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Archives: January 21, 2005

Shales: On Television, A Day That Speaks for Itself

"The Republican Moment", subtitle WSJ loves Bush

Dean Gaining Early Momentum in DNC Race

The Bull Moose on the inauguration

Fireworks in Washington, despair around the world

Krugman: The Free Lunch Bunch

The BEAST's Ten Worst Presidential Election Campaign Hacks

Coronation in the Garrison State: Mike Whitney

Times is a media whore--for real! (buying into porn)

No room for progressives on cable news inauguration coverage

Four More Years of Happiness...op ed, may help.....

American Terror

Hear 'Reform,' Think 'Destroy' Bush warps the language of killing Soc Sec

No Country Left Behind (next 4 yrs will be interesting?)

Today's Missing DUComix - "Spoiled, rotten."

Putting Democracy First May Test Key Relationships

Cheney Puts Iran on Notice) U.S. Adds Israel to the Iran Equation

MSNBC lists Bush's "priorities" (the agenda Dems pledged to fight)

Bush Doctrine: Spread Liberty

Interesting editorial in The Lima News (Verry Conservative)

Collin Levy is Frank Blethen's attack dog.

Address lays groundwork for global freedom mission (but CATO objects)

An Ambitious President Advances His Idealism

Bush Has No Foreign Policy

Police Back Wd-40 Oil Spray to Combat Drug Users

Some good photos of protests

Global Eye - American Terror

Worrisome Hubris By David Ignatius

The Anti's Antidote For the Bush Blues

Newsweek/Patti Davis: Draft No. 9 (What George W. Bush might have said…)

Bush's Words On Liberty Don't Mesh With Policies

Inaugural Address Panned Outside U.S.

An Interview with Army Medic, Patrick Resta - Jan. 21

U.S. should stop divided nationality, loyalty

the teflon wears thin;Ellen Goodman

Once Again Ted Rall Attacks Illegal Immigration

Ground Control to Mr. Bush

RNC Tiptoes on Immigration Issue

Pitch for global democracy forgets about Iraq war (Novak)

Geopolitics--- Israel/ Iran

Zbigniew Brzezinski on Bush's high sounding speech yesterday....

'Why did they shoot? We have no weapons' - GI's shoot up car of children

Way Too Much God

Your Inaugural Address was MAGNIFICENT, mein fuhrer!!!

The Salvador Option - By Scott Ritter

"U.S. 'No. 1?' We're not even in the Top 10 anymore."

Gingrich on C. Rose: Dems in Denial ...

Looking for SOS- House and Senate Lists of who is vulnerable

signs from pdx Bush tribute

Here is a list of MUST DO's for this weekend - Activism aplenty, folks!

I'm doing something a lot more than Not One Damn Dime Day...

Sample 568 word letter to the Editor on Social Security

Air America Radio will be back on in L.A. Feb. 3rd

Media training now required for all Iraq-bound troops

Green Party's response to Cokie Roberts on ABC's Nightline

Alan Colmes?

Did Morning Show MSM have any protest coverage?

Offensive Political Cartoon

OPEC trying to give us a new oil shock?

NYTimes: "U.S. Tech Exports Slide, but Trash Sales Are Up"

Tobin tax on currency trading

US printing money?!? I need some help with Macro Economics

Foreword from The Rebirth of Cold Fusion -- by Sir Arthur C. Clarke

"We've Got Issues": What is the future of environmentalism?

Druyun scandal may lead to more vacancies at the Pentagon

How should a Nuclear Armed Iran be dealt with??

Scope of Iraq reconstruction scaling down, official says

A friend sent me this article by email just now...

If the four chinese snuck through the border with Mexico...

So things are still crazy down here???

Packin heat?. . . a novice shares the choice she made (AP)

Of those of you that oppose Gun Rights, how many of you have ever fired...


Hee.. hee.. hee...

AboutNewHampshireDems post

Umm I posted a ? but it too has been deleted?

Skinner. I just sent you a very urgent PM.

Offended by where my thread was moved

Skinner regarding that post of Sterlings'

Please take Bush off of the home page

No need to reply --

'people wonder why nobody likes to post outside of GD'?

question about my sig

Please add Stephanie Miller (Sirius Left) to your National Media List

Why was this post locked?

Can you put a link to "Voting Issues" on the top-level of the

Comic Book DU Group

DU has grown beyond a moderated trusted forum.

Lots of discussion about Election Results Forum changes....

Abbas deploys forces to stop attacks on Israel

First Chicago College Democrats Meetup: STUNNING SUCCESS!

Chicago Tribune: Hundreds decry Bush in Evanston (high school students)

Mell retracts Blagojevich allegations

Belleville News Democrat: O'Fallon to vote on 2nd High School

Did the Trib catch BushCo saluting the devil in photo?

Illinois Times: Back to the future (Springfield Union Station upgrade)

grace4018 says we need to defend Obama

Durbin will speak at Condi Rice Senate session

Blue news in illinois

What a night for Illinois College Basketball!

Illinois County by County Roll Call 1/21/05

Pantagraph: Doctor with political ambitions quits board (Dr. David Gill)

My family lives a block away from the "Iraqi Election" center in Skokie

Are you guys aware that C-Span is covering the protestors now? n/t

The European political culture of Party organization

"What George W. Bush might have said" by Patti Davis . . .

Must Read Article on Ukraine election fraud and U.S.geopolitics


Freepress - Bush/Rove's new Ohio attack is about revenge, intimidation

CNN's "New Poll", just out of their butts...

NY Times: Study Cites Human Failings in Election Day Poll System

I Hate to Put a Damper on Things, but....Here comes SOTU!

More good news!

Secretary's Day: The Daily Show

MSNBC: Thousands protest, hold vigils on inauguration

Cool deck of cards.

Remember Ohio!

OMFG look who registered

Poll: How do you view the B*shes? Negatively 57% Positively 43%..HA!!!!!!

Full Conyers interview


Need a place to park the BUSH CHEATED files for download, I got booted

Pretty good article about the protests

Bush/Rove's new Ohio attack is about revenge, intimidation and....

mass email to hillary: faith based initiatives

Support they have the right priorities for us!


Fine Words but Where's the Detail--- The Austrailan

Any books in the making about 2004 election fraud?

I watched 5 minutes of the coronation

Does anybody know if it's illegal to organize a boycott of a radio station

More Kerry voters, more Kerry votes, more Kerry people talked...

David Letterman "gets it"

Historical perspective, November 2nd, 2004

A thought and some questions about the exit polls.

Extremely hypothetical question: if you lived in Iraq...

OAF OF OFFICE - by Greg Palast

Redford Kicks Off Sundance on a Political Note

Boulder High Does it Again; "I think it's important to show what we believ

Dubya's 2nd Inaugural: A Patriotic Commemorative Photographic Tribute...

republicans registered in 2003

if aWol's "base" turned out in droves as we're led to believe

Pics: A neighborhood protest by Chicago's Southsiders for Peace

Barbara Boxer scheduled to be on AAR tonight on

OK, let me get this loud and clear...

Iraqi Election Fraud? Bush is about to Steal another one....

Listen to Mark Levine at the Counter-Inaugural on Black Thursday

Republican National Committee registered

Petition to charge Kerry with treason????

Here's a poll....HIT IT!

Here's a great question for all you creative people


Recap of my experiences on January 20th - more in detail

Freeman disputes critique of his analysis of exit poll discrepancy

My black ribbon protest...

Bush Inauguration Well Received (So SaysGallup)

The Nashua Advocate: Mitofksy/Edison Exit-Polling Report Comes Under Fire

Friday1/21/05 Election/Fraud/Recount/Protest Thread

I have just been approved to be an election judge for the next

Cheney the "perpetual President"?

Anybody see any signs of Not One Damn Dime Day?

How about having "Not One Damn Dime Day" every month on the 20th?

Hey, isn't this our friendly Triad tech who "maintained" the Hocking Cty.

"Rethugs" went crazy after "*"'s speech yesterday!


Great Quicktime Panorama Photo of Protests from the Washington Post

The vote was correct, the exit polls were wrong.

Are we (the USA) headed in the right direction? Take this Poll!

Motorcade Runs a Gaunlet of Protestors-- The Austrailan

Watch this

WP sez: "Good Job Protesters"

PROTESTS across the country.. RATE IT UP !!! needs DU badly was just mentioned by a fellow DUer on Malloy!!!!

Madsen: Curtis, Feeney, Khashoggi link, $29.6 mil check, former CIA!

BE THE BUSH OPPOSITION; 24/7 -- A Network, not another .org or .com


"Why are they so afraid of this guy?..."

What Is The Story With Mitofsky?

Joy to watch... some truth slipping out on Faux news..

Greg Palast on C-SPAN NOW... About the fraud n/t


Popular San Diego DJ totally berates DU - Calls us fascist pigs!

Easy Way to FAX Your Senators......

Feinstein supporting warmonger Rice? She needs to hear from us!

Reports on un-Inauguration protests in other cities

Pics from San Francisco "Coronation Day" JAN.20

Activism for the weekend - a consolidated list all in one spot!

URGENT! Tell Sensenbrenner to hold Conyers' hearings!

Bush Cheated sticker got its first bird today...

Is it time to put election fraud behind us?

Exit poll report is self-contradictory


Conyers points DU toward Sensenbrenner


Alternate Reality

The 2004 Election all over again...

CA progressive organization -- of legislators

How about "Draft Sheen for Senate" meet-ups?

Officers to ignore burglar alarms, save about $600,000 a year (Fremont)

ARNOLD ART: a dog and his masters

E-Mail Dianne Feinstein Regarding Alberto Gonzalez!

Attention SAN DIEGO progressives!!!!

Secretary of state approves first paper-trail voting system for California

Culeeforneeya's gain could be Michigan's loss

we need BB in California

Private Prison Jails Reopen under Arnold

Wow there were alot of police in Westwood tonight.

Fienstein's Conflict of Interest.

Enjoy Brian Camenker's bandwidth . . .

Minnesotans protest and party, too (Strib)

Anyone go to the "Blue State Ball?" nt

List leftwing political blogs by Minnesotans, please. (nt)

People not easily fooled by skewed Coleman poll

Pawlenty wants to open a casino in Bloomington

Senate race already heating up

Norm Coleman gets a new mouth (must-see, if you can stand it!)

Look out Michigan! "Uncle Tom" Ward Connerly is on the way

Zip Drive and XP

I've got a camera question

Why does Quicktime hate me so much? What did I do?

Anyone here good with PHP, and specifically XOOPS?

Newark Advocate Article

Let's kick some GOP butt in 2006

Governor Rendell's Newletter for January 21, 2005

Need an anti-war speaker for Houston club.

How can we get other DU'ers'

No selling your P!

Hey Austin DUers!!

Texas/Dallas DUers - Question: So, if Texas is sooooo anti-tax

$40M inauguration hardly 'our history'

Ashland: Locals protest Bush inauguration

Adversity doesn't stop Bush foes

County board to vote on prayer at meetings

What are Wisconsin DU'ers doing about Sensenbrenner?

Bush Contributor Menard in Tax Problems

Okay, Time for the Wisconsin Forum DU'er Roll Call! (tm)


How are these for bumper stickers?

An American Hero

Check out the stage design from today...

Pierce Bush on Larry King( *'s nephew )

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

"military officials extended their condolences . . .

It was a "peaceful transfer of power" - from Cheney to Bush*, so that Dick

Why is DU honoring shrub?

How long before we start documenting some modern-day Hoovervilles?


C-SPAN 1 is blocked on my cable now

Bizarre scene #3 - please caption (photo)

Bizarre scene #2 - please caption (photo)

Bizarre scene #4 - please caption (photo)

If he starts a war with Iran, it would be a good reason to leave the U.S.

My letter to the editor on Pell Grants.

well, now they can make weapons out of microwaves?

another OUTSTANDING anti-bush* sign (PHOTO)

$40 Million To Toot His Own Horn, But...

Jon Stewart: "FEAR is the new black"

"There won't be a draft because Pres. Bush said there won't be a draft"

Bush is drunk at his inaugural balls...he's at the "Patriot Ball"

What did Rice wear to the ball and

Goat Has Admitted that He is HOMOSEXUAL

The tsunami has proven beyond a doubt that fundie Christians are WRONG.

We've Reached the Halfway Point of the BUSH Presidency!

"No damned politician can ever scrap my Social Security Program.”-FDR

Nice pic the AP uses with the Bill Cosby story

Man, Chimps Dad looks like a total geek at his inauguration!


Photo of Republican Christian Fascist Inaugeral... in all it's glory

My thoughts on Bush's Inaugural

Wolfowitz says higher Iraqi death toll is sign of success

any good guesstimates on the actual number of protestors in DC? n/t

FULL TEXT OF THE INAUGURAL ADDRESS - Fascist Propaganda worth reading

Please To See The King.

Against the corporate orgiastic Bush coronation? You are a communist!

Pilgrims Perform "Stoning the Devil" Ritual On Jan. 20

Spongebob tearfully comes out; admits 5-year relationship with Tinky Winky

Are People Blind? Or Just Stupid?

What a load of hogwash.

Is Howard Fineman stupid, or just on the White House payroll?

Something about the 2 civilians killed story with the kids..

How do you personally define persecution?

The "unfortunate incident in Tal Afar" (from BBC..12 sequential pics)

Email Scarborough at to support Janeane and Sam!

I am sick....

Excellent protest pic

Washington Post Retracts Story On Saddam-Era Torture

US plans to take over Cuba inorder ' to expand Guantano facilities'

Enough of this

How's the world, legit, media handling the * coronation?

NPR covering the protests

"Limbaugh Seeks Return of Medical Records"

Nine Balls and home by 10:03. (the life of a dry drunk)

We're stepping off into a new world today

The Christian Right are Bush's Frankenstein Monster

C-SPAN -- Should America use its power to spread democracy?

Not my country anymore...

Knowledge About Government is Power

Free Speech/Press question.

LOL! AAR just played the CNN "F**K BUSH!" clip from yesterday

Where can I get this bumper sticker????!

Nixon. Reagan. Bush I. Bush II. TRAITORS TO AMERICA.

"Cheney Puts Iran at Top of Trouble List"

My family lives a block away from the "Iraqi Election" center in IL...

Iraqi Insurgents tell Bush "Bring em' on"

Excellent 'toon by Tom Toles

were all the airports closed for *'s inauguration?

Has anyone heard anything about China making alliances with

Noonan: "mission inebriation" speech

Anyone have a transcript of that fox/vanity fair writer dust up?

O those pesky libertarians... they're not too happy with Bush

Remember this from 'blogs for'

Dear Abby,

The line of the day from Jon Stewart last night...

I must confess

Anyone else see the CLINTONS nodding in agreement during the speech?

What Jerry Falwell says about Martin Luther King

Is it even in the realm of possibility to invade Iran?

anyone have pictures of the Bushes giving the horns sign?

The "A" word: What does the term "atheist" mean to you?

Bizarre scene #1 - please caption (photo)

And much of the nation lets a total misuse of the word tyranny slide?

Shrub-GONZALES Have Made Torture Kewl

Why there is no exit plan for Iraq

Ron & Nancy's pro-drug video

Why are the RW'ers appeasing the Christian Right?


Latest from JIB-JAB...

Daily News prints new, more accurate front page (pic):

MSNBC: Do you think it's America's job to spread freedom around the world?

media propaganda (is this a good example?)

10 year vet being chargedd with desertion for no going back to Iraq.

watch then email this clip to all

Bush by the numbers

So is it no longer acceptable to discuss atheism in General Discussion?

Vatican holds ground on condoms

1/21/2001 - After Al Gore won Florida by 600 votes

Is WaPo fashion writer on drugs?

Bush Picks Top Polluter For Energy Secretary

Peggy Noonan says Bush speech "over the top"

In pictures: Shooting in Tal Afar

new Oxyrush, Hannity, and Savage Weiner advertiser Amini's Galleria

Want the terrorists to win? Then support the Christian Right

Fox meteorologist has a lapse into Tourrete's...

Who drives you up the wall more?

DU this Poll

A CNN inauguration video to brighten your day:

Nasty storm headed DC's way

Something to make you smile

Disappointing Republican Celebrity: Edward Norton

Real cost of the inauguration?

Let's see if Bush lies!

Bush is like a kid in a toy store ....

LOL A right wing nut case just complained about the protesters costing us.

Hillary's plan to promote Bush's "Faith-Based" schemes is all about...

C-Span Kool-Aid drinkers-Anyone else feeling my pain?

Why does nobody speak of the real Soc. Sec. scam? Ds or Rs....

i not need drugs anymore......

CNN vote, ok that's funny

Gov't advertising during Magic School Bush on Discovery Kids

The Most Hated Man in the World Takes a Walk >>>

how can smirk invade Iran when Halliburton just got huge contract

Bush's speech yesterday was actually pretty good. Have we been wrong?

a snowball and snake cheney

Anyone else in NYC area having trouble (again) with AAR signal?

Did anyone expect Nightline's 1/19 Vote Fraud report w/Cokie Roberts

Counter Inaugeration Protests, Global Coverage.

'Conservatism' now hijacked by political cult - Mississippi writer

Some Scary Position Papers from the PNAC 1997-1998

Does The Bible Predict President Bush Will Start WW3?

Please post what Howard Stern has to say today....

creep arnold - libel - an uninvited touching of a breast

The hypocrisy never ends....

Check out this photo of Cheney...

I am confused by the gay warning

How sick are these people??!??!?!?!??!?!?

masks - the Iraqi police wear masks - some US troops wear masks -

if I were Iraqi I wouldn't vote - too life threatening

So how long does China get before they hold elections or get invaded?

someone recommended George RR Martin to me

yea! yesterday protestors on US 41 in Fla.

Hillary Clinton reinvents herself into a Christian fundamentalist

I admire & support our brave troops, but if we "succeed" in Iraq

Jim Wallis on Al Franken NOW

Same Planet....Different Worlds

F Bomb dropped on CNN - "Fuck Bush!"

Why is is traitor* speaking of giving freedom to all nations in the world?

Bush/Texas "hook 'em horns" means "bullsh*t" in sign language

Let the RW'ers gloat in the victory they do not deserve

Invasion of the Redneck Zombies (photo)

Verizon blocking email from Europe

the new "Bush Doctrine"

Not pulling any punches

Air America starts in LA on Feb. 3!!!

Is single-sex schooling a good idea?

***New Scam***??? Windfall??? Am I forming a new church???

Are They Praying for Forgiveness? >>>

The concept of truth and the facts...

Anyone know when Limpballs will be indicted? He's losing stations like

Has anyone noticed?

Tweety's secret interview with Bush leaked

Dell used "patriotism" to press NC for concessions

Media Whores Online - What ever happened to it?

Is it just me or

Most U.S. workers not prepared to retire

JP Morgan admits US slavery links

Why'd the announcer yesterday say "Get ready, 13 states"

Who is your all-time favorite President of the USA and why?

Democrats - What are you going to DO NOW?

Hey! Look here! Received my black "ribbon of resistance" today.

Words of wisdom from an 18 year old

Randi Rhodes' show the same as yesterday?

Seriously. They are not going to attack Iran. Right?

So it turns out the SpongeBob thing was a misunderstanding

Was Boxer's questioning of Rice an act?

Hersh article on Iran, Link anyone?

after our banana republic military parade yesterday

Caption Poppy!!

What do you think are Living Skills?

Just found out my 5yo nephew was molested by his grandmother

Please help de-freep this Time Question of the Week.

Could the U.S.A media be defending Bush because the world is against him?

Inaugural Photo of Police Spreading Freedom in DC


Favorite-smelling store?

Hook'em Horns - The Bush Family and Satanic Symbolism

Boxer and Rice spend weekend together in Georgetown estate (offensive)

Bush Vows Activist Agenda in Second Term, however?

What would the Far Righters REALLY like to do to us wild eyed Liberals?

It's OFFICIAL: the FLU is at EPIDEMIC levels in America....(CDC link/map)

Will Chertoff’s ties to the 9-11 financiers prevent his confirmation?

Proof that * is a stooge playing a role

Have something to say to the WP re Internet privacy? Here's your

Iraq to arrest Ahmad Chalabi ("I never met him") after Eid

CHART: Who is committing class warfare?

My letter to the editor on Pell Grants.

Women should not work outside the home.

Hands off Venezuela

Time to fess up, Jenna Bush is hot

Wolfowitz says reducing US casualties in Iraq more important

My cat's breath smells like cat food.

I think I may have cheesed off my mom...(pic and letter included)

I wish a conservative would explain "freedom" to me

Saw License Plate: IHLIBS...

This Has to Be Homer Simpson...


What is the purpose of the FCC?

Billy Graham: "God had a hand in Bush's re-election"

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible,

Wow, just got a LD call from the Houma, LA newspaper to ask me if

For all us Wesley Clark fans:

What is your all-time favorite presidential speech?

The Gowns Don't Really Resemble the Sketches >>>

Slideshow of Inaugural Protestors

WTF? Elephants get potty-trained?

Be the change....

Just curiousity...why are you here? Non-US voters?

Ramsey Clark speaking Now on replay of protests on LINKTV

Redford Kicks Off Sundance on a Political Note

gee, I didn't hear of any pundits mentioning Haiti and Venezuela

Was the Dan Rather Story Untrue?

Does Social Security Really Face an $11 Trillion Deficit?

Why is Leslie Moonves such an asshole?

Fox News gets it all wrong about "Michael Moore bodyguard"


One of the head Funders of the Right has Paranoia

The problem with Mike Ruppert

"No damned politician can ever scrap my Social Security Program.”-FDR

Inauguration fit for a Stepford Nation.

Protest Artwork from Ohio. Click enclosed link.

The Liberty Bush brings

Why is the Conan O'Brien show on MSNBC now?

PHOTO (screen grab): jenna applies lipstick(?)

Why is the right wing endlessly obsessed with 'gay this' and 'gay that?'

Jenna wore a green dress

GOP declares war on veterans

Best overall Progressive radio personality

Worst case scenario, foreign policy/conquest - wise?

Where would Bush be today IF...

What a stupid effing Inaugural speech. Just read it at NYT.

Bush Sr. the Dove?

No War in Iran Petition reaches 700 signatures

>>Another Bull Sh$t Bogus "Terrorist" Alert From the Liar in Chief<<

Friday Night KOEB

'Official' Winter Storm Thread - wants going in your area?

Greg Palast on Cspan

Why I don't support Obama for President in 2008

When's the next British election?

Red State Values ..... A must see!

More nonsense with the Corporate Media...

Buck Fush - What Mandate You Nitwit - Protest Photo

Jay Leno last night.

Who replaces FCC's Powell? It's up to you

BBC: "Despite the Democrats poor showing in last November's elections..."

SAD >>>

Vegetarian? Why or why not?

No War in Iran Petition at 5%

I can't stand it

Blogging from the PDA Summit in DC! - Keep it Kicked!

The Progressive Democrats of America summit in DC

See the Republican vision for America

Right Wing says Spongebob Squarepants is Gay!!!

What yesterday would have been like if we lived in an alternate reality

what income level is defined as middle class?

Moore's bodyguard busted for carrying a gun?

Big Brother.....thought-provoking movie from the ACLU.

RW Nazis...Just a few protesters, hardly any..really! Would we lie?

Proof Positive that Abraham Lincoln would not fit in with Bush's GOP

Bush calls on the United Nations to....

Governor Now 'Less Concerned' Over Boston Threat

"Eyes Wide Open" DC, 1370 combat boots exhibit....(PHOTOS)

I think the world will decide to work against the US economically.


I'm troubled by all these 'Christian' leaders and their Anti-GLBT stances

NOW Calls for Resignation of Harvard University's President

The real reason why Jerry Falwell hated Tinky Winky

Arkansas Judge says gay parents just as good as straight parents

Infections not listed in BU bid for biolab

What tsunami?

Congratulations Mr. kiss my Democratic Ass

White House "Scraps" Coalition of the Willing List......................

Oh god

Dumbshit can't control rhetoric or art of bullying...Too Stupid!

This C-SPAN liberal discussion shows why liberals lose

Denmark Joins the Torture Club.

This faux inauguration pushed me into being 100 percent anti-war

Impeach Bush - Ramsey clark speech

Boos for Kerry cloud a sparkling experience / by 18 yr. old Bush supporter

Is it the alpha and omega?

Swiss-born Catholic theologian Hans Küng

Parental Alienation Syndrome, Fact or Fiction?

So Abe AND Spongebob-both switch hitters?

Could the Iraq War be a red herring? Could the real war be here at home?

We will get our freedom and our democracy back

CONASON: "All the president's fantasies" | and a GREAT pic!

BOB HERBERT: "Dancing the War Away"

Will Washington Tolerate A Chinese-Venezuelan Petro Pact?

The local paper didn't really say that...did they?

Genuine Pro-Life is Anti-War, period!!! n/t

How was yesterday for you??

Social Security-Nobody even talks about the true fraud that it is!

Thank you A.N.S.W.E.R.+ ALL War Protestors!!!!! Kansas City will Organize!

Frankly, I was impressed by Rehnquist . . .

Election is over. Fear of "TERRORISM" is way UP!!!

Woohoo ordered 1st DU T-Shirt

Violence causes Violence. n/t

Asshole Scarborough is broadcasting the Michael Moore

more moral values of Oxyrush, cohabitation

On each box of Kraft "Spongebob" Mac n' Cheeze...


New! Bush to Cut Medicaid!

What does "Democracy" mean to you? Is it just voting for someone else...

Please sign this petition- Walden Bello of Focus on the Global South

Interesting Inaugaural Protest Images (A must see)

Why We Are Losers (and It's killing me)

I am cancelling cable TV Monday. And I'm happy about it! n/t

How were Penn. State Police used in the coronation of Bush?

"Former cult member speaks from grave" (about abuse and revenge)

If you don't know why Iran hates our guts...

OK clever captioneers! Please caption this one. (Morally offensive photo)

Does anyone know where I can see the Faux meltdown w/ Judy

You're One Of The Bullies Yourself, Mr. Bush

Dick Army on PBS - I had forgotten what an asshole he is

Is the time coming when we either stop, or get stopped, from exploiting...

Mandatory Malloy: Friday Night Truthseeker Roundup

The Coming Wars by Seymour Hersh

At work today.....I was told I was too expensive.

Cartoon on Condeleeza Rice by Scott Bateman

Your Repug Friends/Family's #1 Excuse for Supporting the Giggling Murderer

The Unbearable Gayness of Children's Television (Hilarious)

bush* used word FREEDOM "28 times" in his "Freedom Speech" (link)

You're fired.

Horned hands everywhere - Quayle, Amy Grant, etc.

I heard Colin Powell's son Michael is stepping down from head of FCC

Vegetarian? How long?

Are we going to attack Iran?

do you think dubya bush sees the beheading videos? etc???

I am a guy partial to the military. My son was in DS1 with the 101

There's always someone worse waiting in the wings

20/20 tonight: Sabrina Harmon (Abu Ghraib abuser) to "Speak Out"

Norwegians Confused by Bush Salute

Why doesn't the evidence that Greg Palast has uncovered make a dent?

Wal-Mart kidnapping and murder. Any news reporting killer was a Marine?

Ex-judge charged over penis-pump incident

Dubya's Prayer Service, Eyewitness Account!

'There ought to be limits to freedom.'

Is homeland security supposed to protect all of us, or just the President?

Did Margaret Thatcher support the Iraq war?

Icelanders Take Anti Iraq War Campaign to U.S.

Should I join the Jaycees

What the heck it KOEB?

Isn't sort of odd that many of us quote the Bible and others

Someone Explain To Me... What Is WRONG With These Christians...

What do you see/feel that has gotten better in America/you since 2000?

Did you see Smirk had no money for the collection plate?

Why do so many so-called "Christians" believe in "The Rapture"?

How many here actually BELIEVE in a media "Conspiracy"?

OK, I have 2 questions I've been wanting to ask, but haven't

Are you proud of our troops?

Officials To Allow Religious Lamb Slaughter

W......T.......F......? There was an offering at the inauguration???

This is one Dean supporter who hopes Clark

Iraq: Voter Turnout Won't Be Enough to Legitimise Election

What's up with the Homeland Sec. documents leak?

OMG...late night DC action...bricks thrown into RIGGS BANK windows....

Boys and girls, Cuba's next

I'm Sick and Tired of READING about the Iraq War

Rawstory: list of Dem senators who've agreed to speak in Rice debate...

So Much for Protest Warriors.

DNC Chair... when?

Pinochet 'secret' accounts sought


Neocons? Nope......Neo-Fascism

Is this a joke? Soldier being charged with death of Iraqi civilian?

When you are a fortunate daughter. And when you aren't.

Woody Guthrie: All You Fascists

the Inaugural Ball you didn't see on Fox News....

US Troops kill Mom+Dad in front of their 5 kids-car didn't stop checkpoint

Bush Caught Empty-Handed During Church Offering -- Daddy Bails Him Out.

Viacom's Paramount Studio in Trouble (CBS parent): Aw, shucks!

Pics from San Francisco coronation? Click on the link

Blog from PDA summit

Wuttup, dogs


My Senator is Better than yours =:>)

Boulder Church Buries Ashes of Aborted Fetuses

Tweety is talking about Iraq in terms I haven't heard

Have you had anything bad happen to your car because of stickers?

Laura Bush*s $700 Haircut

Student Sues to End Summer Homework

Hey - head on over to the Activism forum for a consolidated list o' stuff

Bob Herbert. Wow.

Why is Bush so freakin' popular?

Does anyone have pics of Rehnquist from the Inaugaration?

The "A" word: What does the term "atheist" mean to you?

"Swearing In or Swearing At?" | the inaugural TOON special!

info on Kitchen Aide models, I think I'm ready to buy-- HELP!

I don't think this will work...using hard bolied egg instead or fresh

Any side dish suggestions for a Chicken and Dumpling meal

Blue Cheese stuffed Olives

Do you go to a supermarket or a real market?

Call to Action: Toward a New World Order You Can Support

Turks and Caicos

Goddamnit, those yanks were right about saying "Aluminum"....

How mad is Robert Kilroy-Silk?

Hi folks. Back again after a sad week.

The countries that we love and hate (UK YouGov survey)

Mexican prison guards shot dead

'Morning After' Treatment Advised to Prevent AIDS

Bomber misses Afghan warlord

Bush Limo Pelted With Fruit , Pitt Says

14 Killed in Explosion Near Baghdad Mosque

LAT: Mysterious (So Cal coast) Oil Patches Take Big Toll on Seabirds

French Agree to Military Project

Police must pay coach $4.4 million over arrest

Church plans to bury fetal remains from abortions collected without aborti

Italian soldier killed in helicopter over Iraq

Abbas deploys forces to stop attacks on Israel

Christian Aid Flows to Tsunami Victims

Senior officer testifies in case of British soldiers accused of abusing lo

NYT/Bloomberg: AOL Offers a More Refined Search Engine

Christians issue gay warning on SpongeBob video

Cheney says Iran is priority hotspot

Small communities fight for military bases facing closure

WP: China Plans Modest Memorial For Zhao: Party Vets Urged State Funeral

Choreographer wins $450,000 for operation on wrong knee

Hummer-driving halfwit scalds her with Starbucks

Police Probe Allegation Against Bill Cosby

Irish group in US effort to bar Thatcher

US will increase aid to Serb people, Polt

As Private Jails Reopen, Critics See Long Arm of the Lobbyists

Powell out at FCC

PI: GOP loses request to speed up court case seeking revote for governor

Cheney: Saddam at fault for long Iraq recovery

Sole Omagh Bombing Conviction Overturned

Reuters: U.S. Soldier Killed During Anti-Guerrilla Raids (#1371)


Reception honors black conservatives

KTLK Brings Progressive Talk To L.A.

Bush Set to Open Ambitious Second Term

Oil Rebounds, China's Crude Imports Surge

Detroit district: 110 schools must close

Safety Prompts Move of Iraq Vote in Tenn.

Norwegians confused over Bush "salute to Satan"

NOW Calls for Resignation of Harvard University's President

Insurgents blow up police station (Hit, Iraq)

Underfunded Iraqi parties fight to be heard*

NYT: Harvard Pres Tells Women's Panel He's Sorry (he requested meeting)

Indonesian army ignores ceasefire to attack rebels (Aceh)

Denmark Charges 5 Soldiers with Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

Blog from PDA summit

Bob Jones III retiring from university

Bill Cosby to be accused of molestation???

Climate Change

Hockey Fan's Obit slams NHL strike

Norwegians confused by Bush family's 'Satanic salute'

'Inch of snow' shuts down air marshals

Four Months on Planet bin Laden - America's policy is doomed

Residents unleash anger at security forces in Iraq*

Residents have returned to Fallujah

Bill Would Create 'Dot-Sex' To Filter Porn Web Sites

Iran president calls U.S. attack unlikely

US Refuses to Let Guantanamo Man Cross Airspace

Survey: Most Iraqis plan to vote (International Republican Institute)

Haj Pilgrims Stone 'Devil' Bush

FCC Commissioner Kathleen Abernathy's Statement on Chairman Powell's Depar

US Troops kill Mom+Dad in front of their 5 kids-car didn't stop checkpoint

Popularity of US visa lottery on the wane ("green card")

Pilgrims stone "devil" Bush in haj ritual

Bush's second term begins in prayer

DCCC Up Date on Social Security Piratization (Fund Solicitation Removed)

Dupe - Iraq to Arrest Ahmad Chalabi After Eid -TV

NYT: G.O.P. Irate Over Delay on Rice Vote

From the 'Axis of Evil' to the 'Outposts of Tyranny'

Street fighting worsens in Baghdad

Thousands Protest Bush's Inauguration

Canadian Prime Minister Threatens Snap Election Over Gay Marriage

DFW radio station features bin Laden in billboards

Anger over Megan's Law website grows

U.S. OKs Expanded Oil Drilling in Alaska

Russia slams U.S. for accusing Syria of terror ties

WP: Elephant's Death Renews (cold-weather zoo) Debate

The View from Behind the Hijab (Iran)--Der Spiegel

Russia seeks closer EU defence ties, says France

Sen. Obama Hears Ill. Veterans' Concerns

Doubleday to publish Bin Laden book

Bush's anti-tyranny drive to be tested quickly

Women Being Forced Into Combat

Redford Kicks Off Sundance on a Political Note ('festival of dissent')

Text Messaging Lets Iraqis Tip Authorities

Wis. student sues to end summer homework

Iraqi Candidates Quit After Threats

Mom & Pop War Profiteering Team: The Woolseys

Cheney says Iraq's slow recovery is Saddam's fault

Details heard in murder case against soldier

Case against motel advances

World media: Bush inaugural a jolt

Russia Slams U.S. for Accusing Syria of Terrorism

Bush to Seek Cuts in Medicaid, Benefits

Kansas Group To Protest Homosexuality In Plattsburgh

Illinois Governor Signs Gay Rights Law

Settlement reached in stun gun death

White House Scraps 'Coalition of the Willing' List

Bush freedom pledge rings hollow in Arab world

FBI could limit public access to records

Cheney acknowledges error

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 21 January

US Airways, Mechanics Agree On Concessions (pay cuts up to 18%)

Extreme Associates Obscenity Case Dismissed

Anti-Bacterial Additive Widespread In U.S. Waterways

Lining up to run against Dayton


Feds Arrest Two Illinois City Officials

Lincoln is yielding to Reagan

Elementary students try to hijack school bus

FCC Boss Opposes Broadcasters on Digital Multicast

Iraq Intends to Arrest Ahmad Chalabi After Eid -TV

'Cover' bares CIA flaws

Terror Tip Probed As Possible Revenge (the Boston tip)

Student sent home for inappropriate (gay) shirt

Michigan consumer index down- surprises economists who expected increase

US nuclear dump won't fix problem

Dean leading endorsements for DNC chairman*

Court Rules Haiti Prisons Aren't Torture

Inauguration proves to be hard sell for vendors

Sky News/Sky Readers Savage Bush

Progressive Democratic Summit in D.C.: c-span tomorrow

NYT: Plans for a Fast Getaway Take a Detour (Colin Powell)

WP: Analysts Note Gap Between Bush Rhetoric And Reality

FBI Tries To Limit Info Searches (freedom of information act)

Parents of soldiers bash Bush

Decades after Vietnam, ROTC making return effort to Ivy League

US Republican Chair Draws Party Fire on Abortion

US and UK look for early way out of Iraq

WP: Arabs Say U.S. Rhetoric Rings Hollow

Incentives target special ops troops

Cuba helps Venezuela develop healthcare services

Bush to Seek Cuts in Medicaid, Benefits

NYT: Bush's Smiles Meet Some Frowns in Europe

Iraqi gunmen behead policeman in broad daylight

Bush Shifts Ex-Ballclub Partner to Japan

Icelanders NYT Ad Apologizes For Iraq Involvement

Church plans to bury aborted fetal remains

Rep. Conyers responds to Mitofsky "report"

Barbara Boxer takes center stage

US and UK look for early way out of Iraq

NBC: Rather's Story Wouldn't Happen Here

JP Morgan admits US slavery links

Titan a 'Flammable' Moon Covered in Liquid Gas

Texas Billboards Feature Osama, Arafat

WP: Bush Speech Not a Sign of Policy Shift, Officials Say

DOD: 1 Soldier Killed, 1 Injured in Accident ( helicopter 'accident')

Church retracts consent for condoms

New Bush term sparks anxiety

IE Continues to Lose Grip on Market

N.J. Pastor Faces Charges For Racial Slurs

WP: Tickets in Hand Were No Assurance of Access

Cuba& Iran step up bilateral cooperation after US' Rice's 'tyranny' speech

Pet store animals cooked in school Student prepares Guinea pig, rabbit

Mo. Woman Allegedly Gives Crack to Son, 4, to calm him down

Uncovered at last: sightings found in Britain's "X-Files"

Mystery in Iraq as $300 Million is Taken Abroad -NYT

Some US Airlines Outsource Maintenance to Central America(El Salvador)

Government to Allow Oil Exploration in Ecologically Sensitive Alaska Area

Norwegians Confused by Bush Salute

Astronomers Surprised by White House Plan to Scuttle Hubble

Dow set for worst new-year losing streak since '82

Texas teen's body found after abduction (Abducted from Wal Mart)

White House Scraps 'Coalition of the Willing' List

Trial Monday for 12 Elian Bystander Claims

Rumsfeld scraps Munich visit over 'war crimes' probe

Many casualties after ambulance drives into wedding party and explodes sou

Outcry over creation of GM smallpox virus (Independent)

Mix of Quake Aid and Preaching Stirs Concern -NYT

Who else loves "The Brini Maxwell Show"?

Okay, so this is a pretty cool thing.

Did anyone see Letterman tonite? Anyone has the footage?

I am only 2,015 posts away from 40K

Bloggin' to myself and feelin' old

Kerouac icons, check in!

What's the name of this establishment?

Just got this from (an oldie but a goodie)

Hey, wherrrre's the shitterrrrr at? I got a turrrrtle 'ead pokin' out.

Which of these two 1986 albums is better?


This is stupid question

Anyone just hear Mike Malloy mention DU?

she's b-a-a-a-a-a-a-c-k . . . .

Anyone want to make kindergarten-quality art? Here's your site

Time to check the headlines

How to cope with Bush in the next 4 years...

A: a gene, a fish, a jellyfish, a mollusc, a spider, a planet . . .

Can't wait till he's gone.

Why do Beatniks hate me?


Smith & Yale

Poor Rabrrrrrr, he can never do #2 again

Photoshoppers...Find Laura a new hairstyle

Does anyone know where Placebo is?

Inauguration: feelings split between depression and humiliation...

Have you ever been so alone, that you even kind of wished

Quicksilver Messenger Service: "What About Me" lyrics. Any change?

Debi the woodworker's wife I need helpppppppppppppppppppp

Car polish/wax

Official Steelers/Patriots prediction thread!

can you handle the truth?

Confession: I don't like Yakov Smirnoff


Take a lead from Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether

Stupidest thing done while drunk

Which of these two 1968 albums is better?

Well Rabrrrrrr I'm down to cats, no dime day, or funny freeper posts

Spongebob announces Fundies are Stupid

You know what? I really relate to the Character Dumbo.

In the spirit of N.W.A. an ode to George Bush.

Spongebob announces Christians are gay!

Lets list Georgies magazine subscriptions

I like Jamba Juice

Long cool woman in a red dress (picture)

Free computer screen cleaner

Thank you Eric Blumrich!

Quick buy um Laura, they'll make nice lawn ornaments

Is anybody watching the Hasidic guy sing Reggae on Carson Daly?

What do YOU want? (picture)

Which of these two 1975 albums is better?

I'm so bored that I think I'll go try the AP and Reuters wire . .

Best Theory: Huge Guy or Serial Crusher

Announcement: Christians gaily bob for sponges

Which of these two 1971 albums is better?

What would you rather do than watch a "Full-House" marathon?

It's amazing how consistently frumpy the Bush twins look, isn't it?

Which of these two 1987 albums are better?

Christians announce that Spongebob is gay.

Cartoon from Bartcop

banned from freerepublic in 1 minute!

"Terrorist" . . .

Just heard "Mohammed's Radio" on Sirius.

Best album from 1974

"Gangster #1" is probably the most brutal movie I've ever seen.

A song to lift our spirits..

goodnight DU!

Did the U.S. elect Bush to be the Ruler of the Planet?

Nice pic the AP uses with the Bill Cosby story

How do I make DU my home page?

Talk about some smart students from Delaware!!!

This is Bullshit

G'nite, folks. We're one day closer to being rid of the Chimperor Liberal/Progressive talk radio audio archives

'Sin City'...anybody else psyched?

I just noticed something...

A great story from today

Beloved James Garner on Leno:

OK, a stupid question I desperately want an answer to

Which of these two 1991 albums is better?

it's 12:17 am and I made it through no buy day

Really cute -- letter to Dear Abby!

FreeTofutti! FreeTofutti! FreeTofutti!

Send Your Dog to "Dog Island"

My nuts are moving.

I'z a feelin' fizzucked up in da hizzead. Ax me anythang!

Hugh Jass seen at Inaugural Festivities. All over.

And Then Jenna bit her undead father's ear off

do you love Matthew Modine? Read this and see why you should

is any web site safe from freepers!?

Robin Cook on Bush's coronation in this morning's Guardian

I slept through the inauguration!! Ask me anything...

Let's give a warm DU welcome and hooray for DUer artv28

Ugh. Just heard two commercials

CDC Warning: New Socially Transmitted Disease

So, I just poured a Martini - who wants to toast a goodbye to America?


Gooood Friday Morning DU!

I've never had a "Freeper Encounter"

Request for Jon Stewart

When you see a reply ending with nt or eom, do you click on it anyway?

Which of your favorite childhood homosexuals promoted cartoons?

My dog, the wino

Hey Hey's Bill Cosby

Now watch what you say

Cartoon: Steve Bell, Guardian

Weather website with FREE precipitation amount predictions?

photos from Seattle anti Inaugural

I am SICK of seeing bad news day after day

Check out the counter protesters at the Jazz Funeral for Democracy

I miss weather that doesn't hurt to walk in

In honor of the Huygens probe...

Caller from Alexandria, Virginia go ahead, you're next:

congrats! you're the 3rd most Loathsome of 2004

Yay - he's gone!

Aw hell, look out...Lynne and Evil Dick found the no-host bar

Mmmmm... pizza!

You want a Bush AntiChrist photo? HERE'S a Bush AntiChrist photo.

matcom vacation beach picture

In the year two-thousand:

Important CNN poll!

Word up! The Big Idea is posting again

I think presidential term limits should be rescinded immediately.

Anybody know the exact amount of time between

This Has to Be Homer Simpson...

Well, I just wasted an hour over at FreakRepukelick...

MMMMMMM. Kool-Aid!

Breaking: Cheney, "Hoover at fault for lagging US Economy"

Are you ready for winter to be over?

favorite Blue collar comedian

I'm going to a sci-fi convention. Ask me anything!

What would the universe have to do to make it up to you?

Are these 2 posts related?

My friend in DC reports seeing this morning...

It's Super President!

It's The Winter Doldrums Poll!

What movies should I pick up for the blizzard?

* to Enterprise, 2 to beam up

Michael Moore's long lost evil freeper twin brother

battle of the comedians!

What are some red-flag signs of high-maintenance people?

Funny, just went through **'s speech carefully...

Best Hot Pocket®

Battle of the Mooninites!

I admit it. I just don't get The Grammys.

Dick and Lynn cut the rug!!!!!!!

If tis isn't a joke, it should be

Woot! I hit 30,000 last night

Fake or Greek?

!anything me Ask !backwards on brain's My

Kick this Inauguration Picture Blog!

Who is more suave?

Avtar help!!!

i got an emaiL from 'rocky burns'

Confession: I don't like Janeane Garofalo

I just found out that one of my best friends is engaged.

Guns N Roses Fans: Best album?

Want to see why something like punk should happen again?

People with serious issues:

The "Greasy Palm" CAPTION

Anyone want a GMAIL account?

1460 - what is this number?


Anyone see this family at the coronation today?

Okay. What's a clever caption for this photo?

who's more important to astros?

Guys, I am so weak it's embarrassing. I had ONE margarita tonight

Did someone leave a window open?

In What Season Were You Born?

You know how it feels when you have been dreading something

Song you won't see a remake of

Norwegians Confused by Bush Salute

Wishing away the Shrub presidency...

Pray for Victoria

Florence, my grandmother.

What's your favorite season?

Due to recent events, I had to change my avatar.

What's up with Nick Cave's "Breathless?"

Photoshop this to match the edited caption

When I bite into a York Peppermint Patty

Hey can I like see the threads wondering about me

Well???? Are YOU Spongeworthy?????????

How often do you start writing a msg here only to change your mind?

Is Spongebob the new Kleeb? n/t

i Like these ACLU peopLe

So what effect does Spongebob have on people already gay?

Freepers think cartoons cause homosexuality

This is why Punk happened.

Who's gayest: Tinky Winky, Spongebob, or James Dobson?

Shouldn't a Sponge be a heterosexual icon ?

WTF is it with all these SpongeBob threads?

Does SpongeBob Even Have Any Sexual Organs?

Spooooooooooooooonge Boooooooooob

Hummer-driving halfwit scalds her with Starbucks

Spongebob will recruit your children into the gay lifestyle!!

Have I made it clear yet how much I hate Trog Rock?

Spongebob or box turtles?

Am I missing something with all the Spongebob threads?

Who here watches Spongebob?

I'd like to apologize for not meeting up with the main DU crowd thursday

Chucky (child's play) lives!

It's getting to be that I hate the telephone

a 16.7 pound newborn baby?!

Jim Wallis from Sojourners on Al Franken NOW

Another reason why I love Firefox...

Should we all switch to Spongebob avatars?

Dmn. 'v jst dsmvwld myslf. Nd mdcl dvc.

Bob announces Fundies and Sponges are gay!

If SpongeBob can make kids straight kids gay ...

How can I tell whether I'm dating a girl sponge or a boy sponge?

Hockey Fan's Obit slams NHL strike

Who's sexier? SpongeBob or...

Spongebob has a core audience of children and potheads.

Did you ever wish some days you weren't a Dem/progressive/liberal?

Some Confused By Bush's 'Satanic' Salute

Here are pics of the peppers spraying incident yesterday

Stupid things for love

what are you gonna give me?

I'm a single white straight drug free Christian guy who loves Sponge Baths

* Salutes the world

I think I got a small case of food poisoning

I'm a human male that just wants to live and be loved in this world.

Spongebob or Fairly Odd Parents?

That video clip of rumsfeld lying about WMDs in iraq on meet the press...

I'm Making a Concept Album- What Should it Be About?

I'm Gonna Be

Bushes new mandate

Air Ameirca starts in LA on Feb. 3rd!!!

How should the left protest the Bush administration?

I am a white, something, straight guy

spongekLeeb squarepants

What is Tyler, Texas like?

Tell me there is not a resemblance here!

Elton John coming to town!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of snow this weekend

What are your pets' names?

Elmer Fudd is a homosexual!!

need help understanding credit score

Some of the lyrics from "Flagpole Sitta"

Paris Hilton steals her own porno (video link)

Tomorrow at 10:30 am will be 120 hours Smokefree for me

How well do you know your mates?

It's January, 2005. I don't care where you are.

favorite name

When worlds collide - Free Republic and Dr. Who

Yet another career change for me. Just so you know.

Favorite Closted Gay Athlete

If Elvis Is The King Of Rock And Roll...Who Is The Queen Of Rock And Roll?

Guilty Pleasure: Who Watches Blind Date?

Think blue!

Outside of California, do narcs try to bust pot smokers at concerts?

Serious question for DU cops:Do you think busting pot smokers ...

Somebody please tell me.

Tomorrow's my birthday, but I won't be here.

I know what thought was in Karl Rove's head yesterday.

I've got a picture of a photograph of a wedding in a shell...

Whats Malware?

CNN Poll: SpongeBob SquarePants is...

Bush Countdown Clock

I'm not a dog person, ordinarily, but this here dog is a star!

Pray for Victoria

Come to see victory

Best Sonic Youth album?

This here cat is a star!

Slideshow of Inaugural Protestors


Wat_Tyler, what is Texas like?

Kim Cattrall WOULD do a move with good script & she is paid handsomely

Big Brother is Watching!!!

Need College Advice -- Please Help!

Breakin' vs. Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo

Face of Klansman found on Titan

so this old boy farmer in Arkansas

How many minutes left in your work week?

Fish are really frickin' cool to watch - and amazing

Who will play in the Super Bowl?

Favorite-smelling sore

I'm starting a prog-rock band-what can you play?

I am Wooldor Sockbat, ask me anything

Music you want but can't have


I had a calling from beyond the stars! God told me so!



Does your company block email websites?

10 inches here

Freeper Alert!!!!

It's snowing here!

Test yourself against an AI computer

I'm a single white straight Christian drugfree gal who loves SpongeBob

Is it wrong to want ice cream when it's bitterly cold outside?

If you had a time machine...

Name an experiment you've had, few others have had.

Someone....anyone? Want a GMail account?

The "Basking in His Moment" CAPTION

Putin’s Election Web-Site Taken Over by Call Girls

Patches the Horse.

Today is my Last Day at Work!!!!!

What was the scariest performance/concert you ever attended?

Damn! The cats found my catnip stash!

go away!

10 inches expected overnite. Ladies, you've heard that before.

The Pub is open!

Why's everybody got it in for prog rock today?

Knowing when to get out of the water..........Priceless.

Mark Fiore's "The 0ffice of Truth Enhancement" Animated Toon

WooHoo! I got a big refund check from my therapist!

Have I made it clear yet how much I hate Prog Rock?

WTF? Elephants get potty-trained?

It occurs to me that we haven't had enough Audrey Tautou pics here lately

My cat's breath smells like cat food.

Favorite version of "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"

LOL...prisoners have lost their bibles for rolling smokes with them

Best Van Halen album.

The shadow of Mordor is on the rise

I don't mind if I do.

So...who here thinks Carl Edwards can win at least...

We are having Pizza for supper, what are you eating?

Better yet, lets have a spelling bee, err geography bee,

It's my 4th Year Anniversary at DU! Let's PARTY!

Unintentionally funniest movie you've ever seen

How Do I Get This Woman-Smell Out Of My Man-Parts?

I have an IQ of 164.1 or do I?

Drinking = Pimples = Going Home Alone!

Gallagher has an IQ of 4

Liam Gallagher has an IQ of 164.

Why does Gallagher smash watermelons?

Contact info for the Not Me bracelet, please?

This is Lounge material. Elementary school kids try to hijack a school bus.

Confess!!! If you wrote a letter to "Dear Abby" what name would you sign?

Who thought Gallagher was even funny?

Most Disappointing Album You've Ever Heard (not the worst)

Damn. I've just disemboweled myself. Need medical advice.

I Married a Monster from Outer Space

Getting ready to go to a Pampered Chef party

I don't need to fight. To prove I'm right. I don't need to be forgiven.

Milwaukee student sues to put an end to summer homework

LOL I'm watching I love the 90's part deux.

Got a good stomach?

Blizzard warning, NYC through Boston!

How do I get this Spam-Smell out of my Apartment?

testing a portentously baggage in Thai somewhere. Wholly thighs quark? One disunity

I have an IQ of....

This Eagles fans sings: "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow"

This Eagles fans sings: "Tequila Sunrise."

Have you ever bought a CD (or tape or whatever) and really

Hello, it's me

Who wants to throw Spongebob a coming out party?!

Ghostbusters vs. Ghostbusters II

Please post something intelligent - My IQ suffered yesterday at the farce

how many M&Ms can you fit inside a Kline bottle?

the blizzard of 2005!!!!

A little advice?

Hi Daddy!

Finally: Stan wants to entertain you:

Oh YEAH? Well I have an IQ of like a GOOGLEPLEX + 1!!

Do you realize?

NETFLIX rules and it's blue too!

Favorite-smelling store?

I have an IQ of 10001101

Hello, my lovelies! How is everyone?

Did you see the new Apprentice last night?

Just got reunited with my dog after a five month hiatus!

Jim Wallis on Hardball now!!!!

Polyushko, polye,

Favorite-smelling store's section?

Burns' Night is on 25 January


Tom Brokaw (or Dan Rather, or whoever this is) can kiss my ass

How do I get this Man-Smell out of my Apartment?

Come you masters of war

Call out to Me Time folks!

What the HELL is wrong with you, SA?

Oh YEAH? Well I have an IQ of like a GOOGLEPLEX!

Which is worse, Sponge Bob or Levitra/Cialis D*ck Pill Commercials?

Battleship (Free Game)

I'll admit why I have food poisoning

I've been in GD & GD:Politics the past couple of days - Look at my post

I just re-named my wireless router to BUSH = DECEIT

I am Al D'Amato, ask me anything

Ok, when is "Napoleon Dynamite" supposed to start getting funny?

Captain Pike was an idiot

LA Duers: ABC Anchors Paul Moyer/Ann Martin tear each other a new one

Family Scuffles, Pastor Says Jeans a Demon

Why English teachers retire early (Funny stuff)

"Dad, you're an IDIOT!"

my sig dog is back!!!!!

I think I'm losing it!

A message for coloradodem2005

Upon My Return from Australia

You know. Purple is just a deeper shade of lavender.

MSNBC Making a Mockery of Dobson's Assault on Spongebob Squarepants

Let's have a Spelling Bee.

Thoughts on bashing

My textbook came yesterday!

Case against motel advances

Dirty basketball.

hillarious video of preacher with gas

Big ass snow on the way to Philly...

"Enterprise" seems to be getting much better since they .....

Sundance Opens; Redford Urges Dissent

Sundance Opens; Redford Urges Dissent

Who is the most conservative person you've ever met/known/talked to?

Did you know that a Simpsons character comes out of the closet this season

I just turned 400. Can I get some love from the KOEB?

How much do you pay monthly for your internet connection?

I'm am SOOOO in the mood for a Krabby Patty -- I dunno why, though.

Life by the drop

George Renstar wore brown work boots to the site today!

Thoughts on washing

What do YOU hope President Bush will take away from YOU?

STOP! Stop making fun of Laura's weight!!!!!!

Which sounds more derogatory?

8" to 12" of snow here in Chicago this weekend. Yay! Can't get enough ...

New "Monk" tonight!!!!

CNET: "New Year, old flaws in Windows, Internet Explorer"

Anyone else watching Stargate:Atlantis ?

OMG, MTV is running "The Ashlee Simpson Show" back to back. Puke

Name a movie you used to like and now dislike.

The beginning and the end?

Rollin', rollin', rollin'.....

Gonna try a website... Kind of a fight club for politicos...

Why weren't there gay characters on "Star Trek"?

The Quiet Earth - anyone remember this movie?

Any Tricky Woo fans on here

Problem with Mensa....

OK, it is Friday night it is time to

That night with your mother so long ago....

How many posts of yours have been deleted?

How many threads of yours have been locked?

This has been a kind of a gay night here in the Lounge tonight...

Where the hell is ChavezSpeakstheTruth??

Edward, The Mad Shirt Grinder?

Hey! What's everyone doing this weekend!

liberal_andy to announce TNM tour details today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, at least the RW fearing cartoons and comics isn't anything new.

watching "28 days later" comfort me!

Are there any half-cool/original movements these days?


Notice how nothing sticks

"I Was A Hundred Foot Tall Amazing Shrinking Teen Age Werewolf

What do you do when "my post" fills the entire page,

Watching "Shawn of the Dead" . . . don't comfort me, laugh with me

That's no blizzard...

I just made gluten free baked ziti, ask me anything.

I just got offered an internship! Ask me anything!

Is The Manchurian Candidate worth renting? Plz recommend a movie to rent..

a glass of cab & "Chutes Too Narrow"

PHOTO (screen grab): jenna applies lipstick(?)

My idea for a pro-military not pro-bush t shirt

Snow sculpture

I'm a hateful minipenis ignorant POS paranoid windbag - as me anything!

OMG! Snagglepuss gave me teh gay!

I'm not gay... but I'm gonna promote the gay lifestyle

Disgusting Freeper vehicle sighting today

Irish fourm is up!

My mom is all skeptical over the news that Laura Bush is a size 6. Are

Anyone else have one of these? Found it in the bottom of a box

To Chicago DU'ers

Jenna wore a green dress

What the HELL is wrong with the USA?

I've got a date in Constantinople.... will she be waiting in Istanbul?

Who knows the best source for airline deals??

Some Canadian humor (Dial-up alert)

How well do you know your states?

How bad is the weather in NY?

South shore Boston....32-37" of snow tomorrow

Blast from the grave: Hockey fan slams lockout in own obit

"There's one more kid..


Politically incorrect w/ Bill Maher Wack Pack addition on Howard Stern NOW

Title and artist needed!

Have you ever had your thread put on the front page?

My wife has a new phrase tonite

I pulled in to Nazareth, was feeling 'bout half past dead

Gallagher's watermelon has an IQ of 5



I have rediscovered Frida.

All right, dammit, where's this much-anticipated snow??

I am George Pataki, ask me anything

I'm fucking George Voinovich, ask me fucking anything

I don't "get" choppers.

What was your first job?

I have an IQ of....

If you were in an Iron Chef competition...

I Sure Do Love Vicodin

What do you hate about Canada?

New experience $87.06....Shopped for groceries online

I have rediscovered Fresca.

What cartoon character ISN'T gay?

What cartoon characters are lesbian?

What, exactly, is the point of Mensa?

tiny HOUSE - the fake reality series I wish was real

New JibJab Cartoon: Bush's 2nd Term

Who buys those 4 liter jugs of wine that cost $8?

So which cartoon character will be outed next by the RW?

Best Aerosmith Album

Holy Moley! Peach Salsa!

Well it's official george has moved back in

DAYUM - LONGGRAIN made the homepage!!!!!

Woohoo! My industry is saved (for now)!

Bob Sacamano.

Laura Bush's profile at

Jesus Was Gay

Minor rant: the cost of textbooks.

How's your freepdar? Can you tell which of these is a freeper?

Some gay humour..........

Somebody's gonna ge ttheir head kicked in TONIGHT!

Its July 1991, where are you?

Why do you think certain people feel the need to yell when they talk?

Why doesn't American spellings match that of British words?

I made BuzzFlash.

What was the first flame war you started?

John Stewart....The Re-Oathening Video

Has anyone seen the movie The Magdalene Sisters?

You know you've been on DU too long when... being mentioned on Malloy by someone on DU!!!!!


I feel so dirty

What do you hate about the UK?

Noel Gallagher has an IQ of 64.

anyone had the "naked chicken strips" at popeyes??

U2 to announce tour details on monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Garner is No Republican! Just appeared on Jay Leno...

What is the percentage of 5 out of 28?

Which film should I watch tonight?

OMG! Somone lost on "Millionaire" on the first question!!

"Liberty for All"

WTF is "The Jewish Problem"????

A MASSIVE apology to all Americans re: Aluminum......

How 'bout some GOOD news? Re one of the Lost Boys of the Sudan

Do you consider Pink Floyd "prog-rock"?

D.C. area DUers: how hard will it be for me to get to Dulles tomorrow?

ic gebrengan to tha se tien asetnes

Paris "Skank Ho" Hilton rips off DVD!

Any computer geniuses out there? New firewall is alerting me to

Am I crazy? I think Stephen Colbert is sexy!

I'm seeing Cher and the Village People tonight...

Is the term "Gay Republican" an oxymoron?

Ok another gay post, I have no gaydar and I am proud of that

Which of your favorite childhood cartoons promoted homosexuality?

what do you feel is *most* important in a serious relationship?

Monk has a new assistant!!

Most underrated album ever?


Best MRE

Why would you wear Ugg(ly) boots w/ a miniskirt

Think spring!!! Colorful pictures of orchids inside. Click here!!!

MrScorpio Speaks To His Fan Club...

Drinking = Pimples?

What's that song that goes "Gooooooo Atlanta! Goooooo Atlanta-uh!"

How come it's legal for cats to have catnip but illegal for humans to have

Does wearing a tin foil hat work?

I Have a DQ of....

P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S . . . !!!

What do you like on your pizza?

I hate mixed signals

What is proper ettiquette for applying lipstick in public?

7301 posts to 10,000 ask me anything!

"Vegans eat poo"--on another board

Animal Welfare vs. Animal Rights

The "A" word: What does the term "atheist" mean to you?

Tort Reform EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN in Exodus 23:6

Should Christians refuse to take oaths of office, especially on the Bible?

Regardless of what you believe, do you see value in the Bible?

The response I gave to a man who believes God sanctioned the death penalty

white house axes Hubble

Busy earthquake activity

Methane rain feeds Titan's rivers

'Innocent' Pleas In Gay Teen's Beating

SF Gay Group Fights Handgun Ban

Spanish judges liken gay marriage to marriage between humans and animals

Federal prosecutor asks for marriage equality in Brazil

Nepal gay group launches journal

LA Gay & Lesbian Center Sends Message to Spongebob: You're Not Alone

Italy honors gay victims of the Holocaust

Ok, creative people, please help.

No 'Gay Families' In Arkansas Schools

Gay in East Texas

A big fringe benefit of the Democrats selling us out. . .

Now if we can just get Peppermint Patti to 'come out' in solidarity with

Advertisements advocate for civil unions in Idaho

New Kids TV Program on PBS Features LGBT Parents

Article 8 Anti-gay fundies: Boston conference and new blog

Wanda Sykes: Football = "straight man's gay pride parade"

U of Kentucky asked to put US flag on jerseys

Temple to stay in I-A without conference ties

Who has the advantage in snow/wind in Phillie?

Here is why the Eagles will win:


To all Patriots in town for the game - Try Chi-Chi's green onions. Mmm.

Here are my predictions for Sunday, since I am completely unaffiliated

Did Any Quarterback Have A Better Cannon Than Terry Bradshaw?

Magic Rat's Fearless Predictions For Sunday's Championship Games...

Steelers bars in New England?

Spurs/Suns, Friday 1/21, point guard battle: Tony Parker & Steve Nash

Click For Sunday's Winners

The "Official" Non-Traditional Sports about those sports

The mean cat is home from the vet

Is anyone else a "Dog Whisperer" fan?

Anyone here comfortable aiding in interpreting a dream?

Big hugs to the A&A group.

Talking with (to) believers. Golden Rule.

my god is the best god, because...

New Iraq documentary w/be released in March


Someone give me Kerry's ratings

Smear Boat Liar news: Quick take that blood pressure med

I am home

Excellent Boston Globe ARticle 1/21/05

Teddy Kennedy

So, I'm thinking of putting up a recap post

How Many People Get Sick Of All These Assholes Saying John Can't Run Again

Maryland Parallels

Kerry under attack - continued - Treason and Excommunication - WTF!

My ignore list is huge

Great place for Bird Photographers


What do you know about Gov. Phil Bredesen of Tn?

Peggy Noonan: Speech had 'way too much God'

Democracy for CT members are state party chair and vice chair.

"Freedom" vs "Liberty" Bullshit.

Delegates--adopt the "Backbone Platform"

good site for protest coverage

Consumer Protection Lawsuit Against Diebold Now in Play; 2nd Suit Filed creates a new mascot for the Democratic Party

Did you attend a counter-inaugural event?

If the Dems united with the Greens and other coalitions ??

An Opposition United Like Never Before (

Can you decipher this?

Pres. Bush Inaugural Address - Video

2006/2008 - what are the issues we want to run on, and our message

Bush* stepped out of the limo! What bravery!

DU this poll--it's being freeped! Will we be better off in 4 yrs?

According to the Daily Show

Refresh my memory: Were there protests at Clinton's 2nd inaugural?

Where's Karen

The latest terror threat - BS for the inauguration????

It was Newspeak's finest hour

"Bush is a gambler, placing higher stakes as he loses."

Anyone have that e-mail list of media contacts and Congress available?

GUNNER PALACE - Iraq documentary gets a US film distributor

Is this what W thinks Freedom and Democracy (Pics from today in Iraq)

Inaugural Sound And Fury: The Stuff Of Captions

"Bush Vow to Spread Freedom Raises Questions"

"Analysis: Iraq Shadows Bush's Inaugural"

"Fireworks in Washington, Despair Around the World" by Robin Cook

Disgraceful freeping commentator on NPR

Where are the MSM articles on the protests? I can't even find a

Church to Bury Fetal Remains Collected Without AbortionClinic's Knowledge

"Inaugural Bunk" by The Progressive's Matthew Rothschild

My 11 year olds protest during the coronation

Is there a DU for high school and college kids?

The Voices of Opposition Arise in The Strangest Places.

Inaugural movie short by Eric Blumrich featuring Mike Malloy

Highlights from last night.

A political dynasty grows in stature

Most Americans believe that people agree with Bush and like him because

Americans View Bush Speech Differently

National Prayer Service

Mainstreet Moms - Love Dean for DNC Chair

The second-term mission: to end tyranny on Earth

It should have been US --warning: long rant

Are we underestimating Bush's intentions? accompanied by ramble


C-Span...National Prayer Servic * embarrassment, keeps rocking/swaying...

F. U. Cheney would like some captions

Fun with commas - "Tyrants, Beware!"

Democrats defiant over Bush term

Conservative analysis of * inaugural speech

Why I love BBC.

Republican Nutcase Story: "Bushwhacked" by Drugstore Manager Over * Sign

Bush's America in a nutshell

Bush's new book for a new term

I thought Democracy, self rule, & human rights was US foreign policy

Would you rather have a senator who votes his/her conscience

It is officially over - the 4 days of Inaugural "Festivities" are finished

Jeb for VP ???

Important announcement from the Department of Homeland Sanity

The new Stepford line is unveiled at the Star and Stripes Ball

Who paid for * coronation?

Cheney screws up

Jazz Funeral For Democracy

Pomp & Circumstance....Brit news front page photos.....

US MEDIA NOT SO 'FREE' - Dr. James J. Zogby

Trent Lott as MC -- talk about "the baggage of bigotry"

Report from Seattle protest

Christian right marks start of 'a good 4 years'

A Securities Question: How can publicly held corporations justify

DCJ20 Police State of the Union Report

1460 days and counting...

Redford encourages voice of dissent

Sheepish US Media losing audience - Foreign news sees increase

The true number of U.S. casualties, is anyone confused?

I Am Deeply Offended...

The next 4 years is primarily "cover your ass" for the Repubs...

A Dem vote for Condi now . . . a nail in the Dem coffin for 08

Condi's List

PROTESTS across the country.. RATE IT UP !!! needs DU badly

Have you seen this video from Fox ? This woman is my new heroine!

Bush Inaugural Speech Statistics

Even Katherine "Cruella" Harris not buying Bush Social Security Yet

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth convention Orlando, 1/26-27

Do you think the young Republicans understood this part of Shrub's speech

hell IS freezing over: Noonan criticized Bush's speech

Top Ten Perks Of Being The New White House Dog

Is there such a thing as Mutual Assured Destruction in MiddleEast ?

Chimpy sends science down the crapper again...

Martin Luther King Tribute

When is Al Franken going to stop giving his dittohead friend air time?

Will at least one Democratic Party leader please wake up?

Anyone taking bets that Monica Crowley is "on the payroll"?

Can't be at the Progressive Summiit in DC?

Excellent article in the London Daily Mirror

Bush Limo Pelted With Fruit , Pitt Says

My rant of personal experience with Repubs and a call to action!

Excellent article in the London Daily Mirror

Kinky Friedman is running for Gov. of Texas!

Why doesn't the media mention that Chalabi is one of the candidates

What In The Hell Is With This MTP Lineup?

Will Pitt: Limo and Fruit - Any Record?

Response to the "SS is in Crisis" memo - Of course it is, Shrub is

ER's Republican Hit Piece...

Do you think this theory is crazy?

Led by Cheney, Imus in the Morning became Brit Hume fan club

New Republican emblem - the elephant is so over...

Democracy Doesn't Exist - It Is Made

Democracy for Colorado--Open Strategy Meeting--tomorrow!

Be the first one on your block! Boxer '08

Military Service and Politics

Let's attack Iran!

Why is PNAC and NeoCon starting to crop up in the media?

Did you hear the Freeper on NPR?

CS Monitor - World media: Bush inaugural a jolt

Conyers Survey on Election Reform

I need Social Security facts for an editorial

An Open Invitation:

Who else besides me didn't hear *'s speech and doesn't give a damn?

IMHO the SpongeBob thing isn't about being "gay"

Who's next? Possible contenders for 2008

Jon Stewart: "At that moment, 49% of the country solemnly swore"

It has been bugging me

The irony is that the more you hate Bush, they more they love him

"Petty partisan politics" say the man who didn't want to roll out a new

Do we have a list of the worst/dumbest quotes from the inauguration?

Has anyone noticed how big Laura Bush's butt has gotten?

MUST SEE "Daily Show" Re-play at 1am EST/11pm PST

Great pro choice argument

Freedom 27 Liberty 15

Easy Way to FAX Your Senators

Why Not Free The World? Think of the possibilities...

Lets put those who belong in the red, IN THE RED...

Lakoff is on wisconsin public radio

Read Gingrich's "Language : Mechanism of Control" and see how they do it

This is the leader of the "free" world.

bush steals 2 elections, ooops never mind!

Barbara Boxer on "The Majority Report" (False alarm, she cancelled)

Two Kodak Moments That Sum Up The Coronation For Me...

Has the Left Stopped Being Effective Using Fear to Motivate Voters?

Bush Talks about "Freedom" and "Liberty"......

Rep. Pelosi: Democrats are Ready for the Next Four Years

From Jon Stewart- Bush Presidency is officially more than half way done

Freedom or democracy? Which is it? They are not the same.

Mark Levine at Counter-Inaugural on Black Thursday!


I just turned 400. Can I get some love from the KOEB?

I'm am SOOOO in the mood for a Krabby Patty -- I dunno why, though.

Greg Palast is ripping junior a new one on c-span

Undercover Police Dressed Like Activists Arrest Anti-Inauguration Proteste

Boeing in coalition that will help push for private accounts

OMB reports job competitions saved $1.4 billion last year

Draft Sheen in 2008


Does anyone have today's Letterman footage? It was so funny!

How do you feel about this?

Hannity is signing praises for Dr. Dobson--the spongebob killer!!

Jeb's schools flunking chimp's NCLB

Update of the 23rd psalm for Bush!

Chertoff, nominee for Homeland Security has ties to 9/11 financier

There's no more "Coalition of the Willing!" (Did you notice?)

Here we go! AP: Bush to Seek Cuts in Medicaid, Benefits

6 charged: Public corruption/fraud scheme-$1000 dinner, superbowl trips...

Another "Here we Go" -- Drilling in Alaska

On the tactical assault against SS

Bush On Democracy...... Doctrine? Or Lame Attempt to Justify Aggression?

General Clark To Appear on Fox and CNN today to discuss Iraq & Bush

A trilbute to Barbara and the 31 Reps

An idea on how to protest the privatization of Social Security

Bush tries to weasel out of using "Privatization" to describe S.S. plan

Inauguration Moment - Priceless

Cheney: Iran on top of Agenda

Kerry Shows He's A Class Act Today...

Do you think the term "Gay Republican" is an oxymoron?

The protests and the other side

GOP has become a fascist cult

"Christians" issue gay warning on SpongeBob video

Democrats Find Promise in Western States (while dissing Southern Dems)

Blue State Secession-still a good idea?

Blog from the PDA summit

The thing about Bush and 9/11 that I don't get...

What the heck, Bush quoted the Devil in his inaugural speech?

The opposite of "good" is "perfect"

Wes Clark won the Ed Schultz Poll with 41% of the vote

Bring Back "That's My Bush" on Comedy Central

Evolution in Georgia

What are the Dems doing to make sure the next election isn't stolen?

Cowboy hats block the view as nose-ringed protesters vie with the women in

Democrats: Don't cooperate with the f**ing Republicans or we'll vote YOU

A Spy In The House Of Blogpac

Anna Quindlen: Connecting Up the Dots

Iran will deliver deadly response to any act of aggression: Khatami

Why Have The Dem's Stopped Bashing Shrub For Not Finding Osama?

Anyone remember the REALLY dark days? Check in.

Did Hillary minimize her chances in 2008 yesterday....?


Dean: "and I've heard that song before." At his counter inaugural party.


Redding Pitt comments on DNC Chair race

No Child Left Behind Success Stories to be Featured in TV Show, Webcast

Yes, Rush, There WAS a Clinton Surplus

I admire Wesley Clark-- If you want to know why, Check-in Here

Bush campaigned on gay marriage fears and stopping abortion to get votes.

DU'ers: In light of our '04 loss and looking toward '06...

I think it will all come down to who controls the word "values."

If you didn't catch Ramsey Clark's speech yesterday --

KERRY 08? Are you kidding me?

I have been sending Liberal Christian stuff to my Conservative Christian

Framing the Debate: What is a Dem.

Why is Deepa Fernandes leaving FSRN?

Let's rename the Shrub: announcing the BLIVET** CAMPAIGN!!

I saw a Barbara Boxer for President 2008 sticker...

Activism for the weekend: a consolidated list of good stuff!

Photos of Bush money scandal in church

Who are you leaning towards for the 2008 nomination?

Who should we push for FCC chair?

Is there a Condi, Laura, and * triangle?