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Archives: January 12, 2005

(PINR)Charting a New Geopolitical Reality: Ukraine in 2005


The Pentagon's New Math

White House has bigger credibility problem than CBS

Laurie Spivak (AlterNet): The Conservative Marketing Machine

Mother Jones: The doctor is officially in

The Salvador Option

"Yellowcake" claim perpetrator poised to assume top State Dept job

The war against Rumsfeld (National Review editor defends him)

More Williams poping out?

The War Against World War IV

WSJ: Ownership Society

President of Fabricated Crises (WaPo's Meyerson on Bush SS lies)

Jim McDermott(and some other guy):Investigate violations of law in Falluja

Afghan Poppies Bloom

Feel like a sucker? You should, and you can thank Bush

CBS shows more responsibility than US government.

A huge failure of Intelligence (BBC report)

Change the rules -- for next time (Washington Governor race)

Confusions about Social Security (Krugman explains Bush lies)

'Dear Mr. President:' (Inauguration Party Excess)

Great editorial cartoon on Bush's source for the Social Security game plan

Chrenkoff: Good news from Afghanistan

For Something Completely Different: "The Plame Game: Was This a Crime?"

President of Fabricated Crises (Harold Meyerson in the Washington Post)

A bright spot on the November 2 elections: IRV shines in San Francisco

A 'toon look back..."Wrong Turn at Credibility Gap"

The Projected Winner in Iraq: Failure

Insightful commentary on responses to the tsunami tragedy

Abu Ghraib School Spirit

Let's Talk About Sex (Republican hypocrites: fun read!)

Bush's Iraq Policy Bothers Conservatives

Soldiers face trials while Gonzales gets promoted

Bush's $6 trillion botch (Fix a 3T Soc Sec problem while passing a 6T drug

Three LTTE Re: December Belfast Bank job

Hacker penetrates T-Mobile systems

Health Care? Ask Cuba (US high infant mortality rates)

Projections dispute Social Security crisis (Thomma / Knight Ridder)

The ultimate price of state secrets

Pelosi on Mankiw on Social Security

Private Ownership, Collective Default

State of the world 2005-Worldwatch Institute

Bush exaggerates a few facts about Social Security (Invest.Bus.Daily)

New AARP Ad Campaign Highlights Danger in Proposals for Private Accounts C

Bush is real threat to Social Security (Ivins)

Politics, not need, drives Social Security 'reform'

Discovery of Leonardo's hidden laboratory

Stock answers not good enough

Seumus Milne (Guardian Utd): Iraq could plunge further into the abyss

Sinking Social Security

Social Security's phony 'crisis' (Philly Daily News)

Iraqi Victim Says US Torture Worse Than Saddam

Social Security battle is for system's soul

NYT: "Atrocities in Plain Sight" By ANDREW SULLIVAN

The myth of partisan gridlock (GOP lies/refuse to compromise)

The Crisis of 'Sam's Club' Republicans

Cameron report on S S cast Dems as "stonewallers"..l

Today's news on the draft

Bush’s awful plan to privitize social security

The Torture Myth: Washington Post

The Imminent Demise of the Republican Party

Michelle Malkin: I am not a (paid) whore

Gene Lyons

Social Security: How Bush Plans to Ruin Another American Institution

Financial Times: Soros in new pledge to leftwing causes

For the insomniac shift, lift of Coronation contributors

When is INN coming?

White Rose Usenet Postings Resume


Don King Sues ESPN for $2.5 Billion

NBC's David Gregory lies for Bush again -this time on Soc Security

CBS Marketwatch points out Bush Social Security lies in "fact check"

I just sent this to the Ed Schultz Show

Howie Kurts says nada on how true AWOL Bush was -just questions "no bias"

Unions Merge

What's your position on Social Security?

Detroit Goes To Work On Its Green Image - BBC

Help NRDC Keep Rape of Arctic Wildlife Refuge OUT of Budget Bill

LA Rains Overwhelm Sewage Systems, Beach Contamination "Off The Charts"

Russians Wonder What Happened To "General Winter"

Venezuela Mayor Orders Private Land Seized

Professor Richard Hayes Phillips on war


H. R. 31 To protect the right to obtain firearms for security...

What the...?

I'm kind of in awe

Have you ever had any contact with the Free Republic moderator?

Skinner, a request from MommaKef

Suggestion Regarding LBN

Paranoia threads???

I am extremely disapointed

Can we have a "Topic type" icon for Copycats

Can we put Skinner's post concerning Khepra somewhere prominent?

For the record Skinner

"Blame the small number of people"

I apologize for my sex thread earlier this month

No more sex threads.

I am sorry I tried to glorify the sex thread uprising.

A suggestion regarding "big name" posters

My apologies for ever crossing the sex-thread threshold

And I, too, apologize for any sex threads that I've ever created.

I would also like to send my apologies

Thank you, Skinner.

I am sorry I tried to glorify the sex thread uprising too.

It's a sad day when a discussion of tactics is considered too inflammatory

for skinner

Hi there and respectfully


Sex Thread Question

Forum rules

No more sex threads for me too.

I'm all for the crackdown on sex threads, but I think the Blues Brothers

Skinner, Elad,... About my new star!

I suppose I must apologized for my sex thread...

I apologize for never having posted a sex thread. Honest.

I apologize for my sex threads

What happened to my IUD question thread?

I apologize for all past sex threads

Just a thanks to the admins and mods

I'd like to say thank you to mod Damkira, for backup, and

Sorry for my part in the sex threads... BTW, one tiny question:

I am terribly sorry!

Thanks for cracking down on the sex threads, Skinner.


would doing this blow up DU?

Just wondering why this was moved

About your post in the Lounge "OK, the fun's over."

Why dont poll votes kick the thread?

Palestinians killed in new Israeli raids

`Strongman quits Abbas government

Strange seismic activity and molten steel at Ground Zero on 9/11/01

Recall any LIHOP/MIHOP articles within the first week/month after 9/11?

A Grand Unified Theory of 9/11?

ASBESTOS: the REAL Reason behind 9/11?

We did it again: We passed Colorado

"this part of the world"

Chicago Tribune: Mell calls for truce, but doesn't apologize

Russ Stewart: Hispanic politicians fight to be "King of the Mountain"

will ryan's prosecution hurt the il. thugs?

Peoria Journal-Star: Illinois Senate OKs gay-rights bill

Chicago Tribune: Obama a big hit in Lockport

LaHood to run for Gov?

Anybody a Chicago theatre fan?

the 2004 election is over, where's our mommy?

"Civil Rights Activist James Forman Dies at 76"

Chuck Herrin testifies in North Carolina: Only Trust Paper Ballots


Trying to dig into this CNN article from Jan 6.

My letter to my Senator thanking him for speaking on Jan 6

BRAD BLOG: Blackwell Does it Again!

What the kids are saying....

Blackwell chump Carlo LoParlo not only calls us...

Republican in Washington State has a great idea for Ohio

Conyers' letter now available on web

Help Wanted - The National Conservative Campaign Fund

Key players in election fraud share financial ties (more than owners)

Little freaked out right now

Americans Look Here

Karl Rove voodoo doll

Washington State "Snohomish County" Touch Screen Machine

Shout out to Conyers fans

Activists drop a challenge to Bush's Ohio victory

WASHINGTON POST - What happened in Ohio

Who's for renaming this forum the Bush Impeachment forum?

Blackwell Ethics Luncheon protest cancelled for lack of participants

"Not Me" bracelets


Limbaugh dumped for liberal show

Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Wolfowitz: History of Terror for Gain

A rebuttal to the “There’s been fraud since the election of G.Washington"

WTF? Military voters don't even need to be REGISTERED in WA State?

The Florida Myth Spreads

We must take back what is rightly ours

CBS' "liberal media outlet" ruler Redstone, I don't think voted for Kerry

Response from Senator Bingaman (D-NM)

Howard Dean will be on with Randi at 6:30!

Poor Blackwell.......deserves everything coming to him. new story

Exiled KOEB Come on Over to GD...

Why did the other Senators vote no? An explanation

Republican watch list for January 12, 2005.

Ron Wyden (D) and Gordon Smith (R) video 1_10_05 Oregon on election -- Lists All the Protests for J 20...

MSM direct access to vote counting machines?

"*" "jester" McClellan lies trough his butt while biting the dust of shame

Why Wenatchee? (warning: Satanic conspiracy theory)

Channel The Frustration - Protest the Inaugural - 7 days to go

Ebay auction for a guy to put your logo on his head for 30 days - E-fraud

Kerry may have already lost more than a million votes BEFORE the "election

I Hate CNN - too bought to print what Arnebeck really said.

How the election was stolen: read it and weep!

GOP in no mood to party. Republicans rally in Olympia

Unasked Questions about Election Reform: the Wyden-Smith Town Hall meeting

PLEASE READ YOU WILL LOVE IT Received This E-mail From

I personally will never rest until the regime is removed. Impeachment!

Let's do a NATIONAL Pres Re-vote like the Repukes wanna do in WA state!

Lucas County, Ohio home of election theft

If Kerry would have been the declared winner, I wouldn't be a DU member...

Who is for having a separate impeachment forum? a new site in the making

Ebay auction for a guy to put your logo on his head for 30 days - E-fraud

Kennedy: We cannot move our party or our nation forward under pale colors

Another idea for getting our message out

CBS/Viacom is *s Bitch! The "Urban Myth of Black Disenfranchisement"

From the archives, Election Tampering?!

Progressive Dems Summit on Electoral Reform Jan 21-23 Wash DC

What can we do to help Boxer out?

Important! Submit your ideas to ( only 2days left)

Letter from Boxer - right-wing extremists ratcheting up attacks on me

ImpeachBush members MASS RALLY during inaugural parade route

"The Power of Nightmares" makes the MSM!

Protesters Get Prime Spot for Inauguration!!!!

Need A Laugh Lately?

Dems Meet LaRouche's Challenge; Debate Shreds Bush 'Mandate'

I will be in New York later today.

Exit Poll Question

To the "fellas" trying to "debunk" exit polls and the fraud:

For those of you, who are tired of Bush using MSM for propaganda

Two months and ten days post-election . . . .

Broward Co - Breakdown of Kerry Early Vote Discrepancy - With Graphs

Send a "Thank you" pic to those who stood up 1/6 just like sorryeverybody.

Republican friend debunks Exit Polls - He says - What would you say?

LETS PLAY A GAME! Damn,Karl Rove Is Lighting Fire After Fire.

NOW is the time for us to unite our efforts (keep kicked)

Wednesday 1/12/05 Election/Fraud/Recount Thread

So/Cal Duers want to see Eugene Macarthy speak fthis friday night ?

May 3 election set to fill Matsui's seat

Action needed - stop Donald Jay Beardslee's execution on Jan. 19th

Arnold's Special Interest Tools

Arnold is going for ballot initiatives while Shelley is under attack

USGS called it a "micro" event , a 1.9

Ventura County Dems & Progressives

Joseph Kennedy, once again, won't run for governor

Please help support Gay Marriage: Freedom to Marry Valentines Gala

have you seen the boston heraLd LateLy

MA GOP Pre-emptively Registers Web Domains of Possible Dem Candidate

Who's polling MN?

Gay hate near U of M

Minnesota DUers ROCK!!!

Prepare the concession speech: Dayton hires Shrum, Devine & Donilon

Who will go up against Norm Coleman in 2008?

To whom can we write in MN to express our desire

Digital Rights Management and Spyware: Perfect Together

A question for Apple users.

Tried Firefox. Uninstalling it now.

Gov’t: Hep A Samples Lurking in Ohio River (Ohio’s Cuyahoga River )

Skids: Here's the promised info on Cuyahoga ballot images. Download

When does the liberal station go on the air in Cincy?

I'd like to ask a question...I'm a former Philly Dem

Write Your Senators

Martin Luther King Day List of Pa DUers

Woo Hoo! I'm legal again!

So, I am getting ready to move to Red TX from Blue IL

Green Bay: Police scrap fingerprint policy

Did anyone hear about a Feingold run for president?

I am very clumsy and have fallen many times, but never scraped my

Talking pop-ups?? WTF??

PBS-Charlie Rose has Barack Obama on now. 11:30CT

Iraq PM: Areas Unsafe For Vote

Contributors to the Chimp Coronation

Recall any LIHOP/MIHOP articles within the first week/month after 9/11?

Mike Webb's program starts earlier now

Stupid question. What's n/t?

Repost - Wonderful letter from naval officer doing tsunami relief

Witness: CIA and SEALs beat prisoners during interrogation

Marine killed after shooting officers

Dumb question #4: What DOES the Democratic party stand for, at this point?

Why did the atrocious beheadings in Iraq end after the election?

Caption this pic.

Who are the DNC candidates?

why don't WE "hire" some journalists?

Mississippi Libarary Board overrules Jon Stewart book ban

What do we think about the Daily Howler

I need adopt a troop information

Another case of BSE ("mad cow disease") in Canada - Time to give up beef?

Let's Join In

The U.S. Military got it's revenge...

Caption this pic.

Potential Scandals surround Michael Chertoff

She Thinks it's Mold - But what if?

No charges in chicken cruelty case

good morning everyone!

Dean on now on CNN! nt

gitmo torture story

Michael Chertoff prevented Clinton from fighting terrorism

Anybody read - "Confessions Of An Economic Hitman"....the US we don't know

CSpan discusses Safire's Character Is Destiny (NYT)

HERO HOMELESS (this is so sad, and it's just the beginning)

James Madison on protecting the minority of the opulent.

Bush has got some serious balls!

I usually try to stay away from YAHOO msg boards but..

Row over 'tasteless' tsunami food

More 'gulf war syndrome' Vicitims than Tsunami Victims

Found: the studio where Leonardo met Mona Lisa

please post the url of your favorite news site

Russian Officers Raid Dormitories in Dramatic End to Military Deferrals fo

The Principled Party

self delete

Putin wants beer ban watered down

Ukrainians Honor Their War Dead In A PUBLIC Ceremony!

Bushes put on a show for inauguration ceremony

Jackson trial ban bypassed

Israel has donated 0$ for the Tsunami Relief

Just heard on CNN that the search for WMD has ended??

Say whaaat? Caption required!

I need help

need book recommendation

I need a little help from a couple of DUers who have a little extra time.

Is anybody worried about Barbara Boxer's safety?


So, when will the terror alert be raised for Bush's coronation?

FOXBlocker - Get Yours Now -

U.S. ends search for WMD in Iraq

Possible Meeting with Sen. Dog Fucker Tonight

Anybody remember the picture of Kerry looking at Teresa

A combination of CAPTIONs needed here

What is Bush's current approval rating?

U.S. ends search for WMD in Iraq.

Whoa. Purge at federal office that deals with whistleblowers

Ever really wonder what is in those military 'inoculations'

Sabbath's "WAR PIGS": As relevant today as Yesterday.

Anyone have a picture of Lawton Chiles III

Countries donated 0$ for the Tsunami Relief

Decision not to pursue chicken cruelty charges ruffles feathers

Shrub Faith - YOU ain't got it!

Anybody see Frontline/World?

Hi. I'm a high-schooler scared of where this country's heading.

Some House Republicans and their "coded" e-mail names:

TWICE as many Hispanics in second term Bush cabinet

Bush volunteered for Vietnam?

HELP - Need names of grass roots organizations devoted to health care

Fascist Time Clock idea (similar to Dooms Day Clock)

Creepy scary weird Bush image today >>>

Thunder In January!?

Possibly meeting Sen. Santorum Tonight

Teens headed for inauguration

The 'Media Party' is over

I just love Governmentese

It is OK to say Bush is not your President

TIME (Canada) - Person of the Year - (a victim of US torture)

Transcript of Rumsfeld regarding "Salvador option"

They've changed the rules of citizenship.

PHOTO: "Now if y'all turn the lights out, I wanna make a chicky & a ducky"

Scott McClellan annoyed by a VERY GOOD QUESTION

EA: The Human Story

strange segue in Bush speech

John F. Kennedy and Howard Dean, on being a LIBERAL

can the citizens of Iraq receive snail mail from the US?

I have a question about Colin Powell...

Take a look-see at just HOW HYPOCRITICAL freeping rightwingnuts really are

The Moral High Ground

Calling lawyers for info...

CBS - pResident

Pogrom justified as a form of self-defense

Pledge of Allegiance by jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Missouri lets KKK adopt a highway (trash cleaning up trash)

why did this a.m.s paper have 4 SIMILAR pics of smirk on the front page?

CBS' downfall is just the tip of the iceberg: ........

Would a pattern of (deceptive) covert propaganda be a "high crime"?

Is America winning the war in Iraq?

Strange seismic activity and molten steel at Ground Zero on 9/11/01

Does your family have a terror evacuation plan in your home? This

Abstract question: Is it better to *win*, or to be *right*?

McCartneys' $1.9m tsunami donation

The First Step

We have a responsibility to the World

Focus on dismantling SS and we can forget about Iraq

Drafting Students Means Trouble

Thai Meteorologist Predicted Tsunami - Forced to Retire

Here's an idea....

I'm going to be a Nielson viewer. List the good shows to watch.

Whatever happened to Stanley Hilton?

Signed Sealed and deliverd Gregior is In

Limbaugh dumped for liberal show

Watch Gov. Gregior Inaguration Live......

Did anyone see the item on Michael Moore's makeover??

Will u still vote in the 2008 presidential election?

Funny website . . .

i heard Joseph Curl of WTimes say ,"bush* was talking about 'draft' ...

Haha. Idiot Kid Rock dumped from Idiot Son inaugural.

FCC Petition from Fired Fox Journalists (Tampa Bay affiliate)

Lautenberg and Reid Ask President Bush to Remove Armstrong Wiliams

What the kids are saying....

GOP bloodlust out of control: another hunting scandal (Oregon)

Letter Writing Campaign

Is refering to every idiot conservative as a "freeper" a good idea?

The Republican "spokesperson"

So does anybody else have an "FW" sticker?

Serrano proposes 22nd Amendment repeal. Why?

Anyone else worried about "Deep Impact" collision with comet?

The untapped strength of the party is here

Please REC this Yahoo story about Labor-busting BushThug Daniels (Indiana)

DU this poll

A post I made on a conservative board: re: Iraq better off?

Mastercard offers a free Hummer and free gasoline for life (for assholes)!

Opra's Stedman business partner with Armstrong Williams


Please send Meyerson's President of Fabricated Crises article to media

CNN talking about Bush's plan for high school students.

Here's the BBC video: about bush* illusionary Al Queda (link)

Will bitter-enders EVER accept there were no WMD?

Limbaugh dumped for liberal show

Pair arrested outside Long Island courthouse for telling lawyer joke

Blue Dot Plumbers

Thatcher 'guilty plea' over coup

Huge media criticism story, yet no Armstrong Williams

Most Outrageous Word of the Year

can i get a list of the top 10 FAUX NeUs Advertisers

SOS: Students for an Orwellian Society

Harvard's high-paid star investor leaving

SCOTUS tells Congress to fuck off - sentencing guidlines only "advisory"

Beginning in 2002, the "war on terror" began to hamper global oil supplies

OK, where are our daily Terrorism alerts?

Is Al Qaeda Just a Bush Boogeyman?

Book: "America 2014: An Orwellian Tale"

Alawi: Attacks on oil + electricity have cost Iraq $10 billion in revenue

Bush has got some serious balls!!!

Kennedy on Hardball (MSNBC 6pmCT) blasting *co nt

New Osama Tape, Deeper Propaganda Twists

There is a way to make Bush's** next two-four years miserable...

Just want to say thank you

No Child Left Behind Forcing Kids Out Of School

love upsetting the cons and the fundies

Old Joe must be smoking something funny, what the hell is this?

Anderson Cooper on WMDs

One of my favorite right-wing saying's...

It's finally sunk in-there will be no accountability for Bush ever

Unprecedented Security Preparations For Bush Inauguration

The Republican Schism is opening

Do you want some payback to a "Red State Idiot"

What comes after trillion?

Stephen Colbert nails it!

Hey you freepers

Will anyone here be able to get past the Iraq war if no senior official

could someone re-post that pic of * and his

Afghan Women Prisoners Complain of Bad Conditions and Sexual Abuse

That '70s auto show: Fuel economy is back

Conyers has endoresed Dean as DNC Chair!!!

Cute joke

Heeeeeeeeers NEWTIE!

I'll ask the question........

During World War II, FDR held no inaugural balls.

White House: Iraq Weapons Search Has Ended

It is a Coronation - NOT an Inaguration!

Free America from global Bankers: Learn & Sign NESARA

Give Idiot Son a break, these are the only balls he'll ever have

US Marines Told, "No" by Indonesia

Ever FOIA your personal records?

comments on BBC

Long-lost Seacole portrait found

State of the world 2005-Worldwatch Institute

Bush Cracks Door on Nuclear Option?

Sheriff: Mac Holcomb of Marshall County Alabama a real American

Does anyone agree

If we could shrink the earth's population to a village of 100 people--

Video: a little history lesson - has a catchy tune

WMD hunt folded right after the election.

My fiance heard someone from CNN say Jon Stewart was right

White Rose Usenet Postings Resume

Social Security Credibility: How About Fixing the Real Crisis?

Why weren't the Swift Liars punished?

Howard Dean is on AAR right now...

Say hello to the newbie, "chillynurse".

Protesters Plan to Mark Bush Inauguration

Oh NO...Ted Kennedy just mixed up Barak Obama and Osama bin Laden

Transcript from Dean/Woodruff today.....super interview.

PHOTO: Bush performs "I'm a little teapot", out of touch w/high schoolers

Who will be checking on tsunami victims 6 months from now?

Bring me up to speed - What's happening with the Jan. 30th Iraqi Elections

Is it 'Hispanic' or 'Latino'?

Sounds like we're (DU) going to be slammed on Hannity tonight...

The word is LIE, Tweety.

"Tone Down the Inauguration" "fashion flackery has begun in earnest" contest...

Protest The Inaugural!!!!!!!! Only 7 days to go.

ATTENTION.......Calling Ted Turner

So... Why no terror warnings anymore?

In the vein of Will Rogers

12-26 Equal-To, Greater-Than 9-11 n/t

? Just wondering...Have the BUSHCO/Capital police unveiled what they are

I just posted a few more of my paintings in the Artist's Group.

Small opera singer on 60 minutes...what an inspiration!

dick cheney's song for america

The Daily Show - "Bush is living in the Truman Show" priceless!

My favorite LTTE of the week

Discussion about derivatives and Morgan Stanley fined record $19m

Anyone knows what will or where will protesters be assigned to?

Bush Administration Comments (Lies) Concerning Iraq's WMDs

Dean For Head Of DNC, Kennedy For Head Of Ticket !!!

Pink Floyd's "In the Flesh" (song, clip from the movie) as RNC 04

"Not One Damn Dime Day"

Media Alert-Dwarfing the Tsunami

Amazing what one suddenly remembers...Your thoughts please

Brian WILLIAMS, Road to the Inauguration, ALL This Week - BARF!

advance look at the "Progressive Person-of-the-Week"

New Forum: Democratic Party

Got a webste? Add a HOWARD DEAN for DNC Chair graphic.

What impact will the no WMD story have on Blair?

How is a trade deficit a sign of a strong economy?

Russian missiles could tip the power balance in favor of Syria

Truthseekers:Its 'Bring a Friend Nite Here on Manditory MALLOY

Khephra's Obit Notice From The Indianapolis Star

Bush ORDERS D.C. to use Homeland Security $$ for his inauguration

Bush was still AWOL

DORIS MATSUI announces candidacy!!!: "Now it's personal!"

Rumsfeld's ABB (nuke reactors to NoKorea) is sponsoring Frontline-World

The Democratic Party and Abortion

Military and US sources reveal: Bush has ordered US Iraq commander Gen. Ca

Why does everyone call it "9/11"?

Ah the sweet smell of estrogen & Stephanie Miller

No Kid Rock at Bush concert

Were the ENRON guys driving the sub that crashed?

Media fluffers

Caspian Sea in danger of turning into environmental dead zone.

Did NBC call Bill Clinton gay?

COMMENT: Prince Harry wearing a Nazi uniform will encourage racists

Peta urges mayor to declare truce in war on waterfowl

Freepers On The March (pic)

An idea for getting our message out

How do the creationists deal with dinosaurs?

Can we have a sane discussion regarding "The New World Order"?

semi-amazing "thought of the day" on Lou Dobbs' CNN website

Warning Graphic Pictures: Iraq War Grief Daily Witness

Googling one of my heros, I.F. Stone

So Kid Rock is a bush man

Dennis Miller

Letter from a French Immigrant

Scary Freeper nationalism

Hearts and minds

Creationism/Evolution debated at FR

How many U.S. Troops are in Bosnia now?

New torture pics found (**slight **WARNING)

Lautenberg, Reid ask Bush to remove Armstrong Wiliams from White House Com

DU this CNN Poll re: WMD & War Rationale

Their Moral Values Aren't So Moral

Did New Homeland Security Nominee Protect Terror-Linked Doctor?

Stop White House News Distortion (Williams). Action link provided.

Homeless Shelters Gear Up For Returning Vets

KOEB Meeting

Reflections from May 6, 1970 - READ 'EM AND WEEP

Lieberman sticking to his guns on WMD!


Just received this UNSOLICITED email from "Progress for America"

Armstrong Williams Was Against NCLB BEFORE He Was Paid To Be For It

Need help debating conservative friend on Iraq

Why is Rush Limbaugh not being prosecuted yet?

The twins' gowns >

Am I the only one who thinks berets look stupid on our military personel?

Guess what I just witnessed?

Fatal blood clots and computer use...

Amen!! (MUST read)

President of Fabricated Crises: WP....really powerful.

The Strange Death of Senator Paul Wellstone


What is the most compelling reason for a conservative to become a liberal?

Promise me that you wont tell Laura (Bush)

Bush screws up script @ Town Hall Meeting:

OUR Soldiers (PHOTOS that bush* doesn't want you to see) GRAPHIC !

My husband makes me so mad! HELP!!!!

Holy shit! I am embarrassed that this poll is being taken much less

Freepers discuss fascism.'ve got to see this


Tyranny and Bush

(Prince) Harry's Nazi get-up

Who's killed more Iraqi children, Bush or Hussein?

Open Letter to the Rapturistas

Uh-Oh....Air America ratings slipping in NYC?

was someone looking for potato latke recipe?

Copper cooking pots are great---

Yummy marinated steak... (thanks to bearfan454)

How many of you cook according to your taste

Worrisome thread about Teflon

Has anyone made stuffed eggplant before?

Kitchen toys which one is the most useful?

How about a moist stuff pepper recipe?

Hey, Northern Neighbors!!! Joe Lieberman is CANADIAN!!!

Scottish Executive wants students to come to live & work in Scotland

I've been contemplating living in the UK. Am I crazy???

Royal family caught up in Nazi row

Executives of Nortel Will Repay Bonuses

A DNA Success Raises Bioterror Concern -NYT

Wage Law Survives High Court

Race Car Innovation to Aid Chopper Pilots' Vision in Iraq

Palestinians killed in new Israeli raids

Bush names judge as Homeland Security Secretary

Bush Nominates Chertoff for Homeland Post

Prosecutor Says He'll Show Ex-Officer Lied

Maoists accused of rights abuses

Trucks carrying Iraqi coins are robbed (Baghdad)

U.S. congressmen meet North Korean officials

Age gap may be trouble for Bush (Social Security)

Floods hit Costa Rica and Panama

$100 notes for journalists 'are just Iraqi hospitality'

Iraqi Victim Says U.S. Torture Worse Than Saddam

Chiles' son running for Florida governor

The Crisis of 'Sam's Club' Republicans

California bears brunt of trade deficit

Attorney denies reported cooperation offer by Cali cartel leaders

Marine on liberty dies in gunbattle with police

Three killed as storms batter UK

Iraq weapons hunt is officially over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Insurgents ambush US convoy in Iraq (Mosul)

Blast near poll commission in Iraq's Basra

Rising waters force evacuation of southern Nevada town, several homes

Banker convicted in Enron trial under house arrest

Troubled MI6 hires private eye

Soldiers help Iraqis with frustrating process of buying gas

FBI-style prosecutors plan

'Ali G' enrages rodeo crowd

Sen. Clinton Chides Bush on Women's Health Policy (Reuters)

Slamming the Door on Pentagon Neo-Cons

Ex-spies trying to sue CIA for broken pledge

U.S. jail torture "worse than under Saddam" (Abu Ghraib)

Sinn Fein must pay for heist 'sin', says Paisley

Secret service link to film-maker's killing

Grand Jury Proposes Expanded Use Of Tasers (Florida)


Chiles' Son Running for Florida Governor

Mass. Dem Opposes Anti-Abortion Chairman

Gov. Bush wants to make Medicaid more like private insurance

Trippi endorses Rosenberg, not Dean, for DNC Chair

U.S. Iraq Policy Frustrates Mideast States - Kerry

Bush vows push on immigration

Six Suspects Held in Baghdad Governor Killing

Kraft to Curb Children's Advertising of Some Popular Snack Foods

UK Police ban flags at Muslim celebrations

Metro Racism (NYT affiliate)

"Inga" rages through Norway

Soccer: What does this warrior's salute really mean?

Hunt for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction ends-Philadelphia Inquirer

Spacecraft to blast off on mission to comet

(Sec of Commerce) Evans Gets Chilly Reception in Beijing

Man Pleads Guilty to Raping 37 Women

NYT: Companies Plan Price Cuts for 275 Prescription Drugs

US gives up search for Iraq WMDs : BBC Breaking

EU's China arms ban seen lifted soon

E-Mail Shows Toll of Crash on Submarine

EU considers introduction of 'green card' plan

Jury Probes Ex-Bill Aide's 'Socks Docs' (still after Big Dog)

U.S. Tells Turks It Won't Fight Kurds

NYT: E-Mail Shows Higher Toll From Crash of Submarine(1 Dead 60 Hurt)

City Drops Citation Against Man With Anti-Bush Sign

Deals Reached in Texas Political Donation Inquiry (DeLay's not off hook)

Iraq: Prime Minister Says Some Areas Will Not Vote In Election

Breaking freeze, Sharon calls Abbas and suggests a meeting

WHO: Polio Cases Rose by One-Third in 2004

Henry Kissinger dismissed as CIA adviser

Washington State "Snohomish County" Touch Screen Machine

Stocks lower as record US trade deficit counters strong Intel earnings

Despite pressure, Bush vows 'no women in combat'

Atlanta Golf Club Sparks Battle Over Gay Rights

Washington State "Snohomish County" Touch Screen Machine

Council to adopt diversity resolution (KKK robe auction)

U.S stops fruitless search for wmd's

BBC producer resigns over Springer 'blasphemy'

Iraq's power supply sinks to record low: US general

WP - Supreme Court Says Federal Sentencing Guidelines Not Mandatory

Kerry says Egypt-US relations key to Middle East conflicts

McCartneys' $1.9m tsunami donation

U.S. Scales Back Some Tsunami Aid Efforts

US oil co wins gas contract in Iran despite sanctions

No Kid Rock at Bush concert

US Ends Fruitless Iraq Weapons Hunt

Conyers has endoresed Dean as DNC Chair!!!

Don King Sues ESPN for $2.5 Billion

Top Court: Sentencing Rules Not Mandatory (mandatory minimum drug laws)

Iraq rebels in video taunt (Bush)

A Conversation on the Relevance of Foreign Law for American

Moss Likely to Be Fined for Fake-Mooning (NFL)

Indonesia wants foreign troops out, defends restrictions on tsunami aid

WSJ: Apple Launches Low-End PC

US calls off Search for Iraqi WMDs

Small cars take center stage at auto show - Yahoo News

EMILY's List sues to block new FEC restrictions

Pakistan gas plant hit, several killed

US Senate delegation meets Pakistan's Musharraf

The official search for WMDs in Iraq is over...the verdict? None existed.

Ohio Supreme Court dismisses challenge to elections

Lawmakers Seek Probe of Long Voting Lines

Let's Talk About Sex (Republican hypocrites: fun read!)

Governor (Bush) Defends Controversial Hire

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 12 January

Former Klansmen freed on bond in Miss.

Health Care? Ask Cuba (US high infant mortality rates)

(CA) Governor willing to change term limits

Bolivia City Joins Anti-Government Rally

DA Arrested in Texas Court on Drug Charge ( methamphetamines R-Texas)

US senator hopes Iraq vote will follow peaceful Afghan example (Frist)

NYT - A High Level of Alert for the Inauguration

Lautenberg, Reid ask Bush to remove Armstrong Wiliams from White House Com

(Prince) Harry's Nazi get-up

Texas Prosecutor Arrested in Court, Charged With Possession of Drugs

Consolidation: Health Care's Empty Promise

Indonesia Says Foreign Troops Must Leave by March 26

Kennedy: 'We cannot become Republican clones'

Britain's Prince Harry apologizes after pictured in Nazi uniform defer destroying chemical weapons for 5 years

Ukraine to withdraw troops from Iraq

US sends BA jet back to Britain

China Raid Press Conference by S. Korean Lawmakers

Beating of Queens Satanist Prompts Hate Crime Charges

U.S. scraps Iraq weapons search

State of the world 2005-Worldwatch Institute

Iraqi Minister resigns in protest

The ultimate price of state secrets

Incendiary Devices Found In Placer County (CA) Construction Site

Ukraine must reform fast, UN team says

Israel trying to stop anti-aircraft missile deal between Russia and Syria

Dayton shakes up campaign advisers (Send in the losers!)

McCombs asks Fox to remove Buck from announcing team in Philly

In Sarajevo, skiers hit the slopes again at 'Serb mountain'

Reminder of PM's 'false premise':Australia

Explosion outside Ford City Mall, Chicago

Iraqi insurgents seem worried bin Laden will hijack their cause

WP: A Full Day Of Protest Planned for Inauguration

Torture to uncover brain secrets - BBC

Chemical Weapons Program to Face Cuts (in disposal funds)

Court: U.S. sentencing rules must be changed

US warns Russia on selling missiles to Syria

Russian pensioners block traffic protesting against elimination of state b

AWOL Soldier Cites Army Inadequacies

Buyer calls for limits to VA care

For figure skating fans: Angela Nikodinov's mother dies in car crash

Extremists, Fundamentalists Dispute Christian Relief Efforts (Tsunami)

Secrecy surrounds Iraq elections (candidate names, polling locations)

Ostracized Forecaster Predicted Tsunami (blames US)

Powell Sees Troops Returning This Year

Russia and Iran join efforts to struggle against invasion of UFOs

Baghdad gripped in fear ahead of elections

Big-Money Contributors Line Up for Inauguration

Iraqi Insurgents Seem Worried Bin Laden Will Hijack Their Cause

Thatcher in Reported Coup Plot Plea Bargain

Ridge spent time off in Arizona with lobbying firm's chairman

Serial Rapist in Ohio Pleads Guilty to All Counts

Missile Test Failure Won't Delay Flights

Store Fires Employee Who Refused Service To Marine

US soldier killed in western Iraq (1357)

Iowa Man Charged With Sending Nuclear Equipment To Iran

Students tested in TB scare (teacher died-TB suspected)

Ridge Seeks Fingerprints on Passports

WP: U.S. Lowers Expectations On Iraq Vote

Ala. Sheriff's (website's) Anti-Gay Views Draw Protest

(Indiana Governor) Daniels ends union pacts for 25,000

U.S. Trade Deficit Soars to All-Time High

Le Pen irks French government with Nazi remarks

Supreme Court bans indefinite detention of illegal immigrants

Disbanding Saddam's Army Was Correct, Bremer Writes

Former Congressman Gary Condit Denies Romantic Affair With Chandra Levy

Kennedy: 'We cannot become Republican clones'

Iraq rebels in video taunt

Pair Arrested for Telling Lawyer Jokes

Boy, 12, charged in toddler's rape, death

Red meat newly linked to colorectal cancer

European Parliament endorses EU constitution

Limbaugh dumped for liberal show (Air America)

Doctor dies in Kenner police custody: She stopped to aid bicyclist

Death Toll Rises to Six in Mudslide

Many wondering what happened to Europe's winter

Army looks to retirees to bolster forces

Bush: Iraq Invasion Worth It Despite No Trace of WMD

US trade gap a sign of growing economy: Snow

Michigan teacher suspended with pay over reported anti-Arab remark

Arizona Anti-Gay Bills Move Forward

NYT: White House Fought New Curbs on Interrogations, Officials Say

Hacker breaches T-Mobile systems, reads US Secret Service email

Aberdeen: Local draft board members needed

Right to privacy in restroom not absolute

EPA Finds Potential Teflon Chemical Risks

Gregoire sworn in as Washington governor (pic of protestors)

'Crazy' Teddy Bear Blasted By Mental Health Advocates

Bush Outlines High School Student Plans

Protesters Get Prime Spot for Inauguration

Jerry Springer Gets Radio Talk Show (Progressive Talk!)

is it too late to send a thanksgiving dinner thank you note?

Have any DUers recommended any good

If ever there was a Freeper in disguise it would clearly be NewYawker99

If Falafel Boy does the Telethon, maybe he could do a dramatic reading

The Lounge has turned into something between Lord of the flies


Did someone forget to turn on the lights in here?


Have you ever seen the Buster Bunny?

mods!!!!!! kleeb stole my toy truck!!!!!

Relish these precious moments o Lounge folk

For the fans of "Elektra" the movie...

Does anyone have key's

Chiclets? Chick Tracts? Which are worse?


I just got the shit scared out of me

photos menage a trois

Is it just me, or has the Lounge blossomed?

Your behavior

Have you ever seen the Easter bunny after easter?

Clink, Clink, Clink! Thats three locked up.

I'm Leslie Anne Levine, ask me anything!

I am revising downward my estimate of the average age of...

The main difference between Europe and America is as follows...

Dookus started it.

I'm James Inholfe, ask me anything

I'm going upstairs to watch season 1 of Strangers with Candy...

The Lounge is beginning to frighten me: folie a deux

shhhhhh! Mods are back! Everyone look busy & get back to work!

Does anyone besides me want a Scottish Forum?

DRM and M$: More Screwed Up than Hogan's Goat.

I wonder who is paging BigMcLargehuge to get him back to work.

?: I am having a life issue/work/insurance vs. my integrity/ Help?

OHMYJEEESUSGOD! I know I just saw a Dookus post.

Biodome vs. Citizen Kane

You know.....


Grandma update: she's in pretty bad shape

This website lists every radio station worldwide that streams.

To what 60s/70s event would you compare the sex thread riot?

shawshank redemption vs. the Godfather

I just got The Silmarillion on audiotape

Go to google, type "cynicism test" in the search window and...

I'm a HUGE Republican

"Santa Claus vs. The Martians" vs. "Fight Club" vs. "Young Frankenstein"

Feeling late, and blew up

Trying to get to 300 before I go to sleep... ask me anything

I feel like a true DUer now.

Are you tall or not

Forget having a thread locked, mine frikkin' vanished!

Breaking:CanuckAmok makes small fortune investing in li'l digital padlocks

How would you rate your metabolism

Stroke this

I'm Rick Santorum Ask Me Anything

I'm so Proud of my Clueless Husband

It's Bedtime Story Time

Winnie the Pooh question?

Ghosts and Hoaxes!

One more to go!

Who needs to do a load of wash ?

why do I ever post in GD?

Is it just me, or does Amber Frey resemble Marilyn Manson?

"Wolf's Rain" - Adult Swim fans, check it out!

"Every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought."

I've heard cynicism has a negative impact on your short term health.

Something that needs to be made clear to the Democrats.

It is quite possible that Nick Lachey approved of F 9/11(Michael Moore)...

XviD Vs DivX?

Rain Rain Go Away

AC/DC on Bush's Inauguration Ball

Dried mango=goodness

I want to see this painted onto the side of a fast car (picture)

good morning everyone!

Is it preferable to be a nerd or a moran?

bushism ...WTF?

The Bill O' Reilly-George Clooney Feud

Ann McDonald Gives Birth Near McDonald's

Recyclers Discover Cash-Filled ATM

All this ipod hype--jeeesh!

Up late, and feeling blue.

how can ace be both 1 and 11?

Students Egg Bomb School

It's JimmieJazz Wednesday. Far out!

"In the Narnia Chronicles, Lewis retells the story of Jesus Christ ...

Wil Wheaton - MacWorld presentation

How many DUers have you had conch with?

How many DUers have you been crunk with?

E! Channel to air daily recreations of Jacko trial

Pa. Man Sickened by Pig Roast in Basement

Jazz Funeral For Democracy has just received hate mail.

General Tso versus General Ching - the Chicken Wars!

Wow I have a eclectic mix of movies in my Netflix queue

My little mp3 Beatles collection...

Someone in here smells good. What perfume/cologne are you wearing?

Hide & Seek?

I'm in a foisty mood...................

This will mess with your head

Midnight Poetry Thread

I have never before seen a lounge thread locked for being a dupe.

Do you get paid to post on DU?

Do you post on DU to get laid?

It ain't supposed to rain here in January

Dogs and fear

How many DUers have you had brunch with?

Hells Bells Yes!

Have you ever been abducted by aliens?

Everything old is new again. Commodore is coming back.

I am buying a life today. Should I let my coat in it?

On average, how much time do you spend online each day?

Best way to kill bugs? (no wussies!)

I present to you the largest Tecmo Bowl Blowout I have ever seen...

My car is acting SO weird. Please help, car gurus!

Tanzanians pack George Bush bar

Michelle Branch vs. late-stage colon cancer

Ex rips off man's tackle

Write your name in the snow:

I'm buying a boat today. Should I let my wife on it?

It's Jazz Wednesday. Far out!

I just shot up a Magic 8-ball....don't ask me anything; I'm too high

Dogs and beer

Queer Eye for the Lincoln Guy

My niece was accepted to med school!

"Have a blessed day"

Your epidermis is showing!

How old are children when they can knowingly lie?

Check out my cartoon Du Jour...

I'm Bill Lumbergh, ask me anything.

Brats from deer.

Do you medicate

I'm buying a wife today. Should I let my boat in on it?

My first book is about to be published!!

in these times of universal want, famine, war, and death, I have a

Jackson trial ban bypassed

"Let's Trim Our Hair in Accordance with Socialist Principle"

As a child, did the "Chronicles of Narnia" strike you as particularly

I'm normally a non-violent person, but.....

Dogs and deer

Watching a beloved pet die has to be the WORST thing.....

I have a question......................

Frank or beans?

Do you mediate?

What are safe Gotterdammerung hours?

OMG this is HUGE! (Really!)

i just tripLed my productivity

for my 700 hundreth post,

I am going to go one entire day without using sarcasm. Honest!

I'm A Magic Eight-Ball... Ask Me Anything.

Lilly's at the vet--too much information!

Do you like the song "Sweet Home Alabama"?

yeeeeha! test firing successful

Do you like the song "Southern Man"?

In honor of my Grandmother (R.I.P) ¡Charles Chips!


Should I make this shirt?

The right-wing smack-down!

My company's going under

What can you do with a cow tongue?

So what's in your "My Forums"?

Thread-killers ain't NOTHIN', man.

Well, I got a bit of bad news yesterday afternoon

What are good Malleus Malefarcum hours

Do you view society as Us vs. Them?

Using alliteration, describe how you're doing right now.

And speaking of southern rock

Little Boxes

Jeff Garcia Likes Girls?

And speaking of southern rock

Do you care about Pitt-Aniston?

What the hell is my cat doing?

Am I weird?

I'm ironing this on a t-shirt tonight, thoughts?

What are your favorite chips?

My cat Kittrinka has Bette Davis eyes

My cat has my eyes!!! AAARRRGGHHH!!!

Billionaires for Bush and other ditties

What the hell is my brother's dog doing?

I'm bored at work. Ask me anything.

A web site with a list of image hosting sites

Well darn. There goes my "tribute to SouthEast Xavier thread."

You don't know Jack Shit video - Excellent!

The "Some of My Best Friends Are..." CAPTION

Answer me this - images not showin up in my posts

I'm back on DU after a two-month hiatus. Ask me anything.

Coolest. Dress. Ever. (warning: fluffy vanity post ahead)

My cat's toupee resembles a wet marmot.

Which is better? Cat heads or copycat heads?

Good bye cruel world!

Bean recipies! Post 'em!

> > Living in 2005

Fancy me on the BBC

My cat has crossed T's

Vrbana Bridge (A True Story)

what are your favorite franks?

"Caution! Yellow light! Red light! Keep your mouth closed!"

How do I help my son?


Bill Clinton?

Let's Dance!

"In a medically supervised anecdotal study..."

Hilarious online java game - check it and post your scores

Can someone PM me and tell me what the frick happened these past few days?

My cat has crossed eyes

My Cat Clancy has SVENGALI EYES

Which is better? Cat threads or Copycat threads?

If I was a rich girl, nananananana

Who is your favorite Doris Day co-star?


Have you ever had to cut off contact with a parrot?

Holy crap... my boss was just indicted on tax evasion charges

Ever used a medium to contact a dead parrot?

"Breath my pasty friend"

There is no good pizza in L.A. and it makes me mad.

Hey DU scientists - spectroscopy cat question

My cat Tupea has Marty Feldman eyes!

Proof that Belichick (New England Patriots) is the best football coach

Folks, would you please give the Mods a break?

scariest urban legend

Thank you Skinner.

freeper college courses

"Strawberry Fields" orphanage to Close

Boy, am I lucky

Frybread Story

SIGN MY PETITION, PLEASE to be the Lounge's ***OFFICIAL*** Kept Man.

In the mail today: My 16 yr old's grades & a letter from the USMC

I'm Art Vanalay. Ask me anything.

No more Mr. Nice Guy!

Attention! MORE Whoring!!!!!!

Confess!! What small nuggets of 'cool' do your parents have?

Is it worthwhile to have hopes and dreams?

Sweet Home Alabama or Sweet Home Chicago

Brats and beer

Ashlee Simpson's song La La or a flexible sigmoidoscopy

Mmmm...macaroni and Velveeta.

What exactly is Canola?

I'm walking around with no coat and there is snow on the ground

What exactly is the Shiznit?

What exactly is shinola?

Well, I wasn't expecting the Spanish Inquisition.

This Computer Tech needs some help. ...#%*@$# Rabbits!

Marley to be exhumed, buried in Ethiopia

I've been contempating buying an AK-47. Am I crazy?

I am contemplating selling a Fubar. Am I kleeb?

What exactly is a Hula Hoop?

What exactly is a brouhaha?

Whats the difference between Booya and Brouhaha?

I am contemplating listening to U2, am I crazy?

Eye chart for us guys!

Mine's bigger than yours. Forehead, that is.

I've been contemplating buying a Boeing 747. Am I crazy?

Remember playing dodge ball in grade school?

Remember playing dodge ball in grad school?

Remember doing 8 balls in grad school?

What is your preferred strategy when you get the blues?

Voices keep telling me I'm the Prime Minister of France, am I crazy?

A song from me to all the lovely ladies out there.

What kind of drug would help Bobby Flay?

Northeast: Today 58 degrees (Rochester, NY)

I am contemplating raiding the mini-bar, am I crazy?

Jazz Funeral For Democracy

What was the best Wu-Tang solo album?

Anyone familiar with Mary Margaret O'Hara?

What are your favorite beans?

I'm Contemplating my navel.

What are safe hammering hours?

i`m contemplating going to work.....

Stoop Ball?

What's your favorite flower??


Job stuff.

Listening to the best of The Smithereens. Ask me anything.

Trivial matter, serious question:

Who have you feLt (um, for) in the Lounge Lately?

Ok, would you like to see Elektra like this?

Hey SoCal! Its Baaaaacccckkkk! The Sunshine is baaaaccckkk!

What exactly is a Hullabaloo?

ya, I am back and skinner is the bomb!!!!!

Most annoying character ever

Judge Judy vs. Bush Administration.

I am eating Strawberries and Cream

Dance tunes my cover band should play

whip this thread if you love copycats.

Yeah, that guy. Whats his name. Favorite character actors/actress's

I'm Addicted To Tartar Sauce! Help Me!

Waking up in Reno

how you feeLing about the Lounge LateLy?

Pet peeve - bad handwriting

Sniff This Bread if You Love Floppy Hats.

How did that happen?

How did the whole thing about "spitting on troops" start?

I know WHY a sitting president is inaugurated again.

Does anyone drink Red Stripe Jamaican Lager?

Kleeb recipes! Post 'em!

I can always tell if someone is a labour or conservative on brit parliamen

"Hometown Favorites" Web Site...Retro candy, gum, childhood treats

An endless loop runs its course

Easy Rider is on AMC now

Madonna To Host Tsunami Telethon

Anyone A Fan Of FishnSnails In Jello?

stupid question about buying a used car

For some unfathomable reason, Tom Hanks is USA's favorite actor.

Roxy Music. Unsung heroes, vastly overrated, or other

?Puorg sdaerht tacypoc a tuoba woh

Does anyone have a good recipe for Creole Sauce?

Anyone a fan of Me'Shell NdegéOcello?

Stupidest Steve Miller song

DU Weather update...lightening and thunder in Milwaukee

LA Duers - who wants to go to the 2001 Maniacs Premeire tonight?

Nobody puts Baby in the corner . . .

How about some copycatfish hunter threads?

Stacy's Mom has got it going on.

Funkybutt kicks ass.

Post here to get bullied on my way to 5000 posts

Why might my signature not be showing?

Can someone help me to create an avatar?

Motivational Posters We'd Like to See

'Ali G' enrages rodeo crowd

Copycatters should wear a yellow "C"

Coffeecatting shouldnt be done in a Nissan Axcess but nothing should be


Skin-crawly-creepiest song lyric ever?

Copycatters should wear a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree

Let's Begin Impeachment Proceedings

Copycatters should wear a yellow "C"

Guys, what's Miami like to live?

Could somebody please light a match?

Eat less or buy cheaper bread?

Here's what's annoying about cat copy threads

Anybody fans of the new show "Medium"

Copycatting shouldnt be done in excess but nothing should be

Copycatters should make yellow pee

Crap...I have to tell my hubby his foxface died.

Do you lock your thread at night?

Here's what's annoying about copycat threads.

WTF is the difference between cheese and cheese food anyway?

Have you ever hocked your car at night?

Do you lock your car at night?

I am closing in on 1000 posts

What exactly is a Hootenanny?

If Cats are Outlawed, only Copyist will have Fun.

Is Howard Dean on Randi Rhodes tonight?

copycat pics ...

I am so tired of shedding!

Can't we ALL just get along?

Dyslexics Untie!

kick this thread if you love copycats

Here's what's amusing about copycat threads.

OMG - It's Official - NO WMD'S FOUND...........then???

How about a copycat threads group?

Thank Jeebus! I'm finally going to get my damn paycheck!

What is your middle initial

How about a (type of thread I don't like) group?

Prestidigitators Untie

Pro or Con?

cat pics....

Randi's Caller was really annoying the shit out of me

Test of español

My 8 year old must have overheard my wife and I

Any free cell addicts here?

I just told a lie! When does my Medal of Freedom arrive?

Have you told your parents all the bad stuff you did as a kid? nt

Kick StopTheMorans if you think he's a dork

Just finished my Soc exam. Ask me anything!

meat pie!!!!!

To be truthful, I have the middle view on copycat threads

Prognosticators UNITE...

Should outlaw threads be copycated?

I just got a paper cut! OW IT hurtsssssss

what constitutes an important Lounge threat...?

I'm Harry Reid, ask me anything

Should copycat threads be permitted?

Should outlaws be copycated?

O'Reilly Says Okay to Clooney

Darth Kitten says "okay" to George Clooney.......

Proctologists UNITE!!!!!

I'm bored

I'm going home now...

slydexics untie!

Procrastinators UNITE...

I've been contemplating living in the UK. Am I crazy???

My grandma dies this morning

The Tortoise and the Hippo

Which DUers are you going to be protesting on Jan 20th in DC?

Wanna help me kick a hog?

Kitties with faces only a mother would love........

I'm the Loch Ness Monster. Give me $3.50!

Lets Ban Verbs on DU!!!

Don't want Fox? Buy a Fox Blocker

read this post yankee fans!!!

Last night at my dead end job! I'm transferring!

the lounge is out of control-- mods, it's time to CRACKDOWN....

I can't believe WHFS is gone.

I'm Washington Governor Dino Rossi. Ask me anything.

Have copycats been outlawed?

Have you ever photocopied your cat?

Help me find party favors for our ReCoronation Mourning Party!

Should calling me 16 when you know damn well i am 17 be permitted

Pair arrested for telling lawyer jokes. GOOD!.

My First Poll: What's your favorite forum at DU?

Are your local stations having a benefit right now?

the lounge is out of control! time to crack open a cool 'un!!!!!!

Some problems I need help with

Misspellers UNTIE

Hey, Radio Shack: how about a new entry from your "Glossary of Terms?"

Let's Ban The Letter 'W' at DU!

I am so tired of shredding

Copycaters have a man date.


my patriot act paper for school

Your chioce for the "West Wing" Democratic Presidential nomination in 2006

Rams at Falcons

So baseball season hasnt even started and I am already thinking

My Cockerspaniels

First time Naan Maker

"Green" songs

What exactly is Canada?

Republican hair

Oh boy, it ain't easy running a no vowel thread

Shit I got for my birthday

Copycat threads keep us sane.

Was it me or was there a subtle anti-Bush slap on Sci-Fi last night?

Sneak Peek at the Airbus 380 Prototype

30 minutes to LOST

How do dead people vote?

Does anyone have the game "President Forever?"

Can cats get abortions?

I now have a brand-new reason to admire and respect FDR.

I wanna see a flame war without vowels

Is anyone else listening to THE MAJORITY REPORT?

Presidential Ghost - Humor

U2: what would you rather listen to?

Every 14 seconds a ninja totally flips out and kills someone!

I'm BLINKY THE WONDER CARP. Ask me anything!

Is ABC TRYING to get the show LOST canceled?

Best classic song about a cross-dresser:

Should copycat threads be outlawed?

'Weirdo' Accuses Love of Killing Cobain

Let's speculate... who else is on the ** disinformation payroll....?

kitty pics.. totally non-related to abortion

What exactly is a shindig?

Was I set up?

Official Lost discussion thread....

Have you ever had to cut off contact with a parent ?

Napoleon Dynamite thread for me and Catwoman.

How inclined are you to ruin a fun thread with allegations of racism?

I'm watching Finding Nemo, and my fish aren't watching it at all

Should outlaws be threaded

What constitutes an important lounge thread?

hannity is such a friggin' dork (he actually LIKES the strip Nancy)

Best classic song about an old perverted wino with tuberculosis:

NFL Helmets. Old ones or New ones?

Road Trip

"Instructions Included" - Angels in the Architecture piece.

Anderson Cooper (of CNN) is on CBS's 60 Minutes doing a medical

I had an epidural steroid injection yesterday, my back hurts worse

All right! Who put glue in my shoe!

Colts at Patriots

Embarrassing situation: My mom thinks i'm sleeping around.

Doors to close at home that inspired Lennon

make crank calls as.....John Kerry!!!

Windows XP...Why can't I "end" processes on Windows Task Manager?

Best song about a Jew:

"Reno 911" a show of pure comedy genius.

Ahnuld is really an ass

For Rabrrrrrr:

Fish question for the fish experts

Doesn't THIS look fun?

Jets at Steelers

Who else lives on a street that doubles as a bobsled track?

Do people want other people to fail generally?

It's just me, kicking a thread that I haven't even started yet

Am I the only one who thinks Pennanteller's "Hour of Tourette's"

Trailer Park on Luxury Lane

have you ever had to tighten the chinkadairy and

West Wing plot question...

Should Cat Copiers be banned?

OK You east coast Lost watchers!

Worst Rock & Roll Urban Legend

Ashlee Simpson blames Sooner fans and fellow performers

I just came inches away from having a new orfice in my head

West Wing on now!

What color should I paint my nails?

They're making a movie of your life! Who plays the lead role?

420 -- need some suggestions for my friend's "errand" mix CD

New picture proves Bigfoot is a sophisticated animal

I donated money to a St Paul charity that encourages literacy today.

Best song about JCrew:

Don't you love it when your prediction of "That guy's an asshole...

best song with Pennsylvania in the title

"Tension Mounts, you score an ounce..."

The bar is open--- what'll you have?

Peter Gabriel

I'm about to download some music - Gimmie some suggestions

G'night everybody. I know it's early, but I've been battling insomnia

I want a cat...Do they crap everywhere?

Why are peanuts called nuts when they're really a legume?

When you hug someone do you do the back patting thing ?

Why do posts about teenagers keep getting deleted????

This fish is freaking me out!!

Best song with Georgia in the title:

Clever ways to get kids (not one's own) to stop doing something

How do you put your pants on?

A Tribute to Khephra?

I love my mother-in-law!

I'm ready to start campaiging for Congressman Matt Santos for President

If you get gastric bypass, can you still get drunk?

Why does everyone hate bisexuals???? (Not a sex thread!)

Everyone, Please say hello to a newbie, "chillynurse"

Wow. I'm apparently quite close to 3000 posts.

Copy Cat or Kitty Cat: Which threads should be banned from the Lounge?

Vikings at Eagles

Do you meditate?

Can somebody PLEASE capture this video for me?

Is it wrong for me to enjoy reading People magazine?

LOST starting now

Listening to Jesus Christ Superstar- ask me somethin', for Christ's sake!

Please post some good things that have happened this week.

West Wing watchers

BEEEEE the chocolate bar!

If the EEG said I was asleep, yet I was thinking the whole time, plus

You shook me...

Pearls Before Swine- I can't stop laughing at this! Please read!

help me on my mega lame email campaign!!!!!!!!!!!!

What should I name my next cat?

Whatever happened to The Osmonds?

Best Jim Carrey movie? I vote Eternal Sunshine ... wow!

DUDE-- I'm not gettin' a Dell! Yay!

You get a free BISCUIT with your ZombyHug!

Fake tsunami pictures

How big an old boy are ya?

I have watched every episode of the West Wing and Lost

Our mouse has a cat in its mouth!

Only 7 minutes until LOST! YAY

Our mouse has a cat in its mouth!

Is "Grand Theft Parsons" worth watching?

Drawn Together is tasteless and so not funny

"Laurel Canyon" is coming on HBO in a while. Should I watch it?

I found the HELL-bound dog!

I want to go on a chocolate binge,

Any fans of Anti-Flag in the room

A CatWoman exclusive!!!! The Bush twins after-party inaugural gowns

Somehow Ebay got hold of *'s official WH portrait

i found the dog from HELL!!

Best classic song about a Gypsy:

I just watched another GD thread I started...

draft of speech

Mrs. IconCat is using wax to deny her mammalian heritage.

Hell's Bells

This flag bit on The Daily Show is hilarious!

I'm addicted to Tetris! Help me!

I am contemplating buying a chocolate bar, am I crazy?

We are young. Wandering the face of the earth.

All war on terror and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Who wants to be my bitch? (It's free)

Who wants to be my fiend, it's free (not a sex thread)

Step inside, walk this way, you and me babe, hey hey!

I hate myself

Feather pillow owners: do ALL the feathers eventually work themselves out?

DUers, Is the Eastwood flick "Unforgiven" worth a watch?

I'm the type of guy...


For those who wanted an Irish Group...what happened?

His name is Paul LaDuca, he lives on the second floor.

hehe.... Rocky Horror Picture Show is so vulgar it's funny.....

Heaven on the 7th floor! Heaven on the 7th floor!

I got my new magnetic bumper sticker today!

Need input re: loud neighbor . . .

Mod appreciation thread

Eagle Scout

Im Listening to Malloy for the first time! Ye gads hes awesome!

A whole message board devoted to obsessing about soda pop?

Whoa-oh! Black Betty, bam-a-lam! Whoa-oh! Black Betty, bam-a-lam!

Current Playmate of the Year Carmella DeCesare on trial for assault

OK, the fun's over.

most recent articles at my blog, Jan. 12, 2005

This is the car I want!

We made love in my Chevy Van, and that's all right with me.

Why is there no "no moon?"

Name the musical source:

I just finished watching "Fight Club". Ask me anything.

Small opera singer on 60 minutes...what an inspiration!

The "Ohhh, the Pain" CAPTION

What do you make of this reaction by my fundy chorus director?

Weirdest thing happened to me tonight...

I'm Andrew Jackson, ask me anything

Great Dimebag Darrel tribute in new Guitar World

Have you ever blown up your commode?

The First Rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about fight club.

Best song about a Sue

Okay, so just what is pipe weed in Lord of the Rings?

I've had a head ache and been in a crappy mood since Saturday

Our cat has a mouse in its mouth!

Whatever happened to the Almonds?

Hey, remember the Horror group?

I have a different view of "Sweet Home Alabama."

Hartford CT area DUers - death penalty forum tonight

I am "first author" on a report I wrote :)

When is the right time to dance at work? And what kind of dance?

Lts bn vwls n D! Vwls r nncssr nd tk t mch spc tht cld b sd mr prdctvl.

Post Your Haiku, Or Poem For No Trace Of WMDs Being Found In Iraq

A belated Christmas wish - from Mom

Serious question. Cat and dog, both female.

Should amputees be offended by prosthetics?

Do you know why your parents gave you your name?

A person just said "Goodbye" to me!

What's the best advice you got as a kid?

Say hello to the newbie, "chillynurse".

Best classic song imploring the listener to do something:

it's too warm - where is my winter weather?!

New York/NE DUers (Memorial for Kheph)

I turned in my two week notice today.

How Messy are You?

Ebay auction for a guy to put your logo on his head for 30 days - E-fraud

What the HELL are in "Greenies"??

Choose: Drink less or buy cheaper booze?

MS automatic update - malicious software removal tool?

Help, I need to get out of the 700 club, and fast!

Anyone interested in a Languages group?

Another post re: Kef's memorial service...

I'm Tom Daschle, ask me anything

Have you ever cut your own hair?

What races is it socially acceptable to be racist about?

I have a question for Mets and Yankee fans.

To clean your monitor

Irish Affairs Group: THE NEXT STEP (We are this close!)

What is/was the ugliest car ever made?

The Hedges family Crest

No need to hurry with those TPS reports...

What is the best beer. Discuss here -->

Have you ever come to a crossroads where you had to make a tough choice?

Which DUers are going to be protesting on Jan 20th in DC?


Any TOM LEHRER fans around these parts?

Any Pinnacle Studio plus video editing users on here?

*****ZombyWoof's Crock O' Five Alarm Hellfire Chili!!*****

DU Group Proposal: FUN GROUP

Want to help me pick a dog?

My (one of) cat's breath stinks.

Hey - last Wednesday was my 1 year DU anniversary - cool!

Really, REALLY embarassing songs you actually like.


'Ali G' enrages rodeo crowd

Since we are all posting PICS - Let's see yo DAWGZ and KATZ!

Who wants to be my friend? (It's free)

Post a picture of your pet.

DUers...what about a Fat/Weight Acceptance group?

Can someone else weigh in on this thread?

A peace rally speech -

How many Christians here believe in hell?

Meat does increase Cancer risk - Fruit/veggies don't decrease the risk

Giant ice slabs set for collision

Signal from the first few moments of the Universe is found

Big bang sound waves explain galaxy clustering

Voicemail software recognises callers' emotions

First direct sighting of an extrasolar planet

Ancient Astronomer's Work Found on Roman Statue

Cystinosis - How serious is it?

Craft Closes In on a Saturn Moon, and on Clues to Life's Beginnings

Evidence That Human Brain Evolution Was A Special Event

Anyone else worried about "Deep Impact" collision with comet?

Revealing a rune stone's secrets (geo-archaeology)

Fierce mammal ate dinos for lunch

Rethinking Jamestown (archaeology)

Bill Could Ban Gay News From Virginia Libraries

Gay African American Students Hold First National Conference

Arizona Gay Murder Trial To Begin

Suit Seeks Benefits For Surviving Partner Of Air Crash Victim

Louisiana Gay Bias Order Challenged

Bill Could Ban Gay News From Virginia Libraries

Please help support Gay Marriage: Freedom to Marry Valentines Gala

Urgent message from anti-gay Traditional Values Coalition Fundies

Point Foundation gives award to Texas senior expelled for being gay

Gay sex play gets an outing

It's true!! First human couple....GAY!

Do you want to get very sad and then get very angry?

Anyone ever have a homosexual crush on a straight fake news show host?

is this homophobic

Gay Bashing Is Official Business In This AL County

McNabb relishes playoff pressure (AP)


Steelers Fans in Pennsylvania: Truth or Fiction?

Colts 'idiot' kicker gives bulletin board material to Super Bowl champs

Tennessee football is about to get hit hard by the NCAA

WTF is up with the Timberpuppies (Timberwolves)

Dent, Marino, Young among 15 hall finalists

Who's career would you rather have - Dan Marino or Phil Simms

What the hell is my cat doing?

Early every morning my cat Abbie "accidentaly" loses a toy

My dog is starting to sleep with me now!

owls feasting on cats and pomeranian

Ancient Astronomer's Work Found on Roman Statue

Revealing a rune stone's secrets

Is there something special going on with Aries right now?

Sea of Tears, at Starlight News

A Course in Consciousness

*w's religious wisdom

Xians can be such idiots sometimes

We must pound this in to the idiots' brains: Bush hung our soldiers out

Slow night guys?

1/12 article: Kennedy talks about Dem Party values

fuck purism and narrow minded hypocritics, there I said it

My allegory didn't catch on

What a crappy cruddy night

Ted Kennedy on CSPAN, now 9pm east

Please don't flame me but I've thought about the DNC chairmanship

I was wrong, he is running again, see article


That was fun

Has everyone seen the revamped website?

1/12 Article: Kerry Chides US Mideast policy

So there's a certain poster who doesn't seem to want Kerry's win exposed

Why I have a problem with people threatening to leave the party

Photos That Look Old.... but aren't.

Washington State inauguration will be on Cspan Wed. afternoon.

Iraqi people get to play hide and seek w/ the voting booth on Jan 30

Help Us Get 100,000 People to Take the Pledge by Inauguration Day

Included in Bush inaugural speech (according to Jay Leno)

Protesters gather as gubernatorial fight heads to court - WA

Jon Stewart book ban overruled by Mississippi library board

Where to find news to post: We need to pick up where K. left off

Armstrong Williams, a White House Fellowship commission member ...

HOW STUPID are bush & bushbots on Iraq elections??? Glad ya asked.

"America's Finite Future" (or, the "moral right" is insane).

Mission Accomplished! Iraq a sucess.

Bremer's Security Detail--Goons in the Whole Foods Parking Lot

Department of Homeland Security

Washington State Republicans

Hartford Courant runs story re: "Not One Damned Dime Day"

Newt Gingrich and Iraq

"Civil Rights Pioneer James Forman Dies"

"Former Lawmakers Find Lucrative Jobs"

"Bush's Cabinet Increasingly a D.C. Crowd"

"Illinois House Passes Gay Rights Bill"

DNC Chair?

Red State Politics

the chimp speaks from"jeb stuart High School"...

"White House Distributes Bush Op-Ed"

New Yorkers: Schumer's "souring" on Gonzales. Pour the pressure on!

defined benefit plan funding reform & PBGC Premium increase Proposed

"Mo. Governor Rescinds Bargaining Rights"

Dean on CNN Wednesday

George W. bush LIES. A lot. Often. Big lies. Little lies.

The Boxer Rebellion!

Redistricting: Congressional races become invisible

Conyers endorses Dean for chair.

Bush: Can't be president "without a relationship with the Lord"

Lobbyist for Christian Coalition, now DLC, puts his two cents in re Dean.

PLEASE VOTE Indy Star Poll about Mitch Daniels and His 1st Act as Governor


Sign petition urging the GOP to stop protecting Delay!

Smirk isn't the only one paying off reporters - Allawi does too

Wanna have some fun with the freepers? Come visit the

Why Democrats are Winning the West -- letter from Mark Udall D-CO

(water) gun to your head... Choose!

"Bush Warns Congress on Social Security"

Is Kerry "progressive"?

Bush and the GOP to Vets - Shut the F*&k Up


Senator Kennedy NOW on C-Span at 1:07PM at National Press Club.

A good sign from my local Dem Party

Who do I want to run in '08? - too early - I don't care.

Ted Kennedy is on Hardball tonight I think

Did Dan Rather bitch-slap the Thornburgh/Boccardi "Independent" Panel?

If the Democrats do not fight for Social Security, I am leaving the Party

Would you give up your car/truck/suv to bring the troops home.

The assault on privacy...from every direction

If Dean becomes chair, what should he do about corporate PAC

Victoria Toensing in live WaPo chat at 2 EST -- submit questions!

Will Bill O'Reilly apologize, now that search for WDM is finally over?

Help Elect Louisiana’s 1st openly gay, HIV+ Progressive Legislator Jan 29!

Further Details on the Big Halliburton/Iran Drilling Contract

Free Magic Prescription Drug Decoder Card!!

My letter to Pete King regarding election reform.

Delete Message

Which defeated presidential nominee would have made the best Prez?

It's Official: Colin Powell Lied to the United Nations about Iraq WMD

Social Security = 15 trillion dollar cost?

Who is Rosenberg, the guy Trippi endorsed?

DNC Chair online poll

Anybody like Dean but not The Dean People?

Anybody like Clark but not the Clark people?

Blog posts from the Atlanta DNC session

Hey, WMD search ends. no weapons. But that's not headline news.

Who is aware that the DNC Chair appoints people who determine issues?

Rosenberg's elevation would be a vindication of Liebermanism - WSJ

Howard Dean; DNC chairmen?

Dean: "Things are already different."

Shrum to leave consulting

Gregoire has the Dem message for us "We have work to do."

I just saw a social security ad.

Know thy enemy!

New Forum: Democratic Party

no wmds == bush is yellow

So, Brits, what's Tony's spin on there being NO WMDs in Iraq?

The Media Can Legally Lie - Fl. Court of Appeals says so

Allawi Group Slips Cash to Journalists who are Covering the Election...

$60.3 Billion Trade Deficit: What is going to happen to the USA ?

No WMD'S? We invaded Iraq because______________?

Dean on CNN just now: "This is not about Joe Trippi...about grassroots"

Have you heard? There are no WMD's!!!!!!!!!

Kentucky (state) Senator Says He Will Leave GOP

DNC Chair Faces Enormous Task

Dean on Randi's show in 4th hour!

Randi will have Howard Dean on at 6:30 EST.

Standing O for Christine Gregoire

Woo-hoo! Jack Cafferty on CNN American morning sharing viewer

According to these people, we need a day to repent..

Since WWII Germany has become more progressive, so does that mean

NEVER SURRENDER - Working Assets' blue bracelets

Must read book by RFK Jr. Commercial values overwhelm democratic values

Howard Dean on the Randi Rhodes Show on AAR tonight...

Terry McAuliffe - "Party is in great shape"

I thought of Arnold as a RINO

Rosenberg's blog plan.

Blindsighted political support is stupid

I'd like to welcome you into listening to the Young Turks. Best show!

Kerry is "vetting" DNC Chair candidates and "putting down marker for '08"

Anyone here like BOTH Dean people and Clark people?

Compared to average Democrats, the average DUer is:

Best Senate Majority Leader?

Message from Nancy Pelosi.

Kucinich press release on Social Security: Once again he's a hero

"Soros Group Raises Stakes in Battle with US Neo-Cons"

I love ALL the people!

On C-Span 2 now: Gov. Mark Warner (D) - VA

One issue this year and next: Social Security.

Blogpac call with Dean today, summary at Annatopia

today hannity was whining about the washington vote


We need to resurrect FDR

checkout this post I found...liberals love america like oj loved nicole

The Imminent Demise of the Party

Howard Dean will be on Randi Rhodes

Too simple?

Wes Clark on Hardball talk about DNC Chair/Clinton

Republican watch list for January 12, 2005.

Chimp makes self-deprecating remarks about his laziness

Barack Obama

Lautenberg, Reid ask Bush to remove Armstrong Wiliams from White House Com

Hollywood candidate

Speaking of bush's Iraq War Resolution...could some freeping idiot show

Serious question, not asking your preference: Bill Clinton vs. GW Bush

is newt un-neutered???

Gonzalez? Or a baked potato?

The times, they are a changing

Ted Kennedy: Our Values Are Still Our Greatest Strength

Carville v. Bay Buchanan on Crossfire

Who's behind W's SS plan?

WOOT for Lewis Black on The Daily Show!!!

"I melt when I'm around him"

Why did I start crying as Matt Santos (West Wing) walked into

Why is Scarborough prattling on about "faith" as if Dems have none?

Hi Keith Olberman! Welcome to DU!

Is Howard Dean God? Say a prayer to Howard, let me know here if it is

Is Howard Dean Satan? Sell your soul to him, let me know

The Democrats Are The Party Of Taxation, Litigation & Regulation?

I'd like to know how many times they Changed the reason for war and

y'know, I gave a rat's fat ass about the DNC chairmanship

Plame: you're missing a LIVE discussion on WaPo

Amazing AOL poll results on inaugural expenses

Sobering article about why being a DNC chair is not such a great gig

A Few Hatemails Posted about Inauguration Day Jazz Funeral For Democracy

Counter-Inaugural press conference C-Span II at 9:26 PM and 11:09 PM EST

Let's take proactive steps against M$M inaugural coverage blackout

John Conyers endorsed Dean for DNC Chair

The Ten Longest-Serving Senators. Pick the best.

List of Major Doughboys for Inauguration

Anti-Outsourcing folks- Do you approve of such behavior?

Kephra's Obit Notice From The Indianapolis Star

Went to a Wes Clark Event tonight

Fight of the Day: Helen Thomas Versus Scotty - We luv U Helen!

Nightline doing a story on God hates

GREAT Guardian UK banner! MUST see!!!

Thoughts on Dean and Rosenberg

I got htis stupid email from someone and I decided to take the

Clark on Hardball...

Who votes for DNC chair?

Woodrow Wilson - PBS Documentary

Did you write your congressmen about Social Security yet?

Dean or Green? How Many Others Feel the Same Way?

Still puzzled about the Chertoff nomination?

Randi has been playing Ann Coulter comments.

NRDC: Tell your Senators and Rep No Oil Drilling in ANWR! Link below.

Why are Dems letting Bob Novak fight their battles??

How safe from recall into the military would a doctor who resigned

Ted Kennedy on CSPAN NOW!!! 9pm east. time

This is the difference between Dean and the DLC

Question re: Insiders posting at DU

Jefferson and Lincoln managed to be POTUS w/o "relationship with the Lord"


Josh Marshall on Influencing DNC Chair Vote

Reflections from May 6, 1970 - READ 'EM AND WEEP

So What's the Alternative on Social Security?

Indiana: 'Lets Ditch Mitch'

Tipper Gore and Family Values

Public Service for National Guard Soldiers

Who here has read Vaclav Havel's "Power of the Powerless"?

It's not just about Dean, it's about us

Anyone else just get Carville's "support the DNC" $$$ letter?

I just did the math...Ted Kennedy is 73 years old! How much

You guys MUST understand something about the media.

Margaret Carlson gets a pat on the back - she backtalked Novak

an OPEN CHALLENGE to the DNC and Simon Rosenberg

Can we have a victory as a minority on SS?

I think it's time we start demanding

NBC's Brian Williams ran a story about Texas Evangelicals...

If Dean becomes DNC Chair what do you expect will happen?


FYI: Rosenberg notes today that 5 major strategists support him for chair

Steve McMahon, you did WELL on Crossfire! Carville too!

Carville asked Wes Clark to run for DNC Chair-- Clark said NO

David Schuster reported on PNAC yesterday -- transcript

Dean endorsed by Zephyr Teachout, ex-Director of Dean's Internet Outreach

Edwards is out of work. I wonder if he's interested in running for DNC

For non-dems who hang here

I wonder if Robert Kennedy, Jr. would be interested in running for DNC

"Kennedy: Democrats Need Progressive Agenda"

Kerry Vetting DNC Chair Candidates: Wants Promise of Neutrality for '08

OUTRAGEOUS - My 9 year old grandson was THOROUGHLY SEARCHED

NOW is the time for us to unite our efforts (keep kicked)

There's no way the party bosses will allow Dean to be chair

Finally a sane analysis on the Tsunami