart's Comment on Post 9/11's "New Equation"

William Rivers Pitt about to be on Democracy Now,is this live?

Nuclear Calendar -- Friends Committee On National Legislation

Is Big Brother Snooping on DU?

Gonzales: Did He Help Bush Keep His DUI Quiet?

NUDE picture of George W. Bush???

Media Bias Statistics help

Serious business question. (Accounting/Business types please read.)

Why does the author of this letter hate america?

Poland moves to embrace its Jewish past

Safire exit; encourage him to never write again

How many Elephants are in the Room exactly?

Study finds no explaining weeping Madonna

bush lovers will eventually wise up, & turn on him

NEW STUDY: ALL Bush-approved stem cell lines tainted by mouse molecules

Codebreaker unlocks the 3,000 secrets of US military vocabulary

Any long-term users of steroid nasal sprays here?

SOMERBY Book Is Coming, Plus Press Wants Our Help, Won't Do Job

Author airs conspiracy theory on Im’s death

So is Plame-gate now forgotten?

*@&*#$**#$! PDA conference rebroadcast on C-Span 3 cut off

My signs were vandalized Saturday night...inside my fenced yard!

The Inevitable Johnny Carson Post

Bush addresses anti abortion rally.

Where Feinstein woos, Boxer wallops

Ask Senate Judiciary Committee to vote NO on Alberto Gonzales.

New Documentary About Enron

ah my arrogant male that lectures me on nudity and sex

The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience

War protesters are obligated to speak out (LTE)

The Bush/Clinton Tsunami Relief Fund

poor Henry Nau of GWU has a new article out trying very hard to

Franken TV....a deal with Sundance?

Does anybody know if there is a class-action suit for the Cordis stents?

Rice to meet with Straw

Here's a list...


Sludge story on DeLay in 60 min investigation...

comic Strip/Corporate Media

bush's "credibility" gap widening; American Emotionalism

My letter to Wall St. Journal defending teacher's unions

Imagine you are at a Trial

regarding bush's healthcare plan for the poor: "don't get sick"

DU this poll

Jared Taylor, a racist in the guise of 'expert'

Filmmaker films suicide attempts on Golden Gate Bridge

As an Eagle Fan since they played in Franklin Field

'Top Al-Qaeda suspect caught by Iraqi security forces'...

Doom for the Dollar -- And Everything Else

What's with all of the sex-shop robberies lately?

Some scientist finally getting over ridicule factor and speak truth..

War protests on anniversary of Iraq war???

More Libertarian regrets...


"Freedom isn't Free"

But remember it's still ok to kill them

AAAARRRGHHHHH!!!! Four-hour erections....

FSTV today: Cover-up-Behind the Iran/Contra Affair

Freakers: "Abu Ghraib Abuse Due to Homo's"

There is only 1 reason why many reasonable people support Bush

Did Homeland Security nominee Chertoff defend a client tied to bin Laden?

Is this the prequel to "The Terminator" or "The Matrix"?

Bush to Make Ass of Self and Alienate French and Germans, Again

FOX News: 80% of Iraqis "somewhat likely" to vote.

Plot to Kill Nixon - Hijacked Airliner into White House

The "American Socialist Pledge Salute" (or somethin' like that....)

"Control Room" to air tonight on Sundance Channel

Yurica Report's 'Blood Guilty Churches' - Bible based indictment of Bush

Is Social Security paying for the war in Iraq?

"The Economy, The Troops, & Condoleeza Rice"...from the great Carnak

Fed judge delays CT's first execution in 40 years

Nokia CEO voices concern over American Conservative movement:

Bush will meet Chirac in Brussels, not Paris. Anti-Bush** demonstrations

RFID passports:

Hardball at Sundance tonight...

Jewish Voices for Peace "End the Occupation Sow Justice, Reap Peace"......

Question About the Flag Postage Stamps (Is It Okay If I...)

Looking for the KOEB - We need your HELP!

US 'terminates' Iranian website - BBC

Pataki could be U.N. ambassador

Beware if your blog is related to work

New bumper sticker idea: Conserve Our Troops!

The Power of DU

Johnny Carson on Democracy

Sponge bob Evil...Ok ,,,We have lost it...

The ethical are "terrorists" and/or "potential terrorists/terrorist

Are the Democrats ever going to stop feeding on corporate donations? If so

Good riddance to William Safire!


crazy crazy crazy

Stephen Colbert on Fresh Air

FL senator says working secretly for slate to avoid "messy primaries."

US 'terminates' Iranian website

Sign the "Conscious Sedation guest book" and Win!

Somebody shoot me now. Monica Crowley singing Rose Woods praises

What ever became of the obnoxious Atlanta realtor?

Conservatives vs. Liberals on Freedom

SC refuses to hear FL appeal in Terri Schiavo case

I refuse to let these misstatements, misjudgments, and poor decisions go

Did Race Play a Role in Death Penalty Case for 19 Illegal Immigrants?

Has anyone seen "Gabrial Over the White House"....

My conclusion: America no longer deserves to survive now.

My LTTE published today

How long before US strikes Iran?

What did Adolf Hitler think about Christianity?

Has anybody seen matcom? No posts since Dec. 27th????

My Nyquil was made in Canada - Should I take them?

The problem with the world is fools and fanatics are so sure ...

Do you know any pugs who have lost overtime protection?

Remember the 'new' Iraqi flag?

Zogby's on Crack!

A Plea for Support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

did everyone sign boxers petition

The reason the neo-cons are after CBS and Spongebob is simple

Remember Elian?

The New 23rd Psalm

Aides: Shelley may resign

Is Frank Gaffney a fascist imperialist, OR WHAT!!!!

Bush requests 80 BILLION $$$$$$ for Iraq operations

The Greatest Action Story Ever Told

Sponge Bob denies he's gay.

How much do you want to bet

Everyone in Dallas, Tx area please check out this thread. Get involved.

Controlling the masses by controlling sex and sexuality

If you've ever worked for DoD, or otherwise want Rummy gone, sign here:

Barbara Boxer wants your help. Here's an email. Sign her petition

So, who do you think will win the Iraqi election for PM?

Some good progressive mags?

Boxer to Box Condi: Senate Hearing Tuesday on CSPAN

FR posters upset w/ High Court "dog sniffing" ruling.

Anyone hear anything about the OSP (Pentagon Office Of Special Plans) ?

Johny Carson and Donald Wildmon both attended my alma mater, Millsaps

Iran 1953 - the rock opera

Making war a "joy stick" game. That's why war will never end for us.

Will Pitt is on LINK TV

Iraqis will learn where to vote at "the last minute" the question is

The next time you see chimp doing his Longhorn sign...

Become a Citizen Co-sponsor of democratic agenda; please do this!

Waaaaa Keith Olbermann on Vacation this week

C-span: Novak says bush is moving too far to the left.......

RATS, I just screwed up. Got a DUmail letting me know my LTTE was

Why do freepers hate Kerry so much?

The horror...the horror...

LOL !!! - Out Of The Mouth's Of Babes (Quote Of The Day)

no link yet-local news just reported evacuation at Fermi Nuclear reactor

Have you seen today's Meyer's Take ?

My Nephew Just Got His Selective Service Card In The Mail.

Share your thoughts on Oprah's show...

The death of Johnny Carson - this week's news diversion

What is the Lionel Show?

SNL: Bush Twins After Inauguration-hilarious!

Only 1000 attend abortion protest.

OMG ! the 2000 Miami reTHUGlican riot squad made the WP today !

Media Matters

Inaugural speech freedom vs. liberty counter on Daily Show

Racism alive and well in the South

To the protesters on Thursday-anyone see this?

23 at Guantanamo Attempted Suicide in 2003

Randi Rhodes and Right Wingers

next time you need car insurance...

Yes Rush! There is a God! McNabb to Rush "$%&*-off"

Freeps upset with Bush (he praised Eid al-Adha)

Liquified Natural Gas Facility Proposed for LI Sound

Liberal Media CNN has Frank Gaffney on arguing with himself.

Why do they get away with SLANDER?!

Depressed About the Inauguration?Democracy Doesn't Exist- It Is Made

I hear that the Evangelicals are planning to mobilize

The Iraqi "elections" ARE NOT for electing an Iraqi leader.

website by BlogPac has a broken blogroll.

e-mail just arrived;free samples-valium, soma, viagra, cialis

(FOX 8pm Trading spouses)Dem lady slams Bush over Iraq war

Help! Looking for pics/video of 2 specific things I saw in DC 1/20.

Just a Reminder-The Nuremberg Principles-Synopsis

Eeekkk, look who the guest is on The Daily Show tonight

What The Hell Is The "Homosexual Agenda" Anyway?

Progressive Letter Writing Cooperative

New online petition to "Restore Sanity in the WhiteHouse"

Are Americans more selfish and lazy than other country's citizens?

I just saw the funniest thing

I don't get it......

A Modest Proposal: Drafting Men But Not Women Is Discrimination

Cosmetic surgeon brags about his work on Sen. Norm Coleman

Why does Ken Mehlman get a free pass, but not SpongeBob?

If Saddam became a born again Christian....

Procedures for voting in the Iraqi election:

When the monkey pooped on John's head,...he became my favorite person.

Posted: State Legislators' 2004 Personal Disclosures

Okay, this makes me sick

Johnny Carson's politics: A liberal in the morning and a Centrist at night

Petition calling for Bushitler Psych Testing - Funny

NPR reported Pelosi and Reid don't want DNC Chairman DEAN

al-Qaida Official Admits to U.N. Assault

Boxer/Condi SNL skit! Video

What is "freedom" (to die)? What is that "democracy" we deliver?

US to DOUBLE bounty$$$$$ on bin Laden's head

I just finished a preliminary look at my taxes....

"christian groups are up in arms about..."

I'm pretty sure the Walmart cookie guy is totally gay.

Why I'm Willing to Defend Hussein

Reality TV is quite possibly the dumbest thing ever.

Can somebody explain this to me????

yet another Freeper email (freeper brother)

What is the source of this quote?

Mr. Bill is GAY and in hiding.

Kakistocracy:Gov't. by the least qualifiied or most unprincipled citizens.

I can't believe the idiot who said this, is serving a second term.

Brian Williams who is replacing Tom Brokaw advocates for Rush Limbaugh!

More lies from FAUX news!

Two Seymour Hersh Online Interviews

NEWS: Senators to PRESS for gay marriage ban

Is the United States of America a sociopath?

The Rich and Powerful at the Inauguration

Does anyone here work for the ACLU?


KOEB Meeting


Has everyone seen the Razzie nominees?

Rose Mary Woods...ahem... responible for the erasing of Nixon's tapes dies

Mandatory Malloy: Monday Night Truthseeker Roundup

Do you still respect the office of the Presidency?

OMG. Free Republic gave the Swift Vets a FReeper award.....

Jim Walter fighting Bush Crime Family with millions of his own money.

Message today from Barbara Boxer

evil Monsanto one step closer to taking over all of nature

Carson's greatest hit - exposing Uri Geller as a FRAUD!!!!!

What's the difference between Bush voters and a herd of stupid sheep?

What it means to be a liberal

Thie Chldren of Iraq (A webpage loaded with photos)

Ultra right wing radio goes over the top in Dallas

FACT: The MAJORITY of Iraqi "insurgents" are IRAQIS.

Bush wants yet another $80 billion for, er ah... um, Iraq..



Are YOU on the no-fly list?

4th Amendment dies today.

A question for the smokers here about cig lighters and airline travel

I Hate To Generalize But Making An Exception With * Supporters

Need help on the gay marriage issue

Ties That Bind, Hannity Fails To Reveal Conflict Of Interest

"The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse" 1962

'Braveheart' Becomes Role Model for Christian Men

Obscenity laws ruled unconstitutional

"Focus on the Family," glass houses, a Philanderer and an "Ex-Gay" Gay

What are the arguments for giving licenses to illegal immigrants?

Neo-Cons Attack Sponge Bob

Bush asks Congress for $1.5 BILLION to build embassy in Iraq

The book "The Da Vinci Code" is being made into a movie...

What's with all the Kennedy worship around here?

US flags mounted in dog droppings in German city

Did anyone else get this email from Senator Harry Reid today?

ABC's Website Had An Article On PNAC - It's Gone

pics from Iraq: man arrested & executed WITHOUT a trial

The John Kerry I Never Knew - By Mark Shields

Who are your 3 least-favorite Presidents of the U.S. and why?

Gunga Din hangs it up (my farewell to Bill Safire)

Absolutely awesome site to check out...very moving

So. Where is the Picture of the Screaming Blood Covered Iraqi Girl?

Nice photo of someone literally wrapping themselves up in the flag.

Sign this petition against Bill Thomas's agenda for Social Security.

A Reverend's anti-war letter to the editor

What Is The Responsibility Of an Employer

Is it time to consolidate the two GD forums?

Wed 1/26: News conference, ACLU support whistleblowers including Edmonds

The Devil's Hand: No, It's Not 'Hook 'Em Horns'

Here's a photo for everyone

RFK,Jr. says 95% of reps and 75% of dems are corrupt

Okay, so imagine that our soldiers HAD FOUND a HUGE STASH of WMD in Iraq.

Freeper-Mobile. This picture sums them up.

It's a sad day for the women of DU (re: Chris Heinz)>

What to do in the event of a terrorist attack...

Bible passages for the Right-wing religious wackos

First they came for Bert and Ernie

My Letter to Dr. Dobson

Lawsuit filed against President Bush,Vice President Cheney-PNAC-kick pleas

Homemade Mac and Cheese

Two questions for our "experts"

what can I do with a boneless leg of lamb?

What about the "Canadian Coalition for Democracies"?

Congratulations, Canada!!

Bush tried to bully Martin on Missile Defense

Late-Night King Johnny Carson Dies at 79

Obesity sabotages prostate test

Tax Breaks Intensify State Fiscal Debate

NYT: Exposure at (Boston) Germ Lab Reignites a Public Health Debate

Fox News: Too Fair, Too Balanced

Write to Dobson about how his rant on Sponge Bob hurts children

U.S. funded stem cells contaminated, study says

LAT: Study Says All (Bush-approved) Stem Cell Lines Tainted

NYT: Nations Ranked as Protectors of the Environment (U.S. 45th of 146)

Fear Shrouds Iraq's Elections in Secrecy, Confusion

Pentagon refutes report over new espionage unit (rummy's SS)

Secretary who erased Nixon tape dies

Conversion attempts in the time of grief

USA Today: "Social Security 'crisis' questioned"

Global warming reaching point of no return: report

ABC cameraman caught up in Baghdad blast

Study finds no explaining weeping Madonna

"Playing 'whack-a-mole'" (Repugs admit media brought down Dean)

Large blast rocks Iraqi capital

Powerful quake rocks Indonesia

Pentagon spy network revealed

US link uncovered in Thatcher's coup plot role

40 accused in South African MPs' fraud case

Pope to tell of his brush with death

Hutchinson leaving Homeland Security post

Missing Millions Said Going Back to Iraq's Bank

Conservative Groups Denounce Tolerance Week In Schools

Doctors knew they were buying contaminated blood

Codebreaker unlocks the 3,000 secrets of US military vocabulary

WP: New Strategy on Social Security

Codebreaker unlocks the 3,000 secrets of US military vocabulary

Prominent GOP Cong'man ppoposes tying SocSec benefits to race, gender

Iraq rebels mock security in poll lead-up

Zarqawi's declaration of war fuels fear of violence in run-up to poll

Cities continue prayers despite ruling

Baghdad Fighting Thwarts Jordanian Flights

Increasing number of Texans receive food stamps

UN on Holocaust: Evil Wins When the Good Are Quiet

NYT: Military Channels Are Competing on Cable TV

Bush tried to bully Canada on missile defence

LAT: To Get the Story... (reporters in Iraq "on a short leash")

U.S. forces filling jails in pre-vote crackdown (8000 held)

For slain man's family, no arrests mean no closure (Dr Eugene Mallove)

Arab candidates pull out of Iraq vote in multi-ethnic Kirkuk

Tenn. Senator Says He Keeps Two Families

High Court Defers on 'Choose Life' Plates

Iraqi Vets Describe Life After War (From the "Today" show)

Members of public affairs unit celebrate return home from Iraq

Major News!!! Global Warming Approaching Critical Mass

Army Readies Robot Soldier for Iraq

Chertoff’s ties to financiers of 9/11 attacks may prevent his confirmation

Rummy cancels trip to Germany after war crimes accusations

Iran warns US against making 'strategic blunder'

Another challenge filed in Washington governor's race

Labor Department Ends Survey Of Migrant Farm-Worker Status

Oregon legislator is investigated over accounting problems

Saudi Clerics Point Militants Toward Iraq

General in Afghanistan urges care on Iran

VA nominee pledges probe of benefits

Bush's Budget for 2006 May Propose Killing 2 Key Programs for College Acce

Possible Human Cases of Bird Flu Probed

Pentagon secret unit helped find Saddam

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, 24 January

US to take Australia's nuclear waste

'Catwoman,' Bush Earn Razzie 'Dishonors'

Satellite images showed undersea mountain hit by U.S. sub

Bush reportedly seeking $80 billion more

Hillary Clinton's former campaign finance chief denies irregularities

Crude Oil Rises to 8-Week High on Report of Lower OPEC Output

Haiti's Interim PM Rejects Direct Talks with Ousted Aristide

Nat'l Ass.for Bus. Econ.)Survey sees strong economic growth(hiring weakens

Razzies nominate George W Bush for WORST ACTOR!

Salvadoran Gang Becomes Major U.S. Crime Scourge

Microsoft's Shareholder Payout Raised US Incomes, Worsened US Deficit

WP: Inhalant Abuse on the Rise Among Children ("epidemic")

Pentagon secret unit helped find Saddam (rummy's SS)

McCain Wants Hearings on Pentagon Spy Unit

Pentagon Secret Unit Helped Find Saddam

Ex-FBI Agent Convicted Over Stock Deals

Former alderman in North Carolina town is charged

California Youth with Mental Illness Incarcerated When Community Service

US Classifies Pandemic Flu Vaccine a Select Agent

NYT: Some See Risks as Republicans Revel in Power

Attack on Iran Would Only Stifle Democracy, Say Iranian-American Journalis

Bush phones in support for abortion protest

Volunteers set to monitor Arizona border crossings

Iraqis Arrest Man They Say Is Zarqawi's Top Bomb Maker

Gannett Newspaper Deal Gets Antitrust Scrutiny

Don't foment war, hatred, Pope tells media

Posted: State Legislators' 2004 Personal Disclosures

Gun Law Study: More Blacks Face Felonies

Ex-F.B.I. Agent and Trader Found Guilty in Fraud Case

U.S. Military May Face Shortage of Troops

White House shrugs off finding contamination could bar stem cells from tre

Stopping Carnivore Doesn't Stop FBI Surveillance

Researchers Map the Sexual Network of an Entire High School

A driver's license as national ID?

Dispute Stalls Funeral of China Leader

Security Beliefs Shape Political Attitudes -Pew poll

Florida Democrat urges ouster of FEMA director over disaster aid

US Vice President Cheney to head US delegation at Auschwitz observances

FCC clears 'Simpsons,' 'Friends' of indecency raps

Russian Lawmakers Targets Jewish Groups

Bill would expand Ohio's public records law

Israeli Women Lawmakers See Red Over Rabbi's Ruling

With luck and good soldiering, regiment uncovers weapons cache

Lawmaker Wants Conn. Road Named for Bush

IBM Sale to Chinese Worries Feds

NYT: Senate Democrats Speak of Slowing Confirmation Votes

Federal Judge Stops Execution of Michael Ross

U.S. Presses Venezuela on Terrorism

Central bankers shifting funds from US to eurozone: study

General Says the Current Plan Is to Keep 120,000 G.I.'s in Iraq Thru 2007

Many ask: 'What's up with Barbara Boxer?'

WP: Army Plans To Keep Iraq Troop Level Through '06

Central banks 'shunning dollar'

Iraq: Torture Continues at Hands of New (US Appointed) Government

Bush to Seek About $80 Bln for Military Operations

City Firefighters Accused Of Sex On Duty (Sacramento, Ca)

U.S. Military May Face Reservist Shortage

US 'terminates' Iranian website

Iowa Doctors Say No to Drug Companies

D.C. Settles With Mass Arrest Victims ($425K + apology from police chief)

Pakistan accuses Indian troops of having violated ceasefire:

Saudi Suicide Bomber Claims Zarqawi was Captured, Then Released

Reports on Pentagon's New Spy Units Set Off Questions in Congress

5 charged in election-day tire slashings

NYT,pg1: Gray Matter and the Sexes: Still a Scientific Gray Area

Saddam's Lawyer Reportedly in Hiding

Security costs cripple RTI's progress in Iraq (projects put on hold)

Abortion Foes Stage Protest of Roe V. Wade (* calls in his support)

COX-2 Inhibitors Pose Heart Risks; Petition Filed Today with FDA

Marriage amend. re-introduced in Senate with 22 sponsors

Iraq forces arrest top al-Qaeda lieutenant

SD UT: Trial in challenge of San Diego mayor's vote to start next week

Japan to end aid for 'comfort women'

Guantanamo prisoners attempted mass suicide

Gates foundation injects 750 million dollars for infant vaccination

AARP and GOP Spar Over Poll

A.C.L.U. Presents Accusations of Serious Abuse of Iraqi Civilians -NYT

Court OKs Dog Sniff During Traffic Stop

Breaking News: State Called to Fermi II Plant

Venezuela's new revolution centers on land

Fla. Loses Appeal in Terri Schiavo Case

Senator Clinton Speaks of 'Common Ground' on Abortion

Senate Democrats ready anti-war speeches

Judge Sets Start Date for Ballot Bubble suit; Trial Begins Jan. 31 (Frye)

Report: Global Warming at Critical Point

Recruits swamp Navy, Air Force (shades of NAM?)

HP may farm out Fiorina's job duties, says report

Networks send big guns to Iraqi vote

Company Fires Smokers

When is the best time and day of the week to read and post in the Lounge?

WHat is a sprite?

This is addictive and fun!

Holy shit, my good buddy has a CB Radio

Holy shit, my good buddy saved money by switching to GEICO

Goddamn, it's so cold out there that I can't feel my legs

Holy shit, my good buddy is running a brothel

I've never put anyone on Ignore anywhere on the Internet.

Own a newer Palm and like to create music?

The wind is whipping so hard now that the windows are rattling

Holy shit, my good buddy is strength training with Bowflex

Are the New England Patriots a government conspiracy?

Best New Order album

I'm thinking of going to Costco this week. What should I buy?

Midnight @ The Oasis


"Love is Alive" by Gary Wright.....

Pacino at the ending of "The Devil's Advocate."

Ok all you PartyAnimals!

NyQuil fuckin' rules.

Will Chris Matthews Be ON Monday Night? Huh?

For my 900th post!

Q: Why does Jesus hate Social Security?

Okay who turned off the heat.......burrrrrr............

Apparently I don't pronounce "bull" properly.

Storm total check in -- where are you and how much?

Okay, guys. I think the east coasters are finally asleep.

Moving back to CA after 20+ years...what do I need to know?

Patriots conspiracy theory


"I'm a Democrat just like Zell Miller"


I will survive

don imus


How boring is the Superbowl half-time show going to be this year?

Son of a bitch! I'm missing two fish this morning.

Okay guys...I think ALL the Du'ers are asleep

Toilet paper : Witch side do you use ?

Am the only DUer who had no idea who was in the payoffs?

eBay ATA (Awesomely Tacky Auction) alert: Batboy on Black Velvet

Only 1457 Days to go!!!!!

After 'Deep Throat,' G-rated life (for Harry Reems in real estate)

What Do You Think of CNN?

Mr. Peebles on GMA

Viareggio (Italy) Carnival features "Bush & bin Laden embracing" float

So, where do rats/mice fall in the ecological spectrum?

Ever see Sunday Bloddy Sunday?

Was watching Boogie Nights OMG what a great supporting cast

Anyone got a really good FAST cold remedy?

Can I post the link to a torrent here?

Is there a way to know how many DU'ers are on the board at any given time?

What do Milwaukee winter and Nelly have in common?

May I Ask A Stupid Question?

Name the flick

23'03.64LAT 109'41.61LONG Where am I? Jealous yet?

Darn that "sleazy"!!!!!

Hey North Eastern DU'ers!

Second Job Ideas (I need 'em)

Chicago has the nicest people in America!

A tip of the hat, from a Stillers fan, to the Patriots fans

We need to get Bill O'Reilly a copy of this book...

Who had the Inaugural Protest photo of the "Abu-Ghraib Fraternity "?

What are the most unusual or best pet names you've heard?

wow! incredibLe news!

Junior has another uniform ("Air Force One" Members Only blue jacket)

The Beatles or Kelis?

Whoever mentioned peanut butter sandwich w/ brown sugar...

I'm scanning and cleaning up all my old family photos...

Siss Boom Bah

Bill Gates, you sexy bitch

I know I will get flamed but The Military Channel Rocks!!

Does Jenna Bush worship the devil?

Larry Flynt for FCC Chairman?

Who knew about the "Aristocrat" joke

Tomorrow is the 246th aniv of Robbie Burns Birth - "a man's a man for

Congratulations, Patriots and Eagles fans...

Hey ladies...

Anyone ever eat mice with butter and sugar?

No Johnny Carson threads?

A classic poem.

2000 Land Mine Monkeys from Morrocco?

OMG!! C.H.U.D.S.?? the dead giants attacking??? OMG!!

Fun Word Search Game Both Progressives and Conservatives Can Play

pictures of me (very) drunkenly debating an ann coulter fan

OK folks, favorite line from Sir Mix-A-Lot.

On Friday, I will leave these snow banks and cold behind

My cat caught a mouse and she is beating the hell out of it!

Ten F*cking Hounds!

Should I end friendship with friend who says "Tsunami due to idolatry?"

Beautiful tribute for Johnny Carson on CNN, Larry King.

Question regarding DVD drives on PC's

23 Inches of snow and no place to pee

call to arms KOEB!!

Make your own soda!

"Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear..." ?

Two wankers in a rock video:

what is "you're welcome" supposed to mean?

Oh, GREAT. Now I have "Baby Got Back" going in my head...

Did you hear about the extroverted Finn?

I can't get over how much the IRISH AFFAIRS GROUP rocks!

what is "pardon me" supposed to mean?

"Will you still have a song to sing"

Did anyone else see this VW spot?

Full moon tomorrow, Tuesday. Its the "wolf moon."

Should I order a somewhat large sandwich on an elongated roll?

CARNAC THE MAGNIFICENT (The Definitive Collection)

January 24th = Most depressing day of the year

How deep is your love?

Avatar Help, please...

Geography Buffs-Can you answer this?

Northeast Snow Depth Map:

Listening to Led Zeppelin's How the West Was Won.

Razzie Nominations Announced

20 post from 1000, just dont ask me anything.

The Genius of Bob DYLAN

POLL: How deep is your love?

Our 4 month old kittens are out of the box today!

weather underground

ow ow ow

Alien vs Predator will be released on DVD tomorrow

new bumpersticker

Mac Fans: For the Mac's Birthday, the Video of the Mac's birth

Gun shop near the border of Maine and New Hampshire:

Charleston, SC named best mannered US city

Let's Play Carnac

Bewteen Rt. 2 and I-90, 1 block from Arby's- can you guess where I am?

LIST Bush and GOP"isms" that seem to have caught on -even "non political"

On the dole....

Hot dogs. Armour hot dogs.

3424??N 11941??W Figure it out, Where am I? Hints will be given

Steeler Whine causes Tsunami on Mars! Details at 6.

Blast from the Past - Popeye and Bluto OJ commmercial

The high temp tomorrow for my area will be 75 freaking degrees.

This VENOMOUS SNAKE says "SSSSSave money heeere!"

Has anyone seen or heard from texpatriot2004?

My first Ebay item for sale...

Alberto Gonzales to Remove Covering From Breast of Statue:

Have you ever chewed gum so long you got a headache?

i'm so torn, should i help this nice Nigerian Family?

joke of the day

Who Would You Least Like To Date?

The Razzies!!!!

How Deep Is Your Snow?

A good Friend has left us: A tribute to Johnny Carson by James Randi

Is reality television?

Listening to Black Sabbath's Symptom of the Universe. The 2- CD best of.

any suggestions for reading material?

Bush, Rice nominated for acting awards

'Catwoman,' Bush Earn Razzie 'Dishonors'

This administration's soundtrack is The Blues.

It oughta be a law

No school again tomorrow.

Anyone else just have a completely horrible day today?

Another (tech) rant about Cell-Phone Screamers..

(heypsst psst, here she comes now.)

Ok folks, favorite line from a Beastie Boys rhyme?


OMG my post count is now only 20!

Aggh! Problem with Firefox


Let's pretend you *HAD* to....

from Dustin Hoffman…

Have you ever spanked, or would you ever spank, your child?

GARY TANGUAY is a TOTAL Butt Munch and A##wipe!

Jenna gets dipped...

The Academy Award nominations will be announced tomorrow.

Illinois' traffic deaths hit 63-year low: "Click it, or ticket'"

The Wine, B**ches, and Hos thread

The Wine, Itch and Moon thread

Moral Dillemma: Person W/ Mental Disability Flooding My Apartment

New Low for Cell Phones: Screaming At The Grocery Store...

Should Bill Bellichek Be The Next DNC Chairman

You don't know Jack

Who wins the 2005 World Series?

It's gettin' warm outside. I have to put on a tee-shirt.

Collon Bowell has been offered a new job and he is well suited for it.

When you see W'04 stickers on cars--what are you tempted to do?

Did you know in some cities honking is considered the HEIGHT of rudeness?

Seattle-area DUers: Blue Monday reminder!

The Wine, Belch, and Groan Thread!

You don't know Jack.......

Disney Hotels and Internet

The Twine, Stitch and Loam thread

Has anybody seen matcom? No posts since Dec. 27th????

Folding Bikes

I Just Watched "Garden State." What am I missing?

SpongeBush Poopie Pants.

AAAARRRGHHHHH!!!! Four-hour elections....

Thank you DU!!!!!

Have you ever tazered, or would you ever tazer, your child?

Have You Ever Tatered, or Would You Ever Tater Your Tot?

Painfully awful movies

I DID IT!!!!!

PHOTO: You think you got it tough?

Chicken Roasters - Any Tips?


Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State

For a gay guy SpongeBob has absolutely no taste in clothing.

"On The Bumper of my SUV"

I saw "Napoleon Dynamite," finally.

How do you cook perfect basmati rice?

Soups on......................

I did an iMix

Would more bandwidth for DU let us see our signatures--say--more...

What's So Wrong About Being Introverted

YUCK! blended maggot and fly shake on fear factor!

How do you get a job?

William Rivers Pitt on DemocracyNow! Right Now!!

You know that guy who shoots the gun to start a foot race?

Air Supply Tribute Thread

Folding Bikes

My daughter is watching SPONGEBOB!!! What should I DO????

Stephen Colbert on NPR's Fresh Air

My over-developed sense of guilt is kicking in.


Amazing and Informative FART FACTS.....hours of good stinky fun

Ever seen this? "The Arizona Wildcat May Day mystery."

I'm betting I had the most boring day outta all of you!

AAAARRRGHHHHH!!!! Four-hour erections....

Help! Looking for pics/video of 2 specific things I saw in DC 1/20

Randi Rhodes Raised the Following Question Today

Razzies nominate George W Bush for WORST ACTOR!


Any Bill Callahan (Smog) fans up in this joint?

Johnny Carson, Mom, and Dad


Fermi 2 nuclear power plant in Michigan is shut down..

What's the deal with Mozilla?

Wow: Folk Songs to Bug the Liberals - crazy throwback stuff...

Good Evening

Jan. 24 officially worst day of the year

I love the smell of tortillas

OK folks, Does GW deserve the RAZZIE for WORST ACTOR, or...

What is "what the fuck" supposed to mean?

got "god the devil and bob" DVD today

Emergency Room: The sudden realization

This is what I call customer service!

what's for dinner tonight?

"He was the definition of class and dignity."

Someone lists my unusual last name in a thread, coincidence or stalker?

Dear Abby

it was a bitch of a morning in the high court

GTA the video game plays non-stop classic rock and roll.

U2 announces first leg of 2005 tour

Which of these two movies is the bigger movie?

e-mail just arrived;free samples-valium, soma, viagra, cialis

Would you let me burn your son's toys if he punched you in the nose...

OK, the fun's just beginning

Home from the wars

This "princess" in Love is in the Heir is

Check out the new Mike Malloy photo at Air America's website!

My nephew plans on moving to Europe.

Advice found in Yahoo boards

anyone out there tell me in simple terms how to transfer images

Favorite Vice: Butter or Sugar?

AIM Chat?

=Who's got a Roomba?=

How close do you live to a TEENAGER

Suggestions Welcomed For My Upcoming 1000th Post

Do you have catchphrases?

Those Cabbage Patch dolls look like filthy whores!

Strawberry Shortcake is a disgusting fornicatress.

Bus riding rant

My husband is coming to visit this weekend!!!

You know, those Bratz dolls dress like little HOOKERS....

Would you let your son wear this outfit?

Do someone's homework who posts before you

I almost did a copycat thread asking if selling your children into

I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. I want to speak to my grandma.

Misunderstood Song Lyrics

So yah wanna fight? 'Cause you think your tough!

Ok, I love me my copycat threads, but...

Hey Kleeb..... Pop or soda???

Is beheading a child too severe a punishment?

How often do you check your inbox?

Is drawing and quartering a child and posting its head on a spike proper?

The Love Boat, Captain Steubing. He was on something, and you KNOW it.

Is hitting a child with a baseball bat appropirate punishment?

Is spanking and tazering a child while destroying his/her toys

Our country is fucked up.

what were you doing during the coronation?

I'm eating an orange. Mind your own business!

Please join me in celebrating, this, my 5000th post!

I like eating

Do you dye/tint/color/frost your hair regularly?

Over, under, sideways down - is now on a Chev commercial

I got my Blue State shirt today

Still think the media is this...

OK calm down, relax and have a Zen moment

Good for a caption (picture)

Bullwinkle925 is a doody head

SIGH. Where do the evenings go?

I'm watching this film on TCM, The Ace of Spades,

This thread is not productive.

Let the eagle soar, like it's never soared before.

A song mourning the fact that it is the '00's and not the 90's.

What song do you have currently stuck in your head ?

Bailey's Irish Cream

Is having a child too severe a punishment?

Assume there's a God who is all-powerful. Which would you prefer?

50 years ago tonight, these were the most popular songs in the U.S.A.

Pull the string and I'll wink at you, I'm your puppet...

sub or hoagies or grinder

What's wrong with what's currently stuck under your bed?

Good night, all

Let us now recall the 5th Dimension....

How close do you live to an over reactive "Nukular" bush supporter?

Rum, Rum, It's not for a wussy. Drink a lot and get some...

Terrorists prefer Linux:

ever try to scream but it only comes out as a yawn?

Letterman's not doing a show tonight.

The "Titanic" effect: Do you hate a movie more when it's popular?

24: OMG! OMG! OMG!

I feel like bitching about something, but I'm too tired and lazy.

I'm looking forward to this:

DUers most like Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon?

So, some of you are home audio recording nuts, right?

Try not to get worried, try not to turn on to problems that upset you

What cable stations would you dump?

sub or hoagie or hero or grinder or gyro

Ever try to say nice things but they only come out as insults?

I'm breaking out! Agrgh!

Am I Destined To Fail?

Check out my blog.

Does anyone know of any movies dealing with Prohibition

Peaunt butter and celery!

Is it better to pay extra on mortgage or buy a certificate of deposit?

question - if you buy a used car from someone and it dies right away

What Would Make The Best The BushCo. Enterprises THEME SONG?

Hey Canadians, can you please explain something to me??

It's 9:54:55 MST. Do you know where your cat is?

Insult the person who posts before you.

My Teenager is having a bad day

What fast food places (if any) do you like to eat at???

Say something AMBIVALENT about the person who posts before you.

Say something AMBIGUOUS about the person who posts before you

A few hundred more of my creepy animal paintings...

Anyone else have a totally shitty day?

The Moon Is Coming Full ---BADD News

Any Flash Gordon Fans Here?

Ok, the blond semi-newbie has a stupid question:

soda or pop or coke or soft drink

The good news about the bad news this weekend...

Men make the strangest requests!

Now why do some people need to eat food so loud the whole room hears?

Are you "wowed" by celebrities? Would you ever want to be one?

Any long-term users of steroid nasal sprays here?

If it were possible...would you want to revert back to childhood?

Famous F__ Hags Through Time

Most memorable Johnny Carson moments.

What's your favorite liqueur?

My son punched his best friend in the nose this afternoon

Problem with the TEENAGER

Lol ! I just found this new map of the US :

Are you Y2K ready?

Bush makes me SICK!

WABC All American Survey for Week of 19 January 1965 (40 years Ago)

The silicon chip inside her head gets switched to overload

Anybody want to sell a used fog machine?

I Confess, I Actually Voted For Ross Perot!

Anyone else think "King of the Hill" can be pretty dark for a cartoon

Latest terrorist group on 24: The Heritage Foundation

Time for another pet peeves thread:

Who needs an SUV when you have the 1960 Corvair?

Just mailed off my taxes

The bottom of the celebrity heap

The Whine, Bitch and Moan Thread

This thread needs a proper burial...

DC Contemporary Classical Music Lovers

Da Vinci Code: worth reading?

What's going to be the BEST NEW SAYING of 2005?

Local Fundamentalist Billboards...

Please explain to me:

Does That 'Mercinary' Video Game Commerical Offend Anyone But Me?

So the Lounge is being consolidated huh?

Time for 24

If they ever do a made for tv movie about Martha Stewart....

lookin' for clues-a cut and paste how to for computer dummies? help

I love the smell of tortillas in the morning

Is breaking a child's toys a valid method of punishment?

Yay... our local Thomas Kincaid gallery shut down...

Did chili, did beef stew, Is there another good cold weather food?

Say something NICE about the person who posts before you

Anyone take Valeum/Clonazepam/Diazepam here?

Brian Austin Green to wed Aniston?

I noticed a print shop in the city today - guess the name?

who misses the erotic flirting threads?

Which of these last ten Best Picture Oscar winners least deserved it?

Whiskey is lovely stuff, is it not?

How close do you live to a nuclear reactor?

How Deep Is Your Love?

Seeking good thoughts for my mother and grandmother

Name your "WTF" Oscar moments.

The Person above you?

What is the worst punishment you were given as a child?

Simon says...

Best album (cd/ tape/ whatever) ever?

Rabrrrrrr's 1 year improvement plan for the bettering of the human species

Is there software to edit .RealPlayer video (.rm) files?

There ourght to be a warning that Democratic Underground

Well, I'm not going to sleep well tonight.

Would you let your daughter wear this prom dress?

Qyntel Woods...dogfighting charges end NBA career

'Braveheart' Becomes Role Model for Christian Men

Is it moral to use somebody else's crisis to prosletyze?

The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience

A theological question from a non-believer.

Mt. St. Helens live cam Telephoto view.

US Classifies Pandemic Flu Vaccine a Select Agent

Scientists serious about 'electricity sickness' claims

VLF Whistlers on streaming audio?

Oxidized Anion May Have Role In Vioxx Toxicity

Question to all Scientists, If I had a very good idea about "Dark Matter"

We're now super-citizens - hurrah

Why we should support Barbara Boxer

Homosexual touches Bible and doesn't burn! Details at 6.

Fundie Alert: Bill Frist says anti-gay marriage amendment is top priority

Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohn were both closeted gays? According to...

Backers of Gay Marriage Ban Use Social Security as Cudgel

Canada's Two Biggest Faiths Battle Over Gay Marriage

Gene scan suggests homosexuality origin

I'm curious... what do those groups that claim to make gays straight do?


Did I call it or what?

Top 15 excuses for Steelers loss.

Morning After Thread


Will Pitt And Every Patriot Fan Owes Their Soul To Me And My NY Jets

Chad Lewis out for the Superbowl

NFC or AFC? (Not just this year...)

Pats Fans - Post your victory guarantees right here

Dynastys require FOUR Super Bowls in ONE decade.

The Pats Are A Dynasty, But The 70s Steelers Are Greatest Dynasty

Which States Comprise New England?

Patriots Set To Join Elite Historical Teams

All I gotta say about the Pats win is that the 41 points they scored was..

Oberon, the Bionic Puppy

One of my cats has poop stuck in the hair of his tail.

Sparky the Wonder Dog

CAROLYN MYSS Archetype Cards?

A dream I had 2 nights ago

A Passage from Robert Monroe's 'Far Journeys'

Oh man...

God and Darwin (WP Editorial)

How to talk to an atheist - Unintended Humor

I just received this in my e-mail at work...

K, if youre interested in a chat tonight


Where are you WildEyedLiberal

Jan 24, 2005 CNN article on John Kerry "The John Kerry I never knew"

Edited whatever

Wasn't Kerry supposed to introduce that heathcare bill today?

Hey not only are we the biggest candidate group

care to un-freep this pic?

Sniff sniff

I still have Kerry's appearance on The Daily Show on my TiVo

So, who is planning on coming to Boston this summer

Go! Sign this now!

Did everybody see this column by Mark Shields

I have always loved this group. I so admire Senator John Kerry

The Shadow President . . .

Kodak DC 290 Digital Camera has photos held captive inside...

WSJ: Rich Guys With Causes Lack Accountability

Gonzales: Did He Help Bush Keep His DUI Quiet?--Newsweek

My Other Favorite Congresswoman

Wolfowitz torture story falsified - why am I not surprised?

Iran Petition passes 1900 signatures.

Ken Blackwel tops the list of the 50 most loathsome people.

Write to Dobson about how his rant on Sponge Bob hurts children

PDA Summit on C-Cpan 2 NOW!

Bush pressed Canadian PM on Star Wars

A fantasy of freedom

Why Dean should take charge

Did the Bush regime put an economic hit on the US?

Whats up With Gonzalez? when is the next hearing?

Watch This Woman OWN!! Fox News :)

Just Heard On MSNBC That The Latest Zarcawi (sp?) Tape....

It may be bad for America but

Write the ending of this video

We Need to Pressure Hilary about Dean

Why I think Hillary Clinton will be more forceful during Bush second term

GP response to * inaugural speech

Does Iraq's (OCV) voter registration sexually discriminate?

Vice President to Lead U.S. Delegation to Poland -they remembered Poland!

Deficit-Minded Republicans Eyeing Entitlements (rich keep tax cuts)

House Judiciary Comittee is Key to Investigating Voter Fraud

Bush lied to invade Iraq,

Isn't An 'Ownership Society' Actually The Definition Of Socialism?

Want your Blood to Boil? Good nazis for *

‘I’m a Complete Intellectual Fraud’ (author of Patriat Act)

Moroccan monkeys - part of the coalition of the willing.

American Ayatollahs are doing their best to destroy science.

"There is an ecological timebomb ticking away,"

Take heart and LOL! The ultra-conservative movement has already been...

An End to Opposite Day

What will it take for the MSM to declare the Iraq elections a "failure"?

* speaks to MARCH FOR LIFE rally

* to Meet with French President Jacques Chirac in Brussels

Texas church offers food, aid, and conversion to tsunami victims

So... Are Harold Ford, Jr.'s Senate Ambitions Finished?

Oh Just Cheney getting caught

Utah State Lawmaker Defends Polygamy

George W. Bush Inaugurated As a Sick Man

Would I get in legal trouble for sending * congrats bag of pretzels?

White House tries to allay fears over Bush militarism

My first leftist instinct was a pro-child one.

For Kerry, a Strategic Return to the Limelight

So I call up Intuit customer support last night and got a person in India…

With our help, Americans can support the Senate Democrats' New Bills

How many Bush administration officials does it take?

Nice Boxer Profile on CNN Headline News

Iran Petition crosses 2000

Iran Petition at 2205 signatures.

What values separate Dean supporters from all others?

Working Families Party endorses Spitzer

Thanks GD: Politics

the mind of a pro-Bush republican

How Will Our Democracy Survive? Progress in a Regressive Society!

Action to help Democratic Agenda

U.S. Claims Arar Suit A Risk To National Security

With election results, simple going left is shown to be a losing strategy.

WSJ: Democrats Weigh Two Strategies For a Comeback in Four Years

Social Security -- let's make it work best for white men!

Was *'s Inaugural Speech A Variation On ......

Biden/Ford jr. ticket in 08?

Is anyone tacking up anti-Bush posters around their neighborhoods?

could you watch Howard Dean debate Richard Perle...

Two Income Trap--Dems should focus on keeping family costs down

E-mail reply from Tony Blankley (Wash. Times) about treason & Hersch/Novak

Boxer to Box Condi: Tuesday on CSPAN Senate Debate

Dan Rather On "Assignment" AGAIN - John Roberts Fills In AGAIN

Harry Reid Outlines the Democratic Agenda...

tomorrow is the Senate debate of Condaliar Rice?

who said this about restoring family values to the nation???

NeoCons about to re-frame WMDs. Very important insight!

did everyone sign boxers petition

How many senators will vote against Kindofnasty Rice?

Tune in to C-SPAN2 to witness the

So, the future AG probably lied to the committee about this.

Nice try, Novak. Johnny was NOT a Republican. Check the facts.

Boxer/Condi SNL skit! Video

Caller on Ed Shultz from Portland describes the protest in her area

Binary Boxer/Clark 2008 Poll

Huey, Dewey, and Louie: Ashcroft farwell speech. Video

Has Bush ever said he wants to overturn Roe V. Wade?

Senator Dayton of Minnesota said he will NOT vote for Rice or Gonzales

Place your bet: Which one is gay, (Head of GOP) Ken Mehlman or Spongebob?

Bush is 'Emperor of Vulgarity' = Chimpanzee smirk & grinning plastic wife

Posted: State Legislators' 2004 Personal Disclosures

The Reason Why Repubs Hate Dr. Dean

Sundance: CONTROL ROOM -- Documentary on Al Jazeera

Bush wants to fix social security. And the pope shits in the woods.

Signing petitions is useless-- IMO.

Ever wonder what Johnny Carson's political persuasion was?

Monday Night Malloy....

George W. Bush: "Wasn't Hillary Duff Fantastic? How About 3 Doors Down?"

Become a Citizen Co-sponsor of democratic agenda; please do this!

They're Placing US Flags in piles of poop!

Schumer,Stabenow on CSpan (1) now, "asserting a platform" that people want

When are Gonzales, Rice votes? (n/t)

Ever seen a schizophrenic person yelling at someone they didn't like...

Should we resort to literal infantilism to change the Democratic Party?

Top Awards to Bush-Cheney Campaign Manager Ken Mehlman

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