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Archives: January 10, 2005

Herbert: The Scent of Fear (Iraq)

People's Choice Awards go to Fahrenheit 9/11, Shrek 2

Misdirection on Malpractice

Republicans seek complaint against minority leader

Doctor's Orders -- Spill Your Guts (violating international law)

Two short but sweet LTTE's (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Misdirection on Malpractice

A Property Rights 'Trophy'

Democrats Are United in Plans To Block Top Bush Initiatives

Bush's Budget Moves Have Made the Future a Voiceless Victim

"The Devastation of Iraq"

Learn to Swagger: Do-It-Yourself Government

Taking a comic seriously, CNN opts to focus on what it does best: news

Unnatural Disaster in Iraq - A TvNewsLIES editorial.

BUSH'S FAKE TAX REFORM: Bait and... (the New Republic)

Leave no ethics behind

Election protest shows why Dems don't count - Mark Steyn

Vote, declare victory, and come home

GOP suggest"compromise" SocSec priv accts-just cut bene's for non-low wage

The Bush Proposals for Social Security Are About Dismantling the Current S

Words on injured soldier's helmet help end mockery

Tin Soldier - An American Vigilante In Afghanistan, Using the Press for

Bad Medicine - By David Morris

Battlefield Earth - By Bill Moyers

Bush's Latest Assault on the Constitution (Marc Krug,

Torture and International Human Rights - Mark Levine


We Have Met The Enemy, And It Is US (Corporate Media)

Max Hastings: Phoney War in Terror

The Rude Pundit: The Horror of History:

Liberal Oasis advises putting pressure on Biden and Schumer!

The Nazi's testimony

The Doors Of Perception: Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything

Iraqi Elections: Day 1 of Civil War

Armstrong Williams: I Am Not Alone

Rich Man Talking

Winning Mormon Voters

Americans overestimate the power and reach of their military

This is life and death, and it is time we stop being lied to - Sen. Dayton

Pogo was right.

Torture, terrorism, and Pentagon's proposed death squads for Iraq.

Stench of Iraq Failure Would Have Been Blamed on a Dem....

Did Bush goons censor CSPAN Gonzalez hearing replay???

Bageant: A Mean and Unholy Ditch: The Sleep of Reason Amid Wild Dogs & Gin

Skinner's NYT LTTE

Fire the Consultants by Amy Sullivan (Washington Monthly)

How Did We Ever Get in This Mess?

Who Will Stand?

Conservative New Year's Resolutions (Scott C. Smith,

Krugman: The Iceberg Cometh

A new book: "Thank you President Bush"

World On Brink Of Ruin -Stephen Roach (Morgan Stanley )

Is America Dying?

Blue Oklahoma Speaks Out-Call to Action

ACLU:Show some backbone Congress - Keep Bush in Check - Sign this!

Dan Rather Poll. The freepers are winning this one PLease poll and kick

Knit A Uterus for Choice: Roe V Wade Protest 01/22

Why does media ignore fact Bush tax cuts are $12 T hole over 75 years

Media Truth?:"We don't go out and hire journalists and propagandize"

People for the American Way is organizing action re: Armstrong Williams

First 2005 Tax Time media con "Snared by Their Shelters" (Rich in trouble?

Former Gov. Glendening Slams Ehrlich On Maryland's Environmental Problems

Permafrost Thawing In Northwest China - Xinhua

Florida's Hurricanes May Have Missed Manatees - ENN

Cdn professor develops plastic that more efficiently converts solar energy

Australian Ocean Study Supports Theory Of Rapid Cooling In Antarctic Past

China's Ocean Pollution Growing Worse - China Daily

So, what do we do about plastics?

Assad complains of heavy US pressure on Syria

I don't think I've ever understood the gun rights issue in the DU way.

Nebraska will reconsider CCW bill

CBS may have fuged in their .50 cal story

Nice response on this fucker

Can someone tell me where I can find the rules

I know some have called for renaming LBN but that seems impractical

Skinner's LTTE appears in Monday's NYT

Hi, Admins. Something worrisome here.

Bodily function threads are verboten?

Admins, please look at this thread....

Khephra's Funeral Expenses

Thanks to the mods for doing such a great job.

Any way you would let us change our user names now?

DU "feature" idea.

Busy people, a suggestion for promoting DU

What happened to my post?

Damkira, or other mods....

Israel's excuses are running out

Israel sacks officers opposing pullout

Israel hails the victor

Bush invites Abbas to White House

Abbas Makes Peace Gesture to Israel

Egyptian paper: Israel-India nuke test caused tsunami

Abbas has not been elected as the "leader of the Palestinian people,"...

New Israeli Military Phenomenon . . . Celebrating Killing, Murdering the

IOF Targets Press Car Northern GS

"Political paranoia" - Mental disorder?

Mohamed Atta in two places at once - 9/11 Commission

Local Cacus Info

Announcing a Chicago College Democrats Meetup

Landfill exposes rift between Blagojevich, father-in-law

should i cancel the trib?

Favorite Baseball Team

Mr. Abbas has won, EXIT POLLS SAY

How can a candidate ignore thousands of votes in dispute and concede?

No Mandate from Women of Color

Skinner's LTTE to the NYT will be in tomorrow's paper!

Democrats Pick Campaign Chief

Lets make a list of Republicans who would have voted AGAINST

Rally in Trenton at noon today --verified voting

Many Americans Refuse to Concede 'Stolen Election' (it's a good one)


These two would be better >>>

a creative way to "be the media"

Mitofsky worked in USA & Ukraine--Right? So who paid him?

New Election Assistance Commission Chair

Al Gore for the 2008 Democratic ticket!

has anyone seen this?

Is anyone particularly knowledgable about House Representatives?

When Our Servicemen Come Home

Contesting electors - big potential problem in the future

RAGE ON With Your Loving Heart!!

Election fraud folks are mentally ill-

Jan 6 Statement by Harry Reid (D-NV) Senate Dem Leader

Mark Levine - Protecting Your Right to Vote - On Now.

Does Unisys have any role in elections?

''The early exit models(polls) undercounted Republicans''-Bush camp 11/2 -- Need Input on the Website, Please.

Billionaire urges Bush to give inaugural funds to tsunami survivors

An interesting interview

The media again

Don't let journalists get away with bad reporting!

From another board a deeper view of america mythology vs reality

It's official: Yushchenko's victory confirmed

Newt Gingrich is taking steps toward a potential presidential bid in 2008

Simple Question

Washingtonpost Column: "What Happened in Ohio"

One reason why I'm not giving up is this guy....

For those who think John Kerry doesn't care about the election:

Did Warren CountyTrigger Fema Induced Media Lockdown?

1/20 -- where to go, what to do?

If You're Pro-Choice, Pray for Gregoire...(from SeattlePI)

Public Meeting for VoteTechnical Guidelines Development Committee 1/18

Danger, Will Robinson! Something reeks in the state of DU.

WTF? Blackwell had a mandate? Indeed.......

Where is the OUTRAGE of the 21st Century PAYOLA? The Buying of Media

The Kerry/Edwards Campaign Rocked!

Will Jeb be prez in 2008?

Clarification RE: Danger Will Robinson post!

KOEB Witness Relocation Program

E-mail I Received Back From Senator Bill Nelson About The Certification

41% of Nov. 2 provisional ballots axed in Lucas County.

The Velvet Revolution starts...... now..........

So what is John Edwards doing these days? I sure miss his smile and

Blackwell being Chimp's campaign chair in OH is a HUGE understatement

John Conyers

Does redistricting also help win Senate races?

Sharpton: Bush took advantage of gay marriage debate

Whats the ongoing issue in the Washington Govenors race?? Why is still in

Let's not forget the Green Party

list of discussions of vote fraud in newspapers, journals, internet sites

DNC Listening Hearing

Will election reform and voting rights become a major issue?

What Now? Terror Alerts or Another Osama Tape?

Election Day a National Holiday - Give Conyers your input now!

Contact "Mosh" producers to get Eminem to create it live 1/20Kerry cries

Jim Jeffords

Right to vote admendment

Bill Defines 'Political Paranoia' As 'Mental Illness'

Stench of Iraq Failure Would Have Been Blamed on a Dem....

How To FIGHT Hate Radio Without Listening To the Shows!

aclu petition...... refuse to surrender

Giving Rove all the credit let's Bush off the hook.

Please check out Russ Baker's article about no fraud in Ohio. and email

Peoples Rights Violated In This Election According To The Bill Of Rights

I really wish the Constitution had this Ammendent, but unfortuantely , no

massive fraud in NH and PA......but dems did it, so discussion dropped???

Report on Washington DC, January 6, 2005 - What you DIDN'T see

Does anyone know which House members

Need a little help with my letter

Does anyone have any information on lever voting techology?

Monday 1/10/05 Election/Fraud/Recount Thread

Boycott on "coronation day"

Call for Independent Testing of E-voting Machines Petition

AP reporter 'Pack your bags, or get it together'

Who is coming to DC on the 20th? Let's start a list here.

How to Dial Up Regime Change

Dear John Kerry: - American Dictators: Documenting Staged Election of 2004

New stategy suggested by some who work for the Dems

Brian K. Hicks: Ohio's Karl Rove

I NEED HELP! -one, or a few people here good at making movies/vids online

A real consipracy theory

Trying to satisfy Cam Kerry's request

Is there a transcript of the Boxer revolution.

Keith Compares CBS firings (Bush) to MSM SBVT non firings (Kerry).

"It's not about who won"

CBS held accountable/Scott McClellan glad!!!

Vote machine fraud in Texas in big counties and suppression of minorities

Let's send Kerry Thank you/retirement cards!! :)

Experienced Recount person going through Ohio

Please Support this writer Cleveland Plain Dealer...she's on our side

DNC Southern Meeting reported on NPR-- WATC

DUers help choose op ed columnists for SW OH newspaper

"I am a lawyer, and I'm going to deal with evidence..." (Cam Kerry)

Bush Owns It: Let's Purge It

Interview from Camp Kerry - my talk with Cam


Let me tell you about a server an election server.

Nothing about contesting the vote certification on the Daily Show

My response to the latest Mystery Pollster (Jan. 8) blog

Links to the Historic 1/6/2005 Electoral College Objection Videos

Has anyone heard the status of woman that was arrested in the galley for

the VOTE group: Why yet another group???

Voter Suppression – ENFORCE THE CURRENT LAW! Lawyers?? Will Pitt???

Conyers Staff asked me to post this Thank You to DU'ers

Is the absence of a negative the only positive?

Any interest in a national conference on election reform?

VOTE - join up today!

Our election reform group has an OFFICIAL NAME!

Los Angeles DUers

Matsui's widow planning to run

California's Ugly Skin Game: White-Bread Repubs, White-Hating Dems

while I was in DC, I was elected

Boswell, Leach, and Nussle

What is the meaning of these "Blue Line" bumper stickers?

MA JAN-10-2005 Dead body found in Marlborough

CBS turns off 'contact us' option.

Vulnerables in Minnesota

DFL action alert: social security

About that hoax that Christmas lights have to be off

What is Collin Peterson's position on social security destruction?

Any Twin Cities Du'er wishing to get to Scott Lowery's service

Call Mark Dayton's office to ask him to filibuster re Alberto Gonzales.

moving to Minnesota in May

Candice Miller considers bid to unseat Sen. Stabenow

3 potentially vulnerable Repuke reps in the Wolverine State

Please help me estimate an UPS (how many KVA?) for...

Ohio DUers help pick syndicated op ed columnists for Cinti. Enquirer

'Caterpillar Ballot' cost Kerry more than 1000 Cuyahoga votes

Philly DUers

Ms. Piggy says we're not broke after all!

Houston Campaign Ethics Reform Summit Tuesday, February 1

Is Natalie singing for Ford?

Got a TX DPS fundraising call.

Big landowners dodge property taxes

Have you guys been voting in the fav baseball team at the Illinois forum?

Weber Tires in East Bristol, WI

DNC Chair debate is replaying on C-SPAN

the most censored stories of 2004!!!

I am just so amazed at the insensitivity and boorishness

Anyone ever tried posting on Free Republic?

I wish there was a Costco near me

Kerry supporters top USO one-time donations!

tinfoil hat time: super soldiers are real and coming to a war near you!

If you think Kerry won, then it's wrong to criticize the democratic party

I always knew right wing nutt jobs were obsessed with sex but now I


I'm watching the DNC now

A new proposal from Rumsfool the Magnificent.

Michael Moore's acceptance speech from People's Choice Awards...

How is this for an arrogant quote?

Dean Love-In

Taliaferro is talking about plans to deploy Salvadoran type death......

Buy a car or apply for credit -- Homeland Security is notified??

Regarding Arabs/Muslims celebrating 9/11

Now after election ,MSM talking about Iraq mess !

Weather whats it like in your neck of the woods

Mark Fiore on W's foreign aid - "not stingyness"

As Bush and his Republicans contaminate our political processes

Where are you allowed to videotape in airports these days?

Little-known chapter of WWII history opened (US and German citizens in SA)

Anyone catch 24 hours? RW Propoganda.

Did anyone notice that there are two versions of "America The Book" by

Did anyone get their 1040 Booklet (forms and instructions)?

Holy joke

Presidents: Bubba and Dubya—Warming Up BEWARE

One of my co-workers...

How we can take back the media from Faux News!

Can Faux and Matt PUDGE Live Up to CBS Panel Recommendations?

Christian Coalition selling telephone services

To boob, or not to boob.

No Child Left Behind (Act II)

Is Bill Clinton trying to help position Hillary for a presidential run?

Anyone ever imagine an erection in Iraq??? (Bush flubs up again!)

Not one red cent.

Wine wholesalers are looking out for the consumer...

Bill Clinton is a Jerk.

The Ghosts of Nuremberg

strange e-mail

2004 Neologisms

High Court Sides with Klan in Adopted Highway Program

Isn't it time for an Iraq War forum?

Conservative columnist who took 240K from Bush...


I've been selected 6 out of the last 7 times for special airport screening

I'm looking for a definition of "hate speech" re LTE

Budding Friends??????

Michael Moore's F911 wins!

"Wolfowitz Fedayeen"

Did everyone see Skinner's letter to the NY Times?

Does anyone know if this is true? My dear friend, a stay-at -home mom,

Will Virginia women have to report miscarriages to the police?

OMG...FOXNews just said F9/11 won PC award b/c MM stuffed the ballot box

A virtual gold mine of anti-war quotes

Raw Story: Armstrong Williams settled gay sex suit, new controversy...

I am switching to the Republican Party

In your FACE, Freepers! Moore wins People's Choice Favorite Picture!

Pentagon: The Problem Is, Iraqis Aren't Suffering ENOUGH

Anyone watching Scotty's press briefing?

One more post election rant....But it's a good one:

american treatment of american tsunami victums sucked

Skinner's LTTE of the "New York Times": 1/10/05

History and Revolutions (and civil wars) and food for thought

If Tim Roemer wins the DNC charimanship

Just said "goodbye" to my mechanic - off to Iraq for seven months.

BOB HERBERT: "The Scent of Fear" (FIERCE!) is shutting down

Skinners LTTE...New York Times...

Is bush a Hitler-type?

Bush FAKES sincerity and warmth better than anyone I've ever seen!

Opinions, Please -- Opposing Gonzales Nomination Stuff

Important talking point to consider.

Judith REGAN Won't Rat-out KERIK

The Matrix IV: Politics - There *is* no trade deficit....

"Analysis: Ex-Presidents Can Come Together" in Bu$h II's favor?

"Cheney's Focus May Change in 2nd Term"

sometimes payback is a bitch- walmart who`s

Bad Right Wing Blogs

Some thoughts-last nights email (former friend who wants to nuke Iraq)

"Bush Advocates Limiting Asbestos Cases"

Long Term Outlook - FOX News, Propaganda Indoctrination

Earthlink keeps sending me a warning about DU

"Cardinal Says Bush Broke Iraq Promise"

Tickets! Get your tickets here!!!

"GM Touts Big Engine Despite Hybrid Clamor"

Armstrong Williams: "My apology"

A military-governmental-industrial conspiracy? (Canada & Carlyle Group)

How to Argue Like a Right Wing Pundit! (TMW)

Armstrong Williams accused Kerry of "selling out" on education

Earthlink going bananas with "potentially fraudelent Web Site Alerts"

We are being had again. 60 minutes.

Yippie..............Im at 600 Post

Democrats need to investigate this Armstrong issue, shut down hate radio!

Fired Fox reporters want to deny Tampa station renewal license

Why the US will never ever prevail in Iraq -

America's Ministry of Propaganda Exposed

5 Things Everybody needs to know about Social Security

Is This Headline Offensive to YOU

chavez, castro "politically paranoid"- so am i

Help the injured troops by buying video game supplies for them.

Gov. Granholm on Hardball tonight

World On Brink Of Ruin

The Whitehouse gets a new lap dog. Ann Telnaes RE: Armstrong

The CBS Report: Do you think it goes far enough?

Mississippi Librarians Admit They Hate America

Bush's $6 trillion botch

Marines Diverted from Iraq (missionaccomplished ship) Help Tsunami Victims

Need Help Concerning Recruitment Info.

Request: I'd like to collect a list of URLs that support the troops...

email from PFAW re Armstrong

Court Won't Block KKK From Highway Cleanup

Step 1 - Forming the True Liberal Media

Armstrong Williams-Self Loathing Gay?

The Price Of Toilet Paper....... Read

Anything like NETFLIX for books? (No, I don't mean a library.)

Kick Mississippi out of the United States.

Now they are saying that Moore was paid by Bush...?

"CBS Fires Four Staffers After Memo Probe"

Cheerleaders form pyramids . . . is that torture?

If a UFO landed at the inauguration and said "Take me to your leader,"


CBS ousts four employees over disputed National Guard Story...

Nude sculpture given A-OK

Rummy says Armstrong Williams wasn't paid, so stop saying that!!!

Journalists petition FCC to challenge Fox-13 license renewal

before and after Tsunami pics..... unbelievable

Top woman golfer strips for calendar

Central banks count the cost of weak dollar

What's wrong with these people?!

Action Item: Oppose Banning "America: The Book" by Jon Stewart

Murdoch bids to take full control of Fox, buy out minority stockholders

Gingrich doesn't rule out presidential run

The Blessing that is Armstrong Williams

Reminders to Lakoff students:

New US Attack on Civilians Feeds Calls for Iraqi Withdrawl

aclu petition...... refuse to surrender

Lance Armstrong takes first stage in libel suit vs. Murdoch's Sunday Times

Dems to nominate Jesus Christ in 2008, Repubs. claim he wore flip-flops

Armstrong Williams: "This happens all the time"...

Framing the debate over Armstrong's (Payolagate)

Accountabily-CBS vs *

Enough with the electoral map. These are the REAL red/blue maps:

Somebody sent me this.

Put a dent in Bush: just call him the "Presi"

More fake news: WH drug control office issued fake news tapes

Anyone know if Air America is planning on getting back on the air in LA?

I am sooooooo sick BUSH's ____!!!

All In The Family / Archie Bunker


Hardball is making me sick to my stomach tonight

The Gambit on the Re-election

Armstrong Williams = Cuban "independant journalists"onNED/Cubanet payroll

Nutcase Forbes is back. He wants money.

It ain't America(tm) without death squads! (link)

How can we force the War Lovers to JOIN UP? Not enough troops says Frist

So did the Loc-Nar crash into the Earth or something?

FOX "news" commentary: F911 will sweep the Oscars

Let's call them prigs

Randy Moss: Today's News Diversion

Everyone should call the FCC and complain about Fox...

Let's suck it up and get after them

Hey where was the "Huge bombshell" today regarding oil-for-food?

Why Did The Bush Administration Allow Osama bin Laden to Escape?

Church thanks God for the tsunami and for the death of any gay Swedes

Naked prisoners in pyramids an acceptable method of prisoner control????

Wikipedia is debating deleting an article on neoconservatism

Anti-seat belt law advocate is killed in automobile accident.

torture? Hell, that ain't torture!

Hey everyone...

Opposing Bush: A Form of Mental Illness? Is this for real?

I sent this email to all the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee

What to say to those Hollywood-bashers...

Counter Protest in Olympia tomorrow per MoveOn-Help Support Gregoire

Itawamba schools back off peanut butter lunch for nonpaying students

Church Gives Away H2 Hummer - Televangelist Uses To Recruit

Armstrong Williams: I'm Not the Only One

Just How Much of This Is True and How Much is Total Hogwash?

We've LOST the best,...of ourselves!!!

An excellent documentary on


Mississippi libraries banning the Daily Show Book

Winter storms...finally unthawing from last tuesday...any others

"Poll: Voters Staunchly Back One Candidate" (Think this is true?)

Tim Roemer said something that makes me support him

Anybody catch the Today show interview "Are You Happy"?

sent email out to all media mouth pieces......PAYOFF

Why doesn't American Culture Evolve?

SInce when is "Pretending to moon" people "A disgusting act"

EU Becomes China's Largest Trade Partner--Xinhuanet

Anyone started looking at their local races yet?

Have any other media personalities been found to have taken money?

Article: Compassionate Torturing?

Moore's F911 takes Critic's Choice for best Documentary.

R I P Kephra

To anyone who missed the House debate on the Ohio electors challenge...

analysis of vote margin shifts in Ohio precinct by precinct

Something to think about.

watch the freepers make excuses for kid rock

Is it my imagination or have the rightwing websites gotten very boring?

Where is Ted Olsen?

freeper reaction to skinner's nyt letter

Are you making your Republican boss a good living?

Heinz Kerry's foundations gave $450,000 to Tsunami Relief


Economic Appeal: isn't keeping your house better than keeping your gun?

DeLay blames tsunami victims

Abu Ghraib: Charles Graner says his orders were to "rough up" detainees

Defense Lawyer: cheerleaders all over America form (torture) pyramids

'Listen to me you dirty rat-eater.' Clear Channel DJ to Indian operator

Eric McCormack on the Critic's Choice Awards just said...

Wait, the HORRIBLE Newsmodel Paula Zahn is hosting Aaron Brown's Show!!!!

Caption this pic

Believing in Togetherness Itself - GrannyD

Is BartCop down, anyone know? n/t

Died in the Lounge....Anybody see the PBS show on Martin Luther King on

Fox News: Wave spelt Allah

Wow! This lady gives Bush both barrells!! (Madison Cap Times)

How about a gross political generalization.

Bush...The Never Ending Story...and a 5 year old...!

Why does Mel Gibson hate America!?

Please tell me I am reading this page wrong. Want to be fair....

Tecumseh's (zero year) Curse after Bush?

RUPERT MURDOCH >How Much Destructive Power is Enough Destructive Power?

The Dan Rather non-story: Today's news diversion - part II

One Magic Pill to makes you better! NOT IN THE US not profitable!

Very interesting mail I got today from my Congressman...

MTV Jumps on Christian bandwagon...along with NBC, CBS....

Monday Truthseekers Gathering: Get Your Malloy Here

Okay what the hell does Bush need 50 million for on the 20th?

Rumsfeld, Gilead Sciences and the Flu Mess

Anyone else listen to Mike Mallow Show on Air America?

Lol! More "Values" X-Tians Upset with * over Kid Rock.

Could Armstrong Williams be opening a door we can't let close?

Elephants! helping with Tsunami relief!

Wow! More heartwarming Christianity from Free Republic

The Freeps turn on Gibson (not very tolerant of Mel's opinions)

The Crawford TX newspaper

Tenn. Drops 323,000 Adults From Medicaid - Bye Bye, Tenn hopes you die

A Rummy Funny: Su Na Mi, That Evil Asian Dictator

Come a little closer, shweetie >>>

I figured out why Fundies piss me off.

Bush & the forces of Darkness.

Malloy discussing Scott Lowery now...

Anyone hear Bush's latest gaffe?

Freeps turn on Mel Gibson for "kinship" remark re: Michael Moore

Researcher cited in CBS Bush Guard 60 Minutes report responds

Who has any info on Datamaxx?

What do conservatives stand for?

Vatican 'is in grip of mini crime wave'

Do you know any Bushidiots who have seen the error of their ways?

Supreme Court Developments on Monday

Check out what Condi's new deputy SOS did before this job

Ethical Investing.....

"Tsunami one of the greatest opportunities God has given us"

Rather - unfair- loses job/swift boat liars-fair allowed air time

drip, drip, civil, drip, drip, rights.... DNA police sweeps......

best TOON depiction of NOVAK ever! (Danziger on Armstrong)

KOEB Meeting

Spiritual Anorexia and Beyond

Report from Atlanta's DNC conference -- Kos :

Tsunami relief ...

He is looking a little the worse for wear >>>

Could someone help me with a response to Freeper I Work With

The DLC’s Plan for Destroying the Democratic Party

Must see movie: "Red Dawn" - Not kidding - even freepers will "get it"

Very cool video...

First our teachers, then police and fire departments now doctors

Was there a flags at half staff proclamation that I missed? Or

Armstrong Williams: Others are on the take

Political Test - What are you politically?

]Congress passes `doomsday' plan

My Letter to the Book Banner here in Mississippi

Kef's Arrangements: What we know, 1/10/05 5 pm EST

It would be great to see a little riot at the inauguration.

There is a new fighter for Truth on the Yahoo! Message Boards

on 'Abortion' .... is there any middle ground?

If you had $250,000 to donate, where would you spend it?

Politics behind "decomming" USS JOHN F KENNEDY?

Bush promised to lie to us after Sept 11, 2001. Please submit links

LIEberman On Imus: "Gonzales has a great story doesn't he? WILL be confirm

Be Here Now ......

Democrats we're proud of

Rush in meltdown over Armstrong Williams

Hey, whatever happened to the Plame investigation?

"Cheerleaders all over America make human pyramids every day . . . "

Jesus versus Falwell (dueling quotes show stark contrast)

"Would you support the death penalty if your child was murdered?"

CNN poll:Do you believe Dan Rather should have been fired?

All the Inauguration protesting

Why do working-class Republicans vote for Bush? Answer and link

a mail-in campaign: Send big, blank (joke) checks to MSM mouthpieces

Averell Harriman -- Founding Turd of the BFEE

eggs and grits for breakfast-- in praise of cholesterol....

Questions about Prime Rib

Duck recipes - what do you do with a quacker?

Yay! Chili!

British DUers, What is the deal with this Blair/Brown feud?

UK's crime-fighting agency will take its agenda from the press

U.S. Relief Copter Crashes in Indonesia

Baghdad Police Deputy Shot Dead

Sabotage Brings Iraq North Oil System to a Halt

UPDATE 2-Halliburton wins drilling tender in Iran-official

Audit finds anti-terror funds used to facilitate lawn-mower races in Texas

WP: CIA Director Cuts Meetings On Terrorism

Explosion at Ammunition Storage Point -8 troops killed

Gunmen assassinate police deputy

US Marine killed in action in western Iraq (1354)

Pakistan's Musharraf in talks with top US general

Roemer announces bid to head DNC

Spy left out in the cold sues the CIA

"More UK troops set for Iraq poll" - 400 more into hell for Bush/Bliar

Fifty killed in India bus plunge

CIA Director Cuts Meetings On Terrorism


Spy left out in the cold sues the CIA

Gibraltar chief dead in pool after investigation

Sinn Fein aware of IRA bank robbery plan, Ahern says

Suicide car bombing in Baghdad kills four police officers

British Soldier Faces Court-Martial in Iraq Abuse Case

CBS Fires 4 After Report Released On National Guard Story

LAT: States Look to Cut a Vein in Meth's Supply Chain

Cardinal Says Bush Broke Iraq Promise

Chavez joins Colombia arrest row

CBS fires 4 for roles in Bush Guard story

Fire heavily damages women's clinic where abortions are performed ...

'Pak rejected FBI, Interpol, CBI demands to nab Masood Azhar'

News Corp. Offers to Buy Rest of Fox Stock

Cocaine now cheaper than a cappuccino

Court Won't Hear Gun Industry's Appeal

Allawi touts high-profile arrests of Iraqi insurgents

...columnist who took 240K...(Armstrong called gay in lawsuit:...)

CIA Director Cuts Meetings On Terrorism ("Call me if something explodes")

2 US soldiers killed in Iraq, Bomb Destroys U.S. Tank

Lawmakers writing bill to limit giving to 527 groups (WV)

US rejects Sunni election offer

US troops 'did not kill Iraqis'

Monday's Supreme Court business

BBC: Group to act over Springer opera

Supreme Court Lets Stand Florida's Gay Adoption Ban

U.S./Iraq: Reject Use of "Death Squads"

Abu Ghraib pyramids "not wrong."

High Court Declines to Hear HMO Lawsuit

US eyes bolstering NATO's Iraq role after polls

WP: Cheney's Focus May Change in 2nd Term


Embedded Artist Gives Another Perspective on Iraq War

A military-governmental-industrial conspiracy? (Canada & Carlyle Group)

Iraqi Insurgent Attacks Take Toll on Potential Voters

Expatriates Eager to Rock the Iraqi Vote

Supreme Court Sides With Ku Klux Klan

Library Of Congress Putting Civil War Maps Online

148 armed insurgents arrested in Iraq

Armstrong Williams: I Am Not Alone (from David Corn in The Nation)

French Minister to Visit U.S. Often to Improve Ties

Iraq Elections: A Victory for Terror

Food Stamp Demand Swells

New Inaugural Tickets to Thwart Fakes

Nuke worker's widow paid under new policy

Moussaoui Takes Appeal to Supreme Court

Kick Mississippi out of the United States.

Major landslide hits homes in stormy Southern California

Texas to Target Standardized-Test Cheats

Judge Orders Opening Rosa Parks' Records

Energy Co. Bribery Scandal May Threaten Congressmen

Cardinal says Bush broke Iraq Promise

Ukraine orders troops withdrawn from Iraq

Mass. Republicans Launch Pre-Emptive Web Strike

From Behind the Scenes She Recruits Bush's Team

Governor Invites New Iraq Army Recruits

China chases a global oil presence - Unocal

US official: US-China economic relations have never been better

FBI probes fire at clinic where abortions were performed

John Conyers

World needs to see actions, not words, Kerry urges Abbas

Group Threatens Lawsuit Over Crosses

Canada to raise disaster aid to $425M

Supreme Court sides with KKK in adopt a highway program

Insurgents step up attacks in Iraq

Man auctions ad space on forehead

Appeals court says Bible cannot stay during appeal

Militants kill 'drug dealer' (Mosul)

Car bombs target Basra police stations

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 10 January

Former Sen. Breaux to Hold Four Positions

GE, Exxon, Altria Find Inaugural Means Lobbying Without Limits

Derryman jailed for refusal to co-operate with Bloody Sunday Tribunal

Cheney's focus may change in 2nd term

High Court Sides with Klan in Adopted Highway Program

LAT: Jig Is Up for Tax Evaders

White House: Armstrong Williams case was isolated incident

GM's Wagoner says automaker to cut U.S. workforce again in 2005

Researcher cited in CBS Bush Guard 60 Minutes report responds

U.S. to develop missile interceptor with Japan

Iraqi women divided about whether to vote conservative and lose rights

US gives backing for regional surveillance centre

Proposal Would Let Nebraska Felons Vote

Clinton Lauds Election of Abbas As Leader

MSNBC: Lawyer likens piling of prisoners to cheerleading

A spies' jamboree

CBS Fires Four For Bush National Guard Story

Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich VETOES legislation on malpractice reform.

Canada plays big role in propping up Haiti regime

dupe - sorry :(

Bra makers switch to bulletproof vests

Pentagon mulls military command for intelligence

Inaugural Security Draws on Latest Technologies

White House, Pentagon, Industry Secretly Colluded to Skew National Academy

The Spook Bank More on the Riggs-CIA connection.

White House offers plan for pension system

China's Exports Rise 33% to Record; Trade Gap Widens

Ukraine Orders Troops Out of Iraq

Cardinal Says Bush Broke Iraq Promise

Latest Guard Deployment Includes Mostly Women

House GOP seen straying from pledges in 'Contract'

Oil Find Hints at a Less Dependent Cuba

(John Bolton) Top State Dept. Security Official Leaving

NYT: Supreme Court Declines to Hear Case on Adoption by Gay People

Cuba resumes relations with all European states

Presidents: Bubba and Dubya—Warming Up -Newsweek

Kerik is Jail Group Keynoter (speech on "leadership, valor, determination)

New Photos and Video Unveiled in Trial of Iraqi Prison Abuse -NYT

Two held in £26M robbery probe

Hundreds to be released from Guantanamo war on terror base: report

Murdoch full owner of Fox

Bible removed from monument outside Houston courthouse under appeals court

Mass. Dem Opposes Anti-Abortion Chairman

WP: In GOP, Resistance On Social Security

Character issue puts Dems on the defensive

FEMA overpaid $12 million for hurricane relief in Florida, agency says

Republicans try to block Gregoire's certification as governor (1/10)

Principal outlaws "Freak" dancing

ACLU asks police, DA to halt Cape Cod DNA testing

Tenn. Drops 323, 000 Adults From Medicaid

WP: Tiny Corner of La. Mourns 6 Soldiers

Johnston Band Still Needs $7,500 For Inauguration Trip

Schwarzenegger Proposes $111.7 Billion Budget (caps, cuts and borrowing)

Former Head of the Federal Superfund Cleanup Program Sentenced

Protester's sign's legality up in air

Bush Names Major Fundraiser as Economic Adviser

Sharpton Admonishes Blacks Who Voted For Bush Over Gay Marriage Fears

Dollar Falls After Snow Signals U.S. Won't Try to Strengthen It

Body of Gibraltar commander found (Brit Navy officer under investigation)

Film reveals true destruction to ghost city Falluja

Odd Couple Gibson, Moore Exchange Praise

WP: U.S. Tells D.C. to Pay Security Expenses (Inauguration)

Armstrong Williams: "There are others"

CBS Ousts 4 For Bush Guard Story

Iraqi Dogs Have Plenty Of Food After Response To Soldier's Plea

Four North Carolina donors give $250,000 for Bush inaugural

Poll: Bush's approval rating climbs (CNN/USA Today)

Squad seeks tips in death of researcher (another microbiologist murdered)

Tsunami warning buoys experiencing problems

Congress passes `doomsday' plan

Pope reiterates church's moral positions

9/11, Passion, Tops at People's Choice (great Moore quote!)

PBS station pulls plug on documentary

My 1000th post!!!!! I feel like I've won a People's Choice Award!

I rented "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind" and "The Clearing"

How far into the show does Moore win ?

About what time did Michael Moore win the Peeps Choice?

Tim Roemer is talking about getting purple states

In the drama catagory, did we defeat the bloody Jesus movie?

why are the swiss so friendly?


ANY available mod, please help

Remember back when on B&W TV they could use chocolate syrup for blood?

Uno, dos tres catorce.

Make up a sound for a visual you see in your home!

What's the WORST Fortune Cookie Message You've Ever Gotten?

Fans of "The Shield", check in.

Any Diabetics Who Have Tried Glucerna

Wow! I couldn't even type "Son of a


I want to see Michael Moore receive a "Lifetime Achievement" Award

The Jumpingest Jump The Shark Moment on TV, or Sharkiest if you prefer

Question about travel package deals

Gettin' Jiggy Wit It.....

If you use Firefox, try this

This guy's ready to challenge Bouncy Ball to a cage fight.

Hey DulceDecorum

Ouch-Need advice on dogbite...Seriously


I rock as an aunt

I just applied for my longest long-shot job yet!

walk on your hands!!!!

I just spent a good portion of my day playing...

why do I keep getting absorbed into kids' games?

Are there any poor people on TV?

if the country is so pro bush right wing fundie then how come ...

I just ordered the first season of 24 on netflix.

You love "America" by Neil Diamond. Admit it.

Motorcycle Diaries coming out soon. Anyone heard anything about it?

About how much of your free time do you feel you've wasted?

Worlds most loveable cat

I think I'm addicted to Vietnamese Pho soup

Moran having trouble selling Frank Lloyd Wright house. Anyone interested?

My mom told me I did a good job..

I hate girls

Get an autographed picture of Keith Olbrmann.

Need help for university paper!

"Son of a

The end of life as we know it. Truly.

I just watched two gorgeous ladies eat raw horse rectum

It's time for me to come up with a new sig line

what's the best meat combo for jambalaya?

Just applied to work for Homeland Security and TSA - do you still luv me ?

You love "Sugar, Sugar" by the Archies. Admit it.

Man Stabbed Repeatedly By "Long Lost Best Friend" - Wants To Stay Friends

High School Student Surprised To Be Called For Jury Duty

NeoCon: The Movie

Dreaded 700 club............

Trucker Missing Along With 3.6 Million Nickels - Police Searching

Hey, I have 500 posts now!

Write your own caption

Has the Pentagon released any casualty figures on how many

Jon Stewart's Book Banned From Some Libraries, Wal-Mart

good morning everyone

Have you ever been openly propositioned for sex by a DUer?

Woman, 83, Arrested For Not Paying $117 Cab Fare

The Strangest Thing Is Happening Right Now...

Columbia House Plans a Porn Club

Some people should not have children.....

Today's bushism

CAPTION W just mailing it in now


Am I the only one that has noticed a dearth of...

My sister-in-law says "global warming is bullshit!" Michael Crichton

Yaay! "Famous" people I have never heard of


picture resizing heLp


Did the Yellow Ribbon thing originiate with the Tony Orlando and Dawn

Art director named Russell Jones got calls for Ol' Dirty Bastard

Pet Advice

Jesus is at your door.

I'm a daddy!

Weather whats it like in your neck of the woods

Well it's a marvelous night for a moondance.....

What vile traits do you look for in a mate?

What's Randi Rhoads website?

Does anyone know if Yahoo! and Newsmax have an official relationship?

First day of class...ideas for stress relievers?

Anyone here familiar with Michigan Tech?


When did you REALLY want to strangle the FCC?

I was just reading some of Kephra's posts

Have you ever been openly propositioned for sex by your spouse or partner?

Ali G at the rodeo

Hey DU - Happy Monday!

Man Arrested For Making Obscene Phone Calls From Hospital

I still do not understand Bob Sagget

Surprise win for anti-Bush film

Bob Seger doesn't understand Bob Saget

Fear it! FEAR ....IT!

I still do not understand Bob Seger

TV Theme Songs we're better off without

Mrs. Doubtfire was here last night.

Check out my "George and the doctors" cartoon

Matt LeBlanc? Seriously Matt LeBlanc?

Man auctions ad space on forehead

Mel Blanc? Seriously Mel Blanc?

Mel Gibson? Seriously Mel Gibson??

Mel Brooks? Seriously, Mel Brooks?

strange e-mail

Hey, it's Monday morning and we are not at level 1!!

I still don't understand Bob's Segway

To hell with Rangers and Pioneers, here are Bush donor levels for everyone

Who's the best radio sports announcer?

Do blonds have more fun?

You will NOT see Mickey Rooney's butt during the Super Bowl

Wow talk about bad timing-Toyota drops "Tsunami" name for sports car model

I like Aerosmith's latest CD. Does that make me a bad person?

I hate proof-reading

Come clean!

I'm a true Lounge Lizard, are you?

Augh! My mother is a freeper!

I’ve got the demons in me....

Today is Peculiar People Day...

Do you have to stick your feet

The Circle of Life....Khephra

Humidity bulit the snowman

I’ve got the daemons in me....

Dang, we are back to level 1

Got married in Vegas? If so, where?

Check out my new pic; advice please.

Even worser annoying grammatical sins:

Bends you're ashamed to admit you like

I'm procrustean at work. Anyone with me?

3 strange things I saw last night

Peter Buck is the man

What's for lunch?

i had a pic taken with GW

Blondes you're ashamed to admit you like

What the F**k does WTF mean?!

I'm a proconsul at work. Anyone with me?

Peter Fonda is the man!


Pearl S. Buck is the man.

Peter Griffin is the man!


The Milwaukee Bucks are the men!!

I'm a cretin at work, anyone with me?

Are "Goths" Non-Conformists?

Hey, did one of you jerks find my cell phone?

Need some examples of extreme Freeper/Republican views

Whaddya know? Our neighborhood watch works!

First non-sequitur thread of 2005

Who is sexier: Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin?

How did that weekend go

Ignore this.

Anyone know anything about video to dvd conversion?

I just heard a cute nickname for SUVs:

WTF does what the f**k mean?

I just signed onto DU after a few days...My condolences...

Ladies would you choose Angelina Jolie over Jennifer Aniston??

FOXblocker: For the man who has everything...

Do squirrels nest in abandoned crows nests?

My pic is not on

Earthlink Spamblocker says DU is a fraud and will rip me off

I'm procrastinating at work. Anyone with me?

Who moved my cheese?

It's time to tune in to Phaic Tan's most beloved soap "Hospital of Hearts"

Starting a blog

I'm procreating at work. Anyone with me?

Happy Birthday Pa Ingalls!

Battle for George supremacy!!!

Post something extremely dull about pie.

Post something extremely dull about BewaretheBeastMan

Helpful hint for problem snackers.

Charles Englethorpe Cheese III

DU Women Only...

Have you ever been "bounced" from a club?

Post something extremely dull about Freepers.

Nice winter pictures! post yours

Shakira or Britney Spears?

What's your ape index?

Ladies. John E. Depth or George Reeves???????

we've got to find the sex scandal to take the shrubs down

Post something extremely dull about farts.

All right - who voted for Vick???

The "Parasite-in-Chief" CAPTION

Ladies. Keanu Reeves or Johnny Depp??????

Is it wrong to dry hump your Igor?

"Aburto Ghraibzales condemns Abu Ghraib"

My lunch was better than yours!!

The Cosmic Duck of all CAPTIONS!!!!

"Home School Digest" Magazine - Advertises "THE ROD" - For "Child Training

Stick or auto?

Skinner's LTTE to the NYT will be in tomorrow's paper!

DU mascot?

Pissed off?


Post something extremely dull about one of your coworkers.

I Am on a Chuck Palahniuk Kick

Favorite Scandal (featuring Patty Smyth) song:

Weakest Beatles Album?

Any Kid Loco fans?

Is it wrong to dry clean your sister?

Freeway's flooded, couldn't go to work. Ask me anything!


Kids these days.

what's for lunch

Is it possible for catfish to get nauticals?

Hermaphrodites. Keanu Reeves or Johnny Depp??????

I don't like sports too much...

Is it possible for cats to get neuticles?

Is it possible for Alfred to get Nobelticles?

American chopper

Is it possible for Gingrich to get Newticles?

Is it possible for my fingernails to get cuticles?

Who is the worst TV sports announcer?

Why don't we get drunk and screw?

i wish PAGERBEAR would just come back...

Study: Rats have head for language

Have you heard about the new dance craze

Did Jesus have a cow?

Bored to tears, don't feel good, want to go home.

I'm rich rich rich Rich!!

Post something dull about a bodily function...

Things you expect DUers to say (a play off of things DUers will never say)

Do-it-yourself blessings and prayers for your pets:

Advice from Any digital camera gurus re: Digi SLR

Welcome back to DU oldtimers that came out of the woodworks this weekend

Yippie..............Im at 600 Post

My favorite illogic from the freeper F911/Passion meltdown.

Did Jesus have a baby sister?

I just paid $7 dollars to watch 3 hours of commercials.

Mel Gibson declines tin foil hat - Wants CAPTION

Holy crap. I'd better get the oil changed . . .

My late pup

CO Liberal *STINKS* at .....................

Randy Moss is a funny guy.

In Wayne's World 2

Did Jesus have a baby sitter?

How does this scam work exactly?

"Don't f*** with the Jedi Master, son."

Did Jesus have a cat?

"Fitness Made Simple" commercials

Am I full of BM?

Should I cut my hair?

I don;t want to go to school tonight

Just heard Cyndee_Lou_Who

First day wearing reading glasses - ask me anything

Oh Ladies!! The Dull Men's Club

End of the Line.

My Prescripti0n is ready for pickup

Anyone else having problems getting to their Yahoo mail?

Hehehe, I wonder if this review of Slaughterhouse Five on Netflix

Am I full of SIDS

Am I full of BS?

Why are some people so obsessed with flat people??????

Did Jesus use Irish Spring soap?

Did Jesus Have an Irish Setter?

Post something extremely Dole about yourself.

Please don't squeeze the Charmin!

Do you know how to swoon?

Why are some people so obsessed with Bat People???????

Frigging Tom Cruise...


Anyone else see Surreal Life last night?

So I hear that Jennifer Aniston just broke up with Ingrid Pitt...

New twist on "The Bachelorette" tonight

Question about paying to take on line surveys

New twist on "The Bachelorette" tonight

Why are some people so obsessed with fart, people??????

My pic is on

The "Republiborg" CAPTION

There appears to be a little police action happening in the parking lot

Post something extremely dull about yourself.

Do you know how to swing?

Jesus loves the Rich...hear that you lazy poor!!??

Ugh I belong in an institute for the criminally irresponsible...

Question for English teachers:

Things we'd never hear a particular DUer say.

self deleted

Are you tired of winter yet?

DU Ladies...

Cheeleaders do it. So it must be okay

If you watch "Desperate Housewives" (and ready to admit it)

I literally hate the word virtually.

Renwood Barbera. Ahhh!

I've decided to build a tire fire out back to keep warm...

Why are some people so obsessed with hat people??????

Crap....I needed those 2.68 microseconds.

Our Legal System at Work(or bobbobbins gets screwed by the man)

Beware Of Darkness/Give me Love - Can't get these out of my head

Grrrr, I hate it when mail-order companies screw up my order

Cool snowman, eh?

Is it "I could care less" or I couldn't care less"?

Good news--- the clown who hit me just plead guilty!

Kheph's last post at DU was in a thread I posted.

This is a Hex thread

This is a sects thread...

The Neverending Story.

This is a sex thread.

Why are some people obsessed with Fiat people?

This Is My Last Night In This Country

The Tsunami and Taxes

In "Full Metal Jacket", Are The Boot-Camp Scenes Realistic Or Exaggerated?

Forget Joe Buck, Ratso Rizzo is the man.

Why are some people so obsessed with bat people?????

Other great "Blue Buying Support" website: Cobb24

God I love Michelle Malkin

DU women, men who prefer men, and men who prefer women but

Monty Python's Spamalot: Trib theater review + photos

So I hear that Jennifer Aniston just broke up with Will Pitt.

Have we decided which office supply company to support?


This is a T-Rex thread.

This is an insects thread....

I shall become...A WOMAN

I need some help from all of you wonderful lounge lizards!

Is our Pat your best friend?

My kid found out today we were on the wrong side in the Civil War.

Laidies, Which NHL Star would you like to bonk?

Is David Palmer still president? (FOX's 24)

Listening to The Rolling Stones: Beggars Banquet. Ask me anything.

After the meltdown at FR over Gibson liking F 9/11,

The Debbies... A Picture Story

Your most successful thread

Do you people know White Ninja Comics?

wordsmithing: why is playwright not playwrite?

This television station is driving me nuts

Would my DU friends like to wish my kiddo a Happy Birthday?

So, who's gong to list "pundit" on Ebay first?

Is your pet your best friend?

The message in the text area is true.

God I love the Michelin Man

Jon Voight bit me.

Have any wierd relatives?

Why do Americans believe the TV news?


Pittsburgh Anchorman accused of exposing himself. (KDKA)

Some Fun For My 900th! Favorite Christmas Gifts, 2004!

Newest Gut Bomb in Burger Wars Is Audacity on a Bun

randy johnson a big hit in NY

I just woke up from a coma. Clinton is still president, right?

Kef's Arrangements

My wanna be fundie mother is visiting this week,

How Do You Like the New 2006 Volkswagen Jetta?

SNL or MadTV ?

Does anyone here have any first hand information about witch's covens?

"24" is on now for anyone interested.

Interesting...similarities between DU and FR

Who is the best TV sports announcer?

Any insulin-dependent diabetics out there? (NOT medical advice, Mods!)

If Bart Simpson grew up with the times, he would be 25 years old.

Who's still writing 2004 on their checks

What countries are your family from?

I'm watching Blood Feast 2.

Can Someone Tell Me Where / Who This Quote is From?

How old do you think SpongeBob Squarepants is???

A Volkswagen that gets 235 mpg??

My Chemical Romance - I'm Not OK(I Promise)

"The best time to wear a striped all the time..."

Man auctions ad space on forehead

MIA: Misunderestimator

Hmmm, B12 deficiency can cause symptoms of depression, anxiety, dementia:

Jeep unveils 670 hp vehicle with 2 Hemis.

Would President David Hasselhoff be worse than Junior? NO! Hasselhoff 2008

Do you ever feel misplaced?

If Bon Jovi joined the mafia, would he be Don Bon Jovi or Don Jon Bon Jovi

Do you know how to swim?

Which of these 3 would you "do"?


Am I indivisible?

Want a good laugh? Watch freerepublic explode over Mel Gibson

I touched my feral cat visitor two days in a row.

So, it's like my birthday and on the way to work this morning...

What is with the woman in the new Rolaids commercial?

follow-up on PC problem


Danzig is a bad-ass motherfucker.

Human Spontaneous Involuntary Invisibility

Britney Spears FYI

Ahhhh drinking on a Monday night...

Am I the only person on DU who likes to drive fast?

John Voight - Bite me

Okay. I'm off to bed.

would you prefer to live where it is sunny all the time,

I need to get to 2000 posts

Welcome to Death Row

If I turned this into a bumper sticker and put it on my car,

"Sideways" I just saw it and loved it.

Cheering fans, have you seen this site yet?

I'm depressed. I don't recognize my country. Help.

Bill O'Reilly wants YOU to hire a SBV - What kind of job can you give?

I am onto a vast telecision conspiracy regarding TV show char. names....

AAR now

Fock the Fuckers. The name with the horrid title is up $200m.

Blues Advice Please

F911 just won the critics choice award!!!

Rain ......

A question about August Wilson's play "Seven Guitars."

Monty bites Simba in a strategic location

Send cookies! It's my two-year DU anniversary!


I Knead Sandals

What's the most unromantic thing a partner has done DURING sex?

Dorothy, give the ruby slippers to the Scarecrow. Please.

A co-worker is happy his son is off in Asia, teaching christianity.

I have a new puppy dog! RAVEN!!!

I just posted on every thread in the Artists Group--ask me anything...

Lord of the G Strings

Daily Show time...

Gevalia coffee poll

¿Usted vive en un estado azul o un estado rojo?

Have you lot seen the trailer for Sin City?

Have you sinned on a lot in Trailer City?

Goodbye Khephra

If you've been here two months and you have less than 2000 posts,

Have you ever gone nuts looking for an old thread you started?

Whom do you find attractive that your spouse/partner/etc scorn you for?

Why do so few women like Tenacious D?

This "Essential Bruce Springsteen" disc is a trove of campaign theme songs

I just got Crest Toothpaste Cinnamon Rush, ask me anything

Monday night time waster

Does listening to Mike Malloy make you angrier than you already are?

Who were/are the most underrated dictators of all time?

Question for Mac users

Venting after a totally rotten day.

You could drink whole milk if you wanted to.

Anyone see Hotel Rwanda?

Nothing's shocking.

Hey everyone...

Just downgraded my Dish Network service--ASK ME ANYTHING!

Did you like Napoleon Dynamite?

Am I progressive?

Seinfeld-ian dating question...

Anybody see the PBS special on Martin Luther King???

Jan. 10, 2005 Edition of MOVELEFT.COM

Oh no! The Old...Desert Island ?'s

What are the best anti-Bush songs?

G'nite, gang. See ya tomorrow! *hugs*

God I love Lucinda Williams.

What's the oldest piece of clothing you have and still wear?

Saturday, January 10, 1998: The day I officially became an orphan.

I'm not obsessed by music---Is there something wrong with me?

I saw the thread of ********Bush

World Leaders Welcome Abbas Victory

RRRRRReeet Petite, the finest girl you ever wanna meet...

I used to take prescription SSRIs. Ask me anything.

I knead dough

I Need Candles

greatest actor presently performing PART 2

greatest actor presently performing

Well Heck..guess I have to a doctor...

What's a good book about Cherokee culture?

The Jason Alexander / Malcolm-Jamal Warner pity thread.

Anyone else here addicted to Seinfeld?


Why aren't there are any sex threads in the Lounge right now?

I'd practically kill for a piece of dark chocolate right now.

Look Look I am wearing my own name now...

Writing My Own Publicity

Well, it looks like all the syncophants have me on ignore ...

My SWM = Stinky Wind Machine

What makes this forum so addictive?

Could someone explain the ice sport where you use a broom?

Why aren't there are any Art threads in the Lounge right now?

Hey ya Lizards! Did you dig Boxer and Tubbs Jones contesting Ohio?

My 30,000th post is dedicated to Kef


New Study Clears up Myths about Constipation

Conga Line time! Dah-dah dah-dah-dah, KICK!

HELP: Looking for a cheap and comprehensive video editing program.

Post the lyrics to a random song from your playlist.

You don't think it's right to let 12 y.o.'s dry hump on the dance floor?

Absurdity: things you just cannot believe you have said to your children.

Men - Would you dump Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie?

So what are you wearing to the inaugural ball?

would someone please post some puppy pictures to this thread?

More annoying grammatical sins: I'm a person THAT...

Randy Moss- Great Player Or Asshole

Joe Buck is the man

Vent your frustrations HERE!

How long after Randy Moss retires will his money run out?

ha ha, I owned a freeper.

What is with the word 'literally' ?!

Hey Ladies--what mulitvitamin do you use? Those froofy women ones?

Is anyone interested in a health and fitness group?

Twas the night before Macworld!

Tin foil hat time: Who do you think is the MABUS of Nostradamus'

New FOX drama raises eyebrows in real-life Jersey shore namesake

Why are some people so obsessed with fat people??????

Which bookstore is better?

Clark Kent

Am I Invisible?

Which state has the worst drivers?

If you had a choice, would you adopt or give birth?

What is your least favourite household chore?

Boneless Baby Miracle Tot Lives in a Bucket

Whats the most unromantic thing a partner has done after sex?

So I hear that Bill Lumbergh just broke up with his hot, famous girlfriend

MEN! Still not happy with yourself? The Chrysler FIREPOWER!!!!

Anyone want to stay with me for 2 weeks in Sarasota Feb or Mar

What is your post count?

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is the best show ever

The return of the 70s hair-helmet / Kennedy hair

Friends of Mrs. Grumpy:

Time for a LOONEY TUNES THREAD!!!!!!

What side was your family on during the Civil War?

Shout out to Adopted DUers

Edit: Post on this thread and you will get a compliment

Zehn kleine Jägermeister

Let's all go to the lobby, let's all go to the lobby,

Khephra's Funeral Arrangements

Complain to Air America about Randi Rhodes

Fahrenheit and Passion triumph at People's Choice awards

Sin City Trailer.

Could Accutane cause sterility?

NSF funding cut for 2005

"The Fly in the Cathedral": A look back at splitting the atom

Lost Apes Of The Congo

Are we all wrong about Qasars?

Rotating sphere with ridge around middle puzzles NASA scientists

Extinction. The last of the Tasmanian Tigers.

Anti-Gay Amendment Gains Support In South Dakota

A&E Developing TV Movie About Gay Marriage

Conservatives Drop Gay Marriage Suit

Anglican Bishop Commissions Gay Ceremony

Israel To Allow Gay Co-Adoption

University Worker Fired For Being Gay

gay gospel singer ripped apart by fellow christians

Any Bisexuals out there?

Supreme Court Rejects Gay Adoption Case

Faux News Release...Moss

Teams who lost 3 straight conference championships:

Randy Moss "moons" the crowd -- FAUX announcers

Hideki Matsui donates 50 million yen to the Tsunami Relief Fund..

Johnson in confrontation with cameraman

I can't see anyone beating Philly in the NFC now...

Peyton vs Pats 2ndary?

St. Louis Rams v. Atlanta Falcons

Golf fans unite

Moss Likely to Be Fined for Fake-Mooning (NFL)

Minnesota Vikings v. Philadelphia Eagles

NY Jets v. Pittsburgh Steelers

Favorite sports commentator?

I Hope You Steeler Fans Are Reeeal Comfortable Right Now

Scott Boras AND Carlos Beltran can kiss my a$$......

See, we're not crazy,

Jirds! Anyone else have one? Anyone else heard of them?

New kitten in the house got my cats talking

Please help...

New DOA Thread

I offer a motto for the Democratic Party:

Does Jesse Jackson help?


Kerry USO contributions

Heads up interview for later

Today's news story: Abbas elected, comments

I feel like giving up

The Kerry/Edwards campaign rocked!

Pssst.... over here....

I don't feel like giving up

Ooooh, new word for today = sycophant. That's a doozy

Hey how many of the Kerry supporters have signed up to help out

Kerry sighting on TV--well a few seconds anyway...

I choose to be inspired! ( a mini-rant)

New Kerry pictures

here's Johnny

What do you all think about a get-together?

Thrilling week in Central Florida

In the drama catagory, did we defeat the bloody Jesus movie?

Thank You Mod(s)

Maybe we should run WIll Smith for President.

Would a MOD please get this POS labamatide off the Site ASAP


Question from those who watched Michael's acceptance speech

Fahrenheit 9-11 and Passion of Christ--People's Choice Award !


Has Clinton been seduced by the Evil One?

U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor chosen as Southern Vice Chair

Southern Baptists consider the tsunami a 'phenomenal opportunity'

Exactly how did USA Today's FOIA request go?

Sean Penn: Critics of his activism can shove it up their ass

Man ! The NYTimes slaps Bush hard on Social Security !

What is Margaret Spellings background?

oppose bush*? -- don't worry there's a pill for that

Pentagon Update on "Pacification" Progress

Strategy for 2006? How do we fast track voting reform or at least achieve

my friend is going back to iraq!

Debunking 'Centrism' and the DLC -- The REAL extremists

Three strategies...

W and the Big Dog should get a friggin room.

bush is SUCH a sweetie!!! ALWAYS looking out for the

The BushCo Pubs have found a way to legally rob America

Mods please delete...dupe

Dear DNC: Why should I even bother to vote Democrat anymore?

Where Repubs and Libs fall short(or try to CON)

Where is the WAR ON IGNORANCE? We are in a Crisis of overwhelming

Not One Damn Dime Day - Jan 20, 2005

Survey on bias in the news media

Maybe what the Democratic party needs is a Loyalty Oath?


Since I've been here, I've heard nothing but bad things about the DLC

Iran Plays a Role in Iraq Vote

Impeachment database?

Without Gorbachev, Reagan would barely be a blip on the radar screen

Nano-particles pinpointed "Depleted Uranium"

Roemer with Stephanopoulus

Newt Gingrich interested in running for pres in 2008!

About the deficit and "tort reform"

Is splitting Iraq up the only option?

" caught me..My bad!" Armstrong Williams

CBS news under attack by the GOP corporate media

Easy Easy Grassroots Thing To Do

CBS vs. Armstrong

Again, the truth comes from elsewhere

latest yahoo news story section - All you need to see

Conservative columnist who took 240K from Bush...

What would Reagan think of Bush's Social Security "reform" ?

It's the media. That's all.

Drug addicted troops sent to Scotland

the words "Moral Clarity" came out of Rove's mouth along with a stench

Does anyone actually want this Roemer guy for DNC Chairman

The non-election of 2004

Col David Hackworth, Resisting the war mongers

More info about Armstrong Williams ...

spin your brain on this: Halliburton gets contract to drill gas in IRAN

Bipartisan meeting

"Come on into my parlour", said the spider....

will we have POTUS talking of cutting/running - but with different verbs?

More Loyal to Vets than to Bush, Cmttee Chair Ousted by House GOP - 24 hours of virtual silence

smirk will NOT invade Iran, count on it

Argyros wouldn't take snub sitting down

who is running for Mayor of New York City this year ?

Democrats seek chief for a party cast adrift: Article in Philly Inquirer

Repugs are master magicians! Look what they have done now!

Fire the Consultants! Why we're not winning lately.

Opinions, Please -- Opposing Gonzales Nomination Stuff

The PET ROCK PRESIDENT... created and presented for consumption

DAMN! Traficant loses another one

Osama said: "thinking people, when disaster strikes, ..............

Don't forget that Newt threw a tantrum because he wasn't invited to

What Are Your Favorite Anti-Bush Websites? Redux.

Another reason Sinclair sucks

"Official" Bush Coronation site: "Inaugural attitude: Pony up, party on"

Double standards: Iraq v. Tsunami disaster!

On Revolutions, and civil wars, and some food for thought

Video of Congressional patriots challenging Ohio's electors

Rove's attack dogs who got CBS are ......

remember SRushdie's How the Grinch Stole America on 2000 vote??

excellent resource for information on current activity in Congress....

Before you get it emailed to you 1,000 times-Hillary in 2008 flash

Thoughts on boycotts.

re:CBS-Was Bill Burkett's source ever determined/found?

Well it's official, apparently CBS made up the entire Bush NG story

Scott McClellan: "That is my job." "I'm not aware." "I don't know."

Why we will continue to lose

aclu petition...... refuse to surrender

Painful longing for a Hero...

Combat Bush by calling for release of "Dinosaurs" DVD's

Is there a Social Security 101 Primer for those of us who need

Where can I get a transcript of the House debate of Jan. 6, on Ohio? (nt)

Howard Dean: Keep The Election On Track

Bush Impeachment Countdown -- 575 days to go

Excellent analysis: "Character issue puts Dems on the defensive"

"Fight for the Next Election Starts Now": DFA's Other Inaugural.

Bush to admit in 2008 that he "wasn't really elected" so he can run again.

New Rule: Republicans should not be allowed to own cute dogs.

Fantastic!! No cut and run threads today!

10 y after GOP Contract w/ America - Term limits/ethics/deficit red tossed

Brooks says "Let Congress Lead"- as Reid/Baucus plan to screw SS/aged?

PDP endorses Dean:Popular Democratic Party

Armstrong Williams: I'm Not The Only One On The Take.....

Preference for DNC Chair

Many, many questions? Who else is on the take?

F9-11 just won the Critics Choice Awards on WB network

Could somebody help me with the concept of "death squads?"

CBS to White House: "Thank you sir, may I have another"

Scarborough calls Armstrong Williams a "sucker," says he got way more

Is there going to be a new TDS tonight?

Panel Finds CBS News Rushed Report on Bush's Guard Record

Re: The Kerry debate...

The Democratic Party meetup is tommorow - who's actually getting involved?

Election reform and gutting media ownership laws are the issues that must

Is the constant left-vs-center infighting in the D.U. good?

How to answer appeasers who suggest "moving to the center"

Ho Chi Minh once said...

Arms transfers to Iraq, 1973-2003

Does anyone have a link to Bush accidentally saying "erection"?

How did Jesse Jackson say Kerry fought against him and the Greens in Ohio?

WOW ... maybe we're being heard after all !!

Even AARP says Social Security is solvent until 2042

Laura Bush is breaking with protocol...

Are You Going To Miss Dan Rather?

Do you want Howard as the Head of the DNC or the '08 candidate?

List of links regarding Kerry's legal efforts on the Election recount

The Secret of Barbara Boxer

Is it me or has the tide begun to turn? More bush bashing in media since

MA State Party Chairman Opposes Anti-Abortion Roemer As DNC Chair

What are your plans for Inauguration Day?

Anti-DLCers, are you really against the DLC as an organization

Why did Kerry lose?

Supreme Court Rules KKK Can Adopt a Highway..and Post A Sign!!

We need an issues comparison sheet for DNC chairman.

If you can stomach it, "More on Salvadorian death squads ",

Yikes ... is everyone but the DNC talking withdrawal ???

How I am staying post election day strategy....

When will everyone at Fox "News" be fired

Is this why SS and Medicare are being destroyed? The DLC agrees?

Why did Dean lose?

Why is no one outraged over 60 Minutes last night?

the GOP media owns you. They own the agenda and the discussion.

Jeb? Newt???

Tenn. Drops 323,000 Adults from Medicaid

Friends of DemoTex to throw "Inaugural Bawl" in DC area (WashPost)

Dean makes it official tomorrow

A site about moderate republicans. Not many of those left any more.

McCain against recognition of Native Hawaiians

"Rush Limbaugh is My Friend"

WashPost Daily Briefing has good coverage of Armstrong mess

So who is the most liberal of those running for Chair?

Which was more dangerous, the Bush Admin. or the Reagan Admin?

LA Weekly: MoveOn’s state of denial is bad for Democrats

Deadline - Jan 14 for 100 ideas to fix the Dem Party at

Can we all agree that it's time for Bob Shrum to retire?

Two possible retorts to RW declaration of "The U.S. is NOT a democracy"

The President is our Employee not our Leader - say it LOUD!!

The best choice for the 2008 Presidency

DFA and local Dem party activities

New Donkey takes on left-wing lie that Clinton destroyed the Dem Party


Watch for the Terror Threat to Go Orange - or

"Screw you, America." This is FUNNY!

Fundie wars

Bill is not longer DLC. In fact, he told them off a couple of years ago.