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Archives: January 13, 2005

LA Weekly-Dirty Little Secrets...Chertoff and his days in New Jersey

It's Time to Spray DDT (NYT)...

Sens. Ask President Bush to Remove A. Wiliams from WH Commission

All the President's Newsmen

The Real Warlords of the Modern, West-Dominated World

Bulletin: No W.M.D. Found


Happy 25th Birthday Greens. What's the Plan Now?

Great LTTE on post eleciton GOP spin

No Child Left Behind... by Aggressive Military Recruiters

Ballots and Boycotts (Iraq election must go forward on 1/31)

The Myth of Partisan Gridlock by Robert Kuttner (American Prospect)


The Truth Shall Set You Back - Lying is no sin for Bush's minions

President Carter's Trip Report on the Palestinian Presidential Election

Recapturing Kansas (Thomas Frank interview)

witness at Abu Ghraib



The Imminent Demise of the Republican Party


Conflict within the Pentagon (PNAC vs military)

Listen to me you dirty rat-eater

Tomato Tyrants Ban Better Fruit

former Special Forces soldier – and convicted criminal – manage to use a h

US gives up search for Saddam's WMD (Guardian)

Today's news on the draft issue

True Axis of Evil

POLITICAL JUSTICE IN POW CASE :Soldier serves as scapegoat

Bush Diagnosed With 'Malignant Egophrenia' (Mad Emperors Disease)'

Letter: Why is the 'Project for the New American Century secret?'

Low caste survivors denied food and water

Bush Diagnosed With Malignant Egophrenia (Mad Emperors Disease)!

George F. "I'm a hypocrite" Will weighs in on Armstrong Williams

Why sympathy for tsunami vics & none for Iraqi vics?

David Frum: Don't Worry About Running Out of Oil


Molly Ivins: As a matter of fact

Letter to Minneapolis Star Tirbune compares Bush and O J Simpson

Robin Cook in the Guardian: "Hold the elections, then get out "

STRETCHING THE TRUTH! George Bush lied in Josh Wright’s face.

PAUL KRUGMAN: Ship of state headed for iceberg

"Papers Please" National ID s , passport chips, internal passports

The ACLU supports Sibel Edmonds in Appeal - sign the petition

'They wanted me to point at the detainee's genitals and laugh'

The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience

Arianna Huffington: Fuck The Future

Global Eye - Green Acres

Worker Bees and Soldier Ants: America’s Army of Fascism

Washington Post: President of Fabricated Crises

Not One Damn Dime Day...Link to LBN article

Men Just Want Mommy

Counter inaugural press conference on C-SPAN3...NOW


The Bakersfield (CA)Animal Control facility is starving animals to death.

GREAT IDEA to Fight Voter Suppression - 2005 DU MLK Selma MARCH IN OHIO!

Michael Chertoff story on NPR

Fox's Bret Baier lies, implies Iraq Survey Group saw Iraq WMD go to Syria

Ed Schultz's wife wrote me back!

Pete Peterson lies on Lou Dobbs saying the Soc Sec Funds are an illusion

Fox's Mort Kondracke Lies,says Kennedy's Health care cost est wrong by 10x

NBC's Brian York/Matthews lie about Dan Rather, just like the AP

HBO documentary about AAR coming

Ed Schultz to appear on O'Really tonite.

FOX uses Reuters 11/24 error(corrected 11/30) to lie about God banned in

NBC's Katie Couric unprepared to call Gingrich a liar as he says God was

How can Snow say that our huge trade deficit is a sign of a growing econ?

Peak Oil And The End Of Money -- Dr M King Hubbert's "Earthly Paradise"

9 Dead, 15 Missing - Worst Australian Bushfires In 20 Years - Reuters

Iceland plans to become fossil fuel free by 2050.

So I've been thinking.

Peak Oil's Hubbert Envisioned Post-Peak Utopia

Into the heart of darkness

Pretext: WMD 'prior use'

USAF/INSS Occasional Paper 15: Non-Lethal Weapons:Terms And

The Brady "Report Cards" are in...

The mods aren't fair in the lounge...

Skinner, just ignore John Massey and Stan Hardegree.

I really have to call this Editorial Bias in LBN --

trying to add item to calendar

Do We Still Get Alerts When We Violate a Rule?

Question about post deletion

I'm confused...

Thank you all for the great job you're doing

Can we have more "my forums"?

Comment about a lock.

My reputation has been unjustly sullied again.

Did DU change its font size or something?

Hi. I just edited my message on my profile

Could this be kicked for awhile

What just happened?

Skinner...want to wish you a safe trip for Kephra's services

Hi! How can I modify the forums listed in "my forums"? I want to get

Am I crazy, or has the freeper-obsession hit a new high?

Can we post links to threads on conservative forums?

Just a thank you post.

What makes something an agenda site?

A suggestion

Tribute idea for Kef!!!

I hope last night's "fun's over" imitation thread was not taken amiss

Usability Suggestion

simple, dumb question...sorry

Is flirting still allowed?

Border Policeman gets 14 months jail for abusing Palestinians

Five Dead, 10 Wounded in Gaza Attack

the Shin Bet wants you to join Qaida

Poll shows majority support for pullout

Palestinian shot dead on way to hospital

Don't Fall in Love With Abbas Yet

September 11 and the Neocons

Sept. 11th + X = Shut up!

Why wasn't more done to protect airplanes from hijackings before 9/11

9/11 Marketing - How do I get others to question 9/11?

Instead of doing his job ... what did Rumsfeld do?

Governor assigns his aide to probe Mell's charge

State Journal Register: Gay rights bill a landmark for Illinois (Op-ed)

Pantagraph: LaHood to test waters

Get Your Voice Back! A free public forum. Join Joe Trippi Chicago Sun 1/16

Possible Blago primary challenge contender

Anybody else see the bit on the electoral challenge on J Stewart tonight?

Anyone know if they will be using electronic voting technology in

Soros Group Raises Stakes in Battle with US Neo-Cons. (From UK paper)

CNN.Com Inauguration protesters to get spot near parade

What would you have done if you were in Kerry's place three weeks ago?

Jimmy "C" (Carville) "was in the house tonight" (I got a letter-form)

Election Fraud 2002--the writing was on the wall

another "Be the Media" action

quick question - where's that hand symbol thingy?

Who are the main...

Here Is A Cool Site Turn Your Back On Bush

CNN started to trick exit polls on 2000, as we all know

Bush Inauguration anti-war activists said it would carry 1,000 coffins

Get a load of this thread on FR. They must be joking...

We are forming a progressive television network. We are in the initial

Demand that the Media cover protests at inauguration

There Is A War

A Bush Voter was complaining about health care coverage

If impeachment is too hard, how about a class action suit?

Snopes comments on Not One Damn Dime

The Nashua Advocate: Orange Report © No. 4

New Mexico OK to clear data from voting machines -

How long this "machine fraud" been going on? Since before 1996.

From MoveOn: Tell Congress to save Social Security

Today's R. J. Matson cartoon

The Mythbreakers PDF keeps locking up my browser. Did anyone

"Ohio picks paper ballot, pencil - Blackwell opts for optical scanner"

Is this a Blackwell confession of breaking the law?

Welcome Congress Back with a Demand to Protect and Extend Democracy!

Thinking back on the 6th, it is interesting that...

CNN Judy Woodruff to talk about the expensive inauguration next.

A Simple Request

Danny Schechter: Covering Elections There, Miscovering Them Here

For those in NM - Action TODAY 5PM * Governors Conference Room - call AAR

Our own "media blackout" On 1/20 cancel your subscription to any and all

CodePink action in Oregon on January 20th

Rawstory: Blackwell snubs: Rep. Conyers' 'motivation speaks for itself'

bush moonies link to get black churches to throw away crosses

Voting anomalies favored....

Inaugural Donors at a Glance

KOEB in exile

This is all the corporate media can do to "explain" the fraud...

Great argument against voting machines (from India)

Ed Schultz on O'Reilly/Fox tonight...

Considering U.S. Elections in the context of International Standards

"The 2004 WCVI National Latino Election Day Exit Poll”

Shrum retires...

Attempt to recall Washington's Secretary of State

The Nashua Advocate: Senator Accuses Blackwell of Crime; & Much, Much More

Video - Daily Show's Lewis Black on Dems and Ohio Vote Challenge

history of exit polls in US personal memory

Rathergate Vs Saddam's WMD - A Quantitative Comparison

The Nashua Advocate: All About, Well, Balls -- Inaugural, CNN's, & Others

"It's not Bush's fault there were no WMDs - it's Saddam's..."

ELECTION FRAUD SEARCH ENGINE - Your comments are needed...

Sen. Clinton wrote me back re Conyers request

GREAT IDEA to Fight Voter Suppression - 2005 DU MLK Selma MARCH IN OHIO!

CBS Sins?: Who's sinning the most? My Letter to Joe Scarborough

EXCELLENT Canadian study in exit polling

The exact time of the "fix" here, live, for all of you

Kentucky Senator Says He Will Leave GOP

My jaw dropped on this letter to the LA Times 1/13/05

Thursday 1/13/05 Daily Updates Thread

It's important to find which 250 places were exit-polled

Update on Nevada election case against the NV SOS ...

I would like to thank each and every one of you DU'ers

Meeting with Brevard County Supervisor of Elections tonight. Help!

Conyers to Blackwell: Respond to report

Would you be overly enthused to vote in 08 using Diebold

Conyers and Waxman cut zero 'slack' to those who disenfranchise


Letter From Sen. Clinton on Election Reform

Voter reform wish list - What do you want changed?

Voters favored Kerry; Anomalies favored Bush

Just a reminder: It's not 'voter fraud', it's ELECTION FRAUD

Anti-Coronation Balloons. No Security Risk. Message Ideas?

Vote on MSNBC for Rather !

Christine Gregoire sworn in

A Minor Rant

"Pat on the back" time!

Anyone know whether a media consortium is considering counting in Ohio?

The BLUE paper clip is working!

For those who want to say "Thank You" to Barbara Boxer, et al:

Conyers slaps back at Blackwell over questioning motivations of report

A response from one of my State reps re Verified Voting

Flowers for democracy: Part Deux - $250 still needed

Knowledge is power and we need that power

New Button For Those of You Who Think Kerry Won!

Latest on Arnebeck Suit (Free Press); Cliff says, "This is not the end"

*** Boxer: "I don't know about the other states" ***

BLackwell: "200 voters/machine"

Say NO to Automatic Recounts ! Say YES to Mandatory recounts !

One Week from Today, It's Going to Hurt Real Bad....

Cobb: Obstruction in New Mexico, Voting Machines to be Cleared Out

A DUer's Wakeup Prayer -- The Hopi Elders Speak

Was Rathergate's Real Aim Elimating Mary Mapes Before the Election?

Funding for V.O.T.E

Maxine Waters will March w Internation Action/Martin Luther King Jr. Day,

Democrats block education nominee - Democrat Reed Hastings

Shelley agrees to testify before committee investigating his use of funds

Seniors lose a lifeline - S.F. eliminates escort program

Speaker tells Palo Alto students that stripping can be lucrative

Sheriff Dunn Pleads Guilty To Corruption Charge: Dunn Retires

The Bakersfield Animal Control facility is starving animals to death


Anyone hear anything of a Twin Cities counter-inaugural?

NBC Nightly News in Minnesota

Who's going to the Central Committee meeting Jan 22?

Seeking freeware/shareware undelete utility...

Firefox doesn't change color for visited links

Adobe Creative Suite Premium 1.1 - would you buy it

Ohio Dem Party State Chair Denny White

Ohio picks paper ballot, pencil, Blackwell opts for optical scanner voting

Ex-Clinton aide hired to help Penguins

North Texas power plant named worst mecury polluter (Mt Pleasant/Titus)

Perry nixes gambling plan-won't pursue slot machines as a revenue option

Info on buying billboard advertising - cheaper than you think

On the Texas Insurance Commissioner's resignation: Good Riddance

Texas adopts extremely limited new home warranty standards.

Info about Houston Inauguration Protests...are you going?

Is there a Madison DU group?

Inauguration Day of Mourning, Downtown Milwaukee...

Any local protestsin Wisco for coronation day?

Freepers planning counter protest in Madison on Jan 19th

Green tells GOP leaders he's considering run for governor

My X-mas Card for 2005

Don't know if I want to laugh or cry.

Time it Takes to Crown the First Fraud: One Minute

Daily Show about to cover electoral challenge!

good morning

Soros to donate big $$ to build progressive infrastructure

Don King, friv lawsuit filer and * supporter, list of campaign contribs

Pharm Companies study how to make people fill those dang prescriptions

Jon Stewart on Crossfire -- Just for fun...

State Legislative bill tracking question (Help)

For a handful of the superrich

bush* grabs daughter jenna's breast during 2001 ball (PHOTO)

U.S. offered uranium enrichment, reprocessing to Iran: documents

Another ? about do they explain the brown and yellow

Thinking about running for Congress

I just saw something on CNN--

Saddam Hussein did have WMD. Thanks to the RW'ers

NOW more than EVER... FREE BARNEY! (WT interview)

Scott Ritter up soon on Mike Webb Show

Something IS happening... Jerry Springer...

End of the world: Would you rather battle wind, water, or fire?

My favorite Republican Quote this week

Just bought the Bill Hicks DVD today

Anyone know any liberals that write things like this?

I keep getting strange error messages this morning, anyone else?

John Stewart last night

Is there ANY coverage of "No WMD" today so far?

Bush's claim that Black men get gypped out of Social Security...

DNC contender: Donnie Fowler.

CINC = Crisis in Chief

Can someone send me a link...Kos on Dem Chair candidates?

What are the right-wing broadcasters saying about the no WMD report?

Shrubs One Year Anniversary!!!!

New FBI Software May Be Unusable


Creationism FAQ

American death squads in Iraq? (news links needed)

Kerry is in Berlin meeting Schröder and Fischer

Why do Brits still have a royal family?

Drug addicted US troops sent to Scotland for help

Tolerance means tolerating intolerance!


Caption this...

Sea Otters, Seals and Volunteers

Dow Jones.... useful market indicator or market manipulator?

Why won't the press show these photos?

Shrum Retires

Republican war justification: JohnnyCougar shoots it full of holes

A pre-emptive war under false pretenses = war crime?

Prince Harry urged to visit Auschwitz

Has Jon Stewart taken a position on Bush's Social Security plan?

Bushco WMD comments - before and after

US school in eye of creationist storm

US 'erodes' global human rights

Teflon causes cancer....

Bush turds

U.S. District Court Announces Holocaust-Era Swiss Bank Funds Can B Claimed

Truth about Madonna cult

Report Calls for Tougher Oversight of Alternative Medicine

Polaris to Pay $950,000 Penalty for Failing to Report Hazards With ATVs


Youth Leaders Challenge Coke to Stop Draining Water from World's Poorest

Ten warning signs of a potentially unsafe group/leader.

Which DUers are going to be protesting on Jan 20th in DC?

Need some LTTE help regarding that Librul Media

Freeper on NPR saying dissenters are terrorists

After Jan. 30, where will they place the new goalposts?

Can anyone explain WHY Mark Thatcher wanted Equatorial Guinea?

Democrat Doug Wilder became the MAYOR OF Richmond VA on Jan. 2

My letter to NPR

Ok, Now that they've discovered oil in Cuba

Buffet ups Berkshire Hathaway's investment against dollar to $20 Bil

LOL, ALI G almost starts patriotic riot at American rodeo...

Axis of Evil >>>

Walmart strikes back

Woohoo! Anti-evolution textbook stickers ruled illegal!

As Johnny Rotten said, "Cheap holiday in other peoples' misery"

I posted this in the Lounge but got no respone

Are there any Bush sons in the current generation of children?

McMansions - Part Deux

"You know it's a perfect storm of media corruption when..."

Some one said we were terrorists...

Reuters' U.S. Journalists Withhold Bylines, Credits to Protest Offshoring,

FTC Urged to Investigate Purported Consumer Watchdog

Anyone ever hear of "Edu-gate" before? ( Wash. Times 7/17/87)

If we knew then what we know now we still would have invaded Iraq

Saudis Sentenced To Prison, Lashings Over Protest

The two faces of Rumsfeld -(Reactor sales to N. Korea)

It hit me today, like a ton of bricks, again..

Has anyone been impacted by the Vioxx recall?

BUSH said; Hussein could REMAIN IN POWER....IF he DISARMS.

I need help writing a bio on Bill O'Reilly (this should be fun...)

LAT: The Crisis of 'Sam's Club' Republicans

Three new verbs: to "Bush," to "Arnold" and to "Condi"

Fee flap focuses on secretive outfit with shady image

I am going to be on C-SPAN!

TSA: Arsonists OK as Hazmat Haulers (drive gas trucks IN the US)

full of spine La. Natl. Guard gets big gold star for defying smirk

LOL my stepfather is livid about chimpy's social security BS

Too funny - notice posted on bulletine board at Pentagon

Can we use "Tucker" as a verb, now?

Army soldier refuses second deployment to Iraq

Who saw the Daily Show last night?

How do you feel about Wal-Mart - link to survey

Bush to offer "expertise" and "experience"on energy policy

Army Sergeant Refuses 2nd Deployment: "You just don't know how bad it is."

Will Bush* be the last American president?

DU this poll - Without WMD, was invasion of Iraq a mistake?

I actually found this on a Yahell message board

So now that we know the "MSM" is bought and paid for by Bush...

The real face of the war in Iraq

Ethiopia reburial for Bob Marley

What does MSM stand for?

Does anyone know where I can get one of the blue "truth" bands?

A Perfect Circle Releases Controversial Interactive Version of Their Provo

Another stupid freeper thread, sorry!!!

Caption this photo.

The Office of Truth Enhancement - Mark Fiore

How are the Right Wing Spinmeisters Spinning the search for WMD Ending?

senator frist upcoming bill

Big Eddie Schultz to be on O'liar - Fox tonight!

Oh GAWD That Feels Good >>>

Tsunami: How many Americans died?

Should there be a warning on the back of credit cards?

BUSh said we COULDN'T WAIT the 90 days the UN weapons teams needed

Did the right wingers hate America when Clinton was president?

OUR taxes at work: US Post Office memento for bush/cheny (PHOTO)

My Letter to Dianne Feinstein RE: Search for WMD Abandoned

Who will John Rowland's (ex-CT governer) cellmate be?

Does it creep anyone else out when they hear someone refer to Bush

Ahahahahahaha (coff, coff) Sexy Gore: yeah baby!!

Sen Kenndy on C-Span right now

Not sure if this is the correct place

A random inauguration thought

NewDominion Bank .. tell me this doesn't freak you out

If you are interested in saving SS

'08:Newt will run 'til the GOP convention to make Jeb look like a moderate

Even *we* couldn't write a better caption than this (Yahoo)

"The True Conservative Agenda"

New Group - WorldNutDaily Watch

Did the White House remove Idiot Son's town hall gaffe from the website?

Do you believe that Prince Harry was fathered by Charles?

What does it say when 1/3 of Wolf Blitzer's audience is pro nazi?

recent cheney PHOTOS: does he look UNHEALTHY, or sick?

Idiot Son finally finds his niche

Hmm..this is awful nice of him

Is anyone watching Powell on the NewsHour?


Iraqi militants make fun of Bush's "Bring 'em on!!!!" speech....

Bush art (my immature outlet)

Iraq will go into the "Vietnam" column no matter how Idiot Son tries to

US confirms it was informed of Iraqi oil trafficking

I was thin during Clinton years; fat now during *'s residency

This e-mail from Henry Waxman, requesting GAO investigation on propaganda

Thailand earmarks $1.7B in aid for victims

A.N.S.W.E.R. gets fantastic inaugural parade route protest spot!

Randi Rhodes has an FCC commissioner on

WTF is up with the Soc. Sec. propaganda commercials on TV???

Why Can't STONE, MacDOUGALD, and ROVE Be Put Under Oath

Bob Shrum on MSNBC's Hardball Now

How screwed up IS social security?

I got some dirty looks...

Senator Graham: "I do believe we have lost our way"

The Incredible Sloping Chimp Face

Props to the Louisiana National Guard.....

Smashing Evil-Doers

Letter from Alan Colmes

Liberal, Funny, and Hot STEPHANIE MILLER

Left-Leaning Karma Banque Launching Activist Hedge Fund

Nanny 9-11 Show on FOX last night was FANTASTIC! Anyone else see?

I thought

Eliot Spitzer fans, he's keeping some pretty lousy company

If the Third Reich and the Internet had co-existed

And yet another (new) specific contradiction by the Chimp

Soc. Security;'s new electronic disability folder sucks!

Hey what happened to Muqtada Al-sadr?

The fine print behind Tsunami relief

Hey! Electoral Fraud & the new Technocracy!

Binmen thought Modern Art was load of old rubbish

How will the Bush Administration spin the failed WMD hunt?

Ed Schultz v. Olieley

More hypocrisy, Bush guts military to fund Iraq oil war

Ed Schultz should have said

Anyone else see this?

Who is Next On BushCo's War Machine List: Is it Russia?

Vote this story a 5.

Randi's style is becoming more like Limbaugh's.

Is this true: Heavy US Losses, Including 18 Decapitated GIs...from Rense

Dumbest thing out of the Chimp's mouth lately.

Armed Pilot Charged With Intoxication

please delete

It's Christie Todd Whitman's turn to tell the truth...

Fossil Fuel Curbs May Speed Global Warming: Scientists (Reuters)

PHOTO: Bush sings "Cry Me A River" to seniors at Social Security town hall

Are we going to use natrual disasters as a means of taking over countries?

!! Media is spinning/ 2nd story today they call "Urban Legends"

What was Worse for the Democratic Party

Engine fire leads to marijuana discovery

Good article by Ariana Huffington

Social Security is racist, implies Bush.

Arsenal of Hypocrisy....Space Wars and more! devastating info

Need help finding a thread...

Where in the U.S. could you buy a house if you work for the minimum wage?

Juan Cole: Falling like Flies, 53 Iraqi Parties Withdraw from Elections

ACLU blasts Government over abuse of "terror war" powers....

Has any good ever come out of major disasters?

Bush is a Dick

Why I can't stand Ralph Nader...

Military Researching Gay Bomb

The name of the guy who worked for and moved to Kerry campaign

Halliburton wins gas contract in Iran...axis of evil, you say?

My argument with a Repug on another board about Iraq, this is good

Bush Admits He Was Wrong, Hell Freezes Over....

Swarovski a US govt. defense contractor? Huh?

is ethanol-biofuel sustainable

Is Yahoo watching you??

Todays Bush Flip Flop....

what's a conspiracy?-what's a conspiracy theory? what's the diff?

Why are they rebuilding in mudslide areas?

Greatest Talent of the Bush Administration: The Manufactured Crisis

Mandatory Malloy: Thursday Night Truthseeker Group Hug

Bumper Sticker On A Big Evil SUV

Hitler's speeches -- eerily familiar:

Egyptian Asbestos Workers Dying of Cancer

George won't say it, but I will.

TDS: Clips of WH claiming "Sept. 11 changed the equation" to make the

Forget SUVs, Forget McMansions, what about all those kids they have

"May Gerorge W Bush drink the blood of every man, woman and child in Iraq"

Du'ers please post on International Boards-Global Gasout-Jan 20!!

Disgruntled LED inventor calls Japan's judicial system 'corrupt'

My latest hero: Who heard Sister Helen Prejean on NPR last night?

Grenade Launchers?? Check Out The Security For **'s Coronation!

When Did the Democrats become the more liberal of the 2 parties?

Did anyone see Law&Order last night?

Kos & MyDD blogs paid by Dean Campaign

What Is A Hedge Fund? Soros Made His Millions In Them

Talk about lies about Iraq! I'd never seen these PNAC docs!

Why does PBS have almost no insighful documentaries any more?

`he`s the hardest working man in the ho` business`

Nightline 1/13: creationism vs evolution in public school science classes

Tsunami - little girl lost - email from Italy

Trip to Auschwitz would be "distraction", says Buckingham Palace

In light of the "official" end to WMD hunt, a look back at 3/15/03-3/19/03

bush's new nicknames for 2005

How do you look at friends/aquaintances that voted for Bush?

Doctor Drops Patient Who Won't Sign Malpractice Initiative

Ann Coulter: Bill Clinton "was a very good rapist" + other insane comments

Someone should start slamming Bush because of this quote:

The Anthrax killer has never been found, but neither has the Tylenol

RevMoon's GoodLife TV changing name to AmericanLife TV on March 1.

WTF? Tens of thousands of Iraqis expected to vote from Germany

Penn. is worst polluter in North America (filthy power plants)

What will happen to all the children?

PHOTO: Dr. Rice gets big chuckle while walking by Constitution mural

'Radiation-Proof' RVs to Launch Soon in U.S.

Make the Freepers Mad at Bush. Tell 'Em We Waged War to Give Iraq to Iran

There are people who believe

Public Citizen Launches, a Comprehensive Online Database

"faux mooner" Moss, gets 10,000 fine:

republican Senator admits to SS theft - wants to declare US bankrupt....

Evangelicals Take Advantage of Tsunami Orphans, Prompt Restrictions

Will O'Reilly Keep his word now about Not Trusting the Bush Administration

I don't post much, but I have to tell this to someone

Bush Accuses Saddam of Telling the Truth

MLK: Prophetic words on the Christian Church's slide into irrelevancy

The American Public and Iraq

KOEB Meeting

Wal-Mart: Raising New Standards for America

What possible reason could Saddam Hussein have for sending WMD to Syria?

Why does it seem like there are more conservatives

Barbara Bush's dress? HAHAHAHAHA

Mark my word: Bush will pull out of Iraq with civil war in Iraq!

Is it a Brain Tumor or just insanity that is making * say all these stupid

Just when I thought it was safe to watch the Daily Show--

Prediction: "We sacrifice for Iraqis" turns to "F*em" in three weeks

Signs that our country is becoming increasingly divided:

No WMD. So, Why Is Saddam Still In Prison?

I remember when the Euro was introduced in 1999 for .76 cents US.

Confederate Flag OK, Swastika is not, why the double standards?

Is George Bush the J. Edgar Hoover of American Presidents?

Reminders now that the search for WMD is over

Can you help an old lady out?

Freeper on NPR this morning

Got my first nasty/hate email


Mike W. (Bushit sign) to be interviewed by Ed Schultz today at 4:30

Another Crock-Pot winner: Pot Roast Complete

Cheap Eats evolves to Haute Cuisine

food writing pet peeves

Everybody knows about "Canada for Asia" tonight, right?

Outsourcing in Canada??

Military Court Hearing Ends for SEAL Lieutenant Accused of Prisoner Abuse

Oil Creeps Towards $47 on Supply Concerns

Nominee Criticized Over Post-9/11 Policies

Guardian Utd (Thursday): Allawi ally paid reporters to turn up

WSJ: Just How Deadly Is Bird Flu? It Depends on Whom You Ask

DINOs Lieberman and Harmon cave on human treatment amendment

NYTimes: Kennedy Warns Democrats Not to Be Republican Clones

(Mississippi)Man Held in Killings of 3 Is Freed on Bail

Matsui Seeks Late Husband's House Seat

DHS Secrecy Policy Reversal a Step Forward, Say Unions

Girls' school adds most 'value' (Muslim girls' school is best in UK)

Royal family caught up in Nazi row

Cars becoming weapon of choice

Arnold's Special Interest Tools

In the U.S., Polls and Bullets Blot Out Upcoming Summit

WHFS Abruptly Changes Format

Hacker Breaks Into T-Mobile Network, Reads Secret Service E-Mails

Iran Fears Visiting U.N. Nuke Inspectors

Report: White House fought interrogation curbs

White House Fought New Curbs on Interrogations, Officials Say

Mother kill by hit man, kids get $32.4M

US warns Russia on selling missiles to Syria

Ridge close to lobbying firm's chairman

Bush seeks to expand education act

Army bringing back retirees-Colorado Guard suggests bounty for recruitment

Lockheed backers set for fight:Ft Worth role in planes' production thre

Curfew Declared in Second Pakistani Town

Dupe, please delete

Argentina wants to repay 25 cents per dollar of debt

Ohio justices dismiss voters' election challenges

Military Escorts Ordered for Aid Workers

The price of voting in Iraq's Mosul

Cuba Advances with Lung Cancer Vaccine Production

Arab Intellectual Alleges Report Coverup

Unemployment initial Claims up 10,000 - higher than expected

I'll quit my job, says security pick's wife

Ridge Visits Lobbying Firm's Chairman

Tsunami Survivor Picked Up After 15 Days

MPs Demand Statement on Halt to Wmd Search

Research on Alternative Therapies Is Sought

Witness says Bush asked for secret extradition of Indonesian cleric

Security Council Calls for Haiti Election

Mark Thatcher pleads guilty in Cape Town

Mark Thatcher pleads guilty in Cape Town

53 Iraqi parties withdraw from elections

Chicago Tribune: FAA: O'Hare plan OK on environment

Appeals Court Concerned Over Utah Wilderness Agreement

Cassini-Huygens Titan Moon Lander Media Briefing on NASA TV right now

No Child Left Behind... by Aggressive Military Recruiters

With factory jobs waning, Texas workers regroup

Tally Shows Surge in Iraqi Car Bombings Under Intermi Govt - USA Today

Tech Savvy Seen As Key in DNC Battle

New York Mayor Announces Program Linking Union Members, Tax Preparers

Pope's guards bemoan 'mission impossible'

Ark. Cops Use Taser to Subdue Nude Jogger

Shrum Calls It Quits

"Canada for Asia" (CBC benefit concert broadcast tonight)

Black Hawk crash in Colombia kills 20

La. Mourns for Soldiers Killed in 1 Day

Kennedy Warns Democrats Not to Be Republican Clones

Kennedy Calls on Left to Keep Faith

White House Fought New Curbs on Interrogations, Officials Say

U.S. retail sales rise more than expected

Immigration plan discouraged by GOP lawmakers

Murkowski announces oil tax hike

High Schools in Need of Testing, Bush Says(bur $'s come from existing prog

New FBI (anti-terrorism) Software May Be Unusable

Killers claims lethal injection cruel, violates right of speech

Study Finds Doctors' Hours Affect Risks on Road

Critics Call Bush's Deficit Efforts Feeble

Trade deficit makes surprising jump, rises 7.7% in Nov.

Nazi occupation not inhumane - Le Pen

China tightens Tiananmen security

U.S. District Court Announces Holocaust-Era Swiss Bank Funds Can B Claimed

Polaris to Pay $950,000 Penalty for Failing to Report Hazards With ATVs

Bush Makes Progress in Halving Deficit

Youth Leaders Challenge Coke to Stop Draining Water from World's Poorest

Iran orders Nobel winner to court

Clean Up After the Hurricane (in Scotland?)

Homeland Security Dropping Pledge of Secrecy for Workers

Baghdad election center director killed

More WW II-Era Account Data Published

Iraq's power supply sinks to record low: US general

Whistleblower Charges Justice Dept. with Misconduct (Chertoff)

US 'erodes' global human rights

'Ali G' character causes near riot at rodeo

Reuters' U.S. Journalists Withhold Bylines, Credits to Protest Offshoring,

Radio programmer fired over gifts from music execs

FTC Urged to Investigate Purported Consumer Watchdog

Missionaries Relocate 300 Orphans

Nazi IRA man's statue beheaded

Religious leaders appeal to Bush to take the lead in Mideast peace process

'Minor' Software Glitch Is Cited in Missile Failure -WP

Baghdad election center director killed

Baylor sues former seminary student over lewd e-mails

War Veteran Refuses 2nd Iraq Deployment

Agency says woman was on terror watch list, then retracts

Fallout from WMD search failure

Tomato Tyrants Ban Better Fruit

A Perfect Circle Releases Controversial Interactive Version of Their Provo

Reuters: (Comedian) "Ali G" Risks Riot At US Rodeo

US Stands Alone In Hemp Ban, Congressional Research Service Report Says

David Frum: Don't Worry About Running Out of Oil


Research on Alternative Therapies Is Sought

Religious Liberty Under Siege, Interfaith Leaders Warn

U.S. Jet Fighter Crashes Off Sumatra, Pilot Safe

Ukraine: European Court Of Human Rights May Tackle Leadership Issue

Religions battle for souls on Sumatra

IOM says Israelis of Iraqi origin can vote in Iraqi elections

Fifteen Saudis ... sentenced to prison term and lashings for protest

Teenager Lists Sex Assault Details Against Jackson (Warning!)


Power-mad Mussolini sacrificed wife and son

Bush Diagnosed With Malignant Egophrenia (Mad Emperors Disease)!

Army sergeant refuses 2nd Iraq deployment (CNN/AP)

U.S. veteran: “We’re committing genocide in Iraq” (source uncertain)

Petition filed (Repubs turn on WA Repub SOS Sam Reed)

Ohio picks paper ballot, pencil

WA state, military officials say no evidence of ballot problems found

Bush: U.S. Having Impact on Tsunami Aid

New Mexico clerks given discretion to clear voting machines

'Ali G' enrages rodeo crowd

Sheriff Dunn Pleads Guilty To Corruption Charge: Dunn Retires

Miami-Dade Police Given New Stun Gun Rules

Vikings' Moss Fined $10,000 by NFL for `Mooning' Celebration

Disgruntled LED inventor calls Japan's judicial system 'corrupt'

Gregoire goes to Everett on first day, Rossi waits

FDR's Grandson protests use of image in SS ad.

Intelligence Future-Gazers Look at 2020

New Fight Over Controlling Punishments Is Widely Seen

US troops detain Muslim cleric in Baghdad

Cheney Says U.S. Must Act Now on Pensions System

Gunmen Kill Two Aides to Iraq's Ayatollah Sistani

Iran Parliament to further inhibit women

Military putting anti-gay stance ahead of National security

Armed Pilot Charged With Intoxication

Army Seargent refuses to return to Iraq

Cheney Defends Soc. Security Account Plan

Human Rights Watch calls for special prosecutor in Abu Ghraib scandal

Bush under fire over human rights (Guardian special report))

Career Day Speaker Advises Stripping

Indonesia blocks tsunami orphans from being placed in non-Muslim homes

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 13 January

Why the Sun seems to be 'dimming'

'Ali G' Comedian Risks Riot at U.S. Rodeo

Southern Mississippi library system bans Jon Stewart's best-selling book

Medical Records: Rosa Parks Has Dementia

Zoellick Plies a New Trade/Asia Times Online

Florida Supreme Court Denies Motion Overturning Abortion Notification Vote

Pentagon ban on filming coffins defied

New FBI Software May Be Unusable (After $581 Million Spent)

Gondolas stuck as Venice dries out

WMD panel fires FBI agent for sharing CIA document

Poles Permit Take Down of Hijacked Planes

Russia denies Syrian missiles deal

U.S. agrees to extend US Airways financing

Former Abu Ghraib Guard Defends Graner

Justice Dept. Opens Inquiry Into Abuse of U.S. Detainees

War veteran refuses 2nd Iraq deployment

WP: Education Chief Defends Payments to Pundit

Human Rights Watch: Iran's oppression worsening

US soldier killed in Mosul (1359 Dead)

Fallouja Insurgents Fought Under Influence of Drugs, Marines Say

Senator Worried About Cutoff of Venezuelan Oil

Centcom: Two Marines Killed in Al Anbar Province

Bush under fire over human rights

Dominant Strategist for Democrats Ends Consulting Career

President criticizes Education Dept.'s payout to Armstrong

Religion-based prison program struck down (faith-based initiative)

Panel Wants Tougher Supplement Standards

Pakistanis urged to conserve gas after attack

SJ MN: Monsanto suing farmers over piracy issue

Allawi Nurtures Popular-But-Strong Image

US ignored warning on Iraqi oil smuggling, UN says

Thatcher heads for the US after court drama

Fort Sill Drill Sergeant Convicted Of Bribery, Other Counts

Lutherans Release Report on Homosexuality

Aging Aircraft Star in Tsunami Aid Effort

Officer testifies teen's shooting stunned him

WP: Teen Web Editor Drives Apple to Court Action

Dems Seek Ridge's Lobbying Correspondence (Yahoo! & AP)

PETA Loses Suit Over California Cow Ads (Happy Cows)

Human Rights Group Criticizes U.S.

WP: Social Security Push to Tap the GOP Faithful

16 Dems urge Bush to start pullout from Iraq

Ont. reports no problems in performing more than 1,000 same sex marriages

White House ducks torture proposal queries

Soros group raises stakes in battle with US neo-cons

Ring of steel as Bush sworn in

FDR's Grandson Protests Soc. Security Ad

Some Now Question Cost of Inauguration

FCC Member Urges Armstrong Williams Probe

Senators Request Education Dept. Records

WP: Bush Plans Sharp Cuts in HUD Community Efforts

Second Video Reveals More About Alleged Christian Hate Crime

Baker Urges Bush on Phased Exit in Iraq

Wal-Mart Starts Image Boosting Ads

Man Arrested After Ricin Seen in Fla. Home

Fox TV Accused of Stereotyping American Muslims

[IHT / NYTimes] Iraqis to get 5 polling places in U.S.

Ga. Evolution Stickers Ordered Removed

Report Says Iraq Is New Terrorist Training Ground -WP

Newdow Tries To Ban Prayer From Presidential Inauguration

Faith Divides the Survivors and It Unites Them, Too

Gunmen Seize Turk, Kill 6 Iraqis in Baghdad --Locals

Pennsylvania school in eye of creationist storm

Report: India, China will be major powers in 2020

Pentagon reveals rejected chemical weapons (For a SEX BOMB)

Kerry to meet with French president

Tamer Protests Expected for Second Inauguration

Inaugural Donors at a Glance

Bush Regrets Language That Hurt U.S. Diplomacy

U.S. Diet Guide Puts Emphasis on Weight Loss

I feel inclined to blow my mind

Don King Sues ESPN for $2.5 Billion

What's the verdict on copycat threads?

Why must I be tortured with Charlie Rose on both PBS stations at the same

I'm seeing Mission of Burma twice this weekend.

great song about today by a christian band

What's the verdict on copycat threads?

"The Best Years of Our Lives" is just starting on TCM (12:30 am)

I had no clue there was a 3rd Crocodile Dundee

I like this Drawn Together Episode

Please, Come to Boston for the springtime...

I breakdown in the middle and lose my thread

For your dining & dancing pleasure…Richard Cheese!

Nice Set

Evangelical DU'ers: How has it been for you to discuss politics in church?


Who is worse, Michael Jackson or Andrew Jackson

The writers of Lost are demented freaks!

MOOSE!!!!! MOOSE!!!!!



I just persuaded my dad to go out at midnight and buy me some hot wings...

i just played hockey with a puck and skates! ask me anything!

I just tried something vile.

All this talk about mice...anyone here see "Willard"

Where are you more likely to find out about the rapture?

Morse! Morse!

OK, the shun's over

For those working during the upcoming Coronation,

As Mark Twain wrote, "This is too many for me," so GOOD NIGHT!

*~*Percy Dovetonsils, Poet Laureate*~*

Ever switch the initials of your names?


Good albums

read what my friend's sister is doing for cheney!

WOuld you drive a Bricklin?

A funny story about a waitress Monday Night.

Anyone here ever go to a Greek wedding?

Don't you all think Samantha Bee is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what can we who can't go to ingauration, do to protest?

Chicago DU-ers: Any plans for anti-inauguration?

ugh...there's some pretty boy gonna be staying here a few days

I love THIS LAUGHING CAT CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stream of conciousness thread

Pair arrested for telling lawyer jokes -- THIS REALLY SUX

James Brown on the republican agenda:

Personally, I have much disdain for Joe Scarborough, But I like that

warm-weather DUers, can I come & stay with you...?(B4 I freeze!)

Vermont radio station dumps Rush for Air America.

What's the deal with Mini Me?

I think the guitar is overrated

Greatest Sinead O'Connor song

You know the romance is going when...

This is an actual poll on CNN

It's 2:45am est, why are you still up?

BEst MoDo Line in a long time....

Insomnia Theatre:

Thumbs Up!

Ever drink coffee creamer straight from the little cup?

How does one go about proving his boss hates him?

Jan 13th is the

Mouse in a chair -- seriously. Help please

Ethiopian reburial for Bob Marley 23 years on

Ethiopian reburial for Bob Marley 23 years on

Wake up! won't you listen to me

Ethiopian reburial for Bob Marley 23 years on

I've been up all night; my work is not done; bed would feel so nice -

So I slept with the windows open last night.

Another stupid idea I literally dreamed up

Mornin guys

For folks going to Khephra's funeral

WHFS Abruptly Changes Format

Got My Grades - Ask me anything...

Ann Coulter revealed in a dream I had last night:

What's up with this "breathing" thing?

Are you confident? Cocky?

A Bizarre Thing – His arm fell off while running to work this morning

Ark. Cops Use Taser to Subdue Nude Jogger

Matcom News --- Ark. Cops Use Taser to Subdue Nude Jogger

Question on installing a secondary internal hard drive...

Using a three year old to find a book works

And this post is number ...

Ruh roh, home computer won't boot from C:\

I've been to paradise

Another Bush joke to cheer me up

Lounge LBN ---- I could not think of any other forum but the Lounge

Boy is the wind blowing hard here

Was "Disco Inferno" the greatest disco song or what?

I watched old videotapes of my kid for 3 1/2 hours last night.

Official DU Sox Thread

I keep getting strange error messages this morning, anyone else?

My First of 2 Fun Posts For My Fellow PBS Kids!

What would you guys say to a Heshers & Mullets Group?

Woman tore off ex-lover's testicle

Molested Cars

Bad news, another actress has died.

Last night's episode of Lost....

Johnny Cash question

Witnessed An Accident Last Evening

Is there antwhere in the USA a radio station called WTFH?

I have to share this with you guys. Too funny!

Seen "The Village"? Worth renting?

Do you love Brad Pitt? Would u still if he was fat?

You know a song is going to be bad when...

was 'disco inferno' the worst wrestLer ever?

Oye como va

My Second of 2 Fun Posts for My Fellow PBS Kids!

If it keeps on rainin'........

How do you feel about Bill Maher?

Rockin' out to Polyphonic Spree playing "Wig In A Box". Ask me anything!

A question for any L.S.D. DUers

Watching Mission:Impossible 2 on video.

I'm a runnin down the road, tryin to loosen my load

Richard Quest. Annoying.

How Come When The Heat Get Beat It's News But When The Lakers Lose It Isn'

What the HELL is a "Feeny"?

Yesterday it was 66 degrees here, now it's snowing - welcome to MO!

I'll be out of town with no computer til Tuesday.

"America Bless God"

Computer fixing #$#$%#$@@

any axis & aLLies fans here? (repost)

Volunteer a Fundie you know for this experiment....

Does Anyone Have the Hotel Info for Kef's Service?

Why do new movies all have the same 6 songs on the soundtrack?

What was/is the ugliest CAT ever made?

Anyone every heard of a "space-trainer" from about 1960?

I already searched

If there are any fans of figure skating out there:

Post a picture of your pot.

I have manage to get the SPAWN FROM HELL

Do you hold a Drudge

I dreamt last night i pulled out one of my teeth

Harry the Nazi

Boondock Saints: love it or hate it?

I have a job interview today. Any suggestions?

Who is Liberalsrock? Kudos!

Google patches Gmail security hole

MOUSE!!!!!! MOUSE!!!!!!

The best live netcast in a long time

Hey! Wal-Mart is on a PR blitz to improve their image.

Linux Kernel Page Fault

Malicious Trojan infects Windows Media Player

What does the song "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" mean?

Do you hold a grudge?

Am I the only one to notice

The Village Explainer of all CAPTIONS!!!

Since the fun is over

Saturday Night Live or SCTV?

Gmail account: The "G" stands for GRRRRRRRR

Anybody need a G-Mail account?

Who would win in a dance off?

I Filled up with 87 Octane today

Hey, my post count is now a BAUD RATE!

Take this FREE IQ Test!!

Anyone seen the new Burger King ad with Amarosa (the Apprentice)?

A Freeper joke (this is real)

Favorite person mentioned in the song This Beat Goes On/Switchin' To Glide

The Perfect present for that special someone in your life...

"A Town Called Malice"

DU Groups I'd Like To See...

Official Duck Appreciation Thread #1

Clueless customers, Chapter 47...

How much laundry does your household make every week?

Has anyone been impacted by the Vioxx recall?

Newest crazes in weight loss: diet, exercise

do you live your life in the songs you hear on the rock and roll radio?

The eBay song

Why are they called crab cakes when they are clearly pastries?

The "Vote of Confidence" CAPTION

Cheesecake. Why is the word "cake" used when it's clearly a pie?

The "I'll Live to Fight Another Day" CAPTION

Can I borrow 7500 Pounds Sterling?

Trig. Why is the number "3.14159265" used when it's clearly just pi?

Rare roast beef

I wish Al Franken wouldn't sing

you have a raging headache.

Are you complicated or simple?

DU'ers, why do you hate Armenia?

DU'ers, why do you hate Amnesia?

Favorite character mentioned in the song The Weight.

yellowcake: why is it called a cake

Why is Boston Creme Pie called a pie when it's clearly a cake?

After the Lounge War: Day 1

DU'ers, why do you hate Amphetamines?

Why are they called urinal cakes when they are inedible?

I'm sick! What's the best way to cure a cold?

Carrot cake. A dessert or a vegetable/dessert hybrid?

Why do cartoon dogs have speech impediments?

If I could apologize to one DUer I pissed off...

Republican jokes thread

How long does it take you to fully wake up after getting out of bed?

Spencer Dryden -- Jefferson Airplane drummer, dead at 66

Disney (who threw away F911) will remake 'Tron'

UK garbagemen to be given defibrillators to treat heart attacks...

Why is it called Beefcake when it's clearly half-nekked men?

Damn if this isn't the coolest movie still EVER!

why are they called Prairie Oysters

Clint Eastwood Praises Michael Moore, Threatens Life

It rains a lot in Ireland.

What do you do about hangnails?

What vegetable is getting on your nerves?

Ahhhhh! I've been studying all day long! Ask me anything, but be gentle

Grammar question

You have to hear this song!

The "You Look Like You Just Lost Your Last Friend" CAPTION

who's in LOVE????

"A pedestrian hit me and went under my car"

My latest hero: Who heard Sister Helen Prejean on NPR last night?

Playmate Carmella DeCesare acquitted: $150 fine, 24 hrs community svc

Ok so who's going to DC on the 20th?

well i found the origin of the horrible smell in my fridge

I met Al Hunt this morning. Ask me anything.

I gotta get out of this place...

Drum n Bass - Why god why??

I am having a Fugly is your day going ?

Not Me bracelets

DUers, why do you hate Anastasia?

Them: How is your meal? A: Good Them: Great!

FOIA requests take how long to get answered?

NE Ohio weather forecast 1/13

The preamble to the CAPTION

Damn, why isn't 'Closer' still playing in a theater by me?

Gordon, I mean Donald get free wedding services

My "get out f the 700 club by posting recipes thread!"

DUer Network Hardware: Wireless?

Bush turds

Favorite Bad Movie?

Jim Rome show: Blasting shrubco over "no WMD" admission, on today's

DUers: Windows, Mac, or Linux OS users?

In just 12 hours, it has rained, hailed, sleeted and snowed here.

i've got a nice sized gash on my forearm

You're just like school on Saturday.

Anyone know what do do with a strained back?

If you could apologize to one kid you picked on . . .

Post your name, without using consonants.

What's the worst movie you most recently watched?

Bore me. I dare you.

20 Jan 2005, Puke for Bush Day.

Is this some sort of cruel joke on W's supporters?

Pearls of DU wisdom

Pronounce your name without using any bowels!

heheh - Amazing how this title works both ways:

My girlfriend has started to post on the DU! What should be her reward?

What sexes is it socially acceptable to be sexist about?

Pronounce your name without using any vowels!

what's your address? (for the Borat/Ali G thread)

Anybody know the time differential between Baghdad and EST?

Why does it say "Ignored" sometimes in place of a post responding...

another stupid car question

Scary Piccy....

*RARE* photo of young George W. Bush has been released

Ever wonder why the English Language is so difficult?

The "Speaking in Tongues" CAPTION

Everybody pretend like you are locking this thread.

Everyone pretend like you are licking this thread founder Bezos to build rocket facility in West Texas

Stop blaming your poor, defenseless metabolism

You people are slacking off!

What was the MP3 of the Asian lady who has a couple of

What does this mean

Does anybody know how to get up to date mortality information in the US?

Bush confrontationally pokes finger in face of African American man

Does anybody know how to get up to date morality information in the US?

Let's Play: Break the Code!!!

What's your knack size?

I am Making Steak and Spinach Salad Tonite

Post the first number of your social security number

Indrid Cold aka Mothman called me on the phone at work tonight

CNN Judy Dandruff to talk about the expensive coronation next.

What do you think is the best

Can you woo woo woo?

For those of you who're having vowel problems today

George at the Clinton Library dedication

If you could piss off one DUer you apologized to...

Have y'all seen this bumper sticker?

George Clinton at the Library dedication

If Kerry had won...

If you could apologize to one DUer you pissed off ...

I have 6 G-Man invites. Who wants one?

Warning: this video may literally make you piss yourself


Freepers really know how to party

Phoenix Suns

Just Had a "Low Carb Chicken Club" - ask me anything

I have six Goddamn bruises, anyone want one?

How many pairs of socks do you own?

The President would like to send you money

Bigfoot walks by stunned couple, nods and waves....

Attica! Attica!


I have 6 Gmail invites. Who wants one?

Adobe Creative Suite Premium 1.1 - would you buy it

Well, at least she used the spell checker...

Do you collect empty coffee cans? Want a clever idea to recycle them?

Hey, Hey! I Went Over 9000 Posts Today

Okay, I feel horrible.

Only in freaking Belgium

Somebody hit me on the head.

Help Boxer kick Condi's ass!

what song are you listening to right now?

you dirty rat!

Some things to Do Before the Inaugural:

Top Ten Signs Your Neighbor Is Vying To Be The Next Pope

"W" stand for..

Wallet Family Memorial Fund--(mudslide victims)

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Check in!

How many different kinds of breakfast cereal

Sweet, I got a 3.85 combined for my two college classes

Get your blue bands for truth while they're hot!

Ahahahahahaha (coff, coff) Sexy Gore: yeah baby!!

I just spilled milk all over me

Ask me anything, this is my 800th post! :-)

Are there Intelligent Freepers?

Vote for next DNC Chair

Are there intelligible Freepers?

A rainbow can only be seen in the morning or late afternoon

Fossil Shows Mammal Ate Baby Dinosaur

What's your shoe size?

Guys, are we going to have that Irish Whiskey still?

are you shocked when you start a thread that turns out to be

*hugs and kisses*

replace a word in a movie title with "Butt Ugly"

Absolutely Hysterical!!!

Online Pharmacies are EXPENSIVE!

If tsunami was payback from The Almighty for assorted sins,

Question for Mac peoples

Union dues question...are you in one? Bonus pts. for RN post

Most Pathetic Kind of Freeper

I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier

I'm going home again...

I once saw a Dukakis-Bentsen bumper sticker wrapped around a light pole

Rock Tunes with Long Indulgent Solos

Any famous lurkers here on DU

Tree trimming question

I found the Freepers pickup! (pic - large)

Nutritional data for boiled chicken feet...

#: Hash or pound?

So Randy Moss gets fined 10k for a FAKE mooning....

OMG! Who saw Daily Show last night? WTF?

Skinner did what he had to

I would like to remind everyone

"The President's living in the Truman Show!"

green beans

Would you party if I was banned, cry or both?

Has anyone ever been to DollyWood?


Daily Dose Of Political Humor

Would anyone even care if I was banned?

How do you prepare and eat acorn squash?

Holy, holy shit!!!! Popular Atlanta Restaurant

Gary Spivey!

It annoys me when parents lool like their children .

Can you feel that breeze coming off of the ocean?

Tonight, why not try delicious Beef Porcupines?

It annoys me when children go after their parents name

New Marine Corp Exam

Retroactive abortions. Would you support them, for taking out

As much as I love my job

In Go-Cart racing priorities are important

I probably missed the initial "Shaun Of The Dead" threads, but it's GREAT!

I have a lot of pain behind my left eye

Parents: At what age would you leave a child at home alone for 1hour?

Question for O' peoples

Tsunami - lost girl -both parents gone and she has no memory

Need Jesus Quotes

Is anyone in touch with matcom?

Help! My finished basement is slowly flooding!

How many of you have stayed in a relationship knowing your SO

Pilot of the Airwaves, here is my request.

Most toxic combination with the best results

Deion Sanders on Randy Moss--cracked me up

Claude Monet as told by my 10 year old

I'm eating a Potted Meat Sandwich...Ask me anything!

The "O.C." just dissed Bill O'Reilly

What did Bell *really* say to Watson on the telephone?

FYI: Bush is strong on terror.

Rev. Jim, another preacher waiting to save you from the gay "lifestyle" of the writers of "The O.C." hates Bill O'Reilly

I watched "Birth of a Nation"

Do dial-up DUers hate DSL and cable modem DUers?

Ed Schultz is going to be on O'Reilly tonight.....

Need some info from folks going to the services for Khephra

The Supreme Court just selected me!

Binmen thought Modern Art was load of old rubbish

I was just re-elected!

In a knoock down-drag out no holds barred space bar brawl who'd win?

You.... You've blown it all sky high, by telling me a lie.

Only slightly insane after 10000, ask me something

Fare thee well, fellow DUers, for I am off

It annoys me when parents name their children after them

You know a movie is going to be bad when...

Okay, you had $250 to spend...

Anybody else here feel WAY out of touch?

Jesus was gother than you and I can prove it.

One of my students used Revelations to rationalize doing no work all week

"She's like every other woman. She will control everything."

CarolinaPeridot ....

Ugh...I don't wanna go home....pretty boy Floyd's gonna be there.

I think I just hit the alert button on myself!

"One floor below me, you don't even know me, I love you."

So my husband found a wallet today with $2000 cash in it.

Pithlet - how'd the mouse saga turn out?? LIST of ARTICLES for Jan 13, 2005

So those killers from '64 are out on bail

Are you serving, or have you ever served, in the Armed Forces?

I'm Norm Peterson. Ask me anything.

Someone turn up the heat!!

What Do You Think Of Kiddie Beauty Pageants? -- Good Or Bad?

All right! In terms of usless crap, these commercials are making me nuts

I'm Turd Ferguson. Ask me anything.

I'm Gary Coleman. Ask me anything.

Is it possible to un-dry a marshmallow?

Okay. I won't feel hurt:

Do you have a tatoo?

Wilma or Betty

Wish this was true

some dickwad Barnes & noble Manager

Hmm "Wicker Park" was pretty interesting

Prince Harry wearing a Nazi costume to a party - bad?

My first Bush chimp!

Shall we start a pool? How long before:

Any news on MrsGrumpy? Please let it be good

Musicphiles: When was Styx' "Come Sail Away" recorded?

Breaking News: Cheeta the worlds oldest known Chimp

Oh hey...remember my favourite criminal?

Does anyone know if the "Watergate Hearings" are available on DVD?

W, Sockpuppet, Bathtub, Saving the world from evil

Scooby or Shaggy

So if Pebbles is a cereal, what's a bam-bam?

Fred or Barney

Which blog topic?

I'm headin down the Atlanta Highway....

We just banned a long-term member.

What musical was "Bertha Venation" a character in?

Tonight's Jon Stewart show caused my "brain to fall out." Whoa!

Do you dream about famous people? I had a dream about Peyton Manning

ATF - Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

I have whooping cough

Neighbor cats in my crawl space.

Kef's Memorial Book LAST CALL!!!

Who else has seen William Shatner in concert?

The Question Thread...

Career Day Speaker Advises Stripping

I'm Walter Mondale, ask me anything

532 posts away from 10,000! Ask me something!

What breakfast meat goes with pancakes?

I am the ghost of Paul Wellstone. Ask me anything.

Grandma update: she's actually doing pretty well!

Any louse problems this evening?

Wow! New Critic episodes on the net!

Performed or Preformed?

I'm Lyndon Johnson. Ask me anything.

I am Jack's Oblangata. Ask me anything

Wasted away again in stupid freeperville

I'm President Josiah Bartlet, ask me anything!

Favorite movie Comedy Central runs into the ground?

I'm a Duck Tour Operator. Ask me anything.

im getting popup adds... but...

I have short-term memory loss. Ask me anything!

Which Harrison Ford would win in a fight with other Harrison Fords?

Can I say it?

Any mouse problems this evening?

Let's form a link samba line!

Listening to Karen Carpenter sing "Masquerade" right now

I Still Resent the Watergate Hearings for Pre-empting Match Game

What love song is on your playlist now?


Do you wear glasses/contacts?

Sometimes you have to love PROZAC

Have you ever flirted with someone on the telephone?

X Prize Foundation Email I just got... check the new board mems

So who's the David that's gonna kick Ebay's ass?

The Daily Show explains Bush press policy

I am Doctor Who, ask me anything!

I am No Doctor. Ask me anything.

It is so cold out that my house is creaking


How do you deal with asshole coworkers?

6950 posts after 10,000! Ask me something!

Sept. 11 + X = Shut (the hell) up!

What kind of pets do you have?

Who's your hero

Question for anyone who is a landlord

Jim Rome Rips Bush

Help I'm a rock! Ask me anything.

Are you the class clown?

funniest thing just heard on TV right now


Pick a favorite Beatles song.

Post your name, without using any vowels

I'm Terry McAuliffe, ask me anything

I am Doctor Zhivago. Ask me anything.


Do you dream about famous people? I had a dream about Preston Manning

Guns, Drugs and Rock N Roll!

Ok, I am an idiot. What the heck does "meme" mean??

I'm quite angry. Should I take up kickboxing?

I am Doctor No. Ask me anything.

When is Red Dwarf Series V going to come out on DVD?

Why are Crab Rangoon reduced to "Cheese Wontons" on some Chinese menus?

Anyone else here ever use a DU posting window JUST for the spell-checker?

NAME a celebrity more annoying than Chris Tucker. I DARE you. DO it.

Ted Nugent: Another example of hypocrisy. Draft-dodger.

My landlord is a facist... any advice?

Favorite old Elton John song

In the spirit of Iggy Pop - do your worst to HEyHEY now...

I'm leaving the Lounge!

I'm Going Quackers! Help!


What movie was just so awful that it ended up being unintentionally funny?

What's your neck size?

V for Vendetta: The Movie (it's real!)

Vikings' Moss Fined $10,000 by NFL for `Mooning' Celebration

Rock bass players more incompetent than Van Halen's Michael Anthony

Grrr... (the ex-Mrs. Robb rears her cheatin' head)

Elizabeth Tudor or Mary, Queen of Scots?


I feel naked

Have You Ever Been In A Relationship Where your Partner Has Cheated on you

Clarification on "Have a Blessed Day" Thread

Who would like to see Hillary Clinton run for Prez in '08?

Parked by a Hummer today with this phrase keyed on the door:

WE need a BIG protest

Do u like The Smiths? The Cure? Depeche Mode?

The new Battlestar Galactica frackin' ROCKS!

If overweight DUers will allow me this poll into a sensitive area . . .

well, howday, ah am trent lot, ax me eneefing

My Cat Trixie Just Ate A French Fry! Odd Things Cats Eat....

Let's go to the world of "What if?"

Teenager Lists Sex Assault Details Against Jackson (Warning!)

Reasons To Be Cheerful (Part3)


Which King George?

What are the best & worst wedding "first dance" songs you have heard?

seeking source of Percussion music, i have some Mickey hart, I really like

Say you live in a blue state.........

Limerick Flame War

Yet another DU Group idea...Classic T.V.

For all of you who still love copycat posts...a DU first.


I keep running into things that make me sad about Kef

How old are all of you

DU PC preference poll. What is the best PC brand? Help!

Guys are we any going to have that irish group still?

Can any of the men at DU play guitar as well as this woman can?

7532 posts away from 10,000! Ask me something!

Guys: Is every online interaction a possible dating situation?

My beautiful 52-YO neighbor in the Greenville condo had a heart attack .

I'm not naming names, but I saw one of my very dear DU friends...

Gyro vs. Souvlaki vs. Falafel vs. Chicken Gyro

the most ridiculous thing that you have heard a freeper say recently?

What is your favorite newer movie (last 2 years)

What wildlife have you seen where you live lately?

Mrs. Grumpy resting comfortably at home!

New Avatar

"As we know, there are known knowns..."

MTV Made

You won't believe what I bet and lost on the Orange Bowl. Payoff time.

Neighbors crawl in my cat's space!

Here Comes The Sun

There's an old Australian stockman lying, dying. He gets himself up

All right, here's the way it's gonna be, see

I'm Norm Macdonald, ask me anything.

Have you ever flirted with a telephone?

Anyone else like the Talking Heads?

How do you pronounce "Rohrau" (the town in Austria)?

Last day to donate to the Khephra Memorial Fund.

I'm Hillary Clinton, Ask Me Anything

Bu$h on Jerry Springer: My daughter is dating a terrorist.

I'm Norm Coleman. Ask me anything.

Words that sound dirty to you, even though they aren't? I'll start

What's in your wallet? Or for the DU gals, purse?

WORST guitar jam

post your haiku

Illinois idiot!

What movie was so bad you got up and walked out of it?

Alt Country fans: whats new and good?

Whats the best movie you've seen that hardly anyone else has?

No charges filed in W. Va. chicken torture

Best buds

Does anyone here have the scoop on the Scripps Center?

Peta thread in LBN......

A question for any L.D.S. DUers

Preying Through the Pulpit (Pastors fall for scam artists)

Is this forum anything other than an atheists debate theists forum?

Tsunami, relections on God and the Problem of Evil

anyone ever have *doomsday dreams?*

ELCA releases 5-year study of Human Sexuality..... survey says...

I'm a Theoligical Liberal. Ask me anything!

A Health Care Issue (Poll Link)

Schizophrenia prediction possible

WSJ: Just How Deadly Is Bird Flu? It Depends on Whom You Ask

Science of bomb detection: Nuclear quadrupole resonance

Black hole secrets revealed

GA Evolution "Theory" Stickers Ordered Removed....

Cassini-Huygens Titan Moon Lander Media Briefing on NASA TV right now

Narcotic effect of inert gases at various pressures.

Why the Sun seems to be 'dimming'

Very cool 3D nebulae pics

Quake 'Animal Warnings' Validate Geologist Berkland

How intelligent are some animals?

Take Action: Congratulate Dreier for Standing Up to Radical Right

What the hell is wrong with bi kids these days??

What the hell is wrong with gay kids these days??

Did anyone watch Dateline or whatever about the gay teen in Oklahoma?

"Us", "Them", and the Division of the American People

Interesting new website for GLBT liberals.

watching a repeat Oprah 'bout gays married to opp sex partners.

Gay tourists discover Buenos Aires

Hey guys, I'd like to apologize for something

'Punked' by nature? The women I'm attracted to are lesbians

One Final Walk Through the Tunnel

Larf...Vikings demand Joe Buck be removed from booth

Duke will lose tonight!!

Who WAS that Duke team that just WHOMPED State???

will and should Brett Favre retire soon

NFL Fines Moss $10,000 for Fake Mooning Celebration

Dogs in the beds of pick up trucks - Any opinions?

Shelter in Bakersfield, California starving animals

Mouse in my chair -- seriously, please help.

A great story about dogs

interesting thread in another forum

Quake 'Animal Warnings' Validate Geologist Berkland

The Boogeyman and the Smarter Reptile

Intelligence Future-Gazers Look at 2020

Supplement for enhancing concentration and memory?

Yes, I’d love s’more Jesus!

Waving at y'all from the Wal-Mart of world religions...

Did anyone else watch Nightline tonight?


Kerry Pictures

More Kerry Pics

Hey guys, whats the name of the song in upriver

Stupid article of the day 10/13

I'm staying home today ill guys

Need A Good Laugh

JK speaks with Egyptian Prime Minister today

Comedy Anyone?

How are y'all on this decent winter's evening?

"Beware Ass Kicking Sexy And Funny"

I still love John about you?

Got some static about my Kerry/Edwards sticker today...

What's the url of that freeper site that watchs DU?

Something I've wondered

Here's another courtesy of the freepers

SBVT book publisher makes snob book, Kerry's don't

A question for those who have been around since the primaries


Kerry visits France

I still dig Michael Dukakis.

So I'm not such a fan of Greg Palast

I'm such a narcissist

Hey guys I know this may sound a little weird

So I've got this poster saying he's going to fight Kerry in the primaries

Dean DNC letter

Social Security phase-out agenda provides a new and ready-made technique.

The fabricated crisis is the hallmark of the Bush presidency

FAIR's newsletter article on NBC's social security coverage-way to act

who better represents the Democratic Party?

Conference call link with Dean about his candidacy

Novel way to protest the inauguration--make a STINK

We need to have intelligent conversations like Democrats

Maxine Waters will March Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Jan. 17 LA, CA

DHS Secrecy Policy Reversal a Step Forward, Say Unions

WOW! Fauxnews is reporting no WMD found in Iraq!

I need a link to the shot of Bubble Boy with Putin, etc. and BBs

Michael Chertoff - Whitewater man is back

And another RW bushbot totally embarrasses America to the world.

This is the first time that I recall Friedman making the statement...

Just like Jeb, I hope Dem. Governors wield their clout to aid the dem.

Ted Kennedy's Speech

Former DNC Chairman Andrew endroses Simon Rosenberg

Should laws & sentencing guidelines be the same in all states?

Many different Democratic Parties--

A Strategy For Using Social Security To Go After GOP Incumbents In 2006

Dissenters are now aligned with Saddam & Terrorist?

strange days, indeed...scary observations...

Any way that we can get to endorse Republicans?

Frank Rich has the BushyBot nailed this morning

Blurred messages from Democrats

The donut hole in the SS privatization debate...

Washington Times softball interview with Bush: Iraq, Faith, his new puppy

Important Multimedia Investigation! "No Place to Hide"

Needed: Info on Anti-War Websites and Activities!

Tamer Protests Expected for Second Inauguration

Wonderful News! Wash. State Repukes Want to Recall One of Their Own!

"Critics Call Bush's Deficit Efforts Feeble"

"U.S. Lowers Expectations for Iraqi Vote"

"Turn your back on Bu$h" campaign and more

How would the media analyze Dean if he became the DNC chair?

The Price of Deception

Boxer gearing up to fight Condi!

Anybody up for a RATIONAL debate about Dean??

Military at Bush's coronation: pushing America closer to Martial Law?

Interesting PR blurb-How to Bring Certainty to Close Elections

Ted Kennedy now on C-Span re future of the Democratic Party.

Orange Revolution : wear orange on jan 20 (waddya think?)

BushReich Assault on Our Privacy and Civil Liberties

Another Week and no Fox News show in the cable top 40.....


Under BushCo, The Pain Level in America/World going UP

Need info about Full Page Newspaper Ads - letters

Mark Warner's On C-Span-VA State Of The Union Address

Need Help With Phone Call I Received

Whenever you write a letter of protest

I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! - How 'bout you?

Hans Blitz to George Bush: "Told Ya!" *

We need a smart, positive bumper sticker to counter

FOIA requests take how long to get answered?

From the Nation: On September 11, 1973

Bush Cheney Stamp >>>


"Terror War Diverting Attention from Roots of Insecurity"

Kentucky Senator Leaving the GOP

We are a generous nation-to a fault

"New FBI Software May Be Unusable"

"Report Singles Out US, Sudan For Strong Censure"

Question re: Vote for DNC Chair

Right-wing extremists are domestic terrorists.

Moveon, Protect Social Security action alert

Letter from Stuart Comstock-Gay Executive Director National Voting Rights

Bush's plan to shift tax burden onto working Americans: "S.S. reform"

this is scarier than Gonzales and Chertoff

How are you responding to this rightist meme?

The CIA and politics: Is there a secret effort to get into office ?

Roosevelt's Grandson Calls on Right-Wing Front Group To Stop Misusing FDR'

"NH Woman Loses Insurance Coverage for Her Politics"

Question: Why do Republicans ELECT CELEBRITIES while

Top Ten Questions George W. Bush Asked His Homeland Security Nominee

There's no way the party bosses will allow Dean to be chair

Where does Progress for America get all this money to run

Conservatives never held accountable; Liberals always held

Why is there an income cap of $90,000 on social security taxes?

The Left REALLY Needs To Decide Whether It's For Democracy... Or Not.

Who are the 447 DNC members that will elect a chair?

On this day in 2002

"I don't see how you can be President without a relationship with the Lord

Billionaires to accelerate donations to progressive think tanks.

Lithium in water supply....Is this for real or does the DoD want us to

RUSH transcript from Democracy Now: Cherthoff's Dirty Little Secrets

Fundraisng letter from James Carville/DNC & my response

"Corporations Have Contributed 96 % of Bush’s Inauguration Funds

The truth about Bush is so unbelievable it cannot be told....

NYT hits Crossfire hard: All the President's Newsmen...MUST READ..

senator frist upcoming bill

Have you called your congressman regarding the DOE payoff?

Fun with Bush pictures!!

Why dont we hear about FICA in the Social Security debate

"Dems Seek Ridge's Lobbying Correspondence"

Is Powell finally beginning to speak for himself?

FWIW, Shrum on Hardball now. MSNBC, 6:15CT nt

Has anyone heard anything new on healthcare reform?

Stop White House News Distortion!

Tell Congress to Save Social Security (

RUSH got FLUSHED - replaced by Air America Radio in VT

FreeRepublic post calls inaugration protesters a "target rich environment"

CSPANs for tonight and tomorrow - FYI

News article calls Armstrong Williams "The Biggest Whore of All"

Making November 2nd A National Holiday

"Bush Administration Comments on WMDs"

Kerry to Al Azhar Grand Imam:Washington commited terrible mistakes in Iraq

I'm hearing my mom talk to an old friend about politics and she's a dem!

The nominee I want defeated THE MOST is...

NYC Counter Inaugural Book Reading: Great Speakers, Jan 21st

Dean on next on FOX NEWS?

Question regarding Voter Demographics

listening to the conservative whores trying to spin Iraq as a good thing

CBS' "Independent Review" was in fact repub review. Palast says

Fake Turkey! Why not ask America about it in the Pres. debates?

PDA endorses Dean

RE: 170 Million Dollars down the tubes

self delete

Rep. Zoe Lofgren Endorses Dean for DNC Chair

‘Ali G’ character causes near riot at rodeo

Has anyone ever made...

If you can stand it, Dean coming up on HANNITY and colmes.

Donate now to the pres prayer team. Che Guaverra did!

Chertoff lied under oath - on AARs "Unfiltered"

Is it possible to despise * any more than I do?

Mainstreet Moms Endorse Gov. Howard Dean, MD, for DNC Chair

Can Jeb Beat The Rest Of The Field For The Repug Slot?

Antonin Scalia isn't an evil genius, he's just plain old evil.

Oh, No

Beinart of TNR says Iowa makes Dems too Dovish. This should play well.

"It's not Bush's fault there were no WMDs - it's Saddam's..."

Hannity whining about theft of Washington state election, barf

Blackwell to Deploy Uniform Statewide Voting System

Stick a fork in Kerry, he's done.

The best part of the Republicans being in power is this.

List of "entertainers" at "America's Future Rocks Today"

Poll: Casey: 52% Santorum: 38%

Freeper = racists! Proof from their own website!

Dominant Strategist for Democrats Ends Consulting Career

Name five past DNC chairmen other than Terry McAuliffe.

Blurred Messages from Democrats ("Winning is everything")

Email from Democracy for America (Dean's site)

Bush could have easily been defeated by psychological warfare

Dennis Miller gives Bush a "pass" ... is he on the payroll too ?

Buy local, buy blue.

Which does more to help elect Democrats and progressives?

Dems. and the nation are best served by writing off the religious right

Dean's sneaky websites

Libertarian's view of social services

Hmmmm Maybe Bu$h will turn out to be Nostradamus' MABUS after all

How do you feel about Ralph Nader?

Who are/will be/could be/would have been rising stars in the Dem party?

another microbiologist is dead

Health Care: Why does the u.s. spend so much and deliver so little?

The main reason to not support Dean as DNC chair.

Wes Clark's Speech To Supporters In DC

Clint Eastwood threatens to kill Michael Moore

Info on buying billboard advertising - cheaper than you think