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Did you know bush hired 2 commies for homeland security

A Gift for Drug Makers - Bob Herbert, NYT

ACLU decries use of force by police at Bush event

For President and Close Friend, Forget the Politics

STAR GATE [Controlled Remote Viewing] Goverment Programs

Recapturing Kansas - Interview with Thomas Frank

By what standard this presidential inaugural needs to be...

The 'Media Party' Is Over

Turning Up the Heat on Bush

Why We Need Social Security

Nearly 29% of inaguration costs to be borne by tax payers.

End to search for WMD seals doubts about pre-emption (USA)TODAY

Monsanto Suing Farmers Over Piracy Issues

Why the Outrage over Outfest Arrests?

Ulster bank robbery bore traces of Higgins crime novel

How Does Right-Wing Media Craft Its Message?

John Dean - The Torture Memo That Haunted Gonzales's Confirmation Hearings

An Urgent Call to Republicans

Centrists steer clear of Social Security plans

Hanging By a Threat

Blumenthal: Clinging to happy talk

Dying for Consumption

"As a follower of Jesus Christ I have to disagree with you, for he said...

Bush's Grand Plan: Incite Civil War

Fat to fit: how Finland did it (30 yrs ago Finns were the unfittest

Christian Fascism: Gary Leupp

Why I Refused a 2nd Deployment to Iraq - By: Sgt. Kevin Benderman

Republicans at odds on social security - good time to contact Rep. leaders

Paul O'Neill: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (NYT Editorial)

Bush Administration Comments on WMDs (before and after)

Ritter right about Iraq - Give that man a medal

No Place To Hide

Will Hutton (London Observer): Expect a new, cannier Bush

Star Parker: The credibility of black conservatism

Bush-style Christianity

DaillyKos - Ideological war being waged against Liberalism

Performers instructed not to look directly at * during parade

"A Cuban Perspective on Gary Webb"

Rally on the Steps of City Hall Sat 1/15 , at 11:30 am

The A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition 1/20 Bus info all states.

Renew the Fairness Doctrine - Sign the Petition

DU ride/lodging thread for Jan 20th. Protest.

1/20 San Francisco protesters: 2 questions

Urgent: Support needed for tribal owners of the Black Hills Now!

Al Gore's INdTV: The People's Programmer

Will Media ever report on the Brits Private Accts? - "A Bloody Mess"

NPR's Scott Simon says there's "no outrage" over WMD

Ed Schultz on o'LIElly Factor ---transcript

Clear Channel: No French words on the air.

Renew the Fairness Doctrine - Sign the Petition

Torture in society

Make Way for a New Growth Industry

Where will the market be at the end of a second bush term?

How does bush think we will pay off the debt?

Temps In French Alps Rise Up To 5F In Forty Years - Snow Totals Fall - AFP

Bears Breaking Hibernation As Warm Weather Sweeps Russia, Scandinavia

NASA Releases Free Desktop Climate-Modeling Software

Who's responsible for your personal security?


Why was, my thread on Robert E. Lee moved from GD to The Meeting Room?

I understand why this was locked, but...

Whuile I agree this isn't Lounge material, it does have a place on DU.

Jes' wanna say thanks

This thread is decidely racist and I alerted

Could you please delete this thread?

Regarding a locking decision

How about a Father and Son talk with the children

Thanks mods.

media contact list

This post should be deleted

Can we have an audio link for Karel's show?

how do I put posters on my ignore list?

Sharon cuts links with Abbas after Gaza bomb attack

A cynical exploitation of the transition

Trapped Like Mice: Palestinians under the New Israeli "Disengagement Plan"

London Observer: (January 16): Emails from the edge

Abbas pledges to seek peace with Israel

Current map of the Israel/Palestine Security Fence as of June 30, 2004

Powell Demands Abbas Stop Terrorists

Palestinian resistance defies Abbas

Brigades murder 2 'collaborators'

Peoria Journal Star: Cat gift benefits rivers

What kind of dirt does LaHood have on him?

Da Bulls win again!

Passing this on - - though I do not understand why Pitt himself

Whats your opinion? How big will the innaugeration protest be?

A Horserace Betting Parable.

Commerce report from 1988--concerning computerized voting problems

Texas Election System Examiners' Meetings with Diebold Shrouded in Secrecy

OBSCENE: B* increased Clinton Inaug. donation lmts. from $100 to $250,000

Voter suppression flyers - some actual letters

Let's all wear blue bracelets and support a good cause too!!

Turn Your Back on Bush

Boxer:"I believe your loyalty overwhelmed your respect for for the truth

Recount report from Erie (belated)

Citizens for Legitimate Government web site

Where do you go for the news?

Sailing Away

The Poll Tax is back

Our anger and rage vs. what's needed...

Am I crazy?

Full Cuyahoga caterpillar ballot order available in text file now.

A freelance journalist's analysis on DRE's one year ago. Comments?

"Faking Democracy" by Lynn Landes - a must-read!

Exit Poll Probability Analysis - state by state

The Nashua Advocate: Investigation Proves We Need a Special Prosecutor Now

What's your NET viewing as a percentage of ALL news sources?

What the "post election" period has shown me is that I'm in a great place

Suggestions Needed for Inauguration Day

Ohio Ballots and the Sunshine Laws

Conyer's does it again.. judicial dems asking for Blackwell's *ss

The Nashua Advocate [Exclusive]: Republican Senator Caught in Apparent Lie

Vote machine fraud & straight Dem glitch in South Carolina & Virginia &etc

A Second Freezing Inauguration For The Shrub... Weather Forecast

Congressman Conyers Asks Justice Department to Appoint Special Counsel to

whatever happened to the federal lawsuit against blackwell?

Why has Congress focused on suppression but avoided vote machine fraud?

Doris Granny D Haddock: Our Velvet Revolution

Sen. Bob Leeper Leaving GOP - Who's next?

Weekend update thread for fraud/election/recount/protests

Advocates of Recount File New Lawsuit in New Mexico

Bush's win was a historical anomaly-- is this evidence of fraud?

Looking for post on 2000 state exit polls - can anyone help?

No Confidence Movement in Eureka, CA Newspaper (MSM)

"We Do Not Concede" suggests we re-register as independents

Boxer needs your support! Sign Petition to Hold Rice Accountable!

Widespread vote machine fraud in Texas-Austin,Houston,SanAntonio

Bush Blackout on websites 1/20 ACTION ALERT WEBMASTERS

Republican Secretaries of State

final call for links for the Conyers, Boxer, Tubbs-Jones thankyou site!


Questions for Elected Officials from Repub e-security expert Herrin:

Mom, Apple Pie and Verified Voting!

Back from Ireland and Holland - What did I miss?

Renew the Fairness Doctrine - Sign the Petition

has this graphic been proven wrong?

Feinstein backs Condi Rice, 9/11 liar

Heavy rains may increase West Nile virus risk

Arnold - The HMO Tax

Pls. Attend DNC Listening Hearing in LA today 1/15

Who should replace Senator Feinstein?

Put information damaging to Arnold here

Did anyone else go to the voting machine demo on Friday?

Teach me, Oh Wise Ones, how to link to a particular part of a webpage!

Does anyone have a link handy that has a grid of processing power

I need help with IE and new computer

Opinion about Marcavage,

Lynn Swann In Deep Kimchi: Sweet Deal With Vending Machine Industry

HEY Steeler fans!!!! I'm rooting for the Boys to go all the way this year

Austin MLK March meetup

SD25 Conference January 29th

Democracy Fest '05 registration is now open

"Libby Burmaster"?

US security chief does not rule out torture

Non Political

Faith-based grant to Arizona group blocked

So let me get this straight... What the G*O*P did with Armstrong Williams

Hospital Has A Shoeshine Saint

Jesus: "Blessed are the merciful" Bush: 152 executions, only 1 clemency

Bush needs distraction and calls on Family in Focus

KIRO gave Mike Webb an extra hour -- LIVE now 12:57am ET

Should We BoyCott...

Wealthy Firms Show Bush The Money

What's the inside scoop on Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD)?

Battle Lessons (The New Yorker)

Voice of the White House, the latest......

"You give money to charities. You invest money in political candidates."

incompetence??? deliberate sabotage of US????

why are jews different from 'gentiles' whatever that means?

Prove to me that Jesus was the son of God

Punk-ass divisive threads that have nothing to do with politics tonight.

You should hear these guys on C-Span talking about SocSec Privitazation

"Dirty war" officer charged with genocide: what about Kissinger?

Plan would delay weapons purge

Are the elderly going to "throw roses" when...

D.C. Ritz-Carlton offers 4-night "Presidential Package" for only $150,000

Critical flaw in neo-con military strategy

The US Flag Code - this country had run afoul

5 days till the 2nd 4 year term.....oh JOY!

Are current Pell Grants renewable?

Bin Laden is a lot like Bon Jovi

'Unforgivable Blackness' pulls no punches

This sort of thing is why America's economy is dying

Should Howard Dean be put on the $20 bill?

9 grieving moms lay claim to tiny tsunami survivor

Maryland's Governor is a "Red Crab".

1st Issue of 'Is It Treason Yet?' is out

An update on the Tulia Texas drug busts

This has probably been posted before...but it is a true gem.

The Bible should have a disclaimer in it that says.....

Should Colonel Sanders be on the $20 bill?

omg!...Is Allawi Using Rove For This Election In Iraq?

Sometimes You've Just Got to Laugh at Faux's Shrub-o-centrism

What nations provide most of America's Slave Labor?

Dear DUers: "Don't Think of an Elephant!"

We'll be at $150 BILLION actual $$ spent on Iraq in the next few hours..

"They hate us for our culture"

you wana' know how to tell if * is lying, he's talking

Blogger warns current fascists: do this to my children and I will kill you

US flags mounted in dog droppings in German city


The most overrated General in US history was Robert E. Lee.

Karl Rove to be Honored by CORE at MLKing ceromony?????

Sad will be the families whose child/soldier dies while the Bush's* party!

Global Warming....

This is what my web site will look like on 1/20 - any comments? (Photo)

Progressive Summit Announces Concert w/ Trick Daddy!

I tried to watch Bush with Bawba Wawa, but couldn't...

Does anyone remember a President who could walk into a crowd?

I'm of Draft Age

Sure wish this shit storm that * and co created

Does anyone have the time for Keph's (Scott) Memorial Service?

Anti-Bush Bracelets Say, 'Count Me Blue'

In the words of Ronald Reagan.....(SS)

Pentagon planned love bomb

Iraq Election: What happens when Allawi wins?

United Nations inspectors had it right: No WMD's

When someone asks you to discuss the Oil for Food scandal

Church trying to come to terms with 'holy strumpets'

Looking for a good primer on the Oil for Food scandal

great commentary on the stolen baby incident in Skidmore, MO

We're doomed, DOOMED I tell you! DOOOOOOMED!!!

Faux News Debunker:"Happy Iraq" Turns Out To Be Not That Happy

B**h was right: No draft. Because we're ALL going there, to suck up oil.

our US Chamber of Commerce partly owns a wkly. law suit newspap.

Red vs Blue Statistics

The Backbone Campaign

TBTM Online Petition: 'Let Congress Go First!'

Pentagon Confirms Report of Planned Gay Conversion Chemical Weapon

What does it say about this country if a person like GWB can get this far?

Oh what have we done to Babylon!

What's the difference between "values" and "family values"?

Subversiveness is now a Repuke staple in its bag of tricks.

Home Depot is a red company

There's no atrocity or crime that Bush lovers can't rationalize

White Chocolate Cowboy Boots! Dance, Jenna, dance! Huh? What tsunami?

Has the Cross become the Crosstika?

dress designers and the bushgang

Bush, WMDs (Warnings of Mass Deficits) and the Invasion of Social Security

Now we've done it... We've ruined the Babylon ruins

Randi & Air America welcome...DETROIT !!!!!!!!!

History is not going to be kind to our country

"U.S.-Led Soldiers Said to Damage Babylon"

The Crime Of War: From Nuremberg To Fallujah

U.S.-Led Soldiers Said to Damage Babylon

Americans planned "gay bomb"

Internet access for troops: My nephew, who is stationed in

Welcome back, Saddam!

Retiree Protests Spread Across United States

my response to a friend/Nader fan who thinks he's further left than me

I don't know if "TruthSeeker", the White House insider blog, is legit

Foxblocker: Block Fox News & send message to their advertisers.

Congratulations Bush- we are a threat now.

Are there any respected world leaders that actually LIKE Bush?

PHOTO: Bush wanted to "save" Social Security from the git-go

Alabama Taliban --- mom's honor killing for Jesus (12 year old daughter)

Canada skates carefully down the middle.

Let's speak of Gaia

Anyone have a link to the SOTU address that Bush used to justify invading?

Get the broom

Analysts Fear Buying of Overvalued Stocks

New Idea - Search Engine 'Attack'

the politics of Wickedly Perfect - CBS and Martha Stewart

Prescott's housing plans repeat failures of the past, says royal guru

“Moral values” teens say that Britney Spears best represented their ethics

A picture crying out for Photoshoppers

I'm calling them "Truth Fries" because the French were right

Repuke dirty tricks target Not in Our Name: Seattle?

NINE inauguration balls. Gluttony for Jesus!

Besides the WMD's, what other giant lies have Bush & crew told?

"Leave it to Bush" episode 2: Bush and Bill Cosby do coke on the moon.

This is How Allawi Gets Around Iraq! He Is Not A US Thug!

FBI : Scrapping $170 million computer program but.....

Andy Rooney gets Da Ali G Experience/Videe

Is Tim Roemer responsible for the Dean squabble?

Should We Pay For The Second Inauguration

"“We don’t want this freedom of the Americans."

Breaking news; Graner gets 10 years, reduced to private...

Secrecy Surrounds Iraq Vote/Elections

Why is the RW's propaganda machine only effective on half of the public?

Why I feel we went to war...

Anyone watch 20/20 Bush interview tonight (west coast time)

I added a Disclosure page to my blog,

ACT or

Where does all that Mexican oil revenue go?

Have any of the Repub/shrub lovers around you shown dismay over 'no WMD?'

On Social Security to my congress critter

Bush has declared today "National Sanctity of Human Life Day"

What is the point of re-inaugurating someone who already holds the office?

It's official: My Brother died in vain and a nation barely blinked


Zero Emissions Vehicles, Fuel Cell/Gasoline Hybrids.... MUST READ.

How to Kick under Pressure Summer Camp

Which is more deceitful/deceptive?

'People's Inauguration' Builds on Peace, Human Rights (Maine)

Predictions for the next 4 years?

FBI retires Carnivore (but internet surveillance continues)

Martin Luther King's Speech

Is it true that FDR cancelled 1945's inaugural ball because of the war?

"At last - an honest movie about American working people"

This was posted on DU before

Mark DANNER Lambasting Shrub/GONZALES Torture on C-SPAN2

Karel streaming on KGO now - discussing the WMDs

So what happend to Al- Zagawri (sp) (you know that guy who is responsible

Bioterror war game shows lack of readiness

remember the site? what was the story? what happened to it?

Another lost soldier >

"If ... Bush had any sense of decency, he would cancel the whole thing."

2fer: Tweety to "attend" SNL Tonight, and Big Dog to U.N.?

One Week A Month

'NYT' Obtains 10 Emails, with Photos, Sent by Accused Abu Ghraib Abuser

Student Walkout set for Thursday Jan 20

Can someone explain this whole Kos/Dean story?

So many American children are going to grow up without a dad or mom,

For the Supreme Court Justices of the United States ....

Please explain to me the importance of "nationalism"...

President William J. Clinton walks Pennsylvania Ave. (inaugeral PHOTO)

Jeb defends hire of accused plagarist and sexual harasser.

TV Ad BOLO - Dentyne gum ad

A new book just out called "America’s Unpatriotic Acts"....

Am I horrible for this?

The Tie Is Freaking Me Out >>>

Looking for Archieves...Please Help Me

Invest in the coming global water shortage

Caption This...Bush On AF-1

How many folks do you know that fell for THIS Conspiracy Theory?

Y o u ' r e i n v i t e d ? WTF?????? Excuse me your Chimpness.

"liberal media" audio played on "The Majority Report?"

Lt. Calley was originally sentenced to LIFE for Mai Lai, but only served

The Christians I Know....

Urgent: Support needed for tribal owners of the Black Hills Now!

Officials minimizing death

Give Sen. Boxer questions to grill Rice at confirmation

Who is/was the worst of these three: Nixon, Reagan, or GWB - and why?

"Tradition bites!" Do you agree or disagree?

Ted Nugent has moved to Crawford, TX!!!!!

David Brooks, NYTimes: Women should have children and then a career

Official "Guy James Show" thread--please keep kicked

What is your favorite 2005 inauguration protest sign?

"Iron Jawed Angels" Have you seen it?

Martin Luther King, Jr., The Trumpet of Conscience

My Roofer Is An Anti-Semite

Online Petition To Test Voting Machines

My husband saw this sign on a car while in Houston today:

Least respectable WHORE.

So will Bush get out and walk Pennsylvania Ave or will he remain

Funny: The George W. Bush Show

Bad Jouralism from the Right

Do we at DU call this administration on its racism enough?

If you were THE MOST HATED LIVING SOUL on earth, would you throw a party?

Is there a conspiracy behind Chronic Wasting Disease in Deer ?

"Renew the Fairness Doctrine" - sign the petition

Convicted Christian Torturer "I've been bad-mouthed about my religion"

Anyone have an update on how Elizabeth Edwards is doing?

US Losses - Photos Hidden By US News Media (Modem WARNING - Graphics ++)

Have you ever been to the Vietnam Memorial?

Jenna Wears Studded Leather to her Father's Coronation Ball...Cinderella?

Need billboard ideas

From The Rake: New Hummel figurine: "The Littlest Liberal"

Do you actually KNOW anyone who got spun up about Super Bowl Boob,

Actual Iraq solders killed - 8,000? Wounded 15,000?

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr.

So science effort lands us on a rock in space...

MLK, Jr: "A Time To Break Silence"

I think I'm about ready to get rid of the tax exempt status of churches

Coup plot Thatcher grounded in Germany after US visa expires

Laura Bush insists the inauguration must go on

CSPAN : Boxer to Confront Condi Jan 18

Are whites blind to their suffering?

Solar Tsunami Alert As Giant Sunspot Looms

Know your BFEE: George W Bush did "community service" at Project P.U.L.L.

(Tacky) Inaugural menu...Bush orders French names struck, honor DONORS

MS's Windows Validation Program.... Be Afraid.... be VERY Afraid

ET Visitors: Scientists See High Likelihood

DRAFT counseling office Open, ask me anything!

The Bush speech from last Tuesday on SS being....

What level of mathematics demands your career?

Anybody going to barbecue today ?

Mapleine Cake

My creation for today...Country Style Ribs

Smoked spareribs

The Trouble With Post-Vegetarianism

What's you favorite "back-of-the-box" recipe?

The flip-floping of the food industry---

an interesting thing to do with good chocolate...

Who's really behind the December Ulster heist?

F9/11 on Channel 4 - Thursday 27 January

The Critical Battle for Iraq's Energy

Sharon cuts links with Abbas after Gaza bomb attack

US security chief does not rule out torture (Tom Ridge)

Avalanche hits US ski resort (Park City, Utah)

Critical battle for Iraq's energy

Indonesia Muslims Warn Against Evangelism

Turning Up the Heat on Bush

A Gift for Drug Makers - Bob Herbert, NYT

Ritter right about Iraq - Give that man a medal

Ted Nugent to play fund-raiser for Crawford, Texas band

What the president reads

FBI whistleblower 'vindicated' over intelligence services failings

Pentagon planned love bomb

The 'Media Party' Is Over

Muslim Leader Warns Against Christian Evangelism in Disaster Zone

Man pleads guilty to trying to export AK-47s to Colombia

British Museum says U.S.-led troops damaged ancient Iraqi city of Babylon

House Lawmakers Spar Over Discrimination

WP: Aid to Poorest Nations Trails Global Goal(U.S. trails wealthy nations)

Iraqis despair at their daily lives

Veneman Reportedly To Be Chief Of UNICEF

Powell Had the Title but Lacked Clout With Bush Compared to Colleagues

181 car bombs detonated since Iraq government takeover June 28

A Global Gulag to Hide the War on Terror's Dirty Secrets

Ancient Babylon wrecked by US-led forces: British Museum

9 grieving moms lay claim to tiny tsunami survivor

Progressive Democrats Benefit Concert Just Announced

Former soldier with ailing son in Panhandle recalled to duty

Official: Evidence Supports FBI Complaints ----Sibel Edmonds

Two Kuwaiti policemen hurt in clash with militants

Judge Blocks KY State Senator From Serving Because of Residency Rules

Hotels, Union Agree on Contract

Huge’ avalanche near Utah ski resort

LAT:Shift in (textile quotas) Roil Global Economy(horror for poor nations)

Alaska boosts oil production taxes, may do more; industry alarmed

Foster Care Contracts Canceled After City Finds Files Doctored

U.N. criticizes U.S. handling of Iraq oil revenue

White House: CIA report on war is 'speculative'

Boston airport to be mock terrorist-attack site

46 Palestinian Election Officials Resign (to protest pressure by Abbas)

Anderson Magnesium Fire Forces Evacuation

Soldiers in 'anti-US plot' held by Kuwait

Tsunami aid helps US image - Bush

Atheist loses Bush prayer fight

Justice Dept. to Appeal Ruling on Universities and Military Recruiters

Keeping CBS's Eye on Its Own World

Marine Killed in Al Anbar Province # 1362

Pelosi: 'Having Admitted Error of His Words, President Must Admit Error of

British Museum says U.S.-led troops damaged ancient Iraqi city of Babylon

Man who served in Iraq found dead in upstate New York

An Iraqi ICRC staff member found dead, says the ICRC

AP: Soldier May Speak at Sentencing Hearing

U.S.-Led Soldiers Said to Damage Babylon

Al Sadr warns Bush on poll interference

Instability in Fallujah keeping Marines busy

Aide: Powell, Bush Team At Odds

Putin (pension) Reforms Greeted by Street Protests Across Russia

Rising Violence and Fear Drive Iraq Campaigners Underground -NYT

Oil spill is rated 2d worst on river

Security for Iraqi Voting Site Is 'Inadequate' (Maryland Hotel, near DC)

DoD Identifies 4 Casualties - Jan.15

North Korea: U.S. a 'Nuclear Criminal' (AP)

Social Security Enlisted to Push Its Own Revision (Govt to do propaganda)

(Colorado) Bill would protect college faculty's speech

US Military Considered "Gay Bomb"

(Nobel laureate) Ebadi refuses to obey (Iranian) court summons

Suit accuses former Haitian strongman (Constant) of campaign of violence

'People's Inauguration' Builds on Peace, Human Rights (Maine)

Charismatic Tymoshenko Says She Will Be Ukraine PM

Solar Tsunami Alert As Giant Sunspot Looms

Babylon Wrecked by War

Military hearing officer recommends dropping rape charge against guardsman

King widow moves to condo after break-ins

Graner gets 10 years

Analysts Fear Buying of Overvalued Stocks

Wolfowitz: U.S. Eager to Leave Indonesia

With Takeover Completed, Oracle Sends Layoff Notices

Thousands flee Indiana plant fire

Portugal to withdraw force from Iraq on Feb. 12

Many Iraqi bodies found dumped

Jury Recommends Probation for Former Tulia Drug Agent

Deposed Chinese leader Zhao Ziyang in 'deep coma'

Marine Killed in Action South of Baghdad

Daughter of Iraqi official kidnapped ( 16 yrs old)

State (CA) loses 25,000 payroll jobs

Southern Seeks Grant To Search For New Nuclear Power Site

Fallujah residents left displaced and bitter

Documents: FBI pursued widespread probe of leaker in Gotti case

Women of Kabul take the wheel in brave new drive for sexual equality

Bodies of four Iraqis found on roadside

Iraqis in two troubled provinces to be allowed to register, cast ballots

Armed airline pilot charged with flying under influence

Judge blocks a Bush administration faith-based grant to Arizona group

US fury over EU weapons for China

Cars to Be Restricted for Iraq Election

Ansar Islam group denies it killed Iraq cleric -Web

Iran working on nuclear bomb, says Rumsfeld

Dollar Posts Biggest Weekly Loss Against Yen Since March 2004


The most dangerous man in the world? (not Osama) (MSNBC)

Iraqi government announces election day security plan

Congress killed measures to ban U.S. use of torture

Judge slashes fine against U.S. traveler to Cuba

WP: Bioterrorism War Game Shows Lack Of Readiness

US Said to Regret Kidnapping of German

Abu Ghraib Abuse Ringleader Blames Superiors

Bush hopes to beat second-term jinx

Murder and Suicide Reviving Claims of Child Abuse in Cult

King's birthday remembered in New Haven (speak against war; memorial wall)

Iraq, Afghan wars top $140 billion cost ($1.2 billion per week)

U.S. general says there are indications insurgents are receiving support f

(WA) Dems push bill to cut income of political foe

UN Told of Weaknesses in U.S. Handling of Iraqi Oil

NYT: Bush to Return to 'Ownership Society' Theme in Push for S.S. Changes

Bank of America survey asks workers about sexual orientation

Sadr movement bounces back, demands solution to Iraq fuel crisis

Bush looks to history books with slaughter of sacred cows

Women and Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution (Civil rights on the rise)

Abu Ghraib abuse firms are rewarded

WP: GOP Moderates Wary of Filibuster Curb

Health Care's Unlikely Surgeon (Gingrich) -NYT

Genocide trial shines spotlight on 'dirty war'

WP: Bush Says Election Ratified Iraq Policy (no accountability necessary)

Agency Running Social Security to Push Change -NYT

Florida Child in Custody Dispute Set to Return to Biological Mother

US helicopter gunship makes emergency landing in Mosul

Bush Warns of Social Security Bankruptcy

CIA gives grim warning on European prospects

The Diesel Surprise

Can I faint?

Over 200 responses to the combined flame bait threads

Am I the only person in America that thinks Michele Kwan sucks?

The Teardrop Explodes...

Did anybody notice?

viruses through movies?

Can I taint?

Anyone heard Jane Says lately?

Clark/Biden ticket?

It's Limey Again! Say Something Negative About EUers or the EU!!

Do you ever get mysterious bruises?

it's -17 outside - this sucks

let's tell a story line by line.

From a book with an author who looks like church lady

63,001 Registered DUers!

I am so bored ...

Why do people look so fug-ugly in mugshots?

Fuck is it EVER time for U2 to go away

Ever have deja vu?

MEN! How "metrosexual" are you

You can PATENT almost anything


Please explain to me the importance of "nationalism"...

I don't get the hype surrounding the Mac Mini....?

I'm on a mission to save the world.

You many not like Colin Quinn

can't miss what you never had

And A Word From Our Sponsor

Sh-boom! Sh-boom! Alang alang a dip.

Lights out!!!! Guerrilla Radio!!!!! Turn that shit up!!!!!!

Post the good news for today

Everytime you vote Republican, God kills a kitten...

Et tu Encore?

Dance of the naked lesbians proves man is not the only gay in the village

Gee. He looks kind of pissed.

For my 302nd post, gratuitous male bashing...

"I'm the happiest girl in the whole U.S.A."

Question for cat owners

I'm so high...

So. last night Loretta Lynn y Jack White were #4 on the CMT countdown

Okay, Music Thread.. What CD do you suggest for me????

Awww shoot.

root beer vs. birch beer

Payback's a biznitch.

Hey Morans, the word is "Inaugular"

How long would it take

Fatal insomnia?? What an AWFUL way to die!

Kittens "Do the town"

Help, please, Image Hosting site

My Heart's Heavy Tonight

self deleted - duplicate

Is there a more mediocre long-running a-list TV show than....

Einstein super hero action-figure..only 8.95.....

Confession: I am RW.

Bert Convy & Tony Danza

Tweet Dreams.

Du alternatives?

Random Frog Generator

oops..a dupe

some truly odd clips.. apparently from BBC

Aaaaayooornnn Shep!!!

Animals... CUTE ones

My doctor said I have 6 months to live....

Senses and dunes helped animals escape tsunami

Got bling?

The Vatican Plot to take over the United States!

I love Peanut Butter Pie

Is there a better long-running mediocre TV show than...

Alright. Who is still up with a sense of humor?

Are you being served?


What's your favorite temperature?

Should Colonel Sanders be on the $20 bill?

Cats are so dignified

It's my 900th post....ask me sumthin'

Is 3 am really the most lonely hour of the day? Who decides?

I'm on my first diet since I quit smoking...

Ted Nugent to play fund-raiser for Crawford, Texas band

This global warming thingy must be arriving.

so whats up with this Narnia movie?

Anyone getting tickets to the rodeo?

6:30am Pacific, and I am still awake...ask me anything...

It's 7:55 AM EST and the lounge appears to be dead! Rise N Shine maggots!

Fuck is it EVER time for RATM to get back together.

It's January 1883. Where are you?

WHY, may I ask, does my body decide to wake up at 9AM on a WEEKEND???

New pictures, sounds from Huygens' descent

Congrats to Fleabert!!! Just passed 1000!!!! WOO HOO!!!

I was rejected by a potential raisin.

Best Blondie album

does this make me a lazy piece of shit?

The Aiken County Sheriff is in the people-serving business!

My pajama bottoms

Rams or Falcons? Can they stop Michael Vick?

Woo Hooo! An answered prayer!!!! HD BSG!

what a great toilet!!

None of these nations have WMDs either; which one will be invaded next?

Thousands of Wal-Marts discovered on Saturn's moon, Titan!

I'm no guitar expert. But I like Stranglehold. Weigh in . . .

DU should become like Ebay

Semi-naked chicks found on Titian!

The Google gods have blessed me.

good morning! who wants a cookie?

How come the men of Jefferson Airplane haven't lost their hair and I am?!

Bought Season 2 of "Monk" yesterday.

Did anyone else just do advanced searches and bookmark threads?

Update: Student who used Armageddon as excuse was bluffing

NSMA, I don't know why

is it just me or do those Jamster commercials need to stop!

Big corporations can rot in hell... first CoolEdit and now DVanced convert

Yeah! I just got my blue band for truth in the mail from Cadence!


I'm no fan of UNC or Wake but...

We need an update on the Hatemail bag.

Alright, who dumped their leftover orange paint?

More new pics of Titan

OMG--I'm going in!

GRRRR...quiet neighbors out...noisy neighbors in

Russian women answering personals

My last airplane:

six to go... help me make it to four digits!!!!!! ask me anything!

Not my cat, but I couldn't pass this one up.

I discovered REAL reason Americans are so FAT living in Japan for 5 yrs.

I just came across the Historical Society web page for my home town...

People who post to your thread for the sole reason of pissing on it

Bin Laden is a lot like Bon Jovi


I like to make a distinction between RW radicals and RW fanatics

Should the planet Uranus be renamed to end that joke once and for all?

Ever meant to click the forum name...

Please post your credit card number.

I have stayed in my LAST Choice hotel--EVER.

Why do they call them sportcoats when they are anything but sporty?

Electronics experts!

Fall of the Peacemakers


rock n roll is straight from hell!

Born in a mountain top in Tennessee

heehee...this'll drive the homophobes apoplectic

It's January, 1999. Where are you?

Its 7 degrees and sunny. I'm going out to work on my tan!

I'm not now and never will be a McPherson, but that new Mac mini

iTunes service subscribers: can I purchase /download songs in mp3 format?

Darth Tater!

If you were conversing with a person from a dating service and he asked

The TV in the living room has MSNBC on and every time I go out there

I'm making chicken gumbo....

if you hate tacky advertisements

Removing Bumper Stickers!

I saw "Assault on Precinct Thirteen" yesterday, ask me anything!

How do you take a screen shot?

Is this how it works?

Need advice, want to open my own business

Any nurses or doctors in the house?

The new cable channel "Boomerang" has great cartoons from the '70's!

OMG, it's a freakin' heat wave in St Paul Minnesota right now!

I rented The Door in the Floor and Open Water for this evening...

Anyone else not like people being around when they eat?

I just discovered Strangers with Candy on DVD!

Ouga Ouga Chaka! Ouga Ouga chaka! Ouga Ouga Chaka!

Paul McCartney sings "Back Seat of My Car"

ribbons and more ribbons ...

It's January 2006. Where are you?

Steeler fans: turns out Tommy Maddox is a *-lovin' puke

Owww..Owww. OwwwStop, I can't breathe...

How many songs and how much music do you got on your MP3 player

Need help with picture

American Eyes, American Eyes, View the world through American Eyes.

The most underrated General in US history was Robert F. Lee.

Which beatle had the best solo music

Q: How do you know you have too much bedding?

Q: How do you know you have too much beheading?

I just passed the 1337 mark, ask me anything

Mardi Gras!

Texas's directors are as talented as it's politicians are awful


Its January 2016, where are you

Man, livejournal's been down for a long-assed fucking time

There are big white chemtrails in the sky.

First Impressions, are you usually right about them?

Anyone here know much about guns?

I love to hear a loud crowd at a football game!

People either run from me or laugh at me

Hot damn! I'll be DJing at this October's Montreal Rockabilly Weekend.

Nevermind self delete

just in time for Valentine's Day...

What is politics?

Herm Edwards wants to fight.

Sirus DU'ers: Check in!!!!

Good night everybody. It's midnight here and I must get some sleep.

Listening to Audioslave right now. Ask me anything.

Who is your favorite DUer?

Q. How do you know you have too much bleeding?

Can we stop putting the American flag EVERYWHERE????

Early Bob Dylan Recordings Donated

Wearing jeans with a sportcoat is a hick thing to do, right?

Are there any Phoenix Suns fans here?

Are you ready for some Football?? Rams vs. Falcons tonite

Angelina Jolie

Help me find a dumb-ass bush picture

This Puerto-Rican Zombywoof tastes mighty good

i know it's late, but funniest snowglobe EVER!!!

DUer most likely to be found in a bathtub, with a bottle of cheap booze

I know it is early but

Lefty Rednecks

A question for computer experts...

My car got silly stringed last night

This Authentic Zombywoof tastes like shit!

Shitty movie alert - "The rules of Attraction"

Even tho I live in Atlanta, I WILL NOT, repeat WILL NOT be rooting for the

Damn, but this is a good game

Out in the open! Which DUer is talking about you behind your back?

I am nervous about my patriots tomorrow

Anyone watching the Jets-Steelers?

any Formula 1 fans here?

Anybody here remember the Freak Brothers and....

Ever walk out on a job without much notice?

Just found an "Animals" version of the Girl Can't help it

So I was at Barnes & Noble last night.

Tsunami-They found the little girl

How cold is it where you live right now?

Dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori

Some interesting factoids, courtesy of Zap2it

Doug Brien

Confusing wingnut behavior

Time for Tsunami Aid

Shittsburgh going down

Which Rage Against THe Machine albums do you have?

If I were named _________ I would change my name

Why do some Americans think that Canadans hate them?

Who else thinks this is way cool?

steelers break my heart again...

Let us pause for Kheph and MLK today

For all the Jets fans in the house, I give you Scott Norwood:

WHUS is broadcasting some footbal game. Where is NightTrain? (nt)


Cable TV channels you wish you had

Movies ** Could Be in a Remake of With a Little Tweaking?

For you Jets fans: Remember, Pennsylvania is a Blue State.

Alyssa Milano

Reality Radio: listenin' to the scanner...

Oh, Jimmie was a chemist, but Jimmie is no more.....

Is this Texas Holdem or Something else?

Linux Vulnerabilities Creep Toward the Desktop

Experts warn of trick to bypass IE download warnings

Damn -- the Falcons look hungry

If you were a rapper, what would be your name?

When I was eight years old, someone brought me to this... theatre.

This Costa Rican coffee is mmmmm yummy good!

It's Saturday night and THE SOUL EXPRESS is on the air again!

Am I so straight-forward that I'm confusing?

Least favorite cable channel you have (besides FAUX NEWS)

My sweet little Bratwurst wants to cuddle! edition of Jan 15, 2005

*******1000 posts!!!!******* Make me laugh!

"Is it true that a long time ago




Ugh... telethon... Andy Garcia, hide the wine glass

Happy Birthday to Me.....

Siamese Reconciling after a short separation fish

watching Boondock Saints, ask me anything!

The Boys in Black and Gold are up 10-zip

Counting the telethon toupees...

a Gift for DU

American Eyes. American Eyes. View the World through American eyes.

R Jeni on HBO now

Watching the Tsunami concert?

Three songs for Khephra.

Is this strange?

Is it "starve a cold, feed a fever" or

What are your top 3 favorite TV shows of all time?

some useful items for schools...

Apple iTunes Playlist Handling Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

I'm Ann Coulter. Say something to me!

Farenheit 451 comes on tonite

Do You Give A ????

Furry Muppet or similar animal least likely to be paper trained

Right, before they disappear:

I dyed my hair black for inauguration day

Good News

Elton can play the s&$t out of a piano

I dyed my bare back for inauguration day.

Beat this for a pathetic date tonight

I'm not now and never will be a Mac person, but that new Mac mini

Private Pyle is on NBC's "Law And Order: Criminal Intent."

I'd dye my hair black for inaguaration day but its already pretty dark

Siamese fighting fish

I'm gonna get drunk and then I'll be back

Are you a deliberate contrarian on DU?

Any Prince "1999" fans , Kyle Jason is profiling it tonight

Supermarket Tabloid: Is Bill Clinton Dying

Did "Super Size Me" end up making Vegan chefs sexy or what?

Eating breakfast in a diner this am, a bunch of freaks...

Yeahhhh....Saturday Morning T.V.!!!

self delete

Dinner for tomorrow is almost ready!

This is funny, it is so close to the truth re: election

Best Right Wing Rock Band....

I quit my job

I got a Panamanian Balboa penny instead of a "real" penny today for change

Why does the crap music from good bands become popular?

What's your "Middle" name?

a capella music: love it or hate it

*ahem* (fake woman's voice) I'm Babara Walters, ask me anything!

IMO, the Jets beat the Stillers (I am a Stillers fan)

Favorite things to "dis."

there was a firefight!!!!!

Steelers kick the crap out of the NY Jets

Hell's Kitchen? Screw that, the BBC comedy "Chef!" from 1993 is better!

Finally I can post my own cat thread! Here are my five!

What should I do tonight?

Going to watch the dog show tonight?

My new, revised arrangement of "Shiver Me Timbers" by Tom Waits.

Siamese cats

It's May, in the year 50, and you're in Corinth. What do you do?

Lookin to setup a XP/Linux dual OS machine... some questions

I spied my bear snack for indoctrination day

Listening to Prince's version of "Miss You"

Sounds from an alien world


tiny MP3 player speakers

So far, SNL is pretty good

Chick-a-boom, chick-a-boom, don't ya just love it?

Who should be the next monarch of Great Britain?

Did I just see that a NEW FAMILY GUY was on TOMORROW NIGHT???

Well, I just ordered the First Season DVD of "Bullwinkle and Rocky"

Shhh...VelmaD is having relations with...

Why don't the Chinese use more beans in their cooking?

Did the Ninja Turtles action figures

Roger Waters and Clapton on now

alternative inaugural ball Article

I had the strangest dream about skinner and DU

My computer suddenly shut off on me, point at me and laugh

You gotta love George Clooney

Well lets see what SNL serves up tonight...

King Crimson fans check in

Best Doctor Who

watching dog show

the little neighbor girl knocked on my's Girl Scout cookie time!

Topping off my gizzard dinner with a White Russian. Is this wrong?

Can someone do a poll for me?

It's the year 2525....

What county do you live in?

I am listening to Rage Against The Machine. Ask me anything.

Official Steelers/Jets prediction thread!

Who were the first people you've ever voted for

jeans with high heels.

Alright, it's 8:30 CST. Who's drunk, dammit?

Great Chili Recipe, Anybody?

How do you deal with friends and family that voted for shrub?

It's January, 1987. Where were you?

Jets fans. It's OK to cry.

Before I go to the radio station, here's a MESSAGE TO RIGHT-WING LURKERS!

For my 1000th post...

it's July 1863, where is your family?

It's the Summer of 1988 - where are you and what are you doing?

The Punisher meets Archie (?)

Anyone else getting tired of the I--IV--V?

Favorite sport to watch of these 10

I don't like when people talk about food.

Amy Poehler Vs. Tina Fey

Email I just sent to the funeral home hosting Kef's guestbook

Items you would like to see on the Bush Coronation menu

Alone again, natura-diddly. :(

Do you think it's rude when someone doesn't reply to your PM?

Should the planet Uranus be invaded even if they don't have WMD

Would I be a better president, king, emperor, dictator, tyrant, or despot?

Who is watching figure skating tonight?

Yum. Tastes like chicken. (picture)

Could somebody explain Hume's Maxim to me?

I like the nostalgia threads. It's June, 1987. What are you up to?

Question for Firefox Users . . .

The US military investigated building a "gay bomb"...

Just got a brief report on Kef's service

OK Folks...What are you reading?...Current book and previous two

I need 17 more posts to hit 4000.. ask me something

Whose rendition of "Imagine" is better, Lennon's or Madonna's?

It's January of 2005 - where are you?

My swivel chair just attacked my cat!

Alright Whowas the Guitar player just on the Telethon

Best left-wing rock band

Post a picture of your pest.

I just watched the first episode of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA... kicked ass

God, I feel like such a loser right now.

Freeper nickname that they won't like one bit.

What do you look like, RIGHT NOW?!?


What do you ladies think of a guy with lots of female friends?

The Stop Ashlee Simpson Project

Did I just hear Topher say the F-word

What are we all listening to now?

age and attire

Should the year 2005 be proclaimed the Year of Ronald Reagan?


Philly DUers: Come support my band Sunday (Jan. 16) night!

Feel really sick with cold/flu like symptoms, help!

Caption this!

Gore vs. Kerry

I just took up the goofiest hobby of all time

On Aging

I have a tooth ache for the first time EVER. Went to the dentist, had

Best drumming in a rock song EVER?

Petey the Claw and his little admirer (photo)

It's January of 2050, where are you?

Any "World of Warcraft" players here?

So, could Battlestar Galactica have kicked ass more?

Okay, Music Thread.. What Frank Zappa CDs do you suggest for me????

I dyed my stair black for inoculation day

3 minutes into Falcons VS Rams....

do you have family members on DU?

So I'm on Free Republic doing an experiment

Something that pisses me off

The most overrated General in US history was Robert E. Lee.

What North American cities REALLY stand out?


A message from Khephra's Uncle Tad...

It's November, 1952. Where Are You?


Its 1763, where is your family?

It's January 1983. Where are you?

New Jersey residents, please take action against deer hunt

Organizations Opposing Compassion

Target selling rabbit fur purses. Please write them.

Bush to wear beaver fur hat at the inauguration - Please Write

What's the best revenge? I'd really like to hold this woman down and

Prove to me that Jesus was the son of God

Prove to me that Jesus was the son of God

Prove to me that Jesus was the son of God

Prove to me that Jesus was the son of God

Christianity and Materialism

Some (contrary) Biblical views

Athiests: What's with the obsession with fundamentalists?

How much credence should a Christian pay to the

Christianity and Marxism: A good mix?

Where is the Christian centre?

Follow on poll to 'A Hypothetical Choice'

Alternative Poll to 'Hypothetical Choice'

I want to retire early but...

I can't @#$%ing believe I'm listening to sounds from Titan.

We really have come a long way

A very good Cold Case is on tonight

My first ever article was published on DU today!

So, what's it like to be transgendered?

Rothsberger may have a bad thumb, and John Abraham is a bum!

I Swear To God, Curtis Martin And Chad Pennington Need To Be Kissed

Who said there's no hockey?

Two consecutive, missed, game winning field goals. A record?

Falcons/Rams Thread

Bears/Patriots thread

Week 2 NFL Playoff Schedule

The Steelers/Jets Game Thread

This Game Illustrates What Its Like To Be A Jets Fan

Top 100 High School Football Recruits

Youth served in MLS draft

What is it with these teams from New York choking in the playoffs?

More thoughts on the Steeler win.

OK: Questions about Cowher for Steeler fans and Steeler non-fans

Ft. Benning, GA soldiers' pets need fosters or adoptions

I'm watching the Dog Show tonight on Animal Planet

Question for cat owners

I got a digital camera for my birthday so.....

From Swami Beyondananda: From the New Deal to the Real Deal

number 3 for a house to live in - is it good or what is its possible

Thais report seeing ghosts on beach after tsunami.

Western Esoterica

Nice read.

And a corollary.

Does someone here know of

At bottom.

These Pictures Tell It All!

Best Supporters Money Can Buy

Did you guys see that "Kerry talks to Syrian boy" thread?

John Kerry & feminism

Trip over, time to pahty!

The LLL forum will be up and running soon.

Any San Francisco photographers here??

I just got a job as a professional photographer! I can't believe it.

Help me pick a photo for a contest

photograghing museum items

the long term plan to 'get' Iraq......Mother Jones article

Michael Chertoff: Ashcroft's Top Gremlin (June 2003 op-ed)

ReDefeatBush Concludes, is Born

It is now legal to have sex in Virginia

Why is Kerry doing so much traveling?

It All Tracks Back....

Could someone briefly explain

Getting rid of Social Security

In spite of my bad performance the other night--

Attack of Zell Miller/Video

George W. Bush Has Inaugural Balls

Has anyone here done any research on Dominion PAC?

Ldotters think God made tsunami, mud slides & avalanches happen

The GOP hypocrites are at it again... no bias laws for them

Who in the hell is Simon Rosenberg ??

Anyone hear about the backbone campaign?

CIA Chiefs Quash Revealing Report

Hold the elections, then get out (Guardian)

"Give that Man a Medal"

Cars to be restricted for Iraqi election. (Ride a camel to the polls?!)

Here's a bunch of good anti-Bush videos and quotes

Please help, looking for video

Returning Servicemembers

SEPT04-Rush Limbaugh Becomes Official Unpaid Advisor to Bush-Cheney '04

dupe again, please delete

Are the Democrats vocal enough in their opposition to Bush's SS plan?

More companies may help prosecutor in Delay's case

AP: Bush Faces Many Challenges....

Red state freak kills daughter for losing virginity

President Bush admits guidance from Lucifer (quotes compared to Hitler's)

What? No Protest Signs???

Fear and Paranoia will get this Nation nowhere...... counter productive.

How come we are the only ones who can't manage to protest successfully??

2005: A Chimp Oddity!

So, right-wing hate radio thinks the tsunami is funny?????

Regressive taxation: You still pay S.S. taxes but don't get benefit.

How to help Ohio's Election's K. Blackwell is asking for help.

"Why My Brother Died"

I'm pissed off!

My take on the Zephyr/Kos/Armstrong thing

"Dear Mr. President" (CBSnews)

Wimpy chimpy sending Laura Bush to visit Iraq/Afghanistan in 2nd term

One Blog Party?

Renew the Fairness Doctrine - sign the petition

Will Progressives, Liberals, Greens, Democrats ever = Solidarity?

Why aren't Americans in the know about ALL of shrub's staged events?

How many 'Democrats' in Congress will cave on Social Security?

The Repugs are becoming masters of the Art of the Strawman.

Trippi weighs in on it.


Bush is pitching his snake oil on the Social Security 1-800 number ?

Now that they've admitted to no WMDs will the military families have the

Help me define *'s optimism.

Barbara Walters and Bush

It's Stupid Politics for the Dems to Not Oppose the Draft

Sorry our president is an idiot, in French

Is David Brooks trying to sell Bush's marriage promotion plan?

Gonzales as Attorney General and Graner looking at 15 years?

Help- is there a fake "" SS letter going around?

Can you guys explain to me DNC for Dummies

Social Security - Letter To Editor - Advise Please?

Bu$h facts and figures...add some the MSM left out

What constitutes a victory ?

A Note About Our Liberal Media

Driver's Licenses Spark Privacy Debate

21st Century Logans Run

Things To Do Before January 20, 2005

Have there been any Alan Keyes' sightings?

They fell down and worshipped at the golden calf.....

Private Social Security accounts

"Don't Think of an Elephant" by George Lakoff (aka Reframing the Debate)

Two articles from the past on torture (mine, of course)

The true meaning of liberal and liberalism...should we abandon the term?

O'Reilly clip - January 14, 2005

Caption this! (Note the sign in the background. *lol*)



Will you EVER forgive a Dem that doesn't fight to the death to protect SS?

Is it true? tickets required for coronation parade?

So, welfare reform. We're a little more than eight years beyond

David Brooks - 90% of "working journalists" voted Kerry?

Iowa wing nut blasts "leftist socialist piggies"

deficit vs. GDP

Your dream ticket for 2008???

A couple of funny quotes from St. Louis today...DNC conference.

The Myth of the Populist Stock Market

US Pres. G. W. Bush proclaimed Sunday National Sanctity of Human Life Day

Help Ken Blackwell become governor.

Democrats can't allow Bush to have his 'bloodless' war

Original WSJ reporter on blogger story apologizes for her colleagues. DFA

Supply Side Economics...can we say it now, IT DOESN"T WORK

Graner: Led away in shackles after getting 10 years and giggling? WTF?

Help me think of a response to this....

The Boxer Rebellion Part Deux

So, why is it that men tend to lean conservative and women lean liberal?

Screw you, America

The Democrats will rise again.

The thing about Dean that nobody here has been saying

Do you feel any animosity toward the Bush voters ?

I will NOT support any campaign that hires Zephyr Teachout. Anyone else?

Public high schools named after Confederates